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  • Posted 2015-07-08 23:11:00 UTC
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  • Name: Nadia Lorena White ("Lauren" to close friends)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Lance Corporal E-3, Mech Jockey, Charismatic Babe, Party Referee
    Appearance: Lauren is tall enough (5'9) and cuts a striking figure in or out of uniform. In either, she wears a more scaled down version fo the standard jacket, white leather and chased in gold at the lapels and short sleeves. Her name and the #1 are emblazoned in gold block text on her back, much like a jersey would be. Outside of uniform, she'll wear this over a black or white tank-top and chinos, though she's definitely not averse to wearing shorts on shore leave. 
    Her penchant for the color white (and her surname) are mildly ironic in that she tends towards being naturally dark-complected with wide, laughing emerald eyes above soft, naturally blushed cheeks. Her hair is an average length, lustrous black, often windswept over one eye. Tucked behind her bangs and right ear is a small tattoo of a wall of shooting stars, hugging the back of her ear and ducking to the top of her neck. She has a white and gold bonfire on the inside of her right ankle, though this can only usually be seen when she's in shorts and/or out of boots. Her only real visible tattoo is a bright yellow Wal-Mart smiley on the back of her hand, with the face traced and smile drawn in heavy black ink; even this is often hidden by the fingerless black kickboxing gloves she wears.
    Equipment: Her fists, a sharpened hatchet on one hip, and a raptor's grin to match her Raptor, Munequita
    Skills: Very skilled hand to hand brawler and swimmer, skilled pilot, symbiotic understanding of her and her mech's workings, sorceress (conjuration school, summons beer money for other babes)
    Personality: If you expect anything beyond a dime-a-dozen, charismatic babe in a mech pilot, you won't find it in Nadia. Free-spirited, quick to fight and quicker to laugh, she takes her role as the gooey human center of a big robot seriously, and doesn't like brooding over the risks and stresses involved more than she has to. Has a tendency to try and inspire recklessness in others, but only off duty - as playful and reckless as she is in the skies it's not worth risking the lives of others over. With that in mind, she's gotten REAL good at playing the hardass big sister.
    Bio: Growing up poor to a Somali pirate immigrant and a kindly but poor mechanic, machinery was Nadia's ticket to any sort of life outside of her native Vancouver. Starting small - learning to drive at the age of eleven, fixing cars, taking every shop class she could voraciously - she enlisted in the military at age 17 and proved her piloting skills with aplomb. After basic, she was stationed in Japan until her 22nd birthday - a few weeks after the milestone she was tapped as a Raptor mechanic and made her way west, but upon her arrival Nadia fell in love with her Munequita - then the Tarkus - at first sight. Every inch of the mech poured into her, and vice versa, but alas! Another pilot had been assigned her darling transformable, and for a few months Nadia White would toil and repair the mech after training exercises, dreaming of the day she could customize it and fly it herself. After a particularly grueling gauntlet, the Tarkus' original pilot crapped out and enlisted as a Scout pilot instead. This was her chance! Her moment to shine! And so for several weeks she would eat and sleep inside a simulator, leaving to shower and drink a beer for fifteen minutes every day or so. Her dedication - plus her initial scores from Basic - paid off, and eventually she was assigned to the Arsenal Walker of her dreams. Promptly rebranding it the Munequita, Nadia's worked to prove herself worthy of the Walker ever since.
    Weakness: Fearless in a fight and inconsiderate of her limits; see mech weakness (interconnected)

    Base Model: FAW-022 Raptor


    Appearance: Armored white as the driven snow (almost to blinding proportions) Munequita is chased throughout with gold - golden hatchet sheaths, a golden dragon's crest atop each Vulcan, which gives the sleek mech a wondrous shine. To compensate for Lauren's rough-and-tumble nature, she's had Munequita reinforced with an additional layer of armor for protection. Her natural determination and thrilled nature helps her make up some of the speed loss, Munequita also isn't moving as fast as many other Walkers in the Raptor class.

    Armaments: 100mm rifle, head-mounted 20mm Vulcan guns, a hatchet at each hip, 4 AIM-120 AMRAAMs, 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders.

    Weakness: The Munequita exhausts Nadia; oftentimes she will ignore physical strain of the Raptor's aerial abilities (to the point of toeing safety regulations) and rely entirely on her adrenaline to keep her going. (See pilot weakness, interconnected) Also slower than other Raptors due to the armor reinforcement, necessary for her protection.

    Pilot: Nadia White



  • Posted 2015-07-10 02:58:52 UTC
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  • Nadia White approved. Just remember that trading some speed for armor is a bit of a dicey trade-off for a Raptor.

  • Posted 2015-07-21 20:49:00 UTC
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  • Finally, finally got this done. Alex said it looked fine over PM, so I'll post this up for Blade to take a look-see at as well.


    Name: As Rojo (nickname, real name...he leaves it unsaid, for OOC reference, it’s Alonso Cañizares)
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: FCRC AW Pilot (Diplomatic Services detail), E3, Pirate (Formerly! Really!), On-call adviser on Colonial forces and tactics for the FCRC.
    Appearance: As Rojo’s natural features can generally be described as soft, or perhaps gentle. He sports a slightly square face, in terms of structure, and his cheekbones are not particularly prominent, though that is not to say they are on the verge of unnoticeable, they’re simply not the first thing that leaps out at one when they see his face. His cheeks aren’t particularly puffy and are more on the lean side of things then anything else, gently tapering down to his prominent chin. His lips are full, and typically upturned in a slight smirk. His mouth is average-sized, as such things go but leans ever-so-slightly on the small side of things, it certainly couldn’t be called large. Above the mouth, his nose is of the straight, aquiline variety. As Rojo’s brow stands out, much like his chin. 
    The mixed heritage pilot also sports thick, light golden blonde eyebrows. His eyes are narrow and their coloration is a strikingly bright blue. His hair is quite long by the typical standards of the male gender, coming down past his ears but ending before hitting the shoulders or the lower cheeks. As Rojo's hair is the same shade of light golden blonde as his eyebrows, and though it’s not particularly layered, it is feathered. This hair hides the upper part of his ears on most occasions, though aside from that, he’s made a habit of tucking it behind his ears as much as possible. He’s quite muscular, despite the overall gentle nature of his features, with the chest muscles being particularly prominent. His skin color is a light shade of white, though it is often broken up by scars of an even lighter white. These scars vary depending on the part of the body they’re located on. 
    On his face, they tend to be long thin affairs, primarily on the outer edges of his cheeks, or near the jawbone. A thicker scar runs across his nose however, and below the eyes, it almost resembles a curved rounded upside down V. A a short, thick scar runs across the back of his neck and the uppermost parts of his back. His arms have long, thick scars upon them, almost as if some great clawed beast had mauled them, though they seem far too precise for that thesis to hold true. Scars of varying, usually medium length run thick across seemingly random parts of his chest. The lower back sports a few long, thick scars across it, and the lower abdomen sports scars of much the same type that afflict his chest. His legs share the same mauled appearance as his arms.
    He tends to wear his uniform when on duty and off duty, he’s got a few sets, allowing him to more or less get through the week. Provided he does laundry. His uniforms are somewhat different from the Federation norm, having their origin in the national forces of the FCRC rather than the portion of its forces contributed to the Federation. His duty uniforms tend to resemble a greatly stripped down pilot’s uniform, of the sort that existed in the 21st century. It lacks much of the equipment such uniforms had, due to the differences in technology and duties between the pilots of yesteryear and the pilots of today. The uniform’s coloration is a drab olive green, with the helmet and other instruments being a dark black in color. His dress uniform is fairly simplistic, as such things go, consisting of a set of fatigues, a red beret and a similarly red sash. He typically wears a single red star on the upper right of the uniform. The sash hosts what appears to be a collection of various pieces of scrap, carefully sewn into it. These are, in fact, the remains of enemy Arsenal Walkers he has downed….mostly during his time as a pirate. 
    Equipment: Aside from his uniforms, he sports a PM-43A pistol. This pistol is a staple of the FCRC’s armed forces, and it’s roots show through in it’s resemblance to the old Makarov pistol of yesteryear. There are a few differences however, aside from the more streamlined, modern design. It sports a holographic targeting system, and is made out of a variety of modern composite materials. A large, steel, leather-gripped combat knife serves as his secondary weapon. He also wears a standard set of FCRC holotags around his neck, though these are normally nestled beneath a gold-chained necklace bearing a large shark’s tooth. He has a few pens, stashed away in his uniform, just in case he needs to sign for something or perhaps stab someone’s eyes out. Aside from this, he normally has a small medkit nearby, just in case. He is also the proud owner of a slightly used Arsenal Walker, a FAW-007[G] Warrior. As with most soldiers, he also has a commlink.
    Skills: As Rojo, as the name implies, has honed his piloting skills to a fine point during his time as a pirate, to the point where he is one of the few who can claim the title of ‘ace’. He appears to be a natural, when it comes to piloting, if his record is any indication. That said, growing up aboard a pirate vessel does not precisely grant one a formal education, meaning most of the skills he possess are self-taught, and perhaps, lacking when compared to the products of educational facilities. He is skilled when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your typical arsenal walker, and knows a fair bit about the same set of skills when it comes to starship repair. He’s got a smooth tongue and a head for trade and barter as well, as a result of making his living off of goods “acquired” from colonial ships. As a result of this relatively lawless lifestyle, he’s also proficient at personal melee and ranged combat, though even he will admit that melee is his specialty, and his ranged abilities don’t in any way measure up to them. Oddly, he seems equally proficient at both when inside of an assault frame. Aside from this skills, his personal hobbies have also granted him a general working knowledge of history, strategy, and similar subjects. He speaks english and spanish, though he is more fluent in english. As a result of making his living preying on colonial shipping, he’s also very familiar with their tactics, and how to counter them.
    Personality: As Rojo is a man who strives to take life as it comes, and who tries not to lose his sense of humor in the face of the sometimes unreasonable challenges that life so often presents to those who live it. He is something of a walking contradiction as a result. He’s utterly ruthless in combat, using any dirty trick, feint or lowblow that becomes available to gain the edge on his enemy. He no notion of honor when it comes to combat, and is simply in it to see the enemy die. He’s not a sadist about it however, perhaps the best term for how he behaves in combat would be “efficient” or “practical”, though these fail to capture the bloody nature of his approach. Even here, when he is at his most callous, some of his more human side does show through, as he prefers to have some form of music playing during combat, and may on occasion crack a joke or two over the commlink.
    Outside of combat, he seems to become an entirely different person. He’s easy going, gentle and perhaps just a tad eccentric. He has a marked predilection for flowery terms and language, never saying with one word what he could see with many. He’ll often launch into fantastic, humorous and utterly false tales of his motivations or background if asked about such things. While part of this is a facade to keep people from learning too much for comfort about his history, just as much it is completely and utterly genuine. He never missed a chance to joke, for that matter, he seems to pride himself on his sense of humor….or perhaps his ability to keep talking for as humanly possible, when no one is speaking to him, As Rojo will often muse to himself, or comment out loud on whatever book he happens to be reading that day. In his downtime, when he isn’t reading, he can normally be found at the gym, the firing range, or rustling up another crowd of poor sods to regal with his tales of “legally dubious acts of interplanetary cargo liberation”. He tends to playfully flirt with any member of the same sex he’s taken a liking too-and he certainly won’t hesitate to pursue them further if they seem responsive.
    He has a hatred of the colonies that tends to dull his good spirits when they are brought up-he has nothing but contempt for the colonies and the colonials that inhabit them, and is of the opinion that much of the population should, at the least, stand trial for crimes against humanity. He also has a sympathy for, as he puts it, rogues, rebels and perilous pirates. This is due to his own time amongst the rogues and pirates of deep space. He knows the challenges of that life, and rarely misses a chance to discuss it with someone else who understands it. He’s doggedly loyal to anyone he considers crewmate, another holdover from his pirate days, though simply serving in the same unit will not earn one ‘crewmate’ status. Helping him out, being a good conversation partner or otherwise doing him a good turn will.
    Bio: As Rojo’s history starts with a simple a question. What happens when a political radical and a pirate meet in a bar? The answer, evidently, is “fall in love and start a joint crusade against those goddamn colonials”. The next day, the two departed on Irene’s fine (which is to say functional) vessel, ‘New Berlin Burning’. So it was that Avelino Cañizares and Irene Gleeson began their careers as professional thorns in the side of the various colonies that exist throughout the solar system. Together, these two and their occasionally faithful crew of ne’erdowells, thieves, ladies and men of the night, the odd disgraced lawyer and other various sorts of scum, along with whatever radicals Avelino managed to attract, made a name for themselves in the business of piracy, though you’d never find their names in the headlines. Eventually, the event that many of the crew had declared inevitable happened, and the two had a son. They immediately christened the newborn Alonso Cañizares. Young Alonso, as one might imagine, had something of an unusual upbringing, considering his parents were leading a crew of pirates on the run from most relevant governments. 
    For one thing, tutors and teachers tend to be remarkly hard to come by in such a situation. Thus, the young boy was learned at the feet of the ship's crew, or to be more accurately, learned from his parents and pestered the rest of the crew incessantly until they answered his questions or helped him with whatever homework his parents managed to scrounge up. He learned from textbooks stolen from cargo ships. They came in three varieties, actually useful, slightly singed and propaganda. Incidentally, he tended to use the last category to make paper airplanes or as scrap paper. The greater part of his education however, was much more hands on. Throughout his early youth he was drafted/ordered/volunteered to help out around the ship, as the danger of their every waking moment demanded that everyone aboard, more or less, pull their weight aboard the vessel. Thanks to this, he picked up quite alot of general mechanical knowledge. He has also mastered the obscure art known as ‘scrubbing the bulkheads’. Eventually, however, Alonso took up a more active role onboard the New Berlin Burning. 
    Due to the inherent risk piracy brings with it, the New Berlin Burning often found itself in need of new crewmembers, and the most valuable crewmembers, the pilots needed for the eclectic collection of assault frames that they had acquired over the years, were often amongst the losses the crew took. So it was that Alonso took up the reigns of an old FAW-007 Warrior. Fortunately for his parents, and for his own wellbeing, he turned out to be a natural when it came to piloting...and finding inventive ways to ensure he continued to live at the expense of the poor sod he’s currently fighting. If Alonso were more honest with himself, he’d admit this was one of the worse times of his life, having to rely on his ability to kill others just to secure a daily for himself and his fellows for the next month or so does not a good life make. Still, Alonso isn’t that honest with himself, and prefers to remember this portion of his life as the best. Whatever it’s quality when compared to other parts of his life, it came to an end when Alonso was twenty-five years old. 
    A job went bad, and an extremist colonial group damaged the New Berlin Burning, killed his father and scattered most of the other pilots. Alonso himself was captured. He was...interrogated and tortured for months before the crew could manage a rescue. He was never really the same after this event however, and his actions during missions, raids and the like became less crisp and businesslike and more bloodthirsty. Though he earned quite a few kills during this time, enough to grant him the title of “ace”,  it rapidly became evident that staying with the crew, and staying in space, wasn’t doing any wonders for his mental health, and that the damage the torture had done required treatment. Expensive treatment. Treatment a crew of pirates simply couldn’t afford. So, a deal was struck and a bargain made. 
    The ailing pirate was, in a secret meeting, turned over to the Federated Communist Republics of the Caribbean, an Earth Federation member state.  The pirates got some decent supplies out of the deal, Alonso got access to much needed medical technology, and the FCRC got access to an expert on anti-colonial tactics. In short, everyone got something out of the deal, and had reason to keep it a secret from certain agencies.  Alonso shed his old name, and took on something of nickname, As Rojo. Time spent in Cuba proved to be stabilizing for the former pirate, and some of his old personality returned. His actions in combat (well, training exercises and the occasional patrol), though still ruthless became much more efficient and less focused on making the enemy suffer, which was generally taken as a sign of improved mental health. He even acquired a dog, one of the new, tougher breeds….granted, said dog as a vicious streak, prompting As Rojo to name her “Zen”. So that all may appreciate his taste for irony. His life, for the best few years, has more or less been training, relaxation, and lectures on colonial tactics. Recently however, he’s been assigned to escort an FCRC diplomat to talks with the Federation...
    Weakness: Due to the torture he suffered at the hands of pro-colonial terrorist cell, As Rojo’s nervous system is, to put it politely, not functioning ideally. If he’s jostled around for an extended period of time, eventually his system will overload and he’ll suffer an attack of sorts. Could just be a slight shaking or it could be a much more extreme seizure, it appears to be up to random chance more or less. While his own mech is modified to reduce the risk of such an event, even within its confines, he still suffers from an occasional episode of the shakes. Dancing also appears to set off these attacks, while it is unlikely that dancing will decide the course of the war, it still bears mentioning. As a result of his largely self-taught education he tends to have difficulty with new subjects, or new parts of old subjects. He knows how to fix his Assault Frame, sure enough, and other’s of it type, but a new one? A new one could be tricky...
    Base Model: FAW-007[G] Warrior
    Designation: FAW-007[G/S] (Ground/Stealth) Schmetterling
    Appearance: The Schmetterling is, at a glance, much more streamlined than your typical warrior model. It also features a set of thrusters along the back, allowing it to maneuver quickly in interstellar and low gravity-situations and, outside of these situations, boost its mobility in combat by a healthy margin. The coloration of the Schmetterling is, primarily, black. The secondary coloration is a dark gray, and at a distance, the AW almost appears to be a pure black. This is in part due to the stealth systems installed upon it, allowing it to baffle radar and sensors. This modification is much more useful in space then it is upon the ground, though with innovative use of cover, it can give one the opening they need to win the fight. The Schmetterling is an old AW, and this shows. It sports more than a few patches and scratches that testify to the rough life the AW and it’s pilot have led.
    Armaments: One AW-class assault rifle, equipped with AP ammunition for “normal” combat, but capable of using other types of ammunition as the mission profile dictates. The Schmetterling also sports a small missile launcher on the upper right shoulder, equipped with tracking missiles suitable for AA or anti-armor duty as the situation demands. In general, this launcher only has enough ammunition to fire four or five times in combat before it must be reloaded. For closer encounters, the Schmetterling sports an AW-grade machete. While fancier melee weapons are available, As Rojo has a certain respect for the machete, as it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only. Hurt living things. Or things being driven by living things. There is, in his opinion, purity in that. As is standard for the FAW-007, it is also equipped with a shield for close combat encounters, though this shield, much like the mech, sports more than a few scratches to the paintjob.
    Weakness: The Schmetterling is an old machine, and like all old machines, it has developed...quirks. On occasion one of its systems will fail, or otherwise malfunction. A joint might jam, a sensor might fail, a weapon might jam. Attempts to rectify this have actually made the situation worse on more than one occasion, costing those who made these modifications a few months in manpower to restore the system back it’s old, slightly less temperamental, status. The thrusters also tend to be fuel hogs, and repeated leaps can deplete it quite quickly-and despite the modifications made to it to enhance its speed, smaller mechs such as scouts are still quite capable of outrunning it. 
    Pilot: As Rojo

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  • I don't personally see any issues from what I noticed, so I'll concur the approval. ^^

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  • Name: Luna Marcus

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female / Feminine

    Occupation: Moral Support (Go team!) / Lance Corporal E3

    Appearance: Luna stands at around 5' 6", though appears slightly shorter given the fact that she's more on the slight and unassuming side of things.  She has a generally more androgynous build than overly feminine, of which her defined, lean musculature is of no help (more so from the lack of any notable body fat than anything else). Facially her features are overall angled and thin, with an expressive mouth curved into a slight smirk most of the time; sharp, almond-shaped eyes; and a thin nose that sits between them.  A veil of freckles covers her dark, russet complexion while her eyes peer out with an inky black coloration. The only immediately noticeable distinguishing feature is that of her chin-length hair, which is a stark white color that almost seems silvery at times, broken only by the solid block of dark purple dye near the end of the left side. Generally seen in her fatigues or pilot's uniform.


    Equipment: Standard issue combat pistol and a not so standard-issue bullpup carbine.  Based around the ergonomic compact design of the CTAR-21 of the last century, it exemplifies the older model's ease of use and reliability.  Modified with a holographic sight and target designation overlay, the weapon is constructed of the durable, stark white composite materials of the modern age.  FAW-16 Gunner mech, the Aronnax.

    Skills: She's intelligent, inventive, and adaptable, attributes which contributed to her selection as a pilot.  Has great proprioception and spatial reckoning, despite, or perhaps because of, her “disability”.  While not blind, nor technically colorblind, her ability to consciously perceive and construct a visual representation of the world around is hindered by the fact that her unconscious, instinctual optical neurons are enhanced.  This results in a difficulty for her to distinguish hue without extended focus, though her ability to unconsciously detect movement within her field of view is greater.

    Personality: Quiet, though more from lack of inspiration to speak than antisocial tendencies or regular old shyness.  On the contrary, she generally prefers to be around others, and may or may not be driven slightly insane from being alone for extended periods of time.  Spends too much time on the 'net.  Likes vintage audiobooks.  

    Bio: Genetic modification, the key to immortality, the fountain of youth of modern science, and the path to humanity's future.  Or more specifically, the b-movie spiel which the “scientists” of the colonies must have repeated to themselves like a mantra.  The fact that human genetic engineering was outlawed meant little to those stationed at the furthest reaches of colonized space, and at that point, the only obstacle in their way was manpower.  Finding willing applicants was no hindrance, there's always been a long history of those seeking artificial enhancement.  Luna herself wasn't among them, in fact, all this happened well before she was ever born.  Her mother, on the other hand, practically leapt at the chance.  Given the fickle nature of genetic engineering, and the fact that most of it doesn't actually do anything to a fully matured adult, the chemical tampering done was deemed a failure by the clandestine researchers.  Luna never quite learned what they attempted to do, nor what their eventual goal was, as the only thing she was ever able to share with her mother was a name.  

    Weakness: She's no bruiser, and appearances aren't deceiving.  She does have martial training, though prefers to keep people at arm's length.  Suffers from bouts of paranoia brought on by instinctual genetic memories.
    Base Model: FAW-016 Gunner
    Designation: Aronnax
    Appearance: Huge, bulky, and about as agile as one would expect from such a machine.  The colossal mech is nearly as wide as it is tall, standing low and hunched, as if it were some form of bipedal beetle or crab.  It's limbs hang down by it's sides, and are proportionally longer than most, while two stout, braced legs provide a stable firing platform.  The machine's armor is primarily matte black, all flat, angled panels and geometric joints, almost as if one had broken off pieces of obsidian and haphazardly slapped them on.  Orange running lights shine out from beneath the electric reactive armor, though no other markings are visible.  The left arm of the mech is noticeably up-armored compared to the right, with it's main weapon built into the forearm and ammunition store wrapping around the shoulder.
    Armaments: The Gunner's main weapon is modified compared to the standard, though still utilized the railgun mechanisms.  Rather than firing a single explosive round at ultrasonic velocities, the system uses the caseless and actionless nature of the ammunition to unload a hail of smaller slugs within millionths of a second of one another.  The weapon's fire rate is only limited by how fast the loading system can put rounds in the chamber, though this is hindered by the magazine reload time.  The weapon consists of twin paired railguns mounted in parallel on the left arm of the machine, with two armored belt feeds coming down from the storage mounted on the shoulder.  Given the smaller caliber of this weapon, the Aronnax does not have to become completely immobile when firing, though it is still significantly slowed.  Ammuintion is generally KEAPDS, hyperdense osmium-uranium alloy slugs, though explosive and other specialized rounds can be loaded.  To compliment this weapon, it has a varaible-target laser guided missile launcher in the opposite shoulder, loaded with both surface-to-surface (TRIGAT-LR)x18 and surface-to-air missiles (MIM-72A/M48 Chaparral)x9. Its right arm carries a melee weapon, the appendage ending in a large, claw-like aparatus built to crush through armor and electronics alike.  In a pinch, the weapon is durable, and large, enough to serve as a makeshift shield of sorts.  Twin torso mounted Gatling guns (GAU-13/A) provide short-range fire support.
    Weakness: Even when not firing its main weapon, the mech is very slow, only able to move at a respectable pace in straight lines.  When it is firing, this is reduced even further.
    Pilot: Luna Marcus
    rip 2015-2015 kia
    "i only wanted to go out like a champ"

    Base Model: FAW-007[Ex IV] Essentially a Warrior frame modified for the experimental thruster pack which later evolved into the FAW-022. The thruster pack itself was deemed inefficient and dropped from the design, though it still retains many of the secondary flight characteristics. The prototype was only used during controlled testing, though it is rated for combat. It only recently was pressed back into service.
    Designation: Gallia
    Appearance: To decrease overall mass and allow for flight capabilities, the Ex IV is slightly less armored compared to the standard Warrior, though is still much more armored than the FAW-014. It stands somewhat shorter as well, at 20 meters, as those who modified it attempted to shave off any excess mass while still keeping it operating within similar parameters.
    Rather than the utilitarian design of the normal Warrior’s armor, whose reinforced plates are built to last, the Gallia’s armor is molded and aerodynamic in shape. Resembling the smooth shell of a high performance supercar, the unpainted white armor wraps around the limbs and chassis of the mech. Air intakes are strategically placed around the machine, with the largest being two pairs of triple vents positioned on the torso. Twin ridge-like wings at an acute angle to one another run from the machine’s shoulders down to its hips, aiding in stabilization during high-speed maneuvers.
    While the flight pack is no longer present, the maneuvering systems are still in place. Augmenting the standard thrusters are a system of solid fuel booster blocks to provide bursts of strategically placed speed, the kind that would be used to complete tight aerial acrobatics. The exhaust vents are inlaid with the armor to preserve the aerodynamic shape, and are positioned both to amplify the standard thrusters and additional movements. Given the nature of the fuel, the blocks are only fired in short, intense bursts, and only have marginal impact on flat out speed.
    The Gallia is unpainted, and as such, is only the dull monotone of its base parts and stark white armor mixed with the orange of its solid fuel boosters and the yellow-black of various warning stripes.
    Armaments: The Gallia’s main weapon system is a compact, twin barrel bullpup carbine, fed from a sheathed belt mechanism to reduce drag from an open magazine. The ammo store is positioned in the right forearm, though the belt can be detached so the rifle can be removed from the hand. It fires the standard armor piercing caliber at a slightly increased rate thanks to the dual barrels, though gives up some of the range capabilities because of its compact shape.
    Secondary weapon systems take the form of twin missile pods on the mech’s shoulders. Each hold 27 variable target warheads, designed to split into three micromissiles upon firing. Dubbed "swarm rockets", even before firing they are compact compared to normal Walker ordnance. Though lacking in the larger warhead's explosive radius, when fired in bursts they can provide comparable armor piercing capabilities.
    The Gallia’s melee weapons are built into its arms, taking the form of wide, trapezoidal single-edged blades that are sectioned into equal parts along their length. The blades are superheated, and designed to break off at each section to embed themselves in enemy armor, continuing to melt their way through both armor and critical systems. A magazine of new blades is positioned on the Gallia’s corresponding hips. They attach to the top of the Walker’s forearms, stored away in the magazines when not in use.
    As a last resort, or as a slightly less destructive option for asset denial, the mech has twin incendiary cannons mounted on the underside of its arms. The cannons fire short range blasts of ignited thermite to melt through armor and delicate computer systems, though have a limited ammunition store of only four shots each.
    Weakness: The Gallia’s lack of sustainable armor is its primary weakness, relying on the agility of the machine to avoid enemy fire. It can take a solid shot, but the ablative armor is designed to weather down over time, leaving it vulnerable to repeated hits in the same area.
    Pilot: Luna Marcus

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  • I have no objections. Provided Anna has none either, she's approved.

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  • Something for when Blade gets a chance to take a look.


    Tyler should be happy now


    Name: Ayane Inoue

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Lance Corporal (E-3), Mech Jockey

    Appearance: Slightly taller than average for her people, Ayane is a young woman of Japanese descent. Her black hair is just shy of shoulder length, kept neat and unobtrusive. She has the athletic physique one would expect of her career, and wears the Federation uniform unaltered and kept to precise, regulation condition. A patch on her left shoulder identifies her as an Eastern Division pilot, while her rank insignia is displayed clearly on her collar and chest. Though her demeanor on duty is usually serious and quiet, her brown eyes can be downright mischievous under the right circumstances. Her standard issue sidearm is holstered at her right, out of consistency rather than necessity.



    -Comm Link

    Skills: Ayane is a good pilot, despite the relative age of her Walker. Her personal combat skill is above average, but aside from basic maintenance, she’s absolutely hopeless when it comes to repairs on her own machine.

    Personality: The consummate professional when on duty, Ayane nevertheless tends towards a friendly air. Quietly, however. Unless one initiates conversation she tends to listen more than she speaks. Off duty she is much friendlier, though with some lingering tendencies towards formality around those she knows from work.

    Bio: Born to a family with a military history stretching back generations, there was never any doubt that Ayane would enlist in the Federation’s Armed Forces. Nor was there any doubt that she would be a fighter pilot. The latter expectation, however, was inevitably to be shattered; she enlisted as a mech jockey, the first Inoue since the start of their service to be landbound. Despite the issues that arose from this, she proved to be good at her role. But there was always someone better. Years after enlisting, and years after her best friend became a Raptor pilot, Ayane is still using her early generation Warrior. She never complains about it but the fact tends to gnaw at her.


    Said friend, a Nadia White, served at the same Federation base in Tokyo for a time. It was there, perhaps ironically, that her friend would take an increasing interest in piloting and eventually be transferred to Horizon for the Raptor Program. Ayane herself remained in Tokyo, up until her reassignment recently.

    Weakness: Just shy of useless when it comes to maintaining her own machine. Ayane also only has the most basic knowledge of first aid, and average skills with a ranged weapon despite excellent hand to hand technique.


    Profile for Arsenal Walkers:


    Base Model: FAW-07[G]

    Designation: Ronin

    Appearance: Painted in red and white, Ayane’s machine lives up to its name. An unusually ornate headcrest has been added to its head unit, and detailing on its armor lends it the stylings of an old Japanese samurai. Two blade handles protrude from the top of its exaggerated pauldrons, A second, smaller bladed weapon is stored on its ‘hip’. Despite its stylings, the Ronin is more streamlined than most of its brethren. Its shield is printed with the emblem of a Japanese demon. A single gunbarrel rises over its right shoulder, integrated into its backpack.


    -Naginata, a long-range weapon comparable to a high-caliber anti-Walker sniper rifle. Single shot before the system must reload, but fired over the shoulder without the necessity of the machine’s hands.

    -Heat Katana x1

    -Vibro Wakizashi

    -Standard Issue Assault Rifle


    Weakness: The Ronin is an average model, with average systems. None of its weapons have a very high stopping power, and while it is quick, it trades off some armor for that swiftness.

    Pilot: Ayane Inoue.

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  • Name: Jason Ryder

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Federation Pilot, Sergeant

    Appearance: 6'6", 250 lbs, with a fighter's build. Jason has dark hair and brown eyes with an olive complexion and a confident smirk to match. Sports a few scars from past battles, the most prominent one being on his right cheek and another along his forehead. A tattoo of a Walker's reactor is located on his chest over his heart. Leaves his uniform jacket partially buttoned if he does not forego it altogether.


    -Arsenal Walker

    -Survival kit

    -Standard issue handgun (rarely used) and knife (used often)

    -Chewing gum

    Skills: Excels at close combat, both in and out of his Walker. Experienced enough to operate the Gunner's complex systems by himself.

    Personality: A fighter through and through, Jason prefers to tackle his problems head-on. Sometimes literally. Aside from this, he is very straight-forward and pushes himself and those around him to be their best.

    Bio: Growing up in the slums taught Jason that might makes right, a philosophy that carried him through numerous underground fighting circuits. The advent of the Arsenal Walker as a military weapon presented a new outlet for his desire for combat and signed up the as soon as he could.


    Despite a major culture-shock that came with the strictness of military life, Jason took to learning the intricacies of piloting with everything that he had. Eventually, he earned his suit and Walker and has never looked back since.

    Weakness: Jason's tendency to charge right into enemy lines has gotten him into trouble on more than one occassion. Despite his piloting skills, he gets carried away at times and does not alway know when to walk away from a fight.


    Profile for Arsenal Walkers:


    Base Model: FAW-016 Gunner

    Designation: Scarlet Lancer

    Appearance: The Scarlet Lancer uses a heavily re-worked version of the Gunner frame, modified for use in close-quarters combat. Specifically, it trades much of its firepower for better mobility. Its signature railguns have been removed in favor of large boosters and the arms and legs are longer and sleeker, with the lower leg armor being replaced by more thrusters. This allows the Lancer to move with a speed and grace that is unheard of in other Gunner-based units, able to quickly close the distance between itself and an enemy Walker. The additional boosters also allow the Lancer to enter a sort of hovering mode which grants it additional speed and maneuverability for a brief time, though it is unable to achieve flight. Its entire concept is to catch the enemy off guard and overwhelm them using the Gunner's superior size and armor.


    True to its name, the Lancer has a primarily red color scheme, with darker patches on its torso and head. Spikes adorn the knees and right shoulder for use in combat and a sturdy horn juts from the unit's forehead, which can be used as a weapon when grappling. The Lancer is also equipped with a foghorn, which is used mostly to announce its presence.


    -Head-mounted vulcan gun x2: These small weapons have little stopping power and are used mostly as an anti-personnel/missile weapon.

    -Rocket-Powered Gauntlet "Knuckle Buster": Mounted on the right forearm, the Knuckle Buster is a pair of small boosters that, when activated, propel the Lancer's fist forward at an accelerated rate. The weapon also has a pair of spikes on the front for piercing armor.

    -Heavy vulcan cannon: Mounted on the left forearm, the cannon retracts into the forearm's armor when not in use. Useful against the lighter armor of Scouts and Raptors and can be used as a deterrent against Warriors, but Gunners can shrug off its fire.

    -Missile launcher x6: The Lancer has three launchers stored in each side of its chest, which are covered by armored plates that slide apart to deploy the weapon.

    -Anti-Arsenal blade "Kinslayer": The Lancer's main weapon. A polearm-type weapon similar to a medieval svardstav, with a large falchion-like blade mounted on top of a short shaft. The blade itself can be heated to improve its cutting power and a small booster is mounted on the back to increase swinging momentum.

    -Shield: Mounted on the left shoulder to allow the Lancer to have both hands free. A pivot-point allows the shield to swivel around to defend the unit from multiple angles.

    Weakness: While it's faster than a typical Gunner model, the Lancer is still essentially a bigger, slower Warrior and can be overwhelmed by multiple faster enemies. Its long-range capabilities are also limited since it lacks the firepower of a normal Gunner.

    Pilot: Jason Ryder

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  • Approved, if Anna has no objections. I'd recommend reading what's occurred in the game (there isn't too much to go through), and then we can talk about how to introduce your character, if you're not sure how you want to do it.

  • Posted 2015-09-22 03:34:21 UTC
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  • From what I've seen, I think Jason could be introduced as one of the pilots  whose Walkers was undergoing maintenance when the attack started or have him be on board the Federation ship carrying reinforcements when it arrives.

  • Posted 2015-09-22 03:40:29 UTC
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  • Those actually are the very two options I was going to offer. You can pick either one; the profile I had approved a short time ago will be on the ship, and Jason could be on there. Or he could have been undergoing maintenance, and you can get him going right away.

  • Posted 2015-09-22 03:49:51 UTC
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  • Alright. Ship will be arriving pretty soon, so you won't have to wait long.


    That's a fantastic avatar, by the way, I forgot to mention it earlier.

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  • Name: Maigo Koizumi

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Enlisted, Rank E2, Private First Class.

    Appearance: Grade-A cutie, Petite in all areas, which is perhaps stereotypical given her Japanese heritage, Maigo stands at only 4'10" and weighs just under 48 kilos(About 110 pounds). Her hair is black, and her eyes are a vibrant green. She wears a standard uniform.

    Equipment: Standard sidearm pistol, combat knife, comlink, and Kenkaku(her Mecha).

    Skills: Adequate with bladed weapons, and with throwing objects of varying sizes. Also excellent at photography.

    Personality: Tsundere, and fiery, Maigo is a hothead, and uses this to her advantage, pressing attacks.this of course, rends to be frowned upon by her superiors, but it hasn't stopped her yet.

    Bio: Not much to tell, other than enlisting when she was eighteen, and receiving a promotion in rank soon after. Secretly obsessed with boy love comics, and swords. Of all things.

    Weaknesses: A little too sure of herself, and generally hotheaded. Also, Generally pretty bad with Firearms.




    Base Model: FAW-014 Scout

    Designation: Kenkaku

    Appearance: Other than its white and blue coloration, there is very little to differentiate Kenkaku from other Scouts. What little there is makes up for this, however.  The head is adorned with what would appear to be a traditional samurai crest, and an immense Blue Scarf wrapped around the neck which flows heroically in the wind. Several thrusters have been made slightly larger.

    Armaments: One bullpup Carbine Rifle with targeting systems to compensate for Maigo's lack of skill with firearms and a fifteen round magazine. One Heat bladed Katana.

    Weaknesses: Can't take a punch, also targeting systems are finicky and don't take punishment well. Hit em, and Maigo will be severely hindered in her ability to hit targets at range.

    Pilot: Maigo Koizumi

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  • Looks fine to me. Assuming Anna has no objections, approved.

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  • Name: Kam Siu Din (金少巅) - "Lacking a mountaintop"

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Ensign, Federation Space Navy (O-1/OF-1)


    Appearance: At a height of merely a metre fifty-five, the diminutive bridge officer is very much the image of a Chinese girl from the far south (or at least, Hong Kong): short, slim and utterly lacking in any form of asset the Chinese Communist Party would find worthy enough to invest in (and if they spend their time throwing money at the Solomon Islands of all places, that's saying something). As such, she can be found wearing a grumpy scowl most of the time (after all, her posting has left her surrounded by all these gigantic Americans who could probably use her as a basketball), an expression that hardly fits with her cute, rounded face and the adorable brown eyes that stare flatly at you from behind her tinted sunglasses. Indeed, despite her closer proximity to the ground and aura of "probably a small kid", she acts in a manner quite contrary to her appearance, wearing her smooth, jet-black hair back into a professional bun, and always making sure to ensure that her clothes (frequently the naval uniform of the navy, though when off-duty she prefers simple dresses) are neat and tidy, as is expected of a dutiful officer of the Federation. 


    Equipment: Keyring; silver pocket watch (with miniature [just like her] photo of her extended family); Mao's Little Red Book; bag of preserved hawthorn snacks; Federation ID; handcuffs; wallet; notepad and packet of ballpoint pens


    Skills: Miss Kam is a highly perceptive and intelligent woman, a prodigy who graduated at the top of her class at the prestigious Tsinghua University's Department of Mathematical Sciences before undergoing training the National Defence University, an institute considered in the early 21st century to be "China's equivalent to West Point". Despite spending nearly the entirety of her life in China, she is quite fluent, albeit with a noticeable southern Chinese accent, in English, as well as her native tongues of Hong Kong Cantonese, Beijing Mandarin and Hakka. She also possesses above-average vision and superb reflexes, assisting her role as a bridge officer on her ship. Thanks to PE classes in the homeland, she also knows "kung fu".


    Personality: Kam Siu Din is a serious girl with a serious sense of duty, befitting her strong respect for the customs of authority as outlined by her Confucian upbringing. She aspires to be respected and admired, leveraging her prodigious intellect as much as possible into ensuring that all her work is done perfectly, even if she has to go beyond the call to make it so. As such, she detests the tendency for people to dismiss her for her tiny build and childish appearance, and considers the treatment an utter lack of respect for her position and the hard work she has committed herself towards. She wants to be recognised for her deeds and actions rather than treated as little more than a girl barely out of childhood, and it is quite easy to inflame her when she is quick to attempt at proving people that their opinions of her are wrong.


    In a way, her rampant desire for others to look beyond her appearance and general demeanour only paint her as rather immature, which is to be expected of a girl whose life experiences are still very much in their early stages. Although she does possess the skills and credentials, her view of life, her refusal to let things be, they show her to be more or less still a kid. Yet with more experience, it is clear that the hard-working prodigy has much potential if polished, and she has, in a way, recognised this, doing her best to tone down on her stubbornness to instead work on improving her ability to deal with more than just authority figures. 


    That is not to say that young Miss Kam is awkward around her contemporaries, but her manner leaves much to be desired. While formal and respectful at all times when committed to her work on the bridge, her interactions with others outside of her duties can easily descend into biting sarcasm if they irritate her. The fact of the matter is that she isn't particularly experienced with talking to people for things beyond work, and her attempts at socialisation can really show this. Her conversations with others tend to end in awkward silences, barely-veiled insults or a sense of embarrassment that sticks with her for the rest of the day. She tries to keep up a professional front, but it is clear that she is definitely not a people person, and she will immediately seek a form of escape so she can panic without anyone else seeing.


    She's working on it, though.


    An interesting thing of note is that the diminutive naval officer possesses quite a noticeable sweet tooth, which explains why it is very common to see her consume entire packs of preserved fruits during her break periods. And why her breath tends to always smell sweet.


    Bio: A native of the island of Kowloon under the "special administrative region" of Hong Kong, Kam Siu Din was the third daughter and eighth child of a Cantonese-speaking couple that had taken advantage of the loosened birth restrictions implemented by the central government to combat the underpopulation crisis they had accidentally started nearly a century earlier in order to combat the overpopulation crisis, allowing them to partake in the ancient Chinese pastime of producing more children than any other ethnic group in the east of the continent (which probably explains why a country the size of Europe was 92% Han Chinese during the early 21st century). As such, she spent the formative years of her life in a packed household in a city that was already packed, merely another child (though noticeably bright) in the crowd that barely stood out, absorbing the philosophies of her family and her society as she trudged through her day to day life.


    However, by the time she had started school, it became quite clear that the young Kam girl was quite a prodigy, speeding through her work and duties with the help of her powerful intellect and thirst for ambition. Success followed after success, and soon she, as with many other Chinese prodigies throughout history, was rushed out the door of secondary education mere weeks before her 15th birthday and sent packing to one of the most prestigious institutes of knowledge in the entirety of China, Tsinghua University (which, incidentally, was formed after US President Theodore Roosevelt decided that the amount of money [$30 million plus] they were forcing the Qing Empire to pay them after the Eight-Nation Alliance rampaged through Beijing like a bull in a China shop during the Boxer Rebellion was a mite bit excessive, and reduced the indemnity payment to $10.8 million on the condition that it would be used to send bright, young Chinese students to be educated in the States with American values [and alas, the reason why Sun Li-jen, a KMT general and graduate of Tsinghua, was never trusted by the Nationalists and thrown into house arrest following their exodus to Taiwan despite being known as the "Rommel of the East" for his incredible leadership], with Tsinghua serving as a preparatory school for those students who would cross the Pacific into the Western world), where she began studying at its Department of Mathematical Sciences. While there, she found herself attracted to service with the military, especially under the Federation, and immediately upon graduating a few years later, she started attending the National Defence University elsewhere in the Chinese capital, seeking to achieve an officer position within the fledgling Space Navy.


    Her posting to the Panama fleets only a few months after receiving her stripes, as such, is her very first time outside of her homeland, and will be the first in what she considers to be a bright future in a force committed to defending the Earth from all that seeks to threaten it.


    Weakness: Kam Siu Din, for all her intellect and knowledge of the navy, is very much an inexperienced rookie to the organisation, and from to time will be flustered by what strays from her expectations or is new to her. She can be also quite inflexible, lacking the necessary knowledge to deal with things the Academy hadn't run her through. On a physical basis, she isn't particularly strong either, being so short, though admittedly she tries to make up for it with her "kung fu" skills.

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  • Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here, but part of me has been wondering about giving this whole thing another shot. At the present moment, I can't make any promises on how frequently I'd be posting if I did come back. I've got a lot going on right now plus I've been going through a difficult time in my life, but this would offer an opportunity to get back into writing and that's not such a bad thing.


    I still haven't decided anything firmly, but it might be good to know where the RPG is at right now. Depending on what's happening I might be able to find a way to re-introduce my old characters, maybe a few new ones as well. 

  • Posted 2015-11-17 22:27:08 UTC
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  • The enemy infantry are all suffering from a distinct case of destroyed transport engine and probably won't be making it to the actual battlefield until the mech fight is over.


    Right now the conflict is split into two sections. One group of Colonial Walkers are heading for the mass driver while I think that the second one is heading for the Federation base.

  • Posted 2015-11-17 22:34:45 UTC
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  • Okay, maybe there's a way I could work with that. Most of my characters were infantry, so perhaps I could see about sending some of them to give the enemy infantry some trouble. I was thinking maybe a small band of marines could take them by surprise, perhaps reduce their numbers so they'll be at a greater disadvantage by the time they do reach the battlefield.

  • Posted 2015-11-17 23:16:47 UTC
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  • You don't send infantry into a tank battlefield. It's tantamount to murder.


    What I was trying to say is that the battle is going to end when the winner of the Walker segment is decided. The enemy infantry are going to be quickly dealt with by any remaining armored forces on the Federation side.


    I would highly suggest that you make a mech pilot if you rejoin the game.

  • Posted 2015-11-17 23:26:29 UTC
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  • Well, I had been thinking of doing that with Burette. Some time's passed. He could have been transferred. 


    But yes, I guess I'd better come clean. The truth is I've been more interested in the military aspects of this RPG than in simply watching mechs beat each other up.

  • Posted 2015-11-17 23:43:43 UTC
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  • The entire purpose of this RPG is to let people fight in semi-realistic mechs. The closest thing this RPG will ever have to infantry is my guy in his power armor and oversized sniper rifle. And even then he is a pretty iffy character.

  • Posted 2015-11-17 23:56:52 UTC
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  • This is a giant robot RPG, not a military RPG, unfortunately.

  • Posted 2015-11-18 00:36:05 UTC
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  • Atton, if you come back we'll be happy to have you.


    But both Hubert and Silvan have a point. While this is a Military Mecha game, the emphasis is on the latter word. Infantry do have a place in the genre, but it isn't usually on the front lines. When you have relatively nimble humanoid machines that can carry more firepower than a tank while being almost impervious to a weapon an infantryman could carry, they tend to become the go-to-method. Fewer lives lost, for one, and the enemy is probably going to defend with them to start with. Infantry primarily serves to root out enemies within structures too small for Walkers, and similar roles.


    This isn't designed to discourage you, but it is the truth about how the game is set up. It was absolutely designed for people to be able to take up other roles, but the ones I thought people would gravitate towards were engineers, medics, characters of that nature.


    So I feel it is something you should know when considering whether you wish to return.


    The entire purpose of this RPG is to let people fight in semi-realistic mechs. The closest thing this RPG will ever have to infantry is my guy in his power armor and oversized sniper rifle. And even then he is a pretty iffy character.


    hate you, silvan

  • Posted 2015-11-18 00:41:18 UTC
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  • Okay, let's say for the sake of argument I do come back. What if we settled for a compromise? I'll create at least one mech pilot and try to keep up with the main action. At the same time, I'd also have a few infantry characters. That way I could shift between different plot threads, and I would be able to take part in the mech fighting while also focusing on the aspects I'm interested in. Would that be reasonable?

  • Posted 2015-11-18 00:50:42 UTC
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  • That would be quite reasonable. You would just need to be aware (and again, none of this is meant to discourage you. It's just for the sake of clarity) that your infantry characters, when the fighting is happening, likely would not have quite as much to do.

  • Posted 2015-11-18 01:04:31 UTC
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  • I guess that would be where I'd have to get creative. The ground forces might not be able to take on the mechs directly, but theoretically there might still be other ways they could be helpful in, at the very least, giving their own mechs a greater advantage. There probably are situations where having a few people on the ground would be more practical than sending in mechs.


    I guess now I'd have to figure out what to do about creating this hypothetical mech pilot. It would probably make sense to start with one character in that regard, probably using one of the more straight forward mechs. Once I've been in a few mech battles and have a clearer idea what I'm doing, then perhaps I could see about introducing some more people and trying out the bigger models. It would probably make sense therefore for the character to be a new recruit, someone perhaps not fully experienced in mech fighting.


    I'd also have to figure out where I was going with the character. I suppose I could theoretically rework one of my older characters or I could introduce a new one. The latter option wouldn't be a problem. I'd just have to decide on a name and backstory.

  • Posted 2015-11-18 01:14:29 UTC
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    hate you, silvan


    It's not my reason in life to cause you headaches with everything the weapons factory in my head comes up with.






    Have I asked you about the EMP bullets yet?

  • Posted 2015-11-18 04:53:14 UTC
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  • I've been doing this since before your first sci-fi movie ya whippersnapper.