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  • IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa

    "Hang on, shouldn't we make preparations first?" T'harrak protested, pulling away from Jojax, "We'll need maps to mark the locations of whatever we find, parchment to take notes, provisions for the journey. I'll also need time to cobble together a spyglass."


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  • IC: Matron - Nakihl Fortress, North Lesteri;Dak

    Dead eyes chilled the air, dead breath leaving no cloud of steam as her breast gently rose and fell. Deathly still sat Shaknah, the Matron. Teeth little more than a thin white line as she placidly listened to the report given by the Skakdi- both trying not to shiver- before her: New forts had been raised, including one in the Spineless Bay that seemed more restless than average, if only just so. She nodded slowly, indicating the message was received and that she had no instructions. They left her.

    The many beads on the fronds of her spine rattled as she rose to her feet and made her way to the balcony. Even in the noontime sun, the air around her would not warm. Her skull-tipped staff clacked against the ground in time with her rattles, and her eyes scanned the horizon. She spat with disdain upon the sight. Petty warlords. How far they had fallen since the days of Irnakk:Dii. Since the day of the Vortixx interlopers. Their brutish ways blinded them to the truth of the Nakihl. Violence and displays of battle skill were not what had made Irnakk:Dii great, and were not what would restore Cuch-Cokvaim-Skak:Dii to their former glory. It was all a distraction, and a detriment.

    But all that muscle and bravado had its uses. The weak-minded were easily influenced. Perhaps some of these new forts, eager to prove themselves, would be of use to her. The nearest in particular. The truth must lie beneath Kvere;Ivi, after all. Those skilled in the water would be the best suited to the task.

    Turning, she stared into the Skakdi of Ice that stood guard. She wilted beneath her gaze, but she understood- she had orders.

    "Send a scouting party to the bay," she spoke softly. "Attact the attention of the fort there. Learn more about it. Infiltration is preferred."

    The guard bowed and left to deliver the orders.


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  • IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Whisper

    "Yeah, whatever, I'll be down at the docks whenever you are ready." Jojax walked off without another word.

    IC: The Wanderer-The Wanderer's Bar, The Place

    The Wanderer was in large room that was probably some sort of storage area in the coliseum's ancient past. Now, rustic wooden tables and chars were scattered around the room. He  leaned over an old bar, wiping out  a glass cup. Behind him was a collection of Beverages, mostly alcoholic, that he had collected from across the island during his many years.  It was quiet, and he sort of enjoyed it this way. Sure, it would be great when the crowds filed in for noisy parties. But for now, The Wanderer just wanted to admire his hard work.

    Just then one of the lesser acolytes came through the makeshift doors. "Hey bos, I got your u.... words." He sauntered up to the bar and placed down a tall stack of thin wooden plates. The wanderer picked up one of them and examined it. It had been crudely carved into a sort of poster:

    Find Your Place

    Fame and Fortune await!


    The ancient battleground of our ancestors is open again under new Management! All facilities and services will be available for anyone interested including:

    • Extensive training equipment to improve your body and mind.
    • The Wanderer's bar, the best place on the Island to swap stories and test your wits.
    • Sarke tournaments every weekend! Battle for glory and honor!

    This service is provided by The Wanderer and The New Order of Foolish Ones.



    "Looks great," Said the wanderer, "Now we just have to see about distributing them"

    OOC: The Place is open for business.

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  • On 9/1/2021 at 1:03 PM, Visaru said:

    His mechanical hand rubs the knife prosthetic he has in place of one of his forearms as he tears his eyes away from the-prey-he-cannot-hunt, his pointed teeth gnashing.

    [Fort Garsi, Surroundings (Ipsudir)]
    Ipsudir turned back to look at the hulking figure following her.   “”Why, what would all this teeth gnashing be for now?  Looking for refreshment of different kind?”

    That one was difficult...strength Ipsudir valued, but tempered with cunning and some degree of self preservation.  She would probably have to eventually get him killed softening the enemy up.   Pity.

    The diminutive warlord put a placating hand on her warrior’s arm.  “The wise muaka knows not to go running after birds, no, he waits for a big, juicy kikanalo--and there are certainly enough kikanalo on the plains.”

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  • OOC: tagging isnt working but hey guys, supporting character alert

    IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi)

    "...And, boss, plenty of Drink™ in the cellar!" The beastly Grolasch chimed in. He raised a triumphant fist and bared his grotesque teeth in what might be referred to as a 'grin' - evidently eager to get to celebrating the bloodshed.

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  • IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa)

    Silent and menacing, the decrepit mystic, lurking in the shadow of the fort, watched with interest and intent upon the proceedings of the fort; from the sarke of Jorax, to the discussion of repairs of T'harrak, to the handing out of a mission from Zanakra. It was after that last bit that the wizen, ancient thing masked in the form of a Skak felt obliged to step out into the light that so hideously sought to illuminate the shadowed inner-lining of his black cloak. With stiff, almost-stumbling, steps, his long twisted black staff thudding onto the packed earth ground, Ahuum approached the trio as he made himself known, his sharp, thin grin hiding his emotions more than it might show it.

    A step or two away from joining the circle of conversation proper, the hollow, almost clawing, voice of the Nakihl spoke up as their optics lingered intently on each figure, before lingering upon Zanakra. "My lady, is it what I hear that you seek to have those beneath yourself to traverse the perilous bay? To seek out those who may in due time fall against you? In fealty or defeat?" Ahuum asked, his words, though clear, prodding somewhat.

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  • IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa

    T'harrak wasn't entirely enamoured with most of her company at the Fort, but Ahuum was a Skakdi she found uniquely unsettling. Having spent some time among the Nakihl herself, she knew how zealous they could be, but this guy took it to a whole, creepy new level. She found herself involuntarily shirking away at his gaze, her skin crawling at the sight of his twisted form. 

    But she didn't skeddadle quite yet, waiting to see if Zanakra was planning to send the creepy old guy along on the scouting mission as well.

    @Sparticus147 @Snelly

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  • IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - 

    Zanakra turned to look at the Nakihl, she didn't particularly like the mystic, but his talents could be useful. " have something useful to add or are you just blowing air?" She wanted him to get to whatever it was getting at. 

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  • IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay)

    "Well my lady," Ahuum began to say, bowing his head in as a respectable manner he could managed with his decrepit hunched figure. "I have dwelt upon this region of Zakaz for many a century and have found myself most familiar with its geography. If my services are not needed here within the fort, then mayhaps I offer them for this very important venture, yes?" He finished saying, looking back up, his grin splitting slightly to allow the blackened fangs that hid behind his lips.

    OOC: @Snelly @Whisper

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    • IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay)

      "Thank you my lady, for this opportunity to serve." The Nakihl gratefully spoke, bowing their head before turning towards T'harrak, their grin returning to that tight lip smile. "So, what is it we shall require before our joint leave?"

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