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  • Posted 2021-01-14 23:46:34 UTC
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  • IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins

    "Yeah... Vhisola's hut. As good a place as any I suppose. Would be nice to give it a lookover with fresh eyes." Okuo clicked a button on the side of his mask, the HUD springing to life before his eyes, and with a few swipes and gestures, his software began recording and analysing what he saw while the two of them made their way to the abandoned hut of the former blogger.  

    @Vezok's Friend@Tarn


    IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth

    Following Kat and Jutori's descent through the hole, a small platform of earth formed in the middle, filling almost completely into the hole except for a slight gap all the way around. Arkius stepped on, and subsequently the platform lowered down into the mirrored room, before floating over to the door carrying Arkius on top of it, the Earthen Toa standing proud with his arms folded in front of him and a cocky smirk on his mask's hau-like features.

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  • IC: Keitara- Hates to see her go

    (Soundtrack- Nuclear Winter continues)


    The engineer looked to Irna. She felt a tightness in her chest, and bit back her knee-jerk response of insisting she accompany the warrior. Irna was a skilled hunter, and if any of them were to brave this swamp she would have the best chance of success. Also, she had the feeling Waveahk might kill either her or Skorm if they were the ones to show up. Her especially, given how she'd pumped the amphibious being full of countless milirems on their last encounter.

    After a pause, she said "Of course. But, um, if you do…"

    Reaching once more behind the seat, she drew forth a canvas-wrapped bundle. Unrolling it revealed a set of ten metal arrows and a small satchel. Each arrow had a groove carved from its barbed tip, and the ends held flights made of resin-stiffened canvas.

    "The bag of sand is to mix with your oil. I… thought that way you could fill the channels with it. Give them a bit more punch. They're not protosteel, but they should do a bit of damage against an armored opponent."

    As Keitara spoke she shifted her gaze to the side slightly. "I know I've spent most of my time helping Skorm with the Muaka. I felt… well, I wanted to do something for you as well."

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  • IC: Vulimai (Kini-Nui, Bunker)

    A brief laugh of relief escaped from Vulimai's lips as she at last broke through Ostrox' harden exterior, even if it was only a crack. Steadying herself, Vulimai once more took a commanding posture, looking towards Ostrox with a professional look, though a hint of a smile was evident. 

    "Thank you Ostrox, for you concern. But like I said, the only one in charge here is me and myself. Toa Knichou is as much of a commander as Aurax is a real king, and I'm not someone they can push around if they think they can. I'm sure I've made that obvious to you by now.

    Stepping past Ostrox towards the direction of Kini-Koro, Vulimai noticed the mass gathering of people near the Ampling Alps, "Seems like everyone and their Mahi has come to see Toa Stannis," turning back towards him, Vulimai directly spoke to Ostrox, "If you wish me to, I can go and ask those there if they are willing to accompany you on your expedition. Also, if you head back to Kini-Koro and inform the guards that I sent you, they should grant you access to what's left of the armory. There isn't much left, but I'm sure we still got a few old Toa tools and some other pieces of equipment, as well as our Kanoka disks and Kanohi masks. No guarantee on any of them being powered, but you might be lucky to find a noble or great Kanohi."

    Turning back, Vulimai nearly took a step before turning back to Ostrox, one last thing to add. "And one more thing, I only let you and your companion Achro to accompany us here because Toa Iradra and my quartermaster trusted you. You still think we're going to betray you, well how about this. I swear upon my honor as a soldier that you are welcome here within Kini-Koro...At least until your inevitable betrayal." Vulimai said the last part, with a coy smile.

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  • IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula

    The guest arose and walked away as quickly as he arrived, drawn to whatever being lurked in the shadows at the temple up the road. Hopefully it was an Aspect, and Korruhn could return to his task-at-hand. The fire still flickered and crackled, casting it's orange light out into the night, and Grime still sat silent in his spot, his head down, doing Mata Nui-knows what with Miserix in that crowded mind of his. Korruhn turned his attention back to the Matoran.

    "Our world has a peculiar humor when it comes to timing," Korruhn stated. "You know, the day I became a Toa, a Dark Hunter infiltrated Dume's Office. He was under the directive of a fellow Aspect; sent to assassinate me. Last I had heard of him, he was escorted down to the prisons of Metru Nui."

    The Toa took pause a moment, reflecting on a moment that felt like an eternity ago, but hadn't been more than a month and a half. The Korruhn of old, the Korruhn who existed for a time before Dume's Office, was a different one altogether. Inspired by his people, happy. Hopeful. That man was no more. Perhaps the Dark Hunter Waveahk had succeeded; perhaps the Korruhn that caught the ire of the Aspects was truly dead. But did they yet know the consequences of their actions?

    "The irony is not lost on me that he strode to our small campfire tonight; sitting down beside us, assessing whether I'm a threat. Hunting Aspects in the name of Metru Nui. The poor creature, twist by whatever miasmic horror he encountered, didn't even recall me. Even through the slime and gurgle of spit, I will recall his voice until the day I die.

    God is dead, but the construct of the universe trudges forward."

    His eyes turned briefly to the door beside him, the one that pulsed with power when he placed his hand upon it. It was tantalizing, the slithering cloud of darkness that surrounded it, the shadow hand that grasped his mind and tugged him toward.

    "Shall we return to the task at hand?"

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  • IC Kanohi - Kini-Koro

    Kanohi winced and answered Nale without matching her gaze, “I … don’t know exactly what it was. It was obscured by the thick rain. I sometimes wonder if it was just a hallucination, that it’s roar was thunder, and it’s body fog. But t-too many saw it. And we found a giant gash in the ground, where it’s tails swiped clean through the rock. I … don’t know if it was a demon, but wherever it walked a massive storm surrounded it. It never even got close to Po-Koro, we only got the fringes. But that was enough to turn the village into a violent quagmire, sinking almost all of it and drowning villagers in earth. Without the Vahki and the Odd Company…” He trailed off

    Finally he turned back to Knichou, “I-I know. We need to be careful, think things through. Me and NU should definitely discuss this with Vulimai, if this fails, I do not know anything about Toa Aurax, but if w-war resumes, then what peace we all have carved out here will be gone. We all need to work together, figure out what would work best. And what to do if there is a backlash.

    The Fe-Matoran swallowed, “I don’t really know what we should do. I only know that Aurax should not have that kind of power over a person. That no one should, no matter how great a Toa they are. No matter who they are.

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  • IC: Triage - Metru-Koro Ruins

    The streets had never been quieter.

    "Place sure is creepy like this," Triage said as he walked along with Okuo. Down a ways, nearby, he could see the plaza that had once been host to many events. Standing proudly in the center, silently watching over the empty village, was the statue of Datrox--his final resting place. Small bird rahi had congregated on his head and shoulders, with what looked like a nest being prepared. The medic found it ironic how hard they'd fought for this village, only to leave it for (literally) greener pastures. Still, their new home had turned out to be a vast improvement. Not having a giant skull look down on you all the time was a plus, as well.

    "Makes for a fine ghost town."


    IC: Nale Vella - Ambling Alp (Lounge)

    "So you saw a giant monster. All I heard was there was a flood, that's...that's a lot more frightening." Nale said. How could something that big and terrible go unnoticed by most of the island? Then again, she was most likely busy in Metru-Koro when it happened, so maybe it wasn't too far-fetched. Zakaz was a big place.

    "Well, if it shows up again the Taku has the firepower to deal with something like that now. Hopefully."

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  • IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hillside, The Ambling Alp, Lounge

    Knichou nodded in agreement with Kanohi. No one Toa should have that much power - Dume had near-complete control over the Vahki and the civil liberties of the citizens slowly slipped away until it was a police state. Now Aurax has complete control, and his army of Vahki is the backbone of his rule, the iron fist keeping him on the throne. To be the true protectors over the Matoran that Nuparu envisioned, control over the Vahki had to be distributed amongst the council, their collective decision making ensuring that this army didn't bend to the will of any one individual, and all citizens had a say in how the automatons were employed and could voice their grievances with any misuse of the robots.

    As far as the 'rain demon' goes, while Knichou didn't have direct experience with this creature like Kanohi did, he heard as many large rumors over the local wildlife as the next person, and those rumors might have influenced his rush to arm the airship. While the Taku's armaments were primarily focused on warding off groups of skakdi infantry, he figured that whatever this 'rain demon' was, the anti-vehicle electro-rockets would certainly get it's attention.

    "Nale's right - there's nothing the Taku's electro-rockets can't take care of. If one volley doesn't teach the beast to never mess with us again," Knichou said, tapping his mask. "Well, let's just say we'll always have more rockets."

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields

    "Buddy's got the, got the, he got," the toa stammered. She held the bandage to herself, but her arm was too weak and the fabric slipped from her fingers to land on the floor, silver and sticky. The faxon covering her face did little to hide the fear in her eyes. "Gotta find Buddy. Ghostie gonna die."

    Her wounds were too great to stay awake. She fell unconscious, body slumped against the vortixx.

    Ooc: @BULiK, @Daniel the Finlander


    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kumu Peninsula

    Apex, Waveahk, and Morangad stood at the obsidian door. Waveahk felt the kraata in his arm twitching with anticipation. It squirmed and writhed, and for a moment felt all too ready to leap from his very flesh. Apex felt the call of the void, and the haunting memory of stars dancing around her in playful, mocking, circles. She had not remembered the memory of her creation for a long time. Why now? Why would she remember floating out of the green caldera as little more than a ball of gas to the beckoning call of her kind? More importantly, why couldn't she remember so much of her long life? Morangad felt the chilling sensation of being scrutinized. 

    A green mist carrying the sonorous whispers of abandoned wishes floated amidst them.It sprung up without warning, and moved about their legs as if grasping hands trying to pull something larger up from below the rocky ground. They heard the sputtering of the fire behind them. Then they didn't. The light from the fire glittering off the obsidian door vanished. In its place, a single symbol marred the door's dark surface: an eight pointed star. 

    Strangely, rather than offering knowledge the taboo symbol placed on the door wanted knowledge imparted. The door was locked: the taboo was the key. 

    Korruhn found himself placing his hand on a door of obsidian full of power, but it was not the same door as before. It was smaller, thinner, and there was no massive temple attached. It rose from the ground like a chipped tooth. The scenery too had changed. Before the fire crackled on the landing of the steps before the door to a massive temple. Now, the fire crackled in an abandoned courtyard, crumbling pillars ringing the open space in a fifteen foot radius. Four circles with a diamond drawn between their center points formed the symbol on the obsidian door. The symbol felt warm under Korruhn's hand. 

    Grime stood up and stretched. The gears in his wrists and shoulders popped as he yawned. He grumbled to himself, "you can't keep doing that. I'm not as strong as I used to be."

    Then he joined Korruhn by the door with no building attached. "What's the lock on this one?"

    OOC: @Toru Nui, @Burnmad, @Sparticus147, @Crimson Jester

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields

    Xaril dropped into the top floor of the knowledge tower.  Like most towers, the top floor was the location of the telescopes and other astronomy equipment that scholars used to study the stars. The titan walked through the rooms, looking for anything interesting. All he saw was room after room of disused equipment, much of it broken. Telescopes laid on the floor, tubes dented and lenses shattered. Some screen still hung from walls, while others had long since crashed to the floor. Notes were scattered everywhere like fallen leaves. If Xaril picked up any of them to examine, he would read mostly strings of numbers and letters designating star coordinates, as well as hastily-scrawled diagrams here and there that pointed out different parts of the text that didn't seem to have any particular significance. Without any knowledge of astronomy, the notes were more or less indecipherable.

    The next floor down was in similar shape, although there were fewer pieces of equipment and more desks. Fluorescent lights hung precariously from the ceiling, their bulbs long since burnt out or shattered. What little ambient light illuminating the office came only from the windows. It was enough to see that the place was a mess. The desks were cramped, and stacked high with binders, folders, papers, clipboards, and other office paraphernalia. Half of the stacks had fallen over, carpeting the floor with more notes, each as confusing to the layperson as the papers on the floor above. A thin layer of dust covered everything. It was eerie to see all this evidence of a busy office, but to not see the academics and astronomers responsible for the work. It felt empty in a threatening way, like something terrible had happened suddenly. Too suddenly for anyone to straighten their notes or even close the half-open drawers in their desks before they left.

    The only other interesting thing in the room was a locked doorway that appeared to lead to another office.


    OOC: @Nato the Traveler

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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    ”Well, she went to sleep it seems. Still think she’s not going to be waking up?” Niidak muttered to the stranger as she held the unconscious Toa. She pushed her back to lean against the wall and put the bandage back to where it had slipped off, placing pressure on the wound again. 

    ”She seems like a lost cause, to be honest. But what was she talking about? Who is Buddy and what do they have? Perhaps her mask?”

    Niidak still held the knife in her other hand.

    ”I can put her out of her misery if you want, by the way.”

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  • IC: Xaril - Relic Fields

    Stooping to fit through chambers designed for species far smaller than his own, Xaril sifted slowly through the debris. He pocketed a few of the loose pages that listed star coordinates; they were of little use to him, but someone back in Metru Nui might be able to compare them to the skies of the Matoran Universe or this island to help narrow down exactly where this city had come from. 

    With so much discarded and abandoned in such a rush, the fact that one door still stood locked was intriguing to him. Either it had been locked before whatever had happened here, or someone had taken the time to lock it while everyone else was fleeing. 

    He drew back his foot and attempted to kick the door down. 


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  • 6 hours ago, Nato the Traveler said:

    IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro "So, do you have any wisdom or knowledge that could assist me?"

    IC Stannis | Kini-Koro

    "I do. But why do you seek this knowledge?" he asked. "Surely you possess much already."

    @Nato the Traveler

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  • IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro

    "Perhaps, but I lack the knowledge that matters most," she replied grimly. "I want to understand what I am, what all Aspects are. The Administrator knows some, if not all, of the truth. But he won't share it until I acquire this Codex he spoke of." 


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  • IC: Exuze, Relic Fields

    Buddy? Ghostie? Got what? Who's going to die? Exuze wanted answers, and in a few short minutes this Toa might never be able to give them. Exuze didn't need to have Triage's military training to know that loss of consciousness in a patient in critical condition is never a good sign. Saving this Toa himself was beyond Exuze's abilities. But if they could stabilize her for long enough to take her to a doctor? It was worth a shot.

    Unfortunately, it being worth a shot was decidely not what the conscious stranger in the room thought.

    "Lost cause? LOST CAUSE?" Exuze exclaimed, incredulous. Who was she to say who was or was not a lost cause? This vortixx certainly wasn't a doctor - proven by the offer that would breach any and all oaths a doctor would have. Turquoise flames raged in Exuze's eyes as he gave the Niidak a stare so hardened and piercing that it would be considered a deadly weapon in half a dozen provinces. Niidak didn't know it, but the lesterin was given a second chance at life by a combat medic when he thought he was doomed to bleed out and die. Exuze was determined to try everything to return the favor to this stranger of a Toa.

    The lesterin continued to speak as he slowly moved the Toa's body to lay flat against the ground. Blood goes to the head, yea? Maybe best to not have the head so high up then right?

    "If she dies, she dies. Notch'ur choice - we do e'erything we can. She needs a doctah, an' we need ta keep 'er alive 'til then. Maybe this Buddy fella is who hurt 'er, maybe if we keep 'er alive long enough we can stop 'im from killin' this Ghostie fella."

    Exuze took off his cloak, bundled it up into a ball, and moved the Toa's legs to rest on top of the soft pile, elevating them. Legs don't need blood for running while you're asleep, right? Maybe this will buy time? Just gotta stop the bleeding, just gotta stop the bleeding, ah Karzahni...

    "Villages 'ave doctahs. We need ta get 'er ta one of 'em or get one of 'em to send a doctah out 'ere."

    Exuze looked into Niidak's eyes with a fierce determination as he replaced the bandage on the Toa's abdomen and then continued to put pressure on the wound.

    "Can ya do that for me?"

    Truth be told, Exuze would try himself but he couldn't trust this stranger to not end the Toa's life early if he wasn't around. The Lesterin wracked his brain for any other ideas. How could he stop the bleeding?

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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    Niidak was at first taken aback by the emotional backlash. Why did he care so much for this Toa? Perhaps he already knew her personally.

    She said nothing as he spoke and took care of the Toa, letting him do what he wanted. Again, it seemed like he knew what he was doing, so Niidak was surprised to hear the request for a doctor. 

    ”A village?” she repeated with a chuckle. ”This isn’t exactly a densely populated region. The nearest ’settlement’ is Metru-Koro, and that place is both abandoned and cursed. I doubt I can find anyone there, let alone a doctor. And if I go further, by the time I get back she’ll be dead.”

    This smelled like a plot to get her out of the picture so the stranger could scavenge the tower by himself. But she was here first, so all the scrap in here was rightfully hers, and she wouldn’t simply let go of it.

    Or maybe he was just desperately trying to save her life.

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  • IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth:

    The machine took a moment to retrieve the disc of weakening from where it had landed before taking a look down the newly-created hole. Dropping down would lead to a somewhat long drop onto jagged spikes below. Instead, the protodermis protector moved back towards the original door.

    Arkius’ celebration next to the lower door was soon interrupted by a second round of cracking sounds, followed shortly by a rain of dust from the transparent floor above. If he looked up he would see his robotic companion storing the weakness disc once more before carefully climbing down the new hole, swinging its clawed legs onto the ceiling of the lower doorway. Finding purchase in the earth of the earthen tunnel the machine was able to climb down the walls back to a right-side up orientation. With everyone gathered in the lower level, they'd be able to travel down the newly-discovered doorway.

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  • 2 hours ago, Nato the Traveler said:

    "Perhaps, but I lack the knowledge that matters most," she replied grimly. "I want to understand what I am, what all Aspects are. The Administrator knows some, if not all, of the truth. But he won't share it until I acquire this Codex he spoke of." 

    IC Stannis | Kini-Koro

    The old man studied Whisper for a moment in silence. Stannis considered his opinions on the wayward Aspect—secretly, his fellow—and weighed his options, as well as his knowledge. Inside the bony toa body resided the ancient spirit of a being bent on obtaining and disseminating the knowledge of the whole universe, and that spirit both yearned to know ever more about the mysteries of life and judiciously shared the horde he had. But Whisper, for all the wisdom she had in knowing when it was prudent to tell truth over lies and approaching the one person who may have answers she wanted, did not have the Wanderer's approval yet. Vulimai and Knichou were not advocates enough to sway his regard for her, and no matter how much he was plied by people with unsolicited opinions Stannis was not one to budge on matters of character. 

    He saw Whisper for what she was. An Aspect. A being determined to achieve her Grand Wish no matter the cost. A spirit as hellbent as himself and as dangerous as she could be helpful. He could see through her deceptions, whether he saw them firsthand or not, whether he was at the receiving end of them or not, because they were deceptions cloaked in a material as familiar to him as the robe around his body. Despite the akiri's choice to be tainted by one of Whisper's kraata or the supposed good deeds she had done to the returnee Builders she was still exactly what she was, a selfish and wholly unpredictable entity of hyper-focused determination, the same who had desecrated Taja with risky abandon and did who-knew-what in the absence of a being capable of putting her in check.

    What, then, were her differences to Caedast? They both manipulated the Builders to their own devices, they both performed acts of seeming magnanimousness for the apparent benefit of the Builders, and they both manipulated others with half-truths and white lies, did they not? Were they not relatives of a sort, the same as how Parnassus spoke of Caedast the prodigal wanderer cousin, both flames of the same fire? The difference, Caedast resolved, was not something that could be observed, but rather understood, if there was in fact any at all. Choosing to bide his time before giving anything to Whisper, Stannis said to her in a professional tone, "Then it would seem we need to obtain this Codex. Approach me another time, perhaps later to-day, and we can talk further on this. There are friends I wish to speak with first... but we will talk again, Shade," he bade.

    "I guarantee it."

    The Wanderer turned and walked away from Whisper. 

    @Nato the Traveler

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  • IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro

    "Very well," she replied, her tone impassive, her elation unseen. "I look forward to it." He'd given her nothing, but his offer of further discussion made it all too clear that he knew something. She'd piqued his interest, and she didn't expect that he would lose it any time soon. 

    She remembered the way he'd spoken during their previous meeting, his confidence and conviction. Stannis was ancient and worldly, a being whose knowledge surpassed opinion, rumour, or conjecture, and consisted instead solely of facts and certainty. Whisper had placed a mystery before him, secrets even he didn't know, and she had little doubt that he would be determined to seek its solution. 

    She drifted away from the airship, in search of something to keep her occupied while she waited to speak with Stannis again.

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  • IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula

    The gaseous form of Miserix slipped briefly, almost so that it wasn't visible to the naked eye, from the body of Grime and back again. In the following instant, the landscape turned on it's head, the massive valley of temples giving way to a vast nothingness, rendered claustrophobic by means of a ring of pillars around the court. The Toa wasn't familiar with the structure; they hadn't encountered anything of the sort in their passage through the peninsula. Perhaps it was a construct born of Miserix's green gas, perhaps it was an illusory world belched forth from the Far Shore. At this point, in matters of discerning reality from falsehood, Korruhn was far from the most qualified.

    Regardless, the warm sensation that crept up his arm from his palm, affixed to the gravestone-like door, was entirely too tangible to be falsehood. He felt it's power ebb and flow through vein and servo alike, and he welcomed the feeling of power with an open spirit.

    To his side, Grime approached, inquiring about the taboo. "The Rite of Gluttonous Desecration. I hadn't found much use for it, considering I've yet to learn how to desecrate. Seems these Taboos are more than just a power, though."

    "When we walked past that mound a week back, you mentioned that you died there," Korruhn said to Grime. "Care to elaborate? Were you desecrated?"

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields

    The door crumpled under the force of Xaril's kick. It snapped off its track and crashed into the desk in the room beyond. Upon entering, the titan would see little of note. The little office was full of the more of the same things had seen seen outside: binders of notes, stacks of charts, rolls of maps, and that same thin layer of snow-like dust over everything. A large cabinet with three drawers was half-open; each drawer was full of files, and each file was full of more incomprehensible notes. The one difference was that this room was better-lit: a larger window took up most of one wall, which afforded a nice view of the rest of the relic fields. It was open, allowing a fresh breeze to gentle play through the office, riffling through papers and sending one or two drifting gently to the floor. If he looked out, Xaril could see the light shining off the melting towers, each faceted edge of the icy buildings catching the sunlight and sending it scattering across the ground. He also saw a shady-looking figure duck into the tower next door.


    OOC: @Nato the Traveler


    IC: Taja | Kini-Koro

    As nice as it was to see Stannis was still alive, Taja didn't really have any business with him. She had often thought on his words back in the Taku when she had first been transformed, and they still hurt a little, even now. The old toa's distaste for shadow had been clear to see, written across his face like a constellation. Now that she was a toa of shadow herself, Taja had decided to forget his remarks. Darkness wasn't evil. If it was, then she was, right? And she wasn't.

    But deciding to forget is easier than forgetting, and seeing Stannis brought those thoughts back. For the first time in weeks, Taja found herself wondering again. Wondering if she really was the same Taja she'd been before, or if she was corrupted beyond all hope. Wondering if she was doomed to walk down a dark path that surely ended in blood and death. She didn't like these thoughts, so she tried to push them out of her mind. She saw Whisper moving away form the group, and jogged over to talk. A conversation would distract her, at least for a little while.

    "Hey," she said. "I overheard you talking to Stannis. You're looking for something?"


    OOC: Nato again

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  • IC: Xaril - Relic Fields

    Evidently he wasn't as alone out here as he thought. He clambered out through the window and flew down to ground level, approaching the tower he'd seen the figure flit into. As he drew near, he heard dim discussion echoing from somewhere within.

    He was definitely not alone.

    "Hello?" He bellowed. "Who's in there?"

    @Daniel the Finlander @BULiK


    IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro

    "Yes, something called a Codex of Absolution," she replied. "Apparently I require permission to access certain information about this island and its history." 


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  • IC: Exuze, Relic Fields

    The lesterin of fire frowned, thinking, trying to solve both problems at once.

    "To the southwest, near tha temple, there's an outpost. I know a doctah there. We need 'im ta come ta us Do ya have a radio, flare, anythin' to get their attenshun? Maybe there's something around here? Vehicle or radio or ANYTHIN'"

    The lesterin added fresh bandages to the Toa's wound. Keeping one hand on them to add pressure, he used his robotic arm to reach into his belt for something else. He stopped when he heard the deep introduction from someone - or something - outside of the broken knowledge tower.

    "Strangers. Scavengers. Who's out there?" he said. This had better not be someone looking to pick a fight.

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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    "Oh, yes, I could look around and try to find something," she said, seeing a golden opportunity to search for valuables.

    She was startled when yet another voice could be heard. For being an abandoned ruin, this place sure attracted a lot of visitors. She guessed she wasn't the only one who was exploring the strange structures that had appeared out of nowhere. Either that, or it was the voice of one of the Toa's "friends".

    She readied her knife, just in case. Her spear was hanging from a strap on her shoulder, and she was considering wielding it instead. But first, she'd wait to see if the another stranger was a friend or foe.

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  • IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - Lone Swordsman

    "Hah. Well, I have all the armaments I require, thank you, and I don’t feel like waiting. Give the Supreme High Commander my regards." Chuckling to himself, Ostrox exited the bunker, and headed back towards the Far Shore Rift.



    IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Addendum

    "Once our stratagem is finalized, I will have to briefly return back through the portal to Tobduk-Koro, to inform my squad of a prolonged absence. They will be unable to accompany us to Metru Nui, as I fear they will not be able to resist Aurax’s influence so easily."


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  • IC: Xaril - Relic Fields

    "This is Xaril of the League of Six Kingdoms. I'm here to investigate these structures," he called back. "If you're scavengers, then I take it you aren't the original inhabitants of this place?"

    @Daniel the Finlander @BULiK

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  • IC: Exuze, Relic Fields

    "Yea, course not," Exuze said, watching the door to see when this mysterious stranger would make his appearance. "So 'Xaril', ya know of any doctahs around? You have more leaguers with ya here? Someone just got attacked 'ere and I'm tryna make sure it doesn't become murdah. We need ta signal for help, pronto."

    Exuze used his left arm to take a heatstone out of one of his pockets. He set it on the ground and used that mechanical arm to unscrew the lid, not wanting to remove his right hand from the Toa's wound.

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  • IC: Xaril - Relic Fields

    "We have medics in Metru Nui," he replied, moving closer to stop in the doorway, "And I have an airship." 

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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    Turns out she was right: This place was indeed attracting attention. At least she was among the first to explore it.

    However, when she heard the words "League of Six Kingdoms" she frowned. Once, they had been good customers of hers. But she had heard rumours that they were responsible for the calamity that destroyed Metru-Nui and caused everyone to crash land on this Mata-Nui-forsaken island. If those rumours were true, then they'd be the ones who had ruined her entire life. She wondered if the League member could answer some questions.

    Aside from that, this unexpected arrival was a good thing. "An airship? Sounds like he can haul her to safety, then," she said to the stranger who was still taking care of the Toa. "Maybe you should go along with them too, and make sure she will be fine? If I were you, I wouldn't fully trust any member of the League, unless you're willing to pay well." It was a good opportunity to get everyone else out of the picture so she could finally scavenge the ruins in peace.

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  • IC: Jutori - Earth Ruins

    Seeing Kilo make it down safely to join the others (and upstaging Arkius in the process), Jutori smiled at the Kralhi and then turned to the exit, but not before taking a quick look at the crystal spikes that could have lead to imminent death if the reflective floor above had collapsed beneath them entirely. "Let's get on, then," he said walking to the next room. "More puzzles to solve, I imagine."

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  • IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann

    "It wouldn't trouble Barius anymore than he already is," Parnassus said. They slowed their walking speed, turning their head to look at Drukarus for just a moment before they glanced back to the end of the hallway.

    "You should check in with a healer around here -- perhaps even Fury could help tend to you," the Aspect said blithely. "Heartlights should beat, after all."

    OOC: @Sparticus147

    IC: Irna | Fau Swamp Border

    It had been a long time since someone had given Irna a weapon.

    Her bow and her glaive? She had recovered those in the exodus from Metru-Nui, stripped from a body whose face she couldn't bear to look at. Her spear before that, she had carved herself from a Volo tree on the eve of her departure with the League, all those months ago. And her dagger ... she had received that from her mother, Perror of the Northern Continent. It had been a blade of history, passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

    It was a history lost to the darkness between stars now. For Zyglak -- for a people shunned and hunted by the maskbearers -- weapons were often a part of a religion, rich in meaning and significance. To be given a weapon....

    "Thank you, Kei," she said softly, taking the arrows and the satchel in hand. "I will wield these with pride."

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Keeper of Kraata


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  • IC Kanohi - Kini-Koro

    Kanohi nodded, but then his optics widened, his telescopic lens focused randomly. He began to pace, and then his left hand began to drum his many broken masks, creating a jingling racket. His right hand leaned against his staff, too close to a weary old Turaga staring down his own failures. Realization was setting in.

    Swallowing he managed. “I … C-Councilor NU, I don’t think we both can leave on this mission. If … whatever that thing was that sank Po-Koro, if it comes to Tobduk-Koro, or if the Skakdi or League attack, the village would be without a leader. I think one of us needs to stay b-behind, if not both of us.

    OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK @Tarn 

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  • IC: Taja | Kini-Koro

    That sounded about right. From her interactions with the Administrator, Taja knew they were pedantic and rude to anyone who wasn't a "pure" Builder. Even she, a toa, had been looked down on because of her element. She wasn't surprised to hear the robotic guardian of the temples was being a pain in the—

    "How do we get one?" she asked. "A Codex, that is."


    OOC: @Nato the Traveler

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  • IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro

    "The Codex can be given by a Chronicler, Forgemaster, or Grand Builder," she explained. "I was just asking Stannis if he was familiar with any of those titles." 


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  • IC: Exuze, Relic Fields

    As much as he hated the thought of going on an airship again, let alone a League airship, Exuze knew it might be this Toa's only chance at survival. He cursed under his breath.

    "Yea I know, I've had... a run in with 'em before," the lesterin responded to Niidak. He was continually surprised by the Vortixx's lack of empathy towards the unconscious Toa. "You don't wanna 'elp? Free ride's a free ride."

    Exuze didn't wait for a response from the Vortixx. He turned to the titan in the doorway.

    "Can you fly your airship outside here so I can take 'er aboard? I need ta stabilize 'er first."

    The Lesterin picked up the heatstone, but waited to gauge Xaril's response before continuing with the risky maneuver he had planned.

    IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hillside, The Ambling Alp, Lounge

    "Sure," Knichou said, paying little attention to the automaton's concerns. He was much more focused on Kanohi's growing anxiety.

    "You're right, you should stay behind. As brave as you are, Kanohi, you'll be of the most use here at home - we'll have a full crew of Toa and the firepower of the Taku backing us up, but only you can lead Tobduk-Koro, and I don't want to put you at risk. This mission will be very dangerous."

    The Toa of iron looked between the two people and one robot before him. Assuming everything that needed to be said had been said, he continued to speak.

    "Well if that's all, I've restocked Stannis's ship, let's get back outside to talk with him, Whisper, and Taja."

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  • IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro

    "He asked me to come back later," she said. "I think he's got some more reunions to get through."



    IC: Xaril - Relic Fields

    "Of course. I'll be right back." Xaril's mask activated, and he vanished upwards, changing direction in midair to land back aboard his airship. "Bring us down in front of that tower," he ordered the Vahki still waiting on the observation deck, which swiftly relayed the orders to its counterparts on the bridge.

    Disengaging the mooring lines and carefully maneuvering to fit between the buildings, the Crimson Galleon had soon landed before the tower, its forward ramp lowering towards the door. 

    @Daniel the Finlander @BULiK

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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    Great, things were working out like she wanted. Soon enough, she’d be all alone again, like she should be. Now she could continue where she had left off and investigate the entire tower.

    ”I don’t need a free ride anywhere, so no thank you.”

    She looked at the prone Toa who already looked like a corpse. Her body seemed heavy, so she wasn’t sure how the stranger was going to get her into the airship outside. He had already done so much to take care of her, while she had done little. It was unfair like much of her life had recently been. But did others deserve the same?

    ”Though, well, I suppose I can help get her inside the ship. But after that, I have a job to do, so I’ll stay here.”

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  • IC: Vulimai (Kini-Nui)

    Nodding towards the Mantaxian as they made their way off, Vulimai turned away and began to head off towards where the crowd was forming. Approaching the two airships, Vulimai took note of the leaving forms of Taja and Whisper, the latter of whom sending a chill up her spine. Still standing in essentially the same spot she left him in, Stannis stood, addressing the silver bound Toa NUVA Atamai, as Knichou, Nale, and the two councilors of Tobduk-Koro were exiting the Ampling Alp.

    Stepping past Stannis and Atamai, Vulimai met the other four at the bottom of the loading ramp of the Ampling Alp.

    OOC: @Harvali @BULiK @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @~Xemnas~ @Toru Nui

    IC: Drukarus (Fort Nektann)

    "...Heartlights should beat, after all."

    Drukarus stopped his pace, the significance of what Parnassus had said hitting him like a stone wall. Turning towards Parnassus with a sidelong gaze, a cold fury burned within Druakrus' eyes, his own emotions running free from him. As his eyes fell upon Parnassus, an imposing feeling would soon attempt to press itself upon the Aspect's mind, Drukarus' wills versus Parnassus' own. The demon soon learning its place.

    "Quiet Demon!" Drukarus said, a steely edge in his words, unbecoming for the stoic warlord, "You forget your place. Though you are one amongst the Warskak, you are no Skakdi. Though you have offered your power to Barius, it is up to him, to whom he listens to."

    At that, Drukarus broke his gaze as he reclaimed control over himself, as his stoic visage returned. "My wounds of old do not concern you, so remain to your own dealings and I to my own."

    Continuing forth, Drukarus continued to seek out where the Warlord Barius dwells.

    OOC: @Conway @Burnmad

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  • IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro

    As Nale exited the Alp she saw Vulimai. "Uh, hello Commander," she said to the Matoran. "Are you also here to speak with Stannis?"

    @BULiK@Harvali@Sparticus147@Toru Nui

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  • IC Stannis | Kini-Koro

    "I would like to see this village you have built," Stannis said to both nobody and everybody at once, and then walked towards Kini-Koro's center. 

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