A vista of Kini-Nui from the Mata Nui Online Game
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    IC: Vaíl, the jungle

    Night has not yet fallen, but the woman nonetheless prepares to make camp for the night. As she fills her second canteen, however, she pauses and contemplates matters unknown. And then, for reasons unknown, she repacks her bag and sets off again into the jungle.

    Where does she go, you ask?

    Well, when I figure that out, you'll be the first to know.

    IC: Trava (Jungle) 

    The underbrush is one way to go, but there's plenty of others one can use to head through the jungle. "Leaf-running" as they liked to call it in Le-Koro.

    Trava always enjoyed that. It was part of why she had a particular preference for Le-Wahi; nowhere else on the island could really facilitate that kind of travel (except Kini-Nui, but even she didn't have a death wish, reckless as she was) 

    The Bo-Lesterin leapt across a clearing, her senses primed by her Kanohi. That sense of heightened awareness was always a kick for her. She landed on the branch, crouched, and took in her surroundings.

    Much was the same it always was, except for one solitary difference that made the Lesterin smile. Thinking back to the last few times she'd been fortunate enough to run into strangers here. Le-Wahi had always been interesting.

    She peered down, through the tree crown's leaves, quirking an eyebrow at what she saw.

    "Red Bandana, stylish" she thinks to herself, and decides to make herself known, stylishly. 

    She hangs onto a vine, after making sure it'll hold her, of course, and lets herself "fall" through the obscuring tree crown, feet planted against the trunk, her hands clinging to the vine as it stops her with her head poking out. 

    "Howdy," she beams, "how's the hunt going?" 

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  • IC Luten - Oreius' Hospital room:

    Six.... Six Toa. That was important, Luten was sure. Six different Toa. She frowned, her mind trying desperately to piece together why that was so important. Only vague ideas crept forth. Lannon had mentioned something about Destiny. What could the destiny of six Toa like Oreius be?

    A flicker of a memory that wasn't hers rose to the surface. A dark chill, a suffocating darkness that had crept through her and Sarcen like ice and threatened to choke them like constricting vines.  

    Were Oreius and his friends fighting that darkness?

    If so, that begged the question...

    "Mr. Oreius, where are the other Toa Maru? Are they looking for your lost mask?"

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  • IC: Vaíl - jungle gang


    In an unexpected development, we return our attention to the woman with the cool bandana almost immediately. For our convenience, it should be noted that the woman's name is Vaíl.* Vaíl is currently wearing a bemused expression as she gazes upward. The source of her bemusement and the subject of her gaze is an energetic face that materialized above her moments before. Vaíl has already deduced that the intrusion on her solitude does not represent a threat. She deduces now from the shape of said intruder's head that the woman above her is a Lesterin, and deduces further from the grace of her descent that she might be dealing with someone else who understands what it means to look cool.

    "I killed a--" Vaíl at this point says the name of the squirrel rahi, whose name to us shall simply remain 'squirrel' -- "a ways back."


    "What are you doing up there?"


    *That's V-a-Alt-0237-l to you.

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  • IC: Trava (Jungle)

    "Travelling the way I usually like to" she answers, and lets go of the vine she's supporting herself with. She falls, grabs a thick branch she's scoped out, swings on it and lands on a patch of grass nearby to Vaíl. She rises from the crouch she landed in, and turns to her fellow Plantlife Elemental.

    "That said, I'm not a complete stranger to traveling on foot, either".

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  • IC (Oreius) (Inu)

    Talking with Luten had distracted him for awhile, but at her innocuous question Oreius felt the fear and guilt come rushing back. His heartbeat sounded loud in his ears and his stomach dropped; his thoughts turned north again to where his brothers and sister were surely fighting for their lives.

    I should be there, he thought. I should be fighting with them.

    A voiceless assent, composed of smoldering embers and crackling sparks, sounded from deep in his chest. Inu, of course, usually agreed with the prospect of a fight, but the Parakuka couched his enthusiasm in caution. A weak fire might be extinguished by even the lightest rain; an injured hunter could all too easily become prey. As if to support his argument, the stabbing pain blossomed again, and Oreius winced, although he tried not to show it.

    "Yes," came his simple reply. "I think they are."

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  • IC: Vaíl / jungle

    A faint smile crosses Vaíl's lips. "Mhm. That's good. Wouldn't want to have to worry about you falling over." Vaíl is rarely talkative around strangers, but this woman's good taste in modes of transportation softens her disposition. "What do they call that in Le-Koro … leaf-running? I've tried it a couple times." Though she has, in fact, tried it more than just a couple times, Vaíl opts to downplay her proficiency for the sake of a possible dramatic reveal.

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