BZPRPG: Kumu Islets

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  • IC: Septimus"Sounds fun, but you're still injured."Ic: The Seventh"You guys do that,me and Wraith gotta get the Golden Cactus back to Ga."

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  • IC: Wraith - Kumu Islets -Wraith just nodded in agreement with Seven, and then started to walk northeast, toward Ga-Wahi. He assumed that Seven was following. IC: Mimira - Infernavika -Mimira was sitting on the very edge of the stem, giggling and laughing as the pirate ship cruised forward through the waters at a nice speed. She had no idea where they were going, but she really didn't care, as long as it was fun. She started humming with the others, not really sure what song it was but it seemed catchy.

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  • IC: The Seventh "Seeya," said Seven, before following Wraith.

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  • IC: Salvinn"So, Soulgain, you wanna help out. Sep and I would be glad to have another ally on our side. Mata-Nui knows we could use it. What'd you say the three of us clearing out this slum bowl?" Salvinn asked.

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  • IC:"No."

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  • OOC: Leah and company from Le-Wahi.IC:Leah sat near the bow of the ship, with her legs crossed and her back against the inside of the hull, while looking out over the sea stretching out between them and the Kumu-Islets in the distance. She felt a little strange. Not nauseus, since she'd never had a problem with that. In her line of work, one simply couldn't afford it. But there was a difference between being on a boat and riding on the wings of a Gukko; and she simply wasn't used to the motion of the vessel, which Oreius steered towards their destination in a straight course. That, or the prospect of visiting Xa-Koro was making her feel uneasy. It wasn't their task that worried her, but the Islets themselves. As far as Leah was concerned, they were no-mans land, a refuge to the lowest beings one could imageine with some decent people far and few between who stayed there for reasons that were beyond her comprehension. She didn't like the place. But if this was where they needed to go then it couldn't be helped and she wasn't going to complain. And if she was right in her assumption about their quest, then she doubted they would be interactign much with the local people anyway.A few flying fishes used the waves made by the prow of the ship to get a small boost. Leah watched the for a few moments, before looking around the boat. Reording was standing closest to her, legs shoulder-width apart and unmoving despite the boat's motions; and was looking out ahead as well. Since they were out at sea and nobody was anywhere nearby that could have heard them, she decided to ask: "So...these things we are searching for...what do we do with them once we have the full set? Aside from keeping them safe?"

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  • IC: Reordin (Ocean, Kumu Islets)Reordin turned his head slightly to look at Leah, his legs bobbing back and forth in pendulum motions as the Ko-Matoran perched on the railing of the ship. His feet brushed the deck lightly every time they swung, and despite the rocking of the boat in the waters, his path of motion was as straight as an arrow. Slowly, as if tossing the question around and searching for a Stannis-esque answer, he shrugged."We use them, I guess. Takua didn't get into specifics, but the implication was pretty plainly out there."-Teezy

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  • IC: A boat. I check it and get on. Oreius has its engine handled. So I go to the back next to him, not its motor. We start moving.My eyes catch movement and I turn. It's a piece of paper flying off the deck. Too far to catch. I just read as much as I can before it dissolves.I-don't-know-why-,-but-somehow-I-know-I-need-to-leave-this-be......Hind. Makes sense. I dunno, really. Something creeps up in my mind at that. I push it down. We're going to the Islets, and it's a criminal hive. Maybe people paying some of that hive for my head. Maybe we could be attacked. I gotta watch.Watching includes taking care of everyone. Traveled a bit today. They've been sweating. Hydration and nutrition in order. I reach in my pack a sec.Expense in nutrients: Fluid, salt, energy. Gotta fix that. I look for stuff with those.First up is protein. I take out a brown bag. It's jerky, dried meat with season and spice. Provides protein for energy and salt for hydration. Not enough nutrition for a meal--right for a snack.Now I just need fluid. I only pack one. I take out one of my jars filled with amber liquid. It's called kvass, an Onu-Koroan drink. Juice of fermented berries and bread I like to make more 'n' anything else. Real sweet. It's got liquid and a little energy, with some bonus fruit nutrients on the side. That completes the nourishment requirements.The two're enough. Everyone can reload their stocks. I give them to Reordin and look at him., so he can see what I mean on my face. He nods. Reordin knows what to do with that. I turn back towards where we came and look around...The waves, the islets, the sky. My senses flow into everything around me. And I watch.

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  • IC: Gunner - InfernavikaI allowed myself a low, long snarl at Floria's words, swinging my sword back into its sheath, keeping my gaze fixed on the rogue Toa of Air."Alright captain," I said through gritted teeth, before wordlessly walking back down into the ship's store, to my warm, cozy bed.-Void

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  • IC: VilozA canoe sailed within the mist of the waters surrounding the slums of Xa-Koro. A Le-Matoran paddled in the back and in the front sat a blue, spiny fellow, clad in armour matching his pearly white teeth in colour, openly displayed in that bold grin of his. Stuck in between his teeth was a piece of straw, silently chewed and replaced with another while he peered through the mist under that conical hat he wore. Upon docking, he left the shorty in the back without a word, leaving behind a small sack of widgets for the boat ride. Like most Skakdi, Viloz would usually blend inside of the village's typical crowd of ruffians yet he was too charismatic, a trait uncommon to a place of excessive crime and poverty.Word around town had it several of his kind just came in recently, as a group to boot. Stuff like that was sure to raise tension in the air and attract some unwanted attention. Considering Skakdi had a reputation for wrecking property, murder and so forth, that was understandable. Well, Viloz tested his luck at the nearest local bar and bingo, there they were. Rhow, talking to the bartender, Taoki with his back-facing him, playing with his knives until it was just a matter of time till his fingers bled and all the others, just sitting around. Silently, Viloz crept up behind the Skakdi of sand and placed his hat on the lovable runt's forehead."Well don't you look cute?"

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  • IC: Taoki - Kumu-Islets - Xa-Koro BarThe hat slipped down over the tinkerers eyes."Roke!" Taoki cursed loudly.The blade snipped the edge of Taoki's fingers. He retracted his hand, a small line of blood trailing behind the Skakdi's fingers. He turned his head to face the bringer of misfortune, only to have conical come in between the two Horde members faces, "Almost cut off my fingers because of you ya' prick."He frowned even more, sucking on his thumb and forefinger, he spoke through gritted teeth, lifting up the brim of the hat with his free hand to face Viloz, a big stupid grin plastered on his face, "Could've said hello without nearly making me lose a few digits."

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  • IC (Lohkar)"We're goin' where the winds take us!" roared Lohkar from the helm, his voice echoing with grandeur and charisma.Which almost made up for the totally unhelpful answer.

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  • IC: Viloz (Xa-Koro Bar)"Good to see you too, Taoki." Viloz replied humorously, watching his comrade suck on his thumb with that same grin continuously stretched across his face. Since day one, he couldn't help but like the shorty. He was smart and had a bite, coupled with a knack for sarcasm, minus the need to be some antisocial prick. Cool dude."Keep the hat, eh? Looks good." he said with a pat on the scrawny Skakdi's shoulder before making his way to Rhow from behind. As much as he'd love to make small talk and catch up on things, business came first and pressing information needed be delivered. When Viloz stood with her back face to him, he disrupted her conversation with the bartender by tapping her lightly on the shoulder, earning a backwards glance."You look positively terrifying. How you been?"

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  • IC: TellusTellus watched Gunner's rather moody departure with raised eyebrows, before climbing into the rigging and wincing. "Don't tell me 'e still 'as the bloody ukelele!"OOC: =P

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  • OOC: You had to refer to just Taoki and Rhow in the bar didn't you Wade-y boy? :P Now to explain where Kahlynn's gotten to while they were waiting for Viloz.IC: KahlynnThe hot sun glared down at a run-down district of Xa-Koro. Unsteady wooden huts creaked and rocked in the breeze, and a thin cloud of dust and sand blew through the gaps in the structures. Kahlynn's dark-red armour did nothing to cool him down, instead absorbing the heat like a sponge, which when squeezed brought forth tiny beads of sweat which ran down the back of his neck and disappeared into his spines. Slung over his right shoulder was a crossbow, borrowed from a wisened old fellow who was currently sitting on a rocking chair in the shade of a hut. He, like several other bystanders in the area, had their eyes on Kahlynn and the yellow-armoured Skakdi standing several bio down the street facing him. He, too, had a crossbow over his shoulder.Both of them stood with their eyes fixed on each other, ready to detect the slightest twitch in their opponent. They stood with their hands by their sides in a typical cowboy-stance, fingers wiggling impatiently. The yellow one tried to put Kahlynn off with his vicious grin, but still he didn't react. Unusually, he had his mouth closed (or as closed as a Skakdi's mouth gets), managing to keep his poker face up. Underneath, he knew he had the advantage; the sun was behind him instead of in his eyes. Granted, the other guy wasn't feeling the heat as much as him thanks to his yellow armour, but the point still stood.The yellow one's hand slowly edged closer and closer to the strap of his crossbow; Kahlynn did the same, keeping his neutral expression and unblinking eyes. Suddenly there was action. The yellow one grabbed his strap and pulled, the crossbow falling into his hands. Kahlynn pulled his own forth even as a crossbow bolt skimmed pas his ear. In a split second he had responded, ending the duel in an instant as the yellow Skakdi spun slightly to the right from the impact to his shoulder and fell to the ground.Kahlynn strode calmly over to him, slinging the crossbow back into position. His trademark Skakdi smirk replaced the blank slate as he stood over his fallen opponent, who was now groaning in a fetal position, clutching his shoulder."The sun was in my eyes, it's unfair!" he cried. "The sun was in my eyes!"Kahlynn knew this was true, but he hadn't taken his position for that reason. He had taken it on a whim and it had saved his life, since the yellow one was definitely a better shot than him. He dug a clawed foot into his foe's wound, replacing the complaints of unfairness with cries of pain. When he removed his foot the yellow-armoured Skakdi stopped repeating his complaint. Content his enemy had gotten the message, Kahlynn nodded respectfully towards him and went back to the Turaga, who was smiling."Keep it, that was a great duel!" Kahlynn shrugged, and was about to turn away when the old man went on. "In fact, you can have this poncho, and my assistant will give you a Kikanalo ride home if you need it.""Wow, er-""No need to thank me, since you are about to buy us all drinks." the Turaga winked, referring to the rest of the audience, who had been clapping politely at every interval. On the word drink, they became savage beasts, cheering and stampeding into a bar. Kahlynn raised an eyebrow, and decided this was a very, very good day.

    * * *

    As Viloz reacquainted himself with the rest of the Horde, loud thumping could be heard coming from outside. After some muffled conversation, the door to the bar whined open and Kahlynn strode in, a ridiculous-looking poncho draped over his strangely dusty armour. A crossbow was hanging from his right shoulder and there was blood on his foot."Don't ask."

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  • OOC: Sorry, I was trying to think of the mostly active Horde members and I forgot about Kahlynn. My bad... :PIC: Viloz (Xa-Koro Bar)Just as Viloz thought he was forgetting something, there it was, draped in a ridiculous poncho one size too small: Kahlynn. Absolutely hilarious. No laugh escaped the blue beast, just a wide-eyed smile holding it back and a "Pffft!"."I'm guessing that's not supposed to be a 'welcome back' surprise."

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  • IC: KahlynnIt would be an understatement to say Kahlynn was was not amused, but he was too thirsty to start arguing. He banged some widgets on the bar and nodded to the bartender, who set about getting him a pint."What happened in Le-Wahi then?" he asked Viloz as he hopped onto a stool.

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  • IC: Viloz (Xa-Koro Bar)"Speaking of which, you guys missed the party and the guests of honour." Viloz quipped, setting down his own set of widgets in return for a mug of warm cider. He took a moment to enjoy his first sip and the puzzled looks his comrades paid him before clarifying what he meant. Story time was afoot."So there I was in the jungle, sitting by the fire and eating trail mix like a king while the voice in my head was all the crummy entertainment I could find at the time. Night time had crept up so I set up camp about two thirds deep in the jungle. Wasn't until a little later that some great big booming noise shook the earth like whenever Makuta wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Obviously I checked it out and the sight I was greeted with wasn't too pretty." Another sip interrupted the flow of the tale the others evidently wanted in short. "You guys know about that village Pala-Koro? The one who had the guts to blow up the Nui-Rama Hive and come back alive? Yeah so turns out I happened upon their village in the middle of a siege. Place looked like Karz, what with its walls blown to pieces and invaders terrorizing the interior and its citizens. I watched from a safe distance for a while and it was a no-brainer to figure out that I needed to beat it since my help was too little, too late to make any improvements. And so, here I am.""I'm sure you can guess who was leading the assault."

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  • IC-Destian:At the news of Pala-Koro, Destian turned back, his customary glare falling upon Viloz."The Makuta Followers have the nerve to attack my former home?" he asked quietly.

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  • IC: Taoki - Xa-Koro BarTaoki stopped sucking on his fingers to look at Destian with big eyes under the hat that was way too big for his head. He lifted the brim up again to see the Horde member, "They're the people who have devoted their entire lives to a deity who has devoted his entire existence to destroying Mata Nui."He grumbled, turning back around, "They have no restraint or conviction, and no reason to care or want to care about what they're doing or who's home they destroy in the process of not caring. Don't bring reason into the same conversation. It hurts my logics."

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  • IC: Floria"Mix Rum in, and everything is superior to everything."

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  • IC: KahlynnKahlynn's eyes widened. He, too, had stayed in Pala-Koro for a short time. Despite not forming any deep connection to it, he still counted it as a 'nice place' and it was a shame to hear it was being torched and burned.

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  • IC: Mimira - Infernavika -While everyone was too distracted with their game of blackjack. Mimira crept down to below deck, after a bit of searching she found what she was looking for, a bottle of rum. She just had to try it. She opened the bottle and took a sip. She made a face. "Eck! What's so great about this stuff? It tastes gross..." Still, for some reason the others seemed to really like it, and she wanted to be a real pirate, so she took another sip...

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  • Ic: "Good," Aurelia said with a smile of genuine satisfaction. "Estimations point that the tunneling will be completed in only another week, maybe even less. You all will be aware of things as they unfold. But people, remember one thing: Brykon is your leader. Follow the colonel's orders because he speaks with my power. Now, speaking of Brykon, I'll leave the rest of this matter to him. I understand he has some business with a certain someone. Please, people, stay. I'm sure it will be very enlightening."She gathered a handful of things from her desk and went into the elevator. She smiled back at the team as they watched her rise up and away, leaving the members of Bad Company alone in the cavern.Brykon stirred. "Dorian Shaddix, you left us for the last time. You know what must happen now.""Do we have to?" came the response. "Yes. It's almost a pity that we do, but it has to be done." Memories of what had happened the last time the two fighters dueled flashed in both their minds. Back then, however, things had been different. Dorian was a Mark Bearer back then and had beaten Brykon back with augemnted power, but now he had no such asset. Now he was supposedly more refined, cultured, an elementalist in addition to his more average brawn. Brykon, however, still remained the same, a resilient and massive man with fists of granite, unchanged in time. But Brykon knew better: Dorian hadn't changed. He was the same crafty underdog he always was in a new version, nothing more. But this fight wasn't going to be about making Dorian eat dirt, it was going to be something far more painful.

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  • IC (Lohkar)Lohkar locked the helm."Blackjack it is!" he cried, leaping down from the aftcastle. "Deal me in, love," he said to Lasinia with a roguish wink.

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  • IC: "Using them seems even more appropriate now," Said Lepidran, huddled as far back in the boat's cabin as he could. No Le-Matoran liked being wet, they preferred the airy heights and loft warmth of the jungle canopies, but Lepidran didn't like seeing all that horizon either. There was something about being able to see what looked like the entire world stretched out before you that made him feel small, that he was clinging on to this stretch of rock by his fingertips and would be thrown off if he looked back. "I mean, we are five of us male and one of us female, the make-up of...our intended predecessors."

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  • IC: Lasinia"Okay then," said the Toa of Lightning cheerfully, pulling out a deck. "Say, where's Mimi?"

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  • IC: Mimira - Infernavika -Mimira stumbled up the stairs shakily, falling over onto the deck. "I'm rightttt herrreeee...." She said with a slur, even though she had only drank one bottle, her little girl metabolism could hardly handle it. "I feel sickkkk..."

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  • IC: Lasinia"That's why you shouldn't drink rum," admonished Lasinia, immediately recognising the cause from the smell.

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  • IC: Mimira - Infernavika -Mimira made her way over to Lasinia and then grabbed her arm so that she wouldn't fall over again. "But I also....feel realllyyyy funnyyy..." She laughed hysterically.

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  • IC: LasiniaLasinia patted Mimira on the head. "Don't worry, just get some sleep."

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  • IC: Mimira - Infernavika -"But I'm not tireeddddd..." She said with a whine, before starting to laugh again.

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  • IC: LasiniaLasinia smiled. It wasn't her usual smile, but one that would promise great pain if whoever she was directing the smile at didn't obey her."Mimira. I command you to go to sleep."