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  • Posted 2021-09-10 14:47:26 UTC
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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147

    "Yeah, Yeah, watever, Let's just get out there." Jojax grabbed the other oar and started to row in the general direction of the largest island, assuming T'harrak was rowing as well.

  • Posted 2021-09-10 23:25:13 UTC
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  • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    As she rowed, T'harrak worried. 

    Could she trust these skakdi? Did they trust her?

    Had she pushed them too far with her quips and needling? 

    Hopefully this mission wouldn't end in bloodshed... but if it did, would her companions have her back?

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  • IC: Gashril - Spineless Bay northmost island, on the beach, Tahtorak Outpost

    The Outpost's leader jogged in place, amping herself up, getting a little blood pumping, on the edge of the ring. It was a far cry from the arenas she had seen elsewhere, but it would do. Her opponent made up for it though. At least a little. The brute was already aiming his weapon at her. Good, he would need the handicap.

    The signal was given, and Gash shifted instantly into action. A blast of energy soared over her head, the sand she kicked up crackling as it passed through. A second shot also went wide. A leg sweep he jumped over. She grinned- she loved it when they jumped, when for one second they had lost all maneuverability. Her hand found his throat in an instant, and she was faced with a choice. Throw him out? Or draw this out? Her smile widened. She turned around and slammed him down. Why not keep this fun for a little longer?

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  • IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay)

    Settling into the back of the boat, Ahuum sat there with his unsettling self, beginning to murmur and mutter to himself in an unsettling tongue as the boat began to drift away out into the waters of the bay.

    OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper

  • Posted 2021-09-11 23:33:25 UTC
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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147

    "Sooo...." Jojax said after a few minuets of rowing, heading towards the largest of the islands. "Anyone see anything? And what's the plan if we find something? We just taking a look around or should we try and get in close?"

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  • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    "I made these specifically so we wouldn't have to get too close," T'harrak said, placing her two spyglasses with the rest of the gear on the boat. "Let's just have a look from a safe distance, make a note of anything we see, and let the boss make the decisions when we get back."

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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147

    "OOOOOooooo..." Jojax dropped he oar and picked up one of the telescopes.  "Neat!"  She put the device to her eye and began looking around, before recoiling in horror. 

    "AAAAAAH! Oh, it's only you guys." she said. "For a second I thought a pair of tahtorak were aproaching!"

    IC: The Wanderer-The Place

    "I think I shall deliver these myself!" The Wanderer said to no one in particular before turning to the skakdi that had brought in the posters. "Will you go and let Erna know that I'm leaving her in  charge?" 

    "Yes sir."  The skakdi gave a small bow and walked out of the room. The wanderer began carrying the wooden slabs over to his motorcycle.

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  • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    "I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted," she said, after spending several long moments fighting down the urge to facepalm. "Now try pointing it towards the island, instead of at us... and let's hope you don't see a real Tahtorak."


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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 

    "Right, I'll get on that." Jojax stood up and began scanning the coastline. After a few moments she perked up. "Hey, I think I see someone! two someones! in the middle of a Sarke!" She began to lean foreward, trying to get a better look.

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  • 6 hours ago, Smudge8 said:

    "Hey, I think I see someone! two someones! in the middle of a Sarke!"

    IC: Gashril, northernmost island in Spineless Bay, Tahtorak Outpost

    Her brutish opponent had gotten some good hits in, but that was what made it fun. Much as she loved winning, an even fight was much more entertaining. Still, he was teetering now, exhausted and bruised on every inch of exposed organic material. An eye swollen shut, and lips bleeding in several places. "Ready to quit yet?" she taunted. He growled and shook his head. She huffed- not so much at him, more at what his refusal represented. Skak:Dii honor culture. This whole 'fight to the end' mentality was one of the many shackles that held their species back from real greatness- from their destiny. Better to retreat when it was clear you couldn't win. Nobody gained anything from fighting beyond that point.

    With a sigh, she approached, "Have you learned nothing?" He swiped at her, but she parried easily. She yanked at his spine and pulled him back, his arms forced open wide, unable to grab her or get enough leverage to move. "You've lost," she said matter-of-factly. "It's over. You are not able to win anymore. It is time to give up."

    He hesitated.

    "You can stop acting now," she growled. "You passed the test, now do as you should."

    He nodded slowly. "I forfeit."

    She dismissed him with a yank that pulled him out of the ring. "Not bad, Lugnoz." She glanced over to make sure he was still conscious. Okay, good. "You play the part of mindless berserker well. You'll do for the mission." She knew this before, but it helped keep them sharp to do this sort of thing. Out here in the Zakaz badlands, to be accepted, you had to put on a hard front. So they all did. But it was good for her to know they hadn't forgotten where they had come from. Retreat was better than death, in most situations.

    The lookout barked, drawing Gashril's attention. That was the signal. She looked out over the waves but couldn't see anything yet. It must be a small lookout boat. Well, let them look out. Tahtorak Outpost wasn't hiding.

    "Next two, in the ring," she ordered. Or permitted, more accurately. The rest were itching to fight, and were just waiting for her go-ahead.

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  • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    "Tell me exactly what you're seeing. Every detail, no matter how insignificant," T'harrak said, setting aside her oar and snatching up parchment and charcoal to take notes. "How many of them do you see? Can you tell what kind of skakdi they are? Any weapons? Defences? Buildings? Ships?"

    @Smudge8 @Sparticus147 @ARROW404

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  • IC: Krex (Fort Garsi)

    Krex casually imbibed her carefreely pilfered beverage while keeping half an ear on Kirik's little story. Her expression managed to ever so slightly switch over into a grin of wry amusement. Kirik was clearly quite taken by this old story he was recounting. She even deigned to make eye contact with her good eye as he semed to drive towards some sort of climax, and then got interrupted by brawling fallout.

    "That's quite a story you got there, Kirik. Sounds like a small-time warlord in the making at the very least," she remarked casually, "is there a point to it or are we gonna have to shelve it while I help you knock some heads around?"

    OOC: @Visaru

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  • :i::c: - Fort Garsi

    Kirk springs back to his feet like a lunging snake, then stumbles as he almost loses his balance and topples onto the ground again. When he finds his footing, he turns his red eyes to Krex, still wearing his confident grin. “I’d say, Krex, you’ve absorbed the most important part of the story. Whattya say we scrap the storytelling and get to making some new stories right here in this hall?”

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  • 3 hours ago, Whisper said:

    "How many of them do you see? Can you tell what kind of skakdi they are? Any weapons? Defences? Buildings? Ships?"

    OoC: I'll handle this I guess.

    IC: Gashril, Tahtorak Outpost

    She spat out a glob of blood as she returned to her seat. A shoddy excuse for a throne, she supposed. She chuckled and sat back, nursing a split lip. It was nothing she wouldn't get over by the next morning though. Lugnoz, on the other hand, would need a little longer. Not that he'd complain.

    She downed another Makuta Fish while the next fight went down. This one was much more evenly matched, and unlike her, they weren't holding back. Weapons drawn, and vision powers in full effect. A groan ran through the onlookers as the loser was decided by a careless foot outside the circle. Gash ordered the loser to run 50 laps around the camp perimeter for making such a stupid error.

    The camp wasn't huge though, so that wasn't quite as horrible as punishment it sounded. A handful of tents, one for each Skakdi. It was exactly what the name- displayed on a sign and decorated by skulls of various rahi- implied: an outpost. There were 10 of them, one currently playing lookout, another sleeping to take night shift on lookout in turn, one of Air, the other of Iron. Gashril's second in command, fresh from the sarke fight before hers, sat cross-legged nearby, a Skakdi of Lightning, which paired well with her own Sonics when used in tandem. The convalescing Lugnoz, a Skakdi of Plasma, headed back to his tent. The two in the ring now were of Earth and Fire respectively, and visibly using their Heat and Laser vision powers to destructive effect. Two were roasting some Rahi over a fire- Gravity and Plantlife. The last was currently underwater, catching fish out of sight, appropriately a Skakdi of Water. Every so often her head would break the waves for air. No doubt she would come back with her catch in tow before long.

    The Air-aligned lookout trained his telescopic eyes on the skiff heading their way. He watched the one with the telescope expressly, making no disguise of the fact he could see her clearly. Rather, he clicked his teeth in the Skakdi equivalent of a wolf whistle and raised a sliced coconut in her direction with an attempt at an inviting wink. Knowing him, Gashril figured there were equal chances of him wanting a date versus getting his throat stepped on. But there was no harm in it. It's not like they were hiding, or a threat to anybody where they were. Rather, she had made it pretty clear from the makeshift state of their camp that they were the Skakdi equivalent of "unemployed" at the moment.

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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147  @ARROW404

    "Let's see, I think there are like 8-10 Skakdi, They're in a small crowd so it's kinda hard to tell."  She continued scanning. "Looks like jut a bunca tents and one guy up ona...WHAT!" Jojax stumbled backwards, falling back into her seat. "Were we supposed to be stealthy? Cause I'm pretty sure that guy knows we are here."

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  • OOC: mobile

    IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    "I don't think stealth was ever really on the table," T'harrak replied, making a note of Jojax's observations, "There's not exactly much cover out here. As long as they aren't shooting us, it doesn't really matter. It's not like we can hide our own fort and stop anyone else from scouting us out."

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  • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147  @ARROW404

    "Oh, well, they didn't look hostile." Jojax said, getting back up. "We should go over there, I want to see if they'll let me Sarke." She rummaged through her bag and put her mask on.

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  • OOC: mobile

    IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," she replied, smiling at the sight of Jojax's enthusiasm. "The boss sent us out to scout, not make first contact. Let's at least tell her what we've found before we start making house calls."

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  • 7 hours ago, Visaru said:

    :i::c: - Fort Garsi


    IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi)

    "...Whattya say we scrap the storytelling and get to making some new stories right here in this hall?”

    Grolasch, by absolutely no degree of cunning, somehow pinpointed this sentence in the mob and immediately set his petulent eyes on locating its origin. Finding Kirik and Krex nearby, he grabbed the both of them by the backs of their necks, and demanded their attention. "Now, that sounds like the first smart thing I've heard from you all day, Kirik! How 'bout this-" letting go, he flung his trunk-like arm out to his right, feeling until he laid grip on a pair of flagons, mid-'cheers'. These he snatched in the air with in his gigantic hand and brought before the pair of Skakdi in front of him proudly, announcing, "-a drinking contest! One for you-" he slammed Kirik on the back, "-one for you-" he slammed Krex, also, "-and one for me-" and grabbed a flagon off of a nearby table, which could only be assumed to be his,"- and all of Irnakk's nightmares upon the Lesteri:Nii that crosses our paths after! HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!"

    Without waiting for a reply, he opened his mouth like a treasure chest and poured.

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  • IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay)

    Sitting curled up in his corner of the boat, Ahuum leaned over and leered with excited interest as the meager camp in the distance was spotted. Grinning wide with a sinister and vaguely manic grin, the Skakdi reached deep into their robes as they pulled out a scroll, it being an ancient and weathered map of the bay. Looking down towards the piece of papyrus, Ahuum began to mark down the location on the map, quickly ascertaining the outposts exact location before leering back towards the camp.

    "So many Skakdi. So many warm bodies." He murmured under his breath.

    OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper

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    • :i::c: - FORT GARSI

      Kirik sways in place, clutching the stolen flagon of ale with all three hands, staring at the liquid. By the way his center of balance wobbles over his legs like a frond of seaweed in the waves, it’s clear that he has competed in a few too many drinking contests already.

      Apparently, he thinks one more couldn’t hurt.

      He clutches Grloasch and Krex’s shoulders with his mechanical arms to hold himself steady as he sloppily guzzles down the drink. 

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    • IC: Gashril & CO. - Spineless Bay, Tahtorak Outpost

      "Theh talking among themselves," Lookout narrated. "One of 'em put ah locaition dahn on a map. Aye think."

      "Oy! You two, get back to work," Gash barked at the cooks, who had stopped to listen in. "Don't want them thinking we're trouble. For them at least." They went back to work and Gash stood up to stretch. "Keep talking," she called up to the crow's nest.

      "Still talkin'," he said. "Aye think they're deba'ing whether ta come sai hello~" She rolled her eyes at how he said 'hello' at the end there.

      "Keep it in your armor... At least while I'm in ear shot." She could see the dot of their boat on the horizon now.

      "Honestly, I'd be happy to have anything break up the boredom around here," the earth Skakdi said as he sifted through a pile of timbers, looking to improve his tent a little. "I wonder if they'd be down for a round of sarke. I still haven't gotten a proper fight in."

      "Well, theh're oll Skak:Dii, so aye'd wyger they'd be dahn for a tussle." He waited for the one he had hit on to put the spyglass back to her eye, and gestured at the ring. "Eh? Eh?"

      Gashril muttered. "Best vision in the Crown, my spine." That still meant she was stuck with Mr. Personality on her team. Where had he even gotten that insufferable accent from anyway?

      "Wai'..." he said, his tone shifting to a much more serious one. He squinted. "Aye think aye recognize one a 'em... Small lanky shrakh. Reaaaaaaal creepy voibs. Gravi'y element, if aye hadda guess. Etchings oll over 'im. Dunno 'is nime, but aye swear aye seen 'im befo'."

      The description did ring a bell for Gashril too. "Former Nakihl?" she mused out loud.

      "Nah, creepy shrakh's still got the devout look to 'im. Aye'd wiger 'e's still a fana'ic. Tha', or just cryzee."

      A spark of interest glimmered in Gashril's eye. She wanted a closer look. Fixing her gaze on the boat, she activated her vision power. "There's a third in the boat, correct?"


      "Wonderful." With her power, she 'borrowed' the sight of the third Skakdi on the boat. Ordinarily she wouldn't risk doing this, as her power tended to tip off that the target was being watched, but given they were well aware they were, she figured they would be none the wiser. The oceanside view she had been looking at faded away, to instead see the view inside a boat- or a skiff, really- next to two other Skaks. There was the one with the spyglass, currently the focus of the target's sight. She had to wait a moment for the individual to look at the other to get a good look. There he was.

      "Yes, I've definitely seen him before," she confirmed, turning her power off. "This changes things. A lot. I need to send a message." She held out her hand, and Ythrok, her second in command, handed her a wooden tablet. She activated her sight again, this time elsewhere, then waited. After a moment, she felt the familiar sensation of her own power being used on her, and looked down at her tablet, writing down the new information. The feeling of being watched faded as she put her piece of charcoal down. She tossed the tablet toward the cooking fire. "Throw that in there." Now to wait for further orders.

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    • IC: Enra (The Place, Enra’s Room)

      The Skak that the Wanderer had sent to fetch Enra would hear a series of crude yet creative curses bellowing from her quarters. Inside, he would see Enra brandishing her zamor launcher and scanning the room.

      "Ssssssh!" She said to him, finger to lips. "There’s a FLY."

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    • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

      "Very well," she said, taking up her oar and resuming rowing. "We could do a lap around the island, and loop back to our fort?" 

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    • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147  @ARROW404

      Jojax smiled and proceeded to row, craining her neck as they approached/passed by camp Tahtorak in order to better see the Sarke arena.

      IC: The Wanderer-The Place @Toru Nui

      The wanderer had just finished loading up the tablets onto his motorcycle. He saddled up and took one last look over the grand arena, then he turned and hit the gass, heading onto the road.


      Meanwhile, the acolyte was obviously shaken by Erna's eratic behavior. "T-the boss wants you to know he's leaving. He's leaving you in charge. He says not to break anything."

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    • IC: Enra (The Place, Enra’s Room)

      "Ugh, OK, fine." Enra put the launcher away. "So what needs doing? Where’s he gone?"


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    • IC: NPC Acolyte of The Place-The Place @Toru Nui

      "He just left to tell everyone we're ready to open. We should Probably get the arena ready for a large group."

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    • IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay)

      Craning his neck back, Ahuum continued to leer and grin sinisterly towards the camp as they rowed away till eventually he looked back away as he settled back into his seat, a part of him disappointed at how casual the interaction went. "So, we shall continue to explore the shores? Perhaps in hopes of finding where that meager camp came from?" The Nahikl queried, looming over the side of the boat now as their left hand listlessly ran through the water.

      IC: @Smudge8 @Whisper

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    • IC: Enra (The Place, Enra’s Room)

      "Right. Uh... let’s do that, then."

      Enra squeezed out of the doorway, and made her way to the arena proper, muttering under her breath. "What do I know about running a gladiatorial arena? I wouldn’t ask him to fill in for me, now would I?"


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    • IC: The crew at Tahtorak Outpost

      "Aww, looks like they' headin' around instead," Lookout groaned. "That fine-lookin' sheila's, rowin' them aroun' the othe' wai."

      Gashril ground her teeth at his fixation with one of the scouts. "Spare me the details of your crush," she sighed. "This isn't a problem. We'll just wait. I'm sure they'll be back for a closer look. Or someone else will. Either way, we'll get what we want." She tapped her foot, wanting to get up, but unable to until she had received her orders. "Besides, they would have to be idiots to stroll up, just the three of them, into a camp of ten like that."

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    • IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147  @ARROW404

      Jojax shrugged. "Yeah, sure, Whatever, Once we're done with that let's go up the river." She looked back at the camp. We're being idiots not to get up there and join the Sarke.


      IC: The Wanderer-On the road

      The Wander pulled up to a crossroads with a wooden signpost. On arrow pointed to the coast, another towards The Place,  and a third out to badlands. He grabbed one of his wooden flyers, and an old nail and posted it on the pole before looking around. I should probably head to the badlands I wonder how the Garsi family is doing.  He climbed back onto his motorbike and rolled towards the southern mountains.

      OOC: @Mel The Wanderer is approaching fort Garsi. He's still a ways away so you don't have to  respond immediately. Just do it whenever you are ready.

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    • IC: Krex (Fort Garsi)

      "You're on, thumb-twiddler" Krex responded, and she threw her own head back to start chugging her drink in a race to catch up with The Stonebelly. Her chair tipped precariously in the effort, but Krex barely noticed. She was instead busy proving she could make a claim to be a stonebelly of her own.

      OOC: @Wotz

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    • IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi)

      There was almost a silence as they stood there glugging - at least, the equivalent concept for a post-bloodbath Skakdi drinking fest. Several others crowded around, craning their ugly heads over one another, placing hurried bets, clenching their fists and grinning - ready to expell their pent-up energy in violent fashion. Then, unexpectedly, Grolasch stopped.

      He tore the flagon away from his mouth and sprayed, spinning in a circle, red booze flying in all directions from his monstrous lips. "Tricked you! Tricked you!" He roared, like a schoolboy in the body of a gigantic, drunk-as-sin troll.

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    • IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay

      "Agreed," she mumbled, preoccupied with her note-taking.

      She too wanted to make landfall on the island to speak with those in the camp, albeit for very different reasons to Jojax. The beginnings of an overly-ambitious scheme were taking shape in her mind, though whether any of it was possible would depend very much on what the boss had to say when they got back. 

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    • :i::c: (Fort Garsi)

      Startled, Kirik drops his tankard and coughs his own mouthful of drink out into the faces of the unlucky onlookers, then staggers back into them and knocking a few more drinks into the air. The now-drenched spectators, not enjoying the unexpected shower, decide to deal with the situation in the way they’d been taught to deal with any unexpected situation: violence.

      The fight soon grows fierce enough that it’s hard to tell who is fighting who, although half the combatants don’t even remember what grudge inspired them to start swinging fists to begin with. But they don’t mind: fighting for fighting’s sake is every good Skakdi’s favorite pastime. Kirik makes sure he’s right there in the middle of it, his four arms swinging uncoordinatedly in all directions as he revels in the chaos. 

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    • IC: [South of Spineless Bay, Fort Garsi (Ipsudir)]
      Most of the inhabitants of Fort Garsi woke long after dawn, spit caked on the sides of their faces and heads pounding with the weight of the drink they had consumed the night before.   Some of them even found them still in the hall.
      The throne, of course, was empty—as it had been ever since Ipsudir wrested it from the hands of the others in her family.   She had vowed never to repeat the mistakes of her foolish father, the mistakes she was still having to deal with.
      So when she emerged that day, morning mist on her heals, with her armor scrubbed until it gleamed again pristine white, everyone gave her a wide birth.   Someone was going to pay in order to up the warlords mood, in order to fulfill her drive to effect the world—and no one wanted to be that person, even though it was that same drive that buoyed them up, intoxicating in its bloodlust.
      So when the watchman felt Ipsudir’s hand on his shoulder, he smiled back.
      “He’s going to run into the traps soon.”
      Ipsudir smiled even wider.  “Now don’t you worry your pretty little head, Wasek.   I’ll send somebody down in the tunnels if he proves to be amusing or intelligent enough to keep alive.”
      OOC: @Smudge8  one does not simply walk into Fort Garsi

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    • IC: The Wanderer-On the road @Mel

      The wanderer pulled his motorcycle to a stop and scanned the area with his X-Ray vision. He got a good idea of where the traps were , but the Garsi were probaly expecting that and there was no guarantee he could spot everything. Besides He was just a messenger. He got off his bike and unslung his instrument, pressing the button that would amplify his voice.

      "Great warriors of the Garsi Clan, I bare an important message!  The time of battle at The Place has returned!"

      He paused for a moment, waiting for some kind of response.

      IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Whisper @Sparticus147  @ARROW404 @Snelly

      After going around the main island the crew were pulling back into the docks. Jojax jumped off the boat and began to tie it up. She wasn't verry good with knots, so she was comphensated for the lack of quality with quantity. "Well," She said, "At least there aren't any big forts nearby."


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    • IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay)

      As the boat moored itself back at the fort, the elder Skak quickly rose and glided out from the rickety boat onto the dock once more, gazing at the fort as if they hadn't seen it in ages. Muttering beneath their breath, their words turned towards Jorax though their gaze remained stiffly upon the fort. "No, nothing big. But that does not mean good. In history, it has often times been not the grand, mighty warlords that were feared and brought ruin. Grand means obvious and mighty equals well-known. No, it is the little camps, the upstarts, that we should keep eyes on. They can be very worrisome, unknown, secret, hidden.....hehe.Faintly, they began to laugh and chuckle to themselves as they began to plod along ever so slowly, eager to report to Zanakra. "But that is knowledge not fit for you, lest you ever seek to rise above your place."

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