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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "That's, uh... that's rather discriminatory - what was your name, again?"

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  • IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Well, that backfired/In pursuit of the second elevator)


    That hadn't gone as he'd planned, he'd hoped to have caught one of the Toa in the smoke, but the elevator zoomed off, without him. Nowhere near his best work.

    The Ko-Skakdi panicked, getting up from his vantage point and making a run for where he saw Waveahk going, clambering down from the rooftops and panting as he sprinted for his life.

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  • On 1/23/2020 at 7:39 PM, Unreliable Narrator said:

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Silver Sea | Airship Ambush South of Destral

    The projectiles that made their target hit the blast ceiling with a gooey splorch, a burst of steam as the sac ripped open, and then something spindly crawled out and rattled off a horrid warcry: The Ripple was boarded!


    They're on the roof.

    Having backed up against the ship's railing, Irna looked back at Mazor, Skorm, Varxii -- all of them trying to take down the strange enemy airship that had engaged them. She looked up at the edge of the blast ceiling that hung above her head, from where the sounds of war-cries came. Shrill howls, unlike anything that Irna had ever heard before. There was a moment -- of course, there was a moment -- when she considered if there was anything that she could do, just a single woman from a one-Mahi village out in the middle of nowhere against such a collection of enemies.

    Just a moment, though.

    Breathing deep, Irna leapt up, grabbing the edge of the blast ceiling -- dontlookdowndontlookdown -- and hauling herself up enough for her top half to on the roof.

    She looked up, trying to spot her opponents.


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  • IC Kanohi - Onu-Metru city streets

    Kanohi flinched as he saw a cloud of smoke billowed. His hands trembled, and he muttered to himself “there is no fire, no flames it’s … it’s just smoke, it’s not a fire, it’s just smoke. The archives are not burning down. Even the Vahki would react to a fire.”

    If it was not a blaze, then maybe it was cover for an escape? Well he … wouldn’t be much help there. But he … Karzahni, he still wasn’t used to the layout of Metru-Nui. He couldn’t remember if there was an elevator there or not. He could wait, but by then the city could actually be damaged. He … and he didn’t want to be so close to some many Vahki just waiting.

    So Kanohi released his grip on his perch before aiming his gun at another building and grappling away. He launched past the structure, before hooking another tower. He … he should patrol for a real emergency anyway. But even as he maneuvered around Onu-Metru he subconsciously revolved around the spot where everything had gone down, just in case. 


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  • IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship]

    "Uh, sorta? I don't think we've met before. Not exactly from around here."


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  • IC: Karista - Ga-Metru

    The "Ga-Toa" fell silent as she tried not to be sick. Nope, she couldn't do this. Let them think her a coward, a lame excuse for a Toa, Karz, maybe not a Toa at all. She was not going to risk death or worse for this overeager little green thing. She looked to her fellow Toa, mouth flapping like a drowning fish, but words didn't come out.


    IC: Morah - League Airship

    As Morah charged in ready to bring the spider Rahi in to Pain Station, she caught sight of some of her allies just moseying by. "I got this un', get the rest!" 

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  • IC: Varxii - Silver Sea, League Airship

    "You got it."

    Varxii grit her teeth against the tremors she could feel through the walkway beneath her feet; the sounds of impact and battle. Perhaps she'd chosen her station poorly, for inside she could probably do a Karzahni of a lot more good against close-quarters invaders than vaguely shooting at distant airships... but it was what it was, and right now Skorm needed her here. The Vo-Toa nodded her head once, to reassure herself as much as to agree with anything else Skorm said.

    She could see well the spot that he was marking out for her to hit, no problem.

    The real question was... would she actually be able to hit that very precise spot?

    Lightning powers, at least in Varxii's hands, weren't a precision instrument. She could pour torrents of only loosely directed electricity at the airship all day, if that was what it took, without much effort (or at least, so she told herself); but nailing such an exact target as Skorm was marking out?

    She was not about to say to anyone that she outright couldn't do it. But she also wasn't best confident about her chances.

    Still... the only way to find out was to do, wasn't it? Forcing down the uncharacteristic moments of doubt, Varxii braced herself against the railing once more, eyes fixed on the red circle Skorm was marking out. She didn't dare look away; as soon as she saw the impact, she knew, she had to fire.

    As soon as she saw the impact...

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    "Toa Arkius! Well-met brother, and what fortuitous timing," Stannis warmly said as he stepped out of the elevator. He returned the salute only barely, clearly not one to care about any formality, and then pointed generally towards the south. "That's why I'm here."


    "No—everywhere that isn't Metru Nui," he said, referring to the reality that there were no other lands north of the city. "You spoke truly as we really are at a corner of the world, but Metru Nui is more accurately at the edge of it. Arkius, you should know that we are the last bastion of Matoran civilization. I am here because of the war and this city is woefully unprepared to deal with the coming storm that laps on its shores even now. Will you fight with me?"


    IC The Alpinist | Ko-Metru


    "I'm a Cartographer," [the Cartographer] finally replied, after leaving the silence a little too long. "I'm not here to race you to the top, if that's what you're worried about. There's an artifact in here that must be recovered at all costs. Should it fall into the wrong hands, you might not have any more towers to, ahem... conquer."

    "Aaaahhhhh," the other matoran said. "I'm an Alpinist. You probably already guessed; your type delights in figuring stuff out," he said, and slowly walked closer to the ice tree.

    He knew about the Cartographers well. They were like him in some ways, creative problem-solvers who relished in exploring and chronicling, but their pursuits were more cerebral than athletic. The Alpinist did not have the need or desire to write anything down about his adventures except for the singular, everlasting list that consumed the pages of his journals, constantly evolving as new spires were added and the summited ones were crossed out like an everlasting production line. That being said, the differences between Cartographers and Alpinists were not enough to set them even slightly at odds with each other. 

    The doomsday notion that the Cartographer announced pulled the Alpinist in, and not only because it spelled the end to his own vocation and list. He found it almost exhilarating and instead of anxiousness he felt the pump of adrenaline course through his circuits. This was not just an apocalypse, it represented a very real obstacle that begged for someone to overcome it. The lightstone pendant around his neck illuminated his face only so much that the Cartographer could see his chin move to and fro like rapid waxing and waning of a crescent moon as the Alpinist looked around the secret sanctum for... something. 

    "So you're telling me... there's something in this tower that can save Metru Nui... like our Great Kanoka?" he finally said, hinting at more cleverness than the average adrenaline junkie, and settled his eyes back on the Cartographer from the base of the tree. "Sounds like a challenge. Need help?

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    "Yes, I... suppose that is why I'm here too. My last charge... it did not end well." Arkius had a somber expression to him for a moment as his gaze shifted down for a moment, but it quickly turned resolute as he looked back up at Stannis. "I will of course stand by your side, brother. Always."


    IC: Okuo - Po-Metru

    Sitting atop a spire in a part of the Metru that was pretty much abandoned, Okuo surveyed the sand-strewn region from up high, though only for a brief moment. He wasn't here to sight-see, he was here to work in peace, and work was exactly what he intended to do. Just earlier, Dume's announcement that the Toa Mangai had been found had caught Okuo's attention. Right now, what he wanted to know was what they had, reportedly, done... And more than that, he wanted to know where they were being kept. With practised ease, Okuo began to sift his way through the networks, intent to find something that could enlighten him on this matter. Briefly, he considered that he might have to hack into the vahki information databanks to get anything useful, but he resolved to save that until later.

    Right now he didn't need that kind of heat.

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  • IC: The Cartographer

    Ko-Metru Hideaway

    The Cartographer smiled slightly, although his companion couldn't see it under the wash of lamplight, and his shoulders eased back into a more natural position. He returned his climbing hooks to his pack, and turned back to see the Alipinist's light swaying back and forth like a cascade of dancing lightbugs. Although he stood in the dark, staring out and speaking to a figure that, for all he knew, could just be another treasure hunter trying to eliminate a Cartographer, he could feel a sense of purpose and utility in the Alpinist, aloof as he may seem. Regardless, the being certainly presented a unique set of skills that could yet prove useful in the Cartographer's quest.

    With a bit of shuffling through his pack, the Cartographer withdrew a length of rope and secure anchor, which he quickly drove into the thick branch of the ice tree, and threw it down to his guest. Although an Alpinist would surely scoff at the idea of ascent via rope, he was sure the gesture would reach him just the same.

    "You know, there was once a time where Alpinists and Cartographers worked hand-in-hand," he stated matter-of-factly. "The Alpinist assisted the Cartographer in getting where he was going, and the Cartographer helped the Alpinist find the most elusive of summits to challenge." He clambered up through the roof hole once again, and set his lamp down on the plinth, bathing the whole room in a warm, yellow, flickering glow. The Alpinist followed through the hole, and soon came face-to-face with the Cartographer. The Cartographer chuckled heartily upon seeing the face of a fellow Ko-Metruvian.

    "I suppose what I'm getting at," he turned back to the plinth as he spoke, focusing again on the clues around him. The Cartographer quite frequently engaged in other tasks during conversation, sometimes to the chagrin of those around him. "Is that I do need your help. Metru Nui needs our help. And if my theory is correct, there's a Great Kanoka within this room; we just need to figure out how to get it."

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua

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  • IC: Rose - Metru-Nui airship

    Rose was currently laying down, trying to get some well-deserved rest before busting League heads, using the carrying case for her suit as a very uncomfortable pillow. She groaned at the sound of people talking nearby.

    "Can't a girl get some karzin' shut-eye..." she said, audible enough for her allies to hear.

    OOC: Rose open for interaction, "good guy" airship gang

    IC: Jutori - Archives

    "Then uh...let's go that way, I suppose."

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    "Good. Now is great time. Tell me more about your last adventure soon, but for now watch our backs as we go to Knichou's airship," Stannis said, motioning to the armed-and-dangerous matoran beside him who looked ready to take the next person or thing who approached him with a bolt to the head. 

    "Knichou, lead the way."


    IC The Alpinist | Ko-Metru

    The Ko-Matoran clambered up without any hesitation or encumbrance and listened to the Cartographer go on about the old days with only a little impatience; he was mostly eager to simply ascend, as was in his nature. When he was finally alongside the other in the grotto he smirked at the laughter that boomed in the confines, and then beamed broadly as he looked around and spied the way further up. "You want us to work together again but this time to save the world? Aye. Why not?" he said. 

    Upon going through the hole and entering the second room he repeated the mannerism of looking around. The Alpinist was not a cautious man by nature but took calculated steps as a matter of staying alive since a single wrong foothold when climbing a tower could result in a kio-long fall, something he had [mostly] avoided in his lifetime, and scanned surroundings for weak places. In this particular case, that skill translated to finding irregularities, anything out of place that could present an obstacle or issue, which made for a fitting companion skill to the Cartographer's ability to ferret anything out but without regard for its nature. 

    It was another room, much like the one below, but different in a few regards. The Alpinist's light only barely reached the extremities of the room, indicating that it was smaller, albeit incrementally, than the one below. The walls glistened with the familiar-looking sparkles of the script below, but no discernible breaks for doors or knobs, though he did spy the door in the roof, the curvature in the floor, and the plinth in a corner which he slowly toed his way towards. "There's a pedestal," he announced. "No traps, but..." he said with a little trepidation, noticing the matoran armor pieces, "someone did die here. Y'recognize this [poo]?"

    @Crimson Jester

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru Archives - Level 7 -

    Vashni was only detecting the minds of Rahi for now, which meant everything seemed to be as it should be. She kept probing for minds as they continued on however, things could change in an instant, and she wanted to be ready for it. She was so focused on being alert that for the meantime she remained silent even as the others talked. 

    IC: Skyra Daring - The Silver Sea - Metru Nui Airship - 

    "Yeah, I think you're right. I'd remember someone as interesting as you. I'm Skyra Daring." She offered a hand. 

    Despite her own reputation for being a nuisance to both friend and foe alike, Skyra was a rather open and friendly person.



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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Vahki Response

    The three began rushing across the docks towards Knichou’s airship, The squad of assembled rorzakh near the elevators fired their kanoka discs. Projectiles whizzed forward. There was no way to tell what getting hit would do. A matoran dock worker accidentally got in the flight path of a disc, quickly shrinking to the size of a teacup. Others ran for cover, hands flailing wildly in the air as they panicked. 

    They could see it: Knichou’s airship parked between other cargo carriers and merchant vessels. They could also see the squad of rorzakh crawling around the top of it, trying to get inside and impound the vessel before the runaway thieves could escape in it.

    “Toa Nale, you are under arrest for assisting in escape,” said the squad mother as it plowed through the smoke created unknowingly by Thom. As far as the vahki were concerned, the sudden smoke cloud was Nale’s creation. Its squad’s yellow eyes glowed in the smoke, giving Nale a slight hope of tracking her pursuers. Discs flew from the vahki’s mouths into the smoke without worry of friendly fire: they could easily keep track of positioning with their onboard processing power, and they moved in an organized line to sweep the smoke cloud for Nale’s presence. 

    “Victim” caught the scuttling rorzakh off guard, successfully dragging it below. The disc it launched missed any useful target, instead turning a lightstone streetlamp three times its normal size before the mechanical enforcer of justice succumbed to the Dark Hunter’s aggression.

    The other dark hunters seeking a way to the docks above quickly realized another chute further down the block went in the same direction. From Kanohi’s airborne perspective, he could make out a white skakdi and a strange being running away from the smoke.


    IC: Reliable Narrator | Silver Sea | The Ripple

    Inside The Ripple the brawl continued. The spear jabbed against the vohtarak’s underside. To Aksa’s dismay it snapped at the shaft and only increased the vohtarak’s berserk rage. It’s pincers lunged forward intent on piercing and crushing Aksa, but Morah’s spiked claws collided with the vohtarak so forcefully it flew back into a pile of crates. Righting itself, the vohtarak responded to their paired attacks by spinning up a strange circular item on its back and firing the projectile towards the closest attacker with intense speed.

    Outside on the The Ripple, twilight gave way to evening in earnest as the sun finally fell below the waves. Stars glimmered in the sky, and the moon lit the deck of The Ripple as Irna clambered onto the blast ceiling. The soft pattering of rain began, and Irna found herself fighting to hold her balance with each step on the slick metal. One of the screeching red and orange vohtarak scuttled toward her, firing its spinner into the air.

    Mazor’s first freeze disc whizzed across the open distance, slammed into the gunport, and filled the opening with a thick coating of ice. His plan worked! Skorm pointed out the next target with his powers, and Mazor’s disc of weakening slammed just off the mark, but close enough to make the green webbing sag with the weight of the attached catwalk. Varxii’s hold on her element finally released, and the bolts of lightning crackled out, hitting the webs despite her self-doubt. Skorm's powers over light and dark hit the impacted the same spot as Varxii's lightning. Working together, the three managed to deal enough damage to a section of webbing to send one of the catwalks spiraling toward the sea below. It splashed into the waves, disappearing from view to return moments later as nothing but driftwood and drowned visorak. Between the fires on the underside of the hull and the structural damage, the enemy airship’s direction began to change, choosing to sail toward starboard and its companion for assistance.

    Zaliyah’s telepathic count revealed five visorak successfully boarded during the second barrage. A third barrage slammed into The Ripple, sacs ripping open to reveal five more as acid continued to eat away at the hull. The damage to the ship missed the propulsion and levitation systems, but it was only a matter of time.


    IC: Reliable Narrator | SIlver Sea | Metru-Nui Assault Airships

    As the Metru-Nui assault team chatted before arrival the island to be their theater of war came into view. It was a moderately small island compared to the matoran capitol, a stretched crescent of rocky beaches and thick jungle vines. The width of the island could easily be traversed in a few hours. The tops of three distinct temple ruins spread across the island breached the upper canopy of the trees. Their primary target was the southernmost ruin. Brutaka explained before flight; 

    “The Southern temple contains a communications relay tower. We’ll need to approach through the Northern jungle to disable the hau-generators instead of head on from the South as their ships will be waiting for us to try to circle the island. There will be a jump from the primary airship to secure a landing zone for the following two cargo ships we are using for this mission. Secure the northern beach zone, then march on the temple without drawing attention if possible.”

    Once the island they saw in the dawn sunlight belonged to the matoran. It had been a site of contemplation and peaceful prayer offered to the Great Spirit. Now it housed blasphemers who sought to destroy everything the island stood for. 

    Those on the first ship -- Orieus, Iona, Skyra, and Rose among them -- couldn’t help but think back to the beginning of the war in the silver sea. When the League of Six Kingdoms had campaigned all the way to the islands at Metru-Nui’s doorstep Turaga Dume finally relented and called for drastic measures in war: killing would be forgiven in this fight. There would be no quarter. The barraki transgressed beyond the point of redemption and it was time to fight evil with evil or risk apocalypse. 

    “Ten minutes until jump,” called a matoran over the ship’s radio. “Move to the jump pad for preparation.”


    IC: Reliable Narrator | Po-Metru

    The shadows shortened and lengthened in Po-Metru before Okuo realized he was on the wrong server. Once in the right server, things began to reveal themselves. He found a current events blog by a Ga-Metru student named Vhisola. Her recent posts were asking if anyone else had noticed the increased bordakh presence around the Great Temple after the hours of prayer had been cancelled two days ago. Further probing into Metru-Nui’s darker corners of online activity revealed a murder occurred in the Great Temple two days ago, but had gone unreported. It didn’t make sense, and Okuo continued down the rabbit hole until he discovered a fan page proclaiming Toa Tuyet never went home on the same date as the murder. Of the three Toa Mangai remaining since the war began, Toa Tuyet was beloved by many for her wisdom and concern for matoran welfare. Keyword searching the online messages he could scrape from tapped government accounts, Okuo found the reason for Lhikan and Nidhiki’s imprisonment: murder.

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  • OOC: wanna mention that in the last nale post i lost track of things and forgot to mention the smoke, but it doesn't seem like that affected anything so, you know.

    remember, kids:

    there's no harm in running away <3

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near elevator)

    Maybe more emphasis on that run part rather than surrender...

    Things had gotten thoroughly out of hand.

    It was,  she thought, one thing to be chased by Vahki and possibly sacrifice her chance at learning anything from Stannis about Nuparu's untimely demise. It was another for a cloud of smoke to appear out of Mata-Nui-knows-where (she didn't think Vahki could do that) and have Kanoka flying everywhere--one just barely missing Nale's Kakama by inches and striking a building somewhere behind her--and sending nearby Matoran into a panic, probably thinking the war outside had finally reached their homes based on the level of chaos happening just today.

    Maybe saying things had gotten out of hand was an understatement.

    Using her powers she flung the Vahki she had stalled to the side, focusing now on the smoke, through which she saw many eyes looking in her direction. Calling another elevator down to get to the airship was out of the question; it wasn't like she had time to wait for it with a squad of Vahki breathing down her neck. The only course of action now was to find another chute to the surface, away from the action and get to docking level 6. Another Kanoka flew by, and the squad mother was still advancing. She was outnumbered.

    Unfortunately for the Vahki, they didn't have the Mask of Speed.

    Nale sheathed her knife and zipped around the smoke cloud, careful to avoid colliding at full speed with any of the machines, then skidded and made a turn towards another elevator: this one, it seemed, she had competition for, as a Matoran-sized individual was also making a run for it, along with a strange-looking fellow and--

    --oh, boy.

    That karzing Skakdi.

    A gunmetal and black blur flew by Thom and stopped just outside the chute, ahead of Vyarik. Nale was panting as she reached for the button to open the doors, holding a finger up to him.

    "I ... have ... to take ... this. Sorry."

    IC: Rose - Metru-Nui airship

    “Ten minutes until jump,” called a matoran over the ship’s radio. “Move to the jump pad for preparation.”

    The annoyed Ta-Toa got to her feet and rubbed her neck. She grabbed her case and placed it on her back as she moved towards the jump pad and it started to unfold itself around her, the sound of whirrs and clicks emanating from the complicated machinery as each plate of armor came to rest somewhere on her body. Once the suit had fully covered, Rose rolled her shoulders and smiled, clearly more at home inside of it. "Let's get moving, people," she said. "I wanna fry some League zealots."

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  • IC: Knichou

    "Knichou, lead the way."

    The Toa followed Knichou - the Fe-Matoran knew where he had parked earlier, and they needed his directions. Well, that was until they saw the airship with a squad of Vahki on top of it, once the two toa saw that they knew which ship was Knichou's.

    It looked like the dock workers had finished unloading before things went south - there were pallets of supplies on the pad and the cargo bay doors were closed, which was the only thing keeping the Vahki on the outside of the airship. The airship was still floating a few meters above the platform, with a rope ladder descending from the entrance hatch on the underside of the front of the ship. The hatch was too small for a Vahki to enter through, but a tight yet plausible fit for Toa. Knichou needed to enter the ship to start up the engines and open the doors while the Toa were on Vahki-clearing duty.

    "You two need to keep those Vahki behind us from hitting me while I start up the engines and open the doors for you," Knichou ordered as the group temporary took cover behind large boxes of produce to avoid another volley of disks from the Vahki near the elevators. The box Knichou was hiding behind suddenly was gone, teleporting a few feet in front of and to the side of him, directly above the railing of the catwalk. The box of bula bounced off the railing, falling over the side to eventually make a pasty mess on the surface below.

    Since his cover was now gone, Knichou quickly aimed and fired a charged shot from his lightstone rifle at the elevator Vahki before turning around to sprint for the ladder underneath the ship. Theoretically, while climbing up to the ship the only threat would be getting hit with disks from the Vahki at the elevators, unless the Vahki on top of the airship leapt off. Knichou just had to hope that Stannis and Arkius could keep the Vahki occupied enough to prevent them from shooting Knichou down before he got inside. Knichou put his lightstone rifle in his backpack and began climbing the ladder.


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  • 4 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

    Zaliyah’s telepathic count revealed five visorak successfully boarded during the second barrage. A third barrage slammed into The Ripple, sacs ripping open to reveal five more as acid continued to eat away at the hull. The damage to the ship missed the propulsion and levitation systems, but it was only a matter of time.

    IC: Zaliyah - Silver Sea, The Ripple

    "Five... ten... on board!" She called to her allies, loosing an energy blast from her herding blade at the nearest Visorak that wasn't currently grappling with one of her companions. A multitude of questions cascaded through her cluttered mind - where had these Visorak come from, how did they learn to fly an airship, why were they attacking like this - but she didn't dwell on them. There would be a time for questions later.

    She leaned towards the pilot, "Take us down, towards the water! We'll start falling soon enough if they keep up this barrage, so let's make sure we can all survive the crash."

    2 hours ago, King of Kings said:

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near elevator)
    A gunmetal and black blur flew by Thom and stopped just outside the chute, ahead of Vyarik. Nale was panting as she reached for the button to open the doors, holding a finger up to him.
    "I ... have ... to take ... this. Sorry."

    IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    A Toa. 

    Not the target, but an obstacle nonetheless. 

    She was wearing a Mask of Speed, and panting from exertion.

    Her casual gesture and apologetic words made it clear she hadn't identified Vyarik as a threat yet. Your mistake. 

    She didn't think he was an enemy. Her focus was on calling the elevator. She was fatigued, and her guard was down. Most importantly, there were no annoying do-gooders near enough to interfere this time. I'll make this quick.

    Vyarik didn't reply. He didn't slow down. He quickened his pace, drawing both blades from his back and swinging them horizontally - one from the left, the other from the right - towards the Toa with all the might he could muster, strength that grew with his certainty that this Toa would not withstand his strike. As he swung, he deactivated his mask, swiftly growing to his full ten feet height, his swords returning to their full size and length along with the rest of him as they swept towards Nale's torso. 

    He didn't bother activating the blades. He didn't need their power to cleave this Toa in twain. 

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  • IC: Morah - The Ripple

    Morah grunted as she successfully shoved the spider a safe distance away... or so she thought. The thing was unfazed, and quickly loosed a spinner right into her readied gauntlets. She didn't think too much about what could have happened if she had let down her guard.

    "Name's Morah, by the by," she gurgled quickly to her comrade. It was hard to tell with the fishy features and the rebreather and all, but she was grinning as she jumped into battle again. Her mask glowed as she tried to lift the spider off balance, followed up by a quick one-two slash with her claws at its midsection.

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Arkius grimaced as the matoran sprinted off toward the airship. "Stannis, you cover the Vahki near the lifts. I'll take care of the ones on the airship." With that, Arkius leapt off into the air, his black mask enveloped in a faint green aura as his leap carried him further and faster than any jump a toa could normally make. As he passed overhead, he pulled on his element present at the docks, and with a great crunching sound, forced it up into a barrier that provided cover for Knichou's advance. Arkius himself covered that same distance to the ship in far less time, soaring through the air like a bird diving for its prey and landed on the hull of the ship with an impossible lightness. He then swiftly pulled out his axe and confronted the Vahki. "Fellows, if I may be so bold... 'Surrender or run'."


    IC: Okuo - Po-Metru Spire

    Murder? Okuo peered at his screen. Lhikan and Nidiki murdered Tuyet? "No... it can't possibly be that cut and dry... Toa don't just murder people. There has to be something else. Something under the surface." With that thought, Okuo continued his work, digging deeper than before, looking for anything that cast doubt on this information, as well as any intel on where Lhikan and Nidiki were being kept. If nothing else worked, he was going to have to hack the vahki information databanks, find the Mangai, and ask them what happened in person. After all, he wasn't exactly a stranger to attention from the Vahki.

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | The Ripple

    Morah's claws ripped apart the spinning wheel hurtling in her direction and felt twinges of burning pain in her hands. Getting hit directly could only be more agonizing. Although Zaliyah's herding blade missed the quick visorak as it scuttled along the walls, the pilot followed her directions. 

    "I fear that's going let them put pressure topside, but I'll follow your orders ma'am," shouted the pilot over the din of battle.

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Vahki Response

    Arkius' wall of earth did the job and Nichou safely made it into his airship. The rorzakh attempting to enter from the top faced down the toa of earth, firing blasts from their staves, and kanoka from the launchers in their mouths. Neither surrender or run were options for them. 

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Po-Metru Spire

    Despite his best efforts, Okuo couldn't find where the Mangai were imprisoned. He was beginning to wonder if the information wasn't recorded for a reason.

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "Yes, of course." Tekmo turned from 'Kotero' to Karista, who seemed to be trying to mouth something to him, but he couldn't make out what it was. "...Is... is there a problem?"


    IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple)

    Ostrox moved swiftly to stab the Visorak with his sword... as did a second Ostrox, from a slightly different angle, the latter of which was an illusion he created with his Kanohi Mahiki, hoping to confuse the Visorak long enough to strike.

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  • OOC: wouldn't vyarik returning to normal size mid-swing just cause him to miss? ten feet is substantially taller than your average toa

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (at the other elevator)

    Oh, you've got to be kidding me...

    As Vyarik quickened his pace and began to change size, Nale realized this person wasn't just some Matoran trying to get away from the area, but rather someone with full intention to make her half the woman she used to be.


    This wasn't the time for jokes.

    Nale's exhaustion turned to frustration as she gasped, ducked the blades and moved aside to a safer distance.

    "We. Are not. Doing this."

    She pulled out her rifle, the short-range scope now aimed directly at Vyarik, her chest heaving. "Step away from the elevator or I leave a hole in your chest. And if you think that's a bluff: it's been a long day. Ask yourself if it's a chance worth taking."

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Seeing all of their attacks coming, Arkius utilised his mask to its full effect, pushing himself swiftly and gracefully out of the way of the Vahki projectiles, before he went to forcefully ram into one, intending to transfer an overload of kinetic energy into it to send it flying off of the ship, which upon success would be followed by him thrusting the butt of his axe into another one to do essentially the same.


    IC: Okuo - Po-Metru Spire

    "Alright, guess there's nothing to it. Time to crack the robo-archives." Okuo subsequently turned his attention to breaking into the Vahki Information Databanks. If this information was stored anywhere, it would be here, and it would come with a lot of attention from unwanted places.

    Thankfully, how ever, it wouldn't be simple for anyone who picked up on his activity to track him directly here. Okuo'd had the sensibility of setting up a virtual network through which he did all of his work. Said network was spread throughout the city, meaning he could one moment appear to be in the testing tracks of Le-Metru, and then the next on one of those frozen spires in Ko-Metru. Even if they could track his activity, it'd be difficult for them to lock down his real position, and even if they did manage that eventually, he'd be long gone by that point.

    Confident in being hidden, Okuo proceeded to hacking the police.

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  • 30 minutes ago, King of Kings said:

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (At the other elevator)

    She pulled out her rifle, the short-range scope now aimed directly at Vyarik, her chest heaving. "Step away from the elevator or I leave a hole in your chest. And if you think that's a bluff: it's been a long day. Ask yourself if it's a chance worth taking."

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Helping a buddy)

    On cue, the sweaty Ko-Skakdi emerged, panting heavily and revolver in hand, pointed right at the vigilante's face. Nale might notice, though, that there was no ammunition cartridge in the gun, having been spent on the smoke diversion. 

    "Back off me partner, speedy. Toa 'ave an awful habit of hesitatin', ah don't." Thom growled, inbetween breaths. 

    His claw rubbed against the trigger, feeling the warm metal, as his eye gazed, ready for a movement.

    This was his element.

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  • IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship]

    "Iona," said Ba-Toa replied, taking Skyra's offered hand with her own artificial one. She opened her mouth to continue, only to be interrupted by a second voice nearby. The owner of which, a gruff looking Toa with crimson armor, was currently resting nearby on some strange mechanical box of sorts. From past experience, Iona had witnessed what exactly was in the box, or rather, what the box was.

    Rose, she believed the Toa's name was, though she hadn't exactly spent time to get to know her.

    "Ah, sor-" Iona began, before being interrupted again, this time from a voice that came on over the ship's radio itself.

    So much for that.

    "Ten minutes until jump. Move to the jump pad for preparation."

    The burly Toa of Fire rose to her feet, and Iona glanced over to Skyra once, before moving to follow Rose as her mechanical box assembled itself ito a complete set of armor.

    "If you say so," Iona shrugged, checking a readout on her bracer on the current status of the squad of Vahki set to drop to the island below with them. Assuming everything went according to plan, there shouldn't be too much initial combat on the beachhead itself. Still, it certainly didn't hurt to be overprepared. The squad of mechanical enforcers were set, all that was left was for her to give them the green light to engage. Well, and for them to get down to the beach itself.

    Mata Nui she always hated jumps.

    "Here's to catching them by surprise for once, yeah?"

    @Snelly@King of Kings

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  • OOC: as noted in his profile, Vyarik is accustomed to using his mask and blades in tandem. He's fully capable of adjusting his aim to compensate for his change in size. Hence why in his attack post I indicated the blades were moving towards Nale's torso after Vyarik had returned to full size.

    Also, mobile post.

    IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    "My day is just getting started," Vyarik chuckled, activating his mask and dropping to his minimum size of six inches to make himself a smaller, harder target.

    As he shrunk, he activated his blades, striking one against the ground behind him as he jumped, which repelled him swiftly towards the Toa.

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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (the other elevator, in a pickle)

    She didn't turn away from her target. "Hi, Patchy," she said, "thought I might see you again."

    Vyarik shrunk, and was now flying towards her like a very dangerous flea. Nale decided to take a chance on whether or not the Ko-Skakdi next to her had faster reflexes and quickly moved to both avoid Vyarik and step behind Thom, intending on using him as a human Skakdi shield.

    IC: Rose - Metru-Nui airship (about to drop)

    "Heh, yeah," Rose said, fiddling with something on her flamethrower. She loved the jumping-out-of-airships part about as much as crushing people.

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    "Cover the Vahki near the lifts," Arkius had said, and Stannis obliged. While the other two ran and leaped about, the old toa walked to the airship with the serenity of a man crossing the street even as kanoka and staff blasts whizzed by and crashed behind him as he ambled out into the open and faced the squadron crowded around the other set of lifts. The projectiles that targeted him were intercepted with a minute bullet of stone from his fingers that stopped it and returned  kanoka back at the vahki that shot them. For an onlooker, it almost looked as though the old toa was biding his time for something, whether it was the Vahki's advancement, attention, or for the remaining citizens to clear the area, or something else. 

    When he was halfway to the airship he stopped and stomped a foot once. Instantly, a slew of boulders the size of matoran materialized in the scaffolding and crashed down where the robots were in a great cacophony, throwing crates and their contents, floorboards, and vahki enforcers about from the impacts that seemed to spare nothing in their path. Before the dust settled, he whipped out a spear and walked towards the disaster to dispatch survivors and his great cloak fluttered in a gust of wind that ripped through the hangar. 

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  • 10 minutes ago, King of Kings said:

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (the other elevator, in a pickle)

    She didn't turn away from her target. "Hi, Patchy," she said, "thought I might see you again."

    Vyarik shrunk, and was now flying towards her like a very dangerous flea. Nale decided to take a chance on whether or not the Ko-Skakdi next to her had faster reflexes and quickly moved to both avoid Vyarik and step behind Thom, intending on using him as a human Skakdi shield.

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (The other elevator)

    Even as Thom's brain slowed, as he saw Nale just twitch, he was just an inch off. So close, yet the enhanced speed of his opponent and his slight fatigue stopped him from hitting his mark.

    Karzin' Toa.

    His claw squeezed the trigger regardless, and a large shard of ice slowly spat from the barrel of the revolver, in a completely futile trajectory towards where Nale once stood. 

    He saw the Toa sneak behind him, and froze up as he felt the gun touch his back.

    "Ah." Was all the Skakdi had to say. He was trying not to panic.



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  • OOC: still on mobile

    IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    The diminutive Dark Hunter considered helping Thom... for all of two seconds. With Nale having now retreated further away from the elevator entrance, the path was clear for Vyarik to proceed with the actual mission. He'd already helped Thom claim a kill by distracting a Toa... now the time had come for Thom to return the favour.

    Vyarik hit the ground and half-turned - still keeping an eye on the Toa - deactivating one of his miniaturised blades and forcing it into the crack between the doors.

    He deactivated the mask, rapidly rising to his full size. As he grew, so too did the blade, widening the gap between the doors until he had enough leverage to wrench them open.

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  • IC: TrikiGa-Metru

    Not really bothering to check if the others were following or not, Triki continues towards the Great Temple, but soon turns towards a side path that leads to a storm grate.  He knows there are lots of underground canals and such underneath this portion of the city, and what better place to start searching for a disc?

    "Now how to quick-remove grate?" Triki ponders.


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  • IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Airship docking tower

    Knichou climbed inside and closed the hatch behind him. He ascended the ship's internal ladder through the cargo deck and to the catwalk above that connected the bridge and engine compartment. He unlocked the bulkhead door and entered the bridge. From the large windows he could see a Vahki get flung off the side of the ship. Well, the Toa seem to have things under control.

    The Fe-Matoran sat down at the helm and began flipping a variety of switches to initiate the takeoff sequence. The engines soon began to hum to life as the chute tech at the rear of the ship went online.The faintest splash of liquid protodermis flew out the back of the airship - just enough to test the engines, but not enough for the airship to start pulling away from the platform. The airship's automated flight control systems occasionally activated a levitation kanoka to keep the ship constantly hovering, but now there was a more frequent clanging of disks as Knichou adjusted the levitation control throttle and the ship stopped relying solely on autopilot. The airship slightly increased in altitude, as if a weight has been released that was keeping at that height.

    Speaking of weight releases, Knichou still needed the anchor to be uncoupled from a station near the center of the docking platform. He was too worried about getting out of immediate danger to release it before he entered the ship. As long as the ship was tethered to the platform, the group wasn't going anywhere.

    Satisfied with the pre-flight checks, Knichou flipped the controls to auto-hover, activated the cargo bay door opening sequence, and left the bridge. He slid down the ladder until he reached the cargo bay, where he stood at the edge of the massive hole on the underside of the ship and shouted outside where he hoped the Toa could hear him, even if Knichou couldn't see where they were.


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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (fighting for the elevator)

    She glared at Vyarik from behind the Skakdi, the barrel of her coilgun still pressed against Thom's back. Her finger was resting on the trigger.

    "You're making a big mistake," she said, realizing that once the Dark Hunter was in the elevator this standoff would be effectively over. 

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  • 5 minutes ago, King of Kings said:

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (fighting for the elevator)

    She glared at Vyarik from behind the Skakdi, the barrel of her coilgun still pressed against Thom's back. Her finger was resting on the trigger.

    "You're making a big mistake," she said, realizing that once the Dark Hunter was in the elevator this standoff would be effectively over. 

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Being held hostage)

    "Listen, tha' man ain't about to turn round for me, sweetheart. Why don't ya just put down tha weapon, and ah'll come all quiet." 

    The Ko-Skakdi's cowardice was visible from space. 

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    Earlier Vashni has mentioned the “mental plane”. That meant she was a Ce-Toa. I hadn’t  been sure of her element before- after all, Toa Lhikan had red and gold armor, so I wasn’t sure if Vashni really was a Toa of Psionics or Toa of Water with interestingly colored armor. 

    “Vashni, you’re a Toa of Psionics, right? Out of curiosity, how far is the range of your power?” 

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    "Toa don't kill. Especially not in cold blood." Vyarik replied, his tone almost daring Nale to prove him wrong. "You could paint me with his innards, and it wouldn't stop me." 

    With that, he jumped into the open shaft, shrinking down and striking his blades against the sides of the shaft to repel himself upwards.

    He just hoped the actual elevator was currently somewhere below him... and not above.

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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (holding Thom hostage)

    "You could paint me with his innards, and it wouldn't stop me." 

    "I might just if he calls me 'sweetheart,' again," she replied under her breath. Thom's feeble attempt at convincing her to let him go went through one ear and out the other. She watched as Vyarik moved up the chute, and groaned. If she had known the location of the elevator she'd have used her magnetism to drag it down and--


    She dug the barrel of her rifle into the Skakdi's back.

    "Go call the elevator for me, sweetheart."

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru Archives - Level 7 -

    Vashni nodded, very much used to this sort of question, her element was rather rare after all, at least in this part of the universe. "I don't have an exact number but, I can sense the minds of rahi pretty far down the hall..."

    IC: Skyra Daring - The Silver Sea - Metru Nui Airship - 

    Skyra followed Iona to the jump pad, giving her a thumbs up to her question. "Heck yeah. They won't see us coming." 

    Skyra pulled out two of her weapons, she had a cordak blaster in her left hand, and on her right she had a midak skyblaster. "Let's do this."