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  • IC: Kohu


    Of the entirety of his short little life, Kohu had spent 99.9% in Le-Wahi. He had seen it as his garden, his special, tranquil, beautiful jungle where he was free to roam and the Sun was always shining and the leaves were green and millions of trees were waiting to be climbed, and millions of vines waiting to be swung on. Despite all this love he had of his home's beauty, and all in his mind that had changed since the Battle for the Hive, one thing still remained the same, and, he expected, was going to remain the same for the rest of his days:


    Swamps suck.


    Even without the bone-crushing, flesh-eating monsters Makuta used to possess in this area, the Fau Swamp remained as one of Kohu's least favourite places to be. Mud pools up to your knees, coated in algae so they just looked like another part of solid ground; tree roots diving in and out of the soggy earth, as if trying to loop themselves around your feet; the fact that he was pretty much constantly inhaling insects and getting stung by them. The list went on. Nothing else matched up to the worst part, though, the number one sickening, heart-breaking, depression inducing fact: he could never find his way out. The whole place was like a maze - everything looked the same. On some days, the air was so foggy and insect-ridden that even the horizon was difficult to see. Unfortunately, today was one of those days.


    It had been roughly seventy thousand billion years since he had awoken in the clearing. By now it was probably midday. The Matoran in Le-Koro would be eating lunch, or playing musical instruments, or partying like they always did. Meanwhile, Kohu was stuck down here, missing out on all the fun. What a fabulous day to be me, he thought, even as a voice sounded nearby.



    "Syvra! I've not seen you around for about a week. What happened to our group training?"


    It was not a voice Kohu recognised, but it was a voice nonetheless. Without a second thought, he focused on its location and scrambled through the brown and green to reach whoever it belonged to. After a short while, he could see a faint silhouette of a figure in dark armour wading through the swamp waters, as he was, to reach someone else, who was standing alone nearby. Kohu was ecstatic. Not only had he found people - real people - he had found two. This Le-Matoran had truly hit the jackpot as far as swampy buddy caches go.


    Quickly cupping his hands over his mouth, he called out to the figures in the fog, hoping they weren't lost like he was, and continued to splosh through the wet filth to reach them.


    OOC: hello there mr interaction hasn't it been a while

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  • IC: LitozenThe Toa of Sonics stopped in his tracks for a moment when he was alerted to the presence of the approaching Matoran, moments before being called to. He looked in the direction of the Le-Matoran, though even his Matatu Scope didn't help him see through the foggy area that far. Briefly dropping his greetings to Syvra, he called back;

    "Who's there? Friend or foe?" Just as a precaution, he drew his Tuning Fork. The voice more than definitely sounded Matoran, but in these days even a Matoran can be dangerous under the right circumstances.

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  • IC: Kohu


    Raising his hands as the Toa became clearer to his eyes, Kohu replied, "Oh no, friend! Amigo! I come in peace!" He used two fingers to make a 'peace' sign with his fingers and scanned the area with his still-raised hands, showing that he meant peacefully. The Matoran clambered up onto a relatively dry, chunk of land and looked with disgust at himself: his entire body below the shoulders was coated thickly in mud. Turning back to the strangers, he spoke again. "Just your friendly neighbourhood lost Matoran traveller, is all."

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  • IC: Ackune


    It was fairly good, having everyone back at the little village they'd built. Especially because it allowed Ackune to empty out his storehouse of weapons by randomly handing out said weapons to various returned members.


    It was working fairly well, and in the past three months he managed to give out more weapons than he thought physically possible. To say the least, the smith was now taking a break of sorts from his almost non-stop forging before. It was nice, even if he found it rather boring.


    OOC: Open for interaction in Pala-Koro.


    Pretty much anywhere in the village.

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  • IC: Litozen"Lost, you say?" If he had one, Litozen would have raised an eyebrow at this point. "How could a Le-Matoran get lost in their own home turf?" While he no longer felt charitable to Matoran, Litozen did not currently have any nefarious plans schemed. So, it seemed only logical that he may as well help. Besides, he could be of use. "My name's Litozen, I'm a Toa of Sonics from far away." He slowly clambered towards the potential ally, who was almost completely submerged. "I don't think it's a good idea for a Matoran to be shoulder-deep in mud."

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  • IC: Kohu


    "Well, I say 'lost'" Kohu replied, cocking his head a little. "Thing is, I know where I am, I just have no idea what the quickest route out is. You must understand why I wouldn't want to come down here."


    Taking heed of the Toa's suggestion, Kohu bent down and tried to scrub off some of the mud, only to find his hands just got muddy themselves. Not a lot of progress was to be made that way, it seemed. "Eh, I can wash it off with some clean water some other time."


    "It's nice to meet you, Litozen," he said to the Toa, smiling madly and extending a muddy hand to shake. "My name's Kohu."

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  • IC: Litozen


    Smiling, Litozen closed his eyes to focus his hearing. It took him a moment, but he could definitely hear the exact direction in which the noise of Le-Koro was coming from. He pointed in the general direction."The Koro is that way. I came here by a straight walk so it shouldn't be too tricky...What are you doing here, anyway? You clearly dislike the mud." At that point Litozen realised he'd have to clean himself up later...but that shouldn't be a problem; he could just wait for it to dry and then weaken it with sound until it crumbles off him. No biggie. He sheathed his Toa Tool, the edge of the fork barely touching the surface of the swamp on his back.

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  • IC:


    "You seem to be a bit confused..." The Ev-Toa said, quickly determining the threat of this new Toa.




    "First off, I am no Toa. I have never been called a 'Toa' before, and I doubt I ever will be called such a name. Secondly, you make it sound as if I have anything to do. I was just sitting here, waiting for something to happen."


    IC: The Toa of air seems slightly taken aback, "Well then, I am sorry if I offended you, I just assumed you were a Toa. I know that you do not have nothing to do and I am once again sorry if I came across that way. I am merely looking for something to do myself and thought you could help me."

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  • OOC: May I just say I like the idea of a tuning fork as a weapon for a Toa of sonics. Very creative. Reminds me a little of Sulov's Saperka from back in the day.


    IC: Kohu


    At first, Kohu looked a little hurt that Litozen hadn't shaken his hand, but he had smiled, which made up for it. This Toa seemed friendly enough, so far. "It's a long story. Short version: Last night, I woke up in the middle of the jungle without any possessions after, I presume, I was quietly removed from Po-Koro, which I had been visiting the night before. Then, on my way back through the jungle, I think I must have gotten a little sidetracked and ended up way out here. It's lucky you guys are here, or I could have been stuck here for hours, maybe days even."


    Making as if to leave, Kohu turned, but ended up doing a full 360 degree turn and ending up in the same position. "Say, what are you two doing here? Doesn't seem like a great place to just chill out. You travelling too?"

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  • IC (Korero)


    Korero was momentarily taken aback by the stark change in Kongu's tone.


    "Of course, Kongu," he replied. "We have to be the example. I know that, and so do my brothers and sister. Rest assured that I'll do everything I can to make sure it stays that way."


    The Toa of Air turned his head a little, appraising the Akiri.


    "But what's this 'long-term job'? I'm not sure I understand what you mean..."

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  • IC: Litozen"At first I was going to research the area. But then I found my..." Litozen paused for a moment to determine exactly how he should describe Syvra, " mate, I decided to greet him and hopefully train a bit." He found Kohu's story intruiging. Moved without knowing it, all the way from Po-Wahi? That seemed suspicious at best, but Litozen liked suspicion. "And yes, nothing could be worse than being stuck in this place. I experienced some traumatic things from the Rahi in this Wahi..." He shuddered for a moment when the memory of the Gukko incident replayed once more, and again when he remembered his battle with the Ash Bears that had left his armour fractured and his original Kanohi Mahiki broken. "As you Le-Matoran would say, Down-tree I've had some Dark-Times."

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  • IC: Kohu


    Kohu raised an eyebrow at Litozen's treespeak attempt. Despite not speaking it himself, Kohu was fluent in treespeak after living in Le-Koro for most of his life. The pages of his mental dictionary flicked to the letter 'D': Downtree: Lower in the tree. Making a mental note to one day start a business to teach people treespeak, he moved on.


    "I had no reason to head back to the village other than to use it as a waypoint, but it seems you've had a fair share of adventures.yourself," Kohu looked from Litozen, to his mysterious silent companion, and back again. "Mind if I stay with you? And don't tell me it's too dangerous - I've been in some pretty big battles." Or at least, he thought, I have back when I had my sword.

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  • IC:


    "The village guard, or whatever they call themselves now, could help you," The former assassin said, "If you want, I could show you where they keep their HQ."

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  • IC: "The village guard, or whatever they call themselves now, could help you," The former assassin said, "If you want, I could show you where they keep their HQ."

    IC: "Yes, that would be quite helpful, I would like that, thank you for your time." The Toa of air motions for #61 to lead on.

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  • IC: Syvra


    Syvra looked between Litozen and Kohu even as a voice echoed in his mind

    You know we could kill them easilly

    No correction i could kill the easily. You just a voice in my mask

    Believe what you want

    Syrva shook his head as he seemed to try and dispel the voice. He bent down towards the matoran and extended his hand

    "Greeting Kohu, My name is Syvra."


    OOC: Sorry just got back

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  • IC:


    I tipped my head to one side, and giving Praggos -- one of the ILF's "newer" members -- a look of mock-puzzlement, complete with the almost obligatory puppy-dog eyes. Of all the group, I think I knew the least about this particular Toa of Ice, other than the fact that...his name was Praggos. And he was a Ko-Toa. Karz, I'm pretty sure that I knew more about Parakuka-Guy -- Ta'Rae, or whatever his name was -- than him. And when one refers to a person as [Distinguishing Feature]-Guy/Girl, it usually means that they knew next-to-nothing about 'em.


    Still, he was pretty fun to joke around with, so I considered him a friend-ish person.


    "'Pseudo-romanticism', Praggos; really?" I said, doing my best impression of an innocent voice as I could. "What on this island gives you the impression that that's what's going on here?"


    Without waiting for the inevitable reply, I switch back to my regular, though slightly-less-aggravting, persona and waved to Kethrye a.k.a. 'One of the few people I knew really well from around here'. "'Sup Keth!"



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  • IC: Kehuri

    Plagia's distinct voice told the young Toa he was close. It wasn't long before Pala Koro's first building entered his sight. He stopped for a moment to think about things. What would he say? What did he come for? What would Kethrye think of him after he left the ILF?


    Quickly deciding on how to start, he stepped into view of the talking Toa. He almost piped out a snide joke, but couldn't find the heart to do it. "Hey everyone, long time no see. Have you been rebuilding this whole time?" He forced a smile, but didn't feel it at all.


    OOC: Let's welcome the only person not making sarcastic jokes in this conversation!

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  • IC-Πράγος:


    Looking to the sky - or, rather, the ceiling - with a long-suffering sort of expression, Praggos muttered a quick "Why me?" that the others wouldn't hear, before turning to Kehuri.


    "I recommend you take a long draught of whatever they used to convince you to come here before you partake in this discussion," Praggos said to the Toa, before turning back to Plagia.


    "Yes, pseudo-romanticisms. Unless, of course, there's no 'pseudo-' to it at all. I think that's the sort of sensational story the others would love to hear about."

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  • IC: Veritas"Alright then, my name is Veritas, or Veri for short. I hail from Onu-Koro, and am a Fe-Matoran. I've been to Le-Koro about three months ago, but do not remember your store." Veritss thought that he should not be revealing too much, so he stopped with the right amount of information.

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  • IC: Cetrin. Fau Swamp

    "well, I'm finishing up in Le-Wahi. then i'll be heading to Onu-Koro to document the Rahi there. where are you headed?"

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  • IC: Ankran


    "May the guards of Ta Koro burn you in lava, let me go!" said Ankran. The Skakdi which captured him ignored him. As he saw someone approaching.

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  • IC:


    "This way then."


    The Ev-Toa started walking off towards the general direction of the guard HQ, beckoning the stranger to follow her.

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  • IC: Throng, Ankran and Letrakh


    Letrakh walked through the swamp of Le Wahi. But then the Skakdi known as Throng, knocked him to the ground. He got back up and used his elemental powers on Throng. At the moment, Ankran tried running away; but Throng stopped him, alas Throng was later knocked unconscious by Letrakh.

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  • IC: Kohu


    "It's a pleasure, Syvra," Kohu replied. Looking into the Toa's eyes, he thought he saw something... Different. He wasn't sure what, but there was something about the lines around his eyes... Stress? Then, the moment was gone, and the handshake over. "Nice cloak," added the Le-Matoran with a wink, before he shared his attention with Litozen again, and addressed the two of them. "So, whaddya say? Litozen, Syvra and Kohu, the Dream Team?"

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  • IC: Litozen

    "As both a traveller and Matoran you should be a great help to us, I suppose." He said flatly. "Though I'm not sure how you could assist in more specialist matters such as Toa training. On the topic of which..." He looked at Syvra once more. "Shall we? We've got...'business' to do soon so we may as well get our skills up to snuff." His euphemism of evil intentions as 'business' was not overtly convincing but it was still said in a light enough tone to at least pass as convincing. As he said that, an odd wind blew through the forest. Litozen brushed it off, but it seemed somehow familiar all the same.

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  • IC(Atox, Le-Wahi):


    After a half-hour of running, the ache returns. Even after 3 months, the scar hadn't healed, and any quick turn of the shoulders still brought a faint stab of pain, continually reminding me that the gash would never fully heal. A mask of healing only did so much. But I'm not the type to whine.


    Because of the debilitation of the body, I turn to the power of the mind. Activating my new kanohi, I begin to jog back to Pala-koro, my speed amplified by the mask I wear. The trees begin to become just a blur, and I begin to slow, dodging the tree limbs that threaten to clothesline me. Now this is exhilarating. I spin, flip, turn and dodge. I'm almost to the clearing. I begin making a final dash towards the clearing-


    -and then I trip over the log. Owww.


    For a moment, I'm flying a bio over the ground, headed straight for the walls of Pala-koro. I tuck my head in, roll as I begin to slide across the ground, and then put my foot down, tearing dirt up in a small wave as I brace to hit the 2-3 bio high wall before me.


    I land with a small thud, hitting the dirt I just plastered against the wall, then hitting the wall itself. The wall replied, giving a slight thump as I hit it with over 400 pounds of force. I give my own little groan, as the dry dirt falls over and around me. Maybe I should just stick to melee.


    After giving myself a good wash in Lake Pala, I walk back into the gates of Pala-koro, heading toward the main meeting house. The main members of the group have already awoken, conversing with their usual banter. I look at the normal members of the group: Kethrye, Alfon, Plagia. The new recruit, Praggos, is doing his usual cynic thing, and- Wait, is that Kehuri?


    With a warm smile, I slap Kehuri on the back, looking him over. The young toa has grown much more muscular since I last saw him, and seems more confident, no longer giving the usual signs of one unsure of himself. "Kehuri, it's good to see you. How have you been?"



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  • IC: [ Krios ] - Le-Wahi, 0.8 miles NW of Le-KoroKrios hit the ground running, stiletto in hand, threading his way through the night-shrouded jungle with a cat-like agility.Silence. The soft shadow-song of the forest was strangely hushed, unbroken save for the reluctant chirp and buzz of various insects. Mist filtered through the grim, moss-draped treetrunks, drifting, wafting, drifting again... a droplet of water fell from the dense canopy, flashing silver in the blackness.His fast, easy strides ate up the distance, supple leather boots matching the forest's silence with his own. A bead of cold sweat traced its way slowly down his facial tissues, across his scarred left cheekbone, fell noiselessly from his strong reptilian jaw. His frigid blue eyes moved, flickered, testing the path ahead.Low-hanging vine, damp earth, fallen tree limb, scatte--An unnoticed branch, hidden by the darkness, resting against a lichen-studded stone. His left foot fell, felt the wood give with the impact, twisted desperately to shift his weight.Too late. The branch creaked and snapped, loud in the silence, distinct as flame.Damnation.Behind him and to the left, maybe two hundred yards away, a distant angry shout pierced the night, punctuated by the sudden snap and rustle of scurrying footsteps in the underbrush.The black-clad Vortixx bit back a second, audible curse, ducked behind a nearby boulder and dropped to the ground, steadying his breathing with an effort, willing himself to blend with the shadows. He closed his eyes, blocking out their slight bluish luminescence.Stupid, stupid. Should have stayed put, should have waited for the dawn. They'd have given up, most likely.The footsteps drew nearer, light and quick, paused... the Le-Matoran was studying the trail, apparently. Krios slid his left eye open a fraction, caught the dim yellow glow of a small lightstone, hastily shut it again. His long, thin fingers tightened on the hilt of his stiletto."Brione! Over here!" shouted the Le-Matoran. "He quick-runs, steps on a branch, hides nearby!"A crashing in the brush, an answering shout. "Good ear, lad! Be there in a second... curse this darkness-night! We'd have got him sooner, the slippery thief-scoundrel!"Despite his predicament, Krios was amused. Thief-scoundrel, is it? Takes one to know one, arrogant fool. Easiest hundred widgets I ever made, and with your own weighted dice.The second Le-Matoran's footsteps drew nearer. Twenty yards, ten, five...He was cornered. If he moved, they'd see him; if he stayed, they'd find him anyway. And for all their stupidity in the matter of dice-gambling, they owned some mighty dangerous-looking crossbows. Big ones, powerful, with several dozen razor-edged tactical broadheads to match.His sharp white teeth flashed in a silent, bestial snarl.Damnation, Krios. What were you thinking?OOC:Krios is open for PC interaction. Or intervention, or whatever. :P The scenario is pretty obvious, I believe; feel free to control the two NPC Le-Matoran in any way you see fit.

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  • IC:


    "This way then."


    The Ev-Toa started walking off towards the general direction of the guard HQ, beckoning the stranger to follow her.


    IC: "Thank you." The Toa follows behind at a quick pace

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  • IC:[Le-Koro, Central Plaza]

    Ranok placed his harmonica in it’s pouch. He’d loved the versatility the little instrument ever since he’d first played it, three months ago, but he had been playing for a few hours already and it was time for something new.Picking up his flute the De-Matoran struck up a lively minor-key ditty. There was something frantic about it, as if any time the notes would collapse on themselves.OOC: Open for interaction. Toss a widget in the banjo case, have a chat, whatever.

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  • IC: Alfon


    Separating myself from the flow of conversation in the room, I noticed some new guy's arrival in the bar. My eyes widened in recognition, identifying the Onu-Toa for one of the most innocent, normal people to have ever stuck around with the ILF: Kehuri.


    Lunging out of my chair, I sped through the air like a blur, picking up an empty bottle from the counter as I did. In less than a couple of seconds, I was in front of the man before he could even react, yelling an ominous "Yoooooooooou!" while my hand was raised in the air, firmly gripping the bottle as if to bring it down on the poor guy's head.


    I shook his hand.


    "Good to see you again."

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  • IC: Kehuri

    The young Toa reflexively triggered his Hau, anticipating the bottle to come sailing down on him. It took him a second to shake himself out of the rush of adrenaline the mock-attempt-on-his-life had given him. For a second there, he really had thought Alfon was mad at him. Not that he would really blame him, though assaulting him with what appeared to be the contained of an alcoholic beverage would have been a bit excessive.


    He took Alfon's hand and shook it, smiling awkwardly. "Yeah, likewise." He nodded to Atox, "You too. But to answer your question, not so great."


    Ordinarily, he would have just said "good" without a second thought, whether he felt good or not, but this was a good segue into a large part of the reason he'd come.

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  • IC: Petorgas


    I calmly observed my work. The shop had been refurbished(brilliantly if I do say so myself), and the interior was redesigned. I had done all this in a week, by myself. Above the entrance, there was a sign that read:


    Assorted Weapons

    We Buy and Sell Swords, Knives, Axes and other Armaments

    The "We" part was, let's say, a typo. I'm the only one who manages the store. The inside was better than the exterior. I was to stand behind a counter, in front of an assortment of my merchandise. I only had a fraction of my inventory on display, however- Most of it was in the back of the store. So, I went over to the door, and hung a sign that said, "Open".


    OOC: Weapons salesman in Le-Koro.

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  • IC: Syvra


    Syvra looked to Litozen and shook his head

    "Sure we should be training."

    With a evil smirk on Syvra's face, Vine suddenly shot out of the ground and wrapped around Litozen's legs. At this point Syvra brought his right forearm claw-blade to be tucked under Litozen's chin

    "Rule number 1, Never ever put your guard down. You must consider every possibility before it happens. You should know your opponent especially if you have fought them before or watched them fight. You should know all my moves by now as i know many of yours."


    That's right Syvra you tell him

    Oh great your here again

    Dang right i'm here. I will always be here.

    Well like i said don't get in my way.

    Syvra considered something for few long moments

    Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. What is your name?

    My name is Venixa. I am your mask. I do not know how i came to be your mask but i know i now inhabit it. Meaning i have control of it not you anymore.

    Well that truly is an annoyance. So -Venixa- I guess we will have to work together if we are both to survive?

    I guess so.

    Well let's hope we can.

    At this point Syvra seemed to snap back to reality and he kept his focus on Litozen

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  • IC: VeritasVeritas didn't really know about the Toa's question. He had been wandering the jungle for almost three months now. "Well, I honestly don't know. I've been out in the jungle for around three months now, popping into Le-Koro once in a while. Onu-Koro is, or was my home, and it'll probably be that again, so I'll come with you if you honestly don't mind."

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  • IC:


    Well, I'll be a brakas' aunt, twice-removed. Last thing I expected to see today was this particular knight in shining armour. I hadn't seen good ol' Kehuri in...god, how long has it been? Three months? He must've left a little while after Makuta was destroyed/killed/kicked to the curb. He looked stronger now, and more confident than before. Maybe even a little less idealistic.


    The kid had grown up.


    Truth be told, I'm not sure how I felt about that.


    "Hey Kehuri," I said quickly, in an uncharacteristically subdued voice. "What's up?"


    With a quick glance over at Praggos, I added, "Maybe later, after that big blizzard finally hits Karz."


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  • IC: Cetrin. Fau Swamp


    "No problem with me. never really did have a problem travelling with peo-" at that moment, he was cut off by a roar behind him. activating his Voltiak and seemingly vanishing, he took his strikers out just in case. an Ash Bear charged into the clearing Cetrin and Veritas were in. gripping the brass cylinders, he punched the beast. it only infuriated the Rahi more. "let's get outta here!" and jumped onto a tree and ran

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  • OOC: I would say more like two months. He wouldn't have left the ILF right away. Also, I'm gonna say Atox invited him, since it was Elrond that suggested the meet-up, if you don't mind.


    IC: Kehuri

    Seeing Plagia again managed to bring a genuine grin to his face. Her laid-back style was really infectious. "Hey Plagia, good to see you again. I got an invitation from Atox to come see you guys. Naru got one too, so she should probably be on her way too." He raised a fist in traditional Toa greeting style. It had been far too long since he'd done it, let alone see someone else do it. Yet another thing to be depressed about. All the more reason to be happy to do it now, though.

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  • IC: Ril


    "So ... meat. Esao making burgers. The creepy grill. Do we have any?"

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  • IC: [ Krios ] - Le-Wahi, 0.8 miles NW of Le-KoroOOC:Krios is open for PC interaction. Or intervention, or whatever. :P The scenario is pretty obvious, I believe; feel free to control the two NPC Le-Matoran in any way you see fit.


    IC (Lema): The disturbance down on the forest floor caught the attention of Lema, who had seen the sun set and was just heading home for the evening. Many Le-matoran enjoyed leaf-running here, but as Lema flashed through the upper branches of the jungle with magical speed, he was caught halfway between running and flying. It was exhilarating. He raced north towards Lake Kanae.


    "Good ear, lad! Be there in a second... curse this darkness-night! We'd have got him sooner, the slippery thief-scoundrel!"

    The Le-matoran's voice alerted him to what was going on. He slid along a branch on rigid legs until he reached the trunk, where he leapt into mid air and caught a vine. It swung around, but held his weight. He let go, and dropped lightly to the forest floor and pulled a lightstone out of his backpack. Its illumination showed him the dim outlines of two Matoran pointing weapons at a tall Vortixx, who was also holding a knife.


    "What is this about?" the toa asked in a commanding tone. If there was going to be a fight here, he wanted to stop it as quickly as he could.