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  • IC: Mar (The Wise Man's Archive)


    "... or Stone, or Magnetism" I corrected, the Ga-Matoran hadn't heard anything, I'd made sure of that.


    It was true, too, obviously a Po-Toa could make a rock crumble to dust, while a Fa-Toa could, at least here in the mineral-rich lands of Onu-Wahi, act on the small fragments of metal in the rock in order to break it.


    I continued to pay the Ga-Matoran little heed as I inspected my talon again, gripping it so that looked like I had sprouted a massive, three-fingered claw.


    My Akaku noticed all the scratches and dents in it, I shrugged and put it away again.

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  • IC Surina



    "You're underestimating me", Surina said matter-of-factly. "If you were a Toa of stone, your manifestation of power wouldn't have caused vibration. The rock would've simply crumbled. And magnetism doesn't make rocks break."

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  • IC: Mar (The Wise Man's Archive)


    Alright, so she had some brains, that much was clear, at the very least she didn't make a big deal out of it, I rather appreciated the flat tone in which she refuted my arguement. Essentially, she was saying "this is how it happened, and that's all". It was honestly quite refreshing.


    I didn't let that come to show in my face, though, I merely nodded.

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  • IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Onu-Koro

    The Toa of Plasma followed Tuli onto the roof, swinging herself quickly up via the same route Nero had used. The Ba-Matoran didn't look good, but Rhea had seen and tended enough battle injuries to know, at a glance, that he'd survive with no permanent ill effects. A few cracked and displaced ribs, no doubt, and of course the inevitable concussion and internal abdominal bruising, but nothing more severe. Matoran were surprisingly resilient, when it came down to it.

    She'd have to give Nero a bonus for this. He'd handled it well, coming in fast at just the right moment. Any more delay, and the eavesdropper might have heard just enough sensitive information to seal his death warrant.

    "One of Nero's duties," explained Rhea calmly, but with just the right touch of concern, "is to ensure I am never subjected to unwanted surveillance. He sensed and located an eavesdropper, and, as per his orders, took steps to neutralize it. I highly doubt he would have gone so far as to use lethal force... although he is somewhat savage and unpredictable, I must admit. His assistance in my work is invaluable, but I try to keep him away from villages as much as possible."

    Nero, otherwise known as 'the Axe', stood silently by. He was not abashed by his employer's seemingly stern explanation; he knew that, whatever circumstances of the moment forced her to say, she was still genuinely pleased with what he had done. The covert half-smile and wink she had just given him behind Tuli's back, while the said Ta-Matoran was fixated on her unconscious boyfriend, was proof enough of it.


    ...and when I say 'behind Tuli's back', I mean just that. No catching the gesture out of the corner of one's eye, or turning around suddenly and seeing it, or anything of the sort. Tuli didn't notice, period. ;)

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    Torvoth looked around the sparse interior. "Y'know, I'm feeling a bit pecking right now. Hungry. Got anything lying around here? Like, food?"


    OOC: Torvoth has no shame. At all.

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  • IC: Ardoku


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  • OOC: Who's Tali? :P


    IC Surina

    (Wise Man's Archive):


    Surina shrugged and took a seat. The weird Toa guy was keeping to himself again.


    This is going to be a long wait... Surina thought.



    IC Tuli



    Tuli froze when she understood why Khervos had been attacked.


    He was eavesdropping on these guys, she thought in haunting realization. He knew something about them... suspected something suspicious. And if Khervos had a reason to check up on that...


    Surprisingly, the realization served to calm Tuli's flaming temper. If these two Toa were somehow involved with crime of any sort, Tuli would have to control herself to be able to find out what was going on. First, though, she would have to get help for Khervos.


    "I will take him to the hospital", Tuli said and took Khervos into her arms, the feeling of the Ba-Matoran's body feeling so good and soothing after such hardship. He was a heavy Matoran (pun intended), but Tuli had just the right tactique with lifting and carrying limp bodies. She got Khervos off the roof and began to walk away, though she took a fiery backward glance at Rhea and her bodyguard.


    This is not over, she thought.



    IC Khervos

    (Body in Onu-Koro, mind wandering):


    "No!" Khervos shouted. In front of him, an image of the burning corpse of Tuli formed. The sight was horrifying, sickening, terrifying. Khervos felt weak in his limbs, but he did not fall. Somehow he realized he was not part of the conscious world, but one of a nightmare.


    "Like what you see?" Kavala smirked nearby. Khervos wanted to attack the demented Toa, to kill him right where he stood, but whatever dream he was part of refused to let him move.


    "This is just the beginning, Khervos", Kavala said as the setting of the strange world changed again, into a forest. "Makuta still rules your heart. You cannot escape the destruction."


    "I need to get out of here", Khervos said, surprised at the fact that his thoughts could be heard everywhere at once. "I need to wake up."


    "But there is still much to see", Kavala said. He pointed to a tree that began to morph into the shape of Hahli, the Akiri of Ga-Koro.


    "This is what is to happen", Kavala said, chuckling with dark pleasure as, out of nowhere, Surina arrived and set fire on the tree, making Hahli's form slowly burn into nothing but a pile of ash.


    "Now, this certainly beats everyday detective work, doesn't it?" Kavala laughed. "Who do you want to see burn next?"

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  • IC:

    He returned.

    Onu-Koro's prodigal son had come back to it. Scarred and bruised, he had crawled back from the depths, reaching the one place he could ever truly call home. But the more he looked around; the further he entered, the more he realized it wasn't his home anymore. Everything had changed. The very hearts and souls of the Onu-Koroan's had changed. Kol had changed completely, of course- but for the better, or for the worse? In his head spun a million emotions. Just this morning he had learned that Makuta was defeated! ...and then that Whenua had been burned alive by some repulsion of nature from the Kumu Islets- which had also been destroyed. He was so far out of touch, so distant from everything... Sulov was a Toa now. He had saved the island and was now the most powerful Toa of earth to ever set foot on the island. What had Kol done? He still looked back to the days when he had stood, side by side with Sulov, prepared to take on anything with his best friend and brother. Now he stood a few feet two short to be seen when standing next to Sulov.

    Who is Kol Uskey?

    Kol brandished the saperka Sulov had created for him; noticed how awkward it felt in his hand. The weapon that had once represented him- the tool that had defined him! It meant nothing to him now. His friends were unrecognizable memories, as he surely was to them. He tried to remember his times with Tarnok, sparring over who had to pay for the next round of drinks. Or the time Uyism had taught him about her culture. The night he and Sulov had met...

    Kol had been completely new. He was from the "weird" part of Onu-Koro, where everyone talked funny and always asked you to come on in, sit down, and have dinner with them. As the new kid, he had a bit of trouble fitting in with everyone else. Cadet Uskey had unwisely chosen to down a few glasses of wine before showing up for training. It all came back up (and then some) when it came time for the three mile run. He glanced over at Sulov, a Onu-Matoran not dissimilar from Kol- save for the fact that he'd already risen in the ranks by the time Uskey had shown up, cocky and uncoordinated. While some of the trainees had simply snickered at the failure of an Ussalryman; point and laugh at the joke of a soldier who would never amount to a pile of feces...Sulov had just shaken his head. With a stern expression, he had simply uttered "Inexperienced." It was on that day that Kol had dug in his heels. He grit his teeth, cracked his knuckles, and leveled his glanced at his future bestfriend.

    "Yer gunna eat yer words, cap'n," he had said with a grin.

    Back in real life, Kol tossed his saperka into a dumpster. He was no longer Sulov's bestfriend. Sulov Koskium was a god.

    Who is Kol Uskey?

    He considered the slug on his back. A trap from which he could never escape. A blessing crossed with a curse. Strength at a great cost. He had that feeling, like when you wanted to hit something but knew you would break it irreparably. As a man who had always been capable of controlling his anger, Kol rarely had this much trouble keeping himself in check. He needed to set himself free. He needed to unleash. But he couldn't. He was walking on eggshells as it was, what with being accomplice to a terrorist. He had long since been forgotten as the deputy of the seventh- he was, for all intents and purposes, dead. But that was okay, right? Of course, it didn't really matter what Kol thought at this point- he had to lay down and die, and another man had to take his place.

    Who is Kol-

    No. He knew who Kol Uskey was. Kol Uskey was nothing now, but a new man had been borne of the ashes.

    He knew now what he had to become.

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  • OOC:


    Okay, changed the name. :P

    IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Onu-Koro

    Rhea watched uncomfortably as Tuli skillfully maneuvered the limp Ba-Matoran into her arms and clambered nimbly down to the street, moving effectively despite having no free hands to help her grasp or balance. Definitely military training, that. And the Ta-Matoran's sudden calmness worried the Su-Toa; such an attitude boded ill, boded vengeance.

    Rhea hadn't wanted trouble, and she didn't intend to bring it on herself now, through careless violence.

    Taking a quick step forward, she coughed slightly to get back the Ta-Matoran's attention. When she spoke, her voice was the very impeccable manifestation of concern and regret. "I truly am sorry about this unfortunate accident, ma'am. I assume all responsibility for it, as Nero was operating under my direct orders at the time. I'll pay you in full for damages suffered, if... if you would accept it."

    She hesitated, then added, "If you wished to know... 'twas not I nor Nero that your friend was originally trailing. His actual target was, I believe, a blue-armored Matoran that had just approached me, wishing to employ my services. She is gone now."

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  • IC: Torvoth

    Torvoth continued rummaging around through Ardoku's few belongings inside the dark hut. "But if you get hungry, how do you eat if you don't have anything here? Wait! Don't tell me!" he pointed a hushing finger at the Toa. He ceased his searching and scratched his chin for a brief moment. "I've got it! The answer, that is. It's a Toa thing! Maybe you Toa just never eat, and instead subsist only on the pure justice and altruism that emanates from your very being!"


    OOC: Torvoth is very smart.

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  • IC: Demos - Wise Man's Archive

    The establishment's owner turned down the dial on one of his sound dampeners, idly listening to the conversation out front. His eyes idly scanned the page of the book he had open, though they made no progress. The corner of his lip twitched into a smile for a moment- no longer than half a second- before returning to his usual inscrutable mask.

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  • IC (Matan and Natan): Sitting around a table in the main room of their house, Matan and Natan gave each other a look. The brothers knew each other well enough to know the other's response, if not quite read their thoughts. On one hand, this was an excellent opportunity to be part of some ground-breaking construction. It also meant some travel away from the confining darkness of Onu-Koro, which Matan was already itching for. On the other, they couldn't agree before they knew more about the project. If the people running it were impossible to work with, very little could compensate. Even above that, however, one question burned in their minds.


    "How much are you paying?" they asked in synchrony.

    IC:"Cost of labor, plus a sizeable profit. Assume several thousand widgets." Miraul answered.


    OOC:We don't have an exact figure agreed upon; but I figure the cost of a revolutionary ship outfitted in expensive materials is up there.

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  • IC Tuli



    Tuli made a backward glance. "Yes", she said acidly. "I'll send you the bill."


    The mention of the Ga-Matoran was... unexpected. Not because Tuli hadn't suspected them to the related, but because Rhea admitted it openly.


    "Where is that Ga-Matoran now?"


    She knew she had to hurry to the hospital, but she just needed a bit more information before that...

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  • OOC: That's what I figured.


    IC (Matan and Natan): "It's a deal then" Matan said quickly." That was no kind of money to sneeze at. "We'll begin making preparations to leave so we can be ready as soon as you're ready to travel. Once you have a drydock, can you also arrange for the Ga-matoran to send in a few loads of waste plant material and scrap metal? Plant clippings from gardens, old wood, even seaweed will do. That should make things easier once we start."

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  • IC: Ardoku

    "No, see, I go to the inn when ever I'm hungry, but I don't really eat that much. I'm trying to save up on my widgets." Ardoku put on his rucksack, this might take a long time...

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  • IC: [ Rhea ] - Onu-Koro

    "No." said the Toa of Plasma patiently. "No, you won't be sending me the bill. I am a wayfaring bounty hunter, constantly on the move, and have no established address. This will suit your purposes much better, I feel. Enough for your friend's medical expenses, and a fair bit left over."

    Removing her hand from her cloak pocket, she offered the Ta-Matoran a single jewel, a sapphire. It was not a large gem, but it was skillfully cut, carefully polished, and looked quite valuable. Actually, extremely valuable.

    "As for the Ga-Matoran... I do not know where she is at this moment." she continued, truthfully. "I do not know who she is or what it is she wanted. We made arrangements to meet at the Wise Man's Archive tomorrow morning, at six o'clock. She is, I must admit, a suspicious character. She had the criminal air about her; I know what I'm talking about, seeing as how my business is the pursuit and capture of such."


    Ha ha, this is so much fun. Reminds me of the time my character Krios spewed out a bunch of absolute, improvised lies about Akiri Hahli. I was grinning the whole time I was writing. :P

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  • IC Tuli



    Tuli wasn't sure exactly how much of what Rhea told was true. She doubted a mere bounty hunter could have the riches Rhea obviously did, as demonstrated by the sapphire. Also, why would she have an aggressive, homocidal bodyguard if her intentions were good?


    "Ok, I believe you", Tuli lied. "Thanks for the gem. I need to get going now."


    Tuli continued on her way, still carrying Khervos and the sapphire. In her mind though, she was already making plans on how to infiltrate Rhea's schemes.

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  • OOC:

    Rhea's rich because she's saved nearly every widget she ever earned over her long and dangerous (and thus, relatively high-paying) career; she needs Nero because he's big, strong, and second to none at tracking down and beating up escaped convicts. She's never actually done anything straight-out illegal, although she has pushed the boundaries a bit.

    But yeah, Tuli wouldn't know that. :P

    IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Onu-Koro

    There were a lot of half-truths and partial lies floating in the air, Rhea decided, as she nodded a brief farewell to the subtly irate Ta-Matoran and headed back to rejoin Nero on the street leading to the Wise Man's Archive. The Ta-Matoran had put on an understanding face, but her words had been a bit too quick, a bit too terse. It was pretty plain that she hadn't thought much of Rhea's explanation, although the only thing Rhea had actually straight-up lied about was the time of the arranged meeting.

    Not that it mattered. Rhea was pretty certain by now that she knew who the arrogant little water-lady was, and her green eyes glinted with the malice of a wolf. Whatever the outcome of this situation, there would be an extensive profit in it for a certain ambitious Toa of Plasma. She could smell the money on the wind.

    Even if I lose, I'll win in the end. Ha. Foolish Ga-Matoran. She thinks she can manipulate me, the blue-armored midget, but I'll show her what it truly means to be a tool.

    Together, the white-cloaked bounty hunter
    and her axe-wielding accomplice strode straight down the narrow street to a certain quiet little bookstore.

    A whole lot of plots were about to ignite.

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  • IC: Mar (The Wise Man's Archive)


    A threatening growl from Karv issued forth when the Su-Toa and her titanic bodyguard arrived, this time a sharp whistle from me cut him short in his attempt to establish dominance. He sat down dutifully as I straightened myself, rising to my full height, just an inch or so taller than her, and still significantly shorter than Nero.


    I regarded her with an expectant gaze, letting no indication that I'd been peeking with my Akaku come to show on my face. I was good at that sort of thing.


    Despite myself, I gestured at her with a nod to show that I was as prepared as I could be.

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  • IC:"I'll see what I can do about that-but Vilak is already securing that by Kakama. So it's a little late for that message." Miraul answered. "I have one more engineer to talk to, but I'll send word when it's time to go."


    With a word goodbye, Miraul set out to Ferron's Forge.


    OOC:Geardirector, that's you.

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  • Ic:


    "I am only the prophet," he told his friend. Earthen constructs filled every path from their little sanctuary. Cries from beyond the wall of silt and ice and stone haunted their ears but they remained calm. "I go where I need to to say what I must, and so i give you this mission."


    "You are my friend," his friend started saying, then cracked an obligatory grin. "Your path and words are sacred and where you point... I will go. Just promise me one thing."




    "Okay, two things. Tell the others that I am safe and give this sword to Dorian. He will know how to use it."


    Stannis nodded. "I will tell the others what they must know of your quest and I will present the weapon to whoever Destiny tells me to."


    The other toa nodded thoughtfully; Stannis' promise was as good as he was going to get. "Then so long, Wanderer."


    "God be with you, Gatekeeper."




    Some of the tunnels of Onu-Wahi had their origins under the glacier-fed subterrenean streams of Ko-Wahi. Stannis was certainly not the first person to follow their frozen paths through the earth, though; he only was able to find his way downward with almost incredible fortune: A slimy trail of heavy footsteps already laid before him, all he had to do was follow their lead. [OOC, these are the steps Brykon left when he killed Nuju; they did not erase in the deep earth.]


    By all accounts he found them by chance, but Stannis Maru knew that there was no such thing as luck, only Mata Nui's will and that alone left to pave the way to the future. It was Destiny, the fair maiden, that led him to the battle's aftermath and Duty, the ever vigilant, who gave him the drive to make the decision that would change lives and paths forever.


    Stannis slipped in the frigid mud, splattering silt on his prize package, a rolled up blanket hiding a single artefact. He had just come from a battle, but it was not his battle to fight. He had gone to solve a riddle and resolve a mystery, and in doing so had sent only the man he most trusted with a holy charge. Storms roiled off the coast of Mata Nui in his dreams and he could not fend them off on his own, and none of the Maru could help him as he needed. Only Joske could go where he needed to, and that required sacrifices all around. He didn't know what the future held in store for Joske or Mata Nui, but he hoped his foresight had been right.


    If he chose foolishly the future would be in imbalance. But if he chose true then life still had a chance.


    There was that thing again, chance. Stannis shook his head. There was no such thing as Chance, only Mata Nui, and he was the prophet. God's will be done, whatever it may be, and so it was.




    Stannis emerged into Onu-Koro at long last and quickly traveled towards Ta-Koro.


    Ooc: Stannis Maru to Ta-Wahi.

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  • IC: (Ferron's Forge)


    Unfortunately for Miraul, the forge showed every sign of being locked, strangely enough it seemed like the proprietor had left in a hurry. The door was only partially bolted, with one window half-closed.


    A mailbox hung mounted on the wall, with a small note that said "in the event of the proprietors absence, leave orders here with clearly specified adress" on it.

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  • IC Surina

    (Onu-Koro, Wise Man's Archive):


    Surina saw Rhea and Nero enter and grinned. Now, things were finally going to get interesting.


    IC Tuli

    (Onu-Koro, Hospital):


    Tuli sat in the waiting room of the hospital, holding in her hands Rhea's sapphire and thinking about all that had happened. Khervos would not be cured in an instant, meaning there was a lot of time to be wasted... or to be used wisely.


    Oh Khervos, I wish you could be with me now, Tuli thought and sighed. You'd know how to proceed here.


    One thing was certain: Tuli would need to find out more about Rhea and her plans. To do this, she would have to go to the Wise Man's Archive, where Rhea said she's be having a meeting of sorts... but how could she get in without being recognized or rising suspicion?


    IC Khervos

    (Onu-Koro, Hospital):


    Khervos' nightmare had taken several ugly turns, but it seemed like he would be able to escape at last. A crack formed somewhere in the distance, a gate back to reality.


    "So that's it then, you're ready to go?" Kavala sneered. "You could learn something from this dream, you know."


    "Like what?"


    "Your future", Kavala said with a whisper. "And those of your friends and your world."


    "A dream cannot show you the future", Khervos said.


    "Then maybe I should call this a vision, then", Kavala said. A dark cavern entrance was visible nearby. "Your choice. Leave this dream and ignore knowledge of the future, or come with me to see something that you will definitely find interesting.


    Khervos was silent for a while. He looked at the crack in the dream and then at Kavala. In the end, however, he shook his head and ran for the crack, leaving Kavala and his twisted nightmares behind.


    "You will come back to me", Kavala said. "I know you will."

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  • OOC:

    I'm going to ahead and post now, but 'twould be nice if we could get Mj. in the posting order somewhere here. Like, right after this post which is directed mainly at him. :P

    IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Onu-Koro

    Rhea stepped inside, granting Mar a brief nod and "Good afternoon" as she glanced quickly about the bookstore's interior, savoring the calm quiet and the rich, crisp scents of new parchment, leather, and imported ink. Nero followed her a few steps behind, swinging and latching the door shut as he passed.

    Besides herself, Nero, Mar (by extension, his wolf-Rahi as well), and the Ga-Matoran, there seemed to be only one other person in the large establishment. The guy behind the counter.

    Like Mar, he was a Toa of Sonics, clad in grey, white, and Great Kanohi Hau. Although immaculately clean and well-groomed, his thin, wiry build gave Rhea the vague and unfortunate impression of a back-alley pickpocket. His face, leveled into the depths of some large tome, held an almost unsettling lack of emotion; he was putting on a remarkably accurate appearance of reading, but Rhea was pretty certain it was just a show. This person, although plainly of the 'detached' sort, didn't seem to be genuinely disinterested in the least. Like everyone else around her, he was the shadowy type. Shadowy types liked to know what was going on around them, she'd learned.


    It was something to remember.

    Stepping up to the counter, she gave the De-Toa a polite, rather than charming, smile. "Sir, my... associates here, and I, are going to be discussing a few matters of common interest, and it would be best for the city-state's security if we had absolute privacy. Would you mind closing your shop to incoming customers for a brief period? I'll gladly pay you for your trouble."

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  • OOC: He wears a Huna shaped like a Volitak, actually. And he has other employees around, but no biggie.


    IC: Demos

    The library's owner's eyes rose to meet a pair as analytic as his. The slight tension in the cheeks, the piercing eyes... she was taking everything in. She looked like somebody who didn't do anything halfway.


    "Rhea, I take it?" He got to his feet, his face turned towards the door. "I saw your posters." He slipped a bookmark into his book and set it down before heading to the door.

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  • IC: Torvoth

    "What were you saving those widgets for? The weapons you just bought?" Torvoth chuckled, only partly to himself. The Vortixx inventor then saw the rucksack that Ardoku was pulling on. "Ooooh. What's in the backpack? I used to carry around something like that, a briefcase, but then I stopped after everybody kept asking me what was in there. Actually, better question - what's that thing for? I mean, why are you putting it on now?"


    OOC: Talkative Torvoth is talkative.

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  • IC: Ardoku

    "Because I have a feeling you don't just want to sit idly and chat for too long, or am I mistaken in this matter?" Ardoku tiredly looked at the Vortixx who was rudely keeping him on his toes.


    OOC: Tired Ardoku is tired.

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  • IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Onu-Koro

    Rhea raised an eyebrow inquiringly, half-turning at the counter in order to speak in the De-Toa's general direction. "I prefer the term 'notice', incidentally; 'poster' sounds just a bit too flamboyant, don't you think?"

    She grinned dryly, then added, "Not that it matters, I suppose. You saw the paper with my name on it. Did you take notice of it because you take notice of things, or because you have a job offer for me?"

    Nero stepped silently sideways to let Demos access the door, then pulled out a nearby chair and sat down, keeping the solid outer wall at his back.

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  • IC (Matan and Natan): The Skakdis' hut was a buzz of activity that night as they closed down their shop, packed for the journey to Ga-Koro and completed a few projects that would need to be finished before they returned. Early the next morning, however, everything was in order and the pair made their way to The Akiru forge with heavy travelling packs on their backs. Matan knocked on the door and waited.


    OOC: This might be getting a bit ahead chrnonlogically, so I don't need a reply straight away. This is just so they'll be there when they're needed.

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  • IC: Tovoth


    "Me? Idle chit-chat? Naw..." the black and silver-armored Vortixx shook his head. "But since you brought up the Kikanalo in the room, there's no escaping the stampede - what do you want to do now? If you say go back to bed, that's fine. I can stick around. Working long hours has made me invincible to fatigue." Torvoth yawned.


    OOC: Torvoth is prepared for whatever lies in store.

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  • IC: Demos

    "I have an offer. But I don't want to interrupt your business. It can wait."

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  • IC: [ Rhea ] - Onu-Koro / Wise Man's Archive

    Rhea nodded, then walked over and joined Mar, Nero, and the Ga-Matoran at the table in the corner. This area of the bookstore was quiet, out-of-the-way, dimly lit save for an ornate lightstone lamp resting on a shelf nearby.

    She sat, forearms resting lightly on the polished wood, white-armored hands clasped in front of her, her casual, relaxed posture at odds with an underlying current of controlled, militaristic tension. For a moment, she said nothing; her gaze merely flicked steadily from one to the next, as if reassuring herself of their presence.

    "I bid you all welcome. It seems as though a spur-of-the-moment appointment with our perhaps-not-so-reserved friend Mar has developed into something more, has it not?"

    There was a hint of a smile on her face; it didn't quite extend to her eyes. Shifting her left hand in Mar's direction, she muttered softly, "Please ensure that no word escapes from our private circle, De-Toa."

    She didn't wait to see whether or not the implied command was carried out. Still keeping her attention on Mar, she raised her voice again and said, "But this is perhaps not so much a meeting, as it is a consecutive series of one-to-one discussions. The first order of business is you. You caught my attention because of, to put it simply, your nerve. I am not entirely sure what use I shall have for you, but I have learned long ago that such persons are often valuable."

    She paused.

    "Tell me about yourself. What is your background, what are your skills, what are your views on moral and political subjects?"

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  • IC: Mar (The Wise Man's Archive)


    Just as Rhea regarded me with uncanny scrutiny, I regarded her with the cold efficiency that one could only get from routinely associating with gutter trash as pathetic from my perspective as her initial impression of me. I did as she asked as I shifted where I sat, adopting a less defensive position.


    "My background..." I almost whispered, "not much there, I'm afraid, but you'll probably want to know what little there is, so here goes. I used to be a fisherman, a worthless nobody, by myself, the kind of person nobody noticed."


    My voice was flat, emotionless, letting on exactly how little thought I'd bothered to put into my past.


    "I'm not even quite sure how I became a Toa, it's a blur to me now, but I do remember that I never really tried to uphold the responsibility that was thrusted upon me. I struck out and became a mercenary, I had a partner and we did good for a while. Then I nearly died in an accident, and I haven't seen him since, he's probably in a cell somewhere. In the weeks since I've just been wandering around, not really doing anything of note."


    "Karv's been around since before I stopped fishing for a living" I continued, gesturing to the Kavinika who was curled up beside my chair, allowing himself a rare nap.


    "I found him injured, nursed him back to health, and he stuck around, once a guard dog, now he's my eyes and nose"


    I bestowed Karv with a rare pat on the head, he was a loyal companion.


    "My skills." I continued.


    "I still know fishing and boating, it's useful. I've got archery skills, I know how to fight and improvize, and I'm a survivor, I can get by anywhere"


    It was a quick summation, all that Rhea needed to know, and nothing more.


    "My morals, I have very few of those. But I won't kill without getting something out of it, and I do not leave partners behind, and I couldn't care less about politics, with the exception of not breaking the law when it isn't necessary"

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  • IC: [ Rhea ] - Onu-Koro / Wise Man's Archive

    Rhea smiled again, and this time it was genuine. At least partially.

    An excellent find, this one. His views on society seemed to be perfectly compatible with her own, and more than that, he boasted a decent range of skills and useful traits, including what seemed to be a fairly strong personal creed of loyalty.

    "A fisherman, hm?" she murmured thoughtfully. "A sailor. You know the water. Very good."

    She paused, considering. Her next question was flat and direct, jarringly and amusingly ironic considering the circumstances.

    "Can you cook?"

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  • IC: Miraul wrote a note out to Ferron, borrowing some paper scraps Bijackal had on him.


    To Ferron or Appropriate Employees,

    I have recently been contracted for a large order, which requires the building of ship with steam power. The order in question requires a large amount of protosteel, exceeding my own team's production abilty. As a result I am seeking some additional metalworkers able to produce this material. This should result in pay more than worth your while.


    If you would be interested, please visit the Akiru Forge as soon as possible. In the event that construction has already begun, we will be located in Ga-Koro, and directions will be left at the Akiru Forge for others to follow.




    Team Leader, Toa Akiru


    On the back he scrawled a few directions to Forge, just in case, but he figured Ferron wouldn't need them. The Akiru Forge was only a few blocks away.

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  • IC: Demos

    The library's manager immediately detected the sonic wall keeping the conversation in. He briefly considered tampering with the field so he could listen in, but brushed off the idea. There was one other way he might possibly be able to listen, but he rejected that as well. He had no reason to put such effort into eavesdropping.


    Instead, he sat back down at the desk and opened up his book.

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  • OOC; Tivanu. Orderin and Viima from Ta-wahi


    IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu emerged from the tunnels leading from Ta-koro to Onu-koro and stretched his limbs. It was apparent he was glad to be out of those damp tunnels though it was even more obvious that Kive-phu. The larger than normal lava hawk, was nearly ecstatic to be out of those mata-nui forsaken tunnels. This could be seen by the way that once Tivanu passed the threshold of the tunnel she launched herself from his shoulder into a full-blown flight. As she flew towards the ceiling of the cave Tivanu could only laugh as he watched her torment some bats that had roosted on the ceiling. While she merely toyed with them at first she eventually managed to capture one and it was obvious she intended to enjoy her newest prey.


    Tivanu himself was a slightly taller than your average skakdi yet and instead of the average black and purple armor color for those of the gravity affinity his armor and even biological parts bear the color schemes of white and purple setting him apart from others.


    Tivanu looked over the various buildings he could see and then looked back down at Viima and Orderin and offered them a faint smile

    "Well welcome to Onu-koro boys.. Now we go and find a certain blue devil.." He said with an evil little grin

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  • IC Viima



    "I can see both you and Kive-phu are prepared for a hunt", Viima said to Tivanu with a smirk. "Me and Orderin are more focused on capturing a criminal. Another difference between the Matoran and Skakdi species."


    Viima looked around.


    "So... how do we start looking?"

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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu laughed as he heard this and cracked his knuckles

    "The hunt takes place before the capture.. But i would suggest asking any individuals if they had seen a heavily, armored ga-matoran wearing an Akaku.. that is unless she changed her mask again.. One would think she would stick out with all these shades of darker colored armor about.."

    His eyes scanned the surroundings carefully though what little good that did given his impaired eyesight

    "One of these days i seriously need to look into something to correct my eyesight.. "


    OOC: First off reading through your posts of surina Toatapio would that flyer she saw detailing the meeting with rhea still be up.. second while we may not see them this village would be filled with npcs who are might have seen Surina so surely one of them would have seen them.