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  • Posted 2021-08-31 00:24:10 UTC
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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari hummed a tune as she started trekking back towards Le-koro. Having a Matoran on her back slowed her down a bit, but that was fine since she didn't want to leave Kanohi in the dust behind her. 

    In the back of her mind she was still thinking of Seprilli. Her memories were still hazy, but she knew it was home, and that she had someone waiting for her there. She needed to go back.

    OOC: @Harvali

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    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi grappled after Hakari, barreling through the canopy with each squeeze of his Volo Lutu Launcher. Twigs and leaves snapped against him, but he always managed to land on the bigger branches and not plummet into the swamp. And soon enough they could see the edge of Le-Koro.

    Chutes wove between the trees, Matoran shunting through the tubes to difference platforms. They flew as if they harnessed the power of Kadin, whipping through the air. A few waved as the trio approached the city, but most moved to fast to notice the two Matoran and the Lesterin. But those who moved slower, the trio might notice they seemed skittish, more than a few clutching spears and Volo Lutu Launchers.

    The vigilante faintly remembered a humble village supported by the trees. But this was a city, raised above the treetops like the metal towers of his visions. The huts were nog as grand as those visions, woven and supported to recall the hives of Nui-Rama. But the platforms the huts stood on were massive, winding walkways stretched across the trees among the chutes, and some of the treetops had been flatted to build great forums and markets, even a Kohlii arena stood above the trees, though it looked like the games were closed though.

    Kanohi gradually noticed there were a few Le-Matoran flying over them atop Gukko, peering down with telescopes, their co pilots holding Patero Launchers and disk launchers. None of them were doing anything yet but following the trio, but it was troubling.

    Come to think of it, there were a few members of the Guuko Force patrolling, a few riding atop Nui-Rama. The city seemed a bit agitated. They did not seem aggressive, but they certainly were alert. Had a Rahi had been rampaging nearby? A wild Rahkshi?

    Kanohi descended towards the lower reaches of the tree, the Le-Koro guard did not like him trying to grapple to the city, he got in trouble last time he did that, especially because he was struggling to speak that day. Le-Koro was strict about all visitors and travelers entering via the elevators or the landing pads, and the vigilante could not fly. They were very firm on questioning anyone entering the city as to their business there.

    The vigilante winced. He would not exactly be able to advocate to be let in, and Ramada might have lost a lot of her personal belongings in the swamp, which might make it hard for her to prove her identity. Getting into the Koro might not be easy. 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Koro -

    Luckily for the two Matoran, Hakari was in fact a resident of Le-koro, and had her identification on her. "Hey it's me, I'm back!" Hakari greeted the nearest guard, apparently knowing him well enough that they recognized each other. "These two got injured in the swamp, I'm gonna take them up for medical treatment alright?" 

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Never mind then. Kanohi followed after Hakari, lost in thought. Seeing the Koro this agitated, it was unsettling. As the elevator rose he turned to Ramaka and clicked his bracelet, asking her, “Do you know why the villagers seem upset?” Things were not so urgent now, he could afford to spell out each word.

    But before she could answer, a De-Matoran also on the elevator interrupted quietly, “You haven’t heard? Rumors quick-fly, the Makuta has returned.

    Ramaka fell to her feet, and Kanohi almost collapsed to the railing. The Makuta had returned? That was one thing he had taken solace in, that his former leader Stannis had defeated the Makuta, saving the island from that god of evil. Even as they restrained him, drove his face into the flames, even as smoke polluted his lungs and his vocal processor, even when he he stayed for what seemed like years, forgotten by his Companions, he … he knew at least that his dear leader had stopped the Makuta.

    Kanohi instinctually felt for his lighter, tucked away in the interior of one of his wooden masks. He fingered it, should he attempt a vision now? But … he already had one, and though parts of it was distorted, he knew he had a heading. He was to head to Ga-Koro, and find Nichou and Nale. Whoever the latter was.

    He knew Dece did not matter in the cosmic scheme of things, but the masked vigilante Kanohi might be able to do something, maybe shuttle Matoran to safety while the Toa Mary fought the Makuta. He … he had to try. 

    OOC: @Snelly 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Koro -

    Hakari looked at the two Matoran and their shocked expressions, so they hadn't heard yet huh? To be honest Hakari wasn't all that scared of Makuta, maybe it was because she was a Lesterin and wasn't from here, but unless a threat was right in front of her she couldn't really bring herself to be all the worried. 

    "Hey it's alright, I'm sure those Toa Mario or whatever they're called will beat that Makuta guy again, they did it once already yeah?"

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi nodded and his hand strayed from his lighter, beginning to click his bracelet instead, not to speak but to stim. He closed his optics in thought. It’s true he had not visited Le-Koro often recently, but for him to miss the return of the Makuta… 

    Why didn’t his visions show him anything? Or, had they? Was his dreams of black smoke and flame strangling him, was that not just trauma? Had he been misinterpreting that vision? Was it meant to represent the return of the master of shadows?

    Ramaka coughed suddenly as she stood up. “Um, I just wanted to say, thank you. Without you two I would have drowned or worse; been infested by that awful plant. I would love to give you something, but I … frankly I worry I might be in trouble these next few weeks. Still if you ever need a favor, reach out.

    Kanohi nodded vaguely, though he was mostly distracted. He had not been in a Koro when the Dark Walk opened, he had not been there when the Rahkshi invaded from beneath. He did not know the horror of the Makuta firsthand. Only his servants.

    But his visions had helped him fill in the blanks. And if the Makuta had indeed returned, life on Mata-Nui would only get harsher.

    With a ding they group reached Le-Koro, stepping off the elevator onto the first of many platforms and walkways of the Village of Air.

    OOC: @Snelly Been reminded that trade between Zakaz/Seprilli does not exist yet, so I guess that Lesterin was lying, using his returned memories to trick Ramaka

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  • IC: [Le-koro, Bright Star Inn]

    Ferellis needed another drink.   She rattled the ice that remained in her mojito, trying to focus on the sound—not on what was going on in her head.

    Awww…are you gonna cry?   That’s alright, why don’t you?   Show everyone what a Mata;nii of a daughter I raised.

    “Bartender, something sweet—if you don’t mind?   And strong enough to make me forget my own name.”
    She was going to need to forget more than that—but that karz-cursed name was a start.

    Why, I should have fed you to the Rift myself.  Would have saved me a whole lotta trouble.

    OOC: Open for interaction

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    Off the placid blue horizon that overlooked the sturdy inlet of Nokama Port, a break in the water began to form. It was a small swell, easy to miss even though the water churned in its wake, leaving spiraling pools as the seas rippled around whatever was making it's steady approach. Eagle-eyed observers, should any have been present and interested in the Ga-Koroan toehold into Le-Wahi, may have caught the surface breaking with slow, yet steadily increasing regularity. The glint of metal as an axehead split the water from below, like the fins of so friggin' many sharks. A deep navy limb, forcing through the water as though pushing the sea back to push it's owner forward.

    A dark shape, just beneath the waves, and closing hungrily on land. This was no Rahi. It couldn't be. Yet if this was an aquatic assault, it was supremely foolhardy— in broad daylight, against a colony of the island's foremost mariners and highest per capita population of Ga-Toa by a country mile? To so brazenly approach a strategic point as an enemy was boldness to the core. It would take balls that by all rights should carry anyone swimming to a watery grave, down deep in the Abyss, the Lighthouse stood constant vigil over.

    And yet the shape forged on, heedless. It was now more than a swell, it became a steady churning of white foam pockmarked by dark blues and reflective silvers, racing towards the nearest pier with almost singleminded pursuit of one destination, one goal—

    For the love of Mata Nui, I'm sick of swimming.

    The churning stopped as it drew upon the rickety-looking, but shockingly sturdy wooden bridge into the waves, and with a single herculean effort, I pulled myself onto something dry.



    Hey. Yo. How ya been.

    Don't look at me, I got to the Fau Swamp and took a turn for the ruins of Xa-Koro. I figured I was about a month late for Kini, which I know I'm gonna hear about for the rest of my life.

    But if I was an ex-hitman, caught up in my own feelings after managing to dodge the death I'd quite clearly craved since the last three times I'd done so, where would I go?

    Xa-Koro. Hundred Percent. All that Mark Bearer, Krillactum, Joske stuff running through my head would absolutely bring me here. I can read myself like a book. Forget Dasaka, I'm the psychic 'round these parts. 

    Plus, going off this hypothetical situation where I am the heartthrob (somehow) of a nation or two (what's wrong with them) and need to have time to think about the things I hold dear (my stuff and sometimes my handsome and talented friends), then I'd likely be randomly on a dock somewhere nearby at the very least, ready to crow my victory at the sight of smudged ink on a napkin that housed my legal will and testament, a binding agreement forged in a Ko-Koroan inn (I hope that waitress has better taste by now) between my next of kin (actually Malik, but sssshhhhhh) and myself (Can you guess who?).

    But, as luck would have it, no such man appeared before me. I furrowed my brow, having been ready to crow my victory upon revealing the sight of a painstakingly pristine and guarded line of ink on a napkin, held tight to my chest in a lockbox of crystal that I had coerced a gruff-looking Toa of the selfsame element into creating for me, long modified to be watertight since I'd last been in Ga-Koro.

    No matter. I'd find him eventually.

    Docks were always a good bet with him. It was like he was drawn to the water, or something.

    Maybe he just got lost on his way out.

    Sounds like him.

    Throwing my long coat over my shoulder after spending a good five minutes wringing it dry, I began to saunter down the pier towards Nokama Port proper, humming a tune whose name I'd long forgotten.

    OOC: Cipher Compassrose, open for interaction.

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Koro -

    "Oh uh, sure! No problem!" Hakari rubbed the back of her head, it wasn't like she had been trying to be a hero or anything, but she couldn't stand idle when someone right in front of her needed help. 

    Hakari stepped off the elevator as they reached the top, Le-koro was the bustling koro it always was, even in times of strife like this. "Sooooo, you two should probably get a check up from a doctor I'd think, or if you feel fine at least rest up at an inn or something."

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi winced. Hakari wasn’t wrong, he needed a doctor, but in honesty he imagined he feel the Guuko Force breathing down his neck. This level of surveillance was unsettling, being watched, studied. And if a healer did a more thorough examination, maybe they would notice things, and then the Guuko Force might lock him up. Th-then that fire again.

    He … he should be able to trust in his fellow Matoran. But he could not help but feel uneasy. He … he should wait for Ga-Koro, they had been militarized in the past, but well, if he did find Nichou there, he wouldn’t be alone.

    Then again, Hakari was here. He only just met her, but she seemed heroic, valiantly fighting the parasite, helping carry Ramaka here, and she was humble too. It … it could be an act, but it would have been very easy for her to capture him while he had his meltdown, or when he was distracted helping Ramaka.

    Still, he couldn’t exactly ask her to watch over him as a healer probed him. So instead he gestured towards an inn. He had suffered these attacks long enough to know he could endure them, he was a Matoran of Iron after all. He could just rest it off.

    Ramaka for her part said, “Yeah it’s … still not the easiest to breathe. I … thank you two once again. Seriously.” She departed the party, heading off to get medical assistance. 

    OOC: @Snelly 

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  • On 8/30/2021 at 6:55 PM, Geardirector said:

    IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Kaelynn was fast, Trava expected no less. The only problem was, Trava was the one who knew where they were now headed. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she felt the thrill of the impromptu chase animate her. She had no powers, all she had was her experience and her gusto, but in her mind that was going to be enough.

    Kaelynn could take the road faster than she could, but Trava could spot little shortcuts she couldn't, weaving in and out of sight among the trees, never completely gone, never completely present. She was in her element.

    IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    Well, she's going somewhere.

    Trava was weaving her way between shortcuts, trying to disguise her route and keep Kaelynn on the back foot; but Kae knew this jungle, knew these paths. The trees were landmarks, the vines roads - she might not have known where Trava was heading yet, but she was moving with purpose, which meant they were heading somewhere. The road would tell her where, and then Kae just had to get there first.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Trava's path was headed eastaways, away from the Fau Swamp and Le-Koro, and swining slowly in the direction of the road leading to Ta-Wahi. It was once she spotted the river, that she began to move in a path through the jungle that loosely follow it.

    'Kae' was hot on her heels, she could easily tell. The huntress wasn't going to make it easy on her.

    OOC: @Ramona Flowers

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Koro -

    Hakari waved goodbye to Ramaka before looking towards the Bright Star Inn that Kanohi seemed to be gesturing towards. That seemed like a good enough place to rest up. "Ah the Bright Star Inn, they have good drinks there!" She marched towards it with some enthusiasm, it seemed she had her mind set on getting a drink.

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC: Vaíl, jungle

    A woman stands at the crest of a mossy—

    No, that’s not right.

    We return once again to the woman with the bandana—


    OK. Let’s try this instead.


    Perhaps the question of what is the most straightforward. Vaíl has been many things, though what she was in the past is of little concern at this point in our tale. At present she is a hunter. Afternoon sun filters through the canopy as she creeps through the underbrush, bow in hand, footfalls all but silent, eyes intent on her prey. As before, we shall not use the name Vaíl herself would call this creature but shall identify it rather as a deer. And as before, a single smooth motion brings the creature’s days to an end.

    Vaíl is not a woman with big plans.

    From whence Vaíl comes is another matter. Exactly six to eight weeks ago Makuta returned to the world, and exactly six to eight weeks ago Vaíl quite suddenly came to find that a solitary life suited her no longer. She traveled first to Nokama Port, then Pala-Koro, and finally now to the village of air. Whether she has accomplished anything of value on this journey is an open question, but if nothing else she is not alone – at least in a nominal sense.

    Vaíl adjusts her bandana as she cleans her kill.

    The where is a much broader question, one that has been asked from the time we first encountered the woman with the bandana on her mossy ridge. As Vaíl works, a narrow answer presents itself in the context of an answer to a previous question.

    What is Vaíl? She is thirsty.


    The first stars of the night shimmer faintly in the darkening sky as Vaíl enters the Bright Star Inn. The sale of the deer has heavied her pouch to an intolerable degree, and she now lightens it. A shot of rum vanishes from its glass. A mug of beer is soon to follow.

    Perhaps she could make a friend.

    This thought has occurred to her before without yielding fruit. But hope springs eternal.

    Beside her at the bar, a woman with teeth in a patchwork of gold and steel nears the bottom of her drink. It takes little observation to notice that the woman is less than entirely well. Perhaps it occurs to Vaíl that this woman could use a friend as well – or perhaps it is something more practical.

     She places a few widgets on the counter between them.

    "Looks like you could use another round?"

    OOC: @Mel

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi followed after Hakari, though he knew he would not drink. He … alcohol made his visions nonsensical, showed him visions of a giant’s neck ripping in twine, a barren version of Mata-Nui that vanished from existence with each passing moment, even several beings who actually had the Element of Light, an elderly Stannis somehow being possessed by a being similar to the Makuta. Just nonsense with no bearing on reality, that at best would confuse him and at worse would overwhelming him with conflicting sensory information.

    Plus too much alcohol reeked of oil, and that made him think of the horrid flame, burning into his optics and polluting his lungs. If it had not been for that strange Toa…

    Sometime he would need to return to Ko-Wahi to pay respects to them. He still did not know if they were a Toa of Electricity or a Toa of Ice, all he knew was that they gave their life to save him, a cross-wired freak who … he would prove his value.

    But for now he followed after the Lesterin, hopefully he would be able to get some fruit at least, maybe some fried Fikou legs. 

    OOC: @Snelly little reference to one of my minor PCs from act 1, the Toa of Ice who had been using an Iden before getting stuck in the body of a Toa of Lighting. His execution was pretty problematic compared to my later trans/trans coded characters though

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  • 10 hours ago, BBBBalta said:

    "Looks like you could use another round?"

    [Le-koro, The Bright Star Inn (Ferellis)]

    Ferellis looked at the money on the counter.   “I do indeed--and that’s very sweet of you.”

    Ain’t any sweet things where I come from.

    Ferellis wasn’t sure if this woman really wanted to spend her, by the looks of it, hard-earned widgets on a sadsack like herself, but it would be rude to refuse, and she had always kept her manners about her.

    “Thank you kindly, Miss…?”

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  • IC: Vaíl, Bright Star Inn, Le-Koro

    The alcohol dulls a sharp twinge of anxiety. Her social graces have faded, but she is able to reassure herself that they have not vanished entirely.

    “Vaíl,” says Vaíl. Would it be appropriate to extend a hand? She does so anyway. “It’s my pleasure.”

    OOC: @Mel

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari was quick to go up to the bartender and order a drink. "Gimme your fruitiest drink!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

    OOC: @Harvali @BBBBalta @Mel @Anyone else in the Bright Star Inn

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  • [Le-koro, Brite Star Inn(Ferellis)]
    Ferellis gave the offered hand a firm shake.   “Ferellis.”  No reason to offer another name, when Vaíl hadn’t.  Just Ferellis.

    She smiled at the Lesterin's request--now that was a sentiment she could find common ground on.

    Schemers and witches, every one of them. 

    “Ah, there we are.”

    The drink set down in front of Ferellis was a monster concoction of purple, pink and green, filled with sparkles and sweet as sin.  Just the way she liked it.

    OOC: @BBBBalta@Snelly@Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    It took time for Kanohi to successfully communicate with the bartender, with his bad voice and the owner’s poor knowledge of the meaning of Telegraph clicking, it had taken time. It ultimately relied on a lot of guessing, pointing, and Kanohi shaking ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ But eventually his point was roughly across.

    Kanohi settled down by Hakari, as the fried legs of a Fikou were served. The orange spider was roughly as big as some Matoran, each leg was maybe a third or a fourth the length of his arms. It also was incredibly cheap. The spiders were common, their limbs had little taste to them, a bit of a crunch, but no real flavor. Few ate them unless they were broke, cheap, or had no sense of taste.

    He grasped a leg in the palm of his hand, and his heartlight steadied. The leg began to crumple and shrivel in his hands as energy leeched from the food. Kanohi tended to ‘eat’ the old fashion way, by absorbing energy through his hands. Partly because of the damage to his throat, partly because it was easier than chewing. 

    OOC: @BBBBalta @Snelly @Mel

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  • :i::c: - VERAK

    I’m usually going too fast to stop for poetry, but I have to admit to a sight that makes me feel euphoric whenever I see it, and it has nothing to do with naked bodies, I’m really honest to Mata-Nui trying to be serious about this.

    What I’ll say is: you haven’t lived if you’ve never been above the clouds. Proper clouds too, a carpet of bubbly wispy type things that stretch out flat to make a fantastic heavenly landscape. Mountains, hills, caves, plains — the clouds have them all, and in shapes you'll never find down on the ground. The cloud's architecture is so clearly defined that it’s hard to believe that I’m about to plummet right through them as if there’s nothing there. 

    Which I do, before I’m even done admiring the view, and then I start moving way too fast for poetry. The wind’s in my ears, roaring louder even than my raucous laughter, buffeting my body as gravity pulls me down at incredible speed toward another landscape, one that is a lot more physical and a lot more dangerous.

    Free fall, top speed, no parachute. Life, without the safety measures. That’s the good stuff right there. Who needs drugs?

    I let myself plummet toward imminent death for a few moments, feeling the blood pump through me as my body struggles to deal with the heat I'm diving headlong towards. 

    Yeah, nothing makes existing more fun than imminent death. Thinking that your life is about to end in a few seconds suddenly makes you appreciate all that living you are about to miss out on. 

    In the interests of doing appreciating all that living in person, I turn by head toward the horizon, where the ocean stretches out, shimmering, to the east. 

    With a pop, I disappear and reappear above the water, transporting myself with the same Kanohi Kualsi that had got me up there above the clouds.

    Quick FAQ:

    Question: Can hitting the water at this speed leave you alive?

    Answer: Depends on how lucky you are.

    Question: Are you lucky, Verak?

    Answer: Is Po-Koro dry? Does sand blow in the wind? Does the sun rise in the East? You can safely bet your life I'm lucky to a fault. 

    Question: How can anybody be so lucky?

    Answer: A lot of practice, and even more confidence.

    Let me give you an example: as I plunge toward the water, I streamline into a diver’s pose, hands above my head, finger tips together, pointed at the water. I feel like an arrow mid-flight. Hope reaching my target doesn’t splinter me apart.

    On second thought, who needs hope? I’ve got luck.

    I hit the water and cut through the surface like a fisherman’s spear, plunging deep, deep underwater as the momentum wears off in that strange, half-weightless space. 

    I spun around in the depths, taking in the rippling reflection of the surface, and teleport myself there to avoid the strenuous swim back up.

    I breach with an exultory laugh, my heart pounding and my senses still buzzing from the near death experience. Whoo, who needs coffee when you can wake up like this?

    After I’ve recovered enough to do something else in addition to treading water, sweep my eyes over the coastline, trying to figure out where in Mata Nui I’ve ended up. Most of it is jungle, wilder and more unpredictable than I am, but to the North, I spy something new. A village? A fishing village? Military outpost? Hard to tell at this distance.

    Usually, that portends a foul turn in my luck. Most villages are not places I generally want to be: people like me tend to run afoul of the law, somehow. Guess they don’t like people trying to ride life to its absolute limit. 

    I chuckle and teleport onto the beach, hoping someone nearby has seen me. What would they think of seeing a Toa fall from the sky? Was I an angel come to Mata-Nui? A hero like the first Toa, sent from the heavens to defeat evil?

    Nope. I happen to be a self centered daredevil in the body of a Toa. My name’s Verak, Toa of Sand, and it’s pleasure to make your acquaintance, if we’re not already familiar. 

    I wink at what, unfortunately, appears to be my only audience: an uninterested chameleon clinging upside down to a nearby branch. It ignores me, so I do the same, and swagger North toward this unfamiliar town. 

    “Wait a minute,” a person might ask, “Didn’t you just say it’s a bad idea for you to be in villages?”

    “Quite true,” I’d respond, “But I’ve never been one for avoiding bad ideas. Besides, I’ve never been here before. Maybe they haven’t heard of me.”

    I give myself a small impressed laugh at my audacity as I teleport right into the middle of the village's docks. 


    For clarity, this small village is Nokama Port. @Razgriz?

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  • IC: Vaíl, Bright Star Inn, Le-Koro

    Vaíl spares a glance at the new arrivals but is quickly distracted. Ferellis’s drink is startling in its extravagance. “That’s terrifying,” says Vaíl. It is a joke, but only just. “Truly. How is it?”

    OOC: @Mel

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari downed her drink with seconds, "Another please!" Naturally it took a lot of alcohol to get a Lesterin to feel so much as a buzz. 

    @Harvali @BBBBalta @Mel

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  • IC: Niici – Le-Wahi, southern Fau Swamp, remote area 

    The high-class Toa of Ice trudged through the foliage, around the stagnant ponds that littered the landscape. A royal blue cowl was up over her forehead, casting a shadow over her mask. She did not want to be here. She hated that she was the one making this trek. And yet, if the rumors were true, then the decidedly low-class expedition she was undertaking would be worth it.  

    She was grateful that she at least left her heeled shoes behind, favoring flats that would better serve her through this muddy landscape.  

    Flanking her on both sides were Matoran hired hands. One her right, a Ko-Matoran named Seba. He was Niici’s loyal butler since the days of the Cultured Gentry and he remained loyal to her to this day. On Niici’s left was a newcomer. A shrewd former Xa-Koronan, he called himself Jed and he was quite experienced at communicating with people in... other social classes. Jed was especially eager to know if the rumors were true.  

    At first, Jed’s enthusiasm had concerned Niici and Seba. When Ko-Koro became occupied by Echelon and his allies, Niici moved quickly to serve the winning invaders under the guise of duress. After all, with enough money, she could buy her way out of anything. If the occupiers needed tools, supplies, munitions, she could finance it. In a way, her old way of life had returned. More notably, the Cultured Gentry no longer was interested in her dealings, no matter what they were. The occupation had taken up most of their attention. Niici gladly took advantage of this to raise much needed funds, and set up pipelines to launder the excess in case anyone did decide to take a closer look. Jed presented himself during this time, helping fend off some of the more fanatical Makuta-worshipers so that she could keep strong supply chains going. It crossed Niici’s mind multiple times that Jed himself may be not just a neutral helper, but a Makuta worshipper and servant of Echelon. 

    So far, that didn’t seem to be the case. Niici could only hope that the Matoran’s affiliation (or lack thereof) remained as it was. 




    After a treacherous walk, the three finally caught sight of a throng of MatoranSkakdiVortixxLesterin, and even some Toa in front of what looked like a fenced off facility lined with multi-colored lightstones. In a systematic manner, each visitor was being let in, inspected by security personnel, and then allowed inside proper.  

    “This must be it,” Seba said with wonder, “The Ringli-Barnuma Fau Extravaganza!” 

    One of the first things Niici noticed was that this attraction looked immensely popular. Possibly, too popular for its own good.  

    As the trio moved closer to the entrance, the disorganized blob of people of all shapes and sizes began to change more into a queue. Within a few minutes, they found themselves at the front.  

    Seba went in first, and then Jed. When Niici passed through the gate, however, a hand was put up by the Skakdi security guard to stop her. This was followed by a motioning gesture for her to retract her cowl. After a moment of inspecting her face, the Skakdi spoke. 

    “Wait here. We need to inspect,” he said flatly. He then whistled for backup. Niici stood there impatiently as a Toa (whose colors implied that they were a Toa of Magnetism) walked over, followed by a female Skakdi with a visor.  

    Niici’s eyes narrowed with righteous indignation. 




    The scrutiny did not recede even after Niici had her privacy invaded and after she paid the admission fee for herself and her two Matoran colleagues. Within the fenced-off compound, guards of either Toa, Skakdi, or Lesterin kind patrolled, and all of them shot Niici a pointed glance. Niici’s response was to lower her cowl even more over her head.  

    That’s when Niici realized that she was the only guest in this compound who was a Toa. 

    In a way, that supports the rumors, mused Niici, If they’re going to let Toa inside, then they’re going to ensure that certain Toa stay out. 

    The compound was filled with all sorts of attractions, games, and shops. Before them, a giant red and white tent stood proudly with more security personnel guarding the entrance. Predictably, they all took a longer-than-usual glance at Niici’s direction.  




    Niici blinked, and then look down to Jed, and then to Seba. 

    “Jed and I were trying to get your attention,” Seba said with a hint of bashfulness, “Jed was asking: don’t you think it’s odd that you’re the only Toa-guest here? At least, the only one that we can see” 

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” Niici replied. She then realized that the two Matoran had been talking to each other this entire time, and she had tuned them out entirely.  

    “Yes, it definitely doesn’t look like a place for stereotypical-hero-typesIt’s not your imagination,” Niici replied, “I just hope things don’t get too unrefined” 

    They finally went to the main hall and took their seats among the stands under the massive red and white tent, just in time for the show. Niici, Jed, and Seba all found themselves beguiled by the magic tricks, trapeze acts, and musical numbers. Sprinkled between each performance was the occasional oddity, including three-eyed Ruki, rare white Muaka, and prancing ash bears.  

    Niici had to hand it to the showrunners. She was mildly impressed. 




    Alrattee, y’all have waited LONG ENOUGH!” came the jubilant drawl of someone Niici instantly recognized as being from backwoods Ta-Wahi, possibly from the lava farming community, “We’re ALMOST ready!” 

    Niici peered down to the arena. Sure enough, it was a Matoran of Fire, but he had a large silver top hat resting over his dark red Miru, and a blue rubber sphere over where his nose would normally be. 

    “And without further ado,” the Ta-Matoran bellowed, “You’ve heard the stories, you’ve mourned with his victims, you’ve celebrated the defeat of all his friends, and you’ve lied awake at night, wondering how he did all that he did, and how to avoid become his next victim” 

    Niici and the rest of the audience’s attention immediately shifted to the large box-shaped structure being rolled out, a thick tarp resting over it. Two Matoran attendants flanked the sides, while a heavily armored, Calix-wearing Toa in white armor held the rear. In front was a burly-looking Toa of Fire with a bright red Sanok. Niici especially took notice of the rusty hook that had replaced the Ta-Toa's right hand. 

    “Well, the wait is OFFICIALLY over!” the hat-wearer continued, “Ladies, gents, LesterinSkakdiVortixxMatoran, Toa! Feast your EYES...” 

    The audience, Niici and her aides included, leaned forward in anticipation. 

    “...On the Terrifying!” the Matoran of Fire bellowed to a rising clamor from the audience, “The Merciless!” 

    And with that, the Matoran and Toa attendants forcefully pulled the tarp from what Niici now knew was a cage. Despite Niici’s best efforts, the let out an audible gasp, along with Jed. Seba yelped in fear. Gasps and cries could be heard all throughout the stands. Eyes were widened, and mouths were agape – including Niici’s.  

    Before them, some incomprehensible mix between a Toa of Air and a Rahkshi grabbed two of the sturdy metal bars of the cage with the aggression of a ravenous lion. On each of its wrists were three scissor blades at least 6 inches in length. It had gunmetal pauldrons, elbow guards, and knee pads. The rest of its armor was a shiny, polished lime green. That, along with a Miru, a lime-green, cracked and chipped helmet in the shape of a Rahkshi’s head, and a very deep scar across the front and right side of his face made the creature recognizable to all.  

    “Dark Toa VIDAAAAR!” the announcer bellowed, left arm outstretched in the creature’s direction. 

    The audience roared, and Vidar, in rote fashion, roared back. 

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    Now, the reason I chose to frequent the handful of ports scattered about Mata Nui was that they were, naturally, crossroads. Travel by sea being so quick compared to travel by land, the burgeoning navies of each koro not filled with people as blue as I am, the open waters being a safe place for ne'er do wells to rest their heads (in relative terms, naturally) without worrying about the long arm of the law— there were a lot of reasons people could take to ports. With people comes information. With information comes opportunity. This is vagabond 101 stuff, so I'll call it a day and contentedly gloss over the subject if you'll let me.

    Let's be honest, if you're still here, you've heard it all before. And if you take some discomfort with me addressing you directly, don't worry— once I settle down we'll take things as more in media res, the way I used to. I just haven't talked in a while.

    To anyone, actually.

    Great Spirit rest Gabe's soul. He's flipping and tipping with the Turaga now.

    Back to basics, then. Getting sick of myself here.

    Having gone after my buddy's tendency to brood, and now his tendency to be on whatever pier I swim up to when I inevitably find myself waterlogged like this, I was pretty miffed to find out I'd come up dry. Nokama Port being what it was, I was certain I'd end up with a hole-in-one here. Ga-Koro, like the first time. Le-Wahi, like the second time. Close to the Islets— I don't often have good ideas, and even less often get to them on time, but this one had potential. But I guess three times would be old hat, even if it was a hat trick

    Wow, I must really miss that dude.

    But circling back around, even if my assumptions regarding when troubled young man were off-kilter, a port was still a port, and a crossroads was still a crossroads. I could hardly call any time I trudged out of the surf a dull moment. Always bumped into people. In some cases, like right now, literally. The quick *pop* of void being filled by something directly in front of my nose was my only warning, and before I even thought about activating my Calix and slipping around him, my lizard brain had decided grinding to a halt was the best option. Luckily, I was going slow, so a small bump occurred instead of a real skull-to skull crash.

    "Ah, Karz. My bad, man." I groaned, ingrained courtesies taking over while I sized up whomever I may have just antagonized.

    A man, tall enough and armored enough that he had to have only been a Toa, built a lot like me (albeit skinnier), was standing in front of me where before had been empty pier. The Kualsi on his face answered the big questions before my mind could ask them, but something seemed off... Wait. The horns were missing. Weird! He cut them off himself? Tan and brown says Po-Toa to me, but then again, I'm blue as the waters behind us and I chuck plasma around. Never sure until you see someone at work.

    The more I looked him over, the more I realized he looked rough. Not haggard, his body language was too self-assured for it, but weathered for certain. Certainly packed light. Lighter than me for certain— I carry my camp on my back like a chump. Knife on him looked more generalist than combative. Worst came to worst, I had options.

    But we don't go around hoping for worst, just preparing for it. I offered a hand.

    "Cipher. Mea culpa."

    At this point, I'd realized I usually look pretty ridiculous when I swim up onto a pier, but the show must go on.


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  • IC, Verdi: Le-Koro

    A lone Matoran sat on a high branch overlooking the village of Le-Koro. Next to him was a large Gukko bird. 

    The Matoran lifted up a sandwich to his mouth, and as he ate he reminisced about how the village was before the chute system was installed. Before the Gukko Force started using Nui-Rama in addition to their traditional bird mounts. Verdi had nothing against his fellow Matoran who rode the giant insects, but the bugs creeped him out. 

    Occasionally someone would be whizzing past in a nearby chute. Verdi looked and shooked his head. While he admired the chute system for its ingenuity, he still preferred the feeling of flying. The feeling of freedom, the air rushing past your face. There was nothing like it. Not even riding a chute could mimic that.

    Verdi continued to eat his sandwich, occasionally tossing a piece into his Gukko's beak. Once he was finished eating he would go back on his patrol.

    OOC: Verdi open for interaction

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  • :i::c:

    The first thing I notice about the port isn’t the atmosphere, the inhabitants, or the large black fortress looming above the water. No, it’s one person, who spectacularly throws me for a loop by bumping into me before I'd even finished materializing on the dock. Not that I care, mind you — I mean, who can expect anyone to anticipate anything I do?

    So I end up sizing up this Toa before I do anything else, because he’s already introducing himself, and I’ll say, he’s a good deal more interesting than the fishermen or guards I’d been expecting to see. Muscular, handsome, well built, athletic, with a myriad of scars over his body and a Calix. Hey, that description could have been me a few years ago, before I lost my old mask! So when I say interesting I really mean: he reminds me of myself. I’m not being narcissistic though, don’t judge me too harshly. Can you deny I’m one of the most interesting people on the entire island?

    So find myself taking a liking to this weathered Toa, and a liking to his slightly damp silver coat (it’s reminding me of my old trench coat, in fact) and so I take his hand in mine and tell him: “No Culpa at all, bother, not your fault I don’t look before I teleport. I'm Verak, Toa of Sand, and you seem like a striking man of action as well, someone who knows what he's doing and more relevantly to me, where he is. You see, my friend, I fell out of the sky a few bio down the beach and I'm feeling a little turned around. Care to give a brother his bearings?” 

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  • On 9/1/2021 at 4:29 PM, Geardirector said:

    IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Trava's path was headed eastaways, away from the Fau Swamp and Le-Koro, and swining slowly in the direction of the road leading to Ta-Wahi. It was once she spotted the river, that she began to move in a path through the jungle that loosely follow it.

    'Kae' was hot on her heels, she could easily tell. The huntress wasn't going to make it easy on her.

    OOC: @Ramona Flowers

    IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)


    Their trajectory was her first hint - east, but with a little bit of a curve north. Only so many landmarks out there, at least ones within reach of vines. The river, however, was a dead giveaway. With a minor course correction, she'd reach Lake Pala before Trava could even notice she'd been found out.

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    "Fell out of the sky," huh? I see. This guy must be very lost. Funny, I'd always figured Kualsis made it easier to get around, but I guess that's the merit of never thinking you know everything. Luckily, I've been almost everywhere at least once— and I've gotten pretty good at recognizing where that is, even if directions themselves are... well...

    Anyways, Verak. Not a name I'd heard before. Given that I'm me, I'd long made a habit of double and triple-checking names as I hear them. The amount of people I've randomly ran into and at least exchanged pleasantries with has likely crested triple digits by now, and my memory's not the best in the world. But, genuinely, I'd come up with nothing. Didn't even know Toa of Sand were a thing, if I'll be honest, but Earth, Stone, and Crystal all have their own weird, blurry boundaries that I never felt like digging my nose into.

    I'd rather just roll with it. Besides, what was far more pressing than that was the matter of location.

    I quickly double-checked my surroundings. Jungle in the far background, Ga-Koroan architecture, Lighthouse dominating the landscape— that left only a few options.

    "Well," I brushed some water from my Calix, "It looks to me like this is Nokama Port. South end of Le-Wahi, very tip of it. Ga-Koro staked a little claim here after the Kumu Islets got swallowed up, I hear. I went looking for the ruins earlier, but got a little disoriented myself— just found the closest patch of land I saw."

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    It was incredible how much Hakari could drink without it bothering her. As he watched Kanohi vaguely recalled that though Lesterin resemble Toa and can use masks, they do not have control over an element. Instead like a Matoran they have passive abilities. And he suspected given little alcohol bothered Hakari, that Lesterin of Jungle were the type resistant to poisons.

    He winced, he assumed that as a being like a Toa she would have been safe in the swamp, and ultimately she had been able to deal with the parasitic plant. But he had assumed she could harness her element to control the many plants. And well, if she could do that then the fight would have ended before it began.

    Hakari towered over her, and her mask was not as useless as his, but the fact remained he should have been more concerned fit her safety. Maybe helped her fight. He … he at least could have distracted the plant, baiting it by grappling around it.

    Rationally he knew he had needed to help Ramaka first, if he had fought alongside Hakari she would still have been sinking in the mud, she would have drowned. And he firmly believed saving a life was more important than killing a monster. And he had lent her his lighter.

    Yet still guilt hit him. I Hakari could have died to that plant, he … he could had let someone die. He shivered, th-this was why he had not been worthy of the Wanderer’s Company, even with his visions he saw things too late. Cared for others too slow.

    Finally Kanohi slid off his seat, bowed his head to Hakari guiltily, before ascending to the inn’s rooms. He needed to get some rest, then he would head out for Ga-Koro. He saw had seen Knichou there in that vision, that would be the first place he looks. Even if visions were not always the most accurate.

    Nichou, his name was Nichou. Why did he keep misremembering the Matoran of Earth’s name? And why did he keep flickering in Kanohi’s memories into a Toa of Iron wearing wearing an ornate mask? And why did this kind of nonsense keep oozing into his visions?

    OOC: @BBBBalta @Snelly @Mel

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  • On 9/3/2021 at 5:35 PM, BBBBalta said:

     “Truly. How is it?”

    [Le-Koro, Bright Star Inn (Ferellis)]

    "Sweet enough to make most men gag, Miss Vaíl."

    She took a sip.   "Just the way I like and my dentist fears."

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari gave Kanohi a wave as he retired to his room. She couldn't help but glance at the Skakdi and her comment about how sweet her drink was. 

    She looked at the barkeep. "I'll have what she is having." 

    @Harvali @BBBBalta @Mel

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  • :i::c: - VERAK - NOKAMA PORT

    So apparently we're at the very southern end of Le-Wahi, where the Kumu islets sank… the location's ringing some sort of bell in the part of my mind that pays attention to things. In fact, now that he’s mentioning it, I’m finding this place extremely familiar. It's when my eyes properly size up the lighthouse that’s half covered in Ga-Koro fortifications that I realize something pretty important:

    “Ciper, old pal, I’m not lost after all. I was with those claim staking Ga-Matoran — I practically founded this town! Nokama didn’t have anything to do with it — this is Port Verak, as far as I’m concerned!” I crow, loud enough to draw some welcome stares. “I was on the Ga-Koro warship that retook that lighthouse,” I pointed an accusatory finger at it, “from a band of thieves and cutthroats. They stole my old Calix, and so in return I whisked ‘em around with some sand powers and robbed them of this old Kualsi. And after all this time that mask has brought me back to her home. Poetic right? Who says Mata-Nui’s dead, with coincidences like these?”

    I grab Cipher’s arm and tug him toward the lighthouse, “Hey what do you say I show you around my town? We can go check up on that heavily-guarded-but-no-less-mysterious lighthouse, or I can guide you over to those equally-mysterious-and-likely-treasure-filled ruins you were looking around for earlier. If you came looking for adventure, luck has just delivered you the perfect guide!”

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  • IC: ???, Jungle Swamps, near the remains of a burned plant and a dead Gukko bird

    A tall, lanky figure leaned down to inspect the scene. Ash was usually a bad sign in the jungle- few things managed to burn naturally out here. This was the handiwork of an intelligent being, but it was not arson. No, rather it was the plant that had burned that made the figure shiver. Little of it remained, but within the un-charred plant matter, the hermit found something that chilled his bones, though he knew not what it was, except that it was an aberration. The Gukko has been killed by the plant, which made matters worse. But fortunately someone had been around to stop the plant from spreading its corruption. But where there was one, there was also bound to be another. Plants attacking large Rahi like this... it was wrong, and could threaten the peace of the jungle.

    The recluse nodded to himself, then turned to look upon the tracks left by, presumably, the plant's killer, in the swamp. The light was dimming, but he did not need the light to follow the trail. Crushed leaves and moss would tell his powers of Plantlife where to go. And go he did. This one was moving very quickly, but he knew its direction. It was going to the city. The wild man hated the city. But sometimes one had to do what one hated, for the sake of balance. And so he did.

    With a woody creak, his legs lengthened, bark and vines snaking across his joints like primitive armor, holding it tight and supporting his weight. Then, with a ponderous lurch, he began to walk, his gait hastened by his altered anatomy. He would arrive by sun-up. Presumably before the one who stopped the threat woke up.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Kae probably had some idea where they were headed. Trava could tell she knew the area by how she moved. When she could glance over at her for scant, stolen milliseconds, she knew.

    Trava was forming the mere semblance of a plan in her mind. Seeing how 'Kae' used her powers to move put Trava at a disadvantage by default. Trava didn't begrugde Kae those powers, far from it, she was here for the challenge. She was going to show this Toa she wasn't caught flat-footed by some fancy windwork. All she needed to do was stay close, and wait for the moment to act.

    OOC: @Ramona Flowers

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Le-Koro stood high above the forest floor, one of the physically highest villages on the island of Mata-Nui. Each platform was supported atop a colossal tree, and no matter how many supports they added, ultimately the village depended on the trees.

    As a breeze pushed through the canopy the village swayed, but the motion was not enough to be noticeable for most of its denizens. To the Le-Matoran living in the trees were natural, but even for the other breeds of Protoderms the swaying platforms were hardly noticeable.

    But sleeping atop such a platform could be unsteady. Kanohi had slept in the trees often, but rarely as high up as Le-Koro. He lay inside a hammock, and it adjusted to the swaying, but the motion still shook him. Like he was atop a raft hurled from the seas.

    Funny, after all this time, he still did not remember his past, nor what island he came from. His first memories were still washing ashore on Mata-Nui. But as to where Matoran like him came from, the Fe-Matoran had no clue.

    He doubted the nonsense elements of his visions were his past, they contradicted reality too much. They were merely confusing glitches in his power, brought on perhaps by the torture. 

    Still, at least Hakari had started to remember her homeland. It was good that more castaways had begun to recall their past, it gave hope that the rest would one day recall.

    For now Kanohi just settled in, still wearing his many masks as the inn swayed slightly. After he rested, he would try to get some supplies, maybe try to cobble together something so he was at less risk of dropping his Volo Lutu Launcher. After all, without it, he would face a long fall.

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    I had no idea if any of that was true. It sure didn't sound it. Not the first time I'd had tall tales tossed my way, if my hunch was on the money. I mean, look at him— those stares we were garnering didn't scream "part and parcel of the Rockwall experience" to me. I don't think they would for anybody—


    I'mma let it ride.

    Had "fun drinking story" plastered all over it, if you ask me.

    "By all means," I replied, starting off after him as he cajoled me towards the weathered tower of stone. "Let's roll."

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi struggled to sleep, his mind was restless. The swaying of the village had reminded him of the burst of speed from Hakari that had knocked him off balance and hurled him into the mud. And her use of a Great Mask only reminded him of his unease,

    The Fe-Matoran had just assumed that as a Lesterin she was effectively Toa, a capable powerful Protoderm, when truly her breed was more a combination of Matoran and Toa. She could harness the power of a mask yes, but she only had her speed on her side when she had fought against the parasite.

    He should have helped her. 

    But he could not simply have abandoned Ramaka, she was drowning. And he had been reminded now that he could have drowned, he first had to save himself, then Ramaka. And when Ramaka was stable he had given Hakari the lighter. He had tried his best. But it wasn’t good enough. 

    No wonder Stannis dissolved the Companions, with weak Matoran like Dece.

    His thoughts went in circles as he rested in the inn’s hammock, he had thought of all this already, he knew there was little he could have done, he knows everything had worked out, but it still haunted him. He began to drum his many wooden masks, trying to distract his mind with the tapping.

    He … he wasn’t just Dece anymore, he was Kanohi. He … he was … he would make up for his shortcomings.

    The Matoran of Iron shifted to sit on the hammock, his short legs dangling over the edge. He began to dig under his masks, pulling free tools slotted underneath them. He began to dissect his Volo Lutu Launcher again, while he could not rest, he could at least tinker with the tool, clean it and repair any damage it had suffered from the mud. It … it would be less of a waste of time than just trying and failing to sleep.

    And after he fixed his gear he might be less haunted, and then he could more easily rest. And after he had rested he could go and get supplies. Who knows, maybe there might even be a healer in Le-Koro who could help his throat. And then he could head to find Nichou.

    But um, first he would tinker. Then he would rest. For sure.


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  • IC:

    “Halt.” The voice clattered from deeper down the tunnel, before even the sickly green light could be seen in the tunnel’s depths. He hadn’t personally made its acquaintance before. The Piraka had gotten past the guardian and into the Vault, and Echelon’s deal had been with them. It was through that deal that he had acquired his mask. But still he had not yet seen the Vault’s erstwhile guardian. Only for a moment did he wonder how he had been detected so quickly; the automaton’s glow cast the empty sockets of its Arthron into harsh relief. “Identify yourself.”


    “Your name—” It chattered. “—was not requested. Identify yourself.”

    “I am Eisen.” The Toa elaborated approaching the Abettor without haste or hesitation. “I serve the Makuta. As Echelon did.”

    “Did he?” Its mask rotated, first left, then right, then settling on its Sanok. “Makuta did not think so.”

    “If Makuta thought not, he didn’t. Echelon fought for Makuta but served only himself. I fought for Echelon but I serve the Makuta.”

    “Perhaps.” The Abettor considered this, its cylinder rotating smoothly with a click-click-click. The threat of what could happen if it did not like the answer was not elaborated upon, but the crystal forearm halfway to readiness made the point nicely. “But how are we to know?”

    “How did you know that the Piraka were worthy to enter?” Eisen challenged, facing the machine squarely and without expression. “Or Echelon himself? Clearly, Abettor, your judgement is not infallible if you allowed him through.”

    At that the forearm came to readiness fully, aimed unerringly at the Toa’s chest. But it did not fire. Click, click. 

    “Perhaps. You worked for the Necromancer. The more reason for us not to allow you.”

    “I will have an audience with my Lord.”

    “Only if we allow it.”

    “Then stop me.” The Toa of Iron spread his arms wide, meeting its empty Sanok steadily. His shield upon his back, without the distance to dodge or duck if even he had the speed. The Abettor was fast, and by his estimate it bore within its body six Kanohi. A Sanok and an Arthron, for certain, and he had seen more. Too quickly to identify them all perhaps but there was no doubt that as he stood it could kill him. “But you haven’t, and I have identified myself already. So make your judgement, Abettor. Shall I pass?”

    The cylinder rotated, slower this time, and settled upon a Kanohi Rode.

    “Do you serve Makuta?”


    “And if we refuse you passage?”

    “I will fight. And Makuta will have one fewer servant.”

    A long, fulminating second passed before its mask rotated again to the Arthron and the guardian stepped aside. It did not speak again, seeming almost irritated with its own decision. If a machine could feel such a thing. Eisen nodded to it in acknowledgement and lowered his arms, striding quietly passed it and into the Vault.

    Ah, Necromancer. It had been a long time, long enough for the stench to come and go. But there still was no doubt about the body’s identity, even maskless and speared upon a blade. He had known Echelon to be dead, of course; else he would have made contact long ago. Knowing what he had intended, whom he would fight, Eisen had known that the Toa of Magnetism had perished mere days after their retreat from Ko-Koro. Only the means had been in question until now. There was an irony in this. The body of the Necromancer left alone and wasted.

    “Echelon, you fool.”

    “Fool,” the darkness whispered back.

    The word rolled not off a tongue, but from the very air around Eisen; it enveloped him, taking his measure, and he felt a mix of tension and fear overtake him. It lasted only a moment, but the alien nature of his dread struck him; he was a veteran mercenary, after all, and knew himself to be far more capable than the dead Toa of Magnetism on the ground. Wasn’t he?

    “Echelon was a fool,” it mused. “A schemer. A grasper. He chased eternal life into an early grave...but his Legacy--” Eisen got the feeling that the darkness was almost enjoying its wordplay “--lies here for all to see. He has become the lock to my Vault. It may not have been his wish to the letter...but he lies  in state here, all the same. A more noble end than Heuani or Ronkshou desired for his petty chase. A chase you followed him on. Was it not, Eisen?”

    As lesser Toa once quailed before the Abettor, so now did Eisen resist the urge to quail in turn. Steely though his nerves were, he still felt the teeth of his master’s trap.

    “I did.” There was no point in denying it, even if the feeling in the very pit of his stomach sought desperately for a way to do just that. To distance himself, however far he could, from the deceased Dark Toa. But that was cowardice, and not only cowardice but a lie. And one his master would see through in an instant should he even attempt it. “I did, my Lord. Not for his goal but for how his goal furthered mine.”

    “And mine, my Lord, has always been to further yours. In your absence I did as I thought best. Have I failed in that aim?”

    “So dutiful,” the darkness chuckled. The sound reverberated in Eisen’s own throat and chest; even Echelon’s mouth, beset upon by the decay he had spent his life both fleeing and courting, seemed twisted into a ghoulish sneer at his master’s humor. “Breathe easy, Eisen. The conquest of Ko-Koro was shortsighted, as was the handling of Zaktan and his mutts...but you are not here to answer for Echelon’s crimes. He does so himself, here, before your eyes.”

    Eisen’s gaze finally left his former general’s corpse and trained on the darkness around him. It was deeper and colder than any night Eisen had ever known, but he felt the chill and fear ebbing from him; seemingly at his master’s assurance, his body found comfort in the Void of his master’s presence as he realized his loyalty would not be met with punishment. Still, even though his fealty had been gauged, the shadows in front of him remained too dense for even his trained eyes to pierce. As was the case with many before him, he found himself yearning to know the secrets of the Vault beyond the petty trinkets that adorned Echelon’s grave...but within the gaping maw that had once been the Vault’s featureless door, the shadows only grew more inscrutable.

    “You are here because, despite his failings, Echelon proved as resourceful as Vidar, as intimidating as Ronkshou, and as...pliable as Heuani. He proved a very individual herald,” the darkness whispered, choosing his compliments carefully for his much-derided servant. “Once, I would have found that trait undesirable in a lieutenant, but it occurs to me now we may all have much to gain from some more individuality.”

    Eisen did not fail to notice his master’s use of the plural.

    “Do not tell me the state of the island, for this I know,” it continued. “Tell me what you plan to do about it with what resources remain to you.”

    He also did not fail to note when the use of the plural had stopped.

    “Echelon misused the resources at our disposal. The Brotherhood, particularly, may have been heretics but they were useful heretics. And easily kept in line. The former denizens of Xa-Koro who had been embedded in the Sanctum Guard as well are largely gone.” Eisen shrugged, slightly, within the darkness. He breathed a little easier, not relaxed but no longer quite so wary. “I tell you not because you do not know but to reason through my own plans.”

    “Despite that I have a couple, perhaps more, of Echelon’s former lieutenants still. Individuals of skill and of insight. Agrona, particularly, has been enamored of the Kanohi she took from Oreius Maru.” The Toa of Iron rubbed his chin, then waved his hand slightly. “These are small issues, of course. My point is only that for now— for the moment only— I have fewer warm bodies at my command than I might like. But for that, Ko-Koro remains weak. Another strike there is not necessary nor would it produce useful results.”

    “The best place to undermine, I think, is Po-Koro. Their last Akiri’s choices are still being felt. For their might, for their expansion, I think there is a commensurate impact in seeing them fail. All the better if we can turn the Koros against each other anew. Dissent is my plan, my Lord. While I rally the believers who still follow your path I will remind the Koros of their hubris.”

    “Ah, Eisen...Echelon’s thinking has rubbed off on you,” the darkness cooed. “The Matoran will never turn their knives on each other. Already, word of my return disseminates; it whispers on the wind, and in the howls of the Rahi. If their bonds did not break in my absence, they will not break now - and there are those who will hear the ambience for what it is, and return to my fold. If you wish to outlive your predecessors, you must not overreach - and if you must win petty victories, do not obsess over them to the point of missing opportunity.” Eisen recognized, somehow, his master’s own twisted variety of mentorship; it was meant to mock, of course, a cruel pastiche of a Turaga’s wisdom and the fraternity of Toa, but he could also recognize the truth in the darkness’ words. 

    “The Toa Maru will not abandon the trophies of the Keeping Place easily - and they, unlike their charges, have frayed since their hollow victory. Confer with Agrona. Tell her to prepare for them. The Rahkshi will suffice for harrying the Matoran. Target their technology; remind them of the perils of unchecked creation. As for you…”

    The voice grew quiet, and the shadows around Eisen seemed to roil. He pitied the subject of whoever his master’s next words would involve in his marching orders.

    “Find Zaktan. Make…” Eisen could feel his skin crawl at his master’s tone, yet he was just capable of rescinding his pity at the thought of the snarling leader of the Piraka. Whatever the darkness had planned for Zaktan, it was more than deserved. “...amends. Go.”

    Eisen bowed his head and made to depart; four steps in, and he froze in his tracks, as if his body and soul had anticipated his master would call to him again. They were not kept waiting.

    “Eisen,” the darkness called from behind him, daring him to turn and face it again. He did not do so. “You will never see this Vault again. Henceforth, we will discuss your chores in the cathedral, as Heuani did before you. His old quarters will be yours as well.” The darkness rumbled with laughter again, clearly savoring every word since its sojourn into Nowhere; it had found amusement in almost everything, albeit of a kind foreign to Eisen or anyone he had ever known. Most likely, his master derived pleasure from the idea of the ascetic Toa of Iron attempting to find solace in the room where Heuani had slaked his lusts, surrounded only by the phantoms of all the Shadow Toa’s sins. “Should you desire anything need only say.”

    “Yes, my Lord,” was all Eisen could say to that as he bowed his head. It was a long march back as he mulled his duties over, but his master’s parting promise tugged at the edges of his mind - and, for what was perhaps the first time in his life, the mercenary began to truly feel temptation.


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    “Well now, We seem to have come to a slight roadblock. I promised you adventure, Cipher, and you’ve got it: a Ga-Koro fort built way sturdier than it has any right to be. We got ourselves one mask of teleportation, a knife, and whatever you’ve got on hand. So traveler, I’ve got a puzzle for ya: how do we pregnate this impregnable castle before us?”

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