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  • The Wahi:
    Ko-Wahi is the region of Ice on the island of Mata Nui. It encompasses Mount Ihu, the largest mountain of Mata Nui, beginning in the north at the foothills of the mountain by Onu-Wahi and ending where the mountain merges into the Mangai Volcano, separated by the Tren Krom Break. The entire region is covered in ice and snow; the mountain is largely inhospitable, with only a few species of Rahi being able to successfully survive there. Among the more dominant features of Ko-Wahi are two massive glaciers, separated by a sturdy block on which resides Ko-Koro. The Drifts, massive, nearly featureless snowfields that experience almost constant storm, dominate most of the upper part of the mountain. The most hazardous section of the Drifts is known as the Wastes. Local landmarks include:
    -Mount Ihu: A snow-covered mountain in Ko-Wahi, and the largest of several peaks in the region.
    -The Drifts: Also known as the Wastes. A snowy region situated on Mount Ihu. Blinding blizzards come often, causing any who venture here to easily become lost, so Ko-Matoran use red flags to find their way.
    -The North March: A pass on the bordering the Tren Krom Break on the Ko-Wahi side. There is a cable car to travel from the slopes of Mount Ihu to Ta-Wahi.
    -The Massif: A small village at the foot of a great stone half dome with a monastery at its top, the Massif is a place of solitude that some Matoran call home.
    -Ihu-Koro: A small highland Koro, this is the main site for mining Rena ore.
    -The Academy and Hospital: A center for learning and aid, this pair of complexes is home to several great scholars and scientists who are happy to give their experience for others. New Toa can go there to become better heroes and the sick and wounded can be healed at the hospital. The complex is located a short walk from Ko-Koro and is also connected to the village by an underground ice passage.
    -The Dark Walk: One of six large tunnels dug by Makuta’s Rahkshi during the final days of his rule. Large enough to encompass a walking legion, it runs directly from the doorstep of the Koro down into Mangaia. Exudes a definite aura of odiousness, and is generally avoided.
    The Koro:
    During the days when Ko-Koro was led by Akiri Matoro, the Ko-Matoran built it into a veritable mountain fortress, a far cry from the humble monastic village from the days of Makuta. Tall walls, sprinkled with guard parapets, look out on the icy expanses around and define the village's edge. Massive bridges of ice, many of which are lined with small shops and tourist traps, span over a huge crevasse. These bridges connect the opposite walls of the village, and these walls are holed out for many more shops and living spaces. A central complex on a flat portion of the village, filled with domed huts not unlike those seen elsewhere on the island, serves as the Koro's trade hub. The towering Sanctum, once only a temple, was expanded into be a majestic citadel of ice that houses not only the ancient Wall of Prophesy but also living spaces and armories.


    But Ko-Koro is no longer in good hands. Akiri Matoro was assassinated, and not long thereafter an army of darkness, led by the Dark Toa Echelon, assaulted and overtook the Koro. Now, Ko-Koro is known as the village of evildoers, ruled by Echelon with an iron fist. Rogues of all varieties populate the Koro, trading words, wits, goods, and blows... when the tight security, imposed by Echelon, doesn't keep them in check. His cronies guard the gate at all times, allowing only those who state their name and business to enter freely. The damages dealt to the Koro's defenses during the battle have all, by now, been repaired, leaving it as formidable as before.
    The village is fueled by power siphoned from windmills that litter the extreme heights of the stronghold and other peaks of the mountain. These windmills power electric bulbs that light the village’s arches and buildings with white light at night. Wind electricity is also funneled towards powering an aural security system, consisting of a few large, crude microphones at the outskirts of the Koro that can be monitored from within the guard buildings. These allow the operators to hear approaching bodies even over the roar of icy storms.

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  • OOC: Ah, well, first to Ko.IC: SulkuaThe Toa of Ice stood in the drifts of Moun Ihu. He reflected on his life so far. Although he was not one to give in to emotions, he felt... dispossessed.He looked at his weapons. The longsword(now a shortsword named Frotelon) contrased with the beautifully crafted, vaguely Ta-Koroan Scimitar(named Kraeven). He reflected on their origins. The former from his old team, the latter recently from the ILF.I should be so jealous. Kiron is on an adventure and I am stuck in the ice.Clearing his new Kanohi Calix's visor, he walked down, back to Ko-Koro.

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  • IC: Mayixa


    The cool air chilled him despite his armor, its icy bite gnawing away at the Toa of fire. But this was not a matter of his own comfort, it was of something far beyond himself. The cold was nothing compared to the importance of his duty. With that task so great weighing on his mind, he could resist the weather. It was not for his own sake, but for everyone else that he would bear any cost. That was why he now stood in the streets, preparing himself for what would be the biggest challenge of his life. He had to tell the world of the Great and Holy One.


    It was time that all knew of the truth, the dark reality that Mata Nui was no more a god than Makuta. There was a force so far beyond those two that even the greatest of armies could but marvel in his presence, unable to think even a single thought before him. No power could ever match him, no mind could ever hope to match the understanding of the universe that his contained. Neroxidecost was the truth, the most unspeakable and holy of anything that had ever lived, if he could truly to considered living as he was so beyond anything else.


    Clearing his throat, he began to speak to anyone who walked by, anyone who would listen. He knew very well that the false spirit held sway over the minds of these people, but he hoped that he could but leave a single thought in their minds. Teaching them would take much longer, all he needed to do was make them willing to listen. He decided that his own story, his meeting with the power that he could never hope to comprehend, in hopes that it would reach upon one set of ears that had not yet been deafened by the falsities and lies of Mata Nui.


    “I saw endless pupil-less eyes, each one forever blinking but never closing, rising out of endless mouths that rose from the inky surface of its skin. Endless limbs spread out from its enormous form, each one branching into a thousand branch-like offshoots. These offshoots each ended in another mouth, which sang out in glory of his holy and unspeakable name. I could feel the darkness in my own soul trying to rend itself from my body in his presence, his sheer majesty causing it to writhe in agony. Then amid his center, a single massive opening appeared, the inside lined with burning quills.
    From this came a booming voice, that left my mind unable to focus upon anything else, as all of my sense faded. It said in words that were not our own, but my mind could through his power understand. ‘Mayixa, son of the people of the false spirit. I am the glorious one who is called -‘ what he said could not be translated, for no word of ours could ever explain it. I can’t even repeat it for I have not the power to speak it. ‘You see before you the truth beyond what you have been told. Mata Nui and Makuta are but mere specks of dust in my presence, their power is nothing. You must guide your fellow children of the false spirit back towards my path.’
    I managed to ask a single question of his endless greatness. ‘I can not speak your name… what is it that I may call you to those I must lead?’
    The booming voice responded with a name, and then I awoke. He said that I may call him ‘Neroxidecost’.”
    With that, he closed his eyes and waited for a moment. He did not know quite what to do next, the only thought that came to his mind was that he must continue to repeat the story for all to hear, so that Neroxidecost may reach out to the minds and hearts of each and every person.

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  • IC: Norvak Marshell

    Norvak was in a dimly lit room, puppets hanging from the roof and a large number of assorted toys lining the shelves. In this room the Turaga sat at a desk, painting a miniature Ussal with wheels. His hand trembled as he tried to paint all of the little details like some of his former pieces had. He had almost finished, just one more touch...

    And then he heard it. His hand slipped as he was startled by the noise, thus demanding that the whole head be repainted. His neighbor was going on about seeing some sort of... thing. It was bad enough before all of this, but now his neighbor was trying the Turaga's patience.

    "If he keeps this up I'll never get anymore customers." Norvak mumbled to himself as he rose from his chair. He walked to his door and opened it, staring out into the street. "Will you please stop that, or at least take it somewhere else!? Truly, you're driving away customers faster then those new gizmos!"

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  • IC: Helios (Ko-Koro)


    Dear Melna.


    It's been a while since I last wrote, and I can only say I'm sorry, but it's great to hear from you, and nice to know you've made some friends.


    Me? Well, remember how I said that I would offer my services to the Akiri.? Because he accepted it, and I was sent into the tunnels under the glaciers near Ko-Koro to map them out. Only half of them had been charted.


    As it turns out, there was a reason for that. I'll be more than happy to tell you...




    Helios was traversing through the tunnels in the uncharted half of the glacier, doing so with quick, resolute steps as he walked in a straight line.


    "fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty" Helios counted out loud. The Lightstone that hung in a string across his chest dangled a little when he stopped, casting its unnatural yellow light across the cavern walls, lighting up the ice blue, smooth sides that always seemed to converge with an almost pinpoint perfection, the threatening silhouette of a large head with teeth as big as his fingers, and... wait, what?


    Helios' head snapped back to where he'd seen the silhouette, but nothing was there, just a faint noise that could be anything: the wind, his own echo, the sound of something sneaking away. Helios took a deep breath and returned his attention to his work.


    The map was almost done, just a small section left, in the far corner of the uncharted region. Helios looked in that direction, and for some reason couldn't escape the fact that he felt like he was being watched.


    There was something down here with him...


    Helios reached for his hip, and tied loose the disk launcher that had hung safely secured there all this time. He narrowed his eyes as he loaded a metal disk into the launcher. He tucked the map away for now, and started to slowly creep towards the looming threat.


    His footsteps cast soft echoes as he paced towards the last section of uncharted land, the lightstone's glow edging away at it with every step. His red glowing eyes narrowed a little more as a sound suddenly caught his ear. It could be the wind howling through the tunnels, but on the other hand, it could be something else.


    Helios stood completely still and listened to the noise, taking a moment to look around him. Still nothing.


    Helios eventually concluded that it was in fact the wind, and procceded to take one more stup before he suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of treads revving up coming from behind him.


    Almost right behind him, in fact.


    Helios turned just in time to see a large Kuma-Nui Stone Rat come barreling at him, jaw agape and claws spread.


    Helios eyes widened even more than they'd narrowed earlier, and he attempted to jump out of the way of the Kuma-Nui's Charge. He was almost successful but was struck by the Kuma-Nui's arm and thrown against the glacier wall.


    "Umff" was all he could muster in response as he got up, turning to face the Rahi whose territory he had clearly invaded. His eyes quickly fell on the Kanohi in its chest. If he could just knock it off...


    He wasn't given much more time to think before he had to dodge the Stone Rat's snapping jaws. He quickly jumped out of the way, before grabbing his hammer and giving the Kuma-Nui a solid swing.


    The Stone Rat recoiled in pain, before returning the favor by headbutting Helios into the wall with another unpleasant thud.


    "Uuugh" Helios groaned as he tried to gather his thoughts, he'd lost his hammer in the strike, but his launcher was still firmly in his grip.

    The Kuma-Nui was preparing itself to finish him off, with a primal roar that made the tunnels ring with echoes, the Kuma-Nui charged at Helios with mouth agape and teeth bared.


    "Once chance" Helios thought and lifted his disk launcher, aiming haphazardly as he tried to collect his thoughts. His concentration kicked in, and he saw an opening.


    The disk was sprung from its hold, sent sizzling through the air at great speed, and to Helios luck it smashed right into the side of the mask in the Kuma-Nui's chest, knocking it clean off.


    Granted, Helios knew that knocking off the mask was nowhere near as effective now as it had been in the Dark Time, but it should be enough to at least slow it down, and that would be enough for him.


    And slow down it did, in fact, it stopped entirely, ignoring Helios for a second or two to inspect its new shortcoming. But it was quickly forgotten as the Kuma-Nui again turned to Helios, baring its claws as it prepared to finish him.


    "I don't think so" the now upright Helios said, as he triggered his elemental power, bending gravity in such a way that the Stone Rat was thrown far off into the tunnel with a confused howl.


    It landed somewhere outside Helios' line of sight with the lightstone, but Helios could hear a whimper or two before things went completely dead again.


    "Well" Helios said to himself "that certainly qualifies as dangerous"




    And when I got back, Akiri Matoro was kind enough to bestow a nice reward on me and everything.


    I'll see you soon

    - Helios


    Helios posted the letter with a content hum, before he took the walk out of Ko-Koro, passing the guards at the entrance wit little trouble.


    For now, Ko-Koro was done. Now the next adventure awaited.


    OOC: Helios to Ga-Wahi

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  • IC: Mayixa


    Ah he spoke of the Great and Holy One who had given him the task of presenting the truth to the world, he had expected to gain criticism and the wary glare of the villagers who made closed their minds to reality beyond their small island and their small god. He knew before he had begun that it would not be an easy task, and that there would be much hardship along the road. But with Great Neroxidecost to guide him, he was certain that everything would turn out right. He merely hoped that the people would open their hearts and minds to listen.


    There was a voice from behind him as he stood on the corner of a street, the owner of one of the buildings had opened his door and was looking out towards him. Had he perhaps reached ears that would listen, that wished to find the knowledge of truth? He could feel a sense of hope welling up inside him for the briefest of moments, confidence that the island would indeed hold people willing to learn and throw away the lies that they had been taught to believe all throughout their lives. Then, the Turaga spoke.


    For a moment, Mayixa stared at the Turaga with a face of almost disbelief. He had expected insults, possibly even violent action against him from those too far gone into the false one's lies. What he had not expected was that someone would complain about him scaring away customers or being compared to whatever a 'New Gizmo' was. But here he was, being complained about not because of his message, but because he was too close to a store.


    It was laughable really, that the first problem anyone would have was that their business was being taken away by people hearing the message of truth. If anything, in the long run it might very well be a blessing. What would happen when the word of Neroxidecost spread? His building would be known as the place where his Righteous and Magnificent message was first revealed to the people. So laughable in fact, that Mayixa found he couldn't contain himself as small chuckles slowly gave way to light and cheerful laughter.

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  • IC: EnaxAlmost... There...The poison is spreading fast. I now have no feeling in the inflicted leg, and it seems to be spreading to the other one. The gates are in my line of vision now, though they are blurred. Oh, wait, now they're turning green and spinning. Wonderful. I fall to the ground as the poison leaks into my mind. I soon fall unconscious.OOC: Open for interaction, and quickly, too. Enax doesn't seem to be well. Poison does that to you.

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  • IC: Norvak Marshell

    The Turaga Stood there, waiting for a response from his neighbor. He had not expected the response that was given. He laughed at the Turage, as if he was some sort of joke. Nothing had infuriated him so much since the fire. "You arrogant little..."

    The Turaga walked out of his work shop, intending to give his neighbor a piece of his mind.Huh... If only the others could see me now. An old man fighting the forces of noisy neighbors. They would all get a big chuckle out of this. Norvak began drawing closer to Mayixa, and began to get on the Toa for his disrespect. "I may be old, but that doesn't..."

    And then he hit a patch of ice. A thud sounded out along with a few groans from the Turaga.

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  • Nothing happened here.

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  • OOC: Mild bunnying of Enax approved by PyroLizard.


    IC: NPCs and the Nuju-Marion Research Hospital


    The vortixx did not lay in the snows for long. After he fell, there was a call from the wall, and soon the gates groaned open. He was gently moved, surrounded by a small crew of ko-matoran who busied themselves with loading the wounded stranger silently onto a litter. Their feet tramped a hurried pattern through the winter landscape away from Ko-Koro and up a glistening hillside so dazzling it would be forgiven if one thought the slope made of crystal. A damp sunlight filtered through stormy clouds above.


    “He doesn’t seem to have much time… Check his pulse,” one of the white and grey armored matoran murmured under the sounds of travel. A hand lightly gauged the severity, and with a cold sigh gave the only answer the foot crew needed. They picked up their pace, clots of snow flung from their toes as they sprinted the vortixx to medical attention.




    It was a new building, but old. The ancient ways of monastic architecture flowing into new visions of structure, one hundred years of oppression finally released, reaching for the skies in vaulted arches and towers with spindly points at their crest, great lotus blossoms developed as a cohesive theme throughout. Here the past and the future merged into unified shape, a building where the duties of medicine and healing advanced with each passing day, and the destiny of all who entered altered forever. Granite hexagons tessellated the path to the core tower and main entrance, the long steps swept clear of snow and salted to remove ice. A great pile of the cold stuff rose like a crystal hedge along the pathway.


    Directly across from the main entrance was a circular dais, a temple to Mata-Nui in the shape of a suva with the names of those who perished in the hundred years of oppression carved into its surface. These were the martyrs who trail blazed the path to freedom. Standing there one could see the entire branching complex of the hospital scraping the heavens, arched windows of deepest aquamarine glass glittering like precious jewels in the gray light, two pathways of the same hexagonal granite slabs cutting through the rounded passages on the bottom of the North and South wings.


    Pushing against the giant teak doors with iron fittings, the main entrance opened into a circular chamber, the base of the core tower. A desk manned by a sleepy ko-matoran scribe loomed in the foreground, while passages lead to the wings on either side, and the door of a winch-operated elevator waited for use on the far side of the room. Rushing the unconscious and poisoned individual through the portico and past all these sights, the matoran branched into emergency room on the ground floor of the South Wing. Inside a sequestered stone room they deposited the vortixx, a simple mat of woven reeds covering the rectangular doorway. Soon, the doctors would arrive, extract the poison with a kanohi sana and prayers, and then move the patient upstairs to Recovery, where a rickety spring cot with cotton bedding waited for his large form in a public room, rows of beds separated by nightstands and little mirrors.


    IC: Ishi Polzin


    So much had happened in the past few weeks. The brass fittings for a briefcase rested in a jar below the shifting sands of Po-Wahi, the six akiri had made peace and rebuilt their trust in each other despite the looming secrets hiding in their shadows of command, and a new race of creatures had landed on the shores of Mata-Nui, their strange ways and looks spreading fierce as a blazing wildfire between koros. Ishi found the dasaka as perplexing as they were majestic, and already had begun to plan for the chance to see their native shores, rumored to be in the west as a archipelago of five islands. The world was getting bigger by the day: he would grow with it.


    The matoran of stone had rented a small room at Rhanus’ Inn, wooden floorboards creaking from the heated encounter of neighbors in the next room, exposed beams threatening to give any sapient taller than a matoran the severest of concussions. Two rough-hewn wooden bed frames were shoved into the slope of the roof, turned down linens bewitching Ishi with images of comfortable dreams. A crackling fire produced welcome heat from the woodstove situated in a corner of the attic room, two armchairs and a small table pointed toward the source of relief from the hoarfrost clinging to Ishi’s coat. He sat in one of the chairs while gingerly unwrapping the white lengths of cloth from his feet. Clots of snow fell from between the layers of fabric, melting in small puddles on the floor. Somewhat abashed, Ishi rubbed a foot over them, attempting to make the mess go away by increasing the surface area. With a sigh, he gave up and committed to rolling the cloth into two bundles for tomorrow.


    The door opened and closed, wooden latch locking into place. There were footsteps, and then the black and purple carapace of his friend and roommate came into view, flopping into the other chair with an exhausted groan. Nichou’s kakama showed weariness Ishi was afraid decorated his own. They had traveled far, and were due for farther still. Peace, quiet, rest, and a proper bed were deserved.


    “Any luck finding a ride?” Ishi asked without looking toward Nichou for a response, his blue eye staring into the orange tangle of flames. The pair of matoran had rode dikapi to the northern fringe of the mountains, then hitchhiked with a small caravan of merchants the rest of the way south, riding on the backs of bumpy carts, occasionally stopping to repair a wheel. Nichou had put his carving skills to good use, and Ishi had helped in allocating rocks from the side of the road to raise the cart. The carver and the kohlii player had made quick friends with the merchants, learning about island events as they traveled...

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  • Ic: Matoro nervously paced to and fro before his throne as his friend and scribe, Jaa, watched from a corner of the great hall of the Sanctum as if observing a tennis match. Jaa could understand why his master was so wracked; Ko-Koro had its own Toa Maru in Reordin but Reo's existence was a very far cry from the mystic imminence that Stannis Maru possessed. But Stannis represented more than just the greatest toa alive; he had special significances to Matoro in particular. Stannis was affiliated with Po-Koro, the village Ko-Koro matched wits with before, and was coming apparently on business not yet announced, but furthermore there was the brief yet vital history between the two great men.


    "Tell me again of when you last saw Stannis Maru?" Jaa asked, trying to ease his akiri's mind.


    Matoro stopped and looked at the massive door that seemed so far away to him and recollected his thoughts. "He was no Maru then, he wasn't a toa, wasn't even a man of stone..." Matoro's booming voice carried through the vast chamber as he struck a storyteller's pose directly in front of his throne and cast his head back in his classic posture. "He was Stannis the Pa-Matoran, leader of his own Company. I was here when he came to see Turaga Nuju for answers. It was a curious exchange, one that even I was barred from attending, but it was a surreal moment when our turaga gave Stannis the epithet that started it all. Turaga Nuju christened the leader 'The Wanderer' and forever changed the path of destiny. I could almost see -- I swore I saw -- the words... on the walls... twinkle and change... to fit the new destinies just as Nuju anointed him.


    "And it was a moment that will forever linger in my mind. Not long after that Turaga Nuju was stolen away into an endless pit of darkness, never to be the same as before, and I realized that Nuju had sacrificed himself to make the final change that would banish the Makuta from our lives. In Stannis is more than a hero and a warrior. In Stannis lives is our turaga's final legacy." The Akiri turned to look at Jaa and nodded at the quill the scribe held, then said, "I owe Toa Stannis Maru more than a sense of welcome, I owe him my most sincere debt of gratitude because he is just as much our priest as Nuju was, whether he knows it or not. I am anxious because of this debt, not because of his mysterious visit. Let that be on the record."


    "Yes, Matoro," Jaa tipped as he scribbled that into his book.


    Two reverberating knocks from the distant doors to the Sanctum signaled to Matoro the only thing he needed to know: The Maru approached.


    He could almost feel the mighty steps come up to the holy chamber...

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  • IC: SulkuaSulkua entered the village, passing a Vortixx on a stretcher. He walked the streets and surveyed the surroundings.No fear of Makuta, inter-Koro bigotry, religious mania, rampaging killers... It almost seems like the time of Toa protecting the weak is over, the Toa of Ice thought.He shook his head disgustedly mostly at himself.Who am I kidding? This is a different Mata Nui from the one I grew up in. Well, I grew up as a solitary trapper, anyway,, Sulkua told himself.Sulkua decided he needed more time alone. He headed back out into the drifts. He walked for quite long, and stopped in a large, sheltered cave. Sulkua remembered this spot. He had once stumbled upon this spot when he was a trapper, and soon after used it to keep practice straw dummies to hon his sword skills. Maybe somebody today would stumble upon this spot too...Sulkua started to practice with his new Shortsword and Scimitar on several straw targets he had propped up on the far wall the last time he visited.OOC: Open for interaction

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  • OOC: Jam with Voxumo and Falcon Lord.


    IC Viima, Orderin and Tivanu

    (Ko-Koro, Inn):


    Viima sat on the wooden stool of the inn as the waiter brought himself, Tivanu and Orderin drinks in huge glasses.


    Viima grabbed his reluctantly, not at all sure he could down it all.


    He had been following Orderin, an experienced Toa of Air and Tivanu, a Skakdi mercenary for weeks now, all the while doing his best to keep Orderin's actions in check. Viima still did not trust Tivanu, not even after all this time. He liked Orderin though, and thus followed him around, making sure Tivanu could not "corrupt" him with his way of living.


    Orderin smiled as the waiter handed him the tall, ice-cold glass. He took a short sip and then set it back down on the table.Orderin somehow felt invigorated, younger. Traveling around with Viima and Tivanu, felt almost like the good old days, before his team died.Orderin's smile turned sad for a second before it changed back into a happy grin. Taking a firm hold on his glass he raised it slowly into the air,"A toast!" He declared with an air of merriment, "To the great spirit, Mata Nui!"


    Viima raised his own glass (with great difficulty - it was a large glass) in response. At the same time he glanced sideways at Tivanu, wondering what he would feel about this tribute to the Great Spirit.


    Tivanu raised his own glass as he added in "To the great Spirit.. and to profit."


    Kive-phu, Tivanu's lava hawk was currently roosting in a low-hanging rafter in the ceiling of the inn watching the group with suspicous eyes.


    With a quick side glance Tivanu noticed viima and smirked "Does this place remind you of the first time we met?"


    "I was wondering when you would bring that up...", Viima muttered and lifted his glass. "I admit we've managed to make some profit, but I'm still not completely convinced that we can keep up with what this lifestyle demands forever."


    Tivanu arched his brow. "Why do you say that.. i have had this lifestyle since my arrival on this island and it has served me well.. you just have to know how to balance it."


    Viima thought about the first time he and Tivanu had met. Viima had been after Surina, an ex-girlfriend of his who had attempted murder in Ga-Koro with a Turaga ally. She had paid Tivanu for protection and as soon as Viima arrived, a battle had ensued. But what irked at Viima most was the memory of having his face underneath Tivanu's foot in the most humiliating way possible, his life practically resting on whether Tivanu decided to lower it or not.


    "Gah, you", Viima said, waving his hand at Tivanu. "This probably comes as no surprise to you, but you annoy me with your remarks. We got rid of Surina for good, but you I just cannot shake off."


    Contrary to Viima's earlier comments, this one seemed to be more playful in nature. The tensions between Viima and Tivanu had eased, whether either of them admitted it or not.


    Tivanu brought a hand to beat against his chest as he laughed rather loudly. "Of course you can't shake me off.. i am a heavy Skakdi.. If i wanted to sit on you right now i would crush you."


    Orderin laughed,"You two are getting along now." The veteran Toa leaned back in his chair, "That Surina was a real piece of work though, how did you ever get hooked up with her Viima?"


    Tivanu turned to look at Orderin then back and Viima. "Yeah how did you two meet? I am sure Kive-phu would like to know."


    He held out his right arm and whistled softly, With a flurry of metallic wings Kive-phu landed on his arm and roosted comfortably. Tivanu grabbed a piece of the meat of his sandwich and handed it to Kive-phu who snatched it up in her beak


    "I'll never know why. It just happened", Viima said, lowering his head. Orderin's question brought back painful memories. "I just met her once during my visit in Ga-Koro... and the words she used while talking to me were... captivating. She had me fooled all along, until she left me at some point. When she came back years later, she was with a Turaga. They took me to Ga-Koro and drugged me. I don't know how, but they managed to convince me that I was to kill Hahli. If I had actually succeeded, all blame for the deed would have fallen on me instead of Surina or the Turaga. I suppose they had thought of a way to silence me before I could explain why I was drugged."


    Viima took a sip from his large glass and set it on the table.


    "But I was stopped by the guards and they found out who was behind it. Surina and her ally fled the Koro and came here, where they bought your services, Tivanu. Meanwhile I was released from captivity in Ga-Koro and I went to hire a detective from Ta-Koro. We two came here and we met. And the rest is history, or something."


    Tivanu arched his brow as he looked at Viima. "And see, if I had known she was a wanted criminal I never would have taken their services."


    Orderin seemed taken aback,"Sorry if I brought back painful memories Viima." Orderin then turned to look at Tivanu, "What's your story? You never told us much about yourself."


    Tivanu shrugged. "Well, back in my homeland I served as a guard for my village.. then when a friend of mine was killed in the line of service I left.. Then.. well then when I came to Mata-nui I became a mercenary."


    He closed his eyes for a second as he considered something. "Now I must ask you both... what do we want to do now. We are still in Ko-Koro but currently we do not have a job. Maybe find a way to advertise our services?"


    "We can call ourselves the Fantastic Trio and put up posters", Viima said half-heartedly.


    Tivanu merely cocked his head to the side and put his arms over his chest. "Really? Why not just call ourselves the Desperate trio?"


    "Cause that would hardly apply to all three of us."


    Tivanu merely shrugged. "And I am guessing you are the one who is not desperate?"


    "What should I be desperate for?"


    "That is a good question.. what should you be desperate for? Maybe you're desperate to see some goal you have set for yourself? Or maybe it is something else.. who knows but you?"


    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway", Viima suddenly said and hopped off his stool. He obviously didn't want to discuss his personal goals with the Skakdi. "If we want to get hired, we should find customers. Agreed?"

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  • IC: Xaron, 'Stupid slug'

    The cold was bitter. And cold. Cold tends to be cold. But that was besides the point.

    I saw snow. And snow is wonderful. But cold. And kinda wet. I shivered from the cold. I wasn't in the mood to roll in the snow today.

    I was on an adventure. And there was no time for messing around in the snow!

    Very true, Xaron. Such thought provoking comments from you.

    I do not agree with your other voice, These thoughts are simply pointless.

    You don't understand sarcasm yet, I guess.

    Ok, you two, be quiet, I'm adventuring. For a plant or person or something.

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  • IC Kirgan



    Kirgan was overwhelmed by the change of weather. Then again, there was no weather underground, so the environment was very different for Kirgan anyways.


    "You okay?" he asked Xaron, who seemed occupied by his own musings.

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  • IC: Xaron

    "Yeah. Just a bit cold." I responded. "I find it odd a plant would be in Ko-Koro... maybe it's a kind of rock? Or a special kind of ice? Maybe even a person." I stopped responding. Though it at least kept me out of my mind for a few se-

    Why hello there!

    Oh come on guys, just be quiet for a few minutes.

    Fine. We'll go back to arguing about the meaning to the life,universe, and everything.



    I sighed, and continued to trudge through the snow.

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  • OOC: Hope you folks don't mind. :)IC: Sulkua- Ko-Wahi CaveSlash. Stab. Twist. Whirl. Slash again.Sulkua ended up several inches too far from the target. Kraeven hissed through the air, throwing Sulkua off-balance. He righted himself and tried again.This time, the dummy spewed its straw guts out.The Toa of Ice rested for a minute or so. He surveyed the carnage.A dozen targets in a 20-second run, Sulkua thought as he looked at the watch on his wrist.He was about to re-set the dummies when he footsteps and words outside."-ice? Maybe even a person?"Sulkua immediately moved to the cave wall near the entrance. He looked out.At the bottom of the trail that led up, he saw two Matoran trudging in the snow.A blizzard is blowing and they're out in the open. In an area infested with Nui-Rama. And they look tired,As if on-cue, buzzing started to be heard from outsidd. He packed up his belongings and made his way down to them."You shouldn't be out and about here, Matoran," Sulkua said as he caught up to Kirgan and Zaron."There are Nui-Rama in the region. I should know. I was a trapper as a Matoran," Sulkua explained.

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  • OOC:


    *XaronSorry, had to correct the name thing.IC: XaronSomeone came down the mountain to us. When they actually got to me and Kirgan, the Toa said, "There are Nui-Rama in the region. I should know. I was a trapper as a Matoran,"

    "Wait, there are bugs... living in a freezing cold area...where there is a blizzard... How do they even fly? The snow hast to make it difficult for them to fly..." I said, turning to look at the Toa. "Though, if you happen to have a place that is a bit warmer than out here, that would be nice. It's kinda chilly out here."

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  • IC: Mayixa



    He stopped as the Turaga returned, clearly getting annoyed at his preaching of the Glorious and Holy Neroxidecost. But because it was not for religious reasons, but for those relating to his business, he was certain that Neroxidecost would not hold his actions against him. He could still be saved from his path of the false spirits, but not while he was annoyed. Mayixa would just have to-


    That was when the Turaga had slipped on the ice, landing with a very unpleasant sound. Maybe it was revenge from Neroxidecost? No... The Great One was above such simple and petty things. That meant that the blame lay directly on the cold, cruel ground. He couldn't let the poor guy just lay there on the frozen ground.


    "Turaga, are you alright?!" He shouted as he dashed over to help the fallen Norvak to his feet. He bent down and attempted to help the Turaga to stand once again, lifting him carefully to his feet.

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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu nodded

    "I must reluctantly agree.. it has been awhile since we had a client."

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  • IC Kirgan



    Kirgan simply nodded at Xaron's words and looked at Sulkua.


    IC Viima

    (Ko-Koro, Inn):


    "If we run too low on widgets, I can always go and hunt down a Muaka, you know. Their teeth are worth much."

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  • IC: Norvak Marshell

    Mayixa came to the fallen Turaga's aid, helping him back to his feet. Even if he was noisy, at least he was kind. "Thank you." Norvak said in a pained way. He began to question why he had ever thought living in Ko-Koro was a good idea. It was always cold, there was ice, and really, who would go trekking through the snow just to buy toys. Then the reason came back. The others, this is where the group formed. So many memories resided here.

    He still hadn't forgotten about the laughter, but that could wait for another time. The Turaga began to head back to his home, planing not to intervene in the Toa's affairs, for now. Even with the kindness though, Norvak still had to think of a way to keep him quite later.

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  • IC: Xaron

    "See? He understands. If there are Rama around here, well, that's kinda scary since they can fly in a blizzard. Imagine how strong they would have to be in order to do that. And imagine them in a not-cold-and-snowy region. Man, that's a thought that keeps you up at night. Rama that probably are strong enough to carry off a Toa or two...maybe more." I shrugged. "But yeah. Cold out here, super-rama in the distance, can we go in your cave? And do you have any Stronius with you?"

    Xaron, what if it's a person? How could someone 'have' a person?

    The person we are talking to could be Stronius, if it is a person.

    Quiet you two. Though you do bring up a good point, Brain. And I guess you do too, you stupid slug.

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  • IC: Enax (and a hospital attendant, briefly)I wake up in a hospital. I don't seem to be dead, so I must have been spotted after I fell. I can also feel my legs, so I guess the poison has been removed, thank Mata-Nui for that. As I examine the room around me, I notice my Scythe on the floor next to the bed on which I awoke. Soon after I re-strap my beloved weapon to my back, an attendant enters the room. "You seem to be feeling better.""Yeah, you guys saved my life back there.""The poison was removed, and all traces of it should be gone in a few days.""Thank you. I am in your debt. Literally. I don't have any widgets to pay you guys back with.""Well, I noticed you had a kraata in your belongings. We could use it to find a way to counter the effects kraata inflict on matoran.""Sure, you guys can have it. Just make sure it's dead before you open the container." As I leave the Hospital, wonder what should come next. I decide to head to Onu-wahi, to see if anyone knows something about that cryptic message on the door to the vault.

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  • IC:


    The billowing hem of a white doctor's coat brought a hush from the conversations of nurses as Riaril passed, their eyes instinctively lowering from her condition. Her heels clicked against the mosaic tiled floors. Dappling blue light highlighting her cerulean body as she passed the grumbling pestles of the pharmacy on her way to the Core. The smell of pu-erh tea, desert tobacco, and vanilla perfumed the air around her; a clipboard waited for use in her left hand. Reaching the doorway, she slipped quickly below the lotus root like transom light of the rounded stone archway, the porous pattern dancing on the patterned far floor. The bluish light kept the hospital in a unified trance, connecting each section in a feeling of patience and serenity.


    "Where is it?" Riaril looked at Majit, the ko-matoran assistant who ran the hospital's intake and patient records. He nodded his kanohi kakama and disappeared behind the high wooden information desk. It was large semi-circular counter with a stone base and a smooth top of chicken-wood, beveled along the lip to appear like bent bamboo. Majit returned from the small office at the center of the core which served as a records room, clambered onto the footstool, and reappeared behind the desk.


    "Left today in lieu of payment," Majit explained in the fast accent of a ko-matoran more used to silence than language. The glass case rested on the counter with a heavy thud, metal banding keeping the contents safe from hard. A pasty translucent liquid floated inside in the case, used normally for preserving specimens in jars.


    "Now that's intriguing," Riaril said. "Not every day someone pays in kraata."

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  • IC: Sulkua"You would be surprised what some of the Rama here could do. And the dangerous part is when the storm subsides, and when people think it's safe to be out in the open... well, so do the Rama," Sulkua said.He turned back to the small trail leading up."There's a sheltered cave up ahead. You can shelter until the strong blizzard subsides. Then, preferably travelling by another route or waiting until the Rama stop searching for snow-blinded prey. Come on," Sulkua said as he led the way up.OOC: Sorry about the name mix-up. :P

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  • IC: Xaron

    "Hooray! Un-cold! My favorite!" Xaron raised his arms into the air.

    Won't be too much warmer, you know.

    Shut up, brain.

    Hey, at least the stupid slug isn't interrupting us.


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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu smirked a bit

    "You know perhaps that is something we could do.. hunting? Maybe go to Po-wahi and hunt nui-jaga.. their stingers are worth more than mauka teeth."

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  • IC:


    Orderin took a long, slow sip from his glass, finishing it off,


    "We could do hunting, it would reap a pretty profit. Although, I do need my sword sharpened, before we do much else I would like to head to Ta-Koro."

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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu turned to look at Orderin and nodded

    "I think we could afford to go to Ta-Koro."

    He ran a hand over the back of Kive-phu who was perched on his shoulder, which in turn elicited a soft coo from her

    "And i think Kive-phu could do for a Lava bath as well."

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  • IC: Xaron"See? He understands. If there are Rama around here, well, that's kinda scary since they can fly in a blizzard. Imagine how strong they would have to be in order to do that. And imagine them in a not-cold-and-snowy region. Man, that's a thought that keeps you up at night. Rama that probably are strong enough to carry off a Toa or two...maybe more." I shrugged. "But yeah. Cold out here, super-rama in the distance, can we go in your cave? And do you have any Stronius with you?"Xaron, what if it's a person? How could someone 'have' a person?The person we are talking to could be Stronius, if it is a person.Quiet you two. Though you do bring up a good point, Brain. And I guess you do too, you stupid slug.

    IC: SulkuaThe Toa led the two Matoran into the cave where he had been practising his sword styles."Sit down anywhere you want, I'll clean up the straw dummies," Sulkua said as he started to prop the dummies bck against the cave wall.

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  • IC: Xaron


    Sit on a dummy! It looks comfortable.

    I do not think this Toa would appreciate you sitting on what he is attempting to clean up.

    I don't care what you say, you stupid slug. They look more comfortable than the floor.

    Maybe you could sit on Kirgan!

    Brilliant idea, brain!

    You truly make little sense.

    Thank you.

    I leaned over to Kirgan, and whispered, "Hey. Can you lay on the ground so I can sit on you? You look more comfortable than the floor."

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  • IC Viima



    "Suits me", Viima replied. "Stocking up in Ta-Koro. We can use the cablecar."


    IC Kirgan

    (Ko-Wahi, Sulkua's Cavern):


    Kirgan went O_O at Xaron's request.


    "Uh, well... um...", he muttered. "I - I'd rather stay on top of things, thank you..."


    Kirgan took a few steps back.


    "Uh, anyway, Toa who brought us here, what is your name?"

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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu cringed a bit

    "Yeah.. While i hate heights the cablecar would be the best choice."

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  • IC: SulkuaThe Toa of Ice turned around."Oh, my apologies. I am Sulkua, Toa of Ice. May I know your names?" He asked, as he lay several dummies on the floor."The floor is a bit hard, so feel free to sit on these dummies," he said, inadvertently diffusing an awkward situation.

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  • IC Viima



    Viima grinned a bit on the inside at the fact Tivanu hated heights. He would enjoy dragging him to the cablecar.


    "Well then, what are we waiting for?" Viima said. "Let's go."


    IC Hile

    (Ko-Wahi, Sulkua's Cavern):


    "My name's Kirgan, I'm a miner. This is Xaron. We're here to look for someone or something named Stronin... You know where we could find it?"

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  • IC: Tivanu


    Tivanu sighed as he heard this. He slowly stood up from his chair and paid for his drink before looking down at Viima. While he was looking down at Viima, Kive-phu on the other hand was repositioning herself on Tivanu's right shoulder as she got settled in for the journey

    "You seem a bit eager." Tivanu said to Viima

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  • IC Viima



    "Just looking forward to a hunt."

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  • IC Viima



    "You finding it hard to believe?" Viima asked with a smirk.