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  • OOC: One unspecified amount of time later....


    IC: Cadias


    Finally, it looked like Seria had recovered. She had regained her lost weight and was obviously feeling better. Cadias turned to their generous host.


    "Well, I suppose it's time we got going," he said. "I'd hate to take advantage of your hospitality any longer." Then, realizing that it was probably best to ask Seria if she felt well enough to travel, he added, "Uuh, if you're feeling up to it of course, Seria."


    .... That kind of ruined the farewell moment there....

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  • IC (Merror/Korero)


    "Sisk!" Merror said, turning to the Le-Matoran with a smile. "Good to see you again, especially under less difficult circumstances."


    "Yeah, sorry about that, Sisk," added Korero. "I saw them arrive and...yeah. Last-minute detour."

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  • Ic:"I'm fine. I actually feel much better now that I rested. Thanks Betravo."She hopped off the bed and stretched a bit."Wait. Can I come along with you? I rarely get the chance to see adventure once and a while."

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  • IC: Cadias


    "Oh. Sure, I guess. Only question is, where should we go?"


    Perhaps I should have given that some thought while Seria was resting.

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  • IC: Teal Musician

    "I think I heard that Po-Koro is having the Pohatu cup in Ta-Koro. Maybe we should go watch it."

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  • IC: Captain Commander Iraira


    Back on the deck of The Invincible the crew gathered about the first diver to return. Iraira pushed through the small gathering and went to a knee, expectantly waiting for a report as she reviewed what he'd brought from the sea floor: A broken arthron, as if someone had their skull cleaved in half, exposing the soft computing material inside. The image brought a sick expression to her, though it quickly faded as she flicked a barnacle off the rusty sword. Looking back at Kordo, she asked;


    "What did you see, and where's Verak?"


    IC: The Angler (Yay for 80s synth rock and Vezok's Friend)


    Taking a break to fish always gave a indescribable pleasure. Something about being freed from my nine-to-five delusion of keeping criminals under control and channeling all my power into the long rod between my slender fingers was thought provoking and eye opening. The little bit of last night's dinner dangling from the hook as bait -- a pinky finger as always -- was more than enough to attract some of the bigger players. Makuta fish would latch on, and then I'd just give those a cut with the cleaver, and I'd have more bait for the VIPs of the sea. With any luck, I'd get a takea today and not have to eat my page. If not, well, at least my page probably was too dumb to run. Matoran, I thought with disappointment and shook my head.


    The sun was a heat lamp in the sky, a big ugly ball of unnecessary temperature. If I'd had my way, the sun would be no brighter than the moon. That was one of the few things I enjoyed about the labyrinth: it was dark and cool. Out here, my dark red accents simply disappeared: too much light to really see their glowing. With a pout I cast the heavy line back into the reef, my legs crossed as I waited on the wooden planking on the bottom of the lighthouse that had once been the greatest marker of Xa-Koro. Now it was a war ground, and luckily I was winning. For now.


    Right, vacation time. Don't think about work.


    "Okay," I muttered, giving in to the urge to stare into the water and will the rahi to take a bite so I could eat something with flavor I enjoyed. "Come on fishies..."


    The reef extended quite a ways out from this side of the building, except for the gaping hole by the dock. I never understood why, but it made a perfect whole to the bottom of the ocean so I wasn't complaining. With a little time, maybe I'd catch something more than a mealful, like a temple squid. Fried up, I could probably use it as a peace offering and eat that vixen's page instead of mine tomorrow.


    Yeah, that sounded good. Her page had more meat.

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  • IC: Cadias


    "Really? I didn't hear about that. Might be fun. What do you think, Seria?"

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  • IC: Seria

    "I think it sounds like fun. I wonder who there going against.

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  • IC: Kordo


    "The usual. Smashed buildings, seaweed, some cave that Brakas Boy explored. Strakolix carefully reviewed his photographic memory. "And now that I think about it, a really big tentacle. That moved. It was near the cave."

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  • IC:Kitane

    Huh, looks like something has gone wrong on the Invincible.

    "hey, is everything all right over here" I yelled.

    But for me, yelling was like talking normally.


    OOC: As I recall I am on Daylaria's boat.

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  • IC: Cadias


    "Alright. We better get going, then." He turned to Betravo. "Do you know when the match is?"

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  • IC: (Mons Shajs/Invincible/Kumu Sea)


    Shajs had been a fisherman as a boy, a pirate as a man, and a sailor overall. And if there was one thing sailors liked to do, it was tell tall tales. Five bio high waves, pale white whales ramming ships, demonic dolphins, it went on and on. But one of the most common tales, and its most feared creature, was a Kraken. Monsterous octopi known for dragging ships into the briny deep, devouring sailors with its razor sharp beak. Terrible, terrible creatures.


    But they were just drunken superstitions, right?


    Shajs wasn't drunk, nor was he really superstitious. But he strangely gave some thought to this, willing not to belief or disbelieve this story not yet. It was a gut instinct, and he trusted his gut, most of the time. So, going up to where Kordo and Iraira were, he said.


    "Howa big wus tha't beast, boi?"