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  • CHARACTER RULESHere is where you post the profile(s) for your BZPRPG character(s) (you must post a character's profile before you begin playing). Staff is not required to give approval for characters: you may post and play immediately. However, we can at any time ask you to modify characters if we think that they are too powerful or otherwise against the rules. There is no set pattern when creating your character(s), but if you need inspiration for what to put down, look at the outlines from others and choose which category best fits you.General Rules
    • [*]In the profile page, you are allowed ONE POST; multiple posts will be deleted. Edit all your characters into one post, making it easier for you, your fellow players, and the GMs to find your characters. However, you can have as many character as you wish listed in this one post.[*]Your character must be from the Bionicle universe. This is not to say you must be an official Bionicle species, but it must be something that could come from Bionicle.[*]You cannot use canon characters, so no Tahus and Pohatus - you can be your own custom Toa of Fire or Stone, however.[*]This is the most important rule: Your character must be reasonable. No gods or other invincible characters. They MUST HAVE WEAKNESSES; it must be possible for other players to defeat them.[*]You must post either a picture of your character or a detailed description of its appearance in the profile (or both).

    Suggested Profile FieldsUnsure of what to include in your Character's profile? Here are some suggestions as to what would be useful to have - it is by no means a definitive list; other things may be included and some of these suggestions may be omitted. These are just suggestions. Remember that the point of the profile is to help others when interacting with your character, so try to be very informative.

    • [*]A detailed description of her or her appearance (this is actually required)[*]Weakness(es) (this is ALSO required)[*]Name[*]Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera)[*]Gender[*]Powers and/or weapons[*]Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera)[*]Personality and history[*]Anything else deemed necessary

    Below you will find the lists of Species, Power(s), and Masks allowed in the Bzprpg. I've hidden the lists under the spoiler tags to save space, so just click the tag to see what's underneath.-Playable Species:Matoran – No powers or masksToa – One elemental power and One MaskTuraga – One weakened elemental power and One MaskVortixx – No powers or masksSkakdi – One elemental power (requires two Skakdi in conjunction to use) and one Vision powerCUSTOMIZATION EXCEPTION:Personalized/customized species are allowed – however – they MUST resemble or be very similar to one of the above species, including abilities, powers, and power levels, AND must be pre-approved by Staff before played.-Allowable Toa/Turaga/Skakdi Elemental PowersAirCrystalEarthFireGravityIceIronJungle/"The Green"ElectricityMagnetismPlasmaSonicsStoneWaterOne elemental power per character. No multiples. No exceptions.CUSTOMIZATION EXCEPTION:Customized powers are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonable, non-overpowered, AND be pre-approved by Staff before used.-Allowable Skakdi Vision Powers:Heat VisionImpact VisionInfrared VisionLaser VisionThermal ImagingTelescopic VisionX-Ray Vision-Allowable Toa/Turaga Masks:Kanohi Hau The Mask of ShieldingKanohi Pakari The Mask of StrengthKanohi Miru The Mask of LevitationKanohi Kakama The Mask of SpeedKanohi Akaku The Mask of VisionKanohi Kaukau The Mask of Water BreathingKanohi Huna The Mask of ConcealmentKanohi Ruru The Mask of Night VisionKanohi Mahiki The Mask of IllusionKanohi Matatu The Mask of TelekinesisKanohi Rau The Mask of TranslationKanohi Pehkui The Mask of DiminishmentKanohi Kualsi The Mask of Quick TravelKanohi Calix The Mask of FateKanohi Kadin The Mask of FlightKanohi Sanok The Mask of AccuracyKanohi Iden The Mask of SpiritKanohi Zatth The Mask of SummoningKanohi Tryna The Mask of ReanimationKanohi Arthron The Mask of SonarKanohi Faxon The Mask of KindredKanohi Volitak The Mask of StealthKanohi Garai The Mask of GravityThe Mask of BiomechanicsThe Mask of GrowthThe Mask of HealingThe Mask of PsychometryThe Mask of ReboundingThe Mask of Sensory AptitudeOne mask per character. No multiples, no suvas. Period. The only exception to this is if staff decides to give a certain character additional masks or more powered ones as rewards or gifts in response to some event or contest.Should you decide to want to CHANGE masks due to character development, that is permissible – however, you must make a mention to it when In Character and make a small stink about it, as well as edit your character's profile.CUSTOMIZATION EXCEPTION:Customized masks are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonable, non-overpowered, AND be pre-approved by Staff before used.Special Vortixx/Skakdi Item Rule:Per the nature of these species' foreign origins, if you have such a character you're allowed a piece of advanced tech. It MUST be racial and common to that species, nothing really exotic, and MUST be approved by staff prior to playing.Skakdi: ONE piece of foreign tech (Zamor launcher, advanced sword or gun-like apparatus, etc)Vortixx: TWO pieces of foreign tech (special weapon, gizmo, armor, etc)

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  • Name: Joske NimilSpecies: Ta-ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Appearance similar to Toa Lhikan; deep red color with gold accents and armor, with a dash of orange and silver. Tall, built, muscular and athletic, his former bodybuilding and physical training translated during his transformation from Matoran to Toa. His is not large by any means, still on the smaller side, but needless to say his physique is that of a perfect physical specimen, and he works to keep it that way.Weapon(s): None currently. His is skilled with the use of Kohlii sticks and the balls, and as a member of the Guard is trained in disk warfare.Mask: Kanohi KakamaElement: FireTraits: Definitely one of the more charismatic matoran on the island, becoming something of a minor sports star in the Kohlii circles. With a quick smile, fun-loving attitude, and disdain for things not enjoyable OR exciting, many who know him wonder if his colors were mixed up at birth for that of a Le-Matoran. Seemingly always active, looking for adventure, and grasping for the next challenge makes him arguably one of the best players (and adventurers) on the island, a trait he uses to its full potential. Nimble and quick, his body developed differently from most of the other Ta-Matoran, lean instead of strong making him strength-wise weaker than most, but with greater endurance. He has compensated for this by using his head and mobility to be able to dodge and use leverage to his benefit, making him look stronger than he actually is.At least, that's what he USED to be.His traits and quirks have remained the same, including his outlook on life, but physically he has completely changed. Now a toa, he no longer actively plays Kohlii; instead, he is currently focusing on learning and mastering his new powers and abilities. A lot of the physical weaknesses he had previously are gone, now in perfect physical condition, allowing him to travel and explore place he never could have dreamed visiting before.Biography: Born and raised in Ta-Koro, but as a matoran spent half the time away either competing in the Kohlii arenas or relaying messages for Jaller. This left his Guard duties often lacking, but with the fame he brought to Ta-Koro with his playing abilities, as well as one of the few matoran who could get messages across the island quickly, it was often overlooked. His current home is a treehouse in Ga-Wahi, and in fact where he has spent most of his time, before and after his transformation. Now turned into a Toa-Hero, he is searching for his new destiny, wondering what the purpose was of this gift.Weakness(es): Ice and Cold. He used to fear drowning, but now with his new body he isn't afriad of that anymore. Instead, he now realized he is very susptable to ice and cold, and really messes with his abilities. He also carries with him the pride, recklessness, and at times temper (despite his best efforts to control it) that make Ta-Toa famous in this respect. Name: Marquise van Paikish, or simply "Lord Paikish"Species: VortixxAlighnment: Lawful EvilGender: MaleAppearance: He is tall, lean and black-armored with sharp claws, while the "skin" underneath is a mixture of dark purple and black. He carries himself in a very dignified manner at all times, dressing himself in fine and well-tailored accents. Wears a small white scarf about his neck, and the Bionicle equivalent of a top hat sits upon his head. Always has his black-and-gold crooked walking cane in hand. Speaks with an accent (British).Weapon(s): His walking cane and intellectBeing Vortixx and self-styled gentleman he has not the strick and rigid warrior training of most. Instead his most powerful weapon is his intellect, being a most accomplished inventor and evil genius. Still, violence will always crop up despite the best-laid plans, but he is not defenceless. Being a gentleman he is well-versed in the art of dueling, and uses his walking cane as a short-order melee weapon accordingly, able to stab, slice, block, parry, and counter riposte with it as well as any rapier. Made out of protosteel it is virtually indestructable and thus able to take a great deal of punishment.Armor: Toasynthetic BodyarmorA customized set of protosteel body armor built by him during his days on Xia, a testament to his inventive and technological abilities. While forging this armor he fused it with a dying Toa's toa energy, giving it very unique synthetic elemental properties. Due to the toa energy within the metal is highly elemental-energy resistant, allowing Paikish to take a great deal of elemental punishment without so much as a scratch. The secondary function is his true pride and joy however; he can voluntarily remove a certain elemental protection (say for instance Fire) from the circutry and launch a handfull of elemental attacks, usually around two or three. For the rest of day he loses said immunity as he uses up the stored energy supply, but if not for the briefest of moments he can control a Toa element. This counts as BOTH of the Vortixx allowed gadgets.Mask: NonePowers: See aboveTraits: Vortixx are known to be cruel, manipulative and intelligent; Paikish is only a handfull of these, trading cruelty for greater intelligence and plotting, and using his manipulative abilities only within the local laws and self-imposed honor and ethics code. He retains the species uninterest in ruling factions, or influencing the outcomes of events, and is usually only interested in his payment, looking to receive the greatest profit as a result of his actions as he can, but if there is a strong enough intellectual challenge he might offer his services for free.To this end, he reigns in his greed due to his unusual characteristic: Honorable Evil. He views evil as something to be worked on, a lifelong project if you will, and that it needs to be the order in otherwise chaotic free-willed world. To his there are clear and set standards to evil, lines that should not be crossed without great debate or reservation. To him one can be both an upstanding citizen AND and evil mastermind, both a gentleman and a mad scientist; it just requires a few rules, some ethics, a great deal of discipline. To be a raving, murderous, chaotic lunatic is to by default hand over the high ground to the side of Good - this was possibly the greatest loss to the Evil Community in modern times. From there the Heroes have the advantage, using moral and codes that can stir and uplift the poeple into action and opposition. If the Evil Community can however recapture the old art of graceful, passionate, and ethical villainy, you remove one of the greatest pillars the side of good has for them, taking a huge section of their foundation from beneath them and giving it to you.In other words, when the Hero is down, do not do the cheap shot; help him up or wait until he has caught his breath before continuing. Limit or eliminate collateral damage (that is, damage not directly related to your plot). Be polite. Be sincere. Avoid hurting proper ladies at all costs. And if the talaented hero manages to figure out your plot (the one you left clues for) and defeats you despite your best efforts, then don't hit the doomsday button; he deserves to live another day, having proven himself a superior opponent... that is, until your next scheme. Evil and be proper. Take the high ground. You ARE superior to the rest of the rabble; PROVE IT!Biography: His origins are the same as all male Vortixx: The species is mainly ruled by females, while the males are assigned to work the more dangerous jobs, and forbidden to leave the island. While all species members start out working menial and hazardous tasks, they are all given the chance to complete a ritual adventure climbing the Mountain. If both return, they are granted better working and living conditions. However, if a Vortixx returns alone, they are given a higher status in society, having displayed the ruthlessness necessary to benefit their society. He indeed did do the ritual, and amazingly returned alone. Grudgingly he was given a "lofty" position and title, but that is up for debate; while he gained more favor than nearly all the males on the island, it still paled in comparason to what a female would have gotten under similar circunstances. Fed up with the treatment he was receiving, especially considering his gifts, he devised a plan of escape: under contract create the finest and more power suit of armor Xia could produce, and when he was to present it make his escape.It his credit the plan worked, too tiresome to put in detail here. Since his escape he has wandered the universe, selling his services and trying to bring back classic villiany... with limited success. Her currently finds himself stuck on Mata-Nui, wondering if there is anything good on this forsaken piece of rock.Weaknesses: His intelligence can backfire, but more importantly he is a gentleman villian - he sticks to a code of ethics in which other villian (or even Toa Heros) could exploit. Also, his armor does not grant him immunity, only resistance, so if under heavy barrage by multiple opponents it will temporarily short out. That said, he is unable to fend off multiple opponents, his duelist training only takes into consideration one, maybe two others.

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  • Staff/Canon Characters:Name: Heuani (Hey-oo-ah-nee)Species: ToaAlignment: EvilGender: MaleAppearance: Heuani is of average build and height for a Toa, perhaps on the leaner side, as if slightly starved. His armor is black and matte; instead of reflecting light, Heuani seems to suck it up. He moves like a trickle of water coaxed by gravity: smoothly, fluidly, and elegantly, but at once inexorably. Always beneath his feline movement, though, is the steely precision of power, just prominent enough to make those he is near shiver slightly. Heuani's face is handsome, his voice smooth, and his eyes hard.Weapon(s): A flamberge with a rippling blade made of an uncanny, transparent material. The sword is hand-and-a-half, strong, but not brittle.Mask: Kanohi Felnas, the Great Mask of Disruption - the only known user of this mask on Mata Nui.Powers: Heuani is a Toa of Shadow. He thus has the elemental powers of Shadow, including (but not limited to) absorbing shadow, controlling black energy, launching blasts of darkness, creating shadows, and creating Shadow Hands. His unique elemental affiliation and singular mask aside, Heuani also seems to have supertoa strength and endurance - the origin of these is likely from "improvements" by Makuta.Traits: As an individual, Heuani is seductive. He is alluring in body, voice, and intellect - all beings seem to be drawn to please and favor him when they are in his presence. He enjoys toying with people; he will take as much flattery and adoration as he wants from somebody and then cast them aside with relish when it amuses him. Heuani's deeper personality, though, is constantly shrouded; Heuani does not share secrets with anyone. He is as unfathomable as the blackness between stars - all that can be clearly seen is that he loves power, and that he is vain.When Heuani becomes angry, his wrath is cold. He has a talent for knowing where to strike his enemies physically and emotionally. Heuani prefers to best an opponent without raising his own blade, but he will not shirk from a duel.Biography: Heuani's past is unknown - anybody who may have known him in a previous life has been made to forget what he once was. Now, the Toa is one of Makuta's greater liaisons to the world above. He is also a lieutenant for his master, a commander of enemies and winner of allies. How Heuani became ensnared by Makuta is a mystery, but it is assumed that he was equipped with his unique mask and powers by the Dark One, and that he fights for Makuta to pay off this debt and win personal power.Weakness(es): Light Elemental Energy; otherwise, Heuani's weakness is unknown.Personal Characters:Name: Wiremu (Wih-REHM-oo)Species: Onu-MatoranAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Wiremu is an average Onu-matoran. He is mostly black and grey in color, but has some purple accents such as his mask and hands. Wiremu wears a pair of round-eyed goggles at his forehead and a smock at his waist – the smock has numerous button pouches in which Wiremu carries tools.Weapon(s): Wiremu is not a fighter. He is an engineer. However, he carries a disk and practices often in order to be prepared should the need ever arise… but for now, he needs some work. In the way of tools, though, Wiremu is far more capable than he is with weaponry. The Onu-Matoran is a master of fixing things. He also owns one of the small, basic computer tablets possessed by some Onu-Matoran.Mask: A powerless Noble Ruru, the Mask of Night-Vision. Powers: Wiremu has no powers, elemental or otherwise – his potency resides rather in his abilities as a mechanic and engineer. Wiremu can be given bits of metal, a few tools, and time, and he will have tinkered with the parts and made something functional out of them.Traits: Wiremu is kind, helpful, and soft-spoken; a very well-mannered Matoran. He loves what he does, because it occasionally lets him traverse Mata-Nui at the same time as pursuing his interest in mechanics. As a builder, Wiremu is a genius. He has a reputation for being able to make anything (perhaps not necessarily true, but close to the mark!). Wiremu, despite his airs of humility, is secretly proud of this reputation.Wiremu wishes for more freedom. The liberty to wander the island and see the other Koros is an idea of a constant excitement to him, so he longs for some way to be able to leave the Koro with Whenua’s permission. Wiremu derives pleasure from observing and interacting with new and different things, thanks to his natural curiosity, and the few times he has been out of Onu-Koro were some of the favorites of his life. However, his life is a lonely one, and though he is on good terms with everyone, Wiremu would like some genuine friends.Biography: Wiremu lives alone in Onu-Koro, in a house next to the underground passage that leads to Ta-Koro. Wiremu makes his living from a number of trades. He builds both functional and aesthetic trinkets and sells them in Onu-Koro and elsewhere. Also, Wiremu repairs the mining machinery used by Onu-Koronian miners, and also has served as a handyman elsewhere on the island – fixing Ko-Wahi’s lift, Ta-Koro’s defense mechanisms, etc.Weakness(es): Wiremu, as a powerless Matoran, is very easy to defeat in combat due to his inexperience in battle and relative frailty. He understandably evades fights if at all possible.Name: GrokkSpecies: Skakdi of GravityAlignment: Mercenary, with a tendency towards badness.Gender: MaleAppearance: Dirty-brown and black armor, lanky, clawed hands and feet. Wears an over-the-shoulder satchel in which he holds his ammunition. Has a spiraling green tattoo over one eye. Very white teeth, sharp canines. Grokk’s armor is scratched and dented all over, due to a casual disregard for minor injury.Weapon(s): A Zamor Sphere launcher with extended magazine. The weapon has become one of his self-professed best friends, and he has mastered it with extended usage. The sphere types which Grokk possesses are:- Containment spheres: One of his favorite and most versatile shots, containment spheres are a unique tool of Grokk’s. Dark blue in color, when they strike a target, these spheres will form a solid, shock-absorbing bubble around it. They are useful prisons, but also serve as shields, which Grokk can use on himself if he needs a quick defense (or salvation from a long fall). The bubbles will lose power progressively after formation, but are susceptible to far quicker dissolution by means of strong acids or intense heat.- Acid spheres: Primarily in his possession as an anti-Containment Sphere, these strongly acidic shots are also useful in corroding metal locks or the armor of enemies. This weapon was licensed by Friar TuckPowers: Grokk, being a Skakdi of Gravity, has limited powers over the element of Gravity, which he can use only with another Skakdi. He also has Impact Vision, which allows him to hit his foes with a powerful, invisible blow. Aside from these, Grokk has no other special powers – however, he has some other natural gifts. Grokk is extremely agile, able to leap and vault over obstacles in his path, and dodge attacks both ranged and melee with ease. He is unusually observant, too, with a developed gut instinct about when he’s being followed or watched.Traits: Grokk is characterized by his thoughtless motor-mouth. He is constantly spewing gags, taunts, and other one-liners, even (or especially) in moments of tension and combat. He is self-centered and selfish, with practically no moral compass. Grokk is clever, sly, and slippery both in personality and in physicality - he is difficult to imprison for long, or to hold in one place - but he can also be impulsive and careless in the heat of the moment. Grokk deeply enjoys the sensations of empowerment and the surge of adrenaline that he gains through crime and violence.Biography: Somehow, he wound up on Mata Nui. Grokk is unsure as to how or why, and he has very little recollection of his previous life (so he says, and for all intents and purposes, this is true; he sure as karz won't tell you anything else).Weakness(es): Grokk is not resilient to most forms of powers, among those elemental, mental, etc., being used to fighting by physical means.

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  • Name: RamanoxSpecies: Ko-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodMask: A Great Kanohi Volitak shaped like a Noble Kanohi Akaku, however being a matoran he can't use its power.Bio: Little is known about Ramanox's past he was found wandering into Ta-Wahi, bruised, battered, clutching 2 swords and a dagger. Ramanox was soon found to be a skilled fighter (for a matoran) and quickly rose up the ranks of the Ta-Koro guard (despite being a Ko-Matoran), however he wasn't as strong as many other Matoran and lacked a good a defense however he was found to be quite stealthy. Thus Jaller assigned him a secret missions; unfortunately on one of these missions was caught by some Skakdi. Later after escaping he felt that he was too much of a failure to return home thus Ramanox wanders Mata-Nui restless for a chance to redeem himself.Weapons: Twin Swords and also skilled with a dagger.Appearance: HereSkills: Average blades man, skilled at throwing his dagger. Highly stealthy, and an expert tracker.Personality: Ramanox is reckless and carefree he feels that dwelling on the past won't fix his mistake and that he must actively shape his destiny. Still when on a mission (especially when it requires stealth) his entire personality swells up and he becomes as cold, quiet and dark as his dagger. Much more like a normal Ko-Matoran..Weaknesses: As stated Ramanox has low defense and average strength, also being a matoran provides limitationsName: NikaronSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Anyone against MakutaMask: The Mask of Insect Control (Friar Tuck approved)(Profile Image)Bio: Nikaron was found gravely injured on the shores of Le-Wahi by a group of Le-Matoran. The Matoran took him to their village where he was tended for by the Matoran, he later became a member of the village. However it was not too last as Makuta sent infected Rahi to destroy the village. Gathering up the survivors he formed a group of freedom fighters, and fought against Makuta with hit and run tactics but he soon realized that was not enough and set out to form a larger group of fighters to finish this once and for all.Element: LightningSkills: An expert strategist and highly skilled marksman. He also is skilled at carving out ammo for his disc launcher from trees.Appearance: He is taller than the average Toa and has a dark green armor with black highlights, also he is covered in a large assortment of throwing daggers. He is outfitted with a scoped shoulder mounted kanoka launcher. He currently wears a jacket made out of a cloth like material ontop of a simple white cloth shirt, a rag across his neck acts like a scarf. His legs are also covered in a cloth of the some color. The clothing question are dark green in color. (Link to moc made by Legolover-361)The Night Angel When Dressed as the Night Angel Nikaron whole body is entirely covered in rags, the one across his face now acts like a mask, his Jacket is worn inside out on top of his chest which is covered in securely wrapped rags.Weapons: Lots of throwing daggers(connected to him with a mental link in case someone tried to use them), along with a kanoka disc launcher. He has a habit of electrifying the projectiles he throws.Weaknesses: While a highly skilled strategist and marksman, he is horrible at close range fighting not being able to fight with a sword or even his fists, often just trying to escape with superior agility and speed. However is okay at holding his own with a pair of daggers. Also often times he loses his rational side when he has a chance to strike at Makuta. Can only use his element if he has a conduit, thus can't "fire" Lightning balls and the like, as many other Toa may do.Personality: Friendly and wise, he harbors a deep hatred for Makuta and acts very recklessly when in the face of his enemy. He understands that recklessness won't help anyone, yet can't control himself. Instead he keeps others from making his mistake. Big thanks to MicroSnipe and Friar Tuck for letting me use the following character.Name: SalvinnGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Chaotic Neutral, joins sides based on hope felt.Appearance: Tall and slim. Has a black under armor, with a dark green over layer, and purple highlights. All of which are designed to help blend in the tops of trees. On his right arm, which is usually covered by the bracer he wears for shooting, is a pulsing green Mark of unknown origin.Weapons: Bow and Arrow, he shoots with his left hand. Also has 2 daggers.Powers: Like Utu (big thanks to MicroSnipe for letting me use his Marks) Salvinn also has a Mark. However in contrast to Utu, Salvinn's Mark is one of hope. The polar opposite of fear. Also like Utu, Salvinn, has no idea how he got the Mark. This Mark increases his strength, agility, and marksmanship when he is around hope. It also lowers those things when around fear. Unfortunately this Mark is uncontrollablePersonality: Jovial and CarefreeBiography: Salvinn woke up in the middle of a forest one day not knowing how he got there, or who he was. Soon after waking he stumbled upon a poor village, which upon entering activated the mark on his arm. He charged out of the village, and raided a bandit camp, giving the money to the villagers. This filled them with hope, thus filling him with power. He soon realized this was an easy way to gain hope, and became a sort of Robin Hood to the people.Tech: As Vortixx he had acess to Tech, for Salvinn this is a special bow equipped with Trick Arrows.Current Arsenal:Net Arrow - Sets of three arrows fired simultaneously with a net connecting the three.Fire Arrow - Flint arrowhead coated with powder which catches on fire upon hitting a striker on the bow.Explosive Arrow - After purchasing some Explosive Powder from Stralix, filling a bamboo shaft with it, and using his flint arrowhead, Salvinn created an Explosive Arrow, which depending on the freshness of the bamboo can create different detonation times for the arrow.

    (Approved by Nuju Metru)

    Weaknesses: He craves the feeling of hope like a drug. Side effects are that he weakens when around fear, or when going for long periods without hope, too long and he could enter a comatose state. Also can't fight at close range with anything but his daggers. Can't control MarkAbout Marks, well read Utu's profile substituting Fear with Hope and vice versa.Coming soon, the infiltrator, the spy, the turncoat. (Well its not really a turncoat if he was never on the good side in the first place.) Also when I began to use him. Don't have your characters not trust him because you read his profile treat him like you would any 'good' character anything else would be metagaming unless I slip up. In which case use your clues to figure out his real alignment.Name: TorvSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Evil, pretends to be good.Element: FireMask: MahikiSkills:Expert Swordsman, is a skilled user of his Mahiki. Appearance:Muscular and well built. Has red armor over a black under layer.Bio:Torv was originally part of a Toa team that decided to defeat Makuta, however Makuta's minions clobbered his team. It was then that he realized, in his mind at least, the fight against Makuta was futile and instead decided to join him.Weapons:A Katana-like sword.Weaknesses:While not physically weak per say, he's also not the strongest Toa. Also his skill with his element isn't the best. Personality:If you didn't know who's side he was(Which your character doesn't know) he seems like your stereostypical, wisecracking hero. He tells jokes constantly, and he's the kind of guy who inspires hope in others, not mention he seems like a leader. The strangest thing is his personality isn't even an act, that is the true him, he just sided with Makuta. He's back and is now a personification of luck.Name: VernadonSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: For the most part neutral.Mask: Red Kanohi Kualsi, shaped like a Great HunaElement: MagnetismBio: Vernadon's father was a traveling bard and scholar. When Vernadon was born his father decided to settle down in Ko-Koro. As Vernadon grew older his father thought him both scholarly knowledge and how to play a flute. Vernadon's father's only other request for his son was to take some of his knowledge and apply it to something practical. Vernadon chose swordsmanship. Crafting his own sword and training for years. Unfortunately on one faithful day Vernadon's father was killed in an avalanche. For years Vernadon wandered the land, wandering how such a thing could happen. His answers came one day as he flipped a coin to a bartender. No matter how Vernadon tried to explain why the coin landed one way as opposed to the other he could find no answer other than chance. Thus he realized that sooner or later everything comes down to chance. In light of this conclusion he devoted his life around the principle of chance.Skills:An expert swordsman, Vernadon can spar with the best of them. Due to his many years in library he also has a large knowledge base. His greatest talent however lies in his tremendous skill with a flute, playing in a beautiful flowing melody.Appearance: He's taller the average Toa, his sword's sheath is located on the right side of his waist due to him being a lefty. His armor is jet black covered with intricate metru red carvings and designs, some of which are words in an ancient Matoran dialect. However most of the time, his armor is covered in a cloak which also helps him blend in to the darkness. Whilst wearing the cloak his appearance is that of a poor traveling bard. His keeps his flute in a pouch on the left side of his belt.Weapons: One perfectly balanced sword, he forged himself, that he is perfectly in harmony with. The sword is in the shape of an Arabian Saif the hilt is jet black interlaced with red, whilst the blade is as silver as the moon. The blades scabbard is no less ornate it crimson red with the words, Totum Descendit Forte which means "It All Comes Down To Chance" in an ancient Matoran dialect, engraved with a dark black metal on it's side. He named his sword Thoforza, "A Song Of Chance".Personality: Calm and collected, Vernadon acts for the most part as a gentleman. Using Charisma to win over most people. However in reality Vernadon is a far more of a scholar a fact he keeps hidden. Also in his head there is a darker persona, one with whom Vernadon is constantly arguing. Vernadon believes this to be his 'tails' side.Equipment: Saif, Father's flute and cloak, and a coin.Weaknesses: Without a blade, he has no fighting abilities. Also his fractured persona can lead him to do things he otherwise wouldn't. His control over Magnetism is also at a minimum, but refined ability. In other words he can manipulate small items easily but is unable to do anything with large items.Two New Characters:Name: Diasolia 'Soli' Kraar.Gender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: FireMask: Arthon​Appearance: She is of average height, main armor is Mata Red with a gold trim. The eye holes for her mask are covered by black obsidian. Overall she is fairly attractive.Bio: As a child, she was always better than her brother at everything, something even her own parents pointed out. Soli has also always had a fascination for how a sword was made. One day she met a traveling scholar and his son, Vernadon. The scholar gave a book to her that told the basics of sword forging, after many years of labor she finally thought herself how forge swords with the utmost precision. Unfortunately before she had mastered bladesmithing an accident occurred which robbed her of her sight. What happened was that Zyckel had also decided to try metalsmithing and she was showing him up once again, proving she was better than he was. Zyckel was sick of it. As his sister worked, Zyckel decided to put a few rather explosive ingredients into her latest batch of metal. Unfortunately the explosive materials did not just ruin the batch but caused it to explode, this was what blinded Soli. However Soli never aware of this, and to this day believes that the explosion was her fault. Shortly after the explosion Zyckel disappeared from her life, and Soli has always wondered why, for she had always tried help Zyckel improve, never boasting about anything. She misses her brother dearly and hopes to one day find him and strengthen their family bond. At some point in her life she became a member of CRANE. She currently owns a shop in Ta-Wahi at the base of Mount Mangai.Weapons: Seeing as how she crafts swords for a living, she has, you guessed it, a lot of swords.Personality: She is a daredevil, however she a big problem with seeing her friends in danger. She also talks alot except when lavaboarding or forging swords, her two passions in life, which she is very dedicated to.Skills: Extremely skilled with Mask, relying constantly on it as a form of echolocation. Excellent bladesmith, and lavaboarder. Is decent at using her blades in combat.Weaknesses: She is blind, also when it comes to fighting other than swords she has no skills at all. Her Daredevil nature can get her into situations that can be hard to get out of.As for the Other Character, well much him will remain a mystery for a while.Name: Goes by Slife Nuix, real name is currently a secret until given permission by a certain memberGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: WaterMask: Matatu with scope.Appearance: Black underlayer, with navy blue armor, and white highlight. Eyes are normally white but are no at times to change to a sickly blue shade.Bio: Kept secret for same reason.Weapons: A curved knife, along with bladed Tonfas.Personality: Simply put he's a psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain upon others. However when in public, in order to keep a low profile, Slife generally is far more polite and acts a lot like your stereotypical joker/prankster.Skills: Excellent Tonfa and Mask user. Is great at cutting stuff with water(like a waterjet). Decent unarmed combatant.Weaknesses: After a while, Slife ends up feeling an innate desire to kill, also his only skill in his element when it comes to cutting stuff. Name:Lif RyfeSpecies: MatoranGender: MaleElement: SonicsMask: RauBio: Lif is one of the newest Matoran to be born and is thus very young. The other Matoran often look down on him because of how different he is. Many find him strange and annoying especially due to his habit of asking questions all the time. Will spend hours just staring up at the sky.Tools: A journal in which he writes and draws. Telescope.Appearance: Lif has the average Matoran build his mask is light blue, arms silver, and feet black.Skills: Lif is very intelligent and picks up things fast, however his good natured soul means he doesn't take any advantage of this. He is also a skilled artist and writer.Personality: Lif sees everything differently from everyone else, he draws connections no one else sees, and has beliefs few others agree with. He is incapable of seeing anyone as evil even Makuta, thus making he really Naive. However he is still wise when it comes to other things. Such how the world works and principles of harmony.Weaknesses: Not a fighter, naive.This is a character given to me by The King of No Isles.Name: Kraeyn l'RohuGender: MaleSpecies: Toa Element: IceAppearance: He is a Metru build Toa with Grey limbs, silver armor, and a white mask and feet.Mask: A scoped Hau.Skills: Kraeyn is an expert climber, and an impressive user of his element, having lived in it for years. He's years of climbing have made him very agile.Weapons: Twin swords the hilts of which are long and hooked at the end, making them ideal for assisting in climbing up the glaciers of Ko-Wahi.Pet: He has a medium sized mountain wolf like Rahi, who Kraeyn rescued one day and has since then followed Kraeyn wherever he goes.(approved by Emzee) The pet's name is Dregier. He is a mostly white wolf, but has a black streak running down his back. Like Kraeyn the wolf is one acclimatized to the Mountains, an other place just doesn't feel like home.Personality: He is Kraeyn is of a mindset where he either needs to do it, or he needs to spend some time thinking on it. This leaves him wise, but also vulnerable. He his also somewhat introverted, preferring to avoid people and instead live in the mountains by himself. At least he was before getting amnesia.Biography: He is the brother of Naara and Kinika, when he was in his youth, Kraeyn would always spend his free time climbing the mountains and glaciers of Ko-Wahi. He felt most at peace when on the mountains. As his brother and sister left the household, Kraeyn began to climb more and more, climbing feeling the void that had once been occupied by his friends and family. He became isolated from the world, the only friends he had now were the few Rahi at the top of the mountains. He would now spend the majority of his days on top of mountains, and soon acclimatized to the less dense air and the colder climates. The heights he called home, would cause the average person to puke. On one of his days up in the mountain he came across a Matoran being attacked by a some bandits. Before he knew what he was doing Kraeyn had charged into action, the high altitude had weakened the bandits but had no effect on Kraeyn allowing him to easily dispatch the bandits. After that day Kraeyn decided that he wanted to live up to the name of Toa. He wanted to be hero. For a while things went fine, but that all took a turn for the worse when he decided to confront the necromancer Echelon. Meeting up with Echelon shortly before Echelon retrieved Wraith's body. During the resulting fight, Kraeyn barely escaped and remained in a coma for a few days. He awoke later and stumbled into Le-Wahi his injuries still not having healed.Weakness: He's not the best fighter, being only slightly above average with his swords, and he is not very strong. There is also a faithful illness with his heart which has effectively put him on a death clock. Too much exertion for too long a period of time and his heart will fail, potentially killing him if he doesn't reach a doctor soon. Name: Levolans goes Lans Species: Le-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Good, Gukko ForceMask: Kadin shaped like a Huna.Bio: Lans grew up in Le-Koro and always aspired to be like his role model, Lewa. When Lewa disappeared Lans vowed to take his place, training harder and harder to rise up the ranks of the Gukko Force. Unfortunately along the way he became extremely cocky and often ended up pulling stunts that caused major incidents. Such as the Gukko Cage incident, when he scared a good number of Gukko Birds out of their cages, who caused mayhem in the Koro. Even worse still was the Nui-Rama Hive incident, which even to this day is hardly spoken about. Suffice to say Lans' name has become infamous in the Koro.Weapons: Twin SaifsAppearance: Average Le-Matoran build, Lime Mask, Dark Green body, Black Feet.Skills: Flying a Gukko Bird, Using his Swords.Personality: Reckless, insubordinate, carefree, fails to recognize authority, these have all been words used by his superiors to describe Lans. He has never been one to follow the rules. While all his superiors will admit that he's a great pilot, none of them want him due to his recklessness, often putting the lives of others in danger. Lans is cocky and horrible with following authority.Weaknesses: His pride and recklessness, being a Matoran, disk throwing is only okay.Another Evil character, :evilgrin:Name: Soran LasmoveneGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: FireMask: Scoped SanokWeapon: A long elegant Rapier, it's hand guard seems to form into a flame, which, due to the black metal, has an ominous look about it. His Disk Launcher, is also black and it comes with an assortment of Bladed Disks. Which over the years, Soran has taught himself to forge. The blades seem to be in the same shape as the flame which is hand guard appears as.Appearance: He's a tall, handsome being. There was a time when his armor was bright red and with yellow accents. Now the red has darkened to be nearly black, and his accents have darkened as well. Most times he seen wearing a dark black cloak.Skills:His Sanok makes him an expert at marksmanship, and his years of training have rendered him an amazing swordsman.Personality: Charismatic and daring, Soran is the kind of man who after a few drinks, and round of cards, has made friends with all the patrons in the bar. This atleast is how he acts in public, secretly however he despises every living being on this planet. Believing them to be weak and pathetic. He despises the Matoran and their choice to ignore the deaths around, instead opting to go on with their everyday ordainary lives, this led to him joining Makuata so he could destroy this lives which are, in his mind, a waste of space. He finds it pathetic, that rather than try and make a difference in the problems in the world, the average Matoran would rather turn a blind eye. He despises the Toa that claim to be heroes of this Island, and yet they forsake that precious code of theirs. This has only garnered more hate from him, and led to him siding with Makuta. For he feels that in it's current state the world will not change. Thus he hopes that under Makuta's rule, however, it will change. To him it matters not whether its for better or for worse, and if, for some reason, it can not change, he's going to have fun destroying it.Biography: Little is known of his past, for he refuses to give it, some say he was once a hero, and others believe he was spawned out of the very pits of Mangaia.Weakness: He will not harm a Rahi, unless it's his last resort, believing them to be innocents trapped in this enternal feud the Matoran have created. Also he is not the strongest of fighters, and can only fight with his sword or if he is shooting with a disk launcher. Strangely he has a strong sense of Honor.Name: Vossen "Sev" Refur Species: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic NeutralBiography: Like most of his species, he just showed up one day on the beach. So he ended joining a team of resistance fighters in Le-Wahi, but after they were all murdered by Makuta's Rahi, he abandoned that path, and went the more morally ambiguous path. He began to ally himself more with the thieves of the Island, and soon became known throughout the Koros, as the Lunar Fox. This nickname was due to his crazy luck, and the color of his armor.Weapons: Twin Pistols that can transform into Daggers. Engraved in the Dagger's hilt part is a symbol of a leaping Fox. (Approved by Nuju.)Appearance: Tall and slim, with a dark black under armor, the rest of his armor is a dark silver. He wears a pendant that has the same symbol as his Pistol/Dagger, and a fedora, the brim of which generally covers his eyes.Skills: He's actually a tactical genius but his lazy attitude leads most to believe otherwise. Sev takes full advantage of this misconception, and acts like his strategy is pulling a Pohatu. Then just when you think you beat this week opponent, his gun is cocking behind your head. Checkmate. His quick reflexes have also left him one of the fastest and most agile fighters, much like his namesake. This in turn leads him to being an expert fighter in hand to hand, with or without his dagger/pistol.Personality: They say he has the luck of the devil, and that he could beat even Makuta when it comes to cheating death and gambling. He projects a lazy and carefree attitude which suggests that he doesn't give a darn about the world. In truth he just doesn't want to care, after all everyone he's known had died trying to fix this cruddy world. So what's the point. Weaknesses: He may be fast, but he is not strong. He also is inept at fighting with any other weapon besides the ones he possesses, he also tends to shield himself away from making actual friends. Much rather prefering to be the lone fox.Given to me by TX.Name: KahuwaSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralMask: Arthron, Mask of SonarAppearance: Kahuwa is mainly Metru red with black joints and matching light-weight black armor. His physique is very well built and he has a clean appearance about him. Kahuwa’s eyes are a piercing yellow which go well with his predatory-like yet striking face. His Arthron has the same colour scheme as Jaller's however the orange is replaced with a black color scheme.Equipment: Black metal gauntlets which are part of his armor are strapped to Kahuwa’s forearms, wears clawed gloves and shoes and as his primary weapons, Kahuwa wields two very light yet oddly-shaped black katanas. They're both straight rather than curved and where a normal katana would end, both blades make two 90 degree angle turns, forming three sides of a square giving both a hook-like appearance. The cutting edges of the blade are on the sides were the swords curve inwards.Abilities and Traits: Kahuwa is very quick and agile, usually liking to fight up close and personal with his swords. He’s surprisingly acrobatic, tricky and possesses great hand-eye coordination and fast-moving hands. While Kahuwa likes to fight up close, he likes to make good use of his elemental powers of fire but while resort to more creative tactics if the need arises.Personality: Kahuwa’s an easy-going type of guy who tends to do as he pleases. Despite lacking proper manners, he’s friendly, funny and a likeable person to have as a friend. Like most Toa of Fire, he has a fiery temper but he does a good job of taming it or not showing any indication of anger. Kahuwa can be very quirky at times and often very devious and creative, traits he acquired through years of trouble-making in his youth.History: Kahuwa grew up in Ta-Koro as a weapons smith and a Matoran. The Ta-Matoran always enjoyed his job and Ta-Wahi with all its marvellous joys, including lava surfing. However, one day Kahuwa happened upon a Toa Stone while lava surfing by himself. Now a Toa, Kahuwa decided to craft himself some equipment and set out to see the island as a Toa and not a Matoran.Weakness: Kahuwa absolutely hates losing in every possible way. How he handles the loss depends on the situation but in general, he absolutely despises it.










    The Courier of The Royal Court

    Name: NicolSpecies: Ga-MatoranGender: MaleBiography: Nicol grew up on the streets of Ta,stealing for a living. When he got older, he no longer was forced to steal, instead he would roam the roofs of Ta, relishing the freedom. Unfortunately one faithful day, he ran into the Seer and the King, who were walking outside, the Seer then had some sort of vision, which made the King believe Nicol had to remain working for the King, else he would die. From that day forth, Nicol was forced to work for the King and his court. He'd been robbed of his freedom. Over the years he has grudgingly resigned himself to his faith, having found a place for himself by being a courier.Weapons/Tools: A small trusty dagger he never goes anywhere without. Also carries a small banjo he's shown great proficiency in playing. Pet: Owns a small, black-furred, ferret. This ferret can nearly always be found curled up on Nicol's shoulders. Appearance: Standard build, dark blue Akaku, black torso, and black feet. The dirt and filth on him gives him the look of a street urchin, fitting since that's pretty much what he is. It's not uncommon to find a bird or two perched on his head. Skills: Simply put,Nicolis fast, really fast. It was for this reason he was made courier. Another skill of his, is the ability to sneak in and out of anywhere, you name the place, and he'll be in and out in a flash. However his greatest skill is perhaps his unique connection, with a few strums of his banjo, and some soothing words and he can charm nearly any animal. Personality: He's one of the nicest beings you'll ever meet. He's amiable nature makes it nigh impossible to like him. Atleast, that is, if you're not a member of the royal court. Nicol hates the royal court, chief among them Seer. His amiable nature disappears when his among one of them. Weaknesses: He's not much of a fighter due to being a Matoran, can only fight with his dagger and even then only mediocrely. Another problem is that he can't stand to see animals hurt in any way.
















    School Doctor







    (Free to use by everyone at the school just PM me first.)

    Name: MovikSpecies: MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: The SchoolMask: Powerless Mask of Healing.Element: FireBio: Movik was a Matoran who believed strongly in the dream, Vernadon's father possessed. He spent he years devoted to it, hoping that one day Vernadon would return to make it come true. In preparation, he underwent training to become a doctor.Skills: Movik is merely two things, a doctor and a scholar.Appearance: Average Matoran build: Arms are Yellow, feet are Dark Red, Mask is Dark Red.Weapons/Tools: Doctor's equipment.Personality: Extremely timid and modest, Movik reveres all and takes serious doubt in his abilities. Weaknesses: His timidness, and lack of fighting abilities.









    Name: Morillia 'Rit' RitonaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleMask: Sensory Aptitude, Shaped like a Hau, but slightly more Feminine.Element: IceAppearance: Rit is quite an attractive female, but the way her tall lean figure giving off an unemotional and secretive air, often puts people off, which suits her just fine. Her primary color scheme is an icy blue, while her secondary is black. She has a non nonsense look about her that she's been told scares some people.Personality: On the outside Rit projects a calm, unemotional and cold air. Breaking this shell of her's is difficult, and requires a lot of trust, rarely does she open up to anyone. However beneath it is a fiery drive and passion to achieve her goals. She is fierce and dynamic. She is quite probing always wanting to know the truth, and has an uncanny knack for deducing liars. She prefers you to be straight up and blunt with her, as she hates liars and fakers. If you help her though, she will make sure to repay the favor, as she never lets a dept go unpaid. To her friends she is loyal and steadfast, but to her enemies she is force to be reckoned. Her skills at manipulation and her resourcefulness makes her a deadly enemy. However beneath her cold and secretive exterior, is a strong desire to help the weak, and she will never stop in achieving this goal. Often putting her in harms way to help others.Skills: She is quite effective at wielding her Weapon, along with her Element. In terms of her mask she often uses it to scout out the truth. She is quite good at planning and resourceful at adaptation. Making her difficult to outwit. Her skills in Manipulation often aid in this manner, however she rarely Manipulates those who are not her enemy.Bio: Rit was born into a wealthy medical family, a practice her father groomed her for. However Rit was not interested in being a Doctor, she felt that such a profession just didn't suit her. She felt that she stood a better chance in more active defending the weak, not just healing the few that she could. After all, by her reasoning, wouldn't eliminating the source of injuries be better than patching the few she could. Thus at a young age, Rit left her home, in order to learn how to use a weapon, and to protect the weak. While she tried out many weapons, it was finally the Naginata she settled on, something about it just felt right. After training for years, Rit finally set out to figure out a way to protect the weak. Weapons/Tools: A long Naginata, with shaft being about 5 feet and the blade 3 feet long. It's blade appears to be made out a strangem, translucent, crystalline material. One that is more resilient than most metals. The shaft is simply a long black metal rod. In terms of other items, she possess a small journal she writes in every now and then, often using it to piece together clues. She also has a small harmonica she uses to pass the time.Weaknesses: She has a tendency to hold a grudge for a while, if you wrong her anyway expect her to hold a grudge about it for a long time. This can get her in some precarious situations. Also while a Master with her Element and Weapon, she lacks in terms of the hand to hand department. She also has a tendency to become jealous of folks.









    The Iron Dragon

    Name: Alaric Shaddix, currently going under the pseudonym: MalikSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleKanohi: Pakari-Used mainly for strength enhanced leaps.Powers: In his youth Alaric was fascinated by the lore of dragons, and wanted to create a style of fighting similar to their own. Thus when he learned about the ancient warrior called the Salamander, who did just that, Alaric created his own style. The Iron Dragon Style:Dragon Club: Morphs his leg or arm into an iron club made for bashing enemies.Dragon Scales: Covers his body in Iron to deter attacks made against him. (Requires large amounts of energy.)Dragon Sword: Morphs his arm into a long jagged blade used for slashing through foes and obstacles.Dragon Talons: Creates a small harpoon like blade at the soles of both his feet, used for walking on walls and ceilings.Dragon Lance: Morphs his arm into a large spearhead used for impaling enemies.Absorb: Absorbs Iron to increase his own energy. (Can’t Absorb his own iron.)





    (Approved by Despair and Tuck.)


    Appearance: Alaric is most often seen concealing himself in a worn brown cloak, however he will often use this cloak as an aid for pulling pranks and the like. Underneath the cloak lies a rather attractive Toa, what else would one expect from a Shaddix. While he was never as attractive as his brother, and now nowhere close due to his brother’s body snatching, he is still handsome in his own right. His armor is gunmetal in color, with a few icy white highlights here and there.Besides his cloak his usual outfit consists of a shabby, black, sleeveless tunic, with a sleek black belt around his waist, loose whitish pants tucked inside black boots, and a pair of brown gloves paired with similarly black wristbands.Personality: Alaric’s personality is very much two folded. On the outside one see’s mainly what he used to be like, a trickster, a fool. Always pulling pranks, and cracking jokes in order to help show others the absurdity of life. He hates seeing people sad or afraid, because he feels that it’s a waste of life to dwell on such pointless matters. Instead he would much rather see them up and about and enjoying life.However this is in sharp contrast to the other aspect of his personality. One stemmed from the murder of his sister. On the inside he leads a dark and gloomy life, one revolving around two thoughts: Finding his brother and getting revenge for his sister. It is this dark side of him that drives him for the most part. So while he tries and brings happiness to others, he has yet to find it for himself.Bio: Alaric was the brother of Dorian, thus he too was born into a life of prosperity and wealth. Of course none of this really made a difference to him. He never felt that money was important. The way he saw it, the people who were most genuinely happy really possessed large sums of money. So why couldn’t his father see that.However as a youth Alaric had a knack for getting into sticky situations. Often he would pull a prank on someone only to have it back fire and then end up in trouble. He never pulled this pranks with an intent to hurt rather they were always in good nature. He only wanted to get people to laugh and smile. Of course the people he saw in need of it most were always business men and criminals, thus he got thrown into heaps of trouble. It would always be up to his idol and hero, Dorian to save him.Unfortunately one time Dorian wasn’t around, he was on a tour with his band Daybreak in some other Koro. This meant that there was no one around to help him out when another of his pranks got him in trouble. He had tried pulling one on some local crime lord, unfortunately said crime lord decided that he was need of a slave. Alaric was carted away from his home, never to be seen again. His father never truly felt a need to help, feeling that the boy had probably run off, and that their family had no need for a slacker like Alaric.Years went by before Alaric finally had a chance to escape, however in these years Alaric’s playful nature had begun to disappear. When he finally returned home, he came upon a horrifying sight, his parents had been murdered, but more importantly so had his sister. This was what enraged him the most, that one could kill his little sister, someone who had never done anything but be kind and helpful to all. That was the ultimate evil. Seeing no signs of Dorian, Alaric assumed that his brother had left in search of the killer, and thus Alaric resolved to doing the same. He thus set off in search of two people, his brother and the murderer. However realizing that killer was probably targeting the rest of the Shaddix’s as well, he adopted the pseudonym Malik and abandoned the last name he never cared for.Weaknesses: His constant use of Iron-based techniques on his body has resulted in him being resistant to the element and gives him many attributes of Iron, among them being its weaknesses. He is vulnerable to water, and his strength and powers will weaken when fight it for awhile. He is also weak to Magnetism as its powers are more effective against him. Other than his personal techniques, he has no formal training controlling the iron element. Additionally, his techniques are reliant on being able to say their names out loud. Without being able to speak, their power is significantly reduced. He’s also unskilled at using his Pakari for brute strength rather only good at using it for Strength Enhanced Leaps.








    Jhianil's Crew

    Name: SayizSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: Vortixx GroupAppearance: Sayiz's frame is quite similar to his sister's, lithe, however it is bit more masculine and it is easy to recognize him as such. He is half a head taller than his sister, and his armor is a dark navy blue, with white highlights here there, most prominent on his shoulders. His right arm also has hints of silver. On his left thigh his sword's sheath is located, a dull black leather.Personality: Sayiz has only one driving force in his life, his sister. He will do whatever it takes to protect her and owes his allegiance to her and her alone. Even if his sister told him to take his own life he would do so, as long as doing so did not harm her. Wherever his sister may go, he will follow. This singular driving force has led to him being very cold, rarely speaking. He instead remains next to his sister at all times allowing her to do all the talking. Attempts to strike up a conversation with him, are more often than not, futile. The only other distinguishing trait about him, his sense of honor. He always wishes to remain honorable in all of his battle, the only thing that surpasses this wish, is his sister.Skills: Sayiz is a master swordsman, training for years to master his katana. He is always quite adept with blending in with his surroundings in order to remain hidden, which is a feat helped by his agility. Sayiz is also a proficient in playing his ryuteki.Weapons/Tech/Equipment: His only piece of tech is a katana with the ability to absorb energy based attacks and disperse them through a cord, as long as said cord is touching the ground. He must manually block with his katana making direct contact with the attack for this to work. Furthermore the blade can not absorb to large a blast and can be overpowered. The sword is dubbed Khatam, and is quite similar in appearance to this, with it's color scheme involving a navy blue hilt and a sleek silver blade. (Approved by Tuck)The only other items of note he possesses are a small journal, and a ryuteki.Biography: Sayiz and his sister were born to a single father, their mother dying early on. Sayiz spent that early time training in order to fufil the oath his father had him take early on, to protect his sister and stand by her side at all times. Sayiz was close to his father, in stark contrast to his sister, and thus was hit hard by his death, vowing to always remain true to his oath and pick up his father's sense of honor. After the death of their father, Ziyas decided to join a smuggling group and Sayiz followed. After years of being in the group, Ziyas found it more profitable to kill them all, and after the deed was done she joined the Jhianil, Sayiz following behind. Now he monitors the other twin engine, but leaves most of the work revolving around to his sister or Kirdis, due to prefering to be around his sister at all times.Weaknesses: He has little Hand to Hand Combat skills and is only of average strength, minus the muscles needed for the techniques he uses with his sword. His utter devotion to his sister will lead him to do anything to protect, even if it comes at grevious harm to his own well being.

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    Name: VirtheeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAge: 3015Description: Dark red armor with a black under layer. Very thin, not very muscular, except his back, it has grown strong from carrying his medical equipment.Alignment: GoodMask: Mask of HealingWeapon: A basic sword, nothing fancy, just a sword.Tools: A large, but light weight foldable tent made from Bamboo and Leaves, able to hold up to three patients inside when open. Broken weapons turned into medical tools, like a broken dagger turned into a scalpel. Vines and Tree branches, used to create prosthetics. All of this is strapped to his back by vines, in a very large leaf backpack, and added together is quite heavy.Powers: Weak elemental control of fire.Personality: Very loyal to those he sees as his friends. He can be somewhat bossy and hotheaded. Virthee is known for sometimes acting without thinking. He prefers to avoid fighting, staying back and helping the wounded. He is generally laid back, but willing to face danger for his friends and team. He is willing to listen to others, but even more willing to voice his opinion, no matter what the consequences. And always willing to help even an injured enemy.Skills: Virthee is a skilled medic, and a small time inventor. He can create a primitive prosthetic limb from wood and vines.Weaknesses: His lack of fighting skills. His lacking elemental skills. He cannot fight with his heavy pack on his back.Biography: As a Matoran, he worked as a medic, helping the wounded from the safety of the village of fire. He was somewhat of a self imposed outcast, staying in the outmost area of the village. He awoke from a horrible nightmare, to find himself no longer a Matoran, but a Toa.While he doesn't know exactly how he became a Toa, he has taken up the role as bravely as he can, though he sometimes regrets ever leaving the safety of the village. To this day, he still has that nightmare, and thinks it may be a warning. But of what, he is not sure.Around eighty years ago, Virthee took in a family of four siblings who came to the island. The oldest two left, filled with anger and hatred, something Virthee had tried to teach them against. The third left on much better terms, thanking Virthee, and deciding she was ready to go out on her own.

    Dreenan - Inactive

    Name: Dreenan VisicGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAge: 157Description: Mata green over laying armor, Kanohi, hands and feet. Black legs, arms, and body.Alignment: Semi-Good.Mask: Mask of flightWeapon: Halberd, iron shieldPowers: Elemental power of plasmaPersonality: A fierce warrior, always looking for a fight. Hotheaded, impatient, somewhat rude. Egotistical.Weaknesses: Easy overcome with anger. Not very trusting. Overconfident.Biography: Dreenan arrived on the island by boat, along with her two sisters and brother. After they arrived, they were helped by a Toa of Fire, who offered to teach them the ways of medicine, and let them stay at his home. Her oldest sister and brother were the first to leave and head out on their own. The separation of those two was not a friendly one.Later, Dreenan herself decided to go out on her own. She left different than how she was when she was first taken in by the Toa of fire. She was still prone to anger and hatred. But she had been taught to better resist them, and despite her attempts, was unable to learn medicine from the Toa.

    Molyan - Inactive

    Name: Moylan VisicSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAge: 252Alignment: HerselfMask: Mask of QuicktravelPowers: Elemental power of MagnetismSkills: Can juggle her swords. Good at manipulating others.Weapons: Three blades of varying size. One blade is a dagger, on a short sword, and one a sword.Appearance: A thinner Toa, but quite fast. She has gunmetal as her main color, with purple as a secondary color. Her Mask resembles a Hau.Personality: Moylan is overconfident and often acts without thinking. She isn't overly trusting until the gets to know the person well enough. She has a short temper, along with keeping grudges far longer than she should.Biography: She was one of a group of four siblings that came to the island on a boat. She and her family were taken in by a Toa of fire. She greatly disagreed with the Toa of fire on many things, and stormed out one day, never to return.Weakness: She isn't as strong as the average Toa, and isn't exactly very good in social situations.

    Vrana - Inactive

    Name: VranaSpecies: Toa-like Avian Rahi with Matoran level intellect. (Approved by Friar Tuck)Gender: MaleDescription: A pure black Toa, with a pair of large black wing out of his back. He was feathers on his shoulders and back, along with his neck. He wears A pitch black Miru, and has glowing white eyes. He has Clawed hands and feet.Alignment: It is a mystery, most people avoid him.Kanohi: A Kanohi Miru, though he can’t use it.Weapon: His hands and feet, and the talons on them.Powers: Flight, incredible agility and speed. Heightened senses a predator.Personality: A rather serious creature, but has shown a sense of humor. He does not like to do nothing for long periods of time. Despite his savage nature, he is often friendly to anyone he knows well enough, though it is easy to get on his bad side.Weaknesses: Lacks any powers other than flight. Close range fighter, using only his claws. He also has lighter bone structure than a Toa. He is colorblind.Biography: He just appeared on the island one day. Some say he is a dark omen, others that he is a creation of the Makuta. No one knows the true story of his past.

    Kirgon - Inactive

    The Blue Le-Matoran, leans back in his chair, tossing you a scroll. He smirks slightly to himself. Written on it, is what seems like a profile.Name: Kirgon VisicSpecies: Le-MatoranAlignment: NeutralGender: MaleAge: 212The Matoran grins, chuckling a little to himself. "And here's me in all my handsome glory."Description: Credit to KNI-Midnight Voyager"Nothing better than a classic."Mask: Powerless Matoran Kanohi Miru. Nothing special at all."I'm the best shot this island has ever seen, and don't forget it. My name will long live in greatness."Weapon: Disk launcher, backpack full of bamboo disks with sharpened edges. His attitude, which might as well be a weapon."And if it takes a shootout for you to believe my skill with disks, I'll shoot you down before you even reach for the trigger."Skills: He's quite agile, and has excellent aim with his disks."And of course, you all probably know how awesome I am already."Personality: Brave, daring. He’s willing to risk his life for an ally. Which sometimes comes in handy, most of the time it just means someone else has to save him.Kirgon is suicidal in bravery, willing to stand against any enemy. And willing to lose to any enemy too.He has almost fear, staring life or death situations as just another part of life. And it's blinded him from his own safety.He has a bad attitude, and is known for showing it frequently. Very, very frequently. Actually, he almost never stops showing it.He is against killing a downed foe, though he does what he sees necessary."I have no weaknesses."Weaknesses: Willing to face enemies far more powerful than him. Which most already are. He has only Matoran level strength, and high overconfidence. Both of which make him act rather stupidly in combat."My past is a mystery, filled with action, chaos, and adventures."Biography: Kirgon was one of four sibling who traveled to the Island of Mata Nui on a ship. The ship came into the dock, dropping them off in a new and strange world. They were taken in by a Toa of fire, who worked as a doctor. Kirgon got sick of listening to the Doctor named Virthee, and left out on his own..He left so he could do whatever he wished whenever he wished. Afterward, the times got tougher for him, running out of the money, he turned to small time crime, and spent his time in Ta-Koro, as a pickpocket. And he was a horrible thief.-Kinika-The Matoran snatches the scroll from you, reading it himself. He then grabs a torch, setting it on fire. "I knew I shouldn't have allowed Kinika to write that."

    Venator - Dead

    Name: Incendia VenatorSpecies: ToaGender: MaleDescription: Thick silver armor, similar to that of a knight, mixed with that of a Roman gladiator.Alignment: What he believes is good.Mask: Mask of Biomechanics.Weapon: Multiple swords, each one in case another one is destroyed. A small dagger, which he uses to kill, it belonged to his father.Powers: Control over the element of ice.Personality: A determined warrior who bravely faces all foes who stand in his way. He is cold, and nearly emotionless. He doesn't fit in with other people well.Weaknesses: He is weak against ranged attacks, and is blinded by his own goals.Biography: A being from a village that was destroyed by a mighty dragon Rahi, very few made it out alive. His family was not among the survivors. He became determined to hunt down and kill any dragon he ever found, searching for the one that destroyed his home, and everything he had even known and loved. He believes there is a dragon hidden on the island of Mata Nui, taken the form of a normal being. He is intent on finding it, and killing it in honor of his deceased family. At least, that is what he believes is his history.

    Zyckel - Dead

    Name: Zyckel KraarGender: MaleSpecies: ToaDescription: Black Toa Metru-style, with a bronze color on his overlaying armor.Alignment: neutralMask: Mask of SonarWeapon: A twisting black bladePowers: He has the elemental power of Gravity Has a mastery of preasure points on Toa, but none of Skakdi and VortixxPersonality: An arrogant and somewhat vain being, Zyckel thinks highly or himself, and his armor. He isn't overly friendly, but can warm up to a person over time. Unless that person is named Fiva.Weakness: He has an Intense hatred of ice, and cold affects him worse than the average Toa. He tries to avoid fighting, to prevent damage to his armor.History: Working on itProperty: Zyckel owns 'Zyck's Armor', which is located in Ta-Koro.

    Chronn - Inactive

    Name: Thedar ChronnSpecies: Toa.Gender: Male.Age: 916 years old.Alignment: His alignment is rather hard to distinguish, seeing as he'll work for anyone.Occupation: Owner and leader of "Dark C Investigations.Mask: Mask of Death Vision. Allows the wearer to see and hear the last minute of a dead being’s life through the victim’s eyes and ears. While he does this, he appears to be in a trance-like state. He has no control in this state, and only sees and hears what the victim did. It has a very unpleasant weakness that is harmful to the wearer. Though it will not kill or severely injure the wearer, the wearer will feel part of the victim’s pain, often receiving small wounds and bruises upon their own body. (Approved by Friar Tuck)Powers: Thedar Chronn has control of the element of lightning, which he has trained with occasionally. Despite this training, he does not exhibit any more power than an average Toa, though he has learned to use weak blasts to his advantage.Weapons: Bolt of the fallen star: A metal spear with a highly unusual tip. The point is shaped like a silvery blue bolt of lightning. Dagger of a Murderer’s Past: A dagger that has seen use many of times. It was taken by Chronn from the first murderer that he ever captured, and has kept it as a trophy, a bloodstained trophy that once took an innocent life.Tools: He carries with him a pack filled with thin stone tablets and carving tools, to write down every detail of a crime, down to the shape of the pool of blood. He seems to take great enjoyment in this writing, almost too much.Appearance: A Toa of the Metru style, wearing mostly Dark blue with black underneath. He is average in physical build, and has light blue eyes. Under his mask and armor, his face has many scars, along with the rest of his body. What he may have once looked like is unknown, though now the scars give a since of unpleasantness to anyone who sees his face.Biography: Thedar Chronn traveled to the island of Mata Nui from a distant land in an attempt to leave his past, and anyone who knew of it, as far behind him as possible. Though he never speaks of it to anyone, it is slightly apparent that he has had a highly violent criminal past, possibly even as a murderer himself. He has a remarkable knowledge of murder in its many forms, adding suspicion to the potential of a ruthless past.He can analyze wounds and often discover the weapons that caused them with remarkable accuracy. He is also skilled at elemental murder analysis. When he came to the island, he quickly created a name for himself by solving as many murders as possible, working himself to exhaustion. He did his best to make it clear that “Dark C Investigations” is devoted to solving any murder.Anyone who knows him understands that he is determined never to let a murder go unsolved, to the point of taking even the smallest of leads. He has not known failure yet, and when he faces it, it is uncertain how he will react.He is generally well liked by the people of the island, in all of the Koro due to his positive outlook and lack of any prejudice against anyone of any species. Though he isn’t one for making a show of respect for important people, treating them like he would anyone else.Weakness: He seems to have a very short temper. He is highly intolerant of any mistakes made by people working under him, and will go to extremes to make sure it never happens again. When working on an investigation, he is prone to forgetting important things that are unconnected to the case, like stopping to eat, and sometimes goes days without eating anything other than dried fruit and nuts, despite the effects on his health. This leaves him rather weak at times.Property: He owns “Dark C Investigations”, which has its headquarters placed in Onu-Koro, which he considers the heart of the island. The building is a three room hut, one leading to another and the second leading into the third.The first room is mostly empty, containing only a metal rack for holding clothing and hats, a painting of a Ga-Koro waterfall, and two chairs.The second room is larger, housing a desk, and two chairs, along with a much nicer chair behind the desk. On the desk is a lamp containing a lightstone, and a bowl of dried fruit and nuts. Hanging on the walls are three paintings, one of a stormy sky, one of the jungles of Le-Koro, and one of Chronn himself.The third room is the largest, housing Thedar's bed and personal belongings. It is sealed, and only Chronn knows how to get in, so no one else will see the cluttered mess of tablets scattered about.

    Brekan - Inactive

    Name: BrekanGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: Black Body armor and upper leg and arm armor. And a bright red Kanohi, hands, feet, and the lower parts of her limbs.Alignment: GoodWeapons: Bow and arrows, a single clawed gauntlet.Personality: An adventurous Toa, rather brave. She is rather shy, and doesn't really like talking to people she doesn't know.Powers: Elemental control of air.Mask: The Mask of ReboundingBiography: A Toa of air with an unusual color scheme, she prefers to keep her history a secret.Weakness: Not as useful in close range fighting. Sensitive eyesight.

    Drome - Inactive

    Name: DromeGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: A teal and orange Toa, with teal feet, hands, chest-plate, thigh armor and the upper part of his Mask. He has orange arm armor, leg armor, body armor (Minus chest plate) and the lower part of his Mask. He has two pairs of white spikes sticking out of his shoulders.Alignment: Neutral, though more towards good.Weapons: Morning Star MacePower: Elemental control of Sonics.Mask: Kanohi Rau, with no eye covering and fanged teeth welded on for intimidation.Personality: A rather cold Toa, distrusting and preferring to stay alone. He doesn't like people commenting on how ugly his armor is, he likes it that way.Biography: A Toa without a past, and without a name. He created the persona of Drome to hide the emptiness and fear he felt by his lack of memories. He used Drome to make himself to things he wouldn't normally, be braver than he ever would before. Over time, he became more and more disillusioned, thinking himself to really be the persona Drome. Now, Drome is all that is left.Weakness: His bright armor stands out and makes stealth nearly impossible. His spiked shoulders can be used to a foe's advantage in a fight. He isn't the best at thinking ahead in a fight.

    Tuatara - Inactive

    Name: TuataraSpecies: Toa-like Reptilian being with Matoran level intellect. (Approved by Friar Tuck)Gender: MaleDescription: Similar in overall build and strength to a Toa, Tuatata has sharp 'teeth', which are not actually teeth, but sharp points in his jawbone. His face is elongated, and has large dark brown eyes. he has small ridges going down his back, and tough scales over his body. Over his scale he wears generic Toa armor that is Black and white. His scales have a grey-green color to them.Alignment: EvilKanohi: He wears none, for he can't use them.Weapons: The small claws on his fingers, his teeth, and a Mere.Powers: Slightly enhanced vision in darker areas. Tough scales under his armor, giving him increased protection from most attacks.Personality: A cold, mostly silent being. He keeps mostly to himself, speaking only when he has something important to say. He feels sympathy for the wounded and dying, and will allow them a quick death if they wish to end their pain. He believes in repayment and revenge.Weaknesses: He has poor hearing, and is unable to hear high frequency sounds. He has no elemental powers, and is only as strong as a Toa. Warmer weather, like that in Ta-Wahi is unpleasant for him, and anything much hotter than that can kill him if he is exposed to it for too long.Biography: A reptile from the jungles of Le-Koro, he doesn't know how he got there, of where he came from.

    Grurlen - Dead

    Name: GrurlenSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleDescription: He looks like the basic Vortixx, only not as physically fit.Alignment: Medical scienceWeapons: Large shield, Scimitar.Tools: Medical supplies in a large backpack.Personality: A rather cynical person, he doesn't trust other beings. He is logical, highly so. He doesn't like unpredictability, and prefers things to go as planned. He hates when things are only half thought out, and rely on luck.Weaknesses: He has no fighting skills, or any weapon skills. He is physically weaker than an average Vortixx. He doesn't trust others very well.Biography: To be written.

    NEX - Unknown - Dead

    Name: Unknown (For now)Species: TuragaGender: MaleAge: UnknownAlignment: NEXOccupation: Leader of NEXMask: ShieldingPowers: Elemental power of iron.Weapons: Twin Boot knives, five short Bowie Knives on his belt, a Sword Breaker also on his belt, and a staff with a knife on the end. He has excellent fighting skill.Personality: UnknownAppearance: His armor is mostly black, with light blue hands, elbows, knees, lower jaw, feet, and heartlight. His eyes glow a sickly green. White Tattoos go along his entire body and they have also been decaled on his armor. The Tattoo designs are thin lines, splitting apart and reconnecting randomly.Biography: Unknown (For now)Weakness: Being a Turaga, he isn't very strong. He acts rather carelessly about his own safety.

    Netvor - Dead

    Name: Unknown, though Netvor is written on his chest armor.Species: SkakdiGender: MaleDescription: He looks rather mean, even for a Skakdi. His spine has been covered with sharp blades on each spike. His feet are shielded by s heavy metal armored boots, with short chains dangling from them. His armor is mostly a dark, dark orange and black, with bits of Silver patched where his armor has taken damage and been fixed. Most striking of all is the metal plate bolted into place, completely covering his mouth, and wrapping around the sides of his face. He can not eat through it, but there are small enough openings for him to drink, though it takes a great deal of time forhim to do so. He is forced to drain energy from food through his hands.Alignment: It isn't clear exactly what or who he follows.Vision: Thermal Vision.Weapon: He doesn't seem to carry any weapons.Powers: He has the elemental power of Plasma, when used with another Skakdi, but he never uses it.Personality: Nobody knows him, or anything about him, even how he acts.Weaknesses: He is weak to air based attacks, as he can only breath through his nose. He is unarmed, leaving him at a disadvantage. He can not speak, which leaves him no way to communicate.Biography: Nothing is known about him, other that he is not from the island.

    Name: GarmeGender: FemaleSpecies: Matoran of IceAppearance: Black and Light Green armor, mainly black, with neon green hands, feet, and mask.Alignment: Her friendsWeapons: Twin butterfly swordsPower: None, unless pessimism is a powerMask: Powerless Noble style MatatuPersonality: She is a rough, take no insults type of person. She speaks her mind whenever she feels like it, not caring what others think. She is pessimistic, seeing the bad side to everything. She'll be the first person to point out everything wrong with an idea, but is loyal to her friends and will likely still go along with the idea.Biography: (Work in progress)Weakness: Her comments can cause her to get into some trouble, and she is not exactly the friendliest being on the island. Being a Matoran, she is greatly overpowered by most other beings. Unlike most Matoran, she can't actually throw a disk correctly.Durim - Inactive

    Name: Durim (Patience)Species: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: The Toa AncoraOccupation: Loan shark, a sneaky dealer with a skill for scamming others into taking out loans with high interest rates, and then making them pay him back. If he doesn't get payment on time, then there is often trouble for the being who tries to cheat him.Mask: A Mask of Growth, shaped like a Pharaoh's Death mask, though of a copper-gold instead of gold itself.Powers: Elemental Water, which he uses as a close range weapon, He has lesser control the farther the water gets from him, making long range a difficult challenge. For this reason, he prefers to get a fight up close.Weapons: A pair of Brass Knuckles hooked into his hand armor.He also carries a Spetum, which is a sort of Pickaxe Spear.Personality: A tricky fellow with a friendly smile when he wants to have one, and a dangerous snarl when he doesn't. He once had little patience for others, and would violently enforce his deadlines for payment upon others, giving him a dangerous reputation as a terrible person to deal with. But, he keeps a lower interest rate than most others in his trade. Over time, he's grown a little more lenient in his time for payment, that way he gets more payment ad saves himself the work. A lot of rumors suggest that he's not as tough as he once was, that he's getting less devious and cruel, a rumor he's quick to deny. He lacks a sense of unity, or duty to anything or anyone, and fends for himself. If he sees a way to make a quick widget, he'll likely do it.Appearance: His armor is a dull copper-gold in color, with black-silver as a secondary hue. He has large golden gear-type designs coming off of the back of each shoulder at an angle, pointing diagonally outward. His mask is similar to that of an Egyptian Death Mask, in the same copper-gold as his armor. One part about him that stands out greatly is his chest plate, which has golden gears built into it under a layer of yellow glass. The gears do nothing except appear to turn as he breathes, giving the illusion that they are constantly slowly spinning under the glass, and are just for show. Overall, he doesn't appear to be a dangerous person, almost trustworthy.Biography: As far as he can remember, this island has always been home to him. He remembers being taken to Po-koro as a Matoran, because of his armor color and Gender. It wasn't until much later that he learned he was a Ga-Matoran, and not just a weaker Po-Matoran. And when he learned of that, he left the desert, which he had learned to despise, and headed toward the village in Ga-Wahi.This is where he started loaning money. Small amounts to friends, then slowly to more people, ones he didn't know. And he added interest, to make the loans more profitable. But with that came the problem of those trying to cheat him. He had to enforce his loans, using threats to make sure his money was returned, with interest.Eventually, something went wrong, or right as the opinion may be. He became a Toa, gaining the power to control water, confirming his beliefs that he was a Matoran of water, not stone. With his newly gained powers, he became more dangerous to cross than ever. But, some of his less pleasant associates claim that after that, he seemed to lighten up slightly. He wasn't as strict with his payment dates, and would let things slide that he never would have before.Weakness: He's a rather slippery fellow, but can be caught in a trap formed of his own words, leading him to much irritation. He isn't a great fighter when it comes to long range, even with his elemental power. He doesn't trust others well, and tends to avoid getting himself into trouble when possible. He has a weakness for money, which can change his opinion of a person rather quickly.

    Vibaya - Inactive

    Name: VibayaSpecies: Kale RohoGender: MaleAlignment: The twin gods, Mata Nui and Makuta. But he is a follower more of the Kale Roho idea of Makuta than Mata NuiMask: he has no mask, as he sees it as dishonorable to wear onePowers: He is faster and stronger then the average Toa. He can float slightly over land and water for short distances, but can only float above water when in constant motion, or he will begin to sink.Weapons: Wind and Fire Wheels, which he has named Upepo and MotoAppearance: He looks similar to a Toa, only with a very different face. He has black armor and wears a dark, blackish brown cloak. He has no nose upon his face, and four silver-green eyes. Despite his greater strength, he lacks the appearance of much muscle, and is rather thin and unimpressive. Under his eyes, he has small green tattoos, thin lines going down to his lower set of eyes, then to the bottom of his face. Out of his hands, feet and mouth, a think dark black smoke constantly pours out.Personality: He's rather self insulting, seeing himself as not worth much, and a failure to his people. He does not make friends, seeing no reason to. They only slow him down, and he doesn't wish that to happen when there are far more important things on his mind, like proving himself.Biography: He was born among the exiled Kale Roho, his parents had been banished long before his birth. And for this reason, he was not accepted among those who had not been exiled. His family history had mostly sealed away his access to the culture of his ancestors. For this reason, he was never given a sword of his people, for he never earned one for his own. He spent years trying to prove himself worthy of being among the true Kale Roho and not the outcast criminals, but he was not successful before the near extinction of his species.He was without purpose, any chance of redemption had been lost with the deaths of his people. The only things left were the twin gods Makuta and Mata Nui. And at times, he wondered if they had turned their backs to him. But he does not let that dissuade him. He tries to prove himself worthy, if not to his people, than to the very gods themselves.He was offered a job by a small being, one who called himself NEX. But with his skills, he has proven himself a master at death, and is among NEX's elite, a small group that have access to information about the organization that no others know. And he does it all, in the service of the God Makuta.Weakness: He can't hide with all the smoke his body produces, and the burnt smell the smoke gives off. He lacks the ability to use masks or elemental powers. He lacks the ability to smell, due to not having a nose.

    Jest - Inactive

    Name: Jest JohkinSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: HimselfOccupation: No one is quite sure what he does, only that he is a major annoyanceMask: Mask of illusion, though made more streamline and sharp.Powers: Elemental control of Iron.Weapons: Flying Claw ( A metal claw on a chain intended for use as a swinging weapon.)Personality: A sneaky and devious trickster with a taste for horror and darkness, suffering and misery. He's highly arrogant and self-centered. He loves throwing wrenches into plans, ruining anything that seems to cause other people enjoyment. He likes showing off, putting his mask of illusion to good, or bad use depending on who's viewing it. He's known for sarcastic comments and overall distaste for other people. He could easily be described as evil, but he doesn't see himself that way. He's overall a charming person if you can get past the dislike of joy.Appearance: He wears a sort of trench coat mixed with a cape in dark black, and on his mask he wears sunglasses made from dark tinted sunglasses. His armor is mostly black, with yellow boots and gauntlets, with blue shoulders and hip joints. His mask is black with streaks of both blue and yellow.Biography: He'd rather not speak about it, though he has accidentally let a few details slip out. He hated his family, who were always cheerful and optimistic. He struggles with trying to understand emotions of joy, to no avail. He in turn did everything he could to ruin their lives.Weakness: He lacks a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. He will fend for himself and is unlikely to assist others who need help if it could harm him in any way. He has poor control of his element, and is below average in strength.

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  • [Vejmeq]

    Name: VejmeqSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Vejmeq is an unusually tall Toa, of mostly dark green and black color. He wears a dark green Mahiki in the shape of a Pakari, and has bright lime green eyes that seldom blink. His armor is simplistic in terms of function, it serves to protect him as much as it can. He is covered in pieces of dark green and silver armor that are ornately woven together in such a manner that while he moves it appears fluid and alive. In the center is a very distinct icon emblazoned across his chest in white. Though he is thinner than most Toa, his shoulderpads give bulk to his arms. His black hands are dextrous and pointy, his feet also black and not very bulky.Weapon(s): Two blades attached to a handle that can be wielded independently (this, but much larger in comparison to the person, and the dragon/pentagram symbols are removed).Mask: A Mahiki, mask of illusion in the shape of a dark green Pakari.Powers: Vejmeq is a Toa of Gravity, and so has various gravity-based powers.Traits: Many who have met him describe Vejmeq as cold and emotionless. No one has ever seen him smile. He is so cold simply because he thinks much of pleasantries and conversations are unnecessary and useless, and so does not participate in them. Every action of his is guided by logic, calculating odds and supposed scenarios. Vejmeq also has experience in deciphering puzzles, and has great intuition. He fights against evil simply because to not do so would be to abandon hope, something that despite his best efforts he cannot remove from himself. He feels an irrational need to fight for what logic tells him is an impossible challenge, yet he cannot shake the feeling that it must be tried, and does not matter if he fails.Biography: Vejmeq was very different than most Le-Matoran. While others partied, swung through the forest and had a jovial and happy mood, Vejmeq studied books of other Koros and looked up at the stars at night. He felt that the stars were far more pure than anything else in the world, and wondered what it would be like to be as perfect as a star. And so through practice and mental discipline he turned his mind into a logic machine, to sift order from chaos and hypothesize. One night, as he was studying the stars, one appeared that he had not seen before. Intrigued, he looked more and found to his amazement it was coming closer. There was a blinding flash, and he fell, branch by branch, to the forest floor, where he saw how he had changed. The other Le-Matoran cheered him when he was brought to the temple to choose a mask and weapons, but he did not return their happiness. How could this have happened? There was no reason for it, nothing that would allow him to hypothesize that this may happen to him. Certainly there were stronger and faster Le-Matoran, why were they not chosen? Perhaps the Great Spirit valued his mind, the insights that he could reach? Was he unique in his eye?Weakness(es): Vejmeq is athletic, but thin an nimble, and so often would not win a contest of brute strength. As such, he could be considered fragile to physical force.


    Name: IsiakSpecies: TuragaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: A hunched over dark blue Turaga, with grey hands, feet and chest. He wears a dark blue Kakama. His eyes are lime green.Weapon(s): Isiak carries two tools:Turaga's Staff: This was once Isiak's long bladed pole-arm that he used as a Toa, and diminished with his body into its present form. It is black with a small silver blade on the top, essentially making it a dagger with a very long handle.Revered Violin: It is this item, and not his staff, that is most precious to Isiak. As a Toa of Sonics he used sound to help his allies and attack his enemies, but when he became a Turaga he lost much of his power to do so. And so he used what power he had inward, and constantly thinks of melodies and pieces of music and how he can make them. He crafted the violin himself long ago, and there is no other instrument like it to his knowledge on the entire island, and so he is immensely protective of it.Mask: A dark blue Noble Kakama, mask of speed. Though decreased in power, it still functions to move him fast.Powers: Isiak was once a Toa of Sonics, and being a Turaga has this power but is severely limited.Traits: Isiak is knowledgeable about many various tidbits of wisdom in the world, and spends most of his intellectual power composing music in his head. He feels that when he was a Toa he helped as much as he could to defeat Makuta, and so largely does not think that there is very much he can do to help more. He is always willing to help those in need whom he has the capacity to help, though.Biography: Before he became a Toa, he believed himself to be an Onu-Matoran due to his grey colors. And so he resided in Onu-Koro during his life as a Matoran, and when he found a Toa Stone deep in a cave he was surprised to find that he did not become a Toa of Earth, but of Sonics. Apparently in the time before the Cataclysm when he lived in Metru Nui, he was a De-Matoran that had come to visit (but of course he cannot remember his past before the Cataclysm). And so he used his powers to protect Onu-Koro from many Rahi attacks. He joined with three other Toa, one of Fire and one of the Green, and went on many adventures. The third was another Toa of Sonics named Qathek. He thinks that all of his comrades died in the defense of Ta-Koro against innumerable Rahi, but Isiak knows not that Qathek survived. The Koro was saved, but Isiak was now alone. A few years later he became a Turaga after using nearly all of his elemental power to prevent a cave in that would have killed thirty. Now a Turaga, he wanders the island in search of a new purpose.Weakness(es): Being a Turaga, he is physically weak and vulnerable.


    (I have decided to no longer use this character)Name: UarchSpecies: Mutated Matoran (see biography)Alignment: EvilGender: MaleAppearance: In his natural state, Uarch appears little more than a sea-monster Rahi. He appears to be a hybrid between a shark and some sort of eel, with four posable fins much like a ancient sea dinosaur. His skin is desaturated blue, with a pale underside and black streaks across his back along with sharp spines. His other state, that of a 'Pseudo-Toa', appears vaguely like a Toa, yet his yellow animalistic eyes remain. This form has little natural armor, and much of his arms and legs are distinctively organic. In this form, his face save for his eyes are covered with a featureless polygonal mask. His spines have become shorter and flatten out across his spine. In this form he could pass as a Toa to the residents of the island, if they don't look too closely at his eyes.Weapon(s): Uarch in his natural state has extremely sharp teeth that can pierce through rock, and a constricting body to ensnare prey. In his other state, he can call forth two large spines from his wrists that are nearly as hard as protosteel, each the length of a shortsword. These weapons are a part of him and so cannot be removed without cutting his hands off.Powers: Uarch has control over the element of Water, and can breathe indefinitely underwater. He can shift his body between his sea-monster and Pseudo-Toa form, but no others.Traits: Uarch is as predatory as an intelligent being can be, seeking prey and vengeance. He is capable of speech, but his words are short and he cuts out all unnecessary words, leaving mostly nouns and verbs. He serves Teridax in the sense that he fights and attacks various coastal and riverside villages, and all of Teridax's Rahi and Minions appear to not attack him. Teridax apparently recognizes him as a servant.Biography: Formerly a Po-Matoran, Uarch went by a different name then that he has long since forgotten. One day he was visiting the shores of Ga-Wahi, when a sort of canister appeared in the distant ocean. Curious, he watched as it landed on the shore. Examining it, he noticed what appeared to be a button, and pressed it. A Visorak burst from the canister, and held him down as it pumped its mutating venom into his blood. A nearby Toa of Water heard his screams and came to help. She tried to dislodge the Visorak with water, but it held firmly to him. And so she swung forward with her sword to kill it, and pierced its chest. The Visorak died, and it was at that moment that a separate compartment of the Canister opened, revealing a long sea-serpent. Unaware of its presence, the Toa of Water made to assist the Matoran but stopped when a bladed tongue two feet long struck through here chest. The dead Toa fell onto the immobilized Matoran, and the serpent Rahi did not see him and so slid into the ocean. Elemental energy of Water poured out of the body of the Toa, at the same time the Visorak's venom took its course on his body. Such close proximity to a large amount of dissipating Elemental Water energy caused the mutation to develop a mechanism in which he also had elemental powers. He screamed as his body morphed into a hideous monster, and the now rising waves carried him into the sea. The next time he was conscious he found that his mind was fogged with animal insanity and violence, and he was now an abomination of the sea. What remained of his lucidity told him that the Toa was to blame for this, and so made it his life to kill and devour all of them and all they protected. His ability to change into a Toa-like form is a side effect of the proximity with the Toa, and is vaguely in her shape.Weakness(es): Being a creature of the sea, Uarch is vulnerable to fire.


    Name: QathekSpecies: ToaAlignment: EvilGender: MaleAppearance: Qathek is of average Toa height, and is clad in intricately curved black armor highlighted with grey. The lines of grey seems to trace out some sort of intricate pattern. Across his armored chest is a large grey symbol that all of the lines on his body appear to lead back to. His Kanohi is in the shape of a grey Kualsi, but there are no eyeholes in it whatsoever. One wonders if he even has eyes.Weapon(s): He caries with him a long, strange looking silver sword. It is extremely thin, with a simplistic black handle.Mask: Mask of Sensory Aptitude in the shape of a Kualsi.Powers: Qathek is a Toa of Sonics, and so has various sonic-based powers. His mask heightens all of his senses as well as his balance. He has forgone sight entirely by closing up the eyeholes in his mask, and navigates entirely through his heightened sense of hearing and his sonic ability to periodically send out an extremely small pulse of sound.Traits: Qathek is what many would call insane, in that he hears things that no one else can hear. Yet this is due entirely to sensing a sort of 'song' in everything that he sees. He tried to remove his sight so he could not see the things that made the maddening song, but it persisted. And so he has committed his life to destroying the song and make the Discord, where all things are chaos.Biography: Qathek was one of the Matoran of Sonics that were by chance integrated into Onu-Koro once Metru Nui was abandoned. His black colors seemed to affirm this, and so he acted as any Onu-Matoran would. He became good friends with another Matoran, Isiak, and when both became Toa of Sonics they created a Toa team. Qathek was constantly plagued by a monotonous song that he heard all of the time, but Isiak hardly ever heard it as a Toa. It drew him to the brink of mental instability, and resolved that he must destroy the song. During the siege of Ta-Koro a few decades ago, his other two comrades were killed, but he escaped. He wandered blindly through the landscape, getting yet more and more insane to the song. And then, it ceased. He had walked to the steps of Kini-Nui. A great darkness exuded itself from the temple, and sensed his lingering insanity. It made a deal with him, that if Qathek shall serve him he shall spread the blissful silence across the lands. In order to make his new servant useful outside of his domain, he allowed for him to remove the song altogether from his perception. Qathek revered this darkness, and has committed himself to spreading the silence to all things and destroying the song.Weakness(es): Qathek is fragile to physical force, and not incredibly strong.

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  • [sTATUS: MIA]Name: Eidolon 'Fortress'Species: ToaGender: MaleElement: MagnetismKanohi: Mahiki, in the shape of an Akaku.Personality: Blunt. Eidolon is sarcastic, quick-witted, and tends to act on instinct; well before thinking. He is a brilliant tactician, with a penchant for close combat. The Toa is quite critical of those around him, often divulging in vulgar, scurrilous verbal attacks.Appearance: Average height and build for a Toa, draped in a short, faded royal purple armcloak, and medium segmented armor. He appears to be grey and purple, with black highlights, although most of his paint has peeled, faded, or been overtaken by rust and pitting. Ashes and fire-scarring surround every joint and hole in his armor, leading one to assume there was a fire inside of his armor at some point in time. Fading, flickering grey eyes peer out from behind his equally destroyed Kanohi.Bio: “'Fortress', is his name. He is a man that has stood the test of battering storms, and crippling flurries of the Gods themselves. His rusted, pitted armor is a very testament to the will of the Toa before you, cast from the purest of metals in the forges of Artakha, and brought forth to send his opponents right back to the pit from whence they came!”At least, that's how Eidolon is pitched to the crowds of the cage fighting circuit on Mata Nui. Outside of his legendary ring status, the Toa called Eidolon is, to put it bluntly, the shell of a Toa wasted. His dreams of becoming a hero in a Toa team were shattered, when his short temper and instinctual mannerisms were deemed unsafe for a defender of the Mata Nuians. Bitter, headstrong, and determined to show his peers what he was capable of, Eidolon has spent much of his years a drifter, drowning his pains in fine cigars, alcohol, and the lifesblood of his ring combatants.Weaknesses: Several addictions, blinding rage, rarely sober. Name: SovereignSpecies: ToaElement: IceKanohi: Matatu, carved as a scarred, severely damaged MiruPersonality: Quick-witted, soft-spoken, and edgy. The man known as Sovereign is a creature of wisdom, anger, and deception; the combination of which makes him appear an irritable, quiet, brooding being. He frequently uses his Kanohi Matatu and control of the element of ice to manipulate the mood and atmosphere of locations he occupies, rather than directly speaking.Appearance: Frame-wise, Sovereign stands no larger nor wider than the average Toa; but his body language, that of coldness, apathy, and calculating observation, sets him apart from the average, heroic character a Toa embodies. His armor is a seemingly mismatched decoration of others' armor, mostly a faded grey, with highlights of dirty off-white and sun-bleached black. The plethora of scarring, burn marks, rust, and peeled paint that covers his visage often piques the curiosity of villagers, though he never speaks of how he became so disheveled.Bio: Sovereign. Toa classification C-14.6. Although the man does not speak, several facts are known of the history of Sovereign. He once bore a name, as a young Toa who defended his native territory with pride and bravado, though that was long swept away by the tides of time itself. His service history to [DELETED] was one long and illustrious, and he was well-known for his buoyant demeanor, and ability to approach nearly any situation with balance and democracy. Yet, like all that stands the test of time, Sovereign became disillusioned; experienced, if one will. His taskings and duty to his people resulted in lesser seen operations, of deceptive and covert nature, and his frequent presence in [ERROR-- TEXT FILE NOT FOUND] slowly faded to occasional sightings. The man once known for his aura of harmony and optimism became a creature forged in silence and bloodshed; scarred with the knowledge of the world and it's malevolent ways.Weaknesses: Lack of communication and contacts. Damage to his Kanohi has made it occasionally unreliable, giving out at most inconvenient moments.

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  • Name: Utu Kotore (Oo-Two, Ko-tore-ay)Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IceAlignment: Chaotic Evil, MakutaDescription: An extremely tall and an intensely muscular being, Utu's armor is mainly white with very small dashes of light blue highlights in places that match the same glowing color in his eyes. He carries with him an air that is threatening and powerful, and has a knack for being feared just by his presence.Mask: A white non-functioning Kanohi Miru.Weapons: A massive broadsword close to the same size as a small-ish Toa. The hilt is ornately adorned and in the center, the Mark of Fear is embroidered.Powers: Ice elemental powers, the Mark/Rune of Fear. The Mark of Fear allows Utu to absorb fear, in any given area, to feed his Mark, get a high, and get increased strength. This strength/high is very situational. Potentially, it could be endless, and is gauged on how much fear is in the area. An active Mark will glow, as Utu's does, as well as his eyes when active.Power approved by Friar TuckPersonality: Manipulative, overconfident, and intelligent, Utu is known for his dark demeanor, and powerful presence. He is stubborn, but not so stubborn he would jump to his death. He is smart, and manipulative, and has a knack for getting into the minds of others. Especially when this concerns fear. Utu takes great pleasure in being able to break down an opponent, and analyze them; figuring out their fear. He also has a thing for names, as it helps him identify with whoever it is he's speaking or fighting with.Biography: Utu's origins are traced back to a village in Ko-Wahi, where he was "born" and raised. Initially, a Matoran, Utu lived in a village made up entirely of either Ko-Toa, or Ko-Matoran. Utu never once left the village full of thieves and murders, not until he ran away. He was always considered the village's "screw up" and nothing short of dreadfully mediocre, or useless. His parents and his brother treated him even worse, not just with disinterest, but disdain and disappointment. This spawned a hatred for his people, a hatred which would lead to all of their deaths, and Utu's unreachable quest to be "special".Utu woke up in the Ko-Wahi Drifts, near his village with a glowing dark Mark on his arm. This Rune allowed him to absorb fear and turn it into strength. It also gives him a high that he has become vastly addicted to. The Mark's high is extremely addicting, and Utu did not resist it after realizing so. Utu, after realizing the implications of the Mark, used it to kill the vast majority of his old village in a fit of rage. Anybody that didn't get away was quickly torn to shreds, and those that did escape; Utu tracked down one by one. He only left one Toa alive.Weakness: Quick well placed strikes, back of the head. Hope as it can lower and negate the effects of his Mark.

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    Name: Taoki (Tay-oh-key)Gender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Light brown with tan highlights, scrawny build and short (For a Skakdi - He is slightely shorter than an average Toa), wears white goggles and a white scarf, perpetual half frownMask: NoneWeapons: Six throwing knives, two butterfly knives, and a wrist attachment that creates some sort of energy whip - He's still working out the kinks. It rests on the underside of his forearm.Weapon approved by Emzee - I'm meant to use with discretion, and make sure it's use isn't too un-BioniclePowers: X-Ray Vision, Minerals (Sand) when in conjunction with another SkakdiPersonality: Extremely sarcastic, easily frightened, great with machinery and gadgets.Biography: After waking up on the shores of Le-Wahi, Taoki traveled into Le-Koro in an attempt to find refuge and some answers as to where he was and what he was doing there. When in Le-Koro Taoki attempted to speak out about where he was from as if somebody could help him get home. It seemed that the people thought of him as crazy and quickly shunned him. Taoki quickly learned that talking about his home land was a bad idea, when on his way to Po-Koro to speak with another Skakdi he was pulled off the street and badly beaten. When he made his way to Po-Koro he learned that the other Skakdi was killed in a rock "slide" on the outskirts of Po-Wahi. Taoki now lives in fear and refuses to speak of his history or where he came from. He is still trying to find a way off Mata-Nui in secret but has no idea how or where he would go.Weakness: Fighting in general, anything up close really. He is however very skilled with knives.Name: Tuara Drigton (Two-are-a)Gender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: FireAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: Red armor with black highlights, strong legs, tall, slim, and stunningly beautiful. Her Iden is sleek and smooth as opposed to regular versions.Mask: Red Iden, Mask of SpiritWeapons: Two staves, a returning Throwing DiskPowers: Element of Fire, mask power of Spirit and the ability to show memories to others in physical contact, only with their permission.Personality: Thoughtful and reserved in speaking. Tuara since the Iris fiasco, has kept fairly quiet, but has retained the bite and wit she's known for. She still has a temper, but is more reserved about it that before.Biography: Originally raised in Ta-Koro Tuara trained herself to fight at a young age as an outlet. She was generally well known and considered one of the more popular of her friends due to her quick wit and good looks. Generally, Tuara refused to take on any sort of classifications that might separate herself from others and vice-versa. Equality is something she had always valued.Tuara`s family were taken away from her in her younger years, all of them disappeared within a short period of time. They were presumed dead after years of investigations. Tuara, distraught by the memories of her family in Ta-Koro left the fortress village, taking up residence in Le-Koro. There she worked and lived, and did her own private investigative work, occasionally employed by Kongu and the Gukko Force. It was here she refined her combative skills, and learned about judicial systems and forensic sciences. After hundreds of years of this, Tuara packed up, and made her way back to Ta-Koro.It was here, on her second day back, that she happened upon a double homicide. Angry and frustrated, she went to Jaller, who on the spot, made her Deputy of the Ta-Koro Guard, second to Jaller. Tuara, as her first mission, attempted to track down the murderer, Utu a Mark Bearer of Fear.It was during this mission, she was broken by an alternate personality that inhabited another Mark Bearer. Iris possessed her mind, and literally tore her apart mentally and emotionally. Under complete control of Iris, Tuara ended up working for Utu, and being tortured for every moment of her existence.Upon being freed from Iris who was replaced in her mind by Dren; a fellow Guardsmen, Tuara gave up on her mission to bring Utu to justice in favor of spending time with her lover Angelus and getting her sanity back.Weakness: Strikes to the head, long ranged combatName: Known almost always as TankGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: SandAlignment: NeutralAppearance: A dark brown finished armor with tan highlights, only slightly taller than the average Toa, kind of burly and all around muscular, although still pretty slim.Mask: A non-functioning modified Hau. Tank's has a much smoother and sleekWeapons: A long iron staffPowers: ​ Sand manipulation, Mark of Pain - A mark on Tank's right arm that glows black once activated. The mark absorbs pain and turns it into pure strengthPersonality: Melancholy and always being in a sad-neutral sort of limbo mood has left Tank a solitary and bitter being. Isn't angered much, but when he is he can become extremely destructive and a danger to those around him.Biography: Earlier on in his existence, Tank had been a positive and outgoing personality in his community until he lost his memory in an accident within his workplace. Unable to find any clues related to his past or who was included in it, Tank became a quiet, sad, and calculating being, and is slightly insecure about himself in general for it. Whatever intentions he had to find out who he totally is has been completely forgotten over the past few years. His voice despite his stature is soft and caring, the only reminder to what Tank used to be like, causing him to presume he was never a lost being caught up in a world of confusion and hatred. The only trait aside from his name that might lead him to finding out who he was should he attempt to pursue himself once more. Tank had become a skilled staff-men and fighter, and user of his elemental power over sands over the past few years, although lacking in intelligence and having no mask power. Tank however is far from stupid. He's just a little lost. And that's where his Mark comes in. He, like the other Mark Bearers has no recollection of receiving it, and his is particularly dangerous. His Mark craves pain from others and he has a much harder time controlling it then Utu does. Utu needs only to scare people usually causing pain to do so, but Tank has to actively hurt people. Refusing to do so voluntarily results in losing control, and causing even more damage.Tank wants the Mark gone. Badly.Weakness: Tank is pretty fast and precise in his staff work, but complicated moves and maneuvers tends to leave him a little confused. Pleasure. It can lower and negate the effects of his Mark.Name: Kearrstrun "The Auxiliary"Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: SonicsAlignment: "The Administrator"Appearance: Scrawny, and poorly kept black armor, Kearrstrun is almost always on all fours, unless in public places, standing only to blend in with the crowds around him, using his cloak and hood to conceal his mask and body. Under his long cloak, Kearrstrun's body is covered in intricate paintings and symbols. If one were to look closer, they would see the Toa has scars under the paintings. The images are cryptic and consist of various images and runes,Mask: Kearrstrun has a Kakama made entirely out of stone and has many ornate symbols and glyphs etched across it.Weapons: A long curved dagger under his tattered cloakPowers: Sonic manipulation, mask power of speed.Personality: Very jittery, Kearrstrun is a nervous wreck, constantly looking over his shoulder. Mentally unstable, the Toa of Sonics whispers things to himself constantly, murmuring disconnecting phrases and statements that don't make much sense. That is, to those around him. Despite the fact that he is mad, The Auxiliary sometimes spouts words of wisdom, a hint to what he may have been before losing his sanity. However long ago that may have been. Kearrstrun also seems to be incredibly calculating at the same time, brilliantly predicting, planning, plotting.Biography: Nobody really knows who he really is or his story of origin, it's actually unclear whether or not he even knows who he is. He does however, seem to know more about other things than he lets on.Weakness: Hit him hard and hit him fast. Kearrstrun's frail frame isn't built to take blows. However, if you aren't careful, he'll put his blade work and super speed to good use.Name: ParataGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: WaterAlignment: GoodAppearance: Average height, average build. Armor is 70% blue, and 30% grey. His eyes are faded yellow. The armor itself is pretty simple, not sleek, but smoothed. It is fairly compact, and shows signs of personal modification. His forearms are fitted to be like smaller deflecting shields, and are thicker than the rest of his armor.Mask: Great Huna, The Mask of ConcealmentWeapons: Two blades that curve outwards. They both fit into loose sheathes at his left side. They don't cover the blades, but hold them in place.Powers: Elemental control over water, invisibility.Personality: Despite his focus on stealth, he has a bit of a mouth, and loves nothing more than a good laugh with his oldest and best friend Pakaru. Something that doesn't come easily for the Toa of iron. Sarcastic and clever, Parata is known for his quick wit, and unfailing inability to avoid saying something he considers funny: No matter the situation, or the people involved. Apart from Pakaru, Parata has no real connection to anybody, his own thoughts and feelings usually kept to himself, making him seem like he can't take anything seriously or to heart. This however, is inaccurate. The trauma's experienced left him with a sort of confusion as to who he was. This didn't last long though, when Parata quickly realized, the past was turning him into something he wasn't.Biography: Once a small thief in the streets of Ga-Wahi, stealing in order to feed himself, he got into a sticky situation when he decided to break into a small warehouse in search of items he could sell. In this warehouse, was where an upstanding citizen was picking up a shipment for himself, Paraku. It was also where a slave trade was currently happening. In fear of being sold out to the authorities by the two witnesses, the traders took the pair as slaves themselves.Apparently unable to be bought after a couple years, Parata traveled with his trader for a number of years until finally the opportunity came when he escaped with another slave, Pakaru. Ever since then, the pair stuck together, rarely apart. The bond shared between the two made them inseparable, after becoming a Toa, the two had grown close enough to know what the other was feeling, close to thinking, without any words being said. But that doesn't mean they don't talk. They talk. A lot. Especially Parata.Unlike most people who might decide they were better off with a shut mouth because of experiences like his, Parata decided he wasn't going to let what he's been through change the way he acted. As it would detract from who he really is:A hilarious Toa with a big mouth.Which, is apparently really important to Parata.Weakness: He isn't particularly strong, and relies mostly on stealth and trickery. He can be overpowered fairly easily, but is much more difficult to handle when not head on. Careful for his combination of knife work, mask use, and elemental powers.Name: PaeGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IronAlignment: MakutaDescription: Average height, extremely well toned. Pae's armor is mainly black, deep green accents line different parts of his armor. The look that he wears on his face is usually void of emotion. Usually expressing himself through his dark green eyes. They are usually pain held, dark pain and anger.Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of SpeedWeapons: Two small hammers designed to break and crush enemy bones and armor.Powers: Elemental control over iron, speedPersonality: Only saying something when it's worth being said, Pae is known for keeping his mouth shut and his ears open. The Toa of Iron tends to stay off to the side of things, observing before acting; whether it's a conversation or a battle. The few times he does speak, his voice will cut through the air like hot butter. His deep dark smoothed voice will cut down other voices, as though the air takes priority for his. His tone of voice almost never loses it's monotonous yet intriguing quality, even during intense moments. He tends to convey his thoughts more through his actions and his eyes, as rigid as his face may be. Pae never will take an enemy head on if he can avoid it. Stealth and precision is his game.Biography: Pae doesn't speak of his past. Nor does he speak much at all really. But besides the point.Pae was taught at a young age that the strong survive.He once swore his life to the Makuta, serving his cause wherever he could. He was whole-heartedly devoted his life to the cause for a long time, before straying away. It is unclear what caused this, and honestly, Pae himself probably doesn't really know. At this point of his life, Pae became interested in fighting clubs and arenas. It was good money, and Pae was good showing.Losing was not an option, because losing meant death. In a gladiatorial arena, the difference between life and death was the ability to best your opponent in a battle of wits, strength, and agility. Pae had all of these. Slaughtering anything that got in his way became common-place. As time went on Pae tired of the senseless purposeless killing, for nothing more than for onlookers to get off to it. It didn't mean anything. Pae simply got out, after being offered his Makuta calling again by an old friend, Kino.He decided death should be meaningful, dealt for a reason. In this case for the most powerful entity in existence.Weakness: If there's some way to slow him down and keep him at a distance, do it. Because otherwise, those hammers and his speed will wreck you.

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  • Dead Characters: Kinvex, Aurax (RIP)Characters still in use:

    Name: Marohi Kamaka

    Species: Po-Matoran

    Gender: Male

    Kanohi: Powerless Matatu (noble-shaped)

    Weapon: Metal trekking pole that can extend to twice its length. It has a sharp pointed end to it. It can also be thrown like a spear. This trekking pole is also decorated with feathers and charms.

    Appearance: Body color tan, black feet and mask.

    Alignment: Po-Koro Guard

    Personality: Believes in what is right and just. Strong sense of justice. Gruff and soldier-like.

    Weakness: Although strong, being a Po-Matoran, he’s still weak compared to other beings.

    Note: Marohi's profile is only here for now. He will become more of a character next year in the BZPRPG 2013.

    Name: Verdian "Verdi" KoangaSpecies: Ve-Matoran (Matoran of Plantlife)Gender: MaleAge: The average age for a MatoranAlignment: Lawful GoodGuild: The Gukko SquadMask: Powerless PakariPower: None, but element of PlantlifeBio: coming soonWeapons: sickleAppearance: sky blue body, Mata green feet, purple mask. Weakness: standard Matoran limitations. He's also very proud, and his pride sometimes gets to him. Name: Zenix, the "Seeker of Shadows"Species: ToaGender: MaleAge: UnknownAlignment: Chaotic EvilGuild: The Followers of MakutaMask: Kanohi Mahiki, the Great Mask of Illusion. Shaped like Antroz's Jutlin, but with a scar over the left eyehole.Power: Blackfire (custom element approved by Emzee). Blackfire appears to be the same as normal fire, but there's one big difference: where fire provides light, blackfire sucks it in. The more blackfire there is, the more light it takes in.Bio: When Zenix was a Matoran, he was a psychologist. He always loved those fascinating tales of ambition, greed, and evil. His research revealed one big thing: in all those stories, the main character turned evil, and, most of the time, became a servant of Makuta. Something dawned upon him that day, and he became convinced that everyone turns to the shadows eventually, and those that are unwilling will eventually will lose hope. Upon his transformation into a Toa, Zenix willingly chose to follow the shadowy path of Makuta, calling himself the "Seeker of Shadows". Zenix used his psychological talent and mask to convince people to serve the Makuta. Weapons: twin black gladii that can be combined into a large, double-bladed weapon, although his mind is his greatest weapon.Appearance: Nobody really knows for sure, since he always wears a hooded trenchcoat with his hood up. The only thing people can see of him are his two red eyes staring out from under the hood. He often shapeshifts to further disguise himself.Personality: Cruel, cunning, and very, very intelligent. Weaknesses: Not the strongest Toa physically.Oh, hey, a Mark Bearer!Name: Agzinel VesparGender: MaleAge: Unknown, but equivalent to a 20 year-old humanMask: MiruPower: Gravity, Bio: coming soon...Weapon: Lochaber axeAppearance: Metru build, with black body. Also has silver chest armor (looks like Nuhvok-Kal's shields), Nuva shoulder armor, and maskPersonality: Like a young adultWeakness: Not the strongest ToaName: ZijakGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAge: coming soon...Weapons: Zamor launcher, cutlassBio: Zijak was once the First Mate on the Infernavika. However, when he led the rest of the crew against Lohkar to take possession of The Wind's Eye, Lohkar tricked them, and he and the rest of the crew were marooned on one of the Kumu Islets. Eventually, Zijak made it off the islet, and is now seeking his revenge...Appearance: A tall, handsome Skakdi. His spine and armor are gold, and his secondary color is metru red.Personality: cruel... and whatever else a pirate should be like. :PWeakness: Cannot run for an extended period of time.The Mad Scientist and his Lackey!Name: TyzekGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxWeapons: various blades, surgical tools, and the like.Bio: He's a mad scientist. 'Nuf said. :P And he also messed with Agate long ago.Appearance: Tall slender vortixxPersonality: Crazy. Duh.Weakness: Not the strongest. He relies on his servant Xirog for that.Name: XirogGender: MaleSpecies: Mutated Toa of StoneMask: KakamaWeapons: none. Just his tremendous strength from his Po-Toa heritage..Bio: coming soon...Appearance: small, hunched over and walks with a limp dude. Imagine igor as a Bionicle.Personality: only serves TyzekWeakness: Without his mask, he isn't fast at allName: Nilyn Gender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of LightningMask: Rau, the Mask of TranslationWeapons: Pickaxe, shovelBio: Nilyn has always been obssessed about artifacts and preserving them. She often visits sites of archaeological significance to see if there is anything there.Appearance: Nilyn is an attractive, shapely young Toa of Lightning. She is a Metru-style Toa with both Metru blue and Mata blue in her color scheme, and white highlights.Personality: Nilyn is a fun person to be around... if you're interested in artifacts. She could talk your ear off about them.Weakness: She's not very skilled with anything other than her pickaxe and shovel.Gifted by Gravity:Name: Goes by the name of Spyder, his real name is unknown.Species: Rahi-like Toa of CrystalGender: MalePowers: Elemental power over crystalKanohi: FaxonWeapons: The fang-like blades on his Faxon, two small thin swords with double blades coming from each hilt, almost like a fork.Description: The being known as "Spyder" is barely recognisable as a Toa. He has four eyes, as well as two mandable-like fangs protruding fromt he sides of his Faxon. The being 'crawls' across the ground hunched over. His orange and black armor itself is segmented like a shell. His limbs are long and thin, but he is surprisingly strong. Four smaller secondary, less noticable limbs come out below his normal ones. His hands an feet have three hooked claws.Alignment: EvilPersonality and Traits: Spyder, unsurprisingly, acts like a spider. A chattering sound emerges from his mouth whenever he speaks, and he mainly uses his Faxon as well as his elemenyal power to make webs. He hates all matoran, for being treated like the monster he is.Weaknesses: He is sensitive to bright light, and can be blinded by it. His armor also isn't all that thick.Name: CiaraSpecies: Toa of IceGender: FemalePower: Elemental power over iceKanohi: Arthron, but more feminine in shapeWeapons: Twin KatarasDescription: Lithe, atheltic Ko-Toa, with primarily white armor with blue highlights.Alignment: Chaotic Good.Personality: Ciara is a gymnast, and always strives to do her best. She is incredibly skillful in what she does, and she's very proud of her accomplishments.Weakness: Ciara's armor isn't as thick as most other Toa, being a gymnast and all.

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  • Name: Hari (Hah-ree)Species: Ko-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralPowers: Dormant Elemental IceWeapons: NoneAppearance: Hari looks slightly different from the standard Ko-Matoran. He has bleach-white armor, but instead of gray highlights, he has highlights of the faintest, lightest blue. However, he commonly wears a gray cloak that is fastened at his neck, but has a collar high enough to reach above his nose. He always leaves this collar up.Mask: Powerless Kanohi MahikiTraits: Hari is the model of a philosopher. He sits in his hut all day up at the top of Mount Ihu, gazing at the sky and pondering the nature of every topic one could ever imagine. He is quick-witted and very intelligent, and when he is not busying himself in his work he enjoys playing puzzle games.Personality: Despite the fact that he remains in recluse for the majority of his life, he is still a kindred spirit. He is very amiable, and will always take the bests interests of others into mind. He is often looked to by many Ko-Koronans to solve disputes due to his intellect and high value of fairness and equality. The one time where Hari is irritable in the slightest bit is when he is interrupted while working on his philosophies.Bio: Hari has always been a philosopher. Ever since he woke up on Mata Nui, he immersed himself in every subtlety of philosophy that he could find. The main reason for this was to satisfy his active mind, although he didn't realize it until some time later. He also busied himself in multiple other studies, including the sciences, mathematics, physics, and biology, however primitive they were at the time.Weaknesses: Hari cannot fight. Period. If he was forced to fight someone, he would be knocked unconscious in the first blow. He is very weak, and prefers to settle things with reason rather than duke it out until someone goes down. Name: VroliSpecies: Toa of PsionicsGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodPowers: Elemental PsionicsWeapons: Vroli wears two bandoliers loaded to the gills with throwing knives. He has about 40 in all. These throwing knives can also double as combat knives. When he uses the knives for throwing, he commonly holds three in each hand at a time, the blades poking out from between the spaces in his fingers. When he uses them for melee combat, he holds one ice-pick style, and the other like one would hold a kitchen knife for cutting. This allows for an unorthodox but very effective fighting style.Appearance: Vroli has blue and gold armor. The colors are evenly spread throughout his body. Notable designs are a gold stripe running down his blue left bicep armor, which splits into three golden stripes at the forearm. Also on his left shoulder is a golden spaulder with blue spikes sticking out at odd angles. His two bandoliers are gray and form an X on his chest.Mask: Kanohi MiruTraits: Vroli is schizophrenic. He is, for the most part, clinically insane. He almost never makes any sense when he talks, and it's a wonder he can even get a word out of his mouth. His schizophrenia has been increasing exponentially since the Makuta's takeover, and the Vroli part of him realizes it. Always carrying a pen, he relieves the voices inside his head a little bit by writing down everything they say. He will scribble on anything. Stone, a tree, even someone's armor, just to get the words down.Personality: It is extremely hard to tell what Vroli's personality is like due to his constant mundane and indescribable blabbering. However, inside of his head, he has three main personalities that "whisper" to him and interrupt his thoughts. Their names are Anger, Hatred, and Greed, and they try to take over his conscience. They constantly argue with each other as well as with Vroli, which drives him even more insane.Bio: Vroli was born with schizophrenia, and has lived with it all his life. He was cast out of civilization for his insane ramblings, and has been wandering ever since, hoping to find someone who will accept and acknowledge him. The voices inside his head change constantly, and according to him he has had more than 100 different aspects of his personality "whisper" as he calls it, to him.Weakness(es): Vroli, as a schizophrenic, cannot think very well on his own, and is often tempted by the voices in his head to do things no sane being would normally do.Author's Note: I loved this idea when I thought of it, and I am very excited to see how this goes. More to come~

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  • LETZ DO ZIS!Name: JolekRace: ToaGender: MaleElement: MagnetismMask: Pakari, Mask of StrengthWeapons: Maul, CrossbowSkills: Jolek is a skilled and dedicated martial artist, putting himself through what some would consider to be back-breaking training daily, ever since he first washed up on the island. As such, his strength, speed, agility, endurance, and constitution are all well above the average, if not on a completely different level than most Toa. He puts all of this physical conditioning to great use, having honed his technique to near-perfection through years and years of practice. As someone who is intimately familiar with the body and how it works, he can use this to help treat injuries, or to systematically destroy an opponent in hand to hand combat.Appearance: Jolek is a slightly tall young Toa, with a somewhat slim yet wiry, well-toned physique, while he isn't the biggest, he's heavier than he looks, and "feels like he's made of lead or something". He is clad in gunmetal and silver armor, which is both lightweight and flexible enough to not supress his agilty and speed, yet strong enough to still provide a reliable source of protection. His two golden eyes are, as the saying goes, the window to his soul, and as such, they are filled with exuberance, happiness, confidence, and determination.Personality: Jolek is a colorful young Toa. He is excitable and hot-blooded to a degree, often rushing into things without thinking them all the way through first. As a result of this he has gotten very good at thinking on his feet and is quick to improvise. He is generally a good-natured, helpful, and easygoing guy, who feels it is his duty to help those in need. He often says what's on his mind, and can come across as blunt and insensitive at times. Another quality of his is the biting sarcasm he often uses when appropriate (and at times when not so appropriate). One of his most defining traits, however, is his sheer determination and willpower. He almost never gives up without a very good reason to, and this quality often carries over to his combat, where he will absolutely refuse to stay down as long as he can.Weakness: As noted before, he's a little hot-blooded and doesn't always think things through. And with his determination, sometimes he won't stay down even when he knows he should.Biography: Spent most of his life growing up in the forest with his best friend, Tarex, who found him washed up on the beach shortly after running away from his village. Together, they fought to survive, learning essential skills such as fishing, hunting, firemaking, cooking, and a whole bunch of other stuff. during their spare time, they trained vigorously, Jolek honing both his martial and elemental skills while mentoring Tarex, until they were both efficient, powerful, and all around exemplary fighters. Only weeks ago, they left the Le-Wahi Jungle, and are now wandering the island.Name: TarexRace: ToaGender: MaleElement: CrystalMask: Huna, Mask of ConcealmentWeapons: Two-Handed, Diamond Edged ClaymoreSkills: Tarex is a skilled and dedicated martial artist, putting himself through what some would consider to be back-breaking training daily, ever since he found Jolek and began learning the art from him. As such, his strength, speed, agility, endurance, and constitution are all well above the average, if not on a completely different level than most Toa. While he's not quite as strong as Jolek, he is slightly faster than his friend, and while his physical techniques are a little less perfected, he has far superior control over his element than Jolek does. A formidable, strategic fighter, he is a force to be reckoned with in combat, perhaps even more so than Jolek.Appearance: Tarex is a hair taller than Jolek, with a black and white natural coloration to his armor, which he often supplements with crystal for added protection. His eyes are a bright, alert crimson, and his physique is, like Jolek's, that of a martial artist. He's not bulky, but what's there is toned and strong. On his left ribcage, however, he has a terrible scar, a memoir of an encounter with a Tarakava that nearly cost the young Toa of Crystals his life.Personality: Tarex has a cooler head than Jolek, and is usually calm and rational outside of the somewhat frequent arguments with his friend. But, like the Toa of Magnetism, he is generally kind, helpful, and friendly, and shares the same sense of it being his duty to help those in need. Possibly thanks to his more rational demeanor, he is a bit more sensitive and has a better idea of when to hold his tounge, saving the sarcasm for later.Weakness: Almost the opposite of Jolek, he is more analytical and strategic in combat, and as such, may take too long in making a decision, giving his opponent time to recover from his attacks.Biography: Spent most of his life growing up in the forest with his best friend, Jolek, who he found washed up on the beach shortly after he'd run from his village, unable to stand the constant torment at the hands of his peers. Together, they fought to survive, learning essential skills such as fishing, hunting, firemaking, cooking, and a whole bunch of other stuff. during their spare time, they trained vigorously, Jolek honing both his martial and elemental skills while mentoring Tarex, until they were both efficient, powerful, and all around exemplary fighters. Only weeks ago, they left the Le-Wahi Jungle, and are now wandering the island. Name: CipherRace: ToaGender: MaleElement: PlasmaMask: CalixWeapons: Halberd, Arming Sword, and twin metallic Escrima, which are much heavier than the norm.Skills: Proficient with all of his weapons, and a rather good fist-fighter, is by no means a slouch in combat. He is something of a martial artist, but not quite as highly trained in unarmed combat as Jolek or Tarex, but even so, he still has an edge over the average Toa in all-around physical capability. He has gained a high degree of strength and even higher stamina, thanks to having to lug around everything he owns in or on his massive travel pack. He has quite a high amount of elemental energy at his disposal, but lacks control, and has trouble manipulating it beyond massive blasts of force.Appearance: Cipher is a slightly tall, lean yet muscular toa, clad in navy and silver armor, with blueish-gray (bluesteel) eyes. His common garb is usually a silvery duster with a hood, and a simple blue shirt and mail underneath. As for the lower body, he usually wears long, navy pants, reminiscent of those from a martial artist's uniform, with steel greaves on his shins for added protection. He wears fingerless gloves on his hands, so as to protect the palms whilst sacrificing nothing in the way of dexterity. Often on his back, accompanying the Halberd, there is a massive backpack, containing his belongings, with his heavy twin Escrima secured on top by two pairs of loops. His sword and it's scabbard are found in the traditional spot: secured by the belt on his hip.Personality: Cipher is generally a polite, helpful guy, with a strong sense of right and wrong. He has a fair amount of discipline, and can usually keep his emotions in check, save for the beserk button of mocking his difficulty with directions. Far from a stoic, though, Cipher usually expresses what's on his mind, be it dry wit, barely-contained excitement, or melancholy acceptance of his horrible sense of direction.Weakness: As stated earlier, he has little control over his element. Another is his horrendous sense of direction; While he is as good as anyone with locations, the act of getting there is excruciatingly difficult for him, to the point where what should be a one day hike usually turns into a five day excursion. horribly frustrating for him, he is quick to anger if somebody mocks him for it.Bio: He's spent most of his life wandering the island, cursed by his sense of direction to never be able to settle down for long. As such, he has become quite wordly and is rather familiar with most cultures on Mata Nui. He spends most of his time in rigorous training, and has become quite good in hand to hand combat, having to have fended for himself most of his life.Name: Taikunsa NakhranSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: LightningMask: KulasiAppearance: Tall, with well defined muscles and striking violet eyes. Is clad in an indigo, long-sleeved cloak and hood. On his hands, he wears iron-plated gloves, on his forearms, metallic bracers. Underneath his jacket-cloak-hood-thing, he wears a simple sleeveless vest, black, light, and deceptively protective. Other than that, he wears long pants of the same material as his vest, and simple leather boots.Skills: He is a competent, tenacious, and talented fighter, a practitioner of styles similiar to Piguaquan, and Bājíquán. Also a good actor, able to appear warm and friendly one moment, and frigid and hateful the next. Like all martial artists of his caliber, he is extremely well conditioned, powerful combatant.Personality: Underneath whatever act he decides to use, Taikunsa is, at best, rough, and at worst, a #####. He is cynical and sarcastic, and at times will look down upon others. Whilst he retains his common decency, and will help those in need, he won't be very polite about it, and at times can be as blunt as a hammer. However, he's not all bad, and is determined, strong, and loyal to a fault, and jerkishness aside, he has his moments of genuine kindness and caring. Don't expect it to last, though.Weakness: Is highly confident, at times almost to the point of arrogance, and may at first underestimate an opponent. Is also doggedly, unwaveringly, downright stupidly determined, and will fight to win at almost any cost.Biography: A wandering martial artist of considerable skill. He keeps mostly to himself, and has a rough disposition, to put it kindly. After his foster father, a wealthy businessman and merchant, died, he and his sister were soon living on the streets, barely surviving each and every day. After an event where he and his sister got separated, he was on his own, her last words to him a plea to never give up hope, to never let himself give in to life's troubles. Soon after being cornered by a group of thugs, he found a martial arts master. Namely, the man who saved his life from them.He spent the rest of his life, from mid-childhood up until late adolescence (like 7-16 or something in human terms), in greuling, back-breaking training, which some would look at and say was "Training from Karz.". He was pushed to his absolute limits, and then some, every day. Sometimes, the only thing that kept him going was his vow to his missing little sister, each time he thought of it, he found new strength.In recent months, his master has left him to his own devices, likely pursuing some other goal elsewhere. He left behind a strong, fast, and downright determined young man, who keeps up his intensive training whenever possible. Name: CyruneiRace: ToaGender: FemaleElement: IceMask: KakamaWeapons: An Espada Ropera, something of a hybrid between an arming sword and a rapier, with the lighter, thinner blade, swept hilt, and thrusting capabilities of the former, whilst still retaining the durability, crossguard, and cutting power of the former.Skills: Cyrunei is a self-taught swordswoman, and considering that she's had no formal training, she's a pretty darn good one, too. Fast and agile, while still suprisingly strong, she uses her speed and dexterity to harass an opponent with vicious flurries of cuts and thrusts. She also has a knack for using both her environment and element in creatibve, cunning ways, and generally maintains a cool head in battle.Appearance: Cyrunei is a Toa of Ice, clad in her natural white and light blue armor and a simple white shirt and pants. She is of average height for a female toa, with a slim, pretty (or perhaps more accurately, lithe and toned) physique, and is only moderately more well endowed than average. He has a kind face and friendly blue eyes. She carries a simple, medium sized travel pack with her few belongings. Her sword and it's scabbard are found in the traditional spot: secured by the belt on her hip.Personality: Cyrunei is something of an outlier compared to your usual toa of Ice. Whilst they are aften cool and aloof, she is actually quite warm and caring, if a little sarcastic. She is also somewhat meek and not good with meeting new people, which can often be misinterpreted as your typical icy unfriendliness. But underneath her somewhat reserved demeanor, once you get to know her, she is a loyal, supportive, and is generally an awesome friend. She's the kind of friend who'll look out for you through both thick and thin, and always has your back. In battle, she can both be as cool and collected as a glacier, or as energetic and intense as a blizzard. She can usually keep her emotions in check, temper really only flaring up when her opponent is dismissive of her.Weakness: Cyrunei, while still respectably powerful for someone of her age and size, relies much more on speed, agility, and guile in a fight. As such, her attacks, while blindingly fast, are also easier to deflect than normal. Also thanks to this, she is by no means the best at taking hits, only slightly more durable than normal, if not average.Bio: Cyrunei has spent most of her young life living at home in Ko-Koro with her parents. A somewhat shy Toa by nature, she never really had too many friends, and isn't the best at meeting new people. With that said, she's spent most of her time teaching herself swordplay and various other things, in preparation for her traveling of the island, which has only started about two weeks prior to the events of the RPG.CUSTOM RACE: AKRAINIDS (Approved by Emzee)Spoilers for space-saving purposes.

    The Akrainids are a reptilian race, hailing from a land far to the north of Mata Nui. Originally settling the island a hundred or so years ago as explorers, they now come in far greater numbers, fleeing their home island's erupting volcano, which nearly split the island in half and choked their marshy homelands in ash, lava, and smoke.Standing at an average of roughly seven feet tall, they are around the same height as Toa, not counting the bony spines or webbed crests potruding from the top of their Lizardlike heads downwards, which can add another inch or so. Their hides are composed of tough scales, like those of a Tahtorahk, and their fingers end in short, sharp claws. They have wiry, prehensile tails, which serve to help their balance when necessary, and can be used as a rudimentary arm or leg.The Akrainids are a naturally stealthy and agile race, and as such, can be very quiet and discreet when they want to be. Far from fragile, though, they posess hardy constitutions, and thanks to living in a predominately swampy environment, are resistant to many types of disease and poison, and are able to breathe water. Their sight and smell are far sharper than those of a Toa, but at the same time, they are, on average, physically weaker, their slimmer frames seemingly less suited to strength.They also posess a remarkable healing factor, allowing them to recover from minor injuries almost immediately, and major cuts and snapped bones within days, weeks at the most. however, thanks to this causing their metabolism to skyrocket, they often become weak in the process, and need nearly constant intake of food.Whilst incapable of controlling elements or using masks, these scaly beings are not without their own abilities. The Akrainids can be divided into seven main tribes or heritages, each with their own specific traits.The Sar, or "Fire" tribe: Have a natural tolerance to heat and flame, and can actually breathe fire. Their scales are typically orange-red and black.The Xo, or "Ice" tribe: Are resistant to cold, and have a natural antifreeze in their blood, allowing them to survive partial freezing. Usually colored white or grey and light blue.The Qem, or "Earth" tribe: Naturally the strongest of the Akrainids, they also posess a degree of bioluminescense. Generally a dark, charcoal grey and lime green.The Wel, or "Forest" tribe: These Akrainids take the natural resistance to poison and disease of the race and run wild with it, being practically immune to most kinds. They are usually any combination of shades of green.The Brum, or "Desert" tribe: They have naturally tougher hides than others, and can survive more easily/longer without food and water. Typically a sandy brown and tan color.The Dri, or "Ocean" tribe: Easily the swiftest and most agile underwater, thanks to their webbed digits and fin-like crests. Are typically a deep blue and sea green.The Val, or "Shadow" tribe: These are the stealthiest Akrainids, and can be practically silent movers, and also have the best night vision of the seven races. The Val are usually Black and very, very dark blue.Other tidbits: Typical Akrainid names follow a certain naming pattern: (Given Name) (Tribe Name)'(Family Name)EX: Nokth Val'ran, Teik Sar'om, Grol Brum'nar.

    Name: Nokth Val'ranRace: AkrainidTribe: ValGender: MaleWeapons: Twin Daggers, Each with a blade nearly a foot long and ending in a sharp tip, perfect for either slashing or stabbing an opponent. He also wields a Longbow, a weapon he often uses to kneecap adventurers keep the fight at a distance, where his natural stealth is most useful.Skills: Nokth's a Val, and as such, he has innate traits that make him stealthier than the already respectable norm for his race. Of course, his natural talent is also complimented by quite a bit in the way of experience. In addition to his sneakiness, he is also competent in using his daggers and bow in combat, and is also gifted in noble arts such as pickpocketing, lockpicking, persuasion, and lollygagging. Also fairly deft and agile, even for an Akrainid.Appearance: Nokth stands at around 7'1", or fairly average for an Akrainid. He is somewhat slim, toned and wiry as opposed to large and bulky. He has dark black and blue scales, and two rows of small, bony spikes run down his head, stopping just above his shoulders. His slivery-grey eyes have slit irises, like those of a serpent, and there are three reddish scars clawing across his left eye, beginning at the top of the brow ridge and stopping near his mouth. He is usually clad in plain clothes and a hood, preferring dull, drab colors that are easier to use as camoflaugePersonality: Nokth is somewhat amoral, having no qualms about using less than heroic methods of getting what he wants or needs. Moreover, he is a pragmatist to an extreme degree, and will use dirty tricks just as easily as his own prowess in battle. A sensible being, if a fight begins to look bad, he won't hesitate to do what he feels will even the odds, or, if he doesn't think he should take the risk, help his escape.Weakness: Nokth is not the strongest being on the island, by any stretch. Perhaps thanks to the dishonesty of his own actions, he is also a less than trusting person, especially of strangers. Finally, he's not above accepting a bribe.Bio: Nokth is one of the Akrainids who first came to Mata Nui, around a centrury ago. Still not quite fully grown on arrival, the Akrainid lad found himself thrust into a rather harsh world, and he quickly learned that, when one has to fight to survive, they can't afford to adhere to a strict moral code.

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  • Name: Calls himself SalamanderGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic NeutralDescription: Salamander has a dark red Metru style body with scale patterns on his chest and arms, black shoulder and chest armor, and orange eyes. His Kanohi Kadin takes the form of a red and black Great Jutlin.Salamander's appearance is average in almost every way. However, the scale patterns on his armor attract often unwanted attention. Due to this, he usually wears a long coat while in public. Despite it seeming to be fireproof, Salamander takes it off whenever he gets into a serious battle or decides to use any of his more powerful techniques. Salamander also wears a messenger bag filled with certain items. Hint: they are explosives used to signal locations and are also know as flares.MOC can be seen here.Mask: Non-functioning Great Kanohi Kadin (Dark red and black, looks like a Jutlin)Weapon: None. Salamander is an adept hand-to-hand fighter, and uses his techniques to increase his destructive and combative power.More so, almost any weapon would melt in his hand upon using his techniques. As such, he considers them a waste of his time.Powers: Salamander has a specialized control over the Fire element, which results in him using various techniques based aroundthe element.List of known techniques:Dragon Scales: Engulfs himself in flames to deter attacks (typically one maybe two attacks)Dragon Blast: Shoots a blast of fire out of his palmsDragon Blaze: Salamander covers himself in flames and brutally attacks enemiesDragon Breath: Breathes a blast of fire at his targetsDragon Shot: Fires five weakened Dragon Blasts in a spray of attacks more geared towards hitting an enemy than dealing damageDragon Punch: Gathers the same amount of energy as a Dragon Blast, but traps it inside his fist and releases it when the punch landsAbsorb: Absorbs flames to increase his own energy (can’t absorb his own flames)Custom Powers approved by Friar TuckIn addition, Salamander has a Mark of Fear, which absorbs fear and turns it into pure strength. The more fear, the more strength. Glows upon use. Personality: Impatient, easily angered, loyal to those he considers friends, surprisingly level-headed when fighting, usually acts friendly in public so that he doesn't draw too much unwanted attention. He enjoys a good fight, but also has no qualms about killing his opponents.Biography: Originally a powerful but inexperienced Toa of Fire from a family of distinguished Toa, he accidentally killed a group of Matoran when he lost control of his powers during one of his team's missions.The guilt from the event and the response from his family drove Salamander to flee civilization. While living in the wild, he was taken in by a hermit and taught about a legendary warrior who was called Salamander.After years spent learning the secrets of “Salamander”, he discovered that the warrior he had been told about was actually a sentient Dragon-like Rahi. This revelation made him realize that he could be the “True” Salamander. At that point, he abandoned his old name and took up the mantle of Salamander.Weakness: His constant use of Fire-based techniques on his body has resulted in him being resistant to the element and gives him many attributes of fire, among them being its weaknesses. He is vulnerable to water, and requires fairly warm temperatures to survive. He becomes weak when exposed to the cold, and must take action quickly to prevent death. Other than his personal techniques, he has no formal training controlling the fire element. Additionally, his techniques are reliant on being able to say their names out loud. Without being able to speak, their power is significantly reduced.Theme: Endless DespairName: PakaruGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IronAlignment: GoodAppearance: Average height and build, rarely seen without a serious look on his face. Wears plain but slightly bulky silver armor and has golden eyes with a near-perpetual look of sadness in them.Mask: Kanohi Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisWeapons: Creates weapons when necessary, but is inclined towards using some type of sword. Needs to have an understanding of the basic structure of the weapon or tool in order to create it properly, lest it have some fundamental flaw or simply be ill-suited for combat.Powers: Elemental control over IronPersonality: Pakaru has a strong sense of justice due to the hard life he has lived, and holds a particular hatred for anyone who would call themselves slavers. He makes an attempt to stray from the Toa Code as rarely as possible, but can lose himself in his pursuit of what he believes to be justice.Despite this, Pakaru is not above resorting to copious amounts of sarcasm when dealing with other people, and he has been known to start pointless arguments or debates merely to kill some time.Especially with Parata.Biography: Pakaru was originally a simple shopkeeper, buying and selling assorted goods in order to make a living. It was never easy, but it was a quiet life and one that he enjoyed regardless of the difficulties. One day, Pakaru left his shop in order to pick up a batch of supplies that had recently arrived.While he was doing this, a group of slavers entered and started a trade with a mysterious figure. Pakaru quickly hid behind a few large crates, but he was discovered when a Toa of Water named Parata snuck into the warehouse and alerted the slavers that they were not alone. Along with Parata, he was quickly captured by the slavers.The constant cruelty he was forced to endure for the next few years broke Pakaru, and he and his outlook on life were never quite the same afterwards.Weakness: Since he often uses his armor to create the weapons he uses in battle, its defensive capabilities can end up quite low. His heavy armor also restricts his mobility, and although this effect is lessened depending on how much of his armor is being used as a weapon, he still lacks the raw speed that many other Toa possess.

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  • Staff/Canon Characters:sesseta.pngName: Vidar (Pronounced VEE-dahr)Species: Toa with Parakuka attachedGender: MaleAlignment: EvilGuild: Minions of MakutaMask: NonePower: Increased strength and dexterity when Parakuka is activated.Weakness(es): The Parakuka can only be active for a short period of time. Once it is deactivated, Vidar becomes weak for a period of time. If the Parakuka is active for more than 10 minutes, Vidar will die. Weapon: Claw Staff, as well as a stash of javelinsBio: Vidar was raised by himself in the dense jungles of Le-Wahi. After being offered food and shelter in exchange for completing missions for the Makuta, Vidar was assigned to watch over Le-Wahi. He was (and still is at times) rather arrogant, putting much pride in his ability to stalk and kill stealthily. After a disappointing performance involving the killing of the Chronicler's Company, he was forced to bond with an adult Parakuka. The bonding took away his powers over Air, but the Parakuka now gives him increased energy. His Rahkshi-like appearance comes from his mutation from the bonding and specialized armor that has the appearance of Rahkshi armor. He also prefers to stalk his target and complete his mission stealthily, though this can be difficult outside of the jungle.ronkshou.pngName: Ronkshou (Like RAHNK-shoo)Species: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: EvilGuild: Minions of MakutaMask: Infected HauPower: Electricity, electromagnetism and shieldingWeakness(es): He is not as resourceful as his peer, Vidar. He uses the same kickboxing moves over and over. Weapon: Spherical twin Proto-KnucklesBio: Ronkshou's odd coloring was caused by a mutation that happened to him many centuries ago, which turned his white coloring to red. He once wielded a sword, and went by the name 'Ra'lhen'. However, when he was infected by the Makuta, his mind was imprisoned, and it's the consciousness of the Makuta that controls him. Ra'lhen threw away his sword shortly after, crafting two red spherical knuckles, which help him intensify his secondary kickboxing skills. While he did occasionally spaz out and be re-possessed by his true self, the 'Ra'lhen' portion of his psyche has been dormant for over a century. Ronkshou is a master strategist and a combat pragmatist -- unlike Heuani or even the Makuta himself, Ronkshou lacks the patience for games. If he decides to hurt you, he will do so swiftly and brutally. And Mata Nui help you if you ever interfere with one of his plans. His Proto-Knuckles are made of an strong, durable metal, more than capable of breaking a Toa's ribcage. He also has a better control of his subpower of Electromagnetism than any other Toa of Electricity on Mata Nui. Ronkshou differs widely from Vidar only in that he can possiblybe redeemed if his infected Hau is removed and replaced with his rightful mask. However, Ronkshou is just as aware of this as anyone else, and he will never willing place himself in such a situation.


    Personal Characters:



    Name: Wokodin (Woh –KOH– Duhn)

    Species: Toa

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Himself

    Mask: Great Sanok

    Power: Can create, control, shatter and absorb stone and rock structures. Also has supernatural accuracy.

    Weapon: Broad Sword with a goldenrod handle. Also possess a goldenrod claw that he can use to catch enemies or to carve sculptures.

    Biography: Plagued with arrogance that will always surpass his power and skills, Wokodin has centuries of military and combat experience under his belt. Throughout a rather complicated past, this Toa of Stone has constantly worked to improve his mind and body and limit potential weaknesses to the best of his ability. He is the father of Wokapu and Wokiya, and it was he who suggested that Wokapu found the Cultured Gentry. His motives are rife with a sense of weariness and entitlement, for he feels that he should be awarded more glory for his feats. It should be noted that Wokodin’s actions always appear noble and honorable, and he lacks any ambitions to acquire an authoritarian role. Instead, he simply wants to serve his village of Stone, and he wishes deeply to be the Toa who Matoran honor and respect.


    The only thing that makes him evil is the lengths he is willing to go to achieve such honor and respect.

    Weakness: Wokodin is so experienced that he has adapted to most dangers like cold (practices much of his fighting in Ko-Wahi) and water (can swim). However, he has yet to find a way to avoid the affects of gravity.


    wokapu2.pngName: Wokapu (Woe-KAH-pooh)Species: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodGuild: None (formerly the Cultured Gentry)Mask: Gold KakamaPower: AirWeapon: Twin KatanaAppearance: Yellow-green torso, with light gray limbs. His katana, mask, feet, and chest armor are all gold. He's extemely toned and muscled from his years of fighting, but has a soft face and is physically attractive.Bio: Wokapu is one of the many Toa who washed ashore on Mata Nui shortly after the Toa Mata were killed. Like many of his comrades, Wokapu and his sister Wokiya have little recollection of their times before arriving on Mata Nui. Despite this, Wokapu's entrepenueristic tendencies led him to found the Cultured Gentry - an exclusive club for the most influential and most wealthy of Mata Nuiians. He has disregarded his duties to protect the Matoran, claiming that his club is helping this cause. Wokapu made his millions by dominating the trade of precious stones, as well as stones that are used to carve into Kolhii balls. An often overlooked fact is that the Comet balls were actually designed by the ingenuity of Po-Koronan engineers working for Wokapu's venture. Instead of receiving any backlashing, virtually all of the blame and hatred went to Ahkmou, suspected servant of Makuta. Wokapu is devoted to his younger sister, Wokiya. He often hands her the most precious of stones, bracelets, and necklaces. While he wants her to look the best at all times, he also does care about her safety. There is but one completely hidden fact about Wokapu and the Cultured Gentry: they have a practical (not fanatical) alliance with the Makuta. While Wokapu had accomodated this for many years, someone within the Gentry recently framed him of betraying Makuta. Dark Toa Ronkshou found the Toa and severely injured him.Now, Wokapu intends to uncover the traitor, re-unite with his missing sister, and expose the Gentry for their crimes, potentially incriminating himself in the process.Wokapu does not fight often, having plenty of bodyguards in his enormous Ko-Koro mansion to protect him, but he does have a precise control over air, and is extremely able-bodied.Weaknesses: Unlike Vidar, Wokapu has focused more on a precise control over his element. He is able to create air bubbles easily, generating unease in his adversaries, for example. However, sandstorms and cyclones are not very impressive. As such, his elemental attacks do not have a lot of "punch" behind them. He compensates for his with strong melee fight abilities, having lost to very few people (and no one in recent times) in fights. He is a trained fighter with his twin katana, and they were forged out of the best protodermis - supposedly better than any protodermis that can be dug up here on Mata Nui. A bigger weakness is that Wokapu is not used to fighting a lot, and is not always prepared for battle.wokiya.pngName: Wokiya (Woe-KEE-yah)Species: MatoranGender: FemaleAlignment: NeutralGuild: NoneMask: Trans-blue KaukauPower: Dormant Water powersWeapon: Twin AxesAppearance: Teal torso and arms, with blue feet and mask. She is always seen wearing some sort of gorgeous necklace, and always has different bracelets on her arms. Commonly seen as extremely attractive due to her exclusive high-priced garb that she's always found wearing. She is slightly muscled from handling two axes, but she hardly ever uses them while she's here in Ko-Wahi.Bio: Wokiya is Wokapu's sister, and the daughter of ancient warrior, Wokupu. Like her brother, she has no recollection of the times before they arrived on Mata Nui, but she has supportively followed Wokapu's coattails ever since they arrived. What she values most is how exclusive her inventory is, and she has the advantage of being related to the owner of a mining company. This allows her exclusive access to rarest of gems, which she sometimes flaunts around in public (guarded by Wokapu's men, of course). She mostly spends her time at Wokapu's ice clubhouse in Ko-Wahi, but she sometimes wants to venture out to the villages, curious as to how the other side lives.Weaknesses: Her axes are very light, but surprisingly durable for their lightness. Despite this, she is not an impressive combatist, and can be overpowered by more experienced warriors.lekori1.pngName: Lekori (Pronounced Lee-KORE-ee)Species: Le-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodGuild: Gukko ForceMask: Teal Great KakamaPower: Dormant Air elementWeakness(es): Being a Matoran, he has no elemental powers, and he lacks the stature of Toa and Skakdi.Weapon: KnivesBio: Lekori is a brave, hard worker who is always there to assist his family and friends in Le-Koro. One night, two skillful bandits broke into his hut and took much of his valuable belongings. Determined to keep these bandits from robbing his fellow Le-Koronans again, Lekori has embarked on a quest to search for these bandits and to get his money and valuables back.Lekori is a very serious individual, but he is a respectable leader, and his willingness to always press forward always inspires the people around him to pick their heads up and keep fighting along with him.toa_niici.pngName: Niici (Pronounced "NEE-See")Species: ToaGender: FemaleAlignment: NeutralGuild: The Cultured GentryMask: Great MatatuPower: Ice and TelekinesisWeapon: Crystal-Mounted StaffAppearance: Her pigmentation clashes against what is generally expected of a Toa of Ice. For unknown reasons, her skin is a darker shaded version of her actual color. The staff is lighter than it looks. While she tries to hide it, but toned arm and leg muscles imply serious athletic training in her earlier years. She is also herself very young, and would be about 25 in human years. Her riches exclusive cloths also make her exceptionally attractive and one of the most wanted bachelorettes on Mata Nui.Bio: Niici is one of the last people that villagers would expect to become a Toa. Since birth, she has already been sickly and weak, needing constant attention to function in this harsh natural setting. However, her problems have only encouraged her to push herself further and acquire all that it takes to become a legendary Toa. She was convinced by Wokapu to use her drive and determination to help lead the Cultured Gentry. She is currently the Head of Operations.Weaknesses: She's a lefty. She depends on a periodic dosage of an herbal medicine that she can make herself. Without it, she will become physically ill. Combat-wise, she is weaker than the average female Toa. However, combatants should be warned that Niici believes that her condition gives her cause to fight dirty.



    Name: Gaira (Pronounced "GUY-rah")

    Species: Ga-MatoranGender: FemaleAlignment: Lawful-EvilGuild: The Cultured GentryMask: Noble KomauPower: NoneWeapon: NoneAppearance: Contrary to the picture, she is in the pre-rebuilt Matoran form. She is also very old. Wears bright grayish-blue robes,has wrists lined with gem-encrusted bracelets, and wears a diamond necklace.Bio: Gaira is one of the elders of the Cultured Gentry executive board. The wealthiest fashion designer on Mata Nui, her company is responsible for creating the most luxurious pieces of clothing and face-paint on the island. Weaknesses: Gaira is very old, very thin, and has never learned to fight.

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  • A detailed description of her or her appearance A Toa Mata styled hero with a yellow body, yellow feet, hands, and mask. His arms and legs are dark grey.Weakness(es) Has a soft spot for females, very emotional, 100% cannot defend against Earth.Name DokrinSpecies ToaGender MalePowers and/or weapons Dokrin can wield the electric elemental powers. He may also use his cracked yellow Hau gfor weak shielding powers. He uses two gunmetal sabres.Alignment: Chaotic GoodPersonality and history Dokrin is very emotional because when he had first arrived, nobody had needed him and so he had been shunned. 13 cycles later, he is back and now will do anything for anyone at anytime.Anything else deemed necessary

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  • Name: KyronMask: Mask of psychometrySpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful good Rank: OfficerElement: SonicsBio: Kyron didn't seem to be cut out for a life of labor. He wasn't incredibly athletic or strong, so he never dreamed he'd join the military. But he did- as a detective. He put his sharp mind to use quickly, granting him a position and fantastic job security.Having not seen his brother in months, he figured him to be dead. This is why he transferred to Ta-Koro. The fire of the Koro was the perfect escape from Ga-Koro, and he could still offer his service. Personality: Often solemn and quiet, he will stay silent when doing his work. He seldom lets his emotions show, and tends to keep to himself when off-duty. While he doesn't seem depressed, per se, he does look unhappy and disconnected.Weapons: Carries a compact crossbow, a weapon which folds up to fit into the pockets of his coat and does not have awesome range.Appearance: Shorter than his younger brother. His armor is completely alabaster, save for the underlaying level of grey. He now wears Ta-Koro colors and appears to be an off-color Toa of fire.Age (equated human years): 28Details:-incredibly fast at deducing situations -incredibly hearing, to the point of be unnatural, even for a Toa of sonicsWeakness: He is not incredibly athletic and thus tires easily.Name: KellsomnMask: IdenSpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful goodRank: DetectiveElement: IronBio: Kellsomn was always fascinated with detective work. So, when his brother joined the Ga-Koro Marines as a detective, it was no shock when he decided to become one as well. It was instant for the two: they were masters at their work. Combined, they formed the perfect deductive team. Personality: Unlike his older brother, he is rather solemn in his work, often shooting down attempts at humor when they are on the job. His favorite pastime is reading, so his calm nature can be explained easily. He uses complicated language most of the time, relaying things in a scientific manner.Weapons: He doesn't carry any weaponry.Appearance: Kellsomn's appearance is not altogether different from any other member of his species. The main difference lies in his colors, which are bronze and ebony.Age (equated human years): 23Details: -incredibly fast at deducing problems -great eyesight, to the point of almost being unnaturalWeakness: His elemental skills are merely moderate. He can create constructs quickly, but cannot manipulate the armor of a moving target to an effective degree.Name: IiasmirSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Chaotic GoodRank: None as of yetElement: PlasmaBio: Iiasmir grew up differently from other Skakdi. He was born on a small island far from Mata Nui where as a young Skakdi he passed the trials of a the tribe there. As he passed trials of strength, wits, and courage, he learned of a sleeping god who could save the Skakdi race. When he became a full-grown, giant of a being like most of his kind, he remembered the legend of a sleeping god.And he remembered that it wasn't simply a legend.Personality: Iiasmir is fiercely loyal, putting honor above all and putting his comrades at the top of his priorities. Though his anger and thirst for blood is natural and quite evident, he has learned to suppress it around others. When he lets loose, however, his true Skakdi nature shines through.Weapons: Two chains, large blades at the ends, welded to his wristsAppearance: He is larger than other Skakdi, dwarfing smaller members of his species. Despite bulging muscles and large teeth, he doesn't altogether look horrifying. Maybe in a fight, chains blazing, when he's trying to kill you he'll look scary, but on the street, he simply looks a bit intimidating. His armor is completely jet black, even up to a tinted lens over his eyes.Age (equated human years): Mid-twenties Details: -Right-handed-Controls all kinds of plasma when in conjunction-Adverse to romance-Surprisingly fast due to having long legs (not to mention momentum)-Heat visionArmor: Very strong Skakdi material, can block weak strikes. Weak spots in the neck and hands.Weakness: Mostly his weight. For instance, he couldn't ride an Ussal without crushing it, or walk across a rope bridge without breaking the ropes.Name: Kyju Xo'RexinMask: NoneSpecies: Akrainid (Custom approved species)Alignment: Lawful Good (Truly Lawful Evil)Rank:-High-ranking politician (Onu-Koroan council of twelve)-Partial thumb over the UssalryElement: Ice (Simply resistant)Bio: Born on the island of his species, he became an outlaw for his nature there. Vowing to become good, he exiled himself in hope of one day returning as a better man. Ending up on Mata-Nui, he tried to keep up with his vow, but failed. He found that he should side with the Makuta. It was the most logical choice. And so he did, joining various guilds, such as the Fist of Makuta, one of the most powerful groups on the island. All the while, he kept his identity a secret. This allowed him to begin to overthrow the Onu-Koroan government. As a rising politician, he did away with old customs and brought in an Akrainid concept: the Council of Thirty.This allowed thirty elected nominees- himself included, of course -to meet and pass laws, among other things. It was very effective, and Onu-Koro began improving under his subtle control. He was one of the most influential members of the council. With the help of Gyn, he also had a grip on the Ussalry, which he capitalized on during Xa-Koro's attack on Le-Koro.Personality: Kyju is cold and manipulative, with a large smile plastered on his face. He prefers to use others for his purposes, while slowly befriending them for the best results.A brilliant mind, he can make calculations and deductions in mere seconds. He is truly one of the smartest men in Makuta's service.Weapons: One large broad-sword fashioned the a speedy fighting-style, and two twin katanas looted from a Toa of crystalAppearance: Starting off as a lanky, tall and weak Akrainid too tall for his muscles to catch up, he evolved into a giant of a man, ten feet above the ground. This is cloaked by his tendency to bend over, giving him the appearance of a hunch-back. As he got taller, his muscles caught up. He is now, upon standing to full height, a physical wonder to behold.His face is full of sharp features, his teeth as sharp as razors. His eyes drift back and forth from round, normal-looking eyes to slit-like serpent eyes of red.He wears grey armor all across his body, except for the back, shoulders and chest, as is Akrainid custom. During his politician form, he is completely covered in black cloth save for his head, tightened by a red belt at his waist.Despite all this, he looks intelligent and sophisticated in his own way.Age (equated human years): No true scaleDetails:-Amphibious-Immune to most poisons-Incredible healing factor ranging from near-instant to a few minutes depending on severity (if truly severe, such as loss of a limb, it will take hours, though cuts and bruises heal in seconds)Armor: As mentioned, his armor is everywhere but his upper body.Weakness: He has a weakness to large amounts of heat.-Valkyr-Name: DaylariaMask: RauSpecies: Valkyr Alignment: Lawful EvilRank: Commander in the Ga-Koro Marines, Dark Valkyr of vengeanceElement: Water (cannot be used)Bio: Born and raised in Ga-Koro under the three virtues and the promise of a sleeping god, she was practically conditioned to be a military officer and mentor to others in Ga-Koro. Formerly a teacher, she enlisted in the Marines and quickly rose through the ranks. She recently achieved her goal: becoming a commander. Finally, a personal office and health care benefits.After ascending into her existence as a Valkyr, she kept her position and began a campaign for power by expanding the limits of her already powerful job.Personality: Though her job requires that she keep her cool at all times, she's really a free spirit and likes to have a good time. Naturally a surfer, she enjoys the good times Ga-Koro has to offer. Her marines are her top priority, and she tries to do what's best for them and for the city itself. She has a dark streak as a Valkyr, seeing things in more black and white and seeing the need for vengeance in all.Weapons: Sword of justice. This sword has the power to inflict pain on others equal to that which they inflict on the bearer. In other words, if you cut the user, you will feel the pain of a cut, though you do not actually receive one.Appearance: Naturally, she has blue armor and two glowing green eyes. Ever a free spirit, she added a layer or so of green underneath, signifying rank and ability in the Marines. Now that she is a Valkyr, she looks much the same but with more visible curves. She has an hourglass shape and a unmistakeable beautiful face, to the degree that some will stop in their tasks just to get a second look.Age (equated human years): Late thirties, looks like early twentiesDetails:-Lives in a large, leafed house on the beach-Skilled in element-Incredibly strong-Razor-sharp senses Armor: Made of a durable lightweight metal, perfectly suited for swimming and flying.Weakness: Cannot use her element. Additionally, if her wings are wet, she can't fly.Name: LiacadaMask: HauGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaPowers: Powers over fireAppearance: While muscular, her form remains slender, allowing agility and flexibility. She has an attractive face, and really, attractive body. Her facial features are sharp, and her eyes are perpetually bored.Personality: Liacada's personality is debatable, and not simply by who you ask. Even to people she frequently talks to, her persona adapts. This does not extend to relationships- she generally acts toward people similarly. Simply in a different fashion, if that makes sense. One thing is particularly outstanding, however: Her temper is quite a sight.History: Now, according to who you are, the slums can be great. You just have to know where to go. Who to pursue. When to do so.According to Liacada, it's what you make it. Naturally, she was one to pursue, though not for money. She started off as a child in the poorer parts of the Kumu-Islets, a kind child with a genuinely good out-look on things. She always looked for the good in others. As she grew older, however, people increasingly looked for the worst in her. As she encountered more and more people, she learned that her kindness was the stuff that got you killed. Especially if you couldn't defend yourself. And so, she taught herself. While she couldn't actively go out after her adversaries, she could draw them in with various acts. She could pretend to be like someone else. That in particular- that act of getting away from herself and into the persona of someone else -always made her smile. Only then could she take down her enemies.Heck, it's worked great for her. Weapons: Twin katanasWeakness: While she really has no emotional weakness, she has one, difficult to notice, physical one. Due to a hip incident, her upper left leg is susceptible to pain if hit in the correct areas in the right way. As if in an effort to disprove stereotyping, she's a swimming ace.Theme Music: "Roses" -Outkast-The Double-Edged Knife--Knife & Edge-Name: KnifeGender: FemaleRace: De-ToaPowers: Knife is an expert at wielding her elemental and mask powers. The first, Sonics, she can control/absorb/manipulate at a toa level, and mainly uses to distract or manipulate her opponents, along with torture, and/or to allow herself and Edge to move silently. Knife's Kualsi also allows her to teleport short distances, only to places she can see, which she often uses to teleport in close and stab her opponents before they even realize what is going on.Weapons:Knife's weapons are, as her name suggests, a long knife covered in purple runes. She also wears a shuko on her left hand, which she uses not only to block and twist away attacks against bladed weapons, she also uses to climb up inclines.Appearance: Knife is a small, innocent-looking toa, only half the size of a regular one. She wears a purple robe, just her size, that conceals her knife within a hidden pouch in its back. Two ice-blue eyes stare out of her Royal Purple Kualsi, and her armor is Royal Purple, with ice-blue highlights.Biography: Knife is an orphan, with no idea of where she came from and who her family was. She grew up on the streets of Ta-Koro with her sister, Edge, their names coming because of their preferred weapons. For unknown reasons, she has had her knife and shuko for as long as she can remember, and even when she was very little, she knew how to use them. Although her age and charming appearance causes many to think her unable to fight (she is roughly 12 in toa years), she has trained in the use of her weaponry all her life and will gladly fight when given the chance. Witty and sometimes a proponent of dry humor, Knife has a dark side: She is a sadist who derives pleasure from other's pain and fear. Because of this, she has been known to torture her opponents as she slowly eviscerates them, tearing them apart both mentally and physically, piece-by-piece. Her fighting style perfectly complements her sister's, Edge's, as the two have only known each other, all their lives. Recently, however, Edge has been missing from her sister's side, and speculation has been raised that something has happened between them...Weakness: Despite her combat experience, she acts childish as times, due to the fact that she still isn't completely grown up.Name: EdgeGender: FemaleRace: Matoran of ElectricityPowers: Edge has no powers. However, she is stronger than her sister, even though she is only a matoran, and can endure large amounts of pain, due to her extreme masochism. She also has a slight resistance to electric shocks, due to her element.Weapons:Edge wields a huge zweihander that is twice her size sheathed horizontally on her back. It is made of iron and runed all over. Some medicinal herbs are carried by her in a small pouch at all times.Apearance:Edge is a ice-blue with Royal-Purple hightlights armored matoran. Her eyes are a violent Royal Purple, which sharply contrasts with her size: Only as tall as her sister.Bio: Edge, like her sister, is an orphan who grew up on the streets of Ta-Koro, and picked her name because of her weapon. Even when she was very young, she knew how to use her zweihander and medicine expertly. She looks less innocent and more tomboyish than her sister, mainly because she is. Where Knife is charming, Edge is blunt. Where Knife is quick-thinking, Edge is slow and less decisive. Where Knife is a sadist, Edge is an extreme masochist, with the only reason why she doesn't hurt herself being that she fights just enough to get enough pain. Even their fighting styles complement one another. However, recently, they have not been seen together, and people are wondering if they fell out of each other's favor...Weakness: Edge's masochism has nearly consumed her personality, and thus, when she is fighting, she sometimes even lets herself be hurt, as long as she thinks it will help her win in one way or another. Thus, she may think she will be hurt slightly and let herself be injured, when, in reality, she will be led into a trap and be maimed.Name: Matrapolix I'RohuSpecies: Toa of soundAppearance: Matrapolix is a tall, handsome Toa with a daring smile. His mask of flight is a light grey, like his forearms, thighs, and lower chest. The rest is a darker grey, which includes his upper chest, biceps, shins and feet. He is slim, but well-built. He wears a piece of fabric around his forehead to soak up sweat. His sword is strapped to his back, the handle coming up his from behind his left shoulder.Gender: MalePowers: He has power over flight, and sound.Weapons/Equipment: He uses one weapon- a sword with a hook at the end. The side not facing the hook is sharp enough to slice through touch substances.Mask: Mask of flight Personality: Matrapolix is very outgoing, never backing away from a conversation, over a fight. He considers everyone his best friend, easily forgiving people and forging relationships.History: Matrapolix started out as a fighter, continued to be a fighter, and grew up to be a fighter. Even in school, he always got into combat with fellow students. He eventually got real training with his sword, and set out to join a work force- the Onu-Koroan special ops.Alignment: Lawful GoodAssociation: Onu-Koroan Special Ops, Ussalry, Mata-Nui supportersWeakness: Like most of his element, he has extremely sensitive ears.Theme music: "Son of Flynn" -Daft Punk-The Sensei-Name: SucoguSpecies: Toa of lightningGender: MaleWeapons: A bit of a jack of all weapons, Sucogu's life is based on fighting styles and ways to take down opponents. He spends many years perfecting his use of many weapons. In the process, he "taught" himself, or rather made his own unorthodox method of martial arts, which he commonly applies in combat in addition to armed fighting.Alignment: He keeps to himself, mostly, preferring not to speak with others unless he believes he is truly needed.Kanohi: He bears a mask of rebounding.Appearance: Sucogu is without any hint of yellow to contrast his red, and the red itself is a deep crimson that, while not having trouble shining in the sunlight, is equipped for stealth in darker villages.The toa of lightning is medium sized, and is lean from years of conditioning himself. His eyes, even, are red, though a scarlet orange describes them best.He is unlike other toa of his kind, for a simple reason. When he arrived from a far off island where all brings manipulated lightning, he was white and blue. He soon discovered that he neither fit in, nor was he difficult prey in the forest. So, bearing new armor, he is now believed a toa of fire. Fitting in isn't an issue; only the latter reason is necessary.Powers/Abilities: Sucogu is an extremely powerful toa in two ways- his element, and his fighting. He takes great pride in each, and has spent much time in his lonesome practicing against Rahi.Personality: Even with the certain roughness to him, Sucogu is wise enough not to go around picking fights. He dislikes large, ostentatious combat, but would never run from it.The Toa of lightning is overly territorial, and will go to great lengths to defend what he believes is his space.Bio: Originating from an island where all toa, turaga, and matoran were of lightning, Sucogu believed he was normal. Completely normal, in his scheme of blue and white. When plague struck the land, he was driven from his island and eventually to an island where fighting was essential to their culture. He learned martial arts, but could never perfect it. Eventually, the plague struck this island, and many scattered. Determined not to live the rest of his life in the shadow of a sickness, he sailed away, and kept sailing.He sailed half way across the planet, over many, many years.Ending up on Mata Nui, he was out of place. No one he saw in Ta-Wahi was white or blue, much less the two put together. So, after purchasing new armor, he built a small, yet livable hut in the nearest forest, in the outskirts of Le-Wahi. He spent his time catching Rahi and practicing how to fight. By the time someone found him, he trained them, and only them...Weakness: Though he has spent years trying to perfect it, he always had trouble with smaller beams of lightning. As such, of he was trying to send a warning blast or simple bolt, there would be a high chance of him losing control and could send a pathetic spark or even explode in his face. Either way, he is always better off with ample sized voltage.-The Ussalry Guard-Name: Kol UskeySpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: Kol is a muscular "rebuilt-style" Matoran. He dons black armor, save the purple shin armor he wears. A disk is commonly found strapped to his wrist, and he wears a strap from his right shoulder to his left hip that holds his spear to his back. His eyes are a tealish sea green, laying softly against his black Komau. Despite his slightly gruff appearance, he is quite attractive for a Matoran, being in great shape as a member of the Ussalry.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: None, 'sides what he can do physically.Abilities: Kol, like most Onu-Matoran, has excellent vision in the dark, and natural strength.Weapons/Equipment: Most of Uskey's equipment is for digging and/or repairing. Naturally, however, some tools are used in combat.-SaperkaHe feels deeply sentimental about his entrenching tool. It is one of his oldest pieces of equipment, and is the most natural-feeling thing in his hands. This can be found in a box attached to his Ussal saddle.-Repeating crossbowHis is mostly used for Rahi-control. In the combat he gets, however, he isn't slow to resort to it. This is found on a mount on the saddle of his Ussal. It forms a bit of a turret. Bolts for it are at his hip, and in greater supply in a bag on his Ussal saddle.-SpearThis is for close combat. He will never throw his beloved spear, and uses it as his primary combat weapon. This can be found strapped to his back.-DiskFor the Ussalry, this piece of equipment has evolved from throwing weapon to shield. It's a cultural icon, and is commonly strapped to the wrists of Ussal riders.Rahi Partner: Sull, a hefty Ussal. She is fast, and powerful enough to support all of Kol's equipment.Fighting Style: Kol's fighting style has a lot to do with grappling. He is agile and flexible, and uses lots of small strikes or pulls or twists to get past his opponent's defense before dealing the final blow.Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, he doesn't have any extraordinary powers to move water or stone. In a way, this entices him to try harder at what he can do.Widgets: 3,000Other Possessions: A Makuta fish tooth worn on a string around his neck.Home: He has a small tent strapped to his Ussal. He never really established a specific home, and will dig a cove a put up a tent when in the forest. He has about enough rations to last him a week, and a comfortable sleeping bag.Affiliation: Onu-Koro Ussalry Guard.Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: Kol keeps to himself a bit, and his humor is dry. He doesn't really enjoy being out in the open, rather a calm, quiet cave. If he likes company at all, it's one-on-one, actual conversation....but not in a romantic way. He chokes up around anyone he even considers attractive.To blow off steam, he'll usually dig, practice his aim, or give Sull attention.Other: For an unknown reason, he speaks with an Irish accent.Theme Music:"Headstrong" by TraptName: Veira RecksinSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Veira is short for a Toa, only standing at about five and a half feet. She also looks slim enough to slip through tight places and doesn't weigh much.The Toa of gravity has wise, deep-set green eyes behind a light grey Kakama-shaped Tryna.The color of that mask matches her abdomen armor, wrist/forearm armor, and foot armor. Otherwise, her armor is purple; on the legs and gloves.However, instead of armor on the arms, she wears loose purple fabric sleeves which are non-restricting, and even out the weight and temperature.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Veira possesses the power to manipulate gravity, and her mask power to reanimate corpses.Abilities:GravityThe Toa practices regularly to keep her powers in good shape.NecromancyWith her disguised Tryna, she can call back the dead for a limited time for her use.Weapons/Equipment: Veira uses her fists as combat weapons. Even her powers are more for practical uses than anything.Fighting Style: Veira isn't a born fighter at all. She doesn't even have any weapons. Most of her combat is using her hands and feet. Outsmarting her opponent and outrunning them are her key skills.At the same time, she has excellent fighting technique, being a quick learner. She is good at studying and copying fighting styles.Weaknesses: Veira isn't physically strong due to her build, and doesn't have weapons.Widgets: It variesOther Possessions: Veira sometimes wears a ring that could be considered a weapon. The diamond twists off, revealing a poisoned spike.Home: Anywhere Paka is.Affiliation: The PheonixAlignment: True NeutralBio: Veira is rather outspoken, never afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks of you, for better or worse.She has a bit of a proud, knowledgeable look to her. She uses information to her advantage.Other: Veira has an uncanny love of tea.Theme Music: "Arena" -Daft Punk

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  • [under construction]Name: VeloxSpecies: Toa of ElectrictyAlignment: Good, but not necessarily lawful. Will do whatever he feels is right.Gender: MaleAppearance: A normal-sized Toa, with a brown body and silver armor. His mask is in the shape of an Avohkii, but has the power of the Kualsi [quick travel – able to teleport anywhere within sight]. He looks like this, for the most part [with some minor changes, of course].Guild:Weapon(s): Two Katana, bladed gauntlets [think of Batman], a knife, and various other tools he keeps in his backpack. His Katana’s sheaths are strapped to the side of his backpack.Powers: Being a Toa of Electricity, he has some control over electricity. He is able to teleport using his mask power within sight. Furthermore, he is a skilled tracker and survivor. His main ability, however, is his sword fighting and hand-to-hand fighting, which he has constantly trained himself to use, preferring those over using his elemental power.Traits: Velox is driven by his sense of justice and devotion to Mata Nui. Velox’s main problem is his alcohol addiction. Because of the trauma explained below, he turned to drinking as a solution to it, which turned into an addiction. However, he does still not fully accept that his friend being tortured was his fault, as he trusts his own judgment and believes he is right. He thinks that if he had helped him, they’d both be dead, yet at the same time he still feels guilty. For a long time his solution to dealing with everything would be to drink which would cause him to anger easily and do rash things. He has been able to somewhat control his problem, but still fights the urge to drink and when he does, he acts in ways that are not like his usual self.When not under the influence, Velox is amiable, getting along well with others. He has a strong sense of justice and of doing the right thing, which he often determines by what he “feels” is right [otherwise known as “gut feeling”].Biography: Coming soon~Weaknesses: One weakness is his alcohol problem, as when he drinks it causes him to go into rages and unable to operate normally. He is also not nearly as skilled with his elemental powers as he is with his physical abilities, and can tire easily from using his elemental power.[alcohol problem approved my Smeag, Avohkii-shaped Kualsi approved by Nuju Metru]Name: RazikSpecies: Toa of StoneAlignment: Evil -- Bad CompanyGender: MaleAppearance: To come.Weapon(s): Two daggers, bow and arrows.Mask Power: IllusionPowers/Abilities: Stone, Illusion (which also allows for shapeshifting, in accordance with BS01), hand-to-hand combat/survival skills, good with knife fighting, a good marksman with a bow and arrow.Traits: Razik has a need to satisfy a certain bloodlust, yet he is not stupid – he has great self-restraint and is able to focus on more important needs: namely, surviving (both from getting caught for his crimes and also by obtaining money for food and other needs). More to come as his character develops.Biography: When Razik was just a young Toa, he lived to Toa Code perfectly, never willing to kill anyone. He has fought in several wars, honing his skill of battle and quick-thinking in times of combat and stress, even becoming the leader of a squad of Toa. During one war, when his squad became separated from the rest of the army, they were ambushed. They were able to hold off their attackers, but suffered heavy losses, and in the end were able to keep one of their enemies alive as a hostage. Unwilling to kill him, even after he killed most of the members of his squad, Razik decided to give him a second chance, letting him go if he promised to give up his ways. Later on, it was discovered that that hostage was responsible for the killing of many other Toa before that incident, as well as responsible for the mass murder of several villages. Razik made it his life’s work to seek out and catch the ruthless killer, vowing revenge. When Razik finally found him again, he had killed dozens of other innocent people; Razik brutally tortured and subsequently killed him. This drove him into a rage of anger, causing a bloodlust – he sought out other victims to kill, starting with only enemies, but when there were no enemies within easy reach he began killing innocents as well in order to satisfy this bloodlust. Eventually his rage relented, but that bloodlust remained. Knowing he needed to still provide for himself, Razik decided to work as a mercenary in order to satisfy his needs and bloodlust. A great soldier, Razik joined Bad Company, an elite group of mercenaries willing to do any job. More to come as his character develops.Weakness(es): If you give him a reason to hate you, it will be very hard for him to control himself and not try to kill you. He is quick to anger, which can sometimes cause him to act-out. More to come as his character develops.

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    • [*]A detailed description of his appearance: Is the same style and hight as a Toa Inika, minus the organic design. Has gunmetal green feet and arms, light green hands and legs, and a black chest. His eyes are blue, and the mask that covers it is black[*]Weakness(es): He has become adept at controlling his element, and is not used to others like him. He cannot defend against any Iron or Magnetic attacks because of this. He also has a hard time against elements he cannot see such as Air, and due to an injury he recieves migrains around all toa of Psionics (aswell as those who use the Mask of Mind control).[*]Name: Toron[*]Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera): Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Has control over the element of Iron, giving him control of metal. He wears the Mask of Biomechanics, and an Iron Sphere which he uses to practice his powers on as well as manipulate it into a sword for enhanching is powers[*]Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera): Good[*]Personality and history: He is very logical at all times and will only act when he feels it is logical to do so. He has a very strange sense of humour, and finds it hard to make friends. When he was a matoran, very early in his life, he had heard about what the makuta were doing to his people and disguised himself as a Le-matoran. He spent most of his time on the run, staying away from other villages. He was transformed into a Toa which destroyed his disguise. He had not seen his true self in over 10 thousand years, but knew he would not until the Makuta were killed. promptly he changed to the Toa of Air style of colouring. He knew in his heart that he had transformed with 5 other Toa, and to this day is still searching for his destined Toa Team.[*]Anything else deemed necessary: When i think of it

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  • Name: Avmarak (AV-ma-rahk)Species: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodKanohi: Kanohi Sanok: Mask of Accuracy (Shaped like Avohkii)Element: Magnetism (Originally Light)Home Village: NoneAppearance: Avmarak is a medium height Toa with lots of silver and white armor covering his body. He wears a Sanokshaped like a silver Avohkii and has white claws coming from the front and sides of his feet for stability. His leg arerather week and have supports on the back. His armor is unusually shiny although he has never been seen repairing it.Image:


    History: Avmarak was a Toa of light who traveled the universe battling various monsters and was even awarded a newmask shaped like an Avohkii when he saved one of the southern islands from a Visorak attack. Then the Great Cataclysm hit. At the time, Avmarak was on the Northern Continent hunting down a Dark Hunter. He rushed to Metru Nui to findit swarming with Visorak. Avmarak was almost captured by the Visorak, but managed to escape to Mata Nui island where hetraveled the island protecting the villages.At some point on Mata Nui, Avmarak met up with Whiarn who replaced his light powers with magnetism.Personality: Avmarak is rather stubborn, always thinking about charging headfirst into a fight. He can also behot-headed at times.Weapons: Avmarak carries a large staff with a small shield connected to it as his primary tool and elemental focus. He also carries a protodermis claw.Weakness: Avmarak's weakness is mainly his personality. He will often charge into a battle without thinkingabout it. He also sometimes forgets he is no longer a Toa of light and will try to use light-based powers. Name: Whiarn (WEE-arn)Species: MatoranAlignment: EvilKanohi: Transformed Kualsi (Powerless)Element: Ice, formerly, DarknessHome Village: Xa-KoroAppearance: Whiarn is a white Matoran with a grey body. His only armor is a round chest-plate. His mask seems tobe more of a helmet with three spikes coming from the back and covered in small, multicolored markings.Image:


    History: Whiarn was a Ko-Matoran living in Metru Nui like all other Matoran. But unlike others, he felt asort of hatred towards Turaga Dume and often got into fights with the Vahki. During the time of the Great Cataclysm,Whiarn stayed inactive inside a Matorn Sphere like the rest of the Matoran. However, when the Matoran Spheres were broughtto Mata Nui, Whiarn's fell out of the airship that it was being carried in and fell into Mangaia where Makutatelepathically corrupted his mind and sent him to Xa-Koro, where he learned to control the element of Darkness and how to change a beings powers, which he used on himself to turn himself into a Kra-Matoran (Matoran of Darkness).At some point on Mata Nui, Whiarn met up with Avmarak and, because he was such a big threat to Makuta, attempted to killhim, but was only strong enough to remove his light powers.Personality: Whiarn is a wicked, arrogant Matoran, harshly treating anyone he suspects to be more powerful than him. He is usually foundalone, practicing his powers.Weapons: Whiarn caries two white claws that focus his energy. While he doesn't like to, Whiarn will also use hisclaws as melee weapons.Weekness: In addition to having poor weapon skills, Whiarn can get over-confident in his Elemental abilities,Often doing outrageous things, like facing a large group of mad Rahi single-handed, and will get beat up. NOTE: If Xa-Kuta comes back, I will replace Whiarn's darkness powers to Xa-Kuta spells like they were before the big move. Name: Asari (ah-SAH-ree)Species: ToaAlignment: NeutralKanohi: Kanohi Faxon: Mask of Kindred(Transformed)Element: PlasmaHome Village: NoneAppearance: Asari a rather small Toa with the colors blue, grey, and black instead of orange and white. He has a Faxon that was transformed to look more round with smaller eye holes. He has a black body and very little armor. His arms are exceptionally small.Image:


    History:Not much is known about Asari... At all. It is known that he was a Matoran of Plasma until he was abducted by the Nynrah Ghosts for experiments. At one point, he was artificially given Toa powers and his color was changed. He later escaped to Xia where he stole some experimental weapons and than was said to have gone to the northern continent for sometime until he was captured by the Dark Hunters and somehow managed to make it to Metru Nui and then, Mata Nui. There, he remained unknown by the inhabitants for sometime until he was spotted by Whiarn, who fired at him. Asari escaped and fled to Kini Nui, where he built himself a small hut in the surrounding mountains.Personality/Traits: Asari is a joking fellow but can be a fierce warrior, who fights like he has nothing to lose because, really, he doesn't; He barely remembers his old home and is afraid that if he were to return, the Dark Hunters would capture him. Asari is a good marksman but a poor melee fighter so when fighting, he prefers to keep his distance from the opponent.Weapons/Powers: Asari carries a plasma sphere shooter with a small shield on its side and a small container full of a powerful, unknown substance that gets injected into every sphere and a small black claw-shield with a plasma harpoon on the bottom. He also wears a backpack full of the mystery substance and a tube that keeps the shooter's container full. Asari can also generate and fire small, highly concentrated Plasma Spheres from his hands, though this greatly weakens him.Weakness: Asari was artificially given Toa powers. So every once and a while, they stop working. Asari can also lose balance during a fight. Sometimes, he will unwillingly fire an uncontrollable plasma beam in a random direction. This is actually more of a weakness than a power because doing this weakens him, happens at random, and can hurt allies. Also, Asari is not very agile and does poorly in places like thick jungles. NOTE: Asari's name and design are not inspired by Mass Effect. I didn't even know it existed until after Asari's creation.

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  • Name: Kraeis Oiliumus ThoerstiusPronunciation: KRAY-iss oy-lee-OO-muhs thow-HEIR-stee-uhsNative Location: Nonuses KrepictRace: ToaGender: Male Alignment: RenegadeClass: MarauderAffiliation: N/AOccupation: N/AStatus: Active Primary Power: FireAbilities: N/AKanohi: Calix, Great Mask of FateWeapon: Halberd Appearance: Kraeis’ armor is barbaric. He dons plated metal boots and greaves, and he wears a tattered hide skirt and loin clothe from hip to knee. He wears a hefty buckle with Krepict runes etched into it, and he wears a hide belt from his left shoulder down across his chest; otherwise, his torso, albeit muscular and powerful, is left vulnerable. He possesses bulky, imposing metal pauldrons with spikes protruding asymmetrically. He wears hide straps around his biceps and hide gloves, and he dons metal gauntlets. His Calix is cast like a traditional Rode but proportional to his face, and he often wears a helm with a slit face plate and two bone horns over it. All metal is black fired steel, all hide is a muted, dark biege, and his muscles are a sort of muted orange color. His eyes are bright orange, a piercing color from behind his helm. However, unlike most in this violent world, Kraeis does not dress anticipating battle after breakfast. He often removes his pauldrons and helm and instead carries himself with a charismatic pose draped in dark robes and a sash. Background: Kraeis was at one time a rogue and a soldier. He was a defender of a barbaric tribe of Matoran living on an obsidian flat upon Nonuses Krepict, a remote, volcanic southern island near Artidax. When he became a Toa, he was banished by the priesthood in conjunction with his ruling chief and council under the commandment of the gods, barbaric gods he worshipped himself. Sometime after, he picked up a bloodquest he wholeheartedly, aimlessly, blindly claims to believe that his barbaric gods gave to him. Kraeis has seen slave pens, gladiator arenas, strategic battlefields, and exotic lands; he has survived all of his northbound travels and endeavors. His time in exile has tempered his desire to fulfill his bloodquest, but it remains at the back of his mind. Otherwise, he is a compassionate teacher and lover, yet an ever brutal fiend in times of strife. He is intelligent and curious, fascinated by culture, ideas, philosophy, and comedy. This sets him apart from the barbarians that banished him. Name: Phaeus Akronz MosirulcPronunciation: PHAY-us ACK-ronze moss-EER-ulcNative Location: Azarab, Dor RennaRace: ToaGender: Male Alignment: ParagonClass: Warrior, PriestAffiliation: N/AOccupation: N/AStatus: Active Primary Power: GravityAbilities: Can sense mass because of the effect gravity has on it.Kanohi: Hau, Great Mask of Shielding.Weapon: Sword, Shield Appearance: Phaeus has the build of an average Toa, strong and agile but not bulky or massive. He stands straight and tall, charismatic, and wears a compassionate, curious expression at all times, a reflection of his stable, level personality, his wonder and ideas, and his desire for knowledge. He wears armor that looks foreign and ancient compared to contemporary Toa armor, but it looks new and not well worn. He was once black and purple, like most Ba-Matoran, like most Atzoul, but his colors have faded completely due to the years he's spent in exposure to the sun and sands of the southern kingdoms. And now he looks like a perpetual statuesque guardian. His Hau has runes marked on the back of it, but they are not apparent to the naked eye. His sword and shield have cultural inscriptions on them as if they were purposely decorated. And his eyes are an ever gleaming astral blue, a characteristic of the Atzoul and their whole bloodline after them. Background: Unknown

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  • Name: AgniGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: resisting MakutaImageDescription: Standing a head above the average Toa, Agni is perceived intimidating by some in Ta-Wahi when they see him, possibly due to the main-colors of dark red and black as well as his orange eyes. His Kanohi Kualsi seems almost black as well yet there is a red hue to it. The mask itself has seen better days. It is dark red with faded spots of black towards the edges. The two elegant protrusions that extend down following the jaw-line have long broken off. This fact is rarely noticed though, as Agni sports a black scarf, wrapped around his neck and often covering his mouth while the ends are draped around his shoulders. Across his torso run two leather-straps, holding the sheaths on his back in place.Mask: Kualsi, Mask of Quick-travelWeapon: Two short gunmetal-grey blades adorned with fire-carvings near the handle. Agni always carries them, stowed safely in the sheaths on his back.Powers: Fire elemental power.Personality: Still considered something of a "rookie", compared to Toa like Tahu, Agni is aware of the great responsibilities of being a Toa and his experiences so far have turned him into a quiet and slightly cynic character, sometimes feeling close to disillusioned on bad days. However his heart is still in the right place and he always gives all he's got to protect the Matoran of Mata Nui, doing the right thing when push comes to shove. Many get the impression that he is a pessimist but that is not the case. Agni does try to maintain a positive outlook, yet he is quick to give in to frustration when a situation proves to be harder to resolve than he expected and his methods do not work. He often thinks this is his own fault and he somewhat lacks faith in his own abilities.Weakness: Water and cold, duh :PBiography: Agni had always been a member of the Ta-Koro guard, even before he became a Toa, as he did not like the feeling of being dependent on good fortune and the six Toa Mata, as much as he admired them. His service in the guard made him feel able to defend his people, despite the lack of elemental control or access to great Kanohi.On patrol near the Tren Krom break, it was apparent accident that a rockslide almost killed him. Badly bruised he dug himself out of the rubble, only to discover a Toa-stone had been sealed away under the now crumbled rock. He took the artifact to the Turaga for safekeeping, but the accident turned out to be no accident, but destiny and Agni was turned into a Toa by the power of the stone, which even bore his name carved into it.Yet it seems that destiny played a trick on Agni as nothing happened after his transformation that would give him a call beyond that of his duty in the guard and so, the young Toa resumed his post there as an officer of the guard, pondering his fate while fending off Rahi, often frustrated by the thought that there is nothing waiting for him that would justify his transformation into what should be a hero.That is, until news of the Makuta eliminating the former chronicler's company began to spread and Agni met a Toa named Valria, helping her deal with her past and hunt the criminal responsible for her suffering.His recent adventures have begun to build his self-confidence and leadership skills while traveling across Mata Nui.Name: KohraGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: serving MakutaImageDescription: Tall like most of her species, this Vortixx stands a little over a head taller then an average Toa. Kohra is very slender in appearance, almost bordering on "sickly". With her black body and dark-blue armor and purple eyes, she still retains a lot of the attraction of a female Vortixx though. With the exception of her left arm. Touched by corruption it has transformed into a black sinewy appendage, almost as if belonging to a dead being, its hand ending in black sharp claws. This sudden change in appearance has its beginning on her left shoulder, also affecting her torso from the clavicle to the shoulder-blade. In addition, these areas are even stranger, since black feathers, almost oily in the way they reflect the light, grow on them.Mask: /Weapon: "Crow's Talon" This strange glove is a part of Kohra's arm and merges seamlessly with the seemingly rotten flesh. It is evil in its design, with what seems like teeth growing out of the knuckles and more black feathers near the wrist. Its origins remain mysterious but it grants Kohra abilities where she herself has no powers of her own. These abilities seem to root in telekinesis as it allows her to move small objects. The glove in combination with her clawed hand also allows her to literally slice through the air, if swept hard enough, effectively creating miniature air-currents, or rather "air-razors" that are sharp enough to cut somebody. This effect travels on for a short distance, damaging beings and organic objects in its way.Powers:/Personality: Kohra is a corrupted soul. She does think she is doing the right thing without realizing that she is standing on the wrong side. In her twisted mind, moral values are the exact opposite, good becoming evil just as evil is becoming good.Weakness: A being aligned with the master of shadows, Kohra has a strong aversion against sunlight. Due to that she mostly hides during daylight and only comes out after dusk to stalk the night. She can exist in daylight, but it causes her such mental discomfort that it almost borders on physical pain.Biography: Kohra remembers fleeting shadows from her life before she woke up in a dark cave with an immense pain in her left arm and a weird glove attached to her hand. Back outside of the labyrinthine caverns underneath Mount Ihu, she found that this glove could not be removed and to her horror, that her arm was changing as well. Slowly at first, it seemingly decomposed over the next few weeks. And as the change took place, the whsipers came. Whispers in the back of her head, so subliminal she doesn't know if they are her own thoughts or somebody else's influence. They guided her ever since, promising her rewards and greatness while her actions were that of evil. At some point she realized this had to be the Makuta's influence and with that discovery she pledged her allegiance to the master of shadows.She has used her dark passenger's help and her own cunning to actively work against the three virtues, in order to spread mistrust and divide the Matoran of the island.If she is beyond redemption, nobody knows.Name: Sisk "The Tamer"Gender: MaleSpecies: Le-MatoranAlignment: Resisting MakutaDescription: A Matoran of average height, Sisk can be described as wiry. His body is colored in the traditional Le-Koro green, with the addition of dark green tribal markings covering his mask, upper torso, shoulders and upper arms. Another thing of note is the white tribal design on his right shoulder-joint.Away from his work with the Le-Koro birds, Sisk is hardly seen without his backpack, a small versatile bag made from leather and very tough leaves, also featuring sheaths for his two batons on either side.Element: none, despite a slight affinity for the GreenMask: Non-functional Zatth (in shape only)Weapon: Two Bamboo-Batons for self-defense, however Sisk's prowess in one-on-one combat is merely that of an amateur. He has a talent for using items found in nature around him though.Personality: They don't call Sisk "the tamer" for nothing. Boasting about his adventures with the wild-life of Mata Nui, rumour has it that he once got a wipe-down from a Ghekula and the nickname stuck as means to counter his Ego. He is ambitious however and a willing risk-taker, just for the thrill.While Sisk is quite savvy in the knowledge of flora and fauna, he is socially awkward, which doesn't stop him from talking though. Somehow he has managed to not become an outsider in Le-Koro.Weakness: With no elemental control, no mask-powers, no protection against them either except a heightened resistance against the green, life isn't easy for Sisk. He has to rely on his wits mostly to get him through his adventures. Despite him trying to tame various Rahi, he has little chance to put up a real fight against an opponent with access to powers.Biography: Sisk has been on Mata Nui longer then he cares to remember, which is almost as long as he has been assigned to take care of Le-Koro's Gukko, Kahu and Kewa. But at some point feeding seeds to tame birds simply wasn't enough anymore and Sisk started to venture into the jungle during his free time, with the goal to become an accomplishe Rahi-tamer. It caught the note of his superiors, earning him a promotion within the Gukko Force. He studied the various Rahi found on Mata-Nui and knows alot about their behaviour and tactics to scare them off as well. Among his greatest accomplishments is the fending off of a full-grown Muaka, earning him the first of many scars.After Tamaru was killed in Le-Koro he requested and got permission from Kongu to travel with the Toa and other heroes hunting for the killer, but when they faced them in Po-Wahi, his by-then friend Merror requested he should try to find and protect Kapura and the other members of the chronicler's company. He joined up with the Ga-Koro Marines in Ta-Koro, who had the same purpose, yet Kapura proved to elusive to track for them and he traveled on with the marines. However, Kapura was not elusive enough for the master of shadows and Sisk, promised to protect the Ta-Matoran, only heard of his demise days later, when he joined forces with Lans in Ta-Koro, after an attack on the hospital there. Devastated at first, he quickly regained his composure, thanks to the nature of Le-Koronans. Kapura's death has further fueled his drive to help fight the Makuta to the best of his abilities.Name: RhowGender: FemaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: NeutralImageAppearance: Rhow's appearance mirrors her attitude: tough and brutal, but battered and scarred as well. While she is not as buff as her male bretheren and can be distinguished as a female she is still sturdy and muscular. Her spine is lined with longer fin-like protrusions that have worn over age and now bend to the sides.(Imagine Vezok's spine, but with that free willy bent fin). Her face has the characteristic Skakdi grin, however the chin is not as dominant, however the cheekbones are very prominent. Bedded on either side of the protrusion running from the forehead all the way to the point where the spine begins, two bright neon-green eyes with slitted pupils scan her environment for prey or foes.Her armour is dented and scratched, dirty with mud, yet a hue of dark blue with a hint of green can still be made out. If one looks closely, one can see she also carries a small leather bag on her, hanging from her thigh.Element: Water (in combination with another Skakdi)Vision power: Thermal ImagingWeapon: A sharp piece of steel with a crude handle that Rhow salvaged sometime before her coming to Mata Nui, it looks as brutal as the owner in appearance. Without any special properties, it is a barbarians tool, unclean and deadly, akin to the tooth of some large predator, cast in metal.Personality: Rhow can be described as unstable at best. Regarded as a savage even by her fellow Skakdi she has a hard shell and a harder core underneath. Decisions are made without much forethought but with an iron will and you never know how Rhow will react to a situation. Survival is paramount, no matter the cost. But despite all her verocity, Rhow is aware exactly of what she is. Being unwelcome in any of the Koro, forced to live with the beasts it is quite handy being a beast yourself. Weakness: Rhow isn't much of a thinker. She isn't stupid by any means, but she does not think ahead much, after all, she didn't need to until now, her brute strenght has been enough. This limits her ability to recognize strategies or to think about the bigger picture.Biography: Rhow washed up on Mata Nuis shore one grey morning after a night of storms. Since then, Rhow has forged herself a way to survive on the Island in the forests on the foothills of Mt. Ihu forming the border between Ga-Wahi with Naho bay and Po-Wahi. She has stayed on the move ever since, hunting Rahi and one time even an unlucky Matoran. Anything weaker than her is possible prey and anything stronger just prey that will weaken in time. On her route-less travels she has ventured into the Motara desert as well as up the flanks of Ihu, bent on survival.Abrief encounter with the Hordika Lantz brought her to Le-Wahi, where the two of them split again shortly after, and Rhow wandered aimlessly for some time, until she found the site where a Matoran had been trapped and killed. There she was attacked by a Toa serving the Makuta, yet the arrival of the sons of Makuta and the ensuing battle ended the fight quickly and she retreated until the battle was over. This was her first encounter with any other beings, save for Lantz, and she is beginning to realize there are bigger things going on on Mata Nui, that may concern them all. Shortly after she met Iraanus, a male Skakdi of water, with whom she traveled to Le-Koro. Name: LeahSpecies: Toa (Maru)Alignment: resisting Makuta ImageGender: FemaleAppearance: Now a Toa of water, Leah's body retained and amplified many of its physical attributes, like her fitness. Slim and well-toned, she embodies of the essence of Gali. However, the colours of her armour are more cerulean than dark blue, while the lighter armor of her legs and arms have a hint of teal in their light blue. She still retains a white tribal marking on her shoulder underneath the armour though, that shows her old rank and position in the Gukko-Force. Weapons: A Bo-Staff, that she wields with great skill.Mask: Kanohi Ruhaku, The Mask of Intent

    The Kahoni Ruhaku allows its user to sense the intent of any other creature in the form of an aura around the being. The Ruhaku cannot tell the user thoughts or specify how the particular intent being sensed is to be carried out; it is merely lightly clairvoyant, telling the user or a target designated by the user what others are going to do or are already doing to him/her based on their emotions. The mask is always on at a low level. The aura and their corresponding intent are as follows:

    Red – Angry/intent to attack

    Orange – Lying/intent to deceive

    Yellow – Afraid/intent to flee

    Green – Helpful/intent to aid

    Blue – Indifferent/no intent

    Violet – Passionate/strong and unknown intent

    No color - Mask is being blocked

    Powers: Leah weilds the element of water with the skill and near the power of a Toa Mata, having been transformed using the essence-stone of Toa Gali. In addition, she is extremely flexible and fit due to constant work and training in her martial art.Traits: Leah is among the kindest and most caring people hailing from Le-Koro one can encounter. Good-natured, quick to laugh and hard-working, she approaches life and her new duties on the Island with as positive an attitude as possible, reasoning that there is enough darkness on Mata-Nui already, without the people adding their own unhappiness to it. Having been granted the power of a first Toa, she is aware that she now has the ability to drive out much of that darkness as well. As a tamer for the Gukko-Force, she took pride in her work and approached it with a sense of duty and responsibility surpassing that of her peers. It was this devotion to the Gukko-Force, their Gukko and Kahu, as well as Le-Koro in general that earned her a promotion to First Lieutenant while she was still a Matoran, a rank she is still very proud of. And she applies that same sense of responsibility to her newfound powers.

    She also knows that her duty includes the protection of her old home, Le-Koro, as well as her new on, Ga-Koro and the other villages, now more than ever. To that end, she continues to practice her martial arts with fervour, as the transformation has given her a great boost, turning a skilled Matoran into a full-blown fighter.Like most Le-Matoran she has a thing for humor and her bright laugh often helps the morale of the Toa Maru, though lately she has felt a lot calmer, a side-effect of the essence of Gali. The full realisation of what these changes all mean has not sunken in completely yet, but she is determined to give her best.Biography: Leah lived in Le-Koro, where she was a member of the Gukko-Force and in charge of the caretaking of the Gukko and Kahu in its service. When she was not at the headquarters, looking after the birds, she could be found practicing her martial art at home or helping other Matoran around the village in any way she could. She was and still is close friends with many of the other Gukko-Force members, most notably Sisk, as they had been working together for many years, before Sisk found his personal call to adventure after the untimely death of Tamaru.After her friend's leaving, Leah was promoted to take over his duties as well her own, a task she fully embraced, being in charge of the tamer-teams and ground-crews for the birds after her promotion. In the time afterwards, however, adventure quickly caught up with Leah and she suddenly found herself at the front of the struggle with the forces of the Makuta, riding into battle and coordinating the support for the Gukko Force during the attack on the Rama-Hive, which revealed a strange Obelisk, whose importance she would only realize later. She spent a short time in Pala-Koro afterwards with Sisk, Lashev, Verdi and Lans, close friends of her, until she had to return to her duties in Le-Koro. It wasn't long afterwards, until a Matoran named Stannis showed up on her doorstep, accompanied by four other Matoran and told her of a prophecy that said she and the others had been chosen to become the successors to the first Toa and to defeat the Makuta in their stead. It wasn't an easy choice to leave her old life behind, but as Stannis had said, you can not run from destiny and so, she joined their company and together they set out to follow a trail of clues left by the late Takua, in order to retrieve six very special Toa-Stones: The Essence-Stones of the Toa Mata. Hunted by Makuta's minions and short on time, their quest led from the depths of the Sea to the heights of mount Ihu, collecting the stones from hidden places. And along the way, they made allies. The first was Joske. A former Kolhii-champion turned Toa, whose name was also mentioned in the prophecy, yet his role was that of a vanguard, paving the way for the wanderer and his company. Next was Korero, a Ko-Matoran following his own destiny, who was appointed the chronicler of their company until they eventually returned to the Obelisk in the ruin of the Rama-hive, their own Suva. Still, surprises waited for them. At the Suva, it was revealed that Korero was not just to be the chronicler, but that he was the true chosen one to inherit the essence of Lewa, while Lepidran, whom they had believed this role would fall to, departed. It was also revealed by Stannis that he saw Oreius betray them in a vision. But when all was said and done, they placed their respective stones in the Suva and they were no longer Matoran. The Toa Maru were born.

    Barely used to their new power and appearances, they were beset by Rahkshi, yet each new Toa defeated a son of Makuta alone, before traveling to the great temple at Kini-Nui, where Joske, the vanguard had beaten the Makuta's first lieutenant in a duel and was opening the gateway to a semi-physical world called the keeping place. Here the Maru were tested and eventually, completed their full transformation, emerging with new masks and ready to take on the Makuta...Weakness: Despite her immense power, Leah is still a Toa of water. As such, heat and fire are her weakness. Toa AituaIn the circle of stones, six Toa stood silently, the only sound being the wind softly howling as it passed through the ancient arches. Their figures at first were like the shadows, dark silhouettes, their faces obscured by the hoods they wore, yet where the light hit them, it revealed the slightest shimmer of colour. As other Toa had been before them, they were here, united by a single purpose: To drive back the evil force trying to seize power.Long had they fought towards that goal, to restore the balance of light and dark in the universe. But to truly understand their enemy in order to bring about its defeat, they had entered the twilight. Having absorbed a tiny portion of the essence of evil itself, they have become tainted, leading to an inherent ability in each of the six to sense the presence of the corruption in others nearby. It is a gift and a curse, as for all its usefulness, once intertwined with their being, the darkness will try to bind them...Name: AparangiSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: MaleAppearance: On first glance, like the other Aitua, Aparangi's body is completely black. But shine a light on their armor and you will see that they each have a highlight-colour. In his case, red. In his normal appearance, Aparangi is a regular Toa, tall, strong and broad-shouldered, a fact emphasized by his armor, a shell of interlocking plates with large shoulder-protectors. He often wears a hood concealing his face, safe for his glowing red eyes, which is attached to his armor, also dark in colour and featuring a standing collar.Weapons: Claws, Arms that turn into blades, Spikes like the Spine of a Rahkshi or Skakdi , which he can grow on his body are all possible forms Aparangi uses in fights, but they're not the only weapons he can form and his full arsenal is limited only by his imagination.Mask: Hau, Mask of shieldingPowers: Body-Alteration; Aparangi can transform himself at his own will to a certain degree, for example turning his hands into claws or growing spikes for better protection. However he cannot alter his physical appearance too much and can mostly only alter one bodypart at a time and he always remains in the form of a Toa.Traits: Aparangi's spirit is one of determination and tenacity. But a strong will like his will often see only one approach to a given problem. As such he often seems rash, sometimes going so far in hisstubbornness that he becomes unreasonable, a trait often leading to friction with the other team-members.Biography: The Aitua are a team of Toa hailing from a distant Island, "south of here", as they describe it. Shaped like a crescent moon with a high ridge of mountains rising along the arch near the center its regionsdiffered greatly, depending on which side of the mountains they were situated. It was not unlike Mata-Nui in many ways and just as dangerous and often Matoran went missing, never to be seen again.Aparangi, as a Matoran, lived in the southern region, a part dominated by volcanic activity. The trees were grey and twisted, sulfurous puddles were spread across the flat regions, while a perpetual mist rose from cracks in the ground. But it was also rich in minerals and other buried treasures, Something the Matoran of that region built an economy on. Aparangi was assigned to protect the workers from Rahi and other threats.When one of the Turaga had a vision of him and five others, he answered the summoning call. There he first met the rest of what was to be the Toa Aitua. The Turaga showed them prophecies and tablets speaking of a place of power and that it would be their task to find it. Aparangi gladly took to the task, an escape from his boring day-to-day life.After searching all over the Island, they finally came upon a hidden way that led into the mountains. This was the last time the six would be seen as Matoran. For not long after they journeyed into the mountains, seismic activity caused an earthquake that shook the whole Island. As the villagers recovered, a Toa of the classic elements appeared in each of the Koro, helping where they could with previously unseen powers, never truly explaining their origin.But it was clear the six had returned, in new forms. Once the rebuilding was complete, they were summoned again by the Turaga and were named Aitua, in honor of their unexpected return, as if resurrected as spirits. Eager to take the initiative, Aparangi soon became the leader of the team and for a time, there was peace.Until more Matoran began to go missing. Investigating the disappearance, they found a living shadow was taking the Matoran, one that seemed impossible to track, as if it could anticipate their every move. Confused and frustrated, they turned to the Turaga for guidance, but the elders advice brought them no closer to stopping the abductions of what had become dozens of Matoran. Eventually, tired of chasing after a being that outsmarted them every time they seemed to gain on it, Aparangi led the young Toa in the exact opposite direction than the Turaga had advised. And as if by chance, they walked right into a small village, terroized for days by the very thing they were after. They fought as best as they could, but whatever their adversary, it soon ran, rather than to stay and fight. Enraged, Aparangi confronted the Turaga about it, but instead of aiding them, they were chimed for not following instructions.Confounded, the Aitua held a secret meeting, a suggestion made by Tupua. It was there that the quiet Toa revealed his suspiscions, that the Turaga were involved and that they had played them for fools. They didn't want to believe it, but in the desperate search for a way to stop the shadow, they decided to at least investigate if there was any truth behind Tupua's claim. Heavy-hearted, they secretly abandoned their hunt and instead focused on their own elders.After weeks of doubt and high tension between Aparangi, who felt like he was failing the Matoran by remaining inactive and Tupua, leading the investigation into the Tuaraga, their suspicions were finally confirmed.The Turaga unwittingly led them to a secret meeting of their own, a black mass. Gathered around a pool of living darkness, they revealed themselves to have been the ones to have captured the Matoran, sacrificing them to their master, in order to become stronger themselves.They were the living shadows, that had killed the original Turaga long ago and assumed control of the Island. When Aparangi and the others had been revealed to be chosen to become Toa, they had sent them to what they had believed to be certain death. But when their plan failed, they tried to continue their work in secret and to mislead the Toa until it was complete. Aparangi demanded to know what their master would gain from all this, but laughter was his only answer.Betrayed and enraged, the Aitua engaged the shades in battle. After a long and brutal fight, they were eventually destroyed by their combined elements. But before the Aitua could begin to realize their victory, cataclysm happened. As the Island crumbled around them, they were faced with the prospect of the darkness escaping to do to other Islands what it did to theirs.Out of time, the Aitua made a terrible decision: To find the darkness wherever it went, they touched the pool, becoming tainted with the very thing they fought, losing consciousness as the process began. And as they became familiar with it, they were changed, from pure heroes into something darker.When they awoke again, they were on the beach of their Island, which was seemingly tearing itself apart. Without their traditional elements and new masks, the Aitua were forced to flee, together with the few surviving Matoran of their homeland. And as they watched their Island getting swallowed by the sea, they swore they would find the servants of the darkness and destroy them all.Since that time and with newly discovered powers, Aparangi and his fellow Toa have traveled the known lands, using the infection within them, seeking out the corrupted beings and putting them to rest, to restore the balance of dark and light. Now their quest has led them to Mata Nui, though they do not know how. And the shadow on Mata Nui will soon learn of the spirits of the lost Island.Weakness: His stubbornness can often lead him to take risks that might endanger him or the team. He can be hurt by physical and elemental powers.Name:TupuaSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Tupua is best described as wiry, a strong but not-as-bulky version of the average Toa. His armor is constructed along the same-lines, with the exception of a high neck-protector-piece and straight-shoulder-guards, that give the slope from his trapezoids to his shoulders a very straight edge. Like the other Aitua, his armor appears mainly black, minus his Tryna, whose front is adorned with a white pattern, giving it a skull-like appearance from which his ice-blue eyes look out of. He also wears a black hood to obscure his mask and while traveling.Weapons: A Scythe with a specially designed blade, which can be folded down and fastened onto the handle, turning it into a Volgue.Mask: Tryna, Mask of reanimationPowers: Regeneration. Tupua is able to recover from physical injury to a degree where he can quickly from wounds in battle, an ability that has served him well, especially in combination with his mask. The regeneration is very fast, with bruises and small cuts healing within minutes and deeper cuts gone within an hour or more, yet the power only allows for superficial healing of biomechanical tissue, while a broken bone or injury to internal organs is as dangerous to him as to any other being.Traits: Tupua is cold, solitary and often silent. He is very aware of his own abilities and realises the responsibilty they impose on him. He prefers a calculated approach, most times with the persistence of a glacier,often resulting in putting his will against Aparangi and sometimes even Mariko and Rewera, as he applies ruthless calculus to complex problems. He is aware of the changes that he and the others underwent and he tries to use their new appearance and abilities to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.Biography: Tupua was living in a Koro situated in the mountains of his home-village. It was there that the first abductions began and so, Tupua, in his free time, did small investigations into them on his own, even before becoming a Toa.When Aparangi became the leader of the Aitua, he initially disliked the idea of having to work with the stubborn Toa, but over time he has recognized that they needed somebody as driven as him leading them.Since the destruction of their homeland, his introvertness has only increased, leading to him becoming a very silent character. It is often hard to figure out how he feels about certain issues, a fact that he secretly likes.It saves him from many conversations he regards as pointless, as well as curious questions about his Kanohi Tryna. At first he never fully accepted the immoral mask as his own, treating it with great care, but realizing that they had already done worse things unbecoming of Toa than to wield a Kanohi that could raise the dead.Now Tupua walks side by side with his fellow Aitua, often called "Toa of death", using his abilities to bring down creatures of shadow where he finds them.Weakness: Tupua's regenerative abilities do not make him invincible or immortal. Despite being able to take more punishment than other beings, he can still be injured by all physical and elmental means. While his solitary nature is often his strength, it can lead him to sometimes taking on challenges toog great for him alone.Name: MarikoSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: MaleAppearance:Mariko is the shortest of the team, but still well-proportioned and a lean body, the muscles defined through endless hours of physical training. He is the only Aitua to wear armor that is truly black. Like that of his bretheren, it also features a hood, revealing only his dark green eyes when worn. The armor itself is tailored to support his close-quarters style of fighting, with additional smaller plates fitted onto what otherwise is the regular Toa-armor. The vambraces are relatively thick on the outside, as they have to house the extending blades he uses.Weapons: Katara-like blades, extendable from compartments in his forearm-protectors.Mask: Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisPowers: Mariko's power is strange by any standard. When activated, prolongued proximity to him will cause the subject to suffer mental fatigue. Starting with a mild headache the effects will soon become full-blown nightmares and eventually the exposure will cause the victim to loose consciousness. The closer one is, the more rapidly the effects take hold. To fully utilize this ability, Mariko has trained long and hard to become an accomplished martial artist, engaging enemies in close combat to quickly wear them down.Traits: Just as his mask allows him to move objects in a certain direction, Mariko knows that there are multiple ways to approach any situation. While down to earth, he still can think quickly on his feet.Due to his ability he is often the voice of reason in conflict, both within the team and in other instances, as he can diffuse situations rather quickly if necessary.Biography: Even during their hunt for the shades, Mariko always tried to be the voice of reason for the team, stepping in when Aparangi and Tupua argued, time after time. Before becoming a Toa he came from the eastern reagion of his home-island, a Koro situated in the foothills of the mountains, thriving on mining for precious stones in the roots of the mountains. His village was the one with the least abductions yet hewas the one who first found the secret passageway that led the six Matoran into the mountains on their quest, as he knew the terrain well. During their fight with the shades, he was the most opposed to the notion of actually allowing the darkness to become one with them, but after the cataclysm, he willingly followed the other Aitua, knowing the importance of their task.Since then he has always harbored a feeling of guilt over their decision at the time, often wondering wether or not they made the right call. As such, he tries to keep the team as honorable as possible,to counter their often dark deeds.Weakness: Can be injured or killed by all conventional and elemental means. His high-risk, high-reward style of combat can also be dangerous, as he has to rely solely on his mask for ranged engagements.Name: ReweraSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: FemaleAppearance: Rewera has the slim body of an athlete, with defined muscles of protected by a set of armor following her curves perfectly, to give her the range of movement she needs. Her armor is also black, but has a sort of blue-green highlight-colour. Like Aparangi, she often wears a hood over her mask, leaving the glow of her yellow eyes as the only discernable feature.Weapons: Rewera's main-weapons are a set of gloves and small attachments to her feet with retractable claws. She uses them both while fighting and as tools for climbing. Additionally she is a skilled fighter of the Nagamaki-blade, which is stowed in a sheath on her back.Mask: Mask of Psychometry, The ability to see the past of an object through touch.Powers: Since becoming tainted, Rewera's natural senses have become so powerful that she has once been compared to a Rahi stuck in the body of Toa. Very agile, she is a fierce opponent, able to hear, see, smell, taste and touch better than any other Toa known to her.Traits: Wild and untameable, but wise and kind at the same time, Rewera is the most emotional of the Aitua, even though as a group they maintain a cold outer appearance. Her powers have taught her to see things from very different points of view, leading to her becoming a mediator in conflicts, trying to find the solution that works best for all the parties involved. But her time spent using her Rahi-like sensesoften cause her to use instinct instead of reason. If angered enough, her fury can be even greater than Aparangi's stubbornness.Biography: Rewera hails from the Northern village of her homeland, a Koro based on fishing and the building of boats, not unlike Ga-Koro, a similarity she greatly appreciates these days. Her village was not as affected by the abductions as some of the others, but the number of missing Matoran was still enough to know something was wrong on the Island. When she and the others were called and turned into Toa, she thanked Mata Nui for his wisdom to chose Champions to defend the Matoran. She had always had a great interest in Rahi and she is quoted in saying that observing the animals was something that taught her the wisdom she is attributed with.She was the first to discover her new powers after the destruction of the Island; a loss that affected her so deeply that she is sometimes overtaken by grief. On such bad days, one can often find her in the company of Rahi, as it is easier to cope with the feelings that way.Weakness: Rewera's power results in her having a heightened fight or flight instinct, making her more fierce, but also less calculating and more prone to react irrationally.She can be harmed by all elemental and conventional means.Name: KehuaSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Physically, Kehua is the strongest of the Aitua. He stands half a head taller than the average Toa and is very muscular, making him an intimidating figure. His armor is black like that of his bretheren, but with a brown tint and reflects his ability to absorb physical damage: A heavy shell of protosteel. The design is asymmetrical, with the right arm being thicker armored, especially the upper arm, allowing Kehua greater protection and also to use his own body like a ram, to bring down doors and other obstacles. Due to his style of fighting, his armor is more scratched than that of the other team-members.Weapons: A pair of Meteor-Hammers with extendable chains, that can be connected at their end to either form a double-headed variant or kept seperate to form two morning-stars. When not in use,he wears them slung across his body with their chains.Mask: Mask of intangibilityPowers: Kinetic Absorption. Kehua can absorb punches, kicks and the momentum of attacks, shrugging them off as if he was made from rock.Traits: Down to earth and rock-solid, much like his appearance, Kehua is something like a force of nature. He is an emotional anchor for the rest of the team, as he is not swayed easily and keeps a level head, even if events affect him emotionally. Sometimes this can make him seem laid back and even indifferent, but it is a trait that allows him to focus in tough situations. However, this does not make him apathetic or unfeeling, quite the contrary. His collected demeanour has resulted in him developing a very dry, laconic humor.Biography: Adjascent to the Fire-village was a Koro specialized in all techniques of building, a Koro Kehu proudly called home. When earth needed to be moved, they were there. When walls needed to be raised,they were there as well. For hundreds of years, their craftsmanship allowed the island to live in relative comfort, despite its harsh conditions.Having lived with a builders mindset for so long, he has developed a very simple philosophy, applicable to almost every situation in life: First, that every problem has a solution and second, that thereis no damage, physical or otherwise, that can not be mended. He has been called naive more than once for his views, but it helped him to cope with the loss of his home and it has made him an emotionalanchor for the other Aitua, as his unwaivering optimism rubs off on those around him.Weakness: Kehua can be hurt by elemental powers. While resistant to physical attacks, he is not invulnerable to them. A sword can still cut, though the effectiveness is lessened.Name: TaipoSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Hailing from a forest village, not unlike Le-Wahi on his home-island, except for the trees being ever-greens thriving in the soil of the land, Taipo is used to climbing, an activity that shaped his physical appearance. He is of average height, though not as bulky as Aparangi, except for a very strong back that is used to vertical movement. His armor is also black, but with a green tint when reflecting light and designed in line with his swordsmanship. His non-dominant left arm features a larger vambrace and shoulder-guard than his sword-arm while the back-sheath of the torso-armor features a neck-piece.They are all designed to protect him from enemy-strikes, with his Vambrace acting as a small shield. On his back, he wears a flat backpack made from strong leaves and leather, which alsofeatures a secondary sheath for his sword.Weapons: A Kampilan-Style Sword. The blade is narrow near the hilt and it gradually swells in width into an almost trapezoidal profile at the end. As Taipo's personal weapon, the whole length of the blade is engraved with a pattern common to his home-village. The handle is realtively long to balance the weight of the blade itself. Noticeable is the pommel, which is shaped to represent the open mouth of a dragon or lizard in its design. Taipo carries the weapon attached to his thigh by a belt, in a scabbard made from rather soft wood. If needed, he can draw the weapon without unsheathing it and strike at an enemy.The blade will then simply cut through the wood. Since the scabbard is so disposable, he has a secondary sheath strapped across his flat backpack, made from tougher material.Mask: Mahiki, Mask of illusionPowers: Taipo is an air elemental. He is the only Toa of the team not to loose control over the elements, though why his element was not lost is not known.He has become a master in the control of it, but he often feels uncomfortable to be the only one of his team with the ability.Traits: Taipo's spirit is one of fun and often mischief. Sharing the often muted approach to the showing of emotions of his brothers and sister to outsiders, he is still very fun-loving and open to a certain degree, making him one of the more accessible members of the Aitua.Being the only Toa in the team not to loose his elemental power in exchange for an ability given to him by the taint, some of the others, especially Aparangi and Tupuaoften view him with some jealousy, except for Rewera, who, having originally was and still is one of his closest friends and often gives him tips on how to use his element to the best of his abilities.Biography: Taipo came from the western forests of the home Island, a strip of land dominanted by large evergreen trees. Because of that, his village specialzed in logging and other related activities. Taipo himself used to be a climber, inspecting and finding trees either old enough or sick enough to be cut down. Spending so much time up in treetops and out of sight led to him developing an affinity for practical jokes and scares of his fellow Matoran. While unnerving at times, his high spirits made him a favourite among his fellow Matoran...until the Island sank.Even after hundreds of years, the loss is still fresh in Taipo's mind, something he and Rewera share. But while she has found and outlet, he was often found drunkenly causing mischief in the taverns along their way. Despite this, he is trying to do good when he can, often sharing Mariko's reservations about the things they are forced to do in order to stop the servants of darkness.Weakness: Taipo's discomfort in using his element often causes him to look at options that do not involve an elemental attack first, even in cases where it would be more preferable. Taipo is as strong or weak as any other Toa naturally would be and can be hurt by physical and elemental means except for his resistance to air, as he controls that element.

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  • Kohu


    Name: KohuSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Green body and arms, teal mask and feet.Kanohi: Powerless Great KakamaPersonality: Kohu’s view on the world is simple and what some may call naïve, but surprisingly accurate and efficient: There must always be darkness in the world, but it takes turns with the light – all shadows must pass, but even the brightest day does not last forever. It is with this philosophy that he does his absolute best to fight for good, but unlike many, he can keep a level head in the face of defeat. This may, however, also be attributed in part to his self-doubt, which lies in his mind, constantly plaguing him, but he will never admit it. Throughout his life, he hasn’t had a great deal of faith in his own abilities, and particularly after the death of someone as relentlessly cheerful as Trakuda, he believes it is established fact that he is mediocre at best at everything he does. This doesn’t stop him from pushing himself to the limit to always try to prove himself in the eyes of his peers. Seeing everybody else as above him makes him unconditionally kind to most everyone he meets, which can be a flaw as much as a strength. Being raised as a happy Le-Matoran, he is a free spirit and glides through life with no set path or goal, except to enjoy it, and to do something worthwhile.Powers: None.Weapon(s): Sword, shield, disk.Biography: About 100 years ago, Trakuda paid a visit to Le-Koro and took part in the first ever attack on the Nui Rama Hive. Here, he met a budding Gukko Force pilot called Kohu. The two became close friends, or Kohu liked to think so – Trakuda was close with essentially everyone he met. The two didn’t meet again after that. Kohu wanted to write him a letter to see how he was doing, but had no idea where to send it to. Trakuda only ever said his next stop was ‘everywhere’, so how was Kohu supposed to find him?

    One day the call to action was asking for another round with the Rama Hive, but this time, it was for its destruction. The force was bigger, better trained, more powerful. The attack was better prepared, better planned out. Nothing could possibly go wrong. It wasn’t until after fighting in the air for what felt like a millennia, that the battle finally reached a climax, and it dawned on Kohu how much they had lost. The faces of the combatants, the soldier, like walking corpses in the jungle, weren’t the faces of victorious warriors. They hadn’t won. They had lost. Everybody had lost. Even Kohu. He received the news, that day, that his friend, Trakuda, was dead. Stabbed by a Rahkshi and then blown to oblivion to allow the others inside the Hive.

    From then on, Kohu acted as a smaller member of the ILF, doing little more than talking to people and guarding things for a time. During this time, he began to build up confidence again after his hopes were shattered with the death of his friend. After Pala-Koro was utterly obliterated by the followers of Makuta, the ILF abandoned their former base, and Kohu himself decided it was time to quit being a soldier, a machine. It was time to live Trakuda’s dream. There was an entire world out there to explore, just waiting for him. And thus, he struck out on his own and now lives life as a traveler.Weakness(es): As a Matoran, he lacks a huge amount of strength and any sort of powers. He is also pretty naïve at times due to his young age, and his self-confidence isn’t perfect either.


    KuhrinName: Kuhrin (CURE-rin)Species: Toa of SonicsGender: MaleAppearance: His mask has the shape of a Hau, looking pitched and blackened, and rusty in places (almost like an infected mask), with a crack partway into the bottom edge. His armour has a similiar decaying texture, but is mainly dark red with black highlights, and grey as a secondary colour (his body is like the Toa Mata’s). His shoulder armour juts out to the sides and bends straight up, with pointy tips on the end of each 'finger', making it look like he has claws reaching out of his shoulders. He has blazing, fiery red eyes.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousPowers: He is a Toa of sonics, and therefore can use said element in all its vast possibilities. His mask, although shaped like a semi-infected Hau, is in fact not infected, and has the powers of a Mahiki, the mask of illusions.Abilities: As he was once a member of the Ta-Koro Guard, Kuhrin has retained his fighting and mathematical skills even after brainwashing by Makuta in addition to the extreme zealous behaviour and Toa powers he gained from the experience.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Sword- A simple, metal sword with an extremely sharp edge.(1)Shield-Used if additional defensive action is required, and has an appearance similiar to Kahlynn’s shield.(?)Shuriken-Used for longer range combat and surprise attacks, these he charges with sonic energy, or removes the sound from, for various tactics.Fighting Style: Kuhrin’s fighting style is deadly, and usually comprises of tearing apart his opponent’s ear drums until they are drummed into submission, or if that fails, straight up melee combat.Weaknesses: Being a Toa of Sonics, loud noises are painful for him.Widgets: UnknownOther Possessions: -BoomerangsHome: UnknownAffiliation: Makuta, Krell, Blade, Flame, assorted other Makuta followersAlignment: EvilBio: Kuhrin’s unit fought in the battle for Kini-Nui, where one of their number, Traxin, was lost. His body was never found, so he was marked as MIA and never got a proper funeral, which Kuhrin was furious about. Traxin was replaced by a rookie named Turos shortly afterwards. The shock of losing such a strong member of their team caused Kuhrin to snap, eventually manipulated by Makuta to become a follower of his in a cruel twist of irony, being transformed into a Toa. He is now totally dedicated to his master’s will.Other: Kuhrin has some kind of history with Desuka.Theme Music: The Fallen – Steve JablonskeyZonguName: Zongu (ZONG-goo)Species: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAppearance: A chubby but clearly muscular Toa, with pitched black armour all around, save keetorange highlights on the sides of his neck, the top edge of his chest armour, the area around his mouth and nose, and his feet. His chest armour itself is white, making him look almost like a penguin in appearance (no, he is not based on a famous Comic Book villain, before you ask).Dominant Hand: RightPowers: As a Toa of Magnetism, he can control Magnetism, sense magnetic fields, create magnet-related things and the like. His mask, the Great Calix, Mask of Fate, gives him the ability to perform at the absolute physical peak of a Toa, allowing him to execute otherwise impossible leaps, flips, dodges, etc.Abilities: Zongu, having defended an island for centuries, is a very good fighter, despite losing his memory. He also has a small amount of leadership skills when it comes to small groups up to about four or five, but he likes to become close friends with those he fights against and so tends to keep his teams low in number.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Sword of Ihay-Basically a normal Toa tool that he uses to channel his elemental power and fight in melee combat, adorned with rich colours like red and gold, which gleam in the middle of the flat side of the blade. The handle is gold, with several red gems embedded in various points. The blade is long and thin, and perfectly balanced.(1)Knife-A small knife that is fairly unassuming at first, but is actually so immensely sharp it can slice through thin protosteel like butter. It can create large gashes in the armour worn by most beings on the island, too, without as much effort as a normal knife could. It has a special sheath that stops it from cutting Zongu himself.Fighting Style: Despite knowing how powerful his element is, Zongu prefers melee combat and will use it any time the option arises. He loves his sword and is highly trained in its usage and art.Weaknesses: Zongu can get very cocky at times, often underestimating his opponents. He also finds himself blundering into traps frequently.Widgets: 10,000Other Possessions: -Tin of Simpkins’ Travel Sweets-Broken compass-Spyglass that can see an unknown substance in the air. Zongu is very secretive about this Spyglass for some reason.-A metal cone he found while fighting NekronHome: A large, multi-roomed, multi-floored hut not far from Ko-Koro.Affiliation: UnknownAlignment: GoodBio: Zongu was once a protector of a distant island in the Matoran Universe, fighting a bitter, seemingly never-ending war. He turned up in Ko-Wahi one day with amnesia, and fitted perfectly in the frosty land. One with such a traumatic past would usually be quite a serious person, but Zongu has a very strong will. Zongu comes across at first as cocky and uncaring, but the truth is, he really is that good, and he knows it. He is very relaxed about the occasionally life-threatening job of being a Toa, often cracking jokes and thinking optimistically.Other: Zongu often makes terrible jokes or says things that don’t make sense. He tells people this is because he ‘traversed dimensions’. Naturally, no one believes him, maybe not even me.Theme Music: The Majestic Tale (Of a Madman in a Box) – Murray GoldDesukaName: Desuka (Day-SOO-cah)Species: Toa of SonicsGender: MaleAppearance: Desuka is thin and inconspicuous, his armour grey and empty, as invisible as the sound he controls. Even when his mask is deactivated, he has an aura of being ever-present, yet never seen. Light seems to wrap around the Toa’s body, rather than be reflected or absorbed, almost as if he isn’t there at all. He is also latched by a Parakuka, which does get him a few looks now and then.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: As a Toa of Sonics, Desuka has elemental power over Sonics, giving him abilities including (but not limited to) creating sound waves and/or concentrated beams of sound, controlling sound waves, absorbing sound and using sonar. His mask, the Great Huna, allows him to become completely invisible, save his shadow.Negated by ParakukaAbilities: Desuka’s element also gives him incredibly sensitive hearing, which can be as much a danger as it is a strength. Like many Toa, he is incredibly agile and an effective fighter.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Sonic Blade-A drill-shaped sword which is used for both melee combat and channelling his elemental power in more precise forms.(1)Kardas Dagger-Named after the legendary Kardas Dragon, this Toa Tool is his weapon of choice. When held on it’s side, it bears features reminiscent of a flute, and sure enough, he can play it with his element, literally using music as a weapon.Fighting Style: The Toa usually starts by softening up his enemies with his dagger, before moving in for melee combat with his dagger. If an opponent proves too difficult, he resorts to his blade and higher pitched sounds.Weaknesses: Desuka’s acute hearing means that load noises are a total danger to him. His tendency to work alone gets him into trouble on occasion too, as the others can’t help him.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: None knownHome: NoneAffiliation: None yet, possibly the Toa he has been watchingAlignment: GoodBio: Desuka, like many other Toa, first awoke when his canister’s lid blasted open on the shore of Ko-Wahi. After piecing himself back together, he discovered that he had no memory of his past, only his name and the dark dreams he had inside the canister.Forever seeking and becoming the embodiment of solitude, Desuka almost never works with other Toa. He prefers the peaceful and quite yet desolate wastelands of Ko-Wahi, sometimes spending hours in deep thought, only to seemingly appear on the opposite side of the island. He rarely speaks when in another’s presence unless he has something important to say.As one of the more intelligent Toa on the island, Desuka prefers to deal with problems on his own. Other Toa think he is unfriendly, but they also respect his intelligence and his instincts. Part of the reason he wants to work alone is because his powers are so great that they can affect other Toa when used, and he doesn’t want to endanger them.He believes that a particular group of Toa play a part in 'the prophecy'. It is unknown what the prophecy is, or what the Toa have to do with it. First sighted watching the Toa meet, it is likely that he will be seen frequently in their escapades.At some point he was kidnapped by Kuhrin, and forcibly latched by a Parakuka.Other:Theme Music: Go Green Ranger – Ron Wasserman(?) Gallifrey - Murray GoldKahlynnName: Kahlynn (CAH-lin)Species: Skakdi of PlasmaGender: MaleAppearance: Red head, spine and main armour, gold secondary armour and weapons. Webbed, two-toed feet, glowing red eyes, and a raggedy cloak with a large amount of holes and tears in it, which he wears most of the time. The top right-hand corner of his face is heavily scarred, but his hood usually covers it.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: As a Skakdi, Kahlynn possesses such abilities as Heat Vision and limited elemental control over Plasma (albeit only in conjunction with another Skakdi).Abilities: He is a quick thinker, a good tracker and an overall good fighter.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Wrist Blade-Carried at all times by the Skakdi, as it is very hard to detach from his forearm. The blade is deployable, and ten inches long, sometimes superheated by Kahlynn’s heat vision powers.(1)Shield-A large shield with a similar appearance to this. Used less than his blade, although still an extremely durable and effective tool. He may also use this in melee combat.(1)Crossbow-Acquired from Xa-Koro, and has become Kahlynn's new favourite toy. He's still a better shot with his heat vision, but the crossbow is more fun.Fighting Style: Kahlynn prefers to charge his enemies, softening them up with Heat Vision then engaging in brutal melee fights. He has little Moral Code, and will fight as dirty as he likes.Weaknesses: Kahlynn has a short temper, which often gets him into fights. He also has a cocky attitude which makes him underestimate his foes a lot. He can't swim, and has a slight fear of closed up or crowded places.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: -PonchoHome: NoneAffiliation: Himself, other Skakdi in the Skakdi groupAlignment: NeutralBio: As a Skakdi, he was clearly on the island in the first place for his own personal gain, although it was more for his Rahi-kill-collection than for anything else. Where he came from or how he came to leave is a mystery, but he likes to tell people that he wiped out too many Rahi species, and was banished. This is, of course, a lie, but it's all he tells anyone about his background.He joined up with the ILS to kill Nui Rama, but during the huge battle that ensued, his Gukko Bird was shot down, and he found himself in an inn with a large party of other Skakdi, whom he now works with, for the sake of Rahi to kill.A hardened Rahi Hunter, the island of Mata Nui is like heaven for him, what with its tremendous amount of wildlife. Kahlynn never forms firm friendships, believing them to be a waste of time if there's nothing in it for him. Pretty much every anecdote he's ever told is a lie.Other:Theme Music: Man For All Seasons – Robbie WilliamsReadraName: Readra Servio (REE-ah-drah SER-vee-oh)Species: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: Standing about the average Vortixx height, Readra wears the standard issue black and silver amour, making him fairly unassuming at first. He is fairly skinny, with soft lines across the board and a frown for a neutral expression. Despite his unassuming appearance, he holds an air of a warrior, one that has seen about enough to drive any normal person insane. The lower part of his right leg is slightly thicker and more metallic than his left, due to it being a prosthetic.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: None.Abilities: Having extensive training as a warrior, Readra has extensive training in both melee and ranged combat. However, he lacks training against most elemental powers, as he has always lived in a mainly Vortixx-dominant society.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Butterfly Sword-Formerly part of a pair, but the other one was destroyed by a Rahkshi. Used as a secondary tool when his trident fails him.(1)Trident-His new favourite toy, which he crafted (with help from a blacksmith) after Tillian's wedding.Fighting Style: Mainly comprising of learned melee combat such as swordsmanship and such, Readra’s fighting style is pretty simple, which can be his downfall at times (as can be seen with his leg prosthetic), but at others it can surprise opponents and help towards a victory.Weaknesses: Readra lacks any actual powers, making him somewhat vulnerable to such attacks.Widgets: 600Other Possessions: -Broken butterfly sword-Lens of Sentraken's eye.Home: Rented hut in Po-Koro (rent overdue)Affiliation: League of Five Followers (formerly), Lux and Hakilve, Tillian Juturna, KarkhalmAlignment: Chaotic GoodBio: Readra was once the most disgustingly loyal servant of the evil Sentraken Vetma, following on from all his ancestors in the Servio bloodline, who have always been utter suck-ups to the Vetma family, though mainly out of fear. As part of Sentraken’s plan to take over the island of Mata-Nui, Readra was assigned the task of gaining the islander’s trust, to prevent suspicions when the small army at Sentraken’s command became more high-profile.It was during this time that Readra began to see the darkness on the island, losing his right leg below the knee at the hands of a Rahkshi of Heat Vision. The dead and injured Matoran he saw in that battle made him question his beliefs. As he went about his travels across the island, he made friends and allies, something he had never had before, and slowly went from a twisted shell of a being to one with true heart and an alignment with good. His dark past still comes to haunt him though, and so he tries to avoid other Vortixx, who may know of Sentraken’s attempts to conquer lands beyond Mata-Nui. Fortunately for him, many Vortixx lost their memories upon arriving on Mata-Nui.He attended Tillian's wedding and developed a minor interest in Mark Bearers while there. Afterwards he left his friends to stay in Ga-Koro and do some soul-searching. In this time period he met a blacksmith and crafted his trident.Other:Theme Music: Bumblebee – Steve JablonskeyWrehnName: Wrehn (Ren)Species: Pa-MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: Taller than most Matoran due to his foreign heritage, Wrehn always stands out from the crowd, an unfortunate disadvantage for his occupation. His armour is primarily burnt orange (like Huki), his torso, hands and feet being dark grey. On his face is a powerless Noble Ruru.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousPowers: Due to being a Matoran, Wrehn possesses no direct access to his elemental powers, though it does grant him the passive ability to radiate heat from his body (ability and Pa- prefix thought of jointly by Emperor Whenua and Swert)Abilities: Although he likes to think of himself as a highly skilled ninja, in reality he's just become wrapped up in the idea of being a badbutt, giving him his nickname of ‘Kung Fool’.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Dagger-This is usually used as Wrehn’s weapon of choice, being the only handheld weapon he owns.(∞)Shuriken-These are used for mid-range projectile combat.(∞)Caltrops-Carried in a special bag so as not to stab him in the side, these are very useful when escaping angry mobs.Fighting Style: Humorously, although Wrehn might like to think he has some kind of style, he really doesn’t. The Pa-Matoran usually just finds himself doing overly intricate moves in an effort to do something harmful to his opponent.Weaknesses: Wrehn can get a little too wrapped up in his ninja fantasy, which often gets him into danger.Widgets: 236Other Possessions: -The shards of a diamond Wrehn stole from a museum in Po-Koro, which was shattered by Onyx in a struggle-A bag of widgets, likely also stolen from Po-Koro-Garme's sword in a spare sheath he had, found in the old Sand Runner settlement in Po-WahiHome: Formerly Po-Wahi, now a prison cell in Ko-KoroAffiliation: Sand RunnersAlignment: NeutralBio: Wren is quiet around strangers, but when with his friends is extremely talkative. Like his friends, he enjoys messing around and trying to become famous criminals.Walker and his friends were always the troublemakers, from the time they hadn’t even met to the age they are now. He and his friends formed a little gang in Po-Wahi called the Sand Runners, notorious for the chaos they cause in the Wahi.After being chased by an angry mob out of Po-Koro, Wrehn decided the Sand Runners could use a little less attention, and a little more adventure. He carefully performed a series of clever tricks to fool his friends into thinking that they had both run out of food and been banned from ever setting foot in Po-Koro again. He then suggested to them that they travel to other Wahi to see what they’re like, and so they reluctantly agreed.They came to Onu-Koro, only for Savulg the Vortixx to blunder into getting them into a fight with a crime lord and Toa of Crystal named Onyx. In this fight, Wrehn lost an ear, and the others suffered worst injuries.Savulg then left to pursue his acting career, with the remaining, downtrodden Sand Runners heading for Ko-Wahi, where a huge battle was fought, resulting in Wrehn being in prison, Walker being latched by a Parakuka, and Garme to go missing. It is unlikely they will reunite, yet still possible.Nonetheless, Wrehn did reunite with Walker, who had become a vigilante, using his Parakuka powers to fight crime in Xa-Koro. The pair of them met a guy in Ta-Wahi, who gave them the mission to hunt down a thief. While in Po-Wahi searching for them, they encountered not only a huge crowd of very unhappy Matoran, but another Parakuka-latched being, who followed them around until they accepted him as a companion.Other: Wrehn’s friend Garme dubbed him ‘Kung Fool’ shortly before their last trip to Po-Koro, and the nickname stuck until they were split up.Theme Music: What About Everything – Carbon LeafNokaName: Noka (NOH-cah)Species: Po-MatoranGender: FemaleAppearance: Her mask (a Kaukau) and feet are a pale brown colour, akin to something between Avak and Onewa’s armour. Her body and arms are a creamy white colour.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: None.Abilities: Her training in the Po-Koro Guard has given her skill as a fighter, and being a Po-Matoran, she has a natural strength that is included as a passive ability.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Katana-A gold-and-black-bladed sword, light and streamlined for fast slashes. The handle has green cloth tied around to provide comfort and a small amount of grip.Fighting Style: Noka prefers to get up close and personal, striking hard and fast at an enemies defence until they break. She never uses killing moves, as she believes it is wrong.Weaknesses: Her low mental stability as a result of Kutsan’s abusive mentoring. She is also not as strong as other beings as she is a Matoran, but her Po-Matoran strength helps a bit.Widgets: 327Other Possessions: -Tin of Simpkins Travel Sweets-Canvas satchel-A ‘special’ widget, scratched on one side and clean on the other, used to make a decision by flipping it.Home: A hut in Po-Koro, with four rooms: the main/living room, two bedrooms and a small eating room.Affiliation: The Po-Koro Guard, Turaga Kutsan (NPC)Alignment: GoodBio: Growing up with her ‘father’-like figure, Turaga Kutsan, Noka was abused heavily when she misbehaved, and rewarded scarcely, if at all. The day she shyly introduced herself to a bright young Ko-Matoran named Trakuda changed her life, as she made a silent vow to escape the bonds of the Turaga, and free her imagination and spirit.Her first move was to join the Po-Koro Guard, giving her time away from the Turaga, and think without his ever-watchful eye bearing down on her.She discovered she secretly had an immense talent for art and put it to use, attempting to sell her drawings, only to have her stall in the bazaar torn down by Kutsan, who proceeded to publicly humiliate her, banning her from ever drawing again. He hates her art, putting her down all the time for it, and making she herself think it to be mindless scrawling. Something still compels her to pursue her artistic pursuits, however.When around Kutsan she becomes timid and quiet, but when with her fellows in the guard and safe from her mentor’s baleful glare, she is a lively and happy soul, acting slightly quirky to cover the relief she feels inside knowing she need feel no more pain.Other: Noka is haunted by cryptic nightmares of both her past and future, which she has yet to understand or prevent in any way. Most of these visions feature a Green Candle, which seemingly has no meaning whatsoever.Theme Music: Sand in my Shoes - Dido Unfinished Life - AudiomachineZaruthanName: Zaruthan ‘Zar’ Skreemah (Za-roo-THAN 'ZAR' SCREAM-mer)Species: MystixGender: MaleAppearance: Thin and pointy, with blade-like protrusions on his shoulders. His armour is primarily a faded, almost grey, green, with highlights of both dark red and black across his body. He has no torso armour, as it was (supposedly) removed by Ignotus.Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous (winged)Powers: With his elemental control over plasma, he is able to create and control plasma, being able to manipulate it to his will. As a Mystix he also is able to fly, and use echolocation to make up for his poor eyesight.Weapons/Equipment: None.Fighting Style: An opportunist through and through, Zar tends to get larger and stronger beings to fight for him, then when he sees the perfect opening, jump in, and take the glory of killing his foe.Weaknesses: He is lightly armour from behind and not armoured at all on his torso, which is one of his prime weaknesses, the other being that his eyesight works better in the dark.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: NoneHome: None as of yetAffiliation: NoneAlignment: HimselfBio: The original Zar was a Mystix of Air, and a commander under Ignotus, self-proclaimed Emperor of the Mystix. He partook in the attacks on Xa- and Le-Koro, claiming multiple lives in the process. The Mystix were horribly defeated, and he decided it was time for him to take charge. Instead, he was banished, having his torso armour removed. He fled to Onu-Wahi, where he was beaten to a pulp by Aru, then later killed by Reichenbach.When the original Zar was murdered by Reichenbach, his body was dumped on the doorstep of Thedar Chronn, before later vanishing. Anyone who cared would be told it was right there, in the morgue, but despite this, multiple witnesses reported having seen the Mystix alive and well, stalking the shadows, waiting. These reports were dismissed due to the original’s body remaining in the morgue.Yet, the fact still remains that these witnesses occurred, and there are some who believe his return is imminent, that the time will soon come when the former Mystix Air Commander will return, and no one will notice because the knife will already be too far in to pull out.Here is Zar's own account of his return. It is the most reliable one (mostly because it is the only one).Zar wasted no time in taking control of a group called the Order of Phantoms (see below), and the island is sure to tremble in terror at what he has planned.However, they don't need to, because all the Phantoms were killed in a cave-in, and Zar slithered back to the Mystix, who were now under the command of Zarnarax.


    Other: He has a firm interest in science, always curious to new scientific discoveries, and will sometimes go out of his way to discover things. He can fluently speak Kane-Ra and several other foreign and Rahi languages.Theme Music: Throw it all Away – Everett BradleyZurianaName: Zuriana (zoo-REE-ah-nah)Species: MatoranGender: FemaleAppearance: A fairly chubby and motherly-looking being with silver and purple armour. She lacks sharp edges, with everything being rounded off, and has beady eyes that dart around curiously like mice. On her face is a great Rau and on her shoulder is the symbol for Cancer, which is silver (her shoulder armour is purple).Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: NoneWeapons/Equipment: NoneFighting Style: NoneWeaknesses: She can be oversensitive and something of a clinging vine which may cause her to harbor imaginary hurts and slights. She also has a problem with putting things off until the last minute which upsets people frequently. This also has a tendency to make an unpleasant matter even more unpleasant when she procrastinates. Her inability to take orders without getting angry or upset may be another one of her problems and this one could be very serious as it affects her chances of earning a good living for herself, since she is quite apt to walk away from any job where she feels 'picked on'.Widgets: 3,200 (banked)Other Possessions: -Assorted household itemsHome: A cosy hut in Onu-KoroAffiliation: Onu-KoroAlignment: NeutralBio: One word that sums up Zuriana nicely is ‘nurturing’. In general she is just a warm, feeling, motherly person; although she isn’t actually a mother, she behaves like the typical mum: cooks for her guests and keeps a warm, friendly home. She loves families and is constantly building family groups at home, work and the community. Known for her routines, Zuria is not the person to go looking for if you want an ambitious, adventurous individual, and grows uncomfortable when taken out of her usual patterns. However, she is a great team player and is able to build strong teams. That being said, she isn’t too interested in politics and gets frustrated by the ambitions of some people, causing her to be a better team member than team leader. She has been described as ‘the glue that keeps everything together’ by some.She lives in Onu-Koro and is a firm member of the community there, especially in the hospital where she does voluntary work from time to time.Other: Her favourite food is an unknown breed of crab.Theme Music: Opening – Andrew GuerraIlliciaName: Illicia AptaSpecies: VortixxAlignment: League of the Five Followers, Herself, Bad CompanyGender: FemaleAppearance: Red and black armour, average Vortixx height.Weapons (shots: 13): A long, pistol like tool that is used to launch shells fell of iron ball-bearings at enemies, so that when fired, the shell cracks open in midair, and the BBs fly at high speeds towards enemies. It is almost completely useless at long range, can cause mild pain at medium range, but is potentially devastating in close quarters. It looks like a cross between a bamboo pole and a rifle, with a few additional pieces added on by Illicia herself like covers of Rahi skin on the handle and barrel. She keeps this weapon on her leg, where it is kept in a holster strapped to her thigh.After joining the Bad Company, Illicia acquired a grappling rope, a pair of gauntlets, a bag of Caltrops, three Bolas, a Whip, and a serrated knife.Abilities and traits: Seductive and beautiful, within Illicia lays a devious, sadistic mind. She prefers not to use full-on combat, not because of some sense of moral value, but because she has more useful methods. She can be very flirtatious with those she meets, often using this to escape capture, avoid her enemies and trick people into giving her things.Weaknesses: Illicia’s talents don’t always apply to the situations she finds herself in. She often ends up having to get Gutlun or Sororka to fight for her, although they aren’t always around.




    Name: Eskuron Vetma

    Species: Vortixx

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: Tall, even for a Vortixx; around twice the height of the average Toa. He is naturally black and silver, and wears gunmetal grey over the top for additional protection. His legs are particularly long and end in rather stumpy feet which aren’t far from being giant hooves. The armour on his chest forms a Y-shape and his shoulders jut up and outwards like claws. Behind his ruby-red, hollow eyes is a bizarre crown carved from a crystalline substance that shares its colour with his eyes. The crown is permanently attached the armour on his head, and so seems to be part of him.

    Personality: Despite the warlord-ish appearance on his exterior, Eskuron is incredibly intelligent and a fantastic tactical thinker. He is extremely persistent and refuses to take no for an answer in any situation, always searching for ways to achieve his goals. This makes him cruel and unforgiving in many situations, but he never dishes out his brutal punishments without a good reason, or what he would deem one. He is the kind of leader that keeps striking until he finds a weak spot in his enemies defences, and proceeds to exploit this until his foes can’t take any more.

    Weapon(s): On his right wrist is a Zamor Launcher which fires spheres of a fiery orange, which explode on impact. The launcher is fully integrated with the armour on his wrist, so he can fire it with ease. After one shot is fired, the weapon overheats and on some occasions can cause severe burns to his arm. Because of this, the weapon has a significantly low firing rate and is only used as a secondary weapon. Extra spheres are carried in a horizontal, cylindrical container on his back just below the ribcage.

    [Approved by Nuju Metru]

    On his back he carries a huge sword not too terribly different from his brother’s: A two-handed blade with both edges lined with bent metal ‘teeth’ up the length of the blade. It is held in a sheath of dark brown leather, adorned with a golden pattern of two intertwined snakes facing in opposite directions, which has its roots in the Vetma family coat of arms.

    The ends of his fingers are claw-like and razor-sharp. Eskuron is able to use them like talons if he so wishes, but tends to refrain from doing so as it gives him the image of a wild beast, which is not what he would deem an accurate portrait of himself.

    Weakness(es): Aside from the aforementioned drawbacks from his launcher and his lack of powers of any sort, Eskuron is not exempt from the same pride that brought the downfall of his brother.


    Mephiles & Stendhal



    Name: Mephiles

    Species: Toa (Magnetism)

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: No one is certain what Mephiles’ true appearance is, but the two forms he uses the most are noted here.

    When he is travelling with (relatively) peaceful intentions, his appearance is identical to that of Rynekk’s – stout, strong - but his armour appears faded, grey, darkened, as if all the light and life has been drawn out of it.

    When in combat or making himself more open about his true identity, Mephiles dons an appearance similar in many ways, but instead of the black, a dark indigo, and instead of the gray, a vibrant light blue. His eyes in this form are bloodshot, and a twisted shade of green, which throbs with a sickening energy. All his armour looks as if its edges have been torn to shreds; his entire body is emaciated. In this form he does not appear to have any feet due to how he makes small shrouds of purple mist surround his ankles.

    Kanohi: Mahiki

    Personality: Mephiles has a taste for the theatrical, always putting on a show for any occasion. He tends to speak in riddles and cast fancy illusions to impress people, although more likely is that he uses such things to build a first impression on his enemies or people he tries to manipulate.

    Powers: Elemental magnetism, great mask of illusion

    Biography: Precisely one hundred and eighty-nine years ago, Mephiles was, although he cannot remember it, parted from his conjoined twin after a long life of hardship, although he cannot remember it. His mother died during childbirth, and his father committed suicide shortly before the separation.

    After an invasion of his home island ninety years later, Mephiles was further separated from his brother by escaping via a canister, which took him far away. Upon arriving on Mata-Nui, he had no memory whatsoever of his life to that point. Discovering an island in turmoil, he ventured to find an answer to its miseries himself.

    After much soul-searching, he orphaned a savage child on the cusp of adulthood and named him, in the language of his people, after what he was sure, by this point, held the answers, the key to solving the final problem: The stars. And so, Stendhal became the child’s name, and from his animalistic origins, the boy was fashioned into a disciplined and hardy Toa.


    Weakness(es): Fire and heat disrupt his magnetic powers, taking away one of his biggest strengths. His pride and self-confidence cloud his vision of how effective his plans really are. He never carries any weapons, believing himself to be above them.


    Name: Stendhal

    Species: Toa of Gravity

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Chaotic neutral

    Appearance: A broad-chested, muscular yet slim Toa who stands several inches higher than the average member of his species. His natural, under-armour 'skin' of sorts is completely a matt yellow-gold colour, including his head. His eyes are a cool, icy blue similar to that of a native of Ko-Wahi. Over the top he wears a complete set of navy blue protosteel plate armour (save the helmet) which has only a few gaps for flexibility purposes, which is where the gold shows through. His mask has sharper edges than most of those of its kind, and along the blade-like protrusions around his jaw region are strange, circular symbols. These foreign shapes also adorn the rims of many other parts of his armour, and are etched into both armour and mask in gold. His nails and teeth look as if they were once sharp but were made blunt, giving him a fierce undertone of a tamed beast. His voice is hoarse from lack of use.

    Kanohi: Kualsi

    Personality: The two words that describe Stendhal best are hard and unkind. Years of life outside of society has taught him to think too much, and feel too little. He only talks when he has something that's really worth saying, despite his vast vocabulary. He seems to take some kind of pleasure in giving as little information as possible, as if to tease people with tantalizing clues to lure them in. What he is luring them in to is an entirely different story, but it can't be good, knowing the callous expression that usually sits behind his mask. He claims he serves something called 'The Prophecy' and logic would hold that he longs to see whatever it is fulfilled.

    Powers: Elemental gravity, teleportation/'fast travel'

    Weapons: Twin one-handed blades, a pair of notched daggers, and a bow and arrow, all adorned with the same golden markings as his armour and mask.

    Weaknesses: Stendhal's heavy armour and gleaming gold armour prevents him from making any decent attempt at stealth. He is also very antisocial and tends to work alone, putting him in danger that he must escape from alone.

    League of ShadesName: ThoronSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: League of ShadesAppearance: Silver and gold armour, with eyes that change colour from blue to red depending on what mood he is in. He has a chrome silver necklace with a stone that is split into two halves: blue and red. The stone halves glow at different times to match his eyes. His neck has a scar on one side that glows blue (again, to match his mood), and one on the other that glows red. On his back are dragon-like wings.Kanohi: KadinPersonality: Proud, talks far too highly of himself and becomes distraught if he fails at any given task. When he feels positive emotions, the blue parts on him glow, and the same occurs for the red when he feels negative emotions.Powers: Elemental iron, flightWeapon(s): A large, fancy-looking sword of chrome silver and gold.Biography: Thoron awoke on a beach in the Kumu Islets, surrounded by the wreckage of a ship and several dead bodies he didn’t recognise. He also happened to lack a memory, which was a bit of a handicap. He was hired by Reichenbach as a minion, and so does what he’s told most of the time, mainly because with his memory went his morals, and so he lacks a sense of right and wrong.

    When Reichenbach's organisation began to crumble, the League of Shades stepped in and took the majority of his men.Weakness(es): Lightning and electricity-based powers.Name: SciathSpecies: Toa of PlantlifeGender: MaleAlignment: League of ShadesAppearance: His armour looks and feels like bark, with all the durability of regular armour, and several small branches and leaves sprouting off.Kanohi: TrynaPersonality: Slow and steady, always talks before he shoots, despite the fact that his speech is slow and sleepy.Powers: Elemental plantlife, reanimationWeapon(s): NoneBiography: Having grown up and lived in the Le-Wahi jungle his entire life, Sciath was disgusted to see the Mystix attack (even though he was never an inhabitant of Le-Koro), and vowed his revenge on the bat-like creatures. He later followed Ignotus to Kini-Nui, where he spied on the meeting between Reichenbach and the high-class criminals. Sciath loved the cool dominance Reichenbach enforced over the other beings, and was eventually hired, despite his slow nature.

    When Reichenbach's organisation began to crumble, the League of Shades stepped in and took most of his men as their own.Weakness(es): Elemental fire, and his lack of speed.Name: SerpenteraSpecies: SkakdiGender: Unknown (presumed male)Alignment: League of ShadesAppearance: Head and spine looks like a serpent, with scales and such. Colour scheme consists of dark greens with a highlight of very dark purple-y blue. Instead of the usual Skakdi teeth, he has a more snake-like mouth. His skin is oily and slippery, making him harder to be kept in place by whatever means.Kanohi: NonePersonality: Vicious and sly, with a voice like a snake’s, and a sharp tongue few can match. He finds his way out of every sticky situation one way or another, be it through backstabbing, clever plotting or plain and simple luck.Powers: Gravity (when in conjunction with another Skakdi), laser visionWeapon(s): Zamor Launcher that fires two kinds of spheres: Acid and Explosive. He also carries a huge double-edged axe that looks like an octagon.Biography: No one knows where he came from, but wherever he goes, people usually don’t like him. He was still hired by Reichenbach, though.

    When Reichenbach's organisation began to crumble, the League of Shades stepped in to take in the majority of his minions as their own.Weakness(es): He is not overtly durable, and tends to go down fairly quickly (if you can manage to hit him, that is).


    Name: Huaki

    Species: Ko-Matoran

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: League of Shades

    Appearance: A primarily white Matoran, with some black, and crimson eyes, wearing a noble Akaku.

    Weapon(s): Two white, Matoran-sized swords.

    Personality: Deluded but loyal to her master(s). She sees the other members of the League as family in some way or another.

    Biography: Little is known of Huaki's past, even to herself, as all she can remember of her life is working for The Dreamer, with Xylak as her father figure, who was always there for her to look up to (literally) and to put her in her place when she made mistakes.

    Weaknesses: For a start, she's a Matoran, and as such has a low amount of physical strength and lacks powers of any sort. She also knows no life other than the one she lives, and doesn't have a firm grasp on morality.


    Some Matoran Dudes

    Name: HarakoreSpecies: Po-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Black body and arms, brown feet and mask.Kanohi: Powerless Noble Mahiki.Personality: An eccentric carver who has an affinity for the flute. He is very curious and innocent, tending to have a fairly simple view on life, despite the huge amount of darkness across the land.Powers: None.Weapon(s): A pair of knives and whatever other stuff he finds.Biography: He found himself part of the Rama Hive battle somehow, and fought hard (despite only killing a few of the bugs).Weakness(es): He isn’t very good at fighting, aside from having low (as usual for a Matoran) physical strength.Name: TupoSpecies: Ga-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Dark blue armour all around, save the top edge of his mask, which has some silver melded in with it.Kanohi: Powerless Noble KomauPersonality: Serious and hard, but not unkind. He has a great capacity for compassion, but is prepared to take action if necessary. He has an extensive knowledge of multiple martial arts and fighting styles.Powers: None.Weapon(s): A sword and a knife.Biography: With the embarrassment that sometimes comes from being a male Ga-Matoran, Tupo ignored the mocking giggles and chants from his fellows, and set himself to becoming a great defender of the village. He eventually found himself part of the Rama Hive Assault, and stayed with the ILS.Weakness(es): Lack of powers and strength that comes with being a Matoran, and that he can be rather socially awkward at times.

    Other Players' CharactersName: Tadris.Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: He assumes it's fire, as he woke up in Ta-Koro able to do cool stuff with fire.Alignment: GoodPowers: He can generate and control fire to a certain degree. He's not sure what the limit is, but he can't juggle fireballs. That was a mess.Detailed Appearance description: His armor is blue, with red accents on the arms and legs. He wears what appears to be a blue Hau, but it's really a Kakama. He's pretty much your standard toa.Mask: Kakama shaped like a Hau. Haukakama.Bio: Tadris has no idea where he came from, or who he is, besides the fact that he's a Toa and can use fire powers and his name is Tadris. One day he just woke up on the outskirts of Ta-Koro, and a friendly Matoran helped him out and filled him in on what was going on. When he was well enough to do fight well, he went out looking for other Toa to help him find the best place he could be to help.Personality: Tadris always wants to help, but he's a bit rash. He'll jump into situations before he knows the full situation. As a result, he is now extremely good at using his Haukakama to get out of danger. He's always got a bright and perky attitude, even in the face of extreme danger or even death. He's the type of guy who if his right arm was cut off, would focus on the fact that he always wanted to get better at doing things with his left.Weaknesses: He's impulsive for one thing, he dislikes going slow. Being in a vacuum isn't fun either. Cold really puts a kink in his style.


    Name: Aru

    Species: Mystix (Water)Age: UnknownGen

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  • So in working up the guts to finally get in on this, here's what I've worked out. Pretty content with it for now; any further adjustments shouldn't be anything major. Already lovin' using these guys in the real deal. Name: Eizan (EYE-zan)Species: ToaAlignment: Neutral/GoodGender: MalePower: Fire Weapon: One longsword, two daggers on either side of his waistMask: Mask of Rebounding Appearance: Armor of a bright crimson hue, recently made. In essence a normal Toa of Fire, although bearing more of a resemblance to an Inika than otherwise. Personality/Bio: Eizan is a young and inexperienced Toa of Fire, with perhaps too much of a passion to protect. Having only recently been called to be a Toa, he still struggles to master his newly granted abilities. Positive in most situations, even with the current state of the island, and always eager to make friends and aid in quests. Will often employ his Mask of Rebounding in fight situations to toss his daggers and have them return. Weakness: As stated, Eizan is inexperienced. His learned powers are few, and his combat skills are sub par. Name: MaulgSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Neutral (Yet to be Influenced)Gender: MalePower: Iron, in the typical juncture of two Skakdi's abilities; Impact Vision Weapon: Warhammer Appearance: Mostly a lackluster bronze, with a few spots of a shinier hue where the wear is not so apparent. A rather bulky Skakdi, particularly in upper body. As a result, he is a remarkably strong Skakdi, giving an edge in brute force attacks and easy manipulation of his weapons. Often drags his larger warhammer behind him in one of his large, clawed hands, until a foe appears. Personality/Bio: Maulg can not recall who he is, save for the name Maulg, and his want of purpose. Having washed up on the shores of Mata Nui with no recollections, his days are a constant struggle to remember himself. To be honest, he can not remember if Maulg was even his real name. However, he knows for sure how eagerly he wants to be a part of something, be it for good or evil. Not the smartest of all creatures, but level-headed enough, he holds his own rather well. After several failed attempts to integrate with the Matoran and Toa, however, most likely due to his species and rough-and-tumble appearance, he still wanders the island looking for opportunities for action. Weakness: Often gets too aggressive in his strategies, relying heavily on his strength and initial attack to take out a foe by shock and force. When faced with a foe that proves resilient to his primarily offensive volleys, he will be forced to employ hit and run tactics to retreat from the battle. Name: The White ReaperSpecies: ToaAlliance: Any Side that Gets Him MoneyGender: MalePower: Ice Weapon: ScytheMask: Kakama - Modified to look like a Skull Appearance: An overall average Toa of Ice in build, with only slight lankiness and additional height. Primarily covered in white armor that has been visibly weathered and worn, with smooth but dull, silver armor on shins, torso, and forearms. Left upper arm wrapped in bandage from a fight only he remembers, leaving others to only guess at how long its been there. Most noticeably is his off-white, hooded, tattered cloak, and skull-like mask, which fuel the moniker. Behind his modified mask are cold, pale-red eyes. Personality/Bio: As icy as to ever be expected from those of his element, the "White Reaper," as he has made himself known, is a stone-cold killer. Although chosen to be a defender of Mata Nui, he now only works for his own purposes, abandoning all other responsibilities. Never refusing a lucrative opportunity in assassination, whether in contracted or solitary work, Reaper utilizes his impressive skill and strategy with his scythe to eliminate his targets. Weakness: Relies on close-quarters combat to finish off his foes, using speed and skill to dodge attacks and swiftly take down his enemies. However, when faced with long range, he can only rely on the extent of his power of ice. In addition, heavier, more armored foes are much harder for him to take out.

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  • Name: Miha VisicGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Miha wears light green armor with teal highlights. Link.Mask: Kanohi MiruWeapon: Bamboo disks.Powers: NoneBiography: Miha is one of the four Visic siblings who came on a boat to Mata Nui. The boat landed and the four were adopted by Virthee.Weakness: Miha does not have the best strength, and relies on her brain and her acrobatic skills.Name: Kaiten (Usually shortened to Kai)Species: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: Kai’s face is jet black, with a skintight suit of Blue armor covering his torso, which in turn is covered by some loose clothing,(if you need more info about the clothing, think Mata Nui's version of Hawaiian clothing.) and black inventor’s gloves on his hands.Dominant Hand: AmbidextriousPowers: None.Abilities: Being a Vortixx, Kaiten has a strong affinity for mechanics.Weapons/Equipment: (1)Katana-A protosteel bladed sword.(1) Elemental Armor – Kaiten’s pride and joy, this armor is extremely strong, able to withstand many different kinds of attacks, both elemental and physical.Fighting Style: Kaiten, because of his armor, prefers to tank through enemies, taking all kinds of attacks before getting up close and personal with his enemies.Weaknesses: Low speed when on foot.Widgets: 900Other Possessions: -Inventor’s gloves which he usually wears on his hands.-A Muaka Hide satchel-A Ussual used for quick travel (Yes, some of those things go fast.)Home: A hut in Onu-Koro, with six rooms: the main room, the living room, two bedrooms, a small eating room, and a kitchen.Affiliation: Kai’s WorkshopAlignment: NeutralBio: Kai grew up on Xia, where he worked long and hard on his suit of armor. Once he finished it, he headed out to sell his various weapons and inventions, but was waylaid by a storm, and ended up on Mata Nui. Kai set up shop in Onu-Koro and has so far lived a peaceful life.Other: N/ATheme Music: N/A


    Name: AnktSpecies: Toa of OilAlignment: NobodyGender: MaleAppearance: Black body armor, with dark grey limb armor. His Kanohi Pakari is a jet black, which makes his light green eyes stand out.

    Weapon(s): A protosteel tipped spear, which he uses for basic combat. He also possesses a scabbard for the spear, which is crafted from protosteel.

    Powers: Ankt, being a Toa of Oil, has power over the element of Oil. Ankt has amazing speed and strength, which is only increased when he activates his Kanohi.

    Traits: Ankt is defined by his unique viewpoint on the world. He finds his enjoyment in fighting, and is willing to grievously harm, or even kill himself in order to have more fun while fighting.Biography: Ankt claims he doesn’t remember anything about his life before Mata Nui, but nobody knows if he is telling the truth. And nobody actually really cares to get the answer out of him.Weakness(es): Ankt treats fighting as a game, and thus is not concerned with his own safety when fighting. Thus he sometimes makes risky moves in battle that could easily be exploited if noticed. He also has little to no control over his element.


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  • NOTICE: Having looked over these profiles, I have realised that most of them need to be updated. Thus, I will be giving them a comprehensive overhaul in the near future.


    Name: Merror (MEH-roar)Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of FireOccupation: WandererAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: Merror MOCMerror is a fairly tall, imposing Toa. His armour is dark red, silver and black. His mask is not organic, but looks like Jaller Inika's. His eyes are a piercing bright green. In the opinion of many female Toa, he is rather good-looking.Mask: Kanohi Calix, the Mask of FateWeapons: Twin swordsPowers: Elemental fire, increased physical abilities due to CalixPersonality: Merror has a firm belief in honour and virtue, and is very compassionate. Physically, he is fast, dextrous and agile, and a highly skilled swordsman (though he is perfectly able to fight without weapons), and these qualities are all enhanced by his mask power, making him formidable in battle. He is also intuitive and a master of strategy. He sometimes seems careworn and world-weary, and will often blame himself even when things are not his fault. Although Merror is a natural and skilled leader, for some reason he doesn't want to be seen as one.Biography: Little is known about Merror's past. He almost refuses to talk about it altogether, but it is clear that something terrible happened, and because of it Merror can be reluctant to work with others; he says he doesn't want to "put them in danger".Merror has been on Mata Nui for a while. In the time he has been there, he has saved countless lives. And he has never asked to be thanked. He refuses to kill, and his anger can be sparked by needless killing and people who have no regard for the value of life.Weakness: Merror's focus is on hand-to-hand combat; he has little means of fighting at long range.Name: Zadron (ZAY-dronn)Gender: MaleSpecies: VortixxOccupation: Assassin/mercenaryAlignment: Neutral EvilAppearance: Zadron is tall, lean, and black-and-silver-armoured. He has a thin, sharp-featured face with orange eyes. His long fingers are clawlike in appearance. he often wears a hooded black cloak when in villages to avoid detection.Weapons: retractable Radius Blades (on forearms, use a mental interface i.e. can be activated with his mind), shoulder-mounted energy rifle (with mental interface; can be removed for use as a handheld sniper-rifle), daggers, knives, sword (which he often wields with the blade pointing down).Personality: Zadron is cold, calculating and very, VERY good at what he does. His mind is as sharp as his many blades, and he is extremely stealthy and fast. He is so stealthy, in fact, that in shadows he is almost undetectable, and moves like a ghost. He is very ambitious, a trait which is not always readily visible in him.Biography: On Xia, Zadron grew frustrated with the prejudice against males and hungry for power, so he trained to become an assassin. He ended up on Mata Nui when Roodaka shot him with a teleport Rhotuka.On Mata Nui, he has earned himself a reputation as one of (if not THE) deadliest assassins on the island. He has a custom of taking the masks of his victims as trophies and proof of his success.He works often for the evil forces of the island, but offers his services to any who will pay. In other words, nobody's safe.Weakness: As a Vortixx, Zadron has no innate powers and as such must rely on his weapons and physical abilities.Name: Lohkar (LOE-karr)Alias: The Lohrak, Light-fingers, Morell, KorrisGender: MaleSpecies: Water LesterinOccupation: PirateAlignment: Chaotic neutralAppearance: Lohkar's armour is blue and yellow. It is shaped with fin-like spikes, and is sleek but durable. He wears two belts, one around his waist (on which he keeps his cutlass) and the other diagonally across his chest. He appears a little windswept, but is every inch the swashbuckler. Facially, he looks similar to Berix.Weapons: Cutlass, knife, Zamor launchers with solid metal spheres, Grapnel GunMask: Kanohi Arthron which he only wears when deep-diving or as a disguise when going ashore.Powers: Sonar (when wearing Arthron), innate, passive elemental power to go without air longer than most, enhanced agility, resistance to toxins (technically a biological attribute).Personality: Lohkar is wild and free, and sometimes seems reckless, but is more in control of the situation than it appears. He has the capacity to be suave and charming, and is not always vindictive or destructive like most others of his trade. He does what he does not only because it is lucrative, but for the adventure. He does not kill needlessly, preferring to outwit his opponents and make them feel foolish.Biography: Lohkar is an infamous pirate. He is captain of the Infernavika, and has been known not to discriminate between potential victims on the grounds of their village or alignment - only the challenge, and the potential loot.Weakness: Lohkar has no directly controllable elemental powers. He is extremely protective of his rum.Name: Echelon (ESH-ell-onn)Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of MagnetismOccupation: NecromancerAlignment: EvilDescription: Echelon’s armour is black and acid green, sleek, and light (it will not stop a weapon). It is spiked in places. His mask is shaped and coloured like Mutran’s Kanohi Shelek, giving him a malevolent appearance, and his fingers are claw-like. He wears robes that match the colours of his armour. He is tall and thin.Mask: Kanohi Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation (now Infected, with a tattoo-like pattern)Weapon: staff topped with three ornamental blade-like tines and a green jewel; three inch-wide spheres of condensed metal.Powers: Echelon has developed an unusually high level of proficiency with both his mask and his magnetic powers. He is able to use Undead minions as spies, seeing through their eyes, and can make them talk to some degree. Using his mastery of elemental Magnetism, he is able to control his opponents' bodies, shape metal, reconstruct his minions, and levitate, to name but a few uses of his power.Personality: Echelon is a mysterious being. He is highly intelligent and cunning, and also ruthless and scheming, forming plans within plans - a trait of which Makuta seems to approve. Cold and unsympathetic, Echelon has a mind of steel and a heart of ice.Biography: Echelon has remained unnoticed by the Matoran for a long time, because he has spent almost all his time hidden from them, conducting his sinister experiments. After all, a few Matoran going missing is hardly an unusual occurrence...Weakness: Echelon is not physically strong at all. He relies completely on his Undead minions and powers.Name: The IllusionistGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of AirAlignment: EvilDescription: Whatever he likes. Precious few have seen him in his true form.Mask: Kanohi Mahiki, the Mask of IllusionWeapon: NonePowers: Elemental Air, Illusions and shapeshifting (highly skilled)Personality: A malicious trickster, who takes pleasure from creating chaos using his illusions.Biography: Practically no-one on Mata Nui even knows he exists. He can be anyone, anything, and uses this ability to create chaos and trick or terrify people, and to completely disappear afterwards.Weakness: His control over Air is average, and, though quick-footed, he is not particularly strong or skilled at physical fighting. He carries no weapons, and without his mask, he could potentially be helpless.Name: GarnGender: MaleSpecies: Iron LesterinOccupation: MercenaryAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Garn's armour is gunmetal, with brown highlights. His shoulder armour is shaped like a pair of short blades. He's muscular, a little taller than the average Lesterin, and intimidating - his face typically bears a scowl, and the addition of a long scar over one eye and a lit cigar in his mouth only add to this image. He wears a belt across his chest, which holds several ammo clips.Weapon: Zamor Rifle - fires spheres a little smaller than the standard, but which are still available in most munitions shops. The gun is heavy, and an large cylinder allows it to fire semi-automatically in clips of six. The gun packs quite a punch, but the price of this is a recoil which would snap most Toa's arms. A large plate on the top of the gun is used when reloading (similar to a shotgun). He also carries a jagged knife, which can clip into his rifle's barrel as a bayonet, and wears a metal gauntlet on his left hand.Powers: Garn forgoes the use of a Kanohi. He has innate, passive elemental Iron, which grants him enhanced resilience and endurance, plus a resistance to metallic weapons.Personality: Garn is tough, gruff, and has a tendency for violence - and a lack of respect for authority. Not known for his sense of humour, he gets the job done.Biography: After emigrating to Mata Nui, Garn joined up with the Ta-Koro guard for a while. Before long, the rules and regulations of the Guard got on his nerves, so he quit and became a mercenary. His fighting style consists of gunning down opponents at medium-range, or punches, elbows and headbutts at short range, and his often-ruthless modus operandi have earned him something of a reputation.Weakness: Garn is tough, but not indestructible, and his decision to eschew a Kanohi leaves him vulnerable to many elemental attacks.


    Name: Korero

    Gender: Male

    Species: Ko-Matoran

    Occupation: Historian/Archaeologist

    Alignment: Good

    Appearance: Korero is a small, white-and-grey Matoran. He's unremarkable to look at, but there is a sparkle of curiosity in his eyes (which are a gentle gold). He wears a Ga-Matoran-made satchel (which is waterproof), in which he keeps his personal belongings, the most prized of which is a leather-bound paper notebook, in which he records his travels and studies, as well as sketching pictures.

    Mask: Mask of Psychometry, shaped like a Noble Huna

    Weapon: Small blade (Ta-Koro Guard standard issue)

    Powers: None (inactive Ice powers)

    Personality: Korero has an insatiable curiosity and an inquisitive nature. He is mild-mannered and humble, kind-hearted, and sometimes a little timid; however, in situations of great danger he can show moments of great bravery. Unlike most Ko-Matoran, he is friendly and talkative, and does not share his people's typical uninviting demeanour.

    Biography: At a fairly early age, Korero was sent to the Sanctum to become a Scribe; while his teachers were impressed by his thirst for knowledge, his interest in the past rather than the future met with their disapproval. As time went by, the Sanctum's scholars grew more and more annoyed with this Matoran who adamantly (and apparently obliviously) refused to follow tradition; daydreaming and poring over history books when he was supposed to be deciphering prophecies. Eventually, the scholars petitioned Nuju to send him to Ta-Koro, where he could study the famed Wall of History to his heart's content; but this was more to get rid of him than anything else. Nuju obliged; he recognised that Korero had an adventurous spirit that was not meant to be confined to the snooty ranks of Ko-Matoran scholarhood.

    In Ta-Koro, Korero would spend all day working at the Wall; he was given the job of keeping it clean and maintained, but he spent most of his time reading the inscriptions there, sometimes copying them onto what scraps of cloth and paper he could find. Eventually, he saved up enough money to buy what soon became his most treasured possession: a leather-bound notebook, made from real paper, with a small clip on the spine to hold a stick of charcoal.

    One day, when Korero had read every single inscription on the Wall over and over, he suddenly had an odd feeling, like a calling from within; a calling to go out and explore, to find new history as it was created. That day, he quit his job, gathered his things into a satchel, and wandered out into the world.

    Korero has since explored many places on Mata Nui, searching for artefacts and relics of bygone days, be they ruined temples, hidden carvings, or ancient writings. He records his findings in his notebook, and has become pretty good at drawing sketches of them as well. So far, however, he hasn't managed to record any new history for himself; somehow he's always missed the great events of the island (such as the kidnapping of the Turaga), only to read about them in the Mata-Nui Daily afterwards.

    Weakness: As a Matoran, Korero has no powers and little physical strength. He is not a fighter; he is a thinker, and an explorer.



    Name: Stralix (STRAH-licks)Gender: MaleSpecies: Skakdi of StoneOccupation: InventorAlignment: Chaotic GoodAppearance: Stralix's armour is brown and silver. He wears round goggles, and a belt with various pouches.Weapon: Flamethrower with a blue flame (width of flame can be adjusted by twisting the nozzle for precision e.g. when welding)Powers: Elemental Stone (in conjunction with another Skakdi), diagnostics vision.Personality: Unlike most Skakdi, Stralix is smart and relatively non-aggressive. He is eccentric, and has a tendency for sarcasm, but he has a good heart.Biography: Stralix ended up on Mata Nui as a result of an accident involving an explosive sphere, a Kanohi Olmak and a very angry Protocairn. He is a brilliant inventor, making a living by building and repairing weapons and machinery. Although he opposes Makuta, he will not always help others out of the goodness of his heart; he may require payment.Weakness: When facing opponents resistant to fire and heat, Stralix can't do much unless there's another Skakdi with him.Name: HahkesSpecies: Air LesterinAlignment: NeutralOccupation: Owner of The Black Spot InnDescription: Hahkes, like most Air Lesterin, is of an athletic build. His armour is three shades of green, and trimmed with bright red; his shoulders' armour is shaped like small wings. His face is similar to Metus'.Kanohi: Volitak (not normally worn)Weapon: Bow and arrows, knifePowers: innate, passive ability to hold breath for exceptionally long periods of time, heightened speed.Personality: A friendly and carefree fellow, yet more down-to-earth than his friend Lohkar, Hahkes is basically a decent chap, though certainly not blameless; he's very friendly with pirates and the other lawless folk of Mata Nui - though possibly because they're such good customers.Biography: Hahkes was originally a pirate. He came to Mata Nui along with many of the other foreign beings, hoping for a new start, and established the Black Spot Inn in Ga-Koro, which soon became popular with the more unsavoury people of the sea, particularly pirates. However, after a while, the Ga-Koro Marines got wind of it and Hahkes was forced to relocate to Xa-Koro.Weakness: Hahkes may be fast and athletic, but he's not terribly outgoing. Also, fighting in close combat is difficult for him.

    No longer in use:

    Name: KrohlenSpecies: Toa of SonicsAlignment: GoodOccupation: Scholar, Master of Academics at the Crane AcademyDescription: Krohlen's armour is on the light side, and coloured silver and grey. He wears brown and tan scholar's robes, and a silver Kanohi.Kanohi: Mask of PsychometryWeapon: Spear, reflective shield (can reflect several types of energy - approval pending)Powers: Elemental Sonics, PsychometryPersonality: Krohlen is a scholar at heart. He is passionate in his pursuit of knowledge, and enthusiastic to pass his knowledge on to others. He has experience in a wide range of subjects, from history to botany, and thus is well fitted for the role of Master of Academics. He is mild-mannered, kindly and considerate, slow to anger, but he takes exception to people being disrespectful of knowledge, which he considers almost sacred.Biography: Krohlen, like so many other Toa, woke one day on the beaches of Mata Nui with no memory of his past. However, he found quickly that he had a great deal of academic knowledge, including a fair amount about the island he now found himself on. Being a natural scholar, he quickly set himself to learning more about the island paradise of Mata Nui. Krohlen is one of the founding members of the Academy. He spends most of his time teaching the academy's students on history, geography, sociology and more. He is very bookish, and when not teaching spends a lot of time studying. However, he also takes frequent periods of leave from the Academy, to explore Mata Nui, supposedly to make detailed maps of the island.Weakness: Krohlen is not much of a fighter compared to beings such as Merror and Lohkar. While he is quite proficient with his element, in battle his main skill is in his mind, not his body. Also, his shield is just a normal shield against kinetic attacks of objects and matter-creating elements such as water, earth etc. It must also be kept polished or it will lose its reflectiveness.MIAName: Lemaku (leh-ma-koo)Gender: MaleSpecies: Le-MatoranOccupation: Gukko Force Squadron LeaderAlignment: Lawful GoodDescription: Lemaku has a green body and arms, lime feet and a powerless lime Komau. He wears a brown flying scarf and a disk bandoleer. While not physically strong, he is very quick and agile, particularly at high altitude.Weapon: Throwing disk, sabre, disk launcher.Personality: Cheerful, wild-hearted and optimistic. He feels most at home in the air, and thus he spends a lot of time in the treetops and flying with Lahka. He is able to make the most of any situation.Biography: Lemaku, or Lem, as his friends call him, has been flying since almost before he could walk. As a baby, he befriended a Kahu chick, Lahka. The two grew up together, and thus have a strong bond of friendship. He joined the Gukko Force at quite a young age, and rose through the ranks to that of Squadron Leader. He has learnt to talk to the birds in their own language, thanks to his life-long friendship with his own Kahu. Unlike most Kahu riders, Lemaku prefers to fly alone. His bond with Lahka (and her intelligence) means he can direct her and fire a launcher with ease.Lahka is a large and strong female Kahu. Her plumage is different shades of green, and she has a gold beak, claws and highlights. She is equipped with a special harness for Lemaku, with room for two more Matoran/Turaga or one Toa-sized being, and several bags in which Lemaku keeps equipment and supplies, including a long-range disk launcher which Lemaku sometimes uses.Weakness: Lemaku is not quite as agile on the ground as in the air (particularly UNDERground), and, being a Matoran, he is a lot weaker than beings of other species.ACTUALLY LOHKAR IN DISGUISEName: Korris ('Kelp')Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of GravityAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Kelp wears armour that appears to be made entirely from scrap metal. It is rusted, scratched, and covered in seaweed and barnacles. His mask, a Kaukau, is in a similar state. He wears a large, stained greatcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. Seaweed droops from it around his head like hair. His eyes are just visible behind the Kanohi. Kelp walks with a pronounced limp, and a hunched back, and speaks gruffly and hoarsely.Weapons: Rusty sword; unremarkable, made of low-quality metal.Powers: Elemental gravity (barely ever uses it), water breathing (due to Kaukau)Personality: Gruff, but experienced. Kelp is a salty sailor, but nothing particularly special. He mostly keeps himself to himself, except when telling tales about his many voyages.Biography: Kelp is an experienced seaman. He has sailed for almost all his life, mostly on fishing vessels, but has also been in a few pirate crews. He claims to have sailed under Captain Lohkar at one point, but it is unclear if this is just a tall tale. He never rose to any particular rank on the ships he served on; he was always a simple deckhand. Now the long years at sea have taken their toll on his body as much as his armour; after a dangerous shipwreck, he gained an injured leg and so a limp.Kelp now spends most of his time in the bars of Ga-Koro. He can normally be found there.Weakness: Kelp's limp and low-quality weapons and armour make him fairly ineffective in a fight.


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  • Character Name: EnaraRace: VortixxGender: FemaleAlignment: NeutralWeapons/Equipment: Twin katana, vials full of genetic material from different Rahi and microscopic creatures.Skills: Genetic engineer, extremely skilled and quick with her swords, stealthy.Personality: Calculating and a loner. Does not suffer fools easily.Appearance: Slightly tall for a Vortixx, slender. Has a black and silver color scheme with glowing red eyes.Bio: Made a living on Xia making living weapons. One day, however, an experiment with the aim of synthetically creating a Toa succeeded, although the result escaped from the island, wreaking havoc in her lab in the process. Since she had invested so much in the project,she pursued the experiment, and finally tracked it down to Mata-Nui, getting shipwrecked. Now, stranded on the island, she's taken up the job of being a mercenary, while at the same time trying to find her experiment's whereabouts.Weaknesses: Not very physically durable, has a hard time working with others due to her distrusting nature. Character Name: UarRace: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral GoodElement: IceMask: Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed (with a telescopic lens attached)Weapons/Equipment: ScytheSkills: Very accurate with attacks, wields his scythe and element with skill, encyclopedic knowledge of the Matoran Universe due to having traveled all around it.Personality: Curious, cautious, decisive.Appearance: Tall and lanky. Has a white and gray color scheme.Bio: Uar was actually genetically engineered on Xia by a group of ambitious Vortixx seeking to create a mass-producable elite infantry unit, of which he was the first (and last). Immediately after he awakened, he escaped from the lab in which he had been created, boarding a ship leaving the island. After spending about a year and a half on the run from the Vortixx who were now pursuing him, he arrived on Mata-Nui, which seemed like an obscure enough place to hide. He now aimlessly wanders around the island.Weaknesses: Sensitive against extreme heat, fire damages him more.

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  • The Survivor


    Name: Valria

    Gender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of GravityAlignment: GoodMask: Mask of Concealment.Appearance: On initial appearance the Toa known as Valria is a rather petite and mousey woman. She seems somewhat uneven, not used to walking with confidence, with hope. Many a male have been drawn in, gravitating towards Valria, mostly due to her natural beauty. Her fair skin is the shade of lavender and soft to the touch, at least where she isn’t scarred. The left side of her face has light scarring, and it runs down over her left arm. She wears armor of ebony, dark as a starless night. Her eyes, this is often what draws most people in, her eyes are like glistening emeralds. There are touches of sadness and yet determination to those eyes. She has a Huna with the same lavender shade of her skin.She wears very light armor, and it's very flimsy, so she tries to wrap her tattered grey cloak around her a lot, if she's concerned with issues of dignity.Weapons: Crossbow, given to her by Mef.Equipment: N/APowers: Her elemental powers are fluctuating all the time and she has barely used her mask at all. They reflect the state of her psyche, which at the moment is still a great state of turmoil.Personality: Valria is emotionally unstable as they come, though it's justifiable given what happened to her. Valria finds most of her current feelings in conflict and she's having a hard time deciding what she should do. She blames herself for every misfortune that befalls her or her friends. She's incredibly clingy still. She cares deeply but is also quick to victimize herself. She's quiet mostly, but not as withdrawn as she once was.Biography: Valria was once part of a team who attempted to garner a big enough force of capable Toa to defeat Makuta. Like so many attempts before and after them it was doomed to failure. Makuta had caught wind of their plans and decided to have one of his servants handle it. Telric and a group of mercenaries he hired attacked their group, killing most of the males, torturing two of them and killing the rest. Valria and the other females in her group were shipped off to Telric's villa, where they served as "entertainment". Suffice to say this entire situation broke the poor Toa of Gravity and things did not get better. Every day was Karz for her, he enjoyed using a Mask of Mind Control to toy with her and the others. The emotional trauma took it's toll, and eventually Valria began to forget parts of her life, in order to simply stop herself from going insane with grief. Selaria did not fare any better and in fact got it worse. Though to be honest most of her malnutrition came during her trip back to the mainland.Eventually Valria escaped from the Villa, enduring other awful situations. By the time she reached Ta-Koro she had endured so much that frankly anyone else probably in her situation would have just laid down and die.Then she met Agni, a Toa on the Ta-Koro Guard who helped her and with his help she started to remember. After remembering the name of her captor and one of her memories. They set off for Onu-Wahi. Valria learned that she was on a team with Alrin and Kuyre but did not know what had happened to them. A trip to Whenua later revealed more about her team and their plans. It also revealed a small bit about Telric.During their travel to Po-Wahi they came upon a Toa of Earth by the name of Mef. Valria and Mef seemed to get along greatly and there was a sort of attraction beginning between them. Along with Tirokk, another Toa they met. They barely got out of a bar brawl. When their business concluded they went to Kini-Nui and fought Vester, a merc who had finally caught up with them as Valria caught up with her memories.Val traveled with Agni, with Kuyre who seemed to be trailing behind to the Kumu Islets, where Telric resided. After sneaking in, they clashed with Telric and Valria knocked him out. However Mef returned after a long absence and in some ways made things worse. Valria was considering suicide until Kuyre cut the rope and Agni chewed the other two Toa out. Now Val's just trying to close this chapter in her life.Weakness: She's still not very combat capable, she seems to just get barely by in combat and tries to avoid it. She's emotionally unstable as well.Theme: "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine


    The Monster

    Name: Alrin/ScurraGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of IceAlignment: Good/Evil (Having issues)Appearance: While he wears the primary varying shades of white like normal Toa of Ice there are some distinguishing features. One is series of scars located on his chest and back that seem to form a smiley face. He normally wears a cloak to cover this. His eyes are a clear blue but are know to shift to sickly green when he turns to Scurra. His mask is a mix of red and white, in a disturbing pattern that makes it come off as makeup or possibly...something else when he is Scurra. When he’s Alrin it’s pure white with. He wears a black cloak to cover this and often keeps Scurra’s marking hidden from others.Mask: Hau, Mask of ShieldingWeapon: A sickly created knife with a devious curve, it's clear that no good or sane being would use this weapon on his enemy.Powers: As Alrin his power over the elements is focused but strained as is his mask of shielding. Scurra element is strong but wild and uncontrollable. Scurra isn’t the same as a superpowered evil side, he’s a whole new being.Personality: Scurra is volatile, uncontrolled evil with no exact focus except one. He seems like he is planning something, if if he and his actions come off as barely formed thoughts. He has a tendency to laugh, that quickly falls into hysterically crying. Still to some he is know to pay good, to others simply associating with him is the worse thing imaginable. That is when they realize what he is.Alrin: Is the primary personality and is very nice and helpful although he seems to be struggling with something. He does his best to be a Toa but is constanly worried about what Scurra might do.Biography: It's unknown what exactly pushed this Toa off the deep end. Perhaps he lost people he cared dearly for, or perhaps he was just that rotten just that evil to begin with.Alrin: Lost people very dear to him and the result drove him at least a little insane. He doesn’t like to talk about it. (More later)Weakness: Any mention of Valria or Telric. Hurting anyone he cares about. Very unstable, a danger to himself and others.


    The OptimistName: (Corporal) Hari KorariGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of Green/Plant LifeAlignment: Chaotic Good, but a GuardwomanAppearance: Hari has light green skin with turquoise eyes. There are bits of yellow running up the length of her legs and arms, with the primary color being light green. She wears very little armor on top of her essential armor, mainly because she likes to move freely and also catch the eyes of people. She actually prefers dresses but her profession as a Po-Koro Guard force her to be in her armor for a good deal of time. Her mask is distinctly angular and feminine with a soft expression on her face. She doesn't slouch but she seems to walk with a bit more flow in her step.Dominant hand: LeftMask: Mask of HealingWeapon: Hari carries a standard issue crossbow and knife from Po-Koro, she mediocre at using both.Powers: Besides using her powers over plants to root people to a spot or swing from vines she is also good at using flowers for a distraction and can actually make some beautiful floral arrangments. Overall she isn't that strong and is rather new at being a guard and a Toa.Personality: Hari is bubbly and forgetful, so much that she forgot about her orders to report to her commanding officers. She's playful and friendly to just about everyone she meets and assumes the best rather than the worst. This is also a fault. She's way too trusting for her own good and talks way too much. She's optimistic to a fault.Biography: Hari had grown up hearing stories about the Toa Mata. All their adventures and daring deeds inspired much hope in her. She was ecstatic when she became a Toa and still believes that Toa Mata are alive. Both of her parents passed away during a pirate raid and many believe that her behavior is just a facade for both herself and others.Weakness: Fire. Not only does fire eat away at her plants, she's deathly afraid of it when it's not just in fireplace or somewhere normal. She's repressing something but refuses to act like it's a problem, hence the repression.


    The PriestessName: Kino Iho (The Wolf)Gender: Female (Kino)/Male (The Wolf, or at least everyone believes so)Species: Toa of AirAlignment: Neutral Evil (Makuta aligned)Appearance: Kino Iho is a tall dark green Toa for a primary color and light green for a secondary color. She has grey eyes and they are constantly narrowed, she's around 35 now in human years and his body is lean and toned,. He's exceptionally athletic and lithe.She wears black slacks among other clothes, with some light armor underneath. Above that she wears a black vest, with a white dress shirt. This is covered by a cloak with a hood, that also pulls down over his mask. All this to make Kino look more masculine. She has taken many identities so people don't know who she really is. As for voice Kino manages to make a gruff enough male voice, that she's not immediately found out as a male, and her control over air might have something to do with it.Dominant hand: AmbidextrousMask: Kanohi Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisWeapon: A longsword that has teeth around the blade meant to catch flesh and tear it up. She also carries a crossbow, strong enough to pierce light armor.Equipment: A canteen of Madu Cabolo oil, a few matches, some cigars, brass knuckles. and a case for clothes with a false floor.Powers: Kino Iho is the kind of Toa that has learned how to use her powers at the most horrifying extremes, he maintains great control over it, and sometimes he has used his powers for rather gory instances. She's also a good actor, and loves to manipulate people under this manner.Personality: Kino believes that (mostly) everyone is expendable, so she has no problem with stabbing people in the back if she's absolutely sure she can get away with it. She has plans for the island, big plans that she's enacting in the name of Makuta. She's arrogant though and smug cause he often thinks he's right. Unfortunately, she usually has the power to back it up. However when things don't go according to his plans, he gets really frustrated and breaks down. She tries to act a little more shy when she's not the "The Wolf"Biography: Going through a rewrite. Will write more at a later date.Weakness: She breaks down when things don't go according to planned. She's not actually that strong and her backstabbing can quickly gain her enemies.Theme: "The Wolf" by Hi Finesse


    The Baroness



    Given name: Vera Polzin

    Chosen Name: Logos

    Gender: Female

    Age: Early fifties

    Element: Fe-Matoran

    Mask: Mask of Psychometry. However it is shaped much like a noble Kanohi Rau that a matoran would wear.

    Alignment: Ambiguous

    Appearance: Vera has dull grey skin, but she more than makes up for this in her choice of clothing. Athe wears a navy blue vest with golden buttons. A white dress shirt underneath is underneath that. The dress shirt being tucked into a golden skirt that stretches just a bit further than her knees. Vera wears a pure white noble Mask of Psychometry, though it is shaped much closer to the Kanohi Rau. Behind this mask two glowing orbs sit, the shade of lilac. These eyes seem unnervingly soulless as Logos whereas when she is acting as her Vera they have a focused, but positive edge to them. Logos looks young to most and sounds young as well when in reality she is much older than most would think. This might be due to her supple and slender figure, almost as if she was carved from stone by a master sculptor. Her gait has a slight sway to it and has a focused, yet confident step to it.

    Equipment: Vera has a multitude of dresses and outfits to choose from, though she prefers her normal business wear to any of the dresses she has. Vera does not carry any weapons.

    Abilities: Her intellect is astounding and her shipping company is often used to transport goods from both land and water. Though she is making the attempt to open up an air service as well. She is an excellent speaker and can often sway people to her side easily.

    Personality: As Logos, Vera cares very little for hot heads and impulsive behavior. It is unknown whether Logos actually cares for those few she would call friends, or if they are just simply tools to fulfill her goals. For all her intellect and connections she cannot fight at all, and would prefer to have others do.

    Vera is the rarely seen heiress of Polzin Shipping Company, her father’s company. She is friendly and like her father is also philanthropist. Many Ga-matoran speak of the Heiress in kind terms but often bemoan the absence of the businesswomen when she disappears from the public eye.

    Biography: Adopted by the Ga-matoran Arron, Vera was raised with two other siblings in his estate. Arron had no spouse, and the maids and other servants spent time with his children when he could not. Vera was the second child to be adopted by Arron and he was surprised by the young girl’s intellect. Vera was a constant reader, trying to get her hands on any scroll, any tablet, any book she could find. She devoured information like a beast starving for a meal. Eventually the matoran set out on her own, traveling the island, but broke away from this early to deal with a tragedy. He father had passed away. After the funeral was done, Vera found herself having to take the reigns as her neither of her two siblings wanted to take the reigns. The Polzin shipping company surged under her care.

    Now Vera has been more absent from the public eye, though she does her best to make appearances every so often. Some think that Vera is overworking herself, when in reality something else much more mysterious is at work.

    Voice: Vera’s voice is easy on the ears, soft like the fur of Muaka. However as Logos any sense emotion seems to drop from her. Logos doesn’t waste time with pleasantries like Vera does, instead relying on directness with those she speaks with. Vera dances around subjects she believe are dangerous in conversations.

    Weakness: While Vera is not as strong as other matoran. Vera also avoids direct confrontation as much as she can. To some this makes her look cowardly. Vera also carries no weapons, believing that weapons on her purpose would attract unwanted attention.

    Gifted from Frost Dragon (Gravity).


    The HuntressName: MehlnaiSpecies: Toa of WaterGender: FemalePowers: Water based abilitiesMask: Kaukau Nuva shaped KakamaWeapons: Water shield with razor sharp edges can be split apart to be used as hunting blades, Mace.Description: A golden armored Toa of water with light blue hands, feet and mask. http://farm8.staticf..._bb5f6084fc.jpgPersonality and Traits: Mehlnai is a hunter, always trying to be one with nature. Is very uncomfortable with other beings and in crowded areas. She prefers fast nimble attacks to power blows.Weaknesses: All weaknesses that go along with toa of water. Will take everything literally and can't take very many powerful hits.

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  • I am back. I look forward to exploring this wonderful game with all of you. However, I am not always available to immediately respond, so please give the courtesy in combat to only POST ONE ATTACK at a time from each character so I'm not overwhelmed. Otherwise, I will simply ignore the extra attacks... Thank you.--Kughii

    Quick Reference for fellow players:Location

    • [*]DJ's current location: Ko-wahi[*]Kriigata's current location: Ga-wahi [*]Ishi's Current Location: Ga-Wahi[*]Kughii's Curent Location: Ga-Wahi (and perpetually editing his profile pages)[*]Riaril's Current Location: Ga-Wahi



    Name: Kughii

    Age: Young for a vortixx, having only completed his rite of passage under a 100 years ago.

    Gender: Male

    Primary Hand: Left

    Species: Vortixx

    Alignment: neutral


    Foreign Tech: A single edged long-sword type tech

    Currency: 450 Widget


    Detailed Description of Appearance:

    Two-toed and light for his size, Kughii is an average vortixx in height. His organic biomass is soft and pliable, yet heavily trained from centuries of bodyguard work at factories back on Xia, allowing him to burst into action at a moments notice. His armor begins in a soft cream, slowly fading into a deep persimmon from below the hips, cutting off at the ankle in preservation of his snow-white feet. Kughii’s eyes are a pair of dark chocolate orbs, and he adorns his ears with a pair of blue, rectangular, glass earrings. While traveling and fighting, Kughii wears a simple mask of pale white with orange accents shaped akin to a kanohi Iden. He stretches daily to remove the stiffness form his bio-organic anatomy. Around Kughii’s neck, a different scarf for every occasion hangs lazily, the color and tie changing at the drop of a few widgets. The scabbard of his nodachi is often carried loosely in his left hand, or else tied across his back during long stints of travel where combat is not expected.



    Kughii smiles, laughs and engages in comedic discourse with most he encounters. He is loyal, courageous and honorable, yet self-centered, shy, and arrogant as well. He is an actor of many roles: warrior, scholar, playful spirit, muse, lover. In his heartlight Kughii recognizes how important all life is, and feels a sense of honor at having the power to protect or destroy such a powerful force.



    Kughii is at a weighted disadvantage in combat against non-direct elemental attacks and powers. He also can easily lose concentration during a battle, losing interest in the minutia and costing him set-backs or injury. Kughii has a hard time processing lots of auditory information at one time, asking others to “speak bluntly” when addressing him with a task. He is also rather forgetful.


    Fighting Style:

    Kughii is most adept at a single handed style of sworldplay with his long-sword style toa tool, using a sequence of parries, deflections, and rotations to increase his tool’s potential while gaining the increased stamina and dexterity from his opponent’s attacks. The long handle, about two hands laid together palm to tip, is most commonly used one handed and Kughii expertly defends a thrust or strike that passes through his guard with the base of his hilt, using the tang to alter the attack’s course and bring the blade down on an unsuspecting opponent.



    Foreign Tech: Although classified as a nodachi by the weapon smiths of Xia, Kughii’s proto-steel forged sword barely resembles its parent-type, and is a striking feature on the battle field. The hilt is three of Kughii’s hands in length, wrapped in tan takea-hide for grip, and fitted with a bronze Kashimiri of approximately 4” in length. The first 6” from the blade end of the hilt is clasped on either side by bronze which extends over the cross-guard and two hands along the blade as overlay. The cross-guard is designed in a sunflower pattern: four spokes on the blade’s edge-side and alternating in layer of thickness, one spoke on the back. The blade itself has only the slightest of curves, is sharpened one foot down the back of the blade in addition to its normal cutting edge, and is four hilts in length. A large weapon, with a blade width of around 2”, Kughii’s nodachi is his only piece of foreign technology. In combat, Kughii can use its special properties to nullify any direct elemental attacks by physically blocking them with the blade, their energies funneling through the sword and heightening his own stamina and dexterity while fighting.


    ProfilesDraeverian JoskiirName Draeverian Joskiir, goes by “DJ”Age Human equivalent, approximately 22Gender MaleSpecies De-Toa (Sound Elemental)Alignment GoodCurrent Affiliation noneKanohi Calix, mask of Agiilty (see detailed description)Known Languages Matoran and “Click”Primary Hand Right (for fighting) and Left (for writing)Detailed Description of AppearanceStanding at a toa average of 6’6”, Draeverian Joskiir is a languid and well-toned young adult. Muscled from his continuous practice of swordplay with his large toa tool, DJ’s whole body is toned for two purposes: dancing while making music, and fighting while making music. Draeverian wears a black leather band around his eyes, tied into a tail coming of the back of his head, by which the use of sight is rendered impossible. However, a rumor surrounds with the possibility Draeverian lost his eyesight in a grand duel with a toa of electricity, since Draeverian has a large and potent fear against other sparking toa. His armor is built smooth and without any flat edges, the curves imitating what he refers to as “the sound-waves of my soul” in silver with purple trim. His purple and silver swirled -- like two consecutive spirals -- Calix helps him perform stunts without the use of his eyes otherwise deemed impossible. He wears a silver wallet chain with purple pyramid studs on his left side, although the money pouch attached is more occupied by space than widgets. The most impressive display of force Draeverian has is the massive scabbard he carries with him to house Rivet. A large shoulder strap made of toughened leather stretches across his body from his right hip over his left shoulder and back down to a “double sheath” positioned and buckled to a belt at his waist. The whole contraption distributes Rivet’s weight across Draeverian’s upper body, but it makes for a lousy time trying to sit on anything with a backing. The double sheath is made as two loops attached to a plate, not being full scabbards in their own right, but allowing the individual prongs of Rivet to slide inside and at least be kept secure, though the blade is more or less exposed to the elements. Highly inefficient, but Draeverian isn’t looking for efficient; he’s looking for impressive. The whole shebang places Rivet’s hilt at a fourty-five degree angle from his right hip, allowing him to draw Rivet in a single, dramatic action.Currently, Draeverian's left arm is in a sling, and he walks with a cane. Rivet sits in the healer's hut where DJ sleeps at night. However, Draeverian can be seen wandering blindly through the airborne town of Le-koro. (Conversation and banter is absolutely possible, just don't expect a sudden answer... I'm very busy right now, apologies.)PersonalityIf the ear-dampeners with purple studs on them don’t give you an idea of DJ’s personality, his loose jaw and “work-later, party now” attitudes will. Draeverian is a real hot head with a “hero” streak. Arrogance isn’t a fault of his character, more a lack of prudence. Draeverian’s friends are the luckiest on the island, as DJ does everything he can to keep them out of harms way. While fighting, he attempts to keep a music making “zen” attitude, but once Rivet slides into its massive scabbard Draeverian returns to the punked music man he is.BeliefsMusic is the soul, by tapping into the music of your friends, and your enemies, you know who they are. The inner song of a heart is a melody grace gives, and Mata-Nui sustains. Fighting StyleWhen fighting, Draeverian usually starts off by creating fight music, usually by using the “click” language he practiced over the years to create rhythmic patterns with his voice. These can sound like drums, snares, and even small explosions or electronic sounds. After the beat is confirmed, and he’s transferred it to another source so he doesn’t have to repeat it over and over, DJ lets his words fly, either rhyming or generally downgrading his opponent. If words and beats don’t seal the deal, he’ll switch to using Rivet by pulling her out of her sheath with dramatic flair, usually spinning her around one of his fingers by way of the ring at the top of the hilt, before attacking his foe with a one-handed cut. DJ usually never uses Rivet two-handed as he says it; “Chokes her, like I’m shoving too much food down her throat.” If his attacks land a hit, DJ immediately uses his elemental powers to magnify the sound waves of the contact, increasing the damage and creating a much more painful experience for his foes. If he has to block a strong melee or ranged attack, Draeverian will pull the button on Rivet’s hilt, swing her forward until she becomes a shield of sorts, at which point he can block attacks and then use the still sharpened tips to attack his foes as if it was a massive stabbing knife.Elemental/Special AbilitiesDraeverian uses his elemental abilities of sound to the maximum, having to rely on his mask and his element to see him through all his harrowing trials of battle, or crossing the street without being run over by an ussal cart, which would be a said fate indeed, given the speed of such a rahi. The true mastery of his craft, however, is his ability to create sound, and then transfer it to another medium. For example, DJ may start a fight song before a battle using click, but then transfer it to a small grouping of nearby crickets, allowing them to keep the beat instead of him. This practice of “transmission music” is his art, though it is never used for direct attacks as DJ says; “to get someone to sing for you the melody you wish is only possible if you are in accord. If a conductor told me to sing higher than a ga-matoran, I couldn’t do it. In the same way, if I have an enemy sing their vocal cords to ruin, it will only be because an enemy gives me unconscious permission to trash their voice. Who’s cool dude enough to do that? No one, that’s why you can’t attack with transmission music.”WeaknessesAs a toa of sound, many noises are grating and dangerous for him to hear. Also, being young and cocky, Draeverian will often underestimate his foes. He also has a rather large fear of lightning and anything electrical, especially toa of such an element. Perhaps the rumor of his eyes being zapped out is more truth than fiction. Also, the creation of ozone disrupts his wave lengths, ruining his good fight music and setting his mood off.ToolsRIVET: Rivet is not an “it,” according to Draeverian. Rivet is his music partner and is very much female. People referring to Rivet as anything less than “Rivet” or “her” get a very sound (pun intended) lecture from Draeverian. Rivet is shaped like a massive tuning fork, save the outside edge of both prongs is sharpened as a sword would be and tipped to face inwards, creating the overall gist of a broadsword three feet in length. The one-foot handle attaches to the blades by way of a ring at the top of the hilt, which allows Draeverian to spin his partner around like the blade of a windmill. However, there is also a latch that, when pressed, allows Draeverian to throw the hilt forwards, pushing the blades outwards and back towards the hilt until they form a shield of sorts, the sharpened edges on the inside, the dull inside now the rim. With a click of the button and a shove, Rivet will return to her normal form. Draeverian is very careful around Rivet, treating her as a living thing, which is why he allows her exposure to the air and only “collars” her to his waist instead of putting her fully into a sheath.Possessions-Rivet-Earbuds to cancel out sound-A sachel which carries bare necessities and a cleaning kit for Rivet Ishi


    Name Ishi, Field-Name Hapaka (Characters in-game besides Liara and Riaril use his field-name)


    DDA: Current Condition

    Ishi's left shoulder is currently damaged, the carapace having melted from contact with fire-heated glass in an escape attempt from Casa Juturna, making rotation or movement with the limb impossible. He has multiple burn marks across his left arm as well, though not as severe as his shoulder. He also has a somewhat charred Kohlii stick strapped over his coat with a lanyard, stolen from a le-koro kohlii player (NPC) en-route to Ga-koro.

    Age AdultGender MaleSpecies Matoran of StoneAlignment NeutralCurrent Affiliation SelfKanohi Great Komau (mask of mind control), inactiveKnown Language(s) Matoran, Skakdi, Vortixx, a tad of avian rahiPrimary Hand Left

    DDA: Base ConditionAT FIRST glance, one is hypnotized by a flamboyant cinnabar coat. The aged garment covers Ishi from ankle to neck, and is split up to the crotch for ease of movement. The exterior is made from the fireproof skins of lava-eels, thousands of mottled scales shimmering in the playful sunlight. The lining is soft fabric the color of virgin coal. Black fur of the Hapaka trims the front, cuffs, and bottom hem. The garment closes at the chest with a metal clasp shaped like two fishhooks gripping a hammer. Ishi wears his coat with the angular collar turned up to match the stark lines of his komau.


    Of average height for matoran, though less stocky than his po-toran kin, Ishi wears a smirk as his constant expression. His head and shoulders are pulled back, as if reserved and unattached with the workings of the world, and yet, like a slender branch, Ishi bears himself with fluidity unbecoming of his physique, with a physical demeanor bordering on narcissism. His otherwise brown carapace is adorned with what appears to be a single thin orange stripe. Closer magnification reveals a host of incredibly minute matoran runes containing the Great Prophecy of the Toa Mata running from the back of his komau down the left side of his front to the outside toe of his left foot. Ishi's inactive Komau perfectly compliments his flashy, fast-paced lifestyle as an informant. His right eye reveals his heritage in the brilliant orange of the desert carvers, the left now a razor sharp aqua-marine. Ishi sways from side to side in a calculated saunter, sprints with his feet barely leaving the ground, arms pulled close to his side using his body to direct momentum or perform mid-air athletic stunts.


    Ishi has a pair of thigh-bags he coyly refers to as "finger-play" due to the immense number of individual pockets whose zippers, buttons, and ties keep his hands busy when bored, which is often. Over half the pockets are filled with some material or tool he has retrieved during his travels, from sundry bamboo flasks of le-wahi mud to the grisly and immoral inorganic components of a melted toa's eye. Strapped to the back of his finger-play is a pair of gloves Ishi uses for climbing, small hooks on the fingers and prickly palms holding fast to the slipperiest of surfaces. He also carries a bamboo flute stashed like a boot knife against the lateral side of his right leg with which he produces the most haunting of melodies.

    Personality and CharacterIshi is not adverse to stealing or lying, regularly employing both to collect information. Cynical and bordering on genius, he is viewed as egotistical, sneaky, and apathetic by colleagues. While thinking deeply he often stares at an object without blinking for hours. His body is a mode of transportation for the clever mind within. Truthfully a shy and socially-awkward matoran, Ishi plays the bamboo flute in times of emotional upheaval, letting the improvised melodies carry his feelings better than any words could. Ishi is more than just an information maven, he craves continuous input of knowledge. Collecting and selling information is more than just an occupation: knowing information counteracts his shyness, and ties into his innate ability to observe everything in the blink of an eye. Solving puzzles, riddles, or even crimes simply by accumulated knowledge forms the basis of his life and livelihood, and Ishi calls all of them "games" in equal measure. To him, the game of one genius against another is irresistible, and he constantly scours the island for secrets that might lead to a "game".

    Fighting StyleIshi verbally accosts or breaks deals with his opponents in order to come out alive. When faced with an impossible situation, Ishi will attempt to wriggle his way out of fate's grasp by playing off his deductions of an opponent's character. He carries no weapons or tools for combat, but within his pocket-infested thigh bags is always some powder, stimulant, or small item that can be quickly converted into an impromptu attack if need be (such as that flask of mud or a blow to the face with his climbing gloves). In unarmed combat, Ishi holds his own against other matoran by dodging their blows and jabbing precise points on their anatomy in order to cripple their motor functions for a short period of time.

    WeaknessesIshi's main weakness is boredom: he can't stand it. To avoid boredom, Ishi will do anything, even risk his own life in a mad gamble to feel excited and engaged. Another, more mild weakness, is motion sickness. He hates boats and other moving craft, as the rocking motion causes intense nausea for the matoran. Riding an ussal is frustratingly hazardous, and gukko birds are not much better. At one point he rode around in a basket carried by a colleague. The only real relief is an expensive and highly sought after paste of herbs Ishi chews during travel to settle his internal organics. ("No pay no paste, so get to work Hapaka.") The fall of the toa Mata shattered Ishi's trust in heroes, and his lack of faith in their power to protect often leads to a falling out with potential allies. Since Ishi is a matoran of stone, he cannot access his kanohi Komau nor use his elemental powers of stone.

    Special abilitiesUnlike the rabble of Mata-Nui, unlike the brave toa-heroes, unlike technical and cunning Vortixx, unlike the rash and violent Skakdi, and even unlike the wealthy members of the Cultured Gentry, Ishi sees and observes. Where others see only what is before their eyes, Ishi can take the information he experiences through all his senses and convert them into deductions of incredible accuracy. Although not perfect, he is rarely entirely wrong, and enjoys practicing this science and art to unravel the greatest mysteries his island home can produce.


    History and Game Plot

    For information on personal history and in-game plot, please click (here) (redirects to the BZPRPG wiki page for Ishi)


    RiarilName RiarilAge Mid-fourtiesGender FemaleSpecies Toa Of WaterAlignment Lawful GoodCurrent Affiliation NoneKanohi Mask of HealingKnown language MatoranPrimary hand RightDetailed Description of AppearanceA cigarette drooping, ash clinging for dear life from its stubby body, hangs from the mouth of her mask of healing. Standing 6'5", Riaril is an impressive sight in her white doctor's coat, the front buttoned up to her neck and slits made on the side up to her hips, exposing the holster of her silver colored sai. Her armor is a mata-blue with little dimples here and there from years of field service. Scratches cover her left thigh armor from a fall off a water fall. The most riveting part of her complextion is the mass of silver flesh covering where her left eye should be. A beautiful yellow orb glows in the right, taking up the mantle of its partner in sight. Her body is physically fit, toned with years of running to and fro while in team Kanohi Dragon. She always carries a lighter when outside of ta-koro and a package of po-koro cigarettes, enjoying the dry aroma that comes from the region's crop.PersonalityDry humor with a wisp of cigarette smoke, passive remarks which sting like hot oil, crude language referring to your injuries, this is Riaril. A witty conversationalist, Riaril does not suffer fools gladly, often bashing, thrashing, or mashing her objects of disdain with a sailor's tongue. She feels no remorse for her actions. "If they weren't given brains then karz, like I'm supposed to fix that?"Fighting StyleDue to her medical oaths and strict observance of the toa code, Riaril is solely a defensive combatant. She never attacks, but rather uses pins, her sai, and evasion to keep a foe at bay until the brute squad can relieve her. A common technique is to block a weapon with her sai, then slide inwards and throw the opponent over herself while applying a quick wrist lock to hold them on the ground.WeaknessesRiaril is a trauma medic specializing in healing wounded warriors and civilians in the heat of battle. Her downfall, however, is she has no training in actual combat besides evasion and disarming an opponent with her sai. Riaril will always run rather than fight, even if she has to leave the wounded. "If you die, it's just you. If I die, so does the army."Special AbilitiesHer medical training and intensive knowledge of anatomy allow her to quickly pin point and treat critical trauma with her mask of healing, while poisons and other chronic maladies can be removed using her elemental powers of water, the healing element. Riaril specializes in traumatic injuries such as wounds inflicted through battle, but she has a general grasp of psychology and the way the brain infleunces the symptoms of the body as well. Realizing she is not perfect, Riaril's true power is the ability to accept new information and assimilate it with what she already knows about healing and medicine.BeliefsMany times Riaril is asked about her patients, and she always responds with "that's secure information." A firm believer in personal privacy, Riaril seeks to make her patients feel safe, even when infected rahi or mad toa are attempting to assault them during treatment. She also believes alcohol is hideous and takes great lengths to remove it from her company, unless its the only antiseptic or numbing drug around.Tools and Equipment

    • [*]Sai: Riaril carries a silver colored sai in a holster on her right hip. This simple weapon has seen few minutes of active service, though Riaril keeps herself accustomed to using it for defense in the event a situation ever did occur.[*]A medical fold-out bag of doctor's tools including, but not limited to, a stethoscope, small hammer, several types of cutting utensils, etc. These are all stored in a black travel bag with buttons on the side reading "number 1 Doc," and "Make way for the dragon!"




    Deceased Characters


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  • Name: KakaruSpecies: Toa of ElectricityGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic NeutralDescription: Average height though unusually thin toa, dark green with silver and black accents. Wears heavy armor on his forearms, upper and lower torso, and lower legs. Bright orange eyes and heartlight. The right side of his mask is dented and mottled, and the left side has been crudely repaired with scrap metal. A leather satchel is slung over his left shoulder, his scabbard on the right.Powers/Equipment: Electricity, mask of repair, two-handed broadsword (2' by 1')Weaknesses: Earth/stone, kittens, any mind-based powersBiography and history: Kakaru is a cold-hearted, though not entirely selfish, mercenary-for-hire. Although his appearance would denote him as a former Le-Matoran, he washed up on the rocky coast of Onu-Wahi without a canister and has made his base of operations in a well-hidden niche of the Great Mine. Due to a nearly lethal encounter with a Vahki in his past, his mask (and the left side of his mind) have been damaged, making both highly unstable. Matoran who have hired him in the past descried him in varying degrees, from "well-meaning nutcase" to "murderous psychopath." He will do almost anything to get the job done if properly motivated, though he refrains from needless killing as much as possible.Other information: His mental condition is officially diagnosed as Multiple Personality Disorder with minor schizophrenia, though he aggressively denies this.Name: VersaumnisSpecies: Toa of StoneGender: FemaleAlignment: N.U.J.U. (Now Usurping Junior Underlings)Description: Bronze, black and yellow armour, heavy on the lower arms and thighs. Dull yellow eyes and heartlight. Significantly shorter than an average toa (4' 8") due to her two artificial legs. Wears a thick sleeveless trenchcoat with rough gold trim. Has nine throwing knives strapped to each thigh, the sheathes interwoven into an armoured mesh.Powers/Equipment: Wears a Matatau mask of telekinesis and a staff for her facade. One pair of brass knuckles and the aforementioned knives. Carries a black notebook, the contents therein growing with each battle.Weaknesses: Close range fighting, magnetism, balance, water.Biography and History: Versaumnis lived on Xian for years, protecting the weapons factories there in exchange for upgraded armour, equipment, and prosthesis. She traveled away from her own land after the rest of her toa team [aside from Kani Au Ina] decided to retire their Toa powers. She is a reasonably adept long-range fighter, using stone powers in addition to telekinesis to reach unparalleled levels of accuracy with her knives. She prefers to kill quickly when it's most convenient (or indeed, when there appears to be any threat of retaliation), a belief culled by the stoic, brutal conditions of battle for control of the Xian factories. She had adapted her fighting style to synchronize perfectly with Kani through years of training and battle. Despite their conflicting beliefs and personalities, they share a common goal to eliminate the corrupt wherever they may fall. She always clears her targets with Kani beforehand.Additional Information: Left-handed. Versaumnis speaks Skakdi in addition to Matoran, a trait picked up from years of travel with a good companion. As a defender and mercenary she was legendary among her clients and targets. Her method of suspending multiple pairs of knives in the air around her as an auto-defense mechanism earner her the nickname Steel Butterfly. She is short tempered, flippant, but always polite in her methods and respect for the dead.Name: LorSpecies: Toa of AirGender: MaleAlignment: Lawful neutralDescription: Lime green armour with mute pink highlights. A short and mentally disoriented Toa who walks a little bit sideways.Powers/Equipment: Wears a Kanohi Huna and is generally useless with even his air powers. Gets angry easily and can hold his own surprisingly well in a fight under the right circumstances. (Read: in an empty room with a dead fruit as an opponent) His mask is the only power he's adept with. Carries a short scythe.Weaknesses: Basically anything, though he's allergic to most fruit.Biography and History: None. He mysteriously suffers from amnesia like every other Toa on the island. And that's saying something, because most people tend to remember a fruity-coloured Toa like him. Don't call him fruity though. He will rage-turninvisible on you if you do that, and if he's lucky, he might actually punch you in the stomach and you might even feel it.Name: SirrausSpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Lawful goodDescription: A short, stocky matoran, pitch black with a yellow-speckled right arm, yellow eyes and heartlight. Wears fingerless leather gloves and a Kanohi Kakama.Powers/Equipment: None. Carries a lightstone and ussal wax in his satchel.Weaknesses: The standard stuff. He's not a fighter but is well built and could hold his own against another matoran or small rahi.Biography and History: Sirraus has been an archivist for as long as he can remember (and longer than that, to tell the truth) and helped carve the halls of the archives as they are today. When he's not cataloging new reports he spends his time reading through the tablets of years long gone. He leads a simple life and has never been outside the walls of Onu-Koro. He relies on others to bring him information and to convey information to others outside the village.Name: AchenoSpecies: Toa of plant lifeGender: MaleAlignment: Lawful neutralDescription: Acheno is a small, thin, steel-grey Toa with dull, pale red armour. He wears a Kanohi Pakari. His eyes are sunken and dark, a dirty yellow tinge in his otherwise grey eyes.Powers/Equipment: His powers are primarily plant life, though he believes that causing plants to grow faster than they normally would is unnatural and harmful to the island. His Pakari gives him tremendous strength when he chooses to use it.Weaknesses: Apathy and the fact that using his Pakari for even short periods of time leaves him sluggish and tired for days, a side effect of not working out due to his near-chronic doesn't-care-ed-ness.Biography and History: Acheno, unlike many of the Toa roaming the surface of Mata-Nui, has retained his memories of the great city Metru-Nui. He chooses to suppress them for the sake of living peacefully. He wanders the Charred Forests outside Ta-Koro remorsefully, but refuses to do anything about the destruction of a once-beautiful forest. He enjoys a good mystery, one of the few things that can spark him out of apathy.

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  • Note: RAKNAR GIVEN TO TYLER DURDEN.Name: RaknarGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAppearance: Seven and three-fourths feet tall; muscular; stone-brown armor (click for MOC)Powers: X-ray vision; stone (can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi)Weapon: BattleaxeHistory: Raknar was once captain of the infamous raiding ship Raknar's Fist. Upon attempting a midnight raid on Metru Nui, he was separated from his crew and forced to make for the docks. However, as he had little navigation experience and was being hotly pursued by Vahki, he was forced to make for the nearest gap in the Great Barrier -- which turned out to lead directly to Mata Nui.Weakness: Raknar tends to rely on brute strength rather than exemplary speed or cunning tactics; while he is a Skakdi, and thus this gamble more often than not pays off, this is still a glaring hole in his defense. In addition, Raknar can't swim.Name: NovaGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: Novas build is similar to the Toa Metrus. His armor is light blue with silver undertones. Behind his light blue Kanohi Kakama are golden-yellow eyes that dull and defocus when Nova is distracted and brighten when hes emotionally charged.Mask: Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of SpeedWeapon: Sword with long hiltPowers: FireBiography: Nova has always wanted to be unique; his light blue armor, highly unusual for a Ta-Matoran, was but the cornerstone of that goal. Through little more than luck, he found a Toa stone that transformed him into a Toa of Fire. In a fit of wistfulness, he began pushing himself to his limits with a strenuous training schedule that left him with legs like jelly every night. One day, he pushed himself to charge a nova blast, just to know what it felt like; but the immense power required proved too much for Nova, and, afraid he would burn the island of Mata Nui to the ground if he released the fire, he reabsorbed it into his body. The action left him weakened and trapped a large amount of power within his body that he cannot release at once, no matter how hard he tries; his body is stressed from storing such power, irking Nova to no end.Personality: Unlike most Toa of Fire, Nova is generally subdued. He often fears he is on the brink of insanity: Because of the power locked up inside his body, he is often under mental stress, suffering from numerous headaches and odd bouts of annoyance. Apart from his condition, however, Nova is sociable in a quiet way. He doesnt like being in the spotlight and thus can normally be found in the corner of a room. Hes determined to correct his mistake and continues to train hard. His dream is to become a legendary Toa warrior and take down Makuta; while such a goal is lofty, Nova will do anything (within the Toa Code) that will let him reach it.Weakness: Sometimes Nova cant help but try to release all his power in one go; in doing this he drains his actually-available power and can be greatly weakened because of this. His swordsmanship is only decent, so he generally makes up for it in usage of his Kakama and hand-to-hand fighting.Name: KynaeraGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful Evil (works for Makuta)Appearance: Somewhat on the short side for a Toa: only six feet, eleven inches. Healthy weight-to-height ratio: not skinny, not thick, but average. Sleek purple armor over flexible silver under-armor. Wears a wispy black cloak and a belt, upon which are mounted three throwing knife holsters and a carry-pouch. Keen green eyes behind a purple, more feminine variant of a Great Kanohi Matatu, complete with a much subtler, aesthetically pleasing telescopic lense. Decently attractive.Mask: Kanohi Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisWeapon: Three throwing knives on her belt; a staff with a blade on each end (the blades are retractable via a non-electronic switch).Power: GravityBiography: Soon after the Makuta took control of the island Mata Nui, Kynaera decided she would be of no use fighting him and so sought audience with him, devoting herself to servitude under his rule. However, she still refuses to kill all those except the most despicable monsters; indirect deaths she deems as out of her control, which does allow a loophole in her moral code.Personality: Cynical, thoughtful, logical. As a Toa, Kynaera was more interested in mental discipline than physical conditioning; she thus became skilled in eye-hand coordination, elemental and Kanohi techniques, meditation, and playing the eye of the storm in battle. Her focus tends to be on the subtle things -- facial expressions, small irregularities in scenes, emotions, the warning bell in the back of her mind. She often trusts her gut feeling, receiving mixed results. She has no trouble making eye contact with people and learned a long time ago to refrain from displaying emotions in her exterior inflections. Despite her general patience, misunderstandings, unneeded hesitations, and illogical thinking all easily catalyze her frustration. She has a fear of being vulnerable and compensates by exuding confidence. She prefers to work alone, but if she must work with others, she wants control so she can keep others from screwing up.Weakness: Kynaera's strength is only passable; she tends to compensate for her lack of grappling capacity with speed and acrobatics, though this can't help her if she's trapped at close quarters. When she's helpless, her fear can get the better of her.

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  • Name: SookusGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: NeutralDescription: A bulky green and gold Skakdi, the decorations on his spine little more than rough spikes. There are a lot missing. He is also devoid of a right hand, and has replaced it by tying a crude fishing hook in its place. All his armour is old and battered, but still serviceableMask: NAWeapon: Fists mostly. More dangerous than it sounds as he has that hookPowers: Air elemental power (can only be used with another Skakdi). Heat vision.Personality: Gruff and world weary. A cynic. On the plus side he has no real prejudices, and will work for anyone as long as they payBiography: Sookus tried to fit in, he really did. But it's hard when you're a Skakdi. The Matoran dislike you because you're strange and dangerous and the other Skakdi don't like you because they're strange and dangerous. Sookus keeps himself fed by being an armed escort, a venture that earned him more scars than widgets and lost him his hand. His barbaric appearance and scrawled writing (he was right-handed and is only just getting the hand of writing with his left) gave the Matoran the impression that he was somehow touched in the head, making him even more shunned and ostracised. Nevertheless the convoys he escorts have a tendency to make it to their destination instead of winding up in a Rahi's belly, giving him a reputation that overcomes his handicapsWeakness: Hot-headed and rashName: KnidiaGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa...sort ofAlignment: Resisting MakutaDescription: From the waist up Knidia looks like a Toa, armour of blue and dark green with a sleek Kakama. But from the waist down, not so much. Instead of legs she has a muscular tail, like a Tarakava. It is pattered the same as her upper half but has a white highlight spiralling down to the tipMask: Kakama, Great Mask of SpeedWeapon: A pair of bladed caestus (gauntlets made of strips of metal and wood with jagged knives running out over the wrist)Powers: Water elemental powersPersonality: Introspective and quiet generally. She's quite happy to just stare into the distance thinking. She doesn't much like arguments. She has always been somewhat isolated so is independantBiography: It's unknown exactly why Knidia has a tail instead of legs. The story she gives differs. Mostly she just claims she is a highly evolved Tarakava, though this is undoubtedly false as she can use both an element and Kanohi. To encourage this tale (pun not intended) she keeps her upper body strength well tuned, mimicking the punching power of the sea reptiles she claims descent from. As a result she neglects to practise with her elemental powers and they suffer a little as a result. She finds it harder than usual to draw upon her reserves of elemental energy and create water, preferring instead to manipulate the water in her surroundings. Her physical abnormality has meant that she has always been something of a pariah, with the Ga-matoran never really comfortable around her.Weakness: Difficulty in creating elementName: Clo'onSpecies: ToaGender: MaleDescription: As usual for a Po-Toa he is very well-muscled and is careful to keep those muscles toned. Most of his armour is a rich brown colour but he has tan highlights. He has the same foot additions as Pohatu, the Toa Clo'on most looked up toPowers: Stone element.Mask: Kanohi FaxonWeapons: A mattockAlignment: GoodBiography: Clo'on has a fairly open and inquisitive mind, which is why, upon his transformation into a Toa, he took a Great Faxon for himself and set out to explore the island, claiming that he was seeking knowledge on Rahi to make his mask more effective. And if he happened to learn about the other cultures then all well and good. He first visited Ko-Koro, as it was the closest, where he learnt the values of patience, silence and logic, then to Onu-Koro where he learnt from the miners how to maximise the force of his blows. He would love to visit Ga-Koro, with its vibrant colours and astronomers, but his travels have not taken him that way yetWeakness: Fairly slow movingName: Tiberiam AcclamedesSpecies: VortixxGender: FemaleDescription: Tall and stately, as befitting a female of her race. Her armour is all silver and gunmetal grey, symbolising her affinity with smithing. Her headpiece is short and rounded to keep out the way when she's working. However she has kept the high-heeled boots and other such armour indicating her status as a high-ranking female VortixxPowers: NoneWeapons: A zamor launcher with two varieties of sphere. One kind is dark green and contains an acid made from fermented Madu Cabolo juice. The others are white and made from concentrated Bula essence, good for regenerationAlignment: NeutralBiography: Tiberiam and her twelve acolytes settled down in the realm of Ta-Wahi, staying close to the lava fields despite the reek of rotten eggs. She has set up shop here, using the lava that bubbles to the surface to fuel her forges. But she had another purpose in choosing that locale. Her acolytes located specific geysers and sealed them off, re-routing the naphtha produced there to their settlement. With the strange volcanic concoctions being pumped to her workshops Tiberiam developed a flammable ooze she dubbed Xian Fire, a black pitch that burned bright and fierce and could not be quenched by water. She is perfectly willing to sell this to customers for use in zamor spheres, but has not yet found a way to mount the Fire on weapons.Tiberiam herself is a shrewd and cunning business-woman. She hires some mercenaries to keep her workshops and sources of naphtha safe, and is eager to strike a deal with Ta-Koro for exclusivity. Perhaps once she dominates to sale of weapons there she will dominate everything else...Weakness: Lack of training in close-quarter combatName: LepidranSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MaleWeapons: A net, its handle of fire-hardened wood, its weave of metallic meshAlignment: GoodPersonality and history: After hearing the rumours that the Turaga of Ko-Koro speak the speech of birds, Lepidran decided to undertake a similar path of learning. But what use was bird-speak? The Le-matoran could already converse with their gukko steeds through the music of flutes. So Lepidran took a different path. he would lear the speech of insects! From the smallest lightning bug to the deadliest Nui-Kopen. He bounded about Le-Wahi, Ta-Wahi, Ga-Wahi, learning the peculiarities of every swarm, the pitches of every hum and buzz. And after years of patient research and dedicated study, Lepidran made his greatest discovery!Insects have absolutely nothing to say.He hadn't quite considered that they wouldn't be as educated as birds. The 'speech' of insects was boring and predictable. Lepidran was quite disappointed. He vowed from then on to make up for the years he'd wasted, striving to help his fellow Matoran rather than boost his own prestige. If nothing else his 'buzz-speak' allows him to spot potential dangers like Fikou nests, or find edible materialAppearance: A lanky Matoran, all stringy and lean, his colours an eye-pleasing blend of turquoise and pale green. His mask is the shape of an Akaku, and he can use the lenses even if it has no x-ray powersWeakness(es): Not cut out for much except jumping about treesName: ClorribelGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: A shapely Toa of teal armour with blue-green highlights. She found the shape of her mask ugly so had it reforged into the style of a Pakari, its sleek curves fitting in with her own.Mask: Kanohi Sanok, Mask of AccuracyWeapon: No weapon, as such, but carries a lute which can hit with a hefty swing and tends to manifest a bow if needs bePowers: The GreenPersonality: Presents herself as loud, bombastic, larger than life. Lives every second like it might be her last. She has to have such a forceful persona to control (or overwhelm if you prefer) the other conflicting personalities of the Players. Its possible this is just a mask she puts on to keep control of the Players, but then again maybe she really is that extrovertedBiography: The string musician of the Players but also its ringmaster, if such a term could be applied. As a Toa she was never comfortable with the role of protector and guardian that she felt had been forced upon her. She resented it for making her beholden to the Matoran and their endless requests and pleas. She disappeared quietly from her Le-Koro home one night to ply what she considered her real trade: musician. Her ability to control wood and vines means she can create any stringed instrument she can imagine and play it simply with her mind. As she travelled she began to pick up the other members and the Players were formed. They travel across Mata Nui plying their various skills for coin, food or board. And their trade is not always what it appears. If song and trickery do not earn them enough, then they can turn to matters more sinister…Weakness: Little close combat training, preferred to spend her time teaching herself music. Just tends to flail wildly and hope she hits something if she's forced into meleeName: HamorGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: A thin looking fellow covered with knotty muscles achieved through a life-time of climbing, walking and running. He has the usual leaf-green coloured armour but contrasts it with highlights of charcoal greyMask: Kanohi Mahiki, Great Mask of IllusionWeapon: NonePowers: Air elemental powersPersonality: A japester and prankster, what some might call 'a bit of a character' and others might call "an annoying git'. Both his mind and body are always in motion in one way or another, be it perching on a branch (he abhors chairs) or thinking up a new way to irritate his favourite target, Veydrokk.Biography: Hamor was the first Player Clorribel recruited. Originally a simple Toa living on the outskirts of Le-Koro he tended Gukko and acted as an early warning should any Nui-Rama approach. It was here he first gained his skills at the flute, and also his sense of curiosity. As far from the Koro as he was even a glimpse of the mighty tree-village was awe-inspiring. So when an enigmatic Toa of the Green turned up in the village begging for coin in exchange for her music she represented a chance for Hamor to go live a greater and more fulfilling life. He became a flautist, and often teams with Clorribel to perform.Weaknesses: Rarely thinks ahead for the consequences of his actionsName: VeydrokkGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: Freakishly big and brawny, even for a Skakdi. He towers over Toa and to Matoran he's a walking eclipse in brown and black armour with twisted spines like thorns spiralling off itMask: NAWeapon: Carries a barbell, which can be adjusted into a warhammerPowers: Impact VisionPersonality: Brutish and blunt, Veydrokk only communicates through grunts and gestures. Its assumed by the other players that he doesn't actually know how to speak. Do not mistake this for stupid though, Veydrokk is merely uneducated.Biography: Veydrokk was a sideshow freak in a distant settlement on the foothills of Mount Ihu. He was kept chained up by other Skakdi who would invite people to pay to come poke him or just see his rage when angry. Then two Toa arrived at the settlement and took pity on poor Veydrokk. They bought him fairly from his masters…then turned him loose upon them, taking back what they'd paid and more, including a caravan to ride in. They kept Veydrokk around, a strongman for their ever-growing act. Since travelling with Clorribel and Hamor veydrokk has discovered a hunger for reading and spends most of his cut on booksWeaknesses: No forward planning, just charges into thingsName: SikaamaGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: Short for a Vortixx, little more than a To a in height. He has the usual black coloration for his kind but has replaced the more traditional silver with a much simpler white. He has no elaborate frills or crests as they'd get in the way of his movementMask: NAWeapon: A knife concealed within the armour of each limbPowers: Double-jointed, skill with locksPersonality: A Vortixx of few words, preferring to use actions. They speak a thousand words after all. In this way he gets along quite well with Veydrokk, who also speaks little. He is arguably the most honourable of the Players, disliking lies and deceitBiography: As a male Vortixx, he was always in the lower caste, but his lack of skill in making anything meant he was the lowest of the low. So rather than be a cleaner of coal scuttles he took to applying his unique gift of dexterity to thievery. Agile and fast, he could sneak and crawl almost anywhere he wished, stealing trinkets from the rich and fencing them on the black-market. Then he made the mistake of trying to steal from the Players when they arrived through the Onu-Koro Highway. Those who own little guard it well, and Sikaama was caught. Rather than turn him over to the Guard or dispose of him themselves they offered to let him join, and the Players gained an acrobat.Weaknesses: Stunted growth means he's not physically very strongName: RumeGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: Grey and black coloured armour that she covers with robes of crimson and gold partly for effect partly because grey and black are a bit drabMask: Kanohi Iden, Mask of SpiritWeapon: Sorcerer's staff which has no actual magic but works perfectly well for whacking someone over the headPowers: Sonics, skills at sleight of handPersonality: A happy-go-lucky optimist, always looking on the bright side. But when she's performing she takes on a much more ethereal and enigmatic persona. After all, she's a master of trickery and deception. She can wear whatever face she wants…Biography: A rookie Toa from a little settlement in the Tren Krom Break, a tiny lava farming village. At least until the incident. The incident that she will never speak of. After it the village didn't exist anymore, so it must have been a fairly big incident. After that she was forced to move to Ta-Koro, followed closely by a literal ghost from her past. Homeless, friendless, out of food and money and bothered by a spirit that would not rest she became entranced by the first glimpse of wonder she saw; the Six Koro Players. While they stayed in Ta-Koro she built on her skills of illusion until eventually presenting herself as a potential recruit. As the Players had nothing close to a magician, she was accepted.Weaknesses: Unskilled at using any talents other than her sleight of handName: FordrickGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral/The Six Koro PlayersDescription: Actually a disembodied spirit, so is pale white and rather translucent to those who can actually see him. He appears to be wearing a CalixMask: NAWeapon: NAPowers: Fire (when in a host)Personality: Fordrick is a nasty piece of work. He was never a physical bully, which is unfortunate as his incorporeal form would have put a stop to that. No, he's a psychological manipulator, worming his way into your heart and mind. Rume is convinced he is a congenial, if annoying, old Toa and is devoted to him.Biography: Fordrick was the ruler of the same farming town Rume comes from. Oh he wasn't the mayor, or the general or the sheriff. He was just friendly old Fordrick, always ready to listen. But kindly old Fordrick never forgot what he listened to. You tell him a secret and he will remember it. And he will use it like a fishing hook, something to sink into you and reel you in. He controlled the village like a spider controls his web. The the incident happens and he was left trapped in a ghost form. Since then he has followed Rume, "his little apprentice", who is the only one able to see him for whatever reason. Occasionally he get her to switch bodies just so he can feel what its like to be alive againWeaknesses: He's a ghost who most can't see or hear

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  • Name: BharadimirSpecies: Toa of GravityMask: Kanohi MahikiGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodPowers: Heightened senses and above average speed and agilityWeaknesses: Extremely stubborn, severely weakened when exposed to sunlight (his powers are removed and his mask loses most of it's power). Unable to kill himself or willingly let himself die (this is not to say he is in any way immortal but it is merely to prevent him from taking the easy route away from his pain).Appearance: A tall and slender Toa with a mainly Black body. He has a series of markings all over his body in a deep purple colour. The cloak that he often wears conceals his body almost entirely leaving only his mask in view over his dark red eyes.Equipment: Two long and slender, but sturdy daggers. Two belts of throwing knives (each containing 10 knives). A head to foot cloak which reduces the effects of the sun on Bharadimir but limits his movement.History: Several years ago Bharadimir led a fierce team of Toa known for their strength and bravery. Bharadimir was a reckless leader however and constantly put the team into dangerous situations. Whilst confronting a Makuta they were all, bar Bharadimir, slaughtered due to Bharadimir being unable to make a decision. Instead of killing him the Makuta decided to let Bharadimir suffer by cursing him. He gave Bharadimir his heightened senses and above average speed and agility but caused it so that during the day he would become severely weakened. The Makuta also left Bharadimir with the memories of his fallen comrades so that he would be eternally haunted by them and reminded of what he did. Also Bharadimir is unable to kill himself or allow himself to be killed so that he must live with his pain forever unless he is killed by another.

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  • Name: Syzzero (See-'zair-roh)Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of StoneAlignment: Resisting MakutaAppearance: http://i231.photobuc...CS/SAM_0444.jpg Mask: Konohi PakariWeapons: The Tallik LancePowers: Controls Stone, Enhanced StrengthTraits: Possibly tallest Toa on the island; Skilled blacksmith, was trained by a Toa of Iron;Weakness: Slow movements due to his large size. If you get past his volleys of stone and his lance, he won't do well in close-range combat.Personality/Biography: Syzzero, even when a Matoran, would always go out of his way to help others. That fact got the eye of a female Toa of Iron, Tallik. She took him into her home and taught him how to craft weapons and armor. They lead a peaceful life. Makuta ruined that life. Tallik lost her life to a Rahkshi attack while Syzzero was out collecting materials. While his master took her last breaths, he gained incredible power. He was struck by a red flash of lightning, turning him into a Toa. He returned to his home to share this miracle with Tallik, but her heart stone had gone out long before he arrived. Weeping over his loss he vowed to protect as many lives as he could so no one else would have to feel the pain he did. He went to the forge to make suitable weapons and armor, but he found Tallik's last creation: a lance suitable for the most noble of Toa. he uses this same lance whenever he goes into battle, believing that Tallik's spirit is with him as long as he carries her masterpiece weapon. He likes using his strength in conjunction with his elemental powers. He will usually use stones as projectiles, first moving them into position with his elemental power, then sending them soaring with Pakari-enhanced punches, and his lance to keep enemies at a distance. He now lives in a cave just outside of Po-Koro. From there he runs a forge where can make weapons and armor for anyone willing to pay. When not crafting weapons for customers, out collecting materials, or protecting Matoran from the forces of evil, he is working on his personal projects. He keeps in his workshop sets of armor he originally forged for the Toa Mata as a gift, before they disappeared. He know keeps them in hopes he can give them to other heroes one day.He acted as a mentor to Yakuzan and Fehdran when they first became Toa. Along with them, he had many other students. They were all slaughtered by Jindambo. Name: Yakuzan ('Yah-koo-zahn)Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of SonicsAlignment: NeutralAppearance: http://i231.photobuc...CS/SAM_0454.jpg Mask: Konohi Enkar, Mask of Chronicles; Looks like a cross betweena Kraahkan and a HauWeapons: The KigatarPowers: Controls Sound, Can access any information stored in his maskTraits: Enjoys music; Excellent hearingWeaknessess: Inexperienced Toa; Lacking in physical strengthPersonality/Biography: Yakuzan has always had a peaceful existance. Even in these times of turmoil, Yakuzan still finds the time to play music on his Kigatar. "Kigatar" is a Matoran word for "Six strings of Doom." His Kigatar isn't just a musical instrument, but a tool that can help him enhance his powers over sound. He brings it with him as he travels from koro to koro, hoping to raise the spirits of the Matoran with his music. His mask, the Kanohi Enkar, can store information depending on the intellect of the wearer. The average Toa can store about 500 pages worth of information The users can use it as a kind of "mental library", taking any information stored within. The mask cannot do this instantly, and the user becomes paralyzed and immobile while using it. If the mask is removed from the wearer, all stored information is lost. Yakuzan usually uses it to store and learn new music. He uses hs Kigatar to send out waves of sound to attack his enemies. He rarely fights so he is out of practice and has poor aim, so he is poor in long-range fighting. The sides of it are bladed for when opponents get within close range, but he isn't very good fighting close range either. He travels in a cart pulled by two Ussal Crabs named Fijet and Futts. When not traveling he stays at his home in Onu-Koro. He is known by villagers in all koros, due to his regular visits. He was a student to Syzzero. His other students, except for Fehdran, were all killed by Jindambo. Name: Fehdran (Fay-'drawn)Gender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of WaterAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://i231.photobuc...CS/SAM_0438.jpg Mask: Konohi Calix in the shape of a FaxonWeapons: Long ScepterPowers: Controls water, Can perform nearly impossible physical featsTraits: Can be self-centered; Claims to be as fast as a Toa can be without a KakamaWeaknessess: She is only good in close range combat and can lose her temper and rush in without thinking.Personality/Biography: She always looked up to Toa Gali and dreamed of being like her. Then she vanished. Fehdran hopes to one day find her heroine and bring her back to Ga-Koro. She knows she'd have to defeat Makuta to do that. She also know's she can't do it alone. She's currently going around Mata-Nui searching for Toa to join her and become a new Toa team. She always stops at inns and bars to listen for rumors of strong Toa. She can become full of herself at times. She will boast about her speed, telling her opponents that they'll have no chance of keeping up, whether it's true or not. It, along with her Calix, make it hard to hit her. She tends to use a "hit and run" tactic. She was a pupil to Syzzero until they were attacked by Jindambo. Name: PragmaGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://i231.photobuc...CS/SAM_0432.jpg Now just imagine a Hau Nuva on him.Mask: A Hau that looks like a Hau NuvaWeapons: Clawed gauntletsPowers: Creation of energy shields and control of fireTraits: Intellegent; Finds reading people easy; Tough when he needs to beWeaknessess: Is short and weaker than other Toa and is lightly armored but is smarter than most.Personality/Biography: Pragma is the owner of the "Lavapool Inn". It serves as a place for travelers to rest and check up on rumors. The bottom floor is a lounge with open bar. He's usually working as the bartender.The top floors are all bedrooms for anyone paying to stay the night. Name: Jindambo (Jin-'dawm-boe)Gender: maleSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment: Evil, but not on Makuta's sideAppearance: Red, white, and black armor. Rahkshi-esque mask. Wear's a large-brimmed, white hat (like Kung Lao's but less deadly) Right arm coated in zilvodermis, a substance very similiar to protodermis. Mask: Kanohi Rumbar; Mask of armamentWeapons: His mask let's him convert the zilvodermis, which is silver in color, into any weapon he can clearly imagine.Powers: Control of fire, crafting of weapons through will.Traits: Is silent, and ruthless. He always seems unconcerned and lacking emotion, even if he is worried.Weaknessess: Even though he can make any weapon, he never mastered any specific one. When it comes to weapon use, he is a jack of all trades, but master of none.Personality/Biography: Jindambo ate a Kraata in order to gain the power to weild one of the Chaos Kanohi. There are currently 7 in existence. They all have features similiar to the face of a Rahkshi. The mark of one that has eaten a Kraata is eyes that seem to be constantly shifting from their original color, to silver, and back again. When using his mask he must concentrate because to form a weapon, he needs a clear mental image in his mind. If his concetration is broken while making a weapon, the silver substance disperses temporarily, making it impossible to make any weapons for a time. All weapons made with this mask give off a faint glow, removing Jindambo's chances of sneaking up on enemies. When he is not using his mask, the weapons return to the silver coating on his arm. Name: Cyntek ('Sin-teck)Gender: femaleSpecies: Toa of EarthAlignment: Evil, working for JindamboAppearance: Orange and black armor. She is lightly armored and very beautiful when not transformed. Like Jindambo, she has a rahkshi-esque mask.Mask: Kanohi Loupyn; Mask of LycanthropyWeapons: She uses the traits given to her by her maskPowers: Control of earth, taking on a wolf-like form.Traits: Hides her evil intentions with a vail of giddyness and innocence. When not using her mask, she is quite beautiful and that has made her a bit of a narcissist.Weaknessess: When using her mask, her intellect is lowered considerably, causing her to act more on instinct. When her mask isn't active, she is virtually useless in a fight. If she stays transformed for too long, she will not be able to change back through will. Once that point is reached, she can only be changed if the mask is removed or she is incapacitated.Personality/Biography: She is Jindambo's first disciple. She joined him because she felt like the island of Mata-Nui needed new management, that role being taken on by Jindambo and her as his queen. She can use her mask to fully transform into a wolf-like rahi or a humanoid-wolf form. Like all other Chaos Kanohi wielders, she has eaten a Kraata and her eyes constantly shift from their original color, hers being purple, to silver and back again. Name: AliaGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of AirMask: Powerless Noble Mask of LevitationAppearance: Primarily lime green with gold accents. She wears a white scarf over her shoulder that falls down half-way down her back.Weapon: CrossbowPowers: Telepathic link with Shotaro, manipulation of air when fused with ShotaroHistory/personality: Alia spends her time in an abandoned part of the Onu-Koro archives. It's an expansive library filled with books on numerous topics. She just reads all day everyday. She sends information she learns to Shotaro through the telepathic link that was made between them. She met Shotaro when he saved her from slavery. She was kidnapped when she was young and forced to work for a pirate crew. Luckily he found her and freed her. He had only intended to steal from them, but he gained a partner instead. Neither of them understand what did it, but when they first made physical contact with each other the link was formed. They now can speak to each with their minds and they feel what the other's feeling. They no longer are able to use their Toa powers seperately. When they have to fight, her spirit leaves her body and enters Shotaro's, leaving her body unconcious wherever it maybe. When fused that can use their powers. They currently are searching for a way to understand and to fix this. When this is done Alia plans to leave the island and find her family. Name: ShotaroGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of EarthMask: Mask of Fate in the shape of a Noble mask of X-ray Vision.Appearance: Primarily black with purple accents. At all times he wears a black fedora with a purple band across it's girth.Powers: No elemental powers, able to use mask when fused with Alia.Weapon: A bo staff.History/personality: He spent most of his life as a thief, but that was changed when he met Alia. Since they got their link, their personalities have been bleeding into each other. Shotaro has gained Alia's honesty while she gained a small bit of his sense of adventure, yet not enough to get her to leave The Library often. When the two of them fuse, both of their spirits inhabit Shotaro's body, and his color scheme on the right side of his body changes to Alia's. His mask also is evenly colored; left side black, right side green. When they speak when fused, both of their voices are heard in unison. Her scarf and crossbow appear on his person and he gains her proficiency with the weapon.

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  • Name: Father NavayakGender: MaleAlignment: Crazy EvilAge: 750Species: SkakdiAppearance: The father would be tall, standing at Vortixx eye level (excluding his spines) if it weren't for his tendency to favor his left leg when standing still. He was once solid gunmetal grey, with two rows of spines curving backwards and down like sickles, but now his armour has become dirtied by years of walking and killing. He wears a simple black robe over his armour and a pendant around his neck with a "Unity Duty Destiny" symbol on it. He wears simple leather boots over his three-clawed feet and bears a variety of medicinal herbs in pouches on his belt. His hands and fingers are roughly half again as long as normal, and are tipped in blackened talons.Weaponry: A cat'o'nine tails, a ritualistic knife, and a woodsman's axe.Powers: Heat vision, crystal elemental abilitiesOther skills: Navayak is an accomplished medicine man, equally capable of healing and poisoning. His skills do tend to lean towards mending the flesh as opposed to destroying it when it comes to his concoctions.Personality: Navayak is constantly calm, incapable of being fazed by most things. He is somewhat schizophrenic, often having "conversations" with those he has killed. He is polite to those he meets with, regardless of alliance. The Father doesn't quite understand the concept that some of his actions are "wrong", viewing them as acceptable due to his heavily twisted mindset. He also tends to offer opponents medical services after combat, as he is rarely an aggressor. Navayak tends to lose his calm persona when in combat, and will gleefully engage in no-holds barred brawling with anyone who picks a fight with him.Background: Navayak, like all skakdi, hails from Zakaz. He was a priest for an unpopular religion before he was exiled by the local warlord. From Zakaz, Navayak took a rowboat out on the ocean, eventually drifting to Mata Nui and losing his mind in the process. Of course, due to his madness, he not only has forgotten this fact, but also believes he was born on Mata Nui.Weaknesses: Navayak is incapable of cooperating with other skakdi for the most part, making his elemental abilites useless. He also can't fight anywhere beyond relatively close range, making him an easy target for ranged specialists. Thirdly, Navayak's tendency to assist his foes after combat rarely serves to help him. Finally, Navayak refuses to fight anyone while he's paying his respects to the dead, making him an easy target. Name: KaivaGender: FemaleAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAppearance: Only Picture Kaiva stands at standard toa height, roughly six feet tall. Her punching blade is literally bolted onto the side of her inner knuckle, and the daggers on her feet are likewise bolted onto her feet. The exposed "ribcage" on her chest is just decoration, welded onto her armour.Mask: Kanohi Kakama, the mask of SpeedElement: ElectricityOther Abilities: Enhanced agility and strength due to years of scraping out a living as a streetfighter, beating the living karzahni out of anyone dumb, slow, or unlucky enough to get in her way. She is a proficient swordfighter and kickboxer, and is skilled in using the environment to her advantage. She also completely lacks the ability to feel pain, enabling her to keep fighting longer than one would expect.Weapons: Two knives bolted to her feet, a spiked punching and parrying blade bolted to her left hand, and a large broadswordPersonality: If Kaiva were to be reduced to one basic facet of her personality, it would be pure, unbridled rage. Every minute spent not beating someone to or beyond the brink of death is a minute spent planning how to murder everyone around her, or how to improve her weapons. When it comes to combat, Kaiva adopts a "the more the merrier" approach, taking on as many foes as she can. Kaiva is not above acting helpful and polite if she thinks she can lure some victim into her clutches where she can turn them into a fine red paste. She does have a tiny soft spot for vortixx, due to favorable experiences with them in the past. Deep down, though, Kaiva just wants someone to talk to her.Backstory: A matoran orphaned almost instantly in the vile cold of Ko-koro, Kaiva stuck around only as long as it took to learn the basics of life, and then she struck out on her own to make her way. She was originally optimistic about her chances, but she was quickly disillusioned with life when every caravan she joined up with got slaughtered in combat. Cynical and jaded, she retreated to a cave system in her homeland of Ko-Wahi, punching and fighting every rahi she found so that she would never be weak again. Eventually this drive to prevent other people dying became an obvious bloodlust, transforming the once sweet young girl into a trigger-happy psychopath. She became what she currently is when she stole a toa stone from the body of her first matoran killed. Oddly, the transformation into a toa only made her that much angrier at fate, and she will often scream at nothing that she should have had this power before, so that none of her caravans would have died. Deep down, though, all Kaiva wants is someone to talk to.Weaknesses: Being a toa of Electricity, Kaiva is particularly weak against water-using foes, as they can cause her to easily short-circuit when using her powers. She has a hairpin trigger, and will often attack without thinking, making her easily tricked into pointless fighting. Because of how her knives and blade are attatched to her, enemies can use them as easy grip points and render her limbs useless if strong enough. Being unable to feel pain, Kaiva will fight too long and too hard, only stopping when she collapses or is pulled off the battlefield by force. Her cape provides a flammable target and another point to grab ahold of in combat. She is also cocky and arrogant, and will therefore often underestimate her foes.Other Information: Kaiva is a chain smoker, rarely without a cigarette of some kind burning in her possession.

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  • Name: PrimusSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MaleDescription: Primus is primarily white, with his hands and chest being the only dark green part of his body. The Kakama he wears is white. Weapons: A sword worn on his back that he received from a blacksmith in Po-koro after having saved the Matoran from a muaka. It is a thin double-edged blade that was custom made for Primus and has been balanced for him. While he has no training, the sword is an extension of his arm and its ease of use makes it valuable for more than just combat.Alignment: NeutralBiography: Primus wanders Mata-nui, a drifter without a purpose or a calling. He will soon find his destiny waits before him.Weakness: He has no combat training, and is not physically very strong. Name: Rorispen Species: Toa of FireGender: MaleDescription: Rorispen is a solid dark red metru-build toa.Weapons: NoneAlignment: GoodBiography: He has a past, he's sure, but he doesn't know it. He has vague memories of a village being swallowed by fire raining from the sky, and even vaguer memories of the same village when he was a matoran. His name is an anagram of prisoner, and the only name he remembers. He believes he named himself this to avoid revealing his identity. He has no recollections of what his true name might be. His earliest conscious memory is one of waking up wrapped in a silken shroud in a cave outside Po-koro. The silk shroud had a mark that resembles infinity, but stitched in flames. Weakness: No recollection of his past. He is very antisocial and inverted. He lacks any kind of weapon or armor, but seems to remember this being a conscious decision. His elemental control is limited, and he can do very little. Because of this, he is forced to, more often than not, simply avoid or retreat from battles or fights.

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  • -The Exile-(Gift of Fire and Iron) Name: Sulov Species: Onu-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Sulov is a hunched toa, but drawn to his full height he is a veritable titan-both tall and toned with broad shoulders. In place of a left forearm, a hefty shovel blade sits. The ex-commander wears a segmented set of dark plate armor granting coverage to nearly all of his body. He wears a shimmering gray scarf around his mouth and neck. His overall appearance is handsome in a simply aesthetic and practical way, if lacking in conventional and more attractive beauty.Kanohi/Face: Like his plate armor, his Kimi is military-grade and curved for maximum protection against blows. It provides an excellent field of vision. Its jaw is moderately square and robust. Its two most prominent and defining features, however, are conflicting. Sulov has extremely defined cheekbones that can give his face a hollow or menacing look, while wide and dark hazel eyes can appear 'cute' or childlike in spite of the intelligence lurking in them. Both the aforementioned traits are commonly found in Onu-Matoran and have only been magnified by his toa form.

    Picture (with other Maru and without scarf)Voice: A bass so deep and resonant it is best described as 'abyssal'; in conjunction with an immense weight to his words, his speech recalls the sensation of slowly sinking into a marine trench.Demeanor: Stoic to the point that his lips are nearly perpetually set in a hard line. He has a quiet air of dual experience and authority. In conjunction with a stature that naturally hulks over toa and a blankly calculating kanohi, he can easily appear intimidating.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Sulov has control over the element of Earth at a powerful toa's level. He also can utilize the Kanohi Kimi.



    Kanohi Kimi, the Mask of Seeking

    The Kahoni Kimi allows the user to track people or objects. These people or objects must have been pre-marked by the user ahead of time through direct physical contact, but once that contact has been established, the user can thereafter know exactly where the object or being they seek is. This location is summoned voluntarily by the user of the mask; they have only to think of what they want to find, and they will know where it is. A caveat of this mask is that it can only hold a limited number of items in its "database", and that objects marked longer ago will be forgotten faster, and become harder to locate as they age.


    Abilities:As an Onu-Matoran, Sulov has great strength and night vision. These traits are only enhanced by his natural physique and the strenous hunters' work he occupies himself in such a way that he can function nocturnally with ease and has a physicality nearly peak for his race. Koskium has had several years of experience with all his weapons and has much talent with each. As such, he can hold his own with them better than most.The squadron leader is good at fortifying. He can entrench positions very well with his saperka. However, Sulov is only decent in trapping capability.The Onu-Matoran knows and practices a grappling style invented in the Ussalry. It focuses primarily on usage of the torso for joint locks, the occasional strike, and throws.He has been riding the ussal much of his life. Therefore, he is very skilled at partnering with them.Sulov is a greatly skilled tactician. He has acquired much skill in short-term military thought.The exile's nature is best suited for brewing. He can also gather ingredients, prepare them, and make meals with skill.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Prosthetic-Sulov's toa tool is an elongated spade blade on his left elbow that has been reinforced for combat. It is also detachable and can be used to channel his element of Earth. Fighting Style: Sulov is an expert opportunist and user of all his arsenal.Weaknesses:Sulov's left arm, unlike his right, can only ever hold the one blade it is comprised of. Its weapon is therefore static. He also experiences difficulties with efficiency when using his elemental power.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: -Adaptable scarf; changes its composition and structure in order to guard against physical and environmental extremes [looted from vortixx; approved by Nuju Metru]Home: NoneAffiliation: Mata NuiAlignment:Lawful GoodBio: -Other: N/ATheme Music: N/A -The Cloak-


    "...Exactly as planned."Name: Zmija Lys'FagasSpecies: Fe-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Zmija is always wearing something over her armor. She has currently taken to wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants in particular. On her hands are a pair of fine muaka-hide gloves of black; on her feet are two equally shaded sneakers. The only bit of Zmija thus visible is her kanohi: A gray Mask of Possibilities with two hazel eyes (the left lensed). Zmija is quite pretty, if not an immediate knockout. Strapped to her back by means of bandages is an object as tall and wide as her embalmed in such fabric as well.Voice: A shy and quiet mezzo-soprano.Dominant Hand: RightAbilities: Zmija is an excellent mechanic. It is unknown what other abilities she has if any.Powers: Lys'Fagas has the element of Iron at a toa level-she can control, absorb, and manipulate it. Her skill with this is unknown.Zmija's mask is of Great Biomechanics. This gives her a physical boost as her mechanics are bolstered in efficiency and allows her to slow others' mechanics without their consent while controlling normal machinery and that of allies.Equipment: Zmija's bandage-wrapped object is a mechanical toa. It remains to be seen how this can be used.Weakness: Lys'Fagas's prettiness often draws her undue and fleeting attention-something that can be used against her.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: -Hoodie-Gloves-Bandages-SneakersHome: The InfernavikaAffiliation: HerselfAlignment: True NeutralPersonality: Zmija is quite shy and rarely ventures from her clothes. She is wont to flirt with men who catch her fancy, however, by displaying this shyness extravagantly-leading some to suspect that she is merely manipulating those very men for her own pleasure. She also appears to have a fascination with machinery of any kind.Bio: From Zmija's name and appearance, it can be deduced that she came from Ta-Koro and lived fairly well-off before she was captured and served as a slave for a week. The present is a bit more defined: She was bought by Doomslayer, freed, and has now come to work on the Infernavika. -The Captain- ()

    "A lord must walk among his people in all things; he must be them more than they are, or else how is he to be Hero?"Name: HauSpecies: Toa of ElectricityGender: MaleAppearance: Hau's build is lean and a bit on the tall side, with a narrow waist and slight legs leading up to a built torso. His kanohi is a black Miru with slightly feminine structure and sharp cheekbones. Over his golden eyes, he almost perpetually wears a set of gray ray-bans. His typical armor is a set of dark bandages around his neck in a long scarf and another set tied around his legs for armor. This displays a series of tattoos across his bare skin: an ouroboros in the shape of mathematical of infinity with head and tail meeting on the back of his neck and ovals of coil running across his front and back, the Three Virtues in one oval, and the Six Principles in the other. Hau otherwise wraps the bandages around his entire body for practical and light armor with camouflage. A hook (looking a bit like a less backward-facing and elongated version of one end of these) is attached to a bandage and brooch of his scarf when in casual dress, hidden in the fabric of his left arm when fully bandaged.Voice: A suave and passionate baritone.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousPowers: Hau's mask is, in actuality, the Great Kakama, allowing him to move at super-toa high speeds. His element is Electricity at a toa level, which he can use to generate lightning, sparks, etc., as well as absorb electricity.Abilities: He has trained for all his life in one style of martial art with some auxilary training in a few others, and thus, is a fine physical specimen whom can fight unarmed. The primary attacks used in said arts are the half-knuckle (real-world "leopard") fist, one-knuckle fist (real-world "phoenix eye"), the regular fist, palm heels, raking and "claw" fingers, knees, headbutts, and several kinds of non-shin kicks. The styles use very little blocking, however-much prevention of attacks from being successfully carried out is done by deflection (typically with the forearms) or dodging and parrying, and all doubling as an offensive attack.Hau can use his chain and hook in conjunction with them to trip, ensnare, disarm, etc. As well, he knows how to combine his element and mask to supplement both.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Bandage and hook-Hau uses this weapon to drag his enemies closer, entangle their weapons or entrap them, and even knock things out of their grasp. The hook is protosteel and the bandage possesses a weave of protosteel for conductivity and strength, and each are finely crafted and well-balanced. Thanks to it being secured to his wrist, it never leavesFighting Style: Hau is one of the more calculating fighters one will come across, and its easy to see why. He switches from long-ranged attacks with his hook and chain to close-range beatdown tactics in the space of roughly one or two milliseconds. Although he usually attempts to first disarm his opponents with his hook before rushing in and hitting them into submission, he occasionally will dash in when his hook fails in taking away his enemys weapons. Hau sometimes uses the hook to drag in his foes as well, so that they cannot escape his blows. He occasionally electrifies his hook at the last second to shock his opponents as the block it, or for electrified blows from his limbs. If he is forced to go on the defensive, he will parry attacks with all he has and/or dodge as he searches for an opening.Weaknesses: Hau is overconfident and arrogant. This impetous nature can be turned against him in combat if he is led into a careful snare.Widgets: 1000Other Possessions: -Mottled dark bandages with protosteel weave-Signature metal ray-bansHome: NoneAffiliation: The islandAlignment: Chaotic GoodBio: Hau is the son of a wealthy, well-educated merchant, who wanted nothing more than a well-disciplined, obedient, cultured and well-mannered, son.And got the complete opposite.Hau is a unpredictable, arrogant, swearing-like-a-sailor, brawling, and rude toa. All the same, he has a flash, a bold dash all to his own, and though many despise him for his boastfulness, they cannot help but admit that the boy has flair. He was fascinated by martial arts and combat and trained all his life for fighting, even going as far as attaching his hook and chain to his wrist permanently. In short, if you were to describe him in one word, it would be rebellious.His father was appalled at his sons rebellious traits and, after a few years of the same, to punish him, rebuilt Hau into a weaker form. That was when Hau decided to run away. He became an outcast who walks alone, not accepted by the wealthier peoples, nor by the common folk, his only possession his hook and chain. Despite his arrogance, however, he was beginning to doubt himself, and he sometimes wonders if there is a point to life. His purpose has been found as he rules his koro.Other: Hau feels a strange connection with the mysterious black and blue armored toa (Kriigata played by Kughii). Unbeknownst to him, they are actually half-brother and -sister, his mother having ran away around when he could first remember things and married a Toa of Air whom fathered Kriigata.Theme Music: "


    -The Dream-


    "Dear boy, whenever will you learn of my tenacity?"

    Name: Naara (last name 'I'Rohu', but not used)Species: Ga-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Naara is average in height for a toa, but far more muscled in appearance than usual. She is highly attractive and wears navy blue armor with ocean blue highlights. Over her armor, she wears takea-hide fingerless gloves and bracers on her forearms, as well as a headband, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, mocassins, and leg bracers of the same stuff. As well, Naara wears a t-shirt made of quilted cotton and short shorts made of the same stuff. She wears a Great Iden, two hazel eyes looking out at the world from its eyeholes. Finally, the Ga-Toa wears a leather belt on which hang her two small maces, and which also holds a sheathed guitar on her back.Voice: A lazy drawl.Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous (originally left, but trained to be excellent with both)Powers/Abilities: Naara has tried many times to trigger her kanohi but always fails, and thus never triggers it. However, that is because her Iden is actually a Calix. Thus she is at peak physical capability and her body automatically attempts to dodge attacks.However, because of this, Naara has trained to become a master of both her element and her body. Hypothesizing that she could learn how to fight from the movements of the versatile water, she trained for years solely in building up both her body and mind by carrying around water and practicing moving it around. When she was done, she had achieved a level of communion with her element far beyond the norm: Whilst most toa move their element as though it is an extension of their weapons or limbs easily and find it considerably more difficult to move their element without moving, Naara works with water as though it is a different weapon or limb entirely. Besides allowing her to move it easily, the higher level of connection with her element gave the toa higher efficiency in using it, and many more ways in which to use the water around her. Kinika once dubbed this skill 'Elemental Transcendence' to sticking effect.After this period of training during which she had built up both her mental and physical stamina, Naara trained for years once more, but now to move like the element with which she shared so much in conjunction with her toa tools. Coming back to her original hypothesis, she trained in a multitude of different ways, using her new muscle and building other to strike, block, parry, and dodge often at once, with all parts of her body moving with both water's fluidity. Because of this, Naara's every move is fluid if not necessarily graceful, as well as unpredictable, versatile, and quite powerful. She has excellent strength, speed, agility, stamina, and endurance.Equipment/Armor: (2) Small maces-Naara wields two small and short maces with wood handles and protosteel baton-like clubbing extensions, their entire length only being slightly more than twice the width of her hand. Their striking surfaces are spiked all over, allowing for blocking, piercing, and smashing. She named them 'Ebb' and 'Flow' upon first getting the two maces, and can tell them apart even though others can't.(1) Set of takea-hide padding, gloves, and moccasins-Naara wears this not just for the intimidation factor, but also for added protection, traction, and a tearing grip. (1) Set of quilted cotton tee & shorts-Although they look like practically nothing, the Ga-Toa has found this set of clothing particularly useful and conveniently nonrestrictive when in fights. After her soaking of them in salt water which she did by accident once whilst training, she found that they absorbed blows far better than before, even going as far to protect against most of the primitive long-range weapons found on Mata Nui. Darts, spears, and even arrows find it hard to penetrate the quilted protection, especially when its defensive power is compounded by that of her muscle and protodermic armor.Naara also owns another set of all her equipment and armor which she has stashed away within her hut.Fighting Style: The Ga-Toa fights as though she is water itself with all of its unpredictability, and often is it difficult to distinguish the liquid moving by Naara from her during a fight-in fact, some would say that they feel she moves more like her element than it does. Her style also focuses quite a bit on controlling the center of the body to dominate the fight, as well as attacking foes' legs as they are difficult to guard and can topple them, from whence she can take easy advantage of her dominant position. She fights holding her maces in both hands and has mastered both the reverse and normal grips, and will use either or both depending on whom she is fighting. Punches while using said maces, as well as kicks (including the pendulum and roundhouse kicks), elbow jabs, forearm clubbing, shouldering, kicks with the shin, and kneeing are all part of her repertoire, not to mention grappling and parrying/blocking while attacking. Therefore, the toa has a wide range of tactics and different ways to select and use against foes in a fight, and can improvise if forced on the defensive easily. All in all, her attacks being both powerful and unpredictable, as well as the ability to block and parry while going onto the offense, combined with her element and dual maces, make Naara one formidable foe.Weakness: Naara is weak to electric attacks especially. They can travel through her water and also can short-circuit her limbs, which as a primarily physical attacker, does not help her to fight. That isn't to say that Naara can't redirect them with water, however. She also believes that her mask is the Iden it is shaped to be.Widgets: 1, 000Other Possessions: -Guitar and sheathHome: NoneAffiliation: NoneAlignment: True Neutral (with Good leanings)Personality: Naara is near-constantly calm. She is quite flexible and will only forgo such flexibility for a cold determination on cases very, VERY dear to her-of which there are few. She is apathetic towards much of life. This can lead to vacillation on whether to buy something in one color or another from her, seeing as she doesn't really care. But don't be fooled. Naara knows when she is not compromising and will show that with a passionately cold demeanor.The Ga-Toa doesn't use manners. She grew out of that during her stay in the wilds (see Bio) and never went back. Thus, she occasionally seems condescending.Naara is excellent at improvising and thinking of multiple ways to solve a problem, mainly due to her communion with her element and training in her style of martial art. Despite her warlike appearance, she knows and makes clear that violence isn't always the answer. In short, Naara's personality is like water. She is flexible, occasionally lethargic, and versatile. But when she wants to achieve something, she will put her whole into attaining it.Bio: Naara came into the world before Kinika and Kraeyn in their family. Like them, she was a toa from birth. Unlike them, she was sickly and could never use her mask correctly. These differences led to her being the odd sibling out and the runt. No one expected her to live long-only Kinika dared help her and showed any kindness.But for all her odds of dying in the hard land they came from, the little Naara fought all the harder. She was actively getting fights since the age of three and kept doing so despite her constant losses. At seven, Naara went off into the wilderness and braved it by herself with naught but a pair of the traditional short maces of the region. And by eighteen, she returned.However, no one recognized her for a good while. This new warrior who made herself known for her battle prowess in fights against those who dared attack the village was nothing like the weak Naara of old. She fiercely and ruthlessly championed those weaker than herself, promoting their empowerment. In doing this she eventually found someone who upgraded her maces.When Kinika and Kraeyn moved to Mata Nui, Naara decided she'd worked enough on that land and went with them. She now works at the Ko-Wahi school to empower and champion.Theme Music: " -The Phoenix-(Legend of the Overman)

    "A hero to bring hope and a soldier to bring war."

    Name: Paka

    Species: De-Toa [unknown to PCs]Gender: UnknownAppearance: Paka's appearance changes at will; in fact, the being often looks like nothing at all. But it typically manifests itself as a matoran of green-and-brown camouflage armor reminiscent of a rahkshi's in its spines and claws with a mask of tightly woven vines covering most of its Acurahk-head mask. It carries a walking stick, backpack, and canteen.Voice: A smooth and toneless baritone.Dominant Hand: Appears to be ambidextrous [true dominant hand is right]Powers: Paka's powers are largely unknown [it wields Sonics and Illusion/Shapeshifting at toa-level control of Element and Kanohi, respectively]Abilities: Paka is quite stealthy. All its other abilities cannot be deduced easily.Weapons: (1) Walking stick-A weathered and beaten stick made of fine and durable oak. It is capped in protosteel while its other end has a muaka-hide grip. On very close inspection, it is revealed that the top of the stick can be screwn off to reveal a sword sheathed within the wood.(6) Throwing knives-Inside special compartments built into Paka's armor are six masterfully-crafted throwing knives.(1) Canteen-Paka's canteen only has a small compartment for water. The rest is devoted to highly distilled and concentrated madu cabolo extract-a deadly explosive.(1) Acurahk Staff-Paka looted a staff from the Acurahk it killed. The staff is uniquely shaped like a dual-ended spear with the 'elongated leaf' type of blade and formed of a mysterious and durable metal, its power as an Acurahk staff granting its wielder unnatural accuracy. While Paka appears not to be as skilled with this weapon as its others yet, these traits have increased his capability with the polearm to the point that its inexperience is almost invisible.Fighting Style: UnknownWeakness: Paka relies a great deal on stealth and its ability to conceal and put people under illusions. It has a much harder time beating foes who can see through his deceptions.Widgets: UnknownOther Possessions: -BackpackHome: UnknownAffiliation: HimselfAlignment: UnknownBio: Nothing is known about Paka at the present moment to anyone except Veira, save that he killed a Acurahk in the Battle of Le-Wahi with almost no assistance.Other: 'Paka' is matoran for 'Observer'.Theme Music: "Sesshoku"-Yono Kanno -The Harbingers- ()"Rejoice, Mata Nui, for your salvation is at hand."

    Name: Gyn KirsugSpecies: Toa of Crystal [unknown to PCs; appears to be matoran]Gender: MaleAppearance: Gyn wears a belt bedecked with cartridges, plum gloves, a leather jacket, Wellingtons, a plum czapka, and khakis as befits his rank. Its kanohi appears to be a plum Great Hau and eyes pure gray. As far as size and build goes, Gyn looks like a rebuilt matoran of moderate stature.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: Gyn appears to have no powers [he wields Crystal and Telekinesis at toa-level control of Element and Kanohi, respectively]Abilities: Kirsug has great capabilities when it comes to desk work and combat in general.Weapons: (1) Crossbow-Gyn wields the standard crossbow of his team-an innovation by ingenous Onu-Matoran inventors which he has learned to use well in the past few years. It is folding-and-swivel-mounted on his ussal's shell so that he can fire from his riding position easily, but may be taken off. The bolts are protosteel-tipped to make up for its weakness compared to the average crossbow and kept in six ten-bolt cartridges: One in the crossbow, the other five at his belt.(1) Saperka-Kirsug also wields the usual protosteel-blade, bamboo-shaft saperka of his regiment. It is perfectly balanced and sharpened for use as a shield, battleax, and throwing/stabbing blade...Not to mention it doubles as a normal entrenching tool.(1) Lance-Gyn uses the standard lance of his regiment for charging. It is long and thin with a plum lance pennon.Fighting Style: UnknownWeakness: Kirsug limits his power deliberately. Unless if circumstances are extremely dire, he will not use it in order to protect his identity.Widgets: 100,000Other Possessions: -Kane-Ra hide jacket-Plum gloves-Wellingtons-White khakis-Plum czapka-Rations for one week (kielbasa and bula beer)Home: Onu-KoroAffiliation: HimselfAlignment: Lawful Good [Chaotic Evil]Bio: A Regiment Commander of 5+ years in the force, Gyn has been something of an uncle-figure to Sulov. He currently leads Regiment 2.Other: N/ATheme Music: "Name: GavarmRace: MatoranElement: EarthMask: Powerless Great RuruAppearance: Gavarm wears the typical armor of 7th Squadron [see Sulov]Personality: Gavarm is usually rough and serious, but he does have a caring side when it comes to his friends. He is usually wearing a serious face when wrangling Rahi and doing other day to day things in life.Weapon(s): Saperka, repeating crossbow, stakes, lance (black with a bloodied tip), as well as three arming swords.Fighting Style: Gavarm is usually fighting on the defensive; using a variety of jumping back and forth while using his favorite weapon: the repeating crossbow.Bio: Gavarm grew up alongside his fellow Ussalry members, joining the group at a very young age. He immediately fell in love with his work and has been doing it ever since. -The Wrathful- (He Who Fights Fate)

    "I'll hold to my word, even if you, omniscient and all-powerful, cannot!"Name: Ta Species: Pa-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Ta is a slightly tall and bulky toa of a mottled red-black color. His armor is knightly, but pitted, and the skin visible due to this damage is covered in keloid scars. Ta's right foot is the exception to these general rules, being a basic construct of protosteel replicating his other in shape. His mask takes the form of a round helm with a translucent crystal visor. He wears a great cloak of black with a hood; on the inside of this cloak is a small pack. Ta has strapped and sheathed a longsword to his back under this fabric. A small Parakuka grows at the base of his neck, its dull red color the same as his eyes. When he activates his Parakuka, his armor becomes spiked and spined with claws on his feet and hands and his eyes turn crimson.Voice: A coarse bass.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Ta has none of the typical mask or elemental power of a toa. In its stead is the power his Parakuka grants him: Activating it will grant him supertoa strength, speed, and agility for up to ten minutes.Abilities: Ta is an expert swordsman. He also has considerable skill in hand-to-hand combat and with most of the other basic weapons of Mata Nui, like disk launchers and pole arms.The pain of his many keloid scars has steadily built up his overall pain tolerance. As such, his endurance levels are almost supertoa.Weapons: (1) Longsword-A long and cruciform sword forged out of fine protosteel. Ta has an astounding level of mastery with this weapon that allows him to cut, thrust, parry, and block with uncanny power and precision.Fighting Style: UnknownWeakness: Ta is in a constant state of anger. Because of this, he can be easily tricked into joining combat, and has difficulties with giving up a fight. Thus he can be misled to destroy himself against a stronger opponent.His right foot is also a prosthetic. While it is protosteel and thus stronger than the normal kind, its articulation can be easily neutralized.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: -Cloak-Sheath-Strap-Tinderbox-Rations-Prosthetic footHome: Xa-KoroAffiliation: MakutaAlignment: Chaotic EvilBio: The figure of Ta is a mysterious one. He has only appeared recently in the koros, picking off lone matoran and brutally slaughtering them. There is no rhyme or reason to what he has done; his breaks in between murders are irregular, and the murders themselves target matoran of any caste or race. His scarred body suggests a troubled past, but it is yet unknown exactly what that past was...Other: 'Ta' is Matoran for 'Fire'.Theme Music: " -The Servants- ()

    ""Name: AexiasSpecies: Skakdi of IceGender: FemaleAlignment: True Neutral with Lawful leaningsAppearance: Aexias often travels in a periwinkle-blue cloak with a hood, but if the situation requires it, she takes it off, revealing her jumpsuit. Aexias jumpsuit is also periwinkle, but with white highlights. Hidden at the hips of the jumpsuit, Aexias wears her two small swords. She also wears white gloves and boots, and carries a tissue in a pocket at her thigh. Although her race is normally ugly to others, Aexias is attractive in a kind of exotic way. Her spine sticks out above her jumpsuit, and like all Skakdi, Aexias has red eyes. Finally, her face is white, revealing her true element.Powers: Aexias is a Skakdi of Ice, meaning she can harness that power in conjunction with another Skakdi. Her vision power is laser vision, meaning that she can shoot lasers from her eyes that disorient opponents when they are hit.Weapons/Tools: Aexias wields two extremely specialized small swords. These swords have no guard at the hilt and, thus, can be concealed more easily (however, if need be, Aexias will generate ice basket-hilts for the blades). Each one is a work of art, made from pure protosteel.She has an almost extreme obsession with keeping them clean, and always wipes them with her handkerchief after battle.Fighting Style: Aexias is a fencer, elegant and composed. She believes that footwork and composure are an important part of swordfighting (which she considers an art) and absolutely detests anyone who has sloppy composure or movements when they fight. Her blades move gracefully and quickly in many series of confusing feints and patterns as she attacks or defends with only negligent flicks of her wrist to power them into opponents. Her fighting style focuses on using minimal energy, and thus, she parries easily, or slightly sidesteps blows, all the while attacking with minimal loss of endurance. To make up for the fact that her fighting style is not the best against multiple opponents, she wields two blades. However, the main weakness of her fighting style is that her blows have no power compared to most others-they are quick and elegant, to be sure, but series of power strokes will batter them away, forcing her to retreat. She prefers not to use her powers, but if need be, she will attack with precise lasers. If there is a friendly Skakdi in the area, she sometimes immobilizes her prey with ice, or covers the ground with it, causing them to slip and fall as they attempt to keep up with her staccato bladework.Weakness: As stated previously, powerful opponents will simply batter away Aexias swords. She will be forced to retreat if she fights one, especially if they are also fast.Bio: Aexias is a Skakdi assassin who does not love her job, but has learned to make the best of it. She was raised in a strict environment wherein swordplay was stressed to the point of being a religion, and to this day, she still is obsessed almost to the point of fanaticism with it. This causes her to have disdain for anyone who has "sloppy" fighting skills, and she looks down haughtily upon all but the most elegant and graceful fighters for that reason. She believes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and also believes that the only person you can trust is yourself. However, Aexias is a master manipulator and seductress, getting people to trust in her or fall in love with her, then killing them or using them to achieve her own ends. She thinks coldly and logically, and is not averse to using unorthodox methods to get her way. She works for the highest bidder easily, as she has detached herself from her victims and thinks without emotion, which enables her to mask her own emotions. However, she was not always a heartless Skakdi... Other: For an unknown reason, Aexias has a thick German accent (not as though anyone in-game knows it's German, though).Name: ZunodSpecies: Skakdi of Plant LifeGender: MaleAlignment: True Neutral with Chaotic leaningsAppearance: Zunod often travels in a muddy cloak with a hood, underneath which is a suit of complex and bulky plate armor of the same green-brown color. His eyes are dark red and face also muddy green. He carries around a large suitcase of wood colored the same as all other parts of his outfit, and on his back is a sheathed maul.Powers: Zunod is a Skakdi of Plant Life, meaning she can harness that power in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also can use heat vision.Weapons/Tools: The skakdi uses a heavy maul of a stone head, one face being flat for blunt trauma and the other spiked for hooking and stabbing. His suitcase holds a dissembled repeating zamor launcher. He carries several metal and acid spheres with it for ammunition.Weakness: Zunod's fighting style isn't suited to midrange combat.Bio: Partner to Aexias, mercenary to Kirsug, simple to himself. Zunod has rather plain tastes and doesn't care for much of life.

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  • Name: AthillionGender: MaleSpecies: MatoranAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Dark Orange and Crystal blue armor; Crystal-like spikes on his bracers, shoulders and back.Mask: Mohtrek; looks like a Kiril, with a bit of Faxon in it.Weapon: A small version of Tahu Mistika's weapon, three small knifes and lots of crystal kanoka disks.Powers: Minerals; Specially CrystalPersonality: Currently mad, and he has lost realization of what's happened around him.Biography: Athillion grew up with Trace Kor in Po-Koro. Not much happened at that point, but he was known for bringing trouble. Lately, Athillion traveled with a group to find his way to Le-Wahi, but got lost in the way, and found himself searching for something to do with his life, back in Po-Wahi, where he signed up in Lohkar's Crew, only to later find himself dominate the inner of the ship, where he was driven mad.Weakness: Stubborn, doesn't think situations through.

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  • -Primary Characters-Name: OuraSpecies: ToaAlignment: NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: A black armored Toa with orange streaks covering him. Oura stands at the average Toa height, if not a mite bit taller.Weapon(s): A double-bladed staff, only five feet in length, it is made of the strongest alloy available to the inhabitants of Mata Nui, and is near indestructible. He also has many daggers hidden amidst his armor, all sharper than most blades.Mask: A Great KualsiPowers: PlasmaTraits: He is normally silent, and doesn't speak much unless spoken to; he currently has no friends to speak of, nor allies. He is more of the silent vigilante type, and is a bit of a bounty hunter; when he wants to be, that is.Biography: Most of Oura's past is hidden to everyone but himself, all that the public knows is that he is not from Mata Nui, and he has a temper. He apparently washed ashore one day, battered and broken; when he was discovered, he was swiftly taken away by mysterious robed figures, and not two weeks later, he was walking among the public.He refused to speak to anyone, unless absolutely necessary to his survival, and he has stayed true to that thinking so far. He became a mercenary for hire after he discovered just how good he was at surviving; and fighting. But he made sure that only the best of people would and could come to him for his aid, more specifically; the people who could afford to hire him. He normally stays secluded deep within the Onu-Wahi tunnels, hiding away from the world until he is needed.Weakness(es): He is prone to most of society, really, he refuses to leave his home (but he is in no way shy :P). Another one of his weaknesses is his arrogance, he believes that he can take on most, if not all, opponents that challenge him, and win against them. This leads him to bite of more than he can chew sometimes, which leads to trick-trick-tricky situations for the Toa of plasma.Name: YghariSpecies: ToaAlignment: Hero-Slightly Chaotic-Good Gender: MaleAppearance: A tall and well built Toa of Electricity, his armor is pure golden, void of any blue or yellow that a normal Toa of electricity or lightning would have. His armor is also scratch-free, and this is either the result of constant obsession over his appearance, or good armor maintenance. Weapon(s): A very thin but sharp longsword, it resembles a fencing sword, yet carries the same deadliness of a normal sword. He also keeps a one-handed battle axe at his side at all times, which comes in handy form time to time.Mask: A Great CalixPowers: ElectricityTraits: Yghari is the kind of person who is not afraid to state his opinion, and resisting is his nature. If he thinks something is unfair, he'll make it fair. If someone is being mugged, he'll stop the mugger, then mug them himself, and then share his 'finds' with the victim. (Screaming robin hood, I know) Weakness(es): His friendliness, he'll help just about anyone if he sees they are an alright person by his views, more than once, this has led him into horrible betrayals, and back stabbing, and near death situations, yes he still continues to go about his way as if none of that had ever happened.Name: GarthSpecies: MatoranAlignment: Lawful-GoodGender: MaleAppearance: A dark brown Matoran of stone, taller than average, but still short as a Matoran. Nothing on him is out of place, rather than his unusual blue eyes, and a long black mark on his right arm. Weapon(s): A short sword and disk launcher, along with a chain that has a spiked ball welded onto its end.Mask: Useless Kanohi Kakama Powers: NoneTraits: A brilliant engineer, he has built more than one machine to make his and other Matoans' lives easier. He is also very stubborn, and does not give up easily.Biography: Garth grew up in Po-Koro, exploring the desert around the village, and learning Mata Nui's history. He also became a self-taught engineer, with more than 100 years worth of experience behind him. After he was certain he could be the best at what he was, he moved out to Ta-Koro, and opened a shop there, selling custom made devices and machines. (More to be added as his history plays out)Weakness(es): His lack of knowledge of fighting. If given a sword, he could barely hold up against someone with a stick. He uses more intelligent ways to beat his opponents, but if it came down to just swords, he would most likely lose.Name: JokarGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful-good jokerDescription: Scrawny, tall, a Toa with pure black armor, with green highlights and lines running all over his body.Mask: Sanok, mask of accuracyWeapon: A short spear with two spearheads attached to both ends.Powers: Jungle/The GreenWeakness(es): Anyone physically stronger than a Toa, he is easily insulted and will insult back, he takes things the wrong way a lot, and that doesn't turn out too well for him in the end.Personality: Jokar is normally a nice person, and will help people out when they are in need, but he does possess a crazy side of himself which can sometimes lash back at people. Normally this side of himself is kept in check, but sometimes it is not.Biography: Jokar has a life a jester of sorts, he will literally stand on the streets and do the craziest things just to earn a buck. He learned to live that way, figuring it to be his destiny and passion; and he was constantly making quick jokes, and quick jokes turned into insults that he got a laugh out of. Some time went by, and he was eventually kicked out of Le Koro for public offenses (which he called 'tricks' and simple jokes). He traveled to Ko-Koro, a place where he could be in peace, his life there didn't last long either, after figuring out that everyone there had pretty much taken a vow of silence, he was kicked out for such a "loud and horrible mouth", as the Turaga put it. He decided to live in Onu-Koro, a place of earth, where he wasn't rejected for doing stunts and tricks, and cracking jokes every now and then. He stayed there, living the jester life, entertaining the public, and earning enough money to stay alive.Name: KlastioSpecies: ToaAlignment: Good-LawfulGender: MaleAppearance: A tall and thin Toa of air, whose armor is covered in green and brown, and spiked all over to imply thorns. His shield and sword fit with the armor, since all of it was custom made. Behind his mask lay two red eyes, which compliment the green and brown (or so he's told).Weapon(s): A normal sized but jagged sword, along with a shield, both items matching his natural-looking armor.Mask: Kadin, mask of flightPowers: AirTraits/Bio: Klastio is normally very talkative and kind to people, and loves to spend his time flying around the treetops of Le-Wahi when he can. He is a self-employed guard of Le-Koro, and keeps watch over it as if it were his own child. Weakness(es): His trust. Often times he is far to trusting, and this occasionally leads to trouble for him, and Le-Koro. More than once he has let a criminal into the Koro, and befriended him-- only to be stabbed in the back days later.-Vaarn-Name: VaarnSpecies: Toa of IceAlignment: Evil-LawfulGender: MaleAppearance: A fairly tall and slender Toa of ice, he is rather old, more similar to a Turaga than a Toa (Except in his physical appearance). His armor is white and blue (similar to that of Gelu's), with wise golden eyes that hide his true nature.Weapon(s): A sword seemingly made of ice, with a large dark black V carved into its hilt. It it easily half his body length, and has a very mechanical style look to it.Mask: Great Kanohi Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisPowers: IceTraits/Bio: Vaarn is an elderly Toa of Ice, a veteran criminal (though most don't know it, due to his criminal life being under wraps), and surprisingly quick for his age. As a young Toa, he stayed out of trouble for the most part, but the dark side never ceased its attempts to lure him into its traps. One day, he up and robbed a house, just because he felt like it; you could say that was the starting point of a very long life. He quickly decided crime was where he needed to be, but he wanted to be able to live a normal life at the same time. So, he was a normal, hard working Toa of Ice by day, and an extremely talented thief by night. Killing was never in his best interests, but that doesn't mean he never killed anyone. After pulling off enough successful robberies, Vaarn was wealthy; and as years ticked on, the crime rate in Ko-Koro rose, and few ever suspected him for a thief. For one reason or another, Vaarn was never caught during all his years of crime, and he reaped the benefits of a lifetime of thievery, living the life of luxury. But he didn't stop there, as he grew older, going out and stealing himself was no longer an option, so he began to hire others to work for him, others that knew just as much about stealing as he did. He hired Toa, Skakdi sometimes, even Vortixx, if they could get the job done. Basically he made a business, and gave a bunch of scummy people jobs. Right now, he sits happily, reading books in his library, and maintaining a positive public face.Weakness(es): His hidden reputation. If it were ever to get out that he truly was a hardened veteren criminal (like the rumors say he is), then he would most likely have to fight his way out of Ko-Koro, else he would be arrested by the Ko-Koronian Guard.Name: UtarioGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Chaotic-Assassin, VaarnDescription: A strong and tall Vortixx, but lean enough to perform flawless parkour without a Calix. His armor is a very dark shade of purple, and does not draw much attention to itself because of its simplicity.Weapon: A sword that he uses for open combat; dual wrist blades that he uses for more stealthy attacks; and throwing knives for ranged enemies. He also carries a bow for times when the knives just won't do.Powers: NoneWeakness(es): He does not have many weaknesses, but he cannot hold up in a fist-fight for very long. For a Vortixx, he is strong, but he is still physically weaker than a Toa, and that is where is weapons come in.Personality: Utario is silent, and never speaks to anyone that he does not have to, he is mysterious in the ways he works, and only obeys Vaarn.Biography: Utario was found of Xia by Vaarn, when he was a younger Toa, that is. Utario was young, and showed promise to Vaarn when he defeated a Skakdi by himself with nothing more than a steel bar. Vaarn adopted the Vortixx in a way, and brought him back to Mata Nui, where he trained him to be his personal assassin. Name: KoonGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of IronAlignment: Evil, VaarnDescription: A thin Toa, taller than normal. His armor is dark slate grey, with green eyes. Normally he is seen wearing a robe of sorts over his armor.Weapon: A simple knife that he never uses, but keeps in great condition.Mask: A Kanohi KualsiPowers: Toa level elemental control over IronWeakness(es): Anyone with any real strength, really. He is very weak for a Toa, but being an assistant to a crime lord who doesn't do anything but manage goons doesn't promote activity.Personality: Koon is mainly silent until Vaarn asks for his opinion, or to help him with desicions. Other than that, he can become angered easily, and is known to debate furiously until he has either won the argument, or the other debater has given up.Biography: No one knows where Koon originally came from, all they know is that he arrived on Mata Nui, and somehow was enlisted as Vaarn's personal assistant... (That's all I got, sadly.)Name: Ghlist (Basically pronounced L-EYE-ST)Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of TelekinesisAlignment: Controlled evil-VaarnDescription: A normal sized Toa, who is pure bone white in color, with black piercing eyes. Even his armor is the bones of past enemies, and the skulls of Rahi adorn his shoulders.Weapon: Two double bladed axes that were mounted into bone hilts. Mask: A Kanohi CalixPowers: Toa level elemental control over telekinesisWeakness(es): His loyalty, he follows Vaarn so blindly, that he will take out his most rediculous orders, no matter the odds.Personality: Ghlist is very silent, but will talk to opponents while he fights them. Despite being a zombie to Vaarn, he is very wise, and if left to his own devices can do great things, terrible, but great. He does not like be interrupted, and will often silence those who are getting in his way, or disturbing him.Biography: Ghlist grew up on Mata Nui, but was especially morbid throughout his life, he would destroy things for little reason, and kill Rahi for even less reason. No one understood why he was so cruel, many assumed he had been born with a mental disorder, but nobody knew for sure. Everyone that knew of his existence was shocked when he became a Toa, but were not so surprised when he abandoned his team and disappeared from the island. Years later, though, he returned to Ko-Koro, some would say he matured, but for the worse. The first being he saw that addressed him, he murdered, violently. He then killed the next person he came across, and the next, and the next. A team of Toa had to drive him out of the village, and they were unable to track him down and kill him. Nobody knows where he went to, but he was hired by Vaarn in the end, and serves his icy master at this very moment. (I hate these bios...)-Skar

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  • Name: Cadias.Species: Toa.Gender: Male.Age: Exact age unknown.Description: Dark orange armor and mask, and black skin. Slightly taller than the average Toa, but also slightly thinner.Alignment: Neutral.Mask:Kanohi Pehkui, Great Mask of Diminishment.Weapon: Plain sword.Tools: None, currently. Cadias travels light.Powers: Control over plasma.Personality: Cadias is different from other Toa. He simply has no urge to help fight for Mata Nui. Cadias generally keeps himself to himself. Cadias thinks things through and is usually cautious.Skills: Not a master of swordplay, but not bad either. Control over plasma. Other than that, he has yet to find any particular skills he has.Weaknesses: Not as strong as other Toa, and little experience in combat. Also, while he has a basic grip on his elemental pwers, he has yet to completely master them.Biography: Cadias’s first memory is of awakening on a beach with his sword. He dislikes being the center of attention, and keeps himself to himself. For now, he does what he can to earn widgets and keep food on the table. Aurix-InactiveName: Aurix.Species: Matoran.Gender: Male.Age: Roughly 500 years.Description: Average-sized Matoran. Aurix has red armor and orange skin. His mask is a powerless Hua.Alignment: Neutral.Mask: Powerless Hua.Weapon: A small dagger Aurix carries around with him. His only other potential weapon is his staff.Tools: A wooden staff, roughly Aurix’s height. It is carved with patterns and symbols that apparently have some meaning to him. He also has a collection of tools used for carving, mainly some small, sharp knives that he keeps in a backpack.Powers: None.Personality: Simply, he’s crazy. A nutcase. However, he’s still fairly intelligent and has moments when he is less crazy and even arguably sane. Aurix hears voices and converses with them every now and then. Aurix is constantly happy and smiling.Skills: Carving and some experience in metalworking.Weaknesses: Being crazy, he’s not much of a fighter. He can also be easy to trick.Biography: Aurix was just an average Ta-Matoran, who made his living carving wood and doing some metalwork. However, he was swept out to sea in a storm one day, bound for Ga-Koro in a small boat, with only enough rations to take him to Ga-Koro. His boat washed up by Ta-Koro nearly a week later, with Aurix inside and nearly dead. He was found and nursed back to health, but has been insane ever since. He isn’t totally insane, and poses no real threat to anyone, so he’s been allowed to travel as he pleases. One of his driving purposes is finding someone who can also hear the Voices, and finding where the Voices come from.Aurix sells his carvings for a living. Most of the carvings he sells are regular carvings: Untiy, Duty, Destiny, the Great Spirit, an outline of the island, etc. Some are in strange shapes and symbols. The carvings he keeps are usually put onto a necklace he almost never takes off.Aurix is almost always in a good mood, and is constantly smiling. He usually speaks his mind, and sometimes doesn’t realize when he’s in danger. Aurix usually has to gather his thoughts for a few seconds before answering questions.TellusName: Tellus.Species: Toa.Gender: Male.Age: Roughly 900.Description: Light green armor and skin. Average sized Toa. Wears a Kanohi Miru. Not the cleanest of Toa, to put it lightly. He wears a newly repaired tricorne with a simple gold band on it.Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral.Mask: Kanohi Miru.Weapon: Plain, standard cutlass. Tools: None.Powers: Control over plant life. Also, his Kanohi Miru gives him the ability to levitate when activated.Personality: Tellus is a generally easy-going Toa. He prefers not to use force, unusual for his ‘trade,’ and is a pirate because of his love of the sea more than anything else. However, he does enjoy to watch a good fight. He is immensely fond of an old tricorne hat that he constantly wears. The tricorne is a remainder of better days, when Tellus was a merchant.Skills: Not a master of swordplay, but not bad either. Control over plantlife, and some experience on ships. Ship's carpenter aboard the Infernavika.Weaknesses: Not a strong swimmer. Also, he is slightly weaker than other Toa due to developing his elemental skills more than his physique.Biography: Tellus has always liked the ocean, which is unusual for his element. Tellus was originally the master of his own small ship, and ran a thriving trading business. However, he was forced to shut down due to increased Rahi activity, which made sailing alone too dangerous. During his days as a merchant, Tellus purchased a tricorne hat, which he wears to this day.Tellus is willing to return to business as a merchant, but lacks the money to purchase a ship. Unable to locate another seafaring merchant business, Tellus became a pirate. Tellus served aboard the Infernavika as ship's carpenter; however, he went missing in Xa-Koro.Kadon-InactiveName: KadonSpecies: Toa.Gender: Male.Age: Unknown.Description: Electric blue armor and mask and lime green skin. Kadon wears a Kanohi Iden. Slightly shorter than most Toa.Alignment: Neutral, though he leans more towards good.Mask: Kanohi Iden.Weapon: 2 sickles. He charges the blades with eletricity during a fight to make them more effectice in melee combat.Tools: Beyond his dual sickles, none.Powers: Control of electricity, Kanohi IdenPersonality: Silent and self-reliant. He doesn’t trust others much and appears cold and remote to most strangers. He tends to be of the opinion that others only get in the way. He thinks things through before reacting much of the time.Skills: He is skilled with his sickles and elemental powersWeaknesses: While he is good with his weapons and elemental powers, he has largely ignored working on his physical strength. Most of the time, he can be overpowered with sheer strength. Also, his tenacy to think things through can cause him to miss critical chances during fights.Biography: Little is known about Kadon’s past. He avoids the subject as much as he can. As far as most know, he appeared on the island one day, and, as far as Kadon is concerned, that’s all anybody needs to know.Venen-InactiveName: Venen.Species: Toa.Gender: Male.Age: Unknown. Venen speaks little of his past, and nobody is sure of his age.Description: A thin, slightly short Toa. Black armor and dark green skin. On his left piece of shoulder armor and over his left eye on his mask are claw marks, the general three lines, with the middle one longer than the other two. The claws marks are lined in a thin layer of steel to help them show up on the black. He wears two belts that cross over his chest, which hold his daggers and poison.Alignment: Makuta.Mask: Kanohi Huna.Weapon: Venen uses long daggers. The daggers are coated in poison. He has three types of poison, one that causes physical pain, one that knocks someone out, and another that is potentially lethal. There is one dagger coated in each type of poison, and three uncoated daggers.Tools: Venen carries the few tools needed to make his poison and seeds of the plant he uses to make the poison in pouches on the belts.Powers: Is a Toa of Plantlife. Also, he can use his Kanohi Huna. Venen uses his control of plantlife to help make his poison.Personality: Venen is cold and calcuating. Where others might see people with hopes and dreams, he sees potential profit or losses. The only people he are loyal to are himself and the Makuta, to varying degrees. If Venen knows someone is important to the Makuta, he will treat them with respect. If they just claim to be a follower of Makuta, he will be merciful, meaning he won’t target them or their business as long as they leave him alone.Skills: Venen, obviously, has access to poison, which can be useful. He can also make the poison, and he has managed to survive Xa-Koro.Weaknesses: Venen, while fairly fast, lacks strength to a large degree. He has worked with his muscles enough so that he can hold his own and can run for a fair distance, but has never been a bodybuilder. In a contest of brute strength, chances are that he’ll lose.Also, his daggers allow for a short range, and his element isn’t well-suited to long-range attack. The poison used on the daggers is merely different concentrates from the same type of plant poison, thus making them all curable by the same antidote.Venen hasn’t extensively studied combat, which can put him at a disadvantage when fights rely on tatics.Biography: Once a regular Toa, Venen and his companions were attacked by what was believed to be Rahi. His companions were slaughtered and he was severely injured. He recovered from his injuries, but went temporarily insane due to grief and his injuries, from which he was still recovering at the time. While insane, he aligned himself with Makuta for reasons unknown. As the pain, both physically and mentally, receded, he regained his sanity. However, he continued to align himself with Makuta. Slowly, his heart and mind became dark and twisted.Venen moved to Xa-Koro, and began to build a business there. He had some amount of influence in the shadier parts of the city, but remained fairly unknown as a whole. However, the citizens of Xa-Koro are growing suspicious and suspect him of hiring assassins and murder, accusations which are all too true. His rivals were using this as a lever and, according to some informants, were planning to kill him. So, Venen decided to go the mainland and start a business there.. after seeing the sights.The following character, Antum, has been approved by Nuju Metru. Credit for the species goes to The Dark Chronicler.Antum-InactiveName: Antum.Species: Matoran? Best described as an avian Rahi with Matoran-type build and intellect.Gender: Male.Age: Unknown.Description: Matoran sized being with a pair of large wings on his back. Antum’s light armor is dark grey, and his ‘skin’ is white. Antum wears a powerless Noble Huna, with the ‘top’ half white with small dark grey bars and the ‘bottom’ half dark grey with small white bars. All of Antum’s dark grey parts are speckled with small white bars, like his mask, and his white parts, also like his mask, are speckled with small dark grey bars. Antum’s wings are mainly dark grey, with the aforementioned white bars. Antum’s feet and hands end in sharp talons. Under his armor, Antum is mostly covered in feathers, most visible on his arms, legs, stomach, and some on his neck.Alignment: Neutral.Mask: Powerless Noble Huna.Weapon: Taloned hands and feet.Tools: Taloned hands and feet. His sharp teeth can also be used for a few tasks, but are useless in combat.Powers: None, other than flight.Personality: Antum mainly keeps to himself. He has a keen sense of curiousity, however, and has found himself drawn more and more to the villages of late. He tends to be serious, focused on survival, and few beings know of him. Antum is cautious, and may come off as paranoid to others.Skills: Antum is a very, very fast flier. He also has extremely strong eyesight, and heightened senses acquired through years of hunting. Antum has a basic mastery of the Matoran language.Weaknesses: Antum is limited to close range fighting, and isn’t as strong as even the average Matoran. He relies on speed, and his light bone structure is easier to break than that of a Matoran. His appearance can prompt others to believe he is a monster, and his rough mode of speech doesn’t help much.Biography: Very little is known of Antum, even to himself. As far as most know and he is concerned, he simply appeared on the island one day. He keeps to himself in the forests of Le-Wahi, avoiding the thick jungle, but has grown lonely over the past few years, and has begun to wonder if there are others like him. Slowly, he has moved closer to the village, watching it from afar, and the more he watches the more curious he grows…Name: Ka'de (Pronounced Kah-Day.)Species: Po-Matoran.Alignment: Neutral.Gender: Male.Appearance: Ka'de is your average Po-Matoran in coloration, with a light brown mask and armor and a tan body. However, he's taller than the average Matoran, and slightly more thickset. His larger-than-normal build can prove rather intimidating to others.Weapons: Ka'de carries around a large hammer with a stone head. It's a plain and simple weapon, but it can be quite devastating if you get into his reach. He can throw disks accurately, but only carries a few around with him and prefers to use his hammer.Tools: A chisel and his hammer.Mask: Powerless, light brown Hau.Powers: None. He has the usual strength common to Po-Matoran, and is actually slightly stronger than average.Personality: Ka'de is a friendly sort, kind and careful around others. He's careful because he tends to be stronger than he thinks, which can lead to problems. While he's certainly friendly, he's also just a little shy, which can prevent him from speaking up if he has to. He's almost always cheerful, seeing no use in worrying over things he has no control over. While he's just as intelligent as everyone else, his thought process is slower, which can give others the impression that he's not very bright.Skills: Ka'de is fairly good at carving, and he has good aim.Weaknesses: Ka'de's slower thought processes also apply to his reflexes, making him less agile than the regular Matoran. Also, he doesn't tend to use much strategy in combat, usually just getting as close as he can and starts swinging his hammer. And, for some inexplicable reason, he doesn't choose what to throw his disk at well. Apparently, he just gets nervous when he has to use disks as his weapon and can't see the enemy, making him liable to throw them at anything that moves... or that he thinks moved.Biography: There really isn't much to tell. Ka'de has lived most of his life in Po-Koro, where he's played the occasional game of Kohlii and carves stuff. He enjoys a walk in the desert every now and then, but only in the daylight, as it's more dangerous at night.

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  • The character I created is, coincidentally, quite similar to Captain Marvel's character, Hari. I was kind of excited about this one, though, so I'm going to go ahead and post him. If anyone is opposed to it, just say so and I can come up with something else. Name: MatakiteSpecies: MatoranGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: Despite having no physical abilities or tools, Matakite’s meditions will, in extremely rare cases, give him very brief visions of the future or an urge to complete a particular task. He believes these to be the direction of Mata Nui, and does little but act on them when they come.Alignment: GoodPersonality and History: Matakite is a Ko-Koronan seer, who studied the prophecies of the Sanctum in Ko Koro alongside Turaga Nuju and his fellow Matoran. Matakite would spend much of his time meditating on Peace, the Ko-Koronan virtue, but unlike his fellow Matoran was happy to share knowledge with any travelers to Ko Koro. When the Toa did not return from The Makuta’s realm and the Rahkshi arrived, Matakite retreated to the highest peaks of Mount Ihu, where he continued to meditate. Recently, he has returned from the mountain and now travels around the island, doing little but continuing his meditation and interacting with anyone who stops to ask him about his strange behavior. Matakite is silent unless spoken to and seems to others to be strange and uncaring, but he truly has a deep care for the island of Mata Nui and its wellbeing. He believes he can best aid it through his meditations on peace. However, the more time he is spending the wilderness and in the villages, the more he realizes that complete solitude lowers his chances of survival greatly. He is attempting to interact more, in hope of making allies or friends, but often finds he has little or nothing to say in a conversation. Despite his strong willpower, Matakite has no ability to defend himself and does not believe in violence besides. As a result, he is often pushed around by the other inhabitants of Mata Nui. It is pure luck that he hasn’t been captured by The Makuta’s forces as of yet.Appearance: A normal Matoran with white arms and legs, dark grey feet and a dark grey Pakari.

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  • LakiElementAirApearanceLaki sports brown and green armor, that is tattered and scarred like most matoran's. He wears a powerless green mask of strength. Picture here.AbilitesLaki is a good carpenter and a decent disk thrower. He, like all Le-Matoran, has good balance and no fear of heights.WeaponsTwo buzz saw-shaped returning throwing disks of metalBiographyLaki's first clear memories have him working as a bridge tender in the village of air. He keeps Le-Koro hanging in the trees. It's not a glamorous job, but he is very content. He doesn't want change or want to be a hero; Laki is fine just working, although he really admires toa and other heroes. He had gotten used to the fact that he'll have to live in his village, fighting off Rahi for his entire life, until he saw the opportunity to join the Island Liberation Squad, and help save the island, which he believes is his destiny. Laki thinks the Turaga's new claims of great new heroes that will save everyone will be about as truthful as the last ones. He's friends with many Matoran in Le-Koro, and a few of the native toa. He travels little, and hates the same things other le-matoran do: cold, water, containment.WeaknessesHe is an untrained matoran, and as such, can barely fight.VerakElementStoneAppearanceVerak has a very basic toa build, although he's leaner and a little more roguishly attractive than most. His armor is brown and tan and he wears a very stylized Calix. Bandages rest over wounds of his upper thigh, chest, and side. Due to these injuries he carries a crudely carved walking stick. AbilitiesUnusually, Verak has a basically no control of stone. He's spent his time focusing on his control of sand, instead. This makes him absolutely deadly in the desert, but impedes him if he goes anywhere but Po-Wahi. He is a fabulous hand to hand fighter. He's fast, and his reflexes are good. Both these abilities are only increased by his mask of fate. Recently, he has been massively injured by a vortixx he fought, and these injuries negatively effect his abilities.WeaponsTwo blades held parallel to the forearm by a handle that juts out at right angles to the blade. Sharp and light.BiographyVerak's early life matters little to both him and those he meets. His more average, earlier days as a matoran are all but forgotten, and he's now fully a toa of sand. He's left his home koro behind and spends most of his time wandering the island, looking for thrills and adventures. He's smart, witty, manipulative, handsome, a little strange, and cares little for the fate of the island and even, some believe, his own life.WeaknessesAlthough good at hand to hand combat, he has little to no control of most rock. Verak is impulsive and reckless. He also cannot attack from a range, and is weaker physically than most toa, notably more so than a skakdi or Vortixx. His injuries, caused by a light rifle, have seriously weakened him too. LaraLara was a simple Ga-Matoran who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.AlyoElementFireAppearanceAlyo is a toa, and looks almost identical to one of the first ones- same arm and leg types, same body armor, same two fingered hands. His mask is a Huna, however, and his armor, unlike theirs, is polished and lacquered to the point of perfection. It seems to glisten and shine even in the dark. He is immaculate, but if you look closely at his under armor, you can see the signs of a previous, harsh lifeAbilitiesControl over fire, and invisibility. He is very good at keeping up his mask ability for long periods of time, but hasn’t had to call upon his power over fire for about 40 years; he’s a little out of practice.WeaponsHas an old trident back at his large, expensive house. He does not need any sort of lethal weapon now.BiographyAlyo was one of the first matoran to become toa. Back in these times, fresh after the defeat of the toa Mata, most new toa were expected to take up their mantle and challenge the Makuta. Alyo noted that he had no masks of power, and the Mata had failed their destiny. What was to say he was any better? Regardless, he left Ta-Koro to escape from his companion’s scorn, and joined the Sanctum Guard in Ko-Koro, where he spent much time. He wished however, as a toa, to do more with his newfound abilities.He hadn’t quite the same outstanding morals as his fellows, and used his intellect and knowledge of the guard to cultivate a very successful counterfeit money company. He cut lot’s of corners and fudged a lot of rules, resulting in tons of money for him. His rule breaking, and his respectable past as a guard, were eventually revealed to the criminal underworld, and he lost his little empire.Scavenging what money he could, he rebuilt himself once more, as a well to do trader bringing near priceless Ko-Koronan ice sculptures (only the rich were willing to buy beautiful sculptures which melted in days) and frozen foods to the great Onu-Koro marketplace. But like before, he continues to do shady underhand dealings which vastly increase his profit.He’s rich now, and has happily settled into a new role that he hopes will last longer than his past ones.WeaknessesAlthough once a master of combat, his skills have waned and he is very out of practice.DorgathElementFireAppearanceBoring. Your eyes slip over his basic figure in a crowd, passing him off as some random, unimportant matoran. Indeed, he looks almost identical to a few other lava farmers. His red mask, darker body, old burns, and yellow feet are common features among the group. He has a few scars, but none bad enough to stand out. Picture here.AbilitiesGood skill with a bamboo spear- he likes to take out anger by practicing with it.WeaponsThe aforementioned bamboo spear. He doesn’t carry it with him in the village, but when leaving the Koro or going somewhere dangerous he could never leave it behind.BiographyDorgath is a lava farmer. A boring, menial job- harvesting the stone and soil left behind my cool lava. Filling your cart with dirt and rocks all day. Some say it’s a dangerous job, that it takes courage, but those people, Dorgath thinks, are kidding themselves. Only fools would be stupid enough to fall into the lava. Dorgath had a few incidents, but he knows how to get out of lava fast, and has never felt threatened by the lava. The job to him is slave labor.He blames the Turaga. He thinks they’re liars, and trusts them about as far as he can throw them. They have given him little proof of the evil of The Makuta. Who says he’s all about destruction? Who says that infected masks are The Makuta’s fault? Who says Mata-Nui is the good one?He could do on for hours about why the Turaga are filthy liars. He hates them with a passion.So, recently, he’s been sneaking out onto the volcano to worship The Makuta, loving the thrill of betraying the Turaga, loving the individuality it takes to pray to a sick god.WeaknessesHis small size, weakness, and lack of powers makes Dorgath an easy target.SovosElementEarthAppearanceSovos has a mostly average matoran build, and is entirely black- the color of night. A deep, dark hue with absolutely no variation, allowing him to bled perfectly into the shadows. His eyes are a deep green, the only thing that can be seen as he sneaks through the darkness. He has knifes attached all over his body- knifes that are equally dark- and wears a Pakari. Beneath the armor on his back the symbol of Unity, Duty, and Destiny is carved into the skin.AbilitiesSovos is an assassin. He lives in the shadows and sneaks through them, unseen. He is incredibly quiet- nigh unhearable if he needs to be. His aim is dead on; he throws with deadly precision. Both his senses and his reflexes are astonishing too. His speed and agility is greater than even most Toa. He is a truly remarkable matoran.WeaponsAbout thirty-one knives of various sizes hidden all over his body. Each is lightweight, pure black, and perfectly forged. They are balanced extremely well and slice cleanly into fleshBiographySovos spent centuries upon centuries in the extensive tunnels of Mata-Nui's underworld, honing his body, mind, and equipment with single minded religious fervor for Mata Nui. No one knows about him, or his life before his training.He had, every so often, gone to Onu-Koro, picking up weapons, information, and supplies. Anyone who knew about him is now dead.He has just come out of his dark hideaway, single-mindedly bent on killing every Makuta follower that lives, and anyone who might get in his way.WeaknessesFor all his strengths, he cannot get beyond the simple fact of his species. Sovos is just a matoran, and is physically weaker than a toa, and also lacks the special powers of one.



    Selzchaar is very thin, and although he has muscle, he is also quite emaciated. He’s nothing but bones and thin, wiry muscle. He’s blue and black, with eyes the color of urine that leer out from behind a Kanohi Matatu. His armor is all hard edges and sharp points, sleek and menacing. His fingers are constantly moving, as if hungry to grasp something, and lightning often crackles between his fingertips.
    Selzchaar has a refined control of lightning. It is rare that he does something as blunt as conjuring a bolt of it to throw at an enemy- he prefers subtler and far more nasty ways of exerting his control of electricity, such as building up an electric charge in his body. He is also very agile and nimble, able to crawl and climb faster than many Toa can walk. He also is skilled manipulating things with his Mask of Telekinesis. Although terrible at throwing things around or using the mask for force, Selzchaar makes up for that by being able to precisely manipulate smaller objects- opening a lock, for example, is relatively simple for him.
    A few long spikes he keeps in his bag, just in case, and hidden daggers in places around his body are all he has. He usually doesn’t wield one.
    Evil is probably a good way to describe Selzchaar. Not only does he look the part, but he acts it as well. Not a shred of morals nor a hint of honor can be found in him. He’s out for himself, and the highest bigger. Selzchaar kills for fun, and is pretty good at it, too. There’s nothing good to be found in him. If I were you, I’d stay away.
    Selzchaar once deserved to be a Toa. Before the First Toa, he was a member of the Ta-Koro guard, and a fairly high ranking one too. His valor and courage made him a small legend, and when he found a Toa Stone in a lava flow near the Tren Krom break, nobody was surprised by Mata-Nui’s choice. Curiously, Selzchaar immediately left the guard once be became a Toa, and then disappeared. Nobody saw any trace of him, and the population assumed he was dead.
    Now, a century later, Selzchaar is back from his isolation, unrecognizable to the villagers he once knew.
    Selzchaar is not the strongest, physically, nor the most resilient to damage. His frail body will crumple with the lightest hit. He cannot muster much force with either his mask or element as well.

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