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  • Name: Oreius

    Species: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: Oreius’s body is orange and black. He stands a little shorter than the average height for a Toa, but he would be taller if not for the odd hunch he carries over his right shoulder blade, which causes his neck and head to jut forward. This lends him a perpetually hunched appearance, and does nothing to improve the glower that rarely leaves his face. Usually, his golden eyes are knitted in a frown and his jaw is set, betraying little emotion and less friendliness.

    He wears a set of silver-gray experimental armour. When the armour is actively being used (i.e. when kinetic force is activating the Kanoka), the power lines and the attached armour will glow gold due to the energy moving through them. This glow fades when the armour is not actively being used. (see Mask/Tools)

    Background/Occupation: Oreius’s history is about as penetrable as his perpetual scowl. He has served for centuries as a protector of various islands in the Silver Sea, moving from place to place as need calls. His original homeland is lost to history, but some say it was destroyed by an ancient power, and he has spent his life on endless combat as a way of atoning for his failure to defend it. Regardless of what drives him, he only stays in one place long enough to defeat whatever threat it faces before moving on, refusing any thanks beyond provisions to get him to his next destination.

    Currently, he serves Turaga Dume as a military leader on the front lines of the war between Metru Nui and the League of Six Kingdoms.

    Powers/Abilities: As a Toa of Fire, Oreius can control fire and heat in all its forms, from heating or cooling an area to creating powerful blasts and beams. He can absorb or release fire at will, and can detect sources of heat.

    Having spent his life in battle, Oreius is a consummate warrior. His body is a weapon that he wields with brutal grace, honing in on enemies’ weak points and finding cracks in their defences. His martial skill is formidable, as is his knowledge of tactics and strategy.

    Mask/Tools: Oreius wears the Mask of Pain, a rare Kanohi that allows him to detect flaws and weaknesses. The mask is always on at a low level, informing him of the most effective way to incapacitate anyone around him. He can mentally focus to receive more detailed information, but otherwise, the mask will simply inform him of the most efficient way to inflict debilitating injury.

    Oreius carries a single short sword, which he straps to his back when not in use. This blade is utilitarian in appearance, bearing more resemblance to a butcher’s knife than the ornate weapons that other Toa often carry. The sword is one of a pair, but he lost the other while capturing an island from the League.

    To make up for his lost sword, Oreius donned an experimental suit of light armour. This armour is built to accommodate four Kanoka disks in four sockets. From these sockets run four cables, one to each of his limbs, where they attach to two gauntlets and two plates on the top of his feet. When one of these pieces of armour is subjected to sufficient kinetic energy (through a punch or a kick, for example), the attached Kanoka is activated and transmits its energy to whatever object was punched or kicked. The disks are permanently installed in the armour, giving Oreius the following powers: Freeze, Weaken, Regeneration, and Reconstitute at Random

    Flaws: Oreius does not deal in subtleties or shades of gray. He sees the world in black and white, good and evil, and has made it his life’s purpose to root out anything that threatens the Matoran. As such, he will not stand down against anything he perceives as evil, and will fight until his last breath, never allowing thoughts of surrender or retreat. 

    Oreius's armour can be disabled by severing or crushing the power lines that run from each Kanoka. If a connection is broken, Oreius can no longer activate that power until it is repaired.

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  • Name: Tekmo

    Species: Bo-Toa

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: A green, slightly shorter than average Toa with yellow-green eyes.

    Background: Relatively new to Metru-Nui, Tekmo hails from another island - one now lost to the Barraki and their League. But that was before he became a Toa, and all the power that comes with it has made him determined to stop the League’s progress before it goes any further.

    Flaws: Tekmo’s recent transformation has gone to his head - he now thinks that he’s invincible and can win the war against the League by himself. His arrogance and desire for people to see him as a hero can often muddy his otherwise sterling moral compass.

    Powers: As a Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo can create short-lived floral constructs, such as vines, trees, seeds and thorns, either manifesting from the ground below him or protruding from his skin. Using his Kanohi Felnas, he can disrupt an enemy’s powers through physical contact. Only one power at a time can be disrupted, and the enemy has to be using it, just finished using it, or preparing to use it. He also, ironically enough, was an engineer before his transformation, and thus has a natural aptitude for machinery.

    Equipment: He wears the Great Kanohi Felnas, Mask of Disruption. He also wields a razor-edged shield.


    Name: Waveahk

    Species: Steltian (Mutated)

    Faction: Dark Hunters Unaligned

    Description: A tall dark blue figure with blazing orange eyes, Waveahk’s otherwise robust form is marred by the visible effects of his mutation, such as fins, webbed feet and scaly skin.

    Background: Once, a powerful figure in Steltian politics, Waveahk was mutated against his will by rival powers, making him an outcast. With nowhere else to go, he has sided with the Dark Hunters, though he thinks that he’s clever enough to abandon them and live when it suits him.

    Flaws: Waveahk wasn’t a very agreeable person before his mutation, and it's only gotten worse with time. Misanthropic and selfish, he would betray anyone or anything if he thought he could benefit and get away with it. This same self-centeredness means friction, at least on his end, whenever he has to work with the other Dark Hunters.

    Powers: Waveahk’s mutations allow him to breathe underwater as well as travel faster in water than on land. He also heals a substantial rate faster when submerged.

    Equipment: A trident that fires laser beams and doubles as a melee weapon, and a Zamor Sphere Launcher which applies considerable kinetic force upon impact.


    Name: Ostrox

    Species: Mantax’s Species

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Description: A broad-shouldered purple creature with glaring red eyes, Ostrox’s Toa-like form and power to use Kanohi allows him to pass off as a Toa from a distance, with the power of his Kanohi Mahiki completing the illusion.

    Background: An intelligence operative in the Barraki Mantax’s service, Ostrox serves the League simply because Mantax is part of it, whom he possesses undying loyalty for. A vicious and cruel creature, he will stop at nothing to ensure his mission is complete, laughing all the way.

    Flaws: Like most megalomaniacs, Ostrox suffers from a compulsive desire to gloat and monologue at times he really shouldn’t, often prone to spontaneous maniacal cackling, overly elaborate plans, and unnecessarily prolonging the suffering of his victims.

    Powers: Ostrox possesses significant durability and physical power, as well as strong mental fortitude, able to keep up the illusions of his Mahiki for long periods of time.

    Equipment: He wears the Great Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion. He also wields a protosteel sword and a Rhotuka Launcher that induces disorientation.

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    • Name:  The Cartographer
    • Species: Ko-Matoran
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description:  A Ko-Matoran, The Cartographer is mostly white, with ice blue legs and Noble Komau. He usually wears a shoulder pack with various climbing and access gear, as well as carrying a disc launcher.
    • Background/Occupation:  As his name-title suggests, the Cartographer serves as a combination of surveyor and historian, exploring and documenting the many abandonments and historical sites throughout the island. His passion for heritage, combined with above-average athletics have served him well in this role, seeing him discover and record some of Metru Nui's most important sites; and the knowledge of the island's annals and nooks has allowed the Cartographer a unique position in the current state of Metru Nui. The Cartographer, although silently supporting the imprisoned Toa Mangaia, will stop at nothing to acquire the Great Disc of Ko-Metru and prevent the island and it's citizens from being wiped from history.
    • Flaws: The Cartographer  is ultimately loyal only to himself and his Metru, and will not necessarily align with a faction should it not suit his vision.
    • Powers:  Inactive Ice powers

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  • Name: Arkius

    Species: Toa of Earth

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Incredibly large compared to other Toa, clad near entirely in black with occasional glowing green accents that match his eyes.

    Background/Occupation: No one knows where Arkius came from originally, least of all him, but one day he woke up on the shores of the Northern Continent and quickly got to work fulfilling his duties as a Toa. Known now by reputation as reliable and just, he has recently arrived in Metru-Nui to protect its inhabitants from forces that wish them ill, be those forces external… or internal.

    Flaws: A well kept secret is Arkius' rare but notable tendency to violate the Toa Code to further his goals. Though he considers these occasional breaks necessary, they may prove to be his undoing as protector of the Matoran should this be revealed and spread among the masses.

    Equipment: A great big two-handed battleaxe made from proto-steel. 

    Powers: Arkius has power over Earth that he has honed well throughout his many years as protector of the Matoran. He also wears the Mask of Kinetics, which allows him a great deal of control over kinetic energy in himself or things he touches. This control allows him to either drain or bestow kinetic energy upon objects, slowing down something at high velocities, or flinging something from a standstill.

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  • Here goes number two:

    Name: Morah

    Species: Ehlek’s Species

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Brief Description: Morah keeps most of her hunched, splotchy yellow-orange body beneath a ragged grey robe. She has a lean swimmer’s physique and three rows of short spines running down her back kept slicked back most of the time. Large silver gauntlets cover her forearms where she sheathes her claws. Her face is mostly covered by a sculpted silver Kanohi Matatu fused with her rebreather.

    Background/Occupation: Many years ago, Morah and her species were approached by mysterious strangers who told them that one day they could be the only thing standing between the universe and everlasting shadow. Morah didn't understand why, but she liked the sound of it, and accepted their modifications and training to combat this future threat. And then... life went back to normal. Ehlek's reign has been the most interesting thing to happen to her since then, and she's eager to do her part, even if she doesn't believe all the League propaganda. Besides, she's tired of wrestling fish.

    Flaws: Surprisingly for someone so quiet when on assignment, Morah tends to be a bit of a loudmouth off-duty, complaining about the conditions, comparing kills, and taking jabs at her fellow soldiers. It all seems harmless enough, but it’s only a matter of time before she says too much. Also, she is poorly adapted to land and requires a rebreather any time she’s out of the water. Removing it would be a death sentence.

    Powers: Morah’s modifications include Pakari-level strength belied by her size and a pair of claws capable of ripping through the toughest protosteel. These claws are usually sheathed within the large gauntlets on her arms, but fully extended they measure almost 1 bio (3ft, 0.9m) in length. The entire construction is made of a tough element-resistant alloy and can be used as small shields in a pinch.

    She wears a Mask of Telekinesis combined with her rebreather that has been molded to fit her species.

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  • Hi @click, Morah is approved if you modify the profile to remove mention of the Order of Mata Nui. You'll see in character creation that PCs cannot start with affiliation to the OoMN. If you want to have Morah join, that's awesome and should be done in-character by tracking down a recruiter for your faction.

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  • ...that’s a canon detail though. I wasn’t planning on her having anything to do with them beyond that.

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    • Name: Skyra Daring
    • Species: Toa of Air
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: A young and brash Toa of Air. Skyra has a dark green body with black external armor and mask. She wears a Kanohi Calix shaped like a Hau. 
    • Background: Skyra is a Toa of air currently fighting on the front lines, defending Metru Nui from the League of Six Kingdoms. She's made a bit of a name for herself among both factions as someone who excels at wrecking havoc very quickly. She makes herself highly evasive by never staying in one place for very long, striking hard and fast, and then leaving even faster. 
    • Flaws: Skyra can be exceptionally reckless, even for a Toa of Air. She's extremely impulsive and it can make her a bit of a headache for her friends and comrades. She's rather easy to rile up, though she often returns the favor. 
    • Powers: Standard Toa of Air powers. Her Kanohi Calix lets her perform at her peak natural physical abilities. 
    • Equipment: Skyra's armor is equipped with a built in jetpack that allows her to take to the skies with ease, it uses her element to power itself. In terms of firepower Skyra is armed with a Cordak Blaster and a Midak Skyblaster. For melee weapons she's armed with two katana and an assortment of throwing knives. 

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  • Skyra approved. Midaks are okay I think, but we'll talk if there's a problem.

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  • Name: The Alpinist

    Species: Matoran of Ice

    Faction: Metru Nui

    Brief Description: The Alpinist is a lithe matoran with simple white and chrome armor and a grey kanohi shaped like a great Hau. He has two ice axes and a pair of crampons to assist in his climbs, tools he slings on a bandolier whenever he is not scaling sheer walls, and a disk launcher on his back from which he fires Regeneration and Freeze kanoka.

    Background and occupation: Most Ko-Matoran spend their days working with scholarly pursuits in the Towers of Knowledge or in the colleges scattered across the metru’s landscape, but the Alpinist’s job was none of those things. His original duty was to analyze the integrity of the building exteriors and either fix small fissures or report larger ones, but that changed when he realized just how much he enjoyed climbing the towers for the pleasure. Presently, the Alpinist is an adrenaline junkie who conquers the Towers and other buildings for sport. Since he still climbs as assigned none have ever questioned his work. He also supports the Toa Mangai and endorses free thought, though does not generally concern himself with politics.

    Abilities: An uncanny ability to climb any ice surface; maybe that is translatable to other surfaces, but that remains untested. Unactivated ice elemental powers.

    Flaws: The Alpinist is a hedonist at heart and seeks challenges with relative abandon, taking almost unreasonable risks simply for the fun of it. For an example, his quest will end when he either conquers every scalable surface in Ko-Metru (and possibly beyond) or when he fails and dies trying.

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    • Name: Othorak
    • Species: Upper Steltian. If anyone cares I use this post to kind of make sense of species. Also, I noticed the Steltians have some form of "ack" in their names, so yeah...
    • Faction: League of Six Kingdoms; Sergeant Major under Kalmah. Rank can be changed to whatever GM says. At first I thought lieutenant but my wikipedia research has informed me that's pretty high up lol.  Basically just not a grunt. This dude's got some authority 
    • Brief Description: A beefy Red-and-Lime Titan.  Mostly mechanical chest/torso with a Rhotuka launcher in his middle, because he was almost killed but then was repaired even better than before. Wears a Kanohi Faxon. Has a neat sword.
    • Background/Occupation: Was instrumental in helping the League conquer Stelt.  Before the island fell, his clan threw him into a gladiator pit as revenge for Othorak selling out the island.  He survived long enough for League forces to land and take the island, but was super wounded.  Kalmah had his body repaired and enhanced with the chest Rhotuka as a reward for his service to the LoSK.  Now he serves as one of Kalmah's most trusted underlings, so trusted that he's been sent on a secret mission inside Metru-Nui....
    • Flaws: Bad at working with others, failure causes panic and desperation to salvage the situation into a win, due to his life on Stelt he isn't afraid of a challenge and will throw down if need be, assumes everyone everywhere is as conniving and backstabbing as they are on Stelt so trust issues I guess.
    • Powers: Superior strength comparable to Sidorak, Axon, Brutaka and Hydraxon. Chest Rhotuka has sickness powers which makes the struck foe become gut-wrenchingly sick for the next five or ten minutes depending on the victim's constitution, (sick being whatever makes since for your species I guess). Average at sword combat but more of a brute strength and force guy than a skillful sword master, meaning it's betetr to just wear out and beat down your opponent rather then pull a sneaky move.

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  • @Azibo, Othorak is approved. Thanks for giving me a link to upper Steltian information. I am interested to see how he eludes the vahki presence in Metru-Nui if he a higher ranking member of the League under Barraki Kalma. Regarding the official title he holds, it looks like in Maori a "knight" is called rangatira. Since the League is more of a feudal system if I remember correctly, I would love to offer him the title of baron, as well as a small island to own somewhere in the League's borders.

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  • word.  Quick question: when you say island like do you mean one of the islands I guess to the south of metru nui? Those islands are in the same big dome as Metru Nui though, right?


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  • Many of the islands south of Metru-Nui are in separate habitation domes. These are connected by sea gates and waterways. Let's PM about specific locations for your property. 

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  • Lol I know I know I just meant like in game like the fights other characters have been in on.  The other islands the war is fought on.  Are those outside the Metru Nui dome? I thought you invented some islands inside the dome but I could be mistaken.  Doesn't really affect my posting it's just me trying to visualize the universe I guess. Yeah just DM me for more discussion.  Thanks for GMing

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  • Name: “Kanohi” (has not undergone naming day, but only goes by his nickname)

    Species: Fe-Matoran

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: a slightly short Matoran with a stocky build, he had a black torso, orange mask in the shape of a great Hau, black hands, and orange legs and arms. He wears armor made out of chunks of scraped Kanohi, each of the failures made by an unskilled  mask maker, left broken and powerless. These masks dangle around him and clang together, creating a sound of unlike a wind chime. He carries a disk launcher with a number of Ga-Metru Kanoka, all of them low level disks of either remove poison or regeneration. He also carries a crude grappling gun, and his prize possession is bracelet with a series of buttons on it. The buttons do nothing but give him something to fidget with.

    Background/Occupation: He is cagey about his past, but those who care suspect he had been a failed mask maker who immigrated to Metru Nui to flee the warlords. As the Barraki began to attack the island he made himself useful helping evacuate Matoran from war zones, and trying to repair buildings. As conditions grew worse he used scraped masks as a makeshift armor, earning him the nickname “Kanohi.” Nowadays he uses regeneration disks to strengthen collapsing bridges and buildings long enough for Matoran to escape them, and uses disks of remove poison to help mend ill Matoran poisoned by airborne debris and chemical weapons. Even when the Barraki are not actively attacking, the city remains a dangerous place and he keeps himself busy. He travels through the city with a grappling gun that frequently lurches him around, though his physical endurance as a Fe-Matoran lets him recover from most rough landings. He is tolerated by the Vahki and Toa, though openly is not considered much of a help in battles.

    Flaws: Kanohi cannot fight at all, and is not a soldier. He doesn’t fight in the war, merely tries to keep people safe as something of a vigilante medic and first responder. He also is terrified of the League. He can face his fears enough to rescue Matoran, but if he is directly attacked, he will almost definitely attempt to flee. 

    Powers: as a Fe-Matoran he has greater than average physical endurance.

    OOC: mind if I give this a try? Haven’t roleplayed in a while, so forgive me for my missteps. 

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  • Name: Zaliyah

    Species: Ce-Toa (Hordika)

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Brief Description: Once resplendent and beautiful, Zaliyah has been devolved into a more bestial form, her once gleaming armour pitted and scratched, her streamlined appearance now marred by protruding spikes and claws.

    Background/Occupation: Once, long ago, Zaliyah was part of a Toa team, protecting the Matoran population of a small settlement on the eastern coastline of the Southern Continent. It was a sheltered, content place, with incidents few and far between… until the day a swarm of Keelerak came ashore.

    The Toa were able to repel the creatures, but not before Zaliyah was bitten and infected with Visorak venom, transforming her into a Hordika. Though the Matoran were bitterly afraid of her, her fellow Toa tolerated her new form, right up until the day they didn’t.  

    It was an accident. A battle against bandits, a stray rhotuka, a Matoran running from cover at the wrong moment. But Zaliyah was still blamed for it, even by those she had once called her brothers and sisters. It was proof, they said, that her self control was gone, that she was losing the battle to the beast within. They drove her from the village, chased her out into the sea and left her to the mercy of the beasts below.

    But Zaliyah survived.

    She was eventually recruited into the League of Six Kingdoms, a multi-species conglomerate of outcasts and outsiders who didn’t judge her for her appearance. To prove her worth, she led an attack force back to the village she’d spent so much of her existence protecting, exploiting every weakness and pressure point to defeat her former teammates and raze the village without incurring a single League loss.

    After many years of loyal service to the League, she now leads a legion under the command of Barraki Pridak, whose mindset of being true to himself inspired Zaliyah to embrace her mutation rather than be ashamed of it.

    Flaws: After her mutation, Zaliyah lost access to her mask power, and her natural elemental abilities were greatly diminished. She is enraged at the sight – sometimes the mere mention – of Toa, and despises Matoran with a burning passion, after all of her wasted years of trying to protect them. Her mutation has made her right arm larger and heavier than her left, a trait that throws off her balance and coordination, making feats of poise and agility difficult for her.

    Powers: Zaliyah still retains some psionic abilities, but much of her power is focused inwards, forming a protective psionic shell around her consciousness. Whereas most Hordika slowly regress into a bestial state as the venom breaks down their minds, Zaliyah has kept the inner beast completely separated from her true self, forming two distinct personalities. Zaliyah can hand over control of her body to her Hordika side – a ferocious, ravenous monster which she refers to as The Id – and still retain full awareness, as a passenger in her own body, able to seize back control whenever she desires. The shift between these two personalities can take a few seconds, leaving her body vulnerable in the interim.

    When Zaliyah is in control, she still possesses a passive telepathy that allows her to detect nearby minds and their approximate locations, though she can no longer read thoughts, project her thoughts into the minds of others, or exert mind control. She can also still make some use of telekinesis, though this is limited to small objects within a moderate distance.

    The Id wields different abilities when it takes control. Because it spends so much time trapped in the confines of Zaliyah’s mind, when The Id is unleashed it operates in a near-constant state of savage berserker rage, with increased endurance, strength, and pain tolerance. In place of Zaliyah’s passive telepathy, The Id radiates an aura of primal fear which can be felt by those in its vicinity. This aura evokes the instinctual, animal fear in every being – the instinct that drives a rahi to flee in the presence of a predator, the panic of a wounded swimmer in Takea-infested waters, the paranoid trepidation that makes weary travellers cling close to their campfires.

    However, The Id’s most horrifying power is its ability to consume the minds of the dying, absorbing every last scrap of memory and emotion from beings in the moment of their expiration. This ability allows Zaliyah to glean information from these memories as The Id digests them, and prevents the victim from being revived on the Red Star or through other means.

    Regardless of which personality is in command, the talons of Zaliyah’s mutated right hand secretes a sort of psionic venom, which upon entering the bloodstream, creates an illusion that will fool the senses. This illusion will make the user believe their injuries are infected or poisoned. To the victim, open wounds will look off-colour, and feel like they itch or burn. Because the illusion is effectively inside the victim, its effects will not be visible to other beings, and cannot be dispelled or ignored as easily as most illusions. The venom can be countered using remove poison Kanoka, healing abilities, etc. and its effects only last a half-hour regardless.

    Equipment: As with most Hordika, Zaliyah has developed a natural Rhotuka launcher, mounted on her right shoulder. Once airborne, she can mentally command her Rhotuka to detonate, causing them to explode into small shards of sharpened energy, which are imbued with the same venom as her claws. These explosions only have a small radius, and the shards swiftly dissipate after travelling a short distance or striking a target.

    She has also taken to wielding a Herding Blade, which is capable of firing beams of energy, and influencing Visorak. Rather than using it to command the creatures, however, Zaliyah uses it to chase them away in the rare occasions her troops have encountered them.

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  • I feel lessening the poison effect would be good, given the many other abilities she has between psionic powers and bestial memory consumption. Otherwise I think she's an interesting idea. Backstory is strong and fits well into the lore of the game. 

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  • Fair enough. I've changed the venom description to reduce its effects and severity. Let me know if that's alright. 

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  • Two New Characters incoming!


    • Name: Jephro
    • Species: Toa of Gravity
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: Jephro's armor is purple and smooth. He wears a mask of sensory aptitude, and keeps his swords on his back.
    • Background/Occupation: Jephro was one of the many new toa created to combat the league's spread. Not long after gaining his powers he moved to Metru Nui to help make a stand. 
    • Flaws: Jephro is still learning how to use his elemental powers. He also tends to think negatively.  
    • Powers: Has control of the element of gravity. Wears a mask of sensory aptitude, which grants him enhanced sight, hearing, and smell. He wields dual short swords.



    • Name: Informant
    • Species: Shadowed one's species
    • Faction: Dark Hunters
    • Brief Description: Tall and lanky, Informant has a wiry build and long tail. His blue and green body is covered with small scars in the shape of matoran lettering. His left eye glows red.
    • Background/Occupation: No one knows for sure where the dark hunter known as the "Informant." He was recruited at some point by the Shadowed one for his unique information gathering methods. Rumors say he used to be a scholar, sending his duplicates to gather information, but he has slowly been driven mad by his questionable techniques. Now the shadowed one sends him out to scout dangerous locations. He has recently been sent to Metru Nui to gather information.
    • Flaws: Informant is obsessed with collecting information, and hordes everything he learns. As soon as he sends out a duplicate in a scouting mission he immediately begins pouring over his notes, trying to find the information that his duplicate is out gathering. Due to his lack of organizational skills he often doesn't find the notes until the duplicate's scouting mission is done. He often stops what he was doing in order to write down new notes as they appear on his body. He is weak for his species and avoids combat if at all possible. Informant's artificial eye was specialy designed to be compatable with his body, but if it were to be removed or destroyed he would grow a normal eye, making replacing the eye impossible.
    • Powers: Wears a mask of Time Duplication, allowing him to conjour up duplicates of himself. These duplicates immediately dissapear when they would be seriously injured/killed. He naturally possesses strong regeneration abilities, able to heal most injuries within a few hours. He can increase the regeneration rate through meditation. While meditating, lost limbs can regenerate within several days.  His left eye has been replaced with a lazer emmitter. This lazer is capable of boring through any substance, but it is extrmely concentrated meaning it takes a little while to bore through substances, and is only really useful for writing messages and inflicting pain.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Hey @Smudge8, your toa Jephro is good to go. Your Dark Hunter seems like they need a touch more work. 

    1.) You mention matoran letters changing on their body. Is this a power? Did I miss something? Please explain.

    2.) If they regenerate and heal naturally, how do they have an artificial eye? What is stopping the natural eye from growing into the prosthetic? 

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  • I don't really need another character, but I'm eager to get in on the Great Disk Hunt in one of the Metrus that haven't been touched yet...


    Name: Zecrillia

    Species: Vortixx

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: A fairly standard Vortixx, though a bit shorter and a bit less shapely that Roodaka. All the same, Zecrillia has the narrowed face and cold blue eyes possessed by many of her species, and her physique is still taller than your average Toa. She wears minimal extra armour, preferring instead clothing that's practical for an everyday working environment, and her 'hair'-like appendages are plentiful and curl messily down around her shoulders. What armour she does have - mostly only that which is natural to any bio-mechanical being - is primarily black, but highlighted in dark crimson. On top of this, she wears a Kanohi Felnas in the same colours.

    Background/Occupation: An unremarkable weapon designer from Xia, Zecrillia was regarded as unfit for serious responsibility by most of her species, lacking the cold, cut-throat nature so prized by her kind. Particularly, loyalty was a strong sticking point for her - she had some, and that didn't sit well with her fellow Vortixx. Perhaps, most obviously, this came out during her rite of passage on the Mountain, one that she undertook with her little brother. Zecrillia scorned traditional Vortixx values by deliberately turning back when he fell into trouble; and though both survived and were acknowledged, it was clear to everyone that Zecrillia was an outlier to their species. As such, the pair of siblings were given jobs that would keep them far away from the island' main centres of trade - she as a junior weapon designer, he as a low-level mechanic - where she couldn't influence other Vortixx with her peculiar loyalty. Neither was entirely happy with the result, but they were together; and that was enough for Zecrillia.

    Not so her companion. Though at first grateful for his life, he nonetheless began to resent Zecrillia for saving him, becoming convinced that he could have managed on his own and earned a better reward. When opportunity came calling, he slipped away from the island to seek a better role with the League of Six Kingdoms.

    Zecrillia never heard the whole story of what happened; only that, several weeks later, her brother's severed head was returned to her with the symbol of the League etched in the armour and flesh over his eye. Most other Vortixx would shrug, say something about 'the fortunes of war', and go back to work; not her. The girl swore vengeance on whoever had murdered her brother, and on the League as a whole who she held responsible, and abandoned her post on Xia to seek out those who opposed the League. Her journey led her to Metru Nui, where she has - conditionally - pledged her skills to developing weapons for the fight.

    Of course, her allegiance to Metru Nui is at least partially about profit as well as revenge; her work for them is entirely conditional on payment. Too, the moment Zecrillia heard about the reward being offered for the Great Disks, the Vortixx dropped everything she was doing to head after one of the most perilous. Of course, she has no need for the gift of Toa Power, and no desire for it besides... but some matoran, surely, would pay a pretty penny to get the disk without having to put in any of the work.

    Flaws: Ask any Vortixx, and they'll tell you that Zecrillia's loyalty is her biggest flaw; she remembers those who do right by her, and will stick by them in turn. Zecrillia herself, of course, disagrees with this assessment. And in truth, her flaws lie far more in the realm of her impulsive, sometimes even needlessly reckless behaviour; Zecrillia is regarded by most who know her well as an act first, think later kind of girl who rarely considers the consequences of her rash decisions until after the fact. It's not unusual for her to put herself in danger for no other reason than 'because it seemed like a good idea at the time'. Her self-serving nature, too, should be mentioned; though this is nowhere near as strong in her as many other Vortixx.

    Plus, she's not much of a fighter. That's one Vortixx trait she most definitely owns; she'd rather design the weapons and let someone else do the fighting, and as such simply isn't quipped to handle combat.

    Powers: No built-in powers to speak of; however she has got creative about compensating for this. Mainly through her Kanohi Felnas which, when touching another being, allows her to cause their natural power to spiral out of control until the contact is broken. Additionally, she carries a small dart-shooter of her own design, containing six sleep darts; these have enough potency to put a Matoran out for maybe half an hour, less for more powerful species. The drawback is that these have to strike a target's organic matter to have any effect; if they hit mechanical parts, they'll just bounce off harmlessly.

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  • Name: Okuo

    Species: Ta-Matoran

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Okuo is is of average size and a little on the skinnier side for a matoran. His armour is red with light azure/cyan accents. His eyes shine a bright cyan under his powerless red Rau.

    Background/Occupation: Okuo has always been fascinated by events out of the norm, things happening in the city that didn't fit into the regimented day to day life of the Matoran. Evading his job as a smith in his Metru's regimented forges, Okuo instead set out to learn as much as he could about events in the city, seeking out whatever means available to gain more information. Gaining the power of invisibility due to a freak accident aided him to that end, allowing him pass through places no other matoran could.

    In his pursuit of information, Okuo learned how to access it through remote means, teaching himself how to bypass encryptions and digital security measures to snoop around in confidential data. He's also been known to dabble in digital graffiti, displaying artwork of his making on individual display screens throughout the city from time to time. Nowadays he is somewhat infamous, referred to in some circles as The Digital Spectre or The Invisible Matoran, and so far no one has been successful in apprehending him.

    Flaws: Okuo tends to be a bit overconfident and brash, often taking unnecessary risks in his pursuit of information. Additionally, aside from his invisibility, he is just a regular Matoran, and as such he is at a disadvantage compared to other more powerful species in the universe.

    Equipment: A rooted iStone though which he can access various networks through the city. Additionally he has a personalised programming deck to physically plug into a mainframe or system for more stable access. For speedy transport through the city he has a levitation disk he's gained considerable aptitude at riding through the air, as well as a grappling gun for climbing difficult places or turning tight corners on his disk. For self defence he has, of course, the levitation disk, a level 6 Ta-Metru make that can send people flying due to the combination of temporarily negating their weight and knocking them away. To shoot or ride the disk, he has a kanoka launcher that can transform into a hoverboard by wrapping around his levitation disk, providing better footing while riding it through the city.

    Powers: After a freak accident many years ago, Okuo gained the ability to turn invisible on command. He also has the innate heat resistance of Ta-Matoran. Though in no way exceeding the capabilities of a Matoran, Okuo is notably dexterous and agile, and a very capable climber.

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  • Okuo approved as per our private conversation over his invisibility powers. 

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  • had an idea for a character. no rayg sprite this time 'cause there's no way i'm gonna make a custom mech suit sprite. lemme know if it's too much, i guess

    Name: Rose 

    Species: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: Rose can be best described as the definition of "beef"--her body is bulked out, and her heavy armor makes her appear even more huge.  In terms of height, she stands half a Toa taller than most, although she appears to have a slight hunch due to her large shoulder pads.

    She wears a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding, which has been forged into a unique shape. Her armor color is almost entirely Mata red, save for areas of exposed muscle that are gray, and her eyes are a striking blue. 

    Although she is naturally-muscled, her heavy armor is, in fact, a separate entity from her and functions almost like a mech suit. She can remove it entirely, revealing her actual, more form-fitting armor, and it can change shape into a slightly oversized suitcase-like carrier that she can wear on her back. 

    Equipment: The right arm of the suit is adorned with a flamethrower which requires no fuel, as it is powered by her element. The left forearm carries a riot shield that can be folded away when not in use. A small compartment on the right thigh (which is on the front of the carrier when it is in that form) holds an all-black firework revolver that she keeps for emergencies.

    Personality: Rose is generally most focused on the mission at hand and has no time for friendships, treating everyone around her as simply fellow soldiers and nothing more. She has seemingly no fear of death, and will gladly rush headlong into battle, where fighting seems to be the only thing that can bring a smile to her face.

    Background: Rose originated from a nondescript island that was razed by the League not long after she became a Toa, and although she tried to defend it most of her friends and family were slaughtered and she was left one of the few survivors. This event changed her, and the old Rose was left bleeding on a beach somewhere, replaced by her new, colder, and more violent self. Vowing revenge, she trained to her current physical fitness and acquired her suit as a replacement for her Toa tool, which was destroyed during the attack. Now a walking weapon with an unstoppable personal vendetta, she has no qualms with crushing any opponents that side with the League.

    Flaws: Her penchant for running straight into danger can have adverse effects. Her suit slows her down considerably and leaves her with poor agility. Weakpoints exist at various spots on it as well, that if focused on could render it immobile or worse, destroy it.

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  • Name: Calia
    Species: Ga-Toa
    Faction:  League of Six Kingdoms
    Description: Clad in blue and black armor, Calia is a little shorter than the average Toa, with small features. She might seem meek, were it not for the long scar that stretches across her mask and face. One eye permanently shattered and removed by the same weapon once drawn across her face. Despite this, her natural expression is soft and welcoming. She wears a blue Kanohi Rode.
    Equipment: Calia's Toa tool is a long black trident, although she doesn't often use it. She also carries with her a small blade with the symbol of the League inscribed onto the handle. She also carries with her a small iStone, password protected of course.
    Background: Calia joined the League of Six Kingdoms after they began to occupy her home-island somewhere near the southern continent. Initially against the occupation, she confronted some League officers who took her eye in self-defense. Eventually, Calia grew to respect the officer who she attacked. Telling her tales of the League and unification of the Matoran Universe, sharing with her his exploits. Eventually, Calia joined the League under his command. On their first mission together, Calia was deafened by a delinquent De-Toa, affecting her life forever. She took up the language of the hand in an effort to communicate and stay with the League, and was allowed to remain. The officer's posting changed, and the pair lost contact with one another, but Calia continued on various missions. Eventually, with her Rode she found herself doing interrogation work, happy to lessen the need for torture in information procurement.
    Powers: Control over the element of Water, and the ability to tell whether or not somebody is telling the truth with her Kanohi Rode. The Rode also allows her to see through disguises and illusions.
    Flaws: While Calia is a capable fighter with her trident, she is not a great hand-to-hand combatant, and her size puts her at a strength disadvantage.

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  • @Unreliable Narrator

    The letters are for asthetics, they are basically tatoos. He uses his lazer eye to "take notes" on his body (since any injuries his past self obtains will be preserved when he gets sent back to the past). The lazer had to be strong enough to leave marks that would last for at least half a day, and he gets called on expeditions to the future a lot. The letters on his body are a bunch of criptic notes he took on his expeditions, and he has no context for what they mean. (I may have him react to getting new notes from his future, but whatever he gets shouldn't effect the future, since he just writes it down, forgets it, and then when he summons himself to gather that info, he has to look through his notes to find the info again).

    Basically the letters are tatoos and his whole thing is going into the future to scout locations and writing notes to his past self. 

    I totaly get the problem with the prosthetic eye, but I figure he found a way to make it work. How about he had to have the eye custom built to make it work, so if it were to be removed or destroyed he would grow his normal eye back, meaning he couldn't just insert the laser eye back in.  (i'll ad this as a weakness.)


    I'll make the edits and mark them in Yellow.