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  • IC: Rongo


    The Ko Matoran was still confused, though at least he had something to respond to now.

    "Um, yeah okay I understand ... are you sure he's okay?"

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  • IC: Biotron


    "I'll DESTROY YOU!!!!"


    IC: Toa Selos


    Toa Selos says to Biotron while grabbing him with a tight grip.




    Toa Selos then says to Rongo.


    "You shouldn't worry too much"


    Toa Selos then stares at Biotron.


    "Especially when he's threatening you"

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  • IC: Rongo


    Rongo felt very, very worried.

    "I disagree, he just said he'd destroy me"

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  • OOC: I'm sorry if it seemed confusing but, when Toa Selos said: "Especially while he's threatening you" He was trying to publicly shame Biotron.


    IC: Biotron


    Biotron lay's down in the floor mumbling to himself.


    "happy thoughts, happy thoughts" 

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  • OOC: Eh I'm a bit under the weather so I misread your post. My apologies.


    IC: Rongo


    Rongo was thoroughly confused by the current altercation. Biotron was clearly insane, but whatever it was it was the dangerous sort of insanity. Best not to get involved with him.

    "Well with that ... out of the way ... what quest are you guys up to next?"

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    Jarrun couldn't remember the last time he'd been back to Po-Koro. For about six months he'd spent his time in the deserts of Po-Wahi. He'd decided to train alone out there and test his survival skills. He'd made it back alive, but his armor was a little more worn from the sun then it had been before, his Pakari more worn as well. He'd have to get his mask filed down and repairs, that was if he had the widgets or time for such trivial things, he didn't.


    Soon Jarrun found himself within the bustle of the city. The brown armored Matoran running around brought hopes back to his spirit that he hadn't felt in a long time. He soon found himself close to a certain Po-Matoran who was jotting something down on a notepad, and from the looks of the contents strewn around him he looked like he was good with technology.


    "You have any good weapons partner?" Jarrun said as he halted a few feet away from the unfamiliar Po-Matoran. "I found a nest of some really nasty Nui-Jaga, unusually aggressive. Yeah I could have crushed em' with stone or used my mask, but I was lookin for something a little more... fun. Plus I hear tales of evil taking Ko-Koro, you can't be too careful these days."



    IC: Jokaro


    Straining his eyes against the bright, sun-filled skies, and craning his neck to look the Toa in the eyes, Jokaro slowly processed the words in his mind.


    Weapons, huh?


    He closed the notebook, leaving it on his chest while he put his hands behind his head.


    "Sounds like you need some gas grenades. The ones I have in stock probably won't kill them or really even affect 'em, but I could whip up a couple'a types if yer a little patient. Smoke grenades to flush em out, or a serious poison to incapacitate or kill. Sound interestin' to ya?"

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  • IC: Farzan (Motara Desert)

    "You know, Kreff, one of these days I ought to consider getting you some upgrades"

    My trusty steed chirped something that sounded suspiciously like curt disapproval. Such a modest fellow, Kreff, very good at containing his bursting excitement.

    "Seriously, imagine if we got you some extra plates to harde your shell, and maybe some digging attachments in your claws, and back-mounted disk rifles and a flamethrower and a grapnel and-"

    Kreff stopped dead in his tracks so quickly that I lost my grip where I was crouching down across his face that my handsome face got thoroughly trounced into the sand beneath.

    After pulling mye head out of the sand, I turned to definitely not berate Kreff for his mistake, but saw he wasn't there. A chirp alerted me to his new location, standing right next to a barrel cactus, just like the one I'd been looking for.

    "By Renaka's misplaced suntan, Kreff, you found it!!!" I ejaculated, bursting into a smile, "I could've sworn you were just trying to shut me up but of course, eyes on the prize"

    Kreff seemed happy, even amused about it, though what was so mandible-clickingly amusing escaped me.

    "Alright well let's get to work" I said, as I reached for my matchete to chop that sucker open.

    I took a deep breath as I zeroed in the barrel cactus with my mask scopes, raised my arm, and... stabbed into it with the screwdriver I was holding.

    "Hey, wh-" I excreted, feeling my audio receptors buzz with Kreff's chirping laughter.

    "You doubt my genius?" I interrogated with grave grimdarknessitude, twirling the screwdriver without a second thought, "I can dismantle anything with a screwdriver, even non-screw-having objects."

    "Have at thee" I bellowed, and went back to the task at hand with renere vigour.


    "See, I told you I could do it" I most definitely very politely corrected Kreff as I rode the crab back into town. Toolbelt slung across my shoulder, I lovingly patted the bundle containing our spoils for the day, this was gonna be of great use in my latest experiments.

    OOC: Farzan open for interaction

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     "Huff, huff". He was tired. Quite tired. All these thoughts, some good, some bad. All that sand, now he hates sand.

     "It's better than earth", he assured. And he had to. This journey was deadly. If he had made it here, it was because Mata Nui wanted him to, and he wouldn't betray Mata Nui's will.

     The Path of Prophecies. It was over. It was gorgeous. These giant, statue, face, things. What are these things? They don't look like anything he could recall...

     Luntep touched his chin and the revelation struck him like that train he once saw probably would.

     "OH!" he shouted in his weary voice. He was suddenly thankful of his loneliness.

     How could he, a strong and smart Matoran of Earth, forget what his own face, which is exactly the same face of almost everybody else, looked like?!

     If this meant anything, it meant that he needed a break.

     "I need a break", he confirmed. But he did know a break wasn't close just yet. He had just arrived at a new land, where his stone-tablet knowledge was waiting to be debunked. He would have to prove himself, to demonstrate he could be a functional member of society. Then, only then, he wouldn't have to sleep with the Mahi.

     His plan right now was to enter town, take a look around, not stare at anybody, and offer his services to the most trustworthy-looking figure he could find. If he could land a job, then everything else would come at the right time. At least, that's what he hoped.

     He now stood at the gate of his new life.

     He was ready.



    Greetings. This is my first RP ever. Bring me some interaction!


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  • IC: The Thug(Zekev)/Just Outside Po-Koro

    I was . Royally . After all the nonsense we went through in Ko-Koro, this was how they repaid us?!

    Admittedly, we would have done the same. But it's still not fair!

    I had been stewing in my and vinegar for... angel, days now? Weeks? Feels like forever since the retreat column was broken up by that Rahkshi attack. More Makuta treachery, those motherless-

    I stopped then. I was honestly lost. I tried to recall the path we were supposed to take, the path I had tried to regain after the column was broken up and I... I became lost.

    Stones, I can't think in this heat!

    Well, there was nothing else but to trust in my gut. Blackrock Canyon couldn't have been too far...

    When I blinked the sweat out of my eyes, I saw, on the edge of vision, a mirage. No, not a mirage...

    "Po-Koro! I won't be dying today!"

    I raced toward the village, and the vision became clearer. It was not a mirage, but the City of Stone, in the, err, stone.

    I reached the gates, and the Guard surprisingly let me in. Don't get me wrong, I was relieved, but a little disappointed my record in Ga was probably isolated to the bottom of their case files. The town was bigger than I remembered, too big for my liking. Looking around, I spotted a Matoran in purple, probably an Earth Matoran, those nerds.

    "Hey fella. You know the nearest watering hole?"

    OOC: That's your character, Lipuret.

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  • OOC: yippee!

    IC [Luntep - just inside Po-Koro]:

     Well, so far this had been disappointing.

     Luntep had been in Po-Koro for what, months already? It was hard to keep track of time in such an uneventful village. His rations had already run out, and the one job he could land was miserable and physical. All the tales he'd caught were about some mess over at Ko-Koro he didn't care much about. At least, he'd had lots of time to think. Lots.

     So, one more day began:

     He got up from his sleeping corner (right next to the Mahi), greeted that guy he wouldn't dare call "boss" and went out to get some feed, both for him and for the cattle. It was cheap and didn't taste bad. Obviously they'd tell you if it wasn't healthy for Matoran, right? Otherwise you'd need a permit to buy it. And of course his... that guy cared enough about him to not let him eat things that'd kill him and make him useless, right?

    "So yeah, he ate Mahi feed and liked it."

    He left the store wondering why everyone stared at him, carrying the sack of feed with both hands. His bag was slung the usual way, containing some widgets along the now-traditional five discs and a key. Knowing that key's purpose was at the bottom of his priority list right now, next to changing that old Kaukau for something cooler, like a Komau or something. Not a Mahiki though, he hated those.

     It was in the middle of this aimless pondering (he hated that word now, pondering. it sounded so stupid) that a voice shot his way.

     He didn't know what to do now. A voice, directed to him? Unlikely. Who'd want to address some slow-thinking Earth guy that smells like Mahi? However, there was barely anybody else the voice could've been aiming towards, so he decided to turn around and address it.

     "Oh-" Luntep wasn't really sure what he expected the voice to come from, but it probably wasn't a large, spiky brute with silver armour and a massive grin. Unfortunately, that was the exact source of the voice, so a fair amount of the confidence he'd entered this potential conversation with was now lost.


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  • OOC: :D


    Oh by the angel, I thought Matoran were made of sterner stuff. He was stuttering already!

    "Yeah, you, buddy. Know the way to the nearest-" I stopped then, noticing the Matoran's smell and appearance, carrying a sack of foul smelling stuff. Now, I'm not one to judge, given my past circumstances, but I decided it was better to be clearer in language.

    "-nearest tavern, inn, that kind of thing?"

    Yeah, I was sure that was feed of some kind he was carrying in that sack.



    IC: The Chaplain/Blackrock Fortress

    "'And the Archangel said unto him,
    "Banish fear from your heart, the dark tendrils of the Pretender
    "Banish doubt from your heart, seeds of betrayal of the False Builder
    "By the Archangel's glory, no harm may befall you.'

    As it is written in the Book of Life."

    Dryken stopped then, opening his eyes. The shrine to the Archangel, now refurbished after months of work, stared back at him.

    The elderly cardinal got up, pain flaring in his knees. The Fortress was so empty with most of the Knights out in Ko-Koro.

    And what happened to them? Doubt crept back into his mind. Larikon has led the majority of the Brotherhood out to attack the Village of Ice in alliance with the fools who still clung to the Dark Pretender. And that was months ago. The army had not returned.

    Did they fail? Were they intercepted? Did the Legacy betray them?

    These thoughts had become louder and louder in his mind as days, then weeks, then months passed. He had no way of knowing. In the meantime, he had taken to refurbishing the old icons of worship and architecture that had fallen into ruin after their centuries-long exile, with the help of the priests and thralls that had been left behind. These old bones could not be expected to aid much.


    And of course, there was the Knight Constable.

    "Sir Thentyle. Finished the rounds already?"

    "Of course. I would never shirk my duty to the Brotherhood," the stocky Constable said.

    Dryken nodded. He was glad that most of the more violent and militant members had left on Larikon's expedition. Thentyle was much like Dryken in bearing and mannerisms, quiet, dutiful, and thoughtful. The Knight Constable was a receptive student of the faith, a rare sight in the new Brotherhood.

    The thought of Larikon soured the Cardinal's mood.

    There's calamity in that one's future, just like all the Grandmasters before him who put the sword before the book, I can see it. And we will have to share in his fate.

    "Cardinal? You appear busy."

    "Oh, no, no. I was simply reminiscing. Come, I wish to re-open one of the sealed vaults I remember from so long ago. I may require an armed escort."

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  • IC [Luntep - in the middle of Po-Koro]:

    Luntep was still frozen in place. Yes, he knew what a watering hole was... probably. The explanation was helpful anyway. If only he was as helpful.

    "Oh! Oh yes, yes, I know of one pretty close to my... workplace."

    Luntep started heading in the tavern's direction, hoping the spiky guy would pick up the non-verbal indication.

    "I don't go there much, mostly to deliver supplies." Why would the spiky guy care??

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  • IC: Zekev

    I followed after the Matoran, looking around to make sure that, indeed, no one here recognised me. As I have a violent reaction to shutting up, I decided to continue the conversation as best I could.

    "Workplace, huh? What do you work as?"

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  • IC [Luntep - in the middle of Po-Koro]:

    "I..." Would it have been a better idea not to call it "workplace"? Because Luntep couldn't explain his reasons to call it that now. Like, what was his job? Farmer? Attendant? Delivery guy? Handmaid?

    "I... I am... Luntep." That didn't answer the question. He'd have to defend.

    "...and you? Who are you?"

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  • IC: Zekev - Po-Koro (Outside the Wagon's Rest)

    Was that a type of job? Probably his name. I sure as Karz was not going to share my name so soon after assisting in invading Ko-Koro and subsequently being thrown out.

    "I... am a very hungry Skakdi who would like a place to rest."

    We paused, stopping in front of an inn with a well-worn sign above the entrance. The Wagon's Rest. Looked like a reliable, safe establishment. Certainly not the kind of place I would be caught dead in just months ago.

    "But you can call me Akruz," I said, almost off-handedly, as we entered the establishment. It was the name of an old acquaintance of mine, long before I embraced the Archangel's light. I think I still remembered where I dumped what was left of his corpse.

    I found a seat by the wall. The tables were cracked and the seat too small for my arse, but it was good enough.

    "You want to get anything?" I asked Luntep as I sat.