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  • Posted 2021-09-02 23:40:35 UTC
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  • IC: Ember - Ostia, deck of the Fowadi

    “...tae f###?”

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  • IC:

    "I know, Sky. Sorry." Dorian Shaddix shrugged the duffel bag from his shoulder and dug one heel into the sand, visibly abashed of himself in a way few - and none aboard the Fowadi, for certainty - had ever seen. "I know I ##### up." 


    "Sick shot, Praggos. Guess nobody's unlucky forever." He hoisted the bag up over his head nimbly. "Permission to hurl some guns aboard?"


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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    I rubbed the left side of my head as I looked at Dorian. I expected to feel incredibly angry, but it all just faded away. I knew I had every right to be angry, for many reasons, but I just couldn't. I didn't know what I was feeling honestly, couldn't describe it if I tried. 

    "Hahaha ####...I know I'm sober but I really don't feel like I am...hurl the #### bag already." 

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  • IC: Ember - Ostia, deck of the Fowadi

    She turned her head back to Kale and broke the handshake, just in time to get a glimpse of a small, crystalline figure sitting atop the disk launcher operated by the Ko-Toa to whom she had not yet been introduced.

    ...tae f###...?

    She shook her head. A mystery for another time. She did not know who… or what… that was.

    Turning around again, she spied the figure that Skyra had made such a fuss about, and though he seemed familiar, she couldn’t place him. She elbowed Kale lightly, watching the pair down the gangplank carefully.

    “Who’s that, lad?”

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  • IC:

    Well, at least the immediate crisis I was worried about was averted. Now just to hope things could go smoothly for the rest of it.

    Oh, hey, Kale already was on deck! Okay, that's one other worry already taken care of.

    I stole a glance at Skyra to my side, squeezing her shoulder once and letting my hand drop as I turned my eyes full on to Dorian. I still wasn't entirely sure what to think, seeing him again, but I knew I'd figure it out soon enough anyways.

    "Hand me the bag, Dor, and follow along to my space. Recently-dead men have no business carrying such a heavy load. Doctor's orders."

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  • IC:

    "I don't need a checkup, I just need..." he trailed off, repressing a roll of his eyes. He heaved the bag upwards in a neat arc, the assorted weaponry landing with a thud on the Fowadi's deck to the left of Praggos' feet. The owner itself followed in quick succession, leaping from the docks in the direction of the ship. He planted one foot on the ironclad side of the vessel, then another, scurrying three steps up until he could hoist one leg over the railing and straddle it with trademark suggestiveness.

    Up close, his eyes were dull and pained in a way that Skyra and Praggos, both former Mark Bearers, would recognize intimately; it was the insensate look the wielders of those mystic tattoos had worn whenever deprived of their given emotion too long, the look of a Toa on autopilot. Still, he punched Praggos in the shoulder with familiarity that seemed almost friendly, and the wide smile he gave Skyra was as genuine as all of Dor's smiles, whatever his intent in wearing one. 

    "Yo #####," he echoed back at her.


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  • IC: Jokaro - Po-Koro, Technology Emporium

    The characteristic sound of the lathe spinning up dominated the room as Farzan began taking material off of the patero barrel bit by bit. On the other side of the workshop, Jokaro pulled a stool up the bench and retrieved his tools and magnifying lenses, stowed nearby.

    The next couple hours were spent poring over the internal workings of the launcher, and consulting the myriad notes he’d inscribed over his grand tour of the island. The first time he’d felt frustration with the weapon had merely been a few days into his trip, down on Naho Bay where he was spearfishing with the local Ga-Koronans.

    He’d purchased himself a small boat from a local fisherwoman looking to make an upgrade, and soon paddled himself into a quiet corner of the bay. There, he would wait for akodi fish to come close enough in order to spear them. He didn’t end up catching very many.

    On the second day, he was even less fortunate. He’d decided to take a quick nap whilst relaxing on the bay and listening to the sounds of the waves rolling in. He woke up to a moa bird trying to steal his scarce bounty of akodi and tanta, and, understandably, tried to prevent this from happening through application of force with his only paddle.

    Emphasis on only.

    Clearly, the bird did not take kindly to this, wresting the paddle from Jokaro’s grasp with laughable ease and tossing it much too far out of his reach, and flying away with his day’s catch to boot. Embarrassing.

    The tides carried his paddle further and further away, and his raggedy vessel away from land. With not much else on his person to use, it didn’t take him long to try to use the blast from his unloaded patero to propel him to safety.

    It was a long, long day. Pump-pump-pump-pump-pump-pump, fire. Pump-pump-pump-pump-pump-pump, fire. Rinse and repeat, ad nauseum. By the time that he got close enough to another boat to signal for help, his arms felt like they were about to fall off; it especially didn’t help that the location of the patero’s pump meant that he was constantly having to switch hands and move the thing around, let alone aim it in the right direction.

    That was the second thing that he felt needed improvement - placement of the pump-handle - and that’s what he was working on now.

    Having replaced the blown gas seal and removed the pump and trigger mechanism, Jokaro went to work, intent on flipping the former so the handle and pump direction were facing opposite of their original position. Turning the pump housing and its plumbing around a-hundred-eighty degrees was easy enough; the tough part was that the trigger mechanism was now blocked. If he moved the whole trigger assembly rear of the pump, though…

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    I grinned back. "Yo ###." I swore he probably broke out of jail just using that smile. 

    "You look like ####, how'd you manage to cheat death this time?" 

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  • IC:

    I gave Dorian a small smile as a punched my shoulder, bending down to pick up the bag before he could even think of protesting any more. "Alright," I said, hefting it up over my own shoulder, disk launcher in the other hand. "Follow me to my office. I'll overlook Skyra's broken circuits for the time being, and I'll take the fall for letting non-crew take such a close look at everything, too."

    I could already think of just the bottle to dig out.

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ostia, Fowadi Exterior)

    "Well." Tekmo was rather confused by what had just happened. Toa Dorian Shaddix was supposed to be dead, yet evidently the man himself refused to believe such rumours.

    "In any case, I am Toa Tekmo." He said aloud to anyone who would listen. "Will you require any form of documentation? I don’t have any documentation, just so you know."

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  • On 9/1/2021 at 4:24 PM, Emzee said:

    Ra'lhen gave a toothy grin. "I guess the new armor is serving its intended purpose," said the Toa of Lightning with a soft chuckle, "I'd hate for you to have to remember that other guy's armor and his Proto-Knuckles every time I came to visit. Hey, check out this sword!" An an instant, Ra'lhen's two-handed longsword that was strapped to his back was now resting horizontally along his open palms.

    IC Stannis | Po-Koro

    The first time Stannis heard that voice he was still a matoran on the run from Makuta's terrible grasp through the icy passes of Ko-Wahi. The assailants doggedly pursuing him and his small band of companions were nameless and formless as nighttime terrors, but the ominous howls of their muaka steeds and growling commands still haunted the Wanderer in his nightmares. Eventually he grew to know their names, if only so that he could call them out in his dreams as false effigies from a past long gone—Ronkshou and Vidar, two pawns of a master they did not know so much as fear. In the victorious wake of Makuta's banishment, after the Wanderer cast his spell on the dark spirit, Stannis tried to turn the tide and pursue those fighters in return but he did not encounter them or any signs of their passing, almost as if they had merely vanished back into the insipid waters they had been pulled from, so he forewent his chase and focused his attention on foes he could rightly find and fight such as Echelon, the Piraka, and Eisen.

    Ronkshou and Vidar, he assumed, had either been swallowed by the darkness they served or had been killed at some point and their presences left to the domain of memories and nightmares. Thus he assumed, of course, until now, when one of those very same stood before him in the flesh... arguably. Also arguably, it was not the same man as before. Had he been a less spiritual savant he would be likely to dismiss the passage of time and think this person to be the same villain he'd chased before, but just like the sand dunes of Po-Wahi he, too, moved on from one position to another. Time and distance change people. 

    Eventually, they met again and set things right between them. Ronkshou was no more, dead and rightfully replaced by the former identity of toa Ra'lhen. 

    "Looks good as new. What do you think?" The hilt was closest to his right hand the tip was closest to his left hand. One could not ignore the bright glare that reflected off the freshly polished blade.

    A sword. Stannis chuckled in his mind at the visage of it. It was a sword that had saved Stannis, Oreius, and Korero all that time before on the glacial valley bordering the Massif's domain. It was a sword that protected them all against a pair of foes who relentlessly fought with cutthroat ferocity, a sword skillfully wielded as a shield in the hands of Antrim Vakitano, and now it was a sword held in the same hands which had tried to slay Stannis. The Great Spirit, he chuckled, had an ironic sense of humor. 

    "I think it looks exquisite," Stannis admitted from the doorjamb he still reclined his shoulder on. "It's a weapon of a fortunate man, but swords versatile tools that become what you make them to be, fortunes aside."

    He emptied his "Best Wanderer Ever!" mug with a final reserved sip before letting it dangle from his off hand pinkie, then ponderously took steps off his stoop and approached the shiny toa visitor. He held out his hand, not to handle the weapon but to shake a hand. "Well met once again, Ra'lhen."

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  • IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi

    "Yeah," Rynekk said idly, squinting his eyes at the stranger that seemed to have gotten Skyra and Praggos into such a tizzy. "I wouldn't mind learning a bit more about this guy's deal, either."

    He looked familiar -- but then, Rynekk had been around the island more than enough. Hackles seemed to have been dropped between those three, anyway, so maybe it was all nothing. Besides, there was another guy who needed a hand, and who didn't seem to already have friends on board. Rynekk strolled over to the newcomer, leaning his spear up against the side of the ship.

    "If there's chicken scratch required, we'll deal with it on our end, no worries," he said easily, holding out a hand to shake. "Toa Tekmo, is it? Name's Rynekk. You here to join up?"


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  • IC: Tirokk - Ostia, Fowadi

    With nothing left to do but get settled in, Tirokk sighed as he unsealed his suit once more with a familiar hiss of hot air rushing out through each opening, this time opening it up further as his sleeveless jumpsuit adorned back was revealed, pulling himself out of it with a grunt, stretching and cracking joints with a groan before sighing with relief. It had been far too long since he'd taken the suit off and his body was all too weary from his travels, carrying all that protosteel on his body across hundreds of kios of land. Kakama or no, that was a lot of distance to cover with such weight. A good workout, yes, certain to contribute to his endurance, but no workout could go on forever, and it was time for Tirokk to take a break.

    After closing up and sealing his suit, leaning it against the bulkhead and sitting it down into a position where it wouldn't slide around to cause damage should the ship tilt unduly, Tirokk made his way back up to the top deck of the ship. Still a veritable juggernaut even out of his suit, the Toa took a moment to simply feel the sun radiating on his skin, taking a deep whiff of ocean air after being cooped up in his suit for so long. Taking a look around, he made a note of a few more arrivals he hadn't seen earlier, none that he recognized any more than the crew of the ship when he'd first arrived here.

    Unsure how to approach any of them, he simply gave anyone who looked his way a nod in greeting and acknowledgement as he made his way to the side of the boat to look at the cliffs Ostia was built into, taking in the sight properly now that his field of view wasn't obstructed by his heavy metal suit.

    OOC: Tirokk is open for interaction

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  • IC Luten - fowadi

    She disappeared from Praggos' shoulder, reappearing sitting crosslegged atop Kale's head.

    "Mr. Praggos said I should come get you, but you're already here!"


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  • IC:

    Dorian laughed aloud, rocking back and forth on the railing of the ship. He hooked his duffel bag with a foot and pulled it closer to his person, twirling its weight and tangling the strap around his ankle.

    "We'll have time to talk about it," he said. "I don't really want to say anything around, you know--"

    He winked, but there was a tired air to his usual charm.

    "--the B-Team. I'll find you later, 'kay?" He raised his voice slightly in Praggos' direction. "Alright, alright, I'm coming. So sick of doctors..."

    He spun the bag free and lifted it over his left shoulder this time as he went to stand. But Dor only made it two steps before he turned back to Skyra again.

    "...I didn't mean to disappear. And I didn't mean to make your lives harder here. I'll clear out the next time you make port or something. I just..." He looked over in Praggos' direction and lowered his voice. "I don't think it'd be a...good idea...if I was alone right now." He gave the bag of guns a little rustle. "It's good to see you, Sky."

    He started walking towards Praggos again. "Alright, you old pervert, I'm coming. But the second I hear a glove snap I'm running to find Krayn."


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  • 8 hours ago, BULiK said:

    IC: Quoribay [Forsi]

    So for days, every time the port master and the guards chatted remotely with the cocky confidence of their new toys, I took notes. A little bit here, a little there, all those bits and pieces of intel as we call it in the 'biz, I could fit together like one of those puzzles Le-Koronans always try to sell Turaga. It wasn't quite full manifests, but Karz, it was close, as long as I took the time to gather the requisite context. Because they were coordinating patrols to best fit the shipments, that also meant -

    Oh, right, I need to- hold on, gimme a minute to talk to this guy privately, I'll be back before you know it. That is my style, after all.

    IC: Quoribay [Forsi]

    So, there I was - a regular spy, with Po-Koro's goons none the wiser. Thinking up the biggest score of my life. Yeah, I always had the stash if i needed it, but I wanted more, y'know? Sometimes when you're this good you need a bit of danger to up the stakes again.

    Thanks to my new best friend, Mr. Wire, I knew the rotations for the guards at the docks, and there was some mighty interesting stuff moving through. Like, stuff you'd never heard of before. Top secret stuff. Being sent to Forsi for final testing, probably to get out of the public's eye. Yeah, I know, right?

    That was what I was looking for. This gig was bigger than anything the island had seen in a while, and better yet, it was mine. But even I needed help to pull of something of this scale.

    So that's why, after wiping my place down for prints and taking any notes I had with me, I took a ferry down to Ga-Koro.

    OOC: Quoribay to Ga-Wahi

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    I nodded, that seemed reasonable enough. Though the idea of Dorian being reasonable was weird, he'd definitely changed since I last saw him.

    Some of the things he was saying were kind of worrying though, not a good idea if he was alone? I didn't really want to think of what that could imply. 

    "Sure I shouldn't come with? You might need backup in case Praggos tries to probe you." 


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  • IC:

    "I meant for both of you to come. Sorry for thinking you'd figured out how I think over the years."

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    This was unexpected to say the least. Kale had neither met Dorian in the flesh but it was hard not to at least have a physical description considering who he spent so much of his time around. The roguish smile and Makuta-may-care attitude when combined with his element and bag full of high tech weaponry were a pretty big giveaway. Skyra had gotten drunk one night. It had been...interesting. Thankfully most of the rest of the crew had also been drunk so they probably didn't remember what each other had said. Kale certainly wasn't going to try and jog any memories.

    "That, ladies and gentlemen, was Dorian Shaddix. Renowned scoundrel and supposedly dead for months now. try not to bother him. Man looks like he needs friends more than fans."

    The young Fe-toa looked over towards where the other man had vanished into the bowels of the ship. He probably wasn't going to do anything drastic like rip the armor plates off the sides of the ship. Skyra could look after him...

    Krayn could look after him.

    A sigh escaped his lips as he turned back to the two newcomers. He had his own jobs to take care of and this seemed to be ones of those days where he was going to be on his feet for all of it. Best to get into it before things dragged out. Every new crew member meant more supplies that had to be procured. He needed to find out just how big their group would be.

    "Ember and...Tekmo? Welcome to the Fowadi, mobile base of the Aggressor task force. We are always looking for new members."

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  • IC: Ember, Ostia, deck of the Fowadi

    She watched the Fe-Toa and Skyra exchange obscenities before the former began to cross the deck, Ember watching him like a hawk, trying to wrack her brain for exactly why he seemed familiar. 

    Her eyes shot open when Kale explained who he was.

    Thass Shaddix?” she blurted incredulously, before relaxing her posture and crossing her arms. 

    Her gaze once again became that of scrutiny.

    Hrm. Thought he’d be taller.”

    After a pregnant pause during which the Ta-Matoran continued to size up the mercenary with laser-focus, Kale managed to snap her out of her stupor.

    "Ember and...Tekmo? Welcome to the Fowadi, mobile base of the Aggressor task force. We are always looking for new members."

    “Ye’ve got an impressive ship here, Toa Kale, but I’m afraid I AH-”

    She had completely tuned out Luten’s announcement of her arrival atop Kale’s head - a sight the startled Ember was not prepared to see when she turned around. That mystery could not wait any longer, as she now examined the miniscule form atop her Sanok mount.

    “Pardon, lass but… what are ye?”

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  • IC Luten:

    "I'm Luten! I'm Mr. Kale's mask!"

    Surely that would clear up any and all questions!

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  • IC: Tekmo (Ostia, Fowadi)

    "Hmm." Tekmo examined Luten as she stood on top of Kale’s head, having to get on his tiptoes to do so. "Hmmmm... You appear to be some form of crystalline entity. Who is very small." Was the best he could come up with.

    He looked down towards Kale, as if silently begging an explanation.

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  • 17 hours ago, Perp said:

    IC: Jokaro - Po-Koro, Technology Emporium

    Having replaced the blown gas seal and removed the pump and trigger mechanism, Jokaro went to work, intent on flipping the former so the handle and pump direction were facing opposite of their original position. Turning the pump housing and its plumbing around a-hundred-eighty degrees was easy enough; the tough part was that the trigger mechanism was now blocked. If he moved the whole trigger assembly rear of the pump, though…

    IC: Farzan (Tech Emporium)

    Working the barrel over with the lathe to Jo's specifications was a simple task. Once I had gotten it to the point we apparently needed, I could take a moment to cast a glance at the notes on his iStone from afar. I do rather enjoy wearing an Akaku, wish I could use its power, too one day...

    Patero Launchers were, admittedly, a piece of hardware that had mostly passed me by. I knew all the theoretical stuff, but its practical use wasn't something I knew well at all, I already had the firearms I needed for my own uses, designed by yours truly, of course.

    That didn't matter, what mattered was a problem was being solved. Jokaro had gotten the practical experience to know what problems needed to be solved, and now it was up to us to put his ideas into practice.

    Any collateral damage that resulted from this was totally his fault, though.

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  • IC:

    The De-Toa laughed, just a little.

    "I'm not sure when you became the optimist between us, sir," Krayn said, taking a long drink from his glass. "But it seems deeply unnatural. That's probably the best segue I'll get. Between you and me, not to be repeated, how are you feeling about the new Akiri? I haven't been here long, not since Hewkii was in charge. And I have to tell you, seeing her continue his... voracious expansion doesn't fill me with confidence."

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  • IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets]

    “Looking...yes, maybe...I don’t know.” Kohra replied. She tried to remember but when she did the only feeling she got was one of either being abandoned...or being hunted.

    “ more friends.” she said, stepping up the water fountain. She activated it and the surprisingly cool water sprang forth in a small stream that got recycled back down the built-in drain. She bent lower and moved closer to the water…


    She paused and let go of the button, the stream stopping just before it could touch her lips. Datrox could see how tense the Vortixx was. Her body was frozen in place, rigid, except for the involuntary shivers. 

    “ it drink?”

    OOC: @Tarn

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  • IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets

    Datrox glanced between Kohra and the fountain. “Uh, yeah,” he said. “Should be.” He doubted the Akiri was trying to poison the residents of the Koro, but in this woman’s current state he also doubted she would be thinking straight. “Here, look.”

    The Toa of Fire stepped between the Vortixx and the fountain. He pressed the button and like before a stream of cool, refreshing water came out. He bent down and sipped it, then stepped away and shrugged. “See? I’m fine. Clean water.”

    He did briefly considering feigning sickness and pretending to succumb to poison, but figured that would be inappropriate and that Kohra would not find that humorous.

    OOC: @Vezok's Friend

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  • IC: Ember - Ostia, deck of the Fowadi

    Ember’s expression scrunched up, as if she had taken a bite of the sour remana-fruit, common fare on Ga-Koronan ships and the flavour of which she so vividly remembered… And as sour as those fruits were, the tiny figure before her was totally the opposite.

    But she was still as befuddled as before.

    “Yer… his mask…? But ah can see ye there jus’... sittin’ up on ‘is head… How can-  oh…”

    She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples.

    “What a strange morn ‘tis today. This sun be bakin’ me ‘ead fer sure…”

    ___ __ _


    IC: Jokaro - Po-Koro, Technology Emporium

    It was only after several hours’ work that Jokaro got the new trigger system working to his liking. Whereas standard patero design simply had the trigger pivot on a pin, which in turn pushed a plunger that opened the spring-loaded gas seal (a simple yet elegant mechanism, he noted), Jokaro’s solution to the reconfiguring of the air pump was… brutalist, to say the least.

    He decided to hijack the trigger pin on the previous iteration, attaching small steel bars that wrapped around the bulk of the pump body which now blocked direct access to the plunger, thereby creating a cam system. The ends of the bars met where the pump’s plumbing ended, allowing the strip of metal to be bent down into a rudimentary straight-pull trigger, rather than a pivot. It was crude, rickety and a veritable mess, but pulling the bar backwards and hearing the click of the gas valve plunger releasing meant that he’d at least done something right.

    To cap it off, he chiseled away at the wood of the old pistol grip, trying to get it to fit into its new position at least six inches rear of where it previously sat. It was horribly mismatched, and he had to use some of the spare wood from the breech cover (it wasn’t going to fit the new barrel diameter anyway) in order to secure the connection.

    At long last, he sat back and admired the horribly ugly half-completed Frankenstein's monster that was the patero launcher in front of him. He heard the lathe powering down behind him.

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  • IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi

    "I've seen stranger," Rynekk said, tipping his hat towards the small figure. "Howdy do, Luten. You been with Kale long, now?"


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  • 20 hours ago, Pteronura Brasiliensis said:


    "I meant for both of you to come. Sorry for thinking you'd figured out how I think over the years."

    IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    "Ah I get it Praggos, just one of us isn't enough for you huh? How greedy~" 

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  • IC:

    I stopped, turning slowly to look back at both of them with a raised eyebrow.

    Then I, with a wink and a smirk, turned back around and kept walking.

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  • IC:


    The two young Toa walked shoulder to shoulder into Praggos' office. They were the spartan accommodations that one would come to expect from Praggos. Most Mark Bearers remembered his bent for biological research and his cutting edge weapon designs. In another life, he'd even been tempted to commission one or two. Now he had a duffel bag full of weaponry, more than he knew what to do with, and though he could probably coax Praggos out of retirement it was probably safer not to get his mind back down that line of thought. Given a few years, he might have found his own path to engineering the Marks anyway.

    Now that was a ##### up thought.

    Dorian kicked his bag of guns under the work desk and, as he'd always done, decided to park himself atop furniture usually considered inappropriate for polite sitting. His eyes bounced back and forth between Skyra and Praggos.

    "Is there anyone else here I know? Naona? Tillian? Dehkaz? How's Krayn? Is he getting enough sleep? Is he sleeping alone?"


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    22 hours ago, Caedast said:

    He emptied his "Best Wanderer Ever!" mug with a final reserved sip before letting it dangle from his off hand pinkie, then ponderously took steps off his stoop and approached the shiny toa visitor. He held out his hand, not to handle the weapon but to shake a hand. "Well met once again, Ra'lhen."

    IC: Ra’lhen - Po-Koro, outside Stannis’ place

    Ra’lhen couldn’t help but smile. The Toa Maru that stood opposite him had every reason to hold onto a sense of righteous anger, much like former Akiri Hewkii all that time ago.

    Of course, had the Other Guy succeeded in killing one of the Wanderer’s company, things would likely be different between us, thought Ra’lhen sorrowfully.

    It reminded Ra’lhen of Mata Nui’s grace. Sometimes, the Great Spirit could intervene and save what mattered most. Hafu, the legendary carver, was not as fortunate, and stood as an example of one of Ra’lhen’s eternal crimes to the people of Po-Koro.

    And the worst part? That event was far from being the worst of the Other Guy’s crimes. Significantly less casualties in that assassination plot.

    He re-sheathed the sword onto his back and extended his arm, returning the gesture with a firm grip.

    “Agreed,” Ra’lhen replied, “And I am making it my duty to use this tool to protect the people on this island”

    “So, how have things been?” Ra’lhen asked with interest, “My sergeant has kept me in Ostia, preventing and aborting heists from pirates and other criminals. His caution is understandable, but it does mean that so much has happened that I simply wasn’t present for. Akiri Hewkii resigned, and this other leader, Akiri Lichtgheist, is someone I’ve never really met. Ko-Koro had a bad time, but now things are getting better, I’ve heard?”

    Ra’lhen paused for a bit. He wondered if it was a good idea to bring up his own anxieties about recent events in his life. The nightmares returning and increasing in frequency couldn’t simply be blamed on poor diet or sleep, right? Still, Ra’lhen thought it best to hear what Stannis has been through before dumping him with drama.

    “More importantly, where do you think things are headed… as far as peace on Mata Nui goes?” Ra’lhen asked.

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    Well, that joke backfired. I shook my head and followed the two boys down to the doctor's office. 

    "Is there anyone else here I know? Naona? Tillian? Dehkaz? How's Krayn? Is he getting enough sleep? Is he sleeping alone?"

    Tillian, now that was someone I hadn't seen in some time, I wondered how he was doing? 

    "Krayn and Dehkaz are here. I don't know Krayn's sleeping habits well enough to give an answer to that, but knowing him...probably alone yeah." I looked at Dorian as he sat on furniture not meant to be sat on, he was gonna get leg cramps or something. 

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  • IC:

    I almost immediately started to ignore the other two as they found places to sit in my office, bee-lining to a cabinet and starting to rummage through it. "Last I remember hearing about anything, Tillian's still in Ga-Koro," I said, somewhat absent-mindedly while looking at the labels. No, no, no. "Of course, that was when we had countdown timers on our arms, so I'm not entirely sure." No, not Unari's rum, that's too sweet—

    Well, not yet anyways.

    Same for the mead from The Crucible. Their wine wasn't what I wanted either, although that was a lot more palatable at this point in the day—not super sweet, and all my Le-Koro wines were a lot brighter and fruitier, so they were a no-go for the moment—"Bloody Karzahni, where did I put it?" I lifted my head over the cabinet door, glancing back at my desk. No, no bottles there. Look back in, shove some things arou—


    I stood again, a plain, still wax-sealed bottle. "Here we go. Ten years aged, ninety-three proof, and one I've been holding onto since somebody decided to attack me with a tree-sword before I could open it. You both like bourbon, right?"

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  • IC:

    Dorian raised his hand up, the implication clear without a word from him.


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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi - Ostia -

    "Someone attacked you with a tree? What kind of flipping hippie..." I was getting distracted. "...yeah bourbon is fine."

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  • IC:

    Dorian, raising his hand for my bottle. My bottle that I had been saving, long had it been?

    My bottle.

    But I still had to grab glasses.

    If you smash, if you drink all of this before we have a chance, I'll take this mask and purge the alcohol from your system before you even feel a buzz.

    I passed the bottle over to him, before reaching back down in to the cabinet for glasses. "It was an interesting time, yeah. No clue what happened to the Toa who did it, though...can't exactly say I blame him for it either. Y'know, all things considered."

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  • IC:

    "Who had their heart pulled out that time? Did I dream that?"


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  • IC:

    "That was Yuru. A bit later. And no, you really didn't dream it. Remember a week or so later, though, when you ran into me again, with that officer Daylaria? Y'know, the one you called Officer McHottie and tried to get me to hit on?"

    It really had been a ridiculous few years.

    "Did I tell you she turned into a Valkyr?"

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  • IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia:

    "I've been Mr. Kale's partner for two whole months! The others say that's not very long, but it feels like a really long time to me!"