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  • IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn (Pradhai)]

    “Well looks like old Pradhai still has it,” she took another drink, just a sip this time.  “Doesn’t make me feel much better about having to kill that pro-drake though.   They say the kanohi dragons are the most majestic beasts on Kentoku, but in terms of grace I think the drakes have them beat.”
    IC: [Ga-koro, Outside Dark Walk(Talli)]
    Talli approached the pair of toa cautiously.   “Talli Anach.   Uh…civilian.  I’d offer my hand but it smells like makutafish now.  I take it I’m not allowed to fish here anymore.”
    She reached down, grabbing the makutafish expertly behind the gills and flipping it into the bucket.
    “Wait…” she looked up at Toa Leah, eyes narrowed.  “A scout, for what, exactly?”

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    “Good to meet you both.”

    She glanced at the Rahkshi remains again. “And that is an excellent question, Talli.”

    The rumors about Makuta’s return had of course not passed the Toa Maru by. Her eyes moved from the scrapped monster at their feet to the tunnel entrance, Reordin’s words echoing in the back of her mind.


    "We're not done yet, you understand?" he asked, still holding her with the utmost care. "You and me. Nowhere near it."

    Happier times. Her thoughts flashed forward to the orange gloom of Ta-Koro.

    "We all celebrated after he vanished. All of us, even Sulov. But not you, Stannis. Do you remember? You said the words, and you stood there, still as stone, because you knew, didn't you? You son of a ######, you knew!"

    "He's right. You've always got a sermon to give, but when do you actually tell us anything? I know I'm not the only one who's tried not to think about it, but all this time there's been a mystery: what actually happened to Makuta? Where did he go?"

    "I think it's time to come clean, brother. We're operating half blind here, building the island's defenses only on what we see and good faith in your word. You owe us an explanation."


    An explanation, yes. She owed them that much. She looked somberly at her newfound companions.

    “Rahkshi haven’t been this bold in a long time. They’re formidable in a single fight, but I’ve rarely seen them operate alone. I think this one was sent to spy on the village perhaps. And the Dasaka - they’re here because their entire homeland got overrun by an army of them. They’re no longer just the monsters haunting the dark walks. They’ve been given a purpose again. There’s a will that drives them.”

    “I won’t pretend the signs point elsewhere.  We beat him, that I know. He was defeated, but…”

    She sighed.

    “Somehow, Makuta returned.”


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  • IC: Ga-Wahi | Off Shore

    "'Lot's changed since I've been around." With Ga-Koro shrinking in the distance‚ Zimixes reflected on everything he'd learned since comin' to shore a few days prior. For one‚ Ko-Koro had been captured by dark forces that served Makuta‚ yet after a time‚ and one hefty battle‚ had been recaptured‚ though with a great cost to the island of Mata-Nui. The Toa Maru had been involved in fighting these "Makuta cultists‚" so Zimixes was at least reassured the island still has its main heroes.  The Gukko Force even made an appearance during the fighting‚ which was pretty cool. Ko-Koro was in the process of appointing a new akiri and rebuilding‚ the latest news said.

    Rumors ran wild and whimsical concerning the rest of the island's affairs. Some spoke of the return of Makuta. Others claimed Makuta had been replaced by a traveling‚ nefarious rap group. Zimixes put no stock into any of these ridiculous stories. All he cared about was that the island and its people were safe and satisfied‚ and in need of fish. Which it was. Which meant Zimixes could go back out on the Lily without feeling like he was the last Toa alive and needed to go do "Toa stuff."

    The Lily was nothin' fancy to look at; a simple grey-and-stained exterior kept most of the ocean spray off the sunbleached deck. When he first bought the boat‚ Zimixes had painted a water lily on the stern-side bow beside the name‚ though the sun and spray had worked in tandem to obscure it over time. Still‚ it was his home. His true home‚ unlike the apartment he paid for deep within Ga-Koro's more economic housing district. He always seemed to have some new faces in the neighborhood when he'd yonder back down-a-ways between fishing expeditions‚ and he never did feel great going up to talk to strangers in the first place‚ so he never really felt like Ga-Koro was his home.

    WrrrRRrrhhhurrHuurrhhuurrrurrr..... "Aaahh.." The teal-and-blue Toa slowed the Lily to a halt. He leaned over the stern railing and winked one eye so as to make out the barely-visible skyline of the water village on the horizon. Zimixes breathed deep‚ exhaled‚ then let himself go. SPLASH! His eyes opened to his true home: the burgeoning reefs and waving kelp forests beneath the waves of Ga-Wahi. His head nearly vibrated as he activated his Kaukau‚ allowing him to exhale underwater as naturally as he had taken in the breath on his ship's deck.

    Zimixes lazily kicked and swayed from side to side‚ not venturing far from his boat‚ simply enjoying the feel of the ocean encompassing him. The muffled sounds of a world undisturbed by Matoran settlement‚ the swish of schools swimming around the kelp and coral‚ and the waving sun in the sky transformed into a wriggling mass of light as it breached the water's surface were all familiar and reassuring surroundings to Zimixes. Here he was truly home. He kicked his way to the sifty bottom of the bay and ran his fingers through the gravel and sand. A spiraled shell caught between his greenish fingers‚ which he curiously turned over-and-over before tossing aside. A few paces away‚ a discarded widget jutted forth from seafloor. Disappointed in seeing trash down here‚ even if accidental‚ Zimixes placed the small hunk of junk in his pocket. This was as good enough a reason as any to end this brief respite from work and return to his sailing.

    A few minutes of casual swimming cleared the Toa's head and reenergized his heart. He made his way up to the Lily and climbed its port side ladder. Zimixes allowed the salty ocean water to drip down his legs as he casually strode once more behing the wheel of the ship. wrrRrrRrrRRrRRRRuUURRrRRRRRRRRRRRR The Lily's motor spoke once more the message of a machine hard at work delivering its cargo from the noisy docks of Ga-Koro towards the serene nothingness of the big blue ocean that hugged all the shores of Mata-Nui.

    "Mighty fine day for some fishin'." A familiar smile grew along the Bo-Toa's face. "Yup. Gon' be a good'n."

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Outside Dark Walk(Talli)]

    Talli swallowed.   The stone weighed heavy in her side pouch, like an admonition from Mata Nui himself.   But she…she wasn’t ready.

    “How…did you not check when you defeated him just to make sure he was dead?   Do the other Maru know?   Does Akiri Hahli know?”
    She was doing it again—she forced herself to slow her breathing.   She had been getting better about it in the past few weeks, but it hadn't stopped the dreams.   At least the sleepwalking happened only in short spurts now.
    “You need to talk to toa.   Learn how they live—learn they’re just people like you or I, with fears and dreams.”
    Typical, that this would happen when she tried to act on this advice.

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    "The Rora, Yumiwa, is the Empress of the Kentoku Archipelago," Eita said. He glanced back again at the finely-dressed woman. "I think that's her, but I've never seen her. Either that or it's her sister, Chojo Desdemona. I've never seen her either."

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  • 12 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    “Somehow, Makuta returned.”

    IC: Kimala

    "Re... returned?" The teacher took a deep breath. "From where?" she nodded as Talli babbled out her own string of questions, then tacked her own on at the end: "I thought it was dead. Did it come back to life?" She didn't feel entirely worthy to be the first to know about this, as all of a sudden she felt the pressure of the knowledge that Leah had no doubt been feeling, herself, for some time. Did she need to hide this information? Or should she do her job, and teach? This time, teaching the grimmer truth.

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    The Toa Maru tilted her head. There was something about the Matoran’s aura that told her there was more on her mind than just the questions she asked. Considering the things playing out in the back of her own mind, she probably was giving off the same aura though, so she decided to just focus on the matter at hand. 

    “Yes, the other Maru know. And I told Hahli everything I could.” she answered, truthfully, her voice calm and friendly as before. She addressed Kimala’s question as well: “I don’t know how it happened - I don’t even know if his existence qualifies as alive the way we understand it.” 

    “There was nothing left to check after his defeat.” she continued, “No body to check for a pulse, no aura, spirit or mask, zilch. Makuta was gone, wiped from existence. I thought he was dead at first too.”

    “I didn’t learn the truth until much later. By then we had the Piraka to deal with, Ko-Koro fell into ‘legacy’ hands and the Dasaka submarine arrived. So we had to settle for him being gone for the time being.”

    “Clearly, that time is up now. I’ll talk to the other Maru, but first…”

    Leah hit the crystal traps Kimala had created around the Rahkshi’s legs with the tip of her staff, hard enough to shatter them. Then she stowed her weapon, crouched down and picked up the carcass, slinging the dead Rahkshi across her shoulders as she stood back up, with nary an effort.

    “...let’s get this thing back to the village. Gotta report this to Hahli, and Onu- and Po Koro are always eager to get their hands on these. One of you mind carrying its staff?”

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  • 16 minutes ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    “...let’s get this thing back to the village. Gotta report this to Hahli, and Onu- and Po Koro are always eager to get their hands on these. One of you mind carrying its staff?” 

    IC: Kimala

    She picked up the staff in question when asked, resting it over her own shoulder in similar fashion. "Where there is one scout, there may be others," she observed. "We may have just happened to catch this one at the right time, but they could be coming and going regularly. To say nothing of Kraata by themselves... We ought to keep our eyes peeled." She racked her brain trying to remember if there was a kind of Kraata that could turn invisible, but couldn't remember.

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    IC: Nara, The Great Takea


    Nara fought the instinct to crane her neck looking to the Rora. Yumiwa herself, here? Well of course she heard stories about the Dasaka leader from travelers, but she never seriously thought she'd be in the same room as someone so lofty.  It was almost a bit intimidating.


    For a moment she almost had the giddy instinct to invite her to their table, just to see what would happen. It might scare off a couple clingers-on, and no matter what happened would make a great story if she survived. 


    It was the 'if' that didn't sit well though.


    She turned to her old friend, grinning slightly despite herself. "Yumiwa in the armor, eh? This'll be a story to tell your grandkids, and no mistake. Let's tey not to attract too much attention, though. Highfalutin politico types like her probably wouldn't care too much for being bothered. I doubt she'd have us disappeared, but you hear stories after all."


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    , @BBBBalta

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    “Well, we weren’t stabbed in the back while this one had it’s darkness up, so it most likely didn’t have others with it.” Leah assuaged as she started walking, heading down the path that would lead them out of the clearing and back to the village proper.

    “As for other scouts coming and going, it’s possible, but unlikely that they snuck by unnoticed. The guard and I have been keeping an eye on this, a lot.”

    She didn’t mention just how many restless nights, early mornings and quiet afternoons she’d spent camped outside the entrance, next to her regular patrols.

    “But you’re right. We must stay vigilant.” the Maru added. She threw up her right shoulder forcefully, causing the Rahkshi to bounce up so she could readjust its position.

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Empress? Royalty?! Nale subconsciously sat up straighter, sobering up. She was a bit puzzled by Nara’s comment. Did the Dasaka leadership have such a track record? She hoped not.

    “She came on the boats then, like you two did? What’s she doing in here?”

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  • IC: Zimixes | Ga-Wahi Offshore

    "Is that a fish?" Zimixes peered over the edge of the boat. "Nope. Not a fish." The Lily traveled on.

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  • IC:

    "Well," Sinshi turned her attention again slightly, after nodding politely at Leah's departure. Hogo Karoru had departed as well, and Dai went to her office. She could— and would— check in with the Dashi later. In the meantime, she had certain niceties to observe. "If you would like, Sato, Whitehot and I can show you around the village. I'm sure you have questions. As do I, as it happens."


    The Onu-Matoran laughed a little at the display, patting Cancer apologetically on the shell. He doubted it was overly comfortable to cart all three of them along but he would make the trip much shorter. He didn't have anything else to say, not yet, and he was... not content, but resigned to continuing in personal silence for a time while he thought.

    OOC: Tarnok, Leli, Kellin and Cancer to Onu-Wahi.

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  • 16 hours ago, Tarn said:

    Empress? Royalty?! Nale subconsciously sat up straighter, sobering up. She was a bit puzzled by Nara’s comment. Did the Dasaka leadership have such a track record? She hoped not.

    “She came on the boats then, like you two did? What’s she doing in here?”

    IC Yumiwa | Great Takea

    "Well, I walked here on my own two feet," I said as I stepped towards the table with my countrypeople at it. "But yes, I sailed here on my boat with the rest of Sado's denizens." At least the ones who chose to come. The ones who could come. 

    Zafin was just a step behind me. There were no threats immediately around me and we were all but guaranteed safety by the combined might of our warriors coming in waves (lol) and the mindful policing Akiri Hahli's marines offered, but while I allowed myself to relax fully Zafin's complete job was to ensure my well being. Her eyes darted from corner to corner of the place, meanwhile I let my mental senses override the more mundane kinds. 

    "Plangori... Shuuan, right?" I greeted, kowing full well who it was. I'd know that signature imprint of yours anywhere—rumours had it before she came on the Ryuu that her Menti abilities could rival Des' own, though I doubted that'd be the case anymore. Her abilities, I'd been told by my old tutor, were very much like his own in that they were offensive in nature and slow to come to bear for defenses, and that made it relatively simple for me to get an instant read on what Shuuan was thinking, at least the gist of it. "Uh, you know, we're not actually in the beheading business. The average bodyguard only kills zero offenders per year. Royal Executioner Rayuke, who lived in mine and kills over 10,000 Dasaka a day, is an outlier and should not have been counted."

    I waited a beat.

    Please laugh please laugh please laugh oh god why aren't they laughing it's obviously a joooooke 

    (Also I'm really sorry Uncle Ray, lmao [please be okay])

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Outside Dark Walk(Talli)]

    Talli followed the two toa without saying anything more.  She needed to go back in that direction anyway.  She should tell them.  Her father, at least, would want to know, to prevent more fisherwoman from sharing his fate.

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend @ARROW404

    IC: [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]

    Her Clueless Majesty might have as well been shouting please please laugh, so I obliged.

    I cackled, slapping the table next to the clearly slightly terrified foreign dashi.

    “Oh…heehee…is that how you think a joke works, over in the palace…ha…” I turned to Nara.

    “You must forgive our empress, she’s yet to learn how to speak to to the masses without ten layers of formalities.”

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  • IC Yumiwa | Great Takea

    My smile turned icy for a second and Zafin came around from my back with a glare in her eye. "My condolences, Shuuan, that the last joke you ever hear falls two heads short of a double-eagle."

    Another beat. My tone suddenly softened again. "Hah! Who are you kidding, though? With how your mother is, I'd expect the bar would be low enough to beat." I'd also heard the stories of how Morie treated her kids. It wasn't discussed in polite circles, but there were few cups of tea that didn't come to my inspection one way or another, and it was no terrible secret Shuuan did not get along with her... at all. At least she had a mother... but her circumstance was much akin to Des' situation, and it made one wonder if having a mother who does not care for you is truly a good thing compared to not having one at all. Then again, I couldn't even be sure if Morie was still extant—she was not among the roster of refugees with me. 

    "Plangori Morie was an unpleasant grade-AA snake up my arse; I can only imagine the ishs she took on you. I speak this plainly here and now since she did not come and we are as far away from Sado's rigors as we can be.

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  • Suggested Listening:


    IC: [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]
    An insult, followed by…oh she thought she knew me.  That’s the thing after all these years, that still surprises me.   You wear your heart on your sleeve, you become an open vessel because someone forgot the f##king lid, and no one has ever been able to make one that fits, and you become a receptacle for other people’s scorn and nightmares.   You wear truth like armor and people still find a way through it.
    Yumiwa was like a child at a carnival game, feeling around in a box and insisting she knew what was inside.   But the children are never right, and you learn enough about them from the shape of their hand and their answers.   Yumiwa loved so desperately, imagined hate so clearly—probably saw me as Herupa Jiyu, with bruises enough to reason resentment from.   But my resentment was practiced, not like hers, not like her who had felt so much care all her life to and from her mother and her sister and her Uncle (please be ok—oh it was never this bad before [this is ḧ̵̨̲̱̪̻͎̞͓̯̯͓̉͗̑̈͌̂̈͘e̴͔͔̲͓̤̪̖͖̓̈́̄̇͆̒́̉̆ͅͅr̶̨̨̠̥̞̙̘͊̒̒̆̎̇̎̓̒̉̅̂̑̌̚ fault])
    Being an annoyance to someone who always practiced uncaring is learned skill, Yumiwa…I hope you’ve been listening.
    Out loud, I cocked my head, raised an eyebrow. “Pettiness, Your Majesty?  That one is new.   But you shouldn’t insult my mother; she believed in you, you know.   More than I do anyway.”

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro


    Oh dear.

    Eita's eyes darted nervously from Shuuan to Yumiwa then back again. He sat awkwardly for a moment, unsure of what to do.

    Then he jumped up out of his seat, determined to break the tension, and bowed deeply to the Rora. "Rora Yumiwa! I am Kinzoku Eita, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

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  • IC Yumiwa | Great Takea

    "Surprised?" I said with just an ounce of sarcasm and a cocked brow. "I surprise myself sometimes, so maybe you should be.

    "Plangori Morie believed in the office I inhabit more than who I am. She's a traditionalist, or at least always struck me as one, and maybe that stony grip on the-way-things-have-been is why she decided to stay behind on Oki instead of coming with to Mata Nui for refuge. But things are changing and the past can't be the future anymore, so while I respect your mother for her strength and resolve, it—"

    Then he jumped up out of his seat, determined to break the tension, and bowed deeply to the Rora. "Rora Yumiwa! I am Kinzoku Eita, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

    "Well met, Kinzoku Eita," I greeted with a polite bow of my head, then suddenly knotted my forehead. "I—my deepest of condolences for your clan."

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  • IC: Nara, The Great Takea


    Everybody seemed to be getting anxious at the arrival of the Dasaka Rora. Nara, however, was slightly less star-struck (or terrified). 

    Perhaps it was the several glasses of cider she'd had to ignore how big the tab was getting, but she looked to the intricately-armored figure and said:

    "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Yumiwa. I'll admit, despite hearing tales from a number of visitors from Kentoku, none seemed to do your beauty justice."


    Well thought Nara, I'm going to die now. But oh, what a story.


    OOC: @Caedast

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  • IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Nale was already nervous around the Rora, tensing up in her seat and putting on her best “just met a stranger and trying to be friendly” forced smile when the Dasaka had addressed her. She had no context for what Yumiwa and Shuuan spoke of, but the tension was present and obvious. 

    The Fa-Matoran sunk back into her a seat a bit, hoping that maybe the two would forget she was there. That was, until Eita got out of his seat as he spoke up, exposing her to the crowd and prompting her to sink further and wish she was anywhere but the Great Takea at the moment. Things did not improve when Nara began—or at least was trying to—flirt with the royalty. Nale’s jaw dropped.

    Has everyone lost it?!

    She loosened up and sat straight again, clearing her throat loudly not long after Nara had finished speaking. “As…others have said…it’s a pleasure to meet you, Rora Yumiwa. I’m Nale.”

    The Fa-Matoran gave a quick bow from where she was seated.

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  • IC, Eita: Ga-Koro

    Eita looked at the empress and smiled sadly. “Your kind words are appreciated, your Majesty,” he said. “Hopefully some of my fellow clan members were lucky enough to survive…”

    He glanced over at Nara. Is she flirting with the Rora? Is she nuts? he thought to himself. 

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]

    I sat back and yawned.  The Rora’s encyclopedia-like breakdown of my mother’s feelings on the crown wasn’t interesting to me (believe me I’ve heard it before), and it was must more fun to watch these Dashi get drunk and fear for their lives.

    I’d thought I was being sufficiently sarcastic before.  Did they not have sarcasm over here?

    Nara looked like she was going to actually die of embarrassment, which was funny, yet I supposed there wasn’t any taboo here was there?  Dashi and Dasaka, or I guess “Matoran” and “Toa,” lived side by side.   And there were a lot more men.


    I squinted around—between the guys (I think) who looked like the Chaotic Six and the guy who look like he had survived being the chew toy of a Kanohi Dragon maybe my chances here weren’t so bad after all.

    OOC: @BBBBalta @Tarn @TL01 NUVA @~Xemnas~ @Caedast and I guess any fellas in this bar

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  • Le oops

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  • On 9/26/2021 at 3:44 PM, Vezok's Friend said:

    IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance]

    IC: Kimala - Between Dark Wark and the Koro

    "Should we be telling others about this?" she asked the Toa Maru. She fidgeted with the staff. Something about it felt weirdly organic, and contact with it was uncomfortable. Only mildly so, though. A part of her wanted to ask if she could put it on her classroom wall, but she knew better than to ask that.

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  • IC Yumiwa | Great Takea

    "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Yumiwa. I'll admit, despite hearing tales from a number of visitors from Kentoku, none seemed to do your beauty justice."

    Well thought Nara, I'm going to die now. But oh, what a story.

    The use of the term "visitors" to describe my people was both quaint and ill-fitting. We were visitors in a sense, sure, but that word was usually meant for travelers and tourists, not—as fate would have us—refugees, which is exactly what we were. Not quite exiles, not quite sojourners, somewhere in between on the run and on a passthrough. Refugees. Visitors seemed like an improper oversimplification that circumvented the trauma and death that we had left behind in the search for a brighter day. Still, with a slight application of my Willhammer abilities it was assuring to sense no offensive intent, and so I chose to look past it and chalked it up to a simple stumble from a lack of understanding rather than callous absence of empathy—such gaps could be easily bridged. 

    I smiled at her kindly and returned the flirtatious gesture. "The pleasure is mine! And wow, I really like your armour, it's very pretty!" And with a small nudge of my powers, my voice continued in her mind. 

    .:And nobody's dying on my account, Matoran Nara. Mayyyybe le petit mort, but not death...:.


    She loosened up and sat straight again, clearing her throat loudly not long after Nara had finished speaking. “As… others have said… it’s a pleasure to meet you, Rora Yumiwa. I’m Nale.”

    The Fa-Matoran gave a quick bow from where she was seated.

    I returned the gesture in kind. "Hello, Nähl-eh, a pleasure to meet you as well. I take it you are... not a Ga-Matoran?"

    Eita looked at the empress and smiled sadly. “Your kind words are appreciated, your Majesty,” he said. “Hopefully some of my fellow clan members were lucky enough to survive…” 

    He glanced over at Nara. Is she flirting with the Rora? Is she nuts? he thought to himself. 

    .:Maybe, but anyone's open to shoot their shot.:.

    I quickly corrected myself by adding .:—Romantic shot:. Sheika took a shot at a rora, too. Cringe.

    Sometimes levity had no place in conversation, and this was one such scenario. Loss was something we were all experiencing, and the depression of mourning should never be swept under a rug. We were the product of our pasts, and Zataka's sons suffered just as heavily if not moreso than the rest of us. This was hardly an act of diplomacy from me, this was genuine sentiment, and I needed Eita to know it well.

    "I have not heard of any others yet; you are the first of Kinzoku I have heard about thus far, but Commodore Ayiwah is reviewing the rosters as we speak so if any others came with us we shall find them. Words alone cannot do justice for your loss, and sorrow cannot bring family or clan back, so as hopelessly inadequate they may be you still have my deepest sympathy.

    "And should you find yourself challenged by something within my power to remedy, please, send word to me. There has been enough suffering at the hand of fates beyond our control."

    Also present were the Matoran Lekua, to whom I gave a sad but friendly nod and smile, and others who were different kinds of quiet. 

    As this all transpired, behind me (and unbeknownst to me at the time) Zafin had taken a defensive stance, warily eying the same beings who looked akin to the Chaotic Six. 

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  • IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn)

    "Aye, Proto Drakes are fine creatures" I remarked absently. Kama was fortunately not awake to hear that, or unfortunately, depending on who you are. I'd had the pleasure of seeing them now and then on my solitary treks across Kentoku's less tamed landscapes, such as they were.

    "I think we're all in for a lot of surprises," I remarked. I could feel it in my bones, like so many other things I'd learned to anticipate.

    "Cephala," I spoke up, "have you seen any of these creatures called 'Rahkshi' yourself?"

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Beach]

    “About the Rahkshi? Definitely.” Leah said, stepping over a thick root crossing their path. “That’ll raise questions anyway and I don’t think ‘we found it’ will be an acceptable answer.”

    “As for Makuta’s return…”, she paused, adjusting the hold on the dead Rahkshi again. It gave her time to think about how to best put the thoughts in her mind to words. But perhaps, this was also a good time to get some input that did not come from a fellow Maru or one of the Akiri.

    “...well, since I have you both here, maybe you are willing to speak your mind and share your insights with me? Not to shirk my responsibility, but I am supposed to protect Ga-koro - to protect you. So, in this situation: What would you have me do?”

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  • IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn)

    Cephala shook her head.  "I only arrived a little while after the Dark Walks opened up.  All the Rahkshi by that point were mindless things, never going out into the sun, and I wasn't in any hurry to go down to meet them.  As for before I came here..."  She shut her eyes, and for a moment, but no more, she heard a serpentine screech at the back of her mind.  "I don't know.  So many of us lose all our memories when we come to this island- myself included."

    The Turaga stared into the bottom of her cup, sloshing the last dregs of liquid around inside.  "I'd like to think I haven't, to be honest," she said.  "I want something in my past I can be sure of, so I know for certain I have a reason to be proud of being a Toa...  but from what I understand, Makuta only sends out his Rahkshi when he means to start something serious."

    She looked up again, staring into Pradhai's eyes.  "You never did tell me quite how bad it was at your home.  I don't want to pry too much, because it certainly doesn't sound like a good memory...  but if you're willing, I do want to know."

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  • IC: Lekua, Great Takea

    Lekua didn’t really “get” what the whole deal was with nobility.

    is that how you think a joke worksten layers of formalitiestwo heads short of a double-eaglesnake up my arseinsult my motherbelieved in the office I inhabit—”

    What the…

    Lekua rested an awkward elbow on the table and scratched his mask with clear discomfort, suddenly fascinated by a fishing lure displayed on the far wall of the bar.

    Wait, she was looking at him.

    “Oh, hi, Yumiwa. Didn’t see you there.”

    IC: Iraanus, Great Takea

    On 9/15/2021 at 11:54 PM, BBBBalta said:

    Something important I’m not doing? Yeah, working. Heh.

    “Weird dreams, huh,” he said thoughtfully. “Weird how?”

    He watched closely for Rhow’s response, almost so closely that he didn’t notice—

    “Wait, wasn’t that the, uh — what do the psychic Toa call their leader again? The fancy one who was talking to Hahli? Was that her that just walked in?”

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  • 6 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

    So, in this situation: What would you have me do?”

    IC: Kimala

    "Consult with the Akiri," Kimala suggested, "But urge her to tell the truth. Nothing good will come from hiding this- the island must be prepared both practically and mentally. But in general, I would suggest you and the Maru unite. The Koro can be defended," she assured her with a smile. "But with the six of you united, there is much more you can accomplish. United in Duty, bound in Destiny," she recited.

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Western District(Talli)]

    Does she think we’re all in school still? Talli looked at the crystal toa, but she seemed to be completely serious.   She opened her mouth for an instant, prepared to say as much, but closed it again.   This…this could be a chance to change someone’s mind.   She wasn’t going to squander it.

    Taking a deep breath, she began to speak.  Her interjection started out flat, but as she talked her voice gained steadiness.

    “No announcements to the entire koro—I’ve been to those sorts of things and all it does is leave you with unanswered questions.  You need to meet with all the people here—not just the military, but all the people who have to fish and tend gardens while you go to war.  We have are own leaders—look them in the eyes and tell them the truth.  Tell them you don’t know and we have to figure this out together.”

    She paused, looking between both of them.  “Unity doesn’t mean just six toa.  That obviously didn’t work last time.   It means all of us—we can’t afford to wait for a savior.”

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  • IC Umbraline Zafin | Great Takea

    The attentive handmaiden to the rora, being quicker with her eyes than her lady and less distracted by the endearments (and chiding) of subjects and new friends, had been watching the skakdi in the bar from the moment they'd entered. Instantaneous alarm rose to her bright eyes like a match struck aflame, but she quieted herself upon quickly determining neither of them were one of Them. The memory of the Chaotic Six remained seared on her mind as much as with any other Dasaka, and any likeness of Them recalled the same terrible trauma reaction or rage and fear. Up until then, however, she was only dealing with picture-etches and nightmares. Seeing one of their kind in person... was different, somehow. 

    There was once a time when Zafin would have let her anger get the better of her senses and challenge the Skakdi on the spot to prove their innocence or pay for their people's crimes. It came as a boon to everyone that Zafin's sensibilities by then were far more pronounced, and instead of surging to conclusions—well-meaning though they may have been—she chose to trust the evidence before her, that not every Skakdi was Chaotic, Ga-Koro was a lawful and safe place, and these particular people were not posing any threat. Still, she chose to investigate.

    Zafin approached the counter where Rhow and Iraadus were. "Hello," she said in a stern tone with a terse smile. She was trying to be friendly but failing to seem wholly kind. "How are you?"

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  • 3 hours ago, Mel said:

    IC: [Ga-koro, Western District(Talli)]

    IC: Kimala

    "Nothing I said particularly contradicts any of that," Kimala huffed, slightly annoyed with the Matoran's tone. It was basically what she said with some extra steps. And she never implied everyone else would be simply sitting on their hands, only that the Maru should be acting together. She wasn't going to start arguing though. "Whatever the case, this should not remain secret."

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  • IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    Rhow was struggling in her attempt to figure out how to explain her dreams.

    “‘S like…I don’t remember much back home. I sure know what it felt like, but all the details are foggy or gone. Y’know how it is right? But, middle of the night, s’like I can see it, I’m back there - and it’s so vivid, and then…” she finally started, when Iraanus suddenly interrupted, pointing out another duo of newcomers. Rhow looked up to see who he meant.

    “Wha...who? Oh! The Ruru? I think?”

    The Takea was getting crowded indeed.

    “Well if that’s her it’s definitely time to stop standing ‘round. Come on.”

    She shook off the strange thoughts of dreams, spin rustling as she did, and headed for the entrance, motioned for the others to follow. Inside she could now fully see the crowd that had gathered around one of tables - in fact they’d had to pull up some extra chair by now. 

    Rhow was curious about them of course - but she also knew this wasn’t her business, so she took up her usual spot behind the counter as did the others. But it looked like one of the Dasaka had different ideas.

    "Hello. How are you?"

    The Skakdi seemed completely unfazed by Zafin's not-quite-fully-friendly tone.

    “Heya, welcome. Things are good! Bit busy. You with the Ruru?”

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  • IC Umbraline Zafin | Great Takea

    "Rora," Zafin corrected the Skakdi quickly. "Technically, Her Majesty the Rora of the Dasaka Empire and Empress of Kentoku Umbraline Yumiwa the First... but unless you're in a ballroom or court session even she thinks that's overkill. 'Your Majesty' or 'Rora Yumiwa' will do perfectly, and 'Ma'am' thereafter."

    She cleared her throat, not having to explain even the barest parts of address etiquette to anyone in for-ever. "I am Lady Zafin."

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  • IC:

    Destian walked into the Great Takea from the front, the corpse of one of the sharks from which the establishment took its name held up over one shoulder, somewhat loosely flopping in a way that suggested beyond all doubt that he'd already gone through and taken care of the immediately necessary aspects of exsanguinating and disemboweling the expired Rahi. Just in time, too, to hear some pompous fop start rattling off titles like Rhow, Iraanus, or himself were supposed to care.

    "She seems a bit small to be called a roarah," he replied once Zafin was done, his tone distinctly unimpressed. "An' what kinda name starts with Lady's avin'?"

    Let him play the role of some uneducated brute rather than the other two, no matter how much it'd be a complete falsehood for any of the three of them. It might at least give the others something to laugh at, rather than the scowls he'd get from them if he said what he really wanted to. The Great Takea is an egalitarian dining establishment in the style of the island of Mata Nui, miss, and I don't take kindly to your attempts to force your own poorly-conceived notions of social stratification on us didn't really slip between the teeth easily anyways.

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, Western District(Talli)]

    Talli shrugged.   However hoighty toighty this crystal toa was, she sure did have the “disappointed teacher” attitude down—it was hard to not feel a little mortified.

    But Talli was an adult.

    “Maybe, but details need to be pointed out sometimes.   Everyone has a different point of view, so you can miss something if you always take the big picture.”

    She looked pointed up at both of them.

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  • IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    “Yumiwa and Zafin, got it.” Rhow nodded, skipping the heap of honorifics. That was a lot to remember, but she figured it bore little weight right now, considering ‘Ma’am thereafter’ was sitting with the rest of them all the same.

    Does that make me the Rhow-ra of Ga-Koro?

    “Anything I can get ya? Something to ease the spine ache from the long journey?”

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  • IC Zafin | Great Takea

    A third one. Are these Skakdi as plentiful as the matoran here? she wondered, not sure if that eased or escalated her concerns.

    She stared at the newest one intently, taking his visage in its entirety into account. He sounded brutish and looked like he'd picked a fight with a propeller, but moved with a fluidity and care of intent that belied his simpleness, and his eyes twinkled with an intelligence that already looked insulted. The newcomer was playing an act—that deception, playful as it was or could be, made him dangerous, and she picked up on his disdain immediately. Eyes peeled on him, and subconsciously understanding what he meant but did not say, she simply said aloud, "No-ted."

    “Anything I can get ya? Something to ease the spine ache from the long journey?”

    "Appreciate the concern; my spine is well oiled and massaged, but I will take an ale. Do you have a speciality?"