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  • The Area:
    Kini-Nui is situated at roughly the center of the island of Mata Nui. On the surface, this area is a jungle of tall trees and chattering wildlife. The main superficial landmark is the Kini-Nui temple, an ancient structure that houses the Suva Kaita, one of the main routes into Makuta’s former lair, Mangaia. Most of the importance of the area, though, is deep below the earth in the sinister halls where Makuta once dwelled. Despite the evil being’s absence, this region is still tense; not only is it the most likely place to run into feral Rahkshi, but Mangaia also bears a residual aura that still makes the back of necks tingle. Local landmarks include:[/font]

    -The Kini-Nui Temple: a dome-like stone protrusion from the earth with four large spires extending into the heavens at each corner, the Kini-Nui temple is difficult to reach. It resides in a clearing in the jungle, and in the middle of its upper platform is the Suva Kaita. The Toa Maru closed the Suva Kaita after their defeat of Makuta.
    -The Amaja-Nui: A circular sandpit that was once used by the wise Turaga of Mata Nui to retell legends. It resides between a large, ivy-covered bust of a Matoran head and the Kini-Nui temple.

    Makuta’s former lair is a maze of dark passageways and huge chambers. It has several entrances: one below the Suva Kaita, one through the Suva Nui in Le-Koro, and six long Dark Walk tunnels branching straight from a central chamber in Mangaia to the doorsteps of each Koro are some to name. Even though the dark artifacts that used to inhabit the chambers of the caverns – many of which were unspeakable horrors – have all been long since destroyed or cast into the sea by the Toa Maru, a distinct air of danger still lingers down here. Lights carried by those either brave or stupid enough to descend into Mangaia seem to have less effect in its passageways than in other dark places, though there are some chambers illuminated still by blood-red lightstones.

    Makuta’s Rahkshi, no longer under his control, still tend to gravitate towards the dark places of the island, and there is nowhere darker than Mangaia. Several wild Rahkshi stake out their own caves and attack any who get too close, or who are unfortunate enough to pass them in the stony corridors. Some rooms are blocked behind thick doorways; whether such doors are viewed as invitations or as warnings varies on the explorer in question, but ominous sounds from behind them tend to drive most would-be enterers away. Sinister echoes seem to come quietly from everywhere.

    The main attraction that compels surface dwellers to enter Mangaia is what is assumed to be an ancient Vault that was used by Makuta. It is a huge, impregnable doorway – with no hinges, seams, or keyhole – that is situated in the middle of the deepest level of Mangaia. Rough maps sketched of the tunnels around it leave a huge cavity empty; the Vault, common sense dictates, must fill this void. A riddle is carved into the Vault’s smooth door implies that it can be opened, though none have yet succeeded:

    Across an endless ocean
    Beyond where minds can see
    My key lies in the open
    Where you will never be
    Beneath the brightest thunder
    Stand towers of the day
    The light may break asunder
    If night skies choose obey
    The red sign on black eyes
    Will lead you to your prize

    In the recent past, what seems to be a second entrance to the Vault was discovered; this entrance, though, can no more be breached than the impregnable stone slab below it. In the ceiling of the chamber where the Vault’s main door is housed, there is an opening large enough for a Toa to squeeze through, and on the other side of this aperture is a long, round-cut passage dotted with the open faces of geodes. The tunnel is not unoccupied; standing sentinel before its maw is a large and dangerous machine that calls itself the “Abettor.” Any who try to pass the Abettor by force are never seen again; however, brave souls have been able to question the guardian and escape with their lives intact.

    What exactly lies within the Vault is a total mystery, as so far nobody has managed to open it. However, according to tidbits gleaned from the Abettor – by now, these are common knowledge around the island – it holds some of Makuta’s potent old trophies, as well as “all the simplest power of the world.”

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  • OOC: I swear, the second this post goes up, I'm gonna be told that I can't post here...


    IC: Enax


    As I accend the steps of the once great kini-nui, the evil aura I feel becomes more pronounced. Though the lair of the evil Makuta is long vacant, the place still contains many things of interest. One of them is the entire reason I'm on this island right now. Although the toa destroyed all of the dark artifacts in this site, I can only hope that this one peticular object still exists. And If I'm wrong, then this whole quest will have been a failure. I must get into that vault. But that is not a quest I can complete now. No, getting into that vault will require preparation. And allies. None of which I currently possess. At that note, a hissing noise alerts me to another's presence at the temple. I turn around to see that one of Makuta's old minions, a rahkshi, has decided that it owns the patch of land that I'm standing on right now. As the rahkshi advances toward me, I draw my scythe and prepare for combat.A short battle later, and the rahkshi manages to drive it's staff deep into my leg through a break in my armor, inflicting poison. I must end this fight quickly, or the poison will overtake me. I strike it in the lower torso with my scythe, propelling it backward. I attempt to hit it with a paralyzing blast, but I repeatedly miss. I can tell that the rahkshi senses my weakness, and begins to close in for the kill. I pretend to look like I'm dying, and give the rahkshi a false sense of confidence. As the creature raises it's staff to end my life, it leaves an opening. I quickly thrust the blade of my weapon into a crack in the back plate of the rahkshi's armor, then twist, splitting the plate down the middle and leaving a sizable Split. The rahkshi hisses in pain and hits the ground. I use this opportunity to fire a paralyzing blast into the crack in the armor, rendering the kraata inside immobilized. I pull open the back plate of the defeated rahkshi, tear out the wormlike kraata inside, and place it into a container for safekeeping. The poison seems to now be overtaking my leg. Better get to one of the hospitals in Ko-wahi, and quick...

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  • OOC: I figured the Abettor needed a little LICKing. The below was written by both me and Justin Bieber (Eyru).

    When his Kanohi halted him, Greed found himself in a stone tunnel. It was far smaller than the cathedral-sized chamber from whence he had come, but still had a high enough ceiling that he could have stood on his own shoulders and not reached it. Somewhere far away was the rhythmic plunking of a solitary drop of water landing in a little puddle; the noise ricocheted down to Greed from an indeterminate distance. The passage ahead, on inspection, was dark and empty.

    The Toa of Air clutched his lightstone and shone it next to him upon the surface of the passage, revealing the tunnel to be of a very different make than he'd expected. Rather than being rough, covered in stalactites and stalagmites like the subterranean network below, the stone here was smooth and perfectly rounded, save for the occasional, jagged break in its surface. Greed shifted his lantern around to look into one of these, and was dazzled momentarily as light sparked back up at him. The irregular-seeming holes in the rock were the opened faces of geodes, full of white-green quartz. Veins of minerals ran erratically along the surface of the round tunnel.

    When he took a step forward, everything around Greed changed.

    Suddenly, ahead of Greed, a wall of blue lights flared into existence, blinding his dark-accustomed eyes. The blue light, brilliant and pure, was caught by the geodes' exposed innards, made the veins of minerals sparkle. The entire tunnel was illuminated at once with cast, reflected, or refracted cerulean luminescence, and Greed's eyelids were poor guardians against the brilliance. He had to keep his eyes shut. He heard an odd series of sounds; a curiously resounding click, followed by a metallic shifting sound, like two swords rubbing against each other, then another click like the first one. Then, there was a tinny, warped, incredibly deep voice.

    "Identify yourself," the voice clacked. Greed was given the strange image of a lion that had been thrown down a deep, metal well. Still squinting, he hadn't the presence of mind to reply. There was a few seconds of quiet, and then the voice repeated itself, its cadences identical to the first time it'd spoken. "Identify yourself."

    "I am Greed," Greed said. He tried to open his eyes a sliver, but the light was still too much for him.

    "Greed is not a name," the voice pondered haltingly. "Greed is a vice."

    "Greed is my name," Greed growled indignantly.

    "You are strange," the voice mused mechanically. Its tone hardened, as though suddenly annoyed. "Why are you here."

    Greed didn't know how to answer that, not exactly, and he didn't feel like explaining himself to somebody - something? - he had just met, anyway. "Why do you want to know?" he shot back. "And who are you?"

    "We want to know because it is our duty," the voice said. Greed's mind did a double take. We? It was definitely the same voice as ever; a single speaker for a crowd, perhaps? If only he could open his eyes. He tried again, in vain; the blue was too much, still, but it no longer pained him. Slowly, things were coming into focus. The voice went on, answering his other question. "We are the Abettor."

    "What is that?" Greed asked. He blinked several times, trying to make some sense of the mess of blue-lit blurs in front of his eyes.

    "We are the guardian," the Abettor (whatever it - they? - was) answered. Something about the way it spoke sent an electrical jolt running up Greed's spine; something about hearing the voice chilled him in a way he didn't understand.

    "The guardian of... what?" he inquired slowly, rubbing his eyes vigorously. What was he talking to?

    "The guardian of powerful destiny," the Abettor recited back, its voice a stone banging around the inside of a huge steel drum. Greed shut and opened his eyes again, and he was finally able to see the thing - the titanic, alien thing - that stood before him.

    The Abettor was almost twice as tall as Greed, and shaped vaguely like him, insofar as it had arms, legs, and a torso. That was where the resemblance stopped. The arms were thick as barrels; the legs had all the solidity of trees, and they were double-jointed like a predator's; the torso was cylindrical, a spilled can propped on top of an oversize Toa's bulging abdominal section, and the shoulders were on either side of the can. There was no head on top of the cylinder; instead, a Kanohi Pakari with empty eye sockets stared out from a cavity in the center of the chest.

    The Abettor's armor was a dull color, and looked very thick. The source of the blue light that had blinded Greed and turned the tunnel from blackness to brilliance was a myriad of small, glowing letters, arranged in sporadic lines and dots along the imposing thing's body. These seemed to have no reason behind their arrangement, as none of the lines formed real (or even pronounceable) words. A large p was emblazoned onto the forehead of the Pakari. The last thing Greed noticed was that instead of a right hand, the Abettor's powerful forearm merged at the wrist into a rough cluster of crystal that looked a good deal like the geodes around it, save that it was a pale blue color. The odd shiver took Greed again when he eyed the crystal arm.

    An echoing click drew Greed's attention away from it, and up to the Kanohi in the middle of the Abettor's chest. It was the same click as he'd heard before; just like the first time, the click was followed by the rustle of metal on metal. This time, though, Greed was able to see the source of the strange sounds.

    On the first click, the empty-eyed Pakari had receded a few inches back into the Abettor's cylindrical torso. On the metallic rustle, the Pakari moved independently down, arcing along the curve of the cylinder so that it slid behind a protruding guard below the niche it had occupied. From under the lip of an identical guard above the niche, a second Kanohi mask emerged into view - a Ruru, emblazoned with a glowing blue y- and then followed the Pakari down out of sight. A third mask - a Kanohi Rode, with the letter j on it - moved into the niche on the same path as the Ruru had, and here the rotating wheel of masks slowed. The same click as before was heard, and the Rode pressed slightly forward, taking the Pakari's place.

    "Why are you here," the Abettor repeated, stating the inquiry the exact same way as it had the first time. Greed felt, rather than heard, the threat behind the strange Abettor's words.

    The Toa of Air swallowed uneasily.

    The iron monstrosity spoke calmly and precisely, without emotion, each robotic syllable only reinforcing its unsettling appearance. Even though the eyes of its Kanohi were empty, Greed could feel this Abettor watching him patiently, and its crystal hand seemed almost wrong, though he couldn't explain why. The blue crystal glowed, as did the lines of Matoran runes that lined its body, spelling out words that didn't exist.

    "Why are you here.”

    It wasn't a question: it was a statement. Greed swallowed uneasily, a slight shiver running down his spine. This mechanical being was unreadable; there was no way for the Toa of Air what would happen if he gave a wrong answer. The eyeless mask stared at him, unhurried, but also unmerciful. If eyes were the window to the soul, then the Abettor had none.

    He clenched his fists, realizing too late that he had left his machete below, in the corpse of the Rahkshi. Every heartbeat was echoed by a throbbing in his side, in his leg, in his chest, in his back. He was in no shape to fight. All the while, the Rode watched him blankly, and he realized belatedly that, if the metal behemoth could use its masks, then any lie would be a wrong answer.

    That left the truth, or however much of it the Toa of Air could get away with.

    “I came here seeking entry to the Vault of the Makuta,” he said. “If you are its guardian, then I ask you-” the word ask caught in his throat “-I ask you to let me in, for the sake of the island.”

    The Abettor considered Greed's response in silence for a full second; to Greed, the silence felt an age. The quiet was broken by the lubricated hiss of pistons, immense things that braced the Abettor's legs; the sound was so sudden that it made Greed jump. The Abettor took two slow, sure steps forward. As it came closer, its daunting size was impressed again upon Greed. The Toa of Air was quite reassured that his decision not to fight this behemoth had been a sound one. Its rattling, bottomless voice only served to reinforce these sentiments.

    "You have spoken truthfully," the Abettor croaked. The click-scrape-click sequence again; before Greed's eyes, the Kanohi Rode in the Abettor's chest swiveled out of sight to be replaced with a Kanohi Sanok - on the forehead of which was a shining blue w- a few masks away. Greed felt something in his chest unclench, and he saw the glow in the crystal arm fade. The Abettor's empty eyes looked over his head with the same passivity as before; now, though, their blankness was less threatening.

    "We are a guardian of this Vault," the Abettor continued with deep resonance, affirming Greed's assumptions. "Our duty is to maintain its integrity. Therefore, your request to enter this Vault is rejected. It is against our directive to permit someone unworthy to-"

    "Unworthy?" Greed broke in, feeling outraged as if he'd been slapped. "...Unworthy? I have proven myself among the most dedicated, the most loyal servants of the great Makuta-"

    "It is against our directive to permit someone unworthy to enter this way," the Abettor repeated indifferently. "You are unworthy; servitude to the Makuta does not equate with worthiness. Though he stashed his treasures within, this Vault does not belong to the Makuta. We do not serve the Makuta."

    "Then... What do you serve?" Greed asked, confused. If this wasn't Makuta's Vault, then whose was it?

    "We serve our duty," the Abettor replied.

    Greed had the impression that the Abettor wasn't going to reveal much more on this front; nevertheless, fires of curiosity burned in the Toa of Air, and countless other queries ricocheted around inside his mind. For example, why did the Abettor guard the Vault? Did that make this round tunnel a second entrance? Why was there a second entrance, anyway? Did the Abettor know how to solve the riddle on the door? Who commanded the Abettor? Who had created it in the first place? What would the Abettor do if Greed stepped closer, or tried to pass it? Did Makuta and the Vault have anything to do with one another after all?

    But Greed, drinking in the newborn quiet and the ironic peace of the blue light, settled for the question that most compelled him, the one that had compelled every being who had heard tales of the Vault and been filled with mysterious awe.

    "What's inside the Vault?" Greed asked.

    The Abettor indulged itself in another second of silence; Greed got the strong impression that the sentience somewhere inside that sideways can was processing its words carefully. The Abettor finally spoke, its bass rumble curiously cadenced.

    "All the simplest power of the world."

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  • OOC: Old post from the Kini Nui Meeting that got lost in the forum crash...


    LICK: Skyra - Kini-Nui -

    I remained respectfully silent as Kongu greeted Nuparu and they began to talk. Out of all the Akiri, he was probably the one I knew the least about. No offense to his village, which I honestly had nothing against, but I had way too many experiences in caves and dark places that had ended rather poorly for me. I wasn't certain I could enter a cave without a certain amount of anxiety. In fact I'd probably have a mental breakdown if I was really honest.


    The two Akiri continued to talk and I was only half listening as I surveyed the immediate area. Le-koroan's own flyers were patrolling the skies in case of any potential trouble and now of course we had the Ussalry patrolling the grounds. Nothing should have been able to get even close to us without us being alert first. I kept my eyes open and alert anyway, I was the last line of defense for the Akiri by all accounts.


    It wasn't long before yet another Akiri arrived, Jaller of Ta-koro. Now him I'd personally come across many times, most of those times I was accompanying Merror. He wasn't my Akiri, but I felt like I could trust him. As he approached I noticed the other Ta-koran guardsmen accompanying him. As well as a Toa who I immediately recognized as one of the Toa Maru, Oreius. Despite never having seen him before, the way he carried himself, his unique armor and mask, and the way he was hunched were all the clues I needed to identify him. With him around I felt my heart pump a bit in excitement, I felt like a giddy Matoran again, he was one of the Toa who had defeated Makuta himself! I'd felt similar feelings when I'd first seen Korero.


    Still, I didn't portray my emotions at all, I kept myself looking as alert and professional as possible. Not my favorite thing to do but I was representing my village at the moment.

    Jaller broke into a wide grin as he greeted the other two Akiri. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd even recognize me, last time he'd seen me I'd been male. This sorta felt like deja vu. At any rate he wasn't going to pay attention to me, he'd come here to talk business with the other Akiri, not talk to random Toa.

    Though I figured I might get the chance to speak to the other guardsmen from the various villages, maybe even Toa Oreius. Who looked even cooler in person...or maybe I should say hotter? No regrets!

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  • IC(Ignitus, NPC Guide):Kini-Nui. I've never been here, above the ground; only Mangaia, Makuta's Lair. I've had alot of time to think since then, alot of time to learn about the island, and to listen to rumors...My fellow voyagers and I finally have a ship, docked in Ga-Koro, soon ready to set sail. First, though, I have something I need to do.I turn to my guide, an old Onu-Matoran. "Thanks for the help," I say, tossing him a sack of Denarii. With that, he hops back on his Ussal and rides back into the jungle. Once again, it's just me and Vulcan against whatever I meet here.Drawing my sword, I descend the passage into the foul-smelling tunnels, ready for something to attack at any moment.:a::k::i:

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  • IC(Ignitus):As I enter the Vault chamber, I can't help but marvel at how little resistance I've been met with. Hey, I ain't complaining though.I look around the room, illuminated by a flame in my right hand, looking for this crevice I've heard of. Finally I see it, up above me in the ceiling."Here goes nothing," I mutter to myself. Sheathing Vulcan, I pull myself up into the tunnel, barely able to squeeze through. If what I've heard is here really is here, it could be able to answer some very important questions for me.:a::k::i:

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  • OOC: Oops :3



    I strode upwards through the well trodden roads upwards, following the lines on the ground that weren't dominated by grass, but rather, simple brown mud. For a while, the only sounds that came around me came from the non-hostile Rahi, and the natural winds blowing into the trees.
    Looking around, I started to fill with nostalgia. I knew these roads; This was where I had seemingly "started" my journey all throughout the island, back when Makuta still reigned. And it now acted as the same start again; after all, it's the transcript on the wall that's setting our group off towards the oceans and beyond.
    Slowly, a new sound emerged from the rest - a patterned tapping, clicking into the ground. I'd heard it enough through the streets and roads of the island; the familiar sounds of an Ussal crab as it travelled. In the distance, I saw the figures rise over the hill - an Onu-matoran, by the looks of it, with a large Ussal easily big enough to hold a Toa.
    "Fancy that! Another Toa journeying towards Kini-Nui." I too a look; in his hands held a bag - payment. Somebody had just paid him, then.
    "Yes...small question. Was the traveller a Toa of Fire, wearing some crimson and silver-laced armor?"
    The matoran nodded. "You know him?" he asked as he approached, his hands playing around with the bag of coins, a slightly annoying ringing sound emanating. This time, I was the one to nod. "He's a.....friend. Thanks for the help!"
    We passed each other, each on our separate ways.
    I continued up the road, looking around. I knew where I had to go; I'd trekked up these paths before. I knew the position of the tunnel entrance, how it was built, and what lurked below. I recognized the smells; the familiar scent of the flowers grown here in memorial of the battle that had taken place in this area, between forces of 'good' and a group of Makuta's elite and their master's armies of Rahi, who were by then naught in comparison to the planned armies of Rahkshi that had stood in the doorstep of each Koro, drilling through the earth itself with more tenacity (If it counts, since they have no will anyway) than the greatest diggers and excavators to have come from Onu-Koro.
    As I walked around, I could feel yet another sensation burrowing itself outwards from deep in the black of my mind. Rather than nostalgia; it was....hard to explain. A bit of me wanted to smile, a bit of me wanted to scream, a bit of me wanted to cry. And just a teeny, tiny bit of me that I consciously pushed into the furthest, unfathomably deep pits of my mind, wanted it all to just end right now.
    Under the sun, I could feel it's warmth, it's rays heating my body. But - ever since that one flare - I'd never been able to regard the sun as golden. As light. All I felt was - it was just white. And dull.
    It felt like color had seeped out of my life.

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  • IC:

    Ignitus clambered up into a round tunnel. He found himself facing total darkness, and took a step forward to get a better look at it. At once, the tunnel was different; blinding blue light flared up seemingly from everywhere, causing Ignitus to gasp with shock and pain as his eyes squeezed tight instinctively. The blue light cowed him into stillness, felt like it was beating down on his eyelids with the weight of hammers. The flame in his hand, unattended in the face of the overwhelming cerulean luminescence, went out.


    "Identify yourself," a deep, metallic voice said, making Ignitus' bones rattle.

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  • IC:


    I stared down the hole - one which looked as if it had once been made as a mouth to swallow up all around it, but instead, had....stopped. Deep within, I could hear small sounds - the crumbling of a rock, the echoes of footsteps, and what might've been a hungry growl.


    Sparing no time to get down into the tunnels, I simply jumped forwards, landing as quiet as possible. Still, dust flew into the air, a faint stench rising upwards. Ignoring it, I quickly walked forwards. The last time I had been here, it had been a situation that had went out of hand fast, with a group of Rahkshi, a surprising team of Makuta's Ex-followers (I could only wonder where they were now) and some inexperienced Toa getting right into combat in these caverns. It had ended with a simple display of power, as the Makuta followers separated us from them, they themselves heading off to who-knows where. If I had some time, I might've started to track them in some way or another, or at the very least tell someone about the issues. But no, almost immediately time started to pass too fast.


    I walked through the tunnels, taking the necessary twists and turns that I had remembered from the multitude of my visits here through the dark, the road ahead barely illuminated by lightstones embedded to the wall - and even those were dim. But that quickly changed as I entered the main chamber that housed the 'entrance' to the vault; from above, in a small crevice, was a magnificent cerulean source of light, shining outwards. The only thing that created a shadow onto the walls was a humanoid figure - Toa, by the looks of it. Ignitus, if I were to guess.



    What do you think he's doing?

    Asking. He wants to know, right, Reyna? Anybody would.


    Do you really think that this Abettor is gonna give any more information other than what the entire island pretty much knows?

    Well, we won't know if we don't try, right?


    And why are YOU here? To provide witness? To provide the questionnaire? Come on, JL. We're linked. At the very least I can tell that you have a completely different reason for coming here than what Ignitus probably is here for.

    I just.....want someone to talk to.



    I blanked my mind, trying to cut if off from the Anxilia who could stare into it.


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  • IC(Ignitus):Shielding my eyes, I respond, "My name is Ignitus, though some know me as Ausar the Vile.":A::k::i:

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  • IC:
    "We know you as nothing," the voice replied simply. Ignitus heard something metal in the voice's direction shift, then click into place. "Why are you here."

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  • IC(Ignitus):Nothing, eh? "I'm here to ask a few questions. First of all, do you know what can be found by sailing towards the Red Star?":A::k::i:

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  • IC:
    "No," the voice answered simply. Ignitus found that he could open his eyes at last - albeit, if they were squinted - and that the world of indiscriminate blue was gaining hazy definition at last. The metal voice went on. "That is beyond our knowledge. We are not the sagacity you seek."

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  • IC(Ignitus):"Not the one I seek? So there is someone who could tell me what I need to know?":A::k::i:

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  • IC:
    "There is not someone," the Abettor answered. Ignitus' shoulders sagged in disappointment; by the moment, the dark cavities that were the Abettor's eyes gained definition in his hazy, blue-washed view. To Ignitus' surprise, though, the Abettor continued to speak after a moment's hesitation, its voice curiously cadenced, tinnier. "However, there are perhaps ways to gain the knowledge you seek."

    "There are?" Ignitus asked, his vigor suddenly renewed. "What ways do you speak of?"

    "A seasonal star chart, and a map," the Abettor said.

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  • IC:I backed up a bit, giving myself space before I broke into a run, gaining speed for me to jump into the wall. I walked up it by about two steps, then propelled myself upwards using electromagnetism, letting me step into the small tunnel smoothly. In front of me stood Ignitus; farther in front of him, all I saw was a mixture of white and blue light, like a giant torch being shone in my direction, powered by electricity. While I could see Ignitus' back and armor with a clear clarity, everything else was in a near-mystic blur due to the light.


    I stood there for a second, not sure if either Ignitus or the other occupant of the tunnel had been able to sense my appearance. Taking a moment to take a look back, where the abyssal darkness seemed to hold a grasp, I really did have to wonder why such a brightness existed here, so close to the island's heart of darkness. Surely the Makuta wouldn't have liked this underground beacon shining into his very home; so why was it here? Either the source of this light was something the Makuta truly desired to keep - which, my mind told me probably wasn't the truth - or it had been something the Makuta couldn't remove.


    I didn't know which was better.

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  • IC(Ignitus):Hmmm... star charts and a map..."There's one more thing I want to know. Does the-"Suddenly, I hear something behind me. Without putting my back to... whatever I'm talking to, I look behind me. Is that..."JL?" I ask. "What in Karzahni are you doing here?"My mind immediately speculates worst case scenarios. This thing could perceive the sudden arrival of a second Toa as an attack and kill both of us. JL could be here to attack it, and it could kill us. We could be locked up here for not keeping this private and then slowly starve to death. This second Toa could actually be someone else who wants me dead(seeing as there seem to be alot of those), and this thing could perceive drawing a sword and shooting fireballs as an attack and kill both of us.:a::k::i:

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  • IC:
    The arrival of a second Toa seemed not to have fazed the Abettor.

    "Identify yourself," the behemoth commanded the newcomer, speaking those words exactly as it had to Ignitus before.

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  • IC:


    Two questions came towards me. Even though Ignitus had asked first, there was a slight nagging sensation within me that I should at least switch the order of whose question I answered first, lest we both suddenly were blasted into bits. Though the Abettor showed no signs of hostilities about my arrival, I got the feeling that it was ready to unleash it's power in a split second the moment I did something wrong.


    "Identify yourself." I replayed the metallic voice in my head again.

    Identity....what is my identity? Is it my name? Or is that just a proxy, a tag, that I wear along with me?




    Still, guess I should answer.


    "JL." The twin syllables escaped my lips, the name that I had known as 'myself' since my time on the island given as the answer to the Abettor's question. Though I doubt the name, or I, have any true significance right now, I thought sheepishly in my head.


    Ignitus has turned his words towards me as well; both beings within this tunnel keeping their mind focused on me made me a bit uncomfortable. One of them was a supposed comrade questioning me. The other one felt like he, or she, or it, was probing me. Whether this sense of power that I felt actually came from the Abettor, or just my own self-esteem failing in the face of such a superior entity, I wasn't sure. That was part of the reason why I was here.


    Shuddering, I focused on keeping my mind and its priorities straight. Ignitus had asked me something as well, and I was reluctant to simply leave the question unanswered. Yet, at the same time, his question was the exact one that I myself wanted answered - which meant I couldn't reply to him right now. No doubt the same question would come up soon enough, though....


    Motioning with a small flick of my head, I signalled Ignitus to focus back on the source of light which now came from behind him. That was probably safer anyway - common sense told me so. I walked forwards, now standing beside the crimson and silver Toa of Fire, facing straight forwards with a squint of my eyes. Even with my proficiency of using lightning, the dazzling white and blue still turned everything I saw around my into a flared-up haze.

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  • IC(Ignitus):I decide to go back to asking my question. "I have one more question before I leave. Does the Red Star have any relation at all to Makuta's Vault?":A::k::i:

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  • IC:
    "All things in this world are related," the Abettor responded shortly to Ignitus. The behemoth then turned to JL; one of the pistons in its legs hissed softly in response to his approach, an indicator of how quickly the Abettor would spring into action if necessary. "Why are you here."

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  • IC:


    It indicatively took a step forwards; I instinctively took a step back.


    Better would this well.

    You're right. Rather not have both Toa and Anxilia whacked in the face by this metallic behemoth.

    "I.....have just two questions I want to ask you." Thoughts started to skyrocket; I was dimly aware of the dull thumping of my heartbeat within my chest, blood pulsing through my veins and arteries with an almost painful pressure. In the back of my mind, I had the vague notion that the Abettor had addressed me and Ignitus in a different way somehow - as if we were both having different one on one conversations with it.

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  • IC(Ignitus):Muttering profanity to myself, I can't help but think, Why in Karzahni can't I ever get a straight answer?"Thanks for your time, then," I tell it, turning around to leave the chamber. On my way out, I grab JL and mutter, "Meet you in the main chamber."And with that, I exit the chamber. While I wait, I examine the Riddle that started this whole thing, still unable to grasp that we would finally be leaving soon.:a::k::i:

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  • IC:
    The Abettor stared - or, stared as well as something without eyes could - at JL for a time. To him, it seemed an age. At last, the massive guardian spoke, its voice hollow as a steel drum, rattling JL to his core. "We are not here to be questioned," the Abettor said. "It is not our duty."

    JL gulped. Was this to be his end? No; after a motionless, taught pause, the Abettor spoke again.

    We will permit you to ask these questions, and then you must begone."

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  • IC:"We are not here to be questioned," the Abettor said. "It is not our duty."


    I swallowed hard, nearly succumbing to the instinct of reaching for a weapon. The Abettor - it wasn't like a normal Toa. I - nobody - could predict it. I did hope it would try to reconsider whatever starting-to-become-hostile thoughts it might be having when it spoke again.


    "We will permit you to ask these questions, and then you must begone."


    Desperately, I nodded. One possibly stuttering and idiotically pronounced question, coming up. "Outside this place, there's been fighting. At times people felt war will happen again. Whatever's in the vault - is all the challenges we seemingly face to reach it truly worth facing?"


    I bit my lip, staring straight ahead, fully conscious that it was not eyes, but simple holes, that my own eyes had made contact with.

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  • IC:
    "We cannot answer such an inquiry," the Abettor replied. "We do not weigh worth, as you do. It is not within the scope of our directive. We are told what is worthy and what is not, and adhere to these judgements because it is our duty to do so."

    JL watched the Abettor repose itself slightly, replant its feet so that it stood where it'd been before Ingitus's arrival. The radiant blue letters all over its armored form were like a wall of stars; JL tried to make some meaning out of them, but they looked totally random to him. "The Vault that we guard holds a great power," the Abettor went on, almost musingly. "Whether or not the pursuit of this power is worthy, we cannot say. It is your decision."

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  • IC:Well.....I guess that's one question down. Though it did render mute the second.



    Did you get what you want?

    It was just one of those 'Its worth is what you make of it' answers that honestly don't help at all until we're seemingly at the end of our journey and all the secrets and mysteries seemingly open up. So what my role is in all this muck that Destiny has thrown us into, still no idea.


    You sound knowledgeable in this aspect.

    It's all about the experience, isn't it.



    Still. The Abettor had promised - though I doubt it truly held itself to simple honor rules like those - to answer '2' inquiries, and this kind of meant I had 1 free question left. And, judging from the Abettor's small movements and adjustments that it now took, it probably meant that our conversation was about to end, one way or another.


    Might as well use up this last question before I go.


    "And....this power you guard. Who was the owner, the one who used it before it ended up sealed from the rest of the world?"

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  • IC:
    "That which waits in the Vault has no master. Those who used it did not possess it."

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  • IC:

    "That which waits in the Vault has no master. Those who used it did not possess it."

    Those who used it.....did not possess it?
    While I didn't have any idea what the riddle-ish answer meant from a 'riddle' perspective, thinking about it literally this could mean a few things. One: This power, while used by Makuta, did not 'belong' to him, which means that perhaps it wasn't something built just to enslave matoran and spread darkness everywhere for no apparent reason. That, or second: This power wasn't used by the Makuta at all. He just liked living underground, came across some ancient power, and didn't really bother. Perhaps the Makuta had fear of this power?
    Or finally, the third, the most despicable: Makuta was the one who created the Abettor, and pre-programmed it to give misleading answers, all for the sake of some crazy grand scheme that also involved his death.
    Still, the first sentence nagged me. 'That which waits in the vault has no master'? That doesn't sound like a way a person would describe power - it sounded more like
    But now, I could ask no more. If I was a bit dumber, I might've ran up and shouted something else and risk getting blasted into nothingness. But I neither had the courage, nor the confidence, nor the sheer stupidity to do such a thing. My appointment with the Abettor was over; and as a small part of me had expected but much of me had hoped against, I hadn't really gotten a solid answer on anything.
    Still, Ignitus might've gotten at least some good knowledge from the guardian of the Vault, and it was now time for me to meet up with him. I turned, walking back the way I had came tens of seconds ago - though it had seemed like an eternity earlier - though before I hopped down the cave, back into the main 'atrium' that I had come from, I gave one last look towards the Abettor.

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  • IC(Ignitus):"Get any new information?" I ask JL as he exits the Abettor's chamber.:a::k::i:

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  • IC:"Get any new information?" Ignitus asks when he spots me exiting the glowing blue tunnel. I turned; even that light was going back down. Things were returning back to....'normal' that the visitors have left.


    I gave a look of confusion and disappointment to Ignitus, not even needing to express what I had to say with words. It was easy to tell that I was about as clueless and perhaps a bit more confused than I was before I walked and talked with the Abettor. And I did come expecting that, though how anyone could prepare for riddles that really didn't mean anything other than 'its what you make of it', I'm not sure.


    "What about you? I heard something about some sea chart."OOC: Its the Old Sea chart! Head to lilycove city in pokemon emerald with it, and you can go to Faraway island, where you can catch mew! :3

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  • IC(Ignitus):"That's about all I could get. That we'd need a sea map and some star charts.":A::k::i:

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  • IC:"Sea maps and star charts?" I paused, suddenly realizing we might've gotten a problem. "Does anyone know how to read them?"

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  • IC (Echelon) Little did JL and Ignitus know that they were not alone in the cavern of the Vault. In the pitch-black shadows that cloaked its edge there stood a figure, statue-still and hidden by the darkness. Echelon made no movement of any sort, simply waiting. The words of their respective conversations with the Abettor had been echoing at best and inaudible at worst, but his patient ears had picked out a few interesting sentences. Now all that remained was to wait for these Toa to leave, and he could seek his own audience with the Vault's guardian. The Necromancer smiled a little to himself in the darkness. Soon. A twinge of pain came from his thigh and his lips tightened. The wound that Joske's lackeys had inflicted upon him was not fully healed, even after the 'help' of a kidnapped Toa's mask of healing. He mentally cursed the events of that day. Despite the satisfying injuries he and his allies had managed to exact on their enemies, it had been far from a success. The information had not been acquired, he had almost been downed, and there was a new loose end on his hands: Utu. How disappointing. Should the Toa of Ice attempt to 'redeem' himself, it was quite possible that he would give up all manner of secrets he'd been privy to in his enthralled state. The Dark Toa did not fully know how the Control Stone had affected Utu's mind or memory, but if he had remained conscious all that time, there was every chance that he could now reveal the Legacy's existence - not to mention the location of Echelon's personal base of operations. But even so, Echelon smiled an invisible smile. It was of little consequence. Utu could be destroyed; and besides...other machinations were at work.

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  • IC(Ignitus):"Gravus would. Before the Torren Civil War, he was a cartographer. We have a bigger problem, though. Our route goes to the west, hundreds and hundreds of miles. Has anyone ever even been recorded going that direction? There are all sorts of legends and stories in Torren about voyages far and wide... I think... but no actual maps were ever made public, and any that existed would've been in the Imperial family's library, and would've burned with the rest of Torren."OOC: I'd just like to point out, I REALLY need to bring my profiles up-to-date since Torren's details have been revealed, but due to some thing on my end it's not an option right now.:a::k::i:

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  • IC:"Which means that this seasonal star charts, and map, is probably hidden somewhere on Mata Nui. Buuut....." A look crossed my eyes as I glanced up towards Ignitus. I was fairly certain that give another visit to it, and there might end being some issues. "....Most of the maps that we have here, really are just for well travelled routes around the island. And I highly doubt any of those are 'seasonal' - all people have to do, really, is follow the coastline."Another thought crossed my mind when I mentioned the word seasonal.


    "Oh, and these are seasonal star charts that the Abettor says we should get our hands on - meaning that it might require the perfect date to set off. It also means that we're going to be looking up to the sky for guidance - which also guarantees the fact that we're travelling a long distance. So the issue is-"


    I paused in my sentence for a good second, before continuing. "-Going to be finding these star charts."


    Then I turned to the other person I could have a conversation with.



    What is it?


    I was so caught up thinking about what the Abettor had said that I hadn't noticed it at first....but.......I think there's someone beside us.



    Perhaps, but....

    They would've moved already.

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  • IC(Ignitus):"Well, where do you think we could find them?":A::k::i:

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  • IC:"Hang on." I cut Ignitus off, before turning around anf facing towards where Reyna directed me. The passive echolocation of the Arthron had identified an immobile target that shouldn't have been there. This was either a statue - and I definitely didn't remember it being there - or it was something that stood in place for a reason. And if it were a Rahkshi, I doubt it would have stood in place.


    No; I think that somebody was - and still is - spying on us. As I channeled my elemental energy into my now-drawn sword, a blue-white glow emanating from the electrified sword, I called out into the darkness.


    "Come out, whoever it is hiding within the shadows."

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  • IC:Not too far from these happenings (roughly a hop, skip, and an earshot away) a Toa meditated. He had long since felt the electromagnetic waves JL was radiating when he electrified his sword, but had continued to ignore anyone outside of himself and his thoughts. He sat, legs crossed, palms facing upwards, as various metal objects floated in tandem above him. A new technique he had been working on: magnetism through electricity. It wasn't mastered. It wasn't truly controllable yet. He had his doubts about it ever becoming a viable option in combat. Though techniques sych as this weren't unheard of, Sucogu also hadn't ever seen anyone use it to any serious degree. Hau. Kriigata. Sucogu gasped for air as the metal objects fell around him. The anxiety had rid him of his concentration.As said, the technique was not yet mastered.

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  • OOC: Syvra from Le-wahi via Le-koro's darkwalk entrance


    IC: Syvra (half-way between Le-koro and Mangaia)


    Syvra pushed through the Darkwalk. Long before he had entered he had covered his entire shoulders with these small plants that gave off a small amount of light. He knew this would not be enough to dissuade any rahkshi but alas he held a secret weapon in regards to Rahkshi. As he walked through the dark tunnels the light emitted from the plants provided enough light to see a few feet ahead of him but alas he had found a way to see even where he couldn't.


    Several yards away in the shadows was Venixa occupying the corpse of a long dead Archive mole. With the corpse she could still see in the darkness and alert syvra to any upcoming dangers. Though she suddenly stopped and looked around


    Syvra stop

    Syvra stopped dead in his tracks as he waited for Venixa to say something

    What is it Venixa?

    Something is moving ahead of me.. wait it is a Rahkshi

    Any clue on it's power?

    No.. But you may want to prepare yourself.

    Understandable. Hide and let me know when it has passed you.

    Understood Syvra.

    With that Venixa the archive mole moved off to the side of the tunnel and watched even as Syvra prepared his sword with one hand while the other hand reached into a satchel he had at his waist. As he pulled it out within his hand he held an unripe madu fruit in his hands and waited poised for attack.


    It is here


    Syvra used his elemental powers to quickly overripe the madu fruit and he waited several seconds before throwing the madu right at the rahkshi. As soon as it left hands he moved off to the tunnel side and prepared himself for the eventual blast.


    Then it came. The sound of madu cabola meeting Rahkshi. Then came something he did not expect which was the sound of a painful screech emitted by the rahkshi. Though without hesitation Syvra lunged forward towards the rahkshi and saw that while the explosion had not done much damage he was able to blow off the rahkshi's left arm and cause some damage to the left knee joint of it. As he lunged at the rahkshi he proceeded to summon vines underneath of it to wrap around it's legs attempting to pull it down. Just as syvra was about to approach strike the Rahkshi he heard it scream but this was no ordinary scream. No this felt like it pierced his very brain.


    Oh Mauka fang.. a power-scream.

    And then everything turned silent replaced by an annoyingly loud humming. He looked back at the Rahkshi to see that while it tried to move it's legs were firmly stuck to the ground because of the vines. He used this to his advantage and with a mental tug of his mind he pulled at the Vines bringing the rahskhi onto it's back and with quick movements he flung himself off the ground and at the rahkshi. As he landed atop the rahkshi he brought his left forearm blade down upon the rahkshi arm pinning it to the ground. Though then the rahkshi unleashed another powers-cream which caused Syvra to crumble slight but with a surprising move Venixa came lunging from the shadows apparently in the corpse of what appeared to be a dead skakdi of sorts and she grabbed the Syvra's staff from his back and plunged it into the rahkshi's head using it to destroy the kraata inside. as soon as the rahkshi stopped twitching Venixa's body disintegrated as she returned to the Archive mole corpse.


    Syvra on the otherhand took a minute or two to come down from the fight and also to regain his hearing. As he stood up he walked past Venixa offering her a slight smirk.


    Thanks for saving my backside back there venixa

    Your welcome

    Syvra and Venixa continued on there walk with her several yards infront of him as a warning system and him behind in the light prepared as well as any one person could be. Despite regaining his hearing he still had a slight ringing and an obvious headache.

    It will not be long before we get to mangaia and the secrets it holds

    OOC: Spent about a good four hours working on this post..

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