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    Banner by Onaku and Tex



    ABOUT: Roughly a year has passed since Alpha 1 Team saved Makuhero City from the dreaded Brain horde. A lot has happened between now and then, but Hero Factory continues to stand strong, helping those in need all across the galaxy. However, the Heroes of Alpha 1 aren’t the only ones protecting the known territories – there are many other Heroes, veterans and youngsters alike, each with their own unique abilities, who work day and night to keep evil at bay.

    The question is: Can they maintain this time of peace… or will evil prevail? It’s up to you.



    The Old Master
    Rylinth Anderfel
    Toa Onaku


    HERO RANKS: Because just "rookie" and "veteran" is boring, right?

    Sergeant – Rookies
    Lieutenant – Heroes who have put in about four years worth of service.
    Captain – Typically given to team leaders, but occasionally awarded to others for great acts of heroism.
    Commander – The best of the best; their authority is greater than even the Mission Managers’.

    NPCs: For the sake of IC consistency, any and all characters mentioned in the TV-show, books, comics, radio specials, etc. will be played by members of the GM council unless otherwise stated.

    LOCATIONS: Most planets are open for exploration, but some may be closed during certain missions. More will be added as the game progresses.

    Makuhero City – The gleaming, high-tech home of the Hero Factory.
    Mekron City  – A smaller city situated on a distant planetoid.
    Antropolis City – A science and business hub unknowingly built atop the lair of the Crystal Beasts.
    Mechna – Recently returned to its original orbit, this industrial planet is where Mr. Makuro’s technological venture began.
    Tantalus 5 – Site of Penitentiary 1331, where numerous villains are being held while the Villain Storage Facility is being repaired.



    1. Basic BZP and Lego RPG rules apply: No GModding, unwarranted bunnying, auto-hits, etc.
    2. Heroes are not Toa – go easy on the space magic.
    3. Earth and her neighboring planets don’t exist in this universe – please keep real-world references to a minimum, (or better yet, non-existent).
    4. Please keep all OOC chatter in the discussion thread.
    5. If you have any questions or concerns, or may be having trouble with another player, please take it to PMs and we’ll help you out as best we can!

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    Banner by me.

    This post exists to maintain a record of ongoing and past missions, as well as more in-depth descriptions of the various locations that exist within the game.
    It will be updated periodically, as more missions are added and locations discovered. 
    Current Mission: N/A.
    Past Missions: TBA.

    Makuhero City.
    A bustling technological metropolis situated on a small planetoid in the Makuhero Belt asteroid field, Makuhero City was built up and around Hero Factory. In the middle of a lake in the city’s heart stands the partially-rebuilt Hero Factory, with the Makuhero Reservoir lying to the west of the city, and open ocean to the east. As well as the factory, the city is home to millions of residents, and hundreds of businesses, including a power plant, and Makuhero University, and is adorned with billboards promoting Hero Factory and its employees.

    Mekron City.
    Located in the Mekronite Planetoid Belt on the outer fringes of populated space, Mekron City is not wholly reliant on Hero Factory for its protection, instead employing a skilled, militant police force, in conjunction with significant numbers of FEDs. Its buildings are basic and utilitarian, largely squarish or cylindrical in shape, and all hewn of the same drab, grey metal, including the well-defended police station in the city’s heart.

    Antropolis City.
    An ever-expanding, industrious settlement on a largely uninhabited planet, the people of Antropolis City recently came to discover that their civilisation is built atop the ancient nesting ground of the subterranean crystal beasts. While an uneasy truce has been struck with the creatures, incidents continue to occur as the city’s expansions continually encroach on the beast’s underground homes.

    A planet formerly owned by Makuro Industries, home to a manufacturing facility responsible for producing and distributing XT4 construction drones. After the Legion of Darkness stole and reprogrammed a shipment of these drones, the factory was shut down. More recently, the planet was temporarily switched with an alternate version populated by villains, but both planets have since been returned to their proper universes, and the portal responsible closed for good.

    Tantalus 5
    A mountainous, grassy planet in an isolated corner of the galaxy, it is home of the now-completed Penitentiary 1331, a prison Corrodor once tried to destroy while it was still under construction. Ironic, given that Corrodor and many other villains have spent significant time there following its completion.

    Eclipse Station.
    A state of the art, moon-sized space station that exists independent of wider galactic laws and Hero Factory’s influence. Full Description.

    GM IC: A Galaxy at Peace.
    Hero Factory.
    A little over six months had passed since the destruction of Hero Factory, and the hectic days of chaos and calamity that had followed. In the aftermath of that disaster and the Mechna Incident that swiftly followed, crime in the galaxy had been on a steady decline. Traferous was destroyed, the Brain Master had vanished, the Galactic Conspiracy had been disbanded, and Von Nebula was safely locked away, this time (hopefully) for good. Without their figureheads to rally behind, many of the galaxy’s career criminals had gone into hiding or succumbed to in-fighting.
    With only the occasional petty crook or maniac to deal with, the heroes had been given breathing room to focus on rebuilding their home. The rubble had been cleared away, and a new Hero Factory had already begun to rise up from the ashes of the first. Re-establishing communications with the rest of the universe had been first priority, of course, and a newer, bigger Call Centre had been the focus of the first phase of construction.
    Now building teams were in the process of fully constructing a new Assembly Tower. It was already functional, able to create and upgrade heroes at a reduced rate, but it was still weeks away from full completion. However, with the Call Centre and Assembly Tower being the primary priorities for construction, there were currently no hangars or rooms for the heroes, their vehicles, or their belongings. As such, the heroes were instead forced to dig into their savings and rent facilities around Makuhero City to live and store their things in until construction was complete.
    One other thing had been built – the old H from the previous tower had been planted in the ground just outside the new Factory’s main entrance, engraved with the names of all the heroes and civilians who’d died in the service of Hero Factory throughout the years. With Traferous destroyed and the Brain Master vanished, the makeshift memorial was likely the only closure some of the deceased would ever receive.
    But while the galaxy seemed to be settling in for an era of peace, those more attuned to the tides of time would recognise this as being nothing more than the calm before the storm…

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  • IC: CORE



    He stood on a rooftop, gazing at the Hero Factory in the distance, the monolithic building lit by hundreds of lights. Even still under construction after being destroyed it made for a fearsome sight, standing taller than every other building in the city. A beacon of hope for the innocent masses, who were too weak to defend themselves against the corruption that threatened to consume the galaxy.


    Or at least, that was what its Heroes were programmed to believe.


    But Core knew better, for he had been a Hero himself less than a year ago, before he had uncovered a conspiracy that gave a name for the feelings of disillusionment that he had been holding for the Factory. Those behind the conspiracy had been correct in their beliefs, but mistaken in their attempts to fix it; wiping out the current slate of Heroes to replace them with something else was not how it should be done. It would be much easier, yes, and certainly much faster... but would still involve senseless murder. Core had found a different solution - one that had already proven successful, if... taxing. It would not function on the larger scale necessary.


    He had long ago removed the Factory's ability to contact him directly or access him in any other manner, but he himself could still listen in on the generic mission feed; occasionally, bits and pieces of useful information could be picked out from the chatter.


    He frowned, tuning into it once more.


    "-investigating the disturbance now, approaching Kuah Street now-"


    Tuning back out of the feed, he shifted in place, sparing the Factory in the distance one last glance before turning away and looking up at the night sky. Very few stars could be seen; an excellent night to stay hidden. That was good. The street the Heroes were investigating was close by; it was possible that a civilian had spotted them and called in. They would have to start moving soon.


    Of all the places to get stranded without a ship, Makuhero City was probably the worst.


    He walked up to his partner, who was slumped down on the ground and leaned against the door leading back inside, resting. Nudging them with his foot, he said quietly, "time to get moving again."

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  • IC: Insurgent (Makuhero City)

    Not too far away from Core's location, a vigilante was preparing himself for his night. In his hand was his 5 shooter revolver, in his other, was his heavy, reinforced helmet. He stared at the construction of the Hero Factory. He sighed. It was a shame Hero Factory was rebuilt so quickly. He was now at an even greater risk when he went out.


    Sighing again, he put on his helmet, and strode off into the night, vigilant, as always.

    OOC: Open for interaction

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  • IC: Saracen Rune - Makuhero City, Apartment.


    He stared at the charger cable for a long time, pondering. It would be so, so easy to simply let it drop, wait for his already-low core to drain completely. He'd slip into sleep mode to conserve power... and never wake up. He had very few friends in the factory, he hadn't told anyone where he was living, and his feed was switched off. It would be days before anyone found him. It was a quiet, peaceful way to go. Cleaner than a laser blast to the head, less painful than ripping his own core out of his chest. And this way, when Hero Factory eventually recovered his remains, they could perform a core transfer, and maybe, create a new Saracen.


    One who could actually get the job done. 


    Every day since his return from Mechna, Saracen had been haunted. For 40 years, he'd tried to get it right, to follow the law and give villains the justice they deserved. He'd been wounded, on dozens of occasions. He'd lost teammates, more times than he wanted to remember. But he'd always brought in the bad guys, caught them and cuffed them and carted them off for incarceration. 


    That was, until Tranquis. That was when it had all started to go downhill for him. Every villain he'd gone up against since then had slipped through his fingers, no matter how much pain and suffering he put himself through to apprehend them. Karter, Dumacc, the Brain Master, Fravi, Arsenal, Traferous, and so many others. They'd either escaped completely, or been caught by some other heroes after Saracen had been beaten and battered into submission. He and another hero had even been willing to let themselves get blown to smithereens to ensure Traferous' destruction, after the monster had reduced Hero Factory to rubble. But Traferous had escaped, survived, then fled... only to die pointlessly in another explosion, elsewhere. A senseless sacrifice, but one that had allowed the wretched creature to escape justice, nonetheless. 


    And then had come Mechna... Saracen wasn't ready to think about what had happened there. What he'd done. The lows he'd stooped to. He was no hero. Heroes didn't do what he'd done. 


    He tried to make himself drop the cord, to let it all end. But just like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before than, and every slagging day since his return from Mechna, he slumped down in the charging station, and plugged himself in.



    IC: Mr Vyle - Makuhero City.


    In a very different apartment, a very different person was going through a very different crisis of faith. 


    For the first time in over a decade, Mr Vyle had no idea what to do.


    His plan hadn't been perfect, to be sure. The villains hadn't been willing to cooperate; they'd bickered and bumbled and tripped over each other in their efforts to be the best. But the plan had worked. Thanks to a group of extremely resourceful, extremely powerful villains working in unison, Hero Factory had been reduced to rubble and ashes, hundreds of its soldiers and employees slaughtered. And yet, like some kind of unholy, implacable phoenix, that abominable factory had risen again from those ashes, a new H symbol of dictatorship adorning the side of its new tower of tyranny. 


    He stared out the window, fingers tightening around the head of his cane. What will it take to destroy you? 

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  • IC: Isaac Rider (Apartment Building - Makuhero City)

    Rider looked out of the window at the slowly regenerating building of Hero Factory. He couldn't help but make a small smile.

    After all the destruction, all of the madness that had occured after the demolishing of the building, it was still in the exact same location.

    Still, valiantly, surviving. His sentry drone hovered next to him, it too, looking out of the window. Isaac sighed, and walked away from the window, sitting at the sofa in his small apartment. Claws loyally followed him, before perching on his shoulder, like a bird.


    Unlike others, Rider was one of the few very happy to have a break from the action. Being a field medic has a very negative effect on your stress levels, constantly having to revive damaged heroes, having to get over the ones who he could not save. It was hard work...but at the same time, he knew it was important, and that is why he kept doing it.


    He sighed, before plugging himself into his charging station, and sitting back and relaxing.

    He had nothing to worry about, for once.

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  • IC: Shade - Underwater AD Hanger


    Shade lounged around on a couch as he looked through some files he'd copied off of one of the construction team's computers after stealing a password. Unfortunately, it was boring and only contained information regarding how many workers and resources were required to complete the project. As he continued reading the documents, Shade found his gaze becoming more and more fixated on the framed and heavily decorated mattresses that hung on the wall. Medals thickly covered all of them because of the heroic feats performed six months ago during a mission on an alternate Mechna. Shade looked at them for a long time before giving up on the files and standing up. After tossing the files into a digital waste bin, he began to practice some fighting techniques on villains only he could see. It wasn't nearly as fun or realistic as the simulators from Ye Factory of Olde, but it was better than nothing.


    The destruction of the Hero Factory hadn't been good for Shade. He'd been allowed to keep a private hangar for his own, that was true, but the assassin hadn't been needed for anything in the past six months. So he had stayed here practicing fights with the air and occasionally sneaking out on sortie missions of his own decree to gather intel on anything of interest (Or, rather, trrying to obtain interesting files. Security seemed to have gotten tighter since the factory was destroyed). It bothered him that villains had attacked the Hero Factory when it had been its strongest, and yet no one had touched it in the six months when it was at its weakest. Something felt off and he would keep training to the best of his ability and continue searching for anything that might bring some light upon the inevitable strike headed Hero Factory's way.

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  • IC: Echo

    A subtle green glow filled the air, particles of dust taking on the sickly hue as they swirled pointlessly around the fallen Hero's head. A visor washed over his face, hiding it from view, and and single eye-like reticule blinked on. He twisted upwards, unnaturally coming from a crumbled heap to a standing position without seeming to move at all.

    He did not look at his partner.

    He did not speak.

    He only nodded.

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  • IC: Anamnesis - Makuhero City.


    The villain stared out the window, admiring the steady reconstruction of Hero Factory in the distance. Weak-minded though they were, he couldn't help but admire their resilience. They had the determination to survive, even if they lacked the collective mental fortitude to make the hard choices. 


    Anamnesis had not been idle since Hero Factory's  fall. He'd adopted a civilian form, claimed a penthouse apartment for himself, used his interfacing skills to ensure a steady stream of income, and installed a hefty amount of solar panels and other off-the-grid energy sources to mask his added power consumption. He was the perfect predator, hiding in plain sight barely a kilometre from where Hero Factory stood. The last place any hero would ever think to look for him. 


    Progress on the nanite project was slow, but steady. The kind of specialised equipment required to create them was difficult for him to acquire without the appropriate licenses and so on, but slightly easier for him to fabricate once he'd hacked a few databases and gotten his hands on the necessary blueprints. That was his life now, stepping out every few days to purchase supplies, then returning to his lair to continue with the construction of the project. The hard part would be designing the virus for the nanites to carry, and he'd devoted a few of his subroutines solely to running simulations for that task.


    There was no rush for him. Hero Factory was far from completed, the galaxy's villains were largely sticking to the shadows, and there was no risk of exposure or interruption to Anamnesis himself. He could afford to be patient. 

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  • IC: CORE



    With Echo trailing behind, the rogue hero opened the door and stepped into the narrow, dimly lit stairwell. He began the long descent.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrohawk - Makuhero City


    When it came to choosing my - supposedly - temporary residence, 'course I picked the tallest building on offer. And when I was given the option of paying that little bit extra for a top-notch flat with the best view in the City, 'course I opted for the most sky-high solution - in both altitude and expense. S'ppose that's why I'm here - stuck in a stuffy room, just itching to get out into the fresh air. It's a nice evenin', that's for sure. Not a rain-cloud in sight, skies clear and crisp. I'd love to leave, I really would - but you know how these things are, orders are orders. Don't get involved, he said, stay out of it, he said. Relax, he said. 


    Now, dear reader, lemme tell you somethin': relaxing isn't exactly my strong point. Not my forte, I feel. Neither is staying indoors on a sundown like this, even if I do have the best view in the City (that'll be Ⓗ50 a month, thank you very much). Which is why I'd really rather leave, as ya may have guessed by now. I s'ppose if I did leave, got some fresh air, had a fly 'round the city etc. etc. while stayin' positively calm, cool and collected, I wouldn't 'xactly be breaking an order, now would I? That's what I thought - the answer's no. Which I s'ppose  is why I'm opening my window as I tell ya this, stepping out and--


    --did I mention I could fly?--


    ​--Well I can, which is just the reason why I'm fleeting forwards through the sky at a rate relatable to a jet right now. This is the feeling I love, but I'm lucky if it lasts for long. It's always over annoyingly early - I haven't been posted on a mission that comes close to demanding any effort on the flying front. Still, I eventually settle on a street I think I've seen before, but I'm never sure - Makuhero City all looks the same to me. I grab a drink from a vendor for a pretty cheap rate (one that probably reflects the drink's quality), and head down the street, glancing around me for any particularly shifty behavior.


    Then, when I'm some way down the lane -  sauntering along like I own the place - I see the figure. They're helmeted, and look like they could do a fair bit of damage. I'd say that fits pretty neatly into the "shifty" category, wouldn't you? I flit up to the rooftops of the comparatively low buildings on this street. The figure corners at the nearby crossing, and I follow them like a hawk (hey would ya look at that it's in my name and everything).



    OOC: That's Insurgent~~~~~~~

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  • IC: Yofrid Atgeir and Peppy Starburst
    Location: Yofrid's Meadhall - Makuhero City Outskirts
    It had been a slow last few weeks for Yofrid's Meadhall. Very few people tended to show up, and the profits had thus far barely been enough to cover the shipments of ale they'd ordered. While Yofrid lamented over this lack of business, Peppy was glad that she didn't have to run from table to table at break-neck speeds to fill the cups of patrons. There was some chatter between the patrons of the bar, but for the most part, it was quiet, and for this Peppy was grateful.
    At the end of the day, as the last few patrons were getting up to leave, Peppy took a seat next to the sulking Yofrid, sighing lightly. Yofrid looked at the credits they'd accumulated over the course of the day. Surprisingly, she'd finally turned a profit. Of about thirteen credits. She turned to Peppy with an expression best described as a good serving of disappointment, stirred lightly with a pinch of grieving.
    -"I'm honestly starting to question the validity of this meadhall business out here. Few seem to seek out the ale we serve and the food we lay on the tables, or the beds we lend out for the night. I fear that in time, not too long from now, this will come crashing down and bury me in debt... Perhaps I should quit now, while I haven't indebted myself to lesser men." Yofrid confided in Peppy. Penelope looked upon her friend, a look of concern hiding the smidgen of guilt she felt for relishing in the scarcity of patrons.
    -"Don't worry, I'm sure if we keep at it, the word will spread of our little meadhall here. Soon we'll have lots of business. I just know it!" Peppy exclaimed, trying to reassure her friend. Yofrid half glared at Peppy, almost as if trying to figure out her thoughts.
    -"What makes you so sure? We have very few patrons now, and I have noticed some of the regular ones have failed to show up lately. If anything, we're going out of business."
    -"Well surely there's some way we could advertise our meadhall... Wait, that's it! Advertisement!" Peppy excitedly jumped up from her chair. "We'll go on the radio! Introduce our meadhall to the public! I'm certain that's exactly what we need!"
    Yofrid nodded her head. -"Well, If you're certain..." Peppy grabbed Yofrid by the shoulders. -"I am!" There was a look of confidence in Peppy's eyes. An air of certainty and enthusiasm.
    -"By the time we come back here from the radio station, we'll have patrons filling out our seats waiting for us. Just you see!"



    IC: TitanosNimius and Captor
    Location: Titanos' Penthouse
    It had been a calm day so far. Captor had returned home from a short but sweet mission, and he had an aura of pride around him. Titanos had welcomed him back with open arms, and the two of them chattered for a bit about how the mission went. Showing some consideration for Titanos' aversion to violence, Captor kept some of the more grizzly details out of the tale, but non-the-less tried his best to keep it interesting and descriptive of what happened. Their chat came to a halt when they heard the creak of a door. Looking up, they noticed Nimius looking through his door at the two of them, his face looking rather sickly and disgruntled, but most of all tired. Before either of them could say anything, he calmly closed the door again, leaving the two of them on the other side once more.
    -"This has been going on ever since you allowed us to stay here. He hasn't been the same since his encounter with Breaker..." Captor said with worry. Titanos nodded -"Losing his powers has taken its toll on his esteem." He added. "He had built his entire identity on his intense fire powers, and now that they're gone, so is everything he thought he was."
    -"I've tried as I can to cheer him up and bring him back into the hero life, but he persistently refuses to leave his room. He does nothing but sulk all day. I doubt he's going to get better if we don't do something."
    Titanos shook his head. -"What he needs is time. We can't rush him, he needs to be allowed to get through this his own way."
    -"And what if he can't?" Captor asked, looking up at Titanos with concern in his voice. "What then, my friend?"
    For a moment, Titanos was silent. -"... I do not know." He finally admitted. Together, the two friends sat there at the table, both sharing worry for Nimius.

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  • IC Kathrine Scarlet:


    In a different part of the city,  a very different hero was shooting through the skies. A bolt of crimson trailed by royal purple looped lazily through the air.


    IC Kaiba Blader:


    On a rooftop, a once decrepit robot watched the city. Bustling with activity and sound, it never stopped moving. It never had in all of Kaiba Blader's long life. His armor, now the brilliant white and crimson it had been so long ago, gleamed in the light. Only a handful of people knew his name anymore. To the common folk on the street he was the White Wolf, a vigilante and hero. To the Factory he was Kaiba Blader, a bot taking matters into his own hands illegally. To the local police he was a help, and a nuisance. Jails had not been so constantly at capacity for a long time. To one bot he was an old friend, but he'd taken leave of that one's company.


    Friend, Nuisance, Wolf, or Blader. It hardly mattered. He did what he was built to do, and that was enough for him.

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  • IC: Alex Drift and Gabriel Bliss - Makuhero City

    Bliss leaned back in his armchair and continued to do what he been doing all evening, namely ignoring the chattering TV, sipping a fine glass of RoboJolt, and crocheting a squid. He hadn't seen Drift for the last few hours, when his roommate had headed out for a walk to the marketplace. The pilot had said he needed some things, but he hadn't elaborated and Bliss hadn't pressed.

    The veteran finished a tentacle and winced slightly as he heard the door to the apartment open in the next room. Quickly stowing the mess of yarn and his needles, he got up and went to help Drift with the groceries. Drift had brought in several large paper sacks of fresh fruits and vegetables along with machine parts for the contraption he'd been building. Bliss looked questioningly at the other Hero and gestured at the food.

    "Saw a couple homeless guys," Drift grunted, heaving a melon out of the bag. "Figured it'd be nice to make 'em some food."

    "Can we afford this? Not that I disapprove, but-"

    "Yeah, sure. All this stuff was on sale. You know anything about how to prepare organic food?"

    Bliss shook his head slowly and said, "Nope." He grinned suddenly, "But that's not gonna stop me from making the best salad of all time."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    As the gunmetal vigilante continued to walk, he started to have a weird feeling of being watched. Activating Verdad, a long, light blue, energy blade extended from his wrist projector. The energy blade made a low humming noise as it was activated. "Is anyone there?" Insurgent asked.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrohawk - Makuhero City


    Hmmm...this punk has got out some kinda blade - he's obviously aware o' me watchin'. Lemme see now...Update: that's a definite, since he seems to be saying something to the world in general. Can't make out what it is, I must admit - got music playin' in my helmet, see. Still, looks like I'm gonna have to deal with this troublemaker if he tries anything. For now I'll keep an eye on him. He looks sorta lost - s'ppose he probably is, if he's a criminal...


    What are you up to...

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  • IC: Insurgent

    Insurgent sighed. Just him being paranoid again.

    He retracted his blade, and cursed in Spanish underneath his breath. He pressed on, if he couldn't find anyone, he'd go for a drink and call it a night.

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  • IC: CORE



    He stepped out onto the street.


    OOC: Insurgent and Skylor can be nearby if you like

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  • IC: Beemer and Sylver


    Beemer stared out at the murky void of space from his ship, the Athena, watching as the comets shot past the twinkling stars. Gripping the empty air in front of him, a holographic throttle materialized, accelerating the ship. His resident reporter, Sarah Sylver, walked onto the section of the ship labeled the "bridge". 


    "Where to next, Jax?" she asked as she too stared at the starscape. After a short pause, Beemer replied, "Let's go home." He pushed the virtual throttle forward and spun his left hand, steering the ship towards the familiar sight of Makuhero City.


    OOC: Beemer and Sylver to Makuhero City.

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  • IC: Cobra Shard - The One Place Rookies Should Never Be

    Shard was hanging out at the bar.


    OOC: That would be the same bar Insurgent is heading towards.

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  • IC: Insurgent
    Insurgent, as Core stepped out, took a look at him. He immediately tensed up. He didn't look like a hero, but he certainly didn't look like a civilian, either. His hand rested on his gun.

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  • IC: CORE



    Spotting Insurgent, fingering his gun, the former hero took a tentative step forward. His eyes narrowed as he glanced around, taking in the scene... or rather, lack of.


    Simply paranoid, then.


    Resting a hand on the pommel of his energy sword, he stepped forward again.


    "You seem nervous."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    "Why shouldn't I be, in a place like this, amigo?" Insurgent never took his eyes off Core. "You with the policía?"

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  • IC: Echo - Hide in Shadows +3

    Echo switched off his visor light and remained hidden in the shadows. Best to make the stranger Core had approached think there was only one of them.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    I glance down casually for a second, descryin' the desperado below me. Then I take another second to realise that the hoodlum has found a friend. They seem to be talkin' in a worrying way. Hmmm...I'd say 'interestin'...', but I'm not in the habit of lyin'. Well, s'ppose that's two seconds of my life that I'll never get back - let's not make it more, eh? Now, this beat on the other hand, I could listen to all day. Shame these two mugs are chinwaggin' so loud I can hardly hear it.


    "You two!" I shout down to them. "Put a sock in it!"

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  • IC: Insurgent

    Insurgent looked at the source of the voice. "Shut up!" He yelled, before looking back at Core.

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  • IC: CORE



    "Makuhero City is the safest place to be," the former Hero replied, shrugging nonchalantly. "Unless, of course, you're a criminal - what with the Hero Factory in the middle of the city, and all. Some might say that this city is the one place that you shouldn't be acting shifty, no?"


    Though he noted their location, he ignored the Hero up above - if the robot tried to intervene, Echo would take care of it if he could not, especially since his partner was undoubtedly keeping himself hidden from both of the other individuals (if past similar experiences were to be counted on, at least). He looked Insurgent up and down, taking in his appearance.


    "What's your name, stranger?"

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  • IC: Insurgent

    "I have a lot of names, gringo. You can call me Insurgent." The vigilante kept staring at him. His hand never left his weapon. He still did not trust the stranger. "Yours?"

    OOC: Insurgent is not his actual name, btw.

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  • IC: Anamnesis - Makuhero City.


    While embroiled in his work on the nanites, a sudden beeping drew Anamnesis' attention. It was one of the many computer monitors he'd set up around the apartment, this one being a carefully concealed tap into one of the nodes of Makuhero City's camera network. After finding the apartment months ago, he'd established the tap and installed a few small subroutines into different aspects of the network, including the facial recognition software. 


    And now, it seemed, something had set off the alert system on one of those subroutines.


    It was a simple system, really. Hero Factory was nothing more than a call centre and half an assembly tower right now, so they had no one monitoring the city's security cameras. That had left the system wide open for Anamnesis to hijack, using it to keep tabs on the worryingly large number of villains who'd migrated to the city in recent days. He stepped away from the workbench and approached the monitor, bringing up the footage that had triggered the alert. Some robot he didn't recognise was having a conversation with another robot in the middle of a street. There seemed to be a third person involved, somewhere up above the others, out of the camera's fixed point of view. He frowned for a moment, wondering what had set off the alert, until he finally realised who the robot in black was.


    "Welcome back," he mused. He'd changed his colourscheme, but that was definitely Matteo Focus.  


    Things in this city were about to get interesting. 

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  • IC: CORE



    Core remained impassive, merely shrugging at the question being thrown back at him.




    He would get Echo to pull up any relevant files on him from the Factory later. Right now, a response was needed.


    "Core will be sufficient. What business has you skulking about in a suspicious manner?"

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  • IC: Insurgent

    "I hunt down criminals, but I'm not Hero Factory. That's all you need to know." Insurgent kept staring down Core. "What about you?"

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  • IC: CORE



    He nodded, still impassive.


    "You're awfully confrontational for someone who claims to hunt down criminals."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    "Like I said, I ain't Hero Factory. You seem awfully well equipped for a civilian, amigo." Insurgent observed.

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  • IC: CORE



    He chuckled. "That would be because I am not a civilian... in fact, if you are what you say you are, then I do believe we are comrades in the war on crime - though that Hero hovering above us might disagree."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    Insurgent relaxed a little. "Perhaps." He looked at the hero watching. "What do we do about her?"

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  • IC: Evangeline Weaver - Makuhero City.


    "Could you repeat that?" Eva asked, trying to remain calm, "I must be misunderstanding something, because it sounds like you're saying you called Hero Factory because your freezer was broken." 


    "It is. I did." The butcher replied, seeming confused by Evangeline's confusion, "That's why I asked them to send someone who could make things cold." 


    "You're supposed to call the repairman when stuff breaks. Not Hero Factory."


    "Already did," the grubby bot replied, "My freezer's an older model, so they had to call someone in from off-world. They're a few hours out, so I need some way to keep my meat frozen in the meantime. That's why I called you guys."


    Eva stared at him. Is this really all I'm good for now? Keeping people's meat cold? Ever since Mechna, it seemed like she only ever got saddled with rubbish jobs. Even after everything she'd done, did her superiors seriously not trust her in the field? "Fine," she growled, making an exaggerated beckoning gesture with her hand. 


    An invisible formation of complex energy fields rippled from her form, seeking out the individual H2O molecules in the surrounding environment - the melting ice still plastered to the sides of the thawing freezer, the dripping water pooling on the floor, the condensation in the air - and drew them together around the shelved meat... and the butcher, trapping all of it in a thick coating of ice. "Urk!"


    "Don't worry," she chimed as she sauntered out, "You should be all thawed out by the time your repairman arrives." 


    Stepping out into the street, she began the slow, grumpy walk back to Hero Factory. 

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  • IC: CORE



    He shrugged. "If she doesn't bother me, I won't bother her."

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  • IC: Echo - Alley Confrontation

    Echo remained motionless in the darkness where he stood. His audio receptors were picking up everything that was going on between the two in the street and... was that music he heard coming from the airborne Hero?

    Carefully, he began undoing the straps that secured his black sword to his back, making sure his sound dampeners kept either the stranger or the Hero from hearing the movement. Heroes usually weren't too friendly to Core and him once they figured out who they were, and he wanted to be prepared in case this one wanted to make trouble.

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  • IC Kaiba Blader - Rooftops of Makuhero City:


    A glimmer of blue caught his eye, and he tracked it to it's source.


    A Hero.


    He frowned. A Hero, in -his- section of the city.


    Silently, he leapt from the rooftop, landing in an alley with a dull clank, and swiftly started toward the Hero's location a few blocks from his own.

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  • IC: Random Bystanders


    Civilians surrounding Insurgent and Core were getting a little nervous about these strangers carrying and holding weapons in public. A few were subtly reaching for mobile phones or other communicators, just in case.


    OOC: Just realised that having weapons quite obviously strapped to you when not a Hero or recognisable officer of the law may not be too settling for the surrounding people in this situation. Consider this the FIRST GM NPC POST. Truly a momentous occasion.