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  • IC Ira

    All this time, the alchemist of the Brotherhood had been standing behind. He had thought to use his zombie to help dig, but as he couldn't control it properly, Basaka had ended up just making a mess. As a result, Ira stood back, literally holding the leash. But when Larikon retrieved the crystal, Ira couldn't help but check it out. Minerals were his domain, after all.


    Curious as to why Larikon were to just drop the stne on the ground, Ira bent down to examine it, taking not of the black mist. After looking at it for a while, examining its odd appearance, he spoke. "Grandmaster Larikon. This is a purple light at one, correct? One that houses the energies of Ak'rei'an. Yet this one, it has been corrupted, but how? The substance radiating from the stone, what is it?" Ira looked away from the stone for a brief moment, gazing upon the twitching hand, before turning his attention back to the stone. Then, something came to mind.


    "Larikon, of the people being held in Blackrock prior to its sack, did any of them have any connections to Makuta?"

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  • IC: (Larikon Torchbearer/Blackrock/Po-Wahi)


    "This held many," Larikon said, doing his best to mask his nervousness. "All were plucked from roads, from farms, from docks. No doubt some Makuta servants were taken. They were either set for conversion, or else enslavement. Some likely shunned our hospitality, our moral superiority. Slave revolts-happened very rarely."


    There was also Makron Blackheart, and Gorlur, two Grandmasters who, dependant upon differing accounts, either struck deals with Makuta, or tried to prevent the other from doing so. But that was myth, legends, not fact, unrecorded in The Book of Makron.

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  • NPC: The Doctor / Po-Koro Hospital


    "Well," the doctor drawled, "Given that he got himself stuck with a Parakuka, I might argue that last point, but that's an aside; the job at hand is to defuse this fellow before the situation deteriorates."


    He snatched up the tablet that had been inset at the foot of the bed, and flipped through the various documents and medical babble, his expression never wavering from a version of angry detachment from the situation. "You two would be Mr. Day and Ms. Melna, correct?"


    Flipping the tablet over, then under his left armpit, he turned to the eponymous duo and extended his free hand. "Name's Dr. Ree Praxton, resident authority on Makuta-borne lifeforms. My sincere apologies over that ###### debacle; you can't find good employees, not these days..."


    Praxton's Fe-Toa companion suddenly seemed to find his feet to be absolutely fascinating.



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  • IC: Melna (Po-Koro Hospital)


    Melna hesitantly shook the Doctor's hand, keeping her face in an unusual dead set mask of emotionless stone. She asked only one question.


    "What did you mean about arguing my last point, about Lux's life management?"

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  • OOC:

    KNI, just pointing this out: To have a zombie, a member of the Brotherhood must give up their element, mask or vision power. So, either Maeydra, the Kakama or the Iron powers will have to go, and you have already posted with Maeydra, so you really can't drop her.


    IC: Rakona/Goran

    The Po-Lesterin reached out and touched the crystal with her finger. She jumped back and shrieked. "They aren't supposed to be cold!" she whispered, looking at it in shock,


    Meanwhile, her zombie was digging out the lower floors. He had been distracted by the discovery of the lightstone, but know something else had his attention. At his feet, a hand was moving. A hand with no flesh upon it, no muscle or anything that would normally allow it movement.


    "We have bigger problems."

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  • OOC: Zaambie fight!


    IC: Zekev

    Zekev started to tremble when he heard Rakona's yelp.

    What foulness has corrupted the very essence of Lord Ak'Rei'An?

    He turned when he heard Goran's voice.


    On th floor, was a twitching skeleton hand. Worse, it seemed to be moving towards the diggers.


    "G-Grandmaster? There's a mm-moving skeleton h-h-hand here," Zekev stated in a trembling voice.

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  • NPC: Dr. Praxton / Po-Koro Hospital

    "Well ehhhhhhh," Praxton began, his one remaining eyebrow rising in mild disbelief, "Miss, if you didn't get it the first time, I probably won't try for a second time. Think about it a little more, maybe it'll sink in. I dunno."

    He swivelled his head to get the cowering Fe-Toa back into his range of vision, and like the flick of a light switch, his mild condescension turned to naked contempt, and he snarled, "As for you, put him back on the bed already! And try not to pitch him out the window on the way over or something!"

    Another metaphorical flick, and his face and demeanour were back as before. Absently checking the wounds crossing his face, the doctor added, "But in any case, you two are the ones who signed him into the hospital, or am I mistaken?"


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  • IC:


    Upon hearing Larikon's words, Jaaku frowned, his eyes narrowing. Corruption. Perhaps it was that that was causing him discomfort, not the iron and steel so close by...that would have to be investigated later. For now, though, the hand. Holding out a hand of his own, Jaaku tapped into his elemental reserves, applying the energy in such a way that the hand was effectively immobile. It would take a great force of strength for it to pick itself up off the ground and start moving again, with how he held it down, so hopefully the others could safely ignore it.


    "Well, now that we know that Blackrock wasn't without its own share of problems," the Toa of Magnetism said, keeping any measure of surprise out of his voice, "How do we plan to fix them? Currently we have a corrupted crystal spouting out shadow and a hand that decided death wasn't much fun. Hopefully we don't have any more such things lurking about down here."

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  • IC: (Larikon Torchbearer/Blackrock/Po-Wahi)


    "Sir Jaaku, I'm deeply sorry to cut you off at this moment, but we have more pressing problems as of now," Larikon said, in a calm, deep voice.


    He was fixated upon the dirt in front of him, especially the crystal. The black mist began to leech into the sand, and the sand began to sift. Then, what appeared to be a black stone appeared, then it grew more and more longer until they could see that it was an arm. A skeletal arm. Slowly, more and more of its body rose. It was a being of black bone, and small, minute bits of flesh preserved by sand. Fueled by a kind of unholy energy, it stood on two legs. The dry-rusted bits of armor glistening in the sunlight. In seconds, six of its siblings rose with it. With their hollow eyes, they leered at the Brothers and Sister of Ak'rei'an.


    Those who had been enslaved had returned for their revenge.


    The corrupted stone now began buzzing, and shot plumes of foul black mist to the air. It smelt of waste and decay, blood and soil. Larikon raised his left hand, and kept his mattock in his right. "Ak'rei'an's true light shalt protect us, let us purge the fortress of their heresy!"


    Almost on cue, two more rose.

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  • OOC: Ah, yes. I meant to add that he could not use his mask power to his profile.




    "That's wonderful," he deadpanned. In his hand, a beam of metal appearing in his hand- titanium. It morphed and molded into the form of a sword.


    "Let's do a little maintenance," he said to Thentyle.

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  • OOC for those of you who don't know who Basaka is, I'll have the profile up tomorrow. I just don't want to deal with the coding issue...


    IC Ira



    "Grr?" the zombie growled in response.


    "Destroy those skeletons that are attacking us. Do not attack any members of the Brotherhood or their zombies."


    "grrrraaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅!!!!!!" With that, the zombie charged headlong into the fray, wielding a spiked metal club that Ira had made for him. The mad zombie charged for the closest enemy skeleton, shouting while brandishing his weapon.





    OOC can zombie skakdi use their vision powers?

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  • OOC: I'll have to talk with Nuju about that, I forgot to cover it in the original plan. As of now, no.


    IC: (Larikon Torchbearer/Blackrock/Po-Wahi)


    The things were coming at them. Ghasty abominations, Larikon though, ghastly. He struck one with his mattock, in its ribs. The skull stared at him blankly, before bringing down a rock it held in hand. The rock hit Larikon's exposed shoulder. With a gasp of pain, he hit back.



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  • IC: Zekev

    Zekev might be squeamish about moving hands, but once the Animated Skeletons formed, Zekev's mind went into combat mode.


    He had left his Axe upstairs in his cell, and only had his Shield wih him. And his Wrist Blade.


    Zekev launched a searing blast of laser vision at the nearest skeleton and sliced its body in half. Its top half started crawling at Zekev.


    The Skakdi roared and swung his shield over and over, crushing the half-skeleton.


    OOC: Um, no one is NPC'ing the skeletons?


    Also, I did my fact-checking. Biosector states that Laser Vision is capable of slicing even Protosteel at strong blasts. So Zekev is now weakened.

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  • OOC: I guess I will.


    IC: (Skeletons/Blackrock)


    The Skeleton attacking Zekev was driven, very much so. Its lower torso, standing upright still, approched him, guided by the skull's blank eyes. Fingers, arms and even toes crawled toward him. Other of the wretched things assailed the Brothers. The carried rocks, jagged scraps of metal, or else anything capable of wounding. Whether by mace blow or elemental strike, their body parts, if capable, crawled at them, disembodied and surprisingly fast.


    Disembodied arms began to swarm Larikon, clawing at him, trying to drag him to the ground.

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  • IC: Thentyle

    The Toa of Earth was using his spear as a blunt staff, and trying to scatter the bones of the zombies by hitting them with it. Seeing how this did not stop them, he channeled his element and constructed a wall in front of the stairs with one entrance. He yelled, "Behind the wall! We can funnel them through it!"

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  • IC: Zekev

    "Hurry!" Zekev called out. "I'll hold first!"

    Zekev picked up his spade and swung at fingers crawling across the ground, breaking them with his feet.

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  • IC:


    This was most certainly not something Jaaku wanted to deal with. Zombies under your allies' control was one thing; zombies that just randomly popped up and started trying to kill you were another thing entirely, and nowhere near as useful. And now a large number of them were starting to pop up and try to kill everybody...and Larikon was just about in the thick of it. Striding forwards - almost ignoring the reanimated hands that were trying to grab at him - Jaaku grabbed the back of the Grandmaster's cuirass, yanking hard enough to pull the other man off of his feet and send him back into the rest of the group.


    Turning to the rest of the skeletons (whole and fragmented) with a stern and determined expression on his face, Jaaku singled a few of them out. One of the plus sides about being a Toa of Magnetism was that you could manipulate metallic protodermis with ease; one of the plus sides of dealing with the skeletal remains of formerly living Toa and Matoran and such, was that they were mainly metallic protodermis. Covered in soot and sand they might be, weak and brittle from some rust and age they might be, but they were still metal...and still something that Jaaku could manipulate.


    Tapping into his elemental reserves again, Jaaku sent all the singular bits closest to him flying into one of the still-hole skeletons, knocking it over, before he began to magnetise other skeletons to it. It was a quick, if draining, process, shoved the majority of the skeletons that were already fully out all together into one spot. Now he only had to hold it long enough for one of the others to do something...


    "Thentyle, use some of your element and crush them!" Jaaku barked, concentrating hard on keeping those skeletons he had control over together in one spot. "We can worry about the last few coming through your wall afterwards! Grandmaster, if you have anything you can do to help right now, that'd be nice, but currently I would much appreciate it if you'd get behind Thentyle's wall." Holding those things down was getting annoying. Much longer and Jaaku would have to start blasting them into the walls and into each other to try and crush them, if he had energy enough for it.

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  • IC: Thentyle/Rakona

    "Got it!" The Toa of Earth created two earthen walls on each side of the skeleton group and moved them to each, hoping to smash them together and destroy the skeletons. The walls lurched forward, and closed in upon the skeletons.


    Rakona shouted to one of the other more senior members of the Brotherhood, Ryjak. "Brother Ryjak, assist Jaaku. Use your element to help him hold the skeletons in place as Thentyle moves the wall to compact them."

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  • IC:


    Ryjak and Maeydra leapt behind Thentyle's barrier, black robes flowing as he sat back against it. The Toa of iron looked around at his comrades, obviously quite confused. He then seemed to figure out what was going on, because his features narrowed and he flashed a charming grin. "Brothers...this will not be an issue."


    He whipped his head back at the skeletal abominations, reaching out towards them. His hands danced, a silent incantation that caused his element to manifest. Metal wiring began snaking around the bone where muscle sinew and tendons would normally be. This not only made them heavier, ergo slower, but made it easier for Jaaku to move them magnetically. He looked back to his brothers, arms lifted as if expecting approval or affirmation.


    Ryjak then turned around, focusing his arms back on the undead, then clenching his fists. The wiring tightened itself, hopefully causing the bone marrow to collapse on itself.


    Once he had spent enough effort and time on that, he created a shiny, titanium alloy to reinforce the walls closing in on the zombies, strengthening it and making it heavier.

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  • IC: Athiel


    Athiel tossed the innkeeper the payment. "Good, we require rest for tomorrow's excursion"


    OOC: Sorry for the wait.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina took the single room key and dangled it from her finger

    "Indeed.. especially me since i stayed awake last night to play guard duty."

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  • IC: Zekev

    "Hurry, behind Brother Thentyle's wall now! Before the walls crush us too!" Zekev shouted as he knocked the skull off another skeleton.


    The Skakdi pushed the last few Brotherhood members to the side of Thentyle's wall, using his laser vision to slow down several Skeletons.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    Qyntar paid the innkeeper, then turned to Athiel. "Shared room, eh?" He nodded his head in the general direction of their room. "After you"

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  • OOC: Short post is short.


    IC: Day


    "We are." I responded simply.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina walked towards the room and unlocked it before pushing the door open and smiled. Inside the room there were three beds one against each of the primary walls, the north, east and west. They had decent bedding and surprising tucked into one corner there was a small desk but that was about it.

    "Well tsk.. bare essentials."

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "Bare essentials are good enough for me." Qyntar hops into one of the beds, which then starts floating in mid air as Qyntar triggers an unconsciously channeled anti-gravity well under it. "These beds are actually quite comfortable, better that lying in an anti-grav well."

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  • OOC: Probably not


    IC: Korru (Sentinel HQ)


    "You'll have to ask someone in charge. I'm not some clerical employee"

    IC: Baranx

    "Well, I guess I'll stay here until someone chases me out. The HQ, that is, not necessarily your office," Baranx decided.


    "How long have you been in the guard?" Baranx asked the Lesterin.

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  • OOC: Filler post is filler simply to start this character off and get him in game and set up.

    IC: Razak, Po-Wahi Quarry

    Razak put his pick down and ran a hand across his brow. It was a hot day, and he already missed the rain that passed through not too long ago. He had been working from dawn and the time had just reached beyond midday. It was hard work, but it was honest and he loved it. That was more than other Skakdi could say. Sure they loved their work, but that's because they loved mischief, brutality, chaos and occasional torture. Not good productivity.

    Razak picked his pick, and brought it up to swing.... and then stopped. He looked up again at the sun. It was a hot day. Sighing, he put his pick on his back and headed back home. He could do that, he had no one he needed to report to, and he felt it was just getting too hot. But there was something else. In spite of his tendency to preform honest work, Razak really had one goal in life: Stop injustice. And as much as he enjoyed his job in Po-Koro, he couldn't just do that by hanging out in one place too long.

    He approached his hut. It was very simple, just one bed and an empty night stand. No possessions save for his work tools. Which is why, when he approached, he suddenly stopped.

    Time to seek employment elsewhere.

    Razak thought about his options, but after being in the desert for so long and sitting through so many hot days, there was really only one. To Ga-Koro it was.

    OOC: Razak to Ga-Koro

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina arched her brow as she looked over at Qyntar

    "Don't those little energy wells drain your energy?"

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  • IC Ira

    "Basaka! Fall back!" Ira dashed with the rest of the Brotherhood; the zombie, after tearing one last skeleton to shreds, followed suit, hiding behind Thentyle's barrier. "Now stay still!" Ira commanded.

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  • IC: Athiel


    "Qyntar, you'll need all your energy for tomorrow. I would recommend you conserve your energy."

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina turned to look at Athiel as she sat down on her bed

    "At least someone here speaks some lick of sense."

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "Don't worry, this is kind of like holding up a feather for me now, it's just an unconscious routine for me, my energy regenerates at about the same rate this little thing depletes it. But if you're so worried." Qyntar had to consciously stop the well, dropping the bed down on the floor again.


    OOC: No, really, gravity wells are his speciality.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina sighed as she laid back on her bed and ran a hand over her skirts to get out any ruffle

    "Whatever suits your purposes.. just don't cry to us when your all tired."

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  • IC: Qyntar

    Qyntar sighed. "What ever. I'm not too sleepy right now, so..." He got out of bed and began doing his usual work-out routine.

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  • IC: Baranx

    "Well, I guess I'll stay here until someone chases me out. The HQ, that is, not necessarily your office," Baranx decided.


    "How long have you been in the guard?" Baranx asked the Lesterin.



    IC: Korru (Sentinel HQ)


    Korru huffed and puffed as he thought about it.


    "Well, that would be have to be... about six months. I joined very soon after the Great Rahkshi Battle"

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  • IC: (Larikon Torchbearer/Blackrock)


    The skeletons kept coming. Three more dragged themselves from the dirt below, right into the compactor his Brothers were making. Behind Thentyle's barrier, Larikon saw a rather big problem. Since it was a dirt wall, it could pick up the tiny lightstone, and embed it into the dirt.


    "Help me grab the lightstone!"


    He raised his mattock.

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  • IC Ira

    "Coming through!" Ira jumped back over the barrier and released a wave of fire at the skeletons. Quickly, he scampered over to the corrupted lightstone, picked it up (channeling enough heat into it to make it bearable to hold), and ran back for the barrier. "Catch!" he yelled, throwing the lightstone over the barrier to the others, just in case he didn't make it.

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  • IC: Zekev

    Zekev caught the flying lightstone and almost thrust it into the Grandmaster's face. He handed it to Larikon while facing away, slicing apart Skeletons with his eyebeams as Ira made it through the wall.


    "If there are any plans, I suggest you do them now!" Zekev said to no one in particular.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina semed to consider this and merely shook her head

    "What ever you say."