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  • 6 hours ago, Krayzikk said:

    People talk to me all the time, and they're real. Messages from a god are usually called delusions. I guess you don't get to say that when the person chatting with god is the Rora. The dragon was cool though. I should learn to be a Soulsword. Though, even if it couldn't burn me could I see well enough to keep from bumping someone with it? What would the shape of a blind person's Soulsword be?

    IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    "Masayoshi—always the skeptic," I said with a light tone and cast a petty look her way, in the same fashion I would at a girlfriend who said she wasn't hungry at brunch and ordered just the mimosa but was still stealing my fries with impudence. Masa couldn't see my judgy eyes, of course, but her spine immediately straightened fractionally and signaled that she was sensing my gaze. "So did the brow over your mind's eye arc to the heavens just now, or was I imagining that as well?"


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  • [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]

    Pradhai sighed, and the animation that had previously been so present in her face vacated it.

    “Better get that drink down your gullet, Mako.  You’re going to need it.”

    OOC: @Geardirector@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

    [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    I’d tried, when I first saw the thing.  We’d been lucky, for once.  Famous paranoia makes for quick evacuations.

    At least for us.   We’d left people behind.   We’d run.   But like Zataka’s t*ts I knew what to do.   I want to live, you see.

    It confronted us on the way to Sado, hissing on the deck of the ship while an impossibly sudden hailstorm pounded down upon us.   And I’d reacted as I always do--fast and hard, it was just a f***ing bug after all--huge and ugly but we have plenty of those in the jungle and bats eat bugs, don’t they?

    It was harder than I expected, so many twists and turns and intelligence but oh boy was I not having any of that I’d felt so much pain and confusion in the past few days and bugs don’t understand that but I can m̴̫̚a̷̤͠k̵͕̿e̸͍̅ ̴̢̃t̴̺͑h̶̨͒ȅ̶͖m̶̫͐ ̶̢͛ũ̵̪n̷͎͐d̶̎ͅe̸̘̓r̴̘̓s̶̥̓t̵̩̄á̸ͅň̴̗d̶͖͝  if I just try a little har--

    And that’s when I felt it.   Like a steel trap around my mind...a vast cave that went on and on and on and there was nothing because even in the deepest night there are so many things that live and think.  There was nothing and yet I could feel something, something vast and cold, colder than I had ever imagined my mother's mind to be and oh I was the bug, wasn't I?   I could almost hear the voice physically, that yes I was a little shadow of a thing, a bug, an empty shell.

    I couldn’t scream, couldn’t move, as I felt that mind of endless cruel nothingness draw me in.

    And then my brother’s consciousness surrounded me suddenly, a net of crystal petals that pulled me back and back and back into myself, into my body.  Something happened next, something that involved a bloody arm and the creature screaming as it died.   But I didn't remember.

    I was too busy collecting bits of myself.


    “Can’t say, but I know the feeling.”

    OOC: @Tarn@BBBBalta@~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Quick?” Nale asked, putting down her glass after investigating again and finding, yes, it was still empty. “Uh, well…”

    She thought for a moment, but found it hard to come up with anything coherent. She also found it a bit hard to explain who Makuta was, since she was so used to him being common knowledge. Nale took a deep breath.

    “Well, I guess you could say there’s a few aspects of Makuta. He’s Mata Nui’s brother. But like, his really ###### brother who wants to make everything dark. Like his opposite. Or, uh, yeah. He’s pretty scary. Or, was, or…” The Fa-Matoran shuffled in her seat and almost knocked her glass over. “Oops! Uh, where was I…oh! He’s the biggest of the bad. Every time someone just mentions his name I get all shaky—am I shaking?—and reeeally nervous. But maybe not as much now because of the cider. Yeah.”

    She looked around the table and blinked a few times.

    “That’s Makuta.”

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta

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  • IC:


    "No doubt regarding your faith, your Highness. Or your perceptiveness. Only in the likelihood of 'Zuto Nui's existence. Or benevolence."


    "I don't know."

    The Onu-Matoran answered, attention taken away from his apologetic pat on Cancer's shell. Whether the crab could take it or not, it certainly couldn't be any fun to carry the three of them and Leli's bounty. But her question was a greater concern and one he'd spent a lot of time thinking about. They might retake their homeland one day. Mata Nui had, after all... At least temporarily. That last thought dragged his grim mood down further still. Everyone had believed Makuta to be slain. Permanently defeated without fear of return, and his own former commander had delivered that news to Onu-Koro. If he was still the same man.

    That doubt had been in his mind before, but always something brushed away. Of course he was. Just because he had moved beyond their former squad didn't mean he had become someone else. But deceit had never been in his personality and Makuta's return could only mean that he had lied. Not just Sulov, but the Maru. All of them. The implications were... Unsettling.

    Leli's question was about the Dasaka, though, and if he had no more idea of what the future would hold there he could at least muster a better guess.

    "They'll be here a long time. They'll have to adapt to us just like we'll have to adapt to them. The Akiri will need to be informed when we get back about... Makuta."

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  • IC:

    Desdemona's eyes went wide at her best friend's heresy. She was hardly the most religious person in the world herself, but to question even the existence of Zuto Nui? To her, Masayoshi was threatening to take hammers to the very pillars of the world. Without Zuto Nui to give the Dasaka their Virtues, who knew what routes their species may have taken? Even on Mata Nui, most of the populace was united by their belief in something. And even if she didn't believe, to call it into question right in front of Yumi? 

    "Masa!" she admonished. "That's a horrible thing to say. You're the one who told me half the stories I know about Zuto Nui's benevolence. Like the one about--" She cut off abruptly, her eyes going wider. "I know what that Soulsword was!"


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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    I veered a sharp gaze at Masa that softened upon falling to my sister. "Oh yeah?"

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  • IC:

    "It must have been the shitbird!"


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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II 

    I gasped! “The truth is out there,” I said in awestruck fascination. “I want to believe.

    We’re we in any public place or a meeting if any gravitas at all in the company of anyone besides Des I’d never deign myself to play with Masa at all, but since we were letting guards down and were in a safe place I decided to poke at her with the unsaid consent of her ward. “Masayoshi,” I said and returned my gaze at her. “What do you think is more likely between the two? Was the spectral dragon Zuto Nui’s spirit manifest through Des or the legendary Shitbird of Whitewalk?


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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Way ahead of you"

    Indeed, I was already pouring a second. I wasn't going to let the subject matter spoil my appetite for a stiff drink. If anything it just made me crave a few more.

    OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Mel

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  • IC:

    "Whitewalk, for sure. I've seen birds, and I've seen dragons. The will of a really big bird makes sense to me."

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Red flags are for the Wastes, and I'm not that drunk yet."  Cephala glared.  "Nor do I intend to get that drunk, for that matter.  Not when Rahkshi are involved."

    OOC: @Mel @Geardirector

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  • IC Yumiwa | Panda II

    "Alright, so you're an ornithophillic heretic," I said with a roll of my eyes and shake of my head that then simmered to a good-natured chuckle. "I'd discuss our theology with you here and now if I thought either of us are up to the task. But nah."

    With a flex of my abs and a gentle shove off the couch I vaulted on to my feet with the aid of my kanohi, then smoothed my outfit out from after lounging unceremoniously with it in the Umbraline cuddle puddle. "Ah-hem. We should go mingle with our people to make sure they're alright, and I want to see more of this town. We'll be see you both around. Love ya both!" And then Zafin trailed after me as I disembarked and entered the bustling Ga-Koro again.


    OOC | Yumi is open for general interaction. 

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  • [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)]

    Pradhai’s only response was to knock back another cup of shochu, looking at their new companion with an eyebrow raised.

    “It began a few weeks ago, with a series of lightning strikes too sudden to be natural--set some fires, but Oki doesn’t burn easily.  We had some time before your rahkshi came, some frantic warnings from Sado...and the rahi of course.  But I don’t think anything could have prepared us, truly.”

    She turned to Mako.  “Imagine something between a swamp lizard and a hydruka, but on two legs, and...not natural.  I saw that things head open up and release a worm that…”

    The woman’s hands shook a little as she poured another drink.   “It was like watching the process of a disease happen within seconds.  The proto drake turned dusty and scarred, and the eyes.   There was an intelligence in there, Mako.  The same vast intelligence driving those monsters.”

    Laka, sensing its companion’s distress, began winding protectively around the stool.

    OOC: @Geardirector@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

    On 9/16/2021 at 10:31 PM, Tarn said:

    “That’s Makuta.”

    [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    “Who's Mata Nui?  Isn't that this island?”

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita raised an eyebrow. "Well," he said in response to Shuuan, "based on what was just said it sounds like Mata Nui is both an island and the natives' Great Spirit. Kind of like how we have Zuto Nui." He turned back to Nale and Lekua. "We Dasaka worship the Great Spirit Zuto Nui, who exists in balance with her sister, Zataka. What you've told me about your Mata Nui and Makuta, sounds like a very different relationship than the one Zuto Nui and Zataka have."

    OOC: @Tarn @BBBBalta @Mel @TL01 NUVA

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  • [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    Had I not been in the best mind to listen to gossip on the way over?  Maybe.  But I still had a brain.   There was no need for Eita to explicitly spell out something I could have inferred by myself.  I wanted to know more about how these people thought about their great spirit.

    I rolled my eyes at him as a went to finish my ricebowl, and said nothing further.

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@BBBBalta@Tarn@TL01 NUVA

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  • IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro]

    Ayiwah had bowed deeply, shot Desde a cheeky wink and then left Yumi’s cabin aboard the Panda and closed the door behind her quietly. She took a moment to straighten out her uniform again and make sure every buckle and button was in the exact spot again. She allowed herself a quiet chuckle at her own expense. Why was such a small thing giving her such a hard time? And apparently only with her family around. It certainly hadn’t been an issue with Whitehot…
    She adjusted her epaulettes, the blue tinged crystals ringing out softly against each other, and smiled. Her family was around again. She was grateful for that.

    She made her way off the Panda, where she was rejoined by the two royal retainers that had accompanied her since the Dasaka fleets' arrival had become known. The trio made their way across the piers and back onto the beach, towards the shelters that had been erected. Further up North on the beach, more were in process of being built. Queues had formed along the length of the beach, watched over by most of the Ryuu’s other enlisted Menti and Ga-Koro’s guard. They formed in the surf, where Dasaka were unloading from the ships. Once the ships were unloaded their remaining crews backed them off to make room for the next, or to ferry the next load over from the larger vessels that could not get too close to the beach. Ga-Koro’s harbor was not able to handle them all. In fact, between the Ryuu, Yukanna and Panda and Ga-Koro’s vessels, the port was pretty much at capacity.

    Most arrivals carried only what they wore on their person. Some had managed to come with small amounts of luggage and a few very fortunate - or privileged - had managed to actually bring personal items and valuables in crates or chests. Thankfully that seemed to be where the privilege ended right now. Dashi, Saihoko and Menti alike were standing in line without complaints. That was one thing Ayiwah had insisted the captains of the fleet impress upon their people: Do not pull the caste card when you get ashore.

    At the head of the queues, their names were registered and a quick health check was performed. If they needed further aid, they were moved to the first row of shelters, which were meant for the sick and injured, the rest were assigned to the others as needed. That’s where Ayiwah headed. The Menti on duty stiffened at her approach, but she let them be at ease. She was just here for a personal look to stay on top of the situation.

    Inside, she moved between the rows of cots that had been set up on the sand. Ga-Matoran flitted about. Most of the injured were just suffering the effects of the long journey with inadequate supplies. Serious, but they would recover. The unfortunate reality was that the most grievously injured in the evacuation had either been treated or passed away during the passage. There were some however, who were still fighting for their life. They were in their own shelter, which was curtained off from view. The injuries here were as varied as the Rahkshi that had caused them. Ayiwah stopped by the side of a Dashi covered in Acid burns. The remains of a uniform stuck to her skin in places. But she was conscious, which became clear when she tried to salute the commodore through gritted teeth.

    “At ease!” Ayiwah commanded, though there was no edge to her voice. The Dashi grunted but let her arm drop again.

    .:...Didn’t think...I’d see you’am.:. she managed to say mentally.

    .:Well, I’m glad you survived, so I could see you too.:. the commodore replied. .:We’ll need everyone.:. here?:. the Dashi asked. Ayiwah’s eyes hardened.

    .:And to retake our homeland once we’ve regained our footing.:.

    .:Is that...possible?:.

    .:Yes.:. The commodore confirmed, with conviction. There was absolutely zero doubt in her mind.

    .:Well...if the Leviathan doesn’t eat us on the way back…:.

    A small smile.


    .:Just a little joke. Don’t worry about it. Rest now. That’s an order.:.

    The Dashi nodded, head sinking back on the cot.

    Once her round was finished, the commodore and her retainers headed back into the village, where Ayiwah ordered the duo back to the Ryuu. This next part she wanted to enjoy by herself. She took her time, eyes fixed on the large vessel practically parked in the middle of the village of water. Yukanna. The sleek bow, trimaran hull and tall masts were her pride and joy and it had been far too long since she laid eyes on her, to the point that even the many little things she noticed weren’t quite perfect did not bother her at this moment.

    Her first step on deck after ascending the gangway was like a ripple across still water, as the nearest crew shot to attention the instant they realized who had just boarded their ship. Silence came over them even before the captain shouted: “Commodore on deck!”

    Ayiwah took a moment, looking around with a glint in her eyes. Then she let out a breath, squared her shoulders and clasped her hands behind her back. The corner of her mouth twitched as a grin spread over her face.

    “So tell me...what’s become of my ship?”

    OOC: Couldn't resist. Aya open for interaction, if you wanna catch her before she goes below to do paperwork ^^

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    “You said that name before! Zataka!” Nale said, and pointed at Eita. Or rather, given her status and the fact they were sitting close to eachother, her pointing was more like poking him in the shoulder repeatedly. “You said something about her rear. Must be a pretty impressive rear to make a swear out of it.”

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "I'm sorry, what...?"  Cephala nearly knocked her mug to the floor as she whipped out her notebook and slammed it on the table.  "The worms?  You saw the things inside the armor do something?"

    OOC: @Mel @Geardirector

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro]

    “If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask!” Leah advised, watching Karoru leave. The sudden departure was a bit odd and the Toa Maru debated briefly with herself if it wouldn’t be better to just follow. But, she was a Menti after all and knew how to handle herself, even if this was all unfamiliar to her. And the village was safe enough for now. She was going to make sure of that.

    She turned back to the other Dasaka. “Well, I’ll keep an eye out of course, but for now I have to continue my rounds.” For a moment, there seemed to be a shadow crossing the Toa’s eyes, as if revisiting an unpleasant memory. But in an instant, the expression was gone again. 

    “I leave you in the very capable hands of Sinshi and White.” she added with a wink and a very casual two-finger salute to the jacketed duo, before turning to leave.

    Instead of following the busy floating walkways, Leah simply stepped off the side and was instantly carried away on a shallow wave that rose up just enough to envelop her legs.

    A few moments later, the wave broke on the warm sands of the beach and Leah stepped out of the surf, making her way towards and then past the village’s main gate as she headed a little ways inland. The path she followed was easy enough to make out, even to this day there were clear signs of where the Rahkshi horde had charged through the coastal treeline after emerging from the dark walk opening. The Matoran had set up a tiny observation post nearby to keep an eye on it, but Leah stopped by daily anyway. Sometimes even more than once. She’d picked out her own, hidden lookout spot up in the trees.

    There had been a short period after the Maru’s victory, where it had seemed unnecessary to check on it. But ever since Stannis had revealed what he’d actually done in the final confrontation with Makuta, it had become part of Leah’s patrols. And since the rumors of his return started to spread and the Dasaka’s story of what had taken place at the Kini-Nui seemed to confirm them, it had become more than just a routine check.

    Though she’d tried to be discreet about it, the Toa Maru had begun to frequent the entrance to the sinister passage more and more - to the point it had affected her sleep. The Maru had returned from Mangaia as heroes and announced to the world that Makuta was gone. She’d believed it too. Circumstance and fate had turned her faith to lies. And now, worry and shame kept her up at night. Even when the news of the imminent Dasakan refugee arrival broke, she’d spent the last hours before daybreak in the jungle, staring into the opening.

    She did the same thing now. The darkness loomed, but she stood in its path, as if to say: even if you’re back, I’m still here - and I will not let you pass.

    OOC: Open for interaction, if anyone spots her or decided to follow. =)

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  • 13 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro]

    OoC: A Toa Maru open to interaction? How could one refuse?

    IC: Kimala - Dark Walk Entrance

    Having long since finished refreshing herself at the Great Takea, Kimala had hopped right back into things. Lifting loads, coordinating dock space, giving directions, and for the first time that morning it seemed like those jobs were done with. The number of new arrivals had dwindled, and now seemed enough for the authorities to handle for the moment. Now she had to take care of the people who had already arrived. She approached a few individuals that seemed fairly in charge, and offered to give them a tour of Ga-Koro. The basics came first- inns, hospitals, schools, the market, and so on. But they also needed to know the dangers and the places to avoid. She had considered keeping her distance and just telling them about the Dark Walk, but experience was often the best thing to knock sense into people. The Dasaka could experience for themselves the foreboding that surrounded the place. And so she and the small group of 4 Dasaka eventually found themselves a few paces from the entrance. They had chattered, asking questions, on the way over, but now they went silent. She knew why- she felt it too. Like when they stared into the darkness, the darkness stared back.

    "This is the Dark Walk," she explained in a hushed tone. "A tunnel the leads into the heart of the island, a place that has seen much evil. All who wish harm to the island are drawn into these depths, and it is often home to Rahkshi- Sons of Makuta- which you are familiar with. Please, tell your people to-" She went silent, jaw tight, muscles taut, hands over her weapons, as she heard a sound from within. A rock, struck then rolling down the sloping path.

    Then silence, from all of them. Nobody dared to move. Then there was another sound. The piercing, blood-chilling shriek of a Rahkshi. She swallowed, but still none dared to move. Maybe it was far away and would leave.

    Too late, they realized there was another sound- footsteps. It was coming for the entrance. There was only one, from what they could hear, but one alone was enough to defeat a Toa, and the Dasaka around Kimala weren't combatants. They had to run and hope it was far enough away not to catch them.

    "Go," she whispered harshly. And they did, their short legs carrying them as quickly as they could away from the hole. But the footsteps quickened their pace, and Kimala drew her weapons, dismayed. "I will hold it off for as long as I can," she said, "Go, get help!"

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita chuckled. "Well, I mean nobody's actually seen Zataka, but I suppose her rear would likely be considered impressive," he said. "Zataka is the darkness to Zuto Nui's light. They perfectly complement each other. Sounds like your Makuta and Mata Nui don't really do that, hmmm?"

    OOC: @Tarn @BBBBalta @TL01 NUVA @Mel

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    The Maru sat on her perch, head on a swivel. Just as the feeling of I-think-this-place-is-safe-for-now began to set in and she considered heading back into Ga-Koro proper, she spotted a small group of Daska, led by another Toa, though she didn’t recognize her. She was about to drop down from her tree perch when an eerie shriek cut through the air. Leah tensed. Her eyes shot from the equally surprised Toa back to the entrance. She was intimately familiar with the sound.

    Really? Now? Guess I technically did dare you to do something, didn’t I…

    The first thing Kimala saw appear was not the monster lurking in the dark opening, but the lithe form of Leah jumping down from out of the treetops off to her right. The Maru landed, facing the dark walk entrance with her staff drawn and ready to engage.

    “Help’s here!” she said, only briefly glancing at the other Toa. “You ever face Rahkshi before?”


    OOC: Alright @ARROW404, what kinda Rahkshi do we have here?

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  • 1 hour ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance


    OoC: I ran 2 random number generators to get Kraata type and level, and we're pretty low on luck. A level 5 Rahkshi of Darkness is a tricky foe.

    IC: Kimala

    The Toa of Crystal almost jumped out of her skin as the Toa Maru landed right by her side. "Mata-Nui, you almost scared me to death," she gasped. Then blinked in recognition. She didn't have the time to process her surprise though, they had to focus. Two on one, she was feeling much more confident- and with a Toa Maru, no less. "No, I haven't," she said honestly. And before she could get another word out, the sun went dark. Or so it seemed from the perspective of the two Toa as the Rahkshi of Darkness plunged the area into pitch, impenetrable darkness before stepping into the open.

    Kimala already had her crystal tomahawks out and raised defensively. "I'm a quick study, though," she grunted. She had fought without elemental powers once before, fighting without her sense of sight couldn't be much harder, right? But Rakshi didn't tire, didn't bleed, and were deadly fast and strong.


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  • IC: Zyla | Ga-Koro

    Daijuno was not aware -- and what Daijuno was not aware of could fill many books, and Zyla knew this because it was more often than not she was filling those books -- that her assistant and confidant had, against nearly every expectation, managed to survive the initial onslaught of the Demons of Mount Koshiki, to survive the panicked masses that thronged to the cries of Umbraline salvation, to survive the two-month journey across the Sea Without End while subsisting on rations meant only for a three-week patrol across the archipelago. Zyla of Clan Dastana was one of the lucky ones, and had any of the menti -- or even the dashi and the ringti -- managed to notice her amongst the cramped, sick, sweating bodies, they might have been shocked. The saihoko on-board were not surprised, as every one of them had survived similar conditions at one point or another in their lives. This is all needs to be said.

    When the ship landed on the shores that should have been impossible, Zyla was one of the last to emerge into the hot, humid air; the last to see the sun shimmering through the criss-cross of palm leaves that drifted in a breeze smelling of not just salt, but of fresh fruit and carved wood. Her feet touched burning, golden sand after weeks of damp wood and cold crystal, but she barely felt these things. She barely saw the natives creeping towards the ships, offering shoulders to the Dasaka (even the saihoko), her vision bleary with fatigue and hunger and eight weeks worth of tightly-wound nerves that had did not seem to know how to shut off. All that she could think of was food, and water, and the possibility of a bed with pillows -- or at least a chair to herself. She prayed that such things could be found in this island. She prayed that the Demons couldn't swim.

    Zyla Dastana had made it to Mata-Nui.

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA If you want to have Karoru find Zyla, go for it!




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  • OOC | Eeny meeny miny... moe. :)

    IC Yumiwa | Ga-Koro

    I slipped by the clusters of Ga-Matoran villagers and my Dasaka people, most of them too busy tending to their immediate needs to notice my spirited passing by until they caught whiff of my perfume—as was my custom, a quick spritz of Chanel Nº5 before heading out in public again—in my wake, and when they looked up it was too late to give any bows or respects. I liked it better that way at the time, weaving through with just Zafin as company and leaving the trappings of Hogo retainers at the Panda and Yukanna so to not make a big deal of my presence. 

    How did the people here interact? How did they handle my people? I decided to check this out and see firsthand at the nearest people's establishment I could find. I stepped through the doors of a place called the Great Takea


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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    “That’s good, you - ouff!”

    The instant the light went out, Leah raised her staff in a way that would block most direct attacks, but the Rahkshi had wasted no time to charge at her. Either because she’d been the closest to it out of the duo of Toa or - more worryingly - because it knew of the Maru. 

    The beast had used its obscurity and taken flight, trying to run her through with its spear. She’d only heard the brief rush of air as it approached just in time to start moving. She managed to sidestep the tip of the spear, avoiding a fatal blow, but the Rahkshi immediately compensated, pushing the rear of the staff out to swipe at the Toa in passing. She took that blow on her staff, but it was still enough to knock her over and drive the air from her lungs. 

    Part of her mind noted that this would have been an excellent time to have Korero and his mask on site. She quickly rolled to the side and scrambled back to her feet to avoid another follow-up attack, letting off a quick blast of water in the direction she figured the Rahkshi had gone but it didn’t seem to hit. She winced as she felt a jolt of pain in her left shoulder.

    Guess it got a scratch in after all...

    Her mind raced. She’d faced Rahkshi before, even multiple at once, but without sight this thing would keep coming until it got a lucky hit on both of them. If they stayed it would whittle them down, if they ran it could easily keep pace and then whittle them down. They had to rob it of it’s advantage to strike unseen before they could take it down. This was getting tense. She could feel the drops of sweat running down her neck.


    Leah glanced up and clenched her hand into a fist, summoning the moisture in the air all around them. A light rain began to fall at her behest. It didn’t return her sight, but the Rahkshi would not sneak up on her again. Unfortunately that still left her new Toa friend without cover. She could sense her too through the rain and moved closer to Kimala. 

    “Careful, it’s airborne!”

    OOC: @ARROW404

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  • 1 hour ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    “Careful, it’s airborne!”

    IC: Kimala

    The teacher swore. That explained why she hadn't detected any movement with her own element. Standing on a beach offered her the advantage of being surrounded by her element- sand crystals. But if their enemy was flying, that threw most of that advantage away. The adrenaline of the moment stifled the amazement she would have otherwise expressed at the fact a Toa had just created rain. Instead, her heart pounding in her ears, her old years of training she had tried to forget, came rushing back.

    Airborne enemy, visibility zero. The target could strike either of them from any angle. The first thing to do would be to reduce its unpredictability. "Back to back," she called, shifting her feet through the sand to stand as close to Leah as she could. "Warn me where it comes from," she said, speaking quickly. "I'll ground it with my Matatu."

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  • IC: "Yeah, you Ussalry guys are gonna have your work cut out for you— 'specially since you share a land border with Ko. Now that he's back those pricks are gonna get real uppity. Might start thinking they can invade tunnels."

    Privately, he fought to quell the idea of running into those new super-Rahkshi in a tunnel— all the Dasakan refugees would probably be friggin' horrified once they learned that the new island they'd landed on had a huge interconnected cave system teeming with 'em. Karz, he didn't like the idea of the Dark Walk even back when it was tepid and lame and didn't have the Root of All Evil around to make it actively worse.


    Forgeeeeeeeeeet it, homeslice. They could keep their rare minerals and bauxite deposits and whatever, he'd sooner cave in an entrance than willingly cross it—

    Speaking OF,

    "Hey Leli, check the second pouch on your side. I can't remember if we still have my Stralix Powder."

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    The Toa Maru shifted as well until she felt the other Toa was behind her. She reached out with her senses to find the Rahkshi’s silhouette in the rain again. Just as she thought she’d found it and was about to say as much, there was a cracking noise, a woosh and then something rapidly came at them. The shape she felt made no sense to her - for about a second until she’d processed what the cracking noise was.

    “Get down!”

    The Maru threw herself forward and down into the wet grass as the small tree the Rahkshi had hurled passed over her, hoping the other Toa reacted quickly enough as well. She felt the branches and leaves scrape over her back and legs before it crashed into the ground just behind her, throwing up dirt and muck.

    Why would it...oh karz.

    Distraction! It had intentionally broken their concentration to create an opening! She quickly tried to reacquire the Rahkshi, based on where the tree had been thrown from. There was definitely something more driving this one than wild instinct, it knew they were tracking it. But there was no time to ponder the implication, as she heard the charging monster’s flying noise coming down from overhead. She pushed herself up, tried to grab her staff, but the Rahkshi had closed the distance already and swung its own staff from above to cut her down. She crossed her arms in front of her and the mighty blow hit her armor with enough force to throw unseen sparks. It tried to strike her down once more, but this time the Toa Maru’s reflexes were faster and she unleashed a blast of water that hit the monster dead center. It shrieked, enraged at being denied its prey yet again as it tried to push against the stream repelling it, but the water kept it at bay. She really hoped the other Toa was still with her.

    “Now! Hold it before it can get away!” 


    OOC: @ARROW404

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  •  IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn (Pradhai)]
    “Yes?   I was under the impression that your people knew more about them than us.”

    OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Geardirector
    IC: [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    Oh, the princess Rora probably thought she was being clever and stealthy.

    You know what they say about not being able to smell yourself, and Umbraline Yumiwa absolutely reeked.  It’s the impact of being told you’re the center of everybody’s world when that statement actually was half-true.   She wasn’t as strong as her sister (who can still eat it), but there was something that I found even more distasteful about that suffocating aura of crimson, like a too-sweet dessert.  Normally, when I could sense that degree of impending Yumiwa I would have sailed out the window just as she burst in the doors, but I was too tired and didn’t want to off whatever passed for archers in this town.

    Or maybe she was just getting to me with her desire to be polite, or whatever.

    I leaned forward onto the table, catching the eye of the blue dashi who was paying for my meal.

    “Don’t look now, but you’re in for a show.   Just remember to sweet talk if you want to keep your head.”
    OOC: @TL01 NUVA@Caedast@Tarn@~Xemnas~@BBBBalta it's starting to get crowded in here

    IC: [Ga-koro, Outside Dark Walk(Talli)]
    Talli had been fishing this close to the darkwalk before several times in the past few days, and nothing like this had happened before.   It was that clunky toa and her gaggle of sparkly tourists, it must have been.  She peaked out from behind the hut, eyes fixed on the dark sphere on the beach.

    Still…Talli felt a teensy bit bad for being in the vicinity, especially since a rokking Toa Maru was now showing up.   She’d always believed, in the past that matoran should learn to defend themselves.

    Maybe she needed to actually stand where her mouth was for once.  Her hand went involuntarily to the toa stone in her pouch—that would certainly distract it but she definitely didn’t want to have to explain it later.

    She looked towards the basket of fish still flopping beside her…it was a gamble especially since she didn’t want to accidentally hit the Toa instead of the creature she was fighting.

    A load hissing and the sound of rushing water gave her something to go on—she closed her eyes—judged the distance, and threw. A satisfying wet thok greeted Talli’s ears as the rakhshi’s carapace made contact with a still wriggling makutafish.

    Distraction went both ways. 

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend @ARROW404

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita raised an eyebrow at Shuuan's words and looked around. He spotted another Dasaka, this one elegantly dressed. A whiff of perfume hit Eita's nose at full force. 

    His eyes widened as he put two and two together. The Dashi turned back to Shuuan. "Is that the Rora?" he whispered. 

    OOC: @Tarn @BBBBalta @TL01 NUVA @Mel @Caedast

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    “The huh?” Nale asked, looking around the Great Takea until she spotted a regal-looking woman who seemed a bit out of place here. Was that perfume? “Who’s that? She sounds important.”

    OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta@Caedast

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  • 7 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    “Now! Hold it before it can get away!”

    IC: Kimala

    The crack confused her as much as it did Leah. It wasn't until she was in the process of ducking from the Toa Maru's warning that she realized what the rustling sound of the leaves was. She kept her cool and strained her ears to hear where the real attack was coming from. Fortunately, Leah had it. Even better, she had it! Locked in struggle against the Maru, there was no way it could escape her now. Concentrating, she locked onto the distance and direction of its unearthly screeches and caught hold. Unlike if she had used her elemental power, she had no sensory feedback on whether or not she had caught it, but she thought- and she hoped it was more than wishful thinking- that its screeches and hisses were more frustrated than before. "I think I've got it with my mask," she told Leah. "I'll get it with the sand now," she added, reaching out with her power. Yes, she could feel it- the spot in the sand where their feet were causing a disturbance. A quick, frantic sense of the imprints led her to identify the larger pair of footprints- the Rahkshi's.

    Something wet slapped against metal and the Rahkshi paused momentarily. Kimala seized her chance. The sand beneath its feet erupted, reaching like fingers to wrap around its lower legs. And they didn't just cling to it, but no sooner had they found purchase, than she began to alter their shape- individuals grains interlinking, fusing together, to form two large crystals, each encasing one of its lower legs. It wouldn't stop it from flying, but now she had a firm bead on its location, and its movement would be impaired.

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  • IC: Leli [Ga-Koro]

    Leli leaned over the edge of her perch atop Cancer's shell, kicking one leg up for balanced as she did so.  It was a precarious position, what with the crab's bumpy trek over the bridging pieces of plant matter as they approached the Koro's gate to the shoreline.

    "Uhhh, I don't see- oh!"

    Leli kicked her leg down some to swing herself back up to an upright position, turning to her two (three!) traveling companions. She smiled, and pinched her fingers together. There was a small crack as the bit of Stralix Powder between them ignited from the pressure, and the tell-tale smell of it going off drifting from it.


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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    She heard the sharp cracking as the Rahkshi strained against it’s rapidly solidifying bonds. There was a metallic clang that rang out as it tried to hack at the formed crystal with its staff.


    Was that a fish?

    A question for later. It was time to finish this. Based on the angry shrieks, Leah changed her elemental attack to cast a sphere of water around the Rahkshi’s upper body, robbing it of its senses the same way it had blinded them. Kraata were many things, but aquatic wasn’t one of them. 

    Only the Rahkshi exoskeleton protected it from drowning right now, but the Toa Maru had an idea for that as well. She took two running steps and leapt, closing the distance with the grounded monster before it could properly react and delivered a spinning kick to its head. Her foot entered the liquid sphere - the water obeying her will offering no resistance to it - and it connected with the hinged plates with enough force to dent them severely enough that they could no longer close properly.
    Even as she landed and jumped back to avoid getting stabbed or clawed in a frenzy, she forced the water of the sphere into the suit of armor. That much liquid through such a small opening created enormous pressure inside - more than the Kraata within was able to handle. With its concentration and slug-like body thoroughly broken, the field of darkness began to fade away and the Toa could see again. There was no more shrieking or hissing, just the sound of frothing water as more and more entered the suit, free arms flailing wildly and swinging its staff around. 

    Leah kept pushing until whatever joins kept the Rahkshi together couldn’t take  anymore and ruptured. With a splash, the water burst out of every seam of the armored back, mixed with Kraata goop. Makuta’s predatory son stopped flailing, and then collapsed backwards with a thud, legs still trapped in the other Toa’s silica crystals. Only the Makuta fish still splashed around in the puddle around it.

    Leah, breathing heavily, stooped to pick up her staff, then the fish. Panicked, it snapped at her finger. “Gah!” she jerked her hand back, shaking it and standing back up straight again. She finally got a good look at her impromptu allies: the Toa - and a Matoran that must have been nearby in the field of darkness.

    That,” she said, taking a deep breath to bring her pulse back down, “was a scout.” She pointed at the fallen Rahkshi.

    “Nice work, friends. I don’t think we’ve met before. What do I call you?”


    OOC: @ARROW404@Mel

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    "I don't really have a reference point for you Dasaka fellas," Cephala said as she scribbled, "but to my knowledge, the Rahkshi haven't been on this island for too long.  First contact was a couple years ago, a little before the Maru became the Maru.  We had a couple intermittent appearances where they absolutely destroyed everyone they met, then the Dark Walks opened up, then the Maru happened and all the Rahkshi went feral or something."  She absently tapped the side of her mask with her pencil.  "I'm getting sidetracked with a history lesson I'm hardly qualified to talk about, but the point is, they're not common here, and we generally go out of our way not to fight them these days.  Tough customers, even when mindless.  Stack 'em one-to-one against a Toa and they'll win every time."

    Cephala's eyes met Pradhai's.  "I've never heard anything about the slugs infecting anything.  Never.  And the island may not have a long history with Rahkshi, but it's been terrorized by Rahi with infected masks for over a thousand years, and if this "disease" you're talking about is the same sort of thing, you might have seen one of the most important things in this island's entire history."

    OOC: @Mel @Geardirector

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  • 2 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    “Nice work, friends. I don’t think we’ve met before. What do I call you?”

    IC: Kimala

    Lucky it was just a scout, otherwise they would have had to deal with several. One had already proven to be a handful. 

    "Kimala," she said with a smile, offering her hand. "I'm a teacher, part time in Ko-Koro, part in Ga-Koro. It's an honor, Toa Maru, though it would have been nice to meet under more pleasant circumstances." 

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