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    The Wahi:

    The most placid of the regions of Mata Nui, Ga-Wahi is a large and mostly submerged area located on the eastern side of the island of the island. It is dominated by the great Naho Bay, which takes up the vast majority of the region and is surrounded by towering white cliffs. Ga-Wahi's landscape is very diverse, featuring sandy beaches and sharp cliffs, green strips of thick forest near the sea and wide grassy plains further inland. Ga-Koro is located in this Wahi, floating in the southern part of the bay at the delta of the Hura-Mafa River. Local landmarks include:


    • Naho Bay: Bordered by pale cliffs, this wide cove is home to Ga-Koro, Ga-Kini, and Ga-Suva, as well as several underwater caves. A large waterfall pours into Naho Bay, and the rock face of the falls is sculpted into the likeness of a Kanohi Kaukau. There is a peaceful cave behind the roaring waters.
    • Hura-Mafa River: This river runs northward from the slopes of Mount Ihu into Naho Bay, emptying there bay by means of the Naho Falls. It is one of the largest rivers on the island, and serves as a speedy ferry for trade from Ko-Koro to Ga-Koro.
    • Old Fusa Path: This pathway was created by the Matoran to serve as an inland access point to the beaches of Naho Bay, and ultimately to the village of Ga-Koro. Harakeke and Bamboo plants proliferate along the path.
    • The Dark Walk: One of six large tunnels dug by Makuta’s Rahkshi during the final days of his rule. Large enough to encompass a walking legion, it runs directly from the doorstep of the Koro down into Mangaia. Exudes a definite aura of odiousness, and is generally avoided.


    The Koro:

    Led by Akiri Hahli, Ga-Koro is built on huge lily pads, held in place by thick stems that grow underwater (which have been reinforced by inorganic pylons), with segmented leafy walkways and bridges connecting the platforms. It’s built around a central plaza that is faced by the Akiri’s hut; the plaza also doubles as the main marketplace of the Koro. Huts are made of more lily pads and look like cabbage heads, though they are very sturdy.

    The Ga-Matoran, with the help of Onu-Koro’s engineers, maintain several underwater greenhouses that grow food, plants both medicinal and industrial, and other cash crops. Strategically protected by Marine sea forts, these greenhouses are equipped with state of the art oxygen filtration systems and solar panels, not unlike those used by the miners in the Great Mine. Armed Toa and a lock system that is designed to fool all but the Onu-Matoran engineers who designed it defend the gardens from saboteurs. Ga-Koro’s greenhouses supply most of the island’s food and medicine.

    In the months following the betrayal of the Toa "Arete," Ga-Koro adopted a stricter, more suspicious policy on strangers. Small ports and fortifications such as Nokama Port and Rockwall in Le-Wahi became commonplace as examples of Ga-Koro's foreign policy, and the Marine command structure was diversified so as to allow checks and balances between seasoned military and civilian officials, to prevent corruption or betrayal from within again. Several recent developments on the island have softened Ga-Koro's stance, however, and led to the more dovish policies of old. Ga-Koro contributed publicly and heavily to the retaking of Ko-Koro, providing declarations of support for the Ko-Koran resistance and offers of temporary Marine aid in rebuilding. Akiri Hahli enjoys perhaps the closest personal relationship with her village's Toa Maru protector, Toa Leah, who has a soothing effect on the sharp-tongued, clever Ga-Matoran. 

    Perhaps most importantly, Ga-Koro established early and strong relations with the expeditionary forces of the Dasaka, a group of psionics-wielding warriors, merchants, and explorers from across the Endless Ocean. The Ga-Matoran have come to accept the Dasakan presence in their markets and on their beaches, establishing trade of metal and other resources that may prove essential upon the Dasaka's return. The Chiisai Ryuu, the Dasaka's submarine, is a mainstay in Ga-Koro's port, and housing and shelter has been established so the Dasaka have places to call their own outside their vessel, with more on the way in the event of further explorers - although notably, little architecture has been constructed with the elegant crystal the Dasaka seem to flaunt in their armor, weapons and ships. The Dasaka have used their good relations with Ga-Koro and the Marines to establish a sort of home base in the Koro while they explore the rest of the island.


    Akiri player: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, aboard the Chisaii Ryuu]

    In her dreams, the ship cut smoothly through the waves, and with each crest, mild spray launched into the air and hit her face. Spirits, she had missed that feeling. The commodore stood tall aboard the Yukanna, watching over the deck from her favorite spot on the quarterdeck. The crew was abuzz, working diligently, performing well rehearsed tasks with crisp efficiency and in unison where required. And on the horizon, Sado’s spires glinted in rays of light cutting through overcast stratocumulus clouds, notably moving on a stiff breeze. And behind the crystal city, Odaiba’s silhouette rose to frame it. Home. It seemed perfect.

    Which put Ayiwah on alert. Sleep did not come easily to the commodore. She knew how to effectively rest in the field by grabbing winks whenever an opportunity presented itself -  one of the most important skills a Menti learned early on in their training -  but she only ever slept lightly. Especially now: With the Makuta’s apparent return, she had doubled the number of Menti standing watches aboard the Ryuu at all times. It allowed her to relax just enough to lie down and recharge for the next shift. But fully passing out like this, under these circumstances, that was unthinkable. And she rarely, if ever, had dreams she remembered. Especially not lucid ones like this.

    With narrowed eyes, she looked again and was instantly taken aback by the many irregularities: Lines and equipment were haphazardly stored and the crew was in a terrible state, languishing about the deck. They all had thousand-kio stares and seemed utterly exhausted. Their uniforms were unkempt, dirty and singed. Some didn’t wear theirs at all...were they even sailors? That didn’t seem possible. And yet, many of the haggard faces were unfamiliar to her - which just didn’t happen aboard her ship. Even if she didn’t interact with every deck hand, whether aboard the Ryuu or the Yukanna, she made a point of knowing exactly who served aboard her ship.

    What in Zataka’s lap was going on here? 

    But it was when Ayiwah’s eyes found the horizon again that her heart sank. It was not the skyline of Sado she had seen. The glinting spires became the masts and sails of ships sailing off their bow. In fact, she noticed the Yukanna was surrounded on all sides by a myriad of vessels that lacked any kind of tactical formation. Some she knew well - frigates of the fleet, like the Aozame. Others were civilian ships and clearly belonged to the different clans. But the majority were unmarked smaller cargo and fishing vessels that by all rights should never have been this far out to sea.

    And up ahead in the distance, the island she had seen…

    Mata Nui?

    She turned to look at Tazera, but found her first mate conspicuously absent. “Suhei, report!” she demanded of the nearest sailor to her. The Dashi looked at her. There was no recognition in her eyes - she might as well have been talking an alien language.

    Ideatalk then…

    The moment she tried to telepathically contact the sailor, she was instantly overwhelmed by the singular presence occupying the mental plane at this moment, sending a spike of pain through her neocortex. Her hand shot up to her throbbing temple. Wincing, she broke off the attempted contact. Breathing deeply she tried to gather her wits again and realized she’d felt that presence before, but never like this.


    It was a thin, tired whisper of a voice, one that had dogged at Ayiwah’s heels throughout the entire young life of its vessel; strained as it was, it radiated with a power that frightened all but the Menti closest to her. The commodore, as one of her lifelong heroes, was among that number.

    .:Ayiwah...the dragon…:. it murmured through her brain. .:I saw Uncle...Rayuke…:.

    .:Desde!? How is this possible?:.

    .:Ayiwah?:. the girl asked again, Ideatalking into the void of the commodore’s dream. .:You shouldn’t be here.:. Umbraline Desdemona’s voice still sounded exhausted, but now there was a power in her words too - a power the waifish, wide-eyed Menti had never wielded in life.  .:It isn’t safe. But don’t worry, Ayiwah. I’m coming.:.

    The commodore shot up in her bunk, wide awake. The words were out of her mouth before she was fully upright.


    “Beat to quarters!”




    “Akiri Hahli.” the commodore said, standing in the spacious hut at the center of Ga-Koro.  She was flanked by two royal retainers, originally meant to guard the empress’ envoy, but now reassigned. Before her, leaning against her desk with a tired, dark expression, was the leader of the village of water, also flanked by the marine who’d had the unfortunate duty of rousing her in the middle of the night. A single luminescent jellyfish in its container lit up the meeting, creating a soft circle of light around the desk.

    “I apologize for the lateness of the hour, but there is grave news: My people - my home, are under attack. We don’t know who exactly is behind this invasion, how they managed a surprise attack at such a massive scale, or why -  but we know they came from outside the empire. The description of the hostile forces matches that of the creatures you call ‘Rahkshi’.”

    She let the word hang in the air for a moment, the implication clear. Rahkshi were sons of Makuta. 

    “They’ve overrun every major population center. Our capital has fallen. Most clans were forced to abandon their homes. Those who managed to escape are currently fleeing to the only other place they can - here.”

    The Akiri went rigid. “Here? How many? How soon? How do you know this? In fact -  how do you know any of this?”

    Ayiwah waited a second to let the initial shock of the news pass. She certainly didn’t blame Hahli for reacting this way, she had just dropped a bombshell on her.

    “I don’t have an exact number.” Ayiwah admitted. “Many. My kind can communicate telepathically, even at great distances, given a strong enough will - but not across an entire ocean. I was contacted less than an hour ago by one of the strongest telepaths I know, someone I trust with my life.”

    “She’s telling the truth.” another voice spoke up. Beyond the circle of light produced by the jellyfish, underneath one of the high mounted circular windows and silhouetted in the moonlight falling through them, a Cerulean armored Toa sat cross legged, hands resting palms up in her lap. She watched the Dasaka with a neutral expression from behind her Kanohi Ruhaku - mask of intent.

    “Toa Leah.” Ayiwah addressed her, bowing her head slightly in acknowledgement.

    The Toa Maru returned the nod, then said: “I felt something in the sea earlier, far to the East, very faint. I was debating whether or not it needed looking into. I assume that’s your...fleet?”

    The commodore nodded.

    “If they are in range to make contact, they must be close. I reckon they’ll be here in less than two days.”

    She turned back towards Hahli and made firm eye contact. The commodore had tried to keep the Dasaka presence contained to Ga-Koro as much as possible since their arrival to keep disruptions to the Mata Nui way of life to a minimum. But that was no longer an option. There would be too many of them for that. And they’d need a place to stay. Not in the existing Koro. The cultures were too different to be immediate neighbors. Zataka’s cheeks, many of our own clans are not even ready for such close coexistence yet. But they will have to learn, and fast. The arrival itself will be complicated too, we will need an accurate headcount, places for the ships to dock…

    In the back of her mind, her brain continued to as much as possible to identify every possible task that would be part of the enormous challenge ahead of them.

    “We have to contact the other Akiri. They must be informed.”

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  • IC:

    May she sing with Zuto Nui.

    That was the Dasakan adage meant to weave threads of comfort into the tapestry of life and death. There was no such thing as finality or the yawning void, and no Dasaka had to contend with the fact that their minds - the minds that gave them power, the minds that allowed them to interlink with lovers and family and hated rivals alike, the minds that were their whole essence and all their power - could just unravel and fade. They were an elegant, beautiful people, with history that extended into Time before Time. Surely death was transitory, a period no different from calling upon one's Toroshu or the Rora before she could be reunited with her loved ones - to sing with Zuto Nui in kind, and mingle and merge her own consciousness into a seamless bliss that made Ideatalk seem as brusque as a shouting match. In the next phase of eternity, she would be with her mother again.

    Umbraline Desdemona felt as though she had spent most of the boat ride dead. But she did not sing with Zuto Nui, and the thing sharing infinity with her was not her mother.

    Her sleep was long and dreamless, but she was not altogether oblivious to the comings and goings around them. She could feel the minds of the refugees roiling constantly; the Umbralines and all their courtiers had fled Sado, the jeweled eye of the world, for parts unknown to all but a few Dasaka. There was a lot of turmoil in their ragtag armada over the decision. In her sleep, Des could hear the murmurs of discontent and even the fleeting, unbecoming thoughts of mutiny that tantalized dejected sailors and courtiers in their dreams. Yumi would have had them all killed, dismembered by Inokio for their treachery, but Des could hardly blame them. The Empire, a beacon of civilization for tens of thousands of years, had been rocked to its core, maybe even collapsed - what did they have to be loyal to, its memory? 

    But loyal they stayed, and even if Yumiwa wanted them killed, there would be no one to do it. She couldn't feel Inokio anywhere anymore.

    Somewhere, in whatever space she occupied, she cried thinking of him. Once, she thought she imagined a tiger, bloodied and limping, lapping at her tears with a roughened tongue...but maybe that was a dream after all, because she had cried out for Inokio until her little chest trembled, cried for him in rage and betrayal and fear and even cried out for a hint of the paternal love he had never, ever reciprocated. But the tiger was too exhausted to dry her tears a second time, and Inokio himself never replied. Yumi didn't answer her, either, or her uncle Rayuke, or even Masayoshi, who was not her sworn sword but would have gladly dropped every title and office in her life to be so. All she had for company was the thing.

    Her mother had been a beautiful woman. She was old and bent towards the end, with none of Yumi's height or Rayuke's power, but she had been a powerful Menti in her day and had captured the hearts of more men and women than anyone - maybe even her successor. She had marshaled a whole empire against the traitorous Clan Fursic and put an end to their imperial delusions with the same ease and grace she went through her life with. Even at the end, with a Soulsword punched through her chest and bloody spittle flecked along her lips and chin, her corpse had been suspended above the party with grace.

    Desdemona shook in terror.

    On the table at the Chojo's bedside, a trinity of crystal spheres trembled and clinked.

    The thing was pallid and grey, with empty eyes devoid of the love and light her mother brought into the world. It was hunched like the old woman the Rora had been, and whatever sick sculptor had replicated her fatal wound knew his work well; the hole was bored perfectly through her, and Des could peer straight through her body onto the horizon. The thing's insides were empty; her mother had a good and gentle heart, her surviving brother liked to say, much like Desde's herself when they were of an age. The thing had no heart at all.

    Though, thinking back to Yusanora's body at the party, maybe she hadn't had one either. 

    It was just them in this plane. Desdemona, her brain fried by a psionic surge the likes of which she had never felt before, and this thing wearing what remained of her mother's skin. Since she knew this couldn't be a dream, it stood to reason that all she had to do was wait this out - unless this was the fabled afterlife.

    "Are you Zuto Nui?" she asked quizzically, but of course a Dasaka should never ask such questions aloud - especially if she was talking to Zuto Nui. Sorry!

    .:Are you Zuto Nui?:.

    Still nothing.

    .:Are you Zataka?:.

    That definitely didn't seem right, either, although it would make a lot of cults much funnier in retrospect.

    .:Are you Yusanora?:.

    Not a twitch.


    The thing looked up. Maybe Desde had hit upon an uncomfortable truth - that this was the frailty, the disgusting and hidden truth of her soul that her mother and her family had known to tuck away in a tower. Or maybe she was just so skinny and weird that she had even offended a mockery such as this ghoul. That would make her feel pretty crummy. 

    .:No. You're not me.:.

    .:I'm a dragon.:.


     “Suhei, report!”


    She could feel the older Menti recoil at her touch, the way everyone recoiled from Desde's touch. It had made her cry her entire life - but now, after everything, Desde finally felt like she could start singing.

    .:Ayiwah, you should have seen me!:. she gushed, the same way she had always gushed to the cousin she idolized. Ayiwah had always occupied a space in Desde's pantheon of heroes just a couple rungs below her own Valkyr namesake. She would always come equipped with knowledge of court gossip and things she had done with her Menti abilities, as though that could impress a woman who had seen the things Ayiwah had on the seas, a sailor who could cut down impetuous nobles in her uniform and remain so respected. But Ayiwah had never made her frail little cousin feel any the lamer for the poor stories she offered in exchange for the commodore's exploits. In fact, once she had even shown Desde her navel piercing, dotted with little crystals that could have fit on a nail, and regaled her with the story of how she got it. Yumi might have marched to Inokio or their mom and demanded one, but not Desde. She knew it was their secret.

    .:There was this thing, this...I don't want to call it a Soulsword, but...yeah~! It was a Soulsword, and it looked like a dragon! I made it!:. She hoped Ayiwah was getting all this; she could feel the commodore's strong will pushing out, testing the limits of their connection, and the crown princess realized that unlike her Ayiwah was still dreaming. .:I saw Yumi getting to her ship, and Masayoshi is with me...I saw Uncle for a minute, but I don't know if Rayuke...I don't know if he made it. The rest of us are coming to you! Isn't that great?:.

    It was odd. She could hear her own words ringing in her ears, could parse each one she spoke, define it, and string them together to realize that what she was saying was downright apocalyptic...but somehow, she couldn't help but feel good. She felt strong.

    :Desde!? How is this possible?:.

    .:Ayiwah? Can you hear me? I said we're coming to you, on Mata Nui! I don't know how many days out we are, but if I can hear you, that's a good sign!:. She had no idea why Ayiwah wasn't as excited as she was. Maybe it was the connection; maybe she was rousing her cousin from a pleasant sleep (ooh, maybe with Tazera beside her???) or maybe Ayiwah was having a harder time coming to terms with the fate of the Empire than she was. The thing certainly didn't seem enthused to hear Desde's briefing. It had started to rattle at her, the stupid ugly ghoul, and as it attempted to stretch towards her its brittle grey skin began to crack like mistreated parchment. She swatted the hand away.

    .:I'm talking to my cousin. You don't belong here.:.

    When she blinked again, it was just her and Ayiwah. 

    .:Ayiwah, I think I have to wake up. Something's...happening to me, I think. It isn't safe. But don't worry, Ayiwah. I'm coming.:.

    The princess smiled shyly, and hoped that the expression carried across the gulf between her and her cousin.

    .:I love you.:.

    At the same moment Ayiwah sat up in her bed, drenched in sweat despite the temperate Ga-Koro evening, Umbraline Desde's eyes lolled open lazily. She let out a big yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

    "Masa?" she groaned, covering the back of her hand to stifled a yawn from growing louder than the first. She sat up in bed and hugged the covers to her bare chest. At some point Masayoshi must have bathed her, or a handmaiden. Perverts. She cracked her neck - always a dangerous proposition with a constitution and build like Desde's, but she let out a happy, contented sigh at the unfamiliar feeling of her joints popping. She did the same with her back, then laced her fingers together and reached her clasped hands to the ceiling of her cabin. 

    "Yumi?" She realized she was making the same mistake as she had in her, and reached out across the armada, scanning everywhere for the telltale scarlet of her sister's Willhammer tell.



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  • Karoru: Disembarkment


    The warrior took her first steps off the ship's gang plank and felt her heavily-shod boots sink satisfyingly into the island's sand. She breathed in deeply, relishing the scent of ground and plants that interlaced the now all-too familiar tang of brine. 


    The towering Soulsword began calling out to those on the craft, helping those who felt unsteady as they got their land legs back. She was particularly flustered when one slim Dasaka slipped and grabbed her arm for support, but on the whole she felt she had recovered well.


    The crew and passengers of the now all-too-small feeling ship made flyerline for their fellows as the other refugee ships from the ravaged lands of Kentoku discharged their precious cargo onto Naho Bay's awaiting sands.


    There was talk, there always was. Elders spoke to elders. Politics eventuated. Karoru had never cared for such things. At least in a fight you could usually tell who was stabbing you in the back. In politics sometimes you didn't know the knife was in you until you'd already bled out 


    Still, the warrior said to herself as she considered one of the settlement's slight yet still intimidating guards, hopefully things would go well. The village past the defenses looked welcoming enough. With any luck she might find herself this very evening walking among the locals. She could grab something beyond ship's rations to eat and, who knows, maybe even find someone to share it with her…


    Karoru shook her head. Focus. Don't go daydreaming when you have people to look after. Lovey-dovey fantasies could wait until she was sure her fellow countrybeings had indeed found safe harbor here. Until then, she thought, shifting her armored form towards a Dashi seemingly still unsteady on their feet, you have a job to do. Keep them safe. And by Zuto Nui stop staring at the pretty guards and focus!

    [OOC: Karoru is open for interaction]

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  • IC: Arisaka - Ga-koro -

    Arisaka was awake, because the Commodore was awake. Actually she'd already been awake for hours, she often did her morning exercise at a time that most would still be fast asleep. But such was the life of a warrior, even in times of peace. 

    It seemed that peace wasn't something that was to last. Word travels fast, even faster when you had Ideatalk. It was a lot to take in, the empire had seemingly fallen to what the Mata Nuian's called Rahkshi, sons of this Makuta they often spoke off with hate and fear. And now the Rora herself along with numerous amounts of their people were arriving here!

    In fact they were already here, Arisaka could see the many ships arriving, more still coming. When Arisaka had first left for Mata Nui on the expedition, she had expected to eventually return home. Now it seemed that there might not be a home to go back to. 

    "..." Right now Arisaka didn't know what to think. She was at a loss. 

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  • [Ga-wahi, Aboard the Dancing Carp]


    Umbraline Desdemona can absolutely eat it.



“It,” being the untold amounts of meals I have lost in the past few weeks when we strayed even close to the royal fleet.



I know what people say about me.   They say that if I only applied myself to the willhammer discipline, why I could be almost as strong as the Chōjo!   Those people are full of it.   That “almost” is the biggest almost in the history of almosts.


    I know I’m strong; I’m not some humble hypocrite.   But I’m ugly, not an idiot.  I have to think to willhammer.   I have to feel.  But that little twig has been in a coma for the last few weeks and I still feel her.   All of us, do—I’ve seen Yukie looking uncomfortable more the once—the tightness in Akiyo’s jaw.   But none of them…none of them have felt it like I have.   None of them have sweat while dinners stretch on for untold hours as I reach for the salt reach for the salt reach for—

No, nothing more to throw up.  Unfortunately.

    Concentrate, concentrate on the waves on the waves on the—nope.  Not the waves, they’re all to darn similar.


    Something was different this time, though.   Heavy, like…

Oh.  She was awake, then.



Great.   Absolutely great for me, Plangori Shuuan, noted ray of sunshine and person who totally has it together.   As soon as we got to this island I was getting as far away as possible.  I would skin an ash bear myself if I had to.

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  • IC:


    I eased the door open slowly, a little uncertain if I had heard her voice at all. So long aboard a ship, even as lovely a ship as this one, had not been kind to me. The movement, the sound, and worst the lack of fresh air. Very tactfully the vessel's captain had suggested that I remain belowdecks. I took her point quite quickly. In such open air my Arthron helps me little, I could too easily fall over the side if the deck shifted unexpectedly. So I remained below, and with every moment grew closer to gaining a claustrophobia I had never felt before.

    Absolutely wonderful.

    And all the while I have, to the best of my ability, watched over the Dashi and the Chojo. 

    "Is that you?"

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    Currently, she was pacing awkwardly around the port with nothing to do. 

    As a Fa-Matoran, Nale had the gift of being a living compass. A natural ability to know where she was going better than others. Navigators were always useful to travelers, especially those traveling by sea. If someone was in need of one, they probably had a ship, and if they had a ship...

    She sighed. That wasn't the life for her. But it was a life, of going out and doing things. Nale could make herself useful, be an asset to a crew. A team. Something. The alternative was boredom. Being sedentary. All things considered, she liked her life as it was. It just needed oomph.

    As many unfamiliar ships rolled in from the sea, Nale watched with curiosity. Maybe one of them needed a navigator.

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  • IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    Everyone knew that the Great Takea was run by Skakdi, but seeing most of the ‘horde’ as they had dubbed themselves, standing outside the building and watching the crystal ships come in, that was a less common sight and caught the eyes of a few Matoran passerby, though the incoming Dasaka fleet definitely was the star of the show.

    Amidst the group, Rhow ran a hand over her spinal fins and rolled her shoulders. The cartilage cracked satisfyingly and she let the longest fin snap back upright with a rumbling grunt.

    “Heck of a sight.” she commented. “Almost as flashy as the day we came to this village, eh?”

    OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis @Palm @BBBBalta @Wade. Not assuming all the horde PCs are back in action or starting here with the group right away, but just in case you want to ^^;




    IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Beach]

    The commodore watched as the first of the ships got close to shore and began to disembark. She would have preferred to coordinate this aboard the Ryuu, or better yet the Yukanna, but it had been obvious that having the ships come into Ga-Koro’s harbor properly would have been way too chaotic. So she and most of the other royal Menti guards were lined up along the beaches, ready to check and assist those coming ashore. She was just with them to see that the process got underway smoothly.

    Ayiwah felt somewhat reminded of the aftermath of Yusanora’s death. Locking down the palace, checking every guest before allowing them to leave. She didn’t let it show, but upon seeing the disembarking Dasak stagger in the surf, she was shocked to find that her vision of the crews aboard the vessels had been accurate. They’d been through the wringer. But they still persevered. There was a tall Menti with this lot, helping them to find their footing.

    She checked the name of the ship against the istone in her hand and found an overview of the names. Ga-Koro and the crew of the Ryuu had not been idle. With contact established, Ayiwah had managed to contact nearly all the navy captains with the fleet and they in turn had contacted all the ships in the fleet and provided her with a comprehensive list of nearly everyone aboard the escaping fleet.

    “Hogo Karoru?” the commodore called out to her.

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Ga-Koro)

    "Can scarcely believe the things you hear nowadays, hmm?"

    There was no answer, because I was talking to myself, the only way I could be assured of some suitably nonchalant conversation to take my mind off what was going on around me.

    Onlookers would see a handsome old man, standing as tall as his strong (if I do say so myself) frame would allow, and completely stock still. Idle pratter into complete nothing also silenced as my concentration and will was entirely funneled into the mental plane.

    As soon as I'd heard about what has happening, what all these arrivals were fleeing from back home, I had stepped up as best as I very well could. It was that incorrigible reflex kicking in again.

    Standing there so still right by the shore, the real help here was being done by my old girl Kama. The Janu bird was up in the air, flying close to the surface of the glittering water, letting her unmistakeable appearance as exotic fauna from dear old Kentoku be something these wayward stragglers could take notice of and do their best to follow. She would perch herself on the edge of a boat for a moment to get noticed, before taking off. Leave 'em wanting more.

    I was mentally along for the ride. While Kama did her circuits back and forth to spot boats out on the water and help point them in the right direction, I was out on the hunt for any familiar faces. I had scarcely anyone who I'd really be sad to see dead, but there were an ever so precious few.

    Here's hoping old Relisai had gotten skewered by the creatures they said had overwhelmed the island.

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  • "Aye!" called the warrior upon hearing her name. Making sure the figure beside her had found their footing, she gently worked her way through the crowd, taking care not to catch any of the unsuspecting passengers on her armor. Once she had made it to the slightly imposing figure who had called to her, she snapped to attention.


    "Reporting, marm." she spoke, with the clipped professionalism of a guard trained since youth.

    Discretely, Karoru sized up the figure before her. She seemed to almost radiate professional, clipped efficiency. Her wiry but dangerous build was oddly familiar to the strong soulsword. A former flame perhaps? No, if that had been the case she would remember, right? 


    The traditional pang of fear over her perceived dubious memory was distracting, but she did her best to recover.

    "How may I be of assistance, marm?" she asked.

    No sword either. Another Soulsword probably. Good. It might be unwise to wear weapons openly in such a cautious environment. They could hold off attackers if need be, but wouldn't draw too much attention otherwise.


    Oh, and she was almost definitely navy, with a uniform like that. Hopefully the rumors hadn't spread to her regiment as well.


    [OOC @Vezok's Friend]

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  • IC:

    There was a theory that sufficiently dense material was enough to dull transmissions on the mental plane, much the same way as distance does. But it was a tricky proposition to test. Obviously the range wasn't infinite, but where did it peter out? The whole Archipelago was full of people who could transmit it was nearly impossible to isolate a single transmitter and see how far away they could be detected. Trying to test the density of material was worse because the crystal used for their buildings didn't seem to have the same effect and no one had truly bothered to build with stone in Nui knows how long. There was a clan, just one, that liked to live underground. But they could still be picked up from the surface. So how far was too far, or how dense was too dense?

    Personally Umbraline Sinshi subscribed to the theory. That was why she didn't notice all of the chatter on time. Her head was blocked. That was her story and she was sticking to it.

    The buzz did penetrate eventually, though, enough to rouse the Menti from slumber. And when the content of the hubbub registered she sat bolt upright and rolled out of bed.

    "Up, White, up," She said, pulling on her boots and reaching for her jacket. The purple garment went on quickly but stayed unfastened; Ga-Koro was rapidly becoming more comfortable but wearing the jacket buttoned on anything but a rainy day was far too warm. A small, gleaming metal badge was secured to her collar; not a Marine's badge, but something to mark her as a liaison. Akiri Hahli had decided that since the Menti Sinshi and Sergeant Munequita were working together so well they might serve as an official point of contact for the cultures, a little closer to the ground. Her swordbelt came next, wrapped around her waist and buckled securely. There used to be only a single blade on it, buckled at her right. A crystalline rapier. It had a fraternal twin now in the form of a local blade made right here in Ga-Koro. It was heavier than its older sibling. Figuring out on which side to place it had taken some thought. Replacing it on her right seemed disrespectful, as though it were her plebeian, everyday tool. But to place it on her left would be to see it disused as though it were an unworthy gift.

    In the end practicality had been the tiebreaker. Sinshi was functionally ambidextrous but she had used her right hand first. Her new blade was superb but its weight was unfamiliar. So she had buckled it to her right and moved her original to her left where she could use the lighter blade easier. 

    "White, there's a whooole Dasakan fleet coming in and you and I are already late."

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Beach]

    “That was going to be my question to you.” Ayiwah replied, noticing Karoru seemed to recognize her as someone of rank, but couldn’t quite seem to place it. Obviously the commodore didn’t expect everyone on the archipelago to know her name, it was too big for that. But when someone had just stepped off a ship, that notion was a bit odd.

    “Commodore Umbraline Ayiwah.” she introduced herself. “Welcome to Mata-Nui. I wish it were under better circumstances. How are you holding up?”

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  • IC: Karoru


    "Acknowledged, Commodore. I was just attempting to help some of my fellow passengers who seemed to have lost their land legs and… well, I'm not sure how we're going to be received here, so I felt it might be better to be where I could help protect some of the new arrivals if need be."


    She paused, then a little more uncertainly said "As for myself… If I may be forgiven for speaking plainly, I'm glad to have a chance to put to shore for a time at least. Though I feel that is the general consensus among the crew here. That being said, if I can be of any assistance to help smooth the arrival and help get our people settled in at this time, my blade is yours Commodore."


    [OOC sorry if I don't have the best grasp of protocol in these situations. @Vezok's Friend]

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  • IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro waters

    The greatest migration of Dasaka culture in millennia began with a roar but went on with a whisper. Moods had been somber on every ship despite the mishmashed quiltwork of emotions among the refugees. We were a psychic society and it was hard enough to shroud our feelings from each other already, so in the wake of the cataclysmic devastation that had bared our hearts like a cold east wind cutting through summer linens we had left our minds open to show what we felt inside, and as a consequence our minds mingled on the mental plane to share in our communal grieving. Like a massive family memorializing the passing of a dearly beloved matriarch, one embraced universally despite it's flaws and fallacies, we mourned for Kentoku. Dasaka, Tajaar, Dastana all alike partook in the process because we'd lost our homes and families, our lived pasts and the expected futures—we all had lost something worth mourning over. Some people let their anger grow, others recoiled in traumatized fear, some were still in a state of denial and yet others were eager to see what lay beyond the horizon as a way to forget the past. We all grieved differently, but still we all grieved. 

    There was little I could do to stem the outpourings of emotions, and so I said little along the journey. Twice I'd held a small court upon the Yukanna to mee with extant toroshu and elders to discuss the state of the enormous flotilla and what we knew of the land we traversed to. It was not much, but discussions of resources, distance, and expectations were all we could do to maintain the semblance of government while at sea. Existing alongside us was a shadow government of ship captains, first mates, petty officers, and marine soldiers, who collectively developed the ad hoc civilian-military structure that took care of the day to day affairs between the ships. They knew how to take care of their own well enough without requiring intervention. 

    Days had lost meaning to me, but eventually Mata Nui was sighted and spirits were hesitantly raised high. While all of us were eager to see land again, many were also hesitant of this strange world and its own myriad of dangers. As for me... it just reminded me of what we'd lost. How eerily the volcano of Mata Nui reminded me of Mount Koshiki. For another day and a half we sailed around the great big island, peeling along the coastline on the north side and witnessing  the great big reef of small, blackened islets rife with small crustacean lifeforms, and the vast desert that entranced the Tajaar among us, before the flat landscapes gave way to verdant green pastures and plateaus. 

    I was standing on the deck of the Tactical Panda and studied the coastline with my telescūpe when my sister's mind brushed against mine.

    18 hours ago, Haman Karn: A Magical Girl said:

    "Yumi?" She realized she was making the same mistake as she had in her, and reached out across the armada, scanning everywhere for the telltale scarlet of her sister's Willhammer tell.


    Not so long ago her presence would have rushed over mine like a tidal wave over a sandbag wall, but those days were over now. My mental fortitude had grown as did my familiarity with her style, and so what may have once been a crush of emption had become a simple speaking tone to me as though she were next to me. 


    .:I am so glad to hear you again. You have impeccable timing, yanno that? You've slept off the whole journey just to rouse when we finally reach the island of Mata Nui.

    .:How are you thinking, dear sis?:. 

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  • IC: Iraanus, Great Takea

    Iraanus heard the crack from Rhow's spine and, not to be outdone, made a show of loudly cracking all his knuckles at once.

    "Didn't we walk in on a funeral procession? Not sure 'flashy' is the word I'd go with." Beside Rhow, Iraanus crossed his arms and gazed out over the harbor, brow furrowed in contemplation. "Seems like there's fewer evil Toa and murderous rahkshi out and about today, too."

    Small blessings, right?

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend thanks for making me look up what actually happened the day we got here lol

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  • IC:

    She's happy. The feeling was too overwhelming to be true. It may have been the bare minimum for most girls to expect from their sisters, but Yumiwa and Desde's relationship had been atypical all their lives, with Yumi seeing Des as a threat to the throne her younger sister so zealously helped guard for her. She had always viewed Des' power with suspicion and built up her own defenses to it, closing herself off from love that Des freely gave and yearned for in return. To hear her say, now, that she was happy to hear from Des...on some level it should have felt like a joke. But how could she not be happy to hear it?

    .:I'm...I'm so glad you made it. I'm sorry I blacked out.:. Des was sliding into a loose-fitting robe, with billowy sleeves that probably could have fit four of her slender limbs in each yawning silk expanse. While she did, she hunched over and squinted out of the hatches of the Yukanna's royal apartments. She had never sailed unattended on the royal flagship before, and she was eager to explore it later - not to mention see the ocean and the remains of their fleet with her own eyes, observe their capabilities as well as the world around them for reasons as equally professional as they were adolescent and curious. .:They've shoved me in some closet on the Yukanna, but otherwise I feel alright. My sleep was a little strange, but my senses feel alright. Talking to you feels alright.:

    .:M-More than alright! It's great. I'm...did I say I'm so glad you made it? I'm being redundant. Um...what does Mata Nui look like?:.

    She heard Masa calling for her and turned in the direction of her blind caretaker's voice.

    "It's me, Masa," she called out softly with her real voice. "How do you like the high seas?"


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  • IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro Waters

    .:It looks like a lot of things, sis. Right now it looks green and verdant with rolling steppes and thicket forests. It looks a lot like home. There's a volcano I can see with my telescūpe that reminds me of Mount Koshiki, and south of that I can see tall white mountains that price the heavens like daggers of ice! Before there were black islets teeming with crabs, and there's a massive desert we passed that's vaster than any I've ever imagined. 

    .:I can just make out the town they call Ga-Koro from here. It's more fortified than the original reports said, but still mostly built out of rafts and platforms with leafy bridges. It's very rustic... kinda like Cousin Yulka's villa, the one made of reeds in her palm tree grove with the cistern and little windmill? It's quaint. I can see the Yukanna

    .:It's time for me to take the helm again since we're about to enter the village properly and dock. I'm glad you are well, sis. I'll give ya a squeeze as soon as we dock—in the meantime, here's an idea for you to munch on since I know you'll love it: Than and Iglia wanted to see if the Eiyu twin would style can be taught to non-Eiyu and they have their elder's permission. I signed us both us for their classes... because I just knew you'd wake up and be okay. 

    .:Okay talk again soon. Come out and smell the fresh air when you get the chance. And tell your captors you're the bloody chojo and you at least deserve to have the the velvet rope if not the red carpet treatment. Hold fast, as they say. Sea soon.:.

    In short order afterward I was being mounded at by toroshu and Menti who sought my steady hand at administering the arrival to Ga-Koro. As expected they all vied for best position at the head of the flotilla, and much to their consternation and chagrin I delegated the governance of the fleet to the military commanders, so for every petition I just directed them to the captaincy instead. What was indisputable was that the Yukanna would come in at the front with the Panda at its side, and that's how we entered Ga-Koro's proper waters.

    The Yukanna began to fire its guns in salute to the Ga-Koro government, once, twice, thrice, until twenty-one shots had sounded across the harbor in honor of my presence as head of state and government, the last shot being accompanied by the Panda's own cannon in addition as a final punctuation. 

    .:Commodore Ayiwah,:. I reached out across the mental plane in my unmistakable and inimitable presence, .:you are hereby released from your diplomatic responsibilities. I'll take it from here.:.

    I hesitated.

    .:With regret,:. I added both aloud and via ideatalk. 

    In short order we were up at the dock and came up just on the other side of the pier the Yukanna came to rest in. It was always exciting to see the sailors at work in the quick frenzy of docking, all wasting no time at all to leap over the balustrades and begin typing the moorings and lowering the loading planks. I pitched in as well on the Panda's behalf as well, no slouch at maritime activity at this point of the journey, and effortlessly joined rank with the sailors handling the ropes and tossing the rigging, lowering the sail and tying the moorings. With everyone clad in purples and reds and looked shiny and proud despite the state of affairs it was hard to tell me apart from any of the other royal retinue members, and then when we were all secure and safe we all walked up the pier to the head of it, and from the crush of people from my two ships I looked out to spy both my commodore and the akiri Hahli. 

    I was excited, saddened, and nervous. Why was I nervous? It was not the first time I met dignitaries, nor would it be the last. But maybe because this was Mata Nui and I was not sure what to expect.

    @Vezok's Friend @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

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  • IC, Eita: Edge of Ga-Koro

    A sea of blue beings poured out of a ship named the Courageous Cuscus. As the group of Dasaka began to fan out, it became obvious that they had been at sea for a long time; many were walking with unsteady legs, some were running to plants and corners to throw up. But all were glad to be off of the crowded vessel. The Courageous Cuscus was not nearly as nice as, for example, the Rora’s flagship, and was really not meant for so many passengers.

    One Dashi of the Ringti caste, Eita, wasn’t feeling sick, but he definitely hadn’t found his land legs yet. He took a few shaky steps, then sat down. He took a deep breath of the ocean breeze. It was nice, almost soothing; if he hadn’t come to Mata Nui under such duress, he would’ve appreciated it more.

    The Dashi winced. A feeling pained his head; another migraine was starting.


    Eita stood up, rubbing his temples as he did. He began to make his way into the village, hoping to figure out a living arrangement… and maybe do something about his migraines.

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    More people were disembarking the ships than Nale had expected. A lot more. It looked like an exodus. She moved closer, trying to get a better look. One of the beings, a shorter one (Matoran?) was coming her way. Had a Calix. Nale waved to get his attention. Maybe he would have some answers.

    "Hey, what's with these ships?"

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  • IC, Eita: Edge of Ga-Koro

    Eita squinted through his migraine at the Dashi approaching him. No, not a Dashi. What did the others say these people were called? Matoran? That was it. 

    "We're Dasaka from the Kentoku Archipelago," he said to the Matoran. "Our islands have been ransacked by monsters called Rahkshi. Everyone here on these boats is a refugee."

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    "Oh," Nale replied. That answered that. So it was an exodus--these people were looking for safety. She suddenly felt as though she picked a bad day to be in Ga-Koro. Or, maybe, this was perfect timing.

    "Are you injured? Your head seems to be bothering you. Maybe you should rest, or something."

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    ”Well, I, uh, actually have migraines a lot,” Eita said, rubbing his right temple. “I’ve got one right now actually. Do you know if there’s a healer in this village? People back home have tried to help me unsuccessfully, but maybe someone here might know how to make these headaches stop.”

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Approaching]

    Clan Plangori, all things considered, could have done far worse.  Years of relying on merchant ships and the connections required had made securing the proper transportation off Sado much easier.

    It also meant that convincing the clan elders to bring along a contingency of fisherwoman was actually feasible. Yukie had no illusions though, he knew that saihoko glared at him behind his back.   He had only brought as many as necessary.

    His mother would be proud.

    They were arrayed now on the prow, Menti and Ringti alike—hungry eyes fixed on the shore.   Their clan was no stranger to pickled food and days spent in close quarters, but they were not used to idleness, to the long stretches of simply waiting. Akiyo had kept the truce, at least.   She knew as much as he did that they all had to survive the journey before the luxury of politics.   No, it was Shuuan he worried about, now.   Ever since crown princess had saved their lives at the cost of her consciousness, his sister had been…sick.   She had always been sensitive to mental outbursts, and the Chōjō’s considerable mental presence coupled with close proximity had drained her in a way he’d never seen.

    He’d offered, of course, to protect her.  But even with her hands clenched around the ships railing, having vomited up most of her meal, she had refused. That was his little sister, stubborn as ever.  But they were here now; she could have some room to breath.   This island was huge, from what they had seen.   And full of things to arrest her endless curiosity.   Hopefully.

    Then all eyes on the boat were suddenly fixed on the bird floating above them.   A jaanu bird, one of the few living jewels Kentoku had left…and a telltale sign of an old rival. 

    All minds on The Dancing Carp lit on one idea simultaneously. Vildas.

    But the bird had come from shore…that meant there was only one of two people it could be and—what was the name of that Datsue?  The one who Relisai had lost her mind over? ::Vilda Mako?::  Yukie’s ideatalk was as gentle as ever, a single petal falling.

    OOC: @Geardirector

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Beach]

    “In that case, keep doing what you’re doing. Assist those coming ashore. The Matoran have been busy erecting shelters and providing food and medical supplies for them. But there is not enough for everyone yet, so we have to prioritize. Injured and sick first.”

    The commodore let that linger for a heartlight flash for emphasis, before adding:

    “And if anyone complains...send them my way.”

    That’s when the Rora made contact. Ayiwah’s eyes narrowed in concentration, then her expression relaxed. It had been a long time, but it was indeed Yumiwa.

    .:Understood, your highness.:. She simply acknowledged.

    There wasn’t much else to be said. However, she’d rather be up Zataka’s creek before she let the Rora just waltz in on Hahli. At the very least she would conduct a proper introduction to the ways of Mata Nui and handover of diplomatic relations.

     “Apologies, Hogo Karoru, but I am needed elsewhere.”

    She would have preferred to stay and talk with the other Menti a bit longer, but duty called. The commodore nodded her head once, slowly and respectfully, before turning around and walking back towards the village. Not in a jog, but as fast as her long legs allowed without looking like she was in a rush. The back of her coat billowed out behind her in the breeze.

    .:Tazera, the Rora and chojo are here. I’m on my way back to the docks now. How are things on your end?:.

    She entered the village and deftly moved through the crowds and across the floating walkways until she made it back to the piers. The evening sun caught on the Ryuu, scattering patterns of light across the water. But beyond a brief glance to visually assess everything was going well with the submersible, Ayiwah only had eyes for one ship at that moment, gliding effortlessly into the harbor.

    The Yukanna

    The crystal lined trimaran dwarfed every other ship around it in almost every aspect, even the royal yacht following it. The Panda may have been more comfortable and luxurious, as was befitting of the Rora. But in terms of sheer presence and style, there was no equal.

    It was enough to make the commodore, usually reserved, smile broadly at the sight. But only until the twenty one gun salute.

    Good thing I warned the Akiri and Maru about the possibility of that. She thought, lamenting the waste of perfectly good powder for the sake of making an entrance. Not to mention the attention it garnered, though that was most definitely the idea. Oh Yumi...

    She watched as both vessels docked, noting with pleasure that the long journey had not lessened the crew’s efficiency, as they expertly moored the Yukanna and Panda, though she gave them a few pointers to help them navigate the unfamiliar harbor.

    When Yumiwa disembarked onto the pier, she did not need to search for the commodore. She stood at parade rest at the end of the pier, with a notable space in the crow around her. But: It was just her. No retainers, no bodyguards, not even Tazera by her side. Everyone was busy handling the other Dasaka arrivals. Akiri Hahli and Leah Maru were coordinating things on their end too, so they had not made it yet and she wasn't quite sure if the Akiri even had time to leave her office at this moment. Most likely they would have to go to her.

    As soon as the empress and her entourage were close enough, she bowed her head in greeting, the same way she’d excused herself with Karoru earlier. This was far less formal than the occasion might have otherwise demanded and most certainly wasn’t up to the royal court’s protocols for interactions with the empress.

    But they weren’t at court. They were strangers in a strange land, she was an officer in the field and the last thing the commodore wanted to do as her first interaction with Yumiwa here was to paint a Kanohi-dragon sized target on her back by acting out the entire routine she would have gone through back on Sado. And as much as she loved them, the crystal ships and gun salutes weren’t helping in that regard. What she really wanted to do was to take both Yumiwa and Desdemona and give her cousins the longest hug of their young lives. But, that was unfortunately far too informal too.

    And so Ayiwah simply said:

    “Rora Yumiwa. I am honored to welcome you to Mata-Nui and the village of Ga-Koro. I wish it were under better circumstances but I am pleased to find you in good health after such a long and dangerous journey. I once again and as always, serve at the pleasure of the Empress.”

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Ghosthands @TL01 NUVA @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    "Maybe, I'm...not from this village. I was just here today for--" Nale cut herself off. For work? For someone to come along and say "join my adventure?"

    "--anyway, I was just passing through. I'm Nale."

    She frowned.

    "Are you in a lot of pain?"

    OOC: @~Xemnas~

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    "I'm Eita, Clan Kinzoku," the Dashi replied. He winced as his head throbbed once more. "Yeah, it's painful, but I've dealt with it before. But I don't want to have to deal with it forever."

    OOC: @Tarn

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  • 5 hours ago, Mel said:

    IC: [Ga-koro, Approaching]

    Then all eyes on the boat were suddenly fixed on the bird floating above them.   A jaanu bird, one of the few living jewels Kentoku had left…and a telltale sign of an old rival. 

    All minds on The Dancing Carp lit on one idea simultaneously. Vildas.

    But the bird had come from shore…that meant there was only one of two people it could be and—what was the name of that Datsue?  The one who Relisai had lost her mind over? ::Vilda Mako?::  Yukie’s ideatalk was as gentle as ever, a single petal falling.

    IC: Vilda Mako (Ga-Koro)

    Zuto Nui, it had been quite some time since I last heard a voice speak the name with something approaching curiosity. You make a name for yourself fast when you're in a small group, something I'd quickly learned to not enjoy particularly.

    I could sense the hints of the buried stress and fear, the monumental realization that something of everything had been just... wiped clean off the face of the world. I knew the signs, it was a practiced skill, and this youngster was still in need of some.

    ::In the flesh... well, eventually. Look for land, there's no way to miss it. Follow the bird if you can::

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    She nodded in understanding, then placed a finger to the chin of her Kakama in thought. This was something.

    "Well, I don't know how much help I would be, but if you wanna find a cure for those headaches...I could always come along. I'm guessing you don't know Mata Nui very well, right?"

    OOC: @~Xemnas~

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita gestured to the ship he had just disembarked from. “Yeah, I literally just got off the boat,” he said. He smiled softly. “I’d appreciate the company.”

    OOC: @Tarn

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro

    "Great," she replied, smiling back at the Dashi. "Like I was saying, I may know somebody around here that could help. Follow me."

    Nale lead Eita further into the village, some times taking wrong turns that the Fa-Matoran insisted were really shortcuts. If any attention had been brought to the Dashi following her, it was little--his appearance probably didn't seem much out of place here. Eventually, after doing a full circle around the center of the Koro, the pair came to a stop outside a distinctive hut. After some brief hesitation, Nale knocked on the door.

    "Hello? Is this the local healer? Oh, what was her name...Cael."

    OOC: @~Xemnas~

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  • IC:

    "It's been awful." I smiled ear to ear. "They won't let me out on deck, for fear I'd fall overboard. Staying below makes me nauseous. I never got seasick when I could see, but without my eyes I spent the whole trip getting nauseous as soon as we hit some chop. I think I've developed claustrophobia since I've been aboard. The food is awful, no one wants to talk to me, and I've had to look after a bunch of Dashi. Do you know how hard it is to tell a specific set of Dashi apart from any other with radar? Dasaka I can differentiate on 'feel', but these foreigners?"

    Several cautious steps took me over, roughly, to the bed. Patting the air in front of me found the exact spot and I sank onto the edge, clear of the Chojo's legs.

    "How are you feeling, my Lady?"

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  • IC: Karorou


    "Aye, Commodore. Stay safe."


    Karorou delivered a suitably snappy salute before wading once more into the crowd. Anybody who seemed too unsteady on their feet was offered a hand. As more and more ships made landfall the Menti found her attentions drawn every which way by new arrivals. She kept herself suitably busy for the time being, ensuring everybody was making their way safely to the shelters.


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  • IC:

    Desdemona was in the middle of changing from her loose, floppy robe into something a little more befitting of the chojo; while her prodigious powers had given the Dasakan delegation on Mata Nui warning of their arrival, she hadn't realized they were quite close enough to the island for Yumi to begin diplomacy with the locals personally. It wouldn't do to go ashore and meet Ayiwah and Hanako looking like she had spent the whole flight from Sado smoking a pipe and pontificating about all the ways exotic islander boys could blow her skinny back out.

    Desde! Bad.

    She heard the rapports of the fleet's guns, followed by the familiar sound of the Panda, and hummed as she adjusted the collar on her formalwear. It must have been something that belonged to their father, who had died at an age when even Desdemona, the girl who had named herself while she and her mother were connected, could not remember him. It was a handsome garb that she was able to make look androgynous; she didn't have the figure for many of Yumi's dresses. While she got dressed and listened to the salute, she thought about her answer.

    "It's hard to explain," she mused. "I feel different, but not...unlike myself. I feel like I've been stuffed up for a long time, you know? Sick. And now I'm breathing free." She looked into the opaque visor of her best friend and protector and smiled. "I don't know what that means, but I think it's a good thing, don't you? My Ideatalk feels fine. Yumi said to tell you I'm the bloody chojo and, erm...something about velvet ropes? Getting things on the carpet? She might have started talking to a handmaiden or something. Come on, it feels like the Yukanna is docking."

    The chojo gestured for Masa to stand and follow her as she climbed the steps from her cabin onto the main deck of the royal flagship. The first thing that hit her wasn't the sweeping vistas of Mata Nui, or Mount Koshiki's doppelganger rumbling in the distance like a hungry belly, but the air - salty and temperate, caressing her face with the same gentle application of force that had always made Uncle Rayuke's headpats such a treat. She felt a quick stab in her chest at the thought of him.

    "My Uncle isn't with us," she said sadly. She was counting the floating fortifications of Ga-Koro, loosely ringing the bay like fisher's buoy's, but apart from those outposts the village didn't look particularly militarized. She wondered if all the villages of Mata Nui would be so trusting of outsiders. Doubtless with the volcano right there, instead of tucked safely out of mind like Mount Koshiki, there were plenty of natural dangers that required them to band together. It was a quaint concept. She liked it.

    But the noises were so much different from Sado's. She wondered how many Ga-Koros could fit inside the Markets alone.

    "And I don't feel his presence anywhere. Is he dead, Masa?" she pressed as they disembarked. Oddly, the shuffling gait she had always employed on her way in and out of her tower was gone. In fact, without her childhood trepidation of tripping and falling to hold her back, she almost wanted to skip. Only the thought of her uncle's fate held her back from doing so. Instead, she walked forward to the pier where her sister stood. The Chojo took her rightful place beside the Rora, standing at her right side opposite Zafin, and scanned the crowd. She saw Ayiwah, next to the newly arriving Akiri Hahli - oh, she's precious! She's a Dashi! Good for her! Good for her. - but saw no trace of Hanako anywhere. She shuffled slightly under the blanket (carefully disguised as an elegant cloak, mm-hmm) thrown around her shoulders.

    .:Answer me here, Masa.:.

    She resisted the urge to try and hold her empress' hand. 


    Hahli wished she had gotten a little more sleep before this.

    She had been sending missives since the moment Ayiwah had left her presence. The Akiri and Toa Maru of Ga-Koro had fretted over the words carefully, wondering how best to convey the shock resonating through Dasakan culture into a form letter that would sufficiently impress the other Akiri. In the end, she had opted for a personal touch for each - all business with Renaka, and a briefing mixed with congratulations for Tarkahn, the new Akiri of the reclaimed Ko-Koro. She had fun playfully encoding her real message for Nuparu inside a gushing thank you for getting her Exo-Matoran across the island so promptly and she thought Kongu would appreciate a bit of the casual correspondence they had shared most of their lives. Jaller's was last and less than least.


    More Dasaka coming. Overwhelmed by Rahkshi. Tool up. If you look at the aliens I will know.


    He would probably sulk over getting the least attention, of course; he had always been needy like that, in private, but he was so fond of complaining of how overworked he was, and how he had never asked to be Akiri, how could Hahli burden him with all those hard words to read? 

    She bit back a grin that would have been incredibly out of place in such a diplomatic proceeding. She missed her lover almost as much as she wished pushing his buttons. She wished he was here now, at her side. It would have helped her feel as confident as she looked on the outside.

    "Rora Yumiwa," she greeted with a deep incline of her head. To the rest of the Dasakan delegation she gave a hearty wave - a mix between the formality expected in the presence of the commodore's empress, but also a glimpse of the friendliness and open atmosphere that Ayiwah's crew had enjoyed since arriving at Ga-Koro. She hoped Ayiwah's presence by her side would encourage Yumiwa too. Doubtless the two Umbralines were having their own conversation in their heads, but Hahli and the commodore had come to a mutual admiration over the preceding months. Hopefully some of Mata Nui's attitude had rubbed off. "We grieve as you do for the attack on your home. Rahkshi attacks have been a sad fact of life here on Mata Nui...but that shouldn't be so. Nor should anywhere else in the world have to suffer them. Welcome to Ga-Koro. Commodore Ayiwah has told me a lot about you."

    Hahli's trademark mischievous twinkle glittered in her eyes at that final statement, and she reached over to lay a lei of golden and purple flowers around the slender neck of Umbraline Yumiwa. The skinny, waifish girl beside her could only be the crown princess, and the necklace of flora around her neck hung much lower than her noble sister's, but Hahli smiled warmly at her as well.

    "Chojo Desdemona, welcome to Ga-Koro. Commodore Ayiwah speaks highly of you, too."

    The chojo's head shot up to the commodore, with the adoration and admiration of a girl unused to receiving much of either.

    "Thank you, Akiri Hahli," she said softly, in a voice that seemed a little strained. Doubtless the adolescent Menti had been on a long, trying trip. Hahli sympathized.



    Sergeant Whitehot Munequita, envoy to the Dasakan Empire and honorary Savage Mascot of the Chiisai Ryu, yawned in confusion. In the three weeks since Umbraline Sinshi had permanently taken up residence in Whitehot's villa, the Toa of Earth had enjoyed some of the best sleep of her life. Long patrols, cultural activities with the Dasaka, some occasional good-natured flirting with Commodore Ayiwah...truthfully, it was enough to make White wonder if she was a Dasaka at heart, too. Dastana Daijuno, one of her best friends among the crew of the Dasakan expedition, concurred - the way the Matoran (or, ummm, Dashi) told it, she was Zataka made flesh. That one had really made Whitehot excited until Sinshi had to pull her aside and explain it.

    It was still hard to see how that was anything but a compliment, though.

    Still, it was worth keeping in the back of her mind that the rest of the Empire was probably nothing like the bustling life of the navy - they were soldiers, just like her, and there were some universal truths between soldiers that few others shared. So Whitehot learned to enjoy the things she enjoyed about the Dasaka and tried tolerating the rest.

    With an awakening this rude, though, her pretty, business-like little Sinshi was really pushing her luck. The Marine yawned and patted her chest where she had last felt the Menti's head. Her head lolled on the right to see Sinshi getting dressed in a hurry, donning her two weapons and the mishmash of Umbraline plainclothes and Marine finery that she had accumulated in her time here. Yawning, White sat up and kicked off the covers they'd been tangled in. As she put on her Marines uniform, she reached for the bottle they'd been sharing the night before and took a drink to try and awaken faster.

    "A whole fleet?" she grumbled queasily. "This early...? What, are we being invaded? Momhot warned me you were buttering me up for an invasion..."


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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro Docks

    "Hey! Hey, soldier!"

    Ga-Koro was rubbing off on Daijuno. Enough evenings spent deep in a pitcher of margaritas with Whitehot and the Chiisai Crew had only further scrubbed the social niceties of Kentokan high life from the Dashi's soul. Even the arrival of the Rora, the Chojo, the whole bleedin' royal party and what looked like the wealthier half of the Archipelago could have stopped Daijuno anymore -- not when she had something to put her mind to.

    "What's going on here?" she said, chomping on a cigar and striding up to the Dasaka. "Only two days of warning before what looks like the whole population of Sado arrives? And what's it about? Every time I try to get some information about this, it's either above my station, or nobody else knows?!"

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Docks (Shuuan)]

    I hate parties.  Welcoming ones are no exception.   All I wanted was to be in room alone with a bowl of rice porridge and a cup of weak tea.

    At least they were quick about it—with two feat on the ground and the Chōjo at least trying to be quiet I felt much better (she can still eat it though).   There’s also no way I was going to sit in line with the other Plagori Siblings like birds in a row.

    ::Shuuan?:: my brother’s—or Toroshu’s, whatever—voice was annoyingly soft as usual.   I’m not made of glass.  ::Where are you going, we don’t know what—::

    ::Relax.   I just need a walk.   I won’t pick fights with anyone, unless they pick a fight with me.  And then I’ll make their head explode.::

    Silence was all I got in reply.   Great.   That’s permission as far as I’m concerned.

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  • IC: Karoru


    The ornately armored swordswoman turned at the call. Her eyebrow raised behind her kakama. 


    The Dasaka before her was resplendent in not only crystal fine enough to rival Karorou's own, but in an almost garish show of excess delicately inlaid,  gossamer metal filigree. Subconsciously, Karorou felt her spine stiffen slightly. Someone who wore not just crystal, but metal? Were there clan royalty here already?


    "Yes, marm. It… well, we were besieged by creatures. Metal-armored, like serpents with arms and legs. An army, no, a horde of them. Stronger than anything we'd faced before. It was an unstoppable force, and we no longer have the power to be an immovable object."

    A small, brittle tone entered the warrior's voice. "We… we broke, marm. They wouldn't stop coming. There was no safe haven or further quarter we could give. As many as could escape piled on as many ships as we had. Not… not everyone could make it."

    Another pause, then as though a dam had broken a small sob wracked the warrior's jovial veneer. It was as though she were reliving something truly awful.

    "I'm sorry, marm. I should have stayed and bought more time. I… I thought I could be of use here, though. Never was much good to anyone back home, anyway."


    It could only have been a brief moment, but it seemed an eternity for Karoru to once more compose herself.

    "Glad to see you were already safe here, marm. Terribly sorry for the imposition. I'm sure it shan't happen again. Marm."


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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    "Come in! The door's open!" a woman's voice called from inside the house. Eita followed Nale inside. 

    The main room was quaint, with few furniture; some chairs, a table, and a few glowing jellyfish in capsules hanging from the ceiling to provide light. There were a few other rooms branching off from the main one. One door was closed, and another was open. 

    Eita stepped hesitantly forward. He heard some noises coming from past the open door, and a blue Toa stepped through. For a brief moment Eita thought she was a Menti, but this one lacked any sort of crystal armor, and also had no gold color to complement her natural blue armor.

    "Hello, my name is Cael," the Toa said. "What sort of help do you need?" Eita winced again, his migraine still throbbing. "Hi, uh, I'm Eita, and I'm having trouble with migraines," he said.

    Cael frowned. "Migraines? Those are pretty touch and go for healers like me, but I'll see what I can do. Follow me to the back room." The Toa turned and walked back to the room she had just come out of. Eita glanced at Nale and motioned for her to follow him. He would still need a guide after the healer was finished looking at him.

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut

    Nale looked around the room briefly, taking in its details. There was a nice blue glow inside the hut being produced by its lights. A sort of calming hue, that she found pleasant. She sat down in one of the chairs to wait, only to notice Eita motioning for her to go with him. "Oh! Uh, alright," she said as she awkwardly stood up again.

    "I'm Nale, by the way," the Fa-Matoran said as she followed Eita and the Toa healer into the back room. "I'd heard you were the one to go to for things like this, and well...Eita doesn't really know his way around here."

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  • IC, Eita: Cael's hut

    Cael nodded to Nale in greeting. As the Toa fixed up a small bed for Eita to lie down on, she raised an eyebrow. "Oh? How long have you been here, Eita? Did you come with the expedition team?" She patted the bed as a signal for Eita to get on it.

    Eita clambered onto the bed. "No, I actually just got here today. The Archipelago was attacked by Rahkshi. Myself and many others evacuated on the fleet." The Toa paled and let out a light gasp. "Rahkshi? I can't believe it... is Makuta's darkness spreading to other lands now?" she murmured to herself. She took a seat next to the bed and gestured for Nale to sit next to her. 

    "Okay Eita, how long have you been having these migraines?" Cael asked the Dashi. "As long as I can remember," Eita stated. "Which isn't that long, honestly. I also have amnesia- I woke up on Iki a few months ago with no recollection of... anything, really. I was lucky enough to be taken in by Clan Kinzoku."

    Cael nodded. "Sounds like you've had quite the journey," she said. "Okay, I want you to take a deep breath and close your eyes. I'll see if I can do anything to help you." Eita nodded and did as he was told. The Ga-Toa's mask glowed lightly as it activated. Cael placed a hand on Eita's temple and focused. She tried to picture all the possible causes of Eita's condition. Head injuries, primarily. 

    After a moment, Cael's mask deactivated, and she removed her hand from the Dashi. "Feel better?" she asked. Eita opened his eyes and shook his head. "No, sorry," he said. "Migraine's still there." Cael's eyes fell, disappointed that she couldn't do anything to help the young man. "I'm sorry, if your migraine didn't go away when I used my mask, then I'm afraid I can't do any more for you."

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