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  • IC: Kitara


    Kitara blushed at the intrest Tayis was showing her. She had gone through most of her life with people not ever caring about where she stood.


    "I am a trainee medic. I... help out the best I can with the Rahi attacks. I mean, really all I do it make the pain a bit less for them until they die. I just cant seem to to get the hang of this mask. My mentor has been trying to show me for years but I just cant grasp it"

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  • IC: Tayis


    "Could've used a medic yesterday," Tayis said. "Might've saved a lot of trouble. Or just got you into trouble yourself. And everyone has difficulty with their Kanohi at some point. It just takes time, or sometimes the right situation. That time will come, if you're patient. Who knows, we could snea- walk, I mean, back into Po-koro, and you could give your own opinion on our friend in hospital."


    He had no real intention of going back into town, he doubted Zieta would be pleased with his and Dynra's desertion. But it was good to talk to someone who wasn't judging him too much.

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  • IC: Kitara


    With the sudden change of words Tayis spoke, Kitara fealt uneasy.


    "Maybe I should go back to Po-Koro... on my own" she stuttered

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  • IC: Tayis


    "Relax" Tayis said apologetically. "We're Toa, we're good people, not the ones to be frightened off. You're no better off in town anyway, this island is messed up these days."


    He prodded the semi-conscious body of Dynra.


    "He's certainly nothing to be scared of," Tayis said, grinning.

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  • OOC: You know, it's typically good manners not to timeskip when another group is involved. And it's even worse manners to do so when we were waiting on posts from you. And even beyond that, when the last post wasn't even three days before said timeskip. It's actually flat out rude, and that's before I start to take into account what the actual scenarios involved are.


    Zieta, apparently, just stood up and walked out of the hospital. First of all, what happened to her being heavily injured? As in, unable to move? You know, that little issue being the reason they all didn't escape in the first place? And the fact that she was one of the people involved with multiple crimes, and was thus under watch, if not under arrest? Which, you know, would have been clearly established if you lot hadn't timeskipped past everything. So basically, we have a mortally injured Toa that managed to walk out of a hospital under her own power, whilst being watched? Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?


    And then Dynra, for instance. Actually, most of the other characters, somehow just walking away without being either questioned or arrested for their involvement with several crimes. You know, again, something that would have been dealt with if you hadn't skipped over it all. Which is, again, not only rude, but also against every bit of etiquette in the book.


    Geeee. Thanks, guys. You're the pinnacle of realism and politeness.




    Texin stood still, because somehow, he had been left with no idea of what actually just happened, due to bizarre time manipulation.

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  • OOC:


    Well, Mayhaka didn't escape or timeskip, he's in prison, waiting for a response of Elvis, I'm kinda stuck there.


    IC Mayhaka


    "Well, are we going?" But the guardmember didn't respond, "dude, are you awake!"

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  • IC: Kitara


    "Oh" she smiled. "So whats your next plan?"


    OOC: Snark knight, if you want to have a proper conversation about this then you can add me on Skype. I feel like we can only get a proper discussion and solution out of this if we are typing in instant chat.

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  • OOC: I don't reckon mine or Alex's posts were bad. We wrote them from the exact same time where you left off before, and they were pretty open for your intervention. I made 5 posts before making any kind of timeskip, plenty of opportunity for you to do something.


    IC: Tayis


    "I've absolutely no idea where I'm heading now," Tayis said. "Things have got a bit out of hand, and I don't know where I stand anymore."


    This was quite true, Tayis had chosen to come to the beach because it was convenient, but out of town. Now he was here, he didn't have a clue where to go anymore.

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  • OOC: Open for intervention is very different from actually giving time to intervene. Especially when one considers that people have lives off of BZP, and don't have time to check every hour of every day. And if somehow none of the people involved had a chance to post, that's pretty telling.


    CeeCee, I will be PMing you, because Skype is A. not needed, and B. I don't add random people.




    Krayn leaned against the railing of the Fowadi, watching things unfold around him.

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  • OOC: With all due respect, TSK, two days have passed since we escaped. Whether or not you noticed us escaping earlier, it implies to me that we'd have been waiting around quite a while if we hadn't done something. Besides, if you'd noticed, there would have been ample opportunity to recapture us.


    IC: Dynra


    Dynra rubbed his Kanohi and looked up. Clearly flashing between forms as rapidly as he had had taken a lot out of him. "What'd I miss?"

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  • IC: Kitara


    Kitara seemed almost frighted of the exhausted Toa

    "Um... hi" she smiled


    OOC: Fine dude, you can PM if youd like but I think Skype would make things easier is all. Im not going to clutter up the RPG so you you wanna talk, make a PM

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  • IC: Tayis


    "This is Kitara," Tayis said. "She's a medic, and a little nervous. I was telling her how I valiantly saved your life yesterday, Dynra."


    He didn't know Dynra too well, but he felt a little playful teasing was the foundations of a close team.

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  • IC: Kitara


    "You saved his life?" her wide eyes looked at him in awe. "Thats kind of heroic."

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  • OOC: With all due respect, TTA, we were waiting on posts from you lot. Hence why there hadn't been many posts leading up to your decision to do what you did. Second, I've got some bad news for you. With regards to the BZPRPG, a two day wait is nothing. And in fact, I have been aware of this particular issue for almost a day and a half. I've been talking to Kaithas about how to do deal with it, because this is, in point of fact, the third thing we have had to deal with form your group alone.




    "Dehkaz. How long until we arrive?"

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  • IC: Dynra


    Dynra glared at Tayis with a look that promised a thousand untold vengeances. "Yeah, you saved me? That really is heroic, Tayis. I must have missed it when I passed out here. I trust I can rely on you for everything now, then?"

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  • IC: Tayis


    Tayis laughed at the angered reaction. Dynra definitely had a short temper, but he sure he could stretch it out with time.


    "Best to rely on a Toa of gravity," Tayis said. "Even if I drop you, you don't necessarily fall."

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  • IC: Kitara


    Kitara was slightly intimidated by the twos arguing. She didnt pick up on the playful vibes as she hadnt had much interaction with any other Toa before.


    OOC: Look, Snark. Like I said. If you really want to make this a big deal (which it really doesnt have to be, lets face it), you need to PM me about. Heck, would could have Me, Taips, Aleks, Dual, you and Elvis so re can really iron this into the ground because quite frankly Im getting bored with it.

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  • "no where much" he said nonchalantly. "just the entrance to a secret ba....well, i'll tell you the details on the road. assuming you're in of course. also, you don't seem very comfortable going anywhere. wouldn't be anything I could do to lessen the fear/phobia/whatever it is, is there?"


    IC: Terilis


    "No... there's nothing anyone can do." His hand spasms had ceased, but that was only because he kept it tight in a fist. So far, this Toa hadn't given him any reason to be trusted, and was likely hiding something. As to where he had heard of his 'One good qualtiy,' that he was trying to figure out as well. As if anyone would ever want to talk about him... other than in disgust.

    "Where did you hear about me?"

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  • IC: Zieta


    Zieta was feeling dizzy being slung over the Toa of ices sholder. They had walked for a while now. Although his question had seemed like it had been asked a second ago she new that she had been slipping in and ot of cincisness for that past half and hour or so.


    "I need water yes" She spoke softley. "We cant go back to the Koro, but we should try the beach."


    She wouldnt admit it, but for some reason it felt like some inner tide was puling her towards there.


    Zekize nodded. He set off walking in the direction of the shore.

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  • IC: Zieta


    "You know" she said, in a hushed tone and gritted teeth. "I feel like a failure. I could have got my whole team killed. Once Im healed up Im going after Sixhand on my own. Theres no point in putting all of you in danger again."

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  • "I'm not sure if that's such a good idea... you might get hurt again. Better stay away from Sixhand for a while, until you're completely ready to fight."

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  • IC MayhakaHe went to sit down recharging more powers, "do what you like, I'm here when you need me"

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  • Kale Ironshaper- Po-wahi- Fowadi


    IC: Wooden clunking came from the stairs as the Toa of Iron made his way to the deck. It seemed that the rest of the crew had gotten the ship moving while he had been dealing with their unwanted guest. He worked his head back and forth a few times to work out the tension in his neck before heading over the Dehkaz and explaining the route he had picked.


    OOC: Basically, head up to Ga-koro and ask the merchants if any of them have seen ships full of angry people or places that no ships have returned from. If that does not work, then hey get to sail down to Le-wahi, checking every inlet big enough to hide a ship.

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  • IC: Zieta


    "I dont need you to tell me what I can and cant do", she hissed "Snowflake". She knew he hated the nickname.


    IC: Kitara


    "Do you have any plans to leave Po-Koro", she said to Tayis.

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  • IC: Tayis


    Jiggling his foot agitatedly, Tayis took a moment to respond.


    "I guess," he said. "I'm not sure we've got much reason to stay, and there's plenty of reason to go."


    He pulled out the map of the Po-Koro slums, which had been crumpled up in his haste to leave the pub the previous day. The plan to seek out Six-hand in the slums seemed pretty suicidal now, given the teams apparent incompetence, and the city guards being against them. On the other hand, it was a toa's duty to protect matoran, and he felt he owed Zieta, it was his fault there'd been any fight, and her blood was on his hands.

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  • IC: Kitara


    "Oh" she said. "Becuase, if you are... Id like to come with you."


    She was sick of the desert now and all the wounded Matoran that she couldnt save wasnt helping. She wasnt sure, but she felt there was something about Tayis she could warm to. He seemed genuine and now that she thoughy of it, she was enjoying his presence. She normally was very shy around new people, but Tayis seemed... different.


    Less could be said for the wreck of a Toa the stood beside him. His eyes looked lifeless and worn out and his shoulders hung loosely by his side.

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  • Zekize grunted as he set Zieta down. He'd been walking for a while, but finally the beach was in view.

    He noticed a trio of Toa talking. Two, he was sure he'd seen before, but the last- a Toa of Water by the looks of it- was new to him.

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  • "The beach, as you asked. And I think there are some allies here already."

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  • IC: Zieta


    "Allies?" he voice failed to hide the hopefulness that her team were alive.

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  • IC:


    The dim, dust-choked light in the brig wasn't great - of course, it wasn't designed to be - but it was enough for me to see its sole occupant, the black-robed glitch seated in his cell like a priest at confession. Note the use of the word "occupant" rather than "prisoner". Stendhal was never a prisoner; even here, trapped in his own armour, he was still calling all of the shots. Knowing him, he probably had just the combination of words and anecdotes and subtle threats to coerce me into releasing him.

    I stepped closer to the bars of Stendhal's "prison", further into the cheap yellow light, and felt a subconscious facial twitch, nearly resulting in a smile. Not even a cocky smirk, but a gentle grin; the kind you get when you pass a person you used to hang out with, and they toss a quick "hello" over to you, and you realize that they still consider you worth their time. Or maybe it was the kind of smile you find yourself sporting when you re-discover an old favourite past-time, and you remember all the fun times you had with it.

    I was enjoying this - fighting Stendhal, the struggle between good and evil. It was like the old days; before Makuta and Mata Nui and my weakness and all this moral ambiguity. I was playing hero again, against someone even more twisted than me. Some part of me knew I should have been sickened by this realization; that I was taking pleasure from a fight that held countless lives - my friends' lives - in the balance.

    Funny how indifferent it turns out I felt.

    With a final effort to subdue my unholy grin, I focused back on my opponent, who was, as always, waiting patiently for the first move to be made.

    "Stendhal," I repeated, "Where is Tadris?"


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  • IC: (Hari)


    "Who's Tadris, Rynekk?" A familiar voice said, as the sounds of footsteps came up from Rynekk's left. He already knew the voice's owner, Hari. The sea green Toa of Plant Life stood with arms folded, concern colouring her face. "So this intruder is named Stendhal as well and you know him?" Her face was awash with both confusion, intrigue, and smaller wisps of worry. " do you know this man?"


    The was a great sense of unease in the hallway that connected to the ship's brig. Hari was bitting the edge of her lip, already frowning as Rynekk stood there at the barred door, awaiting a response from the prisoner as well. While Kale had gone up, Hari remained with the prisoner below decks. Awaiting the superior officers of both the Guard and the Fowadi. Rynekk went as well to get the others but only Rynekk seemed to return. Apparently with the stowaway now in custody only Rynekk had came to visit. The young Toa of the Green, shifted from foot to foot, awaiting a response as water lapped against the ship's hull.

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  • IC: Nameless Skakdki


    The nameless Skakdi walked near the edge of Po-Koro.


    OOC: This is for you, Bane of No Isles.

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  • IC: Stendhal


    Rynekk stared through the bars, and Stendhal stared back, both ignoring the dust fluttering in the dim light, both, at least externally, passive, yet each with their own set of morals. The fallen angel, who sought repentance for his unspeakable crimes, and the beast risen from the dirt into barely a man, who relished the sensation of committing them. In Stendhal's fractured mind, they were two shards of a mirror, both razor sharp and avoided, yet still fighting to their last for the reflection to be shown. Only in Stendhal's case, it was the dark side of Rynekk he aimed to reflect to their untimely visitor.


    Showing a rare display of emotion, Stendhal's brow lowered slightly, and he grinned savagely to himself, but Rynekk understood. This could go one of two ways.


    Option number one: Rynekk reluctantly tells Hari how he knows Stendhal, but in doing so condemns Tadris to being hunted down for the rest of his life. This was the less likely option.


    Option number two: Rynekk doesn't tell Hari anything, or lies, and in doing so damages his already shady reputation among the Guard, and is forced to go out and follow the map, doing Stendhal's bidding.


    In either case scenario, Stendhal won. It was a little thing he liked to call a 'Lose/Lose Situation'. It satisfied his sick fancies to see how such an exchange would play out before him, how the pieces of his master's game would further his gains. Stendhal's gaze moved slowly from Rynekk to Hari and back again, the smile remaining on his shadowy face.


    "Your move."

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  • Po-wahi- Fowadi


    IC: As is almost always the case, there was a third option. Or rather, option number one was not as bad as some people might see it.


    In telling Hari, and by extension the Guard, Rynekk would gain the ability to search for his friend with the aid of the Island's largest organization. After which they could hunt down their tormentors and put an end to it all for good. Stendhal would never leave Rynekk in peace even if he did follow the map.


    Now if only the the atoning Toa could realize that.


    OOC: Don't mind me with little candle over here.

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  • IC:

    Well, I guess that this time was bound to come at some point or another; y'know, when my sordid little history comes to light, and everyone finds out that quiet, conflicted little Rynekk is actually the big, bad murderer who hangs around with crazies on a regular basis. Truth be told, I was glad that this was happening. I was fed up with hiding my past from my fri... allies, no matter how unforgivable my actions were.

    Of course, one look at Stendhal's face reminded me of the potential ramifications of such a choice: I would effectively be condemning my best friend to death (granted he's still alive) if I told Hari about our dealings.

    But then, my addled, yet shrewd mind determined, even if I followed Stendhal's instructions, there was no good way out of a bargain with him; more likely than not, obeying him would just result in more deaths, all of which would be on my hands. I mean, not that I'm not used to that, but still...

    Telling Hari had a 50/50 chance of giving me the resources to track down (a hypothetically alive) Tadris, as well as having an entire crew with me to take on Stendhal and the rest of Sociopaths 'R Us. But it still had the possibility of completely blowing up in my face: Hari's faith in me could be broken enough for her to lock me up on the spot, if the rest of the crew didn't beat her to it, and I would spend the rest of my days in prison while everyone I cared fell before my nemesis.

    The sadistic choice - I could either jump straight into Karz, or take the slow, meandering path there. Put the gun to my head myself, or hand it over to Hari and let her decide my fate.


    "Stendhal's a... fan, I guess you'd say," I finally said, adding a small, ironic grin at my choice of words, "He's been trying to get me to help him for a while now, and he's been using my friend, Private Tadris, as a bit of insurance to get what he wants."

    Keep that gun warm for me, Hari?


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  • IC: (Hari)


    "What do you mean by fan, Rynekk?" Hari asked, her words laden with doubt. The lack of trust from her fellow Guardsman hurt, just as it would hurt all of the crew members, but none nearly as severely as Hari. "If your friend, Private Tadris was in trouble you could have told me. You could have told Naona, or Dekhaz, Krayn, any of us." Hari walked closer and looked Stendhal in the eyes. "You've made a mistake trying to blackmail Private Rynekk. He's not only in the Guard with me, he's my friend." Her turquoise eyes like daggers. Although she was still hurting by Rynekk's withheld information. The very idea of him being blackmailed made her blood boil. She turned back towards Rynekk her expression softening suddenly.


    "The others will need to know about this, Rynekk." Taking a deep breath, she spoke a bit louder than normal, and turned to the nearest ladder upwards. "Krayn! You and the others need to be down here. We have a man trying to blackmail Private Rynekk." Krayn would hear it. She smiled a bit at that, one of the fringe benefits to dating a Toa Sonics, they would come if you called. She looked back at the Toa of Stone and smiled that Hari smile, something she did so often she should probably trademark it. "Don't worry Rynekk, we're going to save Tadris."


    Stendhal probably made the biggest miscalculation in his life in blackmailing Rynekk. Mata Nui knows what Naona would do to a man blackmailing a Guard under her command.

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  • IC: Stendhal


    Secret Option Three. That was new.


    Stendhal's smile became thinner and less primal. He didn't take his eyes off of Rynekk, and spoke softer than before, with his words like daggers in the Toa's ears.


    "I'm proud of you."

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  • IC:

    "You've made a mistake trying to blackmail Private Rynekk. He's not only in the Guard with me, he's my friend."

    "I'm proud of you."

    Stendhal says nice things to me, in order to hurt me.

    Hari says nice things to me, which just happen to sting.

    You want to know why I didn't tell you, Hari, or anyone else? You want to know the reason why I kept you all in the dark, and left my best friend to be hunted like some animal out in the wilderness? It's simple: I'm a coward. I hide from danger, real danger; not the kid stuff I faced as a Toa but true-blue, soul-crushing, heart-wrenching danger of the likes that will consume you whole.

    Ever since I got to this island, Hari, I've been hiding. I hid from uselessness by falling in with Makuta's lackeys. I hid from retribution for my sins by looking for atonement. I hid from danger by joining the Guard. I hid from grief by forgetting Tadris.

    And I'm hiding from responsibility by lying to you and everyone else who even half-way cared about me.

    I'm not your friend, Hari; I'm not anybody's friend, because I'm too afraid to make friends. So why, why do you keep holding out this hope that I'm some how a good man underneath all of this.

    "You're a good person, I know that. Some people you can just tell that they are good, right at the center of them, like you."

    Sorry Hari, but your wrong. I'm not good. Not at all. At the end of the day, I'm still a murderer who's play-acting as a hero. My core is rotten, beyond cure or hope. Not only due to my foray into the shadows, but by my inability to come clean about it.

    I'm tired of being a coward.

    It's officially time to come clean.


    "I believe you," I replied to Hari, allowing myself the very briefest of smiles in return, "But, Hari, before anything else happens, I need you to promise me that; no matter what happens, you guys have to find Tadris, and protect him."


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  • IC:Abruptly, another figure entered the room.


    Krayn had arrived, within mere moments of hearing his name. His face was set in a stern expression, bordering on annoyance. He took one look at Stendhal, and silenced him with a gesture. One of the perks of being a De-Toa; you could silence anyone you wanted.


    "What is going on here?"