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  • IC Xalve-Outside Po-Koro Xalve leaned against a stone. His shield and sword rested on his back. He looked around, looking for someone to talk to. He was bored, very bored. He put his hand into a waist bag he had found, dropped as though someone had been hurrying. He felt a few widgets in it, but nothing more. Oh well. I got lucky to find it at all. He adjusted it so it sat comfortably at his side, then got up and walked off. He decided to look at the Po-Koro Bazaar. Maybe he could find something to do there. OOC: Xalve is now open for interaction of any sort. Please feel free to interact with him.

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  • IC: Avmarak sat down by a small pillar of rock. He had been wandering around this Mata Nui forsaken desert for some time now and he was fed up with it. Avmarak got up and looked around. In the distance he could see...sand...and rocks. Avmarak sighed. Same as always. The most interesting thing I've come across was that canyon I saw about a week ago. Maybe I'll find something on top of this pillar." Avmarak climbed on top of the pillar and had another look around. He could see a little farther now, but not much different. "Grrr! THERE'S NOTH-" Avamarak saw the sunlight glint off of something in the distance close to a tallish wall-like rock formation. Avmarak jumped down from the pillar and ran towards the glint. This'd better not be another dying rahi! thought Avmarak as he kicked up sand. As he got closer, Avmarak recognized the large formation. Po-Koro? As Avmarak approached where he saw the glint, he proved his guess, he had made it to Po-Koro. Avmarak slowed down and marveled at the giant, rock heads that lined the path to the village. He saw a black and red figure walking inside. "Hello, there!" Avmarak called. "Do you know of anywhere I can find some excitement in the desert? Or at least find my way out?"

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  • IC: Twilite; Bar outside of Po-KoroThe Toa of Electricity emerged from the bar and strode out to the desert, mindful of any lurking enemies or Rahi. It was peaceful.OOC: -Twilite is open for interaction-

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  • IC: Xalve turned. A silver and white Toa was waving his arms, calling to him. He went over. "You want to know where some excitement is?" He pointed to Ta-Wahi. "There's where you'll find some excitement. Although I hear the Po-Koro bazaar is quite interesting. I'm going to check it out. You're welcome to come along if you'd like."

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  • IC: "Sure, why not." Avmarak followed the black Toa into the village.

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  • IC:


    The Dal Riata is a bar and inn run by the infamous informant Marda Belatroja!

    Here you can come in for a nice, peaceful drink, or meet with the bosslady herself. If you need something found, someone followed, or information on anything and everything, the Dal Riata is the place for you!

    Be warned, Marda's services come at a high price, but she always gets the job done personally.

    Violence will not be tolerated in the bar and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Please enjoy your stay!

    Marda Belatroja

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  • IC: Xalve walked into the Bazaar. People bustled to and from, visiting the many vendors here and there. He turned to the Silver Toa. "Here's the exciting stuff, the Bazaar. See ya." He walked off, looking for a stall that would take his few widgets for something.

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  • OOC: No problem. IC (Voi, Po-Wahi desert): "No, it's the village of stone", Voi said. He felt so wise and full of knowledge. "Po-Koro is the village of stone, not water. Ga-Koro is the water village."

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  • IC: Avmarak was having a ball in the Bazaar. Surrounded by so many luxurious, and not so luxurious, things with not a widget on him. Fantastic. Avmarak now knew why the other Toa had walked away and decided to leave also. Once he exited, Avmarak tried to recall what had happened in the past few months while he, unknowingly, walked off into the desert again: He had come from...he didn't know. All he knew was Po-Wahi, and had faint memories of somewhere off of Mata Nui island. He would've thought about more, but he noticed two figures in the distance, one of them obviously not doing too well. Avmarak walked over. "Hello," He said once he was in hearing range of the pair. "What's going on here? Who's this poor looking Toa?"

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  • IC:OdhranAfter a long trip in which he got lost a few times Odhran finally made it to Po-Koro. Sailing the boat into the docks he turned towards Moylan. "I'm gonna look for a navigator. Meet me back at the boat in a couple of hours will you?" he asked as he started putting up the sail.

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  • IC: Moylan "Whatever." The Toa of magnetism replied, slightly irritated about getting lost so many times.

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  • Ic: Kakaru Kakaru decided not to grace that remark with a reply. It just wasn't worth it.The two of them headed off towards the village with the awkward gait of a four-legged rahi trying to walk on two. Kakaru prayed they had good doctors. He was going to need something for his head.

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  • IC:OdhranOdhran headed off to the Bazaar. Upon reaching it he started putting up fliers advertising his pirate crew, using Lohkar's poster as a example.

    Navigator Wanted

    Sailing experience essential

    Work includes, drinking, navigating, reading maps, sailing boat, fighting, and pirating.

    Water elemental powers particularly welcome

    Apply at the Po-Koro docks.

    Satisfied with his work he headed back to the docks, ready to accept applicants.

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  • IC(Draebe): The pirate walked from his docking position, not too far away from Po-koro. He eventually made it. Reading the sign that Odhran had put up, he grinned a rudimentary evil smile. Followed by confusion. Docks? This place is close enough to the seas to have DOCKS? It's in the middle of a friggin desert!"He ended up running to the docks. "Hello, I am Cardinal Draebe, scourge of several seas. I am here for that navigator job."

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  • IC:Odhran"Really? That fast?" Odhran asked, slightly shocked at the fastness of the offer. "Okay, well then I guess I'll interview you now. What powers do you have?"

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  • IC(Draebe): "Water Manipulation, flight, using two falchions at once. That sort of thing."

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  • IC:Odhran"Really? Okay next question. Have you ever steered a ship before?" Odhran asked, liking this candidate.

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  • IC(Draebe): "Of course. Simply move the water around the ship, and it goes faster than with wind."

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  • IC:Odhran"Alright, can you take orders well?" Odhran asked Draebe with a grin.

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  • IC(Draebe): "Of...course. As long as I get to get gold. Or money. Either one works."

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  • IC:Odhran"You'll get your gold when we all get gold. After we raid ships or villages and split up the gold. Unloyal crew-members will be eliminated. You got that?" Odhran said sternly. OOC:So will Draebe actually be loyal, or betray them at the sign of danger?

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  • OOC: Draebe will be loyal-ish. He will tend to have his own motives, but will go along with the crew. IC(Draebe): "Of course. That's definitely what I did to my old crew. Threw 'em overboard. Didn't eat them or anything."

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  • IC:Odhran"Well that was suspiciously specific denial." Odhran noted. "One last"

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  • IC(Draebe): "The Ex-Captain, Cardinal Draebe. Nice to meet you, recruiting officer pirate guy."

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  • IC:Odhran"The names Odhran. Now all we have to do is wait for Moylan and have her approve you before you join the crew." Odhran said with a grin. "But while we wait could you go update the posters? They now need to say,

    Cook Wanted

    Sailing experience preferred, but not essential

    Work includes, drinking, cooking, fighting, and pirating.

    Apply at the Po-Koro docks.Can you do that?" Odhran asked the almost a new crewmember.

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  • IC(Draebe): The Toa walked away, pens in hand. He quickly fixed the signs. I better go and check up on my boat. I COULD sell it for the local curency...but it is a very nice boat. OOC: The Black Falchion, boat, is now for sale.

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  • IC:Odhran"Oi! Moylan! Come down to the docks please! I have to talk with you!" Odhran shouted to Moylan who was in the currently unnamed ship.

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  • IC: Moylan Moylan was busy protecting the ship at the moment. Meaning she was actually below deck sleeping.

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  • IC:Odhran"Well if she's not coming down then I guess she doesn't care about our Navigator." Odhran said with a frown. "Well in that case he has the job."

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  • IC: Kohra ducked into the shadow of a couple of statues, situated on field near the outskirts of Po-Koro. Sometime over the last week, an odd seawind had blown clouds down from Mt. Ihu and had caused a highly unseasonal shower. The water had quickly disappeared, but the ground was not used to holding the liquid and had cracked all over from the sudden evaporation.The Vortixx heard a faint humming next her ear and a tiny tingling sensation on her shoulder immediately after. Without so much as a glance she swatted the Sand Snipe away. Annoying little bugs that lingered within every shadow, hundreds of bios around the faintest source for food.A droplet of sweat ran down the side of her face and into the corner of her eye. Blinking it away, Kohra thought to herself how much she disliked the Desert during the day. Everything was so...bright. That's why she clung to the shadows as much as possible, but with the task ahead, she soon would have to abandon the cool twilight and step out into the midday sun. The thought alone made her uncomfortable, but the voice in the back of her head urged her to go on. There was little activity going on right now, even the Po-Matoran stuck to their huts or the more lively parts of the Koro with the sun directly overhead, but the Vortixx still made sure there were no unwanted eyes on her.When she was convinced that nobody would see anything they shouldn't, she pulled the small bundle from underneath her dark cloak, squatted down and gently placed it on the sand in front of her feet.She ran her right hand over the cloth, feeling the outline of the object underneath, courtesy of her guide. Early that day, still under the cover of darkness, his voice had led her to a crevice in the face of a rocky cliff, an enormous rocky structure that rose out of the dunes at an odd angle, another of the strange formations of stones to be found in this desert. She had been worried at first, but she knew there was a reason that she had been led here. Following the crevice she had entered a dim-lit, narrow canyon, maybe a bio wide at best. At its end she had found the carcass of a Kane-Ra that had been dead for some time it seemed. The large bull's body was still mostly intact though, minus the organic flesh, but the heat had preserved the mechanical parts relatively well.There she got the answer as to why she had come there, right on the shoulder of the dead Rahi. Unwrapping the bundle, she traced her fingers over the pitted and rusty surface of the mask, shaped like a Huna. And she knew what she had to do, thanks to her guide. Rewrapping the mask in the crude cloth, she stowed it away safely in her satchel again and got up to her feet. There was work to be done.

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  • IC (Voi, Po-Koro): Finally Voi and Kakaru came through the Path of Prophecy and entered Po-Koro. "Say, that was a nice trip", Voi said cheerfully. "You know, I have never had such a conversation with anyone before. You wanna play some Koli with me?"

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  • Ic: Kakaru Clearly this Toa was none too experienced, or aware of what was going on. Kakaru tried to explain as politely as possible that he was in no mood for Koli, though he had no problem with watching a game on occasion."Jus' lemme off at thatplace," he mumbled, motioning towards a bar labeled The Dal Riata. With any luck they served water.Ooc: Ace of Skulls, that's you.

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  • IC: Twilite; Po-Koro DocksAfter trudging throughout the desert, he finally found the infamous Po-Koro docks. He had seen a sign back in Po-Koro for crew, and this was the place to inquire about it.OOC: -Twilite is waiting for someone (whoever) about the pirating job. Noble Knight Biobeast, I assume thats you-

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  • IC: Marda It was a slow day. Marda slowly wiped the counter, praying for a customer, or a job, anyone she could talk to. All her workers were out on missions, and it was terribly boring. Suddenly, her prayers were answered when someone came in. "A customer! Never seen you before. Welcome to the Dal Riata! Name's Marda, what can I get you?" she cried. OOC: Kakaru, that's you.

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  • IC:OdhranOdhran noticed someone walking towards him. He walked over. "Can I help you?" he asked the being(Twilite) in a friendly tone.

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  • IC: The Toa of stone wrestled with the angry Husi bird. The creature was strong for something so spindly, and was trying to peck the Toa's face off. Eventually the Toa managed to force it into a cowed position, knees bent, body and long neck close to the ground. "Be a bit more servile now, won't you birdie?" Clo'on said, releasing the bird so its owner could bring it back to the pen it had broken free of. A tipped his hand to the trader, almost a salute. He was, after all, just doing his duty as a Toa

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  • IC: TwiliteThe Toa of Electricity turned to the voice. "Why yes," he said. "I'd like to join this crew you're working on," gesturing at the sign.

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  • IC:OdhranOdhran turned to a sign that had appeared when he wasn't looking. "How'd that get there?" he wondered aloud. He shrugged and turned back to Twilite. "Well, what are your skills?"

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  • Ic: Kakaru Kakaru stumbled through the doors and was quickly greeted by a reply from the bartender, a purple Toa of an indiscernible element. He limped up to the counter, dropped twenty widgets on the smooth wooden surface, and gasped out a single word:"Waterplease."

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  • OOC: -___________- Anyways... XD IC: Twilite "Well," the Toa started,"I'd say I'm a pretty good fighter, I follow orders well, and I can keep everyone on task. I know I'm not aligned with the element of Water...quite the opposite in fact, but I'm very skilled with the use of weapons and my own element." Twilite then twirled his fingers around nothing, as it seemed, when a ball of electricity appeared.