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  • IC: "Aye'd like to see yew try, shrimp," Kaiva snarled in reply, dancing forward and aiming a kick at Taoki's face.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki took the kick only partially to the face not taking out his balance but messing up his footing a bit. He sliced forwards with both knives but due to the kick he only grazed the Toa's stomach cutting into the being but not very deep. He sliced at the Toa's neck with one knife not expecting it to connect.

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  • IC: Kaiva hopped backwards, avoiding the neck cut, but not the slice to her belly. She placed a hand on it, not because it actually hurt, but because she didn't want the skakdi to know it hadn't affected her. She dropped to one foot and spun her other leg around in a low, sweeping kick to knock him down.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro The kick leveled the Skakdi. Taoki hit the ground hard on his side and he landed in an awkward position. It took him a second to move, but he pushed himself back into a sitting position, flicking his wrist so that two blades flipped and folded into one that extended 8 inches outwards from the contraption on his right wrist.

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  • IC: EidolonArid. The word rolled off the tongue like a sickness. It is entirely possible that the sickening word only existed in the Matoran language to describe this tattered, weathered landscape. As Eidolon approached his target, he couldn't help but wonder why anyone would want to call this disgusting wasteland home.It had been well over a year since the man named Fortress dug his icy fingers into the avaricious trade of soldiers-for-hire. Although initially apprehensive, whether due to the thought of murder for money, or a sour taste from the hedonistic individuals he'd met who called themselves mercenaries, the trade had grown on him. As the influx of Rahi attacks increased, the market for cage fighting had withered. The bloating of his pockets traded off for simple tasks he excelled at thrilled him, and the rush was ever so addicting.A cigarette dangled precariously out of the Toa's corrupted, lambastic mask; much like the man himself, it loomed over the narrow edge, ever alight, peering down to the abyss below. Over the course of the last hour, the rusted obelisk of a Toa had managed to make his way into the heart of his target. Lifesblood ran carelessly down his armor, lapping over each segment, overzealously enjoying its freedom from the body-prison by which it was entombed. Six dead. Eidolon played the map and plan over and over in his head. The ore mine, deep in the core of the quarry region of Po-Wahi, had been supplying raw material for weapons built in the village that previously existed at the surface entrance. From there, the weapons were transferred into the hands of pirates based on the chain of islets south of Le-Wahi. His mission was simple: cripple the operation, then make his way back to the flagship, and recover the weapons. Remove the head, and the body writhes. Though generally regarded as a profligate man, Eidolon approached this mission with the faintest of empathies for those affected by the heinous crimes of these pirates. Pillaging and slaughtering the poor; taking advantage of the quandary that blanketed his home island. He scowled at the mere thought of it. But, in four minutes, it would end, and all that would be left of these barbaric raiders would be a stain in the sand. --- A lone man knelt on the edge of a cliff. Below, lay a wasteland. A village razed, littered with bodies and debris. At its core, a dark cavern, leading to the hellish mine wherein the stockpiles of the malevolent were produced. If one were to listen closely, they would still make out faint screams, slowly dying off with the embers burning amid stone and blood. The next moment was brief. But he would savor it. It started with a low, deep rumble, followed by tremors. They could be felt, even from the cliff several hundred meters back. His eyes, normally faint and oscillating, glowed brightly. Elemental energy coursed through his aura, traveling instantaneously to it's destination. All the precious mineral not yet mined, still entrenched in the walls, was torn away, trudging unstoppably towards the center chamber. Within a moment, the mine had collapsed, leaving behind only a lingering cloud of dust, as if to collect the souls of the deceased, and carry on to Karzanhi. Eidolon grinned. Simultaneous beginning and end. OOC: Eidolon to Le-Wahi

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  • IC: "Ha! Yew call tha' a blade?" Kaiva laughed and drew the heavy broadsword again, letting lightning dance up and down its blade. "Tha's not a blade. THIS is a blade!"

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki swore under his breath and dropped a butterfly knife and quickly snatched a throwing knife and whipped it hard and with accuracy, sinking it in the arm the Toa wasn't using, just above the bicep and below the shoulder.Not too damaging, but painful.

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  • IC: Maulg Maulg snorted at the Toa's comment, replying, "How do you even see anything in this Mata-Nui forsaken desert? The winds, the dust, the sand, the sun, all gathering to assail your eyes... I almost wish I had goggles, save for the fact that I think they look plain ugly." Maulg paused as the bartender held out a glass half full of a dark liquid next to his hand. The sizable Skakdi of Iron eagerly snatched up the glass and took a sip, then coughed strongly. At length he returned his gaze to the Toa, saying, "Mata Nui, you were right about these drinks. It's a pity I haven't heard about this place sooner." Just then, Maulg heard a commotion coming from outside. He could hear clashing of metal and outcries from the female Toa. He hoped well for the runt, even though he most likely stood only a small chance against the apparently crazed Toa. Speaking to his new companion again and gesturing towards the door, he asked, "So do you wanna watch the show, or just sit back and listen to the sounds?"

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  • IC - Athillion: "Well.... WELL, it so happens this is where I live, so there's a nice little boat waiting for me out there. Unfortunately, I won't make it to Ga-Koro alive, not with all the Rahi rampaging. That's pretty much where you come into play. You want to get to Ga-Koro? I do too. But I want to get there alive." Athillion walked a few steps further, and pointed out a small road leading close to a river. OOC: This is for Legolover's character.

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  • IC (Po-Koro): Raknar turned to take in the Matoran now standing beside him at the door to the bar, then glanced to the mentioned river. It was in the distance, perhaps a good kilometer, but it would do. Besides, the Skakdi of Stone could always use more exercise."A'ight," he grunted. "Fine, I s'ppose. Just... don't pull any tricks, cause I ain't a good swimmer."

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  • IC: Kaiva turned to look at the blade in her shoulder, and made an effort to move that arm. It responded sluggishly, but it at least moved. "Why did yew dew tha'? It's not gunna slow me down. Doesn' even 'urt." With that, Kaiva swung her sword down at the skakdi with her free hand.

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  • IC: Twilite; Po-Koro Bar"Well," he said he turned towards the door. "I suppose we could have a look. I haven't seen many battles as of late." He polished off what was left in his glass and rose from the stool. "I'm afraid I didn't catch your name..." he said, all the while still listening to the sounds outside.

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  • IC: A cloaked figure glided down Po-Koro's main street, humming slightly to itself. Two gloved hands within the confines of the cloak wiped a handkerchief across two silver blades, drops of blood coating them and being absorbed into the soft tissue. The cloak gently moved on, then came to the village bazaar. It turned, stopping for a second. Two ruby eyes rose to meet a sign in greeting in the darkness of the hood.

    Wanted: Skakdi assassin, dead or alive

    Description: A female Skakdi of Ice trained in seduction and swordfighting

    Reward: 10, 000 widgets

    Beneath her periwinkle cover, Aexias chuckled quietly to herself. Her exploits had become heard of, eh? Well, then. She'd just have to be careful-

    -as always.

    She turned and continued to glide through the village. No point in taking it down. Besides, she had her employer to meet up with.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki cried out in pain as the sword landed into his shoulder pretty deep, he hadn't dodged it properly. Needless to say he wouldn't be using his left arm for a very long time. He used his wrist attachment on his opposite hand to push the blade up awkwardly and then grab the Toa's hand, pulling himself up into her causing her to lose a little of her balance and causing him to spin a little. Flipping the butterfly knife as he went, cutting up the top of her right leg, and dropping the knife. As he spun he reached for the knife in her shoulder, hardly being able to grasp it. He pulled on it and it exited the Toa's body. He slammed the knife into the same leg he had just cut at as hard as he could. Which wasn't very hard considering his small stature.

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  • IC: Within several minutes, Aexias had received her pay. Now she strode away from Po-koro within the cloak, still clutching her bag of widgets. She was freed now from the contract, and had gotten her reward. Time to go to Ko-Koro. And within several minutes, the Skakdi assassin had made her way into the land of ice and snow, towards her home on the island. OOC: Aexias to Ko-Wahi. -The Fearless Leader

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  • IC (Zadron) A tall, cloaked figure watched her go from a vantage point on the cliffs surrounding the village. Two orange eyes narrowed against the glare. Yes, that was her. Aexias. She was known to him; she shared his profession, and the Vortixx liked to know who his rivals were. Now someone wanted her dead, with no small reward. He intended to claim that bounty - thus also eliminating some of his competition and potentially increasing his future profits. Zadron was an excellent businessman, and he dealt in death. He set out across the cliffs, following her from a distance. Better to travel quickly up there than in the open desert, where he would be so much more visible. OOC: Zadron to Ko-Wahi

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  • IC: Kaiva stumbled from the little knifedance her opponent just pulled on her, trying to spin to face him. She collapsed onto one knee, growling at him. she holstered her sword and began to charge her elemental powers. She reached out to grab his wrist with a cruel smile. "Aye've always loved the smell a roast skakdi, haven't you?" With that, Kaiva unleashed a crackle of electricity all along her armour.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki struggled to escape the Toa's grip and when she released the electricity he cried out and shook, dropping the knife. Taoki clamped down on his teeth and slowly pulled himself closer to the Toa and extended his still working arm. Taoki thrusted forwards and held his blade against the Toa's throat and struggled to speak, threatening to cut should the electrical shock continue, "S-s-stop."

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  • IC - Athillion: "Don't worry, I'm not sure if I can swim myself - AND don't ask why I am not sure," quirked Athillion. It's best if we don't go there, he thought. And with that, Athillion started moving towards the direction of the river.

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  • IC (Po-Koro):"Fine," grunted Raknar. "At leas' we both know we won't be able t' save each other if we go overboard. Better we know that now than later, eh?"And, chuckling more to himself than the other, he followed the Matoran to the river.OOC: Raknar and Athillion to Ga-Koro?EDIT: I confirmed this with Rig; we're off to Ga-Koro.

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  • IC: Kaiva snarled at him again, but she let go and glowered instead of hitting him again. "Yew're no fun anyway. Go, run away, tiny one."

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki stumbled backwards a bit and held out his hand after finally righting himself, pain dancing up and down his body still. "Give me my knife." He demanded, gesturing to the knife in her leg.

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  • IC: "Oh, this? Aye 'ardly noticed it." Kaiva said, yanking the knife out without flinching and handing it to Taoki handle first. "Yew should take up a better weapon, shrimp. Knives ain't much good."

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  • OOC: Kraeis from Ta-Wahi. IC: An ever dry and blistering wind continued to whip Kraeis' cloth veiled mask. His boots sank into the sand as he struggled to walk against a desert gale, trudging high and low toward the far off rock formation, cutting across the horizon like a stone wall with a door down into the crust. Kraeis had an abundant amount of time to think about his goals on Mata Nui during the voyage from the coast of Ta-Wahi to the sandy beach of the wilderness. He was no mercenary. He had been one in the past, during his travels, and his hand had been forced a few times, but he was freely making the choice to carry out this task. It was because he needed a connection. He would soon find it. The village. Huts were splashed with blood, the ground was splattered. It did not disgust Kraeis because of the massacre. He was barbaric himself, the sight was not foreign. But he was not going to leave such a mess. This work he likened to that of a serial killer. Altering his plan to account for the slaughter was not hard, it just required him to improvise. Kraeis did not hesitate in setting the village on fire, reducing the corpses to ash and scorching the orange sands. He grimaced as he looked through the liking flames into the quarry entrance. Perhaps he would get some attention, perhaps not. Kraeis assumed the pirates were responsible for the killings, an illegal operation gone wrong between cohorts. At first Kraeis agreed to the mission because it was profitable with a low chance of danger, resistance and violence. Now everything was different. He was hired to stop an illegal transfer of weapons, and now the miners were dead, the weapons were gone, and an interception had him involved in a mass murder. All of the sudden, everything shook. Through the flames, Kraeis saw a great plume of dust and debris fly up through the entrance. He thought cave in when he first saw it. But the plume was quickly followed by the crumbling of the ledges. A cave in's worth of dust was replaced by an entire shroud and a massive pile of rubble. The entire mine and all of the formation on top of it had been made unstable by something, or someone. Kraeis walked into the dispersing cloud, climbing high onto a mount of rubble, and then snaking down into the adjacent valley, climbing yet a higher pile of debris. The cloud lingered longer lower, where the cavern had been, and something was shimmering brightly - something large and metal. A mine's worth of minerals appeared through the obscurity. And Kraeis spotted the man he now had to confront. OOC: Kraeis to Le-Wahi.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki snatched the knife out of the Toa's hands, "Says the Toa who almost had her throat slit open by a knife." Taoki said sarcastically before turning on his heel and walking away towards the bar, as it appeared that the other Skakdi had left.He walked inside feeling terrible.Taoki sat down and ordered a plate of food, and a drink showing no interest to his sword wounds.

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  • IC: Kaiva hoisted herself to her feet and limped into a random hut. She tore some bandages out of a cabinet and set about cleaning and covering her wounds, not to deal with the pain, which didn't even exist for her, but to make sure they didn't get too infected. If there was one thing Kaiva hated more than losing, it was dying in some way that was not related to combat.

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  • OOC: Okay, looks like Oura was left alone... I'd like it if someone could stop him from killing his target, or at least hold him up long enough to make him give up on it. IC Oura - Po-Koro Bar - Leaving: Oura lazily looked towards the door of the bar, and sighed, he got up from his seat, setting the wooden cup down on the counter, and walked out of the small bar, looking around the Koro before him. "This place is a real dump... no wonder there aren't many travelers here." The Toa walked out into the open Koro, looking around. He figured that familiarizing himself with the Koro would better his chances of escape if the need arose. -Oura

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  • Ooc: Kakaru from Onu-WahiIc: KakaruThe sand drifted across the dunes on slow, sweeping waves of wind. Kakaru shoulders began to ache as the sun bore down on his back and the straps of his satchel and scabbard bit into his flesh. He had hardly been walking half an hour. On the horizon he could just barely make out the vast monolithic cliffs that encased the village of Po-Koro. It would be a minimum of half a day's journey.Kakaru swore. This was not going to be fun. He trudged on, occasionally lifting his satchel and rubbing his sore shoulders.Four hours later the village seemed no closer. The Toa of electricity dropped his equipment and collapsed into a sand dune several feet from the road, exhausted and suffering from hunger and dehydration. His eyes were bloodshot and dilated, his feet blistered and burnt, his shoulders and back raw and sore. He slapped feebly at his satchel and managed to open it with a slight effort. His canteen, emptied earlier that day, rolled out with a hollow clank. His mouth felt swollen and his lips were cracking. Laying back down, he tried to swallow. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.The sun dipped below the horizon as the thin silhouette dug a small crevasse in the dune to protect him from the wind, and hopefully, the Rahi. He clutched his satchel to his chest and drifted off, hoping to awake the next day.

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  • OOC: I hope you don't mind if I try and interact with Kakaru, Kakaru. IC (Voi): Voi was walking in the desert, headed for Po-Koro. He was really in a mood to play Koli today. Even Toa could have fun, couldn't they? As he travelled, he suddenly spotted something behind a dune. Curious, he went to take a closer look and saw a sleeping Toa, presumably of electricity. Voi went over and gave the Toa a slight shove. "You okay?"

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  • Ooc: No problem. I'm stalling while I wait for a specific member to start playing. Ic: Kakaru Kakaru opened his eyes. He was alive, that was a good sign. Standing above him was a green Toa of air, walking staff clutched in one hand. He had asked a question.Kakaru sat up and tried to reply as politely as possible, but through his dry throat the reply came: "HAGRRRRRUK AHACK." He motioned towards Po-Koro, hoping this would signal his intentions to travel there.

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  • OOC: Maybe VOI could be a part of what you and the other member have in mind? IC (Voi): Voi looked at Kakaru confused, not sure what he meant by his strange comment. Thinking for a while, he suddenly got the message as Kakaru pointed towards Po-Koro. "Ah, Po-Koro, right?" Voi smiled goofily. "Wanna travel with me?" OOC: You gotta forgive Voi, he's a bit simple-minded.

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  • Ic: Kakaru Kakaru nodded and stumbled to his feet, lightheaded and sore. He wondered if there was a universal symbol for water.

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  • IC: Syzzero - Po-KoroSyzzero entered the village,in which he had grown up, wearily. Nowadays danger lurked around every corner. That's part of the reason he made his home outside of the village. He just wanted to come in, sell his armor and weapons and then leave. Since no merchants had come through recently he had to sell them himself for once. He wasn't afraid of socializing with customers, he just never saw himself as much of a buisness man.OOC: Syzzero open for interaction

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  • OOC: Time to introduce another charie from before back into the game. IC:The dark figure sitting under a rocky outcrop of a formation of large boulders rising up in the middle of practically nowhere wrapped the black cloth she woremore tightly around her.The nights in Po-Wahi were some of the harshest found on the Island, with the exception of Ko-Wahi. Reflected by the seemingly endless sand-dunes the intense daytime sunlight heated the dry air, making it rise and this ensuring that clouds were a rarity. While it was almost unbearably hot during the day, at night the escaping heat left temperatures at almost freezing. Which was exactly what suited her needs.The dunes were the perfect hideout for someone like her. Only fools would dare to travel this far into the desert, unless accompanied by a savvy guide. Those without would either get lost and be torn apart by one of the Rahi or they would die from thirst or die from the cold at night. And those who might look for her would never find her here, in such an unlikely place for a creature such as she was. For she hated the sunlight. It made her skin tingle, discomforting her to the border of physical pain. But she had a guide. Perhaps the most able of them all. He had never led her astray and helped her survive for many a day now, ever since she woke up in the cave under the mountains.Kohra's eyes narrowed as she remembered that horrible moment. She had laid in the dark, hurt and hungry, for what seemed like an eternity, disfigured for a reason that she could not remember, for she could not remember most things that had happen prior to her awaking. But she could feel the difference, the change that had happened. She knew that at some point she had been considered beautiful, but that that had been lost now. In her pain, she had waited motionless for deaths embrace but it had not come. Sometimes she fell into unconsciousness, weary of her surroundings, but always she awoke again, feeling just as miserable.And then, as if for her salvation, she could hear a voice, barely audible. Nothing more then a faint whisper it told her of things. Who she was, where she was...and what she would have to do in order to survive. "I have given you the means, now you must utilize them." she had been told. It wasn't until she had crawled out of the subterranean maze of caves that she had realized what those means were. Kohra glanced looked down, letting her purple eyes travel over the left side of her body. The arm there had once been like the one on the right: Slim, but strong, enclosed in strong and shiny black armour. But no more. When she had first laid eyes upon the appendage, she had screamed in horror. Gone was the metal-vambrace that had been covering her muscles. And lying underneath was something sinister. The bare flesh was dark, almost as if it had been burned or was rotten and on her shoulder and wrist something grew from this flesh that she could find not the least bit of an explanation for. Quills had grown in these spots, like the feathers of a bird, but black and shimmering, as if covered in oil.Most prominently though, was her hand. It was encased with some sort of glove, made from a leathery material that looked almost like the unnatural flesh on the rest of her arm and ended in long sharp claws, but more disturbingly, had somehow fused with her hand. If it hadn't been for her unseen guide, she would have gone mad during those first few days, struggling helplessly through the wilderness. Now he was the voice that she could always hear in the back of her mind and most recently, he had led her here, to this hideout.It had been easy enough to reach with that unerring assurance from somewhere deep within and she had made it without using too much of the supplies she had. Their previous owner had been more then willing to part with his bundle after he had watched his heart stop beating in front of his own eyes. These pathetic little creatures, that worshiped a great spirit who had abandoned them. "Just like he abandoned me before, his most faithful servant. But the reward for servitude is exploitation. Just like these village-elders exploit the people of this land and they willingly follow their lead. But work with me and we shall open their eyes."She could hear the voice and smiled. For she would work with him. And she would begin right away...

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  • IC (Voi): "What were you doing out here anyway?" Voi asked Kakaru. "Why not just go all the way to the village?"

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  • Ic: Kakaru Kakaru choked back the dryness in his throat and managed a short reply. "Travel at night'stupid. Several hours to Pokoro."His head throbbed and his stomach flipped. He collapsed to the ground and wretched. If he had eaten anything recently it would have come back up. He stood up on shaky feet, doubled over, and wretched again. A few small drops of liquid rolled off his lips.Between heavy breaths, he gasped out a rather nasty curse directed at nothing in particular.He motioned towards the village again. "Waterrr." Ooc: Sorry about the short replies. I'm a little busy today.

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  • IC(Zand and Sura): "There is one thing I want to do here before we race off to Mata-nui knows where." The two had stayed the night at an inn in Po-koro. The notice had been posted for Toa teams to meet at the Kini-nui in a week, now only six days.

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  • OOC: Moving Syzzero to a more active wahiIC: Syzzero to Onu-Wahi

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  • IC(Sura, Zand): "You want to go back to Ko-Koro? Why?""I should be able to talk with Nuju about things that no other must know. Not even you, Zand.""Fine. We can go overland. I don't like going through the underground." OOC:Sura and Zand to Onu-wahi.

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  • IC Oura - Po-Koro - Wandering: The Toa of electricity wandered the koro of stone, picking up bits of information here and there, fortunately, he had heard the name Ruyke here and there, and he had been able to connect the dots as to where the Matoran's location was. Apparently, Ruyke was spending some time in another Koro, Ko-Koro, to be exact. Oura couldn't help but wonder why a Matoran of the desert would go to such a place, given the intense climate difference. Reasons aside, Oura still had a job to do, so he set out for the Koro of ice, leaving the village of stone and sand and heat to bake itself to death. OOC: Oura to Ko-Koro. -Oura