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  • Posted 2021-09-07 22:52:54 UTC
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  • IC: Joskander (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost)

    "Should be the last resort", huh?  So it's still not off the table, then...

    Joskander sighed.  He wasn't particularly keen about being called a heathen for paying his respects to Mata Freaking Nui, patron saint of his entire species and literally the guy responsible for making the sun shine and all that jazz, but theological debates with a broken Toa were the last thing he wanted to get into right then.  Perhaps he did need some sort of redemption, and perhaps Dahkapa was who he needed it from... but it certainly wasn't for this.

    At least the cable car ride would be over soon.  Sitting in an enclosed space was uncomfortable enough, and figuring out how to talk to Dahkapa hardly made the experience any better.  He was looking forward to getting to stretch his legs, maybe exploring the outpost a little bit- even after the Outsiders had moved out, he'd never really had time to look around the


    is that people

    why are there people here

    why is that one guy getting dragged around

    is that guy dead

    oh god oh man oh jeez

    "Uh.  Dahkapa.  Is it just me, or does that Skakdi over there look a little, y'know, cadaveriffic to you?"


    "Like, uh, not the one that's moving.  The other one.  Just to clarify."

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    "To me... To me... To me..." Kahlynn called out, regretting the decision to carry Gak headfirst down a spiral staircase. Each step was only about a third the size of one of his enormously oversized feet, clearly not being designed for one so well-endowed. He chanced a glance over his shoulder, and saw that only a few steps remained, but then- "To me... To me, to me tometometomeeeeeeeeee-"

    He fell back, pulling Gak with him - Mar, wisely, let go of the legs at this moment - and the two rolled down the stairs like a red and blue snowball, till they crashed at the bottom- and Kahlynn heard a sickening splat.

    Regaining his sense, he pulled himself off the ground to find that Gak's face had split in half on the bottom step, spilling blood in a(n admittedly very neat) circle around the blue Skakdi's head.

    "Well..." Kahlynn looked up at Mar nervously. The littering of Skakdi teeth around him rendered the scene reminiscent of a child who had just broken a xylophone - a sentient one. "If he wasn't dead before, he sure is now, right? Ha, ha." His smiled faded as he quickly deduced that Mar was far from amused. "Look, maybe, erm, you just go get the shovel? I can drag him outside from here."

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  • IC: Safina - Near Ko-Wahi Dark Walk entrance

    Reaching down, Safina accepted the ice shard offered to her. “If you can provide shelter for my Exo-Matoran so it doesn’t freeze up while I speak with the Lieutenant, then I will gladly do what I can to ensure the safety of the expedition.”

    She turned the shard over in her hand, passing her thumb over the symbol. “What is this, by the way?”

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    As I stood there, halfway down the stairs wearing my best "I'm not mad but I'm disappointed" scowl, I felt like the moment where the corpse got its teeth knocked out after the fact was the point where this whole circus was turning downright farcical. Quite frankly, I found it a bit funny, not that I was gonna let anyone else here know that.

    "Uh.  Dahkapa.  Is it just me, or does that Skakdi over there look a little, y'know, cadaveriffic to you?"

    "If he wasn't dead before, he sure is now, right? Ha, ha."

    That, on the other hand, was decidedly not funny. I didn't know how much the cablecar arrivals had heard, or guessed themselves to, but I knew I had to choose my next words carefully.

    "I'll go and find some shovels," I answered in agreement, my powers making sure that the two new arrivals could also hear me, "too bad he didn't make it."

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Wotz

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    The Skakdi, meanwhile, upon realising that cable car had nearly arrived, shoved the body behind a doorway with his foot and tried to position himself in such a way as to obscure the body from view, remaining unaware that the body had already been seen by the strangers. A thin splatter of blood adorned his golden chest armour.

    He spat on his hands and wiped back the spines on his head. Okay, Kahlynn, time to turn on the charm...

    "Hello there!" He waved at the approaching vehicle with both arms. "Welcome to the Official Ko-Wahi Toll Gate! Please have your widgets ready, or be prepared to turn back the way you came!"

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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost)

    Dahkapa frowned. He didn't remember seeing Skakdi at the Outpost last time he was here. Why was he calling it an "official toll gate"? Were the Outsiders still in control of the place? Who was the dead person?

    Just in case, his hand shifted to the handle of the war hammer hanging on his waist. His body became tense, ready to spring into action if necessary.

    "Do you have widgets?" he said quietly to Joskander. "I can pay for both of us if you do not. I pray that money is the only thing that Skakdi wants..."

    OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

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  • IC, Atamai: Ko-Wahi

    The Ta-Matoran jumped away from where Savrehn had pointed and zoomed in on it with his mask. "Hmph, there's no Muaka tracks here," he grumbled. "Maybe your eyesight is starting to go."

    OOC: @Tarn @BULiK

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  • :i::c:

    16 hours ago, Perp said:

    IC: Safina - Near Ko-Wahi Dark Walk entrance

    She turned the shard over in her hand, passing her thumb over the symbol. “What is this, by the way?”

    “It’s an official symbol: it bears the authority of the Sanctum Guard. If you show that to any officer, they’ll be willing to help you find a place for your mechanism there,” the guard explained with a nod at the Exo-Matoran.

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  • IC: Joskander (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost)

    Despite himself, Joskander chuckled.  "We're being scammed," he said, keeping his voice low.  "I take this car all the time when I'm running errands, and I got a couple friends that knew the guys that used to run this place.  Obsidian Outpost hasn't been occupied for a loooong time."

    The cable car groaned and whined as it pulled into the station and slowed to a halt.  Joskander stood and gave the Su-Skakdi an airy wave; under his breath, he murmured to Dahkapa, "How do you wanna play this, brother?  I can probably rush the body if I need to, but I don't wanna try anything wild when we don't know what's going on."

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  • IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes

    He chuckled, the snow crunching beneath his feet. “My eyesight is as good as it’s always been. The fresh snow must have covered it up already.” Savrehn’s demeanor then changed to gravely serious as he looked to Atamai again. “But we are in their territory. Keep your eyes open. Maybe you can bore one to death with a history lesson.”

    OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~

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  • IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Outlands]

    "Perhaps your small talk will draw one near," Kreigero half-joked. It was the first time she had spoken up in some time.

    The huntress was off to the side, almost as if she wasn't walking with the other two matoran, but merely on the same road and in the same direction and at the same relative pace. If either of her fellow travelers had asked earlier why she was further out, she had muttered about it having to do with something called spacing, whatever that meant.

    Reyal trotted casually alongside her as the three matoran trudged through the snow. He was alert, yet looked almost aloof, as if the matoran were slowing the hapaka down and he was the real king of the drifts. Occasionally he wandered to sniff something in the snow, but he always fell back in line as the group progressed.

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  • IC: Safina - Ko-Wahi Dark Walk perimeter

    “Mm, I see. Thank you, Guardswoman.”

    With that, Safina thumbed the hatch switch, once again sealing out the frigid gale of Ko-Wahi. She was led within the Sanctum Guard perimeter, presenting the symbol-bearing shard to another Guard within. She explained the situation and was pointed in the direction of a nearby lean-to while the Lieutenant was fetched.

    A few minutes later, she sat outside her Exo-Matoran, hugging her arms close into her chest as she huddled in a corner of the lean-to, trying to retain whatever warmth remained within her body. She was about to ask a nearby Sanctum Guard for a hearthstone when another figure approached her.

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  • On 9/6/2021 at 10:03 PM, Keeper of Kraata said:

    IC: Skorm & Zueya - Ko-Koro


    She returned his glance and his smile. "Aelied took me out of showbiz, but he can never take the showbiz out of me." Before Skorm could react, she turned around to Reordin, walking backwards so she could face the Ko-Toa. "Before Aelied dropped in and had us find you, the big guy and I had the day off. We're still getting used to the Koro, and were going to grab some dinner. You know any nice places to eat that aren't... you know... tourist traps?"

    OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl


    As they walked, Reordin tuned out most of the banter between the two Toa Kalta. His attention was divided between Skrihen, the conversation that Tarkahn's convocation had interrupted, and observing the progress of the Koro's reconstruction. As they approached the Sanctum, it grew obvious that the inner areas of the Koro were getting the lion's share of the attention, as classier inns, restaurants, or observatories would crawl with twice or thrice the amount of Matoran and raw materials littering the streets as the old, working-class neighborhoods they'd left behind. He wondered what Korero would think of this. Despite his new role as Le-Koro's official protector and his breezy, upbeat nature, Korero was as much a denizen - and a misfit within - Ko-Koro as Reo himself, and he wondered if the archaeologist would find Tarkahn's attention towards the city's already-pretty districts as distasteful as Reo did. But maybe not. Korero himself always seemed like he'd come from an average home - and unlike his caustic mentor, seemed to have come out of Ko-Koro just fine.

    Mata Nui, he actually missed Korero. Maybe it was that shock (or some of the Toa of Air's nauseatingly positive influence upon him) that caused Reo to snap out of his haze just in time to hear Zueya's question. Before Ko-Koro fell - maybe even before he'd talked to his friend again - he would have chafed at the idea of playing tour guide to these two. They were Toa Kalta, two of the Toa who had contributed to yet another snub from the village he'd given his life to. But now, Reordin found himself genuinely adopting the same attitude he'd worn as armor during every behavioral sanction, every sacking, and every new indignity - Who cares?

    The Toa Maru of Ice tightened his Sanctum Guard coat around him, feeling the familiar old touch of Muaka furs (finally cleansed of blood) on the cheeks of his Tauhaka. He begrudged Zueya the wolfish half-grin that had made him the Maru's most-popular merchandise mover. (Second place? Leah. Third? Oreius. Good for him.)

    "Have him take you to the Capella," he advised. "The second floor has a great view of the Ko-Suva, and they usually comp desserts for couples. Great mousse."


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  • IC: Priicu, Ko-Koro historical district, Wise Man's Archive

    Humming (badly) to himself, the librarian, having finished his book, picked up a broom and looked around for something else to busy himself with. Business wasn't exactly booming yet, but he had just opened, so that was expected enough. A few people- some old friends- had come and gone. Some had rented books, a few were seated and reading. And the place was spotless. He'd already compulsively cleaned the place to perfection and there wasn't a thing left for him to do.

    Well, not indoors at least. Might as well sweep the front door. Well... it was just loose snow, but it was worth sweeping anyway. So that's what he did. He stepped through the- he hoped- inviting open door and stood on the step, brushing away.

    He had been out for a minute when a group of Toa caught his eye. Say, wasn't that the Toa Maru of Ko-Koro? It was... not Korero, he was in another village, despite the Ko in his name. No, no, what was his name? His extended stay in Onu-Koro had put him behind on some of the local things. Oh, Reordin, that was it, yes.

    In traditional Ko-Koro greeting, he:

    1. Stared blankly
    2. Stared coldly
    3. Stared silently
    4. Then continued what he had been doing before

    Ahh, it felt good to be back. Onu-Koro had been charming in its own way, but the silence of Ko-Koro was the real life.

    Hmm, silence. Yes, that was it! He would update his library's window front with the boast, "The quietest spot in Ko-Wahi." That would be certain to attract the true Ko-Koro type. And all the De-Matoran to boot. Plus, it was probably true. Library were places of quiet, after all, and the island didn't have a better librarian than him.

    For his unwitting hand in the wonderful idea, Priicu gave Toa Maru Reordin's back the traditional Ko-Koro gesture of thanks. He:

    1. Stared blankly, but with 10% more happiness expressed.
    2. Maintained equal silence as before.
    3. Inclined his head 15 degrees downward while maintaining his gaze.
    4. Then went back to work.

    He was also reminded that he ought to take some time to catch up on the things he had missed. Pleased to have found a way to pass the time, he promptly set about to doing so.


    The Wise Man's archive remains open to the perusal and use of one and all. Remember to keep quiet!

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  • IC:

    "Probably gathered waiting for us."

    Skrihen commented, approaching the other irregular and the Highlander she had encountered a few times before. Not often, but enough to have the rudiments of a working relationship. It hadn't been long since Ihu-Koro withdrew most of their forces back to their own village. The Vortixx was a new wrinkle, obviously; that's why Korzaa asked her to tag along and take a look.

    "Hear you're in charge of this death ride, LT."

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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost)

    He wasn't surprised when he heard the news, but he did wonder what had happened to the mercenaries while he was gone. Not that he genuinely cared much for a band of thugs. It didn't make any difference, as in the end they'd have to pay the toll either way.

    Joskander's suggestion made him frown. "We should avoid unnecessary conflict,"  he whispered. "I'll just pay him so we can go on our way. If you want to ask about the body, do so at your own risk. However, the Skakdi's fate matters little. Remember that death is only the beginning."

    OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Everyone, calm down"

    I had heard everything. I was actively listening, using my powers to catch whatever was being said between the two parties. I came between my erstwhile companion and the two now arrivals with a shovel in hand, resting over my shoulder, holding another in my hand.

    "My compatriot is just trying to lighten the mood. There's no toll to be paid here. You can just be on your way, don't need to let us disturb you. We've got our own matters to deal with anyway"

    The taste of the words, the tone I was using, I was feeling severely uncomfortable. This was just not something I was used to, but I wasn't going to complain if it worked. The cable car riders didn't want to fight for no reason, neither did I, so I had hope this was all going to turn out fine. Karv stood next to me, his nostrils flaring as he evidently studied the new arrivals.

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Wotz

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  • IC:

    Vakua nodded his assent.The past few days and weeks had been a welcome break from the fighting that had gone on during the retaking of Ko-Koro. There had been a lot of work to do and the Kalta barely had a moment to breathe.

    :We should get going. The Akiri is busy person.:


    What started as a stirring became a snap awakening. Soraph's eyes shot open.

    Casanuva was standing above her speaking but the Vilda didn't notice or hear him. As her eyes began to focus on her surroundings power started to rush into her body. Energy flooded her blood. Each breathe was electric now, each heartbeat pumping her muscles with greater energy. Muscles tensed and grew, larger and stronger. The Menti felt her bones ache as they stretched, her face contorting, changing. More wolf-like as a snout made itself apparent, her ears elongating.

    The bed groaned under the added weight.

    The Menti's eyes focused on Casanuva. For a moment Soraph seemed not to recognize him. Then she smiled.



    Because we can.

    Normally Soraph might have disagreed. But she was now intoxicated with power and rage, and the Parakuka's suggestion was absolutely delicious. 


    Then snarled and shot out her hand at the Kalta, grabbing onto his shoulder. Hands-turned-claws started to crush the shoulder, nails digging into him. Blood started to flow out of the Kalta. And energy began to flow into the Parakuka-latched Dasaka.

    Well, that's new. 

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  • IC: Joskander (Obsidian Outpost)

    Joskander frowned.  A De-Toa with a shovel and a Kavinika, obviously highly uncomfortable...  Had he overheard his conversation with Dahkapa?  Almost certainly, but the unease in his voice and body language didn't entirely sync up with that of someone merely afraid of being caught.  In fact, Joskander knew the expression quite well; this was a Toa who was absolutely regretting every choice he'd made in the past few...  hours?  Let's say hours.

    Maybe he could work with that.

    "What matters?  Anything we can lend a hand with?"  Joskander flashed the other Toa his goofiest, most earnest grin.  "Always happy to help a fellow Toa in need."

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Geardirector @Wotz

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Kahlynn ahem'd,  a little peeved that Mar had stamped out his oportunistic attempt at breaking even on this shambles of a treasure hunt. They were ready to pay! Serves me right for associating with a Toa. Lousy merc, as well...

    "Well, now that you mention it," he cut in, snatching a shovel from Mar's hand and passing it to the green armoured stranger. "You ever dug for treasure before, Toa?" As he spoke, he shot Mar a look that demanded secrecy - unaware that Gak's crumpled body was beginning to unravel, his arm flopping out of the doorway and into plain view.

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  • IC: Joskander (Obsidian Outpost)

    Joskander gave the Skakdi a sheepish grin and did what he could to not glance at the body that, as far as he could tell, did not consider death to be an impediment to opening doors.  "Sorry, buddy, but I was talking to the other guy, not you."  He gently pushed the shovel away.  "Like, you kinda tried to scam me just now, y'know?"

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Geardirector @Wotz

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  • IC: Plagia | Dark Walk Entrance

    "Aw, don't go scaring everyone, Skri," I said, sidling up to the growing group (squadron? battalion? How should I know, I'm no soldier). "Just a nice little recon mission, s'all."


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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost)

    After stepping out of the cable car, Dahkapa remained motionless and silent, listening to the conversation. He already had widgets in his hand -- the one that wasn't grasping the handle of his weapon -- and kept them there even when the Toa said there was no toll after all. If tensions escalated, he could simply appease them by paying.

    It indeed seemed to escalate when Joskander pushed the Skakdi. Usually, it was not a good idea to push the members of that species, even gently. He stepped forth closer to Joskander. "What did I tell you?" he said, "we do not want any trouble with them."

    He turned to look at the Skakdi. "I apologize on his behalf. We have no interest in treasure hunting, as we're headed to Ko-Koro."

    OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Wotz

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Kahlynn nodded with the upmost courtesy. "No problem, at all," he replied with total corporatism dripping from his tongue, "that's actually very interesting, as I had no interest in treasure hunting either." He pushed the shovel into this other, more apologetic stranger's hands instead.

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  • 5 hours ago, Void Emissary said:

    IC: Plagia | Dark Walk Entrance

    "Aw, don't go scaring everyone, Skri," I said, sidling up to the growing group (squadron? battalion? How should I know, I'm no soldier). "Just a nice little recon mission, s'all."



    "Aw, if it was gonna be easy why'd the chief want to send me?" The merc grinned, seizing upon her chance without warning or hesitation to snag Plagia about the waist with one arm and drag her into a bear hug. The spin afterwards was just to burn off the extra momentum of dragging her in so fast. "What, are they letting just anyone help out now? The bar get that low already?"

    "Heya, babe."

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  • IC: Casanuva and Kalyss - Ko-Koro, Kalta Arsenal

    “Soraph?” As the Vilda stood from the bed, her size rapidly increased; a few moments before, Casanuva was most of a head taller than her. When Soraph finished her transformation, the situation was reversed - including the relative bulk.

    “Soraph, what large… everything… you have…” Casanuva’s eyes were focused on her claws. His gazed darted to Ferrite propped up in the corner. It could wait, he didn’t want to provoke her-

    In a flash, Soraph’s arm was digging into Casanuva’s shoulder, gripping around the armor. Hot pain shot up Casanuva’s neck as Soraph dug her new claws in; he could feel the warmth of his blood escaping his body. “Okay, that’s how this is going down,” he winced. His first instinct was to batter her through the wall with his strength, but that would lead onto the street. He didn’t want to endanger anyone else; he had to keep her contained here.

    Casanuva was of good height and size, but he was still second on his team. Sparring with Skorm had taught him how to handle someone larger than himself; Casanuva’s Pakari began to glow, the Fa-Toa gripped Soraph’s arm that had a hold on him and the collar of her armor, heaving her over his head and tossing her through the doorway.

    Kalyss froze, seeing the beast tumble through the doorway and slam into the solid ice wall. It took her several precious moments to recognize the creature as having once been Soraph.

    “What in Karzahni-“

    OOC: @Toa Fanixe

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  • IC: Plagia | Dark Walk Entrance

    God, it was good having Skri around again.

    "Hey, yourself!" I said, wrapping both my arms around her neck and bonking my forehead against hers. "I've probably trained half of them up to be here now. Not about to let them go off to graduation without being in the wings, now am I?"

    Slowly, the two of us disentangled ourselves from one another, Skri letting me back down to the ground until I had to crane my neck to look her in the eye. Bet she gets a kick outta that, huh.

    "Sorry to interrupt," I added, glancing apologetically to the hapless lieutenant. "You two carry on with your military talk or whatever. Pretend like I'm not even here!"


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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Always happy to help a fellow Toa in need."

    "Hmmpphh, would that it were so."

    I at least had the foresight to not let my reflexive cynicism escape my own head. As shovels were passed around willy-nilly, I just threw the green Toa a nod as I saw comments and gestures also pass back and forth for a little bit.

    "We've just got a third guy who didn't survive the blizzard, unfortunately. We're going to bury him outside." I clarified.

    "I understand you're headed to Ko-Koro? How's it holding up now after the occupation has been lifted?"

    I guess small talk is one avenue to pursue.

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Wotz

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  • IC: Joskander (Obsidian Outpost)

    Hm.  Reasonable story.  A cover-up?  Or is that Skakdi just a paranoid nutcase?  I could see it going either way, honestly...

    Joskander's eyes flicked to the pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs, then to the closet where the splatters ended.  He'd seen the body before the Su-Skakdi had tripped and smashed it open, and he'd looked pretty dead already.  Possibly just unconscious or drugged- but that arm in the doorway looked pretty darn iced over.  A good look for Mr. Calm and Collected here, if not necessarily his companion.

    He shrugged.  "We were actually just headed over to Ko to find out ourselves," the Le-Toa said.  "You lot wanna come with and report that body?  Useful to keep track of these things, y'know.  And we can probably get the poor guy a better burial over there."

    OOC: @Geardirector @Wotz @Daniel the Finlander

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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost)

    Dahkapa frowned as the Skakdi suddenly lost interest in the very thing he had asked about, and hesitantly took the shovel with the hand that wasn't holding widgets. He guessed the shovel would be more useful for digging a grave than excavating hidden treasure.

    He wasn't sure what to believe, with the Toa's statement about the other Skakdi freezing to death conflicting with the... damaged form of the corpse. He wished he knew how to raise the dead like more senior Brotherhood members did. It wouldn't reveal anything about what had truly happened, but at least a perfectly usable body wouldn't be foolishly wasted.

    As Joskander asked the strangers to come along, he didn't say anything. All he wanted was to see his home again.

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    At the mention of a 'proper burial', Khalynn became hesitant. He barely had any idea who Gak was, let alone the nature of the treasure he had been leading him to, let alone what attention may be drawn to the identification of his body or the blatant, gaping wound in his face.

    Dropping his poorly-structured pretences, he insistantly demanded, "No, nonono, Gak should be buried here." After a moment of silence, during which everybody present stared at him with justified suspicion, he added, "It's what he would want. Annywayyy-" he flopped his hand at the stranger who had taken his shovel, "-go ahead and bury the guy. I'll drag him outside for you."

    True to his word, so to speak, he stepped over to the bloody corpse and pulled him into the open, leaving a copious crimson trail in its wake. Even he was somewhat alarmed by the state of that injured face - had the wound gotten wider? Regardless, it seemed the story - the truth - that he had died from the cold had landed fairly effectively, so he opted to clarify: "Yeah, he kinda... Fell, as we were carrying him. I'm aware that this doesn't look good."

    The howl of the winds outside was, for a moment, punctuated only by the metallic shuffle of Gak's bloodied body being slid across the stone platform on which they stood. Kahlynn paused as he passed the strangers: "I didn't kill him. I didn't, really. It was the cold, like, uh..." What was his name...? "...Like Merc- no, uh, like Marsh said... The cold. It was the cold."

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  • IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes

    He was being more talkative than usual, now that he thought of it. Savrehn figured it must have been his nervousness. He gradually became more quiet, letting the Wahi do the talking as they progressed. The alpinist figured Atamai would appreciate him not giving the Ta-Matoran a hard time, anyhow. At least for a bit.

    After some walking, he spoke up again.

    “We’re getting closer, but we’ve been walking for a while.” He adjusted his shoulders, beginning to feel the weight of his backpack. “Might do some good to find a spot to settle. Take a quick rest, then move on.”

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  • IC: Joskander (Obsidian Outpost)

    Joskander did what he could not to cringe.  He'd always thought himself particularly dense for a Toa, but this Skakdi seemed almost as if he was trying to be suspicious.  That the De-Toa hadn't cracked just from being in the same Wahi as his companion spoke volumes of his own self-control.

    That said...  the story checked out.  Joskander had spent enough time burying bodies at Ihu to know what death from exposure looked like.  This Skakdi- Gak, he corrected himself- showed all the signs of having spent a few hours in the Wastes with far too little protection from the elements.  There were portions of Gak's corpse where the ice and frost was evenly melted, but his body itself seemed undamaged underneath; in all likelyhood, the Su-Skakdi had attempted to thaw his companion out with an offensive vision power.  All of the gore seemed to come from the head wound, and Joskander had seen the accident that had caused it with his own two eyes.  Heck, had Gak not been a half-frozen corpse, his head probably wouldn't have taken so much damage in the first place.

    This was not a murder.  It was the Wastes that had claimed Gak's life.

    And even if it was a murder, well, Dahkapa had told him to play nice.

    "You can calm down, buddy," Joskander told the Skakdi.  "I believe you.  I know what it looks like when the cold gets ya, and, uh..."  He gestured at Gak's head and grimaced.  "Yeah.  I kinda saw you fall down the stairs.  Pretty sure there's a set that's a better fit for Skakdi, by the by.  The people that used to run this place had laaaaaarge feet."

    He glanced at Dahkapa, still quiet and awkwardly holding a shovel, then at the De-Toa, doing more or less the same.  Neither seemed to want to stick around.  Could he trust either of the two with the other?  It was hardly a good idea to take risks or split up when corpses were involved...

    ...but there was a very, very insistent voice in his heart telling him to let them go.

    And besides, he had a Kakama.  He could catch up later.

    "You two can head to Ko without me if you want.  I'd like to stick around to bury Gak with, uh..."  He squinted.  "What was your name, again?"

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    "My name's Bronk," said Kahlynn. He extended a courteous hand to shake, half-buckling as he shifted Gak's weight into one hand, and spread his disgusting mouth into an admittedly not-wholly-unpleasant grin.

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  • IC: Aelied, Skorm, & Zueya - Ko-Koro

    :He is indeed.: Wrapping himself once more in his cloak, the two Kalta set off to return to the Sanctum. Blessedly, it wasn't against the wind, as it was on the hike up. The climate here was the biggest detractor to the opportunity that had presented itself; at least Tarkahn had allowed him to set up the Memorial Garden, which simulated a more appropriate clime. As he and Vakua approached the Sanctum, he spotted Skorm and Zueya, trailed by a distinctive Toa of Ice. Ah, they must have succeeded in finding Reordin.

    The Bo-Toa waved down the approaching Toa. "Thank you Skorm, Zueya. Forgive me Reordin for disturbing you, but the Akiri was rather stark when he brought up the news from Ga-Koro."

    "Master Aelied..." Skorm said, stepping forward, bowed forward slightly, both out of deference and for the sheer size difference. Aelied was rather tall for a Toa; the Ba-Toa was taller. "Is there anything else you need? Would you like me present at the meeting? Or... Casanuva?" It was possible that out of him, Vakua, and Skorm, the three of them were the most experienced working with Dasaka in the Koro.

    Aelied rubbed one of the tusks of his Kualsi in thought. "Hmmm... No, you are free to enjoy your time off. I might convene a briefing at the Memorial Garden for the Kalta if I feel the need for one after the meeting. But I will not keep you any longer," he said flatly, nodding at Reordin. He had considered Casanuva, in truth, but that truth was that the Fa-Toa was... perhaps compromised was too harsh a term, but he might certainly have a conflict of interest. "Reordin, Vakua, go ahead without me; I'm going to inform Captain Korzaa."

    As they left the Sanctum behind, Zueya caught Reordin's gaze and silently nodded in thanks, before pulling along Skorm. "C'mon, we should see if there are any reservations open before we freeze in place. Or worse, you get a hankering to work."

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  • :i::c:

    By the time the tall cloaked figure of the Toa Kalta’s leader had appeared in the doorway of Korzaa’s office, the captain of the guard was already rising from her chair, a stack of tablets under her arm. 

    News of the Dasaka’s landing had already reached her, and she had used the time between receiving the news and Aelied’s summons to prepare for the inevitable meeting, re-reading what little information she had recorded on the Dasaka and organizing her thoughts on the new arrival. It had been a blessed change of pace to have time to prepare for something, and she had made good use of it.

    As she reached the doorway, she fixed Aelied with her icy stare for a moment before she nodded respectfully to him and let him lead the way to their Akiri’s office. 

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "I'm helping bury the body"

    It wasn't a request, and my tone made that clear. I wanted to make sure this whole uncomfortable business was firmly settled. I had no patience for letting loose threads dangle from this event if I could help it.

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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost)

    While the conversation continued, Dahkapa wanted more and more to simply move on, as his desire to see his home again was far greater than the desire to dig a hole for a corpse. He handed over the shovel to Joskander. "Well, it appears that I am the only one with no interest of remaining in this abandoned complex. My home beckons for me, so I'm afraid I shall depart by myself."

    As he put the widgets in his grasp back into a bag, he wasn't sure if leaving Joskander behind with two possible murderers was a good idea. So before he moved anywhere, he asked him: "Are you sure you want to stay?"

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  • IC: Joskander (Obsidian Outpost)

    Joskander smiled weakly.  "Yeah," he said, his voice cracking slightly.  "I...  I spent my first couple days at Ihu bringing over bodies for ID and burial.  I feel like I oughta see this one off too."

    His eyes grew distant, and for a moment he was kio away, crawling through a bloody snowdrift under cover of blizzard and night, surrounded by broken masks and black heartlights.  Then he shook his head.  "Right.  Keep yourself safe out there, all right?  Don't start any fights over theology with the wrong people and get yourself locked up again.  I shouldn't be too long.  If things go south, I got a Kakama, y'know?  I'm good at running."  He sighed.  "If I don't catch up for you, on the other hand...  we meet up the same place we first met, right outside the gates of Ko."

    With slightly trembling hands he took the shovel from Dahkapa.  "So, uh..." he said.  "Until then, I suppose?"

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  • IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost)

    He nodded. "Understood. Until we meet again, Joskander. May the light of Ak'rei'an guide your way."

    Briefly, he turned to face the Skakdi and the De-Toa. "If Joskander does not come to meet me, I shall return here and find out why. You have been warned."

    Then, without saying anything else, he walked out of the Outpost and headed into the frigid wastes of Ko-Wahi, soon disappearing into a blizzard.

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    also open for interaction while travelling i guess