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  • Posted 2021-07-01 07:44:15 UTC
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  • IC, Aurax:

    ”I- oh whatever, you’re relationship just got a whole lost weirder,” Aurax said. He bent down and gently tried to shake Vashni awake. “Anyone got healing powers? I’d cauterize her wound but it’s on her face…”

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  • IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui]

    The last portal...she had made that one for herself. Well, herself, Scarrow and Weaver. Yes they were monsters, and yes they were not of this world. But they had not asked to be made such and she could not bring herself to condemn them to remain on Zakaz. So she brought them along. She could feel their presence as ever in the back of her mind. Even here there was the veil.

    Zataka emerged from the dimensional passage and stepped onto a land she knew. Her land. She blinked away a tear against the bright light that fell through the tall, scattered clouds and onto her face. She felt it's comforting warmth, the one she had long missed.

    Below her feet was long, soft grass. Wind played in the blades and created mesmerizing patterns that stretched far and wide before her, gently arching away to a distant shore, hidden from view somewhere behind the slopes’ curve and brilliant sandy dunes.

    Beyond the white dune beaches, the ocean glittered in the sunlight like crystals. Way, way out in the distance, the clouds drew together, hinting at a brewing storm. 


    Then, above the windy breeze, a familiar voice suddenly rang out behind her, calling her name. 



    Zataka turned and smiled.




    She was home.

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  • IC: Knichou

    The Au-Turaga visibly :yeshoney:'d at Aurax's suggestion.

    "I'm pretty thoroughly drained of my magic healing sauce right now, to be honest."

    He looked to Jutori.

    "You're a doctor, right, kid? Of something."

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  • IC: Vashni - Ehlek's Fortress -

    Vashni let out a groan, she was alive at least. The bleeding from her eyes and ears had mostly stopped. 

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui

    Skyra was there. And with a mountain of loot. 

    Nuju, however, was not. 

    He floated in the Far Shore, lost in the junk and the dust of The Truth and stuffed away in the back corner of the drawer. He could do nothing. He could not escape. He’d been banished to the horrible little hole he’d crawled from, and sat in eternal hatred of Stannis, the Lizard King. He would crawl back to the living one day. He’d done it before, and he would always do it again. HE found his way through the cycles to return from death, to seduce those to explore and collect those items that might keep him forever real. 

    But for now, he was dust in the darkness of a forgotten filing cabinet, left slightly ajar by a very sleepy Game Master.

    OOC: @SnellyCongratulations on returning from your Far Shore Adventure. You may have missed a prompt or two, but you got back and that’s what matters right? Just in time for the next cycle...

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  • IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green

    Location - Kini-Nui, Twekohui’s bunker

    With - Exuze, Muaka NUVA Proxima


    This felt like the end.

    It wasn’t quite how she envisioned things. A flurry of activity as beings rushed to the portal Zataka had created. If the universe were dying, would they even be safe back in Mata Nui? His head had been torn off somehow. He had died. Kind of.

    This was too much. It was all too much. Viltia focused on her mask instead, imaging a Toa just like her.

    The mental image in her mind wavered, but she had always been one for focus and she sharpened it. She broke through some kind of barrier and in a shower of golden light, an Onu-Toa stood before her.

    The female Toa of Earth looked shocked, turning to Viltia, gratitude and yet a bit of weariness to her voice “Creator? You’re… my creator?” She stumbled forward and they embraced.

    Viltia grabbed her Muaka too, tethers binding them all together. She used her now perfected Shapeshifting to merge the Onu-Toa and the Muaka’s forms into one smaller shape that perfectly resembled Viltia except for its color. Her Density Control allowed her weight to return to normal as well.

    She would travel back to Le-Metru Nuva. To her friends. To her home.

    She wished the last two months had lasted far longer than they had. She was going to miss it all, even with all the death and destruction. She had made such wonderful friends. Had such great adventures. She had finally grown into who she had been meant to be. No.

    Who she chose to be.

    And she would merge with Life, Death, and the Stars.

    She would embrace and comfort them all.

    Viltia disappeared from view.


    OOC: @BULiK No idea if Exuze is still there. I'm basically only reading my mentions at this point. We are flying here with all these posts!

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  • IC: Grime | The Legend

    He recited the final words, passed the final trial and rites of the Winding Walk, but not alone. She was bound to him again, and he was bound to her. They shared their knowledge and walked hand in hand from the darkness of the deepest night to the brightest light of The Truth. 

    Grime was himself again, renewed with purpose, bound in apostasy, and forever the pilot destined for the stars.

    “You have your wish now,” Grime said as he raised his hands towards the light in the darkness. Miserix wished for what she could, bound now by those who’d ascended before and guided by her vessel. She was his pilot, and he was her pilot. He was her ark from the Mangaia, and she was his from the Time Between Time

    He remembered the day so long ago on the beach. Strangers wandered up and seemed confused. They called him by a name he gave, a random name chosen for no real reason. Then they fought each other and left him alone with his drink and the waves lapping at the surf. He died soon after.

    He liked that name. It was the first time he remembered being called something other than the dirt beneath one’s heel. He held it in his mind and found it all the more compelling. From the storybook of memories he took the name and claimed it as his own

    And from within The Legend Miserix claimed her wish once more:

    May we find the end in the beginning, and the beginning in the end.

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  • IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress:

    Before the assembled group’s eyes, the kralhi returned, this time with Atamai in tow.

    Please heal Ally Vashni,” it said. Then with a, “Teleport,” it was gone once more. For a moment, the Odd Company was reunited once more in the same place. In spirit, they would always be together.

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly

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  • IC Katrin Nuva:

    "The last piece! I dunno why, but I'm real excited to see what happens now that the whole stone is complete!"

    Kat's thoughts turned to the future, as always. She'd never been one for dwelling on the past, and she certainly wasn't going to start now. Tomorrow would always bring a new day, and a new adventure.

    That much she was sure of.

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  • IC: Skyra NUVA - Kini-Nui -

    Skyra stood in Kini-Nui once again, breathing in the apocalyptic air. "Well, I'm back!" There was a mountain of loot behind her, but no Nuju. "Hmmm, looks like Nuju didn't come back with me...oh well!" 

    Skyra took out Howai from her pocket and placed him a safe distance from everything and everyone, then she took out the disk of enlargement she had and started throwing it at Howai. 

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  • IC: Jutori - Ehlek's Fortress

    Jutori's heart skipped a beat. "A-Atamai..."

    Not wanting to interrupt the Toa's work, he simply moved to stand closer to his ally. His friend. His...


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  • IC, Atamai:

    The very tired Atamai waved to Jutori. 

    “Tren Krom, grant me the power to heal the injuries of others, but not myself. Amen.” 

    Input accepted. 

    He outstretched a hand over Vashni and worked his magic. Her wounds began to close up. 

    OOC: @Snelly

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  • IC: Knichou

    The Turaga stepped out of the power armor and stood next to Nale. He elbowed her playfully to get her attention, nodded towards Jutori and Atamai, and gave a knowing smile.

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  • Sleepy posters make silly mistakes

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui

    The Makoki Stone was completed. The land returned to it once was, and then more lush and green, more fertile and blue, more alive than ever before. The winds of Whisper's change carried the knowledge controlled by Caedast, and Whira held the dreams close and safe of those within the Time Between Time. Sorilax flowed through it all, the binding for the unending tapestry of life.

    And The Drawer Opened. The light was blinding. Tren Krom had arrived at last...


    IC: Great Spirit Icarax, Mata Nui Ascendant 

    The aspect looked at the large, curved display in front of him and let out a deep sigh, and reached for the coffee cup next to the keyboard. As soon as the cup was in hand, Icarax noticed it was empty and promptly put it back on the table. It was too late now to get a refill anyway. Rest was needed and it was earned. 

    They felt very tired, eyes burning from looking at the screen for so many days in a row now. But it was done, everything was there, and in time too. Icarax felt rather satisfied. This was what they’d been working for for so long.

    They made doubly sure that the automatic save feature backed the document up to the cloud, then saved a copy to a USB drive and closed ‘SK: E/R/A’ and switched over to excel, where a massive spreadsheet was waiting. Nearly every cell was filled with information, most of them dates, and most of them had been checked off. Some were marked in red, for things that had not made it to fruition in time, others in yellow for the ones that had, but were delayed. The majority was in green. Green was also the color Icarax chose for the last remaining cell to not be checked yet. The aspect selected the fill tool and moved it to the cell, coloring it green as well.

    Status: Complete.


    They closed the spreadsheet as well, then quickly typed up a mail.


    “Hey boss, 

    Just got done with the story. Everything’s ready for your presentation tomorrow. I left a copy for you on your desk. I think we’ve got a winner on our hands this time.




    Then they closed their workstation, placed the thumb drive on another desk in the area, grabbed their messenger bag and headed out, bidding the Rahkshi standing security that night in the reception goodnight.Icarax felt good. 

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

    End of an E/R/A

    To learn what happens next in the game of Six Kingdoms, you can enjoy Six Kingdoms: Escapement here.