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  • On 11/20/2021 at 6:35 PM, Umbraline Yumiwa said:

    “Lead the way, Tazera,” I urged. 

    IC (Ageru Tazera) [Aboard the Chiisai Ryuu]

    Tazera snapped another bow.

    "Right away, ma'am."

    It didn't take them long to get to the forward observation deck: a spacious (by the cramped submersible's standards) two-level room located near the Ryuu's prow, tapering along its length as the vessel narrowed. Set into its sloping walls, ceiling and floor were several transparent panels designed to allow the submersible's passengers as unrestricted a view of their surroundings as possible without compromising structural integrity. Above was the clear blue sky, dotted with clouds and wheeling gulls; to either side were the dark hulls of conventional sea vessels; and below were the gorgeous reefs and swirling schools of fish for which Ga-Koro's waters were famous.

    Tazera led the Rora along the walkway that straddled the room to a point where a bulky roughly-cylindrical shape was extended down from the ceiling like a smooth crystal stalactite. Tazera reached up into the bottom of it to grasp a pair of handles and pulled, drawing out a long device from which a pair of small cylinders protruded. The lieutenant put her eyes to the cylinders and squinted, adjusting knobs and dials on the side of the periscope to bring the image of the sub's environs into focus.

    She pulled on the handles to rotate the device on its axis, moving her field of view along the dock until — there: the dragon creature, now surrounded by a small, curious crowd at what they presumably considered a safe distance. Fortunately the periscope was high enough to grant a view over their heads. By the look of things the dragon itself was still in conversation with Ayiwah.

    Tazera adjusted the knobs once again to zoom in a little more on the dragon for Yumiwa's convenience, then stepped aside with a bow.

    "Simply put your eyes to those lenses, ma'am, as if you were using a pair of binoculars."

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  • IC Yumiwa | Chiisai Ryuu

    Double telescūpe! I thought to myself in fascination as Tazera adjusted the optics to my needs, but my excitement for the periscope was overshadowed by what I hoped/expected was on the other end of the optic. 

    Dragon!!!! It was actually hard for me to contain my excitement at the prospect of meeting an actual dragon—if this was in fact one of them. Not a Kanohi Dragon, not quite in the same vein as my heraldic symbols, but for all intents and purposes a dragon in the same spirit, or so I hoped. It was actually funny, a crazy random happenstance, that I was seeing what looked to be a little dragon from the "Little Dragon." 

    "What's your assessment, Lieutenant Tazera?" I asked, handing controls of the optics back to her. "Do you think it could be an illusion?" Zafin gestured that she didn't need to take a look, realizing that her abilities to discern through an illusion were limited and preferring to wait until we saw things with our own eyes. 

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  • IC: "Umbraline Sinshi", 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu) Interior

    Putting it mildly, the young man wearing a young woman's face was about ready to burn something once he'd squirreled this big 'ol thing outta here.

    Not for any lack of his own handiwork— the Mahiki was more than pulling its weight. Any time he passed "another" Dasaka by, their friendly smiles and throwaway greetings towards Umbraline Sinshi only served to bolster his confidence that he'd nailed this one. His heart had initially skipped a beat when making his first contact with the crew, a serious, crisp looking woman with an aura of command (and ornamentation to the crystal armor, looking back on it) extremely similar to the Commodore— he'd have clammed up if she spoke, but all she had to offer him was a quick, acknowledging nod— and then her footsteps, thunderous within these tight spaces and bulkheads, rolled on past him towards the pair coming up from behind. If he hoodwinked her, then call this bit a hole-in-one.


    It's really gotta be some roast duck or goose or something nice like that. Whatever Spirit looks out for me's really done me solid. My spirit star has the blessing for today.

    As he meandered through the ship, checking up on the inner workings through just as much happenstance as referring back to the sparse, minimalistic diagrams posted within the ship for the sake of the crew, he had somehow just as often simply evaded notice as "managed to hold up to it". A turn of the back at the right time to look at something he thought he saw in the wall, a creak on the ship prompting a gaze to turn away by reflex as he passed an intersection, a door ajar just so— it was like an invisible hand was just nudging everything the right way to make this easy on him...

    And nobody got anywhere resting on their laurels, did they?

    If today was lucky, that was the time to squeeze it.

    He sauntered up to bulkhead just before the the bridge's entrance...

    And found a closed door, blocking his path towards greatness.


    A closed door begging to be opened by an entrepreneurial Vo-Toa, who by all means was riding the hottest streak of the past three years.


    He glanced once, twice, three times at his surroundings. Nobody yet. Behind the sound of the waves lapping against the hull, he didn't THINK he heard anyone coming...

    And tested the handle, jiggling it roughly, before stepping to the side and activating his Kanohi once more.

    If somebody was in there, and felt like investigating, they would no longer find the prim, proper, ramrod back of Umbraline Sinshi, nor her fine-featured Calix—

    Instead, if they elected to look at the floor (for whatever reason one would) they'd find a simple overturned basket.

    This was foolproof.

    It was a shame Mata Nui made him so smart— these poor aliens didn't stand a chance.

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  • IC (Ageru Tazera) [Aboard the Chiisai Ryuu]

    "Hard to say, ma'am," Tazera replied. "It certainly could be, as far as I can tell. I'm told there are some among the natives able to produce illusions — through a Kanohi, I think — whereas I have heard nothing about any creature of this sort on the island."

    Ever the professional soldier on the outside, internally Tazera was still a little giddy to be asked her opinion by the Rora herself, to share her newfound knowledge of Mata Nui with Zuto Nui's chosen representative among Dasaka. But she checked herself: essential in the virtue of Order was the principle of humility before one's betters, and truthfully, her ability to analyse the situation was limited.

    "But...actually identifying illusions is outside my area of expertise. I am sure the Commodore would not be fooled by such tricks, though."

    She reached into the mental plane to transmit her thoughts to her commanding officer and closest friend.

    ::Commodore, Lieutenant Tazera here,:: she Ideatalked, doubly careful to keep her communication appropriately formal in front of the Rora herself. ::Requesting your assessment of the situation, ma'am.::

    OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @Vezok's Friend 

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  • IC Yumiwa | Chiisai Ryuu

    "And I would hesitate to doubt my cousin's gullibility as well," I thought out loud. "The only things that makes me cautious is the Fursic schemes against my mother and how this would be a draconically devilish trap to do the same to me. It's obvious the Empire is at a precarious point.

    My nerves shivered with trepidation as I considered just how fragile the nation I governed was, how any roadblock could be the death blow to the Empire, and how thin the Umbraline ranks were already. If the Fursic plans—pans within plans within plans—had extended beyond even my imaginations, it was not impossible for them to consider murdering me now in this faraway place and then come from hiding to usurp what was left. And with Toroshu Nera presumably perished at the hands of Desde and a recalcitrant Inokio, that snake Sesseta could well be plotting a vengeance. I'd been fooled too many times already for me not to be afraid.

    I swallowed hard and shrugged animatedly, an overtly casual gesture to mask an inward shudder that rolled from my knees up my spine. I was afraid just as much as I was excited. "I have to doubt everything. Anything could be something other than it seems, you know?"


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  • IC: Baszlin - Ga-Koro 

    The Skakdi blinked once at the relatively-diminutive figure in front of him.

    “I don’t drink... any more.”

    Any more. The words were tacked on to the end of his statement at the last second, as far-off sensations of inebriation and vague impressions of revelry trickled into his mind from some far-off memory. He could say with certainty that there had been a time once... he just couldn’t make out when. Or, for that matter, where.

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Well, I'd be a real lousy clanfellow if I didn't find you somewhere to get your beauty sleep, wouldn't I?" I replied, "I've got quarters on the Chisai Ryuu, but we'll have to see if the accomodations being made for the rest of you are up to snuff"

    "Cephala," I continued as I stood up, "it was a pleasure to meet you. Let me know the next time you're in the market for a drinking buddy"

    OOC: @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) 

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  • IC (Ageru Tazera) [Aboard the Chiisai Ryuu]

    Tazera nodded.

    "Caution would certainly be my recommendation, ma'am."

    Somehow it hadn't even occurred to her that the dragon on the docks might be a Fursic creation — amid the mass exodus of the Dasaka people, and the constant surprises of this largely-untamed island, that most treacherous of clans had faded into the periphery of apparent threats. But the Rora was right. The possibility could not be ignored.

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Mm."  Cephala lurched over the table to scoop up her story stones.  "Pleasure was mine, friend," she said as she refilled her bag.  "Feel free to stop by my hut whenever you feel like another chat!  Eastern docks, right next to the Gardens, little sand circle out in front- you can't miss it."

    A thought struck her.  She paused, hand closed around the Makuta stone.  "Actually, wait- would it be all right if I came with you two?  For a little while, at least?  I daresay I'd have an easier time learning about my new neighbors in your company..."

    OOC: @Geardirector @Mel

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  • IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets

    “I respect that,” Surdo replied. “Drinking can be a vice, and any man who is able to break out of it is respectable in my eyes.”

    He thought for a moment, tapping his chin with the head of his cane.

    “So then, perhaps just a meal? There are many fine establishments here in Ga-Koro.”

    OOC: @Perp

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  • IC:[Agni - approaching Ga-Koro from the west]


    The duo of Fire Toa paused in their tracks.


    “Good sign, yeah.” Agni agreed, a bit taken aback by sheer number of vessels and the bustle of activity surrounding them.

    “There’s even more ships here than when I first saw them.” He added, then squinted, shielding his eyes. He looked more closely at the crowds disembarking the ships. Smaller row boats moved back and forth between the larger ships that had weighed anchor as close to shore as possible and the beach, where a massive amount of people and supplies were gathered. But it was all very disorganized. A pile of crates here, some barrels there, just right next to whoever had brought them ashore. A number of the Toa-like warriors - Menti, Agni recalled from the reports, darted between the crowd, trying to get their people sorted and as they slowly moved up the beach, he noticed things became much more organized, until proper queues formed out of the throng, leading to rows of tents just at the edge of the jungle.


    “They…don’t look like an army to me.” Agni finally commented. “What’s your impression?” He asked Tuara.

    OOC: @Palm

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  • On 11/25/2021 at 12:28 PM, Ghosthands said:

    Tazera nodded. "Caution would certainly be my recommendation, ma'am."

    IC Yumiwa + Zafin | Chiisai Ryuu

    "Okay," I said with a long exhale. It's a dragon, probably. And if not and this is a veritable Breyer-soko-turned-Trojan-soko then at least I won't be alone. I stole a reassuring glance at Zaf. Don't get carried away Yumi. 

    "Let's go up, then."


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  • IC (Ageru Tazera) [Aboard the Chiisai Ryuu]

    "Yes ma'am."

    Tazera swiftly escorted Yumiwa and her handmaiden to the nearest hatch. With the Rora safely ashore, and more Menti arriving every moment ready to guard the Imperial personage, Tazera stepped back inside the vessel that was once more her primary responsibility. As important (and exciting) as the dragon situation might be, the Ryuu was her charge, and it was her duty to stay aboard and keep the submarine under her watchful eye.

    ...well, it wouldn't do any harm to keep an eye on things from inside the sub, would it? She'd just give the bridge a quick once-over and then return to the observation deck and its wonderful periscope.

    Tazera marched back down the corridors once again, until she reached the door to the bridge. As she was opening the door, she paused, holding it just ajar, and looked back over her shoulder in a curious double-take at something that had caught her eye but her brain had only just twigged.

    There was a woven basket sitting on the crystal floor, with a potted bonsai placed neatly on top of it. An unassuming pair of items, but an incongruous one aboard the Navy-operated vessel (regulations being regulations, such things ought to be secured in a cabin or locker, not left in a thoroughfare) — and she was quite certain they hadn't been there when she passed this way earlier in the day.

    Had one of the expedition's civilian members left these here for some reason? The items looked local-made, and almost...decorative? Umbraline Sinshi, perhaps? She'd seen her aboard not long ago. Zuto knew, the girl had been acting a little oddly since getting so friendly with the Ga-Koronans. Perhaps she thought the submersible needed sprucing up...?

    Tazera dropped one ankle to a squat, and reached curiously for the delicate-looking potted plant.

    OOC: @Razgriz

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  • IC: Inconspicuous Potted Plant, 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu) Interior

    See, the thing about disguises was that it was all a game of confidence and commitment.

    A lesser saboteur, a two-bit infiltrator, a crashing-rather-than-dashing thief would have broke the moment that commandeering looking lady from before had inevitably doubled back and taken notice. Their hopesrent asunder by a thread being spotted, they'd inevitably panic, break illusion, mouth off, and alert the entire boat. Rudra knew this well. Rudra also knew, with complete surety, that he was no such amateur.

    Juuuust a plant basket, ma'am.

    All he had to do, as the green-sashed (Commodore?) Dasaka reached forward, was act as a plant and box would act.

    Feel the boat. Time the sway. This isn't unsalvageable. She'll get bored for sure. She has more important things to do in that bridge than mess with decor that doesn't even have its' source around to make an example of. And once she goes into that open door, he'd get a known quantity. Simplicity itself, even a toddler could do it.

    Having spent many days out in the waters near the village, Rudra had his sea legs as sorted as anyone, feeling the waves lapping against the side of the docked submersible through his feet and hindquarters. When the boat, no matter how crystalline and fancy it was or was not, swayed—

    His teeth met his bottom lip from within the image.


    He'd mimicked the sound of bamboo sliding against rock, or at least a best guess at it, as he scooted himself and his illusion just out of the reach of the stately Dasaka's fingertips.

    —things swayed with it, naturally.


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  • IC: Long Dihunai [Ga-Koro, BoardLilywalk]

    The independent Menti sat cross legged on the edge of one of Ga-Koro's many elevated lilypads, watching the mysterious new dragon and pondering on what sign its presence could possibly entail.

    A dragon of will and a dragon of no will had been the deciding factors in the Yumiwa's escape - what would this dragon of the unknown bring to this war? Could its fire be harnessed?

    Time would tell... but the Battlemaster knew that her people were running out of it.

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  • IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro

    I walked across the pier towards the Yukanna at a clipped pace with Zafin easily at my heel. Most of the Hogo warriors had been dismissed to help their families and clan with their own duties, leaving me mostly with my companions for protection. Well, and me, I had to remind myself, having so easily forgotten that I'd killed in self protection by this point. 

    "Battlemaster Dihunai of the Long, I just got your mindmail," I said as I passed by her. "Come along with me to see this 'dragon'—if that's what it truly is."


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  • IC: Long Dihunai [Ga-Koro, Portside]

    "If it looks like a dragon and flies like a dragon, then it is most likely a dragon," the Tajaar warrior stated as she stood up and confidently strode to match the Rora's pace, lingering closer to the empress than perhaps Zafin would have preferred. She was distinctly aware of the bodyguard, and yet regarded her as if she was invisible. "It is not one of our dragons, yet it still is a dragon, much like this island is not ours, but still is an island nonetheless."

    The Battlemaster's mind was grounded in a focused awareness on the present's surroundings, yet always had the future on its horizon. Fascinating as a new dragon was, especially to someone whose culture revered them, its strategic and tactical implications were of much more import than those zoological.

    "What matters is not what it is but how it will be useful, if at all, in the storm ahead."

    Everyone present knew what was coming next.

    "But even a dragon cannot compensate for the strengths of our own spirits. This is why you mustn't delay your training any further. Inspections and tours won't inspire as much as your strength will."

    "Now that we're on land, there will be more space to continue without garnering as much attention."

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]
    “Of course, can’t let our entire society be advised by just your young people.”

    She stood up, once again using her mindarm to retrieve her cane and move her seat.  “Speaking of which—“ she turned back to Mako “—where’s Soraph?  Shmoozing with the young and beautiful of Ga-koro as usual?”

    OOC:  @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

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  • IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro Outskirts

    "I'd say if this is an invasion, they don't seem very organized. And look at those," she pointed towards the edge of the swathes of ships. There were smaller boats too, not too dissimilar from life-boats or small sail-boats. It was difficult to make out a lot of the details from this distance, but from her perspective, many of these looked a lot more like civilian crafts, "I'm no sailor, but to me, those don't look military at all."

    She began walking, "We could check with the locals, get our own boots in the mix.

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    I ushered Kama onto my shoulder, and thought for a moment about whether or not I should perhaps spring for a cane of my own? There was a certain something it added to the general aesthetic I was stuck with these days. I might have to consider it.

    "Ah, well that's going to be a story and a half all on its own, you know" I answered to Pradhai's question about clan affairs, "The last I heard she's gotten a local pretty boy all twisted around her finger and taken him with her up into the snowcapped hills you can reach just a day's march from here"

    OOC: @Mel

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro]


    As Timak lingered outside Hahli’s hut, the appearance of the dragon at the docks quickly drew a crowd. This wasn’t lost on the guards either, one of which quickly pushed past the Toa and opened the door to the hut.


    Leah and Kimala turned as the Matoran entered.


    “Apologies for the Interruption but there’s a situation at the docks. It appears the Dasaka commodore is being confronted by a…dragon?”


    Even on an island as strange as this, that took a second to process. Leah looked from the guard to Hahli, then Kimala, then the dead Rahkshi on the floor. They really needed to talk about this, but….it was just one of those days.


    The Maru sighed. “I better go check this out.” She said, turning to leave. She paused, glancing at the Rahkshi once more before shooting the Akiri an apologetic glance. “Sorry about the mess.”


    She unliebered her staff and made her way outside, about to break into a light jog to get to the docks, when she stopped as she noticed the newcomer Toa from earlier.


    “Timak? Have you been waiting out here this entire time?’

    OOC: @Rahisaurus

    IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Yukanna, on deck]


    Distant cousins feeling entitled to rule…Ayiwah knew a thing or two about that. Zuto knew she’d studied enough history books and attended social events to know that worked. From her family all the way back. Someone committed a faux pas and suddenly the clan on the opposite side of the archipelago was obligated to declare war on their neighbors. Or something equally nonsensical.


    As the dragon approached her, the commodore stood her ground, unflinching, her breath even and mind focused. The implied threat was indeed not lost on her. Which was why she felt the familiar slight tingle of her nape that came whenever she called upon her power to be available in an instant, if it was needed. Not to mention the other rather capable Menti all around them. And just to be safe, a soft ping from her Kanohi, to ensure that the draconian appearance was not just for show. But, though she was alert, she sensed no hostility from their visitor.


    “Your sympathy is appreciated. And Zuto Nui willing, we will reclaim what is ours in due time. But for now, our people’s safety must come first. And I will do everything in my power to ensure it. And that starts with getting them situated on this island.”


    The message behind that was fairly obvious as well.


    Just then, the familiar mental contact with her best friend and most trusted officer reached her mind.


    ::Commodore, Lieutenant Tazera here. Requesting your assessment of the situation, ma'am.::


    ::Lieutenant, Commodore Ayiwah. I’m directly across from the…dragon. Arthron ping came back positive, none of the other Menti are reporting anything out of order either. We are dealing with the genuine article here.:: She replied. She also added a brief report of everything she’d observed about their visitor - physiology, armaments and abilities - since his arrival. And since she had first brought it to her attention, she relayed all this to the Rora as well, to keep her appraised of the situation.

    OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis@Ghosthands@Umbraline Yumiwa

    IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]


    “Is that what that’s called?” The Skakdi asked. “Dunno, maybe. Maybe not. It’s like…I know who I am, who I used to be. I remember bits of home, but every time i try to focus, it slips away again. Got frustrated with that, so eventually I stopped trying. But…clearly y’all don’t have it…odd.”


    The barkeep paused. Talking about home inevitably conjured up associations in her mind, but as she spoke, long dormant neural connections seemed to fire again as she briefly felt herself on shaky ground, a landmass silhouetted in early dawn light rising from behind a distant shoreline obscured in mist.


    Back in the great Takea, Dainuno and Shuuan saw the Skakdi blink a few times, before continuing. 


    “Humph. Should have realized this already when your diving boat first showed, but now that you’re here to stay…you lot are the first ones to show up here bringing your own culture. Everyone else had no choice but to go Matoran. More or less. Wonder how that one’s gonna play out.”

    OOC: @Mel@Void Emissary

    IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro]


    “Agreed, let’s find out what’s going on here.” 


    Agni followed Tuara. Soon they reached Ga-Koro’s main gate. There was a lot of traffic moving through and the guards were busy, but not overwhelmingly so and they did ask the two Ta-Toa their business. Luckily a brief explanation and flashing of their badges was enough to get into the village at least.


    Once in however, progress slowed, as the duo had to navigate the crowded walkways.


    “Not organized is right…” Agni muttered. ‘Where to even start in this bustle?”

    OOC: @Palm


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  • IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro

    "That depends how far up the chain you want to go," Tuara said, casually moving so Matoran and the Matoran-like visitors could side-step her. They were strange, wearing many different colours, and even bearing armor and tools made with... crystal? Why not metal? She hadn't heard much since they first arrived in Ga-Koro, but seeing some of the few details mentioned was weird. There were many Toa sized beings too. 'They look just like us.'

    She stopped her musing, and turned back to Agni, "It's up to you. We could find Hahli, though I imagine her mask is falling off right about now. Or we can just start with any of these fine folk - so long as we don't cause a diplomatic incident."

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend


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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "To Ko-Wahi?"  Cephala grimaced.  "Hopefully this wasn't too long ago.  Ko's been through a lot these past few years."

    OOC: @Mel @Geardirector

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  • On 12/1/2021 at 12:09 AM, BULiK said:

    "[...] you mustn't delay your training any further. Inspections and tours won't inspire as much as your strength will," Long Dihunai said. "Now that we're on land, there will be more space to continue without garnering as much attention."

    IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro, docks

    My pace had quickened at the sight of the dragon from afar but I slowed my gait to pull Dihunai's attention wholly on me. I just knew she'd make these motions as soon as we were together again—it was, after all, her thing, and why she'd been doggedly seeking audience with me for quite some time—but it felt out of place in the grander scope of things, like she saw the lakes but not the myriad of streams that feed it. 

    I paused my stride entirely and peeled my eyes off the Yukanna to address Dihunai directly. "I will focus on my duties as empress first," I said, stern but kind. This was no court-borne mannerism, it was a bit of Zafin's assertive helpfulness bleeding through me for a moment. "Once I am assured that my people—and your people—are safe, have a mat to sleep on, and a roof over their heads, then I will focus on improving as a menti, and will call upon your teaching."

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  • IC: Long Dihunai [Ga-Koro, Docks]

    There are times when fire is the most effective tool a firefighter has, and this was one of them. Dihunai held her tongue, but both were well aware this wasn't the familiar sign of fear at crossing one of the Kentoku Archipelago's many cultural lines - Yumiwa had a point, in that there was a time to discuss strategy, and other to improve tactical effectiveness. Dihunai would always ask for the strategy to be a tactical improvement, but she recognized that a good strategy was varied and had more nuance than sole mastery of one domain.

    If Dihunai slipped on her training, and entirely focused on one technique of applying her soul's fire, she would be a much weaker warrior. In the same way, while Dihunai's goal of improving Yumiwa's Menti skills were important for her safety, the morale of others, and for broadening the empress's view of the other corners of the island her empire interacted with by proxy, those were perhaps not the most urgent of priorities, at least so soon from landfall. Dihunai was in the business of saving lives, not becoming a personal trainer. She was convinced that being the person to continue Yumiwa's training would save lives, but she could risk waiting a bit longer.

    "That's reasonable," was Dihunai's reply before, having settled the matter for now, the trio continued their march towards the Yukanna.

    When the time came and her expertise was needed once again, Dihunai knew her many calls would be remembered. For now, she would continue to observe the Imperials and the locals.

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  • IC:

    Aclaraung's gaze lingered on Ayiwah, wordlessly, for a few moments more, gauging her reaction—not merely in words alone, but in every aspect of her being that he could observe. The measured tone of her words, the determination evident in them; the stoic refusal to budge in the face of his approach, and the evidence of supreme self-control, keeping her gaze focused, breathing steady, without a twitch in the direction of a weapon, just in case. The others nearby, standing ready to intervene at any moment, didn't go unnoticed either—but unlike the commodore, they weren't yet worthy of his focus. Had he come under other pretenses, then perhaps; but not as things were.


    Aclaraung drew back from Ayiwah, rocking back to stand near his full height. "If you're as willing to save your people—even from themselves, as it may be—as you are to protect them, then I might just come to like you, young one." The skin around his eyes loosened, and his other muscles relaxed noticeably—had he been capable of it, Aclaraung might even have smiled, as he reached down, grabbing the spear and presenting it to Ayiwah, haft-first. "A gift, commodore, though perhaps a bit undecorated for your position."

    Present good humor aside, the dragon's disposition seemed to fall for a moment as he waited for Ayiwah to take the spear, before he continued: "I have kept you waiting long enough with these...opening pleasantries. Though there are long years past that remain unclear to me, I know that I am not from this place; from what I can recognize, I wonder if your home isn't mine as well...and if it is, then I fear our history has not been a happy one. It is my hope that I might manage to learn more from you and yours, and endeavour to fill the gaps in my memory; and that, perhaps, the potential of our futures might be one of cooperation, rather than enmity."

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  • 18 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    As Timak lingered outside Hahli’s hut, the appearance of the dragon at the docks quickly drew a crowd. This wasn’t lost on the guards either, one of which quickly pushed past the Toa and opened the door to the hut.

    Timak was starting to consider asking a second time, the guard having been rather vague about whether the Akiri was accepting visitors or not. They were keen not to make a bad first impression though, so they simply turned their gaze to the floor and scuffed their feet idly, becoming lost in thought... completely missing the growing crowd that gathered way behind, at the docks. The guard noticed, of course. Timak was stirred out of their daydreaming by the guard's sudden entry to the hut, and looked up at the mention of "dragon". 

    Dragon?! How in the world did I miss that? Must have happened while I was walking over here...

    A familiar face burst through the open door.

    “Timak? Have you been waiting out here this entire time?’

    "Oh! Well I didn't want to interrupt anything important, I was just hoping to introduce myself to the Akiri since.. well, I'm new in town. But I suppose that goes for half the population now, right?"

    They turned to look at the growing crowd in the distance.

    "I take it you're off to see what all that's about?"

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  • IC: [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    I through back my beer and drained it.  Good ale indeed.

    “Our culture is a bunch of hoity toity bullsh##.   The sooner I get rid of its stranglehold on me the better.”

    [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]
    “An entire village made of snow?” Pradhai’s heart and mind were racing; all this excitement couldn’t be good for her.  How did they keep an entire village livable?  What creatures did they use for meat?  Did they ride—

    Her eyes snapped to Cephala.   Oh dearie she thought.   Clan matters.

    “What do you mean ‘been through it?’”

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    ...oh dear.

    Cephala sighed bitterly.  "Well," she said, doing her best to keep her tone chipper, "not too long ago it wound up violently occupied by a bunch of cultists- mostly Makuta worshippers, with a couple other assorted crazies and undesirables here and there.  They all got cleared out a couple months back, but it was pretty awful while it lasted."

    Her voice faltered a little as not-nearly-old-enough memories began to stir.  "I have this friend," she muttered.  "Toa of Air, all smiles and cheers and crazy flailing, the goofiest guy you'd ever meet.  He wound up stumbling into Ko while it was falling.  Next time I saw him..."

    She closed her eyes as she remembered that first night- Joskander standing quietly in her living room, arms limp, legs shaking, armor cracked and scorched, body silhouetted by the lightning outside.  When she had asked him about the blood on his hands, he had told her, in a voice that creaked like a crumbling snowdrift, the names of every single person he had buried in the Ihu-Koro cemetery over the prior two weeks.  He never ate.  He never slept.  He just stood there, staring into nothing, until his knees finally gave out after nine hours and he collapsed into her arms.

    No.  Stop that.  Breathe.  This isn't what they need to hear right now.  Breathe, darn you.

    She breathed.

    "...doesn't matter right now."  The words felt like a lie as she said them, but she could apologize to Joskander later.  "If your friend didn't go to Ko during the occupation, I wouldn't be too worried about her getting tortured by a bunch of death worshippers or something-" why did I say that "-but the Wastes can still be pretty dangerous if you're new to the area.  Freak snowstorms, avalanches, disguised cliffs, exposure to the elements, enormous Rahi predators, just plain getting lost...  We've got traveler-friendly roads and stuff, sure, but Ko-Wahi's definitely one of the most hostile environments on the island.  Here's hoping she had a decent guide."

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Step on them?” Nale whispered to herself. “What an odd culture…”

    She turned to look at Eita. “There’s a civil war happening where you’re from?”

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  • IC: Daijuno | The Great Takea

    "Hear hear," I said, clinking my glass against Shuuan's once she'd placed it back down on the bar counter. "Best not to think too hard about what happens if our precious, saintly Rora decides she's unhappy with how things are run over here. No matter what her flying brakas over there said, that girl is Imperial through-and-through, and that's never meant anything but trouble for anyone who isn't to-the-palace-born. All I can hope for is that your guardswoman have learned enough about Dasakan psychic ###### through Sergeant Whitehout and Sinshi's... ah... knowledge sharing."

    I took another long drag on my cigar.

    "But that's damnably weird, Rhow, about the memories thing," I continued. "Did anyone here ever have any theories about it? Maybe there's some sorta, what, amnesiac mistthat we missed in our submarine. Wouldn't that be funny?"

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  • IC: Kimala - Akiri Hahli's Hut

    A dragon? Her first thought had been of a Proto Drake, but the way it was being referred to made it clear this was something more unusual. And also something she did not want to tangle with right now. No. No, no. Nope. She was refusing the call to adventure! She had already killed a Rahkshi today, she could stay in the hut and continue explaining things to the Akiri. She was a teacher, blast it, not a soldier!

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  • IC (Ageru Tazera) [Aboard the Chiisai Ryuu]

    At the very moment she reached for it, the basket on which the potted bonsai rested slid mere inches along the floor with a sway of the submarine, bringing the plant just beyond where her fingers would've closed on it.

    Tazera tutted. This was precisely why the regulation against such unsecured items existed. But as she was about to reach for it again, she received an Ideatalk from the Commodore:


    On 12/2/2021 at 11:12 PM, Vezok's Friend said:

    ::Lieutenant, Commodore Ayiwah. I’m directly across from the…dragon. Arthron ping came back positive, none of the other Menti are reporting anything out of order either. We are dealing with the genuine article here.::

    She straightened up, placing her fingers to her temple as she transmitted her response. There were, of course, more important (and interesting) matters to attend to than improperly stored furnishings.

    ::Glad to hear it, ma'am. I'll be standing by aboard the Ryuu if you need me.::

    So, it was a real dragon — of some strange talking variety, at least. The wonders of this island never ceased.

    Letting the offending bonsai-basket combo off the hook for the time being, she pulled the bridge door fully ajar and entered the broad-windowed control room to complete her usual checks.

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  • IC: Baszlin - Ga-Koro

    “Yes… that would be much appreciated, actually.”

    If this Matoran was truly invested - and the Skakdi intended to thoroughly find out - in his plight, allies in his search could prove beneficial. One of the more vivid memories that had stuck with him through the past few months stood out to him. A Ko-Toa, whose name he could not fully remember, but all the same reminded him that not all who would ally themselves with him would betray his trust. It was having more bearing on his decision-making as of late, for better or worse. He’d find out soon enough.

    “I do not have much knowledge of this village. Please, lead the way.”

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  •  [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]

    I stared at the bottom of my empty glass—ah well I could never resist a little alliteration.

    “A forgetful fog, you might say.”

    IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]
    Pradhai looked to Mako, concern writ on her face.   There were all sorts of considerations that a voyage like the one she was considering entailed, not the least of which would be convincing the other Vilda elders that Pradhai that her large and very cold-blooded companion were worth sending.

    ::When did you last see Soraph?::

    IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)]
    Yukie was making his way through the streets when he nearly bumped into them—both “toa” as the menti here were called, and both significantly different in color from the atmosphere around them.   The people here really were the color of Jaanu birds, but these two stood out in particular, both
    bright and brilliant as fire flowers.  This made them feel less intimidating for some illogical reason, but Yukie wasn’t going to keep second-guessing himself.

    “Apologies,” he said, looking up at the taller one.   “I know we must have made quite the mess here—you’ll have to understand we’ve been on the sea for weeks, everyone’s eager to feel —” he looked down at the reinforced lilypad “—decently solid ground beneath our feet.”

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  • IC (Lai Lai - Ga-Koro, The Tidalpool Inn):

    Lai Lai raced across one of the causeways that connected the Ga-Koro lilypads to each other. Her usual patient demeanor was currently clouded by a mixture of confusion, excitement, and disbelief. Rumors that an entirely new, alien species had landed in Ga-Koro had reached her soon after her return to Ga-Koro. Had she not been on a long-winded errand in Ko-Wahi, she might have heard about this sooner - as it was, she did not want to miss the chance of meeting these strange new beings in person. While she enjoyed her life as a messenger, her secondary job of newswoman presented a real labor of love on her part, and one that she hoped to pursue more earnestly in the future. So far, her stories had not been extraordinary enough to secure her a name as Mata Nui's best-known news anchor - perhaps this was an opportunity to change that.

    A tip brought to Lai Lai by one of her long-time friends suggested that a few of these new beings were gathered in The Tidalpool Inn. Lai Lai was well aware of the place, as one heralding from Ga-Koro would be expected to be. Yet, she had never dreamed that such a story-in-the-making could be found there...

    The inn was just ahead of her now. With a leap, she barged in through the door, skidded to a halt in the middle of the inn, and looked around frantically. Her eyes widened as she spotted some particularly unique-looking beings in conversation with each other. There was no doubt about it - these had to be the beings she'd been told about.

    OOC: Would you be alright with the interaction @Mel, @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva), @Geardirector and whoever else is gathered at The Tidalpool Inn?

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  • IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro

    Tuara looked the newcomer over, and let out what she hoped was an appropriately cordial smile. She looked back and forth between this Dasaka and Agni, keeping her response clear of any hard stances one way or the other,
    "We're from another settlement actually, called Ta-Koro. We heard your people had arrived, so we came here to meet you," she paused to gesture to her own heart-light, "I'm Tuara," then, to her fellow Ta-Toa, "and this is Agni."

    "Why have so many of you come to Mata-Nui?"

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  • IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro]

    The other Toa of fire gave a nod of greeting and said.  “How do you do.”

    It was a short greeting, but hopefully not off-putting. He didn’t want it to distract from the answer to Tuara’s question, which he was very eager to hear.

    OOC: @Palm@Mel


    IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro]

    Leah gave a soft chuckle. “I suppose Hahli has to stay at her desk as much as I have to run around today. So she’ll probably be there by the time things settle down again. You’ll meet her soon enough.”

    “But for now, duty calls.”

    She looked over her shoulder, back at Kimala, with a ‘you coming?’ look, before signaling Timak to follow her as she began to make her way towards the impromptu assembly. Soon, they were surrounded by people. Luckily, Leah’s presence alone was enough to part the crowd enough to pass. As they walked into the shadow of the docked large trimaran flagship, Leah pointed out another group of people to the Toa of sonics, one that seemingly managed to pass through the mass of people unhindered.

    “Speaking of introductions, looks like the Dasaka empress took notice as well. Hope you don’t mind royalty.”

    The Toa Maru shot them a wink.

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  • IC: Rudra, 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu) Interior

    Her fingers fell short, nearly brushing up against the man beneath the illusion as it slid back. For a brief moment, Rudra had worried he wouldn't make it in time— but that was, of course ill-founded. athletic as the foreign Toa looked, she was idly grabbing for something she didn't expect to run, whereas he could be downright slippery from any posture, even curled up inside a basket.

    He came to a stop a scant few fractions of an inch further, and gazed at the woman outside his illusion with narrowed, tense eyes. He had to admit, this was a very close call, still in progress. If she had sussed him out...

    For a moment, she clicked her tongue in annoyance, and looked ready to reach out again after momentarily folding her displeased arms. He was at a crossroads, and knew it. He could potentially scam one more slide out of this, but at this rate, taking her out of the picture was beginning to look more and more necessary—

    She then straightened up, raised a finger to her temple in what looked like concentration...

    And walked right into the bridge.

    Great Spirit, I am so godd#mned smart.

    Exactly what he was waiting for! She'd not even closed the door behind!

    This was the big chance!

    He gave it all of a second's listening, confirming no other voices greeting the woman obviously in charge around here, no stamping of feet (nearby) as sailors snapped into their sailorly salutes (he assumed they had them), nothing at all convinced him she was anything but alone in there.

    There wasn't a moment to waste. He rose to a low crouch from his seated posture, the illusion of the plant that had given his gateway so much consternation shimmering away in his wake, specks of glitter and gossamer silently deconstituting from the image. Creeping forward as quietly as he could, he traced her steps almost exactly as he gingerly strode to the door, trying to find a happy medium between speed and silence.

    There she was ahead of him as he reached the doorway, slowly sweeping the room with that fastidious gaze that pored over the details of the alien-looking, windowed bridge they were in— one that served to modestly baffle the Vo-Toa as he took it in in turn, eyes much less familiar than hers. The clear panes of the windows, the crystalline structure of the helm, the many different rudders they seemed to have (Mata Nui knew what half of that lever and knob and switch mess up there was)— but none of it manned save for her.

    He stepped in, Mahiki activating.

    Taking a look at the doorframe from the inside, he noted which way the entrance opened from, which side the door had swung to, the knob mechanism...

    And projected that image two feet ahead of him, as he quietly pulled the real thing shut behind, searching for a moment for some way to lock.

    A whole crew was scary.

    One person? Significantly less so.

    Not gonna lie, she still looks like she could take me if I'm dumb. good thing I'm not. 

    Bridge to cross when he came to it.

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    Don't believe his li—HOOH, HAH, HUAH [Sneak Increased to 73] [Level Up Available]
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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    The Dashi nodded. "Yeah. Clan Dastana tried to cede from the Empire. Or at least, that's the situation to my knowledge. My clan wasn't really affected. We happily provide supplies to any, and while we don't necessarily support the Dastana for their actions, we certainly don't vilify them."

    He sighed.

    "But now with this whole Rahkshi situation going on, who knows what's happening back home."

    OOC: @Tarn @BBBBalta @TL01 NUVA and anyone else I'm forgetting.