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  • IC (Solia, Inn): "Well I'm certainly not going to Ga-Koro, that's for sure. I won't go back there in quite a while. But Onu-Koro sounds good, maybe I'll come with you. I'll be staying here tonight, though, I have some business to attend to. So just come and find me in the morning and we can find our way through the tunnels at the back of the village." And with that, she got up and headed back outside, "See you later" she smiled.

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  • IC:Valria nodded, and spent what seemed the longest time choosing her meal. She was having a hard time deciding as often most of her decisions had been made for her. Though the ability to be able to make decisions again made her happy, she was a bit confused as what to pick. Eventually she settled on some meat, Kane-Ra to be exact, and vegetables, and a single fruit. Worried at first that Agni had disappeared from her side, she looked around frantically, only to see him on the other side of the room. She walked over and sat down, she began to eat somewhat dainty and looked up once to say something. "T-th-thank you." She replied, with a weak smile.

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  • IC: Utu - Ta-Koro Kohli StadiumHe looked over at the Toa and asked with faked sincerity in a tone he never liked to use: A kind and innocent one, "Excuse me, have I seen you somewhere?"

    IC: Jindambo"If you were at the Kohlii match, you would have." He took a sip of his drink."State your buisness with me or get out." He let his hand drift towards his sword, one of the many weapons he could make on the fly.

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  • IC: Lux - Inn Lux waved goodbye, heading down the opposite street. Well, he thought, I guess I should get my supplies together. Most of his things were in the hut he owned in Le-Koro, but he had small caches set up in several spots across the island. Nothing huge, just some widgets, a few provisions, a far number of disks. Lux headed towards the Lavapool Inn, planning to have some food, and maybe a good night's sleep. Maybe Delta would be there with her latest invention, Calik would have started a bar fight with himself again. He was just about to wonder what the daily special would be that night, when he heard someone shouting. Actually, several people shouting. He checked around, trying to pinpoint where the noise was coming from, when his eyes landed on a sign. Zyck's Armour. Wonder what that was all about, he thought. He considered going in, but thought better of it. Best to just get to sleep and let these things sort out. Domestic disputes usually ended quickly, one way or another. -Void

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  • IC "And who do I make this out to?" "Sign your ball? Of course!" "Hi there, sign your staff?" "Really? Her name please?" "And who do I make this out to... " I yanked on the cord, another wave of lava-heated water cascading down my mask. I could feel the water seep in through the holes in mask, touching my face, then trickle their way down over my body, my muscles greedily sucking in the heat. I sighed, finally able to relax, a rare and precious moment all to myself. Another game well-played, hard-fought, and amazingly won, as was my style. It was all about the style. If you couldn't make it look good, if it wasn't exciting and little bit dangerous, then it wasn't work doing. Or playing for that matter. Grabbing a towel, I exited the shower and slowly rubbed my body, taking the time to dry off. After the game I had a meeting with Jaller. Don't get me wrong, Jaller's a great guy, amazing warrior... but he's ALL buisness, ALL the time. The guy never takes a day off! He'd be a great Kohlii player if he wasn't always watching the gate and protecting the city. And despite their friendship that's where things got a little rocky. Due to my skill and dexterity, I was in theory one of the Captain's chief Lieutenants, mainly in scouting and messaging and all-around information specialist. Key words in theory. Between my Kohlii matches and being the village errand-boy, I never really well... trained much. No, that wasn't true - I trained A LOT, just... not with the other troops. To me my game came first, and as long as I continued to win and in my spare time help out the Guard Turaga Vakama and therefore Jaller were willing to look the other way at my... disregard for my Guard duties. "Let's just call it an arrangement." Vakama had said. Secretly I believe he loved watching me, and knowing how important these games were to lift the spirit of the matoran, he was willing to let me have my way. Everyone needs a hero right? Buuuuut it didn't hurt to enjoy the ride along the way. Donning on my traveling gear and my effortless smile and charm I strode out of the locker room and into the streets of Ta-Koro, just outside the stadium. The place was still full of people, crowded from the post-game festivities. Slinging my staff on my back I began my trip to see Jaller, smiling, nodding, waving at people as I meandered by. I will admit I enjoy the attention, seeing the ladies gasp and point as I walk by. And as much as I wanted just to mill about, I had places to go, people to talk to... But knowing my fame I would be stopped by several people just crossing the street. 'Twas the curse of an athlete. Life is good.

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  • OOC: Hi TDC. :P IC: Salamander "Excuse me good sir, but perhaps you may inform me if you have seen anyone acting suspicious in this Village?" Salamander stopped and looked at the being who had asked him the question. A heavily armored Toa of Ice stood before him, his hand resting on the handle of one of his many swords. Salamander thought about the question for a moment, unsure of what counted as "suspicious". "No, I can't say I have. This village has a lot of people in it, after all."

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  • IC (Solia, Ta-Koro streets): Ta-Koro was a busy place, and Toa made up a large percentage of the population, so her mission wouldn't be too terribly difficult to accomplish. But she needed to be careful what she said, anyone could be listening.Later on, much further into the night, she still had no leads. The Toa she was looking for seemed to have left Ta-Koro long ago. Onu-Koro, conveniently, would be the most likely place they would go, seeing as the highway would lead to anywhere on the island. It was best to get some sleep. Reentering the inn, she paid someone a few widgets and was shown to her room. She hung her cloak on a peg by the door and went straight to sleep. She was going to need it after all this wasted time. OOC: Emissary, just wake her up when you decide it's morning :P

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  • IC: Venator "Hm, thank you good sir. But I suggest you be careful, the streets of Ta-Koro are not safe at the moment, a dangerous creature is loose in the village." Venator replied. He knew the creature was somewhere, watching him. Ready to kill him at the slightest chance. He wasn't going to ever give it that chance. Not until after it was dead.

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  • IC: Salamander Salamander laughed, amused by the idea of a wild beast posing a threat in such a busy place. Sure, a lot of people could get hurt, but it would be fun to fight. Of course, the very idea of a "dangerous creature" roaming through Ta-Koro was absurd, but Salamander decided to humor the odd Toa. "If I may ask, what kind of creature are you talking about?"

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  • IC: Agni nodded and returned Valria's smile ever so slightly. Now that he had the time to think while the Toa of gravity enjoyed her wholesome, albeit simple meal. He was worried. He'd heard from Vakama before that with all these Toa around, the ones who not only controlled an element but had control over one of the major forces of nature were some of the most powerful, should they know how to wield their power correctly.And now somebody had been able to imprison a Toa of Gravity. He rubbed the scratched the side of his mask absent-minded.He waited until Valria had almost finished her plate before asking: "Do you think you would be able to answer a couple of questions?"

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  • "The creature, is a dangerous monster of flame and death, a beast of the realm of Karzahni..." He leaned closer to Salamander, whispering what he had to say. If the entire Koro heard, they would go into a panic, and it would be impossible to hunt it down in a panicked Koro. "I am hunting a Dragon." OOC: Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting dwagons!

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  • OOC: Ohs noes! Dwagons awe scaaaawy... :P Okay, that was a really good reference on your part. :D IC: Salamander Salamander was silent. He didn't know how to react, or if he even should. Dragons. He probably knew more about dragons than almost anyone on the island. He knew their history, powers, and how to kill them. But he didn't know where they were. From what he had heard, Dragons didn't even exist on this island. Granted, he hadn't scoured every inch of the island in his search for them, but usually there were rumors. A mysterious fire here, a flying beast there; stuff like that. On this island, there was nothing. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Either this Toa was nuts (which seemed likely) and thought that dragons could somehow not look like giant scaled monsters straight out of a Matoran's nightmare, or he sincerely thought that one could be found walking around in Ta-Koro. Either way, he's definitely crazy. The problem was that Salamander used techniques that imitated a dragon's powers. If he said the wrong thing, this guy could actually be led to believe that Salamander himself was a dragon. Salamander desperately tried to think of a way to avoid that outcome, but could only come up with one. Salamander hated himself for what he was about to say. "Dragons... don't exist." He spoke in a flat voice, his eyes glowing a dull orange. He looked absolutely bored, but he felt nervous. Very, very nervous. OOC: I'd rather not fight him yet. :P

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  • OOC: And I don't want to fight Salamander yet. IC: Venator The Toa startled laughing a little and Salamander's reply. Then his chuckle grew into full out laughter. And that laughter quickly transformed into laughing so hard his eyes were getting watery. "S-sure, keep telling yourself that!" He quickly regained his composure. "The Dragons are real, they killed my Family, they killed my friends. They killed everyone important to me." He lowered his head slightly, in respect for those who had died before his hunt began. The Dragon was still watching him, just waiting for him to slip up, to turn away at the wrong moment. He knew It's fiery breath would be the last thing he saw, if he wasn't cautious. "The Creature is well hidden here, it has taken the form of a Skakdi, a Toa, a Matoran, A Turaga, or a Vortixx." He explained to Salamander. "It's here, watching me even as I speak. Say good sir, I never asked your name."

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  • IC Nikaron"Thank you, now follow me, good doctor." Nikaron began to lead Virithee to the outpost, along the way he decided to strike up some conversation. "So, Virithee tell me do you have any dreams?"

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  • IC: Virthee The Doctor followed after Nikaron, replying at the same time. "What do you mean by dreams? Ones in your sleep, or goals and ambitions?"

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  • OOC: Really? Cause you sure seem like it. :P IC: Salamander Salamander wanted to yell out his name for the world to hear, to declare his identity for all to know, but something held him back. Salamander had been the name of a dragon. When he abandoned his old name, he chose "Salamander" as his new moniker. He had worn it with pride, for it gave his life purpose. But now... Salamander was depserately wishing he had chosen a name that was a bit more subtle. Lying it is, then... "Sal Lacertus. And you are?"

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  • OOC: Nope, just setting them up for later, when Venator discovers that Salamander is the 'dragon'. :P IC: "I am Sir Incedia Venator. A pleasure to meet you, Sal Lacertus." He replied, bowing slightly. "You know, I believe I have heard of the Lacertus family before, perhaps I have even met a relative of yours. Acontias was his name." Venator noted, feeling the eyes of the Dragon boring into him. Oh how he wanted to kill the monstrous creature, and save the villages of this island. And he had to, he had to do it. It must be done, for her.

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  • IC Nikaron"I suppose..." Nikaron paused for a moment. "I mean a little of both, for in life, it seems, that the things we want the most, are the things we dream of at night, and during the day."

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  • IC: Virthee "Then in that aspect, we differ. I wish only that my nightly dream never comes to reality. And there is nothing I really wish for anymore. I'm quite happy how I am." He replied to Nikaron, in a calm, peaceful tone.

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  • OOC: Dang it, why did I have to come up with such a cool fake name? That does it, Lacertus was part of his orginal name. :P IC: Salamander "You know, I believe I have heard of the Lacertus family before, perhaps I have even met a relative of yours." Salamander laughed, but his insides were writhing with rage. Somehow, despite his best efforts, everything he did had the opposite effect of what he wanted. "Well, that's entirely possible. Of course, it's been so long since I saw any of them that I can't remember much about them..."

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  • IC(BM, Baron, Pourge): "I feel so...powerless..." Pourge continued to have a mental breakdown. "I might have to start a whole new life. I might have to join the Guard! THE GUARD!!"The Baron slapped Pourge across the face. "Shut up. Your whiny whininess makes me think you have no defences! You should know how to hit things with that torch on your back. You do know about timed hits, I assume?"Pourge was blank-faced at the incredulity of the statement as the three walked into the Koro.OOC: BM and co. open for interaction.

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  • OOC: It is a really cool fake name. I like it. IC: Venator "Well, I thank you for lending your time to me, but I must be getting back to my hunt." Venator explained. Already knowing he had wasted far too much time. "Good luck to you Sir Lacertus, in whatever journey or challenges you face in your life."

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  • IC: Utu - Lavapool Inn"Hey woah, I don't want any trouble," Utu started with a raised hand in protest, "Just thought you looked familiar that's all..." He trailed off, taking a sip of his drink. He lowered his hood to show he had nothing to hide, revealing his non-functioning Garai that looked more like an Olmak. He sat there beside the Toa awkwardly for almost a full five minutes who still hadn't taken his hand away from his sword."You mentioned at the stadium - I hope you don't mind my asking - about stomping Makuta and I can't keep myself from asking. How do you plan to do that? You said something about creating warriors?"

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  • OOC: Changing Salamander's backstory slightly to fit that in... Now that I think about it, completely fogetting your own name is kinda silly. :lol: IC: Salamander "Same goes for you. I hope that if you find that dragon, justice prevails." Salamander walked past Venator, thankful tat he had avoided a fight with the Toa. Both of them were simply doing what the believed was right, but Salamander knew that one day he would have to face Venator. When that day comes, Venator will know of my strength, and he will learn to fear the Dragons. OOC: Salamander open for interaction

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  • IC: Valria wiped her face of the found after she had finished her meal. She wasn't really thinking of much, she didn't know what to think of. She was just glad that someone had finally be nice to her in so long. So long since....A....she couldn't remember the name. She had lost the name she was trying to remember. Not to say it was gone forever, but it was like it was locked now, protectively hidden away. Even from her. "Uh...s-s-sure. W-wh..what do you want to know?" She asked, nervously. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to answer his questions. It was like her own mind was either against her or maybe even protecting her from the worst.

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  • IC: Venator. What a nice fellow he was, I am glad to have met him. Venator thought to himself, it wasn't often that someone didn't call him crazy. And Lacertus hadn't, which was rather strange when he thought about it... He merely shrugged it of, going back to searching for the Dragon. He wondered if buying a large amount of meat and setting a trap would work... OOC: A Crazy knight, open for interaction.

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  • IC(BM, Baron, Pourge): The three walked into an bar, which, no matter what it sounds like, is not a bad joke. Anyway, the three sat down at a table. "So, think anyone would be able to talk to someone about the Makuta?" The Ex-Great and Ex-Powerful Black Mage looked at the two mental patients. "Okay, I guess I will."------------Black Mage began to walk through the town, staff in hand. Well, alone at last. He lifted up his glove, revealing the slave bracelet, deactivated. Perhaps it will fetch a pretty penny. I like pennies. OOC:BM open for interaction.

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  • IC-Kal/Grochi: "I still don't see why we have to go to the village just this minute," A tall Toa of Stone grumbled to his brother. He was looking warily around, as though he expected something to jump out any moment and attack him...or, judging by his posture, the Toa walking next to him. "Because my brother," The other Toa said, "There are some supplies we need that are rather hard to just find by foraging. Do you think you could make me a cane?" He asked plaintively, looking up to the taller Toa.This short one was small and hunchbacked, only slightly taller than a turaga. He looked at the world with shrewd, perceptive eyes, and moving very carefully. Unlike his tall brother who had gunmetal gray armor with hints of brown, the hunchback had green and white armor...a very uncommon coloration. "Sure, Grochi," the Toa of stone said, holding his hand about waist high above the ground. Suddenly, a column of rock shot up, curled into a knot at the top, then tapered down near the end to a small spike. The taller toa broke it off the ground and handed it to his brother, his clawed armor scratching the stone. "Thanks," the shorter toa said, grasping at the staff with a four fingered hand. Suddenly he turned to the side, staring up as a large Muaka jumped from behind a rock at him. He yanked his short sword violently out of it's sheath, and channeled energy into it, making it glow with a green plasma energy. He started to stalk toward the Muaka, his sword held out menacingly. "Let me handle this cat, brother," The toa of stone said cheerfully, flexing his arms. He started to pull his brother away, but the smaller Toa angrily shook off his grip. "No!" The angered Toa of Plasma said. "I'm sorry Kal, but this creature tried to kill me! Now it sh..ehh..." The smaller toa suddenly stiffened, dropping his sword to the ground, then energies running along its blade snuffing out. The Muaka, seeing it's chance, swiped at him, sending him sprawling a few feet away, where he then lay on the ground, convulsing in a violent seizure. "Grochi!" The toa of stone yelled, then jumped between his brother and the Muaka. The rahi then swiped a claw at him too, which he promptly grabbed, heaving the Muaka off the side of the cliff. He then ran to his brother. It didn't look good. He had a large gash cutting through the top three layers of his armor, and his convulsions had his blood flowing fast enough that it welled up through the tears faster than his brother could stanch the bleeding. "Don't worry," The taller Toa said, even though his brother couldn't hear him. "I'll get help." The taller Toa then picked up his brother, and, slinging him over his shoulder, ran towards the Koro yelling for a doctor. OOC: Yes, TDC, I'm dropping them back with you.

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  • IC: Virthee Sadly for Kal and Grochi, Virthee was not within hearing distance. OOC: :lookaround: Ah, I'm kidding. They just need to get farther into the village first.

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  • OOC: I figured, that's why I had him Running and Screaming at the top of his lungs. You remember how loud he can be, right? IC-Kal: Kal ran into the center of the village. He was exhausted. He ran out of breath running, so all he could do was send a thrumming of S.O.S. going through the rock in the ground, at as far as he could manage to send the vibrations without running into any dirt. After he caught his breath, he decided to try and yell for a doctor again. He set his brother down, and took a deep breath. "IS THERE A DOCTOR ANYWHERE NEAR HERE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, his rich baritone voice carrying out nearly as far as the vibrations he set in the stone could. In his fit he also sent one last set of vibrations through the stone, rattling the huts around him. After catching his breath again, he looked around. Matoran that were walking around were staring at him. He just glared at them, and they quickly went back to their work.

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  • IC: Virthee He turned to see Kal, and the badly wounded Grochi. "Oh my, give me a few moments." He said to Nikaron, dashing over to the wounded Toa and his brother. "Kal, Grochi, what happened?!"

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  • IC(BM): The Former Mage looked at the scene. "Huh. Well, that solved itself." He continued walking. IC(Baron, Pourge): "Well, Im bored. BARKEEP! Give me a drink. With a second one on the side." "That'll be 20 widgets.""How will this do?" He generated some plasma and blasted it at the Barkeep. "Plasma Ball! It's like Ping-Pong, only more deadly. NWEHEEHEHEHEHE!" He started to attack the entire bar with plasma.

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  • OOC: Plan to bring your other character that's near here into this as well, V-3? IC-Kal: Kal looked at the doctor running his way. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but the way the doctor ran, and something about the look in his eyes as he nealed down to work on Grochi stirred Kal's memory. "Think you can help?" Kal asked simply, hoping the Doctor knew what to do. Kal looked again at the gashes in his brother's armor. Where the armor hadn't simply been scraped away, it had been crushed into his brother's chest, creating deep lacerations that bled freely. Kal looked back up to his brother's face. The convulsions had stopped, but Grochi's eyes were slowly fading, going dull, as though he were about to sleep. He breathed in ragged gasps, each breath shallower than the last. He also had fragments of the stone cane Kal had made peppering his arm and side, because he hadn't dropped it when the Muaka took a shot at him. Kal figured he could slowly work them out without causing muscle damage just by using his power, but he wanted to see what the doctor would do first.

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  • IC: Virthee :Yes, I believe that I can help, but we must get him into my hospital as quickly as possible. Can you carry him?" Virthee asked, seeing as there was no way he could lift the Toa.

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  • IC: Lux - Lavapool Inn Lux sighed contentedly as he filled his stomach with Jaga meat. Fried, with a glass of bula juice on the side. It had been a while since he had had a decent meal like this. Ever since he left Le-Koro, he had been living pretty rough. Now at least he could look forward to a good, long sleep. He left his tip on the table, grabbed his key and walked up the stairs. In what seemed like a strange stupor he managed to walk into his room before collapsing onto the bed. -Void

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  • IC Nikaron"What you see at night is not a dream, but a nightmare. As for your lack of aspirations that rule is a sad thing a Toa without a dream, is a Toa without a purpose." It was at that moment Kal and Grochi rushed to Virithee and watched as the doctor bent down to help them. "I could help carry him."

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  • IC-Kal: Kal looked up at the doctor, happy that someone would help his brother. "Sure," Kal said, then he brought up a small slap of stone. Then, in the course of sixteen seconds, he modified it into a stone gurney, strong enough to hold his brother's weight, yet light enough the doctor could easily direct it with Kal pushing it. "Lead the way, doctor," Kal said, lifting his brother up onto the top of the gurney.

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  • IC: Virthee Virthee quickly directed Kal though the streets of Ta-koro, and back to his hospital. He hoped Nikaron would understand. He hadn't seemed to think his friends injury was worth rushing over, but Grochi was in bad shape.

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  • IC(Baron, Pourge): "HAHAHA! FLEEEEEEE!" He kicked a matoran down. "Who wants some! Huh?" Pourge stood in front of him, staff pointed."Not even an hour, and you already are trying to conquer. For shame.""Huh? You were just having a mental breakdown...""That was Franz. I am Pourge. I am the last Mage. I. AM. GOING. TO. STOP. YOU." He charged at the Baron, aiming at his mask. "DIE!" OOC: Barfight open for entering.

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  • IC As I made my way through the streets I could feel my muscles stiffen despite the movement. Despite what trainers say, no amount stretching, training, or movement will keep the stiffness away, especially after a tough game. Jaller could wait. He had heard of a clinic in the village with a good doctor, specializing in herbal remedies. Considering how hard he had been pushing his body lately, he needed something extra. Usually he got some stuff whenever he ventured out to Ga-Koro, but he figured he try something local, if not at least so show support for local businesses. Hey, public image was important! It wasn't that hard to find, right off the main avenue labeled "Medical Center". I noticed it looked like any other lavastone hut, but a tad larger with extra offshoots. Poking my head inside I couldn't see anyone initially, so I decided to announce myself. "Hello? Aaaaaanyone home?" I spoke with a medium voice, knocking softly. No sense it making a scene like some people I know- My sixth sense went off, and I expertly moved as from behind through the door cam a swarm of people carrying a wounded on a gurney. For a moment I was ruffled, almost run over by a mob and completely ignored, but I'm not insensitive. Someone was badly injured and they needed the attention. Still, a humph escaped my lips before my indignation retreated. "I'll, um, be over here." I mumbled, meandering into the lobby, deciding to kill time with some brochures and any information for herbal remedies...