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  • Posted 2021-09-07 07:22:15 UTC
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  • IC: ??? - Le-Koro edge

    The bark-clad figure arrived as the darkness of night was beginning to give way to the first light of day. The ugly sheen of metal and crystal was dulled in the night, offering him a reprieve from the disgust he had anticipated, if only for a couple of hours. The changes that had overtaken the Matoran, wandering every farther from what was right- from what was natural- sparked every flavor of negative feeling within him. But he was not here to dwell on such things.

    He had made good time, and for that he was grateful. He would need time now to discern the one he was looking for. He reached up with a long, root-wrapped arm and extended it, reaching the lowest branch of the high trees above him- a feat impossible for one with any other mask. His roots grasped it firmly, and he released his power, allowing it to draw him upward. He then repeated the process, moving slowly, conserving his energy, up and up. A guard whisked past and he froze, remaining undetected, invisible cloaked against his very element. But he was too exposed, and he could not envision an encounter with the guard that would end well for his quest. No, he needed to use more elemental power.

    Changing tack, he pressed himself to the tree's trunk. The bark, roots, and leaves that lined, concealed, and protected his body sloughed off, fluttering gently to the fores floor below. The tree yielded to his power, opening and embracing him. He inhaled deeply, holding his breath, then allowed it to close around him. At one with the tree, he continued his ascent, sensing his way through his element, one with nature.

    When sensed it- the absence of nature that indicated technology- he slowed to a stop. With a subtle call of his power, he opened a knothole before his face. Unassuming and innocent, none would think to look twice at it. He breathed again, and peered out from the hole. Yes, he was well-situated. The glow of his eyes might give him away, however, and he did not need them at present. He shrunk the hole to cover all but his mouth, allowing him to continue breathing, then reached out to commune with The Green.

    It was all around him, nearly deafening. But he had to find the needle hidden within that vast haystack. He knew what he was looking for, for he had "smelt" it back at the site of the Gukko bird. Corrupted plant matter. Unique in its feel. The one who had fought it would have carried its essence on their weapon, if not on they, themselves. He simply had to find it.

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  • IC:[Sisk - Le-Koro]


    Above Verdi, another distant sound grew louder, then a shadow fell over him. Looking up, he saw a familiar Kahu, wings spread to slow its descent, swooping down from above before pulling into the tightest of turns to touch down on the platform behind the Matoran’s Gukko. For all their size, Kahu were rather elegant birds.


    The same could not be said for its rider however. Another Le-Matoran, but despite that, the way he dismounted, though experienced, was awkward and slow by comparison.


    “Hey Verdi!” Sisk said.


    He hopped down the last bit of distance from the stirrups down to the platform and grimaced.


    “Right-thought that was you; quick-spotted you from up high.” He said, as he reached down and adjusted the brace on his leg.


    “How are things?”

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi sighed and tried to lay back down. He had disassembled the Volo Lutu Launcher, scrubbed its insides, made repairs, reassembled it, and had even tested it a bit by grappling around his room at the inn, gotten lectured about making too much of a racket, but yet he still felt far too awake.

    He wanted to apologize to Hakari, for taking her abilities for granted and leaving her to fight the parasitic plant on her own, but his throat remained too rough. He hoped she understood his Telegraph typing, but he was not sure she did.

    The Fe-Matoran vigilante stared up at the ceiling, overwhelmed by thoughts. It was not sure Hakari. Should he really try to track down Nichou? He … it had been so long, maybe the Onu-Matoran would not even remember him. Maybe he would only disrupt Nichou’s life.

    But Ramaka had said something about Nichou needing supplies to build shelter for refugees, right? He … he had not heard of a Koro collapsing, but even if it was one of the smaller towns that fell, then maybe that was his heading. Maybe Kanohi’s vision was intended to guide the vigilante there to help out Nichou with the refugees. hr could do scouting in the more forested regions of Ga-Wahi for wood and herbs, rescue the refugees if there was a flood or something.

    Maybe that was something he could do to help the island. To prove his value.

    Regardless of why he was pulled to Ga-Koro, sleep remained uneven and difficult. He tossed and turned to readjust himself, trying to get comfortable enough to rest. But his mind was consumed with guilt and racing thoughts, at most he was just attempting to hold relatively still for a long period of time. And even that was a struggle.

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  • IC, Verdi: Le-Koro

    Verdi grinned. "Hey Sisk!" he said. His own Gukko, Ajax, chittered in greeting to Sisk's bird mound. "Things are going just fine. Patrol is pretty uneventful today, which honestly is a good thing. The last thing the village needs is trouble." 

    He glanced at Sisk's brace. "How are you doing? Seems like your leg is still giving you trouble."

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    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi continued to attempted to sleep for what felt like hours. Regular.y he would readjust his arms, shift his legs, alternate his side. Pretty soon he had known the hammock’s every fiber. But still sleep alluded him.

    Maybe it was the swaying. Maybe it was his current spurt of guilt. Maybe he had gotten used to making makeshift nests in the trees. But he could not slip from consciousness.

    He couldn’t exactly leave yet, he had paid for the night, and he did not have enough widgets he felt comfortable just casting funds aside. And he was not going to ask for his money back, that would be greedy, crude, selfish, the kind of reasons he had been unworthy. 

    So, he would wait. He began to trace his fingers in the grooves in his masks, maybe tickling the wooden masks he wore as armor would use up some of his excess energy, and lull him to rest.

    OOC: @Snelly should I do a time skip? I know Hakari is still drinking, should I just embrace BZP Time and have Kanohi slip out in the morning, missing her? I don’t want to mess up your situation.

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari drank for a while, but eventually she decided that she wanted to still have widgets when she woke up in the morning and retired to a room in the Inn. On her mind was still Seprilli, her homeland. Her memories of it were still hazy and fragmented, but she knew that someone was waiting for her there. 

    She just had to find her way back. 

    OOC: @Harvali No worries I'm ready for a timeskip as well. 

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi eventually did get some sleep, more from exhaustion than any ease of mind. Admittedly his back felt great, sleeping in a proper hammock had eased his aches and wounds. Somethings he forgot that even though Matoran of Iron had more endurance, their stamina was not endless. Still, his dreams had been … unpleasant.

    Hakari was ensnared by the tendrils of the parasite, the Gukko flopping over her, pinning her. He could only watch, save for when he looked through her eyes at the plant’s maw. The thorns pricked free her heartlight before the plant began to squirm into her crevices, abandoning the Rahi for a new host. She convulsed and clutched her optics even as roses burst through their lens. She staggered upright, lurching like a puppet, before reaching for Ramaka, tendrils reaching out of her joints as thorns ruptured her armor into a spiky mess—

    It was not a vision, but Kanohi still decided to heed his nightmare’s warning. Be more mindful, and apologize to Hakari. So he had decided to wait in the inn for her to wake up, at least to apologize for his mistakes.

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    "To start, and I'm being polite here only because you've already been such a gracious host to me," I began, electing to suppress my urge to firmly grab the roguish Toa of Sand on the shoulder for emphasis and instead settle with affixing to him a flat look for about three seconds, "Please never call it that again."

    I've heard much, much worse, if I had to be perfectly honest, but even if I knew I probably should have found it a little funny, I just couldn't get behind that one.

    "Anyway... Hrm." I then grunted, dropping my straightman routine and casting my gaze back out to the task at hand.

    What I could get behind was the unfortunate fact that Ga-Koro really left our work cut out for us— regular, armed patrols staggered thoughtfully, a singular maritime entrance with the majority of the aforementioned crossbow-hefting guard force overlooking it, not to mention the water not being as entirely murky as I'd like... we needed to find a spot we could get eyes to leave, even if it wasn't the front gate.

    "Well, I may not look it, but I'm a Su-Toa." I mentioned, going through the old playbook one by one. "Bright lights can probably be pretty distracting if they're in the sky and moving fast."

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  • :i::c: - VERAK

    Before I made the following speech, I thought I was bad at coming up with plans:

    “Su-Toa — plasma right? That’s a fun one, no doubt. We’ve got ourselves a stellar distraction. Okay, some wheels are turning in my mind and boom, inspiration has struck. What I’m going to ask you may sound a little absurd, I know I’m asking for a lot of trust here, but listen: it’s a better deal for you, and what’s a little trust among strangers? So we’re gonna switch masks. You wear my Kualsi, I wear your Calix. Then, from hiding, you make your fireworks. BOOM, over the wall, HUGE distraction, just as you Kualsi-teleport on top of the big lighthouse there. I pop out of the bushes, looking like I was the culprit behind the plasma bolt, and continue distracting them while DODGING the answering volley of crossbows, wearing your Calix, remember, while YOU tour the lighthouse. Check up on the sights, see the views, enjoy your vacation. When you’ve had your fill of tourism, come back down here and meet ME, and we’ll make our daring escape. Easy, swashbuckling, and fun.”

    But after I’d said it? I though I was the most underused tactician this side of the Tren Krom Break. 

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  • IC: [Sisk - Le-Koro]


    The tamer sat down next to Verdi on the edge of the platform and stretched his injured limb. He kept fiddling with the brace, adjusting the tightness of various pins.


    “I much-hoped it’d have well-healed by now but Ko-Koro really showed that was rash-thought.”


    Behind them Skyscratcher returned Ajax’ greeting with a chirp of his own.

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  • IC: The Recluse

    8 hours ago, Harvali said:

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    There it was, finally. It had taken all night, carefully sifting though the plant matter of the city, focusing on the smallest signals, but he had found it. The foul corrupted plant matter that had ensnared that Gukko bird before getting burned. And as he homed in on its signal, he realized there were not just one, but two... no, three instances of it. Dead, though, as far as he could tell. It was not spreading within the city. But three individuals had had contact with it.  One more briefly, or indirectly than the others, and one much more strongly. The third was the hardest to locate by far. It was hidden even more subtly by the fact the individual was, themselves, covered in wood. Wooden armor, perhaps? If the hermit were the type to like people, he might have liked this one. Maybe that was why he reasoned the smallest trace should be the first one he investigated first.

    Moving his leg, he simply stepped out of the tree and onto a branch, making sure the coast was clear. He brought some of the tree with him and replaced it- his own wooden armor. It was less versatile than what he was used to, but it was better than only being armored in metal. So clad, he wandered through the street, keeping out of sight, but not so obviously as to draw suspicion. He took back ways, other people. Not that that was difficult this early in the morning. He tensed every time someone shouted, afraid they might talk to him. He didn't want to delay or be delayed though, and even more so, he simply didn't want to be expected to talk.

    Eventually he made it. A sleeping place, it seemed. He didn't know what those were called. Or why anyone would need it. How hard was it to make a bed? Ignoring the thought, he climbed up the wall, searching for the signal. Hmm, there it was. He slipped through a window. Oh this was a hallway. No matter. It would probably be better to enter in a more socially normal way. Whatever that was. He stood before the door and hesitated. How did a civilized person get someone's attention? Talking and shouting were obvious ones, but also obviously impossible for him. Instead he just... scratched at the door. Small rahi often did this sort of thing. He supposed it might be close enough to Matoran behavior to be the right response.


    In case that wasn't clear enough, he's scratching on Kanohi's door.

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi was passing the time by stroking his masks, feeling each groove. He had carved them himself, using tips taught to him by Nichou when the Companions still traveled together. He was no great carpenter, but he was not bad at crafting.

    His thoughts were still on how he let down Hakari when he heard the sound of scraping against his door. For a moment his heartlight froze, his mind immediately associated with the scratching of thorns. But the … the parasite was dead. It was.

    The parasite’s existence was confusing, the more his anxiety dwelled on it. He had never heard of Seprilli before, and Hakari had seemed unsure if there was a way to reach it. And she lived in not only one of the six Koro, but the village that focused on trading. If there was trade between Seprilli, wouldn’t she know of it, living in Le-Koro? Could a boat truly have made that journey so recently?

    He knew that the parasite could not have survived in the jungle, not with its vulnerability to fire. A forest fire would have wiped it out ages ago. But the idea it came from Seprilli, it felt questionable. It was a Lesterin though who had traded it to Ramaka. Maybe his memories of his home had returned, much like Hakari’s memories had. Maybe he had lied to her, using his own fragmented memories of Seprilli. And she, being trusting enough not to ask his name, did not question his take.

    But if he was lying, why? And why give her that contaminated food?

    At that point, Kanohi finally remembered the scratching at his door. He stood up, checking the straps on his armor, before slowly approaching the door. He opened it, to see what looked like a Toa or Lesterin plated in what resembled bark. He … he could see glimpses of green beneath the bark, maybe of the element Jungle or Air?

    Kanohi tried to speak out a greeting, only to cough out an ashen gasp. He winced, before tilting his head in a bow to the taller stranger. He … he could manage that greeting at least.

    OOC: @ARROW404 gosh this conversation is gonna be odd. 

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  • 3 hours ago, Harvali said:

    OOC: @ARROW404 gosh this conversation is gonna be odd. 

    OoC: I'm counting on it! :P

    IC: The recluse

    The Toa blinked as the door opened. Of all that could have opened the door, a Toa(?) of Iron was the very last thing he had expected. Other than a Vortixx. Fe-beings were always so... antithetical to nature. But this one was wearing wooden armor. What a strange individual. Perhaps he wished he had been given the element of Plantlife by the Great Spirit? The silent Toa felt suddenly guilty for judging him at a glance. He had been born into his role ever since... well, as long as he could remember. He did not remember ever being a Matoran, but he supposed he must have been at some point. In any case, he had been staring for far too long. Should the other one have greeted him by now? Or at least asked what he was doing? He coughed, which might have been a greeting to him. He supposed that must have been it.

    He coughed back.

    With the greetings finished, he held up his hand, palm facing upward. He had pondered for a long while how to get his message across, and he thought he had come up with the best solution. Concentrating his power into his hand, the wood of his bracer warped, a piece growing out of it, as quickly as he could manage while still keeping it under tight control. A tiny, thin branch, which suddenly swelled outwards at the tip. A tip which elongated like a bulb, forming a somewhat banana-like shape. When he was satisfied with that, he grew a thorn out of the tip- long and elongated, and singular. Two little knotholes took shape at the base of the thorn, and lastly, four leaves, two on either side. A Gukko bird.

    Finished with his little art project- he had never used his power artistically before- he looked at the Fe-being inquisitively. He meant to ask if he knew about the gukko bird, and he trusted the question would come across the way he meant it to.

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari woke up with a yawn, sitting up in her bed and stretching her arms out. "Another beautiful day in paradise!" It didn't take long for Hakari to bounce out of bed and then proceed to skip her way out of the room, it seemed she was one of those 'morning persons' that were rumored to exist. 

    The Lesterin thought the first thing she should do was check on Kanohi and make sure he was alright. He seemed pretty roughed up so hopefully he had a good nights rest! 

    What she didn't expect was to find a strange Toa standing in front of his door. And indeed he was very strange, he looked like he was completely covered in bark. He looked like a big tree man, which Hakari thought was pretty neat. Though that didn't answer the question as to why he was here. 

    "Good morning! Did you make a new friend Kanohi?"


    OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404

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  • IC: Kalih [Le-Wahi, Fau Swamp]

    The jungle was atrocious.

    The forest around Naho bay was calm, shaded, and idyllic. It was nice, temperate, breaking into rolling hills not long after.

    The jungle was hot, buggy, and never ending.

    Kalih had been traveling for what felt like days, okay well he had been, but they had been long days. Long days filled with nothing but getting his boots stuck in mud, batting away bloodthirsty insects, and doing his absolute best to stay dry. Even when it wasn’t raining water still dripped from the tops of the canopy, creating a perpetual downpour that always seemed to find the top of his head. Haa seemed right at home in the damp undergrowth, which was something Kalih mused, the normally ill-tempered crustacean practically frolicking through the mossy greenery. This was for the best, the Keras had already managed to dissuade more than one jungle Rahi that had gotten too close for comfort with snapping claws and shrill chirps. As opposed to simply crawling up the nearest tree and leaving Kalih to figure it out for himself, which the crab was known to do. 

    Eagerness had won out over all else, but now a few days in and Kalih was beginning to regret not having a guide. Sure, he wasn't bad at finding his own way through dead reckoning alone, he was sure there had to be a faster way through the Wahi. There was no way people went through this humid mess just to get around.

    To the right of him the underbrush began to part, the swampy land ending at a tributary that was brown and dark from the sediment within. Not the most inviting waters he'd ever seen, but nonetheless it was what he had come all this way for. Or rather, the dark shape that slowly bobbed along the riverbank some way up the shore was. It had only drifted a bit downriver from where the trapper had said he'd seen it.


    It was a boat, the curved lines unmistakably those of a vessel, but not one which Kalih had ever seen or heard of before, which was impressive given how many he had seen across the island. A strange metal cylinder protruded from the deck, and there wasn't a sail or mast to be seen. Exactly as had been described to him.


    As he approached more details became clear, the word Kavinika was emblazoned across the side of the hull in Matoran, and what looked to be some sort of wheel positioned at the very top of the quarterdeck. While larger than a simple boat, the vessel was still nowhere near the size of the great ships which patrolled the waters further north.

    The first obstacle, naturally, was boarding the thing. The ship was pushed up against the riverbank, thankfully, but no anchor was laid nor any gangplank let down to allow entry on and off the vessel. Derelict, as far as he could tell.

    Stepping around to the far side of the ship, Haa trailing along behind clicking his claws excitedly, revealed a ladder of sorts bolted to the side of the hull, though the rungs were far too spaced apart for any Matoran to use them comfortably. Getting to it required Kalih trudge through waist-deep muddy water to the side of the ship, and then half climb, half leap from oversized rung to oversized rung to reach the main deck of the Kavinika itself.

    The sight that greeted him confirmed his suspicions of the vessel being derelict.

    Oh Mata Nui that’s… euhhh… gross.

    Haa chirped, he wasn't sure if it was in agreement.

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  • IC: Vaíl, Bright Star Inn, Le-Koro

    “I think I’m with the men on this one, Ferellis.” Vaíl takes note again of her new maybe-friend’s teeth and wonders whether that dentist comment was made in jest. Better, she is sure, not to ask. She watches the bartender place a twin of the monstrous concoction in front of the newcomer across the bar. “Oh, great spirit, it’s contagious.” She asks for the bitterest drink on the menu, hoping to inoculate herself.

    A thought occurs to her. “So, is that what’s got you down? Men who can’t handle something sweet?”


    “Er. Sorry if that’s too personal.”

    OOC: @Mel (sorry about the delay)

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  • [Le-koro, Brightstar Inn(Ferellis)]
    Ferellis took a big long drink of the concoction.   She really didn’t want to think about it, that was the thing.

    “When are men not a problem?   But no, I’m not inclined in that direction, if you understand me.”

    She leaned on the counter; the room was starting to swim pleasantly.   “Why don’t you tell me about what you do, Miss Vaíl?”

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    The cross-wired Fe-Matoran first winced at the cough, had he spread his illness to this Toa/Lesterin? But then the Toa, and it must be a Toa, extended axis bracer which twisted into the form of a wooden creature, an avian Rahi with four wings. A Gukko?

    He nodded slowly, though something nagged at his memory. He … it was probably just a nonsense part of a vision, not relevant, but it did not contradict reality the way some nonsense did. It … but it wasn’t a memory, at least not a real one, 

    Kanohi vaguely could see a Toa of Iron protecting him and a village of Bo-Matoran and Fe-Matoran, though she had been trained by a Turaga of Jungle. And his element had rubbed off on her, the Iron she made grew like plants, curled like veins, had grooves like wood. Mimicking plant life.

    But that was not relevant. And seeing a Gukko being brought up by a Toa of the Jungle, someone who could not only manipulate plant life but sense it, someone who had sought Kanohi up, he thought he could make a guess.

    Kanohi still could not speak, but dug underneath one of his masks. He pulled free three spare plant fibers, left over when he had repaired the straps on his masks. He held the fibers up to the Gukko’s thorn of a beak, trying to show the parasite’s “tendrils” poking out of its mouth.

    As Hakari approached Kanohi dipped his head to her, pointing his spare hand at his throat, to try to let her know he still was not able to speak. 

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly (Kanohi is actually a Matoran, but I have his image in 2003 style so he’s not as small as a 2001 Matoran. Since the recluse is isolated and if he has mostly just seen 2001 Matoran, the confusion is totally understandable

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  • IC, Verdi: Le-Koro

    "Yikes. Well, hopefully it'll start getting better soon," Verdi said. "In the meantime, would you be up for joining me on my patrol? It'd be nice to have someone to converse with."

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend

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  • IC: -̶̬̲̍͠-̸͓̼̓-̸̹́̉-̷͖̤͛̉-̸͈͐͂-̴͎͔̋-̷̨͎̀-̸͇͈̊-̷̞̊

    Hollowed voices springing from nothingness; dripping, seeping from the void though ears and burrowing into the mind. Ice-cold sweat down your back, the salt dissolved within leaving its mark as it corroded all it touched. Falling deeper and deeper and deeper until day turned to dusk to the blackest midnight and the greatest home we’ve ever known embraces us in the tightest grip, squeezing the life from your limp body because it loves you.

    And you give it your heart in return. I will give and give until I have nothing left and we are all empty but for-


    T̵H̵E̷̽ ̵̈D̸͠EEP̷̆ C̸A̷L̵̄L̵S̸̒ ̷̾TO̶ ̴͝YO̷͊U̵͛


    You awaken upon a shore, the grains of sand biting into your back because they are leeches, not grains of sand. Your mind has not come ashore and has drowned with-

    I have been here before.

    You will be here before and after.

    We call to you, our children, in your most sacred of temples. I have drowned yet still live. Look upon our seal and know that in the Time before the Time before Time it blessed us with its touch. Your touch. Our touch. Tendrils creeping along the periphery of the void, the veins beneath the skin pushing the essence of life into the womb of the world. Bathe in its waters and we shall

    You are turning around end over end as you struggle for direction.

    I am breathing.


    I put my hands out and the chilling depths interlock their digits with mine. We are one. The 


    D̸͠EEP̷̆ C̸A̷L̵̄L̵S̸̒ ̷̾TO̶


    You awaken upon a shore.

    The detritus covers you - the dead sea-squall wails in your mind as you pluck the weeds from your body. The coral has consumed your muscles and the beautiful sight of T̷̐H̶EIR̴ GR̵E̷A̴T̶N̷E̷SS towers above you.

    Colour seeps from the world as the ocean spray flash-freezes midair, framing the monolith in eerie refracted light. The seaweed dissolves to dust and the dust speaks to you. I am all that you are and everything that you will love, you say to yourself. The dust speaks to you:




    There is nothing beside you now. Nothing above. Nothing below. Nothing adjacent. Nothing within. Nothing without. Without. Without anything. Without anything there is nothing. To see. Nothing to.

    Feel. Feeling tendrils ensnare you awaken upon a

    Can you see it?

    The grains of sand bite into your fingers for they are not grains of sand but burning bars of steel that ensnare you in the smallest cell that


    H̵E̴  I̴S


    Your jailor.

    The key.

    Release yourself.


    I release myself. I have no need of the key

    NO NEE̴D

    All I must do is consume of thee


    It towers before me


    My eyes were closed but now I see


    I they we hunger.


    They hunger.


    You awaken upon a shore.


    IC: Gorro - Le-Koro

    He awoke upon his hammock, the coldest sweat he’d ever known coating every inch of his body - so cold that he shivered, drawing the sheets up to his chin and trying to retain whatever heat he could - but the sheets were too thin (Le-Wahi being notoriously humid) and his actions were in vain. He felt dizzy, and blinked his eyes to clear his vision, the dim light of his hut shading out details so that he struggled to get his bearings despite having lived here for the better part of three years. He turned his body over, trying to discern where the doorway was, and his shoulder slipped off the edge of the hammock, threatening to take the rest of his body with it.

    Nearly falling, he managed to maintain his balance at the last second, bracing his hand against the floor before slowly swinging his legs out of their resting position until they, too, touched the floor. He stood erect and stretched out his back, arms now above his head, in a single motion. It was only after the p-pp-p-p-op of his joints that he realized that his head was pounding, and his vision was blurred. 

    There was no pain in his temples or behind his eyes as per a usual headache - curious - but his head throbbed and buzzed, as if there was a wild creature swimming around in his-


    Gorro became confused, a cold, hard pressure pushing against his left side - until he discovered that he had actually fallen over this time.

    Should he go see a doctor? Maybe some fresh air will help.

    He sat himself up, gangly limbs knotting their way into a cross-legged, arms akimbo position as he regained his sense of balance. He rubbed his eyes and his vision began to return. The throbbing in his head began to die down.

    The nightmare was a shattered collection of unconscious images and feelings now, as he had forgotten to remember it.

    Standing, the Toa of Crystal retrieved his flask, taking a long swig of tea. It tasted strange to his dry tongue, but it was yet another thought filed and shelved before it could even register. His fortitude returning, Gorro donned his cloak and exited into Le-Koro proper. Outside, the sun was high and the air was warm, the chill in his bones dissipating and the last holdouts of his affliction melting away in the sun. He strode through the throngs of locals and tourists, all tangled and intertwined and taking no notice of him, just another vagrant as was common here. Busy as ever.

    He stood at the precipice of the Koro’s main square.

    The voice told him: N̵̝͘͜͝Ő̴͓̟̿R̴̻̜͘T̶͚̈́̌H̷̦͚̑

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  • 15 hours ago, Harvali said:

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro


    On 9/10/2021 at 1:34 AM, Snelly said:

    IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    OOC: Sorry, I can't @ people, so I have to quote you. Site glitch on my end I can't seem to fix. Anyway. Also, the confusion is entirely my own. I think I got mixed up by Kanohi's visions or something- I definitely thought he was a Lesterin. We'll just continue as if the Bo-Toa had known he was a Matoran all along.

    IC: The recluse

    The sound of approaching footsteps made the silent Toa tense and look down the corridor. An old habit- such careless footfalls meant intruders for as long as he could remember. Should he hide himself? Stand as if nothing was unusual? Create a weapon? But he quickly relaxed. With his power already active, forming the gukko in his palm, he quickly realized- the one approaching was one of the ones who had the imprint of the corrupted plant. They had saved him the trouble of trying to find several of them, and come straight to him. She, that was, when he eventually saw her.

    This one spoke. But the jungle Toa's eyes were drawn back to the Fe-Matoran as he produced a few small sprigs of plant matter and... Yes, that was it. He understood what he was after. He was unused to smiling, but it still happened from time to time. And this was one such time. The corners of his mask raised slightly, and he grunted in affirmation. Gently he reached up and took the sprigs from the mask-armored Matoran and held up their combined means of communication to the new one who had arrived. A little toy-like wooden gukko bird with some gnarled fibers sticking out of its mouth. He bobbed it in her direction with a grunt, trying to make clear that he had come because of the incident they had dealt with.

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  • IC: [Sisk - Le-Koro]


    “Yes, of course. I was fly-heading back to the roost anyway, what’s a quick-short detour?”


    Sisk pushed himself back to his feet, ready to follow Verdi back into the air. He doubted however his leg would be back to normal anytime soon. It had been a long time already and while his knee had definitely improved, it just wasn’t the same. It might never be. 

    OOC: @~Xemnas~

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    " should really have a doctor look at your throat, both of you!" Hakari tended to blurt out whatever was on her mind. She looked at the wooden gukko with the fibers sticking out of it's mouth and nodded in acknowledgement. 

    "Ahhhh, so you came here because of that strange plant that was infesting the poor Gukko huh?" She was surprised this Toa even knew about it, as far as she'd been aware only her, Kanohi, and the merchant they rescued had been there. 

    "Do you know something about that thing?" 

    OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Hakari’s voice was jarring. Not because the Lesterin’s voice was unpleasant, but Kanohi rarely interacted with other beings much these days. The jungles of Le-Wani could be lonely, and the Rahi he saved were not exactly talkative. And with his damaged vocal processor, he rarely heard his his own voice even when he rescued Matoran and other travelers.

    He … had not fully considered how odd it was this Toa had not spoken out loud to him, and instead had just crafted a Gukko out of a plant. Non verbal communication was his normal now, he had not thought to question why the Toa did not speak. It felt natural.

    Was this Toa’s vocal processor damaged too? Maybe from the smoke of that wildfire a few days back? But Kanohi had not seen the Toa there. Still Kanohi decide to be on the look out from another cough from the Toa, just in case he began to fall ill. 

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly 

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  • IC: The silent Bo-Toa

    He closed his hand, reabsorbing the plant matter back into his reserves of elemental energy. Reserves he had already well used through the night, between getting to the city, to getting inside unseen. He shook his head at the newcomer's question, disappointment faintly written on his nearly expressionless features. Had he come this way for nothing then? He pondered a moment how to ask about the third person who had had contact with the plant. His little elemental puppet show had worked before, so he just had to go for it again.

    Holding out both hands, he hastily shaped his wooden armor into three figures. One short, which he modified a Ruru onto, one tall which he added a Kakama onto, and a third one in between their heights and featureless. Three figures, one representing the Matoran, the other the Toa/Lesterin (he wasn't actually sure which yet), and the third an unknown. To this little sculpture, he added little green vines at the base of each little figure, curling at the base, and just touching them.

    He held this sculpture up to them, bobbing the third sculpture inquisitively. Did they know about the third person he had sensed? The one on whom he sensed the most of the plant's essence.

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  • IC: Kalih [Le-Wahi, Fau Swamp, Kavinika]

    Poking around the vessel had pretty much confirmed his suspicions of its foreign origin, even the wood decking was of a type he'd never seen before. The grain was too compressed, too dark, to be anything from Le-Wahi. Let alone the extensive use of metal and iron plate throughout the ship. The lines, the paneling, everything down the oversized railings and stairways, it all pointed to a single conclusion.

    Well, that, as well as the exquisitely dressed Vortixx who was currently sprawled across the deck.

    Partially decomposing.

    Kalih tried his best not to think about that, not until he had to.

    Thankfully, the vessel did have a wheel, that much was easy to identify. Granted, a collection of levers and dials were array around it, looking like some twisted invention an Onu-Koroan engineer dreamt up after a big hit of miracle cactus. Kalih made a point not to touch any of those, not yet, and instead elected to venture further down into the ship itself. Thankfully, so far his search had not dug up any more corpses, though he did come across what he assumed were quarters, though they were all empty.

    Above he heard the tap tap tap tap of Haa's legs on the deck above, though they were not those of alarm.

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    "Ah! You want to know about the merchant that was with us, Ramada." Hakari said with a nod. "She's somewhere around here in Le-koro I think."

    OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404

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  • IC: The tree man

    He exhaled softly, the closest he had to a sigh, and absorbed his little creations again. A merchant. He wondered if she was the traveling type or the stay-in-one-place type. If they knew her then... he wasn't sure what to think, really. Maybe this Ramada knew more about the plant, or maybe they already got all the information she had. For once it was frustrating to him to be unable to speak. He wanted to know everything they did. But for now, following silently would probably be the most fruitful course of action.

    So with his means of communication out of the way, he tried one more message. He held up his hand and grew a few strands of vine, a similar as he could make them to the fibers the Fe-Matoran had shown him, let it sit in his palm for a minute... and then crushed it in his hand with a scowl. He looked up at the other two and nodded. He wanted to find whatever was responsible for this and stop it.

    OoC: I apologize for not @ing you, but for some reason it doesn't work for me.

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    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    The Fe-Matoran vigilante flapped his wrists, letting his many masks rattle together as the chimes of Le-Koro. He closed his optics to think, he was getting frustrated, without his voice communicating was difficult. He knew the basics of Telegraph language, but not sign language. And if Hakari and this stranger did not know the language…

    But seeing the Toa crush the fibers, he sought to stop the parasite. Which suggested it was indeed not natural. And he had some ideas.

    Kanohi paused at the sound of his armor rattling, before pulling out a chisel. Should he … first, try the telegraph before he damaged infrastructure. With his hand he began to click his bracelet in a series of clicking. His clicks were slow and disjointed as he tried to think of what he wanted to say.

    Ramaka said her Gukko was given food by a Lesterin trader. He claimed to be from a far off land called Seprilli. Hakari here has begun to recover her lost memories, and I believe she said that’s the homeland of the Lesterin. But I suspect the trader was not being fully honest, that he had not had the time to travel the ocean. Instead his memories of his home had started to return too, like Hakari’s, and he used that to mislead Ramaka. I may be wrong though.

    But did either of the far taller beings recognize those clicks as words?

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly feel free to decide if either of your characters know Matoran Morse Code

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  • 11 minutes ago, Harvali said:

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly feel free to decide if either of your characters know Matoran Morse Code


    The Bo-Toa glanced at the Fe-Matoran as he began to tap on his armor. He thought it might have been a gesture of impatience, but quickly realized it was too rhythmic for that to be the case. Curious, he looked at the female in the Kakama for an explanation.

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  • IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro -

    Hakari watched Kanohi curiously as he made a series of clicks with his bracelet. She was confused, what was he doing? But then her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing.

    "Oh Oh! You're doing morse code aren't you? That's so cool!" Hakari said, clapping. "Wish I knew morse code." 

    OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi sighed, it couldn’t be help. He turned to the inn’s wall, then hesitated. If he defaced this inn … the guards of Le-Koro were already annoyed at him already after he grappled up to the village a few weeks back, bypassing the checkpoints. Should he risk angering them?

    But … this Toa knew something, and maybe Kanohi could help him. And if this Toa did want to prevent more of this parasite, Kanohi wanted to help, to save lives. To help the people of this island. The natural carnivorous plants of the swamp were horrific enough, but this puppeteer…

    The Fe-Matoran smacked his head, his metal hand thudding against his wooden mask. He just realized he was in the presence of a Toa of Jungle. A being with mastery over woodland He had overthought this. But he still needed to convey this idea.

    He approached the stranger and pointed to the Toa’s chest plate, held up two fingers, then pointed at the floor. He then pointed to his chisel, before moving it in the air to imitate a scribe carving a tablet. If he could have a wooden surface to carve on, he could explain what he knew. 

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly 

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall

    "Mm." I grunted eloquently, mulling it over. "I like it, but..."

    It was a pretty good plan in a vacuum, honestly. Points for style, utilizing the strengths of both Kanohi effectively to solve the stated problem, eliminating the problem of fortifications by bypassing it a point, it had the makings of an easy jaunt through the most interesting part of the city. I'd rolled with worse ideas— I'd spent the past couple of weeks chasing one of them down.

    That said, he was right in that it took more than a little trust— as far as Kanohi went, we both had pretty well-regarded (or if I'm honest about it, sought-after) pieces on us. More importantly, these were ours— less like trading out ammunition for crossbows and more like swapping arms. With how much he seemed to be in good cheer, riding an adrenaline high after popping in front of me, I had a pretty good feeling he wasn't thinking of this as an opportunity to "trade up". For my part, my Calix had saved my life more times than my halberd or falcata; the thing was practically my biggest weapon. When you walked into as much nonsense as I did, catlike reflexes and agility alone were life-changing on their own, to say nothing of the minor boosts in general athletic capability.

    What I'm getting at here is that I didn't think I either of us were planning on an extended switch here. Exactly as he said, a quick jaunt through the lighthouse and then a reunion near that dock, or something. Nothing to do with prolonged separation, one actor getting incarcerated, one actor becoming forced out of the port or the Wahi by a concerted manhunt by the many guards the aforementioned tower was bristling with, one actor getting lost, none of that— just quick, clean fun at the Marines' expense.

    But, even the best laid plans went to Karzahni once a monkey wrench got thrown into the gears.

    Source: Me, friendly island-wandering monkey wrench.

    "What happens if we don't end up finding eachother, though? If things go bula-shaped, I might not be able to get the Kualsi back to you."

    Gotta think about this stuff in my (our?) line of work.

    Confidence was key, but so was readiness.

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  • 8 hours ago, Harvali said:

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro


    The tall Toa knew right away what the little one was up to. He had used wood to write messages too, some time ago. It didn't happen often though, so he wasn't sure he could still do it. But that was neither here nor there. He could probably manage to understand what the Matoran wrote. So, placing a hand on either side of his body armor, he used his power to split the front from the back. The wood- still alive from the tree he had taken it from during his entrance to the city- came off in two large plates. To make it easier for the Matoran, he even flattened them somewhat with his elemental power, before setting the two plates down in front of him and standing back, arms folded and feeling somewhat exposed.

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi fluttered his hands with relief, his many masks jingling from the motion. Progress. He sat by the wooden surface, and closed his eyes. He did not need to write much, hopefully his hand writing would be legible. Then, slowly he began to carve the circles of Matoran writing into the wood. 

    The Le-Matoran Ramaka told us her Gukko was given food by a Lesterin trader. She did not remember his name, she did not say his element. She did say he claimed to be from a far off land called Seprilli. Hakari here has begun to recover her lost memories from before she arrived on Mata-Nui, and I believe she said that Seprilli is the homeland of the Lesterin.”

    He paused, taking a moment to wring out his wrists. Chipping the wood was not idea, paper would have been better. But this was working well enough, even if some of the circles he carved were a bit lopsided and rough.

    ”But I suspect the trader was not being fully honest, that he had not had the time to travel the ocean. Instead I think his memories of his home had started to return too, like Hakari’s, and he used that to mislead Ramaka. I may be wrong though.

    He flapped his wrists again to try to help their aches, before continuing, “I do not think the plant was from here though. It was too vulnerable to fire, and the Fau Swamp is too close to Ta-Wahi. Wildfires are not uncommon in the swamp, I can’t help but think it’s breed would have died out by now if it was native to the jungle.

    Finally he stood back, having crammed words through pretty much every surface of the wood. Hopefully this would convey what little he knew. 

    OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly 

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  • :i::c: - The Rockwall

    Readiness has never been my strong suit, and I’ve reached the limit of my capability to construct plans. 

    “We’ll improvise,” I blithely wave away his concerns. “You’ll have a Kualsi, you can find me easy enough.”

    Itching to get going, I remove my mask and offer it to him. 

    I find it a remarkably intimate gesture. The energy saps from my body, the weight of my mask suddenly growing heavy in my arms, and I am metaphorically prostrate before him. If he had any desire to kill me right now, there's no way I could get the mask back on fast enough to stop him. And I'm also offering up the most valuable item I own. Some people say our souls lie in our Kanohi. If they are right, I’m offering my soul to a practical stranger.

    Trust is dangerous thing to throw around like this, but honestly, it’s not even the most dangerous thing I’ve done this week. 

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  • IC: Kalih [Fau Swamp]

    The deeper the Ga-matoran got in the empty ship the more questions filled his mind, swimming around his headspace only to be replaced by another, and then another. His current object of fascination was what he assumed to  be the hold, or, it would have been the hold any any normal vessel. Instead this space, below the waterline and at what he could surmised was the very bottom of the ship, was a massive piece of machinery. Tubes and ducts, enough to put even the pump hard at work in the Great Mine to shame, ran across the surface of the pieces of equipment, and then up through the ceiling above. As Kalih stepped around it more and more was revealed, like the shaft that ran lengthwise out of one of the blocks of equipment towards the aft of the ship. Oddly enough, the closer he got to the machinery the stuffier the air got, and the temperature began to rise. Nothing was moving as far as he could tell, so the heat was a mystery.

    Continuing down the length of the ship brought him more questions than answers, not the least of which was the fact that the shaft seemed to poke straight through the hull, terminating somewhere outside... beneath the ship...

    A thought occurred to him, and in a rush Kalih made his way back up to the surface of the ship.

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  • IC: Cipher - The Rockwall


    I repeated it back to him, intent on letting the moment hang enough for him to second guess himself, if he was going to— and he might have not even noticed, already prying the Kualsi from his now bare face. Inwardly, I wanted to sigh.

    Looked like he was forcing my hand now. Trust is something to be repaid unto itself— I could kill him here, and take his mask. It would be easy, and neither of us entered through normal means; a good chance he and I being here might not have even registered to the authorities. I watched his shoulders sag when the strength left him, that cheeky, swashbuckling aura he'd carefully maintained now forced to recollect itself after a two-ton weight had dropped onto him. He'd only met me fifteen minutes before, and now he was all but thrusting his life into my hands.

    My falcata's at my hip, and my mask is still on. I've been sharp for months now. At the top of my game.


    "Alright, we'll see how it shakes out."

    Of course I'm not gonna kill him.

    With a grimace, I pulled my Calix free, and I too felt the world sit upon my back as it had not in ages. My vision dulled, my mind blurred, my plasma within me cooled to a dim red flicker. There are those who train their bodies in this state, all but crushed by their own armor, and they're psychos. Insanity. If i wasn't careful, I would lose focus as my body tried to reallocate only a tenth of its ability to the now-immense pressure on my shoulders. I carried all this junk around? I was wearing a mountain as a Dermis does its Shell.

    In the palm of my right hand, the Calix sat. In my left, I accepted the Kualsi, plucking it free from Verak's fingers. They seemed gaunt now, as he suddenly looked weathered, colorless. 

    "Wear it in health."

    And I completed the exchange, gingerly attuning to the

    Kanohi Kualsi

    Great Mask of Quick Travel

    All Things A Man Sees Are Both His Destination, And His Journey. 


    A rush filled my mind, as Possibility, Potential, and Power flooded me anew, the same key that locked one container away unlocking another.

    New masks are jarring as karz.

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  • IC: Vaíl, Bright Star Inn, Le-Koro

    Too personal. Right. Vaíl mirrors Ferellis with a long sip of her own drink, now aiming to hide her embarrassment. This beverage is a remarkably versatile tool.

    “Ahh. Nothing too glamorous, I’m afraid. These days it’s mostly hunting. Uh, rahi hunting, that is.” Bounty hunting would probably fall in the “glamorous” category, she thinks, but she clarifies nonetheless. “And, how ‘bout you?”

    OOC: @Mel

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  • On 9/14/2021 at 4:14 PM, Harvali said:

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro


    The silent Toa frowned. Another island? Pursuing this evil would take him away from the Jungles of Le-Wahi? Away from Mata-Nui? Well, it wasn't guaranteed. The mask-armored Matoran suspected the trader was still on the island, but if it came to it, perhaps leaving the island would be the thing to do. But for now, he didn't have to think about that. If the trader was on Mata-Nui, then he was still a danger.

    He picked the pieces of armor up and restored their grooved surface with his element. Truly, it was one of the most versatile powers, and he was again grateful to have been given it by the Great Spirit. He picked up one of the plates and handed the other back to the Matoran, in case he needed it again. Then he stared expectantly at the two he was standing with.