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  • Posted 2021-09-29 17:47:01 UTC
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  • [IC Timak | Naho bay]
    A canister appears on the horizon, idly being carried by the waves to wards the shore.
    Anybody watching may notice it tipping and bucking awkwardly, as though whoever was inside was battling to get out.
    Eventually as the canister nears the shore, the lid bursts away and a lithe grey figure heaves themselves, spluttering, into knee-deep water - the canister itself already having been half-filled from a leak - and weakly drags themselves ashore, dazed and squinting in the sunlight from their over-long stint in the can.

    Timak - yes, that's their name... They squint and look around, then stop to inspect their own body, finding no damages, but also - no tools!
    They swiftly turn and check the canister, lifting a heavy dual-blade out. It makes a soothing hum as it drags along the inside of the vessel, and Timak feels invigorated suddenly. They heft the blade, swishing it around in a few wide swings, listening to its song and absorbing the vibrations.

    Finally, their mood lightened by the small restoration of Sonic energy, Timak turns to view the surroundings and starts heading towards Ga-Koro, looking for someone to tell them what's what.

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    Timak's profile is here if anyone wants a look!

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  • IC: [Ga-koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)]

    The table was currently descending into a snoozefest, so I weaved myself through the restaurant and up to the bar, levitating slightly over the creaky floor with a little help from my mask.

    I sidled up to a seat next to former Kanohi Dragon snack guy.

    “Hey, nice machete.”

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  • On 9/28/2021 at 4:00 AM, Caedast said:

    I returned the gesture in kind. "Hello, Nähl-eh, a pleasure to meet you as well. I take it you are... not a Ga-Matoran?"

    IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea

    Nale looked puzzle, briefly, then glanced down at her armor. “Oh. No, Miss, uh, Your Highness ma’am. Magnetism.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “I just…happened to be visiting today and, well, here I am.”

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  • On 9/26/2021 at 7:56 PM, Krayzikk said:


    "Well," Sinshi turned her attention again slightly, after nodding politely at Leah's departure. Hogo Karoru had departed as well, and Dai went to her office. She could— and would— check in with the Dashi later. In the meantime, she had certain niceties to observe. "If you would like, Sato, Whitehot and I can show you around the village. I'm sure you have questions. As do I, as it happens."


    "Certainly." After all, while she'd been there a short while, Sato hadn't really managed to learn anything yet about the village proper or the people in it that wasn't the small bit of common knowledge that all the Dasaka coming off the boats had gotten. "Is it really true that this place is big island?"

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  • IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Beach]

    The Toa Maru looked at Talli. In her memories she could see a group of Matoran not unlike her, camped out in the jungle. Talli might have fit right in with the wanderer’s company back then. There was just one small thing she’d gotten wrong.

    “It was never just six Toa, even then. We never waited for heroes. When the Mata arrived, they already found the guards holding the line. And when it was our turn, there was Joske, Lepidran, many others that cleared the way just so we could take a shot at Makuta. And again to rescue those trapped in Ko-koro. So you’re right, it is going to take all of us.”

    “I will talk to Hahli and the others who speak for Ga-Koro’s people. Not sure I will have time to talk to everyone before duty calls me again for something like this...” she said, giving the Rahkshi across her shoulders a shake for emphasis. 

    “But I promise I’ll try to avoid public announcements.”

    The trio emerged from the tree line and stepped onto the beach proper, right across from Ga-Koro’s main gate. It’s guards saw the dreaded silhouette of the Rahkshi’s spine and tensed, but upon seeing Leah and her companions they lowered their weapons and set about opening the gate.

    "You coming? We'll turn some heads walking around with this, so if you don't want the attention..." Leah said.


    OOC: @Mel @ARROW404


    IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea]

    “Heh, yeah, nothing beats a good spinal kneading. Really work those spikes...well, I guess you ain’t got those. Do ya?”

    Rhow replied while turning around and rummaging around the collection of bottles behind the bar.


    She pulled a large brown bottle from the shelf, opened it and poured a little bit into a mug, which she held out for Zafin to take. It was a pretty dark liquid, with a rich smell of something that reminded the Dasaka of coffee and chocolate.

    “Over from Mt. Mangai brewery. Guess you gotta come up with some good drinks to compensate for living inside a volcano.”

    Rhow waited for Zafin to get a taste, then asked: “So what’s up with all the side eye me ‘an my crew have been getting from you and yours? We step on some toes in a past life?”

    Her tone wasn’t confrontational, for a Skakdi at least. She was genuinely curious, that empress of theirs had looked at them like they were the sour milk in her tea too.

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  • IC: Zadred - Naho Bay

    Deep in the tropical foliage of Ga-Wahi was a diminutive Skakdi, green by several definitions, with her dainty fingers carefully feeling through the underbrush while her sharp crimson eyes scanned for anything she recognized as unique or useful to her craft. A spindly twig with green and orange leaves, gleaming red veins gently winding across their surface, caught Zadred's eye as she searched, and with delicately applied clippers, she obtained a few of its leaves, stowing them away before standing up to continue her search. It had become habitual for the small Bo-Skakdi to look for special herbs in the greener parts of the Island whenever she found herself in those regions, a habit that more often than not paid off well for her ongoing herbalist efforts. Just today she'd discovered three highly rare specimen, as well as one she'd never even seen before. The day had brought her many bounties.

    Stumbling carefully out of the tropical foliage and onto the coastal sands of Naho Bay, Zadred was otherwise occupied in securing her possessions and getting ready for the walk back to Ga-Koro when she realized she was not alone on the beach as the waves rolled in with a gentle hiss. A Toa, grey clad, looked around confused, as if searching for answers. "Uhh... hello?" She raised a hand in greeting, an expression of concern on her features. A large canister, half submerged in the surf behind the Toa, caught her attention as she looked the stranger over longer. A newcomer, then? An amnesiac almost certainly if so. "Are you alright? Did you... just arrive here?"

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    • IC: Timak, Naho Bay

      Timak was looking the other way when they heard the Skakdi's voice. Turning to face her, they spend a moment to take stock of the stranger, stepping towards her and waving a hand in uncertain reply. "Hello.. you're right, I just got here. I get the feeling I would have arrived sooner had my canister not developed a fault. Nearly drowned in there, I did."

      Timak has never seen her race before, and looks to be pondering whether to drop their guard or not. Something inside their head wanted them to be wary, but she had such a friendly tone...

      After a moment of thought, they stow their sword and extend a hand for shaking. "My name is Timak. I'm glad you noticed me out here before I made a fool of myself... to be honest I'm not quite sure what I'm here for."

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    • IC: Zadred - Naho Bay

      "Drowned? That's terrible! I'm glad you got out okay." Zadred said, happily taking the Toa's hand and shaking it firmly though by no means forcefully. "I'm Zadred. And... don't be alarmed by the lack of memories. It happens to everyone who winds up on these shores for the first time... well, almost everyone, but the ones it doesn't happen to are kind of the exception." Briefly, Zadred's expression turned thoughtful, as if something had crossed her mind that weighed heavily on her, before she snapped back to attention and gave a polite but genuine smile. "Well, in any case, I'd be happy to tell you anything you want to know, as far as I've come to know it. This island can be a dangerous place sometimes, and not just because of the Rahi. Come on, I'll show you the way to Ga-Koro, you can get your bearings much better over there, not to mention get something to eat. You're probably hungry after your seaward trip." She said as she beckoned, turning to start walking along the beach to the coastal settlement.


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    • IC: Timak, Naho Bay

      "Zadred. Zadred. Thank you. ... And wow, you're right" - they look uneasy - "it's just dawned on me how hungry I am!"

      Timak enthusiastically follows her lead as she sets off towards the village. Something else the Skakdi said bubbles up to the surface in their mind. The Toa, ambling along a couple of steps behind her, quickens their pace to make eye contact and queries, "You said dangerous... What should I keep an eye out for?"

      Ooc: @Onaku -and also, would be cool to "bump into" the rahkshi-hauling crew when we get to Ga-Koro? Am i allowed to say that here?

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    • IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro

      The boats that had arrived in the Koro were of little concern to the Fe-Matoran walking through the village—he had other things on his mind.

      His duster hung loosely from his shoulders like a cloak, covering most of his body except his Kanohi. Paired with his cane and the slowness of his movement, he had hoped it would make him appear unassuming. Not worth bothering. Simply an old Matoran, taking in the sights of Ga-Koro and the ocean beyond it. A tourist.

      The brass knuckles hidden in his pockets told a different story.

      Surdo stopped and sighed, running his thumb across the head of his cane and feeling the detail carved into it. The man he was looking for hadn’t been in Ostia. Or at least, hadn’t been seen. Whether they would cross paths would be up to fate, he decided, although the Fe-Matoran preferred things to be more concrete. Meetings were better planned, not spontaneous.

      But, he knew how to get this one’s attention. A small bag of widgets, just barely visible peeking from his duster. He wouldn’t be able to pass it up, no matter how little the money, how petty the crime.

      He stood there on the side of the street, pretending to mind his own business.

      OOC: Surdo, open for interaction.

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    • IC: Daijuno | The Great Takea

      Long, relaxing drink before I get back to the office and find half the saihoko population waiting at the doorstep. That's what I figured. Nice, relaxing drink at a tavern that didn't feature the royal ###### family at its tables. That's what I figured. That's what I expected.

      Goddess only knows why.

      It was a bad time to be without Sinshi, or Zyla, or -- by 'taka -- even Whitehot, who could at least make it through a conversation without being a massive ######, which made her about a million times the diplomat that I was. Bad enough time that I sincerely considered getting the karz outta dodge (to quote the 'Munequita herself), just jumping over to the Tidalpool and subjecting myself to the agonizing experience of watching the line at my door across the street grow longer and longer and longer as the day went on. Sure, I could have just avoided the royal family (the royal goddess-###### ###### family!) and just sit at a different table in the Takea, but....


      It was inevitable, your honour.

      So I took a seat at the bar.

      "--thing I can get ya?" the bartender said to one of royals, or maybe one of their entourage, who was to say. "Something to ease the spine ache from the long journey?”

      To which the royal, or the royal-adjacent, said, "Appreciate the concern; my spine is well oiled and massaged, but I will take an ale. Do you have a speciality?"

      "Whatever you're giving her, I'll have the same," I said, "and put both on my tab."

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    • IC:

      "Everything I've seen on it is." The Menti explained, thinking back on her time on the island. She gestured politely for Sato to follow and started to walk leisurely down the village 'street', thinking on how to best describe the island. And how best to ask about home. "I've mostly been here in Ga-Koro. The Commodore and I traveled up to a place called Kini Nui— near the center of the island— and had to cross a bit of a place called Le-Wahi to do it. That mostly involved jungle. A few people, I believe, went up to Ko-Wahi; that's towards the volcano, and covered in snow. There's also a large desert, an underground village where Whitehot is from, and a village literally inside a volcano. I haven't seen any of that personally. There were a series of islets at one point, but White has explained that they sank. Other than that there are only a few extremely small islands a bit off the coast."

      "What happened at home?"

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    • 9 hours ago, Vezok's Friend said:

      "You coming? We'll turn some heads walking around with this, so if you don't want the attention..." Leah said.

      IC: Kimala

      She nodded, "I have no qualms."

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    • IC: Zadred - Naho Bay

      "Well, there's not just physical dangers to look out for. Those exceptions I mentioned earlier are called the Dasaka. First came here by some contraption called a submarine, set up a presence in Ga-Koro with the Akiri's permission. Then, suddenly, a whole lot more of them came in on these big boats of theirs." She said, pointing out the forest of masts lining out the distant settlement's docks, undoubtedly vast enough to be visible from half across the island. "Literally happened only hours ago too. I'm glad enough they're getting welcomed after the horrors I heard they've been through, though I don't think they like me very much..." Zadred seemed slightly dejected as she said the last bit, but returned to a more neutral expression as she continued. "But, yeah, lot more Dasaka just came in, and there seems to be a lot of politics and culture shock going on around the refugees, so you should probably be careful. I know I'm gonna be." 

      As the two got closer to the settlement, the gates of Ga-Koro came into view. "Now, usually the Koro isn't this busy, but everything's gotten a bit crazy with the arrival of the refugees so it's probably gonna take some time to settle down. I know a place we could pay a visit to for some food to sate your hunger, it's just-" Focusing on Timak as she was, the diminutive Skakdi almost walked into the trio of people heading for the gates as well, stopping in her tracks as she recognized the Toa Maru of Water as well as the dead creature she was hauling on her shoulder. "... Ah, Toa Leah!" Her crimson eyes nervously eyed the rahkshi shell the Toa carried, before resuming eye contact with the Toa, lingering trepidation in her eyes. "R-Rahkshi attack?" She nervously asked.

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