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  • po-wahi.pngPo-Wahi:Po-Wahi is the Stone region on Mata Nui, located in a large desert with many canyons. The desert is a large, rocky expanse, located near the north of Mata Nui. It consists mainly of the Motara Desert, canyons and rocks. In the northern part of the desert, Po-Koro lays nestled in a canyon valley. The area has a coastline as well, where Leva Bay was situated. Paths leading to Onu-Wahi, Po-Koro, and the Quarry could also be found here. Local landmarks include:-Motara Desert: A desert covering the vast eastern portion of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.-Tiro Canyon: A large canyon in Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.-Leva Bay: A bay located off the northern coast of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui. Leva Bay is used as a port for a boat that ferried Matoran between Po-Wahi and Ga-Koro. The dock consists of a spit of stone extending out into the water, and a Po-Matoran to keep an eye on the dock and provide information. The Matoran also run a souvenir stand, selling statues and other items to travelers.-The Po-Wahi Quarry: A large, canyon-enclosed area of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui, the Po-Matoran built the Quarry inside a canyon formation in the Motara Desert. It is here that the they mine for stone to be used in their carvings. It also featured six large statues of the Toa Mata's Kanohi mounted on Matoran heads. These statues serve as doorways to the various sections of the quarry, unlocked by means of small keys emblazoned with the symbols of the Elements. -The Path of Prophecies: A road flanked by carvings, leading to the village of Po-Koro on the island of Mata Nui, created by the Po-Matoran Carver Hafu soon after the Matoran established the village of Po-Koro. On either side of the road, there are three statues of Matoran heads. At the road's end is the entrance to Po-Koro, which is carved into the mouth of a large Matoran head.Po-Koro:"Turaga Onewa's village of Po-Koro is located in the desert of the far north. Strange cliff formations dominate the land. The village consists of organic-looking shelters built from rock and sand. They blend in with the desert and work as a perfect protection against dangers and sandstorms."Po-Koro is the village of Stone on the island of Mata Nui. It is located in the Motara Desert, which has paths leading to the village, Onu-Koro and the Po-Wahi Quarry. Inside Po-Koro is a Kolhii Field, a bazaar, and Matoran Homes. Po-Koro is generally filled with sand and rocks. The most notable aspect of the village is its Bazaar; the Po-Koro Bazaar is a gathering place for the Matoran to barter and sell goods and Rahi, such as Husi and Mahi as well. Po-Matoran are the primary residents of Po-Koro, perfoming day-to-day activities such as trading and playing Kolhii. To note the Po-Matoran in Po-Koro are carvers, athletes, and shepherds, leading herds of local Rahi. They believe in the Principle of Creation which was derived from the virtues of Unity and Destiny. This granted them the skill of Strategy which help them in playing the games they invented: Koli and Kolhii.Places of interest include: Po-Kini, the Temple of Stone, dedicated to Toa Pohatu; Pohatu’s Suva; and The Temple of Creation (also known as the Po-Koro Ruins, a temple in the Motara Desert, so-named because it contained the Crystal of Creation, its entrance carved in the likeness of a maskless Matoran head)

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  • IC (Po-Koro bar):The door to the bar banged open. Patrons turned; the Skakdi of Stone sauntered past them all, a wide, leering grin -- which he shared with all his brethren -- splitting his face.The bartender jumped as the Skakdi's hands struck the counter and the Skakdi himself leaned over the stone. "A pint, 'tender," he said, his accent rather striking for a Skakdi but not too unusual. "An' make it fast."A pity, thought the Skakdi, the bartender was so small; maybe that was why he hurried so quickly to the tap, then came back at a Dermis turtle's pace so as to make sure he didn't spill a drop of the beer. Handing the glass mug over, the Po-Matoran busied himself with wiping another, markedly spotless mug as Raknar took a large gulp.He'd heard rumors passed around that he didn't need alcohol to act drunk. That, in his humble, polite opinion, was a load of Muaka dung. He didn't break tables and chairs when he didn't drink, just acted like he might, and that was all the difference he needed.

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  • ICThere was a notice nailed to the wall of this bar. It held the following message:

    Crew Wanted

    Previous sailing experience helpful but not essential

    Fighting, stealing, drinking involved

    Water/Air elemental powers particularly welcome

    Apply in The Black Spot Inn, Ga-Koro

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  • IC - Athillion - Po-Koro Bar: It has been days since Athillion had a proper sitting. The last few days he's been traveling away from his former companions; he didn't feel like staying with them anymore. This time, he was going to leave aside little, unimportant stuff, and make a living for himself. Suddenly, a Skakdi walked in. For a matoran, Ath had a blast thinking he should be afraid of him. But not after what he saw in that cave - he will never forget the terror that grasped him, even if it was for seconds. After a while, he noticed a poster in the wall, and saw the Skakdi's interest in it. "Oi, you, there. Are you going to go to Ga-Koro too? That's all I came here for."

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  • OOC: Ghosthands... you know Raknar too well. :lol:IC (Po-Koro bar):Raknar was downing the last of his cup of beer when he noticed something: In draining his mug he turned to the right; caught a glimpse of white in his peripheral vision; turned all the way around and read the advertisement through. To his slightly-muddled gaze it seemed to speak of an opportunity to be hired on a boat.He grunted, passed the mug back over where a nervous-looking bartender caught it, and turned to scrutinize the poster closely. Yes, it was an advertisement for sailors; and, what was more, in small print beneath the larger text -- "Crew Wanted" -- he could make out, "Fighting, stealing, drinking involved.""Oi, you, there."The Matoran behind Raknar was the speaker. He gestured to the poster and asked, "Are you going to Ga-Koro, too? That's all I came here for."He seemed innocent enough; upon looking over the Matoran and finding no apparent weapons on his person, Raknar replied slowly, "Yeah. Don't imagine there'll be any serious competition, d'ya?"

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  • IC - Athillion - Po-Koro Bar: The Matoran of Minerals turned away from the poster, and looked directly into the Skakdi's eyes, almost if he was staring at his soul. "Haha, as far as I know, which I don't, there won't be any. What's your name again?", said Ath, who was getting a tad more serious now.

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  • IC (Po-Koro bar):Raknar raised his eyebrow. This Matoran was the nosy sort: first asking if the Skakdi of Stone would respond to the advertisement, then trying to gather his name. Either he was just like that, or he was gathering information for a reason.From years of experience, Raknar knew it was best to assume the latter.Coldly, he responded, "I never did give you my name." And I won't, he added mentally; not until I know you better.

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  • IC - Athillion - Po-Koro Bar: "Well then, let's take it from the basics, shall we? We can built trust between each other as we go. Let me see, AH! At your call, we can find a way to travel to Ga-Koro, and it better be fast."

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  • IC (Po-Koro bar):Raknar's other eyebrow rose to join his first. Who did this Matoran think he was?"Well, I know how I'll travel t' Ga-Koro," he said, standing up and jingling a pouch of coins on his belt, tied securely shut. "But you -- you'll have t' figure out your own method of transportation."And with that not-so-vague announcement, he made for the door.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki continued on his way through the crowd whipping his head back and forth nervously and fearfully in response to the lightest brush of a stranger. He quickly checked his wrist gadget and walked towards the bar. He was thirsty, and hadn't drunken or eaten in close to a full two days. He had been too frightened to leave the back alleys of Po-Koro in fear that those who had attacked him would return. Or anyone for that matter. He'd been a nervous wreck ever since he washed up on this Mata-Nui forsaken island. He didn't even know what it was called. And he didn't really care, he wanted to go back home and the less he could identify with the place the faster. But how? Taoki had been mulling over it ever since he was beaten for talking about his homeland and couldn't think of any solutions. He needed a boat, but even if he had acquired a boat he would have no idea where to go. The sea was endless it seemed. How he had made it all the way to this island he could never guess. Taoki walked into the doorway to see the largest Skakdi he had ever seen inside speaking with a Matoran. He quickly did a circle and left the bar.

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  • IC: Maulg Maulg trudged along the Path of Prophecies, dragging his large hammer behind him. He didn't know why this place was called what it was; all he saw was big statues of heads and random scribbling everywhere. The Matoran that made this place must have been affected by the heat, he thought, as he raised a clawed hand to block the sun. Straight ahead of him was the entrance to Po-Koro, his destination... maybe. To be honest, Maulg had little idea of where he wanted to go at all. He had washed up on shore of this island months ago with no idea who, where, and what he was, save for his name. He had wandered the outskirts of the land, avoiding contact with most of the inhabitants, which, to his general dismay, were mostly Matoran. Although he remembered little of the species, he could recall he didn't like them. Unfortunately for the Skakdi of Iron, he was running out of all options, except for interaction with the villagers. Otherwise it would most likely be more wandering, hunting, and scavenging, making no progress in finding out who he was or what he would do. And so, grudgingly, he now plodded along the path to the wide mouth of another seemingly meaningless Matoran head. Maulg paused, just yards away from the entrance. Was he really about to take these steps into what could be the greatest mistake of his life? How would the villagers react? Who could he talk to? Would he be able to respond without cracking a mask in half with his hammer? As a matter of fact, that sounded like quite the wonderful prospect. Hoisting his hammer with both hands, he swung a strike at the nearest statue. The heavy weapon met the base of the effigy with a pleasurable thud and crack. The stone face still stood, but the tension had been relieved. Hefting his warhammer up on his shoulder, Maulg marched straight through the opening in the stone wall, his massive grin spreading an inch or two more.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Market Taoki walked quickly back into the crowd the spines on his back held poised as if expecting something to happen. The perpetual frown on his face grew lower. He hated being a runt of a Skakdi. He was puny. He had hardly any muscle build and he was short, standing slightly lower then the average Toa, which on Zakaz made for a few problems. Which was why Taoki had taken the time to learn knife skill. He rested a hand on one of his six throwing knives, and his other hand on his butterfly knife. The chances of something happening were pretty low, but he wasn't going to risk it. Not that he was. He pushed on through the crowd now closer to the entrance of the village.

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  • IC Oura - Entering Po-Koro: The mercenary strode into the Koro, having crossed the entire span of desert standing in between Po-Koro and the border of Onu-Wahi, he was rather thirsty. He kept his composure, though, and appeared to be going at full steam, as if he hadn't lost an ounce of energy. He looked at his surroundings, other than the abundance of people in the Koro, it seemed to be an alright place. In fact, it was quiet, not much talk, and nobody was staring at him like a mindless zombie. I could get to like this place, as long as it doesn't like me. The Toa thought, striding further into the Koro of Stone. Sick of walking atop sand, he decided to walk along the stone paths of the village, as they required less energy to walk on. All he had to do now was find this Ruyke person, and get rid of him, not too hard of a task, all he had to do was actually find the Matoran, kill him, and then get out of the Koro before anyone suspected him of doing anything. Not a hard task to accomplish for such a well achieved mercenary as Oura was, but keeping the death unnoticed was usually the problem; and a new face in town was always the most likely suspect. He spotted a bar not to far into the village, perhaps Ruyke was a regular there? Investigation was not his only drive to visit the bar, as previously stated, he was parched. He entered the bar, counting widgets that he had, and surveying the darkly lit area. Once he was certain that nobody was paying him any attention, and he had stared off enough curious Matoran, he strode into the bar, and made his way toward the counter. A frightened Matoran ran by him, nearly running into him, Oura watched as the Matoran ran outside of the bar, and then turned to look into the eyes of a laid back Skakdi, laughing with his thug buddies about the Matoran that just exited the bar. Oura paid them no attention as he walked up to the counter. "Water," he said, his voice rough from not being used, (and possibly from being dry). The serviceman at the counter nodded, and got him some water in a wooden cup. He quickly paid the Matoran at the counter, and turned around to look at the bar once again. He sat down in a chair, watching the bar and the people in it. This job forced him to talk to people, as no description of Ruyke had been given for Oura to go by, a con to the job, but money was money, and everyone needed it, even him. He would have to stay in the Koro until he could find and eliminate his target. OOC: Oura is open for interaction. -Oura

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  • OOC: Oh, no. Oh, no. MicroSnipe -- why? XD You're lucky this Raknar is slightly more lenient towards runts than the previous one.IC (just outside Po-Koro bar):The door was closing when Raknar exited. He stood outside for a moment, ignoring the sand whipping around his feet and the hot sun relentlessly beating his shoulders with heat; the few wispy clouds above, pale white against a just-as-pale blue, did nothing to shield the village of Po-Koro. Raknar took a drink from his water pouch and strode into the dirt lanes of the village.

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  • OOC:Had to. :P IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki looked back quickly to see the brute of a Skakdi exit the bar on the other side of the street. They made eye-contact. Taoki froze as the spines on his back were poised higher. Like, froze. Motionless. He didn't even blink or avert his gaze. He didn't move until he realized what he was doing. He walked even faster now, glancing back behind him a few times. Which would have been a good thing had he not walked right into another Skakdi who apparently was also not looking. This one was a dirty bronze like color and carried a warhammer.Taoki fell backwards and dropped both his throwing knife and his butterfly knife. He scrambled to pick them up. "Sorry." Taoki said shakily, his clawed hands practically vibrating.OOC:That's you Gamzee

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  • IC: Kaiva sat on top of one of the various dome-like huts that made up Po-Koro, overlooking the village entrance and, more importantly, the bar. A cigarette dangled from her fingertips, glowing a bright red. She watched with mild disinterest as a scrawny skakdi left the bar, but she perked up when a much larger one followed. She placed her smoke in her mouth and slid down the dome, intent on walloping the larger one good.

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  • IC: Skakdi? Skakdi? Maulg was taken aback by his discovery - not one, but two of his own species. Just how many were there on this island? Had they come with him? Nevertheless, the smaller one had been inattentive enough to collide with him. What was his rush? The scrawny being was now scrambling for his weapons, mumbling an apology as he did so. That wasn't enough for Maulg, however. Hoisting his hammer into the air, he slammed the weapon into the ground, causing the other Skakdi to jump and drop his weapons yet again. Maulg leaned on his hammer, now embedded into the ground. "Now what is it you might be doing here, ya little punk? And in such a rush to not notice me in your way?"

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki didn't pick up his knives and instead rested his hands on the other ones. Still on his knees he looked up at his fellow Skakdi looking down on him, leaning on his hammer he so non-politely slammed into the ground next to him. Taoki's voice was sort of wimpy as he spoke. "L-like here? In this village? Rushing? N-no no no, not me, I wasn't rushing. M-must have been somebody else you saw."Taoki glanced back over to where the brute Skakdi was standing. He ducked a little lower and quickly went back to picking up his tools. Failing to do so again.Taoki swore under his breath.

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  • IC: Maulg Maulg chuckled hoarsely as the Skakdi fumbled around on the ground once again. He had hardly a clue what the scrambling fellow had said a moment ago, as his ears were rather filled with dust and sand. However, he could sense the fear and anxiety in the stuttering voice, and that was pleasing enough to him. This Skakdi evidently did not want to be around both Maulg and the other rough brute exiting the bar close by. However, Maulg wanted to push further. "You're mumbling. Why don't you speak nice and loud and tell me exactly what you're doing? It must be important to miss me in your way."

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki spoke slightly louder yet not very loud regardless, "Trying not to get beat up by 'brutus' over there," Taoki started as he picked up the knives and stood up quite shakily shoving the knives back where they belong, "And you?" He finished sarcastically. He jammed his jaw shut, trying not to say anything else as equally stupid as 'And you?'. He quickly turned and tried walking away only to feel a tug around his neck pulling him back to the ground, causing both his butterfly knives to fall out of their clips. To his dismay his scarf was caught under the Skakdi's warhammer. He tugged on it, and much to his dismay; it did not come loose. He started to pick the knives up once more, swearing again, this time louder.

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  • IC: Maulg Maulg started to laugh now, deeply and gutturally. The flustered Skakdi was becoming increasingly amusing, being caught under his hammer by his scarf. He began to wonder if those blades of his would ever make it back into their proper containers. He bent in even closer to the restrained Skakdi, shifting his sights to the one standing by the doorway, who was viewing the whole scene as if it were being acted for him. "Oh, scared of him, are you?" With this Maulg tore his hammer from the earth, sending the hustling Skakdi tripping backwards, dropping the knives once more. Maulg laid a heavy grip on his shoulder, pulling him up and facing him towards the bar Skakdi. "Well why don't we just go chat it out with him, then? I'm sure he'd be happy to get acquainted with you. Maybe you'll find something in common - a hobby, a favorite drink, a penchant for killing small animals... Who knows what we could find out?"

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  • IC: "Oi!" Kaiva yelled from behind Maulg, prodding him in the back with one finger. "No yew don't. Tha brute's mine, yew hear me? If any'un's gunna fight 'im, 's gunna be me. Not this runt, not yew, ME. Sew back off, ya pansy."

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki's regular frown grew even more. He'd didn't want to be man-handled, and he definitely did not want to talk to the brute across the street. This Skakdi was full of bad ideas. A new voice. Taoki couldn't turn his head to see the newcomer, but he liked her. She had better ideas than 'hammer happy' holding on to him. Taoki tried to see the knives from where he was, but had no luck. He looked at his wrist, prepared to use the latest results of his tinkering if need be.

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  • IC (Po-Koro): Voices. Raknar glanced in their direction; a Skakdi and Toa, picking on a runt Skakdi, it seemed. Maybe they were arguing over him? -- or her? Trying to figure out who got to finish him or her off? The Skakdi of Stone didn't care; runt Skakdi were no good as warriors, so they only tinkered. He hated the lot.OOC: EDIT: I'm going to sleep. I won't be posting until late tomorrow morning, most likely.

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  • IC: Maulg Maulg whirled at the voice and prod, surprised by the appearance of a Toa on the scene, with no idea where she had come from. Uneager to actually start a fight, he shifted his large bulk out of the way, shoving the smaller Skakdi to the side in the process. Picking up his hammer, he swung it around the back of his neck and hung his arms over the front, nonchalantly facing the newcomer. "Oh, well if it isn't a brave little Toa, coming to intrude on everyone's business for no reason! And here I was, about to teach this little one an important lesson in socializing - but never mind, go ahead! Take on barfly over there. I'd like to see this play out."

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  • IC: "Yew think yew can order me around, Punk?" Kaiva prodded him again, harder this time. "Aye've got twice yer experience, easily. If anythin, aye should be orderin yew around."

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki stumbled and fell to the ground as the Skakdi with a hammer place his hammer over his shoulders. He made a quick scramble to pick up the knives, and for the third time had little success. He was still shaking although not as much as earlier. He had more composure at this point. Taoki had almost all of them. A quick scan of the ground around the three was all Taoki needed to notice that the Toa was standing on a butterfly knife of his. He crawled over and pushed the Toa's foot off of the knife causing her to lose her balance. "Sorry." He snatched the knife up with the same hand.

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  • IC: Kaiva fell backwards, turning it into a backflip that she immediately followed up with a front flip, bringing her punching blade to Taoki's throat and a snarl to her lips. "Neow, why did yew dew tha', li'l un? Why shouldn't aye gut yew where yew stand?"

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  • IC: Maulg "Hey hey hey, now! Don't go pickin' on him, that's my job! Don't you have a barfly to fry or somethin'? Never mind, don't tell me what you're gonna do. I'm goin' in to get a drink," he finished, heading towards the bar.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-KoroTaoki froze again momentarily. He was still shaking, although very little at this point, and luckily for him he had all his knives back. He reached to his abdomen and flipped a butterfly knife open skillfully and pulled out a throwing knife, twirling it with great speed between his fingers. He pointed the knives at the Toa, as threatening as he could look with his short stature."Because I'm good with knives."

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  • IC: "Dew yew wanna go tew? Aye'll take yew all on!" Kaiva drew her broadsword in her right hand, still pressing her punching blade into Taoki's throat. "Come on, don't be shy. Yew were sew confident a minute ago."

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  • OOC: I'm happy to be back to the BZPRPG. I'm starting anew with my characters. So here goes nothing. IC: Twilite, Toa of Lightning - Bar; outskirts of Po-KoroTwilite strode into the bar and moved his scarf down from over his mouth. "Ahhh..." He said to himself. "...This bar...good times." He chose a stool at the counter farthest away from the other patrons. "I'll take a glass of your strongest ale," he said to the barkeep. The bartender slid Twilite his drink and he picked it up immediately, tasting the cold ale and enjoying it.OOC: -Twilite open to interaction-

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki felt the fist blade thing be pressed slightly harder against his neck. He continued to hold his knives out. He looked to the other Skakdi and tried to place a look on his face that said- 'Elements?'He had however no way of indicating whether or not the other Skakdi got the message, and chances are he didn't. He didn't seem the smartest.He didn't. Taoki readied himself for the use of his element of sand if 'rusty' got the message, and readied himself to use his wrist attachment as well.The Skakdi walked away. Great guy.

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  • IC: Maulg This Toa is crazy, Maulg thought to himself. Provoke her anymore and something terrible would happen. If anything, he wanted to avoid a fight. After all, he came to the town to find someone to work with, not someone to fight. Without any further words, he lumbered over to the bar door, hammer now gripped in his right hand and dragging behind him. Bypassing the other Skakdi entirely, he shoved his way forcefully through the door. After plodding over to the counter, he threw himself down on a seat at the counter with a heavy impact and a large sigh. Turning towards the bartender, he growled, "Just give me something strong, I don't care what." As the bartender left to grab a drink, Maulg looked around the room. His eyes fell upon a Toa over in the corner, sitting by himself. His colors were the same as the female outside; Maulg just hoped the same wouldn't be said of his temperament. "What're you doin' all secluded over there, huh? Don't like to talk to people?"

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki looked back at the Toa when the Skakdi started walking away. And that is why you shouldn't trust a Skakdi. He sighed, "Look missy, but I don't want a fight. I wanted my knife which you happened to be standing on. It's not my fault you have worse balance than a drunk," He started. "So let's put the sword and freaky knife-fist thing back and you can go fight the brute over at the bar."

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  • IC: Twilite to DaulgTwilite placed his glass down and turned. "No, I'm just passing through town and I stopped in for one of this bars fine drinks." He reached into his pocket and slid a few widgets towered the barkeep. "I was hoping to see someone I may have known, but I'm afraid not."Eyeing the hammer the being dragged in with him, he considered withdrawing his own weapon. But he simply ignored the thought.

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  • IC: "Oh, sew now yew've got a PROBLEM with my weapon, huh? Get up, ya li'l coward, an' fight me like ye're a REAL freak, not jus' a midget one!" Kaiva replaced her sword on her back, freeing up her right hand for punching.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki stood up slowly and stepped back a bit. "I'm not going to fight you because in less than a few seconds you'd have a knife in your forehead, your chest, and cuts all over your body."He flipped the knives through his fingers again, "So why don't you leave me alone and go get your head knocked in by the biggest Skakdi you'll ever see standing at the bar entrance."He pulled his goggles down over his eyes, "And I'm not kidding about the knives."

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  • IC: Kaiva merely smirked and flicked her cigarette away into the sand. She cracked her neck and snarled, "Aight, aye'll take yew up on that offer, runt." Kaiva triggered her kakama and swung her right fist at Taoki's jaw in a speed-enhanced right hook.

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  • IC: Taoki - Po-Koro Taoki's neck was spun to his right causing him to lose his balance almost knocking him off his feet but he took a few steps back. He honestly didn't want to fight. He had been beaten close to death just a few days ago, and he hasn't eaten or drunken anything since. It wasn't a good idea. He also didn't want to kill the Toa. But if it came down to that in this fight Taoki was willing to do so should it come down to that. Taoki simply looked back at the Toa and swapped his throwing knife for his second butterfly knife. Throwing knives would be essentially useless against somebody with Kakama speed. He flipped it open with great skill and speed, prepared to slice with either knives at any given moment. "If you come close I will cut you open."

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