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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut

    Nale sat down next to Cael, keeping her focus on Eita. The mention of Makuta in the conversation made her tense up, and a cold chill ran through her body that she quickly shook off. She preferred to ignore it all, but it was hard to avoid these things. Becoming harder by the day.

    She watched Cael do her work. Migraines shouldn't have been too much for a healer, should they? The Toa should have been able to at least alleviate them, even for just a bit. But Eita's condition hadn't changed. Nale frowned deeply at the Dashi. She felt bad for bringing him all this way, after what he had been through, and been unable to help fix that. He shouldn't have to keep suffering these migraines. Nale wanted to say she was sorry, too, but instead just sighed. But something Eita had said to Cael made her curious.

    "You have amnesia? You really don't remember anything before you lost your memories?"

    She stood up and crossed her arms, beginning to pace the room in thought. "Maybe whatever caused your amnesia is what makes you have these migraines. Or, maybe...maybe those lost memories are causing it."

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  • IC, Eita: Cael’s hut

    Cael scratched at her Kanohi in thought. “That’s a pretty likely explanation,” she said. Eita nodded in agreement. 

    A lightbulb went off inside the healer’s head. “Say, have either of you heard about a plant called the Miracle Cactus?”

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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro Docks

    Even Daijuno wasn't enough of a heartless hind to be unfazed by this news. Her cigar nearly fell out of her mouth in shock at what she was hearing.

    "Kentoku's ... gone?" she said in a quieter voice, looking around at the Dashi and Dasaka who were climbing their way, stiff-jointed and seasick, from the fleet of ships at shore. "Is this all that's left of us?"

    And then, suddenly, was a memory of the only person that had cared about her on the Archipelago....

    "Who all made it?" she asked, now suddenly frantic. "Who was able to get on the ships?!"

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  • IC: Karoru, Ga-Koro shore


    The warrior felt her heart break seeing the distress take hold of the figure before her. Karorou's protective instinct kicked into overdrive. Turning to face into the crowd, she spoke.

    "Not good with names, never have been. Commandant has the manifest, leastways it seemed that way. Come with me, we'll soon find out if your friend made it."


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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro Docks

    "'Taka blast it," Daijuno muttered, holding her cigar in shaking fingers. Of course the royal family had been given safe passage, of course the military made it across fine. But what about the rest of them? What about--

    "Yeah, yeah," she said, following after the Menti. "Lead the way."

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  • IC: Karoru, Wait Oh No Oh Jeez


    Many, many people were having difficulty reacclimating to land. Just as many had noticed the hulking, imposingly-armored lady politely helping them to their feet. The third person she approached was more than happy to direct the pair toward the elusive Commandant. Karoru thanked the individual with a polite bow, and made a beeline for the pointed location.


    Ayiwah's handsome Naval coat was easy to spot several bio away. She seemed busy at the moment but, Karoru reasoned, would likely want to know if some dignitary was looking after the survival of a precious friend.


    Waiting politely for a break in her conversation, the heavily-armored Manti crashed one boot down and stood to ringing attention.


    "Marm! Humbly requesting confirmation of a member on our ship manifests, Commandant!"


    It was then that the face of the person Ayiwah had been speaking to came into focus.




    oh no.


    OH S**T.


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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Beach]

    Ayiwah was pleased to find the Akiri had managed to break away from her other important work just in time. That was good.

    She waited as the Hahli made her own introductions, gave a discreet wink to the Chojo at the mention of singing Desdemona’s praises, and when the Akiri had finished she added:

    “Akiri Hahli and the people of Ga-Koro have been most gracious hosts to the crew of the Ryuu since our arrival and have been of immense help in preparing for yours. Their assistance to our people has been and is invaluable.”

    She deliberately didn’t react to Karoru’s loud request, except for lifting a warning index finger on her left hand without looking at the other Menti. If the royal retainers had been on hand, this would not even have been possible, but right now, as long as there was no further interruption, this was a minor infraction. She hoped for Karoru’s sake that the message the gesture conveyed was clear.

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  • IC, Eita: Cael’s hut

    “The Miracle Cactus,” Cael repeated. Eita shook his head. Miracle Cactus was an unfamiliar term to him as well. 

    “It’s a small cactus that grows in Po-Wahi. Less than a foot high, very bendy. It’s very rare, and has amazing medicinal properties. I think it could cure your migraines, maybe even you amnesia.” The blue Toa got up and walked over to a cabinet. She continued talking as she rummaged around inside of it. “You can either trim the spines off and eat the plant itself, maybe if you’re lucky you can eat its fruits if it has any. Or…” her voice trailed off as she pulled out an object from the cabinet: a pipe. “You can smoke the flower buds. Now, as a healer, I usually don’t recommend smoking, but smoking the Miracle Cactus flowers is known to have the same effect as eating the plant or its fruit.”

    Raising an eyebrow, Eita took the pipe Cael offered him. “Okay, so where do we find this cactus? Po-Wahi doesn’t really sound like a specific location” he asked her. “Well unfortunately it’s rare for a reason. It doesn’t seem to grow in any particular place. The entire Motara Desert is its habitat. It would probably be best to start with a small search area. Tiro Canyon, perhaps.”

    Eita shrugged and hopped off the bed. He looked at Nale. “You know the way to Po-Wahi from here?” he asked. 

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut

    "Sure, it's not far from here," she replied. "But Po-Wahi is a big place. Even if we narrow it down to just the canyon, it'll be a lot of ground for us to cover to find just one plant."

    A magic plant that could cure all ailments. Nale knew the healer was too experienced to be making it up, but the fantastical nature of it made it seem even more likely it would be hard to track down. She placed her hands on her hips. "I guess that's our next stop, then. You sure there's nothing else you want to do here before we set off?"

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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro Beach

    Daijuno hunkered back behind the quickly-chastised Menti, keeping her eyes squarely fixed on the affairs of state in front of her. On either side of the Commodore were the Akiri -- of whom she knew very little except the gossip that Whitehot shared, which Dai tended to take with a grain of salt -- and, of course, Yumiwa Umbraline. Even in the freewheeling Village of Water, she couldn't help but figure that spitting on the ground would have gone over very well with any of the parties present. 

    It was the figure next to Yumiwa, though, that actually intrigued Dai. She was obviously royal from her dress and bearing, but she was little more than a reed in the sea wind -- even the most pampered politicians tended to have a little bit of heft to them. Despite her panic, she couldn't help but find her curiousity piqued.


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  • IC, Eita: Cael's Hut

    "Well, I could go for some food," Eita replied. "All I've had to eat lately was lousy boat food. I want to have something with more flavor." He stretched a little and grabbed his backpack. "Thank you for your help, Cael." Cael smiled and nodded. "You're very welcome. Good luck on your search you two."

    Eita gestured for Nale to lead the way.

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  • IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro

    Ayiwah gave a greeting first, recognizing me immediately from among the crush of resplendent fellow Dasaka. “Rora Yumiwa. I am honored to welcome you to Mata-Nui and the village of Ga-Koro. I wish it were under better circumstances but I am pleased to find you in good health after such a long and dangerous journey. I once again and as always, serve at the pleasure of the Empress.”

    "Cousin," I in turn hailed with a fractional tilt of my head. "It's warms my soul to see you again." The smile I wore was polite but constrained—I wished to embrace her just as much as she wanted to glomp us, but for the moment we were family in name only and restrained by our professional roles of Rora, Chojo, and commodore. Bonding would have to come later, but it would most assuredly come.

    "Rora Yumiwa," the Dashi Matoran Akiri greeted with a deep incline of her head. To the rest of the Dasakan delegation she gave a hearty wave—a mix between the formality expected in the presence of the commodore's empress, but also a glimpse of the friendliness and open atmosphere that Ayiwah's crew had enjoyed since arriving at Ga-Koro. "We grieve as you do for the attack on your home. Rahkshi attacks have been a sad fact of life here on Mata Nui... but that shouldn't be so. Nor should anywhere else in the world have to suffer them. Welcome to Ga-Koro. Commodore Ayiwah has told me a lot about you."

    The commodore again spoke, adding, “Akiri Hahli and the people of Ga-Koro have been most gracious hosts to the crew of the Ryuu since our arrival and have been of immense help in preparing for yours. Their assistance to our people has been—and is—invaluable.”

    "From the depths of my heart and on behalf of the whole of the Dasaka nation, thank you, Akiri Hahli," I said, and meant it. She reminded me of some story portraits of my mother, short in stature but a firecracker of spirit, equal parts reverent and casual, who knew just how to please a crowd and made a single person feel at home. There was a warmth to this matoran queen that belied a cleverness not to be underestimated. Hahli, I knew, was nobody's fool, making her a powerful ally in this land and I thanked Zuto Nui that Nurora landed her submersible here when she explored this land. 

    "It pains me to say that my people continue to require assistance and benefit from your generosity, but I hope that the relationship between our nations can be commensal and give each other strength. My presence here, despite the terrible circumstances, marks a new chapter for both of our nations and I look forward to developing a greater partnership with you and the other Akiri of the Matoran. Thank you, Your Majesty, for your gracious welcome."

    It was a simple speech, succinct and to the point, but heartfelt. We needed the Matoran's help, we were in their debt, but we also would not suffer to remain indebted. The Dasaka had lost their homes but not their dignity and I would not misrepresent them as anything less than proud but battered. 

    I noticed the pother few Dasaka from the Chiisai Ryuu's voyage come out to join my cousin as well. I knew their names alright though their faces were less familiar to me since I'd only met all of them though the original manifest of expedition personnel, so while the person who loudly scuttled up and hollered at my cousin with a "Marm! Humbly requesting confirmation of a member on our ship manifests, Commandant!" was obviously a Menti I could not place her face with a name. From the suddenly ashen look on her cheeks, though, she was probably more than overjoyed I did not know who she was.

    I winked at her, though. As a treat. 

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  • IC: Karoru, cowed-roru


    The ex-guard stood rigid, grabbing onto the careful dismissal like a lifeline. Sweating beneath her armor, she realized that she was deluding herself believing that she hadn't been noticed. 


    The Rora winked at her. Yumiwa was, frankly, stunning, and the teasing act sent silvery crimson flooding to the guard's cheeks until she was sure her mask was glowing red with it. But, fortunately, she managed to hang onto her composure, though it teetered on a knife edge.


    Dragging her gaze away, lest she be caught ogling the leader of her people and, probably, spitted for high treason and public indecency to boot, her eyes came to rest on a strikingly different figure.


    At first she appeared to be no more than a Dashi. But she carried herself confidently. Not with the arrogance of the surrounding royalty ,but a calm assuredness that came from a feeling of total control over a situation. She was bare of any crystal ornamentation, her clothes appearing far more comfortable than formal Dasakan wear. Karoru found herself admiring this stranger. Her straining ears caught the name "Akiri Hahli." 


    Furiously, she worked to commit the name to memory. Perhaps this was someone she could come to… for what? To act as a guard? Find a home for the people here? What, exactly, was her place in this strange land? Did she even still have one?


    That's when she realized, and fresh heat flowed to her already burning cheeks. It was the confidence. She admired it, and wanted so desperately to run to her, to fall to her knees and beg to learn the dignitary's secret. 


    Hot-faced, she stood there, shame in her own oafish behavior twisting her gut into knots, waiting obediently to be called by the Commandant.


    Like a pet, she thought bitterly.

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]

    Toa Leah Maru had been lingering on the pier a little ways away behind Hahli, letting the Akiri take the lead. She preferred to blend into the general Ga-Koro background crowd at this moment anyway, to keep an eye on the proceedings without drawing too much attention herself.

    That way, it was easier to spot if something was wrong, or someone needed help. Like a freshly arrived Dasaka warrior - a Menti, if she remembered right - that looked like she wanted to sink into Naho bay, because she’d stumbled across her people’s royalty accidentally. She didn’t even need her mask, the Menti’s blush was all the aura indication she needed. She also noticed the other Dasaka with her who'd managed to stay behind the larged warrior. Who knew how long the Akiri, Rora and Commodore would be in talks and how long these two would have to stand there and wait.

    Karoru felt a very soft nudge in her back. Nothing startling, just enough to get her attention in a discrete manner. Behind her was a cerulean Toa with shining aqua eyes, wearing a red sash around her waist and upper right arm covered in white tribal markings. Slung across her back was a silver protodermis quarterstaff. She was also carrying an iStone, identical to the one the commodore had used earlier.

    “If you two are looking for someone urgently, I can help.” Leah said, with a kind smile and her voice just loud enough that Karoru and Daijuno could hear her among the general noise level of the docks, but not so much that it would disturb the meeting in progress any further.

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    IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    “Funeral...right, that happened.” Rhow said, the cheer going out of her tone a bit. She scratched her chin. “I was more thinking of when we first opened this place. Heh...awkward.”

    “Less evil Toa for sure, but getting a lot of side eye from the new arrivals…” she said, more thinking out loud as she noticed another of the newcomer Dasaka sailors stare at the group of Skakdi from aboard their ship. “The ones on the sub were much nicer. What’s up with that?”

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  • IC: Karoru, privately prodded


    The guard was snapped from her gloomy reflections by a prod in the back.


    “If you two are looking for someone urgently, I can help.”


    A grateful smile spread across the Menti's face like the sun over the horizon. Quietly, carefully, she turned around-


    She… she hadn't been prepared. Yumiwa was pretty, in a distant, regal way. Striking, even.

    But the woman standing behind her, now before her, was beautiful in the same way Hahli had been. Simply, yet elegantly, garbed in armor and a red cloth sash, intricate tattoos likely denoting allegiance or membership to the equivalent of this region's Clans. The same calm, easy confidence. Then she came to her eyes.


    Her eyes were striking cerulean, like the lights she sometimes saw when the waves in Kentoku were filled with the strange creatures which brought light with every splash.


    A very different sort of blush began to creep to the Menti's cheeks, and as her stomach began to squirm uncomfortably with nerves she took refuge in usefulness.


    "I, um, th-thank you marm." She gestured to Daijuno. "Um… f-forgive me, I was in such a hurry I f-forgot… forgot to ask a name, sorry marms very disrespectful you may admonish me at your convenience. But she was asking after a close friend, and well… I… I th-thought I could help….."

    She looked miserably to the ornately-garbed Dasaka merchant. "Sincerest apologies for wasting your time and placing you in this situation, marm…"


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    IC: Nara, Ga-Koro.


    It had been a very busy day.

    While part of Nara was overjoyed to have ao many new visitors, likely carrying interesting new stories to boot, the grim air many had around them had begun to dampen even her perpetually high spirits. Still, she'd spent the day helping new arrivals to dry land and trying to make sure as many as possible were comfortable, occasionally even helping rush aid to some who looked a bit on the pale.


    It had been a long, tiring day, and the Ga-Koran was desperately looking for an excuse to get off of her sore feet and put a solid meal in her belly.


    That was when she overheard a conversation between a Matoran and a Dashi not too far from her. 


    "All I've had to eat lately was lousy boat food. I want to have something with more flavor."


    Well, it wasn't much of an excuse. She felt slightly predatory jumping in to offer her services, and definitely didn't want to come across as stepping on the other Matoran's toes.


    Wait a second. She knew that mask. The Matoran's name was Nale, though she couldn't place her Dashi counterpart. Nara wondered how her aquaintence had been getting on of late. Then, she realized she didn't have to just wonder.



    It had been a long day.

    So, Nara decided it was time to clock out.


    "Hapo, Nale" she said politely to the Fe-Matoran, nodding greeting to the Dashi as well. "Good evening to you as well, sir." She turned to Nale. "I hope you can forgive my interruption, but I thought I heard you mention going to get food. If you didn't already have an idea in mind, I was hoping to offer a recommendation. I do work as a tour guide, after all." She chuckled good-naturedly. "Well, most days at least. But it's been a long one and I'm, frankly, starving and looking for a reason to get something to eat. Would you two mind terribly being my excuse to treat myself a bit? The food's excellent, and I'll cover your tab."

    She winked playfully. "Don't worry, I'm not expecting anything back for this. I'm off the clock. What do you say?"


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  • 6 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    IC: Taoki - Ga-Koro - The Great Takea

    "The other ones came in some underwater machine. Maybe these ones are all sea-sick." Taoki sniffed. "I hate sailing. Makes my tummy just a little too upset."

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro 

    As Nale left Cael's hut, she had to admit she was feeling a bit hungry as well. And you couldn't search for legendary medicinal plants on an empty stomach.

    Outside, she was greeted by a familiar face. I know her...

    "Oh, Nara! Hello," Nale said, giving a small wave. She glanced over at Eita upon hearing the Ga-Matoran's offer. "That...that would be nice. Thank you. But are you sure you don't want me to pay for it?"

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]

    The Ga-Toa chuckled and shook her head slightly. 

    “Ma’am, hm?” she asked, amused. “I knew this job was stressful but I don’t look that old already, do I?”

    She gestured towards the dock-side of the pier.

    “Come on, let’s get out of the politician’s way and find your friend. What was the name again?”

    As she moved, she started pulling up the list on the iStone.


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    IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    Rhow shot Taoki a bewildered look. “You seriously would go in that glass coffin thing instead of something you can jump off of if it starts leaking?”


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  • IC: Karoru- flustered and following


    Karoru followed obediently, stammering as she went.

    "I… n-no, mar- I mean, no. No, you don't look old at all! You look lovely, in fact. Very much so, especially- urk!"


    Karoru clamped her mouth shut. Well, she thought, that's blown it. What did you do? Start an international incident, that's what. 


    "S-sorry. I was… j-just trying to be respectful, mar- erm, miss."


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    IC: Narah


    "Whichever you'd prefer, hun. I don't want to pressure you to accept, but just know the offer still stands until the cheque's been paid. Besides, the joy of your company is more than worth the cost of dinner."

    She looked to Nale's companion. "Also, seeing the two of you walking out of the doc's hut looking all serious-faced made me think that you might need a little bit of a pick-me-up."

    A pause, then in a more serious tone Nara continued. "It's… nothing too serious, I hope? Forgive me for being nosy. Just wanted to check is all."


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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]

    “Relax, you’re doing fine. And thank you!"

    The Toa chuckled again. 

    "I’m Leah. And you are?”


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  • IC:

    .:I don't know, my lady.:. I answered honestly. She deserved that, no matter how much I wished I had better new. And how badly I felt to have left him behind. .:His plan was to draw off the... Rahkshi? While we pushed for the Docks. He intended to remain on the Archipelago with the people that had to stay behind. No one said he was killed, but with how chaotic communication was before we left...:.

    I drew in a deep breath, suppressing the urge to pat her on the back.

    .:If anyone could have made it it's Rayuke. I won't count him out until I see it for myself.:.



    "No invasion. More like refugees. Though, if we were buttering you up for an invasion we could have done it a while ago." Even that simple a joke was hard won under the circumstances, but it would have been unheard of before her voyage to the island. She considered waiting, but... "I'm late already, White, I'll meet up with you down there. See you soon."

    Sinshi began moving slowly, but accelerating with every one of the half dozen steps before she reached the balcony and pushed off on the last, arching forward out and over the street. She would have liked simply to roll but for obvious reasons the swords at her sides forbade that. So more simply she dove, planting both hands on the lilypad when she reached the street and carried with her the momentum to spring again to her feet and take off towards the docks at a swift jog. 

    .:Daijuno, you out there?:.

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    ”Migraines,” he replied to the Matoran. “The healer told us we should look for something called a Miracle Cactus if I want to get rid of the headaches.”

    Eita smiled a little. “I’m Eita. And I’d offer to pay, but I don’t have any money on me. Plus, I have no idea if the people here would accept crystal money.” Eita chuckled at the half joke. 

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  • IC: Karoru, hesitantly hopeful


    The warrior looked up, surprised. She wasn't being admonished, or dismissed for her impudence. She allowed herself to relax, ever so slightly. 

    "My name is Hogo Karoru. B-but feel free to call me Karoru."

    Their shoulders relaxed now, their armor making a noticeable noise like shifting plates as she did so. "Leah. It's a lovely name." They turned red. "I-I mean, n-not that I mean anything by that! I-I mean… th-thank you again for helping us. I… kind of walked the pair of us into a mess…"

    [ OOC: @Vezok's Friend]


    IC: Narah.


    "Not many, no. But some do. There are Dasaka who've settled here, even set up shop. Crystal's good there, so long as you're careful they're not trying to hike up the price. The key is to just make sure you seem confident with how you handle your coin.

    "But the restaurant I had in mind takes widgets, yes. It's nothing terribly fancy, but the food is well worth the visit."

    She laughed warmly. "It might be hard to get a word in edgewise once we get started on the meal."


    Turning to Nale, she asked inquisitively "Miracle cactus? Well, I've certainly heard people say it helps with the pain. I know there's some medical backing, but I guess old preconceptions die hard. I can't exactly point you towards anybody selling it, of course, but… if it's an actual cure, you may have some luck in Po-Koro."

    She held up her hands placatingly. "Not that I'm saying I want you to leave! Quite the opposite, I love our chats. I just thought I'd drop in my two widget's worth."


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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro 

    "I understand what you mean," Nale replied with a giggle. "That's where the healer told us to go, too."

    She crossed her arms and shrugged. "But tracking it down will take awhile, I think. We can talk about it more over lunch, but...would you like to come along, Nara? An extra set of eyes wouldn't hurt."

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  • IC:

    Hahli bit back a mischievous grin at the idea of the title of Your Majesty. In a place like Mata Nui, such a pleasantry rang hollow; even her late friend Matoro, with his attempts at bringing nobility to Ko-Koro, had never been called Your Majesty as far as she was aware. (Ambages, maybe, but look where all of his titles and wealth had gotten him in the end.) Ayiwah had warned him such formalities were likely, though. They were all the Dasaka had known, an empire that stretched into the Time Before Time, and as funny as it would be it wouldn't do to take advantage of such a thing.

    "Akiri Hahli more than suffices, Rora," she said graciously. She did a quiet sweep for her assistant Eutuchia, ensuring he was out of earshot, before she added: "But I do have a man in my life I think could stand to be a bit more appreciative, if you would like to drop a Your Majesty in front of him. Should we retreat to my office? Chojo, Commodore?" She noticed Leah leaving out of the corner of her eye with a couple other Dasaka, but thought little of it. Leah was capable of handling herself, and had a way of putting anyone at ease; she was always helpful in situations with the Dasaka, but doubtless on a personal level the people who she had taken under her wing needed her more than Hahli did. 


    Desde smiled at the pleasantries, ever the delicate beauty, but her mind was on her uncle. Rayuke had fought with the ferocity of a god in the last Fursic Rebellion, as all knew, but so had her parents and Inokio. All of them now laid slain; why would Rayuke be any different? Behind her back, a fist clenched in anxiety. Even when her mother was too busy grooming Yumi to be her successor, Rayuke and Masayoshi would make time for her. The thought of Rayuke's heart, with its great boom. boom. boom. drumbeat, suddenly ceasing...

    Do not cry. Do not cry. They will all feel it if you cry.

    She giggled at the Akiri's joke to try and refocus. She scanned the crowd behind the little Ga-Matoran and caught sight of a Dashi staring at her curiously. Her eyes roved somewhere else for a few seconds, then fell on the Dashi again. She was still staring.

    If she's looking when I look again, I'll wave! she thought, deciding to make a little game of it. Her eyes roved back over the crowd, then fell back on where the Dashi was standing--

    --only to see her back, being escorted away by Akiri Hahli's Toa-hero protector.

    Zataka's thighs I have the worst timing.

    "I would be honored to accompany you, Akiri Hahli," she responded with a nod of her head. "Sister."


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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro

    Sinshi's voice pinged in Dai's head and, for neither the first nor last time in her life, she resented the fact that she couldn't talk directly into other peoples' heads.

    "You're very generous, Ms. Maru," she said, having to double her walking pace just to keep up with the two soldiers' massive strides. "I'm looking for a Zyla, of Clan Dastana. She looks like me, but she's generally nicer and more people tend to like her more and-- Oh, Ms. Karoru, would you mind sending out an Ideatalk for me? Try to find a Sinshi of Clan Umbraline and let her know that Daijuno is with you, and where she can find us?"

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend @TL01 NUVA


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  • IC: Karoru, Dreamscaping


    The Warrior nodded to her companion. 

    "Aye,... Erm, do you prefer marm or miss?" she asked, as she shifted her perception into the mental plane. 

    Oddly enough, she always felt more comfortable here. Like a buzzing in her ears was finally fading. 

    She was immediately awash in a sea of thoughts, desperate Menti reaching for each other. Finally, they felt something the shape of what they were looking for.

    .:Umbraline Sinshi? Salutations marm. This is Karoru of Clan Hogo. I am in the company of a Dashi named Daijuno who wished me to alert you and furthermore to signal our location. :.

    Looking around their area, they took a mental snapshot and sent this image along, along with Karoru's most recent, albeit hazy, memory of her own appearence.

    .: By your leave, marm. :. she sent, pausing a moment to await a reply.


    [OOC: @Tarn


    IC: Nara, The Great Takea


    Nara gave this some thought. There were lots of new arrivals, and that meant lots of potential income. 

    ...however… she'd not had much of a chance to leave the Koro in years. It would be nice to stretch her legs a bit, and pay a visit to Po-Koro. She'd heard there were some good sculptors there. Maybe she could bring back a souvenir.


    " I would be happy to," she said as they walked through the entrance to The Great Takea. Usually she stopped by a small cart in the market that had grilled fish and noodles to die for, but for a full party of three hungry patrons the Takea would be more economical.


    The moment the waiter came with menus, Nara proceeded to order most of it.


    Specifically, she requested a plate of Ruki and Makuta Fish sashimi and thin citrus slices, karaage and fried vegetables, pickled lotus root, sea lettuce goma-ae, and tall glass of sour Bula cider.

    Nara also took the liberty of ordering a round of miso for the three of them.  Once it arrived, she sipped her bowl contemplatively while she conversed with her fellow diners.


    "So… any plans for how to get there? I mean, will we be chartering a cart or crab? Or going on foot? I'm game either way-" she paused as half the kitchen was deposited before her "ah, thank you. As I was saying, I'm game either way, I just wanted to get an idea how long we'd be gone."

    She gestured to the veritable feast laid out before her. "Feel free to try whatever, in addition to your meals. I got a variety of things, so see if there's anything you like."


    [OOC: @Tarn


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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    "Uh, I was assuming on foot, unless a cart or crab is faster," Eita said. "I honestly have no idea how long this will take. You said there's another village over there, right? Po-Koro, you called it? We can stock up on supplies there, in case we have to camp out." 

    Eita reached out and grabbed some sashimi, taking a bite of it. "Mmm, this is good," Eita said. "I know anything would taste good after being at sea for a while, but still, this is really good."

    OOC: @Tarn @TL01 NUVA

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    "Cart or crab would be better," Nale said. She sipped some cider. "There's an entire desert before you reach the village, and I'd rather not make that trek on foot if I don't have to."

    @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA

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  • [Ga-koro, Not Far Enough Away Apparently (Shuuan)]

    Luckily, I was at least far enough away that the grief didn’t overwhelm me.   The urge to cry simply lapped at my heels like waves.   Don’t cry, little princess, I’m not going to look stupid in front of these foreigners.

    But as luck would have it (finally) a couple of those foreigners (what were they called again?  Matoran, that was it) were leading some Dastana dashi away, with a mention of food.

    For once, the thought didn’t make me want to bend over and wretch.

    So I followed them.   A little creepy, but people tend to assume that about me, so I don’t care.  While they went into the restaurant/bar, I loitered by the door.   This apparently wasn’t enough to get their attention though.  I sent a message the way of the Dastana dashi.


    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA
    @Tarn apologies, forgot to tag earlier

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita took a sip of his own cider. His eyebrows raised at how good it was. "Yeah, in that case, a cart or crab would be faster," he said. "Maybe a cart since there's currently three of us."

    OOC: @Tarn @TL01 NUVA

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]

    “Well, messes are my specialty, Karoru. And...Daijuno, is it?”

    Leah started pulled up the list on the iStone and started to browse for Dastana Zyla, but paused when she heard Daijuno’s request.

    Sinshi? I know that name, she’s one of the Ryuu’s crew. Though she mostly hangs out with Whitehot, so you might find her…” The Toa Maru paused, and started to turn in place, looking for the right hut to point out. As luck would have it, the Menti in question was just vaulting over the second floor balcony and onto the path below. “...right there.”

    If they all acclimatize like that, this’ll all work out juuust fine.

    She continued going down the list of names. There were a number of this clan Dastana, but if there was a Zyla, she didn’t see her. She asked: “Dastana Zyla...either I’m blind or your naming conventions are playing tricks on me. Just to make sure, is Zyla shorthand for a longer name?”

    OOC: @Krayzikk @TL01 NUVA @Void Emissary



    IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Beach]

    “Yes, your majesty. An excellent suggestion. Lead the way.” Ayiwah concurred. She was obviously playing along with the Akiri’s joke, but her tone of voice was that of someone playing it completely straight. She backed up her agreement by taking a step to the side and indicating with her hand for Hahli and Yumiwa to go ahead. "My honored Rora."

    She noticed that Toa Leah was taking care of Hogo Karuro and her companion. Good. Had the Menti waited she would have been forced to say something. This way everyone could continue with what needed doing without mandatory reprimands no one had time for.

    As the Akiri and Rora began to walk, the commodore lingered so she could bring up the rear, positioning herself behind the chojo. She took the opportunity to briefly put a hand on Desdemona’s shoulder as they walked.

    .:That was a timely warning, princess. Today would have descended into chaos if not for you. Thank you.:.

    She gave Desde’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

    .:D###, it’s good to see you, kid! Both of you.:.

    OOC: @Caedast @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

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  • IC: Nara, the Great Takea



    Nara swooped in with her chopsticks, piling a plate with salad, karaage, a fried tuber, two slices of sashimi, and a small mound of pickles.


    Deftly placing a karaage wing in her mouth and savoring the sweet flavor, she squeezed the citrus over the fish as she listened. After she had washed a good third of the food she had grabbed down with delicious cider, she responded.


    "Well, I haven't ridden a crab in ages. But I'm excited to refresh my skills!"


    [OOC: @Tarn


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  • IC:

    Desde visibly swelled with pride at her cousin's touch and the resulting accolades. From the back of the procession, any movements she made were likely kept discreet - but even if they weren't, Des didn't care who saw when she reached back and squeezed Ayiwah's hand with all the strength in her hand. She beamed and refused to let go of Ayiwah's hand until they were in front of Hahli's hut.

    .:It's great to see you too, commodore.:. she thought politely, still clutching Aya's hand until they hit the steps of the Akiri's hut. Desde eyed the pool in the middle of the Akiri's den curiously; later, she would learn that such a thing was common among the architectural stylings of Ga-Koro. When they were all inside, she let go of the commodore, turning back to her cousin with a grin that, while characteristically bashful, had just a little of her extroverted sister's mischief.

    .:Mata Nui's treated you well, Aya.:. she joked mentally. .:It seems like you've gotten some color since we last saw you. And your piercing - is that metal? How exotic!:.


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  • IC:

    .:Ooh, Dai is irritable today. I know the spot, tell her to keep her shirt on.:.

    At a brisk pace the Menti continued, altering her course slightly to where the other Menti— a Hogo, imagine that— had indicated. Her Marine-style jacket flapped loosely in the breeze while the swords bounced lightly at her hip. Daijuno she spotted and recognized easily, and by garb if nothing else she spotted the Menti she had just 'spoken' with. The third member of their little trio was a familiar face from her first day ashore. Gradually, easily, she came to a stop near the three and waved a greeting. Rude, perhaps, instead of the traditional bow, and easily plopped a hand down on the top of Dai's head.

    "Morning, Dai. Hogo Karoru, I presume. Maru Leah."

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Akiri Hahli’s Hut]

    The fact that the commodore's face didn't even betray the most miniscule hint of the hot flash of embarrassment her cousin's words caused to roll over her, was yet another testament to her self control.

    .:Umbraline Desdemona, you know better than to did you even-:.

    The mental chiding cut off the moment the realization hit her. Her uniform was immaculate, as always, and the recently upgraded navel souvenir of her more exploratory days was well concealed. The chojo hadn't known - until she'd confirmed it just now.

    .:That,:. she replied sternly, .:was a lucky guess.:.

    A second passed.

    .:...but yeah it’s pretty cool! I can show you later and tell you all about it.:.

    OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl




    IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]

    “Morning, Sinshi!” Leah greeted the new arrival. “Welcome to the controlled chaos. Sleep well? Are you up to speed on things?”

    OOC: @Krayzikk@TL01 NUVA@Void Emissary

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  • IC: Karoru


    The Guard's cheeks flushed again.

    Useless, she chided herself mentally. You're absolutely useless. Of course they found her without you, why wouldn't they?


    She heard her mother's irate voice in her head. Can't you do anything right, Karoru? Bad enough your mind is fractured, but you could at least find a way to not disgrace us further than you already have.


    A small rattle, like shifting dishware, came from the shaking Dasaka.


    [OOC: @Krayzikk
     @Vezok's Friend
     @Void Emissary]

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    "Ah, it's easy no matter how rusty you get. But you're right, Eita,"--pause, a few bites of sashimi, soo yummy!--"maybe we should go by cart. Then again, you should see how big some Ussal get."

    Nale took a larger sip of her cider. "There's also the Iron Mahi."

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA