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  • IC: Lasinia


    "Weird Beer Girl, we're not giving you the rum," said Lasinia, walking up to Floria. "We'll need it in case we're on a long sea journey, okaaay?"


    Somehow, the Toa of Lightning had actually made sense.

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  • IC: Bok


    "Still, it just seems cruel. Well, what's done is done. Would you mind leading me to some shelter, I've been out in this heat for at least 3 hours?"

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo simply sighed as he began to walk back to the tavern he just exited and motioned for Thentyle to follow

    "Come on bok. This tavern is relativly cool."

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  • IC: Bok


    "Okay, thanks." said Bok as he followed Voxumo. "But what was your friend saying about me having elemental powers or something like that?" he asked.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo stopped suddenly as he stepped into the tavern and looked back at Bok. He hastily looked around the tavern and grabbed a Po-matoran and placed him infront of bok

    "See this. This is a Matoran. Each matoran as a element they belong to. He is a Matoran of stone. You can tell by his armor. Now you and i are toa. We start off as matoran but we grow taller and gain access to that element."

    He send the po-matoran off then extends his right and only hand to be right infront of Bok. With that he summons a spike of ice to shoot out of his palm

    "I am a toa of ice. Meaning i can control and form ice. Judging by your armor color you are a Toa of Iron. That means you can control metal."

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  • IC: Bok


    "And how exactly would I go about doing that?"

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  • OOC: of course i would be asked to explain elemental powers


    IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo sighed a bit as he pondered this

    "Well something i found helps is imagining what it is you are trying to create. For example when i created that spike of ice i imagined the spike rising from my palm."

    He raised his palm again and smiles

    "Now try something similar. Raise your palm and imagine a spike of metal rising from above your palm. Concentrate on the particles of metal coalescing into a single solid form."

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  • OOC: Well, sorry, but in my defense he can't remember anything other than his name. And how to talk. In BIONICLE if you get amnesia you never forget how to talk. Weird.


    IC: Bok


    Bok focused as hard as he could. He then created a metal spike that was piercing into his hand. "Augh!" yelled Bok as he pulled out the spike.

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  • OOC: No reason to be sorry i just had to say that. And yeah is really odd that they always remember how to speak and walk. They also remember their names. just odd


    IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo shook his head.

    "Did i not tell you to imagine it above your palm? None the less congrats on using your elemental power."

    He took Bok's hand and simply froze the wound to stop the bleeding. He closed his eyes as he removed the ice and concentrated on the air around the wound. He removed any form of cold air which caused the air to heat up and it heated up enough to slowly cauterize the wound. With that Voxumo stumbled back a bit and took some deep breaths.

    "Only used that tactic once before."


    OOC: Will let you know i may not respond for like another hour because i have to take care of some stuff.

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  • OOC: K, that's cool.


    IC: Bok


    "Woah, cool." said Bok as his wound healed. "So can I just create metal or could I control metal that already exists like my hammer?"

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo smiled softly

    "Well yes you can control metal as well. You can also destroy the metal. Maybe one day when you get better at controling it you could even create weapons. Mata-nui knows i need a new sword after mine was bitten in half and eaten."

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  • IC: Bok


    "Eaten?" asked Bok. "What eats a sword?"

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo laughed rather loudly at his question

    "Oh me dear Bok, When i was in onu-koro i discovered a species of being. They were about the size of a matoran, Had 4 arms and acidic spit. They can also eat through most anything. Plus they are intelligent. I got into a fight with one and she grabbed my blade and bit it in half. Mind you it was protosteel. So yeah that is what ate my sword."

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  • IC


    Then the cycle was broken.
    A cycle hadn’t been broken for a very long time, Laki thought. Or maybe they were broken a lot. His memory faded quickly. He did not know.
    But he did know that he was upset. Someone had stood up to him, and his eyes had involuntarily darted up to the muscular brown Toa that was near. Laki didn’t want to look up, of course. He needed to keep pounding away at the golden hot metal that was still in the process of Becoming. But his eyes seemed to have their own plans. They looked at the Po-Toa curiously, noting that he seemed different from the other soldiers even though Laki didn’t care.
    And then he beckoned, and Laki felt himself follow.
    No! his mind screamed. No I must complete this cycle and the one after that and the one after that! Things must Become, and Become again! But his body disobeyed. His body was sick of forging day after day for a useless and an evil cause. His body was curious, and his body wanted to obey this intriguing new Toa. The strong Toa who did not look like an uneducated thug, but a wise leader.
    Maybe it wasn’t his body. Laki realized that there was a new feeling inside of him, an old friend: Curiosity.
    No! He mentally screamed again. His life had been so simple, so clean. He had not wanted complexity, and he had not gotten it. His life had been happy, free from worry and stress. He didn’t want those things in his life again.
    But even though he didn’t want to, he followed. Laki had not been able to summon any willpower for a long time. He was out of practice. He could not stop his Curiosity from taking control.
    So Laki followed Puroruk away from the little world he had created for himself.

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  • IC: Strack


    "and now we play the most fun game of all...we wait" he started humming a tune. taking out his knife and carving a small rock out of the wall, he started sharpening his knife. "nice trick, the whole glowy thing". dropping the stone for a second, he made a fist, and the entrance mostly closed, with a small hole near the top for looking outside. "so" he said, picking up the rock again "when did you become a Toa?" he asked of Teliris. "I became a Toa a little more than a thousand years ago".

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  • OOC: Seems vox and I have trouble being on at the same time due to timezones. Thentylu followed you two but kept quiet.

    IC: ThentyleThentyle had remained mostly silent during Voxumo's explanation of elemental powers. It seemed quite remarkable for there to be someone with only the knowledge of their name and basic living functions, but he soon dismissed that, as it meant there was no way Bok could be a foe. Although, the remarks earlier about infected masks disturbed him slightly. He decided it was best not to say anything now, as it might make the Toa of Iron he'd just saved be concerned, although he could do nothing to hide the rust on his mask.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo turned to look at Thentyle and grinned a bit

    "Perhaps you can explain this better than i can. Never had a formal teacher when i became a toa. Had to learn everything on my own"

    He walked to one of the spare tables and with heavy footsteps he sat down

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  • IC: Thentyle"Well I used to live in a Matoran-only village so we're in the same boat." he said, disheartened. Still, he might as well give it a shot. He looked at Bok.. "Okay, well you've sort of got the idea, so maybe you should just keep practicing making metal. But then, there's another aspect to our powers - absorbing! You're a Toa of Iron so you can be pretty dangerous to some beings." Thentyle walked towards the bar and 'borrowed' a small metal item and handed it to Bok. "Now, try focusing on turning it into Elemental Energy so you can absorb it."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo smiled a bit as he heard Thentyle's comment

    "Ah yes i completly forgot about that bit."

    He tapped the table softly as he thought about all this.

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  • IC: [Naona]


    By the time Naona had finished fixing up the graveyard, the sun had already begun to set, and the sandy village was covered in a hue of orange. It hadn't exactly been tiring work, nor should it have taken too long, but she had spent a lot of time thinking. However, the area was now in a much better condition than it had previously been before - even the rusted gate had been replaced with a new one.


    "It's not that much," she said quietly, the Toa of Stone finding herself in front of the memorial once more. "But hopefully ... I can repay all your sacrifices by taking care of your memory."


    A sigh.


    "Well, I suppose it's goodbye for now ... I need to file a report with headquarters."


    There was no reply; no farewell from the stone as she left the graveyard.


    It was expected, after all.


    The dead didn't speak.

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  • OOC: I'm guessing that was a widget paying for somebody's drink.


    IC: Bok


    Bok reached out and put his hand on the metal. It then turned into pure energy and went into Bok's hand. "This whole Toa thing is awesome." he said

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo raised his brow at Bok as he watched the toa seemingly amazed by his own powers

    "Well i guess for someone who has never used their power before yeah it would be um as you put it Awesome."

    With that he turned to look at Thentyle and smiles softly and whispered to him

    "Perhaps we can like get out of here. Don't feel like watching over this guy."

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  • IC: Thentyle

    The toa of Earth agreed. It wasn't that he disliked the Toa of Iron he'd just rescued, but he certainly wasn't in the mood for teaching someone even if they had no memories."Listen." he said to Bok, redirecting his attention. "Just remember what we've told you as the bare basics of being a Toa, and then practice them as much as possible. Try to find someone who will teach you everything properly too. But the two of us need to leave you here." He headed to the door again and called for Voxumo.

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  • IC: Bok


    "OK, bye." said Bok as he reformed the widget and put it back on the bar.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo smiled softly as he followed close behind Thentyle

    "Well you certainly let that toa of iron know we did not feel like a tag along alot nicer than i would had."

    He shrugged his shoulders a bit as he considered something and simply turned back to Thentyle

    "You know we really should find someplace um more hospitable for us, I don't know about you but there is only so much my powers can do to keep me cool."

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  • IC: Bok


    Bok walked outside and went over to the Po-Koro bazaar and decided to do another little test of his powers. He threw his hammer in front of him and then tried to summon it to his hand. It slammed him in the face, knocking off his Kakama and knocking him unconcious.

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  • IC: Thentyle


    Thentyle nodded. "I agree. You must know where the other villages are, so you should lead the way." he said. For a brief moment, he felt a twang of guilt in asking for help, but he determined that it would be better to think of such things after leaving the dessert.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo pondered for a long while as he tried to think of where to go.

    "You know i haven't been to Onu-Koro in such a long time. Maybe there?"

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  • OOC: I guess nobody's going to help the unconcious Toa in the middle of the bazaar.


    IC: Bok


    "Ungh" grunted Bok as he slowly woke up. He didn't know how long he'd been lying on the ground. Some Matoran in the Bazaar were ignoring him, some were staring, some whispered about him. No one helped him. "I feel so much weaker." said Bok. He saw his Kanohi lying next to him. He tried to use his iron powers to summon the mask but it barely moved and inch. He crawled over to the Kakama and put it back on his face. "Oh, that's better," said Bok as he put on the mask. He stood up and was about to summon his hammer to his hand. He then thought better of it. He grabbed the hammer and put it on his back. "Now what do I do?" wondered the amnesiac Toa of Iron.

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  • IC: Thentyle"Onu-Koro? Sounds like my kind of place. You lead the way!" Thentyle said, feeling quite glad that he would be heading somewhere which, by the sounds of it, was in his own element. Granted it wouldn't be perfectly suited to his Ko-Toa ally, but something told him it would be a far cry from the sun-bleached Po-Wahi.


    OOC: Thentyle to Onu-Wahi as soon as Voxumo has.

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  • IC: Bok


    Bok assumed he was not wanted in Po-Koro considering nobody had helped him at all. He wandered out the gate and through the desert to the coast. "Ride to Ga-Koro?" asked a Matoran standing next to a boat. "Sure," said Bok.


    OOC: Bok to Ga-Wahi

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  • IC: Voxumo nodded slowly as he made his way towards the exit of Po-Koro and the eventual Tunnel that would lead to Onu-WahiOOC: Voxumo to Onu-Wahi

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  • IC:


    Spiritspeed, ma'am.


    I pushed those words away from my mouth for the time being, making room for different, more immediately useful ones.


    "Tadris disappeared during the attack on the Commander's wedding," I explained quietly, "He hasn't been seen since."




    IC: (Hari, below decks on the Fowadi)


    "Well we're already heading to Ga-Wahi and we'll probably dock in Ga-Koro. We'll see what we can learn there and possibly ask our other friends in Ga-Koro like Tillian and Emotia if they managed to see him around. Come on Krayn and Rynekk, we should go talk to the others about this," With that the sea green Toa of Plantlife started walking past them, the wooden planks creaking as she ascended. Her mind drifted back to the wedding as she made her way through doorways and up the ladders.


    She remembered rushing to Ga-Koro, everything she needed for the wedding in hand. She remembered how excited and yet anxious she was to be under the leadership of her role model. She remembered sliding into the wedding just before the ceremony started. She smiled a bit larger when she remembered her talks with Krayn. How beautiful their ceremony was, how everything seemed to be perfect. On a night she wished could have as perfect one day.


    Then she remembered the Mark Bearers that struck the ceremony. The screams of matoran and other people cut down by a bunch of murderous lunatics, she remembered Krayn holding her down to keep her from getting killed. She thought on all the fighting and wondered why even that couldn't last. She sighed and finally reached the main deck, turning to Dekhaz.


    "How long till we reach Ga-Wahi sir, or are we awaiting my commanding officer?"

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  • IC:


    The strangest thing happened when the first flash of that distinctively Lohkar-blue appeared in the corner of my eye; a sudden gust of wind spontaneously blew the remaining trio of empty bottles from the deck and out into the cold waters below. What would you know, I guess miracles do sometimes happen -- the universe just needs a little prodding from time to time.


    I turned to face the captain, my face switched to "cocky grin" mode and a killer opening sentence prepped and ready on the tip of my tongue--


    "Gunner, would ya care to explain why we are sailin' the wrong way?"


    --when I spotted Lohkar's hand firmly affixed to his face, shattering my confident mindset like a ceramic flower pot dropped the top of Mount Ihu. Thank Spirit that I'm good at hiding my thought processes, or this might've ended up being embarrassing right from the get-go.


    "Well Captain, I was thinking; if we want to investig--"


    "I daresay it was the Rum, and as such I think I should confiscate it all and...keep it for now."


    "When Karz freezes over, Floria," I quipped seamlessly, before continuing, "As I was saying, if we want to investigate the destruction of Xa-Koro, where better to start than its doorstep? It's fairly close, and with the vast, unchar--"


    "Weird Beer Girl, we're not giving you the rum. We'll need it in case we're on a long sea journey, okaaay?"


    "As I was saying," I repeated through ground teeth, raising my voice a few dozen decibels to get the message across, "With the vast and uncharted jungles of Le-Wahi, there would be any number of hiding places for the culprits to hide out in. Seemed like the logical idea..."


    Though, given what's happening right now, I was starting to doubt how much of that last sentence was true.



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  • IC: Tellus


    Tellus watched as the bottles blew away. Good, that was taken care of, and....


    And then the Cap'n asked why they were sailing in the wrong direction. Oh, Karzhani.


    Taking advantage of the volley of explanations and interruptions, Tellus slipped away and climbed into the rigging. Out o' sight, out o' mind.

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  • IC: Dehkaz


    The Toa of Magnetism's shockingly dark eyes glanced over to Hari as the Toa spoke, their violet depths more than an apt representation of his current disposition. He didn't speak immediately, as his eyes stared, not at the Toa of Plantlife, but rather some point behind her. After an unnerving moment, his distant gaze settled on the Corporal, only then did he reply. "Lieutenant Naona will be joining us when she deems fit to, she knows where to find us," The gunmetal-armored Toa replied, a note in his voice that was impossible to identify. "We will be reaching Ga-Koro before sundown, if our... friends with mutual goals... decide to start sailing in the correct direction."


    Though there was something quite obviously troubling the Major, but what it was remained a mystery to those not privy to his thoughts.


    And his thoughts?


    Well, to say the least, they weren't very guardsman-like.



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  • IC: [Naona]


    "Wow, you're actually taking time off," said the receptionist in surprise, staring at the paper Naona had handed to him. "That's a first."


    "It's only for a short time," she replied, stepping away from the desk. "I'm definitely sure that that you can handle everything while I'm gone."


    "Yeah yeah," stated the Matoran dismissively. "Go get the rest you've been needing for ages. We can handle everything here."


    Naona smiled as she exited the door. "Good."

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  • -IC: Araedrex Tenebras-
    The building was revealed to be voluminous, with lofty ceilings supported by a spiderweb of rafters, and a utilitarian stone square of a floor. It was very large for an inner city building, no doubt taking up valuable housing space, and majestic, with a grand, authoritative feeling, creating a feeling of relative insignificance. The only other door in the building was visible as you entered; a gigantic slab of mahogany, the entrance to a secondary structure, visible outside, as a large, domed observatory. To reach the observatory's door, a pair of staircases, running horizontially, ascended from the ground, towards the raised stone platform, located on the far side of the building.
    His eyes flashing orbs of fire in the dark, dank interior of the impressive, yet hollow and lifeless husk of a building, Araedrex explored, gently touching a pillar, or a wall, as he sauntered around, pausing, often mid-stride, to stare solemnly at the most uninteresting of features.
    The being that had opened the door, a rather small, stout, yet boisterous Skakdi, grinned hopefully as he followed Araedrex about, an expectanct dog, soon to be kicked.
    "Is it to your tastes, sir?" the Skakdi finally asked, eyes wide, almost pleading, as he stared into the emotionless, yet slightly disapproving mask of dispassion that was the countenance of Araedrex Tenebras. "Just give the word, and the widgets, of course, and it's yours! As you can see, there's no one wanting some time to move out. All yours. And for a reasonable price, too-"
    A crimson hand fastened around the rather massive mouth of the Skakdi, gently, and omniously forcing him to pause in speech. It was the touch of death, cold, unexpected of a Toa of Fire, and the grip of the long, slender fingers seemed alien in its elegance.
    "Your chatter is unappreciated. I would search in silence," Araedrex murmured, staring deeply in the eyes of the frightened (and confused) Skakdi, before his gaze slowly drifted away, his eyes' movement accompanied with a weary sigh. "I will not be rushed. My search, while unhurried and slow, is a meticulous observation of certain details that must not be ignored, lest grave hinderence comes upon my person." He continued, his speech slow, unhurried, an almost subconscious murmur, as he released the Skakdi, and continued on his way.
    It was like watching a critic appraise art, the way that Araedrex smelled the dust that shrouded all, idly twidling it between his fingers. As he observed the atmosphere of the building, the fiery orbs that were his eyes shone, incandescent as he thought, glowing embers, inclined to roar into a blaze of flame and heat at a moment's notice, or the slightest disturbance.
    After what seemed hours, the Toa finally spoke, his voice the softest sigh, yet the cruelest whisper.
    "The cost," Araedrex murmured softly, pausing his inspection of a rather large crack in one of the stone walls.
    "Er, excuse me?" The reply was unsure, nervous, as the Skakdi lingered by the door, deciding to opt for a perfect escape, in place of a position behind the strange Toa.
    "The cost, my dear man. In widgets, if you would be so kind," There was cruel irony in the words; the Skakdi was anything but dear to Araedrex. Beneath the irony, a menacing sliver of cruelness could be heard.
    "Seventy thousand, sir," the Skakdi whispered hoarsely, as Araedrex advanced, face obscured in shadow, but form shilouetted by the light filtering from one of the iron-framed windows. "It's not much for such a large place."
    Araedrex finally paused his advance, his face mere inches from that of the Skakdi, who had subconsciously backpedaled into the door. As it slammed shut behind him, he felt his stomach grow cold, as dread settled at the bottom of it. A terrible silence filled the air, as the Firestorm King stared down at the Skakdi.
    "Sixty five?" The Skakdi whispered, breathless, yet hopeful.
    "I can't go lower than that, sir! I would love to, I really would, but I can't, I can't!"
    The air seemed to grow heavy on the shoulders of the Skakdi.
    "Sixty five is the best I can do. I'm sorry, but I can't, I can't..." The Skakdi found that his voice trailed off, his throat was dry, and that the smoldering fury within Araedrex's eyes was not vanishing.
    He felt the ball of dread that had settled in his stomach growing larger, as he hung his head in shame, and considered falling to his knees, the oppresive of the weight of the unbearably heavy air seeming to drive him into the ground.
    "A reasonable price, Indeed," Araedrex murmured, reaching into the pocket of his greatcoat, presenting a bag, clanging as it exchanged from hand to hand.
    As he fleed from the building, murmuring thanks, the Skakdi did not care to see if the bag contained genuine widgets. The gaze of the terrible Toa remained on him, even as he closed the door behind him, and, strangely, for what seemed like the rest of the day, as he walked the streets of Po-Koro, haunted by the Wraith-like Firestorm King.

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  • IC: [Naona]


    Naona strolled through the streets of the village, already feeling freer than she had ever been before. To be able to put aside her duty, knowing that her colleagues would be able to handle it until she returned: it was exhilarating. However, the only problem she faced was that she had no idea what exactly to do.


    "Maybe I could visit some old friends again," she muttered as she stopped at the gates of the village. "Maybe go to Le or something."


    OOC: Naona to Le-wahi.

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  • IC: Terilis


    He rested against the wall, and turned his head away. After a long moment, he turned back to Strack.

    "Not long. A little over four years ago."