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    The Wahi:

    Po-Wahi is the Stone region on Mata Nui, located in a large desert with many canyons. The desert is a large, rocky expanse, located in the north of the island. It consists mainly of the Motara Desert, canyons, plateaus, and rocks. The area has a coastline as well, where Leva Bay is situated. As the Koro has industrialized so has the rest of the Wahi. Roads and Iron Mahi railways crisscross the region, avenues of trade that carry the denizens and their belongings between the various settlements or other Koros. Important regions and landmarks include:

    • Motara Desert: A mostly empty desert covering the vast eastern portion of Po-Wahi. The occasional wild herd of solitary Rahi can be found here but the main points of interest are the various rail lines that allow for fast and safe passage across the wastes.
    • Tiro Canyon: A large canyon in Po-Wahi.
    • Leva Bay: A bay located off the northern coast of Po-Wahi. The coastal settlement of Ostia is located here. Trading ships can often be seen navigating its waters, although those who wish to ply these currents should take care — the more remote nature of the waterways has resulted in a lower priority for Sentinel patrols, resulting in higher pirate activity.
    • The Po-Wahi Quarry: A large, canyon-enclosed area of Po-Wahi, it is here that the Po-Matoran mine stone for their famous carvings. In it can be found six large statues of the First Toa’s Kanohi, and these statues serve as doorways to the various sections of the quarry, unlocked by means of small keys emblazoned with the symbols of the Elements. Of late the quarry has expanded in both size and function. Deep pits and tunnels have been driven into the hard stone of the Wahi. Metal and stone pour forth in large quantities to feed the ever-growing industrial needs of the island. Despite the increase in size however, the denizens have always been sculptors of high repute and skill. The entire work zone is filled with decorative sculptures in a dizzying array of styles and forms.
    • The Path of Prophecies: A road flanked by carvings, leading to the village of Po-Koro, created by the Po-Matoran Carver Hafu soon after the Matoran established the village of Po-Koro. At the road's end is the entrance to Po-Koro, which is carved into the mouth of a large Matoran head.
    • Forsi: Formly little more than a military outpost, Forsi has exploded in size due to the ideal location it holds for trade between the Koros of Water and Stone. Like all of the Stone towns it has both an Iron Mahi station and a large radio complex that is capable of sending and receiving messages over great distances.
    • Ostia: A port settlement built into the cliffs along Leva Bay. Like all Po-settlements it is connected to the others by an Iron Mahi railway and powerful radio station. Deep clefts have been cut into the walls. Support columns make sure that the various tiers of the town remain stable. Lightstone sconces set periodically into the rock provide illumination within the otherwise poorly lit interior. Heavy duty lifts provide the primary method of travel between the various levels, although spiraling ramps and stairways exist as backup means of transportation. While the town is far from lawless it does have a higher crime rate than any of the other Po-settlements. Pirates have to spend their coin somewhere and while any known criminals who show up are promptly arrested, it is often hard to pick out specific identities while fighting someone on the deck of another ship. The many backstreets and taverns in the port give ample areas for hidden deals and dubiously legal meetings to take place.
    • Blackrock: An old fortress of the Brotherhood of Ak’rei’an. In the past, a combined force of Ga-Koro Marines and Po-Koro Sentinels drove the Brotherhood from this place. Battle damages, as well as sandstorms and stone pilferers, reduced the dormant Blackrock to ruins. After being eradicated from Darkmine in Onu-Wahi, though, the Brotherhood has returned to Blackrock and started to reconstruct the crumbling place. As they were working to rebuild a group of adventurers followed them and launched a second assault. The aftermath of the explosive battle left the former fortress as little more than scattered rubble and empty foundations.
    • The Dark Walk: One of six large tunnels dug by Makuta’s Rahkshi during the final days of his rule. Large enough to encompass a walking legion, it runs directly from the doorstep of the Koro down into Mangaia. It exudes a definite aura of odiousness, and is generally avoided. A fortified Sentinel outpost has been constructed over the opening and armed with a myriad of lethal defenses. While passage is allowed within the Dark Walk, it is watched carefully and those entering and leaving are recorded.

    The Koro:

    Led by Akiri Renaka Lichtgheist, Po-Koro lays nestled in a canyon valley in the northern part of the desert. What was once a humble village has exploded in a myriad of ways. It now fills the entire canyon at the end of which it once nestled. The old village has primarily been given over to space for administration offices, while a second and third layer have been constructed outside the old walls. Each one is separated from the others and the outside by a large wall of steel-reinforced stone. The middle section is mostly residential while the most recently-created zone is industrial. Each zone has shops and restaurants scattered throughout, what they specialize in often depending on which section of the Koro they have set up in.

    A multi-Koro effort has seen the entire city turned into a fertile oasis. Water from deep underground rivers flows up and irrigates the rich imported soils. A variety of plantlife from across the island have been planted everywhere, their colors and fragrances existing alongside cooling fountains. All together they turn the koro into an island of pleasant if busy life in the midst of a wasteland. 

    Ecological changes are far from the only transformations that the town has gone through either. The growing size has prompted the construction of an internal tram system. Miniature versions of the Iron Mahi roam the districts, carrying people to their varied destinations in ease and comfort. A matured version of the inter-Koro telegram system exists within Po-Koro as well, allowing private citizens to contact each other from the comfort of their own homes.

    A generous amount of space has been set aside within the industrial sector for the new Onu-Po Academy. Bright minds from both Koros meet here. Old designs are refined and new ones created. It should be noted however, that not all knowledge is shared between the two groups. Certain technologies have been deemed state secrets and restricted from exportation.

    Akiri player: @Silvan Haven

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  • IC: Nikarra (Old Po-Koro Apartment)


    There comes a time in every girl's life where she has to trade in her Dorian Shaddix body pillow for a Dorian Shaddix punching bag. For Nikarra, that time was now.

    Stupid ##### idiot ##### ######-

    #####. The perfect dead idiot’s perfect dead face was smeared with red, and another old wanted poster was going to have to be binned. She had no shortage of them, at least; let it never be said that Dor didn’t have a talent for making enemies. Nikarra sighed, and abandoned the beaten, bloodied face of the man she wished she could hate to go grab fresh bandages.


    Dorian Shaddix. Dorian ##### Shaddix.

    The man she loved more than anyone in the world.

    The man who had hurt her more than anyone in the world.

    The man who picked her back off her feet when she was at her lowest.

    The man who had put her there.

    Her best friend.


    Just like him to go off and ##### die before they had a chance to actually properly talk about any of that #####. He just had to be a hero.

    Why did he have to be a hero?

    He certainly wasn’t one when they first met. He very, very literally drained the life out of her. He promised to kill her. Well, you managed that one, #####.

    He could’ve just been a heartless, beautiful psychopath. He would’ve been bloody good at it. Could’ve been a musician, too. She remembered the time he let her play his guitar, sitting on his bed in The Final Problem. It was an awful bed, it really was, even by the terminally low standards of her cousin’s fine establishment. The whole thing was crooked and it bowed anytime the slightest weight was placed on it, not to mention that the springs were constantly digging into her- assets. It didn’t annoy her too much; she was already hurting, after all, for much the same reason as the bed was hanging together by a thread (oh, to be young, dumb, and full of whatever the Karz it is that a Mark pumps into you), and far too anxious holding A Prized Possession Of Dorian Shaddix to even think about anything else. She still cringed thinking about her visceral fear of somehow snapping the strings, like she’d suddenly never held a guitar in her life. What was it they sang together, again?

    Mama, take this badge off of me…


    It was too late to dismiss the memory now. She felt his chin on her shoulder, his hands on hers, guiding her through the motions… That was what hooked her, really. Not his looks, not his wit, not his infuriating bad boy appeal; it was the softness. He could be so gentle, and he brought the same ease and confidence to that as he did to everything else. In those moments, it never felt like he was restraining himself or being cautious – it was him, fully and completely. Like everything, gentleness came naturally to him, and suddenly it was impossible to so much as imagine that those hands could ever have done harm to anyone.

    Nikarra took in a deep breath, as if she half-expected to smell him on the air.

    Nothing. Nothing but sand and blood. The desert stung the insides of her nostrils.

    Even his scarf only smelled of her now. She felt a strange kind of guilt every time she turned to it for comfort, as if it was a violation of some kind to bury her face for a moment in a dead man’s scarf.

    Everything still felt so wrong. She was long past denial – she knew the son of a ###### was gone. The world was full of dead heroes, after all. But after all they had been through together, Dor was a part of her, and a world without him felt… uncanny. Nothing had felt real for these past few weeks; the punching bag helped, because the pain at least reminded her she wasn’t dreaming. She was the healthiest she’d been in years, really; exercise kept her mind off things, and the sting of it kept her alive. As she peeled the blood-stained bandage from her knuckles, wincing, she did have to wonder whether ‘healthy’ was, in fact, the right term for this, but either way it kept her going. Running her hands under the tap, she looked past herself in the mirror; the woman with the tear-streaked face and dark bags under her bright green eyes was of little interest to her. But behind her, partially buried under clothes and debris…


    It hadn’t been tuned in years. Not since she’d last lived here, back when her Shaddix obsession was at its peak – she wasn’t even sure she still had callouses, although a little more pain would hardly hold her back now. She tried each string again and, satisfied with her work, sat down on the floor with her dusty old guitar in hand.

    "You sing,” he whispered.

    Knock, knock, knockin’ on-

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia -

    I let the ocean breeze cool my body as I sat on the edge of the dock, my feet dangling just above the water. I'd only arrived in Ostia the day before, finally finishing my business back in Le-koro. It was weird no longer being an active member of the Gukko Force anymore, but it had to be done. It was time for my life to go in a different direction. 

    Speaking of different directions, I glanced at the naginata I had lain down on the dock. This was my main weapon of choice now, I'd had more than a month of intense training to get accustomed to it. Once you mastered one type of blade, mastering another one didn't seem quite as hard. Not that I felt like an expert yet, I needed to get into some real combat with it to see how well I did. 

    Considering how things in the world were going I had no doubt I'd be seeing some action again soon. "####ing Dorian..." The ###hole got himself killed, and apparently so did Joske. Two idiots! How many people were going to leave me behind anyway? I was sure I had more dead friends than living ones by now... 

    I shook my head, I needed to forget those guys and move on. Makuta was on the rise again apparently and while I had no idea how to beat a dark lord, Maybe I could ask the Maru for tips. I realized that was probably not my problem to figure out anyway. If it was my problem to figure out we'd all be ####ed.

    I hopped back onto my feet, dusting my buns off before picking up my naginata and heading towards the Fowadi. As I boarded the ship I glanced towards Destiny, the massive bird seemed to be chilling in the nest she'd made for herself. Satisfied with that I opened my mouth. 

    "Yo, when we leaving?" I shouted to whoever happened to be on board. 

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    Sheets of paper lay scattered around the dimly glowing Istone in the center of the desk. Silver fingers tapping at the touchscreen in a well practice cadence. The lightstone in the center of the ceiling thankfully providing light in what otherwise would have been a rather dingy room. The fingers paused, the soft sound of metal against smooth cloth as the sole occupant of the room looked over to check something on one of the papers.

    Expense reports, inventory intakes and checks, crew readiness reports. Each more mind numbing than the last. Each one had to be hand typed into the digital archive for proper record keeping.

    Mata Nui Kale was bored out of his skull. Of course Dehkaz had chosen now of all times to go off around the island before they had even set off. Half of these papers weren't even the younger toa's responsibility! Not ordinarily at least. With the captain ducking his responsibilities they were Kale's job to take care of. Sometimes he wondered why he had ever agreed to be the Fowadi's First Mate. the pay certainly wasn't good enough to warrent it.

    "Yo, when we leaving?"

    The call cut through the Ironshaper's growing melancholy. Loud and high pitched. Skyra. He couldn't help the smile smile that snuck onto his face as he looked up at the ceiling. Right, that was it. Someone had to look after the crew. Half of them would probably walk off a cliff without someone keeping an eye on them. A slightly exasperated chuckle followed the smile and Kale shook his head. Glancing down at his unfinished paperwork. It could wait.

    A gesture set the Istone down on top of the stack of unoccupied papers. The rest went into rubber sealed box for later physical archival. Where would any of the Guards be without paperwork. Satisfied with the state of the office Kale turned and headed out onto the deck of the ship. A warm salty breeze met him as he finally exited the bowls of the ship. The rest of his dark move blowing away. Replaced by one of amusement.

    "Getting bored of learning how to swing a metal stick?"

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  • IC:

    "Not too soon, I hope."

    If Ko-Wahi was a cold, barren waste— and it was— it was at least a quiet one. You could go weeks walking the Wahi without running into another soul or hearing anything but the howl of the wind. Krayn had spent some time doing just that; though if he was totally honest, he slipped out of Ihu-Koro's impromptu recovery wing as soon as he was able. And, he also admitted, without saying much in the way of farewell. Aside from his talk with Dehkaz he had only spoken with the crew of the Fowadi and Skyra once, and he had been pretty out of it in exhaustion. As proof of life it worked fine. As a chance to talk anything through? Not so much. But then he hadn't really wanted to talk anymore. He wanted to move, and work, and find his way back to center if he could. But it hadn't really worked out that way.

    The handful of predators in Ko-Wahi were never timid but their hostility was unusual. Rather it had been very usual... While Makuta was still around. It was a small thing, small enough to be his own bias, but he felt it more than he saw it. The creatures in the world were moving again in ways that belied a greater pattern. It worried him. If it was nothing he could head back up into the mountains, but if it was something... 

    The gang had long cleared out of Ihu by the time he got back, which wasn't a surprise. But he owed it to the people there to let them know what he'd seen and what he suspected on his way out of the region. They'd helped heal him, gave him somewhere to rest, and let him buy the supplies he had taken with him into the Wahi. Small things but for a settlement like Ihu-Koro, only just beginning to claw its way into relevance, it wasn't a small gesture. The Toa almost stopped in Onu-Koro to pick up his things but he decided against it almost at the last moment. He told himself that it was for reasons of efficiency but the truth of it was that there was nothing there he wanted to collect. It didn't exactly feel like his stuff anymore. He could always go back and get it later, if it was really important to him.

    That did leave the question of finding them though. If they were at sea there wasn't much he could do. For that matter the only ones that he might reliably expect to find in the same place were Dehkaz, Kale, and their crew. Everyone else was independent or serving in another force and without an imminent threat had probably returned home. But knowing the vessel he was looking for, the allegiance of its crew, and its officers at least reasonably well they had probably gone back to Po-Wahi for supplies. Since the village itself was a parched, barren place without anything so nice as a stream in sight that meant Forsi or Ostia. 

    Which for one Krayn Inzaka's sins meant having to walk through all of Po-Wahi. 

    He'd wrapped his cloak up as soon as he reached the edge of Ga-Wahi, but by the time he reached Po-Wahi that wasn't enough. Fortunately he'd had an inkling that it might be— he still remembered those first awful sunburns when he was stationed there as a liaison— and he had stopped in at Forsi to buy a hat. The Fowadi wasn't there. If not a surprise it was certainly a disappointment. The trip to Forsi was fairly scenic. Getting from there to Ostia... So onto his head the wide brimmed hat went and into the desert he trekked. Ostia was too loud for his tastes, but at least it offered some respite from the brutal sun. And the sea breeze was nice.

    More importantly the ship he was looking for was docked there, recognizable pretty quickly. It wasn't as though Po-Koro had many ships like her.

    Recognizable, as well, were some of the people on and about its deck.

    "I'm kind of looking for a few people. Maybe you ruffians have seen them?"

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia -

    "Getting bored of learning how to swing a metal stick?" Kale came out to the deck to meet me, and I couldn't help but match his grin. "Well as fun as waving it around is, I can only train so much."

    "I'm kind of looking for a few people. Maybe you ruffians have seen them?" I spun around to see who I already knew was standing behind me. "Krayn..." I looked at him and I felt a pang in my head, unsure if it was a real headache coming on or just my memories of when I last saw the Toa of Sonics. Whatever expression was currently on my face would probably worry him, so I gave him a grin instead. 

    "Ruffian? How dare you sir, I am a l-lady." Calling myself a 'lady' felt awkward, even now, guess I still wasn't completely used to being a woman after all. I cleared my throat. "So are things?" 

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    Well this was a pleasant surprise to be sure. Kale strode over to the railing and leaned on it. One hand opening palm up, fingers pointing towards their guest. As Skyra visited the other toa Kale murmured softly. It was still strange to seemingly talk to thin air like this. His new companion was taking a lot of getting used to. It was worth it though, both for the abilities she gave and because she needed someone to look after her.

    "Come on out Luten. There's someone I want you to meet."

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  • IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia:

    There was a delicate, crystalline chime sound as Luten materialized herself atop Kale's head. If Luten had been a regular being of regular size, this might have caused distress or injury. But Luten was anything but regular. At a little under ten inches tall and made entirely of crystalline energy, she barely weighed anything at all. So her precarious looking position atop Kale's mask, laying across the top belly down, and peering down at Kale hardly even caused a stir in the Fe-Toa.

    "You know, I don't actually have to be out like this to see people, Mr. Kale."

    @Silvan Haven

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    No matter how many times I saw Luten's little ten inch body, it never stopped being any less cute. Seriously it was just adorable, it made my headache just disappear! 

    "But Luten, if you didn't come out, how would we see your cute self?" 

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  • IC:

    "A lady?" The De-Toa squinted, straining to correct the obvious deficit in his vision. "That's a new one. I kind of thought you looked like Skyra."

    Skyra's expression changed quickly but there was a certain concern to it before she grinned. An element of chagrin, maybe. Not much of a shock. He pulled the hat off his head, safely out of direct sunlight, and flashed a subdued half smile. By his standards he practically beamed. 

    "Good to see you, Kale. Who is your small friend?"

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "Yes but I can't introduce you you others if you don't appear."

    Kale smiled up at the small figure. She had been an odd companion to find on the road back to the Fowadi. Not that he minded meeting her in the slightest. She brought a spark of joy and innocence to his life that it seemed to lack more and more often as time went on. Turning his gaze down to meet Krayn's he sent the other man another smile.

    "This is Luten. If you'll notice, I'm wearing a different mask from the last time we met. Well...she is that mask."

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  • IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia:

    Luten's entire body shone with a pink glow for a moment, and she huffed and rolled right off of Kale's head, disappearing for a moment before reappearing at his feet, still glowing slightly pink, but she waved at the newcomer, a polite smile on her tiny face.

    "Hello! I'm Luten! It's nice to meet you! Are you a friend of Mr. Kale?"


    @Silvan Haven

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    Seeing Luten turn pink was all I needed to feel the smirk form on my lips. So easy to tease~

    "Hehe, Mr. Kale." I wondered how long before everyone started calling Kale that. 

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  • IC:

    "Well, I suppose I am." Krayn said to the diminutive figure, nodding his head in respectful greeting. "I'd like to think so at least. My name is Krayn."

    He started up the gangplank, bracing with the left-hand railing as he adjusted to the way the ship shifted in the water and grimacing at the protest in his shoulder. He crossed to the end of the plank in a few strides but stopped at its end and waited patiently.

    "How have you been, Lady Daring? And permission to come aboard, Mr. Ironshaper?"

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  • IC:

    "I can't say I particularly expected this to be something I'd ever see," came the voice of the next member to join the group.

    A particularly dashing Toa of Ice, aside from some scarring upon one of the legs; piercing blue eyes, good posture, a noble bea—

    Oh, who am I kidding, it's just me. Praggos, the healer, slowly melting away into a Toa of Water with the heat and humidity. "Of course, after all the madness with the Marks, I don't think I should be nearly so surprised, should I?" I nodded at all the others. "Krayn, Kale." I glanced at Skyra, as she put on her squeakiest, teasing-est voice.

    "That's frightening."

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    "" I had to admit, Krayn had caught me off guard, it took a minute for me to recompose myself. "...I think I made a mistake." The whole 'lady' thing was really backfiring on me.

    "I've been doing...fine. Just training with new weapons, settling affairs back home and brushing up skills...that sort of thing....oh it's you." 

    It was him, Praggos, the grumpy doctor. "Frightening? You haven't seen frightening bud, you do realize we're gonna be stuck on a ship together for Mata Nui knows how long! Should be fun." 


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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "Permission granted my good friend. Welcome aboard! Are you planning on staying with us long or was this just a visit before gallivanting off to do something heroic and lonesome?"

    He stepped carefully so as to avoid stepping on his sentient mask's projection. stepping towards the gangplank and reaching out a hand in welcome to the other toa. Without even looking over his shoulder at the other pair he called out.

    "Kiiiiids, behave yourselves."

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  • IC:

    "Skyra, this is bound to be the best posting of my life so far, and I doubt that in your best efforts you could even diminish that by ten per—"

    I turned to look at Kale, rolling my eyes.

    "Yes, father."

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  • IC:

    "Wouldn't be the first time, Skyra." He commented, flashing his former commander a wider smile. "Nor, I'm sure, the last."

    "I'm not sure yet." Krayn shook Kale's hand and his smile faded slightly. "I'm not really tapped into... Well, much of any information anymore. But I've been spending my time up in Ko-Wahi lately and some of the things I've seen there have been pretty worrying. I was hoping you, and the Captain if he's around, might be better informed than I am. Put my mind at ease, I suppose."

    "And of course it's always good to see you all. Even you, Praggos. Sometimes."

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  • IC:

    "I could undo everything I did to fix your arm, if you'd prefer," I replied, with a small, predatory grin.

    Although I couldn't really hold it up for long.

    "Same to you, Krayn. How has the arm been?"

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    "OK daddy." It kind of just slipped out, I looked at Krayn and bit my lip. "Yeah I can't really argue with that..." 

    Then I listened to Praggos some more. "Come on doc, anyone can break an arm again, and probably quicker than you could." 

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    Kale froze, very specifically did not turn to look at Skyra, and then continued speaking to Krayn.

    "The whole island has felt it. Everybody knows but nobody wants to come out and say it. Not after how long it took to get rid of Him the last time."

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  • IC:

    "I don't know if that's meant to be a challenge, Skyra, but I don't much feel like spending the afternoon beating each other with our sticks, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that breaking the arm isn't my method." If, of course, also conspicuously ignored how she had just called Kale "daddy," doing my utmost not to break down laughing in response.

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  • IC:

    "Awful." Krayn fished a widget out of his pocket, examined its shine for a moment and balanced it on his thumb. With a solid flick it flew, unerringly, to meet the point squarely between Skyra's eyes. "But it's attached. It works. And I'm still alive. So I owe you, as well as Four and Dehkaz, quite a bit. In that light I suppose I can't complain, can I?"

    More soberly he nodded to Kale, letting out a deep sigh he hadn't really realized he was holding.

    "I was afraid you'd say something like that. I don't know how long I'll be here, specifically, but I'll have to do something. Probably means it's time to rearm a bit."

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    "Ow!" I rubbed my mask after the widget hit me between the eyes. Alright, I probably deserved that one. I guessed I should be serious for at least a little bit.

    "Yeah...back in Le-koro there was a lot of talk about Makuta being back...seemed like that's on everyone's mind these days." And Joske and Dorian being well, not alive anymore as well, but I didn't feel like mentioning that out loud. "Whatever is going on can't be good regardless."

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "We are glad to have you for however long you will be with us. There's an armory onboard that you can look through. We'll be here for a little bit yet so if you feel the need to do some shopping in town I can give you some funds. Something tells me you don't have too many on you and we make sure our crew is well armed."

    Kale took a moment to look the grey toa up and down. A quizzical look crossing his face as he tilted his head to the side.

    "You're a bit of a mess. You mentioned being in Ko-wahi for a while. How did you get here?"

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  • IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia:

    The little Living Mask took on a puzzled expression, and disappeared once more, appearing before Skyra.

    "What's that word mean, 'daddy'? I've never heard that word before, Ms. Skyra."


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  • IC:

    "Now you've done it, Skyra," I said, glancing over at her while she rubbed at where Krayn's widget had smacked her mask. "When will you ever learn not to cause problems?"

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    This time Kale did turn to look at Skyra. The Fe-toa staring hard enough that her blade almost start rattling in its sheath from the sheer amount of focus being directed in it's general direction.

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  • IC:

    "Kale, don't blunt her blade out of spite. These questions are going to come up out in the world no matter what."

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    I could feel the grin growing on my face as Luten asked that question so innocently. Hmmmm, how do I go about this? 

    "When will you ever learn not to cause problems?" I heard a grumpy doctor say. 

    "Probably when I'm dead." I commented offhandedly before focusing on Luten. "You see, 'Daddy' is an endearing nickname for 'Dad' or 'Father'.  It's uh...." I could feel Kale's intense staring of my person. "...ummm well...I-I wouldn't worry too much about it at any rate..." 

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "Come on Krayn, lets get you settled into a berth. In fact would you like a tour? I don't think you've been on the Fowadi least the last two refits."

    The subtle hum of Skyra's blade stopped as Kale started casually making his way over to the door leading below decks. The problem had been averted...for now. Any further developments would be dealt with at a later time.

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  • IC: Ember - Ostia, the Docks


    That’s what they called it. Fearlessness given form, a monument to might and the capability to impose it - appropriate during the era in which great cities could fall and crumble under the footfalls of madmen with great ambitions and greater hubris.

    And a great big pair, that’s for d##### sure.

    She sat on a bench alongside the pier, watching Sentinel engineers poring over the armor plating, strung up on ropes tied to the rigging, swinging this way and that as they did their final checks. It was to be her new maiden voyage after a long refit. The old Matoran was glad to just see her in all her glory before she set sail.

    Maybe it’d have come to Ga-Wahi, but Ember couldn’t chance it. After word had spread amongst the Marines back home - jealous minimizations, unsubstantiated rumours, some fearful murmurings and the word “unsinkable” thrown around far too much for her liking, Ember made off like a woman possessed, the sea calling her to port once again. Like old times.

    It had taken her days just to get here - even a ride on that insane contraption the youngsters called the “Iron Mahi”. But now she was here, at the edge of the known world… or at least her known world. The arrival of the Dasaka had certainly shaken her up out of her stupor, foamed up those thoughts of returning to the great blue beyond and setting sail across uncertain waters for new lands… she couldn’t even think about it without getting a bit giddy, uncharacteristic for someone of her temperament. Her status, identity. Whatever.

    It was a big boat, and she wanted to see it. 

    And by Mata Nui, was she a sight to see. She didn’t even want to imagine what kind of displacement the karz-forsaken thing had with all that iron strapped to it.

    Unsinkable my ###.

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  • IC: Dehkaz [Po-Wahi, Ostia, Fowadi]

    The sudden bump jolted Dehkaz from his reverie, a sharp knock that sent his teeth uncomfortably clattering together. Absently, he readjusted the small case of papers that rested on his lap. While the Iron Mahi was the fastest, and arguably the most comfortable way, to traverse the arid expanses that filled Po-Wahi, it was only just. Each buckle in the tracks sent the impact up through the metal wheels and straight into the seats bolted to the bottom of the passenger cars. And, for what felt like the tenth time since he had entered the thing, right into his skull.

    Though, perhaps that was more a result of the constant trekking across the island Dehkaz had undertaken for the past few weeks. The liberation of Ko-Koro and the routing of the remains of the Followers of Makuta in the frozen city had been a success, but one that cost too many lives, and had nearly cost many more. It took the combined efforts of every Koro on the island to truly put a stop to the occupation, it was powerful conglomerate of forces, though the coordination took far too long to kick into gear. Precious time that cost lives, and allowed the Followers to sink their talons into a deeper and deeper hold than they should have ever been allowed. Or ever would be allowed again. It was this spark that spurred the assorted collection of Guards to action once again, bring back the ideas which had brought them all together in the first place. A group that was made up of the Guard forces from every Koro. They would serve the island as a whole, not merely a single Koro. No longer waiting for danger to walk up to their gates, hoping that the worst had come to pass, and put on the defensive when it inevitably did.

    No, they would be the Aggressors.

    Now they just had to get the Koros of the island to get on board for it.

    Which was where Dehkaz had been for the past few weeks. Between traveling across Mata Nui to the various Koros gaining traction for them, overseeing the extensive refits being completed to the Fowadi, and keeping up with some of his own personal projects brought on by the extensive exchange of information and knowledge between Onu and Po, the Commander had gotten scarce little rest. On the move hardly covered it. While far from ideal, the Iron Mahi offered a brief respite from the travel, the rhythmic thud thunk of the vehicle hitting each new section of track fading off to back of his mind.

    His concentration returning to the present, Dehkaz turned his attention to the shifting landscape outside the crystalline window to his right. The tracks to Ostia ran just north of the Motara desert, the dry sky was clear of any clouds, and the dunes slipped by one by one. The steady increase in greenery that dotted the otherwise sandy landscape heralded his approach to the costal village.

    * * *

    Steam whistle blaring, the Iron Mahi pulled into station less than an hour later. There was a brief pause as the great metal behemoth crawled to a complete stop before the doors to the passenger cars opened fully. With the increased trade between the Koros, the Mahi was relatively full of beings going to and from the port city, and the bustle of activity spilled both ways from the doors as they entered and exited. His duster gathering itself behind him, Dehkaz rose and stepped out onto the platform, weaving his way around stacks of raw materials and goods to maneuver his way towards the port village proper.

    Ostia, its whitestone buildings gleaming in the afternoon sun, was as busy as ever. Dehkaz had half a mind to stop by the small building he had been using as an impromptu office, though the thought of continuing the rote work of organizing was particularly more mind numbing than normal. Instead, the toa of Magnetism continued on past, taking one elevator and then the next down the levels of the port. His destination wasn't difficult to locate, even at this elevation the white canvas sails were visible poking above the rooftops.

    The Fowadi, the ironclad's armored hull shining in the drydock in which she sat. It was a sight to see, the vessel nearly complete, and far cry from the nearly gutted form she had been in only a month ago when the refit was in full swing.

    But his ship wasn't what caught his immediate attention, rather, it was the worn but very recognizable figure of a friend.



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  • IC:

    I leaned over to Skyra as Kale started making his way away, and with a conspiratorial whisper, said: "Nice save." Just in time for Dehkaz to show up and start hollering at Krayn. "Well, Skyra, Luten, want to join them as we find Krayn a place on the ship?" I paused, turning back to Skyra.

    "Or, I suppose, you could get more practice in with that blade-on-a-stick, but if you pull anything, I'm making you heal the old fashioned way."

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  • IC:

    "I walked," He answered absently, one eye still on the antics of his erstwhile colleagues. The widget bounced expertly off of Skyra's face rebounded satisfyingly into his hand. "Took a while. Had to check Forsi before I got here. But I figured that the Fowadi had to be in one of the two. I appreciate the shopping offer, but—"


    The former officer pivoted on one foot, catching sight of the caller descending towards the deck. Dehkaz was someone else he hadn't seen in quite some time. Not since Ihu-Koro, either, when they'd had something of a conversation. One he'd done his best to take to heart since not that it was an easy thing to do. Rather than wave with his free hand and have to use his shoulder he waved with his right, widget held between his first two fingers.

    "Commander," Krayn answered with a nod. "The grownups were about to head belowdecks. Kale here wanted to show me the refits. Care to join us?"

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  • IC: Dehkaz [Po-Wahi, Ostia, Fowadi]

    "Absolutely," Dehkaz replied, making his way up the gangplank and onto the deck of the Fowadi. He nodded in greeting to the rest of those assembled there, Kale, Skyra, Praggos, and even the diminutive form of Luten was present.

    "Lot of work went into her, you're just in time, nearly ready for us to set off."

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "No more than two days. Probably only one with you back here to help iron out the final details."

    With so many people around Kale decided that there were far too many moving feet in the vicinity of his mask's projection. Kneeling down, he held his hand out, palm up for her to stand on, and gestured her over.

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    "I already got my practice in for the day. Besides, I wouldn't want you to end up as a shish kabob, you're the only doctor we got."

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  • IC:

    "Well I can't imagine I'll have wandered off before then. Though," Krayn glanced over at Kale again. "I was thinking, Kale, with a last name like that you probably know some people who can help me out. I need a few things that are a little specific. And I think eventually I'll need to make my way to the Koro proper."

    "Skyra," Green eyes rolled. "You might want to tease people a little less. At least until you can persevere through getting it turned around on you. And stop corrupting Luten, go see the red lightstone district in Onu if you need to get it out of your system."