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  • IC: Reliable Narrator, Onu-Metru Archives

    The group slowed to a crawl as they made their way down the path the map had labeled as under construction. Approximately one hundred feet in they discovered a pile of spent lightstones and discarded work equipment. Vashni's head began to ache with the strain of maintaining her full awareness of the psionic planes. It paid off though. 

    Something brushed against her mind from the darkness. If she could describe the sensation, it felt green. Chkt. Chkt.

    something was sleeping further down this tunnel. Something that should stay asleep. 

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru Archives - Level 7 -

    "Wait...I'm...I'm sensing something..." Vashni stopped in her tracks as she felt the alien presence in her mind. "'s further down the's sleeping I think..." 

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  • IC: Jutori - Archives ("under construction")

    "Then let's not wake it," I said, concerned Vashni's mental probing might disturb whatever "it" was. I observed the discarded equipment.

    "Looks like they just...stopped working in here all of a sudden. Odd."

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  • 1 hour ago, King of Kings said:

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (holding Thom hostage)

    She dug the barrel of her rifle into the Skakdi's back.

    "Go call the elevator for me, sweetheart."

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Being held hostage)

    Thom's eye widened. Nononono, this wasn't good.

    "A-Ah, not a good idea, Toa. Can't do that, debts gotta be repaid." He stammered.

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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (holding a hostage)

    She wasn't budging.

    "Call. The elevator."

    It was amusing to see the Skakdi squirm.

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  • IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Not having any of this)

    Ordinarily, the Skakdi's weak moral fiber would have broken under the very real tension of Nale's demands, but a few things stuck out to Thom.

    Number One: Vyarik had arguably saved his life. Thom wasn't one for settling debts, but he was one for keeping friends, especially ones with the apparent power that Vyarik possessed. 

    Number Two: Waveahk was likely en route to his position. If he could wait out just a few moments longer, the Fa-Toa could be taken care of.

    Number Three: If he did did what Nale said, he had a feeling he'd either be left for the Vahki or killed. Why would the Toa waste energy keeping him around? He knew that in the reverse position, Nale would be biting the dust quicker than she could run with that mask.

    With all that in mind, Thom stepped forward, slowly and deliberately and without a word. He didn't look back, didn't say anything, before suddenly stumbling, falling to the floor.


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  • IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (this is just getting silly now)


    There was no way Thom was that incompetent. This was either a ploy (unlikely, she still had the upper hand--and the bigger gun) or he was just...clumsy?

    Nale let out a deep sigh and, with the coilgun still trained on the Skakdi, stepped around him and called the elevator herself.

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    The abandoned equipment was not a good sign. “Well the fact that this whole level’s had its archives data deleted means that whether we like it or not we need to check this out.”

    We soon passed a bend in the hallway, and saw exactly what it was that Vashni was sensing with her powers. 

    Several stasis tubes were lined up against the wall. Inside them were spherical, black machines. Each one had a transparent plate, and from behind the plate, a green, masklike object stared sightlessly at us. 

    My mask’s eyepiece zoomed in on one of the tubes.

    “The Bohrok.”

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  • OOC: getting the ball rolling here erryone hold onto your socks

    IC: Iona [Beach Assault]

    The group arrived at the airship's launching platform shortly thereafter, the section of the transport being especially crowded given the operation currently underway. Lightstones cast an eerie pale yellow light against the bulkheads of the section, while a surprisingly diverse assortment of beings milled about the area. Matoran still made up the majority of those present, though none of them would be dropping down to the beachhead. That honor was reserved to beings like themselves. Toa, a few Vortixx and Steltians, and other assorted beings who pledged themselves to the city, all of which readying weaponry and making a final check of armor. They were going to be the first to drop, and it was their job to establish a beachhead for the rest of the strike force to land.

    Iona broke off from the rest of them for a moment, moving over to where the airship's compliment of Vahki were set up. The mechanical enforcers, locked to attention, regarded the Ba-Toa as she approached with a cold blue gaze. Utterly motionless, save for the slight rotation if their cranial units as they tracked the movement of the being assembled before them. Iona gave them a once-over. They were scarred, their grey armor weathered and pitted from combat, but as functional as ever in her eyes. Out of the various warriors, Iona couldn't help but feel as though they were the most eager for the battle to come.

    Well, besides perhaps Rose.

    "Three minutes to drop," the voice once again sounded over the radio, loud enough to be heard over the noise of the beings readying themselves.

    Satisfied that her squad was ready, Iona made her way over to one of the walls near the end of the fuselage, a rack of metal backpack-like devices arranged along its length. Iona slipped her arms through the straps and secured them tight, before turning to a Matoran nearby. The technician nodded once, giving her a thumbs up. It was about all the reassurance she was going to get right now.

    "Two minutes."

    Iona moved towards the end of the section, where the rest of the team had gathered, each having donned packs of their own. A few words were exchanged, and weapons were held at the ready.

    "One minute."

    The metal bulkhead infront of them began to hinge outward, the door opening with a hiss of mechanics as daylight spilled into the compartment. Below them, the silver sea. Before them, the sandy beach of an otherwise apparently deserted island rushed closer and closer. Iona felt her heartlight flicker momentarily. By necessity, she had to be one of the first to jump.. Vaguely, she heard thirty second be called. Then twenty.

    "Ten seconds."

    She really hated this part


    Iona took a step forward, then another, and then another. And on her fourth step, there was nothing beneath her feet besides air. And so she dropped, along with the rest of the strike team, plummeting to the beach below at ever increasing speed. Iona watched, moving too quickly for fear to catch up, as the ground rose to meet their group. She counted down the seconds in her head, keeping her focus on the Toa falling just before her.

    Her count reached zero, and the being she had been following suddenly slowed in their descent. Iona pulled on the cord attached to the pack strapped to her back, a mechanism inside activating the imbedded levitation Kanoka, her own fall now slowing to a more sedate pace. Somewhere, in the back of her mind dedicated to things like keeping her alive, a wave of relief rolled through.

    Very happy that worked.

    Iona looked skyward, the others who had jumped from the airship also having activated their packs and reigned in their freefall. It looked like they had caught the League's defenses by surprise after all. Maybe they had caught a break, for onc-

    A yellow bolt of energy suddenly streaked across her vision, slamming into the side of the airship they had just jumped from in a fiery orange explosion.

    "Oh Karz!" Iona cursed, loudly, just before her feet hit the ground and her knees buckled to absorb the impact. She doubted anyone heard. Above, the Metru Nui airship canted worryingly to the side, though it still stayed afloat. A second flash of yellow shot across the sky, missing the transport by mere bio. This time Iona got a good look of where the plasma bolt originated from, far off the beach and just inside the treeline. Where whatever defenses the League had set up would have been impossible to see from the air.

    The Ba-Toa cursed again, though still acted quickly. Raising her hands in a sharp motion she felt the familiar tug of her elemental power, and a broad wall of sand rose from the beach itself between where the team had landed and the treeline further up the beach. The makeshift screen obscuring their landing from whoever was waiting for them, if nothing else. Not too soon, either, as blasts of energy and projectiles lanced out from the trees, causing all manner of effects on where they hit the sand, or unfortunate being, at the end of their travel.

    "We need to get up the beach!" Iona shouted to the nearest Toa. "Can't stay here, too open!"

    OOC: woo beach assaults.

    current obj are two big ol' Hagah Cannon emplacements are just within the treeline, defended by all manner of League mooks for y'all to make up and fight at your pleasure. A lot of them too. More immedaitely are the mass of League soldiers both firing at our landing spot at the beach and probably also rushing us with swords and stuff.

    the treeline is far enough away where it's going to take some doing to reach it, and preferably as a team unless you want whoever's the medic to piece ya back together later. we're definitely outnumbered at this point.

    oh yeah the packs are basically parachutes, but more bionicle with kanoka stuff at work. same idea tho. figured they'd be useful for those that can't fly on their own.

    feel free to rp the baddies as you like, but i don't mind writing for a few of them if you wanna have an Elite Mook fight or something.

    other obj is not die

    Bionicle normandy time o/

    @Snelly@King of Kings@Eyru

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  • IC Stannis | Onu-Metru

    The old toa met no resistance as he advanced where the boulders fell. One vahki attempted to stand up and face him, its programming wired to apprehend the target regardless to its chance of success, and said with a garbled, half-fried voice box "SUR-rENDER TOA STANN-NN-NNIS YOU ARRrrr U-U-UNDER AR—"

    He silenced it cleanly by ramming his spear into its head and shutting its core down.

    Knichou's hollering did not reach his ears, but even if it had he would not have turned around. He was very much aware that Nale still had not come topside and he had a worry that the self-assured toa was in trouble. Unwilling to let a good soldier of Mata Nui doom herself on his account and earnest to go down and ensure her safety, Stannis strode over to the nearest elevator. As he did so, he mentally pulled the boulders after him and they all rolled behind him as though they were tethered to his person, all coalescing like happy gremlins uncaring of any obstacles between them and their creator, and all shrinking as they approached. Their mass seemingly unraveled into the floor, vanishing as Stannis absorbed their elemental existence back into him. By the time he reached the lift's door, there were only pebbles, and soon they were gone as well. Although he was among the finest elementalists of his kind, his age was an inhibitor, and he learned long ago to either conserve his energies or replenish them as soon as possible, when possible. And he surmised a devastated airport would look even more perplexing without the meteors that destroyed it, which amused him.

    He reached for the call button, but just as he did so the signal sign above the door flashed the floor number and a V appeared beside it—someone had just supposed the car below. Without a thought about it, Stannis slipped his fingers into the sliding doors and wrenched them open in a show of his incredible strength and slipped into the lift just as it began its descent to fetch its summoner. The music started to play, as it does, and without company to distract him he allowed himself to enjoy its tunes, such as it was. 



    "May Mata Nui grant me the ability to project an illusion of myself that makes me appear to stand where I am not and obscure my actual presence. This image shall be no further than two bio from where I stand, and be constrained to the same laws of physics that govern space, so that the illusion remains in the same general space I truly am, and shall replicate my movements perfectly. Should my true body be somehow damaged or struck with an attack, the illusion shall dissipate and I shall become visible again until the attacked cannot see me again, upon which time the illusion shall reform as it was before. Amen."

    "Input: Accepted."


    The elevator chimed pleasantly as it reached the street level, and then the doors opened to reveal... the mess Nale had gotten into. Seemingly unfazed at the situation or danger, he cheerily said, "Going up?"

    OOC: I left it ambiguous what the scenario by then actually looks like so y'all can play things out in the item between summoning the lift and it actually arriving.

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "That's not - I thought we were going to the Great Temple, not to the sewers."


    IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru)

    Waveahk wasn't concerned with trivialities such as Thom's life. At this point, he didn't actually know Thom's name. He did, however, need to get on that elevator. Without Toa Nale.

    Without warning, he fired one of his kinetically-charged Zamors at the interfering Toa, making sure not to hit the tube. A shame he couldn't accidentally hit Thom, with him lying on the ground and all.

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  • IC: Calia - The Silver Sea - The Ripple, Airship

    I was lying down below deck, lost in thought, when the ship lurched and shuddered, shaking beneath my feet. I quickly righted myself and took a look at my surroundings. The lightstone lantern on the ceiling was swaying back and forth violently. Pushing myself off my perch, I went to reach for my trident, but before I could, the second impact struck. I nearly lost my footing, only stopping myself from hitting the floor by halting my fall against the room's wall. The trident clattered on the ground.

    I still wasn't use to this; feeling these things happen around me. Watching them, but not hearing them. Even a year after losing my hearing, I still felt a little out of my element in situations like these. The shaking was bad, but how bad was it? Were we about to lose control of the Ripple and crash into the Silver Sea? The League would never find our corpses to show to our families if we fell in. Even as a Toa of Water I wasn't really interested in getting obliterated by the impact. I might have been able to assess the damage better if I could hear it. But now, I relied on the rest of my senses to keep me sharp - like my anticipation of incoming vertigo. I tried shook the thought off.

    After a moment to steel myself against the wall, I picked my trident up off the floor and burst out the door, making my way up the steps to commotion on the deck.

    Visorak. I let out a huff and gripped my weapon tighter.

    OOC: Let's squash some bugs!

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    Well, that's annoying. He could see a darkened , distant object descending towards him, which could only mean that the elevator was indeed above him, and was on its way down. He repelled himself off the side of the shaft again, this time moving not upwards but directly sideways, slamming his feet against the side of the elevator tube - aiming for the opposite side of the shaft to where the door below was, so a certain rifle-toting Toa below wouldn't spot him - his strength and momentum allowing him to smash through the protodermis. 

    Vyarik reduced his mark's power as he started to fly through the hole he'd made, growing larger and painfully wedging himself in place around the shoulders, but sparing himself from an embarrassing, potentially lethal fall. He shrunk down again, shuffled through the hole, and clung to the outside of the shaft with his glove-hilted hands, waiting for the elevator to pass before resuming his repulsion-assisted ascent. 

    Upon reaching the top of the shaft, Vyarik found that someone had already been kind enough to wrench the doors open... and apparently annihilate many of the Vahki waiting above. The Toa had once again proven themselves to be supremely skilled public menaces. Time to return the favour. 

    He strode out into the docks, searching for any sign of Stannis or the Matoran he'd been so intent on protecting. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Dealing swiftly with the remaining Vahki in the same manner as the first two, sending them flying off into the depths below, Arkius subsequently dropped from the top of the airship to its back, where he nodded in response to Knichou's words. "I'll make quick work of it. Close up the airship on all sides, stay inside, and do not open it until one of us comes back."

    With that, Arkius set off for the center platform, noticing the mess Stannis had made of the elevator... through which suddenly a menacing figure appeared, sporting a black/crimson colourscheme and a skull on their shoulder. Regardless of size this person didn't look very friendly.

    "Hello there..." Arkius said, addressing Vyarik half jovially, though carrying a concerned expression. "In a hurry to get somewhere?"

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru 

    "How many of you are there?" He growled, not slowing his stride as he stormed directly towards the Toa. If history was anything to go by, this irritating do-gooder was no doubt standing right between him and where he wanted to be. "I'm looking for Toa Stannis, and the Matoran Kinchou. They're wanted." He glanced at the shattered remnants of the Vahki nearby, "You should stand aside, or you may be considered complicit in their crimes." 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    "How many of us- what..? Oh. You're one of them." Arkius narrowed his eyes into a grimace. "I won't insult you by asking you to stand down. You will do what you must, and I will likewise." With that, Arkius drew his axe again and took a ready stance against the Dark Hunter.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    "But you don't have to do this, and nor do I," he replied, his tone bordering on a snarl, "You're not my target, you're just in my way. Step aside." 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    "On the contrary, Hunter. Stannis is someone I've known for a long time, through thick and thin. I will stand by him, because it is my duty, and my honor." Arkius' tone was resolute, his stance unwavering.

    "Is that a concept you believe in? Honor?"

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    "In my own way," he nodded, "That is why I offered you a chance to walk away. But you didn't take it." 

    He raised his blades, fully deactivating his mask and returning to his true height, "Know that what happens next is on your own head." 

    With that, he charged, raising both blades high and sweeping them down at the Toa's head. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    "I know." Arkius sighed, and as the titan's blades closed in, a sudden burst flung him forward, under the blades, the Toa's axe aimed for the Hunter's leg.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru 

    The Toa's sudden act of agility took Vyarik by surprise, and with the axe sweeping towards his legs, he was faced with little choice but to jump - a graceless, ungainly leap - shrinking as he did so to fully remove his extremities from the path of the blade. 

    He returned to his full size as he hit the ground, bouncing and rolling painfully before awkwardly coming up on both feet - behind the Toa. He broke into a run, moving in the direction the Toa had approached from in search of whatever he was trying to protect. His longer legs and the Toa's apparent lack of a ranged weapon left him fairly confident he could outpace the hero, but he kept glancing backwards as he ran, wary of pursuit or assault. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Arkius sent himself flying after the Hunter like a rocket, his velocity far outpacing even the titan's large steps. He went in for another swing, now aimed at Vyarik's side, with a healthy dose of kinetic energy rearing to blast into him to throw him off his feet.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    His lips curling into a smirk, Vyarik activated one of his blades and moved it to parry the incoming axe. The instant the Toa's weapon made contact, it would be violently repelled. With any luck, the Toa would either lose his weapon, or be flung away with it. 

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  • IC: Oreius | Assaulting League-Controlled Island

    The Toa of Fire fell through the air, the wind howling over his mask and in his ears. The island opened before him, a broad and sandy beach giving way to a thick treeline and a few rocky crags. The ground was rapidly approaching; Oreius counted down the seconds as he'd been told to do, then pulled the cord to activate his pack. His body suddenly felt lighter as the levitation Kanoka took effect, slowing his descent.

    Overhead, the airship veered to one side like a drunk, but it remained in flight. It wouldn't stay up there for long, though—not unless they could get to the cannons that continued to fire sporadic bolts of energy into the sky. The treeline stirred with movement as the League's defenses began to assemble, firing on the Metru Nui forces that had already landed on the beach.

    He landed with them, drawing one of his swords as the Ba-Toa pulled a wall from the beach to cover their advance. Elemental missiles and other projectiles sent bursts of sand into the air; Oreius responded with a few blasts of his own. Raising his free hand, he called upon the energy that ran beneath his skin and pulled it out through his fingertips into a crackling ball of white-hot fire. It hung in the air for a moment, then spent itself in several beams of blue-white fire that lanced across the beach. Some struck the sand, turning it instantly to glass; others burst against tree trunks and blossomed into flame; one glanced off the shoulder of an advancing Skakdi, who howled in pain as his pauldron turned to slag.

    The Toa of Fire began moving quickly towards the treeline, preparing to fire more blasts to cover their assault.

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    In that moment, as the axe head met with the blade, a near equivalent amount of repulsion was exchanged between the two weapons, disarming their wielders or sending them flying with their respective tool.

    For Arkius, the sudden force was as surprising as it was powerful. Sent skidding back, Arkius grit his teeth, putting his all into cancelling out the effect before he lost his grip off the weapon or got flung away with it, finally roaring as a kinetic shockwave exploded from underneath him, cracking and denting the ground he stood on.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    The Dark Hunter was beyond baffled when he found himself buffeted backwards by a brutal backwash of kinetic energy. Were it not for the gauntlet handle and wrist clamp, the blow surely would have separated Vyarik from his weapon. As it was, he was still flung backwards, digging the point of his unactivated blade into the ground to anchor himself. 

    "I thought you were just another Toa," he grimaced, flexing his aching wrist, "But you are uniquely annoying." 

    He broke into a run, activated both blades, and struck them against the ground as he leapt at the Toa, adding extra height to his leap. He deactivated their power while he was still in midair, and brought both sweeping down towards Arkius as he descended.

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    "That's not even all of it!" Arkius exclaimed, as suddenly a giant mound of hard earth flung directly at Vyarik, coalesced from the barrier he'd formed for Kinchou earlier, the two now on a direct mid-air collision course.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru

    With the mound of earth rising to meet him, Vyarik reactivated the blades, batting the projectile aside... which had the unfortunate side effect of knocking him off course. He landed with a grunt, shrinking down to the Toa's size as he did so. 

    He steadied himself, then made a beckoning gesture one of his swords, inviting Arkius to make the next move. 

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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Arkius took a grounded stance and gestured his hand to the battered mound, and as if exploding from the inside, the mound fractured into a looser state, held then in that state as if a frozen explosion, before the whole thing whirled off directly into Arkius' back, except instead of smashing into him, it splashed around and past him like a spray of water, the earth hugging the sides of his body and in that moment propelling forward at incredible speeds, like a torrent of gravelly dirt shooting straight at Vyarik.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru.

    Given how spectacularly the latest attack had advertised itself, Vyarik was more than prepared when the torrent of earth wound its way around its wielder and flew at him. He shrunk down to his absolute minimum and dived under the stream of projectiles, shielding his body with his blades to repel any earth that may have otherwise clipped him.

    Once the blast was past, he returned to the Toa size and strode purposefully towards Arkius, deactivating his right-hand blade and taking an experimental - almost lazy - swing with it at the Toa's head. 


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  • IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru

    Vyarik might be surprised then as Arkius shot up and away from him, and at that same moment, the torrent of earth came barrelling straight around for the Dark Hunter's back. Arkius lingered in the air for a moment as this played out.

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  • OOC: this is gonna be a long mobile post 

    IC: Jutori - Archives 

    I stood a distance from the tubes, too nervous to get any closer. "Ah, lovely."

    IC: Rose - Beach Assault 

    If anyone was listening, they might've heard Rose's maniacal laughing as she descended towards the beach--slightly faster than her allies, due to the weight of her suit. She heard the airship take a hit behind her and pulled the cord to activate her levitation Kanoka, slowing her until she hit the ground in a plume of sand created by her impact. Iona had given them temporary cover, although Rose quickly started heading towards the treeline with Oreius.

    "What a rush," the larger Ta-Toa said with a grin, bolts flying past her. Her riot shield was raised in front of her to protect from direct attacks. "Once we're close enough I can flush 'em outta there with my flamethrower. Can't do much from here."

    IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (hello again)

    The elevator came down without any sign of Vyarik, much to the Fa-Toa's chagrin, until the doors opened and she saw the passenger. Her eyes lit up.

    "Toa Sta--"

    The crack of a weapon being fired. Nale ducked and a Zamor sphere flew over her head.

    "--nnis. Good to see you again."

    She turned towards Waveahk, briefly forgetting about the prone Thom. "Mind helping me with this?"

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  • OOC: More soon, but I realized I left out a response in my last post! Also, this PVP duel has got me so engrossed!!

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Sewers

    As "Victim" triggered the power of the rorzakh's staff with concentration, he felt his field of view flood away to be replaced after a moment of vertigo with another world entirely. He was on an airship now, watching as a bulkhead closed slowly before him. He felt much smaller than usual, small enough to be looking through the eyes of a matoran. Through the gap in the closing bulkhead "Victim" watched a toa of earth and one of the Dark Hunters from earlier duel on the docks. The scattered wreckage of rorzakh encircled their fight. Before the powers of the staff faded due to range, he caught a glimpse of the walls of the docks, noting the correct pier and level.

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Silver Sea | Beach Fight

    Dawn broke on the rocky beach. The moon still hung above the world, bearing witness to the war of morning. Warm golden light flooded across the rippling silver sea, blinding those staring into its depths to avoid the horrors of combat. Most of the jumpers landed on the beach successfully, but there were a few whose miscalculations cost their lives. Even as Rose gave her rousing cry, a fellow toa saluted the dirt and crumpled into a jumble of something once alive against the rocky bluff where the League’s cannon encampment was stationed. An allied skakdi fell limply into the silver sea after a cannon blast burned through his core and hit the airship behind him.

    An explosion of sand and rock cut Orieus’ advance short, the beach lifting into a protective wall as two skakdi of stone held hands and chanted from a vantage point close to the jungle. Like a rolling wave the rock and sand crashed down over him, burying him alive.

    Blasts from the embanked cannons, energy rifles, blinding lightsone launchers, and heatstones exploding peppered the beach below where Metru-Nui’s brave assault team struggled to find purchase. Despite the danger, there was nothing to do but push forward.

    Reliable Narrator | Ga-Metru Disc Hunt

    Triki’s quirky crew of treasure hunters and anxiety generators stood ankle deep in sewer runoff as they stared at the grate. The sewer gate did have a lock on it, near the top of the semi-circular design. “Revamp” knew it was worn from protodermis sea spray and could easily break in his strong grasp. Behind the sewer grate extended a sprawling but well planned network of service tunnels and drainage for the holiest site in Metru-Nui. Entering without permission of the priests was sacrilege, but this adventure called for heroes willing to ride the line.

    Speaking of riding the line,  If he ever came back to check, Triki would find his vehicle impounded by bordahk for improper parking.

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru)

    "No, no, no, we are not vandalizing public property. You really should know better than this."


    IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru)

    Waveahk began repeatedly firing laser beams from his trident, as he closed the gap between him and the two Toa.

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  • IC: Iona [Beach Assault]

    Iona watched, with a growing sense of dread, as a wall of sand and stone suddenly rose before Orieus and Rose's assault forward towards the treeline. She had made her way forward, taking what cover she could in a half-glassed crater ripped into the beach. This was bad. A crack of electricty exploded towards her right, briefly lighting up the morning sky with a deafening boom. Real bad.

    They had expected some resistance, and prepared for the worst when it came to securing the beach. Not like this, though. The last thing they expected was for the League to actually have any artillery set up and prepared for their assault.

    This was supposed to be the easy part.

    Iona glanced down to the readout on her arm. At this point they didn't have much of a choice, they needed to even the odds. She tapped the screen, and an indicator changed from orange to blue. Even damaged, she was glad the signal still got through to the airship above.

    It took only seconds for the responce to her call to drop, quite literally, from the sky above.

    A barrage of large, metallic shapes slammed into the beach in front of the strike team's position, directly in the path of the mass of League soldiers who were rushing to overrun the attackers. The force of the impact kicked up sand and dust, and Iona heard a sickening crunch of some unfortunate's armor who got caught beneath one of the projectiles. While effective at slowing their advance, the real purpose behind the attack was made clear soon after. Emerging from the veil of sand and dust sitll suspended in the air marched out a full squad of vaguely insectile forms, the blue eyes gleaming with a cold, machine intelligence. Vahki.

    Not the same as the policing enforcers back on Metru Nui, as evident by their heavy grey armor and the purple blasts of energy that shot out from their staff weapons. Unmistakably not the stun blasts from the city units, given the fact that whatever they hit tended to explode rather suddenly, environment and being alike. The robotic enforcers had trained their sights on the treeline above, and advanced forward with a disturbingly lifelike vigor towards where the enemy was dug in, their pulse bolt generators ringing again and again with discharges.

    Not one to waste and opportunity, Iona hauled herself over the lip of the crater, and dashed forward to follow the Vahki, the group of them moving towards Orieus and Rose's position. Hopefully in time.

    Without missing a step, Iona raised her launcher, and sent a beam of energy towards one of the Skakdi of Stone that was currently doing his best to bury her companions beneath a wave of rock.

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Po-Metru Tower

    The real difficulty in hacking a vahki network wasn’t the computations, it was the stress on the hacker. With how the clockwork computing Nuparu devised worked, the only way into a data terminal was by physically connecting oneself to the hivemind of a nearby charging cluster where hundreds of vahki rested and acted as a remote processor for active squads. Matoran could access via an invasive procedure to themselves, and more than one hacker had lost their mind to the vahki hive. 

    Taking a deep breath Okuo pressed the enter key, starting the program that would rob him of his current consciousness as he took a swim into the world of the vahki. Minutes passed in a blur of sights and sounds. What felt like long hours ticked by as he helped solve crimes, his own mind forced into submission and used as additional RAM by the charging cluster.

    Finally he pulled away from being one with the hive, ended the procedure, and vomited as the real world and his own sovereign self identity spun into focus. His body was shaking uncontrollably. He felt like smoke was pouring out of his gears.

    But he knew where to go: the coliseum. 

    IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Disc Hunt

    As they stared into the stasis tanks, the party could feel the softest tug on their minds from the strange green masks housed in the transparent craniums of the sleeping creatures. While Atamai knew these creatures were, few outside knew the name bohrok. If they turned around, Atamai likely saw a group of confused faces.

    The hallway lined with bohrok on either side contained twelve specimens, two of each color variant. The floor between each wall was wide enough for the group to comfortably cluster together, and the ceiling perilously close to Vashni’s head. These were smaller tunnels compared to the finished exhibits at higher levels. Just past the installation the floor ahead was dark. In fact, it wasn’t a floor at all.

    There was a massive cavernous hole ahead leading down several levels. It looked like something fell through with tremendous force. Careful inspection around the lip of the hole showed deep scratch marks on the floor and walls. It would be slow going to climb down through it. The hole stretched a good twenty feet before the floor picked up again in the hallway.


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  • IC: Okuo - Po-Metru Spire

    Wiping off his mouth, Okuo took a moment to breathe in and out, a moment to recover from the harrowing and depersonifying experience of being one with the vahki hive mind. A thought crossed his mind, and he frowned. "Why does everyone always keep using that quote?" Okuo shook his head. He didn't really care about quotes or Vahki crime solving or Toa being their usual rowdy bunch. What he needed to look into was the information he'd gained. The Coliseum. That's where they were being held? Then that's where he had to go. Gathering his stuff, folding his deck and disconnecting his iSto- Wait...

    Okuo glared at his iStone, at the network list. Something wasn't right here... There was a network here that didn't belong. To the untrained eye, this particular instance wouldn't look like much of anything. But there were tells that Okuo was now picking up on. This network wasn't native to the city. And this certainly wasn't the first time he'd seen it pop up either...

    Ever the intrepid hacker, Okuo decided to take a peek, unaware of the Hunters this particular network belonged to.

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  • IC: Knichou, Onu-metru, Inside the Taku

    Knichou was somewhat reassured that Arkius heard his message, but clearly things weren't safe outside yet. Knichou went back to the bridge, locked the bulkhead door, and pulled the lever to close the cargo bay doors on the underside of the ship. After that, he stood up and went to the side of the bridge that was facing the docking tower, where he could see that Arkius was in combat with... what looked like the same Dark Hunter that Stannis failed to apprehend. The doors to the elevator were ripped open, and Knichou presumed that's where Stannis went.

    Knichou was fine with leaving Nale behind - while it wasn't ideal, she knew the risks when she volunteered to stay behind and defend Knichou's escape. If she was overwhelmed by the Vahki or that Dark Hunter then Stannis's rescue mission would be a one way trip. More Vahki were undoubtedly on their way and the Taku needed to get airborne soon if they were going to be able to escape. Knichou didn't have time to sit at the docks hoping for Stannis and Nale to make it back up the long elevator ride and fight their way through vahki reinforcements...

    ... Actually, the more he thought about it as he watched the duel outside, there was one maneuver that allow for his escape, and would give a chance at getting Stannis and Nale onboard in time. The only problem was Knichou needed the airship's mooring to be released down below before he could contribute. By now Knichou's armor had adapted to include a jetpack on the underside of his backpack and smaller flight adjustment thrusters on his arms and legs. The armor knew it was in for some flying, and was prepared for any bailing out necessary.

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  • IC: The Cartographer

    Ko-Metru Hideaway

    The Cartographer dimmed his headlamp as the Aplinist approached he and the plinth, allowing his new friend to make out his features now, as well as allowing the Cartographer a better opportunity to observe and understand the puzzle laid before the two Matoran. His scuffed, off-white handplate could be seen now, stretching out from the seeming impossible darkness towards the face of the plinth. With a gentle brushing motion, the light dusting of protodermic snow scattered into the atmosphere of the chamber, revealing a phrase scored deep into it's surface. The etching was clean, with toolmarks consistent with that of other forebearer toolwork he'd seen before. Authentic, no doubt.

    "In unity, wisdom," the Cartographer repeated aloud, pointing a finger down to the inscription. The mouth of his mask curled into a sickly sly grin, and his hand moved to point at the pile of armor the Alpinist had inquired about. "I suppose he only had half the wisdom necessary, by the looks of it."

    Years spent digging through delosate caverns, abandoned fortresses, and temples whose purpose had long been lost to time had imbued a strange sense of humor in the Cartographer; even stranger than that which the Ko-Metruvians were already known for. But the Cartographer had also become a keen observer through his travels, and his snide remarks were often not more than a comedic refraction of practical observances. "There's some graffiti here as well, looks a lot more recent than the inscription, if my experience serves me. Come, look; there's 3 towers here, and these numbers. Don't really know how it all ties together, or why those numbers are crossed out, but it's a start."

    The Cartographer stepped away from the plinth, and toward the dead Matoran in the room. If he had been here too, perhaps he had part of the puzzle solved already. He took another step forward, but paused when his foot failed to create the usual crunch of proto-snow under foot, and instead a soft, organic squish. His eyes widened. Droppings of some kind. Here? This deep in the Wastes? The Cartographer could barely think of any Rahi sightings this far out, let alone in this frigid chamber. He motioned to the Aplinist. "What do you make of this?"

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