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  • Name: Kovac Krossfari

    Species: Male Vo-Toa (Toa of Lightning)

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: Kovac is no bigger than your average Toa, but his presence makes him seem much more so, with a very well built frame and a stance completely void of any fear. He is primarily a dark navy blue, with white eyes peeking through a Mask of Emulation. The Toa blends almost perfectly into the night and to the shadows, though he bears just a slight but noticeable scar across his chest (as well as a cracked heartlight) that can make him stand out at times. His armour is noticeably smooth and matte. A long sheath on his back holds his Toa Tool and weapon.

    Powers: Due to an injury Kovac suffered long ago, the Toa's elemental ability is actually more limited than a normal one's. The Toa can still channel Lightning to a limited degree, but is incapable completely of Nova Blasts and the more powerful uses of his elemental ability. However, the Toa's reflexes and skill in combat are fantastic, and he possesses mastery over both the limits of his element, his Toa Tool, and hand to hand combat. In tandem with his powerful Kanohi, this makes the Toa a formidable opponent, having long since understood his weaknesses and built a strong will and mind to counter them. 

    Equipment: Kovac wears the Kanohi of Emulation which allows him to copy an enemy combatant's power for a short amount of time, provided it is not a power provided by a weapon or a mask. His Toa Tool is a blunted executioner's sword, used primarily as a means to batter and stun whilst still having the capabilities to parry and such. The tool is also excellent for conducting his elemental power through. He wears a pair of reinforced gloves for hand-to-hand combat and a pair of handcuffs around his belt.

    Background: A fallen hero? A rising hero? That answer changes depending on who it is you ask. Not many people are sure of who Kovac Krossfari was before he emerged as a freelancing vigilante with a strong urge to seek the truth in Metru-Nui, though some have some theories. The most popular is that he is a disgraced minor Toa, one that broke the Toa code and, stricken with guilt, finds solace in protecting the Matoran from everyone. Some stories originating far away from Metru-Nui lend credence to this theory, and in addition no Toa in Metru-Nui recognises his visage before he decided to become a protector of the people. 

    A fact, though, is that Kovac never works with other Toa. 

    Flaws: Kovac's strong moral code means that no matter what he does, he can never kill anybody. This has absolutely no exceptions, and means that the vigilante is often at a disadvantage with enemies that simply will never back down. Kovac also harbours a distrust for his fellow Toa, which means that for the most part, he works alone.

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  • Name: Fa'amatai

    Species: Toa

    Faction: Metru Nui

    Brief Description: Fa'amatai is of average height, with a custom, highly streamlined set of Toa armor. Mostly a gleaming white, his armor is broken up with bits of black and portions of Ko-Metru blue. His mask is carved similarly to a Pakari, albeit with a more streamlined, humanoid skull-like shape, from which two ice blue eyes pierce through.

    Background/Occupation: As a former KO-Metru Cartographer, upon his ascent, Fa'amatai became the head of the Cartography Department, as well as defacto Guardian of the Histories. Fa'amatai has always had a great passion for the histories and traditions of Metru Nui, and has always positioned himself to maintain and protect it. As a Cartographer, he developed a reputation for his resourcefulness, combat prowess, and ability to remain calm in the most dire of situations. He has worked in nearly every role in the Department, and has mentored nearly every currently existing Cartographer, including his brother. When the chance to recover territory in the Silver Sea came, Fa'atamai leapt at the opportunity to be the first Cartographer on site, should there be any historical significance.

    Flaws: Fa'atamai, although heavily experienced in high-intensity physical situations and single-handed combat, is not experienced with full-scale warfare. His calm demeanor and experience with small-scale combat may result in an inability to manage multiple combat scenarios simultaneously.

    Powers: Fa'atamai bears a Kanohi Calix, greatly enhancing his agility and dexterity. His elemental power is gravity, allowing him to further enhance his natural abilities, as well as create gravity traps and perform limited flight.

    Fa'amatai is now deceased.

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  • normally i have a personal rule against having more than one toa character of the same element, but got a little inspired by kovac's current state and decided this would work best

    Name: The Obsidian Swordsman (real name stricken from record)

    Species: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru-Nui, himself

    Description: A lean male figure wearing flattering, form-fitting Metru red and black armor. His face is adorned by a Noble-shaped Great Huna, Mask of Concealment. His body is covered in scars from head-to-toe, and a long, black cloak covers it at all times, only exposing his head, hands, and feet. His once-blazing orange eyes have now become darker, and show signs of age. His left arm has apparently been lost in the past, now replaced with an entirely black advanced prosthetic.

    Powers: He lost his connection with his element years ago and can no longer control it; although a passive ability of resistance to extreme heat lingers, he cannot wield fire and relies entirely on his swordsmanship to survive battles. His Kanohi grants him invisibility, although as a downside he still casts a shadow when it is active.

    Equipment: A long and wide sword he calls the "obsidian blade," although he appears to be the only person who does so. It resembles the volcanic glass it is named after in appearance, but is in fact made of protosteel, making it more durable than your average weapon (though not indestructible, like most canon protosteel weapons). A large sheath designed to fit it sits on his back. He also carries a dagger, with the name VELLA carved on its blade, which he keeps in a small sheath behind his waist.

    Personality: The Swordsman is reserved, tending to keep to himself, and prefers to work alone. Once jovial, the loss of his powers and, apparently a lover, have darkened him. He believes the Toa Code is merely a block that keeps warriors from doing their jobs, and has renounced it for the sake of his own moral beliefs, which may prove...controversial, with others.

    Background: Once the member of a celebrated Toa team, the Swordsman worked alongside an ally he had a close relationship with until the two had a falling out so devastating it dissolved said team and resulted in them parting ways. Although he left Metru-Nui to get away from this person, the terrible war with the League pushed him back to the city, where he now haunts the streets as a vigilante much like Nale Vella.

    ...they've never met.


    Flaws: His lack of elemental control, along with his preference for solo work. Has a temper that's seemingly only gotten worse since the loss of his powers.

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  • New user here. I have three characters planned for the moment, one for each faction.

    Name: Pardehi

    Faction: Metru Nui

    Species: Matoran of Plant Life

    Description: A tall, athletic Bo-Matoran with yellow eyes, wearing light green and turquoise armor and a dark green Noble Komau. He is built in a way similar to other matoran of the Southern continent, with no outstanding physical features.

    Equipment: He wears a large backpack, filled with a wide variety of herbs, salves, potions and other medical equipment.This backpack also contains a single high-powered Le-Metru levitation disk to allow him to move freely through Metru Nui's chute system.

    For self defense, he carries a pair of charging blades similar to Dalu's. They function identically, allowing him to temporarily enhance the attributes of a selected target, either to assist allies in combat or to hinder an enemy. They are also his main weapons in hand-to-hand combat. He also carries a standard kanoka launcher, which he extensively uses in and out of combat. His collection consists mostly of Remove Poison, Freeze and Weaken disks, all of Ga-Metruan make.

    Background: Hailing from a remote village in the forests of the Southern Continent, Pardehi possessed a rare talent for for healing from a very early age. At the encouragement of his village's turaga, Pardehi traveled to Metru Nui to pursue a career in medicine, training at a prestigious institute in Ga-Metru.

    During his stay in Metru Nui, his home village fell to League forces. With nowhere else to go, Pardehi enlisted in the Metru Nui armed forces as a combat medic. He currently serves on the front lines, providing medical assistance to wounded fighters.

    Powers and Abilities: Like all Bo-Matoran, Pardehi possesses a strong resistance to most poisons, venoms and toxic substances, as well as an innate understanding of all plant life, especially poisonous plants and their potential medical uses.

    He is a very talented medic, capable of applying many different healing substances and is able to make us of all first aid and basic surgical skills.

    Flaws: Pardehi is somewhat naive, and far too trusting of strangers for his one good. This makes him somewhat easy to take advantage of. While a talented medic, Pardehi suffers greatly from lack of practical experience. He is determined to prove his worth as a medic, often taking unnecessary risks or overestimating his own abilities.


    Name: Barak (Code name: Whisper)

    Faction: Dark Hunters

    Species: Skakdi of Psionics

    Description: Barak is very small for a skakdi, standing little over one bio in height. He is hunched over, with an emaciated, almost skeletal appearance. He is light grey, with two sets of long, curved spines running down his back. He has an unusually flat face for a skakdi, with small, flat teeth and large, pale blue eyes. His cranium is unusually large and bulbous.

    Equipment: Barak wears an elaborate mechanical harness, over his head, allowing him to channel his psionic powers. He carries a small dart gun, used to deliver lethal poisons to his targets.

    Background: Shunned for his unusually appearance and lack of physical strength, Barak nevertheless became a valuable asset to his local warlord through his unrivaled talents for stealth and mimicry. After the death of his warlord, Barak migrated to Odina and enlisted in the Dark hunters, participating in several successful assassination and infiltration missions. He earned the code name of 'Whisper' for his quiet mannerisms and for his methods of execution.

    Powers and Abilities: As a Skakdi of Psionics, Barak is capable of accessing all standard psionic powers in conjunction with another, willing skakdi or when channeled through his head harness. He has access to x-ray vision, roughly equal to a Great Akaku user. He is capable of altering his body's density, allowing him to bypass seemingly insurmountable barriers and escape from most holding cells with little effort.

    In practice, Barak uses his elemental powers mostly for deception rather than combat. He makes use of powerful illusions to conceal his presence, or to take on the appearance of other beings, especially former targets. When cornered, Barak fights with crude telekinesis and direct mental attacks.

    He is very skilled with his dart gun, able to hit distant targets with shocking accuracy. He is very knowledgeable about the anatomy and biological components of all commonly occurring  intelligent species, allowing him to discern the appropriate method of assassination for each individual target.

    Flaws: Barak is much physically weaker than most skakdi, and as such will avoid direct combat whenever possible. Other skakdi find him repulsive and unsettling, making him an outcast among his native people. Because his illusions are psionically based, they have no effect on mechanical beings and do not affect footage from surveillance devices. Other beings with psionic powers are not completely immune to Barak's illusions, though more effort is needed to deceive them.


    Name: Kareh

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Species: Tobduk's

    Description: Kareh is unusually large and strong. He bears bulky, black armor interlaced with bright red markings.He wears chains of powerless kanohi over his armor, taken from dead matoran. His eyes are a bright, fiery orange color, giving him an intimidating appearance. A Great Kanohi Kadin has been fused into his armor.

    Equipment: Kareh's favorite weapon is a large, two-handed broadsword which he looted from the corpse of a defeated toa. This weapon holds mostly symbolic value, it is mainly used for ritual executions, or to intimidate toa and matoran opponents. He carries this sword over his chest, where it functions almost as a second set of armor. When Kareh fights in hand to hand combat, he  almost always makes use of a smaller broadsword and a combat dagger with a poisoned tip.

    He also carries two firearms, a zamor launcher and an impact crystal launcher. He is able to make full use of the Kadin fused to his body,  allowing him to move swiftly over the battlefield without the need for mechanical assistance.

    Powers and Abilities: In battle, Kareh mainly relies on the powers of the Kanohi in his armor. He grows stronger through by instilling fear in others, a talent which he has refined to an art form, both in his own troops and in his enemies. He is a talented interrogator, making use of pain and intimidation to draw information from his prisoners.

    Background: Kareh is a general under Pridak, and helps to command his legions abroad. He is very ambitious, and hopes to someday replace Pridak as the leader of his kingdom. 

    He is infamous among the league for his draconian treatment of undisciplined troops, and does not hesitate to punish those he sees as cowardly or disobedient. He has cemented his reputation by conducting a series of raids against an enemy fortress, making use of terror and surprise attacks to gain the upper hand.

    Flaws: Kareh is very proud of his accomplishments as a military leader, and sees himself as invincible. This leads him to underestimate opponents, or to declare victory prematurely. He harbors an irrational hatred of toa and matonan, who he sees as inherently weak and cowardly.



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  • Hi Biological Chronicler! Welcome to the site. Pardehi and Barek are good to go. For Kareh, please pick one (1) kanohi for his armor to use and then he's good to go.

    Welcome to BZPower and to SKE.

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  • My new League of Six Kingdoms character, to replace Kareh.

    Name: Tugarak

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Species: Carapar's

    Description: Tugarak is unusually tall and bulky even for a member of his tribe. He bears red-brown natural armor the color of terracotta. He once had very bright, fiery orange eyes, though one eye is damaged, hidden behind an eye patch.

    Equipment: Tugrak carries two curved blades with him at all times. These blades are unusually sharp, and capable of slicing through most known substances, including the armor of most beings. When thrown, they will almost always return to Tugarak's hand after hitting their target. As a the captain of his ship, he also carries a small kanoka launcher. His collection consists entirely of Weaken disks of various power levels and makes.

    Powers and Abilities: Tugarak has no real powers of his own, but possesses a number of marketable skills. He is very skilled with the use of his two blades, making him a formidable fighter. He benefits from years of experience around surface and airships, and possesses well-developed navigation and mechanical skills. He is trained to operate most common types of transports, including boats, airships, crawlers and flyers.

    Background: A member of Carapar's tribe, Tugarak immediately enlisted at the outbreak of the war, serving in the Barraki navy as a lowly security officer on board a small cargo barge. During his time in service, Tugarak quickly proved his bravery and resourcefulness, quickly rising through the ranks. When his vessel was breached by a Xian boarding party, he fought valiantly, holding off the invaders in time for his captain to evacuate the crew. He survived this encounter, but lost his right eye during the fight. He eventually gained the rank of captain, earning command of the Ripple. He hopes to transfer to a larger vessel in the future.

    Flaws: Tugarak is motivated by a strong sense of loyalty, to his fellow crewmen, to his tribe and especially to Carapar. He greatly admires him and the other Barraki, and finds it very difficult to believe they could do anything immoral, or that the war they wage is anything less than necessary. He has a strong sense of honor, and is committed to fighting fairly, even if doing so would put him at a disadvantage.

    While a capable fighter, he has very little experience countering kanohi or elementally based attacks.This makes him very vulnerable to any foes wielding these sorts of powers.  He has lost the use of his right eye, rendering him blind from that side.


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  • Your new character is approved. Just a heads up, there is a vortixx piloting the craft. Enjoy!

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    • Name: Sans
    • Species: Turaga of Water
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: Sans is a wholesome, optimistic Turaga.  His old age hasn't stopped him from exercising daily, and his wits have only grown sharper. Quick with a joke and slow to anger, Sans is a wise old veteran of a thousand battles, though most of those were when he was a Toa.  Now, he dons a cape and travels around the Matoran Universe, serving good and fighting evil- which sadly, is in no short supply during these belligerent times.  Wears a Mask of Growth shaped like a Ruru.
    • Background/Occupation: Still behaves as a Toa would, except he's aware of his own limits, so instead of fighting off the Visorak hordes, he stops a stampeding herd of Kane-Ra, and rather than fight Makuta, he fights Muaka... you get the idea.  He heard of the war reaching Metru-Nui, and left his current village to go protect the Matoran of the island.  By the time he arrived, he heard of Turaga Dume's Quest for the Great Disks, and decided to go find one to inspire the Matoran into fighting for themselves, as well as to obtain a Toa Stone for his own purposes.  Sans is a hero! And wants the Matoran to be heroes, too! Landing in Le-Metru, he thought he'd start looking for the Great Disk there...
    • Flaws: Old man, Mask of Growth can only make him so big and so strong, would sooner talk than fight if you can count that a weakness, huhuhuhu.
    • Powers: Grow up to maybe 50 feet or so? Weaker water powers.  Carries a simple Protosteel walking staff that doubles as a weapon. 


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  • *Megalovania begins playing*

    Sans is approved. Keep his growth in the limits of the mask. 

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  • @Unreliable Narrator If I wanted one of my characters to have a pet, would that go in the powers/equipment  or would I make a seperate profile for the pet?


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  • Great question. If the pet is small and there as a general perk, in equipment or powers is fine. Example: a small fire snake that acts as a warming scarf. If the rahi is big and could be in combat, make a separate character profile for them. Example: Trogdar the kanohi dragon. 

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  • Wow, I can't belive I'm doing another one.

    • Name: Paju (has not passed naming day)
    • Species: Matoran
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: Paju is a short and stocky Ga-Matoran. She wears a powerless Kakama.
    • Background/Occupation: In Ga-Metru schools, Paju was well known for her poor grades. In class she was never paid attention, usualy fidgeting in her seat and hastily glancing around the room. She would frequently skip class entirely, going on impromptu trips to other Metru. Her favorite place was Le-Metru, she felt the high speed lifestyle suited her much better there. Eventually her escapades got so bad that the Headmaster of her school had to intervene. After talking for a while The Headmaster found a solution, she arranged for a "student exchange" that would let Paju split her time between Ga and Le Metru, asuming she had good grades of course.
    • Flaws: As a Matoran Paju is not particularly strong/good in a fight. Her main flaw though, is her impulsiveness. She tends to take the option that sounds like the most fun, which tends to correlate with higher risk.
    • Powers/Gear: As a Ga-matoran Paju can breathe under water for longer than normal. Paju carries a dueling dagger as well as a Slowness Rhotuka Spinner. This spinner causes the target to slow down dramatically, still perceiving time as normal but only moving at 2/3rds the rate. It only effects living things.The effects last for about 10-30 seconds, depending on how long she has to charge it. (10 is the default if I haven't had her charging it up in a previous post). She also has a pet Phase Dragon, Ellie.


    • Name: Ellie
    • Species: Phase Dragon
    • Faction: Metru-Nui (Paju's Pet)
    • Brief Description: Ellie is a large green dragon with long claws.
    • Background/Occupation: Paju met Ellie when she was just a baby, on one of Paju's regular trips to Le-Metru. Paju took Ellie home and raised her for as long as she could, but eventually Ellie caused too much trouble with the neighbors, and Paju had to let her go. Ellie, however, still followed Paju as much as she could, and they remained friends since.
    • Flaws: Being a rahi Ellie is about as smart as a dog, and cannot understand anything complex. She will Protect Paju at all costs.
    • Powers/Gear: Ellie has the natural ability to turn herself intangeble, She can run/fly at high speeds, although not enough to match a Kakama user. She usually wears a saddle that can seat two people. When riding in the saddle, others may also turn intangeble when Ellie does if they so desire.

    Paju is one of my personal favorite characters to play, let me know if I gave her a little too much.

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  • Since Paju is a matoran, I'm interested in how she got a rhotuka launcher. That said, I think both are approved for play. Ellie can be around the size of a pick up truck. Anything more and I feel we're pushing limits of "legally housed in Metru-Nui."

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  • I can come up with a reson for Paju's launcher if you need me to, but I figured she just picked it up on one of her trips. It's supposed to be a handheld weapon, not attached to her.

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  • Name: Taja

    Species: Matoran of Sonics

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: Taja stands at average height for a Matoran, with a black body and dark gray armour. Her yellow eyes shine from behind a gray Huna, which has been modified with silencers that cover her ears and a lens over her left eye. She carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back.

    Background/Occupation: Taja lives in Ko-Metru, whose quiet streets and even quieter inhabitants suit her well, being sensitive to loud noise as all De-Matoran are. She works as a scholar in the Knowledge Towers, where she studies the stars and translates the work of other scholars. However, unlike many scholars, she enjoys more lighthearted pursuits in her spare time, such as disk surfing.

    Powers/Abilities: Taja's sensitivity to sound is both a weakness and strength. Her enhanced hearing allows her to listen over long distances and to hear sounds that would go undetected by other Matoran. She's a fair shot with a Kanoka but prefers disk surfing to sharpshooting. Riding a Kanoka disk, she's learned to surf at high speed through the chutes and canals of Metru Nui. 

    Equipment: Taja wears a noble Huna whose power she cannot access: being a Matoran, she lacks the necessary focus. This mask has been modified to include silencers over her ears, which can be manually adjusted to allow more or less sound through. Her Huna also sports a custom lens over one eye that she can activate to enhance her vision, which aids in her work studying the stars. She carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back, as well as a small collection of various Kanoka disks.

    Flaws: Like all De-Matoran, Taja is sensitive to loud noises. To avoid noise, she tends to isolate herself, and speaks as little as possible. She's slow to trust others, preferring to keep her own counsel.



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  • Name: Ambajes

    Species: Matoran of Sonics (secretly, Shadow)

    Faction: Himself, mostly

    Brief Description: A slight matoran with black armor and gunmetal joints. Wears Ruru. He usually wears a long black woolen coat and a set of earmuffs that help cancel out most of the noise in the city. He’s a renown architect who lives in a Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower’s penthouse suite and stays out of the limelight for the most part, but is known to venture out into the streets on occasion when the mood strikes him—specifically, the mood of murder and villainy. He aims to recover the Great Disks himself and use their power to overthrow Turaga Dume himself.

    Abilities: Ambajes has incredibly sensitive hearing that allows him to listen in on conversations from great distances with crystalline clarity. But what makes him stand out from the rest is a ruthless intellect and deeply selfish motives, which makes him differ starkly from his peers. He is also practicing to banish his inner light energies through vigorous and evil meditation, and is capable of shooting silent bolts of Shadow energy from his palms that can be lethal if they strike the face or heartlight.

    Flaws: He doesn’t keep many friends and is incredibly ambitious. Sonics can debilitate him and the general noise in Metru Nui can be very distracting without his ear protectors.

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  • Name: The Waif

    Species: Ko-Matoran?

    Faction: Unaligned

    Brief Description: Clad in a heavy suit of grey cloth and bronze metal that hides her body completely. Underneath she has white and grey armour, though it is cracked and rusted in places, and her organics have visibly deteriorated, looking diseased and rotten to a horrid degree. Her white sickly eyes are hidden underneath the grey coif and bronze mask she wears over her own cracked grey Mahiki.

    Background/Occupation: The matoran now simply known as “Waif” once lived on a remote island far south of Metru-Nui, in an isolated village community with other matoran. One day, a disease began to spring up, with various residents showing horrible physical blemishes and symptoms of deterioration. Though slow at first, the residents responded harshly, banishing the sick from their community in an effort to prevent further spread of the sickness, unaware that the disease was in their water supply. 

    In the end, the village was decimated, with most of the villagers dead, or worse, alive but afflicted. No other matoran wanted to receive these diseased matoran in fear of the disease spreading, and many of the surviving afflicted either eventually succumbed to their affliction, took their own lives, or struggled on as social pariahs, ostracized from matoran society.

    The Waif was one of the stubborn ones. Refusing to lie down and die, she struggled on, making herself a suit to prevent the spread of her disease to others. Eventually, due to the advance of the Legion upon matoran lands, she sought refuge in Metru-Nui, where she found herself faced with a familiar lack of empathy for her plight, having to sleep on the streets and eat out of garbage dumps to survive.

    Flaws: Due to the disease that afflicts her body, The Waif has lost many of her physical senses. Her sense of touch is largely dulled, and she has grown blind in one eye. She’s resorted to self induced pain just to check if she can still feel anything, and has grown to appreciate pain of any kind to a disturbing degree. She strangely seems to lack the resistance to cold that other Ko-Matoran possess, a fact that she relishes, as the sharp pain of a cold surface has become one of her favourite sensations.

    Powers: None, seemingly not even those innate to a Ko-Matoran.

    Gear: A full body cloth suit covered in segments of bronze metal armour, including a secondary bronze mask that covers her face. She also carries a two handed sword on her back, along with a couple of daggers sheathed underneath the folds of her suit.

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  • If she's reclaiming the term instead of it being an insult then Waif is approved.

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  • Just slipping in with one more; your average, everyday denizen of Metru Nui who has no interests in disks or such shenanigans ^^ Also known as: mostly I just wanted a Matoran character too xD


    Name: Jabali

    Species: Po-Matoran

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Standard-looking matoran; Jabali has the typical light-brown armour of one from the district of Stone. Her powerless mask is fully silver-toned, shaped like a Great Miru, and her eyes behind it are orange. She wears a simple dark-blue sash across her chest, denoting her occupation.

    Background/Occupation: An overseer of the Po-Metru sculpture fields. Unlike many of her tribe, Jabali isn't a sculptor herself, lacking the artistic skill of many Po-Matoran; while she has a good eye for details, she is often clumsy with her hands, and the few sculptures she did attempt as a young Matoran have been... safely stashed away where no-one else is likely to find them. Let's just say that... they were an embarrassment to all who saw them, and to her most of all.

    Toa Lhikan's Hau still looked like a brick in one of her most infamous attempts, despite her best efforts to the contrary.

    As an overseer, however, Jabali has found her calling. She presides over the sculpture fields, keeping watch over the workers and carvers; making sure their work is up to code, and keeping an eye out for potential dangers either to them or to 'her' realm. This watchfulness has resulted in many a Kikanalo stampede - or other similar dangers - being avoided by the workers under her, the occasional thief being intercepted, and the prevention of many less-than-perfect works being shipped to other Metru... however it has also earned her the dubious reputation of being little more than a wannabe Vahki. Though this insult stings, Jabali weathers it stoically, confident that the work she's doing is good, regardless. Most often, she can be seen standing atop the yet-untouched blocks of solid Protodermis, her sharp eyes scanning her domain.

    Flaws: As a Po-Matoran, her lack of finesse with a carving tool is considered quite a flaw; though as Jabali has found her calling elsewhere, this is perhaps not of too much note. Rather, her personal flaw may better be characterised as being an utter stickler for the rules, and a stubborn one at that; it's very hard for her to accept that there are times when the standard rules simply do not apply, and she will try her best to enforce her standards even when it seems ridiculous to do so. Not for nothing is she regarded as a Vahki wannabe by many of her peers.

    Powers: None to speak of; she has innate elemental powers of stone, but nothing she can actually use.

    Equipment: She carries a short staff with a chisel at its head, although this is largely ceremonial; she does very little carving herself. Still, it's durable enough to stand in as a weapon in a pinch. Too, she carries a handful of mid-level teleportation Kanoka, most often used on herself to help her get around quickly. Given the unpredictable nature of where teleportation disks send their target, this doesn't *always* help her.

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  • I was toying with an idea for a second Dark Hunter in case Vyarik didn't survive. While I'm working on figuring out what to do with him next, I decided to finish off this second concept and throw her into the ring as well. 


    Name: Sidra, AKA Skirmisher

    Species: Takadox’s species

    Faction: Dark Hunters

    Brief Description: Sidra is lithe and athletic, clad in elegant armour in shades of emerald. She carries herself with an air of enigmatic aloofness, oozing the opulent confidence of someone who thinks themselves a higher class of being.

    Background/Occupation: From the earliest days of her existence, Sidra wanted to explore the world. Buoyant and optimistic, she expected the universe beyond her home to be idyllic and welcoming, but what she found instead was chaos and war as the League of Six Kingdoms began its march to conquest. Everyone she went Sidra found herself treated with fear and disdain, with most beings unwilling to even look her in the eyes, thanks in large part to the reputation of a particularly infamous member of her species: Takadox.  

    Then, one day, Sidra crossed paths with a being who was unafraid to meet her gaze. The Dark Hunter Lariska saw something in the forlorn wanderer, and decided to bring her back to Odina. As they travelled, Lariska trained Sidra in hand-to-hand combat (mostly to give herself something to do on the long, boring voyage), gradually moulding her towards a new purpose. By the time they reached the island, Sidra was ready to be recruited.

    As the years went by, her skills grew, and her naivety abated, until she had firmly established herself as a formidable member of the organisation. In the end, Sidra did find a place where she was welcomed, and a way to explore the world.

    Flaws: Sidra is characterised by cowardice and insecurity. She relies primarily on surprise attacks, underhanded tactics, and having others to back her up. Though she can hold her own in a straight fight, when the odds aren’t in her favour, she’s prone to turn tail and run.

    Powers: Like all members of her species, Sidra possesses a limited hypnosis ability. It requires eye contact to work, and gradually erodes a target’s will, making them more susceptible to coercion. She’s also picked up a knack for acrobatics and agility, due to her training with Lariska.  

    Equipment: Sidra wears the Mask of Shadow Travel, which allows her to step into a shadow, including her own, and emerge from another, provided she knows where it is. There is no known limit to how far someone can travel via the mask, but the further one travels, the longer the journey takes, and the longer it takes for the mask to recharge. The wearer can transport up to two other beings with them, but they must consent to the travel, or will be left behind. Taking passengers also increases the travel and recharge time of the mask.

    Long journeys can be distressing, even dangerous, for the user, as they find themselves somewhere impenetrably dark and soul-chillingly cold, where unseen things seem to slither and scuttle (this realm is speculated by some to the Field of Shadows or a similarly unpleasant pocket dimension). If the destination shadow was obstructed or removed while the mask’s wearer is in-transit, they may find themselves trapped in the transit dimension.

    Sidra’s mask has been further customised with a telescopic lens, which can also take photographs that are then sent to her iStone, useful for scouting locations to teleport to later.  

    For ranged combat, Sidra carries a handheld rhotuka launcher. Her rhotuka power alters the physical properties of the spinners, making them incredibly sharp along every edge, ideal for a swift ranged assassination. For melee combat, Sidra’s weapon of choice is an electro chute blade, though she also carries a more mundane dagger as backup.

    The final items in Sidra’s arsenal are a pair of custom-made nektann drones, which operate as scouts and support during operations. These nektann are smaller than standard, folding up to be about the size of a Zamor sphere. Like most nektann, they are capable of self-reassembly and projecting weak energy blasts, enough to singe armour or blister skin. Both drones are connected to Sidra’s iStone, allowing her to issue them commands or view their camera feeds.

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  • Sidra seems okay. If the mask becomes an issue I'll roll back its power to a kualsi. 

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  • Name: Ardoku

    Species: Toa of Plasma

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: White armour with an orange secondary colour. Stark blue eyes underneath a cracked white Hau. Of average height and a lean but athletic build. His whole body is covered in scars, some still fresh.

    Background/Occupation: Although Ardoku was transformed relatively recently compared to other toa, he has in that time endured innumerable battles against the Six Kingdoms, and although each battle and skirmish has proven invaluable in training him, he has at every turn been forced to retreat. Now that the Legion is almost upon the shores of Metru-Nui, he outright refuses to consider retreat again, and will likely lay down his life in pursuit of an edge over the Six Kingdoms.

    Flaws: Strong willed to a fault, Ardoku has gotten to the point of stubbornly chasing his goals once he's put his mind to them, even if it kills him. He could almost be viewed as a death seeker at this point, throwing himself into the conflict without regard for his own well being. His temper has also reached a boiling point, something he tries to channel into his fighting but which sometimes leads him to making rash decisions in the heat of battle.

    Powers: An immense and nuanced control over his plasma powers. Great swordsman skills rarely seen in the Matoran Universe, skills he's trained since even before he became a Toa. A degree of athleticism and acrobatics that allow him to manoeuvre the battlefield in a quick and agile manner, as well as dodging attacks he cannot parry.

    Gear: A durable white metallic sword through which he can channel his plasma powers, or utilise expertly as a melee weapon in close combat. This sword is essentially composed of two blades, the sharp edges of the blades facing out away from the middle with a thin gap in between them. This gap also allows him to catch enemy weaponry and attempt to disarm his opponents. He also possesses a kanoka knife with teleportation powers, one which he can expertly throw and teleport to hit a target before teleporting it back into his hand, or use it in conjunction with his sword for better parrying. If he focuses, he can use it to teleport himself short distances, though this is no where near as powerful as a proper Kualsi.

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  • Name: Leonn

    Species: Male Le-Skakdi (Skakdi of Air)

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Description: Leonn is a jungle green with dark crimson accents that don't stand out, but compliment his appearance in a unique manner. His eyes are a distinctive glaring amber. Build-wise, Leonn isn't thuggish but is a more refined kind of muscular, toned and shadowed by just the right amount of functional muscle for his occupation, and he's about average height, meaning his silhouette doesn't massively stand out in a crowd. However, something that does stand out is a small but noticeable burn on his left temple, a white scar on his otherwise unblemished face. He stands more upright than most Skakdi.

    Powers: Training has granted Leonn a dangerous edge in hand to hand fights when he needs to, though ultimately that isn't where his skillset is best utilized. As a Skakdi of Air, Leonn does possess innate elemental abilities related to Air, but cannot utilize them unless in tandem with another Skakdi. His vision power is Laser Vision, allowing him to blast intense laser beams when required. However, if he blinks or flinches he cannot do this, and also cannot do it in moments of stress. His Skakdi Ability has been likened by his employers to that of a Turahk's, allowing him a temporary but strong aura that elicits fear and unease into anyone nearby him. He normally has this deactivated, as having it on all the time would actually be counter productive to his job, but when he does use it, it is most often for prying information from uncooperative informants. He prefers not to, as a rule, though.

    Equipment: The Le-Skakdi usually does not need very much equipment to perform his duties but when the opportunity arises he has the tools for the job. In a lowkey sheath on his waist he carries a short electro-knife, a straight blade that serves both as a simple stabbing and slashing weapon but a secondary function can be activated to produce a taser-like electricity effect which can stun when required. For long range occasions, however, Leonn carries a small compactible metal boomerang in a shoulder holster that is sharpened to inflict flesh damage, and is also connected wirelessly to a small device on Leonn's left hand, allowing it to safely slow in its spin when returning and allowing Leonn to call it back whenever needed. Other than that, Leonn has an encrypted IStone that he uses to contact his employers and a pair of shades just for show.

    Background: Leonn, after Zakaz was conquered by the League, found himself at a unique business opportunity. He'd often been employed by rival warlords as a intelligence gatherer (though with Skakdi there was often little intelligence to gather) but more often as an assassin by the smarter warlords. However, as the League came into play, Leonn's prospects became much better, as his better talents as a spy could finally be utilized properly rather than in a violent and dangerous hellscape. Arranging an agreement with Takadox (and Takadox specifically) Leonn was employed as an undercover agent in Metru-Nui, to keep tabs on the Dark Hunters and also to uncover what exactly was happening to Metru-Nui as a whole. 

    Flaws: The Skakdi lacks a conventional means of channeling his Elemental Energy, and, more detrimentally, has an acute phobia of fire and anything relating to it. He's also rather prideful, and thinks himself above his own kind.

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  • Name: Raz

    Species: Tiokaha

    Faction: Dark Hunter

    Brief Description: Sleek red armor with black and white accents. Dark blue eyes glowing fimly underneath a crimson kanohi of unique design.

    Background/Occupation: Finding no purpose in traditional Tiokahan lifestyle, Raz left home to explore the world. They soon discovered that most people did not appreciate their laid back attitude toward death, namely their casual killing of people that inconvenienced them enough, and as such, Raz naturally gravitated toward the Dark Hunters.

    Flaws: Raz is completely incapable of empathy or remorse.  This makes it hard for them to relate to others and interact with them on any meaningful level. Raz tries to make up for this by memorising behavioral taboos like murder and avoid them when possible, though to very mixed success.

    Powers: Raz has the mark of blood. This allows them to control their own blood like a toa would their element. Additionally, their body naturally produces and stores vastly more quantities of blood than regular Tiokaha, and can function with far less than regular. This makes it so that they almost always have access to a supply of blood to utilise one way or another. Raz can additionally sense the blood of other beings within a 100 bio radius of them.

    Raz is also able to speed up the blood pumping through their body, improving their muscles’ blood supply and thus giving themselves greater stamina. This can be dangerous if done incorrectly or past a certain limit.

    Gear: Raz wears a unique Kanohi that has a rhotuka launcher built into it, which can fire a rhotuka based on the person using it. For Raz, the rhotuka’s manifested effect is that upon impact with a person, Raz temporarily gains the ability to control the target’s blood as they can their own. This effect can only be active on one person at a time and lasts only for fifteen minutes or until used on another target.

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  • Is it possible to have a character start at the Barraki Castle? If so, I think I have an idea for a character. This is basically what I was trying to do with Kareh. I think I've got it right this time.

    Name: Amatarkonen

    Species: Upper Steltian

    Description: Typically keen, hawkish appearance. Black, with silver armor  and helmet decorated by a red horsetail plume. Bears a red matoran Strategy symbol carved and painted into the center of his breastplate. All over his armor, he bears smaller carvings and inscriptions. Has no left hand, only a crude claw which can morph into his primary weapon. Wears a black cape to show his rank.

    Powers and Abilities: Very charismatic, able to inspire loyalty in those who follow him. A good tactical thinker, always on the lookout for exploitable weaknesses in his opponents. Very skilled in using and maintaining his weapons.

    Equipment: Wears a heavy suit of armor at all times, protecting him against bladed weapons and small arms fire. Carries a rapid-fire Nynrah ghost blaster as an officer. This blaster fires compressed shards of energy capable of tearing through flesh and most light armor. He also bears an Electro Chute blade for hand to hand combat. This blade is permanently affixed to his left arm, and can morph into a crude claw.

    Background: Born into the failing, disgraced Konen clan on his native Stelt, Amatarkonen tried and failed several times to restore his family name. He embarked upon many successful conquests on behalf of other lords, earning him momentary wealth and prestige. He put this wealth to good use, rebuilding his clan's armies and infrastructure. However, he was unable to make any lasting changes to his families situation. Corrupt relatives would hoard resources for their own selfish ends, jeopardizing the clan as a whole. Unscrupulous lords would cheat him out of his fair share. Sometimes he would even be betrayed from within.

    When the Barraki began their rebellion, Amatarkonen saw not a threat but an opportunity. Pledging allegiance to Lord Takadox, he quickly secured a high ranking position in the Barraki's armies. He has brought about many great victories for his lord, and enjoys the favor of him and the other Barraki. However, his ultimate loyalty remains to Clan Konen. He hopes to one day overthrow Takadox, taking his place among the Barraki. For the moment, he contents himself with offering a portion of his loot to his family on Stelt. Currently, he is stationed deep in Barraki territory, overseeing the defense of the fortress on the orders of Lord Takadox. While Amatarkonen suspects this is a plow to keep him under guard, he works fulfills this duty with enthusiasm. He suspects that one of the other lords may send him away sometime soon.

    Flaws: Outside of combat, Amartakonen's left claw suffers from a lack of dexterity. He cannot use this claw to grip small objects or do anything requiring fine motor skills. Amatarkonen himself suffers greatly from pride and arrogance, leading him to underestimate his opponents. He does not take defeat well, and views it as his duty to Clan Konen to avenge these defeats. He tends to hold grudges for a very long time, and often becomes obsessed with taking revenge upon specific enemies. Owing to his harsh upbringing, he is quite paranoid towards his peers and superiors, and finds it very difficult to place his trust in any individual. Conversely, few other officers are willing to trust in him.



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  • Last two profiles, I promise. This way, I will have two characters for every faction.

    Name: Fenruki

    Species: Toa of Magnetism


    Description: Fenruki appears to be a somewhat short, thin toa of magnetism bearing light grey armor with dark blue highlights. He is hunched over and his arms are proportionally very long and slender. His armor is heavily scared and pitted, giving him a somewhat unkempt look. His most distinguishing feature is a bright orange krana, permanently attached to his face. He constantly stares into space with vacant red eyes.

    Powers and Abilities: Like all toa of his element, Fenruki is capable of creating, absorbing and manipulating magnetic fields. His sensitivity to the world's natural magnetism gives him an excellent sense of direction. He is trained as a tracker and surveyor, able to identify his surroundings and anyone who recently passed through them with ease. He is an accomplished martial artist, able to take down foes several times his size. He is fully proficient with his claws and foot additions, using them to their full potential. His krana, a scout, gives him to ability to hover short distances.

    Equipment: Fenruki carries very little on his person. His only tools are a pair of shredder claws and a pair of foot additions, both of which have been integrated into his natural body. His krana has been surgically attached to his face, making it nearly impossible to remove.

    Background: Fenruki originates from a small, remote island in the eastern chain, where he worked as a surveyor and prospector for his local miner's guild. Along with five other matoran of that island, Fenruki was transformed into a toa after completing a great challenge. There were no immediate threats to the island, so Fenruki and his time mainly assisted by using their elemental powers to contribute to various projects, including his guild's mining project. Working with a toa of sonics, Fenruki eventually uncovered a nest of hibernating bohrok. The sonics toa, ignorant of the true nature of these creatures, inadvertently awakened them with his powers. The island was quickly overrun, with the matoran being converted into new units for the swarm and the toa being killed or captured. After spending centuries in captivity, Fenruki was fitted with a krana and employed as a scout. His mission is to make an accurate assessment of the universe's current state, and to locate any valuable artifacts which could be considered a threat to the universe. Currently, he is in Metru Nui searching for the Great Disks. He often collaborates with other toa and matoran, maintaining that his krana is simply an organic mask shaped in his local style.

    Flaws: Fenruki's mind and sense of self have been gradually eroded by his years in captivity. He now lives on only as a puppet of the swarm. If his krana were ever to be removed, he would be rendered catatonic. Physically, he has somewhat atrophied, due to incompatibilities with the bohrok storage mechanism. He has not trained with any kind of long-range weapon, relying on his elemental powers and superior maneuverability in fights against distant opponents. His ragged appearance and vacant stare make him repellent to other toa and matoran, and he often fails to grasp the intricacies of social interaction among members of those species. He is very literal minded, uncommunicative and stubborn and has little respect for the privacy, personal space, hygienic sensibilities or personal feelings of his unassimilated companions.

    Name: Tinkerer

    Species: Matoran of Gravity (Heavily modified)

    Faction: Dark Hunters

    Description: Due to his extensive modifications, Tinkerer bears very little resemblance to a typical matoran of his element. He is unusually bulky, almost apelike in stature, with his arms being longer than his legs. He often crawls across the ground on all fours, supporting himself on retractable claws at the ends of his limbs. All four limbs are capable of splitting into two distinct components, giving him exceptional dexterity. He wears gunmetal grey armor and a Mask of Biomechanics of the same color. There is a rhotouka launcher mounted on his right shoulder.

    Background: Once, Tinkerer was a respected surgeon living in a large koro of Ba-Matoran along the western shores of the Northern Continent. When his koro was invaded by visorak pirates, he was conscripted into the local armed forces as a military surgeon. Due to a shortage of available parts, Tinkerer and the other surgeons grew desperate, incorporating parts from visorak, local rahi and even fallen soldiers into their patients. During this time, Tinkerer became obsessed with perfecting the matoran form, making several improvements to himself and his patients. After the visorak had been repelled, TInkerer continued his experiments in secret, often robbing from fresh graves and even committing murders for new parts. Eventually, he has arrested and put on trial by the local council of turaga. After being found guilty of a long list of crimes, including murder, grave desecration and medical malpractice, he was exiled from the koro. He traveled far and wide, offering his services as an assassin to anyone willing to provide him with new parts. He eventually found his way into the Dark Hunters.

    Powers and Abilities: After years of training, Tinkerer has gained very limited access to his innate gravity powers. He is capable of altering his own gravitational field, allowing him to scale almost any solid surface. He is capable of traversing liquid protodermis over short distances, though this requires more effort and slows him down. He is fully capable of accessing the powers of his Mask of Biomechanics, which he uses to alter his enemies biological processes.

    As a former surgeon, he is very skilled with modifying any kind of biomechancial organism, including himself. He often takes parts from defeated enemies to add to his own body. After years of modifications, Tinkerer has greatly increased his strength, speed, endurance, reaction time and pain tolerance far beyond baseline matoran levels. He is far stronger than most toa, and any matoran without similar modifications or outside assistance.

    Equipment: TInkerer carries very little special equipment. His only unnatural weapon is his shoulder-mounted rhotouka. When its spinner strikes a target, they will be ensnared by nearly unbreakable tendrils of energy, similar to a Suukorahk's.

    Flaws: Tinkerer's unusual shape makes him completely unsuited for infiltration. He sees himself as a perfect being, and will constantly bring this up around his allies. He is committed to following his own plans and does not take well to changes to those plans. Other Dark Hunters, especially those from a toa or matoran background, find him obnoxious and arrogant.

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  • Hi! Fenruki is approved if the krana is not a krana-kal variant. There are reasons for this which may show themselves in this game. While I have my personal opinions on eugenics as an RP subject regarding Tinkerer, they are also approved without adjustment. Please exercise care on the subject.


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  • The reason I gave Fenruki a krana-kal and not a regular krana was because I wanted it to make sense for him to be able to function on his own, given that the Bahrag are still deep in stasis at this point in the timeline. I will adjust as his profile as necessary.

    As for Tinkerer, I didn't really have eugenics in mind when I thought him up. It occurred to me that certain beings in the Matoran Universe, including the matoran themselves, can be rebuilt into stronger forms, and that they can incorporate parts from other biomechanical beings into themselves. Tinkerer is supposed to represent this concept taken to its logical, if horrifying conclusion. Making him an arrogant snob seemed like a suitable flaw for someone obsessed with self improvement.

    Edit: Fenruki's profile has been adjusted as specified.

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  • gee tarn why do you get to have so many characters

    (because there's something wrong with me)

    Name: Idlyx Haeve (eye-dlicks hah-eve)

    Codename: "Reaper"

    Species: Kekamaire (pronounced kee-kuh-my-ray) (approved by UN)

    Faction: Dark Hunters

    Description: A tall, broad-shouldered and very imposing muscular figure resembling a Steltian laborer, with a cervid head and digitigrade legs ending in two-toed feet resembling hooves. His arms are noticeably long and extend past his knees, with large three-fingered hands. His armored body is mostly an iridescent Metru blue in color, with pale highlights. His head resembles a bleached deer skull, with antlers branching out from both sides, and four forward-facing eyes that are crimson red. He speaks in a quiet, deep voice in a surprisingly polite manner.

    Equipment: A pair of gauntlets with twin electrified blades, mostly yellow and black in color with hazard stripes. A disk launcher mounted over his right shoulder--has an affinity for weaken Kanoka.

    Personality: Has some regard for his fellow Hunters, but is mostly cruel towards Toa and Matoran in his own politely sadistic way. Asserts that no job is personal, but in the past has allowed them to become personal and employed higher levels of brutality to account for it.

    Background: Mostly redacted by the Dark Hunters, he appears to be from an inhospitable island somewhere in the Southern Continents, and somehow took on the persona of a gentleman killer when he joined. Considering the rarity of his species, it can be assumed they are mostly extinct.

    Flaws: Anything but agile. If he leaves his emotions unchecked he can fly into an uncontrollable rage that will cloud his decision-making.