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A vista of Kini-Nui from the Mata Nui Online Game
  • Posted 2017-01-06 17:10:30 UTC
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  • Well you abruptly fired shots and threw smoke grenades in a crowded place that could easily be filled with idiots, drunk people, and drunk idiots;all without any kind of warning. They're not exactly just going to sit there and act like nothing's happening.

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  • Posted 2017-01-06 18:57:10 UTC
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  • No, you're right. They're mostly going to panic and try to get out of the crossfire.

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  • Posted 2017-01-07 13:52:38 UTC
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  • I think I've been pretty clear that Sue doesn't allow horsing around in her bar.  If people started a barfight at the drop of a hat, she wouldn't have acquired the reputation she has.

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  • Posted 2017-01-07 13:56:15 UTC
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  • Fair enough, but I would still question how prepared she is for smoke grenades and gunfire.

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  • Posted 2017-01-07 14:02:01 UTC
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  • so what you're saying is...



    the man in the back said everyone attack...


    and it turned into a ballroom blitz?




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  • Posted 2017-01-09 03:54:44 UTC
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  • so what you're saying is...



    the man in the back said everyone attack...


    and it turned into a ballroom blitz?






    This is what I come back to?




    disappearing again.

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  • Posted 2017-01-09 06:32:04 UTC
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  • N4coGtvPTgOf8ThfEiv4_Rowan%20Atkinson%20

    Okay then.

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  • Posted 2017-01-29 11:08:20 UTC
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  • Four or three weeks later and I still haven't made a character like I promised.


    Meh, I'll do it eventually (or not).

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  • Posted 2017-02-01 15:46:08 UTC
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  • With everything that's gone on so far, I've felt like I needed to write this fake post. I'll keep it here so it doesn't get confused for an actual post. Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference...




    Fake IC: As soon as the chaos died down, Dak started to regain consciousness. The Inquisitorious were approaching, and Odiina was staring at her. 


    The ex-stormtrooper was surrounded. There was nothing she could do... or was there?


    At that moment, Dak yanked out her blaster and placed it against her chin.


    "HOLD IT!" She yelled, changing her voice to sound gruff and intimidating. Everyone immediately paused. "The next man makes a move, the stormie gets it!"


    "Hold your fire men," Raltz shouted as he approached. "He's not bluffing."


    "Listen to him," Costa shouted. "He's just crazy enough to do it!"




    Immediately, Dak changed her voice to a higher pitch. "OH NO! HE'S DESPERATE! DO AS HE SAYS!" She tried to force out a few tears to make her act more believable.


    There was a momentary silence. First Odiina dropped her blaster, then Costa, Raltz, and the others.


    Dak pressed the blaster against her neck and began to move toward the exit. She was walking backwards, touching various objects with one arm to get a bearing.


    "Isn't anybody going to help that poor girl!" Odiina yelled.


    "HUSH!" Costa replied. "That's a sure way to get her killed!"


    As Dak dragged herself towards the door, she forced out a few cries. "OH! SAVE ME! SAVE ME! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!"


    The ex-stormtrooper quickly returned to her gruff voice. "SHUT UP!" Dak placed a hand over her mouth as she backed out the door of the Stray Tach.


    Now out of the cantina, she charged across the street and leaned against a building nearby. 

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  • Posted 2017-04-16 04:05:38 UTC
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  • Dantooine2.jpg


    Dantooine, an idyllic backwater world of small farms, rolling grasslands, and crystal clear lakes. Or, as it had been for thousands of years, up until just months ago. The green world was thrust to the galactic forefront following the Battle of Endor and subsequent formation of the New Republic. The within weeks after Endor, Galactic Empire had used the world as a forward bastion within an expanse of territories claimed by the fledgling New Republic.

    Conflict was short to follow, as a back and forth rhythm between the two galactic powers’ navies came into full swing. The battle has developed into a proving ground for both sides, as the New Republic flexes a military might that was unheard of to the previous Rebel Alliance, and the Empire works to crush them before they cement themselves as a naval power in the Galaxy.


    Immediately after Endor, the Empire established a large base and garrison on the surface of the planet, setting up and digging in within the center of Dantooine’s largest population center. The city is largely industrial, providing resources and a modern spaceport to the majority of the planet. Traditional farm houses are juxtaposed with large grey factories and complexes, though the pre-fabricated Imperial Base looms over all. The base itself is heavily shielded, and equipped with enough turbolaser emplacements to deter some of the largest atmosphere-capable cruisers. Their greatest defense is its location within the center of the city, as the New Republic admiralty is weary of ordering orbital bombardment for fear of the casualties.

    Fifty klicks east of the city stands the ruins of the Rebel base, and scattered around the area are ruins much, much older…




    Fleet positions have changed dramatically since the start of the battle, with the New Republic fleet currently blockading the planet to prevent supply to the garrison, while the Imperial Navy’s battle group is currently holding position just outside of turbolaser range.

    The Imperial flotilla is lead by the Executor class Ravager, the Super Star Destroyer having been a center point for the conflict since its start. The dreadnought is being supported by three heavy Praetor II battlecruisers, Magnus, Imperious, and Vanguard. The Impellor heavy carrier Harbinger has cemented Imperial Starfighter superiority in the conflict, in addition to the Ravager’s own expansive carrier capabilities. A number of Imperial II Star Destroyers fill in fleet positions, while two Interdictor variants are on station to deny the “rebels” an easy escape.
    New Republic

    Though far less coherent than their Imperial counterparts, the distinctive red livery band the New Republic’s fleet under one banner. The MC90 Aelena has spearheaded the New Republic operations, fresh out of Mon Cal drydocks, the 5,000 meter battlecruiser has served as the flagship of the New Republic’s rapidly growing star fleet. The older MC80 cruisers Azure and Ornik have provided tactical support, along with the prototype MC90 Peacekeeper. Refitted Clone Wars-era battleships offer heavy fire support and carrier operations, with the Recusant class Maria and Providence class Regent.
    The Defectors

    Captured and defecting Imperial ships have filled the fleet’s ranks in recent months, with the Imperial II star destroyers Atlas and Devaron. However, most influential is that of the Assertor class dreadnought Harmony, which was “liberated” from Imperial drydocks with the help of the Atlas’ captain while undergoing maintenance. The dreadnought is currently understaffed, but has gone toe to toe with the Imperial’s own technological terror. Much smaller Dreadnaught class cruisers have held off Imperial transports attempting to land on the surface, as well as harassing the larger cruisers.
    Getting this out partially because I found time, and partially because of celebration. All the ships above are up for grabs, as well as key figures up both the Imperial and New Republic's command structure. Feel free to come up with any additional forces in each fleet, barring aside y'know, superweapons. Force Users of any kind are open too, having been drawn to Dantooine by the same thing that made Rav think giving Tallik the map was a good idea. The Jedi Enclave is within reach, and surrounded by all sorts of Force artifacts, knock yourselves out.

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  • Posted 2017-04-16 18:37:00 UTC
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  • Trying to decide if I should try to keep going or just stop here. I know I haven't exactly been popular and it sometimes seems like I just can't do anything right in this game. On the other hand, Dak's story doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere, and the introduction of a new setting does seem to suggest an opportunity to start over. Nobody seemed to care about my previous characters so perhaps starting a whole new cast isn't a bad idea.


    At the same time, I have had my emotional issues with this game. I know I got angry when Mia was killed, and I admit I made some bad decisions with her. I confess that her character arc didn't go the way I originally planned and my original concept didn't really fit what was finally included in the RPG. The flip side is it seemed like nobody really understood when I tried to honestly express my feelings. Yes, I gave bad advice for how to deal with the situation. I admit that creating a whole new character just to start a revenge quest was a bad idea, but that doesn't mean I can just pretend my character wasn't abruptly killed without so much as a voice for her defense. 


    To be honest, I didn't even know the RPG was still going until today. I guess now I've got a choice to make. I don't really see any way my characters on Taris are moving so starting a whole new group of characters might not be such a bad idea. I guess I'll need some time to think about it.

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  • Posted 2017-08-19 06:47:01 UTC
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  • Name: Kaeren Ravern

    Gender/Species: Male, Human.

    Appearance: Dark black hair with a small goatee. His eyes are a mix of red and yellow due to his affiliation to the dark side, other then that he appears to be a normal attractive human male. He wears all black and red cloaks.

    Weapons: Kaeren has two twin crimson colored lightsabers with obsidian colored hilts.

    Skills: Kaeren is a decent fighet pilot. He was taught by his father who was a smuggler. When it comes to using the saber, Kaeren is skilled enough for a rookie Inquisitor. He has been trained a good deal by other Inquisitors and wishes to grow in his power with the dark side.

    Force Powers: Kane as your average Sith/Jedi force powers, however he enjoys using force choke and he has developed force lightning though he can't channel it for as long as he'd like.


    Kaeren has always had to be tough. Ever since he was born. Life had never been easy for him and he’d have to fight. That's what growing up on Tatooine made him, strong. One day the Galactic Empire came to Tatooine, and sent their Inquisitors out, looking for force sensitives. They found Kaeren, and sensed the anger within him. They turned Kane to the Dark Side, something he never knew was inside him. Kaeren is not totally evil, he does not enjoy killing or slaughtering people, but he will do it if he must, he will do it if any of his Inquisitor superiors commands it, or the Empire itself.He is a soldier now, and a good one. Kaeren can’t escape the Dark Side of the force, but there is still light in his heart somewhere… buried.



    Kaeren was born on one of the harshest known planets and the one furthest from anywhere decent: Tatooine. He was born as a poor farmer in the dunes of Tatooine until his parents were murdered by Tuskan Raiders. Kane moved to Mos Eisley, one of the seediest cities on the planet. There he was forced to steal, gamble and fight to survive. When Kaeren was a young adult he befriended a local rookie bounty hunter and began hunting down criminals that owed the Hutts or other gangsters money. He never went on any massive jobs but he learned to shoot and he learned to hold his own.

    Kaeren's bounty hunter friend, Mando was slain during the end of his career. It was then that Galactic Empire had their Inquisitors sweep the city, looking for force sensitives. They found Kaeren in the streets of Mos Eisley. They sensed Kaneren's potential, sensed the Force Sensitivity that had been harboring inside him for some time and took him with them when they left. Kaeren had nothing left on this planet, no family, no real job. So he want, he pledged himself to the dark side and to the Empire. What had the new Republic ever done for him anyway?

    Since then he has trained day and night with the Inquisitors. The more he learned to control his powers over the Dark Side of the Force the more he hungered. It wasn't long before he was taught to craft his very own lightsabers, choosing twin red blades as tradition with Sith and Dark Jedi.

    Now, Kaeren has been instructed to search as others have before him, to search for force sensitives to bring into the Empire's fold. This is why he came to Taris.


    Affiliation: Galactic Empire, The Inquisitors.






    Let me know if that's all good. So I notice there no Jedi yet. But force sensitives are around, would a character who is a force sensitive and also happens to have a light saber be approved? Being not Jedi nor Sith. But self trained.

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  • Posted 2017-08-19 14:51:01 UTC
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  • Going by precedent, I believe a self-taught Force user is fine (I think padawan-level is the permitted ballpark for power) but lightsabers are a different matter. Inquisitors are a special case since they're part of a Dark Side organisation and thus have access to knowledge and resources (i.e. lightsaber schematics and crystals) that are otherwise not allowed for newly-created characters.


    I don't have the authority to make a ruling, though, so ask Grav or Tyler.

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  • Posted 2017-08-21 19:41:12 UTC
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  • Is this still on? I thought the game died ages ago, or did they get rid of the rule that a topic was officially dead if it wasn't posted in for 30 days?


    Anyway, I've had some time to review some of my mistakes and it appears to all come down to the simple fact that I don't think the same way everyone else does. I can't do much to change that, but I can work on revising my approach to the gameplay. I think what might have happened in some cases was that I got so wrapped up in my own ideas I didn't stop to think about whether they'd fit the RPG, hence situations like the street gang plot line that ended up being irrelevant to anyone. It would appear that writing in an RPG is very different from writing a novel or short story.


    I'm thinking that if I'm going to keep playing, my best option would be to remove my current roster and introduce a whole new group of characters so I can start from scratch. Either that, or I keep Dak and lose the others. Dropping a concept isn't always easy but I feel like drawing out plot lines that are going nowhere isn't exactly a better option. Perhaps I could rework some of those ideas into some independent fan fiction sometime. For now, I just need to figure out what would be good for the RPG.


    Part of me was wondering about getting a head start on Dantooine. I could introduce some New Republic characters and start laying groundwork for when everyone else arrives. The only problem is that I wouldn't be able to interact with anyone except possibly Grav. that said, if you guys feel this isn't a good idea and would prefer I stick with Taris I understand.

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  • Posted 2019-10-15 13:31:42 UTC
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  • Approved by Grav:


    The Reaver // Long Quilen



    Name: Long Quilen 

    Age: 33 

    Species: Human 

    Appearance: Long is tough as nails, and stands just under six and a half feet. His most distinctive mark is a long scar that starts from his left chin below his beard that continues up along his face across his left eye, usually covered by an eyepatch, ending near where his hairline would be, if his head was not completely shaved. He is usually dressed in utilitarian jump suits or armour, commonly adorned with a dragon symbol. 

    Skills: Long is a skilled duelist of the melee and ranged variety, and is more than competent with unarmed combat. He is proficient in ship to ship combat, piracy, intimidation, and battlefield tactics, and has many contacts in the criminal underworld. 

    Force Abilities: None 

    ⦁    T-6 Thunderer heavy blaster pistol, a weapon with a punch akin to a rifle, holstered to his belt 
    ⦁    RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster, a double-barreled blaster, holstered to his belt 
    ⦁    Blurrg-1120 holdout pistol, bought at a bargain price, a reliable backup sidearm dating back to the Clone Wars, hidden under a sleeve 
    ⦁    Telescopic Vibro-ax, able to be shortened for ease of use in more confined spaces such as ships. Many foolhardy victims and rival pirates have meet their end at the blade of this customised and now heavily modified vibro-ax. Strapped across his back 
    ⦁    Durasteel Cutlass, inherited by the previous Captain. Sheathed to his hip 
    ⦁    Combat Vibro-knife, a reliable emergency weapon, holstered to upper thigh 
    ⦁    Retractable Knuckler, able to be split into smaller sections and lie flat against the fingers of the wearer, first won from a notorious freelance enforcer on Canto Bight, though it had to be pulled from her corpse. Worn as gloves 
    ⦁    Padded blaster-resistant armour 
    ⦁    Eye implant, allowing for assisted ranged weapon aiming and visual sensors, disguised as an eyepatch 

    Personality: Long is an ambitious and proud man, looking out primarily for himself. Spending his entire life in the criminal underworld has instilled a healthy sense of paranoia and suspicion in him, and when his temper is roused, is hard to keep in check. Pity was never a word in his vocabulary, and he is ruthless and cruel to his enemies and victims. 

    History: Long grew up impoverished in the lower sections of Nar Shaddaa, growing up part of the criminal ecosystem that characterised the Smuggler's Moon. Extorting, roughing up and stealing was his education, and as the years went by, Long proved to be a ruthless and efficient enforcer. 

    However, he would run into trouble when he foolishly tussled with crew members of the pirate ship Stranger Danger, stopping over to offload goods. A crew that possessed more firepower than all the men under his boss. While Long managed to escape, he was pursued by both the pirates and his gang, in an effort to appease the pirates by punishing the "troublemaker". He was eventually caught, but put up enough of a fight that the pirate captain extended an offer of employment to Long. Realising that this was his best chance to get out of the hole that was Nar Shaddaa, he readily accepted. 

    Ever-ambitious and cunning, Long learnt the ropes of piracy quickly, and steadily climbed the ranks of the crew of the Stranger, finally seizing control in a duel with his former captain. In the years that followed, Long carved a name for himself in the Outer Rim, attacking and seizing cargo with frightening speed and ferocity, building up a small fortune, small fleet, and quite a name for himself. It was at this time that he became romantically involved with another pirate captain by the name of Mirelle Sarorn, their ships frequently hunting tougher prey together. As the Rebellion heated up, illegal commerce like piracy, mercenary work and smuggling became ever more lucrative businesses, frequently sending the Stranger all across the Outer Rim. 

    It was on one such piracy raid along a major trade route, in the orbit of a backwater colony, that Mirelle betrayed Long to his XO, Florus Etona, an ex Imperial fond of credits and overly complex ploys. While Long was leading the crew to board the transport ship they had been chasing, his few loyalists on the Stranger were gunned down while the boarding party were stranded without help, facing a determined enemy in the cramped ship. By the time Long realised it was a set up, the boarded ship was then fired upon by both Florus and Mirelle. Long successfully fought his way to the docked escape pod and ejected as the ship exploded into a debris field, passing the pirates undetected and crashing on the planet below, with nothing but his weapons and armour. 

    After several weeks working as muscle in for any job he could find in the decrepit slums of the planet, Long capitalised on an opportunity to hijack a ship, a YT-1000 freighter, which he did, escaping the system. While he would have been reported to the Imperial authorities and pursued, in a stroke of good fortune, the Battle of Endor was happening at the same time, and the subsequent collapse in Imperial chain of command and the thousands of bushfire wars that erupted put a ship hijacker very very low on the list of the sector governor's priorities.In the ensuing months, Long has moved from system for system, earning his keep when he wasn't stealing or roughing it out of someone, attempting to track down his ship. Finally, word has reached him that his treacherous crew has been spotted in Taris, barely one jump away... 

    Ship:[Not currently in command] Stranger Danger, a converted CR90 Corvette. Notable modifications include the addition of rearward guns, strengthened shields and turbolasers, an ion cannon, boarding clamps, and "candy cubicles", secret holds in the ship accessible from some pathways and walls, allowing for the stashing of more loot. 

    Affiliation: Independent "privateer" 

    Rank: Captain of the Stranger Danger 

    Position: Captain of the Stranger, self-proclaimed Commodore-Commander of the Outer Channel 

    Alignment: Power, freedom, and cold hard cash 


    The Enforcer // Adera Tarina Vellas



    Name: Adera Tarina Vellas 

    Age: 25

    Species: Human 

    Appearance: Standing at average height, Adera carries herself in archetypal military bearing, back straight and shoulders back with an air of authority, neck-length auburn hair pushed back when not tied back in a regulation bun.

    Skills: Trained in many areas, Adera is proficient in the usage of weapons, battlefield tactics, and fieldcraft. As an Officer of the Imperial Military she is a leader of men, and as Military Police Adera is educated in Imperial Military Law, protocol and security. Due to her courses in Carida she is also familiar with urban operations, zero-g combat and is a qualified Scout.

    Force Abilities: None 

    -Field uniform Equipment 
    ⦁    Imperial Field Armour, including blast-resistant body armour, limb armour and helmet 
    ⦁    DH107 helmet-integrated comms unit, improved version of the old DH77 
    ⦁    Standard-issue E-11 Blaster, not usually used by officers, but standard issue to all in the 716th 
    ⦁    Scout Trooper hold-out blaster pistol, legally requisitioned due to Adera's Scout status 
    -Formal uniform Equipment 
    ⦁    Imperial Officer uniform with code rank cylinder 
    ⦁    Standard-issue SE-14C Blaster pistol, modernised form of SE-14r 
    ⦁    Military Police warrant ID, every soldier's least favourite sight, giving the owner arrest powers over any rank in the standard Imperial Military 
    ⦁    Shock Baton 

    Personality: In most situations, Adera is disciplined, organised and thoughtful, but is not afraid to be outspoken, stubborn and direct in her opinions when in disagreements, sometimes to the detriment of her career. Above all, she is loyal and dutiful, putting her all into everything she does in the line of duty, seeking to play her part serving the Empire and its people. 

    History: Adera was the eldest child of Moff Arvos Vellas, planetary governor of a vital system in the middle of a major trade node and rich with minerals. A self-made man and one of the few first-generation Moffs from the Army instead of the Navy, this service rivalry would play a large part in Adera's life. 

    From an early age, she was groomed for command and leadership in the New Order, frequently listening in on her father's meetings with his advisors and accompanying him on low-risk operations. When Adera was old enough, she was enrolled into the Sector's most prestigious junior academy to begin her indoctrination at a young age. Although not particularly physically gifted, she made up for it with her discipline and determination, and without much trouble, she was able to move on to the regional sector academies. Following in the footsteps of her father into the Army, she joined the Army Officer Training Academy of the sector, instead of the Sector Naval Academy as most scions of the Imperial ruling class usually did, where she began to show her willful nature, almost jeapordising her application to the Service Academies proper, if it was not for her family ties and her track record. 

    Despite taking entrance exams for both all three branches of the Military, she was only accepted for the Army, partly due to the Corps' long-standing bias against female soldiers unless they displayed extreme physical aptitude, which Adera did not, and partly due to the hidden machinations of her father ensuring that she was denied entrance to the high-risk career path of the Corps. In addition, her father's affiliation rendered her application to the Naval Academy moot. As such, she entered Raithal Academy, the Army's most prestigious institution. 

    Resolving to prove herself despite rejection from the Stormtroopers, she performed well enough in Raithal's drop camp training that after her one-year term, she was able to spend multiple semesters undergoing specialist training at Carida, which trained mostly Stormtroopers but also specialised Army officers. It was here that Adera learned, if not to the level of Stormtroopers, other skills, including urban and zero-G combat, rudimentary vehicle operation and repair, received military qualification as a Scout, further Command courses etc. 

    Her dedication and talent was not unnoticed, and after further vocational training, she was assigned to the Military Police branch of the Military, assigned to the 716th Forward Security Battalion, a mixed unit sent to assist other units in securing forward operating bases in conflict zones or trouble spots, a place that suited Adera just fine; on the ground, at the front, in the thick of the fight. 

    Adera's first proper tour of duty coincided with the formation of the Rebel Alliance proper, facing action from day one. Her direct method of leadership played a part in assisting Imperial Army units in Rebel hotspots, although frequent clashes with the leadership of the units the Battalion was attached to, including officers of important stock, resulted in several missed opportunities for promotion. Nonetheless, years of service ensured a promotion to full Lieutenant and becoming a staff officer of the Company, and later on as SC1(Executive Officer) of the Company. 

    In the aftermath of Endor, the 716th faced stiff resistance when assisting a battlegroup in the Outer Rim to put down a Republic invasion. In the retreat to the evacuation zones, the Captain of the Company was killed, and Adera had to take take command of the scattered unit as it engaged in brutal urban warfare, slowing the Rebel advance until the forward command base could be packed up and evacuated. In the aftermath CO of the 716th gave Adera a brevet rank of Captain pending offical approval by what remained of Personnel Command, before sending her on her first mission as OC of her company: to assist in the defence of the Dantooine Garrison... 

    Ship: None 

    Affiliation: Galactic Empire  

    Rank: Lieutenant, brevet Captain 

    Position: SC1, Acting OC of Security Company A, 716th (Augmented) Forward Security Battalion, attached to the Dantooine Garrison 

    Alignment: Although Adera is not, at heart, a "true believer" of the New Order, she is loyal to her duty to her family and the institutions they represent, namely the Empire and its values of stability and order for all. 


    The Prospector // Wan Tan



    Name: Wan Tan 

    Age: 26


    Appearance: Standing at 1.4 metres, Wan Tan is quite tall for a Gossam, partly due to spending many of his formative years in low-g environments. Like many of his species, he has grey-blue skin and a tapered head. When not outside of a ship mining and scanning, Wan is dressed in his brown-black vacuum jump suit, flight goggles perpetually perched on his forehead. 

    Skills: Wan is a student of the Mining Guild, and as such possesses a specialist's knowledge of geology, mineralogy, mining engineering and such like. While the stereotype of Gossam as intelligent, scheming businessmen does not apply to Wan, he is nonetheless sharp and a conscientious learner, and is at least cognizant in matters of barter, business and finance, having been educated under what was the Commerce Guild. 

    Having endergone training by the remnants of the Commerce Guild's semi-legal Punitive Forces during his apprenticeship under the Mining Guild, and later picking up skills from other Alliance SpecOps agents, Wan is trained in small arms and unarmed combat, basic tactics, fieldcraft, vehicle operation and other similar survival and combat skills, as well as piloting starships. 

    Force Abilities: None 

    -Mining equipment 
    ⦁    EVA jump pack and suit. Due to the hazardous environments Wan frequently works in, the EVA harness is shielded from all but the most powerful cosmic radiation and structurally reinforced to absorb or deflect kinetic energy from wayward space debris. If required to be used in combat, the armour is more than capable of shrugging off most small arms fire and output maneuver speeds much higher than normal operation. 
    ⦁    Integrated mining laser, a repurposed defence laser, retooled for sustained, constant output for use in mining and prospecting. It utilises miniaturised components common to the laser cannons mounted on DSD-1 Spider Droids, though significantly weaker. In combat, the mining laser's settings are changed, enabling it to be used akin to a blaster, firing short, sharp bursts of directed energy at enemies. 
    ⦁    Armoured vacuum bodyglove and jump suit 
    ⦁    ProsPlex J-8m Portable Sensor carries a full spectrum suite of sensor systems. Although it is primarily used for prospecting and salvaging, it has been out to good use in hazardous environment and security scans, as well as be jerry rigged for some types of medical and investigative data collection. The data analysis and UI software and most of its sensors can be integrated and boosted, respectively, when linked with the harness. 
    -Other equipment 
    ⦁    MWC-33b Repeating Blaster, and older predecessor to the MWC-35c Repeating Cannon. It has two modes: automatic fire and single-fire close-spread shot, akin to a shotgun 
    ⦁    SoroSuub Renegade Heavy Blaster Pistol, a powerful sidearm, taken from a SoroSuub(ex-Commerce Guild subsidiary) production plant 
    ⦁    Vibro-Knife 
    ⦁    Other SpecOps equipment, including medkits, data dead drops, long-range communicator, survival supplies etc. 

    Personality: Wan is outwardly unassuming and quiet, only animated and excited when talking about geomechanics, materials science and engineering. Among his peers he is generally curious and follows instructions well. This persona conceals the determined and crafty mindset that he takes during missions for the Alliance, always angling for the most optimal course of action that would inflict the most trouble on his enemies. 

    History: Wan was born to a reliable vassal family to the Commerce Guild and spent his formative years under their aegis. By the time he was old enough to begin formal education, the Clone Wars were over and the Commer Guild Imperialised, leaving his family with close to nothing. However, not all of the Guild's assets and appendages had been seized by the Empire, most notably the Mining Guild, which continued to operate autnomously under Imperial oversight. Wan was thus apprenticed to this Guild, and learned the tools of the trade, quickly showing his knack for surveying and analysis in space mining. 

    At the same time, the Gossam people and remaining subsidiaries of the old Guild were still unhappy with their new situation under the Humanocentric New Order, and thus sought to rebuild their military capabilities, among other resources, in order to prepare themselves for a possible future conflict. To this end, Wan was part of a new generation given secret instruction and some training by ex-Gossam Commandos and Guild Punitary Forces personnel that had gone to ground as the "Castell Defence Forces", among other shell groups. 

    When the Empire began to crack down several years before Yavin, around the time the Rebel Alliance first burst onto the Galactic stage, the Gossam people, one of the major backers of the old Confederacy, were among the first to endure harsher crackdowns and monitoring. By this time, Wan had finished his apprenticeship and became a journeyman of the Guild. He proved to be a competent prospector and miner, scouting out many rich, undiscovered mineral fields, bringing both him and the Guild a respectable bounty. 

    It was on one such expedition that Wan received terrible news: the crackdowns had revealed the illegal army the Castellan Gossam were training, and an Imperial blockade was ordered. He rushed home to find the planet devastated by the ongoing war that the Gossam were losing. 
    Grieving and enraged, Wan managed to sneak through the Imperial blockade and make contact with surviving cells of the resistance, working with others secretly trained by the remnants of the Guild, putting their training to use in conducting a hit and run guerilla campaign against the Imperial forces. Wan distinguished himself by combining that training with his engineering and mechanical expertise, sabotaging key Imperial-held foundries and war machines. 

    This continued until the Rebel Alliance managed to contact the resistance on Castell. Making the painful decision to move off-world and bring along whatever resources they could deny the Empire, the Rebels thusly assisted them in breaking the blockade, allowing most of them to escape the planet, including Wan. 

    With his record and expertise, it was determined that Wan be transferred to SpecOps and be trained thusly, and since then, has served competently, contributing the now newly christened Republic in his own way, given command of his own scout ship and operating under the cover of an independent miner and prospector, plying the hyperlanes for fortune, allowing him to perform deep recon and analysis of vital star systems far before any Alliance strike or invasion. After Endor, he has been given another task, to scout out a certain system in anticipation of an upcoming operation... 

    ShipDouble Estimate, a modified JumpMaster 5000, with improved sensor equipment, a double laser cannon replacing the standard lasers, and an ion cannon. 

    Affiliation: Mining Guild, secretly New Republic Special Operations 

    Rank: Craftsman, Agent 

    Position: Autonomous Prospector for the Mining Guild, Dragonhawk-Actual of Team Zeta Arrow 

    Alignment: The New Republic and the Gossam people 


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  • Name: Jorena Kaal

    Age: 39

    Gender/Species: Female pantoran with an eye condition. Female Chiss.

    Appearance: c5037be8a53df335135d37b417af31b09ae2491e

    Skills: A natural acrobat and agile combatant, gifted with a few decades of experience with blasters and combat maneuverability. The remnants of her Force sensitivity enhance her agility further. Kaal’s gained a reputation for difficult target extraction from hard-to-navigate locales.

    Force Abilities: A typical force sensitive Chiss, Kaal was an ozyly-esehembo, one of the girls identified at an early age of having the Second and Third Sight, marking her as a telepath and precognitive respectively. While she guided their starships as a child, these abilities have faded with age--at this point, she’s only subject to the occasional vision, and her telepathy sounds very fuzzy unless she strains herself. Her most useful talent is the last remnant of her precognition applied to her blaster aim and movement abilities, allowing her to fire more accurately and move more deftly across difficult or moving surfaces.

    Equipment: A well-taken care of DL-44 heavy blaster pistol with an extra power cell where the scope should be. Climbing spikes, extendable from both her gloves and boots with the proper gesture, carbon rope and durasteel-shackles. Assorted exploratory gear in the Badger

    Technically speaking, R2-E3 is ‘equipment’, though E3 would deny it if pressed. 

    Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, Kaal seems one who has been burdened with responsibility from a young age. Most of her communication with E3 is unspoken, the two of them sharing a glance before each goes off to their respective duties, E3 noisily complaining about how much work he has to do along the way while Kaal just quietly takes care of her chores. Almost all the sound aboard the Badger is due to the astromech, not its mistress. She does attempt to talk to prisoners, once captured, though few ever want to return the conversation unless the boredom finally takes them, but her words are always carefully chosen and concisely said. 

    Though easy to make smile or even laugh if met under friendly conditions, her humor is far less than straightforward.

    History: Kaal left the Ascendancy as soon as she came of age, her usefulness expired. She first became active as a bounty hunter around 15 years ago, quickly gaining a reputation for “hunches” as to where her quarries were hiding, seemingly predicting where they were going to go before they’d decided to. As time has gone on that talent seems to have faded, but it’s been compensated for by experience and a growing proficiency in tracking. At some point she acquired R2-E3 and the Badger, expanding her operation to prisoner transfer and contract transportation.

    Operating out of Taris has its perks--no one really wants to pick through that place to find you--but it’s certainly no Coruscant.

    Ship: A modified YT-2400 light freighter. The Mossy Badger has been extensively recrafted to allow for Kaal’s particular brand of bounty hunting as opposed to transportation of freight, with the cargo capacity mostly replaced with a few holding cells that are… reasonably comfortable, all things considered. The YT-2400’s incredible power generation system is mostly used to drive containment and stasis fields as opposed to the more common hyperdrive modifications, though some of that power is diverted to the shield generators and dorsal and ventral cannons. You know, in case someone wants the prisoners back. The Badger is also capable of being flown by only an astromech and a single pilot, though doing so while using its gunnery options is far less than optimal. 

    Affiliation: A bounty hunter. Highest bidder.

    Rank: N/A 

    Position: Captain of the Badger. Admittedly, the only other member of the Badger’s crew is a very modified R2 unit.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. 


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