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  • Posted 2021-02-26 06:11:14 UTC
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  • @Snelly, I believe just a PC profile submission is sufficient. The Breed would be Toa Kaita.



  • Posted 2021-02-27 09:15:24 UTC
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  • Minor question for the GM's. How big is the Fort Nektann Warskak in number? Is it a few dozen? Several dozen? A hundred? More than that? I want to know what I'm working with here.

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    • Posted 2021-02-28 00:19:15 UTC
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    • Approximately 40 - X NPC Skakdi, where X is equal to the number of MCs + PCs in the faction. 

      The number of 40 comes from Boss's raiding party in SKR. 

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    • Posted 2021-02-28 03:13:11 UTC
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    • Whoo, I'm tired now. Just wrote by far the longest post I've ever written in an RPG! Hope you guys enjoy, I had a ton of fun writing it.

    • Posted 2021-03-02 03:19:29 UTC
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      Hey all, as part of Expansion 8 there has been a revision to how Matoran Principles work for Far Shore Adventures. While the design intention of the original version provided a little more freedom of choice, it was overly complicated and this new version is a more streamlined and (hopefully) understandable system. You can see it in the rules topic, and the main portion of the rules text that was changed has also been posted below:




      Optional Matoran Principles

      You may pick up to three of the optional prompts associated with Matoran Principles from the respective timeline (A or B) below for your Far Shore Adventure. You gain one additional piece of random loot from the Far Shore Loot Table for each successfully incorporated optional prompt. Once one of the prompts for a timeline has been used, it will be crossed off the list and is no longer available.

      Once all of the principles are used in a given timeline, the next adventure will be run by a GM and will guarantee the Far Shore Makoki Stone as a reward.



      I hope this change helps those who are wanting to try Far Shore Adventures, or who were a little confused about how to end them. :)

    • Posted 2021-03-08 00:05:48 UTC
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    • Heya!

      Just wanted to apologize for the inactivity these past two weeks. I'm having a busy time at work right now. Didn't plan it this way, but a bunch of things just started lining up where they needed taking care of at the same time. It's gonna be like that for at least another week and a half I'm afraid. I'll check in and post when I can. If you're urgently waiting for a reply, feel free to shoot me a PM with a reminder please ;^^

    • Posted 2021-03-09 01:10:44 UTC
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    • Alright now that I'm back from vacation let's see what's up in the PM inbox and...

      Oh hold up I forgot to say I was on vacation


      I was on vacation.


      I'm back, let's play. :D

    • Posted 2021-03-16 03:44:29 UTC
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    • Hello! 

      It's time for the SKA Mid-Game Survey! You can take the survey here. You can also click on this nifty link here:


      Thanks for taking this survey! Your response means so much, and really helps GMs get a better picture of how to run Six Kingdoms RPGs. For those who are looking forward to the breakdown of SKR surveys, thanks for your continued patience. They're coming soon! Attached is a little teaser graph pulled from the data of all SKR surveys...



      EDIT: We've received 10 survey responses so far! Thank you so much! This is about 50% of the currently active play community. If you know someone who hasn't filled out the survey yet, please share and help us get an even better picture of how things are going!

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    • Posted 2021-03-17 01:54:12 UTC
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    • "Whatever it was, it felt like it had always been there, out in the aether. Existing between the trio of Toa as they went about their days and journeys, waiting on them to wake it up. 

      Like a locked door, being passed by and ignored until one day someone finds the key under the rug."


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    • Posted 2021-03-19 17:42:31 UTC
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    • Hello Everyone,

      Thanks to everyone who's put time into filling out the survey for SKA Mid-Game. We have 12 responses. However, with 19-20 players still active in SKA this means we have barely over 50% of the player base reporting their experience. If you have not filled out the SKA MID-GAME survey, please do so this weekend. Your voice is important to us and we greatly appreciate and consider all the feedback we receive.

      Thank you,


    • Posted 2021-03-26 22:52:32 UTC
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    • Apocalypse pets up for adoption!


      Are you wanting to play a riteborn, but don’t want to sacrifice one of your characters? Well, today’s your lucky day.

      Three unfortunate MCs have just taken a dip in Irnakk’s Tooth, and are looking for some new owners to guide them in their lives as Zivons. The GMs have given me permission to adopt out Weaver, Scarrow, and Hakkzan to anyone who’s interested and has a PC slot to spare.

      Their profiles are listed below for background and inspiration, but since riteborn lose most of their memories of their past lives, and past powers don’t matter for Zivons, they’re pretty much blank slates for whoever takes them on. Physical flaws also don’t carry over, so your monsters don’t need to be blind, crippled, or photosensitive. However, since Riteborn are meant to inherit the psychological flaws they had in life, I’d encourage whoever takes on any of these three to come up with a flaw or two to keep things fair if the character they pick doesn’t already have one.

      Hakkzan – bound to Ysocla


      Breed: Ta-Skakdi

      Faction: Mesi/Marrow

      Brief Description: Pale reddish skin, wears leather armour studded with spikes of bone for a more intimidating effect.

      Role: Guard

      Flaw: He suffers from mild claustrophobia, becoming terrified when trapped in a confined space alone – an unfortunate malady for a being forced to live underground.

      Powers: Access to the elemental power of fire when working with another Skakdi. He is blind, but not eyeless, and relies on his infrared vision power to perceive his surroundings.

      Equipment: A pair of simple shortswords.

      Scarrow – bound to Zataka


      Breed: De-Skakdi

      Faction: Mesi/Marrow

      Brief Description: Pale grey, and lightly armoured, he wears a cloak of sand-hued cloth for camouflage and sun protection when moving about above ground.

      Role: Guard

      Flaw: Due having been born and raised underground, his eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and his skin sunburns quite easily.

      Powers: Element of sonics when used in conjunction with another Skakdi, telescopic vision.

      Equipment: Shortbow, and a quiver of mismatched arrows.

      Weaver – bound to Zataka   


      Breed: Ce-Skakdi

      Faction: Marrow/Mesi

      Brief Description: a short, slim Skakdi clad in scuffed armour of muted blues and golds.

      Role: Guard

      Flaw: A mutation has left one of her legs stunted and twisted, causing her to constantly limp and hobble. 

      Powers: Elemental power of psionics in combination with another Skakdi, X-Ray vision.

      Equipment: A large, well-maintained shield, along with a simple spear.  

      Anyone who’s interested, feel free to make your pick and get down to causing some kaiju chaos.

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    • Posted 2021-03-30 07:10:52 UTC
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    • Stannis' Far Shore Adventure Breakdown

      Timeline: A
      Element: Water
      Conflict: Character Vs. Self
      Twist: Prophetic Fallacy
      Optional prompts: Destiny and Faith

      Stannis' Far Shore adventure took place over five posts and three distinct Stanzas, each with different thematics and separate but contiguous locations. 

      [Stanza 1] The first chapter featured Stannis adrift in an unknown ocean, all by himself in a small sloop called the Atramentous. The only things available are navigating equipment and a chart with an unnamed island, and there does not seem to be much sign of previous sue of the craft but it clearly has been at sea for a while. The sextant works, but he doubts its reliability and takes it under faith that he knows more than the faulty device and there is no greater power than his knowledge. His boat crashes onto the shore of the island after he follows his faith in himself.

      [Stanza 2.1] [Stanza 2.2] In the second stanza, he explores the island and finds evidence of a war. He traverses a shattered city filled with paradoxes of architecture and Penrose stairways, wherein he meets a seer who goes by Atramentous who tells him that the denizens of the world used to live in the city but then hid away in the catacombs below ground. He is told that Caedast will win and is destined to accomplish the Grand Wish, which Stannis assumes is about him, but before he can learn more the seer seems to die before him and he backtracks after being warned that the world is converging on Stannis to kick him out. He fights the horde of mindless fighters in the streets of Terros-Nui and finally finds refuge in a massive citadel. The enemies are narratively portrayed as a whole mass, there is no single entity, they act like a swarm of bees instead of individuals. 

      [Stanza 3.1] [Stanza 3.2] In the final chapter, Stannis descends into the depths of the city's underworld and feels a great power lurking in the deep. The world is damp and sodden, and upon some investigation he realizes the aforementioned catacombs are not tombs for flesh and bone but a graveyard of civilization, as a massive library is stashed away but rotting to pieces with utter disuse. He is confronted by a being who seems to be intimately familiar with Stannis, and eventually reveals itself to be the Caedast of that timeline, apotheosized to Great Spirit ascendancy, and that !Caedast has been behind everything Stannis has confronted in the Far Shore. In fact, there was never a single other being that he had interacted with that wasn't controlled by !Caedast—she was Atramentous, the Kestora in the street fight, and the eyes in the darkness. He briefly fights the Great Spirit counterpart but soon sees the hopelessness of it all. Once he realizes the library’s knowledge is the course of Caedast’s power and he tries to destroy it with his powers. He is ultimately overwhelmed, however, battered and drained of power, and as he lays dying on the wet floors of the crumbling library he realizes the seer’s prediction was right… but it wasn’t about him, and he does not know what’s best after all. 


      The primary narrative theme to the adventure was Stannis constantly fighting again himself, and a tussle between holding faith in something versus confidence in himself. Additionally, it was central that he had to confront more than a simple adversary; there is a philosophical battle as he fights between what he has actively been pursuing in life versus what !Caedast has accomplished in Terros-Nui, which is ultimately a logical conclusion to his current paths. As a result, he has to find a way in his own timeline to either avert a deadening of the universe's wills to live or accept that he will ultimately wreck everything he's been fighting for. Autonomy though knowledge is an essential concept for his character, but there is a hubris as having full control takes away individuality and autonomy from others. 

      And that's all, folks! Hit me up if you have any more questions. GMs, give me some loot. :) 

      @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @Eyru 

    • Posted 2021-03-30 17:33:08 UTC
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    • Congratulations @EmperorWhenua. It looks like you successfully incorporated five prompts into your Far Shore Adventure. It was a delight to read, and I look forward to what it means for your character's story moving forward.


      Stannis’ Loot (2, 4, 10, 13, 20):

      • Stannis, the toa host Caedast inhabits, returns afflicted with Void Sickness (Expansion 3).
      • Stannis returns from the Far Shore with a new javelin made entirely of protosteel.
      • Stannis’ original Javelin has been infused with the element of lightning. It can now be used as a toa tool to conjure the element of lightning as the power of the user.
      • A Midak Skyblaster
      • A glowing rock that is shaped as if part of a puzzle. a side of it looks as if it would form a sphere when assembled.

    • Posted 2021-03-30 20:33:07 UTC
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    • Gungnir and Long Mjolnir—neat! And some weird shiny rock thing—cool. 

      About the Void Sickness, though: Is it even possible for VS to afflict a body that is, in all practical senses, dead? Stannis’ body is used as a sock puppet and his psyche was devoured and destroyed by Caedast’s will, so while I can think of some narrative shoehorns they don’t exactly match how VS works. Any GM guidance for this would be appreciated. 

      @Unreliable Narrator

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    • Posted 2021-04-05 00:14:43 UTC
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    • @EmperorWhenua yes a corpse can become afflicted with Void Sickness* and I'd be happy to provide some suggestions/clarifications. For convenient reference I have the Void Sickness rules quoted below:



      Characters who become afflicted with Void Sickness must have the following added to their profile:

      • Void Sickness (Physical Flaw):
        • You may use, discover, and research taboo rites. 
        • Your sense of morality begins to shift. Choose and add one new Psychological Flaw to your profile that goes against your current sense of morality. For example, if you “believe everyone has good in them,” your new Psychological Flaw might be “I am distrustful of everyone’s intentions until proven wrong.”
        • Each time you enter the Far Shore, notify the GMs by tagging them in your post. GMs will roll a percentage die. On a result of 10 or lower, you are trapped in the Far Shore. If rescued, you return from the Far Shore as an Aspect of Makuta beginning your Grand Wish.


      In this case, the ability to use, discover, and research taboo rites now applies both to Caedast and to the corpse of the toa possessed by the aspect. Should Caedast for any reason be removed from the corpse, and another being possess it, the corpse of Stannis would carry on slinging taboo rites without issue. For the second point, I'd encourage you to think about what the Stannis' morality was before death and apply that as a psychological effect to whatever/whoever is possessing him. Finally, the third bit only matters should Caedast go back into the Far Shore possessing Stannis' body. It'd be quite interesting if Stannis himself became an aspect in his own right. ;) 

      In short: all effects apply to the body, not the aspect, that is Stannis. If an effect is cumulative, you can disregard it until it is no longer cumulative. 


      * (i.e. someone dies in the Far Shore, gets void sickness as a loot drop, gets the wounds remain loot drop, and then someone is kind enough to resurrect them somehow in the game world)

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    • Posted 2021-04-17 18:51:44 UTC
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    • New Map:



      You can always view old maps at the bottom of the IC topic initial game post.

    • Posted 2021-04-17 20:02:41 UTC
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    • I’m starting to realize what’s happening. 

      Xa-kas is turning into the Kentoku Archipelago. 

    • Posted 2021-05-10 21:46:49 UTC
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    • It's been mentioned a few times that Aspects reincarnate. How different are these incarnations from each other? Are they exactly the same, or do they have different names, appearances, demeanours, Kraata Powers, Grand Wishes, etc.?

    • Posted 2021-05-11 00:16:31 UTC
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    • *checks GM notes*




      Escapement may hold a solid clue to the answer to your question.

    • Posted 2021-05-11 08:23:06 UTC
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    • In Kini-Nui, how far is the Amaja Circle from the Far Shore portal?

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