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'The Rift' by Ferain


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In case BZPower ever goes down or has data loss, this website can serve as an archive of the BZPRPG, BZPower's official text based Bionicle role playing game. Unfortunately all history of the first two incarnations of the BZPRPG are lost to time, but this website will prevent that from happening in the future


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You can search for any word or phrase using this website. We allow for searching for strings smaller than 3 characters, unlike BZPower's built in search functions. You can also search for any posts made by a specific user, and gather statistics on that user like post count and an approximate word count.


Build Timelines Of Your Characters

Not only can you search for all posts that include a word or phrase, but we can automatically format the results in chronological order. This allows us to generate a rough 'timeline' of which topics your character has visited. This is perfect for catching up on the history of a character

The most comprehensive encyclopedia of BZPower's Roleplaying games

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