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  • Posted 2013-12-12 21:20:10 UTC
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  • IC: Ferron (Po-Wahi Wastes)


    Zuria's silence lingered, and Ferron's alertness quickly dropped, his mind instead getting to work once again on making sense of Kuhrin's scheme.


    It was then a sudden realization hit him: The Mask of Healing couldn't be used to heal one self, if Kuhrin wanted to be healed, someone else would have to wear the mask.


    Someone else... or maybe someone he knew very well.


    "This is not going to be fun"



    The packing and preparing for the trip had gone well enough. Zuriana had taken care of most of that, it really was more her territory. Ferron had tried to help as best as he could, if only to avoid thinking about the upcoming trials for a moment or two.


    His mind was at peak alertness, ready to spring into action the second things went south. His skills, honed as they were, would be sure to make quick work of whatever Kuhrin's goons could throw at them.


    For a moment, his mind drifted back to his time with Krell, taking note of remembering the unconscious Toa that'd started it all. Crystal, if he remembered correctly. Was he one of Kuhrin's goons? If so, at least he'd have an idea what to expect.

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  • IC: (Larikon Torchbearer/Blackrock)


    "Take it above! Once the skeletons are dealt with, we shall destroy it."


    The last of the mist sank into the ground, summoning three more skeletons.


    OOC: You guys get the honor to kill off the Skeletal hoard. :P

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  • IC: Athiel


    "I don't know about you but I'm going to bed." Athiel took off his gear and laid it at his bedside, climbing onto the hard bed. After a few minutes, he drifted into a deep sleep.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina turned an watched Athiel fall asleep.. She too had began to lay down but in her mind a single phrase echoed


    Oh how easy it would be.

    OOC: An that is all she wrote

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  • IC Ira

    "You heard him Zekev!" Ira shouted, throwing flames over the barrier. The fire shooting over the barrier acted as a suppressive fire of sorts, but Ira doubted that it would keep the skeletons, who could feel no pain, at bay for long. "Has anything like this ever happened before?" Ira asked Larikon, continuing to maintain suppressive fire.

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  • IC: Rakona

    "This is something definitely new, Ira. I've never even seen a corrupted purple lightstone before." The Lesterin then grabbed the top of the wall and pulled herself up over it so she could see over the top, using her naturally increased strength to help her.


    "Ira! The skeletons are metal! Focus your flames on one and melt it, then repeat for the others!"


    IC: Thentyle

    The walls crushed the skeletons together, grinding them into a nothing. The skeletons between the walls had been defeated.

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  • IC: Zekev
    Zekev swung his spade and kicked a stray skeleton back into the main chamber just as the walls crashed in. He heard sounds of metal-bending.

    Zekev nodded to Ira and Larikon.

    "I will leave it in The Cardinal's possession," Zekev responded as he ran back upstairs. He also planned to get his Axe.

    He exited the tunnels and turned a corner into an open area near the central chamber. He saw a black-and-red-armoured Matoran with a Staff topped by a small purple LIGhtsrone.

    "Cardinal Dryken!"

    IC: Dryken
    The aged Matoran had done his best to creak his way down to tunnels


    "Take this lightsrone! Grandmasters orders!" And with that Zekev ran for his axe upstairs.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    "Well shucks, seems I forgot something, I'll be right back." And with those words, Qyntar left the room.


    OOC: Absolutely nothing suspicious about this, no no.

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  • IC: Athiel


    Athiel started to stir from his sleep, having had a terrible nightmare. Soon, he awakened and noticed Qyntar was gone. "Maybe he went downstairs for drink", he thought to himself. He pulled himself out of bed, despite still being very tired. He walked down, only for him to feel a chill in the air. "I rarely go without wearing my cloak, so it's probably nothing", he thought to himself. He arrived downstairs, but Qyntar was nowhere to be found. The innkeeper wasn't there either. He then found, behind the bar, what appeared to be a pile of frozen sand. Upon further inspection however, he realized it was infact the shattered remains of the Innkeeper.


    OOC: Let's through this plot into overdrive.

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  • OOC:

    Uh, Norik? There is no atrium.


    IC: Goran

    The zombie had been following Zekev as he had ran upstairs and saw him hand the lightstone to Dryken. The Matoran dropped the lightstone, and cradled his hands. Goran grabbed the stone and then used his element on it to warm and handed it back.


    "It has been corrupted. You see how it was cold and rough to the touch. We have to bring it somewhere safe. It can revive the dead as malevolent skeletons."

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  • OOC: Well, some sort of open space outside the staircase? I was sleepy sorry. I'll edit it later.


    IC: Dryken

    Dryken took the Lightstone from the zombie. It was unusually chilly.


    "Ak'Rei'An..." Dryken breathed. A corrupted Lightstone? What foul sorcery could do this?


    "How far are the skeletons in to the fortress. If they are being beaten back we need only wait here. Kn the other hand if they are advancing fast..." Dryken tapered off as he huffed up the stairs to his room.


    IC: Zekev

    The Skakdi of Ice retrieved his Ice Axe and ran back down into the tunnel, passing the Cardinal and Zombie.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina Leaned up in her bed and merely shrugged as she got her skirt back on and proceeded to head down stairs as she noticed everyone else was out of the room. As she descended the stairs she turned to see Athiel

    "Up early aren't we?"

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  • IC: Athiel


    "The game has changed." He moved out of the way, allowing Vrina to see the frozen sand. "These are the remains of the Innkeeper. He appears to have been frozen solid, and then shattered. Why the assailant didn't come after us directly is unknown, but it appears he killed him as deterrent." He started toward's the door. "Qyntar may be in danger."

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina considered this and perhaps a slight smirk might appear on her face.. though it is only there for a second before it is replaced by a neutral look

    "Well.. i am sure Qyntar can handle himself.. but we should look for him none the less."

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  • IC: Melna (Po-Koro Hospital)


    "What's gonna happen to Lu... to Mr. Saran, Doctor?" Melna asked, concern evident in her voice. She almost wanted to grab Day's hand, to find some support.


    IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    The Sentinel was out on one of his regular patrols, his impozing size being a threat to criminals everywhere.


    He rounded a corner, only to find that within his view was a small inn that was still closed.


    "Odd" he thought, surely the innkeeper would've opened by this time of the day, early mornings were customary for them.


    So he walked up to the inn door and gave a solid knock.


    OOC: Halo and Vox, that's for you

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina heard the door open and proceeded to open it. As she saw it open she could not help but notice the imposing size of the figure before her

    "Ah hello sir..Um.. you are not by chance part of the local law enforcement?"

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "Why yes, yes I am" Korru responded almost jovially.


    "Is there anything I can help you with?" he asked.


    He hadn't really gotten a good look at Vrina yet, but was prepared for whatever his job required.

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  • OOC: Stabs korru with a rapier.. sorry buddy.. just joking


    IC: Vrina


    Vrina nodded.. Though with the way her mask swirled in shades of black and white constantly it could be a bit sickening if one looked closely

    "Well my friend, athiel, and i discovered the innkeeper shattered into ice crystals on the ground." She said rather simply


    She moved out of the doorway allowing Korru in and placed her hands infront of her skirts while dipping her head.. she seemed very meek at a moment.. Was it an act or was it her respect for authority? One may never know

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "What?" Korru asked, almost dumbfounded for a second or two, before his stance, voice and expressions shifted to military efficency and discipline.


    "Show me" he said sternly

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  • IC: Athiel


    "I awoke from my sleep a few minutes ago, only to see that my friend, Qyntar, had disappeared. I thought maybe he was getting an early morning drink when I found this." He motioned towards the shards. "I believe it happened recently, due to the fact that the ice flash is still on the wall, even though it's close to the fireplace. The assailant wasn't to clean about it, so perhaps he was in a hurry. What do think, Sentinel?"

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina nodded slowly as she heard this

    "What Athiel said.. I woke up a little after him and saw athiel behind the counter looking down at the shards."

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  • OOC: Just for the Mata Nui Weekly, what exactly is your group after?


    IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "That right there is a very suspicious scene" Korru remarked even as he zeroed in on the spot with his telescopic lense.


    "Did any of you see or hear anything last night?"

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  • OOC: Quite frankly i have not the foggiest idea


    IC: Vrina


    Vrina shook her head

    "No.. quite frankly i slept through the night.. i never heard Qyntar, who is a toa of gravity, or Athiel even get up."

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  • IC: Athiel


    "I heard nothing last night, and I went to sleep early to get some rest. Also, it would be impossible for Qyntar to do this, as his element is gravity, not ice." Athiel sat down at a barstool. "There are no signs of a struggle. May I ask your name?"


    OOC: We are basically hunting for ancient keystones to unlock a secret vault that contains unimaginable riches.

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "Alright, but I'll have to ask yours in return" Korru responded somewhat jokingly.


    "Anyway, Korru is the name" he continued, almost off-handedly as he made a mental notebook.


    "Do you have any idea who could have done it?" Korru asked.

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  • IC: Qyntar

    Waking up to a quite unpleased toa, Qyntar got out of bed, realizing that this was in fact not his room. He apologized as the angry toa threw him out of their room and into the hallway. Qyntar rubbed his sore forehead as he walked downstairs to the main lobby. That was when he noticed the commotion. "Um, what's going on here? Did I miss something?"

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  • IC Athiel


    " My name is Athiel, and his is Vrina. I only know of one Toa of Ice, Akura, but he dosen't kill. Infact, he detest violence, which is why he retired to be a scholar in Ko-Koro." Athiel got himself a drink, not that anyone would mind. "It's odviously ice though, so any able to access their powers are fair game." Athiel took a sip of the brew. It tasted nasty. "Like I said it happened recently, and since this place is near the center of Po-Koro, he is likely moving towards the outside as we speak." Athiel noticed Qyntar walk downstairs. "And that's Qyntar over there. Where were you?"

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  • IC: Vrina


    "My name is vrina... as athiel who just told you."

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "Hmm" Korru mumbled, assessing the situation as well as he could.


    "Alright," he spoke up," here's what's gonna happen next"


    "You" he said, pointing at Qyntar.


    "Do you know the way to Sentinel HQ?"

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  • IC: Qyntar

    The toa of gravity smiled. Of all the places he didn't know in Po-koro, he knew exactly where Sentinel HQ was.

    "I believe I do, but you still haven't answered my question. What's going on here?"

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  • IC: Atheil


    "The Innkeeper is dead Qyntar. Frozen and shattered" He motioned to the pile. "Where were you this morning?"

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  • IC: Qyntar

    His eyes widened as he looked at the supposed sand corpse. "Well... that was... unexpected. And quite frankly kind of unbelievable. I went downstairs to get my widget satchel, and by that time, the innkeeper was alright, so then I go upstairs, but I must have gone to the wrong room, because mata nui was the toa there angry."

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  • IC: Athiel


    "Well he's dead now, but at the hands of an Ice user. We can throw out Matoran and Skakdi as the assailant. Any thoughts?"

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  • NPC: Dr. Praxton / Po-Koro Hospital


    "At the moment, nothing" the doctor replied, his heavy voice betraying no emotion, as he turned to study the bed-ridden Po-Matoran. "He should be waking up soon, and if all goes well, it will be into a world less conducive to bouts of terror-induced destruction..."


    Praxton faced his cowed companion, and for the first time since he'd been informed of the Saran boy's awakening, spoke to him without contempt bubbling in his voice. "Release his bonds."


    The metal bracelets around the Matoran's wrists and ankles melted off of him on command, growing solid just as they made contact with the stone floor, where they hit with a tinkling crash. After that, the only sound was the repetitive rasp of Lux's breathing.


    They all watched and waited.



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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)

    "Not true, the Skakdi may have a partner, or one of those fancy doohickys" Korru responded.


    "I'm sorry to say this," he continued, "but even though it seems unlikely enough, I can't completely rule out your involvement just yet. You must remain here for now until the issue at hand is resolved."


    Korru brought a horn to his lips, and blew a strong, almost bizarre squawk from it that was supposed to notify nearby Sentinels that he was in need of assistance.


    OOC: Alright; Prodigious Artist, Toatapio, Kaithas, whomever. I'll wait and see if you respond. Eventally I'll just do an NPC if you take too long.

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  • IC: Vrina


    Vrina nodded

    "That is perfectly understandable mister Korru.. Do you want us to stay here at the inn or somewhere else? Or just in Po-koro in general?"

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "This inn is now a crime scene," Korru declared, "once I get another Sentinel over here, you'll be escorted to HQ and temporarily kept in our holding cells. If we determine you're not directly involved, you'll probably be transferred to house arrest until we can clear you completely"

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  • IC: Athiel


    "With all due respect sentinel, the longer we prolong this, the further the perpetrator gets. Besides, none of us three can even use ice."

    Athiel was visibly annoyed.

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  • IC: Korru (Po-Koro Inn)


    "That will already have been taken care of. The particular signal I used was a warning that there are dangerous individuals on the loose, the guards will already have closed the gates"


    "You may be accomplices, or be purposefuly wearing the wrong colors. Vrina here is at least partially white, she may have tried to disguise herself as a... what element do you control anyway?"


    OOC: If this doesn't make sense, Lloyd, let me know.

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  • IC: Akura


    It was dawn. Akura ran across the Po-Koro rooftops with several Sentinels in pursuit. He froze the roof behind him in hopes that it would cause them to slip. It worked as well as he had hoped. They slid across the frozen area, unable to find traction. He then jumped into the streets, pushing pass the crowd in the busy marketplace. There was a patrol of guards in front of him, telling him to halt. He simply encased them in a block of ice. "Pathetic", he said to himself. He kept running until he found himself in a courtyard, surrounded on all sides by the sentinels. He knew he couldn't take them all on at once. "Now your trapped in here with us", said one sentinel."


    OOC: Any Sentinels, feel free to drop in.

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