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  • Posted 2015-11-22 23:55:50 UTC
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  • Kam is approved, under the conditions outlined in our discussion.

  • Posted 2015-11-23 02:48:30 UTC
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  • i need to get back into the action sometime


    Base Model: FAW-007[Ex IV] Essentially a Warrior frame modified for the experimental thruster pack which later evolved into the FAW-022. The thruster pack itself was deemed inefficient and dropped from the design, though it still retains many of the secondary flight characteristics. The prototype was only used during controlled testing, though it is rated for combat. It only recently was pressed back into service.
    Designation: Gallia
    Appearance: To decrease overall mass and allow for flight capabilities, the Ex IV is slightly less armored compared to the standard Warrior, though is still much more armored than the FAW-014. It stands somewhat shorter as well, at 20 meters, as those who modified it attempted to shave off any excess mass while still keeping it operating within similar parameters.
    Rather than the utilitarian design of the normal Warrior’s armor, whose reinforced plates are built to last, the Gallia’s armor is molded and aerodynamic in shape. Resembling the smooth shell of a high performance supercar, the unpainted white armor wraps around the limbs and chassis of the mech. Air intakes are strategically placed around the machine, with the largest being two pairs of triple vents positioned on the torso. Twin ridge-like wings at an acute angle to one another run from the machine’s shoulders down to its hips, aiding in stabilization during high-speed maneuvers.
    While the flight pack is no longer present, the maneuvering systems are still in place. Augmenting the standard thrusters are a system of solid fuel booster blocks to provide bursts of strategically placed speed, the kind that would be used to complete tight aerial acrobatics. The exhaust vents are inlaid with the armor to preserve the aerodynamic shape, and are positioned both to amplify the standard thrusters and additional movements. Given the nature of the fuel, the blocks are only fired in short, intense bursts, and only have marginal impact on flat out speed.
    The Gallia is unpainted, and as such, is only the dull monotone of its base parts and stark white armor mixed with the orange of its solid fuel boosters and the yellow-black of various warning stripes.
    Armaments: The Gallia’s main weapon system is a compact, twin barrel bullpup carbine, fed from a sheathed belt mechanism to reduce drag from an open magazine. The ammo store is positioned in the right forearm, though the belt can be detached so the rifle can be removed from the hand. It fires the standard armor piercing caliber at a slightly increased rate thanks to the dual barrels, though gives up some of the range capabilities because of its compact shape.
    Secondary weapon systems take the form of twin missile pods on the mech’s shoulders. Each hold 27 variable target warheads, designed to split into three micromissiles upon firing. Though lacking in larger warheads in explosive radius, when fired in bursts they can provide comparable armor piercing capabilities.
    The Gallia’s melee weapons are built into its arms, taking the form of wide, trapezoidal single-edged blades that are sectioned into equal parts along their length. The blades are superheated, and designed to break off at each section to embed themselves in enemy armor. A magazine of new blades is positioned on the Gallia’s corresponding hips. They attach to the top of the Walker’s forearms, stored away in the magazines when not in use.
    As a last resort, or as a slightly less destructive option for asset denial, the mech has twin incendiary cannons mounted on the underside of its arms. The cannons fire short range blasts of ignited thermite to melt through armor and delicate computer systems, though have a limited ammunition store of only four shots each.
    Weakness: The Gallia’s lack of sustainable armor is its primary weakness, relying on the agility of the machine to avoid enemy fire. It can take a solid shot, but the ablative armor is designed to weather down over time, leaving it vulnerable to repeated hits in the same area.
    Pilot: Luna Marcus

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  • Posted 2015-11-23 03:38:32 UTC
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  • Kam is approved, under the conditions outlined in our discussion.

    Do you want me to make more bridge bunnies?

  • Posted 2015-11-23 03:51:35 UTC
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  • Do you want me to make more bridge bunnies?

    hey wait i want in

  • Posted 2015-11-23 07:40:12 UTC
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    : Johnathon David Peters (Johnny works fine)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male.

    Occupation: Mech Pilot, Lance Corporal (Formerly Airman First Class)

    Appearance: Tall and Strong at 6'3, 235 pounds. Blonde hair is cut close as per military regulation, blue eyes are full of bright idealism and grin full of pearly white teeth. Wears a ###### of a uniform, maintained and regulated to standard military expectations of perfection. Ethnically Dutch-Irish and Russian, his features are chiseled in an altogether classically handsome manner, and his skin is of course fair, if a little tanned from the Panama sun. M1911A1 sidearm found at the hip. When in casual wear, typically dresses in the quintessential shorts and a tee, because it's Panama and Panama is a ###### sight warmer than Anchorage.


    • M1911A1 Semi-automatic pistol chambered for .45 ACP.
    • Federation Comm. Unit.
    • Laptop.
    • Walker.
    • Unofficially, every grill, spatula, and hunk of meat on base.

    Skills: Wrestling (4x D1 All-American), decent amateur boxer, Marksmanship, Idealism, Following Orders, nearly avoiding friendly fire accidents (ONE TIME OKAY), License to Grill.

    Personality: Friendly, determined, a bit boisterous, humorous, honorable, and humble, Johnny is one of those people that seem to live and breathe Americana in it's purest form, or at the very least try to. An impassioned champion of the ideals the United States was founded upon: individualism, egalitarianism, freedom, asymmetrical warfare, democracy, and the pursuit of happiness just to name a few. A spirited competitor and a for-the-most-part disciplined soldier, he is one of those people whose character can be defined as the fruits of an honest upbringing, creating a hard worker who has a healthy respect for hard work and those who work hard. Protestant Christian upbringing, albeit one that basically served as a foundation for morals in his early years and as a background to them now. Will be the one to leap at the call for a Humanitarian Aid mission should the need arise. Willing to try practically any new cuisine that you throw at him.

    In case you couldn't tell, holds a great deal of national pride.

    Bio: The Grandson of Russian immigrants to Anchorage, Alaska, who changed their name from Petrov to Peters upon their arrival, Johnny is all but entirely the quintessential young American man in upbringing. Taught early on the difference between right and wrong and instilled with a hard work ethic, the young man forged himself in the harsh coldness and natural beauty and ridiculously huge mosquitos into a dedicated student, as well as an amateur wrestler (the kind that the Olympics have as a sport, not the sports entertainment kind {but he can totally give you an AA if you earn his ire}), getting through school all the way until post-secondary education with relative ease thanks to effective note-taking and smart studying. After 4 years of working towards a Petroleum Engineering Major at Texas A&M, he somehow found himself itching to join the military. So he did, and for two years served as a Pilot in the USAF before being transferred to the Federation's Mech Division, landing him on base at Horizon. Somehow.

    Weakness: Has a tendency to push himself to the very limit in battle, and doubly so if the alternative is leaving somebody, civilian or military, behind. Likely one to die a hero or martyr, earlier than he should. Might come across as more of a caricature than an actual person.


    Base Model: FAW-022 Raptor

    Designation: Eagle Omaha

    Appearance: Painted Red, White, and Blue in a loving nod to the testbed colors of the F-15S/MTD, Omaha's armor and armaments is thus far of standard fair, with one major adjustment of a powerful AESA radar system located within the head, the housing for which necessitating a slight rearrangement of the camera system and the addition of a vaguely aquiline detail to the mech's "face". In terms of Avionics, the engines are intensely powerful derivatives of the Pratt and Whitney F119s, allowing for supercruise and providing a small degree of thrust vectoring, which help compensate for a reduction in the efficacy of the fight surfaces.

    Armaments: Standard-issue Walker Assault Rifle, Chambered in 100mm. Two equally standard-issue head-mounted 20mm M61 Vulcans, 4 AIM-120D AMRAAMS, 2 AIM-9X Sidewinders, and 2 GBU-32 JDAMs.

    Weakness: Has that almost classically American relationship with it's standard issue counterparts: where it provides increased thrust and climbing rate, it simultaneously gives up a bit in terms of maneuverability. Think a P-51 vs. a Zero, or an F-4 vs a MiG-21.

    Pilot: Johnathon David Peters.

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  • Name: Viviana Montanari-Favero

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Ensign, Federation Space Navy

    Appearance: Around 5’ 5”, with a moderately fit build as a result of her semi-active lifestyle. Facially, she possesses large, noticeably Mediterranean features with an olive complexion. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, framed by whichever stray locks of her midnight-hued wavy hair manage to escape the tight ponytail. Generally wears the standard Navy uniform, with her rank.

    Equipment: She does have a standard-issue pistol, but rarely keeps it on hand. Generally has more domestic devices; tablet, notebooks and pens, etc. Cannot physically be parted ten feet away from her vintage digital music player.

    Skills: Her occupation demands a particular set of requirements, and she didn’t get on a Federation capital ship by having connections. Her ability to think on the fly and handle multiple strains of thought at once allowed her make it into the top 15% of her graduating class at the Eastern European Space Defense Academy, and landed her a spot on a full blown Federation Battleship. Her area of expertise is in strategic orbital and sub-orbital munitions applications. In few words, she knows how to make things go boom in space.

    English is a second language for her, though the prevalence of it on a Federation spacecraft has made it slightly better than her native Italian.

    Personality: Perky, eager to please, and somewhat of a military geek at heart, Viviana is unwaveringly bright, verging on bubbly at times. She possesses a fiercely competitive spirit, one which has propelled her this far in life. Her overwhelmingly positive attitude has a tendency to bleed over to her professional work, though the fact that said work generally deals with saying where high explosives should go can be disconcerting to others.

    She is, nonetheless, disciplined and very capable of pulling it together when things get real.

    Bio: Viviana was born into a military family, at enlisting within the Armed Forces was for the most part, completely expected of her. Her father was an officer in the more traditional Navy, and she was deadest in following his footsteps, if it weren’t for a rather embarrassing issue. Suffice to say, her crippling fear of the open ocean stopped that career path dead in its tracks. Thankfully, the Federation’s Space Defense program was kicking into high gear, and she suffered no such fear of the empty void.

    Weakness: Her lack of experience is her greatest weakness, being quite nearly fresh out of the academy, Viviana has very little real combat experience.




    bridge bunny woo~

  • Posted 2015-12-16 01:19:38 UTC
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  • So, I'm really interested in joining, and am actually in the process of writing up a character now, but something has me confused... What's a 'bridge bunny', if I may ask? :P

  • Posted 2015-12-16 01:29:41 UTC
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  • It's a fan term for bridge officer characters in certain genres, mecha anime in particular. Just a tongue-in-cheek way to refer to the bridge staff of a starship.

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  • Name: Zale Less

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Lance Corporal, Federation Space Navy. (Walker mechanic.)

    Appearance: A bit over 2 meters tall, close-cropped brown hair, blue eyes.Built similar to an old-Canadian lumberjack type, minus the large beard. He does have facial hair, however he keeps it trimmed shorter. Often wearing plain shirts and pants, and almost always stained with oil or dirt.

    Equipment: Tool belt carrying a wireless Walker diagnostic display, basic repair tools, duct tape and WD-40. A personal communication device. Keeps a knife strapped to his belt. Customized FAW-007G, named Steadfast.

    Skills: Walker repairs and patching. Some sword training (Due to unconventional hobbies).

    Personality: Generally warm and jovial, Zale greet everyone with a smile. He believes most people have good in them, though also the potential for evil. He's willing to give most the benefit of the doubt, but is incredibly unforgiving if you cross one too many lines with him. Fiercely loyal, if he decides you're worth his friendship, he'll never let you down.

    Bio: Growing up in a rural suburb, Zale had plenty of time on his hands as a child. His father taught him the basics of mechanical work, how to repair household objects and vehicles, and Zale took to it like a fish to water. By the time he was a teenager, he'd already developed a reputation for making anything work. He had a close group of friends growing up, and they had a reputation of being the strange children. For years, they were determined to bring ancient sword fighting techniques back into the mainstream, and each friend studied a different method, practicing against the others in the group. Zale studied a 'sword and board' method, using a medium length curved sword and a tall, tower-like shield. He was known amongst his friends as the strongest, the one most likely to take a hit instead of backing down, and he's carried that with him to adulthood. He managed to save quite a bit of money from repairing and fixing anything that was sent his way, and enlisted in the military as an on-base mechanic. After some time proving his skills, he began piecing together a design for his own Walker. After being sent a severely damaged frame that was meant to be scrapped, Zale struck a deal with his CO that if he could repair the armor, he could pilot it for the military. His work keeps him very busy most of the time, but he's managed to find time to work on his customized Walker armor. He finished recently, fully repairing a jerry-rigging the armor to working ability, much to his commanding officer's surprise.

    Weakness: Slightly obsessive, if Zale begins on a project he's likely to forget eating and sleeping until he's satisfied with his progress. While he has a long fuse, he is very unforgiving if people continually cross him or hurt his friends. A grudge from Zale is not easily erased.


    Base Model: FAW-007G-Warrior

    Designation: Steadfast.

    Appearance: Slightly more heavily armored than the stock model, Steadfast has traded some maneuverability for defense. While not as heavy as a Behemoth, Steadfast can take more abuse than the stock Warrior any day. It carries a large shield, almost the same height as the Walker itself on its left arm. It has upgraded thrusters for space-flight, as well as much larger feet for ground battles. The idea is, if Steadfast in in your way, you'd better find a way around.

    Armaments: The shield is made of a scanner-blocking substance, so by hiding behind it, Steadfast can avoid enemies locating weak spots. It carries a curved sword, 11 meters long, and designed to channel electricity through from a solar-powered pack on its back. As a backup, Zale has also added a combat pistol to the Walker.

    Weakness: The scanner-jammer shield is directionally based, so in a flanking situation it's jamming abilities are useless. It also works in both directions, so anything coming at it from in front of the shield is only visible visually, not by scanners. The Walker is mostly melee based, and almost useless at range.

    Pilot: Zale Less.

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  • Posted 2015-12-23 23:32:01 UTC
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  • Sorry for the delay, I've had a bit of a busy week. While the Steadfast in and of itself is okay, there's a problem with Zale's backstory. Walkers are relatively new tech, they aren't the sort of thing that get sold at military auction. Honestly they don't get sold outside of the military at all.

  • Posted 2015-12-23 23:54:27 UTC
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  • Fair enough. I've modified the backstory, I still don't know if it'll fly but perhaps it's closer to a good explanation?

  • Posted 2015-12-27 03:02:06 UTC
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  • Sorry for yet another delay, but you know. Christmas season. Didn't have a lot of time.


    Anyway, it works better but I'm still a little confused on whether he's actually supposed to be a member of the military or not. If he is, he just needs a few small edits to clarify rank and such. If not there is some precedent for non-military personnel to use Walkers (Lukas), but there would need to be just a few tweaks to shift him towards that contractor territory.

  • Posted 2015-12-27 05:02:36 UTC
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  • I could go either way with that, but I think I might prefer contractor status, if there's a way we can do sort of a mechanics contractor. What sort of tweaks would I need to make?

  • Posted 2016-01-02 23:46:01 UTC
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  • Mehanical contractor would have been, for the most part, operating as a mechanic. His piloting duties would've mostly been to act as mobile repair for other Walkers. Generally, his commanders would be pretty eager to keep him out of combat. How hard-pressed Horizon is might force them to field him outside of that role, but it wouldn't be their preference.


    It would be easier if he were enlisted, but I can work him in either way.

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  • If it would be easier as an enlisted character, let's do it that way. What should I change to get him working?

  • Posted 2016-01-05 23:53:14 UTC
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  • Just tweak the backstory to reflect that he works as a mechanic for the Federation, and note his rank in the proper section. Then he should be good to go.

  • Posted 2016-01-06 00:18:09 UTC
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  • And these are standard military ranks, correct? And I assume no starting as an officer as well.

  • Posted 2016-01-06 01:23:33 UTC
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  • The highest rank that most people start at is E3, Lance Corporal. With one exception for a Walker pilot, and that was for in-universe reasons.

  • Posted 2016-01-06 04:01:50 UTC
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  • The highest rank that most people start at is E3, Lance Corporal. With one exception for a Walker pilot, and that was for in-universe reasons.

    Gotta test those machines bruh.

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  • Okay, couple small changes to Zale's profile as discussed previously, anything else I need to tweak?

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  • Sorry, but there is one last thing. He'd be a Lance Corporal, not an Ensign. Walker pilots aren't under the Federation Navy.


    Once you fix that, he's approved.

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  • Base Model: FAW-007[G] Warrior

    Designation: FAW-007TC+KIWSE003 Colony Warrior Test Type "Lockheed Custom-Custom"

    Appearance: Although essentially unchanged from its form prior to the Assault on Horizon, the Lockheed Custom-Custom has been extensively modified in order to better deal with the threat posed by the Ark Union's advanced Walkers. As such, despite utilising the same base frame as the standard FAW-007[G] Warrior and sharing its aesthetics, it possesses a number of remarkable differences, though relatively untouched from its previous iteration. The slightly more emphasised shoulder pauldrons are still present, and its backpack, which mounts its powerful shot lancers, now has been streamlined with the removal of redundant solar power batteries. Its protruding visor-style camera unit remains, though now a bloody to red to represent all the Federation lives lost during the colonial attack, and the single horn growing from its "helm" has become longer and more wicked, and is tough enough to even use as a weapon in its own right. It also possesses a bit more bulk thanks to the presence of an additional, detachable thruster below its backpack in order to provide greater speed to match Assaulter-type machines, and attached to the wrists of both its arms are now rocket anchor storage units, an addition echoed by the mech's legs, which too possess rocket anchor units capable of changing the direction of their fire. All-navy excepting golden decals and black shoulders, the Lockheed Custom-Custom is ready to better serve the Federation in the upcoming war.


    -NF GMG-Type.37/100mm Machine Gun: open-bolt, gas-operated, magazine-fed

    -Shield: attached to its right arm is a large riot shield, which can also serve as a weapon rack for its heat hawks due to built-in solar panels, thereby reducing strain upon the machine's reactor

    -Heat Hawk x2: giant axes with superheated edges to improve cutting power against enemy armour; battery-powered, preventing need to be constantly connected to the Lockheed Custom-Custom; however, battery life is short and requires constant recharge in the rack; otherwise normal giant axes

    -"Shot Lancer": close-to-mid range weapon; backpack-mounted; uses electromagnetic forces to propel a javelin to impale enemies

    -"Rocket Anchors" x4: one mounted on each limb; fires off a clamp with two metal hooks and a central spike in order to grab onto enemies, objects and the terrain; attached to a long, polymer-coated cable with high tensile strength and durability; within the cable is conductive wiring, allowing for the clamp to be magnetised; it can also deliver electric shocks, but it is power-intensive, ensuring only minimal usage

    Weakness: The Lockheed-Custom-Custom has traded speed for greater armour and weapons, and as such is outclassed by most machines in the agility department. Some of its weapons can also be a drain on its reactor, and as such can not be used repeatedly or in combination with one another too often without hurting its own functionality.

    Pilot: Christoph Lockheed

  • Posted 2016-01-30 03:20:15 UTC
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  • After talking it over with my team, the Lockheed Custom Custom is not approved. It is too substantial an upgrade for the moment, as this was intended to be a minor respeccing to let people fix grievous errors or replace destroyed Walkers, and frankly is not something that could be mechanically supported by the Lockheed Custom. The original is already noted to be much slower and more power intensive than the average Warrior, and this was a limitation imposed by me due to the requirements of downsizing electromagnetic propulsion for the Shot Lancers.


    It is the conclusion of the staff that the Lockheed Custom Custom simply could not use the booster to increase its own speed, and the rocket anchors would add to the power overhead too much to be viable. 

  • Posted 2016-02-04 14:53:26 UTC
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  • Pre-approved by Krayzikk.




    Name: Natalie Adelaide Martell


    Age: 25


    Gender: Female


    Occupation: AW Pilot, E-3(Lance Corporal), engineer


    Appearance: Petite and mousy, Natalie tops out at five and a half feet, which makes the cockpit of an AW rather comfortable to move in. Her caramel hair is kept short for regulation reasons, and her stormy grey eyes give off the impression of a rather hard personality, which isn't entirely accurate.


    Equipment: FAW-007[G] Unit G-8, AW Pilot suit and helmet, standard sidearm and knife.


    Skills: AW Pilot, trained engineer


    Personality: Quiet and reserved, Natalie tends to keep to herself and her research on modern machinery. Nonetheless, she can be rather open and relaxed with those she considers friends, which are a rarity.


    Bio: Born into a poor family on the fringes of the Western European DMZ, Natalie had admired Arsenal Walkers and their pilots since a young age. Living in a small town near the unstable border, the sight of the gigantic sentinels that guarded, and occasionally entered battle for, Federation-controlled territory from bellicose rogue states filled Natalie with a desire to learn about the Arsenal Walkers and how they worked.


    To that end, she worked hard in school and managed to obtain entry into university, before joining up in the Federation Armed Forces, her engineering degree opening up an AW career. Following a rather average career for an AW pilot, she was promoted to E-3 and given her AW certification.


    Her first posting was back home near the border and she saw little action, simply patrolling the border and occasionally being attached to the rear echelons of a counter-attack in a wider battle. It seemed that garrison duty would constitute the rest of her career.


    However, a year into her tour of duty her home village was caught in one of these border skirmishes, and although most of her village survived the attack, her family was not among them.


    Finding it too painful to stay with the memories, she requested a transfer to a unit that was anywhere else but home. Natalie was transferred across the globe to another 'hot' zone and distinguished herself in battle with her zeal, bravery and willingness to charge into battle, drawing on her pent-up guilt and anger.


    However, her CO noted her almost self-destructive tendencies and, once the region was pacified, put in a transfer request for her to a safe and quiet garrison: Horizon.


    Although resistant at first, it has been a year since then, and Natalie has managed to settle into her new, more peaceful life. Time will tell of that situation will continue.




    Weakness: Although a trained soldier, Natalie is far from being proficient in hand-to-hand combat, nor is she particularly physically resilient. In addition, she is not the best in communication and is not proactive in excommunicating vital information in battle, usually focusing only on the fight she is in.





    Base Model: FAW-007[G]


    Designation: G-8 Valkyrie


    Appearance: Painted in teal and grey, it is the job of the Valkyrie to charge into the thick of battle as quickly as possible and stay in it for as long as possible, being more focussed on mêlée combat. As a result, it is more heavily-armoured than the standard Warrior, with additional armour plates layered over the areas most likely to get hit in battle and weak spots.


    In addition, the rear thrusters can be boosted to vastly increase the speed of the Valkyrie in order to be the first to engage hostiles. This is why the rear thrusters take on the shape of extended 'wings' or 'fins' in order to increase forward propulsion by narrowing the exit area of exiting gas.




    Tajcorp S-4b Ballistics Shield- Armed with a Federation Ballistics battle shield capable of stopping and deflecting the majority of small arms fire or average Arsenal Walker projectiles.


    Federation Ballistics K8(s)- The Valkyrie is also armed with a long vibroblade is the shape of a longsword. The sword can be activated for a short period of time in order to shift the vibrational frequencies of the molecules along the edge. This effect allows electrons to be excited along the edge and travel along it. In this mode, the blade's electric current shorts out localised electronic systems it touches and can cause local shutdowns in the case of Arsenal Walkers such as temporarily shorting out servos if it hands a limb. A side effect of the excitation of electrons is that light is emitted when they de-excite, hence the blade glows when in this mode.


    Krueller Weapons Systems MA-37 130mm Shotgun- Perfect for close-quarters combat, the MA-37 can be stashed on the hip of the AW when not in use.


    Weakness: Due to the Valkyrie's heavy armour, it is more heavy than the average Warrior and moves less nimbly than one. In addition, its standard operating speed is lower than that of other Mechs, except when boosting.


    The vibroblade consumes a lot of energy from the AWs power cells when activated, and so can only be used in that mode for short periods of time.


    Pilot: Natalie Martell








    Name: Hassan Bin Ahmad


    Age: 29


    Gender: Male


    Occupation: AW Pilot, E-3(Lance Corporal), resident kebab chef


    Appearance: Usually seen with a smile on his face, Hassan stands at an average six feet tall. Hassan's black hair is usually cropped short due to regulation standards. Regular exercise has given him a slightly muscular frame, and his light brown eyes compliment his darker skin.


    Equipment: FAW-007[G] Unit V-2 Jinn


    Skills: AW Pilot, Kebab-making(and the many variations thereof)


    Personality: Friendly and easy-going, Hassan is always willing to help younger pilots, make new friends or cook up some food if the situation calls for it.


    Bio: The eldest son of Levantine migrants, Hassan was born in Cairo. His father, and his father before him, made a living selling Kebabs at the roadside. Through a combination of friendliness and their secret recipe, the family made enough money to move to the tourist-heavy parts of the city and rent a storefront.


    Hassan, despite inheriting his father's joviality, did not inherit his disinterest in the outside world. On the contrary, Hassan wanted to travel the world, maybe even visit one of the space colonies one day. Knowing that neither his family nor his lack of lucrative prospects could afford such a lifestyle, he resolved to enlist in the Federation military, which was a respectable occupation given the Federation's success in its efforts to protect the hard-won stability in his homeland and the region.


    Thus, Hassan became an AW Pilot after graduating from Basic and made a tour of duty, serving in hotspots across the planet(and picking up recipes of local variants of kebabs). After several tours of duty, Hassan was wounded in battle and pulled from the front. Although he has healed from his wounds his back muscles occasionally seize up if too much strain is put on them.


    Hassan was then transferred to Horizon, a strategically-valuable location that was nonetheless far from any hotspots, as a reward for years of faithful service. Accompanied as ever by his guardian Genie, Hassan is ready to kick back and enjoy garrison duty, far from all the fighting...



    Weakness: Hassan is not always able to take things seriously, even when he should. He also has a bad back that can strike at the worst of times.





    Base Model: FAW-007[G]


    Designation: V-2 Jinn (sometimes affectionately called the Genie)


    Appearance: The bronze and russet Jinn looks similar to the base FAW-007, with its notable differences being its head. It is equipped with an old head and sensor package, replacing the faceplates of a base FAW-007 with a rounded mask appearance, including a sensor module that emits light from the centre of the face, giving the Jinn a cyclopean visage. In addition, the new head is equipped with a transmitter in the shape of a "fin" extending backwards. The transmitter is used to send targeting data to other friendly Arsenal Walkers to aid in combat.



    Armaments: The Genie is armed and armoured like a typical Warrior, with slight variations in its weapons and targeting systems.


    Federation Ballistics K3p- Double-edged vibroblade, the K3p is heavier than most vibroblades and relies on that to crush armour and stop targets dead in their tracks.


    United Armaments XB-20 100mm Assault Rifle- The Jinn's main weapon is its arm-mounted Assault Rifle. Its ammunition is internally stored in the rifle, which removes the need for reloading. This, however, makes the XB-20 more vulnerable to jamming and overheat, hence, its standard operating rate of fire is lower than that of other comparable magazine-fed Rifles.


    It is also directly connected and interfaced with the AW, granting it increased accuracy.


    Pratt Corp. C12 Missile Launcher- Missiles are arranged in a 2 by 2 square and can be toggled to fire all at once as suppression fire or one at a time with greater accuracy. The missiles are standard Pratt Corp. ML-17. A fast reload system allows for the Jinn to carry 4 extra missiles in battle.



    Weaknesses: Without any shield equipped, the Jinn is forced to rely solely on parries and blocks with its heavy vibroblade to ward off mêlée attacks. In addition, its weapons configuration and technical specifications is entirely average and unspecialised, leaving the Jinn behind in performance in certain fields versus specialist Mecha.

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  • Name: October M. Brightbridge
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Oberstabsgefreiter [OR-4a]
    Appearance: A relatively tall woman at a height of just under a metre seventy, October M. Brightbridge cuts a striking figure, with the beauty and grace expected from a former celebrity and teenage pop star. She's fit and athletic as demanded by the stresses of the military, appearing to all as the picture of perfect health. Unlike most other pilots, her ginger locks roll further down her back than necessary, cutting off only a bit past her shoulders. It contrasts noticeably with the blue headphones that consistently rest around her ears, the aquamarine shade almost the exact same as her glittering blue eyes.
    October's day-to-day fashion varies considerably, highlighting her more creative tendencies. This is still echoed through her standard Federation pilot suit, which is a stark white and pink unlike most other ones, although her army uniform remains untouched.
    Equipment: Headphones; survival pack; semi-automatic standard issue pistol; phone; Walker Pilot
    Skills: Beautiful voice and great singer; dancer; skilled multitasker; polyglot
    Personality: Surprisingly more calm and collected than what her quirks and reputation would suggest, the woman known as October M. Brightbridge is a complicated, contradictory figure, one whose wish for an utterly stressless life seems to be at complete odds with her occupation and tendency to get involved in problems. She enjoys being able to go with the flow and relax, content with the regimented lifestyle of being a Walker pilot, but it isn't too surprising to find her thinking up some strange plot for excitement that is all but calm and relaxing. It's a testament to her lifestyle that she can switch from serenity to chaos in an instant, but she admittedly prefers the rush of fighting, of being in the spotlight doing things, a remnant of her old pop star days.
    The ones she tried to escape, mind you.
    She isn't particularly good at dealing with issues, preferring to try and avoid them as much as she can. Chasing them down straight-on isn't her thing at all. It's uncomfortable for her, and she'll brush them all off so that it doesn't harm her stress-less life. Avoid the issue. She remembers what it was like to face them head-on. She ended up running away from everything she knew.
    She'll laugh about it but her past has affected her quite a bit.
    October also has a propensity to hum and wave her jazz hands around.
    Bio: A former teenage pop star and later radio personality (a job she still actually holds), October M. Brightbridge decided, after an incredibly messy breakup, to walk into a quiet little recruiting station in western Saarbrücken and sign herself up to the Federation military. It had been a choice made on a whim, a hare-brained thought that had burst through a haze of emotion, one that no sane person would've made without sufficient thought. Yet she did so, wanting a new, drastic start, and soon enough found herself as a Walker pilot-in-training on one of the lunar garrisons, essentially a dead-end assignment to all concerned with the matter.
    She didn't particularly mind the place, having originally joined to simply get as far away from Earth as she could without seeking asylum with the Ark Union. It was something new and fresh, and she ended up as a host of breakfast radio show in her spare time as well. After a few years and a number of classified shenanigans (some involving work with test machines at Kazahara Industries over at Copernicus) however, October was promoted and transferred back planetside. She was bounced around a few bases before finally shacking up with the Olympic on its trip to Horizon. Her exploits during the Ark Union's attack were minimal thanks to a lack of partner (her former one having been promoted to a desk job) and her machine being stuck in the hangar bay for repairs.
    However, with her Walker now functional, she has found a new accomplice in her quest to bring an end to the Spacenoid menace.
    Weakness: October is very much not a close-range combatant, and can often spread her attention too thin, making it easier for others to catch her off guard.

    Base Model: FAW-016A Gunner


    Designation: FAW-016[GB]+AMGγ-009/RTX "Huckebein"


    Appearance: A colossal, highly armoured machine of war, the navy blue and black Huckebein is an intimidating sight, the stocky build expected of most Gunner-types translating over as a weapon that simply screamed "walking god of destruction". Indeed, the bulky steel beast is armed to the teeth, large pauldrons capable of opening up to reveal the incredible quantity of missiles it can target its enemies with, as well as the two forearm-mounted gatling guns that seem to gleam in the sunlight, white shine reflecting off black. Its chest, highly armoured, can slide open as well to reveal its main close-range weapon, a shotgun barrel that would be dangerous to anything in proximity. What is most noticeable, however, is the non-standard head unit that sits between the traditional railguns; with a red chin, a set of vents running down the sides of its face, glowing green optics and a prominent yellow v-fin, the Huckebein seems to call upon the spirit of ancient knights (especially with its dual, blue-grey tower shields that are almost as large as it is) to its design as well. 



    -60mm Head Vulcan x2: situated within the head unit of the Huckebein are gatling guns mostly used to ward off advancing enemies or serve as anti-air weapons.

    -M998 RB Chest Shotgun: at the centre of its body, hidden behind layers of armour, is a large shotgun that can deal heavy damage to things within its killzone. However, it is very slow to reload, even beating out the railguns of the Huckebein in firing time.

    -Dea Blanche Split Missile Banks x2: the Huckebein's massive pauldrons serve as missile banks that can lock onto targets and fire, each one capable of firing five missiles each. What makes these special, however, are their ability to split open into three mid-flight. They are frequently used as a swarm, saturating battlefields in explosions. However, they are not heat-seeking, thus reducing their accuracy.

    -FAW-016 Railgun x2: the standard-issue railgun of the Gunner-type, the Huckebein's has been left utterly untouched, but due to its significant number of armaments they cannot be used while power is being channelled to keeping everything else working.

    -RaMX-008L "Hans" Shield x2: two massive tower shields are carried around by the Huckebein to serve as cover and for defensive purposes, though can also be launched in certain directions to bring cover to its allies, or if in a pinch to punch through an enemy unit with a giant hunk of metal.

    -Kenkaku Soul: the heat katana of the late Kenkaku, the bladed weapon has been upgraded and remodelled into a larger, heavier cutting weapon that serves as a last resort for the close-range, requiring the Huckebein to remove itself of its shields to properly use. It is stored on the right leg of the unit. 


    Weakness: Bulky, heavily armoured and a one-machine artillery squadron, it would be a surprise to know that the Huckebein even haS weaknesses. The fact of the matter is that there are glaring issues with the Gunner-type, largely in the realm of its manoeuvrability. It is incredibly slow-moving, rarely capable of traversing long distances at a decent pace, and is absolutely horrid when dealing with irregular terrain. It is heavy, to the point where it could easily crack the ground below it with a single step. Use of its main weapons, such as the railguns or missile banks, require it to stay absolutely still to launch, providing enemies chances to close in. Reloading can be slow, and the massive amounts of firepower it puts out also means that it lacks staying power in long conflicts without resupply. It is vulnerable to attacks from behind due to a lack of viable weapons facing that side, which is why it tends to stick to the back of the battlefield.


    Pilot: October M. Brightbridge and Maigo Koizumi


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    Name: Sophia Monet

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Mech Jockey, Liberator XO

    Appearance: Sophie is short, at five feet on her absolutely best days when being measured by the most biased of sources. In reality, her height clocks in somewhere closer to 4'10, and her Walker was designed with personal input on how to compensate for height in the cockpit. Her height, plus her features, helps to cultivate a mischievous air about her. Her cheeks are sharp, her jaw square, and her ears small; the fact that all are framed with a dirty blonde pixie cut only helps to drive the elfin appearance home. Her cognac-tinted brown eyes and bright smile are the widest parts of her face.


    Also of note is that, in lieu of the typical bomber jacket worn by Union jockeys, Monet wears a hoodie around at all times. On the bridge of the ship and inside her Walker, she wears a women's x-small black hoodie with the hood drawn up over her head. In a more private setting, the hoodie is replaced by a men's medium, colored maroon and acquired in unknown circumstances.

    Personality: Sophie would no doubt be considered by commanding officers and colleagues a charming, playful girl with a sharp wit and a sisterly demeanor...if she were to speak in anything but French at any time. The poetry she loves quoting is all in French. Her briefings and debriefings are all in French. Her justifications for sitting on the bridge of the Liberator, feet kicked up in the captain's chair and playing mobile games, tend to be in French. Despite this language obstacle (and despite the widely held belief that she could easily speak fluent English if she wanted) Akai Team reports that their commanding officer is nonetheless a young woman of formidable personality and possessed with a softer heart than her fearsome Walker and loud, often vulgar French tirades would suggest. This type of loyalty she inspires is inspired in turn - she would die for her capitaine, as well as any one of her boys in Akai Team.


    -Born in Paris, France, to a Le Cordon Bleu-trained mother and a father who was amongst the first tests of the Scout design. Intended to go into engineering and mechanics to serve with pilots like her father.

    -Upon his death at age 18 in the Harmony catastrophe at Frontier, grew bitter with what she presumed to be the shoddy workmanship of Federation Walkers.

    -Scrounged up enough money to get as far as Luna, but with no practical degree in engineering and no qualifications beyond a fiery heart, quest to join Union military fell flat.

    -Whittling away her spare coin at a bar on Luna eventually brought her into contact with a young trainee named Amadeus Jackson. Initial designs on sleeping with him scuttled upon learning of his intended career.

    -Four hours of attempting (and, as she notes with pride, failing) to wipe Monet off the bar's flight sim scoreboard led to him paying passage to New Berlin with her, inspiring a fierce loyalty and affection continuing through to present day.

    -Is more bilingual than she lets on.



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  • the bourgeoisie




    with your fancy french cooking



    and your









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  • Oh wow, it's been a while. Anyway, I have found myself wondering about returning once again. Right now, I'm busy with exams, so I don't know how often I'd be able to post at the moment, but after they're done I'll need something to do anyway.


    In the meantime, I did start to come up with some ideas for a mech operator if it's any interest, though I'd still need to work out some details before making a profile. I was wondering about maybe a former black ops specialist who quit after something went wrong during a secret mission, only to find that they could not adjust to an ordinary life, leading them to take up mech training. Does that sound like a believable idea?

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  • Hey man, wassup? You just missed the end of the invasion and our butts being spanked harder than a child in an abusive household.

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  • Oh wow, it's been a while. Anyway, I have found myself wondering about returning once again. Right now, I'm busy with exams, so I don't know how often I'd be able to post at the moment, but after they're done I'll need something to do anyway.


    In the meantime, I did start to come up with some ideas for a mech operator if it's any interest, though I'd still need to work out some details before making a profile. I was wondering about maybe a former black ops specialist who quit after something went wrong during a secret mission, only to find that they could not adjust to an ordinary life, leading them to take up mech training. Does that sound like a believable idea?


    Depends. How messed up is he psychologically? Putting someone with PTSD inside a twenty-meter walker isn't a great idea, but if he just wants to get back into the fray, then sounds ace to me.


    Hey man, wassup? You just missed the end of the invasion and our butts being spanked harder than a child in an abusive household.


    gov'ment came and took muh gunner