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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina cocked her head to the side and merely sighed as she heard this

    "Well.. yes i suppose we should.. what type of shelter for if you like i can make some simple igloo like huts out of crystal?"

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  • IC: Dehkaz "Then this'll most definitely make your life quite interesting," The longcoat-wearing Toa replied, a faint smile on his gunmetal Kanohi. Now that was something not seen too often on the Commander's gaunt face, not at all. "Korru," He called to the Lesterin of Stone, "How about giving our newest recruit a crash course in Kikanalo riding, eh? He's going to have to learn sooner or later."

    OOC: So. Am I just to automatically assume that Korru knows Kikanalo-riding? Alrighty then :D


    IC: Korru (Sentinel HQ)


    Korru looked up from where he sat by the bench at Dekhaz, nodded and got up. He was finished with his sword anyway.


    "I'll get right on that, sir" he confirmed, and turned to Baranx.


    "Right this way, the stables are around the corner here"

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  • IC: Baranx"Alright, let's go," Baranx said as he followed Korru."So, what's your name? How did you get into Guard?" Baranx asked, using the old name for the Po-Koro Guard.OOC: In case Korru asks, I am allowed to make a backstory for Baranx, right? Pre-Game? Pre-Timeframe of character profile description?

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  • IC:Qyntar

    "I don't know if that's such a good idea, unless they're opaque." The Toa of Gravity looked around the desert Wahi, feeling the warm rays of the sun against his body. "But in any case, I do have some cloth we could use, be it for what ever you need it be."

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina looked at Qyntar and shrugged though she looked up at the sky watching some birds fly above

    "They could be opaque.. it is something that could easily be done."

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  • OOC: Go ahead, he's yours now.


    IC: Korru (Sentinel HQ)


    "Name's Korru, I joined the sentinels almost six months ago" he responded as they reached the stables. Korru opened the door, taking the lead inside.


    "How about you?"

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  • IC: Qyntar

    He nodded, still looking out over the desert "Very well then, what do you say?" He replied and asked as he turned to Athiel.

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  • OOC: Go ahead, he's yours now. IC: Korru (Sentinel HQ) "Name's Korru, I joined the sentinels almost six months ago" he responded as they reached the stables. Korru opened the door, taking the lead inside. "How about you?"

    IC: Baranx"I'm Baranx. How I joined the guard... well, I joined quite some years back. The village was being attacked by a larger than usual force of infected Rahi like Kikanalo, Nui Katana, Muaka... I fared quite well with my archery, which I learned from my apprenticeship as a bow and arrow-maker. I discovered I was well-suited for Scouting missions on Dikapi-back, and I got that job. After that, just las year, I went on an extended leave of absence, essentially putting me in the storage until needed. I wound up in some adventures... and I have returned. Speaking of Dikapis, how is Kikanalo riding like?" Baranx asked.

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  • IC: Atheil"I already have a location in mind. During my days of wandering aimlessly across the island, I spent a good while in Po-Koro. I have a hut a few miles west of Po-Koro. It's up to you two though. It may take a while to get there. Do we camp now or keep going"?OOC: You have legitiment choice.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    He thought about it for a moment, then took a leap and shifted the gravity around him to levitate himself high into the air. He looked around, noticing Po-Koro in the distance. He lowered himself down again, and called to his two companions "I could fly us all to the village with my gravity powers. What do you say?"

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  • IC: Athiel"Is it safe", he asked. He had never flown before.OCC: Didn't expect that. Good thinking.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "So long as my concentration isn't interrupted." Qyntar heightened himself slightly again. "What do you say, Vrina?"

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  • IC IraAfter a short time, Ira and his zombie followed Thentyle into the hall. He didn't sit down; rather, he stood at the door, eyeing the room. "So this is the old place... Does anybody here other than Dryken have memories of this place?"

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  • IC: Zuriana


    Sand: it's kinda like earth, except it gets in your eyes more, and it sort of glows from the sunlight. Stuff glowing, in particular the entire terrain for miles around, is never too enjoyable when you have hyper-sensitive eyes. How Onu and Po Wahi came to be right next to each other is a mystery to me. I suppose light and darkness are always much closer to each other than you think. That's one of the many things I learned from Krell.


    Something else he taught me is that sometimes a bit of adventure is good for you, even if there is a good chance you don't survive. I'll never forget the day my life was flipped on its head and almost ended as a result. But I don't regret anything, not even Krell's... Parting. Because I still helped him, I think. I helped him re-find himself and confront his past, which I suppose in a way allowed him to die in peace. Let's face it, Kuhrin was always going to find him in the end. At least this way Krell had an honourable end. And besides, those moments of danger were really rather exciting.


    Still, though, I miss him. We only knew each other for a short time, but it still feels like I've lost a family member - and believe me, I know that feeling well. I loved him, and now I can only love a memory. But I suppose all that I've lost before his blunted the blade of this a bit, but nothing can ever stop its wounds.


    I think Ferron took it the worst. He's alright now, but I spoke to him as we were leaving Onu-Koro, and it looks like it hit him hard.


    But enough of my monologuing, time to get to the action at hand, as they say.


    We've been in Po-Wahi searching for a mask that Kuhrin wants (that's right, Kuhrin - I'll get to that later) for some bargain-y type thing. I'm mainly just in it to help out Ferron, because I feel I haven't really seen a lot of him since he stopped off at my hut about a month or so ago, and because I feel like he deserves it, for being a great Toa.


    Anyway, we've just about found the place marked on the map, but I can't see any signs of a mask of healing - just lots of scattered bones and boulders and rusty tins. Immediately thoughts are flying through my head: is it a trap? Should I expect a bag over my head at any moment? Are we in the right place? Mata-Nui forbid, has Ferron gone crazy and led me to a special place to kill me, or worse?


    Then it hits me.


    "Ferron," I ask, looking up at the Toa of iron. "Did you bring a shovel?"

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  • IC: Ferron (Po-Wahi Canyons)


    The question derailed Ferron's train of thought right off the track and into a tree, leaving it a mess of twisted metal and smoldering coal. The Toa of Iron shook his head a few times to regain his concentration, before he replied to Zuriana.


    "Don't need to" he said, before he raised his right hand, or the metal prosthetic that passed for it. Ferron hadn't really done this before, but there was a first time for everything. And so, the prostethic slowly morphed into a shovel, lenghtening the handle considerably.


    "This will do" he said, and dug his shovel-hand into the sand right in front of him.


    Ferron's brisk pace was fueled by a combination of desparation, fear, and whatever other emotions might be considered "egging". And such was indeed his motives behind the speek he kept, a speed that led him to walk into and topple one merchant's stand when he traversed the bazaar. No time, he needed to prepare himself for the inevitable confrontation with Kuhrin's goons.


    The aforementioned De-Toa's words rung clear and toxic in his ears still. He had to expect the unexpected. And it was partly due to this do-or-die mentality that Ferron, when he barged into his forge, ran right into the inner sanctum and tore open the safe with his command over metals. Inside lay his prized prototype on the new repeating crossbow he'd designed. It was time to put it to use.


    As soon as he'd slung it across his back, and grabbed the ammunition, he sprinted out of the forge, making great haste through Onu-Koro's streets. After knocking over the merchant stand a second time and taking a right, he found himself at the far edge of town, and peering down the row of doors embedded into the cave walls.


    He found Zuriana's door, and almost knocked it in.

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  • IC- Dorgath

    "No matter what you think on the matter, there's one other problem... inability to do anything about it. The Akiri is in charge of these developments now."

    "No, the people are."

    Dorgath paused and looked into Lohkare's eyes with his own swirling red ones, head cocked, as if sizing up the Turaga. The wind whistled and tossed about Dorgath's tattered cloak dramatically. "We are in charge of everything. For what exactly is an Akiri? A leader. A common matoran that holds power. Think on it. Power is intangible. It is not a real item. Why then, can it be held or stolen? Our will brings power into existence. It is a construct of our beliefs. And if they shift, if we believe something different, the power will vanish. All it takes is for a people to stop believing, and suddenly, a ruler is not a ruler." Dorgath's voice was loud and strong over the sounds of the marketplace around them. "Akiri are merely given power. They do not have it."

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina cringed as she heard this

    "Yeah.. I refuse to fly.. Especially if i am relying on someones elses powers.. but i think Athiel's hut would be the best option."


    OOC: When i hear hut i hear cabin and when i hear desert i hear woods and when i hear both together my mind goes to Cabin in the woods.. i should be worried

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  • IC: Rakona/Goran

    The only Lesterin in the Brotherhood slipped in and took her seat. She heard Ira's question and gently responded. "There is the other Cardinal, but I have memories of this place- not while it was in its prime, of course. The Brotherhood came hear several years ago to see if it could be turned into a secondary base of operations.


    "It was in the same ruined state you see today, and we decided that with our small man power it would be too great an effort to repair Blackrock, and we decided against it. We just didn't have enough men."


    While Rakona was talking, her zombie servant was standing still, looking off distantly into space. His black, blank eyes gave no hint of emotion, no change to his stoic demeanor. Goran was unlike any other zombie- he was intelligent, and quite so. He must have been a genius in life. He was remembering something.


    He entered the conversion chamber with his longer katana drawn. He stared at the heathen of Lightning, who looked up quietly, not saying anything, as she had not been for a while. Then, she saw the glint of Goran's blade, his general demeanor belying his true intent.


    She shrieked at the top of her lungs, and began to gather her elemental energy. She threw her hands up and directed it at Goran, hoping to stop his heart from a pulse of electricity.


    But he had no heart to be stopped.


    His blade came cutting down, making it's way towards the neck of the Toa. She cried, thinking of how her life was about to be cut short. There was no escape for her now. Death was the only way out of this dank and musty cell she had spent so many hours languishing in.


    But a reprieve came moments before she died. The blade stopped a mere inch from her throat, and then impaled itself in her arms and legs. She screamed louder, and was dragged out of the cell by the zombie, unable to protest, limbs painer her too much. She was thrown onto the alter.


    Her last moments provided her the glimpse of a pure white angel, standing above, regal, sword drawn. In her ears rang a voice.


    "Ak'Rei'An, take us to safety. Accept this heathen. Provide us fortune on our way to our ancestral home, Blackrock Canyon."


    And with that Vormina died.

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  • IC: Athiel


    "Then it is decided. We shall go to the hut. It is not very far from here, only a few miles out. In the morning we'll travel to Po-Koro." Athiel ignites a fire on his spear to act as a torch. " Follow me." After an hour of walking they arrived. The hut was carved into a stone wall and sealed by a heavy door. Athiel tried to push the door open. It refused at first, then slowly started to give. Dust had settled all around the interior. "Good, none have entered in a long while." He sealed the door after everyone was inside. "I will prepare a fire." Athiel opened the lone window. It was cut small to prevent larger predators from entering. He set a pile of dry wood on the cold stone floor and set it alight. There was nothing in the hut besides a few chairs and a table. He dragged three chairs and positioned them around the fire. "I believe it is time to disclose more information on our quest."


    OOC: I will make it peaceful. Sorry for the time it took me to post. Was playing Burial at Sea start to finish.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina sat down on a chair and leaned forward setting her hands on her knees as she watches Athiel

    "Yes.. i do believe it is time for you to reveal this quest."

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  • IC: Athiel


    "Prior to the rahi taking the break, I was searching for a marker. I was led there by an ancient map I had found in a cavern in Onu-Wahi. I had it translated by an old acquaintance of mine. After I arrived, I found the marker and wrote it down and placed it in my pack". He removed it from his pack and took out the map. "The rahi attacked soon after and I was forced to retreat without it. It was to dangerous to return until after the demise of Makuta, and by that time I was exploring Le-Koro. It had been months until I learned and set out immediately to retrieve it. As you know, there were still rahi there and part of the map was burned away by lava."He stopped to stoke the fire.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina cocked her head to the side in a confused manner

    "Ok.. and what does that have to do with our quest?"

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  • IC: Athiel


    "We have come to Po-Wahi to access a cavern not connected to the rest of the tunnels. This is were I first found the map. We must recopy the map to find the next clue. The one found in Trem Krom provided little incite, and we would have to come here sooner or later. The mouth of the cave is home to a pack of Kane-Ra, and Nui-Jaga have nested farther within. Our ultimate prize will bring us all great fortune."

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina seemed to consider this and nodded

    "I truly hope this is all worth it for Kane-ra and nui-jaga are not easy opponents."

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  • IC: Athiel


    "That they are not. I had to use my mask to sneak past them. But that's not the worst part. A creature of shadow lurks within the deepest chamber, which happens to be our destination. It can change shape at the drop of a Koli Ball. and can blend into the dark. I barley got out alive."

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  • IC Lohkare



    "So you want to overthrow him?" Lohkare asked.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "A creature of darkness you say?" Qyntar looked curious, but a slight feeling of unease took hold in his stomach. A creature of darkness, I'm sure I've heard of that before. Qyntar sat down with his two peers, letting out a deep sigh.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina did not seem as disturbed as Qyntar by this revelation of a creature of darkness

    "But does this creature have a physical form?"

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  • IC: Athiel"When I attacked, it simply when through it. It then started choking me. I barely got out alive. "

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  • OOC: Right, might want to check your spelling, because barley is a grass used in cereal and wine.


    IC: Qyntar


    Qyntar sat there, thinking. He still had a certain feeling of slight unease, but not towards what might be in the cave, but rather... about Athiel. But he still didn't know why.


    "Right, well, what did the creature look like? You saw it, after all, you say you tried to fight it."


    Qyntar stood up again and began to lightly swing his arms back and forth, as if preparing to exercise. He then dropped down on the floor, down on his back and began doing sit-ups.


    "I mean, did the thing have a distinguishable physical form?"

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  • IC: Zuriana



    I can't help but smile at Ferron's abilities. There are some things in life that you just never get used to, and one of them is seeing Toa powers. It's especially impressive seeing his own arm transform into something completely different - who'd ever think you could have a shovel for a hand? The world is full of surprises even at my age.


    I watch him dig for a few moments, then decide to make myself useful. Looking around, I find that these old tins used to have some kind of brown sloshy stuff in them. I'd like to say it looks like some kind of food, but it looks more like what food becomes, if you catch my drift. This and the shapes of the boulders and the types of Rahi skeletons lying around imply that someone may have lived here, once, outside in the desert. Kuhrin, perhaps? These stains of blood certainly could belong to him.


    It has suddenly come to my attention he perceptive I just was. Maybe that's leftover from... Before...


    The cliff surrounding the little enclosure has an odd texture to it in one spot. Looking closer, I find that they're chisel marks, as if someone was trying to dig into the wall. "Ferron," I call without turning around. "Come and look at this."



    Zuriana's door sprang open shortly. After a brief silence, Zuria recoiled slightly in shock. "Ferron! What a pleasant surprise!"

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  • IC: Prei


    Accusations of treason are not be thrown around lightly. I feel like I have a headache now.


    "Treason is a serious matter," I say. "Please try not to insinuate that any of your fellow beings are guilty of it without evidence."

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  • IC: Athiel"It was darkness personified with no distinguishable features."

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  • IC: Qyntar

    Qyntar finished his sit-ups, rolled over, and began doing push-ups, facing his comrades. "Alright, so was it a shadow on the wall, or a black mist?" Twenty three, twenty four. Finally, after about fifty fast paced push-ups, he switched to kicking and punching into the air in a very distinguished way, practicing his combat moves.

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  • IC: Athiel"That's the thing. I never could touch it but it could touch me. It is a necessary risk if we wish to succeed."

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  • IC- Dorgath - Po-Koro square

    "So you want to overthrow him?" Lohkare asked.

    "No. I want the people to change their ways. I want them to stop barreling towards our doom. It is not Hewkii who is the problem- it's everyone. I need them to stop this technological revolution before it is too late."

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  • IC Merla"Ok, ok, rewind."The cloaked Toa of water, still eating her donuts, had suddenly joined the group. She turned to Dorgath and asked "Can you name some ways that technology is 'corrupting' the Matoran?"

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "No, I mean what did it look like? A shadow on the wall or black mist? Or something else?" At the last word, he dropped into a casual stance, panting moderately. "And what do we have to eat? I'm starving."

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  • IC: Athiel" It's body appeared to have been made of a Black Mist. Check the cuboard and see what you can find." He points his finger at the small cabinet located across the room. "There is proboly little left in there, and the rest has likely rotted. We may not eat tonight unless you like hunting at night."

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  • IC:


    Despite the fact that he knew of the meeting that was going on not far away, Jaaku stood apart from the rest of the Brotherhood in Blackrock. He didn't have particularly many suggestions to make, finding Blackrock suitable enough as it was; nor did he have much to say towards their intercourse with other peoples of the island. He much preferred to come alone and think by himself. He wasn't often noticed, nor asked for - he had done little after the escape from Onu-Wahi, other than helping with the rebuilding, somewhat. Sure, at some point, somebody would likely note his absences and come and find him, though for now everybody seemed oblivious to his aloofness.


    Jaaku didn't much like Po-Wahi. Hot by day, and cold by night; the air was thin most of the time, lacking moisture that Jaaku had grown accustomed to living in Onu-Wahi's caves; nor did he like the lack of manipulable metals around. He certainly wasn't fond of the sand. Abrasive, pervasive, and invasive, it easily made its way into his joints, under his armour, anywhere it could go, and it left him with an incessant annoyance. As such, he did not often venture beyond Blackrock - he had yet to find a good way to keep the sand from harming him as it usually did, after all.However, it was better than remaining in Onu-Wahi. Had he stayed there, he'd likely be thought to be a betrayer, by those in the Brotherhood he had so recently joined, just as he was likely thought a betrayer now by those still in Onu-Koro. But he found a greater kinship between himself and these others than he did in those he had formerly lived with, so it was better for him to remain here, despite any previous obligations.


    The Toa of Magnetism sighed, shaking his head. Obligations, promises once made, promises made new that he now must surely keep - few of the many things that weighed on his mind, though they did the most. It was lonely, not sharing the pain of conversion that so many others did, and no doubt being made an enemy of the place that he once called home. He didn't fully or properly fit into either spot, but was more in between, like a melding of two different perfect Jaakus into one flawed specimen.


    Still, he had little to worry about. There would be something for him to do in time. Ignoring the sounds coming from the meeting near him, Jaaku continued to look out on the sea of sand that surrounded the little island that was Blackrock. Jaaku hated that sand.