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  • IC: Daijuno | Ga-Koro

    "If you'd feel better doing so, Karoru," Dai said, noting that this particular soldier looked like she really needed a win today, "she's a little taller than me, and certainly slimmer, wearing a Volitak and probably being deeply nervous about committing some sort of social faux-pas around so much of the Kentoku glitterati."

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  • IC: Lekua, Great Takea

    Lekua seated himself without hesitation. “Oh, in that case, I’d be happy to stay! Nice to meet you, Eita. Nale.” He shook each of their hands. “Anything you’d recommend? Oh!” He threw up his hands. “I’m Lekua. Ah, and you are?” he asked the other two.

    IC: Iraanus, Great Takea

    Half the Skakdi population…


    He blinked, then grunted. “Work? Say it ain’t so.”

    He took a closer look at his friend. There was precious little that could unsettle Rhow, but he had the distinct impression that something had just done so.

    “Er, you all right there, Rhow?”

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  • IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]


    “Yeah, I’m fine, s’just…” she started to reply, but paused, scratching at the largest of her fins as she tried to find the right words.


    “You ever get the feeling like there’s some important thing you oughta be doing, but can’t remember?”


    “Been that way a while now. But now, these folks lost their home and it made me think of ours. Our original home I mean. Like, this place is all great’n such, but it’s been tugging at my mind.”


    Rhow let out a frustrated growl.


    “I ain’t sleeping well lately. Weird dreams.”


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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "They've just got good taste" I answered with an easy smile. Kama was just ever so slightly beginning to stir awake where she had been dozing off on my shoulder. She gave me an indignant squawk, and once inside the Inn she disappeared up under the ceiling, evidently hoping for a better chance to get some sleep while I played guide for Pradhai.

    "It's got a real Saihoko look to it, this village" I remarked, "but that's not seen as the lower orders around here. This whole village runs on that business, and it's not to my knowledge seen as a mark against them by any of the other locals"

    "But also, no shortage of drinks to pick from." I added, fishing out a listing from a stand with a complementary Mindarm snag of my own. "I'm sure we'll find all new poisons for everyone coming over. I've already had a bit of a taste, naturally

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  • IC:

    Desdemona was a stranger to negotiating with aliens, but she couldn't escape the gut feeling that their meeting with Akiri Hahli had gone exceptionally well.

    Hahli had seemed amenable to the idea of an initial Dasaka settlement in Ga-Koro, but everyone present knew that would never be enough to hold them all. Also left unspoken, but which Des had become preoccupied with as she'd enjoyed her beer, was the potential for more Dasaka to cross the ocean and join them on Mata Nui. She did not know if she found that thought comforting or not. The thought of the Umbraline fleet being the last of their storied people, endangered so far from home, was a chilling one...but so was the idea that the situation was so dire on the Archipelago that the Dasaka had no choice but to flee their ancestral lands, abandoning them to the darkness for a chance at survival. Every day more ships failed to arrive could mean continued success on Sado or Oki, or it could mean the final destruction of their people. It could mean anything. All their options were horrifying.

    So, as (what remained of) a family, they chose not to overstay their welcome in Hahli's office - even though a test run of her pool might have been nice. Instead, they retreated back to the Panda as a septet, the two Umbraline princesses, Ayiwah and Masayoshi their elders, Zafin and Yumi's two Eyiu Twin Souls flanking them as they returned to the docks. As they walked, Des shot her Rora - her big sister - a few searching glances. With everything that had happened, the Chojo knew that Yumiwa was feeling the wear and tear. They had learned from the same tutors and shared many of the same instincts, so if Des was fretting over the future this much, she knew Yumi was right there with her. But Desde could swear that Mata Nui had brought a glow to her sister today. It was a hard aura to place, like trying to recollect the feeling of another Menti's Willhammer tell, but it was familiar to her from their childhoods; she remembered the feeling of watching Yumi and Hana adventuring together from afar, dreaming of the day they would rule the world. Desde knew now where she recognized the glow from; it was the feeling of adventure, one that had possessed Yumi since the day she was born. Des was an intruder upon that feeling; before now, she had only felt it by riding along as an unwelcome passenger amid her sister's emotions, a stick bug unable to be flicked away.

    She doesn't think of me like that anymore. We're sisters again. She smiled and put away those thoughts. Whether her pep talk to herself had merit or not, she would have to force herself to believe it. It was just nice to see the glow at all; Yumi was as gorgeous as any callow old Vilda when that spark of life was in her.

    But it wasn't Yumi who she seized upon when they'd boarded the Tactical Panda II (.:Tactical Pan-dos?:. she suggested with a smug grin as they descended the stairs) and enclaved below decks in Yumi's private study. It was Ayiwah; the skinny princess latched around her cousin and long legs tangled a knot even the veteran sailor might be proud of. There was cargo that weighed more than the Chojo did soaking wet, but she gave the embrace as much force as she could muster anyway.

    "Hello, Commodore," came the muffled adolescent greeting, murmured into the dignified shoulder of Ayiwah's uniform. "I missed you, I missed you I missed you I missed you..."


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  • IC: Asa - Ga-Koro

    "... from what I've seen, your current sickness isn't serious, it's just your body not reacting well to being in such a cramped space for so long. You need to get your immune system back up. Take these - the locals call Bula Berries, I can't recall if we have them at home or what we call them if we do - and hold them in your hands; they'll boost your energy levels and help your body recover. You don't have to chew them; you'll actually get more energy from holding onto them..."

    Asa noticed her current patient, along with a few others, glancing at a group of people going by, longer than what might be expected from a regular sight. Curious, Asa turned around, and -

    Was that the Rora?

    "... uuuuuuh, anyways, remember to regularly hold onto these berries, and also drink lots of fresh water..."


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  • IC (Tidalpool Inn)


    A pebble, perfectly round and polished enough to catch the morning light, sailed between Mako’s face and his menu.

    Leaning back in her seat in the corner, Turaga Cephala offered the two Datsue a languid wave.  “Try the Mangai Duster,” she said.  “Gloriously spicy.  Keeps your mind flying for hours.”

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Aboard the Panda]


    As the group had walked, Ayiwah had quickly and efficiently checked in with the other captains and other organizers of the arrival on the island. Things were progressing well for now. Smaller issues, like the search for the Saihoko Zyla we’re still ongoing, but largely the Dasaka refugees were being processed and taken care of. Of course, the commodore would soon have to return to her duties, but thanks to Taz and the others, she had the time to spend with the Rora and Chojo right now.


    It seemed the latter was seizing on the opportunity as well. Quite literally. Before she could take a proper look at the royal quarters aboard the Panda, the commodore found herself with Desdejona wrapped around her.


    “I missed you too, princess.”


    Ayiwah softly patted the chojo’s head, then put her right arm around Desde’s shoulders, returning the embrace with enough gentle strength to prove the meaning behind her words. With her left she reached out to Yumiwa and pulled her into the hug as well.


    “I missed you both.”


    “The captains told me what happened. The evacuation, the fighting…the dragon. I’m very, very proud of you two.”


    In this moment, there were no titles, no ranks. Ayiwah just showed her cousins the affection she had been unable to before. Even prior to departing for Mata-Nui. She had only been able to mourn Yusanora with them in her official capacity as commodore, but there had been no opportunity to just be there as herself for them. Despite being the ruling clan, it seemed none of there wasn’t much left of the Umbraline family nucleus. Ayiwah’s captains  had also explained the absence of Rayuke and Inokio, in broad strokes at least. She would have liked to inquire further, but she did not ask the girls. It could wait right now. They had been through so much in such a short amount of time already.


    Ayiwah chuckled, and, in low tones, since she was close to both her cousins’ ears, said: “I could get used to seeing my empress in navy colors. I bet the crews got a kick out of that.”

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  • IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro

    In the privacy of my own ship I close let the weight of being rora fall off my shoulders, like a cloak shaken off by a warm hearth at winter, and relish in the moment of familial closeness. There were still plenty Umbralines in clan name with us, but of the imperial family... it seemed we were all there was left. Moments together were hard to come by before and it was hard to say when it could happen again, so enjoying the time I had with them was more prized a possession than all the gold in the world. 

     “I could get used to seeing my empress in navy colors. I bet the crews got a kick out of that.”

    "I wouldn't know if they did," I admitted. "Maybe it was the overwhelming grief, or maybe they were scared of me kicking their oshiri, but light remarks my way were few and far in between." I hugged Ayiwah on the other side opposite Des and she scooped me under with her free arm. I inspected her uniform and smiled up at her. "Also, you're out of uniform—you were issued a big hat."

    Suddenly I shuddered involuntarily and my head sagged onto my cousin's shoulder. A chilly sensation came to my cheeks and it took a moment for me to realize what was happening because it was not cold, but as her linen and wool grew damp I realized it was the drying trail of tears on my face. Ever since my mom was murdered I'd felt increasingly alone and powerless to stop the exodus of people from my life. It's a frightening thing, having all the power in the world to change people's lives but still helpless to save my own soul. The people I loved, trusted, or cares for had been taken from me one by one: My mom, cruelly assassinated; my cousin, sent away to Mata Nui; my sister, kept away for who knows what; Hana-whatsername, obliterated from my memory; Uncle Rayuke, working in isolation with the Inquisition; and Inokio, revealed to be a spy and devoid of honor. And then, when everything came crashing down...

    I pressed my chin deeper into the rich blue shirt when I realized why I was so convulsing cathartically. "You know, it's been... so long since I've been hugged by you guys."

    "Tea's ready, Yumi," Zafin kindly interjected.

    "Get the #### in here, Zaf," I commanded and stretched an arm out to pull her in. "You're one of us, too." And no less a cousin of mine than Ayiwah. So there we stood, a muddled mass of swirling feelings and repressed trauma let loose on each other, until we tearfully relented and let each other go only to reconvene the pile on the large couch before the tea went cold, though I had a feeling Than and Iglia were responsible for the carafe of shōchū on the platter as well. 

    One trauma after another had befallen our clan and my soul, an unceasing train of loss and occupation that kept me plunged in darkness like trying to swim in frigid rapids. Ever done that? The muscles tire more quickly in the cold, and the churning stream is more air than water, making even the strongest of swimming strokes into futile gestures. People drowned that way constantly, too emboldened by the warm air and inviting river until they realized their error in judgement. Maybe we can finally, finally be whole and work together again. I felt in my heart that my dad would approve of that. 

    I curled up on the sofa with the rest of my nuclear clan as we laughed and shared bonding stories, happy—at least for the moment. 

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  • IC:

    I'm just going to stay very quiet, and very still. 

    If I do that successfully they may believe I have become deaf as well as blind, or they may mistake me for a furnishing entirely. Either way I can pretend that I was not here or deny seeing anything so awkward as the Rora having a small breakdown less than eight feet from where I'm standing.

    Nope. No Masa here. Just a coat rack.

    Thaaaaaat's it.

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  • IC Zafin | Panda II

    Zafin plucked Yumi's captain's cap from the coffee table and nonchalantly placed it on the new statuesque coat rack before joining her family on the couch.





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  • [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]

    Pradhai raised an eyebrow, looking with interest at the other “datsue.”

    “I do like spicy food, but after that ride, I’m in the mood for something a bit more...refreshing.”  The Vilda datsue marked a sake sampler and an oolong shōchū on the order card.

    “And who would you be, stranger?”

    OOC: @Geardirector@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

    [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    “Shuuan.”  It felt good to not add the family name, and by all accounts this green dashi didn’t seem to give a rat’s rear about such things.

    Here I could just be the uggo in corner eating a bowl of rice, no preconceptions.

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "I," the Turaga said with a smile, "am but a humble fisherwoman and retired adventurer by the name of Cephala.  Please, pardon my forwardness, as I have nothing better to do with my time than pester any other Turaga I run across into being my drinking buddies."  She cackled to herself, then took a large swig of something red and frothy from an earthen mug.  "How about you?  I think I've seen your friend around here a couple times before, but you seem like a new face- I daresay I'd remember you if you weren't.  Here in Ga, we don't often see old ladies with crystal armor and a snake for a pet, y'know?"

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "A Datsue who deigns to fish her own food" I remarked, louder than I probably should have. It was not something I personally had a problem with. Being an old man who likes to stay out of sight and comes from a clan of animal-minders sure makes it very easy to prefer the life of an outdoorsman.

    "If you're looking for drinking buddies, we can serve as your Turaga for the day" I offered with a smile. "We don't go by that word but it seems like that's just what you people call the old guard. That's close enough for me"

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Old?" Cephala said.  "Ha!  Most of us, maybe, but I still feel young enough to bench-press a Manas."  She gazed into her mug, sloshing the liquid around, then added, "Or that could be the alcohol talking.  Y'know, there's a surprising amount of value in having a Kaukau when you like to get drunk as sin in a village comprised entirely of lily pads."

    She drained the mug in one swift gulp, then tapped the seats next to her.  "Right, I'm pretty sure I'm making an awful first impression, but regrets are for sober people who haven't just downed two full mugs of Brakas Bootshine.  Come on, pull up a chair.  You two look like you've got stories to tell, and I'm sure we could all do with giving me a reason not to run my mouth."

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Aboard the Panda]


    “Yumi, that regulation has not been enforced since before Rora Yui’s reign. Have you ever seen that hat? I’ve got it back in my quarters in the yards somewhere. It is ridiculous.”


    The commodore used her left arm still wrapped around her cousin to discreetly squeeze her side, tickling her. 

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "We're all full of stories here, I'm sure" I parried as I took her up on her offer, pulling a chair psionically across a few inches of floor before I could sit down at last. It seemed like the people at least in this establishment were quite casual about throwing their powers around for casual use. Suited me just fine.

    "Name's Mako. Vilda Mako, and this is my Clan-sister Pradhai," I offered, "it seems you're a little bit ahead of us in getting plastered, but I don't mind a challenge"

    "Now, I can supply plenty of harrowing, exciting adventures to thrill the audience with, but you'll have to give me a moment. Drinks to calm the nerves come first"

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  • [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]

    Pradhai echoed Mako, pulling a chair over with her mindarm before tottering over to it, gesturing to the waiter to bring the tray of drinks.

    She opted to let the others pour however, as the oldest in the room in most group settings she was used to being served.  She wasn’t the best at detail-work with mindarm either.

    “A little bird told me that your people have experience with the monsters that have ravaged Kentoku--rashki, I think it was?”

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Raaaaashhhhh...?"  Cephala made a face, swirling the word in her mouth like a sip of bad ale.  Then she brightened.  "Ah!" she exclaimed.  "You mean Rahkshi, yes?  Tall lizards, staves, armor for days, spines that wouldn't look out of place on a Skakdi?  Yeah, we got some of those here.  Mostly confined to Mangaia and the Dark Paths these days, as far as I'm aware; I've even heard of hunting parties that go looking for Rahkshi bits to sell off, because of course we've got people stupid enough to see Makuta's murder monsters as a business opportunity.  What makes you..."

    Suddenly the rest of Pradhai's sentence caught up with her.  The Turaga straightened in her chair, the mug in her hand sinking to the table.  The castle in the back of her mind, forever burning in silence, was suddenly a little brighter.  "Oh.  Hold on.  When you say "monsters that ravaged Kentoku"...?"

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    “The sashimi,” Nale answered Lekua, “and if you’re thirsty the cider isn’t half-bad either!” She raised her glass and grinned, before going to take sip and realizing it was empty. “Oh, I need a refill again…”

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  • IC: Leli, I understand you're pretty, but you're not wearing ribbons that get under your carapace and itch like Kellin's neck did on the boat ride that he complained about incessantly for two and a half weeks. You remember that, don't you? His scarf got wet and he fell asleep wearing it. You don't want me to start complaining like he does and scratching my shell raw.


    IC: "You're on, my man. Speakin' my language. I'm takin' a delivery fee, though. LELI!" he yelled, after taking the Ussalryman's hand and forcing a shake out of it whether Tarnok had agreed to one or not. The Leli in question was trying to adorn Cancer with a sequined of crystal-studded ribbon at the moment, pointedly ignoring the two bits of muscle that could talk speak speak Matoran with her, trying to be off in her own little world while coordinating fashion.

    He didn't mind that bit, to be honest. The stones brought out the handsome quality to his eyestalks— but the De-Matoran, as a businessman, had a solemn duty to rip her out of her reverie.


    Said crab skittered, which Kellin assumed to be either agreeing with him or something to the tune of "Bro, this ribbon is a game-changer".

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  • IC: Leli [Ga-Koro Docks]


    Leli, seemingly having given up with any additional accoutrements to adorn the Ussal with, clambered up on top of Cancer's shell. Her own crystalline decorations clinked together as she sat down, and patted the spot next to her.

    "Well, come on then."

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  • IC:

    Yes. Yes, good. It's working. 

    I can even still see my way to the door. Just inch that way. Slowly Masa, slowly.


    "You hop up, Kel. I kinda want to stretch my legs. Cancer doesn't need to carry all three of us and the chest."

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  • IC:

    It felt dreamlike, in a way, to be so connected to her family like this. 

    True, the Umbraline family unit was incomplete. Her beloved uncle should have been there, his burly physique there to blot out the sun and protect them both from harm. He could regale them with stories and nurture their adolescent minds with his wisdom, a delinquent-turned-retainer who had overcome his own demons through effort and the attentions of those who loved him. Family had come together to assuage Rayuke's guilt and his rage; she wished he was here to extend the same courtesy to them. She missed her father, even though she had hardly known him; she wondered if she would have remained confined to her tower, forever a courtier on the fringes of her own family's power structure, if he had been alive to protect his youngest daughter. She missed Hanako - Ayiwah had told them of the Herupa's death and comforted them, although oddly she seemed more troubled by the loss than the Rora Hana had sworn her entire life to and died representing. She missed her mother...though that ache was growing more distant by the day, for reasons even she could not be certain of. She had seen the woman who birthed her murdered, snatched away cruelly before the eyes of the Toroshu who loved her - how could it be that she was recovering? 

    But she was recovering. She was smiling, and laughing, and telling jokes, here with her big sister and the adventurous cousin she idolized. She was bopping the brim of the hat Masayoshi found herself bedecked in against her will, and giggling at her sworn sword's attempts to flee; the Executioner's assistant found herself dragged to the couch beside the Chojo, with strength half granted to her by Desde's psionic strength. Together with Yumi, they badgered Ayiwah on the story of the metal piercing that had given the commodore such an unexpectedly bashful turn. Come to find out, it had been a gift from a local Menti - erm, Toa! - and that the crystalline accessory the commodore had worn almost half her life was now resting in that Toa's very midriff. The two princesses gave her a roastmaster's earful for that, too.

    Finally, sipping at some of Zafin's excellent tea, she looked over to her sister and smiled, shyly and subconsciously slipping into the background as she always had around the Rora.

    "Yumi?" she asked, spinning the saucer beneath her teacup. "You brought up Twin Souls training on the Panda. Were you..." She looked over to her sister's twin handmaidens. "Did you mean it?"


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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II 

    "You do realize this is the Panda, right...?"

    Ah, so she's interested! I thought giddily. She had to be or why else would she bring it up? "But yeah! It's for real. It was their idea and suggestion. I, uh... I was looking for things we can do together." It came out from one of my evening ranting sessions as I journaled on what the future could hold for us and processed my thoughts out loud. That was when Des was still in her drained, comatose state and it wasn't 100% that she'd recover from it or when, but that didn't stop me from trying to think of what we could be doing when she snapped out of it and we were on dry land again. Mata Nui was a land of open opportunity where Sado was a stifling room and I daydreamed of growing stronger and closer with her. 

    My retinue of three bore witness to most of these journaling monologues, and it was then that Than and Iglia had picked up one of my trains of thought and discussed it between themselves. A fortnight later, they approached me and brought up the offer of Clan Eiyu's signature training. It was practically handed as a gift, pre-approved by their elders and wrapped up as a neat package for Des and I to open. It was too generous and cool to turn down and agreed almost immediately. The Twin Souls philosophy that allowed two Menti—just like Than and Iglia themselves—to operate as a synchronous unit, in the battlefield as in life, but it required a ton of learning and attunement to accomplish. My twin handmaidens had offered their training in the very same room we sat in now. 


    "It won't be easy," Than had said back then.

    "It is not a simple path to master," Iglia chimed in.

    "But mastery of its principles is just a byproduct. For you and Desdemona, it can just be a new practicum neither of you have dabbled in before. It would def not be a boring divertissement."

    "You want to spend more time with your sister, yeah? If we train the both of you in our clan's tradition you will only grow together and strengthen your bonds. We can't think of a better thing you could do than connect with Des on a spiritual level."

    "Well, you can sign us the frick up," I proclaimed with glee at the prospect. "Do we... have to sign any waivers, or...?"


    I was beaming proudly at her by then. "So what do you think of spending a lot of time together and learning a crapton about ourselves and each other? Are you down, or are you down?"


    @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Aboard the Panda]


    “Fine! Fine.”


    She stood up and, quickly and unceremoniously undid the clasps of her uniform coat. She felt all pairs of eyes in the cabin on her. Usually not a problem - when she was on deck and giving orders or a pep talk. Unfathomably awkward while she was undressing herself. How had she so readily agreed to this? Desde…she really had a soft spot for the young chojo.


    With a sigh, she pulled back the sides of her coat, bearing her midriff at the assembled royalty. She leaned back, so they could get a better view, rippling abs taught, which also had the useful side effect of protecting her against the tickling sensation when Desde inevitably reached out to touch the jewelry.


    “Sooo…more like a naval piercing, eh?” 


    She winked at her.


    Oh spirits, protect me.


    For the next couple of minutes, the commodore reverted back to the old tricks she’d learned in the yards to maintain focus and shut out external distractions, to survive the white squall of remarks that washed over her without completely turning purple with blushing.


    Finally, the topic of conversation moved onto the next subject and Ayiwah quickly dressed herself again, glad to slip back fully into her coat and role. She quietly took up a spot next to Masa, exchanged a glance with her, but didn’t say anything else. Just a hat and coat rack, nothing more.


    Then Desde brought up Yumi’s idea of Twin Soul training.


    Not a bad idea. Especially for the two of them.


    Desde had spent most of her life in her sister’s shadow. And while a difficult position to be in, there was one upside if they pursued this skill set: with the both of them in the same room and all eyes on the Rora, no one would see the chojo coming.


    In fact,the thought of having a surprise up one’s sleeve and the talk of learning new skills touched right upon an idea that had been circling in the back of Ayiwah’s mind for some time now. Once her duties permitted it, she would have to look into it.


    There was also the little matter of planning the retaking of the archipelago. But that could also wait until they all had places to stay again. The task to find those places however, came first.


    .:Yumi, Desde, unless there’s anything immediate you need me for, I should get back to my duties, so…permission to be dismissed, your highness?:.

    OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl@Caedast@Krayzikk


    IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, Docks]


    “Matoran sized, Volitak, stands out socially like an orange Ghekula, got it!” the Toa said, with a smile. 


    Standing back up to full height she turned back to Karoru, Daijuno and Sato. “I’ll go and tell the guards to keep an eye out - and to direct them  and the other Saihoko to your office, Daijuno. Might get crowded though…your people came with a lot of ships. But again, if she’s here in the village or aboard the ships, we’ll find her.”


    “I’m about to head out, sooo…You can stay here with Sinshi and White, or tag along with me and I’ll give you the five widget tour of the Koro. Or we all go together. Up to you.”


    She winked, rolled her shoulders and looked at the jacketed duo to see what they’d say. Something glinting drew her eye to White’s midsection. She hadn’t noticed that little crystal detail on the sergeant before. With raised eyebrows she quietly mouthed: Nice bling!


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  • 7 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    .:Yumi, Desde, unless there’s anything immediate you need me for, I should get back to my duties, so…permission to be dismissed, your highness?:.

    IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    "Yes, cousin, of course—I won't keep you from your responsibilities," I said aloud. "The roster of ships and captains should be updated on the Yukanna's log. If you or a subordinate can check it to make sure our fleet is intact and arriving as planned it would give me peace of mind, and this evening we can pore over a list of proposed places we can settle. 

     "Tomorrow there will be a council meeting on board the Yukanna. Speed and agility at making decisions will be essential to maintain order. My people are restless and unsure of what will come next, and their fears and insecurities need to be addressed with solutions and answers or else we risk yet another fracture."

    I then sighed heavily but kept my chin high and felt the weight of responsibility settle on my head again, but this time I took that burden with dignity. Lessons had been learned, painful ones that I daren't regress upon. "Back home I worked diligently to earn my people's confidence again. I will not let them down again here."

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  • IC:

    Desde smiled at their older cousin and hugged her shins protectively, her chin perched upon her left kneecap as Yumi gave permission for her cousin to depart. She liked what Mata Nui had done to Ayiwah. There were traces of her cousin's wild youth in her that would never quite be excised, but for as long as Des had been alive the commodore had been a rigid woman with a commanding presence, key traits for surviving and keeping the respect of a crew on tough sea voyages. It was nice to see the private, adventurous Menti that her mother spoke so fondly of - the one who had been there for Des in a way that few Umbralines aside from Masa and her uncle ever had. She lifted up a hand from one long, skinny leg and waved with an adoring smile.

    "Goodbye, Ayiwah," she added as she rocked side to side, occasionally bumping shoulders with Yumiwa. "It's been great seeing you again."

    After she left, the two princesses - well, the empress and the princess - were left alone. Or, as alone as they could each get; Yumi would have handmaidens to keep her counsel and guard her body until she died, and although that was never Masa's assigned position Desde knew she could count on the blind woman to do the same. She trusted her coatrack more than anyone to take the following topic to her grave. Des lifted her face up and rubbed at the red mark her knee had left upon her left cheek, but when she dropped her hand to her side she mentally adjusted to the role of Chojo. Yumi was treating this as a council meeting, clearly, so Des would do the same.

    "I need you to tell me something. Any of you, all of you," she shrugged, "whoever. What happened when we were leaving Sado? Why was I asleep the whole trip over? It must have taken weeks to arrive here, but I woke up an hour from the shores?"

    She felt a burning on one side of her head. Strangely, it wasn't painful. It just burned. Like nursing a hot cup of tea, without the follow-up sensation of a scalded tongue. The warmth was enjoyable.

    "Was there really a dragon?"


    Whitehot grinned at the special attention Toa Leah was paying her midriff and lifted up her thumb and little fingers of both hands in a knowing salute, as if to thank her for the unspoken compliment. Mata Nui, Leah was so hot .Imagining the kind of power it took to stomp Makuta the way Leah did blew White's mind - and she knew that between her prodigious strength and her Pakari, she was capable of stomping pretty dang hard. To think Leah was capable of even more...

    Stomping Makuta, of course. Ma-ku-ta.

    Look at that shoulder roll. She's so sick. She's so hot. The rumors about her and Reordin Maru were just that, right? That would be so unfair to the hardworking people of Mata Nui. 

    "Trust me, Ga-Koro's got a better spots-to-tourist-traps ratio than any other village on the island," she assured the gathered Menti with an affectionate grab of the top of Sinshi's head. "It's not like Ta-Koro or Le-Koro where everything's a tourist trap. Spend a little while with a local from Ga-Koro, and the place will feel like home in no time - right, Sinsh?"


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  • IC:

    Oh, we're actually doing something serious. Better reveal myself again at last. Uhhh, where's an actual coat rack... My best guess at what was a coat rack, or a coat hook, received the hat that had previously been on my head with good grace. Whether it was meant for that purpose or not I couldn't be sure but the hat stayed off of the floor.

    "There was a dragon." I answered after a brief moment, trying to decide how best to explain. "Well, rather. There was the somehow infected Kanohi Dragon. And then there was the energy dragon that you conjured of the same size."


    "Definitely right, White." The Menti gave the Maru an oblique look, turning to better face the other two Dasaka and coincidentally moving just a little closer to her fellow liaison. "We'd be happy to show you around, if you needed it. Toa Leah, of course, could give you her perspective as well." 

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  • IC: "Easy, Tar," he shot back, leering grin already worming its way onto his face as he bounded up onto the Ussal with ease. Plopping down next to the crystal-garnished Matoran to his right, he snatched hold of his favorite spot upon Cancer's shell, weight settling upon that all-too-familiar contour.

    It was great to be home.

    "He's a strong boy— might get offended by ya for that one. I've seen him haul more ore than two of these combined!"


    IC: Can we go?

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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    I nodded, aware I was barely containing my fascination with Des' spectacular display back home. "Your psychologist thinks it was the exhaustion of basically Soulswording a dragon to fight for you that drove your mind into a trancelike recuperation. As for the timing, heh, well I know Zuto Nui is still helping with our affairs somehow, so I'm not too shocked you woke up exactly when you needed to."

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  • IC: Leli

    Taking a quick glance through her belongings, both recently acquired ones and those which she had traveled through to the strange crystal island with, Leli appeared satisfied that everything was in order.

    "Let's goooo!" She exclaimed, steading herself with a hand as Cancer scuttled forward along the docks and towards the koro proper. Leli took a moment to twist around, staribgvat the fleet of crystalline vessels that had been their home for the past few weeks.

    "Whadda guys think will happen to them?" She eventually asked her companions. "They can't go back... not after... uh.... y'know."

    Her tone had dropped considerably, and if it weren't for the Le-Koroan accent that still found its way into her speech one might even say her voice trembled as she made a pointed note to not mention a specific word.

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  • IC:

    Desde blinked. The dragon...she had been hung up on dragons, hadn't she? She'd dreamt she was talking to her cousin at some point in the fugue of her catatonia; she had been gushing about her adventures with Ayiwah amid a strange, featureless void. Her cousin was nowhere to be heard, but her voice had been as clear as it was when she stood before them minutes prior. Physically, it had just been her and...and...

    She shuddered, uncertain of why.

    "I've never had any luck with Soulswords," the shy Chojo mumbled softly. "It was the one discipline I could never get the hang of. Inokio always said Soulswords were more than weapons, they were manifestations. They were our souls, made into energy. But a dragon isn't...well, either of those. Especially not for me..." She trailed off.

    "And besides, no Menti has commanded all four disciplines in living memory. Not since the Empire began."


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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    "So the legends say," I said and thought a moment. The mention of Inokio reminded me of him all over again, the good and the bad all flooded in a great montage of memories. Did she even know about the former bodyguard's fate yet? 

    "It's possible Zuto Nui channeled herself through you," I theorized. "It wouldn't be the first time such a miracle was recorded as happening. And I know She was around because She... She spoke to me, Des. In the great temple. The Great Spirit communicated to me directly, and in doing so saved countless Dasakan lives."

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  • IC:

    Desde weighed her sister's suggestion - and her revelation - carefully. One made more sense than the other; if the Rora was Zuto Nui's chosen representative, the vessel through which their goddess communicated to the Dasaka, then of course she would speak to Yumiwa during the greatest crisis in several lifetimes. No doubt many of the Datsue would have considered it a sign that the Umbralines had fallen into Zuto Nui's disfavor, but if she was giving Yumi visions, that would put that theory to bed. Besides, she hadn't seen many of the Datsue aboard their ships. Maybe the old women had all been overrun.

    She bit back a snicker at that thought, then blinked. That's...not funny.

    "She spoke to you but gave me a dragon?" she grumbled. "I'm not sure whether to feel proud of that or jealous. I don't feel miraculous. I feel...funny."

    Curiously, the Chojo lifted a hand and attempted to produce Soulsword energy. For a moment, a violet ball, akin to the crystals she had carried as a good luck charm all her life, appeared above her palm and swirled. It was so viscous it almost resembled a solid...and then it collapsed, folding upon itself infinitesimally into nothingness. She exhaled.


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  • IC:

    People talk to me all the time, and they're real. Messages from a god are usually called delusions. I guess you don't get to say that when the person chatting with god is the Rora. The dragon was cool though. I should learn to be a Soulsword. Though, even if it couldn't burn me could I see well enough to keep from bumping someone with it? What would the shape of a blind person's Soulsword be?


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  • IC: Karoru: Hesitantly hopeful.


    Karoru perked up at this news. A dashi, not too tall, a… volitak…


    She massaged her temple, momentarily confused by a half-surfacing memory, but shoved the matter aside for now.


    "Understood, marm!" she said, snapping to attention. "I promise I'll do everything in my power to find her."


    She meant it too. As the warrior walked off, she scanned the crowd, repeating the description over and over in her head. 


    A dashi with an orange mask. Well, that shouldn't be too hard to pick out of the crowd, right? She scanned hither and yon looking for Daijuno's friend, determined to successfully complete her task.


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    IC: Nara, The Great Takea


    Nara was beginning to wonder how much finance she would have at the end of the night. At this point she was starting to worry half the island might show up for a meal.


    Leaning as subtly to Nale as possible, she spoke softly:

    "Dear, I never like to turn somebody away hungry, but… I'm not sure how much more I'm going to be able to afford at this rate."


    She cast her eyes across the table. A glimmering of dashi, a Dasaka willhammer, and an assembly of various Nuian matoran met her gaze.


    Well, she had said that she would cover the meal. It seemed her hospitality was about to be put to the test. Though if it went much farther she might as well grab some Miracle Cactus herself for the pending financial headache when she returned.


    [OOC: @BBBBalta
     @... various, really. If you're at the table, feel free to strike up a convo.]

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  • IC: Lekua, Great Takea

    Lekua took note of Nara’s concerned expression with a twinge of guilt, but he was hungry enough to put it aside. He’d have to be sure to pay her back somehow.

    As introductions were made and more food ordered, Lekua contemplated how to begin his tale. This chapter began with the arrival of the mysterious Matoran (Takua? still unclear on that one) in Le-Koro – but for it to make any sense, especially to the Kentokuans (?) present, he’d have to go back quite a lot farther.

    “So, like I said, what I was doing on Kentoku is a pretty long story. Guess where it all starts is with a fellow called Makuta.” He paused, trying to gauge their reactions. “That name mean anything to you? Nale, Nara, you don’t count, sorry.”

    IC: Iraanus, Great Takea

    Something important I’m not doing? Yeah, working. Heh.

    “Weird dreams, huh,” he said thoughtfully. “Weird how?”

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Nale lowered her hand she was going to enthusiastically raise in response (“Of course it does!”) and rested her head against it to listen.

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta