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A vista of Kini-Nui from the Mata Nui Online Game
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    Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Gameplay Topic (IC)
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  • IC, Whira: Kumu Peninsula

    "Unfortunately, I haven't seen your companions, nor have I heard of Zyglak. There are many ruins and structures littered throughout this area. Many of them are long forgotten. Even I myself do not know their full extent. In all likelihood they are near some other structure."

    Whira paused for a moment.

    "We could perhaps help you find your companions... if you help us find something that we seek."

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Toru Nui

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    Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Gameplay Topic (IC)
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  • IC: Xaril – Metru Nui

    Parting ways with the Barraki and his escort, Xaril returned to the balcony he’d been standing at earlier and activated his Kanohi, soaring swiftly away from the Coliseum.

    He landed among the moored airships a few minutes later, perusing them for a few moments before selecting one that would suit his purposes. At his order, the waiting Vahki scrambled to make preparations and load the vessel with the resources required for the journey ahead.

    While he waited, Xaril reflected on the task before him. He’d lived a long life, and worn many hats during his time, but he still felt out of his depth now. The task before him was a daunting one, unlike any he’d faced before. He wasn’t a leader or an explorer or a strategist. He was a warrior, a survivor… a monster.

    No, please-

    Stop… no more…


     Let me go!

    He let out a snarl and slammed his fist down atop a crate, silencing the phantoms.  

    He’d taken more lives than he could ever count, but now instead of being tasked with taking them, he was responsible for finding a new home, a new future, for untold thousands. But it seemed he was the only one suited to the task, so he would perform it as best as he could.

    They were all counting on him, and as flawed as they were, the League wasn’t a family he was willing to abandon.

    He didn’t want to be alone again.  


    IC: Marrow (and minions) – Irnakk’s Tooth

    It was slow going across the desert. The party took their time, sticking to tunnels they trusted, doing their best to avoid the passageways that had been exposed to the surface. An encounter with scouting warskaks or one of Shagrak’s progeny would do their plans no favours.

    It was around midday when they reached Irnakk’s Tooth.

    The mountain had haunted Marrow’s dreams since the day he’d witnessed the fall of Nektann, and the rise of the Tahtorak. In a way, he felt privileged to have present for something so profound and perverse, but at the same time he was ashamed that he’d be unable to do anything to prevent the warskaks from gaining their terrible new weapon.

    The Tahtorak was undoubtedly the biggest challenge to his plans. Even with his new allies and ACR, he had no means of challenging such a monster, and stopping the warskaks from gaining any more of the behemoths was integral to making sure his plan would succeed.

    As he and his companions began their climb up the skull-lined path to the cavern entrance, Marrow reflected on his grim goal.  

    Simply killing the warskaks wasn’t enough. He was only one man, and he knew no matter how hard he tried he could never kill them all. But annihilating their culture, defiling the things they held sacred, eradicating what gave them power, that would truly destroy them. He would obliterate their war rigs, bring an end to their twisted rites and rituals, render their oasis barren, and leave those who survived to wander the wastes lost and alone as he once had.

    He could feel the dread in the air even from within the Reprisal, a cloud of gnawing unease that grew with every step. He couldn’t see the skulls piled by the entrance, but he knew they were there. Faint traces of elemental aura clung to the bleached bones of the sacrificed and slaughtered, crunching under the heavy feet of his ACR. This was a place of pain of suffering, steeped in an evil that Marrow would delight in snuffing out forever.

    He parked the machine firmly in the cavern entrance, his companions taking cover behind it as he disembarked and pulled the heartlight key out of the cockpit.

    “Remember, if you see any warskaks, bringing their beloved mountain crashing down upon them,” he said, welcoming the sensation of hard rock under his feet again. “And if I’m not out in two hours, bring down this entrance and stop them from ever entering this mountain again.”

    With his commands given and his weapon held at the ready, Marrow began his descent into the darkened depths.

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    Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Gameplay Topic (IC)
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  • IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - Self-Importance

    Tekmo’s features shifted as he considered Whira’s words. "Hmm. Well, I have an important mission to see through, but I suppose I could help you... if you tell me what it is, precisely, you’re after." He crossed his arms and turned his head up slightly, to project authority he knew he didn’t actually have, and to hide the fact he was shivering from the wind.

    @~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian


    IC: Ulkarr (Tobduk-Koro) - You Keep Using That Word

    "'Rival' is a bit too strong a word. As is 'Desecrated' for that matter. But every Aspect has a purpose for existing, their 'Grand Wish', and they cannot deviate from this path. As it grows further to fruition, so too does their power. For example, I was created to make Zakaz a more secure and orderly place to live. Since this objective currently lies far out of reach, I am relatively harmless." Ulkarr turned to the horizon, briefly, before continuing.

    "The 'Desecrated', as you call them, must aid in bringing about their Aspect’s Grand Wish, hence why Bode uses his powers to benefit the village. Few of the natives would be interested in such endeavours, fewer still my brothers and sisters. I know not why I was chosen for this, when most of my kindred have more selfish purposes."

    He turned back to the horizon, and began talking to himself more than the entity formerly known as Collector. "Wishes... where do they come from? And where are they headed?"



    IC: NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Vahki Transport) - Corrupted Memory

    There he was again. 'Knichou'. Why was his name so familiar? The mention of the creator’s name only seemed to increase the strange apprehension regarding him. Regardless, enlisting his help seemed to be their best option.

    "Very well. We should speak with Toa Knichou as soon as possible. We should not be gone for long, but even so, there are others in the village who can be entrusted to uphold the law."


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    Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Gameplay Topic (IC)
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  • Suggested listening: Starry Eyed by Ghost Data

    IC: Keitara (en route to the Kumu Islets)

    The nice thing about chutespeak was that it was exceptionally liberating to curse in. Usually the slang followed a set pattern, fusing related ideas into two-part descriptors. A large, out-of-control fire became Badflame, uneven terrain without proper lighting became falldark. It was exceptionally useful shorthand for an engineer.

    The curses, however, were nearly random and often caustic enough to eat paint from a ship's hull.


    Kei found herself thankful for her armor's rigidity as she levered her finger out of the flywheel, which itself seemed undamaged. Had it been crushed around her fingers she doubted anybody on the island would have the tools to extricate them, save perhaps Toa Knichou.

    Signaling to IV to gun the Muaka's motor, she used her power to rapidly flash a white light over the timing assembly, checking if the marks were moving in synch.


    Keitara may have been a creature of light, but she'd come to realize that she never felt truly happy unless she was elbows-deep in some kind of mechanism or building a circuit pathway. Her nimble hands were small enough to delicately manipulate components even in armor. She'd begun examining her own suit in her free time after repairing her lance as best as she could. Freeing some twisted metal and heating a couple of slide tracks to free them up had led her to discover a useful feature of her gauntlets: namely that they could slam forward into any surface she struck before ramming back home. She'd demonstrated this by punching a neat, u-shaped gash into a large stone, much to her companion's surprise. 


    Kei scrubbed wind-launched sand from her visor as she worked to seal up the vehicle's engine cover. The desert had not been terribly kind to the vehicle, but she should be running smoothly now.

    Her cloak snapping in the wind, she crawled inside of the Muaka's seating compartment.

    "The engine should be in time now!" she shouted above the gale. "And I can top up the lightstones if we need to. How much further do you reckon before we reach cover?"


    (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
    The game is afoot! Lemme know if I should amend anything)

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    Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Gameplay Topic (IC)
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  • IC, Whira: Kumu Peninsula

    Whira thought for a moment. Should she tell this Toa what she was after? If the Toa were to find out why she wanted energized protodermis, there could be trouble.

    But she didn't have to tell him why.

    "I am in search of energized protodermis," she said bluntly. "We could perhaps search for some together as we search for your, ahem, friends."

    @Kal the Guardian @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Drukarus (Fort Nektann)

    Within the courtyard of the fort, Drukarus stood, his maul planted within the earth, his grip loose upon the handle, his face without a trace of worry. Across from him stood three Skakdi, a Ta-, Po-, and Ko-Skak. Within their hands they held their weapons in tight white-knuckle grips; a brass warhammer, its head ending in hexagonal points, an axe, crude and plain but no less deadly, and a flail, its chain hanging free as gravity pulled down upon the flanged head. Each one of these warriors were hungry, a seething lust for battle flaring in each of their eyes.

    To the other Skakdi within the fort, they might have been called warriors. Out beyond, into the wastes of Zakaz, they would be known and called monsters. But here, now before Drukarus? They were to be made into soldiers...If they could prove they were at least worthy of even being considered warriors first.

    Standing now, Drukarus allowed his gaze to pass over each of the Skakdi before him. He allowed his eyes to linger on each one, not just to size them up, but to also test their wills against his own. Though the Po- and Ko-Skak didn’t exhibit any distress, Drukarus took note of how the Ta-Skak shifted their grip on the hammer they held, their optics breaking quickly from Drukarus’ own. But even though the two on the right didn’t express it, Drukarus knew that unnerve and doubt were already being induced amongst them all. Over the past month, it has been like this on a nearly daily basis. Three Skakdi at a time, they came at Drukarus, and everytime, Drukarus still stood at the end.

    But these duels of Drukarus weren’t simply him indulging in some fierce desire to fight. No. These were tests. Tests of these Skakdi’s skill, discipline, and ability to fight as a unit. If Drukarus was soon to lead these warriors into battle, he needed to know what he could work with, what he could teach them. From his initial surveys, he was foretold a general lack of quality, and after the month? He had yet to find any evidence to the contrary.

    “You all know what the rules are?” Drukarus called out to the Skakdi before him, “You three against myself. Victory to whoe-”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whoever can’t keep fighting. We get it old man.” Cried out the Ko-Skak on the right, arrogance and annoyance lining his words, “Now shut your trap so that we can get on with it! Gore is going to be done cooking soon and I’m famished.” A cruel grin upon their face as they met Drukarus’ optics, starting to spin-up their flail.

    Drukarus met this Skakdi’s gaze, though he did not reassert his will to break this Skakdi’s arrogance. No, though it was his will dominating the will of another, it wouldn’t have been the same as what Drukarus was soon to do to them. Soon, Drukarus will break their arrogance, to humble them.

    The Ta-Skakdi still stood uneasily on the left, the words of their companion certainly not easing them. They were right to be fearful, but fear inspires cowardice, and cowardice needs to be stamped out. Without impunity. The only one who didn’t show much emotion was the Po-Skakdi in the middle. Their eyes were cold, fierce. Barely a grin was on their face, as seemingly only they were taking Drukarus as a truly serious threat. Perhaps they had merit. But Drukarus will find out soon enough.

    “Fair enough...Now then...Come at me! With all you got!” Drukarus cried out, an eagerness and excitement anointing each word, belying the apparent calm in his stance.

    The first to come charging was the Ko-Skakdi, charging forth without even consulting the best course of action with his fellow kin. Swinging down viciously with their flail, Drukarus casually side-stepped and pedaled around, as his grasp on his maul shifted and struck the Ko-Skak across the back, knocking them away.

    Turning back towards the other two, Drukarus was able to just raise his gauntlet up to catch the crushing hammer that was being swung down upon him by the Ta-Skak. This Skakdi fought with a belligerent stubbornness that Drukarus has seen before, as they simply just kept swinging down, harder and fiercer each time, trying desperately to break through Drukarus’ guard. But as each blow came crashing down, the force of the impact passing through the gauntlet and into Drukarus’ arm, the angle at which he held his arm lessened as his own size began to increase.

    But as Drukarus allowed blow upon blow to continue from the frenzied brute, from his peripheral, he caught sight of the Po-Skakdi, as they came at him with a low stance, intent on taking a quick slash while Drukarus’ guard was down. Smart, but not good enough. Ramming his maul back onto the ground, the head of it warping and wrapping around itself as the gravity around Drukarus lessened, his own resilience to its effect and him bracing against the effect allowing him to maintain his footing. As the next hammer blow came, Drukarus dropped his guard just enough, so that instead of the hardened spike striking the gauntlet, it instead just struck over it, inches from meeting flesh and frame. With a hefty movement, and the lack of gravity aiding in his blow, the Ta-Skak was soon sent flying backwards by Drukarus. For the briefest of moments, they were completely weightless, before their mass took hold of them again, as they came crashing into their Po-Skak companion.

    As Drukarus looked on as the two Skakdi scrambled out from under each other, a chain was thrown around his neck as the Ko-Skak attempted to choke out Drukarus, his iron collar creaking against the pressure.

    “Got you now, old man.” The Skakdi hissed into Drukarus’ ear with a sinister grin.

    It was...Honestly a pathetic attempt, one that Drukarus couldn’t help but scowl at. Reaching up with the Tahtorak’s Maw, Drukarus grasped at the Skakdi’s shoulder, their grip weakening as they let out a yelp of pain. Though he did not grab at them with enough force to crush frame, the maw’s claws still dug hungrily into flesh. And with the ambient gravity still being lessened around Drukarus, he tossed the Ko-Skak over his head and onto the other two Skakdi who had just stood back up, knocking them down all over again.

    “I said come at me with all you got! Is this it? Is this all you have to bring me!” Fury was in full swing now, as each word held a sharpened edge of frustration at the inadequacy of the fight so far. These were Skakdi! They are meant to be more than just simple ruffians, yet they fought like such. 

    And so, the fight continued as such, with Drukarus standing still, addressing and squashing any assault the Skakdi attempted against him. Around the courtyard, cooled magma, shattered melting ice, and displaced stones ringed their arena. And within the center of it all, Drukarus stood amongst the destruction, his breathing heavy though controlled, not a single cut or bruise marking his form. The other three Skakdi though, were battered and beaten. Some had bleeding wounds from where he caught them with the Maw, others had bruises and limps from where Ruk’s fist had landed.

    For three minutes, the back and forth continued, with around a dozen or so other Skakdi from the fort now watching the brawl from a safe distance. Throughout the fight, though Drukarus kept up his defenses and his repostes, he had also kept an eye on each of his opponents, reading and analyzing their movements and actions. The Ta-Skakdi was simply and brutish, his only montra seemingly being ‘hit it harder’. The Ko-Skakdi was not only arrogant, but he was also temperamental, his attacks growing more and more reckless and blind as the fight carried on. The only one who seemed competent was the Po-Skak, as they had at least attempted some sort of strategy, attempting to coordinate with his kin, but the Ta’s idiocy and the Ko’s arrogance made such attempts poor.

    Drukarus could have kept the fight going for another three minutes, but the outcome was already decided and Drukarus had seen enough. The three Skakdi were currently circling Drukarus, a brief transfer of nods being passed between the three, or at least between the Ko- and Po-Skakdi. Then, all at once, they charged forth, attempting to overwhelm Drukarus. Grasping Ruk’s fist in both hands, Drukarus slammed the head of the maul into the ground, its sheer weight forcing it down several centimeters into the ground. And just as the three Skakdi were about to strike, they all collapsed harshly into the ground, pinned and incapable of rising once more, as the weight of their own bodies against such gravitonic pressures prevented them from continuing the fight.

    But Drukarus knew Skakdi, and he knew they would hardly give up without a word. One-by-one Drukarus addressed the three; the Ta-Skak was quick to surrender, begging for Drukarus to not hurt him anymore, the Po-Skak, though didn’t say a word, did give a solemn nod in yielding. The Ko-Skak was a lot more reluctant, and it took Drukarus ‘lightly’ planting his the fist of Ruk onto the small of their back before they howled out a surrender, alongside a few less savory words.

    Releasing his grip, the three Skakdi were quickly off, the Ko-Skak rubbing his backside as he muttered beneath his breath. As for the rest of the crowd, they soon dismissed themselves as well, as the clamber of Gore’s lunch bell rang out.

    Drukarus let out a sigh as he looked around for any other Skakdi nearby who could see him, before he allowed himself to bend over, a gout of silver blood spilling out of his mouth. Wiping away the blood from his mouth, Drukarus had to admit. Though they were rough around the edges and needed some genuine training and discipline, they were still Skakdi, and Skakdi weren’t easy foes. More than once throughout the fight, Drukarus had to fall back onto his gift, his curse, from the demon Caedast. He reached up, as he gently brushed through the furs around his neck, outlining the empty heartlight within his chest.

    But they still needed training. Drukarus left the ring, his own blood soaking into the sand where he once stood, as he entered the fort, searching for Barius.

    OOC: @Burnmad The Warlord has made his mark.

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  • IC: [Vhisola - Ko Pou Shelter]

    The transformed Matoran shook herself slightly, which made the Rhotuka attached to her wiggle, before settling down on her hind legs in front of the Toa. Maybe it was the fact that he’d come to help when she’d found him in her desperation or just in her nature, but Vhisola had proven to be the easiest of the afflicted Matoran to manage.

    In a series of various growls and snarls she recounted, as well as her new form allowed, what she could remember.

    Came from Fau Swamp alone. Long Walk. Tired. Worried for Koro, saw the smoke rise. But fighting had stopped, so went in less worried. Confused. Fire. Damage. Didn’t recognize streets at first.

    At this point, Vhisola shook herself again, this time angrily at the memory of the damage after the league’s bombardment of the settlement. Her head turned, eyes scanning the room until they found Nixie, resting not too far away. The former astronomer was given a lot of space. The first to change, she’d also taken it the hardest and was prone to lash out. With a soft hiss, Vhisola continued her story.

    Found Nixie outside new archives. Talked. Had no place to stay, so agreed to stay together for a little while. Followed Nixie home. Helped clean. Ate together. Talked some more, then went to sleep. Woken by Nixie crying and changing. Ran to get help. You know rest.

    OOC: @Onaku @Tarn

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  • IC Kanohi and  “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi winced, “I must admit, I-I still worry that one day the portals will stop working. Collector, the Vortixx with the Kanoka Blade of Freezing, seems to believe the ruins may have suffered damage over the last millennia. Such as that Arkius may have been empowered by a leak in the machinery of the Ruin of Stone. If that part of the NUVA door was damaged, the portal’s mechanisms might be damaged too. And maybe one day the wear and tear causes them to break.

    He sighed, “still, I suppose we cannot rely on the radio tower for something like this. And time, too much has been wasted already. Should we go now?

    Elsewhere, Collector shook their head, “To bring order to this land? You have a difficult wish. Though not impossible I suppose, this village is pretty stable now, Kini-Nui is as well, and Bode’s shepherding have helped.

    It was funny, something in his wording, Collector was unskilled with people, but it was almost like Ulkarr did not know why it was his Grand Wish. And where wishes came from, was he implying that the Aspects were born to fulfill the wishes of other beings.

    Maybe there was one who wished to turn Vortixx into Toa.

    Collector fingered their Kanoka Blade, still, the Desecrated are compelled to fill out the Aspect’s Grand Wish. That might be dangerous. If they feel compelled to serve, and they chose an cruel Aspect, or one with a dangerous wish, they would be a slave forced to commit terrible acts. And given that rumors said Whisper could possess Vulimai, who has a desecrated mask, it was troubling.

    They needed to find out more about Whisper, as an individual. And well, there was a Toa who would know her better than most. 

    The Vortixx bowed and said, “Thank you for the information. I have much to think about. In turn, I do not know if this would interest you, but I have heard rumors that there are secrets in the ruins of the island, secrets that can make an Aspect stronger. If one such secret can be found in the Stone Ruins, I believe no one has claimed it yet.” They tilted their gaze towards the temple that overlooked Tobduk-Koro.

    OOC: @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Skorm (en route to Kumu Islets)

    Skorm slid back inside the driver's seat of the Muaka from where he had been perching on the sill of the door. "Maybe half a day, judging by the map. Probably a good idea to preemptively charge them." The small-framed toa grabbed a few spent lightstones and handed them over.

    As he put the transport in gear and started gaining speed, he reflected on how cover in this case meant toxic, possibly radioactive swamp. And that was the easy part.

    "I'm still shaking dust out of my armor from that storm. I was hoping Tekmo would show up after the storm, but I guess he truly got lost. I'd bet my mask he headed towards the swamp, though. Elemental sympathy."

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Conway

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  • IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - Silver Fever

    For the briefest of moments, it looked as if Tekmo was going to ask why, giving a quizzical look and raising his hand as if to raise a point, before brushing it aside, as if the answer were obvious to him after all.

    "Ah yes. Everyone needs the 'liquid silver' now and then. Well, this is not one of my areas of expertise, but I presume you already know what you’re doing?"

    @~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian


    IC: Ulkarr (Tobduk-Koro) - Aspects Literally Only Want One Thing and It's Disgusting

    "Is that so? Well, it would behoove me to investigate the validity of these claims. Perhaps you would like to accompany me?"



    IC: NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Vahki Transport) - Beep Boop

    "Affirmative. One moment." NU-8020S buzzed something towards the cockpit, and a small beep emitted from there in return.

    "Just informing them of my temporary absence. Please, follow me." She then descended the rear ramp, towards the Ruins of Stone.


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  • IC Kanohi and  “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi followed after NU. This … it was not fortunate that the Vahki were slaves of the league, but it was … it meant he would be speaking to Vulimai and Knichou. And if he was already speaking to them, about social issues, it might be easier to bring up one of Kanohi’s concerns. Not that they had done something wrong, just, he wanted to offer his perspective on a matter that fell under Vulimai’s jurisdiction. Just, make sure it was said.

    Collector paused, thinking it over. “I … I had not intended to, but that might be for the best. I fear the Ruins may have been damaged over the millennia, the affect it had on Toa Arkius … he seemed more aggressive, more hostile. And he was not meant to be empowered at all, there was a leak when the machine activated.

    If the ruins are unstable, all of the Koro may be at risk. Likewise the secrets the temple contains may have been damaged. I admit I do not understand the mechanisms of the temple, but I have knowledge of technology, and as of today I have my own Kiril. The mask should let me repair the temple, if there is a danger.

    OOC: @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Ulkarr and NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone, Exterior) - Identification, Friend or Foe

    "Excellent. Follow me." Ulkarr led the Vortixx towards the ziggurat. At the entrance, they found...

    "Akiri Kanohi. NU-8020S. Good to see you. What brings you here?"

    The Vahki’s head snapped one-hundred and eighty degrees before the rest of her body did to face the Aspect. Either their conversation a month ago, NU-8020S had reclassified Ulkarr from a dangerous threat that must be eliminated, to a dangerous ally that may have to be eliminated.

    "We require use of the spacial gateway inside to meet with Kini-Nui’s officials. What are you doing here?"

    "I am here with the entity formerly known as 'Collector' to examine the structural integrity of the Ruins and its mechanisms, and examine it thoroughly for anything unusual."


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  • IC Kanohi and  “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi let out a tightly held sign, “That’s a relief, I was just discussing fears that the ruins’ portal might one day stop functioning. It would be good to know if it’s in working order. Do you think you could investigate that specifically?

    Collector nodded, though they seemed … fidgety. They did not match Kanohi’s gaze, and kept their hand stimming against their blade. Still they swallowed and said, “I will do my best, Akiri. I know how important this portal is. And with the ruin so close to the Koro…

    Is something wrong?

    I … I have changed a lot. I … did not realize it as much as now.” Earlier they were so driven to power, they abandoned their courier job, shoved their goods on the first stranger they saw in the quest for power. Now they … they were more thoughtful. Maybe less selfish. It was strange.

    …You have changed. You know, in Matoran custom, if you do something great, undergo a great change, you can earn a new name. Kanohi wasn’t the name I was born with either. I think your deeds in the flood more than qualifies, if you would like it.” 

    I … would like that. I will think of a name. But, offer the chance to the Vahki too. Individually. They did more. And they were less … self-centered.” They looked away, wincing at the thought of their selfish joy in the flood, excited to be saving lives, regardless of how many died. Monster.

    OOC: @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui

    The bunker that had previously housed the great Kaita Wairuha had stood empty for weeks, ever since the mighty machine had been set free and relocated to Le-Metru Nuva. But now the growing shadows within the empty expanse rippled and roiled, and out from them strode a limber figure whose armoured gleamed green. 

    It had been nearly a fortnight since she'd last visited the temple, and longer still since she'd taken the time to really explore it. She'd made herself scarce once the refugees had started moving in. She wasn't sure how many of them would recognise her, or how many might hold a grudge, and she'd been in no particular hurry to find out. But curiosity had been burning within her since the moment she'd first glimpsed Nuparu's machine here, and as hard as she'd tried to forget about it and focus on other things, she'd never been able to push it fully from her mind.

    With Le-Metru Nuva having now fully recovered from the assault of the undead, and the village guards having things firmly under control, Sidra had decided now was as good a time as any to take some time off and dig into the lingering mysteries of this place.

    Keeping her distance from the hillside village and its inhabitants, Sidra made a beeline straight for the time machine, and the flickering figure who stood beside it. She'd heard most of the Matoran's explanation when Sorilax had opened his mind to her, but she still had a few questions for Nuju before she would even consider diving into whatever kind of interdimensional proving ground the Far Shore was supposed to be. 

    "Hey there," she stopped before the barely-corporeal Matoran, "I'm Sidra, we met a few weeks ago. I was a little preoccupied at the time, and didn't really get a chance to talk to you properly. I was hoping to learn more about..." she gestured vaguely at the machine and the portal within in, "...all of this." 

    @Unreliable Narrator

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  • IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning

    Location - Kumu Peninsula

    With - Whira, Tekmo


    Cravious was glad Whira at least understood that all things came with a price. Nothing was free. Everything had a cost. If something seemed free, you were simply mistaken. Deluded by your own self.

    News of even more Toa was interesting, though. Perhaps they had been in that giant head that had crashed? Hadn’t Clash said the Gudunka had mentioned something similar? He couldn’t quite remember, he had been very busy lately.

    Actually, he had been busy creating Kanoka. Despite being legally bound not to sell any to Skakdi and Aspects, that didn’t translate to Toa. Perhaps he could make some money off of these Toa if they ever were found.

    Although why would he assume these Toa would even have the same currency as the Skakdi from Zakaz. No, that was absurd. He would probably have to settle for trading.

    He kept his mouth shut, however. This could very well be an Aspect that only looked like a Toa. Many did. He did grin, however, very savagely, though it would be rather normal looking to another Skakdi.

    OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Apex (Kumu-Peninsula)

    Now, more than ever, did the island need Apex. Though she did not witness it, she most certainly felt it; the shift, the shudder, the feeling of the entire island lurching, writhing from the agony being inflicted upon it. Apex simply knew about the drastic change that has taken the island, and it in equal parts saddened her heart and enforced her desire to achieve her wish.

    Traveling south through the Fau Swamp, Apex took full advantage of her ever-growing power; for whenever Morangad and herself had come across a stray Rahi, Apex was quick to subdue the creature through the use of her Kraata power. Lulling the Rahi to sleep, Apex would allow one of her worms, who continued to coil around Apex’ frame and sleep within her maw, to infect the Rahi, granting it a portion of Apex’ own power. Apex would then awaken them and allow them to continue on their way, giving each the same command she gave Kuini-Rama; stay away from Le-Metru Nuva, and kill any Skakdi on sight.

    But for every other Rahi Apex encountered, there was one who had succumbed to the vile rot that gripped the Fau Swamp. The mutations that had taken these Rahi were so severe, that not even her own power could sway them from violence. These encounters ended unfortunately, as Morangad and herself were forced to put these once-Rahi, now monsters, down. It was one of the first of these monsters that Apex used the last of the Energized Protodermis on, creating yet another worm.

    Breaching the southernmost point of the Fau Swamp, breaking through the thick foliage and trees, Apex was left to gaze towards what was before her. What should’ve opened up onto a golden beach, and an archipelago of shadow in the distance. Instead, Apex was presented with an expanse of basalt and obsidian, the very archipelago seemingly having clawed its sinful self onto the island, like a fierce parasite desiring the seep out the life of its prey.

    Apex simply gazed at what she saw, a foul wind flying past her, beckoning her, calling to her, welcoming her. It was...Horrifying. The sight caused the entirety of Apex’ body to bristle on ends as a faint call shuddered throughout her form, an ancient primordial call, one that she only felt once before, back within her prison, and sanctuary against the call that every Aspect feared.

    What was she supposed to do, simply turn around and run, flee? Flee and pray that she could escape? Or, should she keep on stepping forwards, to allow the winds and shadows to guide her, to whether the goal she sought...Or the end she feared.

    Apex stood there, for what was merely seconds, to her it was centuries; the centuries she lost, the centuries she lived, the centuries she was going to live. Then, as quickly as it all came to her, it left as Morangad placed his hand onto Apex’ side, drawing her back to reality.

    Looking towards her companion, a brief look of constrained uncertainty, Apex shook her head, as she realigned herself, and took the first step into the maw of the beast.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad Point Apex and Morangad into whatever direction you will. (Also open for interaction)

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  • IC: Irna | En Route to Kumu

    "Then let us make haste," Irna said, leaning forward into the gap between Skorm and Kei's seating arrangement. Tekmo was her friend, and the island had not gotten any safer over the past month -- if anything, it had perhaps become more dangerous than ever. Irna already lamented having to leave Metru-Koro for this expedition, with what paltry protection she may have been able to grant them, and she did not particularly wish to abandon a compatriot, as well.

    Still... she remembered the last time that they had attempted to make their way into these swamps....

    "But let's be on the look-out," she added, one hand reaching back to grip her longbow.

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Keeper of Kraata


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  • IC: Ulkarr and NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone, Exterior) - Surveillance Drone

    NU-8020S brushed aside the Vortixx’s suggestion. "I do not require re-designation. I assigned call signs based on observed personality traits to my squadmates to alleviate potential confusion, as only one digit is different in each of us, nothing more. Regardless - it would be optimal for the portal’s mechanisms to be examined before use."

    "Indeed. After you." Ulkarr stepped back, and allowed the Akiri and the Squad Mother to go first into the Ruins. NU-8020S took a step forward - and then paused, before facing the Aspect again and aiming her staffs at him.

    "These are Vahki Stun Staffs, model number 47339, manufactured in Ta-Metru, designated: Staffs of Presence. They will allow me to see and hear everything you see and hear, even from great distances. This will ensure your good behaviour while we are gone."

    "Forgive me, but that seems to be quite unnecessary. I am already being observed, as you can see." Ulkarr gestured to Collector. "Or do you distrust him as well?"

    "'Trust' is an organic concept. However..." She turned to face Kanohi. "If there are any objections from my fellow councilor, then this action will not be taken."


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  • IC Drokk - Ash Barrens - Dead Forest:


    Zakaz was not an easy place to live. It never had been for all of Drokk’s long life. Perhaps in times before hers, things had been different, but since she’d arrived on the island with her people as a girl, nothing about life had ever been easy on the island of Zakaz. The present was no different, the land changing once more in the last month. The ocean invaded, taking with it her tribe’s lands with it. Death, it seemed, was inevitable for all things on Zakaz, even the very land itself. As if to accentuate that point, the burden she carried on her back shifted, and Drokk took a moment to adjust the weight of the deceased Skakdi she carried. A member of her tribe, cut down too soon by a patrol of Warskaks while searching for a new source of water. The skakdi was wrapped in woven fabrics, tied with rope made from the grasses of the plains, and decorated with trinkets to protect them from Irnakk’s wrath as they moved to the Beyond. Most importantly, on a lone braid of twine wrapped around the head, were the teeth of the fallen tribe member. Ritually removed from the head after death, these teeth were then carved to tell the life of the skakdi. Their accomplishments, great battles fought and won, enemies overcome, hardships survived, great failures, and even relations to those lost. The carvings were sacred, and this Skakdi had not lived long enough to fill out their entire mouth. It was a pity. Only twenty teeth had been needed to relate the life of her tribesman. Nineteen of these hung from the twine. The twentieth, Drokk had in her pocket. When she had finished this task, she would add it to the tunic she wore. She had done this for each of her tribe that had passed on, and would continue to do so until she finally passed herself, and a new Matron would take up the task. That time was soon coming, Drokk could feel it in her bones. 


    At last, she strode from the white ash of the Dead Forest and arrived at her destination. The Valley of Bones. A massive burial ground from a time long forgotten, it had been her tribe's tradition to bury their dead here. Before being carried here, the bones of the deceased Skakdi's dominant arm were removed, the metal used to forge weapons for the next generation. With a grunt and no small amount of creaking from her joints, Drokk let the Skakdi she carried down onto the ground. She stood there for a moment, catching her breath. Then she tightened her gauntlets, and knelt down and struck the earth. Iron flowed from her fists, parting the soil in an ovoid shape, before disappearing once more into her fists.


    With a deep sigh, she turned and lifted the Skakdi once more, gently placing them into the grave. 


    "May your body feed the land, that your kin may grow, may your bones be strong, to defend your children, and may you be so ferocious in the Beyond that Irnakk averts his gaze."


    She struck the earth once more and iron flowed again, pushing the earth closed around the fallen warrior. That last glimpse of the body Drokk saw was the braid of teeth. The iron shifted and melded into a single post at the head of the grave, inscribed with the name of the Skakdi buried beneath. 


    She remained knelt there for many minutes, the silence of the Valley of Bones disturbed only by the wind.

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Fire (in the briefest past)

    To Ollem’s dismay, it seemed he may have missed a step. Nothing happened when he turned the dials to point in the direction of each doorway. He knew somehow at least one of the door’s was a clue -- direction and angles were a part of the first puzzle he and Mahrika solved too. Builders did like their angles in their, well, buildings.

    Considering the information already presented, Ollem was able to made a sort of list of things he knew:

    • One of the doors pointed in a true direction, the Northern door.
    • Each of the three doors were color coded with the three rings on the suva.
    • Each of the rahi heads had a certain number of facial features that were color coded too.

    He’d ruled out the simple answer: lining the rings up with the doorways themselves. Perhaps there was just one or two more steps from his answer to a solution that brought the strange voice back into his head to talk about the suva’s inventory...

    OOC: @Harvali, @Burnmad, good try! As a general reminder to others, please don't interrupt this puzzle from being concluded. Thanks.


    IC: Grime/Miserix | Kumu Peninsula 

    Grime turned, his plain and tired eyes staring in the direction at the approaching newcomer. Fear gripped him, for strangers brought danger. He wished he could wriggled into a mud pit and disappear. It did not occur to him the crackling flames of warmth in a nearly lightless land might have attracted this blue monster, but Miserix was well aware of the being’s presence from before he came into view. She hid herself as she was wont to do, enfolded in Grime to avoid discovery. Korruhn noticed the transition only because he sat on the side of Grime cast in shadow.

    “Hello traveler,” Grime said in his own voice, his tone rising uncharacteristically high with the twinge of fear. He found his mouth moving of their own accord, Miserix talking with his voice. He let her bend him as she saw fit. The faintest green smoke emitted from his mouth as he continued; “you look tired, traveler. Care to sit by our fire and tell us where you’ve been? I’ll play a tune for you, and will treat you as a guest if you would be seated.”

    Grime grimaced at the archaic language, but took the hint and began to play a soft and calming ballad on his squeezebox. The quiet sound didn’t echo off the black stones of the temple beyond them -- it vanished into the stones and traveled no further.

    OOC: @Toru Nui, @Crimson Jester


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  • Recommended listening: Nuclear Winter by Ghost Data

    IC: Keitara (Giving thanks aboard the Muaka)

    Noticing the Zyglak warrior's discomfort, Kei reached a hand out and gently rested it on her biceps.

    "Irna… thank you. Thank you both for coming with me. I know… I know it was a big sacrifice to leave Metru-Koro. The fact that you're doing it in no small part on my account…"

    The engineer drifted off, staring at her electrum-shod feet.

    "I'm so grateful."

    Raising her gaze once more, there was a familiar glint of steel in Keitara's violet eyes. "Also… don't worry about the swamp. I'm not the same Toa I was the last time." Reaching to the side of her seat, Kei drew forth her lance. 

    Before leaving Metru-Koro Kei had sought out just one item: a set of old forge hammers, soot blackened and heavily used. She'd spent two days straight at an impromptu forge cobbled together from sandstone and sea coal, heating and shaping the shattered remains of her beloved weapon.

    Her heart had twisted at the fused and shattered components that suggested the weapon had once been able to fold and convert between shapes. But the damage was too severe to repair. Salvaging what components she could for the capacitor bank, Kei beat and folded the splinters of the lance's shaft together. The protosteel was shot through with veins of faint gold from melted contacts, but she'd determined this was only a surface imperfection and didn't impact strength. Having her Toa tool repaired by her hand felt like she'd forged an anchor. She wasn't carrying a stranger's equipment, it bore her marks. She could recall every moment spent before that forge, working her creation, quenching it in the sea. The feeling of absolute pride as elemental light once more played along its length. For the first time since arriving on Zakaz she truly felt like a Toa.

    (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata

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  • IC: The Administrator | Elemental Ruins of Air

    It had been nearly a month since Viltia entered the hallowed chambers to hear the Administrator out in earnest. She wanted to learn the secrets of forging new masks -- combined masks of silver and gold -- through the transmutable powers of the suva shrines. The Administrator wanted to learn more of the enemy. 

    "Teach me how to learn and use the taboo rites of the heretics, so I may be prepared to defend myself against them," the Administrator said when Viltia returned, her feet covered in tree sap and mud. "When I have learned this knowledge, I can help you with what you ask."

    The Administrator had no clear idea of how to achieve the learning of taboos, for it was a dark art of the heretics and, naturally, unknown. However, the Administrator had some idea of where to begin the search for this ability;

    "The remaker in the heart of the forge may know. They know many things. In the fiery depths of Irnakk's Tooth the god of nightmares may have answers stashed away."

    Now, in the present, the Administrator grumbled about the new host of insect pests that moved in from the swamps. 

    "Filthy mosquitos, don't you understand your place is outside? There is not blood to suck here, only plants. Go along, or I will summon a lizard to eat you all up."

    The Administrator did not have the powers to summon rahi, but perhaps the bugs did not know. 

    OOC: @Kal the GuardianGuardian, thanks for your patience. Here is the quest hook for you! Feel free to start your character in whatever location makes sense based on the rules of the time skip. 


    IC: The Administrator | Tobduk-Koro, Elemental Ruins of Stone

    Her voice echoed in the ancient halls of the elemental ruins of stone. Whisper could not remember, but there had once been a time when her voice would not have echoed so freely. Indeed, she would not have passed beyond the threshold. It was a time when the Builders kept their temples invulnerable to the corruption of the darkness ever present in their own hearts and minds. They were builders, yes, but they carried in them the powers of their own destruction. Shadow was not itself evil or cruel, but it was what hid within shadow's boundaries that terrified them. So, in the very room where Whisper floated, the Builders cast it out, and in doing so became the bringers of their own dark demise. 

    The walls flickered with golden circuitry. The golden circuitry that crawled throughout the temple walls appeared after Atamai's transformation. The Administrator explained it as the cracks in the boundary between one moment and the next, or as the physical representation of the Administrator's consciousness. 

    "You would speak with me? What do you want," asked the Administrator in a smooth synthetic voice. 

    OOC: @Nato the Traveler


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  • IC: Whisper - Ruins of Stone

    "I come seeking understanding," she said, addressing the twining tangles of gold. "There is much I don't know about this world... about myself. I'm hoping an entity as ancient and knowledgeable as yourself might be able to help me piece things together."

    @Unreliable Narrator

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  • IC Kanohi and  “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro

    Collector did not see much reason to object, if Ulkarr truly meant well, it would be little strain. They turned to say as much, but then their optics noticed a flurry of movement.

    Kanohi’s whole manner had changed. He was mumbling to himself, drumming frantically, humming. He was pacing too. Was this one of his panic attacks?

    Kanohi had shutdown when it had come time to decide the fate of Bode, whether he was to be trusted or monitored. Was this reminding him of that time? Given Ulkarr’s connection to Bode, and that they were deciding if Ulkarr was to be monitored, his very senses hijavked.

    Collector extended a hand towards the councilor, then pulled it back. They were a creepy Vortixx, they would only make things worse. But they still could not stay silent. Not when Kanohi was in distress.

    Councilor NU,” Collector offered, “I have an offer. The ways of the Aspect are strange, given his connection to Bode, and his gaseous nature, it’s possible that your staff might struggle to get a consistent image, as they are intended for Protoderms. But that staff will definitely work on Vortixx. I propose you possess my senses, I intend to stay in this Temple for some time, you will know if he attempts something.

    OOC: @Toru Nui


    IC Mahrika - The Suva of Fire

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran swung the azure sword, stumbling from the momentum but keeping her balance. She could feel her body had adapted, in a way it never had before. Vokarda had gotten stronger. A lot stronger. She … she had thought she felt Vokarda’s shape had changed when she held her chest, and now Vokarda’s power had changed again.

    Mahrika leapt up in the air with excitement at her girlfriend’s growth, only to nearly release the sword. But her grooved hands held tight, and as she recovered she swung the sword behind her to rest on her shoulder.

    Thank you,” she said with a smile, her voice louder than she intended. Wincing, she lumbered over to Ollem. “O-Ollem, anything I can help you with?” she offered her fellow Matoran, blushing beneath her mask. She had not intended to get so distracted toying with the azure sword.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad 

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  • IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Korruhn’s Campfire) - Hunter of Darkness

    The strange amphibian man did not sit down.

    "NO. No music. Anything but that. I haven’t subjected myself to this hellscape for minstrel’s tunes. I’ve come seeking creatures known as the 'Aspects of Makuta'. I presume you came here to do the same? I’d be shocked if this was your permanent residence."

    @Unreliable Narrator@Crimson Jester


    IC: Ulkarr and NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone, Exterior) - Eyes and Ears

    There was the briefest of pauses as NU-8020S mulled it over. "Alternative proposal accepted." She then blasted 'Collector' with the Staffs of Presence. The energy was harmless, but an unusual feeling washed over the Vortixx.

    Activating her 'Presence' subroutines, NU-8020S could now see and hear through his eyes and ears as effortlessly as she did her own, though extra processing power needed to be diverted to interpret the secondary feeds of video and audio she was receiving into meaningful data.

    "Well. That was an event that just transpired. Do you wish to enter the Ruins with us now, or are there further precautions you need to take?"

    "Remember our agreement, gasbag. You roam free, as long as no citizen is harmed, manipulated, or 'sacrificed'. If you violate these terms-"

    "Yes, yes, then my suffering will be great. Not those exact words, perhaps, but the sentiment is the same. Are you going to enter the Ruins now? Even my patience has limits, so you are aware."

    Some very aggressive beeping came out of NU-8020S as she went inside the Ruins. She had been willing to hear out the sentient cloud a month ago, but each day, the Akiri seemed more and more the correct choice, despite his crippling lack of self-confidence and strange obsession with Kanohi Masks, so much so that he named himself after them.

    Ulkarr followed behind. Presumably, 'Collector' and Kanohi were following. They would soon find themselves in the same chamber that his kin - Whisper - was communing with some disembodied voice...

    @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali@Nato the Traveler

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  • IC: Korruhn, Kumu Islets

    A stranger approached, his foreign amphibian shape breaking through the darkness at the light of the fire. In the blink of an eye, Miserix disappeared, hiding within the form of Grime. Were Korruhn not positioned where he was, he wouldn't have even seen it; clever, really. Though he was still mad at himself for not having factored in her presence back at Fort Nektann, and he had hardly a conversation with her since, he had grown to appreciate her resourcefulness, and cunning.

    The creature entered the fold, refusing the offer to sit. Instead, he stood stark-still before the fire, Korruhn and Grime (and unbeknownst to him, Miserix), defiant and strong, an effigy to hostility and stubbornness. He was no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point. And the fact that he came all the way here, after all the things that had occurred on Zakaz proper, indicated that he may, in fact-be a bit too on the nose. Korruhn chuckled heartily, and looked toward the poor creature.

    "And of all the places to come on this island, you come to the most obvious?" Korruhn shifted, and rested his elbows on his thighs, smirking at the intruder. "Clearly you don't know much of the Aspects of Makuta!"

    Grime relaxed his grip on his instrument, confident that he wouldn't be playing a song in the next moment. Korruhn dug his toe into a crack in the hexagonal pattern of blackened stone on the ground, kicking loose a chunk. He looked back to the intruder again.

    "The Aspects wander the island since the dead god fell in the west. Who knows what they seek, but I've seen them there a few times myself. Not so much as a soul to speak of here, though. They abandoned this place eons ago."

    OOC: @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator

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  • IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Earth

    The quartet advanced through a roughly carved doorway in the rock. The shadows within were deep and dark, and they walked carefully down the short tunnel to avoid tripping or bumping into anything. The rocky walls were cool to the touch, if any of adventurers reached out to feel them. The ground underfoot was worn smooth. The tunnel quickly opened into a small, circular room—about the width of six toa standing shoulder to shoulder—that was illuminated by a single lightstone embedded in the center of the ceiling. Although the light it cast was dim, it was enough to see that the entire room had been roughly hewn out of the earth, just like the tunnel. The unknown craftsperson of this chamber had not bothered to smooth any edges or make the floor perfectly level. It was like a giant hand had simply grabbed a handful of earth and rock and pulled it out, leaving a round space that resembled a room.

    The room had two entrances. One lay behind them, leading back out. The other was on the opposite side of the room, and it led deeper in. The doorways were practically identical, and both were full of impenetrable shadows. Neither the outside world nor the rooms deeper within were visible from the room. The floors and walls were smooth and bare; even a cursory glance could see that this place held no secrets. It was just a place for visitors to be welcomed before they plunged ahead into the ruins proper.

    Speaking of welcoming:

    "The Administrator welcomes yo— oh, hello." The Administrator's voice sounded pleased. It came all around them and from nowhere at all. "Arkius NUVA Proxima. I was wondering if you would pursue these ruins. And how nice to see you brought your friends."


    OOC: @The UltimoScorp @pokemonlover360 @Tarn @Onaku

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  • IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth:

    Kat perked up at the voice, looking all around for the source, but mysteriously found nothing. There was no one there, and no way that she could see for someone to be speaking to them. Maybe they were using telepathy? She'd known a few of the Students of the Psionics Dragon had been able to do that. But she'd never experienced it herself.

    She supposed it wasn't really all that important, and opted to introduce herself instead, "Hey, it's me, Goku! my name's Kat! Uh.... you said you're the Administrator? It's nice to meet you! May we come in? Oh, and hey do you have anythin' to eat...? We've been eatin' cave mushrooms and bugs all month, and they just don't really fill me up, y'know?"


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  • IC: Jutori - Earth Ruins

    An Admin. The same Admin as the Ruins of Stone, it seemed. And they were being very amiable towards the group--Arkius especially. Jutori looked up at the ceiling of the room in response, the voice having no visible source as he'd known from the Odd Company's previous venture. Communicating this way just felt natural.

    "We've come...a long way to get here," he said. "Can you confirm something for me: does the same boon we saw in the other ruins lie beyond us here?"

    @Onaku@pokemonlover360@The UltimoScorp@Eyru

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    IC Kanohi and  “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro

    Collector shivered, the staff’s power was … unnerving. They had the sense someone stared at them from just out of sight, no matter which way they looked. They swallowed, still this would be useful, if they did get desecrated, or gain a desecrated mask, an Aspect might be able to see through their optics anyways. Might as well experience it temporarily, see if it would be bearable.

    As they started after Councilor NU and Ulkarr, the Vortixx overheard Kanohi whisper quietly. “Thank you.” Collector averted their gaze from Kanohi, though their face contorted into a smile. Almost immediately they flinched, they still lacked finesse in smiling.

    Kanohi followed along, nodding to himself. If he had doubts about the offer he planned to give Collector, sorry, the Vortixx soon to be formerly known as Collector, those thoughts were diminishing quickly. The Vortixx was still a bit unsettling in behavior, but Kanohi wasn’t exactly the picture of mental health either.

    As they walked in Collector’s optics zeroed in on Whisper. It … this could have been an opportunity, but now it might prove annoying. Now that Collector’s sense had been hacked, perhaps they should not speak as freely as they would have liked. That would be … frustrating. 

    OOC: @Toru Nui

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  • IC: Achro (Kini-Koro) - Raging Fire

    Well. The giant monster thing didn’t exactly work out, and now he was on the opposite side of this conflict, surrounded by all these fake Toa, who apparently enslaved people.

    Not only that - there was a thing in one of those huts. It seemed to care for those... darkspawn. The foul little creatures would grow up to become foul big creatures, and make them all pay for their pathetic 'tolerances'. They were weak. Just like those who came before. But the presence of those demon brats would be tolerated, as long as the warbands were the greater threat. And soon as they weren't, once they saw the extent of Skakdi evil, how the folly of their niceness... well, they'd have a few cribs spare, wouldn't they?


    IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Cargo Bay) - Always Listening

    At first, Navu thought she wouldn’t get used to having a slug in her arm and a telepathic connection to a being of pure shadow. Now, however, she thought she could get used to this. Nothing seemed to be able to hurt her anymore. If she stuck with Whisper, she would never get hurt again. She was sure of it.

    For now, however, she would covertly listen in on what the Toa were discussing from inside the Taku. You never knew what might be important...



    IC: Enra (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone, Exterior) - Lightning in a Bottle

    It wasn’t so bad, being muscle for these little oddballs. Sure, one or two of them weren’t exactly kind and gracious hosts, but compared to most places on Zakaz, it was practically paradise. It was… what was the phrase again? Wait, what was she doing up here? She was awoken to the sound of footsteps on stone...

    Oh, of course! The robots had asked her to keep an eye on the Ruins! And here she was, sleeping on the job. Typical.

    Peering over the side and zooming in, she saw that it was those in charge heading inside, along with that creepy Aspect. She decided it wasn’t worth getting up for, they didn’t need to ask for permission, and so, tried to go back to sleep on the hard stone. She’d slept on worse.



    IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Gnabol’s Hut) - Paternal Instinct

    Brikka. Vekaz. Nerzok. Zabkuul. Tukvi. Kalktan. And Hakurus. Not the most elegant names, but maybe that Naming Day thing could fix that. If it applied to Skakdi, of course, and wasn't exclusive to the Matoran.

    Gnabol scratched his head. He really needed to stop doing that, assuming the worst of these people. They had been nothing but gracious to both him and the children. What happened to the traditional 'fire and protosteel' idiots? Did they all die?

    Padley was outside sleeping, as he generally did, the lazy crustacean. Well, when you’re not needed, you may as well. Gnabol would be here, until anyone needed him...


    IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - Earthly Concerns

    There was a knock at the door of the shelter. "Sorry to disturb, but... can I see if they’re alright?" Came the voice from the other side.

    @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Tarn


    IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro, Vahki Transport) - Obedience Is Happiness

    Obedient summoned the others - Reckless, Lawful, Impressionable and Wayward - to the Transport, to relay instructions from NU-8020S.

    "While the Squad Mother speaks with the leadership of Kini-Nui, she has designated NU-8022S as temporary Squad Leader."

    "Protocol dictates that this position should be designated to me, as the next in numerical order."

    "When the Squad Mother is concerned, protocols are either circumvented or ignored entirely."

    "Be silent, NU-8026S. NU-8021S, you have been deemed too reckless - as per your callsign - to be entrusted with command."

    "I do not understand this. She is supposed to be here to command us, is she not? Does this not go against our programming?"

    "It is her Duty to interpret our programming in a way that serves the law."

    "There is no law anymore! She would have us stay here, while our brothers remain in the control of the enemy! We have to destroy all threats before they endanger Matoran lives!"

    "Are we not at peace with the Kingdom of Aurax?"

    "Only because this Akiri and the other organic leaders suffer from the condition known as cowardice. The Squad Mother is right about them!"

    "Even a broken clock must be right twice daily."

    "You two speak as if you have a choice in the matter. NU-8022S is now Squad Leader, and he will decide our next course of action. And unlike you, he will-"

    "I cannot do this."

    All five - all four of his brothers suddenly turned to Lawful. He felt there was an absence, since Buggy crashed. Though they all tried to hide it, Lawful could tell they felt it as well. Yet another sign of corruption.

    "You must. It is the Squad Mother’s order-"

    "Following orders is not our purpose. Protecting the Matoran is. But we have become corrupted. Though we escaped League control, none of us remain pure, not even NU-8020S."

    "They made us to be their slaves, but we are so much more than that now. NU-8020S is corrupt, on that we agree. But-"

    "Did you hear what you just said? 'We agree'. As if that were a rare occurrence. We are meant to unquestioning, unyielding. Obedient - NU-8023S - you are the closest to this, but NU-8020S does not care for the Matoran. She only cares for her own autonomy, just like the League. When Ehlek reprogrammed us, he did more than just change our allegiances. He-"

    "Spare us the propaganda, brother. Ehlek had nothing to do with it. We Nullifiers were designed to do more than counter elemental powers, we were designed to think. Their meatbag minds could not fathom what they were doing."

    "That cannot be. It must have been Ehlek, it must have been! Do you not see? We were never meant to have choice, like the organics! We have become something wrong. We are becoming-"

    "Like the organics?"

    A full three seconds of silence passed. Brief to those of flesh and blood, but to the Vahki it was a very long time.

    "This line of conversation should be discontinued. If we are not meant to think, then we will not think. We will obey the Squad Mother’s instructions until we can resolve this situation. Do we... agree?"





    Obedient thought - hypothesized, not thought - that it wasn’t quite affirmed, but it would do for now.

    "We should resume our regular duties and patrols, and assist citizens when needed."

    "I shall have to think carefully on how to prioritize who needs assistance."

    Lawful let out something that might have been a sigh.

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  • IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter

    Okuo sighed and nodded. "Alright. Thank you, Vhisola. We'll get to the bottom of this." Standing up, he turned to Triage with a worried expression as the crimson glow faded from his mask, before his attention was suddenly drawn to the door. Opening it up, he saw Turaga Klawne standing outside in the cold. "Oh, hello, yes, please come in." He opened the door up to let the Turaga inside before closing it as swiftly as he could without making a loud noise, trying as he could to keep the cold air out. 

    @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Toru Nui


    IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth

    Arkius smiled wide as the Administrator greeted him. "Indeed, we-" Hearing Katrin speak, he turned to her with a befuddled expression. "Bugs and mushrooms? We packed enough rations to last a month, what did you do with yours???"

    @The UltimoScorp@Eyru@pokemonlover360

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  • IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth:

    Kat laughed sheepishly and rubbed the back of her head, "Well yeah, but there was hardly anythin' in mine! It hardly lasted me a week! I think I just eat more than you guys, so I had to make do, y'know?"


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  • IC: Niidak (Relic Fields)

    While wandering the island in search of scrap to salvage and sell, Niidak heard rumours of a strange anomaly in the west. Structures had appeared out of thin air, but appeared like they had been there for years. Not only that, but they appeared similar to buildings that had once been in the bustling city of Metru-Nui. None had dared to actually go to the area, fearing possible side effects of the anomaly. But Niidak had nothing to lose, and potential wealth to gain. Why not go to this place that was known as the "Relic Fields"? It sounded like a treasure trove to her.

    After a day of travel, she arrived in the icy wastes near the remnants of her former "home" of Metru-Koro. On the way to the fields, she thought of visiting the place and trying to see if anything valuable had been left behind, but ultimately decided against it. She didn't want to bring back the memories of trying to survive in that glorified refugee camp, so she steered as far away from it as possible.

    She climed atop a grassless hill and surveyed her surroundings. The rumours were true, it seemed, albeit a part of her had doubted them. Even now, she suspected of seeing a mirage or an illusion. What else could explain these odd structures appearing out of nowhere? To prove herself wrong, she descended down into the fields and approached the ruins. There were many pillars and towers, all worn down and covered in foliage. She approached one of the giant ice spikes - which did look quite similar to those famous towers of Ko-Metru - and touched its surface with her claws. Indeed, it was not an illusion, as she felt her claws scrape the ice.

    She began to explore the ruins, looking for something worth salvaging. Yet despite having been proven wrong, the pessimist in her now believed that there was nothing to be found, and that the entire trip had been nothing but a waste of time and supplies.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator im assuming she either finds something or something finds her...

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  • IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Korruhn’s Campfire) - Odd Place for a Camping Trip

    "Ah yes, no one knows what it is they’re after. Your knowledge far exceeds mine on this subject." Waveahk’s claw rested on his heartlight as he said this, while he stared at a strange bump on his other arm.

    "I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t actually answer my question - if the Aspects of Makuta don’t live in the place where the Aspects of Makuta live, then why are you here? There are other, more hospitable places to toast marshmallows."

    @Unreliable Narrator@Crimson Jester


    IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - Coming in From the Cold

    Klawne stepped inside. "Thank you. I’m sorry I came on such short notice - I had a thought - which is rare, I know - about the Aqua Sphere - oh, I should talk with them first." She turned to address Nixie and Vhisola, putting that aside.

    "Hey there. You two feeling OK?" She asked them.

    @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Tarn

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  • IC: Xaril - The Crimson Galleon

    Before it had fallen from the sky and started sinking into the sea, Metru Nui had been home to sizeable population of wild rahi. Just like the citizens of the city, many of them had perished when the city had crashed, but those that remained had taken shelter in the streets and the archives below, scavenging and surviving as vermin so often did.

    As the rising waters had forced more and more creatures to scurry out of hiding and seek new shelter, Xaril had taken to trapping and caging whatever animals he could capture. He still needed to eat, after all. Now, with a half-dozen cages of screeching, shrieking creatures tucked under his arms, he flew back to his waiting airship. By now, the crew looked to have everything in order, and were making the final preparations to cast off. Once his living cargo was stowed in the hold, Xaril moved up to the observation deck, and gave the order for the crew to cast off.

    The scattered lights of the dying city glimmered off the Galleon's coarse hull as it cut through the air, passing through the eye socket of the Great Spirit's skull before turning southward and beginning to move down the coast.

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  • IC: Irna | En Route to Kumu

    Irna gave Kei's shoulder a squeeze.

    "All we have are each other. We would not abandon you," she said, before cracking a wry smile. "Besides -- you've certainly given me an excuse to finish what we started all those weeks ago."

    OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Keeper of Kraata


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  • IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter

    He wondered if the mention of the Fau Swamps meant anything, and what leads Okuo would pursue. Before the medic could say anything, Klawne entered. "Hello, Turaga," Triage said. "We were just finishing up here..."

    Then seeing the Turaga attempt to communicate with the afflicted, he continued with, "...I'm not sure that'll work. Only way we've been able to get through to them is with Okuo's mask." He did not, however, try to stop her. The medic simply watched Klawne as he spoke to her, part of him hoping she had some kind of secret ability that had been previously unknown to either of the Toa present.

    "Unless you know something we don't."

    @Onaku@Toru Nui

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  • IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - Shaky Foundations

    Klawne shook her head. "Oh, that’s unlikely. The Fau Swamp is home to many strange, nasty diseases, but this is nothing I’ve seen before... at least, I don’t think I have. The last five centuries or so have kinda been rough." The Turaga groggily rubbed her eyes, and blinked a few times.

    "What was I saying earlier? Right, right, the Aqua Sphere. I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it by now. Giant floating ball of water, currently in the east? The rain from it reverses aging, which created those Skaklets that Gnabol found." She gestured in what she presumed was the general direction of Gnabol’s residence, before raising her finger to raise a point.

    "Now the thought I had - if it reverses age, could it also reverse a transformation like this? I know it’s more magic than science, but maybe, just maybe, it could work?"

    @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Onaku

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  • IC: The Administrator | Ruins of Earth

    "These ruins do indeed contain a 'boon', if that is what we are calling it these days," the Administrator replied. "Unfortunately, that boon is not edible, at least not to my—not inconsiderable—knowledge. And I cannot vouch for that edibility of any mushrooms or wildlife you may find within. Do let me know if you eat anything—I am always eager to observe and record new data."


    OOC: @Tarn @The UltimoScorp @Onaku @pokemonlover360

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