What Is The BZPRPG?

If you found your way here, you probably already know...

Heuani killing Kapura by Ferain
Bionicle Zone Power Role Playing Game

In case BZPower ever goes down or has another data loss incident, this website can serve as an archive of the BZPRPG, BZPower's official text based Bionicle role playing game. Unfortunately all history of the first two incarnations of the BZPRPG are lost to time, but this website will prevent that from happening in the future. This website has everything from the third iteration of the BZPRPG, as well as various other RPGs from the site, from Bionicle and other LEGO themes to RPGs based on other media such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and Halo.

A lot of the art on display is from official LEGO sources, official art by BZPRPG Staff, and many pieces of art from Ferain, a community member who is a talented artist.