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  • IC: Ta'Rae

    "Well, fort's rebuilt, village's back in order, bar's open. Pretty good eh Genno?" "Wow Ronin, you're awfully late to say that. And my name's Ta'Rae now, as it always was. Genno was just a mask, a mask of shame." The large toa slowly walked around Pala-Koro, monitoring the going abouts of the village. On the back of his neck, the resident snarker squirmed and hissed, as if the humidity was getting to it. It didn't get to Ta'Rae though; he loved it. Breathing in a deep breath of jungle air, he continued to walk, until he was standing behind Kethrye and Alfon, managing to catch on their last bit of conversation. "Well," he muttered aloud, "All in order, I guess?"

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  • IC: Akiri Kongu - Le-KoroKongu stopped, clicking his fingers so Ka would as well, in addition to his guards, his voice became a little more hushed, and an air of insecurity came over the pair. Kongu poked at the woven ground with his foot before speaking, "I do not deny it Toa-hero; nor do my people," he looked up, a sad smile seemed to come from the way his eyes scrunched up. There was an air of softness that sort of emanated from the usual upbeat, or gung-ho leader of Le-Koro."Every morning when I come open-eyed, I watch the sun rise above the home-realm; Tree-bright," he started kicking at some rocks, "The colors on the leaves, the way long shadows are cast across Le-Wahi. It truly is a remarkable sight to see, I would suggest you try such," Kongu gave a small point and a flicker of a smile to Korero, before returning to kicking around at the floor, "It is for that sight that I get up every day, and it is for that sight that I put a smile on my face and tell myself that all things are ever-okay," He sighed, "The Akiri are falling apart with fear and extreme wonder at this Vault you found because they are unhappy and restless. But Makuta has been defeated! They should be happy-glad!" Kongu punched Korero in the side, and said rather simply and pointedly, "Just because there is dark-luck to come, does not mean there is no shine-light now."Ka purred softly and Kongu turned to the sun, still rising, he spoke very quietly, "I do not get to happy-enjoy such knowledge. But my people, they must. It is people like you and me Toa-hero Korero," Kongu turned back to his companion, "People like you and me that must prepare for that darkness," The Akiri frowned, "So I tell them; be happy-cheer! Because it is not me or you that must remain strong, it is them."Korero's brow furrowed very slightly.Kongu clasped his hands together and breathed out deeply, "Which is something I would like to discuss with you. It is why I planned to seek-find you when I heard you were high-branch again," the Matoran of air returned to his usual state, "A proposition if you will."

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  • IC: Kohu


    Sunlight peered through bottle green vegetation to glisten in minute beads of morning dew and to sparkle in a lightly flowing stream. The water slipped smoothly under and over the softly moulded grey boulders sitting comfortably on its sides. Between each stone stretched and flexed the roots of trees, great columns of wooden, undeniable life, which reached up to the heavens and seemed to cradle the clouds in their warm embrace. Tiny fish could be seen dashing over the smoothened shingle in the riverbed, their scales catching glimmering reflections of the sunlight as it swam with them in the water's purity.


    The world was a beautiful place, and none more beautiful than Kohu's home, the vast Eden of Le-Wahi. However, not all the Wahi, nor all the jewelry or every pearl in the endless ocean could match the perfectly crafted beauty he saw before him now.


    She was facing away from him, the sun shining behind her head like a halo as he looked up at her. Her armour was the deepest blue he had ever laid eyes upon; it seemed to glow with an eerie glow in the morning light. As she leaned over what looked like a piece of paper, with a pen in her hand, her legs extended over the boulder, outmatching its curvature, and over the water, her tiny, fair feet lightly swishing around absent-mindedly.


    Kohu's mouth fell open. He wanted to speak, to say something, but no words of any mortal tongue seemed to be able to come out or even come close to being worthy of this he was seeing.


    Just then, she began to turn around, slowly, tantalisingly. Kohu's heart froze, awaiting to see a face which he scarcely believed could exist in reality. Then it hit him.


    It couldn't exist in reality.


    He was dreaming.


    Kohu sat up and tore open his eyes to find himself in a cold sweat, in a perfectly circular clearing in the middle of the jungle. The stream was nowhere in sight, and neither was the sun. The stars twinkled above him like a thousand eyes, all mocking how easily he believed his dream to be true. But it had felt so real...


    After a few minutes of disorientation, the Le-Matoran pulled himself to his feet and noted that all his possessions had mysteriously vanished in the night, and so had the inn he was staying in. Come to think of it, the inn wasn't even in Le-Wahi. In fact, it was in Po-Koro, the complete opposite end of the island. Evidently foreigners weren't to be expected to be treated well in inns these days. Truly trying times, he thought, then laughed. It didn't matter to him - he was a traveler now, a free spirit. He could do whatever he wanted, live without worries - and sleep in every bloody jungle clearing he liked.


    "Well," he said aloud to himself. "The world is my oister. Time to go and find some pearls." Kohu chuckled to himself as he strolled off into the pitch black shadows of the jungle. "Oh, what a night."


    OOC: Kohu's open for interaction.

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  • IC (Korero)


    Korero nodded as Kongu's words painted their image in his mind. He too would rise early to watch every sunrise, hearing the dawn chorus spread through the jungle like mellifluous wildfire, feeling the night's dew patter against his mask as it slipped off the waxy leaves. It was a golden moment, and every dawn was unique.


    He buckled a little at Kongu's punch, an involuntary laugh escaping his lungs. As the Akiri finished speaking, he straightened up.


    "I trust you, Kongu," he said. "And you're right. So, what can I do for you?"

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  • IC:


    The Toa that had the unfortunate luck of being known as #61 remained in the village square, where she'd been spending a good majority of her time for the past three months.


    OOC: #61 open to interact.

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  • IC:


    "I remember when this place was a bar and grill. It was a grill, wasn't it? I thought I helped cauterize Kythera's wounds with a grill somewhere around here..."


    Esao came bounding down from the second floor of SGO, which had been converted into a lookout's point and a sort of archer's nest. His feet hit the steps lightly and when he was three stairs above the ground he lightly leapt and landed on the balls of his feet with a two fingered salute at Kethrye and Alfon. He'd been quiet for the first few days after he'd contested Kethrye's leadership and no real change had come of it, but in the three months since then he had been an invaluable help in rebuilding the village, using what knowledge he had of high spaces and allocation of funds to keep Pala-Koro thriving while also making sure it was rebuilt with the best available stuff.


    He'd even lightened up a little.


    "Sup, chief. Alfon."



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  • IC-Πραγος:


    Just outside the SGO Bar, stood a Toa of Ice. That Toa of Ice, before, had had a mark that fed on his general contempt for a few people; later he'd been faced with death, lost the mark, helped save a fellow guardsman, lounged around in Le-Wahi, drank wi--


    Oh, bother. It's me, Praggos, if you can't tell. And yes, during the three months you didn't see me, I joined the ILF. After all, rebuilding Pala-Koro seemed like a great project, and the Koro was rather loud for somebody of my tastes. Pala-Koro, however, was just fine. So here I am, the newest group member, and I'm looking at a sign that, judging by a writing sample I have, was written by somebody I used to know, back when I was still with the Sanctum Guard.


    Well, if he was here now, he wouldn't be happy with what Kethrye has done with it, I must say.


    Stepping in and finding the others, I nodded at Esao; I'd heard of his antics rather quickly after getting here, it seemed that they might not want what he did being repeated, and I'd smiled at the thought; if it hadn't been for the imminent threat of Rahkshi, and the need to rebuild, Kethrye may well have been replaced.


    I also nodded at Kethrye and Alfon, my new...superiors. As though they actually gave me orders. Most everybody around here left me to my own devices, in my own little complex of huts; I need more than one to house my various experiments and equipment.


    "There must be something new on schedule, or I wouldn't have come here," I said, my eyebrow arched, expecting quick response.

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  • IC: Alfon


    "Sup guys. Well, we were just figuring that out, weren't we Kethrye?"

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  • IC:


    "If the schedule doesn't involve some lunch, I'm gonna weep," Esao announced, moving through Reordin's old back rooms and searching for something. There were sounds of clattering and a low curse or two after one of them, and then the sound of something rolling as Esao jogged out of an old room with a dust-coated grill in front of him and a wicked grin on his face.


    "How do you guys take your burgers? Good, great, or godly?"



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  • IC-Πράγος:


    "Εdible, if you please."

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  • IC: Alfon


    "I don't think we're getting edible with that ugly grill."

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  • IC: Ril


    "Just cook over an open flame," said Ril, staring at the horrendous ... thing ... that was the barbecue. "It might be ... better for our health."

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  • IC:


    "Oh, please. All it needs is a quick dusting off. You guys would never make it in my world," Esao needled, taking a towel and scrubbing off the grill. "I've made edible food out of a handful of snow and some basil I had stored in a vial for safekeeping. Have some faith. Ril, find me some burger meat."



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  • IC:


    "Food is food, as long as doesn't try to escape my plate I'm fine, " Kethrye said, grinning. He was glad the Toa of Fire had stayed on even after their earlier conflicts. Esao's hard was in the right place, a quality swiftly growing rarer, and that was what mattered, in the end. If making questionable decisions was cause for distrust the Toa of Ice would be a paranoid, self-hating wreck, which wouldn't be much use to anyone.


    "As for new plans, yes, I have some ideas," he added. "Thought we could get everyone together and brainstorm, or something. Hopefully all of us together can up with something with change of actually working. X number if heads is smarter then one and so on blah blah blah."

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    IC: VeritasVeritas turned abruptly as someone greeted him. A Toa, it seemed, of plantlife. Veri could of easily trusted him, but a few experiences not so long ago taught him not to. Especially one with a Toa of plantlife. He took a deep breath, and said: "Who are you? And why were you following me? I could hear a bit of footsteps."

    "I thought I was following a large Rahi, but apparently not. what are you doing out here?" he said/asked.
    IC: VeritasVeritas snorted. "What am I doing here? I am heading for somewhere, but I don't know where. From Le-Koro, after the Rahkshi attack."

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  • IC: Ril


    "I'm actually on leave for two weeks, so I can't really stay with you guys," said Ril, trying to remember where wild burger meat lived. "But good luck anyway. I'm just visiting ya know?"


    "Say, are there any fleshy Rahi around here?"

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  • IC: Akiri Kongu - Le-KoroAkiri brought his closed fist up to his chest, as though holding onto a small coin between his thumb and his fore-finger, "What I would ask of you would be long term. Not an odd work-job. And although I would love to include you in our ranks I need you to understand something vitally important before I even ask," Kongu started to speak rather quickly, "No matter how bad things get, no matter how things fall-break apart, no matter what happens, you and the Toa-hero Maru must remain allies until the last man. Do you understand me my friend?" Korero looked a little confused at the sudden sternness Kongu had adopted, the thick velocity of his voice and simple concern was enough to snap anybody out of maybe just sorta considering them. Kongu scanned Korero's eyes with rapid urgency as though trying desperately to find even a shred of understanding. It was vitally important that at least somebody on this island practiced unity, and if it wasn't going to be the Koros, it sure as Karz was going to be the people that gave those Koros freedom.

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  • IC: The Toa that had the unfortunate luck of being known as #61 remained in the village square, where she'd been spending a good majority of her time for the past three months. OOC: #61 open to interact.

    IC (Orderin, Le-Koro): A green and silver armoured Toa of air walks up to #61 "Ah! Fellow Toa! Do you happen to know where I could find something to do, I am in need of a good adventure right know and I have come a long way to Le-Koro hoping to find something to do."OOC: I am hoping to find something for Orderin to do.

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  • IC: Alfon


    "Where's Plagia? I have yet to be insulted by her today."

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  • IC-Πράγος:


    "Likely being thrice as productive as are we."

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  • IC:


    "Did I hear my name being called, good sirs?"


    Cue the dark figure leaning in the doorway, arms crossed, a mocking smirk on her face, scarred and scratched-up armour not even coming close to marring her fantastic good looks. The greatest thing since ale whisky, the exclamation point at the end of the book of life, the broken bird who touched the sky simply by telling it to come closer to the ground.




    Y'know, me. Plagia freakin' Simul, everybody.


    "C'mon Alfon," I replied effortlessly, "It's just gotten too easy to insult you nowadays. You've got to give me a little bit of a challenge..."



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  • IC: Alfon


    "Oh I I have to make an effort just to be rewarded with your...kind words."


    I looked at her grinning.


    "Aren't you lovely?"

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  • IC:


    "It's how the world works," I remarked, my grin growing just a little, "We both act totally awesome most of the time, and then when you mess up, I get to mock you. It's quite a nice system, don't you think?"


    I gave that a moment to sink in, and then, in response to my snarking buddy's query, just said, "Well, duh."



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  • IC-Πράγος:


    "Please, spare us your pseudo-romanticisms. It's too early in the day."

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  • IC: VeritasVeritas looked the stranger up and down. He didn't seem to bad, but that one other plantlife Toa didn't and he left. Choosing his words carefully, he said: "Who are you, then, if you don't mind telling me? I'll tell you mine, but I would prefer that you don't reaveal my identity to anyone."

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  • IC: Cetrin. Fau Swamp

    shrugging, Cetrin replied. "I'm Cetrin. I'm a recently turn-toa, and I plan on making an encycopedia on everything on this island, in the sea around it, and in the air above it. if you've been to Le-Koro before Makuta was defeated, you might remember my shop, 'Cetrin's everything'"

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  • IC:


    "Now that you've said that you know they're just going to go on for hours to spite you, right?" Kethyre replied to Praggos, smiling as he turned to the latest in the round heart warming reunions. "Hi Plagia."

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  • IC: Ril


    Ril jabbed Kethreye with an elbow.


    "This is your chance~" he whispered. "Do eet."

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  • IC:


    "Do wha-" Kethyre said, before finally he finally noticed that Ril had only one light glowing beneath his Kanohi. "-Ril, you only have one eye."

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  • IC: Ril


    "Actually, I have two, but the other is sealed shut," he stated.

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  • IC:


    "Do i dare to ask why one of your eyes is sealed shut, then?"

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  • IC: Kehuri

    The Toa of Earth slipped his shades on as he stepped out of the tunnel. The light and humidity of 'treebright' Le-Wahi greeted him with open arms. Slipping out of his coat and stuffing it in his bag, he continued on his way, striking out towards Pala-Koro.

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  • IC: LitozenA De-Toa clad in gunmetal armour and a grey-and-black Matatu was looking down from the treetops at what Le-Koro had become. He was quite impressed with how things had developed since the Rahkshi attack. "It's been a while now since we lost him." He muttered in reminiscence for the fallen Makuta that he wanted to serve. Still, there was little that could be done for now. His movements would have to be even more careful considering how hostile the villages had started becoming. Of course, Litozen enjoyed this to a small extent. After all, the distrust seemed almost perfect to take advantage of, but now was not the time to act on it. If anything, the relationships would have to deteriorate more. After several more minutes of observing the treetops from the Le-Koro decking, he stretched and went to the elevator, heading down. "I should find somewhere good to practice my powers in this Wahi."

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  • IC:Syvra


    Syvra stood in the middle of the fau swamp. He seemed to be contemplating something but it did not look good

    Tell me what the heck you are

    A mental laugh emanated in his head as the tone was definitive female

    You know what i am Syvra. I am your mask.

    Syvra raised his brow as he considered something

    My mask does not speak to me.

    She does now.

    Well just stay out of my way

    The feminine mask giggled very mischievously

    So be it. Just know that ignoring important things causes issues

    Syvra shook his head as if to dispell the voice. He leaned against the tree and smiled gently

    Now to wait for someone to come by


    Syvra sighed heavily while he just seemed close his eyes


    OOC: Syrva open for interaction. And introducing my anxilia Venixa

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  • IC: Kehuri

    After a time, Kehuri suddely noticed a faint humming seem to grow louder. His eyes scanned the trees for a source of the noise as it grew steadily louder. Not a moment too soon, he saw a Rahkshi flying straight at him through the trees. The ground under him shifted, dropping him four feet and letting the Rahkshi sail over harmlessly. He quickly shrugged off his pack and slipped his drill onto his arm, switching it to shield form before rolling out of the hole.


    The Rahkshi came again and again, missed. This time it came to a skidding halt, feet firmly on the ground. Kehuri smiled humorlessly. The ground was his turf. The Rahkshi ran and tripped as the ground in front of it wrapped around its foot, and rather that hit the ground, the Rahkshi fell three bios as the ground beneath it parted to politely allow it passage. No sooner had it hit the ground, than the earth above it slammed together, entombing it in its earthen grave.


    Kehuri nonchalantly retrieved his stuff and went about his way, with a look of satisfaction on his face. He'd been training, and it definitely seemed to have paid off.


    OOC: Rahkshi of Dodge.

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  • OOC:


    IC: AnkranAnkeran sat on a branch waiting for the presence of Toa Letrakh. The Toa of Air was on a mission somewhere in Ko-Wahi. Ankran decided to go to his hut. He heard something passing by. It didn't sound like a normal Matoran. More like a taller being. The being turned out to be a Vortixx. He decided to spy on the Vortixx. But it wasn't long untill the Vortixx spotted him.

    Presuming you ment me


    IC: Taka

    I noticed that I was being followed. I armed my mini-crossbow.

    An Enemy?

    OOC: Not really. I was thinking of my own character.


    IC: Ankran


    Ankran ran and tried to warn the other villagers. He tried call the leader of the Koro but alas, he was caught and was sent away.

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  • IC: LitozenAs the De-Toa made his way through the marshy land of Le-Wahi, he eventually came upon the Fau Swamp, and there, he smiled to see his ally. "Syvra!" He called out, making his way to the Toa of Plantlife, wading through the swamp, "I've not seen you around for about a week. What happened to our group training?"

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  • IC:


    "You seem to be a bit confused..." The Ev-Toa said, quickly determining the threat of this new Toa.




    "First off, I am no Toa. I have never been called a 'Toa' before, and I doubt I ever will be called such a name. Secondly, you make it sound as if I have anything to do. I was just sitting here, waiting for something to happen."

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  • OOC: Atox/ Bane never technically left the ILF. As long as it's fine with you guys, I'm starting off here.


    IC(Atox, Pala-koro):


    A new morning had dawned, much as it had every morning. The sun awoke, stretching it's rays across the vast expanse of space to touch the jungles of Le-Wahi. It danced among the trees, warming and awaking the wild Gukko and Muaka, seemingly giving them the permission and power to run wild among the trees.


    The sun finally made its way to a clearing beside a lake, and began to wake the inhabitants, myself one of them. It entered the small fort in which I lived, weaved among the huts that made up its interior, and finally reached me, breathing across my eyelids to awake, to run wild and play; much as it had for the last 100 days. 100 peaceful days, filled with construction and healing, for the most part, although the whispers of a coming darkness still nagged at every corner. But life was too short to worry about such things. I pulled each leg individually out of my hammock, and dropped to the floor, landing with a heavy thud. I suited up quickly, allowing myself only a short time to bask in the embrace of the sun. I stepped out of my small hut, and began to stretch, smiling at the familiar sight of the jungle greeting me.


    I raised my hands, and a metal bar held up by two metal posts appeared before me. I grabbed the bar, using it for a series of vigorous chin-ups.


    five reps before I finished, the bar broke. I tumbled to the ground in a heap, and shook my head. I still needed to work on that. Pulling myself back up, I began to run towards the main gate, beginning my early morning run through the forest.