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  • IC: Tellus


    Tellus paused, bottle halfway to his mouth. "Ye know, yer right," he said, frowning. "It's strange, when ye really think about it. We all live on tha same ship, but never really talk with each other, even if days o' near-silence go by. We only seem ta comment on action, or drinkin'. Hmmm." He took a moment to down another mouthful of rum. Inwardly, he winced. The stuff they kept on the ship was about as low-quality as it got.... probably to help discourage crew members from drinking it all in a week.


    "So, Gunner, 'ow about we start fixin' that? What's yer story?"

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  • OOC: Sorry for the late reply, just didn't get around to it till now


    IC: Ferron, battling Kuhrin


    Ferron's sight whited out as his ears were assaulted with nigh-unbearably loud noise. He crumpled to one knee, clenching his fists as a reflex against the pain.

    When the pain finally subsided, Ferron found himself cursed with temporary deafness... or blessed, given the situation at hand.


    Ferron grabbed his hammer and moved towards Kuhrin, preparing to attack.

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  • IC: Maioro (Po-Koro)


    The Toa of earth sat on the edge of a rooftop over-watching the Bazaar, gazing at the bustling crowd of Matoran below. None paid any attention to the lone figure, oblivious to his presence as his lofty gaze analysed the scene, eyes flickering from person to person, perceiving every bit of detail there was to offer. Lax in his posture, the being was nothing more than a handsome young man with a faint smile permanently plastered to his face and eyes devoid of any emotion. Despite his air of pleasantness, there was an eerie presence about him as he favoured his right arm, harbouring gruesome wounds beneath bandages concealing the limb and breast entirely.


    Suddenly, his brilliant yellow eyes darted to a crimson figure blending in with the crowd, disappearing from sight like the wraith he was. In an instant, the ever watching sentinel faded from view a second later, turned silent and transparent with the aid of his Volitak while the darkness shadowed his movements. He was a ghost in the night, leaping from rooftop to rooftop unseen without making the slightest of noises. Even the most perceptive of beings wouldn't see the distorting blur of speed yet the break of dawn betrayed him during his pursuit of the Firestorm King.


    Pausing in his run, he dropped down to ground level when the Toa of fire paused in his walk, initiating a conversation with what appeared to be a derelict Vortixx. Reappearing into existence, the young man's footsteps could be heard from behind, signalling his arrival as he approached casually.


    Maioro greeted the two with a smile.

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  • IC:


    What's my story? Now there's a good question. What is my story? Who is the enigmatic Gunner of the Infernavika, scourge of all sanity and cheerfulness? What has driven me to this particular point in time and space? What events have transpired to turn me into such a detestable character?


    Finishing off the first bottle in one hearty gulp, I began.


    "I was born into Mata Nui's jet-set -- my dad was a powerful criminal kingpin, specializing in illegal arms-dealing. I decided early on that such a life wasn't meant for me, and I ran away from home the first chance I had. Settled down in a nice farming village, got married, had a kid; y'know, all that good stuff.


    "At the same time, my brother had just taken over the family business, and was more than happy to use my exodus as an excuse to hire an assassin to kill me. He almost succeeded -- managed to kill the entire village except for me. Because apparently the universe has a sense of humour.


    "I wandered around the island for a while after that, until I was recruited into a Toa team. We were... well, we were nominally heroes; good things happened, we were nearby when they happened. That lasted for a couple of years before one of the team snapped and murdered half of us before having the decency to drop dead himself.


    "Eventually, I started the Rama Hive, using it was a front for my own version of the "family business". The Po-Koro Guard caught on, and for the next six months I was on the run from the law. Then, a few months after that, I found myself on a pirate ship telling the story of my life."


    I cracked open the second bottle of spirits I had, curing my parched tongue before asking, "What about you, Tellus? What was your life like?"



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  • IC: Tellus


    Tellus whistled. That was quite a story, indeed. He hadn't really expected something like that to be Gunner's backstory, but, then again, nobody on the ship really knew each other.


    "I'm afraid me story ain't quite so interestin' as yours. I grew up in Le-Koro, and was 'appy enough. Plenty o' trees and such. After a while, I discovered that I liked workin' on ships and 'ad a taste for a bit o' adventure. I joined up with a merchant crew, who 'ad a cap'n who liked to smuggle things to make a bit more coin. O' course, that meant we dropped by Xa-Koro, may she rest in peace, quite a bit and I got acquainted with the place. Once I set aside a fairly considerable amount o' money, I quit and bought me own ship.


    "She was a small ship, and I sailed alone for a few years. I was able to fend off the Rahi well enough and took up smugglin', just like me ole cap'n. It was a peaceful life, and I managed to keep me illegal activities quiet enough to avoid the Guard. After a while, I realized that it was gettin' dangerous, and decided that, considerin' that I was smugglin' anyway and fightin' skills were pretty sharp, I might as well join up with some pirates. Found out that Cap'n Lohkar was known fer not bein' as bad as some o' the others and 'ere I am."


    He drained the last of his first bottle and started in on the second. "Speakin' o' Xa-Koro, ain't we out 'ere with the Guard to avenge 'er? Shouldn't we be gettin' underway?"

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  • -IC: Araedrex Tenebras-
    I no longer concern myself with pleasure. If it is mash that you choose to necessitate, then I am indubitably obliged to provide,
    As the flat, heartless words, so disturbingly alien in tone, flowed from Araedrex’s tongue, the Ta-Toa turned, waiting for no reply before sauntering away, in a methodical search for mash.
    However, as he turned, Araedrex found himself staring at a being he had no expectations of meeting. Maioro, in all of his lofty, impassive glory, stood in Araedrex’s way, his face twisted into a smile, a most unnatural alteration of the Onu-Toa‘s countenance.
    The word was presented in a manner even more dispassionate than normal. The jaded gaze of Araedrex briefly hovered over the Onu-Toa, and then began to drift away, interest apparently lost.
    I hope that this smirk you choose to present us with is truthfully amiable in nature. You remain a mystery to me, your alignment, in this time of unspoken war and unwaged battle, enigmatic at best.

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  • IC(Roase):


    Roase's mind followed his stomach as he shuffled after Araedrex. He was muttering to himself the wonders of mash, whether anyone heard him, or even cared, wasn't a concern of his. He gently bumped into the large Toa when he stopped, but Roase either didn't notice it, or just didn't care, his mouth still speaking the wonders of mash.

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  • IC:

    Well, well -- never knew that about ol' Tellus before. 'Course, I don't really know anything about anyone here, so I guess that I shouldn't be surprised... about being surprised.

    "You've got a good point there, Tellus -- we oughta be heading on our way," I conceded, taking another drink, "If we're to have any chance of finding the ##### who brought down the Islets, we'll be needin' information. Ga-Koro's quite the port-village; we might be able to find some sailors who know a thing or two about the sinking. But, of course, Le-Koro is right across from the former Xa-Koro -- could also be a good place to start our search."

    "Any suggestions, Tellus?"


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  • IC: Maioro


    "Tenebras," the Onu-Toa replied, his tone charismatic yet flat. "I have no love for you but neither do I have any for this island."


    Araedrex's words gave Maioro some form of amusement yet the Ta-Toa's air when he spoke had its own way of killing it. For all that he was, the crimson wraith remained a ghastly presence as ever, never failing to spark some sense of danger and primal fear in the young man's heart.


    "For now, you can consider me your friend."


    With that said, only now did he really have the chance to peek at the mess of a Vortixx behind, scrutinizing every bit of the man and closely listening to the nonsense he had to say about mash.


    Maioro's smile twitched in disgust for a fraction of a second before looking back at Araedrex questioningly.

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  • IC: Tellus


    Tellus rubbed his mask thoughtfully. "I figure it comes down to yer priorities. Ye see, Le-Koro is a prime choice for pirate crews and groups o' criminals- not too far off from their ol' stompin' grounds, remote, plenty o' little coves ta stow yerself away in an' set up a base o' operations.


    "Ga-Koro, on tha other 'and, is where yer 'eaded if yer lookin' fer work. The type that set sail fer Ga-Koro after the Islets went under were the riffraff, the 'armless drunkards and sailors who are down on their luck and who are now lookin' fer coin, drink, and a new port ta 'ang around between jobs. I suppose that Po-Koro would work fer that too, but Ga-Koro's got warm, sandy beaches, fair weather, and," Tellus added with a roguish grin, "plenty o' ladies.


    "So," he concluded, "if yer lookin' fer desperate coves who might 'ave a bit more information but might put up a fight in 'opes o' capturing us, I'd try Le-Koro. If yer lookin' fer yer average citizen o' Xa-Koro who'll tell ye their whole life story for a bit o' coin but might know less, I'd lay in a course fer Ga-Koro."

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    IC: [strackkorotus]



    "glad to hear it!" he said cheerfully. "The Ko-matoran was last seen in the crevices of some sort of crazy rock formations south of Po-Koro. it's a pretty dangerous place, from what I've heard, but what could go wrong?"

    IC: Terilis


    Crazy rock formations indeed. Jagged spires of stone rose into the sky, piercing the stark blue sky with an earthen brown and tan. Small traces of gold flecked the surface of a few unique pieces. Each individual spire looked as if they could collapse at any moment, their misshapen builds jutting out from precariously stacked boulders. Beneath and between them, a rocky crevice tore through the Earth, like a gaping mouth waiting for it's next victim to fall inside and never come out. And despite all this, several Po-matoran came and went, climbing the dangerous formations. Terilis shook his head in astonishment. How could these beings so bravely risk their lives only to carve a statue?

    "Ick," He said as coolant fluids were released on his organic parts.

    IC: [strack] [Rock Formations]

    Strack, unlike the Toa beside him, was actually enjoying himself. while Terilis had no idea if rocks could come crashing down, a Po-Toa could tell without a doubt what wasn't structurally sound. and the heat didn't bother him either. it was, quite frankly, his way of life. he pointed to a shallow hole in the wall, a few feet away. "here was roughly where the matoran was last seen. it appears that he was digging". walking up to it, he put his hand in the entrance and felt its floor. "can't see why. there's nothing valuable within about 50 feet of this".


    OOC: so sorry about the long wait. I hadn't noticed that you had posted.

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  • IC Yasurek-Infernavika:


    Honor, Dependability, Having your friends' backs. Sounds a lot like being in the guard, Yasurek thought to himself. I mean, Lohkar's a lot more easy going than my old boss, but things still seem similar.




    The door to the Ko-koro guard HQ burst open and Yasurek stepped in. Today was the day, he knew it. He had had enough of this job, this station, enough of this place. It was time to move on and he was going to let his boss know. But first, he made sure to knock on the boss's door and get permission to enter. After all, there's still politeness to keep in mind, even when preparing to make a proclamation.


    The Boss, to his credit, didn't even look surprised at Yasurek's unexpected visit to his office. He had a simple office made of snow and ice, with a desk and a filing cabinet. Through the window one could see the almost perpetual snow falling on the village. His desk had a nameplate on it, but Yasurek had never bothered to read it. In fact, he had immediately forgotten the Boss's name in favor of calling him "Commander Sir". After all, everyone lower in the guard was essentially a generic grunt, so why shouldn't the Boss be called any different?


    "Commander Sir, I'd like to talk to you," Yasurek announced as he entered. There was a chair on his side of the desk, but he had no intention of staying for long.


    "I would expect that given your coming to visit me on your day off," the Boss replied. "Regardless, go on."


    Here it was, the moment of truth. "Commander Sir, I have decided to leave the guard," he said. There it was, the moment. And then it was gone and the weight was lifted off his shoulders, and the obly thing that could ruin it would be if-


    "May I ask why you've decided to leave?" the Boss asked.


    Karz it. "I have come to the conclusion that being here in my current position and duties limits my ability to actually keep the peace and uphold justice within the koro. Namely, I am all too aware that as time passes, more and more toa, skadi, vortixx, and who knows what else arrives on this island. A fair portion are just people who follow the rules, but a distinct number are egotistical, power hungry, thieving, murderous, insane, or just plain evil. Even many matoran have become criminal in nature. As it stands, our practice of standing around important areas looking important is not going to ever get around to solving the source of the problem."


    "And do you, Yasurek, know the source of this problem? Do you honestly think that one thing brought about all this wrong-doing?" the Boss countered. "Maybe if the First Toa had succeeded-"


    "Do NOT mention them," Yasurek stated. "They had a moral obligation to save us and they didn't. If they had succeeded, yes, we might be in a better position. As it stands though, we have to learn from the First Toa that we, the matoran, have to rely on ourselves to fix things. I have spent years of my life standing outside the sanctum, or the HQ, or the walls of the village doing nothing. Every few days I hear stories about a serial killer, or a robbery, or a hostage situation, and I know that if I had been in the village itself, actively keeping the peace, many of those crimes wouldn't have happened. We can't just sit around and do nothing-"


    "We aren't doing nothing; We're guarding things. You have to be in one spot to guard a stationary object Yasurek, I hope you realize that."


    "What I realize, Commander Sir, is that we are too busy guarding buildings and places to guard our own people. We may be a guard, and guarding pthings and places may be important, but we are also the police of this village. It's our job to uphold the law, not just make sure bad looking people don't walk through doorways. That's why I have to leave. I can't do my true job if I'm stuck here."


    The Boss took a moment to consider the words before speaking. "... Very well. If you really think you can do much better than us on your own as a vigilante or something, then go. You've always been determined to do your duty and complete your assignments to the best of your ability, so maybe that determination and reliability will help you out there. Try not to lose your way though. Maby individuals who go on their own journeys wind up losing sight of who they are and what their goal is. Hopefully you won't be like them. Take your spears with you. I've never seen anyone in the guard with such a deep connection to their weapons, and they'll always remind you of who you are, and what you stand for. Besides, we have an entire warehouse nearby full of identical spears, so having you turn yours in wouldn't be too important. I will need your insignia though."


    Yasurek handed over a small rounded object with symbols carved into it. "To be honest Commander Sir, I'm surprised you were this supportive of my plan."


    "That's the thing Yasurek; You're not the only person on the island who wants to do the right thing."




    Yasurek replayed that moment a few times in his mind before drawing his guard spears.


    "I didn't always have two spears when I was in the guard," he explained to Lohkar. "I obtained the second one when a criminal tried to break into the sanctum. He took down the guard next to me leaving me as the only one between him and the building. I took up my spear and my partner's and fought the criminal to a standstill before backup arrived and took him down.


    "In the hospital, I met with my partner and he insisted I take his spear and use it along with my other one. He had always wanted to try using swords anyways, and it seemed I had a knack with using two spears at once. Two weapons let's you split your attacks, cover more ground, help more people." He rested the tip of the handle on the floor and leaned on the spear. "That was the theory anyway. I wouldn't go so far as to say my ability to uphold justice was improved substantially by having another pointy stick, but it just felt right." He paused.


    "The thing is, I left the guard because I wanted to more actively uphold justice and help people. I wanted to go out there, find criminals and put a stop to them. I wanted to do what some thought was impossible, to stop crime from happening. To bring peace to the island. Regardless of whether Makuta sent rahi against us, there was always going to be the problem of sentient threats to the peace, people who went around causing chaos for fun or profit." He glanced at Lohkar before continuing. "Over time, I... lost track of that goal. I became aimless, I grew aware of my limitations. After all, I'm a matoran on an island that is rapidly becoming over-populated with superpowerful individuals, there's a limit to what I can actually do to stop the criminal ones. It got to the point where I needed a purpose, any purpose at all, some poeple I could work with, anything.


    "Then, I saw the flyer you put up advertising your crew. The lawful part of me complained about the idea of becoming a pirate, a criminal, the very thing I had gone on a quest to stop. But the rest of me needed anything to feel like a part of something. To be a part of something greater then myself. I went and joined and met you and the others, and I started to notice something: Not all pirates are bloodthirsty criminals causing chaos. In fact, you guys in general seemed to be relatively alright people, even with the moral issues. You guys all had a semblence of a moral code, even if it wasn't the stirctest, and I appreciated that. I had a job, and things to do, and I did everything I could to accomplish my tasks, even when my own limitations prevented me from completely succeeding. I started to feel like I had a place to belong. The flip side was that any time I couldn't succeed I felt disappointment, not just from myself but also from not succeeding at helping the crew as a whole. Nobody wants to be the weak link on the team, and as a matoran I had to work extra hard to not be the weak one. But I gradually found myself feeling powerless in the situations we encountered. Then, the mutiny happened.


    "I never really wanted the mutiny to happen, Captain Lohkar Sir, I want you to know that, but when it happened, I found myself going along with it because I didn't want to leave the ship. I had become too invested in it to leave it for the sake of one person, even one that I respect as much as you. So I sailed with the ship to Ta-koro, where there was a need to acquire more crew. I came ashore with Grochi and Gunner and Raknar, but after obtaining the required crew, they sailed away while I wasn't looking. Not intentionally, I'm sure, but just because they forgot me. They didn't notice me enough to remember I was there. So I was stuck, separated from the ship and crew that had brought purpose and drive back into my life.


    After that, I traveled on my own for a while. I was back to not having a goal, the idea of justice having left my mind long ago. Several weeks later I heard news of the Infernavika's attack on Po-koro, and the subsequent battle. I headed out to Po-wahi, hoping to find the ship. With a bit of luck, I did end up stumbling across it, and after a bit of convincing and the fact that Gunner remembered that I was actually part of the crew, I was let back on. It wasn't the same ship though. The purpose had been stripped form it, and nothing happened. Raknar didn't seem to care about anything going on and insanity was left unchecked. The main good thing that had been added was Lasinia, who despite being, Lasinia, is an excellent companion. There was also Perkahn, who, despite not really knowing the definition of 'legend in their own right' was a force of good on the ship. Despite the ship having become a sinkhole of inactivity, there were a lot more moral individuals present. With your return, we might have lost a bit of that morality (no offense) but we had a purpose. It was then that all of the feelings of disappointment came rushing up and overwhelmed me. I felt inadequate about myself, felt powerless to succeed, and unable to please the crew. I felt like a failure. But now, I've realized something."


    Yasurek stood up straight and sheathed his spears. "This ship, despite being a pirate ship, is still similar to being a guard. There's still a boss and employees, but unlike the guard, everybody is different. I look around this ship and I see individuals, not faceless grunts without personality. I look at everyone and I can see the different strengths they bring to the group as a whole. And I can now see that there are overlaps in the moral code of a guard member and a pirate. And using those overlaps, I can both help my crew to achieve their goals and uphold justice like I planned to. I can be both a member of the crew and a honorable and just man. And it's entirely possible that my goodness has spread to the other crew members, who knows? I also know that I have a role on this ship: I'm a good man who helps keep things on track and moving in a positive direction. I look out for the crew and work as hard as I can to see us through our goals. I'm dependable, I'm honorable, and I'm useful. I'm just a matoran, but that just means that I work harder than others. I only have spears, but they're all I need.


    "I'm Yasurek, midshipman of the Infernavika, and I'm a valuable part of this crew."


    For a few seconds, nothing happened. Yasurek was kind of hoping for some triumphant music to fill the silence, but there was none to be had. So instead, he decided to do his job.


    "Now then, Captain Lohkar Sir. I believe we have an island village to avenge. I suggest we get under way."

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  • OOC: Voxumo from Ko-wahi


    IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo entered in from the front entrance of Po-koro. He had a scowl on his face and he was obviously missing his left arm.

    He shot a glance at the various po-matoran who scuttled about and shot them looks that nearly froze them in their steps.

    He simply stood in the center of the village as he surveyed the village

    Wonder if anyone is skilled in Forging


    OOC: Voxumo is open for interaction

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  • OOC: We need to get this going.




    They weren't moving.


    The single, simple, infuriating fact was chipping at an iron-cold resolve like the quarry masters do at the village the major represented.


    No, they weren't moving forward at all. They were standing still, watching the world run itself to the ground. And they stood by and watched. It was killing him. Slowly, bit by bit, as if he was watching his protodermic body rust away into oblivion.


    Not only were they suck here waiting, the former bounty hunter didn't have the slightest clue what for, but they were waiting with pirates. Mercenaries, swords-for-hire, thieves, con-artists, and bounty hunters, he'd worked with them all before. He knew how they thought, he knew what they wanted, he knew how they operated. Though not as well as he knew pirates.

    Some things, as he was starting to realize ever so clearly, never disappear from memory. Some things persistently stick with.




    He couldn't change it, at least not at the current time.


    But he could change another thing.


    Sir!” The impatience and general discomfort didn't show through in his voice, though Krayn was a Toa of Sonics. Quite particularly, though, Dehkaz didn't care at the moment. They had been sitting around for far too long. “Are we prepared to continue on with our mission?”


    They had better start moving, or else he was going to quit the guard and take his ship to get this over with then and there.

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  • -IC: Araedrex Tenebras-

    Maioro's questioning stare was meet with a blank gaze, Araedrex's eyes glowing orbs of boredom.

    "Maioro," Araedrex began, his unsettling jaded gaze focusing on the Onu-Toa, as he spoke in his bizarre voice, both droning and alien, uninteresting and eerie. "Do you possess knowledge concerning the location of a server of "Mash"? I have committied myself to discovering such a person."

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  • IC MayhakaHe sat down in a small room."So are ya gonna ask something?"

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  • IC: Maioro


    Now Maioro slightly frowned in puzzlement, unsure whether Araedrex was merely playing games with him or whether he had the serious intent of feeding some old, decrepit Vortixx he picked off the side of the road. Intriguing as it was, he did not stand idle to ponder the thought very long. If the man wanted mash, then it was mash he was going to get.


    "Follow me."


    Despite the morning having just settled in, the village of stone remained a perpetual buzz of activity, its streets continually crowded with the masses. The trio wove its way efficiently through the settlement with Maioro in the lead, familiar with Po-Koro like the back of his hand. Eventually, they happened upon a cozy corner of town where a small hole in the wall served some mash.


    "This is the place..." he said, leading the group inside.

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  • IC(Roase):


    "I do love mash. There is a type of mash, made of boiled water, Muaka droppings and ground Dermis Turtle shell that's said to be most delicious." Roase mused, as he shuffled inside. He turned to Maioro and poked him in the chest with his cane. "Do they have that here? I only like the best mash. Oh yes."








    "Only the best."

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  • IC: Maioro


    Maioro's annoyance didn't show however his smile was gone now, his lips pulled into a flat line and for a moment, he seemed as impassive as Araedrex himself. He gently pushed the cane away from his bandaged chest, shooting the Ta-Toa a sideways glance clearly expressing his disapproval.


    Slowly pulling away, he made his way to the counter, only to come back with a steaming bowl of mash which he handed to Roase. Fortunately for him, it lacked droppings and shells; the old man's mouth was already putrid to begin with and adding to its decaying odour wasn't the priority here.



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  • IC(Roase):


    "Thank you, mister Toa." Roase muttered as he took the bowl of mash. He set it on nearby ledge, then begun fishing around in his cloak for a few second then pulled out what appeared to be a spoon made of bone. Roase scooped up a bit of mash and lifted it to his mouth. Before he put it in, he dropped it on the ground, but a most disturbing moan escaped from Roase's lips. "That's some good mash." he said, nodding in approval, as he repeated the process a second time, and a third, and a fourth. It seemed as the only one actually eating the mash was the ground.

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  • IC: Maioro




    Maioro sat and watched, staring blank-faced as Roase wasted his generous meal. Did Araedrex believe the Vortixx to be of any use to him? A withered old man suffering from insanity? The only value the Toa of earth could gleam from him was loyalty and even then, that seemed pretty shaky at the moment.


    All he could do was wait for now.

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  • IC:

    "Given the possibility of information," I responded, finishing off my second bottle, "I think Le-Wahi provides our best chance of finding whoever engineered the destruction of Xa-Koro. There's always a likelihood that some of those glitches may have stuck around, and if we move fast enough, we may well catch 'em!"

    I climbed (well, staggered, really) to my feet, the alcohol buzzing through my veins acting as a nice toadie to the breeze that nearly sent me right back to the ground. Fortunately, I stayed upright (can you imagine the humiliation that could have arisen had I not), taking a moment to both steady myself, and to adjust my coat before turning back to Tellus with a knowing grin.

    "'Sides -- we're pirates. I think we can handle whatever criminals have holed themselves up in those jungles," I added, kicking one of our empty bottles out into the sea, as if to prove my point.

    ~Meanwhile, in another ship across from the Infernavika~


    Hey guys.

    Rynekk again.

    So, Dehkaz is getting kinda antsy waiting around here. Can't say I'm any different, myself.

    Anyway, guess that means we should get moving.

    "Sir," I said quietly to the Lieutenant, "Captain Dehkaz does have a point. First Mate has already set the ship for Ga-Wahi -- it might be best if we prepare some sort of plan for our mission before we reach the ports."


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  • IC: Terilis


    He approached the opening cautiously. Strack was obviously at home in his element, a trait he could only envy. The sun, the dirt, the rickety looking towers of stone, it didn't bother him in the slightest. Karzhani, was he even sweating? He sighed, and arrived at the cave entrance.

    "It could just be a temporary dwelling. A place to settle in until the trading slows down, and then he moves on," After a glance from Strack, he continued, "Except he doesn't trade, does he?" He inwardly sighed. Why does he even open his mouth?

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  • IC: Tellus


    Tellus shrugged. He'd been looking forward to the warm, sandy beaches, fair weather, and other benefits Ga-Koro had to offer. Oh, well.


    "Whatever ye say, Gunner." Tellus climbed to his feet, miraculously defying the breeze, gravity, and the motion of the waves. He lifted the half-full bottle to his lips, paused, and then shook his head. With a wistful sigh, he set it down. "We'd best stop an' tidy ourselves up 'afore the Cap'n finds us. 'E might not be entirely pleased that we've been drinkin' on the job."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo walked into the largest bar in Po-koro and sat down at the counter. He moved with heavy steps and just looked the bartender in the face.

    "Your finest wine."

    He places some widgest on the counter and accepted the wine as he used his one hand to drink.

    Might as well drown out my feelings

    OOC: Voxumo open for interaction

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  • IC:


    The world is flat.


    No it is not.


    Exactly. It is a torus.


    How can one tell?


    How can one not tell?


    By sailing across the seas in the search for truth.


    At the cost of one's life?




    It is a futile attempt.


    True. Sometimes life is too precious to be used as a sacrifice.


    Who can judge the value of souls?


    Nobody can.


    What about the gods?


    Can the gods judge the value of their own souls?


    An impossible question. Do the gods truly exist?




    Can it be proved?


    No. But it cannot be disproved either.


    Lack of evidence is frustrating.


    Yes it is.


    Can the hero judge the value of souls?




    It is such a hard task, to be given the burden of being a hero.


    Even death cannot free the hero from such a burden.


    So many expectations - expectations that mortals cannot truly shoulder.


    Who exactly is the hero?


    Nobody knows - it could be the young miner with dreams of adventure; it could be the little cleaner, ignorant of what awaits her beyond; it could be the tired guardsman, wishing for pain and suffering to end.


    It could even be you.


    It cannot.




    There is no more room for another burden.


    Not even a little more?


    Not even a little.


    Then who will the burden fall to?


    I do not know. But I will pray for their success.


    Or their failure?


    It does not matter. It is not my role.


    Nor is it mine.


    Then we are done here.




    Soulgain slept on.


    Hanging from a swaying chandelier, the being did not stir from its slumber; it was busy - busy dreaming of what-ifs and what-coulds. Dreams of what its role truly was; dreams of peace or order or chaos or war.


    Nobody knew.


    Not even it knew.


    But it would move.


    It would awaken, and find out its true purpose once more.


    After all, it had promised.

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  • IC: Voxumo

    Voxumo glugged down his drink as he slumped in his chair at the bar. He looked down at himself and sighed

    "How did it come to this. I was a proud toa of ice. Last 2 weeks have seen my sword destroyed and my arm cut off."

    He suddenly threw the ceramic mug he was drinking from. It hit the wall across the room with a loud thud and a bang.

    He looked up at the ceiling and yelled loudly

    "What have i become!!!"

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  • IC: [Prei]


    "A man who should stop disturbing the peace," said Prei, the young guard plopping down next to Voxumo.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo jumped a bit as he looked at the being who was next to him suddenly and nearly jumped.

    "Mata-nui when did you get here?!"

    He looks at the toa a bit surprised but eventually calmed down

    "Oh. Sorry about that just a bit frustrated by how my life is going. I will pay for the broken mug."


    OOC: We meet again Zhx *grins*

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo sighed as he placed the widgets on the counter and then turned his attention back to the toa

    "So may i ask where you popped up from? I never heard you enter the tavern."

    He held out his right arm with his palm open and created a flower out of ice

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo squinted a bit the toa and seemed to raise a brow at him

    "Where were you hiding for i did not see you here."

    He closed his open palm and crushed the ice flower in it.

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  • IC: Voxumo

    Voxumo placed his hand on his knee and smiled as he tapped his fingers on the knee

    "Well i can truly see that but it still does not explain where you came from. I mean almost like you popped up out of no where."

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  • IC: [Prei]


    Prei shrugged, returning to his box of doughnuts.

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  • IC:Voxumo


    Voxumo sighed a bit as he looked at the toa

    "May i ask what your name is? Mine is Vox."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo nodded ever so slightly

    "What do you do around here prie?"

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  • IC:


    Krayn listened to both speakers in silence, observing with what could best be called a professional detachment. He stared at Stendhal, even after Hari had finished her explanation, and Rynekk's suggestion.


    Finally, after several moments, he spoke. "It will be a few hours before we arrive in Ga-Koro, and even more time before we do anything other than watch and wait. This search is just that; a search to try and find the others before they make their move. We will have more time than we know what to do with.""Private Tadris was one of the Aggressors. One of the ones we didn't save. I'll be da**ed if I fail to save one of them again. Where was he last seen?"