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  • IC: Skyra Daring - The Silver Sea - Metru Nui Airship - 

    Crunch. There was a rather loud sound of an apple being bitten into from just behind Oreius and Iona. If either of them bothered to look, they’d see a young looking Toa of air clad in black and green, looking somewhat bored and armed to the teeth with weapons as she bit into her apple for a moment before chewing.

    “Meditation huh? Sounds boring.” She blinked for a moment. “Uh, don’t mind me, I’m just eating this apple. You can go back to talking about yoga or whatever. Pretend I’m not here.”

    Crunch, crunch. Eating apples was a loud business apparently. 

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    "That is doubtful. Revived and returned beings do not forget the life they already lived, Nale," Stannis said. "The vahki already said my name and you could have heard them, but I wonder what you know about me that makes my name mean anything," he said and shuffled his bag a little. "And coldness never phased me, climate or otherwise."


    IC Alpinist | Ko-Metru

    The Cartographer suddenly heard the telltale crunches of footsteps on the ice floor, the sound of which was amplified by the vastness of the chamber within the Hideaway to sound almost destructive in nature. A small beacon of light came closer to him with each crunch, and then, when it was just far enough that he could see the hauntingly illuminated chest and chin of a fellow Ko-Matoran, it stopped. 


    For a moment The Alpinist stared in utter confusion at the light stone lamp and the small eyes that glowed back at him, and there was only silence between the two matoran. He listened to the wind softly howl outside the tunnel he came from, and to the pitter plop from rivulets of frigid water around them in the hollow, and then he let out a short, rolling chuckle that echoed pleasantly between the walls. 

    "I thought I saw someone come in here," he said, his voice soft and deep. "Honestly, I'm pleased, but why are you in the tower I'm about to conquer?" 

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  • IC: Aksa, Silver Sea, Ripple

    "We got company. Get to stations or hold on!"

    In an instant Aksa has drawn her shield and activated it. As the ceiling shatters, the device positions itself above her, deflecting the rain of glass.

    Well, that wasn't supposed to happen.

    To move at a run could induce panic – either in her traveling companions or in herself – and so Aksa elects to stride purposefully to the point of impact. As Morah examines the projectile itself, Aksa inspects the unpleasant scene left behind. Acid pools on the floor of the ship, the metal beneath blackening and bubbling worryingly as the liquid devours it. Aksa has dealt with such spills on occasion in her lab, but the standard practice of neutralizing the acid with an appropriate base is clearly impossible under these conditions; that is, the utter lack of laboratory-grade chemicals aboard the ship. A glance tells her that no Ga-Toa are nearby to address the situation more professionally. Aksa must improvise, a scenario she finds most inconvenient.

    Aksa extends an arm – the real one – and moves it in a careful circular pattern. A ring of stone forms around the pool, preventing it from spreading over a greater area. The acid laps menacingly at the narrow walls. Aksa extends both arms now, and raises them, attempting to grow a layer of rock between the metal and the pool. In theory, this task should be possible. Whether she can accomplish it without damaging the structural integrity of the floor is another matter – but then, its structural integrity wasn't doing great anyway.

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  • OOC: I don't think I can get to Silver Sea conflict tonight, but here's the Onu-Metru vahki response for now.

    IC: Vahki Response, Onu-Metru Streets

    The two squads of vahki fully established a perimeter per their programming. Another squad of six signalled intent to reinforce, which was accepted per established programming. It was normal to have vahki descend on an incident in overwhelming numbers for better establishing peace and order. By the time the third and four squad arrived the only remaining individuals in the vicinity were Stannis, Nale, Knichou, Vyarik, and an unlucky onu-matoran who got busted for possession.

    Since the debut of the vahki with the first wave of rorzakh in Onu-Metru, Nuparu made several revisions. The most recent were squad mothers. Equipped with the ability to both understand and output matoran speech, squad mothers bridged the gap between law skirting denizens and the fair and just police system. A small but vocal minority of matoran began protesting living conditions of vahki in charging hives stationed throughout the city after the introduction of speech, saying that they were now too advanced to be considered merely robots and deserved equal rights and pay. Like the two present at the scene of Nuparu’s murder, squad mothers were designated by stripes of paint and more elaborate armor plating. They stood almost a head above others in their squad, making them easy to pick out in a crowd. More frustratingly, they carried kanoka at higher power levels then regular vahki.

    “Spoke with Dark Hunters. Let them escape. Allegations against known visitor Toa Stannis: organized crime, brawling on city property, collusion with known terror organization. No visual evidence provided. Thank you for your report. Return to work matoran. Thinking is dangerous.” The squad mother speaking with Vyarik chirped the last line in a far more peppy voice than the otherwise choppy and disharmonious computer voice preceding. The prerecorded voice of a Ga-Matoran read out all the city’s slogans of diligence and hard work except in Ta-Metru where vahki spoke in chute speak because of a “feature” in their programming provided by an unknown individual.

    A rorzakh blipped and screeched as Knichou stealthily removed the components of Nuparu’s iStone for later use. The squad mother rose up to full height, towering above the already cowering actor of a matoran. “Theft detected. Personal property requested did not contain a knowledge crystal. Proceed with retrieval. Surrender, worker.”

    A squad of vahki screeched distorted audibles in unison, converted themselves into quadrupedal mode, and began a reckless charge towards the elevator Knichou and his companions were stepping into.

    “Surrender, worker. Theft detected."

    OOC: Surrender or run!

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. 

    "Wait, there is visual evidence! If you look back in the street, you can see the rock and damage the Toa left from using his powers." Vyarik wasn't one to waste an opportunity to sow a little discord, especially when he saw the squad of Vahki break away to pursue the wayward Matoran and his Toa escort. 

    "The Turaga has just imprisoned Toa who were conspiring against this city, and now this Toa shows up just in time to fail to save your creator from Dark Hunters... who he then allows to escape, while making a mess in the process. And now these two Toa are helping a thief..." 

    He stepped back, hoping the Vahki possessed the requisite processing power to put the pieces together.

    The Toa were causing far more disruptions than the Dark Hunters.

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  • 1 hour ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

    IC: Vahki Response, Onu-Metru Streets

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Stalking Knichou)

    Too much commotion. He couldn't see what he'd picked up. Whatever it was, it had annoyed the nearby droids, which was not a good thing. 

    "Always so karzin' nosy, ya Matoran..." Thom sniffed, pushing out the firework ammunition in his revolver in response to the situation brewing up. Retrieving a smoke canister from his cloak, his hand applied a bit of pressure to the ammo container as he pushed it in and twisted with a satisfying click.

    Behind the iron sights, Thom's pupil glowed and flickered, marking himself a target.

    His claw gently squeezed the trigger. With a spectacular hissing sound, a small metal gas grenade filled with black smoke flew from the underbarrel of the revolver, headed for one of the Vahkis in pursuit.


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  • IC: Oreius | Metru Nui Airship

    Oreius knew the owner of the new voice. The young Toa Skyra had already built up a reputation among Metru Nui's ranks for her impulsive nature and her tendency to spread havoc wherever she went. He could forgive that nature if it confined itself to the battlefield, but it did not. He had never known a Toa of Air who could. It was like holding back the sea with a broom.

    The Toa of Fire nodded once to Iona. "Try it. Or don't." Then he turned and walked away.


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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (elevator)

    "You talk like a Turaga," she said. "Anyway, I--"

    She was cut off by the familiar scuttling noise of Vahki on all fours, and looked over her shoulder to see a squad rushing towards them.

    "--uh oh. We need to get moving." She quickened her pace and got ahead of Knichou to call the elevator. "Go ahead and get in, I can hold them off if they get any closer. It'll cost me some goodwill with Metru-Nui law, but..."

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  • IC: TrikiGa-Metru

    "Welp, I'm Triki, the Trikicator, the Trikiest of the Trikimites," Triki says.  "Oh the search-fine for Great Discs to have adventure-fun!  So we gonna chatty-chat all day or disc seek?"

    He was apparently not too concerned about leaving the Hover-Bike behind, nor any of the social awkwardness of the group so far.


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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    The old toa winced at Nale’s quickened pace but continued into the elevator. ”Slow or fast doesn’t matter so long as we keep moving,” he said with no hurry in his tone. 

    Mata Nui would take care of the rest. 

    Tell me, Knichou,” he said, turning to the matoran for the first time, “how was Nynrah when you last saw it?

    Despite the savant nature of his question he sounded sincere, and while the matoran may have at first thought the question was a poorly-timed attempt at conversation he would quickly catch on to two things: Firstly, that Stannis was unconcerned by the threat of the vahki, and secondly, that he seemed genuinely scared about something not immediately discernible. 

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "...Yes. We will seek the Great Disks then! As Toa, I and Karista can, uh, supervise you, as you undertake this noble endeavour."


    IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets)

    Apparently, Waveahk would not be waiting for as long as he thought, as his targets very quickly moved on from the corpse, heading towards the docks nearby... which, since Waveahk had come from the Protodermis Canals, was not quite in his direction, but it was close enough.

    Unfortunately, something they must have done must have upset the Vahki, as they were now also in pursuit, having the advantage of not having to skulk in the shadows like he did.

    He hid, as the clockwork automatons quickly closed the gap between themselves and their shared targets. He was about to step up the pace when there was suddenly this hissing sound...

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  • IC: TrikiGa-Metru

    "Is great because you be bigger targets so Vahki sneak-attack you first!" Triki says, once again heading off towards the Great Temple.


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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "Vahki wouldn't-oh, very well, whatever you say." Tekmo determined that joining Triki and his merry band could help him find the Disks... and also, make sure Triki didn't get into any trouble.

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Silver Sea | Airship Ambush South of Destral

    In the skies above the rolling protodermis seas a tense exchange of fire began. There was a peel of thunder as Varxii released her elemental power across the skies. The smell of ozone filled the air as the first rippling lightning strike cut through twilight weather. She was the conduit for nature’s wrath, pulling from the storm inside her to wreak havoc on the approaching airships. The first strike went wide, but the second surge of lightning struck the bow of the craft closer towards port. Flames burst along the underside of the hull, and over the rush of air Varxii could hear sirens blaring in alarm. 

    Skorm’s altered senses revealed the attacking airships were crafted around large organ-shaped sacs. They floated like blimps, and were propelled forward by an unknown source. What at first seemed like thick netting between the two airships on closer inspection revealed itself to be a green webbing that stretched and swung in the wind. The webbing seemed to be what held most of the crafts together, with thick coatings gluing cabins and catwalks to the hulls. Mazor spied gunports along the sides and bow of each airship, which unloaded another barrage of snot-like projectiles towards The Ripple. The projectiles that made their target hit the blast ceiling with a gooey splorch, a burst of steam as the sac ripped open, and then something spindly crawled out and rattled off a horrid warcry: The Ripple was boarded!

    On the now covered cargo deck Ostrox watched as Morah crept forward toward the crates the projectile had displaced. She saw nothing but a thin trail of acidic slime leading its way under the cargo. Pushing aside a box revealed nothing. Then, with a burst of surprise, a screeching red creature pounced on Aksa as she attempted to patch the floor with her powers of stone. Ostrox and Morah saw the creature in full as it grappled Aksa: four legs, spider-like body, massive mandibles, and a strange plate on its back beginning to quickly spin.


    OOC: It's ya boi...


    IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Archives, Level Seven

    Vashni’s psionics softly touched against the minds of rahi as the party made their way through the seventh level of the archives. The structure they were in was simple and straightforward: a long hallway with containment chambers on either side. Flickering lightstones socketed into the hallway’s ceiling fizzled creepily. They progressed without further danger to a crossroads in the archives. A map with “You are here” on it was posted on a nearby wall. According to the map, continuing forward led to Southern Region Rahi, turning left entered Steltian War Trophies, and to the right was simply labeled: “under construction -- please avoid.”

    The ghoulish echo of a loose rahi hunting far away came from the right.

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  • IC: Jutori - Archives

    With little incident, we had reached a crossroads. I pointed to the sign that said "under construction -- please avoid."

    "Maybe I'm reading too far into it," I said, shrugging slightly, "but perhaps what we're looking for lies beyond the sign telling us to avoid that path."

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  • IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship]

    "Uh, right, thanks."

    For the second time in fewer than a single day Iona watched as a more experienced, far more capable warrior stalked off from her. Imparting some form of wisedom borne of experience that far outstripped her own. She wondered if this is what Brutaka meant about figuring out whatever he was talking about meant to her.

    Wordlessly, she turned to the only other soul around, and gave Skyra a questioning shurg.


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  • IC: Karista - Ga-Metru

    "Wait, really?" Karista looked nervously at Tekmo. She didn't want the Vahki getting too close...


    IC: Morah - League Ship

    "Ah Karz!" Morah's readiness paid off as she barreled into the thing's side gauntlets first to try to get it off her ally.

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  • IC: Aksa, Silver Sea, Ripple

    Focused as she is on her task, Aksa is caught completely off guard by the creature's sudden attack. She crashes to the floor beneath its weight with a grunt of surprise. Sharp mandibles snap dangerously close to her neck as she attempts to hold the creature off with one hand; the other she extends toward her spear, which has fallen to the floor. The weapon flies to her outstretched palm and she shoves its point upwards with all the strength she can muster, hoping to pierce her attacker's carapace, or at least to get this thing the f*** off her.

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - The Silver Sea - Metru Nui Airship - 

    Skyra watched with curiosity as Oreius unceremoniously walked off, finishing off her apple with one final crunch as she did. 

    "Sooooooo...." She tossed her apple core off the edge of the airship. "You new here?"


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  • Tallea - Onu-Metru - Archives

    IC: "If I was going to hide something on this level that's where I would do it. For a short time at least. Don't want what needs hiding to be found by the construction workers after all." The technically tall Matoran turned to scan the dark hallway with her golden visor. After a moment she stepped forward, moving cautiously into the unknown. "Lets go."

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  • IC: Mazor-Silver Sea, Ripple

    "These ships don't look normal!" Mazor shouted, "They look like they could easily fall apart!". As soon as the launchers fired he retaliated with his Kanoka, hoping to freeze the strange launcher. He then loaded a medium strength weakness disk into his launcher.

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  • IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Elevator

    Nale sprinted ahead to call the elevator early, so the doors opened right when Knichou and Stannis got to them.

    "Go ahead and get in, I can hold them off if they get any closer. It'll cost me some goodwill with Metru-Nui law, but..."

    Knichou looked directly at Nale as her voice trailed off.

    "If you plan on leaving without being in chains I suggest you get to docking level 6 quickly -"

    The engineer entered the elevator and selected the floor his ship was docked in.

    "- if you aren't there before we're ready for takeoff, you're on your own."

    The glass doors of the capsule began to shut.

    "Thank you, Toa Vella," Knichou said before the elevator pod was sealed and started climbing upwards by the flow of the chute. Through the crystalline doors Knichou and Stannis could see the squads of Vahki crawling towards Nale. The only thing that wasn't stressful about this situation was the chirpy Le-Metruan tune playing in the background, just loud enough to mask the sound of rushing chute fluids pushing the pod.

    In a surprising move, Stannis addressed Knichou directly, the Toa turning to look at the matoran instead of whatever it was in the distance that Stannis tended to be in a staring contest with.

    Tell me, Knichou, how was Nynrah when you last saw it?

    "Well, uh," Knichou stammered for a moment. Is now really the best time for small talk? Has this fossil already forgotten what kind of danger we're in? Knichou wondered for a split second. If Stannis was able to stare down a dark hunter, why is it that when he was in the elevator he appeared to be the uneasiest? Knichou wasn't sure, but he took his mind off of that to finish answering the question.

    "It's... been several centuries since I was in Nynrah, but the last time I was there it was beautiful as always. For all the rumors of what comes out of our forges, some true, some wildly exaggerated, the island itself is extremely pastoral. The beaches and cliffs and beautiful and the villages are big enough to have the sorts of common luxuries you may want but small enough to not consume the environment around them, unlike this metropolis."

    The Fe-Matoran took his lightstone rifle out of his backpack, taking the time to top off its magazine with two more lightstones. He made sure to turn on the attached laser sight while fidgeting with his weapon.

    "I suppose my equipment isn't the most subtle - I was a Nynrah Ghost, as you almost certainly suspected," Knichou continued.

    "Did you ever visit my home island in your travels?"

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  • IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru, Archives level 7:

    Arriving at main elevator. Tracks indicate struggle of some kind. Analyzing...

    Multiple bipedal footprints. Size and shape indicates two matoran, one toa, one unknown.

    Data on unknown group inadequate. Number of individuals makes direct confrontation unlikely to succeed.

    Solution: track group, acquire more information, remain hidden.

    Entering stealth mode. Following tracks.

    The law enforcer looked up from the scene of the original commotion to look down the tunnel. The voices of the group further down were still echoing through the tunnels. The green glow of its eyes dimmed as it quietly creeped into the tunnel. Despite its large size and the somewhat frequent lightstones mounted on the walls of the tunnel, the machine was able to blend in with the shadows with well-practiced skill. Its once plodding footsteps were now almost completely muted. Once it had collected more information, it would make its presence known, whether the tour group was ready or not.

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    The old toa nodded. "Yes, I have, many times. The last time was scarcely over a decade ago.

    A disconcerting silence fell between them. The gentle throb of protodermis pneumatics without filled the void for those few seconds, but the lack of words were deafening. It was clear that Knichou still harbored a love for his home island even though he disavowed the sigil of his old guild, and news of Nynrah was likely something he found too hard to bear... and yet, something he was eager to hear. Slowly, piece by piece, Stannis broke the news, and with it relived the story himself. 

    "I was too late. It was already being conquered by the Barraki armies—by Takadox. There was a blockade forming as he tried to maneuver his troops for invasion, which gave me just enough room to enter the island. Too many valleys and foundries were already overtaken, clearly caught by surprise by the clever vanguard. The core factories and settlements had survived only by virtue of their advanced weapons and the Xian ambassadors who vigorously fought mostly to preserve themselves. We managed to repel the first two waves and outmaneuvered the cumbersome Barraki war machine at first but it was no use. Nynrah was already in ruins with no hope of a rescue from allies, so we could only try and leave with as many lives saved as possible. We barely escaped, and it took all of my power to manage even that. 

    "You, my friend, are one of the last Ghosts." He paused to allow that reality to set in. "Most of the blueprints and plans were sabotaged to prevent the Barraki from obtaining them. Only the most complex and irreplaceable ones were salvaged. I am so sorry..."

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  • IC Kanohi - Onu-Metru city streets

    On the streets of Onu-Metru there was a clanking and clanging sound as a Matoran ran in the street. He was covered from head to toe in shattered pieces of Kanohi, each dangling from him like a wind chime. He looked less like a Matoran, and more like a pile of scrap good only for smelting down. 

    The Matoran came to a halt, in his sight was a Vahki perimeter. He had thought he had heard some running to this spot, had there been an attack? He kept his distance, he didn’t want to set them off, but still tried to gauge the scene. It looked like some Vahki had sprinted off suddenly, but that wasn’t what interested him. Was the city block safe? Had a bomb gone off, the block’s foundation weakened? Were any buildings at risk, either from whatever had interested the Vahki, or from older damage acquired from the war?  

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  • IC: TrikiGa-Metru

    "Vahki are problem-no, s'long as they don't disc-strike you, staff-stun you, hit-smack you, drop heavy-big objects on you..." Triki says, continuing his list as they approach the Great Temple.


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  • IC Kanohi - Onu-Metru city streets

    Kanohi was not a great craftsman, but he knew what Protodermis looked like when it was damaged, straining not to snap or crumble. And as he surveyed from the street, he couldn't see cracking metal or feel the roar of a bioquake beneath his feet. It seemed the city was stable here, at least for now. Then what had upset the Vahki? His curiosity was piqued, his heartlight flickering in a frantic rhythm. He started to move forward, only to flinch at the glint of the Vahki's staves. He ... they had things under control. 

    But those Vahki who ran away, if they were pursuing a suspect, accidents might follow. He was all too aware that Vahki could be a bit too ... zealous in their hunts, and if their suspects were armored and dangerous...

    Kanohi swallowed, his heartlight beating fast enough to leave him woozy. He ... he had to follow, wouldn't he? Toa and Vahki could handle enemies, he knew nothing about that, but Matoran could get hurt in the crossfire. And if the Vahki were heading deeper into the archives, to a supporting level, Onu-Metru's foundation could be at risk. 

    He ... he wanted to flee. But where could he flee to? This was the end of the universe, everywhere south of this island belonged to the League. He couldn't run, and even if he could he... he couldn't let this refuge crumble too. 

    So, looking both ways, he pulled out his grappling gun and fired the chunky piece of metal. A magnet exploded out of his gun and latched against a building, before launching he into the air. He lurched as he smacked into the tower, before looking for the Vahki who had left in a rush. He hung suspended to the tower, trying to get a further view. Can he see those Vahki from up there, and gleam what they are doing?

    OOC: what are the Vahki that had pursued Stannis, Knichou, and Nakle doing?

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  • On 1/23/2020 at 12:45 AM, EmperorWhenua said:

    IC Alpinist | Ko-Metru

    The Cartographer suddenly heard the telltale crunches of footsteps on the ice floor, the sound of which was amplified by the vastness of the chamber within the Hideaway to sound almost destructive in nature. A small beacon of light came closer to him with each crunch, and then, when it was just far enough that he could see the hauntingly illuminated chest and chin of a fellow Ko-Matoran, it stopped. 


    For a moment The Alpinist stared in utter confusion at the light stone lamp and the small eyes that glowed back at him, and there was only silence between the two matoran. He listened to the wind softly howl outside the tunnel he came from, and to the pitter plop from rivulets of frigid water around them in the hollow, and then he let out a short, rolling chuckle that echoed pleasantly between the walls. 

    "I thought I saw someone come in here," he said, his voice soft and deep. "Honestly, I'm pleased, but why are you in the tower I'm about to conquer?" 

    IC: Cartographer

    Ko-Metru Hideaway

    The Cartographer stood silently in the center of the chamber, hands grasping the plinth, awash with awe. He had traveled so far and so long, the Matoran thought, that this world could have no more surprises, no secrets yet to be discovered that he hadn't seen before. And yet, here he now stood, in the middle of a chamber, with a plinth, enigmatic carvings, and an even more mysterious puzzle; a puzzle that serves a purpose, a puzzle to prove the worth of those wishing to possess the secrets it contained.

    The aura of mystery which had enveloped the Cartographer was pulled violently away from him as though it were a sheet over his head, when the utter silence of the room was broken. The Cartographer tensed as his hands slid from the plinth down to the familiar shape of the handles of his ice picks. One forward grip, one reverse grip, the Cartographer turned slowly to face his new guest, activating the boost switch on his headlamp as he did in hopes of preventing the guest from discerning his features too well. Both stood silent as they gave one another an ocular pat-down of sorts. The sight of a fellow Ko-Metruvian eased the Cartographer, though only ever so slightly.

    "I thought I saw someone come in here. Honestly, I'm pleased, but why are you in the tower I'm about to conquer?"

    The Cartographer fought to stifle a chuckle at the Matoran's final word. This figure in front of him, he had heard mention of a type like him from some of his fellow Cartographers. One of the adrenaline-types, speed climbs the towers across the Metru, sometimes to the chagrin of the Cartographers. And according to the stories, they always refer to summiting as "conquering". A minor annoyance, sure; but a man of these skills could probably be useful to the Cartographer, should he agree. In unity, wisdom; it says.

    "I'm a Cartographer," he finally replied, after leaving the silence a little too long. "I'm not here to race you to the top, if that's what you're worried about. There's an artifact in here that must be recovered at all costs. Should it fall into the wrong hands, you might not have any more towers to, ahem... conquer."

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "They-they wouldn't do... alright, maybe they'd do the first two things, but only if you had broken the law."

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru Streets | Vahki Response

    From Kanohi’s elevated perspective he watched the rorzakh squad charging a lone toa by the elevator become engulfed in a dark grey cloud of smoke. Thom’s smoke canister made visibility almost impossible around the doors to the elevator chute. Breathing the smoke left a cloying texture in the mouth. 

    While the rorzakh charged Nale, the squad mother speaking with Vyarik sent their squad to investigate the alleyway where the Dark Hunter and Stannis fought. They noted damaged walls and protodermis chunks scattered about the alley. While they searched, the squad mother reiterated to Vyarik; “return to work functions. Further resistance will lead to a forced return. A busy matoran is a happy matoran”

    The elevator capsule containing Stannis and Knichou began to slow as it diverted toward the exit. As it arrived, a squad of rorzakh scuttled across the airship docks of Onu-Metru toward them. How the vahki knew where the two were planning on exiting was a mystery, but there they were assembling to continue the pursuit.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    "Of course," he nodded to the Vahki, "I shall return to my work." 

    He turned away and started to vacate the scene, searching the skyline for another elevator shaft that would lead him up to the service level. Once he'd spotted the nearest one, he started moving towards it, breaking into a brisk, purposeful jog to compensate for the shorter strides of his current Matoran size. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    The elevator carrying Stannis and Knichou opened up, the first thing they would see was the large form of Toa Arkius standing in front of it, as he had himself intended to ride it to a lower level. Upon noticing the occupants, Arkius at first paid them a simple acknowledgement, before his eyes widened as they landed on the Toa. "Toa Stannis?"

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    I began following after Tallea and Vashni. The telescoping eye of my mask whirred softly as I looked down the dimly lit tunnel. 

    “There’s been a couple of... incidents, where Rahi have escaped from containment,” I began, “and when that happens they’re supposed to have a sign warning others of the danger and they’ll post Vahki around the problem area. The fact that there’s a construction warning and no signs or sounds of actual construction going on is a little suspect.” 

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  • IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Elevator to surface docking towers

    Knichou stared at the metal walls rushing in front of him, his grip on his rifle clenching, posture straightening, as if to brace himself for the news he already knew was coming. The stories he had heard so many times, the descriptions of events he had never seen but could never unsee. The faces of friends he could scarcely remember. The names of the dead, kept in the limbo of rumor even after the body counts rolled in when the fog of war cleared. The glimmer of metru-nuian ships launching from Artakha to counterattack, and the husks that limped back into port. The losses of knowledge and life so large in that campaign of terror that to this day Knichou could not bring himself to calculate the impact.


    Knichou's mouth opened but the words did not arrive for a moment. He took a moment to close his eyes, inhale, and try again.

    "Thank you..."

    The ex-ghost turned to lock eyes with the toa.

    "... Thank you for saving those that you could..."

    "... Those mentors of mine that fell in battle to protect our people's escape must have been proud to stand brave alongside Toa..."

    If only I had been among them.

    The glow of the lightstones in Knichou's weapon was swallowed by the sunlight pouring through the glass doors as the elevator pod breached the surface. The eyeholes on Knichou's kanohi tinted slightly to help his eyes adjust, and his armor slowly shifted to be more nimble now that the risk of cave-ins was much lower. The altimeter on his mask's internal heads-up-display continued to tick ever upwards as the pod continued to climb.

    The lower docking platforms for smaller vessels fell below them, but all the vahki on those platforms stared at them, perfectly tracking their position. They weren't rushing to the elevator though, it's almost as if... they already knew what docking level Knichou was going to. Knichou thought the vahki were too far away from him to hear him tell Nale what floor they were on.

    Wait a minute...

    Knichou remembered being shoved by a Rorzakh's staff when he and Stannis were almost arrested. He hadn't thought much of it at the time since he didn't feel anything strange - but he hadn't remembered yet what power the Rorzakh's staff had.

    "I think the Rorzakh are tracking me with their staff powers..." Knichou said, breaking the silence as the elevator slowed down. "Once we break through whatever is in our path past these doors, I'll release the anchor and get us in the air. Once we're clear of the docks you'll need to take the helm - I can't know where we're going or they'll be able to track us. Head for the clouds and towards some other Metru and we'll stay there for the night until this tracking effect wears off."

    Hopefully that's long enough.

    Knichou knew the layout, he was prepared for the next step. The glass doors of the pod would slide open, and the duo would find themselves in the temporary warehouse for cargo unloaded by larger airships. Extended out from the central spire of the tower would be several cargo and medium-capacity passenger airships on landing pads. In between them and those landing pads, a squad of Vahki would be scrambling towards them. Knichou's rifle was raised, ready to fire at the first vahki he saw and either fry it's systems or at least delay it long enough for Stannis to put up a stronger defense. The last thing this vahki would see before the crackling projectile's explosion overloaded it's visual sensors would be the burning rage in Knichou's eyes.

    Even in exile, the Ghosts live on through me. And a Ghost like me is cursed to live and fight in hopes that one day I may have peaceful rest on the home island.

    Wait a second what the -

    "Toa Stannis?"

    Knichou blinked.

    Before him stood a Toa of earth, clearly unaware of whatever situation was going on in the undercity below. Knichou lowered his weapon slightly but remained at a loss for words at the surprise. Perhaps Stannis knew this Toa, or this Toa heard of Stannis - either way those two would be doing the talking right now.

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  • OOC: mobile posting

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near elevator chute)

    "- if you aren't there before we're ready for takeoff, you're on your own."

    The elevator doors shut, and Nale turned to face the Vahki that were approaching her. At the moment, she was living up to the heroics she always thought Toa were supposed to be doing, but as she heard the elevator climb the chute behind her and as the machines advanced on her, she admittedly felt a little nervous.

    Nale knew she wouldn't be able to stick around long if she wanted to get to Knichou's airship, but she only had to stall the Vahki, and focusing her element, she magnetized the floor beneath the nearest units, rendering them immobile while she slipped her knife from its sheath. 

    "Surrender or run," she mocked.

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  • IC: Skorm, Ripple

    Another hit rocked the ship, and Skorm grabbed the railings to avoid falling over. Even through the howling of the night wind outside the airship, he could hear the commotion from inside.

    "They've boarded us!" he shouted. "We need to take these down. He saw Mazor loading a second kanoka, a weakening disc from its markings. He turned to the Vo-Toa beside him. "Varxii, Mazor's disc will weaken the structure of that airship. If we hit it together, we might be able to knock it out of the sky!"

    Skorm planted his his feet apart and raised his hands together. His hands glowed, shining like unrefined lightstone. The toa of twilight grunted as he focused the energy, putting his hands together. Power is nothing without focus; Will is meaningless without direction. Focus. Only his left hand shone now; Skorm held it up, and the light directed itself to pinpricks emanating from his fingers. He slowly closed his hand until only his pointer finger remained, and pointed it at the ship. Willing it to life, the laser shone bright red, painting a spot on the hull. He now widened the beam, making the spot visible to his allies. Whispy clouds made the laser visible.

    "At the moment of impact," he said, loudly but calmly, "fire at that spot. Mazor, I hope you have good aim."

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  • IC: Zaliyah - Silver Sea, The Ripple

    The former Toa had been lingering at the front of the airship, near where the pilot was seated, as the attack had unfolded. At first, she'd merely been confused - who would dare attack the League in the first place, and why out here in the middle of nowhere - but then she'd seen what had come crawling from the acid sacs, recognised the shape of the red-hued creature assaulting Aksa.

    They weren't Keelerahk like the ones that had mutated her, but they were a variant of Visorak nonetheless. Though she barely knew most of the other beings sharing the airship, Hordika was not a curse she wished on any of them. 

    Her herding blade unfolded from her forearm, crimson energy beginning to crackle along its length as she primed it to fire at the next Visorak to emerge. She reached out with her telepathy, trying to discern the location of the other spiders that had boarded the vessel. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Koro

    "Toa Stannis, it's been a long time." Arkius did a common salute from one Toa to another, a sign of respect and solidarity. "I did not realise you were in the city too, what business carries you to this corner of the world?"

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  • IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets)

    Waveahk narrowly avoided breathing in the smoke, holding his claw over his mouth, as he saw the Vahki simply plow through it, being purely mechanical beings and thus not needing to breathe.

    He couldn't see anything through the dark haze that now obscured where his targets once stood - but he did see that the elevator pod they were fleeing towards was now all the way up to the docks proper, no doubt taking advantage of the confusion. Thom would have some explaining to do.

    Well, he couldn't pursue them in that elevator, so he resolved to simply abandon the shadows and make a mad dash towards the nearest other elevator... the same one his fellow Dark Hunter Vyarik was jogging towards in his Matoran guise, not that he knew that.


    IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple)

    Ostrox moved up closer, intending to skewer the Visorak on his sword once Aksa and Morah were finished prying it off the former.

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