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    Not the best-sounding message to send to you all, but it’s all I have.Know that a virus is infecting Techna’s SCPU. Know that I can save the SCPU by downloading the virus into my own body. Know that in my last moments I am thinking of you, fellow Toa Techna.Hunt down the hackers. Stop them, no matter what the cost. I know you are limited to imprisoning them because of the Toa Code in your hardware, but even so you can make their lives as hellish as possible. For me.Good-bye.* * *I’m Torch, Toa of Plasma and deputy leader of the Toa Techna -- well, now leader, as our former leader, the Toa of Electricity Ion, died to save Techna’s mainframe. He downloaded a virus into his own body, and the massive misinformation overload killed him.But I digress. If you are receiving this cybernet message via your brain implant, you are a denizen of Techna. Read on -- or listen on, it doesn’t matter -- for a review of our current crisis. Your help combating this threat will be invaluable.And if you’re a hacker... well, be warned: We will find you.* * *HISTORY of TECHNAFifty years after our population of Spherus Magna, we, the Matoran, Toa, etc., finally gathered enough technical knowhow to examine the technology within the damaged Matoran Universe. Together with the Glatorian we copied detailed designs and brainstormed how to recreate them ourselves.I was a Matoran then, rather young compared to most. Even so I helped construct the first working quantum computer; I was also one of the first to suggest examining Matoran and Toa themselves. In doing so we discovered how to meld organic and mechanical parts together into one body. Ten years later we began adding implants to Toa and Matoran. Another ten years after, we created the first synthetic, completely robotic Matoran, one of fire.A mere year after the first S-toran (as they were called) was created, all of us (the Matoran, Toa, Glatorian, Agori, etc.) happened upon a grand plan: to take the Matoran Universe and recreate it into a grand spaceship to locate other planets to colonize. Some jumped for the idea; others didn’t. With what help we had, we worked for two centuries on the spaceship.One thousand years afterward, now one hundred thousand years ago, we finished the starship. We took the Great Spirit Mata Nui's Kanohi Ignika and installed it as our SCPU (Supervisory Central Processing Unit), called “all aboard who’s going aboard,” and launched the starship into space. We dubbed it the Techna Nui.In a large chamber within the spaceship Techna Nui is the city we call Techna; we all live within this space-city.During our time in space we have discovered how to create synthetic elements and Kanohi, how to create customized species, and how to link us all together using Techna’s SCPU, thus allowing hover-taxis to be driven automatically without crashing, and allowing the Techna Nui to fly itself through space. Now no one remembers who’s a Matoran and who’s an S-toran -- both have so many implants, they seem equally robotic. I like it that way.Just recently our SCPU was hacked. The Hackers want us floating dead in space, because they don’t believe we should be influencing the rest of the universe, insignificant as we are. The Technans believe we should continue onward. Some don’t know what to believe. And what’s more, the SCPU is beginning to malfunction; machinery's timing is growing off, hover-taxis end up a block from their orignal destination, and people report being haunted by an odd ghost program. Techna’s best programmers cannot find the cause of all this, as the ghost program avoids all detection.This is where you come in.* * *ABOUT TECHNAThere are three main districts in our space-city, Techna: the Science District, the Information District, and the Denizens District. Citizens can travel between them as they please, via either hover-taxis or protodermis transport chutes. It’s impossible to enter offices without the proper IDF (Identification Frequency), which can be edited upon promotions and / or job switches.The Science District takes up the western half of Techna; the Information District takes up the eastern half; and the Denizens District takes up a small extra quadrant to the north, as you can see from this map:


    All of Techna is defended by hovering Automated Defensive Robots, ADRs, armed with energy ball launchers. The robots have arms but no legs and are about as large as a Matoran. When an alarm sounds, ADRs will immediately converge on the area, so don’t try sneaking into places you shouldn’t be. Also, various food business (as well as empty buildings reserved for food businesses) are scattered throughout both the Science and Information Districts.SCIENCE DISTRICTThe largest of the Technan districts, the Science District’s offices deal exclusively with technological advances. Scientists work within closed chambers, working on advanced computer programs and new weapons, masks, and armor.-Technology Tower:This is the single manufacturing plant of the city of Techna. It takes up the very center of the Science District, a large cubical base from which extends a skyscraper-like structure. Only scientists with the highest possible permissions may enter.-Computer Knowledge Center:Most of the programming for the SCPU is done within this small tower to the southwest of the Technology Tower. Entry permissions are the same as those for the Technology Tower. It is believed the SCPU virus was uploaded from here; thus, security is doubled.INFORMATION DISTRICTThe Information District includes many database libraries with information on everything from how to create a homemade chocolate cake to how to program in MCL (Matoran Code Language); not all libraries are accessible to the general public, however. There are also cyberprinters based here; many a citizen of Techna has gotten popular through publishing a book on the cybernet.-Security and Defense Library:This is accessible only to those accompanied by one of the Toa Techna. It includes a complete listing of all previous misdemeanors, including those committed before the Techna launched. It also includes complete schematics for Techna and its defenses.HOUSING DISTRICTThis includes one hibernation chamber for every citizen. While in this hibernation chamber characters are plugged into a computer, which allows them to move about in a highly-realistic virtual bedroom they may customize any way they wish.* * *CHARACTER CREATIONThis is the interesting part. See, it’s possible for citizens of Spherus Magna to contact us via a technology called “quantum entanglement”. Don’t know it? Look it up. After a request is approved, we can create a body on the Techna Nui for someone and then, using quantum entanglement, transfer someone’s personality from the old body into the new. You can be a Toa or Matoran, Glatorian or Agori, or even request a custom build; you can even have high-tech implants fresh out of our Technology District.All one needs to do is fill out this form, send it to the Character Database, and wait till it has been approved by the Toa Techna:Name:Gender: (Male / Female / None)Species:Appearance: (optional unless your character differs from the norm)Kanohi: (if applicable)Powers: (if applicable)Weapons:Implants: (robotic arm, x-ray eyepiece, arm blaster, shoulder disk launcher, none, etc.; preferably one or two, keep within reason)Personality:Alignment: (Hackers / Techna / Neutral)Bio: (please include an occupation if your character has one)The Toa Techna's profiles are as follows:

    Legolover-361:Name: TorchGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: Brown armor over deep red under-armor, gold shoulder- and upper-leg armor, and a gold Kanohi shaped like Lhikan's HauKanohi: Mask of Time PerceptionPowers: PlasmaWeapons: Two daggersImplants: Arm-mounted plasma jet; advanced brain implant that allows him to send announcements throughout Techna and gives him access to all servers and networks, as well as providing an advanced graphical interface for computer programmingPersonality: Torch is under constant pressure. He is self-critical to the point where the other Toa Techna think he's too tough on himself. He prefers to hide his emotions beneath a facade of power so that the Matoran of Techna have an idol to which they can look for guidance and safety; his fierce loyalty for the denizens of Techna gives him a fiery reason to hunt down the Hackers before his city -- which he helped build -- is destroyed.Alignment: TechnaBio: On Spherus Magna, Torch, as a Matoran, helped design the first working quantum computer. He was also part of the team to design the Techna Nui. A century after the starship launched, Torch earned enough accolades for his help to be built into a Toa of Plasma.* * *Dovydas:Name: EnaltaiGender: MaleSpecies: Toa Kanohi: HauPowers: StoneWeapons: Two particularly long and sharp wristbladesImplants: An implant that allows particularly quick movement of his right arm. Quite frankly, to the extent that unless his right arm is incarcerated in some manner, you'd better watch out.Personality: Quiet. Awfully quiet. As in, talks in really, really rare occasions. So none have gotten to know him well enough to see what's beneath the solitude-loving, ultra-introvert exterior. Not to mention, to many he appears ruthless, grim and dark.Alignment: HackersBio: Enaltai is widely considered in Techna, except amongst the Hackers, to be mentally unstable. The Hackers, however, consider him to be a visionary. He was the best friend of Ion, the first leader of the Toa Techna. However, soon after Ion's death, he came to the conclusion that only a return home and an abandonment of Techna will save its inhabitants from an inevitable demise at the hands of a virus. He joined the Hackers, and, ruthlessly slamming through the opposition, namely any Hacker who would oppose, has seized the title of unofficial leader of the Hackers.* * *King of No Isles:Identification Designation: Matrapolix "Matra" I'RohuGender: MaleDNA Origin: De-Toa, highly edited to hardly resemble a Toa at all.Headgear Type: Mask of biomechanicsPhysical Abilities: Advanced mastery of technology and sound. Besides that, some of his implants are beneficial when it comes to agility and physical strength. Thus, he is quite a powerful Toa. His knowledge of mechanics come from implants and his mask.Tool of Choice: Besides his implants, Matrapolix wields a hooked blade that he uses for combat. When not in use, it is commonly clipped to his back. Additionally, he has a pistol that fires short-range energy blasts, and short-circuiting energy stun-blasts, depending on the current setting.Physical Appearance: In one word, Matra is a cyborg. His implants are so severe, that some regard him as completely mechanical. This is not true, however. It's complicated, so I'll start from the bottom.Matra's feet are encased in steel boots that are implanted into the nerves of his feet. This allows for him to be able to stand on his feet for hours without becoming uncomfortable, as well as kick hard things without any serious pain.This guy's legs are monsters. They are implanted so that you can see through the flesh in quite a sickening way. They are otherwise covered in armor.Mat's chest/back are heavily armored, and the back is equipped to let his blade slide in and out. There is an χ pattern over his chest of glowing liquid, which in reality is artificial "blood." Due to his many implants, he originally had strains as his body struggled to power them. So, he had this liquid injected to help out. This has to be refueled every so often, usually every two weeks on slow weeks. The shortest burn-up time was eighteen hours, when he was still adapting to the implant. Gradually, he was able to cope with it.His mask is a typical ninja mask. It's visor is green and in a stretched V shape from eye to eye. The bottom half is flat and veil-like.Biological Mechanic Edits: His implants are his best qualities. Here they are listed:1. Feet implants mentioned earlier.2. Implants in legs increasing his agility, speed, and jumping ability. His legs are often stiff, and feel uncomfortable.3. Chest implants to allow for greater physical strain without damage to internal systems, and greater metabolism.4. Arm implants that increase bicep strength and lifting power. He could put a nasty dent a hover-taxi, but he couldn't lift one.5. Finally, mental implants. His brain thinks purely logically, and often keeps him from making emotion-based decisions. Besides that, his brain works like a computer and thinks in equations, even having its own wi-fi. This implant also aids the ear problems natural to his species.Natural Programming: Matrapolix is, for one, completely emptied of emotion. His brain works like a computer. Not to say the emotion isn't there, but he's pushed it away. He found it useless. However, he is a Toa Techna. That in itself is one of the reasons why he hasn't gone insane and tried to kill everybody: he was programmed not to. He judges by two main factors: mercy, and justice. He has put the code to law, and lives by it.Moral Programming: Toa TechnaRecord of Known Existence:Born a Toa, Matrapolix was never the most fun person to be around. When they left the planet, he knew he had to be something greater. He would fight against hackers.He knew he was not strong enough to do so, however, and underwent different implants until finally, he found himself able to stand for Techna.Here he is today.* * *Tyler DurdenName: GustGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of AirKanohi: Kanohi KakamaPowers: Elemental control over AirWeapons: Energy rifle, two pistols and two daggers.Implants: NonePersonality: Breezy, light-hearted and always ready with a joke.Alignment: TechnaBio: Gust has been a friend of Torch for as long as he can remember. The two spent almost all of their free time together when Torch wasn't working for the Toa Techna, and Gust tagged along on several missions as an outside contractor. He held a high-ranking job in the police force of the city until one day a Hacker put out a contract on Torch's life. When an assassin attempted to complete it, Gust was alongside his friend and took the bullet for him. He's spent the early portion of the game in the hospital.* * * * *Retired StaffSkarloth:

    Name: FulokGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of IronKanohi: Kanohi KualsiPowers: Toa level elemental control over all metals.Weapons: Two longswords that can channel his element. (Kinda useless...)Implants: Increased strength in his joints, and two wrist blades that are stored within his arms, and can be brought out and retracted at will.Personality: He is fairly kind to most people, as long as they don't get on his nerve (making him tell them something more than once; making things inconvenient for him, etc.). He is extraordinarily evil towards Hackers, some would say to the point of insanity, but he says that's how far people need to take Hackers.Alignment: TechnaBio: Fulok doesn't have much of a history to speak of, except for his feats of heroism as a young Toa that earned him the title Toa Techna. As a Toa of iron, he's constantly doing repairs anywhere that they are needed, and he is very knowledgeable in the technical area of things due to his early life as a Matoran technician.


    Name: Forcyte (pronounced 'Foresight'); formal designation was 'M-Forcyte' shortly after his original activationGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Mask of LogicPowers: DataWeapons: None. Forcyte usually abstains from combat. When he is driven to it, he manipulates his powers with his mind and his hands.Implants: *Sensory enhancements for his eyes and his ears.*Outlets along his arms and legs, through which he can access nearly any computer system and database aboard the Techna Starship.*Extra memory banks, in which he stores staggering amounts of data. It is worth noting that he has multiple banks, and only one is in his brain; the rest are scattered throughout his body. When called upon, these 'outlying' banks send data to his brain via his nervous system; this process takes several seconds. The data in his brain bank, however, is instantaneously accessible.Personality: "Aloof. Egotistical. Unstoppable."These are all words Forcyte has used to describe himself. The first two are undeniably true; Forcyte is the most mysterious and least loved of the Toa Techna, and makes no efforts to endear himself to the citizens. He is supremely confident in his knowledge and his abilities, often acting as a lone wolf; on occasion, he feels even his fellow Techna are inferior to him, though he is careful not to say so aloud. The third word will be put to the test as Forcyte sets out to pacify the Hackers and Ghost Program. Alignment: TechnaBio: Unlike most of the other Toa Techna, who were Spherus Magna Matoran who willingly joined the Starship, Forcyte was an S-Matoran who was created on board the ship as one of the first Matoran of Data. Even as a Matoran, his knowledge and ability to memorize data was unusually powerful; these abilities grew to supernatural proportions once became a Toa and gained his extra implants and mask. Because of it, he has gained an incredible ability to look at a situation (in the real world or in cyberspace) and analyze it in seconds through deductive reasoning, arriving at conclusions that would stump anybody else. He was made an official member of the Toa Techna a few thousand years ago.Forcyte is a sleuth: his job is to gather evidence and catch criminals. He does this not out of a sense of duty, or a desire to protect the ship, but simply because he relishes 'the game.' This obsession and lack of morals, combined with his fearsome gifts, make him simultaneously one of the most admired and loathed figures aboard the Starship.Forcyte has come to see the Ghost Program as his nemesis, and devotes himself to trying to corner and catch it. His obsession is such that he has often had to be dragged away from a computer terminal and sent into the field to hunt for Hackers.

    Note that one can’t be a Makuta, a Great Being, a member of Botar’s species, a Baterra, or any Rahi. They can, however, be a Glatorian, Toa, or any similar species; they can even create their own, within reason, of course. Kanohi not allowed are the Mask of Time, Mask of Life, Mask of Light, Mask of Shadow, Mask of Dimensional Gates, Mask of Creation, and Mask of Undeath. Certain implants may be accepted or rejected based on the approvers. Custom Kanohi and elements are allowed with approval.Note that Techna has its own custom Kanohi and elements. In addition to the normal elements, Crystal, Nucleons (control over protons and neutrons), and Data (ability to adjust data and data flow, and act as a sentient database) also populate Techna.Special Kanohi include the Mask of Engineering (enhances engineering abilities), Mask of Logic (speeds thought processes tenfold), Mask of Hyperspace (creates a hyperspace storage pocket), Mask of Remembrance (plants memories within others’ minds), and Mask of Time Perception (speeds up or slows down perception of time, including user).All characters have a brain implant that allows them to communicate with others mentally, either via audio or text (like how you’re receiving this message).ABOUT THE HACKERSAs I honor freedom of choice, I cannot physically stop you from choosing evil. But it is my job to stop any criminals on Techna, and the hackers are criminals.The hackers believe Techna is wrong. I don't know how they got onto this starship in the first place, but they're here. Maybe they're suffering from claustrophobia; maybe they truly believe we should not disrupt the life of other planets; maybe they believe we've left behind our souls when we embraced technological advancements. Whatever their beliefs, they are here, and they are attempting to hack into Techna's mainframe, either to destroy us, turn us around, or something more devious.* * *This should be all the information you need to catch the hackers -- or, if you are a hacker, turn yourself in. It doesn’t matter who you are; you are a part of this project, and the Toa Techna are committed to keeping you safe.Torch out.* * *GAMEPLAY and RULESThese rules are to be followed to the letter. The first two times you break the rules, you will get warnings, both in PMs and in edits to your offending RPG posts. The third and fourth times, your character will be involves in damaging mishaps that set back your roleplaying. The fifth time, you will be permanently banned from the RPG.Remember to use IC (location goes here) before every in-character post, and OOC after every out-of-character post. For example:

    IC (Science District):“Some place,” remarked the newcomer to himself, gazing around at the buildings.OOC: My character is open for interaction!

    1. All forum rules apply.2. No more than five characters per player. This is to prevent confusion and keep players with more time from effectively “taking over” the RPG.3. No god-modding. “God-modding” is when you make your character do something ridiculously over-powered -- for example, calling an asteroid down from the heavens or releasing a power blast at the last moment to destroy all your enemies. Play fair or don't play.4. No auto-hitting. “Auto-hitting” is when you damage another character without giving the other player a chance to post saying his or her character dodged, blocked, or something else.5. Listen to the RPG staff. They are RPG staff for a reason; thus, you cannot disobey them without very, very good reason. Techna's RPG staff -- Legolover-361, Dovydas, and King of No Isles -- will be playing as the Toa Techna, which will provide an easy way to recognize them.6. Running story arcs is encouraged; making said story arcs rigid is not. This should be a rule of thumb for making and running story arcs: If you can't adjust your story arc to let other people play, too, don't run it. This is the Bionicle RPGs forum, not one of the Library forums.7. Don't just fight -- contribute. Whether you're helping the Toa Techna, the Hackers, or starting your own faction, you're contributing to the TBRPG. Develop new technology, try to gain political followers, or solve mysteries! Don't make a character who only looks for street-fights or drinks all the time.8. Excessive ridiculousness is frowned upon. Sorry, but this is not the Comedies forum. Using cartoon physics is not allowed and will be viewed as god-modding. A character made only to poke fun at other people (as in, he doesn't even work at anything) will also be frowned upon.9. Do not control or replace staff NPCs. This should be common sense. The NPCs include the Ghost Program and leaders of various divisions. You can’t create PCs to replace those NPCs, either, unless the staff grants you permission (and please do not ask for permission; if your character is in a certain field and he / she does well, he / she will be provided with opportunities to be promoted).10. Rule-breaking will be punished. You have four strikes. Depending on the severity of your first offense, you will either be warned and lose your first strike or be warned and lose your first and second strikes. Losing your third strike will result in something bad happening to one or all of your characters, again depending on the severity of the offense. Losing your fourth strike will get you banned from the game.11. Characters are posted for approval in the Character Database, and all-OOC discussions among three or more players go in the Network Relay. Please place your posts within the appropriate topics so we can keep Techna a neat, orderly RPG.12. Remember: You’re playing this to have fun!

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  • IC - Central SquareMatrapolix's had been tracking a Hacker for the past hour. It had been difficult to calculate the criminal's position, due to his mask of teleportation. He had already sent in a file of the Toa, and in return recieved an arrest warrant. There were many Kualsi-bearing Toa aboard the Techna Nui, but less with a black one. The Hacker had caused trouble in a public area, and Matra had been dispatched to take care of it.So many criminals. Such a small team.The entire Toa Techna core group was what, five? Just then, there was a beeping in his ear. His audio receptors picked up a zapping sound, then a sort of pop. Teleportation. He turned and saw a black Kualsi about fifteen feet away. The rest of the Toa matched his description. In a few seconds, Matra was behind him. He gripped his pistol in its holster. Now, to make this quiet...Stepping up behind him, he fired the pistol on stun. The Toa collapsed backwards, but Matra was in time to catch him. From there, he dragged him over to a wall."That wasn't so bad."

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  • IC: (Science District)Scorpio ran through the streets like a blood-hound, chasing a escaping toa. As the toa ran into a darker alley, Scorpio sprinted closer to him, using his Iron powers to drag the person back to him. When the person got closer, he grabbed him by the neck, lfting him to his eye level. The 5.6ft toa's feet were 2ft off the ground. "Who do you work for?" Scorpio asked in his Mechanical voice that resembled a certian 9000-class computer from a certian space odyessy. The Toa spat on the Android, refusing to answer. Scorpio activated his Venom power, and the toa writhed in pain.OOC: Open for interaction.

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  • IC(Ga'mal: CKC)

    Ga'mal leans back in chair with her eyes closed. Her mind was far, far away from anything that was going on around her. Right now it was just her and the computer console in front of her.Her implant for the computer was working at full speed now as she studied the recent virus that was going throught he system. She shakes her head before detaching her finger from the software."I don't get it," she mumbles before running her hands over the top of her Mask. This new virus was almost impossible to track down. "Better go home and get some rest; been a busy day for me," she says out loud before standing up and stretching. The Matoran had been at this kind of work for hours now and it was past her time off. Now, she was going back toward her home after getting a quick bite to eat.The Matoran walks out of the building and heads toward the exit to the main "city."-Mef Man

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  • IC (Science District):Æon snuck around the corridors of the Science District. She had to find done console around here.

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  • IC - Central Square/Information DistrictMatrapolix rubbed his hands together. The Hacker had been successfully taken care of. Maybe he could finally have some time to himself. Leisurely strolling down the street, he caught sight of the Security and Defense Library. He smiled. Nothing to sooth the nerves like reading about misdemeanors.Stepping up to the big, mechanical door, he offered his card for the door to scan.Optic Sensory Required.He lowered himself a slight bit, letting it scan his eyes.Welcome, Toa Techna Matrapolix.The door entered, and he stepped inside. It was quite in here. He liked that.

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  • IC: Meanwhile, off somewhere in the information district..."SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF THIS CONFOUND THING!" an angry voice called, as a barrel rolled down the streets, gaining speed as the downward incline of the path inscreased.Soon, the barrel that was likely once filled with drink was practically flying over the roads, nearly running over some pedestrians even as the oddly-accented voice called for assitance even as it screamed abuse at those who did nothing."YOU GUYS SUCK AT THIS! SOMEBODY STOP THIS BLOODY THING ALREADY!"

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  • IC (CKC, Forcyte's private console):It dances. It defies all tagging programs. It cannot be identified through its code; its supplementary applications; the programs it activates.The computers it assaults try to hold it, but doing so is like... holding an octopus in one's bare hands. The program sinks in its talons nonetheless, and jets away, leaving the victim... stricken.It will not do the same to me.I am Forcyte, of the Toa Techna... and I shall be the Ghost Program's death.OOC: Just a little intro piece. Not open for interaction, but expect me to be around if somethings kicks off. :P-Shyyrn

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  • IC: Meanwhile, off somewhere in the information district..."SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF THIS CONFOUND THING!" an angry voice called, as a barrel rolled down the streets, gaining speed as the downward incline of the path inscreased.Soon, the barrel that was likely once filled with drink was practically flying over the roads, nearly running over some pedestrians even as the oddly-accented voice called for assitance even as it screamed abuse at those who did nothing."YOU GUYS SUCK AT THIS! SOMEBODY STOP THIS BLOODY THING ALREADY!"

    IC (Same place)Thinking quickly, Dralcax tossed a row of kunai (throwing knives) into the barrels path. They dug into the ground and acted as speed bumps, slowing the barrel enough to be stopped easily. "Are you OK?"

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  • IC(Ga'mal: outside of CKC building)

    Ga'mal takes out a pack of cigarettes and places one in her mouth before striking a match against the bottom of her boot. She lights the toxin and begins to inhale and exhale while waiting for Forcyte.I'd love to see how he's coming along...OOC: When you're ready, Shyyrn, Ga'mal may interact with your character.-Mef Man

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  • IC - Information DistrictMatrapolix sat down. He had opened a file about six criminal warlords. The League of Six Kingdoms. It was fascinating, all the things they did. In the end, their desire for power was their downfall.He sat back. The chair was comfortable. Behind his helmet, which hid the features of his face, one might've thought he was sleeping. In reality, he was doing a web search on the League of Six Kingdoms.His results were as follows: BarrakiOnce a powerful group known as the League of Six Kingdoms, the Barraki forces were destroyed and sent to the Pit, where they were incarcerated until a jailbreak. Since then, one has died. The others are scattered. One is rumored to be aboard the Techna Nui in a cell, though researchers have not found evidence to this.Matra sat up. This was interesting. A Barraki, in the cells? This was new. He stepped back outside, the incredibly large door moving slowly. Was that a a barrel?

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  • OOC: Lid's on the barrel, can't see him in there.IC: As hard as it was to get a glimpse through the small hole in the barrel, Akren still spotted the Toa exiting the building."GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!" he yelled, even as he rolled past, in an absurd sight.

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  • IC (Science District):Æon stumbled upon an terminal, just waiting to be hacked. She tapped into it via her implant, and decided to plant a virus, minor, though it would be nuisance.

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  • IC - Information DistrictMatrapolix analyzed the barrel. It was going fast enough to hurt someone. ...then it spoke.Someone was in there. He leapt towards it, sword drawn. It went past him. Spinning on his heel, he doubled towards the disaster to be, spotting a small hole. Pushing on, he hooked it with the crook at the end of his blade. His feet dragged as he tried to keep from toppling. Then, in a miracle, it all slid to a stop.Before even opening it, he said to it's rider:"How did you manage this?"

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  • IC: Raxen (Information District): Raxen prowled the streets of the city's Information District, keeping an ear out for hacking alarms in his vicinity ( the ear is metamorphic, Raxen would "hear' any warming through the chip implanted in his head.). He glanced up at the skyline,a floating label bearing the words Security and Defense Library appeared in his line off vision.OOC: Open for interaction.

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  • IC(Ga'mal: outside of CKC)

    The Matoran finishes her cigarette and throws it aside before walking toward a nearby taxi. It looked as if the being would never leave the building, so she decided to go ahead and leave. She was tired and hungry; a meal and her bed would be nice about now."Taxi!" she calls out while exhaling her last bit of the cigarette. The taxi stops on the curb and she opens the door before walking inside. "Take me to the closest restaurant," Ga'mal adds before sitting back in the leather like backseat.Soon, the taxi was riding along the road heading toward the housing district.OOC: Feel free to interact, anyone. Please. :P-Mef Man

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  • IC: A short grunt of exertion from inside--And the barrel's lid burst outwards, revealing a toa of Iron wearing a straw hat."Not clue, lad. Probably 'as something to t'do with the fact that I drank the contents of this barrel." he stated with a shrug."Thanks for gettin' me outta there! I was nearly gonna be sick from that tumbling!" he said with a friendly grin and an offered handshake."M'names Akren Tokaillo, nice to meet ya!"

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  • IC: (Science District)Scorpio stopped the attack as suddenly as he started it. The toa started to take large breaths, gasping for air. Scorpio wasn't that patient. "Tell me who sent you. Now." He said as he maintained his grip on the toa. "The... The..." Stammered the Toa, starting to form a sentence when he was stopped. Stopped by death. A mysterious asassian had stopped the Toa from speaking. His weapon? Throwing knives. Scorpio put down the corpse, eyes watching the buildings above him.OOC: Mef Man, if you want, Scorpio could interact with your character later.

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  • IC - Information DistrictMatra returned the handshake."Toa Matrapolix I'Rohu of the Toa Techna." he replied.Under his helmet, he couldn't resist cracking a grin. The predicament was so ridiculous. He knew offhand that there was no citation for rolling down the street in a barrel, even drunk. Curse the Matoran and their tendency to not be so meticulous."I suppose it's my job people in barrels." he said, disguising the grin in his voice.

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  • IC: Levacius / Information District"And here I thought I'd met everyone from the old Universe." Levacius said with a grunt, as he came upon a toa of fire with a telescopic eye-piece on his mask (Raxen). His scans had indicated he was, indeed, a real toa, and not another synthetic one.Extending his hand he said, "Names Levacius. You?" Up above, a small bird Rahi flew about before perching nearby, looking down on both.-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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  • IC (Science District): KyrahkHis mechanical hand moved slowly, his work had to be precise, or the whole thing could end up failing at a critical moment. But, if all went according to plan, this was going to change the way the entire city worked... he hoped. It was ambitious, it was risky and dangerous, but if it worked, it would make security all that much easier. That was what he worked for.But he had no proof that his invention would even do what he intended, it was just a guess. But a guess could lead to the greatest thing ever created.As he turned a lever on the side, the machine hummed to life.And promptly began to shake. Parts tore off, pieces scattering about. He felt a little queasy seeing his work breaking apart before his very eyes. Fuses melded into the design, damage to it was extreme, the device was an absolute failure... again.With a sigh, he slide the device aside, bashing his hand hopelessly against his worktable. "Why does everything I create break down... I just don't understand... everything always goes so wrong..." He muttered to himself as he continued to dwell in his misery.The device began to hum and light up, and his eye quickly turned towards it. Deep in his mind, he held a hope that this meant it was working, but he knew what was going to happen next. He swung his worktable sideways, the device on one side, himself on the other.Then came the explosion. Parts flew out, bouncing off of the walls, large chunks of metal embedded themselves into anything they reached. When the smoke cleared, he managed to see the destruction in his chamber."Well, at least I wasn't injured this time..." He sighed, leaving the chamber. He decided he needed some air.

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  • IC: Raxen (Information District): " Raxen. Nice to meet you," he said, a couple of tidbits of information popping up on his display. " What's the bird's name?" Raxen said. No name had appeared on his screen, which was odd,

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  • IC (Info district)Frustrated that he had not gotten any credit for helping slow the barrel, he left. He wandered over to the science district. "Something seems suspicious. I don't know what. But I'll need allies."OOC: He has noticed the anomalies caused by Aeon's virus, but doesn't know about it yet. Will enter the data stream to find and destroy it. Open for interaction. Oh, and Rakata should RP as the virus when we get to that battle. (Bolded so it will be noticed)

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  • IC: Vrilni: Science District: Approaching Ga'mal: "Amateurs," Vrilni mumbled as Æon's virus began infecting her computer. Fortunately, the company's anti-virus software was taking care of it. "Don't the other Hackers realize that random, disorganized hacking attacks do little to help our cause?" she thought. "Perfect day for Hacker hunting," she said, this time aloud. "Or spying, really," she said more quietly.Vrilni looked through her files to find the nearest Techna agent who would be easy to work with. It was Ga'mal, who was just leaving in a taxi for the housing district.​A taxi which just so happened to use her company's circuitry -- specifically, a circuit which contained a tracking device that Vrilni had planted herself.She looked at the time. Work hours had just finished, but Vrilni had a known habit of volunteering overtime. But not today. She ran out the company doors, traced the taxi's location, took a shortcut and intercepted the taxi. The driver stopped, let her in, and asked where she wanted to go."Nowhere, really," was the reply. "I came to talk to Ga'mal.

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  • IC: Levacius / Information District"There are some who call him the nastiest little bird in the universe. Now he's just old. Named him Kelwra."The bird flew down and landed on his arm as he stepped back. "Loyal, this one. No idea how a Kahu gets this small. Not many Rahi on the ship.""So what are you doing out here, huh? For me it's just a walk, seeing as there's not to much fighting going on, what with the ADRs floating around. Though you look like someone with a purpose in mind."-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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  • IC: The first thing you noticed about Onua Gentii was:...That you didn't notice anything about him.There was nothing to notice.Oh, sure. The toa was dressed for business, his tie moving slightly as he did and bowler fitting atop Hau.And it wasn't like he didn't slightly jostle against others in the crowd. To avoid doing so was virtually impossible.Yet the fact of the matter was that Onua Gentii was wholly unremarkable; essentially invisible because of it. He was just another toa, gray blurring into a thousand others as he moved through the crowd towards the library, with absolutely nothing special at all about him. But the strangest part to any true observer of Mr. Gentii was not that his gray blurred. It wasn't that he was not loud-he didn't make a sound apart from brief 'excuse me's-nor was it that he was dressed for business like everyone else around him.It was that not once in his life had Onua Gentii ever bumped into anyone with force greater than a slight amount.He had never onced caused anyone to look at his face on the way to work. Only his faintly polite-and quite faint in volume, really, almost impossible to detect-voice gave away any hint of who he was.For as he finally emerged from the crowd and stepped into the library, he had never once become more than an inaudible voice, a gray piece of the background. And so it was, and so it had been.

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  • IC (CKC): Æon finished her little nuisance, now in the mainframe of the Science District. "Hopefully, my dear, you will help me," Æon laughed and walked away from the mainframe, now hunting for somemore terror.

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  • IC: Raxen ( Info. District): Raxen shrugged. "Just keeping an eye out for any hacker activity. I guess."

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  • IC (CKC)Æon encountered some guards as she snuck around the CKC.If only another Hacker could distract them.OOC: Any Hacker near the CKC, feel free to help her.

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  • IC(Ga'mal: in taxi heading to Housing District talking to Vrilni)

    "Um, do I know you?" she asks the being while holding her hand out to shake. The being didn't look familar, but she had seen so many faces in CKC, maybe this was one of her co-workers.-Mef Man

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  • IC: Renen - Information District/Glitch ParadoxRenen wiped down the tables and counters of the inn once more, ensuring they were. The daily checklist was double and triple-checked.Food? Check.Keys? Check.Lack of vermin? Check!Then, and only then, did he turn to the door, and flipped the sign hanging on it from Closed, go away! to Open, go away!The Glitch Paradox was open for business.OOC: Anyone looking for an inn, please come!-Void

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  • IC: Vrilni: Science District, in a taxi: With Ga'mal: "You might. I believe we've met a couple times. Are you going to a restaurant? What I came to discuss is only semi-urgent, and we should probably talk there."

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  • IC(Ga'mal riding in a Taxi with Vrilni to the Housing District)

    "Okay, but what's your name?" she asks confused. The Matoran was thinking that if she knew the being's name she might remember the who the being was.Do I know you? You look so familar...-Mef Man

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  • IC: Solaris (Public Library)Solaris, the old Toa of Lighting, sat behind his desk, examining a tome that was just returned. It was a volume on the history of Bota Magna. Very interesting what happened to the Matoran there...He heard a purr. It was his cat-like pet, Plia. Her shiny armor glinted in the electric lights."How are you today, princess?" he asked.Plia picked up a pen and wrote something down on a notepad.I've had quite an uneventful day so far. How are you, Solaris?He smiled. She was a smart little animal."Oh, I'm quite fine, thanks," Solaris answered. "Uneventful day as well. No one seems to come in here to read anymore. It makes me sad."Oh, not this again, she wrote. We need to get you out of this place. See the ship, meet some people."But I like this place," Solaris stated, adjusting his glasses. "I like my books."It's getting late, Plia wrote. You had better get back to the housing district and get some sleep.Solaris patted the animal on the head and shut the building down. He locked the door behind him and strode off. It was a bit of a hike to the housing district for an old Toa like Solaris, but he finally made it."I shoulda taken a taxi," he panted sitting down next to the door. He just didn't have the strength to open it...

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  • IC: Sylux (Science District, near the housing district, building rooftop)The armored menace was on the rooftop of a tall building, waiting patiently for the right moment to pull the trigger of his sniper rifle. Sylux did not budge one bit as he waited for his target to step into view. He had been hired by a member of Techna to kill a supposed Hacker to prevent him delivering his virus software to other people. Like his information said, a stubby little Matoran walked out of the building opposite of him, holding a bag.ClickSylux pulled the trigger and a bullet went zooming right past the Matoran's head as the little fellow was lucky enough to trip. Sylux shot again and got the Matoran in the shoulder but was too late to fire a bullet into his target once more as he got into a Taxi which sped off at high speed. The blue being let out a yell that echoed in the distance and he put his sniper on his back. Using his Kualsi, he teleported on the roof of the car before it sped out of sight and he held onto it ferociously.OOC: Mef, if you want, you can be a witness and say you saw some crazy person on the roof of a car passing yours. I could cause an accident :P

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  • IC: (Science District)A single knife cut through the air with great speed, flying towards a waiting Scorpio. The android telekenticly stopped the Knife, glad that it was steel. Otherwise, he would have had a hole through his neck.Using his control over Iron once more, He located the being, checking the area for armor and metal. Using his metal-only telekinesis, he pulled the would-be-assasian from his perch ontop a building. The being was a glatorian, a skrall from the looks of her. Pinning the female skrall against the side of a building, he created protosteel bonds that were attached to the structure. Afterwards, he knocked her out through the use of pressure points. His mission done, he began to walk to the information district.OOC: Headin' to The Glitch Paradox

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  • OOC: Nice post, TX! I enjoyed it (little bit longer than your usual ones).

    IC(Ga'mal in a taxi heading toward the housing district talking to Vrilni)

    "I think we're almost there, so-" just then a being appeared on the roof of the car in front of them. "Karz!" she exclaims as the driver swerves back and forth before regaining his normal speed. "What's that Brakas doing on the roof of that vehicle?"-Mef Man

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  • IC: Sylux (Roof of a taxi, near the Housing District)Sylux's fingers dug into the sides of the taxi which he was holding on to, the speed the vehicle was travelling at making it very hard for him to do so. His arm blades came into sight as he activated them and dug his right one into the roof of the car. Now that he had something to keep him from falling off, he got himself into a kneeling position on the roof and plunged his left arm blade into the roof and began to drag it across the roof as he super heated it. He screamed that terrible robotic noise of his once more as the car began to veer from side to side, bumping into other vehicles. Obviously, the driver was instructed to shake the being off their roof. It was working. Sylux's blade came loose with the jostling movement and he flew backward onto the hood of a taxi driving behind him.

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  • IC: (Science District)Scorpio boarded a taxi, saying where he wanted to go, and handing him the money before-hand. Soon, they were at their destination. The Glitch Paradox. Scorpio had heard it was a good place to lay low.

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  • IC (Housing District):Pop! Hisssssssssssssss. Without a warning, Solaris's door slid open. The hibernation chamber awaited inside.Startled, Solaris looked around. Except for him, the district street was deserted. As far as he could tell, the door had opened completely of its own volition.Well, he wasn't going to waste time worrying. Grateful for his good fortune, he strode into the chamber, closing the door behind him...(CKC, Forcyte's private chamber):Altruism? Hardly.The hibernation chamber doors are a waypoint. Thus far, the Ghost Program has only been spotted in a few select places: specific terminals of the CKC; various design plans of the Technology Tower; and it has caused some panic in the public libraries of the Information District. Yet when we check those locations, it's nowhere to be seen.Where could it vanish to? The Security and Defense Library is too obvious, and too inefficient; the program would only go there if it had a purpose, not just to hide.Obviously, the only logical location is the Residents District. I will now inspect the different components: life-support systems, the virtual-reality computer......and the doors. What of it if I open the door of an old Toa? I control the codes of this place as easily as a Graalok bear sheathes its claws. I help him because I am so far above him; for no other reason.-Shyyrn